Kohinoor (2015) Movie Script

That year, was like a
firecracker shop caught fire.
When the Americans made
George Bush their President,
Osama Bin Laden started Al Qaeda.
When the people at NASA got
bored of launching rockets,
they found a new thing
to worry about.
Global Warming!
It was around this time that a guy
called Knoll invented Photoshop.
These are all about foreigners.
In our Kerala,
a train fell into the
lake from Peruman bridge.
The ministers were shocked.
Journalists were happy.
There was an earthquake in ldukki.
The ministers were shocked again!
And since Iran & Iraq were
on war for no reason,
many from the Gulf could
meet their families.
Petrol price came up to 8 rupees.
Wsa agents were jobless.
And it was when Malayalis were
tensed because of all this,
a genius called Sethuramiyer
appeared on the silver screen.
As I told you,
that year was like a
firecracker shop caught fire.
1988 February 29.
That wasn't any ordinary year.
It was a leap year which
began on a Friday.
Leap Year!
A year which has one
more day than the usual.
To be frank,
none of these things I said
affected us in any way.
that one extra day of the year,
February 29.
That day, an incident happened,
which affected us. In Bombay!
It is very important in our business.
And observation should be
like that of Mr. Masurekar.
You know Masurekar right?
Sunil Gavaskar's uncle.
On the day Gavaskar was born,
that uncle,
saw baby Gavaskar lying
in the hospital cradle,
and told himself,
"Oh my God!"
"Nephew has a hole in his left ear."
But the next day when uncle saw
him, there was no hole in the ear.
He understood at that very spot,
someone has switched the baby.
And later, they got the actual
Gavaskar from a fisherman.
Though not as much
as Gavaskar's uncle,
even I have some skill in observation.
That's why, I could find
out about your plan!
Your partner is lucky!
Got away..
Forgive me!
What Raider'!?
You're my brother!
I wish I could release you.
Even if I forget what you did,
how can I forget the
loss in my business?
Forgiving is a risk
in our profession.
And your gang,
an even bigger risk!
Like your brother,
your death will also be through my hands.
What to do!
Everything is God's will!
I have a wish!
Oh! Last wish?
One should give water to a
goat before slaughtering it.
Or else, God will be angry!
Tell me!
I need a cigarette!
That's it?
Malabar, which welcomed the ones who
came there in search of black gold,
with their hearts full of love and
platters full of mussels and sweets.
After years of anticipation;
the day finally came
when the first flight was going
to land at Kozhikode airport.
Gulf Malayalees of North Kerala &
their relatives were extremely happy!
But there were some others who
were even happier than them.
Small-time and big-time 'smugglers'!
It was a new doorway for them.
My God!!
Looks like a nice banana fry grew wings!
Our new airport is
awesome, ain't it Najeeb?
It's not as good as Dubai airport!
Ya right! As if you've seen Dubai!
Why should I see it when I can imagine!
Johnson, will everything be all right?
We should've taken it from the sea.
After going through customs and
the ship guys, what will we get?
This is much cheaper:
It's not any soap, comb, perfume
or saree that is coming like earlier.
The items are all new.
And there are some 'biscuits' as well!
Are you sure that Louise
doesn't know about this?
Don't worry, Ajmal!
Let him know!
And let him also come!
Only then the game will be thrilling!
Will he come?
The 8th commandment says
that robbery is a sin!
But the robber who was
crucified along with Christ,
was sent to a paradise!
A paradise where money grew on trees!
That is my dream!
It's not like our earlier deals at the sea.
If he comes for any trouble, he
will know who this Scent Johnson is!
It doesn't matter if he's
Louis or anyone else!
Don't underestimate him, Johnson.
If you loosen up a bit,
he will even steal your underwear.
Such is that guy's caliber!
Don't worry.
I'm Scent Johnson's guy.
Someone has tapped
information to the squad.
Look there!
The enforcement people are here.
Police as well.
Johnson called me
when he got to know.
Do one thing.
Give it to me.
I'll take care of it.
If you have a little intelligence,
and a lot of confidence and daring,
anyone cane be a thief.
But I'm not ready to
be an ordinary thief.
And if I am being one,
at the least I should be..
...a Taradas or Sagar
Alias Jacky (film heroes).
Go back.
And hold this.
What is it?
There they go!
You go that side!
You go this side!
Go fast, Johnson!
Louis, STOP!
Go fast!
Johnson, pump up the speed!
I'm pumping. This thing
has only this much speed.
You drive then!
This is the maximum speed!
Johnson, stamp that accelerator!
Shut up or I'll stamp you!
Oh my God! Turning, turning!!
I'm not able to brake!
They are here!
Fast! Run, run!!
Not that side, this side!
(shouts political slogan)
Lead us with valour!
Here! Here!
Me, who set out to be
an underworld don..
Getting inspired from lrupatham
Noottandu & Athirathram (movies);
was caught by the cops
for the first time.
And back then, I was very angry at
'Leader', who was the reason behind it.
But coming to think of it, everything
happens for a good reason.
Jailed for six months for causing a
terror situation at a public place.
193% November.
193% November.
Dr. my Aviracka! MBBS
This is so unfair!
We have two eyes;
two ears;
two lungs;
and two kidneys;
but the liver alone,
we have just one!!
This was a dirty game
God played with us.
Or else,
people like you,
will even baptize a child with beer.
He knows that!
Make it fast, dude!
There's no problem, Nicho!
Don't be tensed!
That doctor will take a week
to come back after his tour.
Then you tell me the
rest of the story.
After you hugged her?
And when I was all excited
and full of goosebumps;
she told me;
"Go meet my father in the morning"
"You can go to the station.
No need to come home."
What does that mean?
That means that her father was a
head constable at a police station!
And then what did you do?
What to do!
What did you do after hugging her?
When she told me that
her dad in the police,
my fuse was out completely!
That flow is gone!
Feels good to hear other
people's stories, isn't it?
Can't you get married?
You are a disaster!
If I have to believe
a woman ever again,
this Nicholas should be
born again as a dog!
What the hell are you doing?
For so long?
This bloody shivering!
You should think when you drink!
Move aside!
Nicho, this is a German make!
You can't open it if it is jammed!
And this is blacksmith Naanan's make!
You move aside!
There's nothing in here!
I think this is foreign.
See, this is good right? Nicho?
It doesn't suit your stupid bald head!
As if your head has too much hair!
Walk, walk...
Nicho, what to do?
Come. I'll handle it.
Haven't you been told to come
and clean the house daily?
But doctor sir said...
Enough! Don't bother explaining!
That bathroom on top
is not at all clean.
You're only bothered about
getting your salary.
See, it is all messy here.
Clean it up! Quick!
Don't overdo it.
We were lucky that that
servant was foolish.
Or else, we'd have been trapped.
Right when I saw her head which
looked like an aluminium pot,
I understood that she was a fool.
Can you stop this face-reading
business of yours?
Don't scorn!
Why do you think I
asked you to join me?
You didn't find any other
fools to buy you alcohol.
That is one reason.
There is no sign of a cheat
on your monkey-face.
This face-reading (Samudrika)
science is accurate to the core.
Give me one more peg.
we can't go on like this"
With all these small
time jobs we are doing,
we can't even pay the money
that John asked for.
Think about Jewel. How long
will she go on like this?
So, our next job has to be really big!
Everything will be alright, man!
You wait & watch!
Our Lord will bring it right before us!
Right here!
So give me one more peg now!
You're a good boy no?
Aliyakka, here!
So even while you were in the
jail, you were on your job!
Is this really gold?
It's the jail superintendent's
ring, Aliyakka!
Okay. So do you want
the money today or?
All good?
Of course, son!
Louis, I'll give you
the money right now.
I might not be here
at the shop tomorrow.
It's that money-lender Kuriakose's
daughter's wedding tomorrow.
Lillykkutti is getting married?
Aliyakka, did you see Aandy?
He had come here with some stuff
right after you went to jail.
But after that I haven't seen him.
Where did he go leaving
his room at Kallayi?
Louis, son!
The thing is that.
You rascal!
It is good for me
when you steal stuff.
But what I'm saying
now, is for your future.
That fraud fellow leaving
you is a good sign!
At least now, try and
make a fair living.
I heard they're looking for
people to work at KTC.
If you want, I shall talk
to the manager Abdullah.
Cut that Aandy fellow off from your life!
When my parents passed away, there
wasn't anyone, even to buy me a tea.
All those cheats who said they were dad's
friends, threw me out of my house.
That day this Louis decided;
Money is everything!
And if there's anything above
money for this Louis,
that is God and then Aandy.
So, I won't do any job without him.
Two weeks before Christmas.
Two weeks before Christmas.
There's nothing for me?
How many days has it been since I told
you to clean that children's hall?
I'll do it, Father!
That's it?
I can't feel sad opening
this every day, Father.
I'll open it only after Christmas now.
Where are you going, early in the morning?
I have to meet Xavier.
He had told me that he will make
a donation for the orphanage.
That will be in vain, Father.
Nothing is going to happen.
I left Bombay, the day after she
cheated me and married that Seth.
These women can't be trusted.
But it was my mistake.
She had a round hairy
spot on her forehead.
I didn't notice it.
By the way, are you
married, sum?
Which one of these do you like?
I didn't get you.
That means...
Women are of three kinds.
Some are like chocolate.
When we see other people eating
them, we feel like snatching them.
Some others are like ice cream.
We are greedy till we get it..
But if we keep it with us for
sometime, it will melt away.
Then we won't feel like eating it anymore!
And then there are some others.
Like Scotch.
Some who show us worlds
we've never seen before,
and are always unpredictable.
That means?
That means"
I like Scotch!
But I like Desi.
Pure Desi...
Have your sins been
forgiven, my child?
Can you please shut up?
Bhai, you haven't told
us about the job yet.
Kohinoor Textiles.
A glamorous clothes store
like the ones in the city.
Such a shop coming up in a
small town like Cherupuzha,
was a big surprise
to the people here.
Trial Rooms,
Huge Offers!
Big set up, is it?
One planter Xavier and his relative Mammen
are the ones who're running it.
But for both of them,
Kohinoor is just a cover-up.
Their original business is different.
Mammen & Xavier are agents of a
racket which smuggles diamonds
from South Africa to India via Sri Lanka.
The diamonds which reach Kohinoor,
are stitched on to wedding
gowns and designer dresses;
and are exported outside India
along with other clothes.
None of those who stitch, or
pack, or the ones who work there;
know that they are handling stuff
which is worth lakhs of rupees.
When the shipment is done,
Mammen & Xavier receive a
commission worth several lakhs.
Their next consignment is quite huge.
Fine cut South African diamonds.
We are stealing them.
All this sounds good.
But if something goes wrong, we
will be destroyed by those fellows.
It's a big risk!
The person who reffered
you guys to me told that,
you guys are not afraid of anyone.
That is true.
You can decide!
8 levers, one combination
lock & one key lock.
It's one hell of a locker.
But if we are planning
as per your conditions,
we would need one more person.
Someone who can open any
kind of lock or locker.
Can't you do it?
If it was earlier, I would've tried.
But now I can't.
My hands have a problem.
It's a gift he got by drinking non-stop.
His hands won't stop shivering.
Can you do it?
Ya right!
He is enough to break small
containers and kitchen doors.
But for this, we have to find
someone who knows his job.
When there are more people,
the risk will also be more.
Isn't it enough if the new
guy does not see you?
That's safe, right?
I know someone who's perfect for this.
And I can deal with him easily.
And you both needn't
come in front of him.
Trust me, Bhai!
He is the best for this job!
I should've tried acting in movies!
Don't break the door!
I'm coming!
Freddie, you?
Open the door!
Come in!!
What is this? Scrap shop?
You live here?
Shouldn't we make this place proper?
It's only been 4-5 months
since I shifted here.
Nice place, right?
Not at all!
How did you find this place?
It was very difficult.
There is a big job. Get ready fast.
I'll tell you!
Get ready and come fast.
Ya okay!
Then we'll talk over
tea and parotta.
Taking such a big risk..
Do you want something else?
When the money is big,
risk will also be big.
Do you know the market
value of this item?
1 crore Rupees.
1 crore?
So for one person?
And your share is 5 lakh rupees!
So the rest is all for you?
I'm not alone! There are
others also involved.
Do you want to be rich, or not?
Think about it.
Where is this place?
It's a little far.
See this...
This is the model number
of the locker in Kohinoor.
Oh! Is it?
But I've never opened this type so far.
Don't stare at me!
I just need a little
practice, and it's all good!
It's available at
the market in town.
You do whatever you want to.
But it should happen as planned.
This is all for me?
Okay then!
We'll meet next week.
Don't make it seem
really new, Pokker.
Let it look old.. That's the new trend.
God! Who is this!
Looks like you're up to
something big again?
My dear Pokker, you're yet
to see a lot of things!
Keep this"
And quickly arrange this
item written on this paper.
So you're back in town..
We've been looking for you everywhere!
If it's for some job,
don't count me in.
I've stopped such small jobs
like the ones you give me.
It's not for me!
Come here"
Look who's here...
Stop there!
No you scoundrel!
Oh! They're at it again!
You shifted your place to
hide from me, isn't it?
After you were caught, that
St.Johnson & gang were behind me.
I escaped because I was lucky!
Pokker, go and stop them!
When you saw the police,
you forgot me right?
Did you even bother finding
out if I was dead or alive?
Seriously, I wanted to save you.
But when the police came"
It's okay.. Let it heighten"
What are you saying? They
caught you because of me?
Your stupid underworld planning
and an idiotic fancy dress!
Who are you? Shobharaj?
I will show you who I am!
Aandy, what should I
do with this money?
It's been some time since he gave it to me.
That's my money!
Leave me! My throat!
I have to have lunch!
I will serve you lunch!
Dude, give me that money"
It's a big deal..
Please dude"
Dude, please!
It's me, right?
The next deal we'll do together.
And we'll split whatever we get.
Sorry Louise...
We had come to the jail to receive
you at the jail with a bouquet.
But we were a little late.
You can't beat me in running!
Stop there you cockroach!
I won't stop!!
Stop getting beaten up and run!
He isn't stopping. How will I run?
Don't hold me.. I'll slip..
Don't run behind me!
You will slip!
Don't hit me!
Don't slap me!
Peace! Peace!
I said peace" Don't
beat me anymore!
This is for what you spent
and worked for this job.
The charge that I give you
for setting things up.
Okay Johnson? Everything's Toofaan
(slang for awesome) right?
Bloody fool!
My glasses!
No! Nothing happened!
It's God's punishment for spending all
that money that we made that day!
Why did you give all my
money to those guys?
Your money? It was the money
we made cheating them, right?
This is not that money!
This... A friend gave this to me..
For another job.
Which friend?
Last year our Achayan
gave me a job right?
Ya. Coimbatore.
There, there was a shrewd fellow, right?
It's a job that he proposed.
What will we get?
Much more than we have stolen so far,
at one go!
But there is one problem.
The job is at Cherupuzha.
What are you doing, Aandy?
I'm sick of being here.
We'll go somewhere else!
But why are you breaking
open the offering box?
We need money to go, right?
It's a sin to take Mother Mary's money!
There's no sin!
Why does Mother Mary need
money to stand here smiling?
Someone will see us!
There's a lot!
You little thieves!
You've starting stealing
before even growing up.
I haven't done anything.
Come here"
How can you steal when I'm here?
What's happening there?
Leave me!
Come Louise.!
My back!
Stop there!
Hold, Father!
Hold me, Father!
It's a big risk!
Not just that, it feels awkward
to go back to Cherupuzha.
What do you think?
It's not a job we went after.
It came searching for us, right?
We will take it up!
Okay. But it will cost us quite a bit.
We will arrange the cash somehow.
From where?
Did you know? It's our
Lillykkutti's wedding.
Shouldn't we celebrate it'?
Though there are so many
young guys out here,
I was the only who was able to
give her a love letter, right?
So we have to go for her wedding, even
though they haven't invited us, right?
If that's the case, you should be going
for every girl's wedding in town!
Very funny!
But there would be many
rich people coming!
Okay then! We shall go!
Even though the coat is rented,
you look Mammootty from
'August 1' right now.
So yea, we'll create a Toofan (storm) here?
Of course!
This belonged to that
long haired girl
This one is from that beautiful
girl who wore a green veil.
That was Aaliyakka's daughter.
Is it?
Then we won't sell
this to Aaliyakka.
We'll sell it to someone else.
Which one is this?
She needn't wear
someone else's ring.
But... I won't sell this"
Is this the locker from Kohinoor
that Freddy told you about?
Ya. Why?
Don't feel bad if I
ask you something.
Are you skilled enough to open this?
What did you think of me?
This is very simple!
Then open this and show it to me.
How long will you take?
2 minutes!
Did you say okay to Freddy?
I got excited and said okay.
But now I don't know..
What do you think?
How much did he
say it was worth?
5 lakhs!
Not that!
The worth of all those diamonds?
Freddy told me it was
worth 1 crore rupees.
1 crore rupees!
That means, 100 lakh rupees.
7 zeroes after 1 .
Shall I ask you something?
Can they steal this stuff worth
1 crore without your help?
And what are you
getting after that?
I told you right? There are
other people along with him.
How is this Freddy?
A very decent, fraud!
Are you sure he didn't lie to you?
Think about this"
What if he's the only
one behind this?
You are getting
just 5 lakh rupees.
And how much is he making?
I don't know to count all that.
Dude, if you subtract 5 lakhs
from 1 crore, it is 95 lakh rupees!!
95 lakhs?
So why should he make so much
with your sweat and blood?
But what can we do?
Dude, we will play a game!
A small game in between
this big game!
Our last game!
I don't know what you're...
You're awesome dude!
You don't think about
anything else now.
This is a chance that
God has given us.
Or else how will such a job
come searching for you?
That too from Cherupuzha?
it's destiny that whatever started
from there is going to end there.
Will that Father Pathrose
be alive even now?
We should be careful not to go in front
of the Father and his assistant!
So this is our Kohinoor!
This is not Kohinoor!
Huh? Then?
Not that!
This is the paradise
that God created for us!
If this goes well,
we should go on a feast at
Paragon Hotel for 10 days.
It doesn't matter if
I die after that!
Why do you have to go eat
at someone else's hotel?
We shall buy that Paragon
hotel for ourselves!
If that's the case, I shall..
"Name it Louise & Aandy.
Does it look like there are such crooked
deals happening inside this place?
Do you know which is the perfect place
for secret & crooked deals to be done?
In the middle of a crowd!
There are many offers for Christmas!
You should come!
And tell everyone!
We cordially invite all of you
to our Christmas Celebrations!
The cultural events
will be inaugurated by
the famous film actress, Unnimary!
Will Unnimary come?
Who knows!!
Is there a bus to the town from here?
None at this time. You can catch a
jeep from the next junction.
Even after being in jail, you still
can't stop ogling at girls, right?
So what? They didn't arrest
me for ogling at gins!
My dear! Don't ruin everything!
I am not leaving you
here for this job.
Behave properly and study
the shop and surroundings.
When are you coming back here?
Let me see!
If that Freddy sees me
here, it'll be a problem.
You should bring that item which
I asked for, tomorrow itself.
Do you really need it? Why
such complicated stuff?
Dude, people will doubt me if I
roam around here without a job.
But why do you have to
sell this for that?
You can sell some rat poison, right?
How can I go inside Kohinoor with that?
If this is the item, then people
around here wouldn't know about it.
And I can proudly go sell it.
You send it tomorrow itself
Okay. I'll send it.
I'm going,
See you!
Holy Mother!
I know what I'm
asking is not right.
But still"
Please let it all go well.
I swear on you..
After this, this Louise
will follow your path.
Getting married to a nice
girl, I will start working.
And I will lead a good life.
What did you do right now?
Sister, put on that mask!
Fast, fast!
Children, get in fast.
Get in fast!
I had seen Mary at the
church yesterday.
It's been so long since I saw her.
She hasn't even sent me a letter.
The groom is from the Gulf.
She's lucky!
She didn't show me
any photo though.
Get down East!
I'll come home in the evening.
I need that magazine.
You haven't read it yet?
What do you want?
I need one...
Sheesh! No, no!
Okay. Come, sir.
Yesterday. At the church?
I'll take this"
Sir, this is for ladies.
That's okay. I use this"
Sir, one minute.
I'll bring it to the counter
along with the bill.
Dude, Freddy!
Nicho, shut up!
What the hell are
you smiling at?
Do you even understand anything?
As if everyone's watching
this after understanding.
You should just keep watching it.
Can we trust that Bombay guy?
That's alright!
Think about it.
We don't know anything about him.
That means?
That means, it is his plan!
And we are doing all the work.
So what?
So what?
What if he disappears
after everything?
It will be just us
who'll be trapped.
Don't make me scared.
Let me watch this in peace.
Stupid movie!
How can one watch this kid who
hasn't even grown a mustache?
His acting is fine.
But this guy won't do
well in the movies!
Can you please come?
We have to drive back along way.
Nicho, this girl is very nice!
Can't understand anything and the
gin won't even show anything!
Watch it!
Nicho, stop!
Choir got over early today?
Where were you yesterday?
Yesterday I had gone to a
place along with Nicho. Why?
Julie aunty was angry with you for
taking leave without permission.
She is mad!
Don't crib about her and
lose the only job you have.
Is this even a job?
If everything goes well,
we will y away from herein six months.
To Singapore.
I'll be back in awhile.
Two oors.
The showroom on the ground floor.
And on the first floor, the
stock area & tailoring unit.
There are just three entries.
Front shutters,
an exit door towards the back side,
and the restricted entry
to the tailoring unit.
Has the date been fixed?
On the 20th.
Just three more days then.
Earlier than we thought.
I'll go meet Aandy tomorrow itself then.
No! Don't tell him now.
First, we will make a plan.
We are not from this place.
Then how will we belong to
this church's community?
I am from Euro Clean.
I'll ask brother and donate
how much ever is needed.
Don't worry.
Yes! Yes!
It will come up to Rs.1,23,000/-
Where is the trial room?
It's there, sir.
Right there.
He has taken two shins.
Okay Sir!
The embroidery work will take more time.
Mary is on leave.
You should be here tonight.
What is it, Sir?
No. These... Readymade shirts?
Readymades are on the ground floor.
Before the shop closes
during the night,
the items would reach Kohinoor.
The diamonds would be stored in the
locker inside the private room,
attached to the office room.
Rajan & Vakkachan will
be there to guard it.
They are Xavier's goons.
Freddy, you should take care of them.
What if they immediately
stitch the diamonds,
without keeping them in the locker?
The dress materials to be
exported are not ready yet.
So there will be work going on in the
tailoring unit for the whole night.
That would be a problem, right?
No! Just 3 or 4 gins.
So this Xavier and Mammen
won't be at the shop?
When the work at the
tailoring unit is over,
the supervisor would
call them and tell them.
After that, Xavier or Mammen would come
and give the diamonds from the locker.
That's the routine.
So there are diamonds,
and no owners.
What do you say?
You should meet Aandy
tomorrow itself.
So it's tomorrow.
The plan is as per
what Freddy said.
You and Freddy are going inside.
There's no information about
the others with him, right?
He is very sharp.
Won't reveal much.
There is only one way.
When Freddy sees the locker,
it should be empty.
Before he sees it, you should
steal it from the locker.
How is that possible?
Freddy will be right
there along with me!
It's fine if Freddy is not with you
when you open the locker, right?
I'll handle that.
Even if I take it, where will I
keep it without Freddy noticing?
Inside the private room.
Sir, your leg.
See this, Sir.
This is very easy.
Now all the big shops have these machines.
But still,
we don't really need it here.
No if or but, Sir.
Let this be here.
Only if you like it after using
it, I'm taking the order.
Customer satisfaction is
most important for us.
Okay then, Sir.
Ah! Let it be there!
You'll come before Christmas, right'?
Ya. I'll see.
Your passport will be
ready tomorrow itself.
Mine will take some more time.
Is the money for the VISA ready?
It will be ready after the 20th.
Holy Mother!
How much?
Five rupees.
Go from this side, and
wait near the back door.
I've discounted five rupees!
Sir, see this.
Very good material.
Do you have something other than this?
Yes sir.
Take it.
Put everything back on the rack.
And leave fast.
It's time!
Keep the rest also in place.
Is this fine, sister?
Ya. It's nice!
Come fast. Or we'll miss the bus.
Joseph, I'll be a little
late tomorrow morning.
Ah! Pull it down!
Let's go.
Aandy, come inside!!
Throw it!
I'm tensed!
I'll close it.
Did you see the room?
Yea! You come.
First we have to open this.
Don't make noise!
Point it here.
Can you open this?
All this is simple for Aandy.
You saw my technique?
Come fast!
So this is the room.
Fast! There's not much time.
Don't rush!
Did you open it'?
Saw it again?
All this is child's play
for this Aandykkunju..
Then make it East').!
Is this the locker of Kohinoor?
Did Aaliyakka cheat me?
This is not that locker!
What did you say?
This is not that locker.
This is not the locker
on which I practiced!
What do we do now?
I don't know!
I mean, let me see!
You said you'll do it in
three minutes, right?
Then do it!
I'll try!
Dude, you are a total disaster!
Shut up!
Did you open?
You didn't?
Now we'll try with this.
Pick it up!
Move your leg!
M V sex an
You open this. I'll check.
Got M'. Huh?
What the hell is there inside this?
See this!
What happened?
When I opened it..
When you opened it?
And Freddy?
He asked me to run,
and left the place.
His bloody planning!
YOU! Where are the diamonds?
You calm down, let me explain!
There was nothing in there!
The consignment date got
shifted on the last minute.
That's what we were talking about.
Are you making me a fool'?
Are you making a fool out of both of us?
Going inside that place like idiots!
So when is he saying it will happen?
On Christmas day!
Even then,
nothing is going to happen.
No consignment will come.
You calm down.
This guy is a fraud!
We trusted this fellow's word..
Wait Freddy!
We were together:
In Bombay.
Our group which started with
small deals, slowly grew bigger.
In spite of the sea being so vast,
the big sharks are not quite
fond of small fish.
Except me and her,
he murdered everyone
in our gang.
He didn't even spare my brother:
The diamond racket that we are
targeting, belongs to Naicker.
Kohinoor textiles is the
weakest link in his network.
That's why I planted Mitra there.
I needed help for this job.
Of someone who could not
link Naicker with us.
It was Ravuther from Mangalore
who told me about you, Nicholas.
The consignment didn't reach today
because of a last minute change.
That's why we didn't know about it.
It won't happen again.
The diamonds would reach
Kohinoor on Christmas day!
We will steal them.
With or without your support!
I needed help for this job.
The diamonds will reach
Kohinoor on Christmas day.
We will steal them!
With or without your support!
No! No! No way!
On Christmas day?
Right at noon time!
We should steal it while the shop is open!
Very easy!
Look here.
Do you see any hole in my head?
I know that!
To steal while people and staff are
there in the shop during the day?
You are crazy!!!
When the risk is more...
When the risk is more,
the money is also more.
10 lakh rupees.
I was supposed to leave yesterday.
But I didn't feel like going
without telling you this.
My name is Louise.
God does many tricks!
I'm also in sales.
You're also in sales.
My company is No.1 in India.
Yours is not bad either.
So what?
So nothing.
I was just saying that life will
be safe even after marriage.
Whose marriage?
You don't have to take
any trouble for it.
Let me see if I can find
a guy with a better job.
Now this became a problem?
Church assistant's daughter!
I swear on the Holy Mother.
I'll leave this town
only after marrying you!
You're only interested in flirting!
What all is this?
Louise & Aandy.
Not this!
What was happening in that lane?
Everything is because of you!
You only asked me to study Kohinoor, right'?
I tried and nothing
was happening.
That security wasn't letting
me anywhere near that shop.
Then, when I couldn't enter Kohinoor,
I tried a trick.
Your trick is ogling
and following girls?
It's not any ordinary trick!
But a very clever one.
What did you think?
I am setting up things.
What things?
You know who that girl is?
That is Daisy.
Do you know where she works?
At Kohinoor!
At Kohinoor!
And yea, I'm not in love with her.
I'm just acting as if I love her.
The shop's layout, staff, escape routes;
Where did you think I got all
these informations from?
Does she know everything about us?
Yea. Somewhat!
Don't worry.
If anything comes up,
she will also help us.
Freddy had come.
How can you say that?
If you don't bring the
money by today evening,
I'll give the load to someone else.
I'm telling you!
Sir, the system is ready.
All this is extra expense, Mammen..
What are you saying, Achayan?
We're sure that board didn't
fall by itself that day!
There are enemies all around!
Even both of our attention
is not enough now.
This is a status symbol.
All the shops in the
city already have it.
If we delay this further, our shop's
present glamour also would be gone!
So how do we see this?
Whatever happens here would
be recorded on this cassette!
You can watch it how many ever
times, whenever you want to.
Technology is growing so fast!
Look that side.
It is from Japan!
Remove your glasses and see, fool!
Can't we steal it while it's
packed and sent to Kochi?
It won't be very easy to fight Rajan
& Vakkachan in broad daylight,
and get the diamonds.
Both will have guns with them.
Then why can't we steal it
before it reaches Kohinoor?
That is also a problem.
It'll be Xavier or Mammen
who'll be getting the diamonds.
But who, when, where.
We know none of these.
We should take the diamonds from
the locker in Kohinoor itself.
They wouldn't doubt me
if that's the case.
The tailoring staff would
be on leave that day.
There are around 25 staff
members in the shop totally.
And since it's Christmas,
many wouldn't be coming.
What if we don't know
the correct number?
That doesn't matter.
There won't be much
staff in the shop.
And in front of this gun, one
and nine are all the same!
It's a fake gun, right?
If you fire it by mistake?
It will look exactly like an original.
After 12.30 PM,
we will reach Kohinoor.
By around 1 PM, the crowd
would be much lesser.
When they close the rest of the
shutters except the main one,
we can start our job!
To control the customers and staff,
we might have to give a
small shock treatment.
Shock treatment?
Right after I get
inside with the guard,
I'll pull down the shutter
and say 'Hands up'.
Sometimes, I might even
have to fire one round.
On the first firing, when the crowd
is shocked, you start your work.
I will control the crowd.
At that point, you should
hold someone at gunpoint,
and cut the phone lines.
And then you should take all
the cash from the counter.
Why should you take the cash?
You can go steal the diamonds
without wasting anytime, right?
Even if our targets are the diamonds,
it should only look like a
shop robbery to the Police.
Xavier & Mammen would never tell the
police that they lost the diamonds.
But whom will I hold at gunpoint?
A girl, if possible.
So that you can handle her easily.
That's true. I can handle her very easily.
After you take the
cash from the counter,
you should go inside the
private room with that girl,
open the locker and get our item!
And we should escape
from there immediately!
We will reach the highway
within 10 minutes.
By the time police comes
and begins investigation,
we would have disappeared.
Got it!
How's the plan?
You will cut the phone line only after
a while since you start, right?
What if the cashier calls the police
as soon as you guys start off'?
I don't know about all that.
Freddy will take care of it.
Oh! Nonsense!
Come. We'll sit at that junction.
This is Freddy's plan?
This is like any silly
bank robbery style.
We've seen this in so many movies!
Each thief will have his own style.
Even the police know that.
That's why, if such a thing happens,
they will first search for
people who robbed banks earlier'.
By that time, we will reach
wherever we want to, safely.
So, stop finding faults with him,
and think what we can do in between this.
It's been ages since
I stood in a queue.
Nice girl!
That's Xavier.
At least inside the church,
stop ogling at her.
His bloody love in the times of robbery!
We haven't planned anything yet!
You calm down, Aandy.
It's all ready!
Shouldn't the crib be
arranged like this?
Got scared!
Christ, please save us!
Do you know how the diamonds
would be kept in the locker?
What do you mean?
That means, whether it's in a box,
or a cloth purse,
or wrapped in paper..
I don't know that.
So even Freddy wouldn't
know that right?
I don't know that too.
On Christmas day, I'll also be there.
Pretending to meet Daisy.
You should do one thing.
When you go to Kohinoor, you should
have a cloth purse with you.
And in that, some diamonds.
Fake diamonds.
Stuff that no one would
doubt at first sight!
He asked you to hold a
gin at gunpoint, right?
You should pick her!
She is your girl, right'?
What if she feels something?
She won't feel anything!
I'll tell her & get her ready!
If so, then okay!
After you take the
diamonds and come out,
me, who's Daisy's lover
will attack you!
Everyone here knows
that I'm behind Daisy.
If I attack you, people will think
that it's a lover's reaction!
Oh! Like that!
But, attacking is fine..
Don't hurt me.
You should win in this fight!
While the fight is happening, you should
give the original diamonds to me.
Then you'll beat me up and
escape along with Freddy.
Then give the stuff to him,
take your payment and leave!
What's the need for all this?
Can't I keep the original also with me?
No! That's a risk!
If Freddy doubts anything,
and searches you,
that will be a problem.
you're taking the stuff from
the locker and giving him.
You don't know whether that is
original or duplicate, right?
You will be safe.
The current problem is
the security camera.
There's one on the floor and
one on the counter cabin.
So there won't be any cameras
in the private room?
No! If they keep a camera there, all
their deals would get recorded, right?
We can hide our face
and rob the place.
But even then, the camera would
record us entering the private room.
The police should never doubt that
we took something from that room.
Then what will we do?
Those tapes shouldn't
reach the police.
Him and Aandy are doing so much.
How can they take the tapes as well?
There's no need for that.
While all this is happening,
if a Police officer is
present inside Kohinoor,
will they call the
police from outside?
We can get the tapes as evidence
as a part of the investigation.
All that's true. But where
will we find such a policeman?
This will happen!
If we are lucky,
this will be our last robbery.
Christmas, 88.
There's no leave for us,
even on Christmas, Joseph!
We are slave goats,
right Narayanan?
The glasses are all dusty.
Clean it up, Joseph.
Where's Achayan?
You started early
in the morning?
Shouldn't we go?
You close that door first.
Oh! Why?
If Mary sees this, she
will start shouting!
Sit! If you sit like this,
our plans will flop.
You should get today's consignment.
Me alone?
He brother and family
will reach right now.
I'll just show them my
face & come there quickly.
But still"
I've asked Vakkachan & Rajan
to reach there before 3 PM.
I'll also reach by then.
There's nothing to worry about.
I'm not worried.
You just come there quickly!
Don't sit here drinking
with your brother-in-law.
Today's consignment is
quite heavy, right?
Let this be with you for safety.
Has Sir reached?
No, he hasn't.
This is nice.
Did you like it?
Why are you looking at me?
Buy it if you liked it.
This saree has 20% off.
I'm Mohan Raghavan.
Rural DYSP.
I didn't recognize you.
Please sit down, sir.
Sit down, Mammen.
Circle Inspector Jayan Sir had told
me that you have taken charge.
I was going to come and
see you after Christmas.
What's it Sir?
The shop is superb, Mammen.
I have an aunt at Pallimukku.
She told me that you have more
selections than the shops in the city.
That's true!
Tomorrow is my wife's birthday!
I wanted to gift her a
nice designer Saaree.
Of course, Sir.
Handkerchief section
is on that side.
I know!
But I didn't come
hereto buy anything.
I bought those handkerchiefs daily,
because it's not right to come
to a shop without any purpose.
You know right?
That I come hereto see you.
By the way,
I'm leaving today.
I bought this for..
Come here.
We have new stock for Christmas.
All latest fashion.
These are Sir's guests. You
show them those sarees.
Daisy, take out the
stock from day before.
Please sit, Sir.
See this, Sir.
These are the latest.
This is a guaranteed color.
Show him that one.
The boat hasn't reached
the shore yet, right?
Where will it go without
reaching the shore?
What is this thing?
That's a camera.
We can watch everything that
happens here, like a movie..
Big set up!
Rajesh, who's that VIP along with boss?
That's our new DYSP, Mohan Raghavan.
He has been transferred here.
This will suit Madam, Sir.
Shall we go?
Where can I get new shin-pieces?
Rajesh, look after this counter:
Daughter, make it fast.
The toddy shop will shut!
I'll go have lunch and come.
I have to eat as well.
These shin-pieces will be great.
Have we come here for that?
I was talking about
a shin, not a wig!
You're handsome!
White is nice.
How is it, Sir!
Have you selected?
Or I'll get more stock
from the store room.
I'll kick you!
Get your gun!
Hands up! Hands up!
One more gun?
Move! Move!!
Do something, Sir!
You! You come here!
Come here, you!
I'll kill you!
If you obey me, nothing
will happen to you people!
Leave him!
Aandy, Fire!!
Not me, him!!
Drop your gun!!
Or I'll stab him!!
Lay down there, you!
Though retired, a policeman
will always be a policeman!
God saved us!
Sir, shouldn't we search him?
God, is he dead?
He's just unconscious.
Get up, you fool!
Don't worry!
I'm DYSP Mohan Raghavan.
I'll look after this, from now on.
What's your name?
I was a head constable.
I retired last year.
Do you know the number of
the police station here?
Yes. 40029.
Keep an eye on him.
Okay sir.
You stay there.
I'm DYSP Mohan Raghavan.
I'm calling from
Kohinoor textiles.
A robbery attempt here..
No! No! Nothing's gone.
I was here when it happened.
Two people.
One is unconscious.
Send some of your people here.
And an ambulance.
Reach here and wait outside.
I'll call you!
Police will come from
the station soon.
Till then,
I will have to
trouble you a bit.
Lock the front shutters
and all the other exits.
From now on, no one can leave
without my permission.
Sit there!
What is this?
What's your name?
Why are you blinking? Tell Sir your name!
Sir, this will be a false name!
Is it a false name?
And his?
Is there someone
else along with you?
Sir, one minute!
You were awesome!
We don't have to waste more time now.
We'll grab both of them and leave.
It's a risk to leave without
the security tapes.
We have to take them.
If possible, the
diamonds as well.
The guy who came to take it is
lying there like a dead body.
I'm going to play a game.
You just support me.
Where are the tapes of these
security cameras kept?
They are evidences. Take
them and keep them safely.
Mammen, the collection would be
low on Christmas day, right?
Then why would they plan the
robbery on this particular day?
How would I know?
Apart from the counter, have you
stored cash inside the office?
No! No!
So that one is not there?
Hack. Hack money!
Sir, we do only fair business.
Only white!
That's correct.
Mammen, move!
So your 'white' would be inside this?
Open it!
Sir.. That.
I can't open it without
Xavier Achayan.
Don't make me use my fists!
Not that, Sir!
Opening it before Xavier reaches here,
that will be a problem, Sir.
The Police is asking you.
Are you going to open it,
or should I break it open?
It might be the police!
Open it!
An irresponsible clothes shop
& some inefficient staff!
Oh! Okay. You kept it hidden here!
I got my wife's saree.
She won't beat me up today!
There is something fishy in here!
Okay then.
See you all at the toddy shop!
You're handsome!
Close it!
We got the tapes, right?
Ya. But what about the diamonds?
He's not opening the locker.
That's okay. We got the tapes, right?
Let us leave.
No one has any doubt till now.
This will work out.
I don't think this guy
would open the locker.
If we stress too much, his
people would doubt us.
Is it right to leave him
like this on the floor'?
What if something happens to him?
Whatever happened has happened,
we don't want any case
or other hassles.
Let the police do our job!
What do we do with him?
If we take him to the hospital,
it will be late to get him back
after all the formalities.
Till he regains consciousness,
we should make him lie
down somewhere here, Mammen.
There's a bed inside, Sir.
We'll put him there.
We'll arrange a royal bed
for that bloody thief! What say?
I'll take care of you soon!
I have a doubt if there are other thieves
apart from these two, over here.
You! Sir is calling you!
What's your name?
Have you seen the man who
went out of here now, earlier?
Yes, Sir!
He was there on duty
at the jail I was in.
I knew there was some spelling
mistake when I saw his ear.
Tell me the truth!
You came along with them, right'?
No Sir!
I haven't even seen
them before this.
Then, why did you
come here today?
I came to see Daisy.
Sir, she's a salesgirl here.
The one who hit that thief!
That girl!
Who is she to you?
so in your shop, there's romance
also happening along with action!
So what shall we do
with this lover thief?
Whatever l said is true.
Apart from this, I've got nothing
to do with what happened now.
You go for the time being.
Let me talk to that gin as well.
Okay sir.
I want to say one more thing.
Please don't tell anything
bad about me to Daisy.
L.. I love her so much..
There's a time for everything, right?
I came here wishing for a new life.
Let that be.
Maybe, it might take some more time.
But, I'm sure.
God is with me.
Everything will happen
according to our plan. Right Sir?
Poor fellow!
I felt sad for him when I heard this.
Should we be discussing
about all this now?
Okay okay!
Let me begin the questioning.
After that, I'll hand over the case
to SI and leave to the SP Office.
You will have to give
us a written complaint.
You will cook up stories about me, is it?
Leave me!
I will finish his arrogance!
Don't beat him!
Louise, don't beat him! Leave him!
You bastard!
If you show off here anymore,
I will finish you!!
Not everyone's addresses.
Call that supervisor girl inside.
The sales supervisor here, right?
Not just sales, Sir.
I look after exporting also at times.
There's exporting here?
Some embroidery and designer stuff.
How many shipments in a month?
Not much, Sir.
We've just started.
I didn't ask you, Mammen!
Have you recently noticed
any suspicious incident,
staff behaviour or
anything of that son?
No Sir!
There's nothing like that.
Mammen, go outside!
Let me do my job.
Make him wait here.
Don't let him inside until I come out.
3 minutes!
You should open this locker
within just 3 minutes!
Or you won't get
out of here alive!
Open it!
Open it!
Wake up that fellow
who's lying inside.
And put him in our car.
We have to go to the SP Office.
You should be here.
The SI & group have reached outside.
Okay sir.
Don't open the front shutters.
We will leave through the rear exit.
How will you come, Mammen?
I have my car.
I'll also come with him, Sir.
I'll see you at the SP office.
You, come here!
Okay. l'll call you.
Mohan will come now.
Such an attempt in broad daylight!
Can't believe it!
Tell me Mohan.
What happened there?
I want complete details about what
happened at Kohinoor textiles.
Sir, I didn't understand anything.
What happened man?
Don't take any strain.
Nancy, call that doctor.
It's a team from outside.
Achayan, diamonds?
No! We can't take them today!
There are 3-4 policemen inside the shop.
Will the police cause more trouble?
I have told the SP that a detailed
investigation is not needed.
Naicker had called.
He is angry-
He's coming here tomorrow.
Haven't you sent them off
giving them their share?
Where are the diamonds?
Those are with you, right?
It was worth 5 crores!
Didn't you tell me it
was worth 3 crores'?
And didn't you tell me
it was worth 2 crores'?
Don't talk too much!
Are you even human?
Think about them.
Are you sure Mammen had kept the
original diamonds in the locker?
Even right now, I heard
them talking about it.
So there are only two
possibilites for it to have gone.
After we took it from the locker.
That hasn't happened anyway.
Or else,
In between Mammen keeping
it in the locker,
and us taking it.
But that locker was opened.
Where's your lock specialist?
We gave him his money and
dropped him on the highway.
When I heard Freddy's plan,
there was a major problem
that kept bothering me.
What if the cashier calls the
police when you guys start off?
I don't know about all that.
Freddy will take
care of all that.
I didn't believe that Freddy
would take care of everything.
I fixed in my mind that this would be
my last robbery and went to Kohinoor.
I wanted to win this somehow!
The boat hasn't reached
the shore, right?
Where will it go without
reaching the shore?
But there was someone else whom
I didn't expect, over there.
Rajesh, who's that VIP along with boss?
That's our new DYSP.
Actually, I should be afraid.
Mohan Raghavan. He got
transferred here from Kozhikode.
But I was actually surprised
when I saw that policeman.
I already knew Kozhikode
rural DYSP Mohan Raghavan.
But I still wasn't sure if it was the same
Mohan Raghavan who got transferred here.
So I decided to tell Aandy that
there was police inside the shop.
Take your gun!
Drop your gun!
Though retired, a policeman
will always be a policeman!
There's no need to worry.
I'm DYSP Mohan Raghavan.
I'll handle it from now on.
That moment when he was sure
that he fooled all of us,
I recognized him at that moment.
I'm DYSP Mohan Raghavan.
Because, without even Aandy's knowledge,
I had done something.
Reach here and wait outside.
The locker can't be opened
without Aandykkunju.
how do I wake him up in
between all these people?
Don't talk!
These policemen are all fake.
We shall escape with the diamonds.
Lie there.
I doubted if they were going to
leave after taking the tapes.
But, I was sure he would make use
of Aandy if he got a chance.
So, I tried giving him a bait.
Is it right to leave him on
the floor like this for long?
What if something happens to him?
As I expected,
he caught on to that bait.
Sir is calling you.
Have you seen the man who
just left this room, earlier?
He was on duty at
the jail I was in.
Sir, please don't tell anything
bad about me to Daisy.
I came here wishing for a new life.
Maybe, it might take
some more time.
But I'm sure.
God is with me.
It will happen.
Everything will happen
as per our plan.
Isn't it, Sir'?
My next thought was - how to buy time for
Aandy to take diamonds from the locker.
God showed me a way for that.
Did you just tell nonsense
about me to them?
Call that supervisor girl inside.
You have to open that
locker within 3 minutes!
You get down.
Get down.
You pack our stuff and wait.
I'll be back soon.
Mom, I have kept hot water in your room!
Before going,
I felt like seeing
you once more.
Morning, at the shop?
I'll tell you everything.
I'll go and come back.
Don't keep buying kerchiefs any more.
Buy a wedding chain
with that money!
It's not them!
Got afraid in vain.
That's Aandy!
Stop there!
Search fast!
Where are the diamonds?
Hey policeman!
Don't you want the diamonds?
Have it, policeman!
Give us our stuff!
First give me Aandy.
And the ten lakhs you were
supposed to give him.
Think about it.
I'll be backstage.
Where are the diamonds?
First leave him.
I wish I could give this money
as a price for your brains.
But you did something foolish
at this last minute.
Even after getting
such a priceless item,
you came back for him!
Lousie had made this
decision very early on, Sir.
If there's anything above
money for this Louise,
then that's God,
and this Aandy.
"Up next, the drama
is about to begin."
Don't finish it alone.
Next is a high-pitch song.
"This programme is sponsored by
Kohinoor Textiles, Cherupuzha."
"There's a special announcement."
"Men should move away from
where women are sitting."
"There is one more special announcement."
The drama people
started fighting?
I won't give this!
Who's this lifting the curtain?
You! You!
"The announcement for this programme
is by Pulikkattil Jokkuttan."
"Yours truly, Jokkuttan!"
"Where are these people running'?
Who are they?"
Leave him!
These diamonds that
you tried to steal,
it is worth the life of a person.
If you cross my path again,
I will kill you and bury you myself!
Is it police checking?
Hide the stuff!
Keep it somewhere safe, Nicho.
Looks like somethings fishy.
Come out.
Everyone come out!
What's the problem?
Sir, one minute!
Sir, this man will not get out
once he gets inside a car.
He is mentally unstable.
We have to go somewhere immediately!
Sir, don't create any trouble.
Keep this.
Please adjust, Sir.
Okay sir, Thanks.
Okay Sir!
I was scared as hell!
Where's the stuff?
I'll take it. But it
will take some time.
It's not gone anywhere.
It's very safe!
When I saw the police, I hid it.
The police has gone now, right?
What's the problem
in taking it now?
That's what I was saying.
It will take some time.
Dude, you are complete disaster:
What were you thinking when you put
the diamonds in the diesel tank?
What do we do now?
Louise, wake up!
Wake up!
All our efforts went down the drain!
BABU Auto Garage.
Bro, don't tighten it.
We have to open it.
Let him work!
Phew! It's there.
We're lucky.
Will diamonds turn into
stones if it's put in diesel?
Mother, save us!
What is this?
Come here! Fast!
How shiny!
Are these diamonds?
Come fast, Father!
What is this, Father?
Are these diamonds?
What exactly happened here?
Will those guys come back?
God, it's a series of disasters!
Where will we go search for them now?
There. Another disaster!
Go with him Freddy!
What the hell are these guys doing?
Why have you parked your car
in the middle of the road? Move it!
How are you?
Like observation, luck is also
very important in our business.
Though not as much as you,
I also have some amount of luck.
Isn't that why I could catch you
while I came to meet Xavier.
Is this your new gang?
Brother, forgive us!!
We are not his gang or anything.
Nicho, tell him!
He's telling the truth!
We don't even know who he is.
I swear on my Urban Class brandy.
Who's this guy?
Being a man and crying?
Sheesh! GO!
I have one last wish!
Tell me!
I need a cigarette!
It's not luck!
Everything is God's will!
Your God,
is with me now!
How can we proceed without
knowing what all is missing?
We can't tell you everything.
Not that.
Some jewels of Xavier's wife and
some documents of this shop.
Isn't it?
What is it, man?
Sir, my order!
Your order! In between all these problems!
Take it and leave from here!
Okay Sir.
Not many have known about
yesterday's incident.
Sir, don't make the
investigation very public.
It will bring a bad name for the shop.
A police case would
affect the business here.
When success and failure
are intertwined,
the game will be more thrilling.
This was such a game.
You bastard!
If you show off anymore here,
I will finish you!!
Even if I take the stuff,
where will I keep it
without Freddy noticing?
Inside the private room.
Note everyone's addresses.
Call that supervisor girl inside.
If you wish for something fiercely,
if not as much as a mountain,
one should get at least
as much as a hill, right?
However we calculate,
in totally,
everything is Toofaan (awesome)!
Isn't that so, Aandy?