Koi Aap Sa (2005) Movie Script

"The day you came closer.."
"The day you befriended me.."
"The day you came closer.."
"The day you befriended me.."
"All my dreams were aroused,
and my heart thought.."
"There is no one
like you in the world."
"The day you came closer.."
"The day you befriended me.."
"All my dreams were aroused,
and my heart thought "
"There is no one
like you in the world."
"The day you came closer.."
"My eyes can now read.."
"The language of silence.."
"With each other's feelings.. "
"We have now come
to recognise them."
"Where has this
craziness brought me?"
"The day our eyes met.."
"My heart has grown eager.."
"All my dreams were aroused,
and my heart thought.."
"There is no one
like you in the world."
York's! York's! York's!
North, south, east or west
York's college is the best.
This match won't be
shown live in 168 counties.
But the scene here
is worth watching.
Because two enemy teams,
York's and Duke's..
..are face to face.
Mr. Banerjee, what do you think?
Who will win this time?
It's difficult to say because
no team is less than the other.
On one side is Karan's army.
And on the other
side is Duke's captain..
..who has been given the
title of the most promising player.
And Rohan will be here.
Right in the centre.
There should be no mistake.
Don't touch me!
I'm showing you all, how not to fall.
How not to fall.
Got it. - Simi, where are you?
Listen, please drive fast.
There is a traffic jam.
See it on your own. - What!
What is this!
What is this! O my God!
please take some other route.
Madam, if we were to
take some other route..
..then we will reach
some other place.
You won't be able to reach
the place where you want to go.
Duke's! Duke's! Duke's!
I can't see Rohan anywhere.
Mr. Banerjee, what do you think?
Where is Rohan?
No matter where he is.
He will come on the ground only.
Come on Simi.
What do you think? If you
won't play, then we won't win?
You're right. The opposite
team will get a good opportunity.
- Now do come.
- Sir, Simi must be on her way.
By the time Simi will
come I'll not be alive.
My wife has made a wish.
If we win, she will shave my head.
If we lose, she'll cut my head.
Now, come, Rohan.
Come! - Sir, listen to me..
Come! Rohan, come! - Sir, listen..
Rohan! We want Rohan!
Sir, listen to me..
Rohan has come! Duke's coach
is bringing him to the ground!
Today's match will
be very interesting!
Go, go, go! - Yeah! Yeah!
- Madam! Hey you, madam!
- Sorry, sorry.
Where are you going?
At least give me my fare.
Madam, stop! Where are you going?
Karan's team has got a free kick.
Will Karan be able to convert
this free kick into a goal?
Just do it, man, just do it.
Will York's be able
to get the third goal?
What do you think, Mr. Banerjee?
I think they will get this goal.
You just watch,
this goal will be theirs.
Goal! - Yeah!
It's a goal.
York's team is ahead by 3-0.
Gradually there seems
to be no hope for Duke's.
Hey, what are you doing?
How dare you!
Isn't she Simran?
Get down! - Yeah. Great!
- What are you doing?
- My bag. Thank you.
Hey, where are you going? - Rohan!
Rohan! - Simi!
Rohan! Rohan! Rohan!
- Simi, is this the time to come!
- What are you doing?
You're making the team lose.
Go and play.
How will I win? You're late
and I even lost my lucky coin.
- Where did you drop your lucky coin?
- Outside in the tunnel.
I'll go and search for it.
Hurry up! Go fast! - I'll get it!
- Sir, Simi has come.
- Yes, I saw. She's a sweet girl.
- She will inaugurate my shop.
- Shop? What shop?
Match is gone
and I'll lose my job too.
From tomorrow I'll
open a burger's shop.
Do you like burger?
Do you like burger? - No! No!
I'll kill you, Rohan!
I'll kill you! Do something!
Pass the ball towards Karan.
Rohan! Look what
I got for you! Rohan!
I found your lucky coin!
I found your lucky coin!
- Where did you find it!
- You go and play!
You're already behind by 4 points!
Come on, go and play. - Okay.
Hi, Simran. - Hi, sir.
Why are standing here?
Why don't you enter the field?
- Watch the match from there.
- How can I come on the field?
No, no problem.
Our team is not playing.
It's just watching
the other team playing.
- My captain.
- Rohan, all the best. Go.
All the best. - Go, Rohan.
Rohan, do something!
Otherwise I'll kill you!
Hi, guys.
The match is about to start and
the ball is also in its position.
And the whistle! - Karan! Karan!
Yeah! Goal!
Foul! It's foul! It's foul!
It's a penalty! It's foul!
Rohan! Rohan! Rohan! Rohan!
Rohan! Rohan! Rohan! Rohan!
Rohan! Rohan! Rohan! Rohan!
The fifth goal!
The team won by five goals!
..Mr. Banerjee!
Duke's! Duke's! Duke's!
My lucky coin! Simi, you had
said that my lucky coin is with you.
You won the match!
It makes no difference!
- But why did you lie, Simi?
- Rohan, I'm your lucky charm.
- Not this stupid coin.
- Simi, Simi, that's my lucky coin.
Guys, celebration!
"My heart says..
there is a great trouble."
"My heart says there
is a great trouble."
"My heart says there
is a great trouble."
"Understand my eagerness.
It has become your habit."
"It has become your habit."
"My heart says there
is a great trouble."
"My heart says there
is a great trouble."
"Understand my eagerness.
It has become your habit."
"It has become your habit."
"In my eyes lives your face."
"Your style is different
from the rest."
"How do I stop the
passion of the heart?"
"The ambiance is romantic."
"The party is jolly. My heart says."
"The party is jolly. My heart says."
"Understand my eagerness.
It has become your habit."
"It has become your habit."
"Your magic, your fragrance."
"Your charm is everywhere."
"The flames of intoxication
are sprinkled."
"Your trance is everywhere."
"It has become your habit."
"The ambiance is electrifying.
My heart says."
"The ambiance is electrifying.
My heart says."
"Understand my eagerness.
It has become your habit."
"It has become your habit."
"My heart says there
is a great trouble."
"Understand my eagerness.
It has become your habit."
"It has become your habit."
"It has become your habit."
You felt so bad about what I said
in anger that you left your home.
You called me at your house.
You called me at your place.
I shouldn't have gone.
I shouldn't have gone.
Why not? - Will you forgive me?
Will you forgive me?
Have this. Stupid.
When you cry while
watching Hindi movies..
..then why do you watch them.
I'm not crying.
Something went in my eyes.
Just stop it.
You're spoiling my hair.
How many times I've told you,
only girl's hair is spoilt.
Come. - I said just stop it!
Sick! - Simi! How long will you
consider yourself as a girl, Simi!
Look from my eyes.
I mean you're the
most handsome man..
..I've seen in my life, Simi.
You know like the dashing Dharam-ji.
I mean, I know that
the truth is bitter.
But you have to face the truth,
Simi. You have to.
One. - Simi.
Simi, what are you doing?
Simi, what..
Two. - People are looking, Simi.
- What's wrong with you?
- Let them see.
This is how guys are. Naked.
- Simi.. Simi..
- Don't run. I'm a boy. I'm a boy.
Simi! - Rohan, what's the problem?
I'm a boy.
- Simi. What are you doing?
- Now I've opened the third button too.
Look, look. - Simi, close
your button. People are staring.
Stop it! Stop it!
If you again call me a boy..
..I won't even give
you the chance to run.
How are you driving! Be careful.
The car is mine.
I can drive the way I please.
Why did you throw my cassette?
The car might be yours.
But the music will be of my choice.
Simi! - "Just chill, chill.
Just chill."
He has come! He has come! Hi, Rohan!
No, Urmila.
Hi, Rohan! No, Karishma. Hi, Rohan.
No, Rani Mukherjee. Hi, Rohan.
Now that you've proved
that you're a girl.. - So?
At least now close your buttons.
You! My buttons are closed and you..
Rohan, stop running!
Hi, Rohan. - Hi, Pinky. How are you?
I feel on top of the world and you?
Me? I feel the world
is on top of me.
Just kidding sweety.
How can I be fine without you?
Really! - Have I ever lied?
No, am I right?
Greetings. - Yes.
Move aside. Yes?
The materials for
the worship have arrived.
Tomorrow is my 'Ekadashi's' fast.
Don't forget. Like last time.
But doctor has forbidden
you to keep the fast.
Your health.. - I'm fine.
Nothing has happened to me.
I want to talk to you.
Hail Goddess.
Hail Goddess.
Hail Goddess.
I'm not afraid.
I'll talk tomorrow. - Yes.
What? - Your father
doesn't have teeth?
I've never seen him smiling.
That's why. - You! You!
Bye, Pinky. See you.
Rohan, the college will
be over after 6 months.
When will you tell
her about your feelings?
Tell her today only.
No one is on time for
the real life sketching.
Neither the student nor the models.
I've heard that today
a new model is going to come.
O my God! Again a new model!
What to do, Mrs. Bakshi.
The guys of this
generation are ready..
..to remove their clothes
for films and modeling.
And for arts..
Anyways, I'll make a move.
It's time for my class.
Best of luck. - Thanks.
Mrs. Bakshi. - Yes.
Your new model has come.
A big favor on me.
Excuse me. - Yes.
Real life sketch class. - That side.
Thank you.
- Real life sketching?
- Close the door and come.
Come in, sir.
I was waiting for you only.
- Real life sketching..
- Yes, many guys like you come here.
Go and remove your clothes. - What!
What are you saying?
You're late and you're asking what.
Go, hurry up.
Why are you looking here and there?
I think he is an innocent fellow.
Must be doing it for the first time.
Look, don't waste time.
Go there and remove your clothes.
- What do you mean?
- Nothing doing. Do as I say.
Look.. - If you remove your
clothes then I'll get to see.
- Come on, hurry up.
- What a woman are you!
Aren't you ashamed!
You're like my mother.
- I won't remove it.
- How will you not remove it!
I've paid money to your agent!
If you're ashamed then
why did you come in this line?
- Remove your clothes quickly.
- Money? Line? What?
We have to complete
the work in 45 minutes.
And if you waste 10 minutes
in removing the clothes..
..then how will the
girls work with you.
Even 45 minutes are less.
Where are you running? Come here.
Look, I'll complain
to the principal.
What will you complain!
He only has started everything.
Why are you making me run so much!
He gets extra income.
Remove it quickly!
I'm feeling embarrassed.
Stay away from me.
You're like my mother.
You all are late and
you're watching the show.
Come and help me.
Sorry, ma'am. - Help me.
You won't tell me where Rohan is.
Are you sure, you won't tell me?
- Okay, don't tell me.
- Wait, I'll tell you.
Hi, Preeti. Thank God, you came.
By the way, I'm Rohan.
I know. Football captain. I am..
Preeti. Arts student.
Final year. Hostel A. Room number 9.
- How come you're here?
- I've come for the admission.
- This is a girl's college.
- Sorry, I forgot.
I'd come to meet principal.
So that I can tell him
why is this girl's college?
I mean, even boys like art. Even
boys like girls without clothes..
Okay. I'm getting late.
I have to go.
Listen, listen.. - Yes.
I want to say something to you.
From the time I saw you, it feels..
I'm dead. - What!
I'm so dead. - What!
Hi! Hi! Rohan,
what are you doing here?
I've come to meet principal..
no, Preeti..
What Preeti?
- Preeti, I.. I..
So you and Preeti...
What's the matter, Simran?
Simi! - Nothing.
Tell me, what's the matter?
Tell me, what's the matter?
I love you. - What!
I thought even you..
But no. - Simi.
- It's over for now.
- Simi. What are you saying? You..
Yes, I love you so much.
Like Saddam likes America.
B.J.P likes Congress
and Salman likes Vivek.
You purposely did this
in front of Preeti? - Yes.
If you love and hide it from me,
then you'll get the punishment.
Simi! Simi! I'm going to kill you!
Very smart. - Fine.
You couldn't entice the girl,
so you remembered Simi.
Simi, this is not so.
What are you trying to say?
Too good! Too good! - Simi..
Why didn't you tell
me that you like Preeti?
I was going to tell you..
what do I do?
I made a mistake.
Now please forgive me.
But Simi, I like her a lot.
Do something. Help me.
Give me some idea.
When you are before me,
I can't say anything.
And when you're not before me,
I can't live.
I don't know why this happens.
I just know that I like you a lot.
I like you like the aroma
of the earth after the first rain.
Like finding a shade
after the scorching sunlight.
Like the first goal
of my first football match.
just say once that you too..
- Rohan? What are you doing here?
- Nothing.
And what is this letter?
This.. this..
actually.. this is a letter.
There are so many mosquitoes.
So to kill it.
It was a fly. It was a fly.
So I thought you keep
this to kill the flies.
Sorry.. if possible, read it.
I just can't take
this anymore, Simi.
You know, I've got too
much of tension right now.
Rohan, relax.
Hey, just shut up. - Okay.
Rohan, please relax.
Simi, they don't understand.
Anything can happen.
I told you she will come.
Please, I told you, she will come.
Anything can happen.
What if she called the police?
He must have bet
with his friends. - Yes.
She can even complain
to the principal.
These art girls are like this only.
These champion guys are like
this only. He's trying to flirt.
Listen, if he misbehaves
then give him a tight slap.
What if she slapped me?
Chill, Rohan. - Okay.
Rohan, you don't
look good like this.
Deep breathe. - She will come.
Please trust me, she will come.
She will.. Rohan, she has come.
Hey guys, let's go.
Come on. - Come on.
I want to know the truth.
I'm telling the truth.
I wrote that letter.
What about Simran?
No, Simran didn't write the letter.
I wrote that letter.
Rohan, why will Simran
write a love letter to me?
I just want to know, what
is going on between you and Simran?
Between Simran and me? I mean..
Now I understood.
You're talking about that day.
That day she had..
Okay, hang on. I'll explain.
Simi! Simi! Simi!
Hi, Preeti.
Simi, tell the truth to Preeti.
Truth? The truth is that
Rohan wrote that letter.
No, Preeti knows that
I wrote that letter.
She wants to know the
relationship between us.
- I mean, she thinks that we're..
- Friends.
Yeah, right. You saw.
But Rohan, we love each other,
don't we? - What?
Preeti, Preeti, Preeti.
I was just kidding.
Yes, it's true that we both love
each other. But only as friends.
He loves you.
Trust me. He really likes you.
He likes you so much..
that he'll express it in Palaqui.
- Palaqui?
- Yes. It's in the main street.
I've booked a table for both of you.
And guess what. I'm not coming.
Have 2 minutes of silence for me.
How can you be so
sure that I'll come?
What did you do?
You again made her go away.
What did I do? - This friend's love!
What is this Palaqui?
I was trying to fix
you with her and you..
What fix?
You again made her go away.
Don't worry, Rohan.
Look, now she will turn back.
And if she does, then she loves you.
Turn. Turn. Turn.
She went away and you.
Rohan, you don't understand.
If she turns, she loves you.
And if she doesn't turn..
then she loves you..
..but she doesn't want to show it.
Rohan. - This Palaqui..
forget about it.
I'm not going. - Rohan!
Yes, Simi. Yes, Preeti has come.
Of course she has come.
We talked a lot. She said I
love you. I too told her I love you.
And she even said that
if you listen to Simran's idea..
..then you'll remain a bachelor.
Then what!
You always give me flop ideas.
For the past half an hour,
I'm waiting outside Palaqui.
That too wearing a suit.
But Preeti has not come.
Well done, Simi! Well done!
What had I told you, Ritu!
No one is here.
I knew it! I just knew it!
Simi! Simi!
Please don't ever give me any ideas.
I'm feeling so hot
in this suit. No..
Excuse me! - Yes.
Bye. - Bye.
Don't be nervous at all. Just relax.
First date? - No.
- Maybe it's your first date.
- No. not at all. Many times.
My first date.
Mine too.
Really? - Yes.
That's great.
You know, Rohan.
When I met you outside,
I couldn't even recognise you.
Why? Eyesight problem? No, can't be.
Rohan, I thought that you
too like other footballers..
..will come wearing smelly,
dirty clothes.
You know,
who think a date as a match.
And they come wearing typical
muscled t-shirt and cargo pants.
Yeah, yeah.
But you're so different.
You look so good in these clothes.
Really? - Yeah.
So you're going to the
date wearing these clothes?
Why? Any problem? - Only problem.
Are you going for
a date or a fight?
If you go wearing
this muscled t-shirt..
..then, Rohan, you'll
run for the rest of your life.
You'll wear this.
Tell me, Rohan.
What perfume have you used?
No. - Come on, don't lie now.
Don't say that you've
not used perfume.
Say that you've used it sparingly.
Only this much. Yeah, you're right.
You know, I hate those guys.
Who use the whole
bottle of perfume..
..before coming for a date.
- Rohan, what are you doing?
- Using perfume.
Using perfume or
bathing in perfume?
- Preeti will become unconscious.
- Because of happiness.
No. Because of fragrance.
Go and take a bath.
Go and change your clothes, Rohan.
And use this. That too sparingly.
You know little.
Rohan, what's the matter? - Nothing.
For you.
Rohan, I was hoping
that you give me a flower.
Otherwise some of
the sporty kind of guys..
..you know give you something
like.. they are just so insensitive.
Rohan, you know me so well.
I didn't know. - Even I didn't know.
If you give her a stupid thing
like Tummy Tucker, then forget it.
"Heart in my chest.
Heartbeats in my heart."
"What is in my heartbeats?
Craving for you."
"In each craving is pain,
my beloved."
"This pain is your sensation."
"Heart in my chest.
Heartbeats in my heart."
"What is in my heartbeats?
Craving for you."
"In each craving is pain,
my beloved."
"This pain is your sensation."
"Heart in my chest.
Heartbeats in my heart."
"What is in my heartbeats?
Craving for you."
"In each craving is pain,
my beloved."
"This pain is your sensation."
"My beloved, this wish."
"I've seen each breath."
"By feeling this craving."
"Heart in my chest.
Heartbeats in my heart."
"What is in my heartbeats?
Craving for you."
"In each craving is pain,
my beloved."
"This pain is your sensation."
"The secret suppressed on
the lips and dreams in my eyes."
"This pain is strange
but it seems very familiar."
"The secret suppressed on
the lips and dreams in my eyes."
"This pain is strange
but it seems very familiar."
"I don't know, my beloved.
What love is this."
"It knows without speaking,
it's the assent of the heart."
"My beloved, your wish."
"I've seen each breath."
"By feeling this craving."
"Heart in my chest.
Heartbeats in my heart."
"What is in my heartbeats?
Craving for you."
"In each craving is pain,
my beloved."
"This pain is your sensation."
"Your sensation.. your sensation.."
Leave the keys here.
They'll shut the restaurant.
Rohan, Simran and you
are old friends, aren't you?
Not old. Our friendship
began from the time we were eight.
Tell me one thing.
If you had to choose any one..
..between friendship and love,
what would you choose?
It doesn't make a difference
if there is no love in friendship.
It is very important for
friendship to exist in love.
- You talk very beautifully.
- I cook well too.
If all my friends hadn't
gone to the disco then today too..
Disco Rohan!
Come on let us go to the disco too.
I love dancing. Come on!
Go to the disco but don't dance!
Do you understand?
What happened? Any problem?
Disco? - Yes.
No! No! - Oh Good!
Why are you dancing like this?
I know that you are a good dancer.
Come on. Dance freely.
Why are you laughing like that?
Laugh openly!
Please go and stop him!
Someone please stop him!
This guy is crazy.
Yeah, you did it.
Simi, what are you doing here?
Do you know what..
I know everything.
I only found out today
that I dance so well
So does everyone else. Just look.
Actually Rohan,
it is not your fault.
Actually you are brilliant dancer.
The music is not too good.
Go and get it changed.
What song do I request?
The same song to
which you can't dance.
He is cute, isn't he?
- Can you see her?
- I can't see anything right now.
And this song is Rohan's
dedication to his love Simran..
..who is the love of his life,
the spring of his life..
..whom he is madly in love with.
No! No! Preeti! No! No! - Rohan.
What's wrong with you, man?
Preeti! - What have you done?
Preeti! - Tell her.
Preeti, Rohan has..
Preeti this DJ is our..
- Friend. - Yes. Friend.
Friend. - Yes. Friend.
Yes. we..
- He is in America.
- Then this is America
Hi! - Vicky!
How are you?
Hi, Vicky! - Surprised?
When did you arrive?
You didn't inform
me about your arrival.
I came in when your Rohan's love..
..for you was being announced.
You never told me you found someone.
I would have found someone
for myself at New York too.
All this confusion was
because of this idiot Rohan.
He can't do a thing straight.
I don't know what he told the DJ.
Please Vicky you..
Now shall I tell you something?
This is my friend Ranjeet.
Isn't he the guy you
always mention in every email?
Yes. He is my best friend,
my business partner..
..my mentor and what
I am today is thanks to him.
Come on!
Just stop right there! Come on!
Don't embarrass me.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
Shall we go?
Everyone is out there. - Yes.
- Hey, how are you?
- Hey Champ, how you doing?
Great! - I am doing good.
Why are you greeting him?
Meet her. She is Preeti.
Hi. - Hi.
Rohan's you know what?
And Preeti, Rohan that's Ranjeet,
Vicky's friend.
- And Preeti this is Vicky.
- Simran's fiance.
And by the way they
are going to be married soon.
And before we are married
we will be engaged and the..
..engagement is tomorrow
and you both must surely come.
Tomorrow? How can that be?
Dad said that we are in mourning.
And the engagement
can be held only after that
Yes. I know we decided that.
But I have to leave
for Hong Kong the day after.
That leaves only tomorrow.
Do you have a problem with that?
When will I go shopping?
I hope now you believe
that me and Simran are only friends?
Yes. - Now please smile.
And this is another song
dedicated by Rohan to his love.
Who is the love of his life,
the spring of his life..
..whom he is madly in love with.
Hey! I'll break your face!
Congratulations! Congratulations!
Where are the drums?
Today is Simran's engagement!
Here they come! - Hello.
Hello. Is this the time to come?
All the guests have arrived,
the groom's guests have arrived.
- And you are walking in so late.
- Oh Dear!
There was such a terrible,
terrible, terrible traffic jam.
She's saying such a terrible lie!
She sat at the beauty
parlour for three hours.
Three hours?! - Yes.
When the beauty enters
autumn then a whole lot of..
..powder is required and
a whole lot of lipstick is needed.
As if you are young?
- Of course I am young.
- Enough of all this talk.
Dolly and Pratap,
get serious please.
This is the limit.
There is very little
time and a lot of work.
To top it groom's
ring hasn't arrived yet.
Now listen to me carefully. - Yes.
We both are going
to pick up the ring.
You take care of everything here.
When the groom and
his family arrive..
..make them sit and
make them comfortable.
Extend the best of
hospitality for them.
I swear on him you go in
a jiffy and return in a jiffy.
I don't trust them.
Come on let us go soon.
Who is getting engaged today?
You or me?
Rohan is coming, isn't he?
Who? - It's me. Look there!
Who? - The groom!
Isn't he really good?
Why are you standing here?
Come on. Come on!
Are you sure that he is the groom?
I made the only mistake in
my life while choosing my groom.
Shut up. - You shut up.
Look at him! How good looking!
Hello. Hi.
- Where are his parents?
- Must be behind. May be in the car.
Welcome, Son! Congratulations!
When did you come?
Why are you standing here? Come in.
Where is the tray meant
for welcoming the groom?
It is ready!
- Where is Simi?
- So naughty he calls her Simi!
Here take the blessings.
- What are you doing?
- This is a custom, Son.
I am not..
I am not.. - Here have some sweet.
- Come and sit here.
- Come and sit here.
I am not.. Uncle. - Uncle!
Don't say uncle. Say daddy!
I am.. - Hey! Get the juice here!
Isn't he really good?
Drink it!
Here drink some more! - Drink it!
What's happening?
Isn't Rohan lucky!? - Really.
What are you doing?
A cigarette inside the house.
- I thought it's a hall so it would be ok.
- Don't man!
You know you are a mad man.
It can't be like this always.
Cigarette! Cigarette! Cigarette!
I love parties and meeting people.
And you know my favorite
actor is Salman Khan.
What a physique, muscles, looks!
Mind blowing!
I had asked for
a press photographer.
Why did you bring your own camera?
Mom, it is a personal function.
On this auspicious day
I'll inaugurate this too.
Look at this.
Who is this stupid photographer?
Hello. - Hello!
Hello! My foot!
Is this any time to arrive? - What?
We won't pay you the full amount.
We will cut the
money for being late.
Excuse me! - Mention not!
Who are you, Madam?
He is my son!
So what should I do about that?
He has brought his whole
family here for free food.
- Who are you?
- Are you asking who I am?
Let me tell him.
I am Dolly and he is..
Pratap! - Shut up!
What is it to you?
Have you come here
to take photographs..
..or to take my interview!
Mummy and daddy come with me.
Come here.
- What are you doing?
- You will get food there.
Who knows where these
people come from?
Just stand there
in the side quietly.
Hello! Are you alone? - Yes.
Photographer, come and click snaps.
One minute. At least let
me straighten my hairstyle.
Ok. Please.
Does my hair look good?
Place your hand.
Place your hand. - Yes.
On my shoulder! Click now.
Will you only click snaps of me?
What about the groom?
He is waiting there
from such a long time.
Come along.
Come long. Please move away
- Let him click snaps of the groom.
- Let me come near the groom.
I am.. - Relax.
I am..
We are from the bride's family.
We are the hosts. We must
extend the hospitality. - Yes.
Take more snaps.
Please eat. - Your aunty is here.
Greetings to you!
What is all this? - Congratulations!
You have found such
a nice groom for Simran!
Dolly! - You have come back here!
Didn't I ask you to sit aside?
Dolly, what are you saying?
Do you know who they are?
I know them. They are hungry.
The photographer's parents!
Do you know anything at all, Dolly?
They are Simi's
parents-in-law to be.
- And he is his son.
- But their son is..
I am interested in photography..
..but after today I will
become a thorough professional.
I told him! I told him
that this can't be Simi's groom!
You told me!
I told him! - I told her!
Shut up now! - Shut up.
Please Brother! Forgive us! Please!
I had just given you a small
job to do and you couldn't do it.
It's ok! - Thank's.
Who is this?
I am Rohan. Simran's friend.
Please come along. - Please come.
It is ok, uncle. Come on, Dad.
What is all this son.
This is really ridiculous!
It is ok dad.
There is a difference
between a friend and a groom!
What a lovely party!
Help! Help!
Help! My hair is on fire!
Help. - Oh my God.
I'll go and take a look! - Yes.
Help! Help me.
Hi Pinky!
Oh my God! Oh my God! - What?
You are looking amazing!
You are looking very beautiful!
This veil of mine!
Oh God! How do I wear it?
May I help you with it? - You?
I am an expert at it!
So tell me how many girls
have you helped with it?
Maybe about 8 to 10.
Only 8? - In America I didn't
find more girls who wore them.
Oops! I'm sorry.
I didn't see anything.
I was looking for my glasses.
Maybe they are in some other room.
I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry.
Don't worry, babe. He's my buddy.
So where were we?
- Your veil is not okay.
- Yes. Like someone I know.
- Simi, do you know.
- Do you know, where is Ranjeet?
I'll go and look for him.
Sister-in-law, did you see Ranjeet?
No, I didn't see anything.
I just saw what was going on here.
- He's so handsome.
- But not like my Rohan.
What! - Rohan will definitely
be the son-in-law of this house.
I think your eyesight
number has gone up.
Can't you see?
I'm getting married to Vicky.
Simi, I think after doing dieting..
..even your brains have reduced.
- Very funny.
- I'm talking about myself not you.
After your marriage, mummy and
daddy will think about my marriage.
- And I'm so ready for marriage.
- I think you need a doctor.
Why? I'm so happy with a footballer.
- I don't want to marry a doctor.
- I don't believe this.
Come, everyone is
calling you downstairs.
I'll come if someone
allows me to get ready. - Yes.
Stupid! Anyone comes barging here.
Simi! - O God!
Is this my room or
a train compartment?
Anyone just walks in at any time.
How do I look?
Yes, say.
Very manly.
Like some muscled
man has worn this dress.
I feel pity for poor Vicky.
Doesn't he know that
he's marrying a guy?
It's pretty bold, you know.
First boy-boy marriage.
Rohan! - Simi! Simi, don't hit me!
- What do you think you are!
- Look, don't hit me.
If a muscled man hits me,
then my face will get spoilt.
Who will marry me! Don't hit me!
Rohan, this is too much!
I'll not spare you!
Rohan, you're so insensitive!
You don't care for anyone.
I'll not spare you!
I'll not spare you!
You're going forever.
Rohan, Preeti is
there to look after you.
If she hadn't been there
then I would have..
..taken you with me as dowry.
Look, I'll not come to
wipe your tears from America.
Take this. Wipe your tears.
I'm not crying. Who told you!
You know how it is..
Let's go.
"Wearing bangles, wearing bracelet."
"Wearing earrings, wearing hoops."
"Wearing bangles, wearing bracelet."
"Wearing earrings, wearing hoops."
"O crazy girl."
"Tie anklets.."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"My heart is beating.
It's saying to my beloved."
"O beloved, tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"My heart is beating.
It's saying to my beloved."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Such a strange craving has risen."
"That I become mad in love."
"I've become lost.
I'm not conscious."
"It's not my fault."
"You're always on my mind,
o beloved."
"You're always on my mind,
o beloved."
"You're always on my mind,
o beloved."
"You're always on my mind,
o beloved."
"Your love is
spreading in my veins."
"It's saying to my beloved,
o crazy girl."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"The dawn passes but
the night doesn't pass."
"We have no control
on our heartbeats."
"It's essential to meet you.
I can't endure this distance."
"You're always on my mind,
o beloved."
"You're always on my mind,
o beloved."
"You're always on my mind,
o beloved."
"You're always on my mind,
o beloved."
"You're always on my mind,
o beloved."
"Love is not opening the doors.
It's saying to my beloved."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Wearing bangles, wearing bracelet."
"Wearing earrings, wearing hoops."
"O crazy girl."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Tie anklets on my leg."
"Anklets, anklets, anklets."
"Anklets, anklets, anklets."
My God, Ritu, can you believe it!
I and Rohan are finally alone.
I'm so excited.
I'll open the door.
- Hang on, Ritu.
- What's the matter?
You go inside, I'll open the door.
Relax. Relax. Relax.
How do I look? - Awesome.
You? You were not going to come.
Actually Ranjeet and Rohan said,
that's why I..
You don't mind going with me,
do you? - What! With you?
No, no, with me and Ro..
Rohan, where are you?
card and the coat too in my hand.
How do I manage all these things!
Okay, tell Preeti that
she's looking beautiful.
Tell her, you stupid. - Simi..
Preeti you're looking beautiful!
Why did you wear this pant?
You should have worn the other pant.
That was wet. - O my God!
My pant. - Give her flowers, now.
Go. - Preeti, flowers for you.
Let's go. - Okay.
Shift a bit. Shift.
Throw it. - It's good.
Yes it is. But for deaf people.
You know, Preeti,
if I don't sit in the middle..
..then we'll have to hear
the stupid songs of Rohan's choice.
And I don't really want
to spoil your date. So that..
Always in the middle.
Preeti, if you want
you can sit in the middle.
You can change the cassettes.
It's okay.
No, it's okay.
Rohan, can we leave? - Yes.
Which one?
Hi! - Hey!
Hey! What's up!
Hey! - Hi!
Rohan, the chain has become loose.
Please, tighten it.
Yes, it's tight.
It's tight. Rohan!
It's tight.
Your neck might break,
but this chain won't come out.
Rohan, I think you
should be with Preeti.
Yes. Where is she? - Listen.
The next song is
a very special song.
It goes from Rohan to Preeti.
Can we have the couple
on the dance floor, please?
Shall we dance?
Rohan, the party has just started.
If you start dancing then
the party will come to an end.
This time it won't happen. Promise.
Excuse me, could you
hold this for me? Thank you.
someone has come to meet you.
Me? - Yes.
Who? - I don't know.
Okay, thanks.
Rohan, I'm going out. Okay.
Ranjeet? What are you doing here?
You were supposed
to go to the airport.
I was going there only.
I thought I'll thank you.
Thank me? For what?
- You and your family took care of me.
- It's okay.
If you don't mind, I've got
a gift for you. Look, don't refuse.
O shit! I left it in the cab.
Seriously, it's okay. No need..
Come with me to the cab.
Please come with me.
Look, I'll miss my flight.
Do come. - Okay.
Ranjeet! What are you doing?
Why did you close the door?
You were going to gift..
I want to give you a gift.
I know what you like.
Listen, don't! Just don't!
Don't touch me! Just let me..
Why? You never refused Rohan.
Then what dearth is in me?
What rubbish!
Everyone knows what is
going on between you and Rohan.
Its okay, baby.
Even I won't say anything to Vicky.
You are sick! - Come on, baby.
- Ranjeet! Ranjeet, just stop it!
- Come on, baby.
Just let me go! - Come on.
Leave me! - Baby.
Ranjeet, just stop it!
Stop it! Please, Ranjeet!
Somebody help! Ranjeet, let me go!
Come, sweetheart. Come, sweetheart.
Come on. - Rohan! Rohan!
Ranjeet, leave me!
Rohan! - Rohan is not here.
Rohan! - Rohan is not here.
Did you see Simran?
Someone had come to meet her.
They went towards that gate.
Okay, thanks.
Simran! Simran! Simran!
Simi! Simi! Simran!
Simi! Simi!
Simi! Simran, open the door!
Simran! Simi! Simi!
Simi! Simi, what happened?
Simi! Simi, what happened?
How come you're here? Simi! Simi!
Simi, what happened?
Move! Move!
Fast! Fast!
Come on, fast!
Come on, fast!
Watch out!
Leave me! Please! Rohan!
Ranjeet is dead.
What is in it?
This is a promise ring.
If I make you wear it,
then it means to assure something.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand Simi.
Give me your hand Simi.
Simi, I promise to
stand by you for life.
I promise Simi.
What has happened to Simran?
She doesn't eat properly
nor does she talk to people.
She hasn't been to
college since a week.
Do you know what
has happened to her?
What do you want to say Rohan?
Should I hide such
a big thing from Vicky?
Simi, I'm not stopping you.
Such things aren't
discussed over the phone.
Tell him when he comes.
Vicky.. Vicky I
want to say something.
That Ranjeet.. - I know Simran..
..how you must be feeling.
But it is just a matter of few days.
Then I will be with you very soon.
- But Vicky till that time..
- Till then take care of yourself.
I will come back soon.
You take care of yourself.
Bye sweetie.
Rohan, what are you doing here?
You must be in college at this time.
Simi, even you should
have been in college.
Come on get ready.
We will go together.
No. I can't come.
There is no one at home.
And I have a lot of work to do too.
I have to get the computer
made and.. - Simi.
It is not your fault
for whatever had happened.
What kind of mistake?
What are you talking about Rohan?
I told you that I
can't come to college.
It wasn't your fault Simran.
Please try and understand
what I am telling you.
What? What should I understand?
I said that I can't come to college.
Simran it was not your fault.
It was not your mistake.
Of course it was my mistake.
It will be my fault Rohan.
Do you know..
do you know what he said?
He said that if you and me can..
- ..then why not him and me?
- He was a sick man Simi.
Don't think of me.
He touched me all over.
I was raped.
But no.. you won't understand!
You won't understand.
Yes, I won't understand.
But I know that if you keep
on blaming yourself then even..
..though that Ranjeet
is dead he will still be alive.
In your thoughts, in your guilt.
And that unfortunate
night will never be over.
Kill him please! Forget him!
- He was the culprit not you.
- But why me?
He.. he.. - You are a victim Simran.
But why me?
Why did he feel that
he could do that with me?
What did I say..
or what did I do.. that he..
Why did this happen to me?
Rohan, why did this happen to me?
I don't know.
Why me?
Simi, I know it is very difficult.
But if you keep on
thinking like this then..
..Ranjeet will still remain
alive despite him being dead.
He will be alive in your thoughts.
Simi, he will keep on defeating you.
And the Simran that
I know never loses.
I am waiting for you down,
in the car.
If you didn't come
then I will think..
..that Simran has died not Ranjeet.
Should we leave?
"The bond between the
hearts has shaped up."
"It doesn't fade
away within moments."
"This bond of hearts doesn't break."
"This bond of hearts doesn't break."
"The bond between your
and my heart is very old."
"I have to steal all
the tears from these eyes."
"I have to steal."
"I have to steal."
"The bond between your
and my heart is very old."
"Listen I sense your
restlessness and loneliness."
"If I am with you,
then why are you sad?"
"Listen we will share your sadness."
"I am going to decorate
your eyes with sweet dreams."
"The bond between your
and my heart is very old."
"Listen, how to tell you..
that I can't see you crying."
"When the evening sets,
the morning..
..smiles and spreads its fragrance."
"In moments of sadness,
we have to smile."
"The bond between your
and my heart is very old."
"I have to steal all
the tears from these eyes."
Hello. - Hello, where are you going?
- Airport, to pick up Vicky.
- Wow! That's great!
- You must be excited right?
- Of course Rohan!
I am meeting Vicky
after so many days.
So many things have
happened here after he left.
I will tell him everything
when I meet him.
Good you told me not to
tell him anything over the phone.
Just waiting to talk to him.
Where are you?
I am also going to meet Preeti.
Preeti! Wow! You are going
to meet Preeti. That's great!
Simi, I am very happy.
I finally have Preeti with me.
Now there is no confusion
and no more misunderstanding.
I have cleared everything.
I am really very happy.
Hello. - Rohan.
Simran.. Simi.. Simi what happened?
Hello Simran..
Simi.. Simi what happened?
Simran can you hear me?
Hello Simi. Simi.
Simi what happened?
Simran can you hear me? Hello!
Simran.. Simi.. Simi what happened?
Simran can you hear me? Hello!
Hello. She has met
with an accident. - What?
And I am taking her
to the City Hospital.
You come there. - Okay, I am coming.
Did Simran know that
you both are going on a date?
Hello. - Rohan,
this is Vicky from the airport.
Where is Simran?
I am waiting for her.
She met with an accident.
What? - I am here with
her in City Hospital.
Come fast. - Yes, I am coming.
Preeti, I am really sorry,
I am here.. - Is Simran with you?
Yes, but she is..
Hello.. hello.
You have been called inside.
Yes. How is Simi now?
How is she now?
She is okay.
She doesn't have any injury.
Thank God!
Can I ask you a personal question?
Yes, ask.
- Are you married?
- No not as of now. Why?
Then get married.
I am ready for it
but she is refusing.
Now she won't refuse.
How do you know?
I mean how would you know?
Simran is going to be a mother.
She is 2 months pregnant.
What? Simran?
I have told her too.
Don't even think of abortion.
Because Simran's
uterus is very weak.
And she is anemic also.
Her life can be in danger.
I would suggest both
of you to get married soon.
She is in that front room.
You can take her home.
Chief.. chief.
Vicky, good you came.
I was waiting for you since so long.
I want to talk to you about
so many things.. - Why Simran?
Why? Why did you get engaged to me?
If you wanted to do it with Rohan..
Vicky, what are..
You are finished for me.
Chief, listen to me. - Vicky!
Chief try and understand
what I am telling you.
Whose child is this?
I am asking whose child is this.
Why don't you say something?
What is he asking?
He is asking whose child is it?
..mom.. I was raped!
Oh my God! This is too much.
You are blaming someone
who is not alive.
Anyways Ranjeet was getting
late to reach the airport.
And you are accusing him.
This is too much.
Let's go. Let's leave. - Come.
Vicky please trust me.
I am saying the truth.
Simran I won't hear anything else.
- Vicky please trust me.
- Simran please!
Come on.
Chief, Simi is telling the truth.
Ranjeet only has..
I had asked her not to tell you.
We were waiting for you.
- So that when you come..
- Now don't wait.
Try to correct your mistake.
Give this child your name.
Or else Mahesh's
name will get ruined.
Come on son.
Chief! - Please Rohan!
You call yourself a friend!
Mom, I..
Uncle, I.
This is your friendship right?
That's why I was scared?
Let your daughter have more friends.
Did you see the act of a friend?
You please go from here.
Before I do something.
You leave from here.
Get out! Out!
But father,
Rohan didn't do anything.
He did nothing.
You are lying. - Father..
But father, I..
This child is a symbol
of your friendship.
This child won't come in this house.
But, I.. - Hail Goddess!
Think once again.
In this there is a risk
to your daughter's life.
You are right doctor.
I have no other option
besides taking a risk.
Okay. As you wish.
Please sign on these consent forms.
Hello. - Pinky, Rohan.
Give the phone to Simi.
Father has taken Simi to the..
..hospital to get her abortion done.
What are you doing here?
How can you do this to Simran?
Who are you to ask me this?
I had told you not
to come in my way.
Doctor. - Yes.
What is the matter?
Didn't the operation happen?
Yes, the operation didn't happen.
Didn't happen?
What do you mean by that?
I had signed the papers myself.
Then what happened?
Please go and ask inside.
Sumati, how come you are here?
Why didn't the operation happen?
I have not allowed it.
What do you mean you didn't allow?
Because it is the matter
of my daughter's life.
- Sumati, if this thing spreads then..
- Nothing is..
..more important than
the life of my daughter.
Sumati, listen to me.
See Sumati, try and understand.
This is very important.
Nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen to her.
Okay tell me,
did someone tell you anything?
Rohan had called.
Even after the doctor
didn't advice it.
And I have spoken to the doctor..
..and nothing will happen.
There is a small amount of risk,
but it is not that serious too..
I will do what I feel is right.
And do you feel what
he has done is right?
My heart says that she
hasn't done anything wrong.
Nothing has gone wrong?
Such a huge thing has
happened with our daughter..
..but still nothing has gone wrong.
Sumati, an abortion
will surely happen.
This child won't
come into this world.
Doctor! Doctor!
Abortion won't happen.
This abortion won't happen.
Whatever happens, it will be fine.
But this abortion won't take place.
Sumati.. - Hail Goddess!
We won't meet after today.
I am leaving this college.
Simi.. Simi..
Simi, what are you saying?
Why are you saying all this?
Wow, so the love birds are together!
- No, they are buddies.
- Oh you mean childhood pals?
Simi, this is your final year.
You cannot do this.
You just can't do this.
Come on Rohan, don't force her, man.
How will she come to
college in such a state?
Rohan, I have already decided.
Let them talk.
Preeti.. Preeti listen to me.
I don't want to listen to you Rohan.
I have heard enough.
I am not a fool.
The entire college
knows about you and Simran.
Preeti it is nothing
like what you are thinking.
- Me and Simran are just..
- Good friends right?
You have made her pregnant.
At least, speak the truth now.
Preeti I am saying the truth,
trust me.
I don't trust you at all.
You are disgusting.
Friends! I feel ashamed of you.
Hey everyone this is Rohan,
your football captain.
Today I want to confess something.
You all always wonder about the..
..relation between me and Simran.
How can a boy and
a girl be only friends?
And there is something
between Simran and me.
And of course, the child in..
..Simran's stomach is mine right?
So once and for all I
want to tell you all that..
..you guys are absolutely right.
I love Simran.
And you know what?
I am the father of Simran's child.
And today I am announcing
in front of all of you..
..that we both are
going to get married soon.
And I expect that no one
will talk about this henceforth.
And anyway finally you
all have to come at our wedding.
Thank you for your attention.
Rohan what have you done?
How did you tell it
in front of everyone..
..that we love each other
and want to get married?
Rohan, how could you?
I have said what people
think and want to hear.
No one will believe
that we are friends.
Who believed us? Preeti, Vicky..
..your father and even
your mother didn't believe us.
Rohan, it doesn't matter whether..
..anyone believes or not.
Then why are you leaving college?
You get affected.
And if it affects you,
then even I get affected.
I get affected seeing you
ashamed in front of everyone.
I get affected
looking at your tears.
I get affected by anything
that troubles you, Simi.
Tomorrow when this child
comes into this world..
..what will you tell the child.
Even the child will
be affected right?
Today, what I said there,
is absolutely the truth.
This child is now mine.
I will give the child my name.
I will marry you.
Rohan.. Rohan we are friends.
We don't love each other.
Which love are you
talking about Simi?
What is love?
The love that is there between
Vicky and you, and me and Preeti.
Where are they today
when we need them the most?
Our friendship is far better
than this kind of love.
At least we are together.
We will always fulfil
our friendship Simi.
Why are you doing this?
Because I want to see you
and this child happy forever.
This child is not
a part of my happiness.
But it is a part of you Simi.
Simi please. That is enough for me.
Simi, I don't have anyone
apart from you in this world.
Simi, I don't have a family.
I have always taken
your mom as mine.
And when even she didn't trust me..
..I just died Simi. I died.
It hurts, it hurts to know
that you are today in this problem..
..because I had told
you not to tell anyone.
You accepted what I told you.
I don't ever want to lose my
respect in uncle's and mom's eyes.
I always want to see them happy.
Simi, I want to see you happy.
All of you have always
given me happiness.
You all are my family Simi.
I want to be attached to you all.
I am all alone.
I am in need of my friend,
of my family.
I am not doing it
for you but for myself.
Please Simi!
We will fight Simi.
This time shall pass too.
We are together right? - Yes.
Why don't we get the children
married after solemnizing it?
No Sumati, the marriage will
take place on the 10th of December.
But by then Simran
would be 7 months pregnant.
I know Sumati.
But marriage will take
place on the auspicious day.
And before this date there
is no such auspicious day.
You know the mistake that we..
..made earlier should
not be repeated.
But at that time,
we had chosen the wrong boy.
This time we chose the right boy.
So the auspicious date
will be definitely right.
Heartiest congratulations!
The house is very nicely decorated.
- I hope we aren't late.
- No you all are on time.
Sir, greetings! - Greetings!
How come you aren't ready?
Let me first receive them,
then I will go get dressed.
You don't need to
worry about anything.
We are there,
we shall take care of it.
- We will be so hospitable that..
- No, just let it be.
You don't even know them.
Last time there was a
problem in recognizing them.
Let it be. - This time
there won't be any mistake.
I swear by his head.
I ask you to go in and get ready.
Come from here. Come on
let's go and get ready quickly.
I don't trust him.
Why did you swear by my head?
Have you died till date?
Look there.. look there.
The unwanted guests
have come before hand.
Hello aunty. - Who is aunty?
Let's go and wait at the
entrance to receive the groom.
He called you an aunty
and rang the bell.. - Listen!
The groom has come.
Where is the groom?
Where is the groom?
Here. I am the groom.
You are the groom?
Simran's groom?
I will slap you and
you will become handicapped.
- Actually, I was the groom..
- Shut up!
Go and sit in that
corner with your hooligans.
- And if you speak a word more then..
- Come on go.
Okay, don't get angry.
I will go and stand there.
Come on. He spoilt our mood.
And he says he's the groom.
Can't you see where your going?
Rohan! When did you come?
Mom, just now.
Uncle. - What are
you doing here alone?
No, just like that.
Pratap! - Where?
Come. - Come.
Pratap, did you be sociable to him?
Why should I be warm to him?
We were hospitable
to him the last time.
We were waiting
for the groom to come.
You just don't have any idea.
He is Simi's groom. Rohan.
But isn't he Simran's friend.
I swear by his head,
I knew that he loves Simran.
He must be her groom.
Then how come you
didn't smell it today?
I have a cold.
Rohan, Simran has come. See.
Congratulations! - Congratulations!
Live forever!
Live forever!
No dear don't.
Now you are a son-in-law
of this house.
I have got the respect
as a son-in-law..
..which I never got as a friend.
But uncle, I want to live not
like a son-in-law, but like a son.
Missing Vicky? - Missing Preeti?
Simi, we may be missing
someone else but..
..we can tell this thing
to each other honestly..
..and that I feel is the
beauty of our relationship.
"Why is my mind so restless?"
"What is this craziness?"
"There is never any
peace nor any calm..
..since I have fallen
in love with you."
What a cute couple!
"Why is my mind so restless?"
"What is this craziness? Craziness!"
"There is never any
peace nor any calm."
"There is never any
peace nor any calm..
..since I have fallen
in love with you."
"There is never any
peace nor any calm..
..since I have fallen
in love with you."
"Since I have fallen
in love with you."
"You are in my dreams,
you are in my promises."
"You are in my stories,
you are in my memories."
"There is never any
peace nor any calm..
..since I have fallen
in love with you."
"There is never any
peace nor any calm..
..since I have fallen
in love with you."
"In mischief,
I wonder how I lost my heart."
"I did not think of anything
and started seeing dreams."
"Now I am unable to do anything."
"Time does not pass."
"Why is this separation piercing?"
"No one knows the helplessness."
"There is never any
peace nor any calm..
..since I have fallen
in love with you."
"There is never any
peace nor any calm..
..since I have fallen
in love with you."
"Since I have fallen
in love with you."
"Since I have fallen
in love with you."
"Since I have fallen
in love with you."
Thanks Vicky.
Had you not left
me and gone like this..
..then maybe I would
never have got Rohan.
Simi! - Yeah!
You aren't ready yet?
I am ready, but this scarf..
..my hair is getting entangled.
Please help me.
I don't want to know how I look.
You are looking very nice.
You are looking very beautiful.
Look I won't repeat
it again and again.
Shall we leave? - Let's go.
"The heart says."
"It is very difficult."
"The heart says."
"It is very difficult."
"To understand this restlessness."
"It has become your habit."
"It has become your habit."
- "The heart says."
- You can keep your hand.
- "It is very difficult."
- My hair won't get spoilt.
"The heart says."
"It is very difficult."
"To understand this restlessness."
"It has become your
habit." - Hey Champ!
Ready for the next match?
"It has become your habit."
May the best team win.
"Wonder at what crossroad
life has brought us.."
"..I don't know."
"The restlessness of the heart,
my beloved.."
"..I do not recognise."
"The world has stopped."
"The moment has stopped."
"Why is there
confusion in the mind?"
"Why does this separation hurt me?"
"No one knows the helplessness."
"There is never any
peace nor any calm..
..since I have fallen
in love with you."
"There is never any
peace nor any calm..
..since I have fallen
in love with you."
"Fallen in love! Fallen in love!"
Do you still miss Vicky?
Why did you ask?
Just like that,
because I saw his engagement ring..
..and his old letters with you.
So what?
Even you were feeling awkward
seeing Preeti in the party today.
That.. actually..
You miss her right?
Rohan, whenever you
talk about Preeti..
..I don't know why..
but I don't like it.
I want to be honest.
Simi.. I..
I think I love..
Someone has come to meet you.
I have decided.
Vicky! You?
How are you?
I know you must be angry with me.
Please forgive me.
I'm sorry. Simran..
I have always trusted you.
But whenever I saw you with Rohan,
I used to feel..
And this child!
After Ranjeet passed away,
I felt that you both..
..are dumping your mistake on him.
But Simran, now I know the truth.
On going back to New York,
I came to know..
..that Ranjeet had done
this with 2-3 other girls too.
In fact recently, one
girl has even lodged..
..a complaint against him.
Simran, I have come back.
To accept you and this child.
Please give me one more chance,
Simran. Please.
We have a lot to talk about, Simran.
Thank you, Simran.
I knew you would surely give
me a chance to rectify my mistakes.
Shall we go?
Thanks Rohan.
For supporting my Simran so much.
Shall we leave?
You will let her go?
- If she is happy then..
- She is happy with you Rohan.
If she turns and sees then
I will believe it. Or else..
Turn around..
Turn around..
Turn around..
She went away.
She went away.
Why didn't you tell Simran that..
..nothing is there
between you and Preeti.
And you have told this to Preeti.
Rohan, don't be mad.
There is still time.
Go and tell Simran
that you love her.
Come on guys,
we have to win today okay!
Rohan, your love and life is more..
..important than this match.
Simran's happiness is more
important to me than my life.
And Simran's happiness is Vicky.
Come on Rohan.. - Guys please!
After a lot of difficulty
Simi has got her love.
Let her get married.
No one will tell her anything.
What no one will tell me?
Rohan, tell me what you were saying?
Nothing, we were just talking..
..about the strategy of the game.
Hi Vicky! - Hi.
All set? - Yes.
And your lucky charm?
I don't have it with me anymore.
Come on guys let's go.
All the best guys. - Thanks.
It's just been 5 minutes
since the match has started but..
..Dukes team is really
attacking the Yorks team.
Ball is with Clifford,
he has passed it to Rohit..
..Rohit has received the
ball and passed it on to Rohan.
Give me one more opportunity Simran.
I accept that I
have made a mistake..
..but such a huge
punishment for that mistake.
See Rohan,..
..he is the only one who can..
..hear my heartbeats
amidst a crowd.
And he knows that only I can hear..
..his heartbeats amidst this crowd.
This is our relation.
But Rohan loves Preeti.
And I don't want
to come in between them.
I made a mistake once, but no more.
Vicky we will have to put on this..
..act of love for a few more days.
So that they both
can get back together.
After that our paths
will be different.
Can't I take Rohan's
place in your life?
Vicky, there is a huge
difference between making..
..place for someone
and taking place of someone.
I want to talk to you separately.
Come, come. Hold it dear. Hold it!
I want to tell you something.
Rohan has the ball.
He's moving with ball..
Rohan really loves you. Really.
And the goalkeeper has come in front..
and here is a goal.
- Simran are you okay?
- What happened Simran?
Rohan! Rohan!
Rohan! Rohan!
What happened? - There is a problem.
What happened?
Simran will have to be
taken to the hospital right now.
Wait I am coming.
Rohan, where are you going?
- Simran is pregnant.
- We are winning.
We need you. - Sir, she needs me.
Come on.
Rohan! Rohan! - She needs me.
Rohan! Rohan!
Come on the field. - Yes, but..
Come on the field.
You have to go to Simran.
Come on the field. - Yes, but..
I said hit me.
Be smart Rohan. Hit me Rohan.
Hit me.
Rohan! Rohan!
Rohan! Rohan!
Hit me. - Rohan! Rohan!
What is happening on the ground?
Rohan has hit Karan.
You hit me right? Come on run.
Come on run.
Come on run.
Leave me, leave me.
Leave me, my team has won.
Leave me, leave me.
Okay, okay let's start.
Rohan! Rohan!
Referee has indicated that
the match has been called off.
Move.. move! - Come hurry up.
Move. - My God! It is paining.
Move.. move!
Move.. move!
Don't worry Simran.
Don't worry man.
Everything will be fine. Okay.
- Rohan!
- Mom.
What happened to Sirman?
She is okay.
Everything will be fine.
The delivery is over. It's a girl.
Yes! - Congratulations!
Excuse me!
There are two people outside.
Who is the father?
The one who has tears in his eyes..
..and says some dust
has gone into the eye.
He is the child's father.
Rohan! - Nothing Mom.
Something has gone into my eyes.
The child's father
has been called inside.
Not you.
You have been called inside.
Now even Preeti is not
there to wipe your tears.
Why didn't you tell me?
You also didn't turn back and see.
Don't you remember?
I had said if I turn..
..then she loves..
And if she doesn't turn..
..then she loves..
..but doesn't want to express it.
You used to speak
a lot about honesty.
Why aren't you honest
with your feelings?
I had taken your help
to propose to Preeti.
With whose help
would have I told you.
Today I will tell
you two honest things.
First, when I tell you
something has gone into my eye.
Then I am really crying.
And the second thing is that..
I love you.
She is just like her father.
I will make her a
football player like me.
Rohan she is a girl.
She can't play football.
How can your daughter be a girl?
She is a mischievous child.
Will you play football, baby?
Rohan she won't be a football
player nor will she play football.
She will play football
and she will be a player.
No I told you once.
I told you twice that she
will play football right? - No.
Who asked you?
I said she is going
to be a footballer.
Excuse me. - She will play.
No. - She will.
No she won't. - She will play.
No. - She will play.
No she won't. - She will play.
No she won't. - She will play.
"The day you came closer.."
"The day you befriended me.."
"The day you came closer.."
"The day you befriended me.."
"All my dreams were aroused,
and my heart thought.."
"There is no one
like you in the world."
"The day you came closer.."
"The day you befriended me.."
"All my dreams were aroused,
and my heart thought.."
"There is no one
like you in the world."