Koizora (2007) Movie Script

Mama, will Santa Claus come tonight?
Mm, I wonder, who knows?
Will Santa Claus come?
So Chii has to be a good kid okay?
I'm about to get on the train
Yup, I asked for a 3 day leave
Can you come pick me up
Thanks, I'll see you later
If I had not met you that day,
Then I would not have experienced that pain and sadness,
And memories filled with tears,
But, if I had not met you,
I would also have not experienced that joy, excitement,
and memories filled with tears,
If I had not met you,
I would also have not experienced that joy,
And the feeling of absolute happiness.
How are you now?
...continue to love the vast blue sky,
[7 years ago, Freshman year, Spring]
Mika, you're slow
Come here
Let's eat
Can it be that you have someone you like now?
No, though I do want to fall in love
I don't know how to start
I guess...
I already have someone I like
Class D's Nozomu
You should probably give up
Somebody with earrings like that..He's probably not a good guy
Why would you say that?
Really you should probably..
What are you looking at
You can't look, don't!
Don't, No! No! No!
You're the one that has gone crazy about boyfriends
Do you have a problem with that?
I don't but what did you collect so much information for...
3 months of high school life has already passed,
I really hope that something will happen over Spring break
Quickly give it back
No way!
Give it back!
Don't fight, dont fight.
Ah..He's not here
Let's go already
Don't stand in front of class D so long
I know
He's walking towards us...he's so coool
Which one
Of course the guy with the black hair
I'm Nozomu
From Class D, do you know me?
Then let's exchange phone numbers
Okay? Wil you tell me?
Your number.
I want to exchange numbers with you
Excuse me
My number...
I got the number,
But the one Nozomu wants is you...
Then promise me
You won't get with Nozomu
I promise, even if you give me 1 million yen I won't
Good morning
I spent 2 hours doing make up
Fake eyelashes are really difficult.
Why did you suddenly want to put on makeup
I still want to get with Nozomu
Are you serious
But...your fake lashes are a bit slanted
Eh? Help me fix it
Don't move
I took it off
What are you doing
Give it back!
Wait let me see it
You're good
The me at that time, still did not know
That love had already came by my side
Not here, not here, not here,
Not here either
Do you want me to call you again
How can I not have my cellphone over break
It's not here either, this is really..
I'm calling
I might have dropped it in the library
Aya, thank you, I found it
That's good
Who are you?
See you, Mika
[ No matches with the number ]
[ No messages in your inbox ]
What is it?
Um, I'm the owner of the cellphone you found
I know, I already saved your number
All the addresses of the people in my phone are gone
I deleted it.
Does losing those numbers upset you that much?
If the person really wants to talk to you,
They will definitely call you.
I'm home.
Welcome back.
Welcome back.
I'm very hungry.
I want to eat first.
Thank you for the meal.
[Did you find your cellphone, Aya?]
[I found it]
Sister, aren't there more in the plate?
Who said you could start?
Then everything in this plate is mine
That's mean
You're not allowed to take.
What's wrong with taking one?
You took too many
Speak for yourself
Mind your own business
Both of you,
Remember to leave some for your father.
I'll just have some vegetables and rice
If only you were so nice to me also..
I am, aren't I?
Right, Daddy, when can you take time off of work?
Ah! I really want to go to Hokkaido, how about you guys?
This year we probably won't be able to go.
I'm really busy at work.
Why don't you go with Sashi's scholarship money?
There is no way i could afford it.
Got it!
Wait a minute, Mika.
Look at you.
You two aren't kids anymore.
It's me
What do you want
You've slept already huh?
Your sleepy voice is really cute.
I'm awake
Is my number listed first?
What is the point of calling me everyday?
You're in the way
Move to one side, she said you're in the way
Don't you have any other friends?
Mika's mother seems to be at home all the time.
Are you listening to what I say?
And stop calling my name
What's the matter?
We're friends right?
Then, tell me your name.
And what year and class you're in.
Ah, you've started becoming interested in me.
Thats not it, I just feel like its not fair.
My name is...
Then how about your eyebrows?
Very thick.
Very thick...
And your mouth?
Sexy lips
Are you done?
It doesn't matter what you look like.
How about inside?
What kind of personality do you have?
Inside? I'm a kind man.
I even helped return your cellphone.
What else do you like?
Umm... flowers.
And also an empty library at school.
How about you?
Did you hear? There are ghosts in the biology lab room.
You believe that too?
You're so cute.
Ah, are you mad?
Not at all.
Then why are you silent all of a sudden?
I'm very plain,
Not cute at all.
What else did you find to eat?
Careful not to get fat.
Will you tell me who are you?
I already said it was a secret.
So noisy,
What are you doing?
Annoying annoying annoying.
It's not fair that you know so much about me.
Not at all.
Just tell me, how about a hint?
Now? I'm doing stretching exercises.
Is your body soft?
It's very stiff, why?
No reason.
It's a good song isn't it?
Yep, not bad.
Mika, what time is it already.
I'm sleeping
Got yelled at
Then, I'm going to hang up
No way, I'm not hanging up until you tell me who you are.
Can we meet when the new school year starts?
Do you want to meet me?
That's not it,
I just want to know who you are.
Take a look at the sky.
It's already morning.
Yeah, go look out your window.
A smoke trail.
Can you see it?
I see it
Take a picture of it.
It'll be in memory of our morning together.
Okay, I'm hanging up.
You can't do that,
How can you use our house as collateral.
There's no other way,
This is the only way I can get a loan.
Then if the company falls, what about our house
What to do?
Cut the cake first.
No wait a little longer
What's wrong?
You sound very down.
This birthday was not happy at all
My parents were fighting over things
Happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday dear Mika~
Happy birthday to you~
Tomorrow come to the swimming pool before commencement
Even though it's late a day, let's celebrate
I'm still a little scared
He sounds nice on the phone,
I feel like he's a good person.
Do you want to meet him?
Why are you make up like that, it's not like you at all
Happy birthday
My name is, Hiro.
It's not like that
Even after seeing this, you don't believe me
You're not the person on the phone
Because, it's too sad
Those flowers are too sad
Quiet down
Who is it? Who is it?
Silver haired, scary person
Nozomu's friend?
I heard Hiro has a girlfriend at another school
Woh.. Mika.
Those are...
I gave them a lot of fertilizer
You have a girlfriend already don't you?
I used to, not any more
It's your birthday present
Hiro was always able to easily win my heart.
[Come to the library now]
What's wrong?
I'd like to go to the medical office
Are uou okay? Go quickly.
What's wrong?
Let's cut class
Hiro really liked rivers
My first love was a lot like a river
The waves rolled forward
But rolled everything away with it
It rolled on like that,
Not knowing where it went
I'm already drowinng in this flowing river called Hiro.
Lift your head and look
The weathers so good,
Why don't we buy a lunch box and go to my house.
Eh? Wait, you're too fast.
Wait too fast, too fast!
Okay, too fast, slow down!
We're here.
Welcome back
Sis, this is Mika
Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you
This way
I only found this.
Let's take a picture
One, Two~
That's horrible
Shut up
Don't tell me that was your first?
I'll be gentle.
It was the first time I experienced such gentle pain
Are you going back, Saki?
And really experienced pain that cut my heart.
[I'm sorry I fell asleep, I hope you get home safe]
[Is Saki your ex-Girlfriend]
[Can I trust you?]
[Of course]
Hello, Hiro?
I got here too early.
Okay, I'll wait for you.
Wh..What are you doing?
Stop right there!
I don't want!
Hiro.. Hiro..
Mika? Mika!
Hey! Mika!
I'm sorry..
I'm sorry..
I'm sorry..
Sorry I couldn't protect you
I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry..
Hiro? Hiro?
How did you find me?
This is the power of my love.
Will definitely make them pay for this.
We were asked to do this,
said we would get paid a lady named Saki.
We should still go to the hospital.
I'll go with you
I've been through the same thing
So I told myself that I have to become strong
But you have Hiro
So it's okay even if you can't be so tough.
Quickly come!
Don't pull me!
Get over here
Let go of me!
She's the one that told them to do it.
This is my ex-Girlfriend Saki.
Stop it!
Mika, how should we punish her?
One word from you and I'll kill her.
I don't want to separate from Hiro.
No, don't do it!
Welcome back.
I'm home.
Sorry, we fell off the bike.
I'm not going to school today either.
It's alright.
There isn't anything abnormal.
You're not pregnant.
Mika is still that lively,
Honest and cute Mika.
There isn't anything to be ashamed of
I guess I'm going today.
Open your window.
Good morning~
This is my favorite place
Was bullied a lot when I was little
I can't tell at all.
I was always troubled,
Thinking I had to defeat them.
The first time I beat them was here.
It feels like every time I come here, I become stronger
So its true...
Hiro is just like a river.
Endlessly flowing forwards.
I'd rather become the sky, compared with the river.
That way...
No matter where Mika is, I can instantly find her.
F somebody dare bully Mika
I would fly over and beat them up.
(Dirty woman, you're not good enough for Hiro)
Good morning.
Good morning.
She's here.
She's here.
(Always up for it at night! Dirty girl Mika)
It seems like its on the board in the other class too
Out of my way!
Why are you in our class?
Shut up!
Out of my way!
Who did this?
Who dared to bully my girl?
Listen carefully,
If you ever do this again,
Even if you are a girl,
I won't let you get away with it.
I'll protect Mika no matter what!
Come here.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Lift your head up and look at me
I'm not,
Scared anymore.
They got camera over there.
Lets go over and have them take a picture for us
Excuse me?
Can you help us take a couples picture?
Then lets have Mika scream the D line
From now on and forever, we will always be..
In 'LOVE'~
The gentle sunshine slowly lights up the land
The gentle sunlight,
That you can only see after getting lost.
This is the sunlight,
That Hiro brings me.
It's a really cold winter,
So, it should snow.
Yea, snow.
Its so cold.
Should i wear gloves?
[Break up Break up Break up Break up Break up]
Mika, what's wrong?
Are you okay?
What's wrong!?
I'm fine.
Your don't look alright at all,
Let's go to the hospital tomorrow.
I'll come too.
This way please~
What important news did you want to announce
If its about breaking up I dont want to hear it.
What's wrong?
I'm pregnant with Hiro's baby.
Have the baby, you must have the baby!
I will definitely bring you happiness.
Its okay to have the baby?
Of course!
Let's work hard together to raise the baby.
Isn't it
It's not right,
I want a more simplistic one.
It's so hard to pick a ring
Ah! This one,
This one's good.
This one?
It's pretty cute.
Can I touch it?
What are you going to name the baby?
We still don't know if its a boy or girl.
Since you got pregnant from the library,
Why don't you name it 'book'.
No way!
What are you going to explain that to the baby when he grows up?
Is that right.
Yes it is.
Let's think carefully...
Its about time we met each others parents then.
When the baby is born I want to be the second one to hold him/her
Moron. The second one is me.
How do you plan on raising the child?
Am going to quit school and get work.
Are you confident that you'll make her happy?
This isn't a question of confidence.
I'll definitely be able to do it!
I have no objections.
Thank you very much.
What's wrong.
About Mika's pregnancy...
I hope to give the baby..
The baby...
I'm going to have the baby.
Will quit school and get a job.
I beg of you.
When I'm 18,
Please let me marry Mika.
Being a mother isn't an easy thing
I will try my best.
You must be strong
Until I get your understanding, I will not go home
Its so sudden, can you understand my feelings
I won't give up until you both agree.
You hair turned white
Your hand is so warm
If a child is held by this pair of warm hands, it'll definitely be happy
When Hiro's hair is dyed black, you have a fatherly look
Sleep early
And be careful with your body.
I'm be leaving then.
Hurry up. Wait..
Mika this christmas eve lets spend it with the four of us
Sorry, I'll pass.
This is my last christmas eve with Hiro
What happened that Hiro had to quit school?
It must have been because of you
It's none of your business
Are you kidding me
If it weren't for you Hiro would be mine
I went easy on you
Hiro isn't a possession
If you truly liked him you wouldn't use such low ways
You would fight me fair and square
My feelings for Hiro,
Would not lose to yours.
It's so pretty.
Next year we'll be able to see this as a family of 3
It's already 3 people now
Look its the babys picture
It's so small
But its living happily in your stomach
If the baby is like Hiro it'll definitely get jealous easily
If the baby is like Mika...
It'll definitely cry all the time.
What is that..
You should say that it'll be cute.
What is this?
Open it and see.
Even though I don't know if its a girl or a boy.
You're thinking a little far ahead.
But its so cute.
It hurts.
Mika!? Mika!? Whats wrong?
Hiro it hurts so much
Mika! Mika! Mika! Mika!
How about my baby?
The baby in your belly is gone.
Did you fell down before?
That can't be true.
Hiro? Where is Hiro?
When he heard that the baby was in danger,
He just ran out.
I'll drive the car over
Ah, Hiro is here.
If anything happens, call home immediately.
Why is your hands so cold?
This whole time...
I've been praying at the temple.
The baby is gone.
It's not in my belly anymore.
Let her lie here..
..With the flowers you gave me.
I heard it was a girl.
Sorry, your mother is so useless..
Though we weren't together for long,
Thank you for all the great times.
I hope that we can still be a family in the future.
December 24th
Let's come here every year from now on
[2nd Year, Spring]
I couldn't help but ask her out,
..And the atmosphere came.
Hiro didn't come to class today.
Just ask her out next time, you..
He isn't at school?
After we became second-Year student,
he's hasn't been at school much.
I texted him but he doesn't reply.
He seems to still be bothered about the baby's incident
Give him some more time.
Sorry, Mika sounds so sad
It's alright.
Then, I'm leaving.
You can't keep on hiding like this can you?
It's Aya.
Are you going to Hiro's house tomorrow?
Eh, didn't Hiro say his house was empty tomorrow and wanted us to come play?
Didn't he tell you?
It suddenly slipped my mind.
Want to go together?
No, I'll go by myself.
Got it.
Your dancing is horrible.
Mika why are you so late.
Everybody pay attention.
This is my girlfriend Mika.
Let's all have fun.
Drink up~!
Let's break up
You kissed Nozomu yesterday didn't you.
It's you who kissed someone else yesterday isn't it.
It's even easier.
What happen?
Nothing much.
I suddenly want to play with other girls.
What's that supposed to mean?
You wouldn't understand it anyways
I still can't accept it
Lets talk after school.
I'll wait for you in the library.
The number you called
Temporarily cannot be reached.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Sorry about before.
I'll wait for your call.
I'll keep waiting...
Minako here.
Is Hiro there?
I want to talk to him.
If you guys were fated to be together,
Then even if you are separated,
One day you'll...
This is the last text I'm going to send you.
I still really like you.
I don't want to break up with you.
I don't know why you wanted to break up with me
Before I go to school tomorrow,
I'll wait by your favorite place.
If you don't come,
Then I'll completely give up.
Don't get any closer.
We're now strangers
You didn't come to get back together?
I like you. I don't want to break up.
Won't wipe your tears anymore.
Hiro, you are my first love.
So I don't know how I should end a relationship...
Ah lets go there next.
Bowling, okay!
Oh no!
It's already been ten minutes since our shift started
No way!
If ending a relationship is this painful
Then I don't want to fall in love again
Not going to fall in love..
[December 24th]
I'm Atashi Izumi
I work with Aya.
Didn't you say it was just us two?
If you want to forget one man you have to meet another one.
This is Mika.
Welcome back.
I'm Ken.
I'm a freshman at Kenden college.
Today is a Happy Christmas~
Sorry for the long wait.
I'm Yu
Wait a minute!
You've attracted everyone attention
You're a little thick skinned aren't you?
Ah, for real?
Then I'll need to change jobs
Let's eat.
Sorry, so sorry you guys.
Clean it up.
I'm sorry.
I'll try harder.
It'll be Christmas soon
If you were confessed to.
How would you want it to happen?
Holding a big bunch of baby breath flowers,
..And say 'I love you'.
What kind of flowers is that?
I don't understand.
It's white. Small. But the flowers are big
If you don't even know that then girls won't like you.
Ken put your right hand on yellow.
Right hand yellow.
Stop it don't touch.
How is it how is it?
Izumi left leg red.
Left leg red? Here?
I'm not playing not playing.
Here here.
Ken left leg yellow
Why are you here?
Its snowing so I thought I'd give you a ride.
I was just looking for you.
But I'm not familiar with this place, got lost.
I was just thinking what I should do now and then met you Mika.
I guess.. This must be fate.
I'll give you a ride lets go.
Please get on.
Even though Yu said it was fate.
I felt as if,
..The baby arranged for us to meet.
Don't give up on love,
Don't say words that make others sad anymore.
If mommy is lonely,
..Then I'll feel lonely too.
It's as if she's saying that to me.
What does Mika plan on doing?
I'm planning on taking the test for Keidai College
So you are dating Yu
No it's not.
He's just tutoring me.
Iit's about time you started another relationship.
How about Nozomu?
Specialized school.
Same as Hiro.
It's okay.
After another year,
Everyone is going to be doing different things.
You finished it all.
Not bad Mika.
Good, good.
Correct, correct...
You won't accept them?
You're not going to ask what happen?
During Christmas Eve.. Why I was there?
I get the gist of it more or less.
What kind of person is he?
He's like a river.
His waves take everything away.
Never stops going.
And I was abandoned.
Is that so.
If he is the river then,
I am the sea.
No matter how many times,
I'll always come back.
Definitely won't leave Mika
I want to be the sea.
You can continue to protect your complicated feelings
Come to me.
Why did you choose me?
Because you're like a little sister.
Little sister?
Around five years old.
Then isn't that a kid.
My second love was completely diffrent from Hiro.
It was a calm,
..And gentle love.
Didn't you promise already
Two years ago promised already didn't you.
I'm not done talking yet
There isn't much more to say
Then do you really want a divorce
Before the dessert was put on a big plate
And everybody grabbed one.
I dont know when it became,
That everyone had their own small plate.
I don't want them to divorce.
How can one family be split apart
I definitely dont want that.
I didn't go home last night.
What do I do..?
Good morning!
Good morning.
Quick lets go.
Let's go.
I'm back.
What are you doing?
It be okay again once I stick it back together.
It'll be okay.
I'm Mika's boyfriend Fukuhara Yu.
Keidai University 2nd year.
Mika stayed over at my house last night.
I'm terribly sorry.
She cried the whole night.
Saying she didn't want her family to split.
It's rare that a child cares,
So much about her family.
I love you all.
Even if we moved,
..And didn't live together.
But I don't want you guys to divorce.
We're going out now.
Excuse us.
That kid..
Put it back like before..
Everyone is smiling again.
Thank you, Yu.
I love you.
Aren't you daring.
Doing that here.
Lunch time. Let's fry something to eat.
Look at it, how nostalgic.
The expressions are so dramatic.
You still remember huh.
We even had some ice cream.
That's right, that's right.
Four of us together.
Mika probably had the left overs.
That is daddy.
I love it
So nostalgic.
Dad gave up on the company,
But our family didn't split up.
You were always so gentle.
Like a big, deep and calm sea,
That maintained that peace.
Careful not to slip.
Don't worry.
Bring this together.
Thank you.
I'll be back soon.
It's been a while.
It's the first time I've seen Hiro wear a hat
This is my new style, do you like it?
You don't seem to go to school much.
It's too much trouble.
I thought you already forgot all about the baby.
Why did we end up like this?
Good luck on your test.
Why are you always,
..So indifferent?
Why do you always avoid me?
Answer me..
Answer me!
Please don't go..
That time,
If I chose the other path,
Would our fate be different?
Would I not have had to lose you?
[Were you ever happy?]
Goodbye, Hiro.
[I was once very happy]
Bye bye.
Mezamashi ga na ru mae ni oki te toki wo tomeru
I won't think about it anymore.
Omoidaseru no wa mou nantonaku da kedo kimi no oto
Ichi okubou no kimi ni ae ta kiseki nanka mo
Itsu no ma ni ka wasure chau ka na
Wasure ta koto sae mo kitto wasure te shimau no
HEAVENLY DAYS, mune no poketto no heya
Kimi no kie ta nukumori wo sagasu yo
Mou nidoto kimi wo omou koto wa naku te mo
Won't, think of it anymore.
I'll only remember once a year.
Mada sukoshi atataka ano hibi ni kagi o kake te
It's cold.
Put this on.
No way, it's embarassing.
If it isn't opened in 10 seconds I'm going to confiscate it.
(Two.. Three..)
(Three, Four)
Too fast!
(Five, Six)
Count slower!
(Seven, Eight, Nine)
Wait, I said too fast.
An oath..
From now on, Mika will truly be mine.
Together, forever.
I'm going now.
I'll go too.
Do you really need to go?
It's possible you might meet him, right?
Sorry, what am I talking about.
Didn't we just make a promise?
Wait for me.
Why are you here?
Hiro asked me to come.
Asked me to bring this here for him.
Next year...and all the years after that, I'm going to bring it for him
He gave me about a hundred of them.
I can't even live that long.
What do you mean?
Tell me, what do you mean by that?
Might be dying soon.
What did you say?
He got cancer.
Stop joking around please.
He never let me say it.
..Especially to you, Mika.
But he's always been waiting for you,
Waiting for you while fighting alone.
When did it happen?
Since the second year.
Lets break up.
I'm not going to wipe your tears anymore.
This is my new style, do you like it?
What are you doing?
It's already been one hour.
..He can't come see the baby anymore.
Might be dying soon.
Is he sick?
He's been waiting for me all this time.
I have to go. I want to go.
Don't go.
That guy doesn't care for you anymore
If you leave now you won't come back.
No I won't
Don't go see him
Don't pick it up
Stopping the girl I love from finding happiness...I am horrible
If you're not happy, I won't forgive him
If that punk hurts you
I'll do whatever it takes to win you back
Okay, go
Before I cry, go
Thank you
I'm leaving
Did you help me bring it?
What did you come for?
Why didn't you tell me?
Because it had nothing to do with you
You're still wearing that ring
You're obviously still wearing that ring..Stop acting tough
I already knew you would cry, so I didn't want to tell you
Go back quickly
Go back to your mature boyfriends side
The you back then, was smiling happily.
That way,
I could go without a worry.
I always tried to avoid you.
Always made you suffer
I'm sorry.
Thanks for coming to see me.
Promise me you'll be happy
It's not possible
I can't ever be happy without Hiro.
I want you to give me happiness.
I have less than three months time left..
I've always...
always loved you.
It's really been like running in a big circle.
We have finally arrived at the place we really want to be.
Now bring the needle up.
Such clever hands.
You have to sew a total of 60 stitches.
60 stitches?
Hang in there!
Hang in there.
7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14..
See each other everyday.
What is it?
It's nothing.
As if we're trying to make up for the days we missed out
I'm back
Welcome back.
No appetite?
It tastes horrible.
Does it?
Orange flavored milk candy.
Do you want one?
No its okay.
Don't mind me, eat it.
Umm, delicious.
Then i want one too.
Were you using me as your food taster?
What is it?
Now that I think about it,
'Mika' and 'Mikan' sound similar
(Mikan=Mandarin orange)
All of a sudden I feel energized again.
'Mika' and 'Mikan'
Hey, I want to take leave at school to care for Hiro.
Sorry I'm always so much trouble.
If its out of sympathy..Won't it make Hiro.
It's not sympathy...
It's just me..
..Loving him.
I'm sorry, I feel like vomiting.
Kami-Sama (God), please don't take Hiro.
No matter what obstacles you throw my way, I'll accept them
Please don't take Hiro.
Please let a miracle happen.
Kami-Sama (God)
You're late.
I'm sorry.
It's thanks to you that we were able to get leave from the hospital
Go enjoy,
have fun both of you.
You can't. You can't get too tired.
It's okay, just get on.
I understand, then you sit at the back
You okay?
You're heavy.
Slow, slow. This way, this way.
Danger, danger.
So many things happened here.
You lost your cellphone.
Hiro found it and returned it to me
We cut class together.
And had a fight.
Ah, right,
..Found it.
This.. Was written by Hiro wasn't it.
So it was you, Mika.
[Were you ever truly happy?]
[I am really happy]
Is it delicious?
Yup, extremely delicious!
Will you marry me?
Prove to me,
That I'm special to you,
That you want to be with me.
I'll do it
If it's what you want.
I'll do anything.
Tahara Mika, Are you willing to stay with Sakurai Hiro and love him forever?
I do.
You look beautiful Mika.
I wish all three of us could celebrate
Me, Mika, and our child.
That.. is my dream right now.
My only dream.
I don't want to die.
Hiro, It's okay Hiro.
You definitely won't die.
There still so much I want to do.
I don't want us to separate.
It'll be alright.
I won't let you die, so it's alright.
I love you.
It's the first time you said that to me.
Me too..
Mika love you too.
Are you not feeling well?
I'm here to take care of someone.
I see.
You must really hate me.
You can hit me, I won't fight back.
I don't expect you to forgive me.
Maybe becoming a mother has changed me.
Can I touch it?
You must be a healthy baby okay?
I beg you.
I stitched it wrong again.
Hey Mika..
What happens to people when they die?
They definitely go to heaven.
I want..
..to become the sky.
Become the sky...
And always look after Mika from above.
A stalker is it?
Then every time I look at the sky, I'll think of Hiro
A clear sky means,
Hiro is in a good mood.
A rainy day means,
Hiro is crying.
A sunset means Hiro is embarassed.
A night sky means,
Hiro is warmly hugging me.
I only bought you a cheap ring.
To make it up to you,
I'll give you all the stars in the universe.
It's time for your check up.
I know.
Sickness, Check ups.
Mika, can you go get these printed.
See you later Mika.
Mika, Hiro he..
Come to the hospital quickly.
Doctor, the heart rate is still decreasing.
Insert oxygen.
It hurts.
Doctor, please do your best.
I will.
It's Mika.
Hiro! Hiro can you hear me?
Wait for me okay?
I'll be there soon.
I'll be able to see you soon.
..you are strong.
So don't give up!
Don't give up. Open your eyes!
Hiro! Hiro!
Hiro, why do you keep taking pictures of me!?
From now on,
we have to take them together.
What is it?
What did you say?
I'll be there soon.
Hiro's funeral has already end.
His sister said to give this to you.
She said its stuff Hiro wrote.
I'll leave it here.
Can we sleep together?
Get in.
Have you read it yet?
Don't leave me alone Hiro...
Mika's back again.
Mika's eyes are swollen.
Everything he wrote was about me.
Keep smiling.
You're one dumb boy, Hiro..
You're looking down at me aren't you?
I have to happily live on.
The happy times I spent with Hiro
haven't become a memories.
It is because,
no matter when I feel you by my side.
Hiro, I still love the blue sky
I still love the blue sky.
From this day and always,
this love will last..
Kowagaranai de
Te atarishitai ni akari tsukenakutemo
Itsuka hitoribochi no yoru wa aketeyuku yo
Korondahi wa haruka tooku kanjite itakeshiki mo
Oki agatte yokumiruto nankatadori tsukesojyan
I'm back.
Kimi no daisukidatta uta machi ni nagareru
Welcome back.
Sore wa guuzen ga boku ni kureta sarigenai okurimono
Tabidachi no uta saa doko e ikou?
Mata dokoka de deaeru ne
Toriaesu sayounara
Jibun ga dareka wakaranaku narutoki kimi ni katari kakeru yo
Demo moshi kikoete itatte henji wa iranaikara
Taisetsuna mono wo nakushite matate ni irete
Sonna kurikaeshi no youde sonotabi atarashikute
Kore ijyu namida nakashitari warai attari dekinai to ittetatte
Yappari hitokoishikute
Ima ga daisukidatte chyuchona doshinaide ieru
Sonna fuu ni hibi wo kizande ikou
Donna basho ni itemo
Hajimari no iwai utausaigo no uta
Boku wa ima te wo furu yo
Kanashimi ni sayounara
Tsukarehatete ashi ga tomarutoki sukoshidake burigatte yo
Te no todokanai basho de senaka wo oshiterukara
Ah~ Tabidachi no uta saa doko e ikou?
Mata dokoka de deaeru ne
Toriaesu sayonara
Jibun ga dareka wasuresonatoki
Bonyari omoidashite yo
Hora boku no karadajyu egao no kimiga irukara
Senaka wo oshiterukara
Demo henji wa iranaikara