Kokoda (2006) Movie Script

The brutal Japanese war machine
spreads like a deadly virus
over Southeast Asia.
Australia is open to invasion.
The U.S. flights
to the bottom of Pearl Harbor,
their eyes on the Philippines.
They can not help.
Thousands of jobs is a Japanese way
along the narrow path of Kokoda.
We are alone.
Under the orders of the new colonel graves we
us to Isurava along the Kokoda track.
Here we eat, sleep and shelter.
Many of us are exhausted.
We are now two weeks.
Waiting ...
The Australian army would
We soon come to relieve.
They are the IIF said.
We call them chocolate's.
Volunteers, sent to New Guinea
to ships unloading and digging roads.
Chocolate soldiers.
The IIF is concerned that we will melt
in the heat of battle.
They may have the same.
Not trained, poorly equipped,
plagued by dysentery and malaria.
We are only available to the
Japanese to resist.
They are 10 times more numerous and our
at any moment attack.
We are lame, ready for slaughter.
Have you seen Max? He is my brother.
Where are you going, Jack?
Kokoda is there.
Yes, but ... We go to Isurava, right?
Take a look, Jack.
This guy is quite shy.
Oh, damn!
Jack, oh damn!
Help me! Jack!
Jesus ...
Try to stay still?
Are you ok?
Oh size ... A pint would go there.
No problem.
I have somewhere beer.
Look ...
Fucking IIF.
Go out dancing tonight, sir?
Max, go to the quartermaster and
ask him ammunition for tonight.
What are you waiting for?
What do you know about the new commander?
- As many as you.
He was three days ago
through the route, with the colonel.
Sixth Division IIF.
If he has, they are not here.
We felt safe in any case
him in the trenches in Libya.
- Those are his brains.
Now, what do you want?
I have no quinine, you know.
I have nothing for malaria.
Everything is running out.
I have no morphine, no drugs,
nothing against dysentery.
No sheets, no stretchers ...
no tobacco.
I have nothing for you.
I have not for just anyone.
Have you no hope?
Where life is hope, son.
Courage ...
that feeds on hope.
You guys are talking
seriously had no doubt.
Not a day goes by
without you I think.
It's criminal,
to send you here.
No experience, no training.
But now ...
now ...
you are right,
not deteriorate.
You must die.
We all.
We must ...
O God, my little brother.
Look, boy, look to the Colonel.
He was sent by god himself.
Set your trust in him.
That young lieutenant there.
The IIF will be rapid.
Then you go home.
Yes, sir.
- Mr.
Burke, the second in command.
Within two hours we leave.
If the IIF is not suddenly pops up
we are back from last night.
See you after the briefing.
Tabak, Mikey ...
Honneybum Twist ...
On the leg.
Schouw arms about an hour.
Kiss them, Bell, ok?
For you, the corporal, Blowey.
- Kiss them, Corporal.
Sixty minutes.
It's a damn zottenkot above.
The new chef throws the stick
in the henhouse.
Just when I began to think that they
finally knew what they were doing.
Head or tails?
Kiss it ...
I give you 'head ...
Ah, sadly, a mishit!
Come on, man, I show you.
- No, it's already happened.
Go to hell, Burkey.
Come on, guys
you have heard the corporal,
arms inspection on sixty minutes.
- I have to shit.
It does not interest me what you moetn
but do not
your weapon, OK?
Do you like working with yourself, jerry!.
Good news, guys!
Are you going to die?
There is post!
Fantastic, the post gets through.
No fanmail for you today.
Do not so damn happy about it.
What she says?
Reaching 175
Colynwood 37!
Have you heard of General MacArthur?
The hero of the city.
He is Australia rescue
the emperor of Japan.
He is now in a quiet bar
with his feet on the table.
All the assholes that he left behind
sit in a fucking ditch.
Have you heard of General 'distorted'?
Hero of the deer in Greece
for war
Commissioner of police.
Caught in a prostitution house
an icy cold night.
Liver me to the cops,
I'm in a difficult situation.
Guys, rations for only 24 hours.
Keep your luggage light.
We rotate with my own platoon in
a forward position at 16.00.
Like yesterday.
Present gun.
According to the intelligence they
our last night attacks.
You will constantly
You be vigilant.
The rest of you dig himself.
Be ready to fight.
As long as necessary.
The most advanced patrol
we are the front line.
We are
'early warning system. "
We bluff. The enemy thinks
we more than the case.
The route is your lifeline.
See you not that surrounded it.
No news of the IIF, sir?
Tomorrow we see them.
A cup of tea ready
when you come back.
How's your stomach?
- Well, thank you, sir.
Did you get quinine from the doctor, Jack?
Yes, sir.
Guys ...
Give me a puff.
Are you OK, buddy?
Better than that there.
Get on, boys.
Not smoking, not talk.
We have never been so far.
It has to be safe then, eh.
Take this too.
You little darling.
Are there any complaints?
Much, sir.
- Glad to hear.
Everything okay?
- Yes, sir.
It would help
if you have eyes on your back.
Water ...
Would be inappropriate to leave
questions on the basis of compassion?
What grounds would that be?
That my head is not
shot will.
Das ist ein stale cottage.
Das ist das fahrt-haus.
Das ist die bus.
What is library again?
Concentrate on your task.
Nothing ...
This sucks.
Where are those bastards!
Damn ... they love to fuck!
Keep your damn helmet on, you idiot!
No, Stan!
Fuck you, corporal!
There is something wrong. We had some
the boss must have heard!
They surround us!
Retreat! Go!
What happens, fuck?
- Damn, do not move!
There is something wrong!
They are behind us! Retreat to
behind the route! Outta here!
Yes yes yes!
He is dead, damn it!
Let them pay off!
Behind the route!
Back, back!
Not on your life!
Come on, bastards!
Retreat, we can not
more here.
Go, I will cover.
- Reverse!
Now, I will cover.
- Go!
Come on, go!
Go, go!
Come on ...
Who will cover?
Where's Johan?
He was behind me.
No, still there.
He's been there.
Shut up, butthead!
Clearing ... Burkey care, now!
Sorry, guys,
I had not yet ...
Shot, sir?
Yes, the chef is
went to the west.
Is it number 3?
We are in position 2.
No, no, no, more than that.
The squad lost at least ...
If we are lucky
we can get.
- Damn.
What is that smell?
I have in my pants gekakt.
No worries, mate, let it
but all out.
Leave me alone!
I can not fight without Blue!
Silent ... Shut up!
He is my friend.
He is not your friend, he is a dick.
- Control you!
I get it.
That is stupid.
If you had you would have
want them to come looking for you.
Not if I was dead, my friend.
I go myself.
No, you is not fucking!
- You!
Stay where you are.
I get it.
Who made you boss?
Who for?
This is nonsense.
Why have you left him?
- That is enough!
We do what I say.
Are not we always?
What you want, we keep state.
We are right and protect the line.
Sam, once you are fit,
back to Isurava.
We go back through the area
The route of them now.
Burke, we rely on you,
protect it.
What are you doing here?
I became isolated.
Timbleton went back to Isurava.
Where did that come from?
Oh, Jesus ...
We wait.
We must find the others.
We go along here to the bridge.
And try to get back to Isurava.
If the Japanese come along because of Kokoda,
they do not go along there. It is too steep.
Make you think now?
What is it?
Is there food?
It's begun.
Poor suckers.
We must get back.
First we must find others.
They can be anywhere.
These are our friends, there.
Since we needed.
We have no friends there.
Shoot me down and I will the rest of your
miserable life ghosts!
40 seconds. Too slow, Burkey.
Come on, buddy.
Where are they?
Where is Blue?
Where is Blue, bastards? -They associations him
to a tree and cut his head off.
We have something to eat?
You are one sick bastard, Douger.
Listen ...
Go and eat something for Doug and
Paul all dispatch.
Behind the rest, nothing more.
That proves that you only want to
if you can not get.
You did good yesterday, son.
Connor, you do not eat?
Do not waste what you do not want.
The best way back through the creek.
How do we know whether the
the creek is right?
We were there off
Isurava is there.
It will in any case close to.
What do we do with Sam?
- What is wrong with him?
We will help him.
We carry a stretcher
and contribute to turn.
We must return, Sam will
its best to do.
Priority is Isurava defend.
That we are here.
I will say het'm.
We leave!
Yes, I thought something like that.
Help me right, will you?
What is that?
I have to shit.
Come here.
Will you give some ventilation.
Does it ever?
What are you doing, buddy?
Come on. If Sam can ...
It seems he is dead,
we are dead.
Come on, stop dilly-dally.
The wrong direction, my friend.
- Help me, boy.
I keep waiting.
No, I do.
Sam, you old wanker.
- Max!
Jap dead!
- I got him!
Here, boy.
Damn, Jack.
Medical care, damn it!
We are together, everything is good!
Can you hear me! Everything is good!
We gotta get outta here!
He can not go!
We must help him!
That should be there.
Busy, busy.
What do we do with these Jap?
We have piles needed.
I do cover.
Oh, God!
More press, more press.
- OK, buddy.
Let me.
Nothing, my friend.
It's secure.
I have a break, guys.
- Continue, asshole.
Do not let go or I turn you in half.
All right, buddy?
How do you feel?
- Good.
Find a road somewhere.
I give you 20 minutes.
Then we come after you.
Come, let's go.
Go have it two?
If I have to.
John Burkey and try
to find something to eat.
He is dead, Jack.
It is eight days
along the route,
he cites the non Morsby.
We leave him behind.
Change you do not mind?
This is different.
- Why?
Sam knew what he did.
What is wrong with you?
- We must get back.
I do not die in a goddamn
rain without my part to do.
I must return to the route for that
Japanese bastards stop.
If we do not stop they are
Morsby and Australia lost.
I believe that.
't have no sense that we all
die here.
Our boys must Jappos
stop. You can help!
But not here!
- Get away.
I am not your enemy!
- Hey ... kalman boys.
You're right.
Send some villagers
for me to retrieve.
Nothing, dude.
Come on Jack, he is right.
I'm dead.
Let me just what ammunition.
We can not leave behind.
- What do you mean by 'we'?
That did you agree when you
elected me as leader.
I stay with you.
No, you is not.
Not because of me.
No, dude, we all go back.
No, I want to stay.
Burke, you are number 2.
And Jack, you are
Nobody any help.
I've had enough.
I am empty.
I will do if necessary.
The best return to the route
and materials for the stretcher to retrieve.
More likely it is to succeed then we
stay here to watch him.
I think it is not so much that I
'm shot.
If that means that I
gepamperd word.
Better watch out, you.
We would you ever
be taken seriously.
What are you doing, Jack?
I do not support.
Our parents read to us earlier.
How was it again?
Death is a cruel ...
with a sudden ...
dormant and slow jump.
It is not the fact that you
die that counts
only how you're dead.
Do you, Jack?
You are not responsible.
I said
I for one would worry.
I promised ...
- You've done this, Jack. You did your best.
You should not be.
Nobody is here.
I have always supported you, Jack.
I can always trust.
You are good.
You have to trust me on this.
Got something to say
for this sukke boot?
I have nothing more to say.
Are you?
We see each other Isurava.
'Bibliothek' is German for library.
Ah, fantastic!
Are you gonna leave me now?
Slow us, and I wear yourself.
't Is my guts out
my hole come.
What do you think they are?
The Japanese.
Still working on the
conquering Isurava.
I had not thought that they
so long to stop.
It's amazing.
Which way?
Upwards or downwards?
- Head towards the top, currency down.
Could not otherwise.
Burke sorry, but what
from you is I do not walk behind you.
You will last.
Have you no idea?
No, I was left to
the entrance of a monastery.
How did you do a surname?
The nuns called all children
Dondonem John, to the priest.
Dondonem has us
all a favor.
You know ...
I was sent to the seminary.
I walked away when I could.
The IIF wanted me.
So I'm here.
My family has 50 years wine.
You can come to stay
if you want.
There is enough room.
I drink that gravy.
- I can hear you, damn.
Never thought I friends
would be in a sleeve.
It may be, I suppose.
Stupid idiot.
To hell with you!
Hey, guys.
Hey guys!
A friend.
Shoot no, you idiot, we are Aussies.
Are the Japanese?
What your boat departed from Sidney?
Water Malloo!
- I understand you do not!
Water Malloo, stupid bastard!
You should not personally.
From where are you?
- The 2nd and the 16th.
You fucking
do your time with.
Where are we?
To the west of the headquarters.
The route leads you there.
The 39th? They are there.
For what it is worth.
There are two men separately.
We should get them.
The Fozzies-market
all day people.
Many have lost
walked in the jungle.
Go back to Bolola.
They will be waiting for you.
OK, pal?
- Yes.
Let's get something to eat.
You must first go to the doctor.
- No, he is worse off than me.
Jack, how are you?
Ok, who is next? Breast and
viscera, then arms and legs.
Hey friend, without warming!
You go on your breath stairs!
What happens, my friend?
Hey, second.
Where are you going?
No ... no, boys!
Who are you?
The 39th ...
The 39th draws back behind us.
Count here.
Help cover
with the 2nd of the IIF.
Did you eat?
Fucking chocolate's.
Who would have thought? Choco and the
great thinkers in the same space.
Have your ammo, buddy?
Easy, boys.
Hold your fire.
Come on you bastards! Try it.
Jesus ...
The battalion is ready, sir.
- Good.
Rust in place.
I know there is not much to name ...
But I know you.
We met in Isurava.
We have fought together.
And here, meter for meter.
We are relieved and we
leave the battle.
Top up, buddy!
Each day presents the supply line
of the enemy further.
He waives now
as you have abandoned.
The fight that you have
conducted along the route ...
Your country saved.
You have him injured ...
We will stop him.
Burkey, reload.
Come on Burkey, reload!
The Brigadier-General wants you to know
that your bravery, your courage
and determination are inspiring.
And I want you to know ...
you with the best soldiers hear
I have ever met.
You have seen things that
no man should stand.
Some of those things
should you forget
but history will
you remember.
And in the future,
others will wish
your belief that they had.
Think of ...
Think of the glory,
not to the rapture of the war,
but to those of humans.
The generosity of man,
that the fiery principle of
the war on rising.
The fidelity and power.
The kindness and compassion.
I am honored to be your brother.
The Australians were so
smaller in number
that they eventually were forced
out Isurava to withdraw.
with desperate rearguard battle
along the route.
After three weeks of bloodshed
Japanese breakpoint was reached.
They were forced
to withdraw
though their purpose,
Port Moresby, in the sight had.
For the first time in the war
was a Japanese army halted.
Australia would not foot up.
Carved in the memorial statue in Isurava
Four words: