Kollektor (2016) Movie Script

- Valentina Sergeevna?
- Yes.
Hello! My name is Oleg.
I am Tim's father.
The guy your daughter is seeing.
I am sorry,
I don't know anyone called Tim.
Right, and I only found out
about your daughter today.
- Have they broken the news to you yet?
- What news?
Did they say they are expecting?
Michael, I am from the Flight Center.
Sorry to bother you before the flight.
Are you going to be skydiving on your
own today? Without an instructor?
Yes, on my own. Why?
Have you checked the parachute?
What colour is it?
- It's red.
- Red?! They you are OK.
Apologies, we are looking for a
batch of rejetts. Have a safe flight.
Sorry, you must have the wrong number.
My daughter is sixteen.
Mine is a year older
than your Svetlana.
I am holding the ultrasound picture...
They want to have it. Maybe you can
talk the idiots out of it?
Are you done crying?
I explained my situation.
Why kind of a monster are you?
Just a man.
No different from you, Alevtina.
Five months ago you had an accident.
Now a fire.
One misfortune
after another, right?
- You find it funny?
- No, I find it repetitive.
I almost died during the flight
I thought there was something
wrong with the ring...
I am glad everything is OK.
But there are plenty of other
less dangerous activities.
Did something happen to Svetlana?
Where is she?
Why isn't she picking up?
Valentina, your daughter is fine.
She is at the movies.
And she is not pregnant.
But as you well know,
that's just a matter of time.
I called you about a month ago.
You said you can't
pay off your credit.
Call me one more time, I swear,
I will find you!
One million two hundred thousand
That's your debt, Michael.
Please pay it back and
the calls will stop.
I will report you to the authorities.
No one has the right to stalk people...
Especially to accuse them.
Don't forget to mention your moral
Ask them to pay for...
...your liposuction and...pedicure.
You seem to be doing very well
for someone who lost
their home in a fire.
- You are not Tim's father?
- No. I don't have kids at all...
But very many debtors
that act like children.
Hiding from collectors,
ignoring calls...
- Bastard...
- Hello! Hello? Valentina? Hello!
- Lisa?
- Yes.
I can't get through to Yurlov.
Where is he?
Yurlov has a doctor's appointment.
Maybe he switched his phone off.
- What doctor?
- Just a second.
Gastro... enterologist.
No, sorry, that's not it.
That was his last week's appointment.
Today he's got a procedure...
I only have four letters here.
Hard to make out what they are.
- Sorry?
Is the first letter 'F'?
For 'father'? FGDS?
Looks like it.
OK. He has a gastroscopy...
I need his doctor's contacts.
What's this FGD...S?
Lisa, what am I,
an information desk?
But what if I am sick too?
What if I also need
this F-something?
FGTS is when you swallow
a thick long tube...
With a camera on the end...
...that checks out what's happening
in your stomach.
Oh no! I'd rather die
Find me the doctor's phone number
or better the one
for the nurse on duty.
Did the nurse tell you
I can't talk right now?
I have a patient on the table.
It's an emergency.
Fire fighter Captain,
Chief Lieutenant Petrov.
We've been summoned to
21/24 Andronyevskaya.
Smells of something burning.
Can you come?
Or send someone quick?
Come and open the door?
I live in apartment 44.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am sure.
That's odd.
Why do I have your number then?
I don't know.
Let me remind you that I have
a patient with a tube in his stomach.
And the last question.
Do you live on the 9th floor?
- The 3rd.
- The 3rd?!?
So the operator made a mistake again?
Thank you for your cooperation!
Good bye!
Sergey, hello!
How do you feel?
- Who is this?
- My name is Arthur, I called you...
From a different number.
About your debt...
But we got disconnected.
So I had to distract your doctor.
I hope the procedure
wasn't too unpleasant?
They suspect a tumour.
The doctor was taking a biopsy
while you called.
You enjoy torturing people?
No, I don't like crossing the line.
But what am I to do if the clients
just don't get it any other way?
Consider it a warning.
With interest...
...you owe us a total of...
19,751,000 rubles.
Why do you keep saying 'us'?
You probably don't
even work at the bank?
Right. But that doesn't cancel the
fact that you borrowed money...
...that you made a commitment to return.
Or you want me
to cross the line again?
Hurry, or you'll miss your chance.
I have surgery on Monday.
You are not the first one to announce
they are dying.
And you know what's funny...
None of my debtors have, say,
rectal cancer.
And that's not something that rare...
...among regular patients.
I am not afraid of your threats.
I am more afraid of leaving my
family with nothing to live on.
Sure you do.
But which family are
you talking about right now?
You have at least two, right?
Raisa will manage, I am sure.
An apartment down town plus alimony
from her ex-husband...
Who... Actually, he doesn't know
it's your baby, does he?!
I see you've done your homework.
These are just the things that
were on the surface.
But if you insist...
How would you spell
'Ipatyevka' village?
To hell with you! OK, I will
transfer you half the amount today.
That's all I've got...
I will give you the rest
when I have it.
Anything never to hear
from you again.
That's like music to my ears.
- Hello?
- Arthur,
you promised to
call back today and never did.
Will you be at the opening?
What opening?
Of the gallery. I sent Ksenia
an invite but she never RSvP'ed.
You know, we'd love to...
...but with the seats
you gave us last time...
That wasn't me. My assistant
messed up...
Must be great to have assistants.
There is always someone to blame.
I am sorry. There are no seats today.
It's vip only.
Miriam will be greeting
everyone personally.
So will you and Ksenia make it?
Tanya, if you ask me, we are cool.
But Ksenia was seated behind a lady
with this ridiculous hairdo...
We couldn't focus on
anything but her hair.
- When does it start?
- 8 pm. Gruzinskaya Street.
But you can be a bit late.
I'll give Ksenia a call and
let you know. Kisses!
Arthur, hi! Did you like the video?
Who is this? What video?
I emailed you the link.
Maybe you got the email wrong?
I didn't get anything.
Who am I talking to?
Wait a second, I'll check.
I am willing to wait for longer
if you tell me what's going on.
I am such an idiot.
So harsh on yourself.
I forwarded the video to everyone
but you. Can you believe it?
It happens.
I am sorry, this is my first time.
First time what?
Punishing a scum bag.
So you are my enemy?!
Why didn't you say so?
Did you get in line?
I'll call you back.
Lisa! Congratulations!
We set a world record.
Did you make Yurlov cave in?
Not just him.
Have a champagne to me.
I don't drink champagne.
It makes me burp.
You just don't know
how to drink it right.
Remind me some time, I'll teach you.
So that's it? It's over?
I am free to go?
From now on you are
free to do anything!
Even ignore your calls?
Except that!
Make some coffee
for the best boss ever.
- Yes.
- Me again.
Did you check your email?
I resent the video.
No, sorry.
I have no interest in your film.
Don't you dare
hanging up on me ever again!
I'm the one deciding when
the conversation is over.
Arthur, I can't talk right now.
This ass hole is trying
to evacuate my car.
Open your eyes!
I am parked in front of the sign!
Oh really? What did you say?
I don't give a crap
for what you said.
Arthur, I'll call you back
in half an hour.
In half an hour it will be too late.
We've been invited to the gallery.
Right. Slipped my mind.
Did Tanya say who
was going to be there?
No, but judging by
Miriam's PR campaign,
half the city is going to be there.
I don't want to
get lost in the crowd.
- Let me repark and I'll call you back
- OK.
Roman, hi.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
Tell me, what were you thinking of?
When you did it.
Why is everyone so mysterious
on Friday night?
Roman, I have no idea
what you are talking about.
He has no idea... Drop it, Arthur,
it's not funny.
- What isn't?
- Everything.
Your little prank.
And the fact that it got online.
Do you realize that you didn't just
set yourself up, but me too?
My entire company.
Not cool, Arthur, never expected
something like that from you.
Stop it, I am ticklish.
You are prickly.
Sorry, I wasn't talking to you.
Yes, Arthur.
Lisa, why is it taking you so long
to pick up?
You said my work day was over.
Aren't I entitled to
some personal life?
Boss called me, he seemed a bit weird
and angry.
Do you know what happened?
I thought he was never
angry with you.
So did I.
He mentioned some prank of mine...
But he never said what it was.
Please find out and call me back.
I am not following.
What do I need to find out?
Boss said: what was I thinking
when I did something?
That doesn't help. What did you do?
I don't know.
You don't know what you did?
I've done a lot of things
but I have no idea
what Boss is talking about.
It's my sister's birthday.
Last year I was the last to arrive.
If I am late again...
OK, I'll sort it myself.
And spend your bonus myself too.
OK, I got it.
OK if I don't come back
to the office?
I can work on it en route.
vet clinic, Tamara.
How can I help you?
Hi, this morning I brought you a dog...
...that was hit by a car.
Did I leave my grey gloves there?
You did. Great that you called.
Is this your number?
Could you hang on to them for me?
I can't make it today, but I will be
sure to pass by tomorrow morning.
Sure. Could you answer
a few simple questions?
What kind of questions?
very brief ones. How did you hear
about our clinic?
Was it an ad, or a banner?
Or maybe your friends told you?
I only called you about my gloves.
I can call you back at any time
that's convenient for you.
It will only take a minute.
I don't have a single minute to spare.
If you give me your email...
I got through to Tanya!
She said Trubnikov was going
to be at the gallery opening.
Turns out he is Miriam's sponsor.
How did she manage that?
A year ago she was a nobody.
Arthur, we have to be there.
Tanya promised to introduce me to him.
Great, you go ahead.
I'll come a bit later.
When the press is out of the way.
Are you out of your mind?
What if he only comes to
the opening and then leaves?
Every minute counts
for these billionaires.
No, we have to be on time.
It's your project, I am sure you'll do
a great job pitching it without me.
I'll never pull it off.
At someone else's event.
I can't just pull him aside and say:
'Hi, I am Ksenia,
I have a business project.
Would you mind having a look?'
Please, Arthur, you know how
to get along with people.
I'll come.
I just need to take care of
something for my boss first.
Something the matter?
Yes, I just don't know what it is yet.
Is it because of that video?
What video?
Someone sent me a link this morning.
What link? Can you forward it to me?
I think I deleted the email
right after opening it.
Don't worry about it.
Someone just had nothing to do
and was watching people...
...filming all sorts of dirty stuff.
I don't get it. What dirty stuff?
Was I in the video?
There were a few people in it.
And one did look a lot like you.
Don't make me retell
all those horrors to you.
I couldn't even watch it to the end.
Ksenia, I was never involved
in anything dirty.
That's what I thought -
why would you do something like that?
Especially next to a nursery school.
With the kids watching.
It must have been someone else.
A look-alike.
You are not a sadist. I am tired of
trying to explain it to people.
Oh, look, I haven't deleted it
after all. Forwarding it to you now.
Who's been asking you about it?
Everyone. There is someone calling
every 5 minutes to ask if I'd seen it.
And what I thought about it.
I had to block all incoming calls.
I don't get what they are
all so excited about.
We all have look-alikes, don't we?
OK, I am off home, then to the gallery.
I'll wait for you there, deal?
- What?
- Roman, I watched the video.
You see, I am being followed
by this crazy wench...
She called me not too long ago.
It's all edited in... It's a fake.
You know I would never do
such a thing.
Arthur, no need to look for excuses.
We all have our weaknesses.
But you need to know
how to hide them.
You failed?! Then make a deal!
With the wench.
Even easier if she is the one calling you.
Why do I have to explain this to you?
You are not a kid. You know how it's done.
I remember that day.
I was in a rush somewhere...
Maybe I pushed someone,
but it was an accident.
The way they've portrayed it
it's as if I'd set everything up.
And there was no fire.
I don't care what happened.
My concern is that everyone
knows about it now.
And they know you work for me.
Watch it again!
They've slowed down the video
to make it seem like
I was there for a long time.
Listen, I just got a call
from the accountants,
they said Yurlov has transferred
a part of the money.
- Did you make him cave?
- Sure did.
You are a genius.
He only agreed to a half?
Half now, the rest later.
I will gently remind him next week.
Amazing, I thought he was a no go.
Let's make a deal.
You delete the video from the net
and put a stop to all this nonsense.
I'll do my best.
I got to the bottom of it all
but you are not going to like it.
I like your confidence with the 'it all'.
Do you now who posted the video?
- Who told you about the video?
- Does it matter?
So if you found out about the video
yourself, then I don't get a bonus?
Do you ever think about
anything but money?
I do when I have enough of it.
Why did you give me this task?
I'll give you a bonus, don't worry.
I found out right away,
but I couldn't get through to you.
It was busy all the time.
Can you delete the video?
It was deleted but then it
immediately popped up elsewhere.
Have you heard of
the Streisand effect?
It's when you try to ban something
and it just becomes more popular.
I don't have time for
this effect bullshit now!
- Where is the video now?
- Almost everywhere.
vasya, will you stop by the shop?
Arthur, can I ask you a question?
Yes, it's me in the video,
but I did no such thing.
I never laid a finger on anyone.
Why are the kids so frightened?
How should I know? Ask the kids
what they saw. Anyway...
Can you find the woman?
The one who posted the video...
She called me recently
but I didn't get her number.
She sounded young, under 35.
I marked the most sensitive ones
and copied them into a separate folder.
OK, I'll check,
but there's lots of them...
I know. You take the first 20,
I'll take the rest.
Then we'll share our results.
That's it.
- Arthur?
- Yes.
Hello. This is Sergey Kurchatov.
The Echo of Moscow radio.
Do you have a minute?
Ask someone else.
I don't want to be interviewed.
I understand. I am only calling
to say that I am on your side.
I am not going to talk about the video,
it's dreadful.
I don't want to lose my faith in people.
It's hard for me to imagine that
someone would do
something like that
at a time of peace.
Especially to an elderly man.
I am sure it's an editing trick.
Nice try but it's not going to work.
With someone else maybe
but not with me.
You don't believe me?
If you want to win someone over
start by talking about them.
You, on the other hand,
started by stating your position,
which I couldn't care less about.
We would be delighted to hear
your point of view.
It's not a recent video, is it?
You can see it was made in late fall.
Why do you think it only got out now?..
You said you weren't going
to discuss the video.
I am not...
I didn't want to discuss the content.
I want to understand
the nature of the people...
...who make such videos.
Who are these little shits with
cameras? Just observing indifferently
...without getting involved,
without helping anyone.
And then they post it for everyone to see.
- To me, that's even worse.
- You asked for a minute. It's over.
Next time, before harassing someone
with your stupid questions,...
make sure you do some research
about the person you are calling. Bye!
Arthur, it's Tatiana again.
Hi, Tatiana. I got through to Ksenia,
she will come to the galley opening.
Probably alone.
- Good.
- Why?
- What why?
- Why is that good?
We will be glad to see her.
OK. I just thought...
You were right.
Arthur, this is an important
event for me.
I don't want any drama.
You understand?
We've know each other for a long time.
I am sure you understand.
That's precisely why I don't.
What drama are you talking about?
Who is going to cause it? Me?!
Have you ever seen me cause drama?
Why would I cause drama?
Because some crazy bitch
tracked me down and posted a video?
I was just jumping over a puddle.
You hear me? A puddle.
I didn't see any puddles.
I am telling you: it's been edited.
You think I can't do something like that?
Give me a saint and you won't be
able to recognize them in ten minutes.
Arthur! Calm down!
I am only calling to make sure.
I am not accusing you of anything.
It's just we don't need any drama today.
There are going to be
respected people there.
And I am not a respected person?
I didn't say that.
But that's what you thought?
I have no time to argue about it.
If you want to visit the exhibition
...we will be happy
to see you any other day.
You know what... I changed my mind.
I want you to be happy
to see me today.
I am going to come...
I will even make it to the opening.
- Security won't let you in.
- Oh, really!
I was hoping we would settle
this nicely. Don't call me.
Hi! Me again. Miss me?
Listen, I don't know who you are yet.
But I will find you.
You know I am innocent, right?
I did no such thing.
So was my husband.
He had everything under control.
But then things changed.
But did you give a damn
about someone else's life?
Someone else's problems? No...
All you cared about was the debt.
So it's personal? You are getting
back at me for your husband!?
Why doesn't he say something himself?
Tell me, when you find out
that the person...
you've been harassing for 6 months...
...committed suicide,
how can you sleep at night?
They tell you about these things,
don't they?
Do you feel anything?
Firstly, I didn't kill anyone.
Secondly, if I did say something
to your husband, it's my job
- to help people pay off their debts.
- Help?!
You had him cornered!
He had no other way out.
There are always other ways out.
Let's see if you find one.
Lisa, she just called me.
New info:
her husband committed suicide.
I worked on him for about 6 months.
Sorry, Arthur, I can't help you.
Roman forbade me from discussing
work-related issues with you.
He said he would fire me if I did.
Wait! I just talked to him
a minute ago.
Everything was fine.
He said: 'Sort it out!'
I am really sorry.
I feel really bad about what happened.
OK, fine! I'll do it myself.
You won't be able to.
Boss blocked your access to the database.
Give me the cigarette back.
I will decide myself on
when should I quite.
Check this out.
Why would he do that?
I don't know, I am really sorry.
Roman, you blocked
my database access?
Yes, I asked my people to do it.
A third of the database are
my clients
who have paid up.
Because of my work.
And you blocked me?
I had to. I was under pressure.
First, journalists kept
asking for comments.
Then, when the video was taken down,
people decided that...
...you are some vip and
we are trying to cover for you.
I can explain everything. I need the
database. How am I going to work?
I said them you are fired.
What? Why?
Otherwise they would have
pulled the plug on me.
Roman! Wait...
Did I get it right, you fired me?
Believe me, I tried defending you
at the highest level.
I told them it would all calm down
in a couple of weeks.
A new maniac would pop up
and steal the spotlight.
And everybody would forget about you.
You know I am not a maniac?
Arthur, I was given an ultimatum.
If I want to keep my company...
I would convince you to disappear.
The most I could do
was get you time till 6 a.m.
After that there will be
nothing I can do for you.
I make more in a day
than your whole department in a month.
And after all that you want to
throw me under the bus?
Arthur, I would never fire you but...
You know well yourself how
these people solve problems.
Listen, the building is being
surrounded by some maniacs.
You still have time to escape
through the emergency exit.
No, you know what,
I am not going to run.
It's still my office.
I have it until 6 a.m. Right? Bye!
- Arthur...
It's Tamara from the vet Clinic.
Please don't hang up.
I have no time for
your stupid questions, sorry.
I am calling to say that
its out of surgery.
Your dog is being X-rayed.
You can pick it up in an hour.
Together with your gloves and blanket.
- Listen!
- Call me Tamara.
Listen, it's not my dog.
Someone ran it over
and I brought it to you.
It will require treatment.
Did you even hear what I said?
I have nothing to do with it.
We can only provide first aid
and perform surgery.
We can't keep animals for treatment
after that.
I am sorry.
But what have I got to do with it?
You brought the patient in
and paid for surgery.
Did you run the dog over?
Of course. That's right.
Pin the dogs on me too.
No, I didn't run anybody over.
I was in the shop. I walked outside...
saw it in the street.
Give it to a shelter
or what is it you do in such cases?
In such cases they are taken by those
who bring them in.
I am not going to take it.
You can't take in one dog?
I have no intention of nursing a dog.
Next time you see a hurt dog,
just walk on by.
Are you saying I shouldn't
have helped it?
You know who are worse than drivers
who hit dogs?
People who first give them hope
and then take it away.
Lisa, do you have
access to the database?
I told you, I could get fired.
Do you or don't you?
I have no right.
Strange... And I thought
we were friends.
I even introduced you to Boris,
- We broke up.
- When?
After a few months,
I told you.
Well, anyway, it was worth
the experience, right?
He knocked my tooth out,
thinking I was seeing someone else.
No, he was right.
I have a great dentist,
I'll get him to fix your tooth.
Thanks, but no need,
it's done now.
Lisa, you are my last hope.
Please don't make me do it.
I am a nobody...
It will be hard for me
to find another job.
Try looking in the archives,
we must still have the originals.
OK, bye.
Arthur, I've done my homework.
Is this a good time for you?
- Who is it?
- Kurchatov, Echo of Moscow radio.
We are on air and I want to publicly
apologize for my previous call.
- No need.
- No, I must.
You reproached me, and rightfully so...
I really didn't know anything about
you when I called you the first time.
It was unprofessional
and arrogant of me.
Can you forgive me
and give me one more chance?
One more chance to do what?
To interview you.
Before I got through to you,
we were talking about your profession.
I asked my listeners what
they thought about collectors?
Have they ever had to deal with
people like you?
Do you want to know what they said?
I know what they said.
Why would you take
the bread out of my mouth?
I have all the statistics ready here.
I wanted to make it public...
Just in case you've decided
that no one likes collectors.
Tell me, do you like what you do?
And you?
You enjoy parrying questions?
You can ask yourself all
of the same questions.
I don't think our professions
are all that different.
Right now, for instance,
instead of asking me directly
about what the people want to hear
you are working up to it, right?
You have a different approach?
I do exactly the same when people
are trying to avoid me.
That's why I said
we are very similar.
I get it, it's one of your
professional tricks, right?
So the debtor doesn't feel pressured?
I'll make a mental note.
No need, you've already
perfected the skill.
Thank you for the compliment,
but let's get back to your profession...
Sorry for interrupting you.
What if...
what if I were guilty.
Are you?
Let's just imagine that I am.
That's not too hard to do,
with the video.
If it wasn't for work...
...would you like to deal
with someone like that?
- Someone guilty?
- Yes.
Of course not.
Do you always like
the people you call
...to remind them about their debt?
I don't mean to upset you
but I will soon introduce
you to the person
...that made this video.
I am hoping you figure
it all out for yourself.
Arthur, are you there?
It's Eugene from security.
Yes, Eugene, I need a
bit more time to work.
Can you open the door?
- Why?
- Are you alright?
I am great.
- I just wanted to check.
- Well, now you know. Bye!
Arthur, my daughter goes
to that nursery school.
What nursery school?
The one that was in the news today.
With you.
It wasn't me... Or rather...
It was me but I didn't
touch anyone, Eugene.
Then why were you there?
I could have walked right past
but there was a puddle.
Am I the only man in town
who walks around puddles?
I didn't see a puddle.
It's true.
Well, Eugene, I can't see you now,
but it doesn't mean that
you are not there, does it?
It's just the way
they've edited the video.
Because we all have enemies.
My daughter caught a glimpse
of the news today.
She broke down in tears.
My wife said
it all came back to her.
- I wasn't a part of it.
- Who was?
How should I know?
That's none of my business.
None of yours, either.
Can you let me in?
I can.
But I don't want to.
Why are you letting a kid
watch criminal reports, anyway?
It wasn't on purpose...
Sonya was playing in the kitchen.
The TV was on.
Here, take this.
Get something for your daughter.
I am sorry for how it all worked out...
But you know well enough
what we do, right?!
There are lots of people out there
that hate us.
And what do I tell the journalists?
They want an interview.
Go give them an interview.
They want you.
- Eugene, tell them I left.
- Ok.
Leo, hi! It's Arthur.
Hi! My condolences.
Someone framed you good,
but it wasn't me.
I know. It's a widow.
Getting me back for her husband.
She thinks I was the one
who make him commit suicide.
What a nut case. You need a job?
Yes, and not just a job.
Others will turn you down,
but I am no snob, you know that...
400,000 works for you?
400,000 what?
Fixed. I know your Boss
paid you less.
I am not interested in a
fixed salary. What's the interest?
500 is my final offer.
And ten per cent?
Just the fixed part. No interest.
Arthur, with your reputation you'll
struggle to find a job as a janitor.
Look who is talking.
It will all wear off in a day.
Even if I killed someone
tomorrow they will be talking
about something else.
People have a short memory.
Short memory perhaps,
but long arms.
Journalists have already dug up
where you work.
Psychos too.
Try switching the TV on.
500,000 is a generous gift.
I can prove everything,
I just need access to the database.
The Boss has blocked your access?!
This is where I burst into
an evil laugh.
Shall I remind you the day
you left me?
I remember what you said.
I didn't listen...
You were right, of course.
You can stroke your ego all you like,
just keep me out of it.
Right now I really
need that database.
- Are you still in the office?
- Yes.
You are out of your mind!
If I were you, I'd have been on
my way to the airport a long time ago!
Have you seen what's happening
down there, by the entrance?
Walk out and you are a celebrity.
The guard will say that I left.
Will you give me access
to the database?
Of course.
Thank you!
And what will I get in return?
My interest is not enough for you?
I won't get those
till the first client.
And you need the database right now.
- Leo, what's happening to us?
- What do you mean?
We played hockey together
for 10 years...
We shared an apartment for 3 years.
I remember the names of all your
Right now there is only one
girl I love. Her name is Gain.
OK, I'll give you the database.
If you tell me how you got to Arefiev.
OK, I'll take 400.
Come on, Arthur, I need to know
how you got to his millions.
The old man was delusional...
He didn't recognize anyone. We were
sure he didn't have any money at all.
How did you get Arefiev to pay up?
I can't tell you.
Consider it a professional secret.
Want me to work for you
for free for a month?
Now I am even more curious.
First give me the access.
Spit it out! Did you dig up
something on him? Blackmail him?
Did you use prohibited drugs?
I said I was his son.
I made him believe
that I had survived.
That wasn't too hard...
He really wasn't thinking clearly.
It was harder to say good bye.
You bastard!
I could have never thought of that.
I love you!
- Will you give me access?
- Yes, sure, I mailed you the key.
Do you realize how lucky you've been?
How so?
The widow could have
found a different video...
One where you are pretending to be
Arefiev's son.
I just got here but
they are not letting anyone in yet.
Everyone is waiting for Trubnikov.
- Where are you?
- I am not coming.
Tatiana said that my presence
is undesirable.
She said that?
The wording might have been different
but that doesn't change the essence.
What a bitch.
Don't let her get to you.
She's always been arrogant.
She'll get what she deserves,
God will see to that.
Ksenia, maybe you
won't go there either?
But I am here.
I don't get it.
You are upset with Tatiana
and you want me to miss my chance?
What if I never get another chance
to meet Trubnikov?
You'll meet someone else.
You have a great idea, it's bound
to appeal to other investors.
Don't be silly. You are upset.
But that's not my fault.
An hour ago you knew
nothing about the exhibition
- and weren't going anywhere.
- So what?
I remember what you
said about this Miriam...
Yes, I hate Miriam
and everything she does...
She is a wanna-be. A nobody.
She's got a pretty face.
But more importantly
she is on a roll. Some people just
have it handed to them.
She's got it going for her,
big time, you get it?
And you decided
you want a piece of it?
You think luck is some sort of STD?
Ew! Let's not argue.
Let's talk at home...
What if I don't come back home?
Up to you.
They are letting people in, bye.
Hello, Arthur!
It took you a while to find me.
Well, I did.
Both your phone and your address.
Want to pay me a visit? Or will you
send some bouncers instead?
That's not how I work.
Right, you prefer
psychological attacks.
I didn't make your husband
take out a loan.
I didn't push him off the bridge.
Did you know Andrey was being handled
by two companies, not just mine?
- The bank sold his debt.
- I know.
Then why are you pestering me?
Or you've dealt with
the others already?
You called Andrey more often.
You set me up because I used to
talk to your husband more often?
You didn't just talk to him.
You pressured him.
I want you to upload the entire video.
The way it really happened.
The truth can be
so incredibly tedious.
Did you hear me?
Admit it, you are scared!
Everyone thinks you are
a sadist, a real monster.
Even the kids didn't stop you...
You will be so much more scared
if you don't do it.
OK, I'll upload the entire video.
If you jump off the
balcony right now.
You want me to die like your husband?
You are out of your mind.
That's what they think about you.
vet Clinic, Tamara.
How can I help you?
Hello, I am calling about a dog.
I think I was rude to you today.
Are you calling to apologize?
No... Yes.
I wanted to ask...
I am sorry, what's your name?
You said...
The dog needed
an X-ray after surgery.
Don't worry.
The doctor said that
surgery didn't help.
Turns out it wasn't just its
pelvic bones that were crushed.
It also has a head injury.
It won't live for much longer.
And what if...?
What if it had another surgery?
On the head.
Do you have the right doctors?
You want to give the dog
another chance?
You didn't answer my question.
Let me check.
If doctor Danila is still here...
Thank you!
- Arthur?
- What now? Why is the crowd still here?
They didn't see you leave.
They saw the lights go off...
...but they didn't see anyone leave
the building.
I could have left through
the back door, no?
There are people there too.
The building is surrounded.
Call the police.
Have them chase these idiots away.
Or you want me to call them myself?
The police are not going
to chase the press away.
They'll probably take you in instead
If you come out.
I am not coming out.
They'll have to spend the night here.
I've been ordered to escort you out.
Roman said you can't stay inside.
Eugene, I need more time.
My shift is over in 25 minutes.
My partner is coming to replace me.
Of course I could stay
a little bit longer and
help my partner guard
the cetral entrance
but I'm not going
to spend the night here.
Here. Consider it hazard pay.
And what do I tell my partner?
What if he watched the news too?
Anton's son goes to the same
nursery school.
Anton doesn't have any kids.
We play football together every weekend.
What's the number of
your daughter's nursery school?
I don't remember.
My wife knows these things.
OK. And where is it?
You must take your daughter
to school every now and then...
Why aren't you saying anything?
They didn't mention it in the news?
I can let the journalists
or the police in right now.
Or I can help you escape unnoticed.
What will it be?
How much for option 2?
More than 12 thousand.
I gave you all the cash I had.
I have nothing left.
- What about your card?
- My card?
How do I take money off my card?
I can do it. If you give me the card.
Pal, I'll prove everything soon.
Just give me one more hour!
OK. But in an hour you leave.
Or I'll have to resort to force.
You were right! It worked!
I only said a couple
of words to Trubnikov!
And he got excited about the idea.
Can you believe it?
You are not going to ask
what I said to him?
Sorry. What did you say?
What difference does it make?
You don't give a shit.
I can hear it in your voice.
You lost me at 'excited'.
Are you still there, at the gallery?
Not exactly. I am in the ladies' room.
Even the ladies' room is all fancy.
Miriam's taste is not that bad.
Have no clue why I used to hate her.
What's going on with you?
Nothing much, they are
just trying to kill me...
Don't exaggerate.
You sure you don't want to come?
Gruzinskaya is really close to you.
What's the number?
OK, bye!
Hi! Do you still take orders?
Yes. What would you like?
I've added stuff to my basket.
Delivery to Gruzinskaya street.
Can you see it?
Is it possible to deliver it today?
Express delivery is double the price.
Only we are out of horse manure.
What kind would you like?
The most regular kind.
No soil, no saw dust.
Do you have something like that?
What do you need it for?
For an exhibition.
I want to make
an installation out of shit.
No, we don't have that kind.
Then I'll let you choose.
- How many bags?
- Ten should be enough.
And don't bother taking it inside.
You can dump it at the entrance.
Thank you for your order.
It will be delivered soon.
You beat me to it.
I was about to call you too.
I looked up the plan
of your building.
You can get out through the cellar.
I'll walk out
the front door in a bit.
Leo, I found a debtor who
committed suicide.
His case is closed for some reason.
Right, because the debtor is no more.
No, I get it... When a debtor dies
his case is closed.
And his files are deleted from
the system. Not the case here.
Here it's marked that
the debt was paid off.
Maybe someone messed up the files?
The body hasn't been found.
In these cases...
private detectives
come into play, right?
You need the detective
who was on his case?
Yes, that would help.
I'll email it to you.
Why don't you want to escape?
I sort of forgot...
...my running shoes.
Arthur? It's Roman.
Your phone is busy all the time.
Yes, I am incredibly popular today.
Did you forget something?
You want to fire me post fact um?
I sent the police over
to help you leave the building.
So you are my saviour?
How do I ever repay you?
Stop fooling about!
I have it all figured out!
Together we find the woman
...and I make a statement.
I'll explain to the journalists that
it was carefully planned out revenge.
That there is no
compromising evidence.
That the video is a fake.
I fired you because we needed time.
To find her.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Or have you found another job already?
Has Leo finally lured you away?
When did you start
listening in on my calls?
That's what I get
instead of a thank you?
I am trying to figure out
how to save him.
And he is accusing me
of all kinds of crap.
I am not judging you, I just
want to know when it started.
Today? Or much earlier?
Arthur, we need to make a decision.
Are you in on my plan or
do you need time to think about it?
I've thought about it already.
Thank you for firing me.
It's a pity you didn't do it sooner...
So you are going to work for Leo?
Because he offered you more?
Is he listening to us now?
Of course, we are competitors.
It's part of the job.
Don't pretend like you are the victim.
Let's talk business.
They made me fire you,
threatened to dissolve the company.
You can't even begin to imagine at
what levels I had to justify myself.
But Leo also humiliated you
by taking away all your interest.
At least he didn't block
my access to the database.
You think he gave you
the database to help you?
I talked to him a minute ago.
He is willing to give you up.
Do you want to know his price?
I you don't believe me I can send you
the recording.
To hell with both of you!
Yes, Leo, dear.
You asked to find the detective.
I sent you something even better.
No need to thank me...
It's Tamara, from the vet Clinic.
I talked to the doctor...
He said it's no use.
A basal scull fracture.
There is nothing we can do.
It has a few more minutes to live,
maybe an hour...
So it was all for nothing?
So you were right?
I shouldn't have picked the dog up
in the first place.
I didn't mean what I said
Don't take it personally.
You did the right thing...
People don't usually
bother with sick dogs.
Especially stray ones.
You are a good man!
No. I left it at first.
Then I got stuck in traffic.
I turned around to make a detour
and there it was again.
Is it in pain?
No, he is unconscious.
He? It's a boy?
He is a pretty big boy too.
5 or 6 years old.
I don't even know his name.
He probably didn't have one.
It's a stray dog.
Are you sure?
There are signs. In his hair.
Would you like to give him a name?
So he has one.
Have you noticed that even stray dogs
respond to a whistle?
They also want for
someone to call them.
Let's call him...
I don't think it suits a dog.
Right... Not a suitable name.
Is he far now?
No, he is right here, on a cart.
Did you want something?
Could you...?
No, it's going to sound silly...
...pass the phone to him?
Of course.
Hello, it's about the manure.
I called not too long ago...
Could I cancel the order?
I don't need a refund.
Just cancel the delivery.
No can do, I've already delivered it.
So fast?
- There was no traffic
- Shit.
I can't talk right now,
I am being held by security.
Wait, could you pass the phone
to the guard, I'll try to explain.
They want to talk to you.
This man was delivering my order...
He wasn't going to sabotage
the gallery opening.
It was my idea...
I will pay for everything,
just please let him go.
I knew it was you.
Thank you for your confession.
It was really something.
When the car dumped the bags and
blocked the entrance...
They all thought it was scripted,
like it was part of the show.
I am sorry!
I am willing to cover all expenses.
Can you let the man go?
- I already did.
- Thank you.
It's been going shit all day.
First they hung up
the paintings wrong.
Then they served warm champagne.
And as if that wasn't enough,
my gift arrives?
Your manure was just what we needed.
The public wasn't too impressed
with the paintings.
People started leaving
a few minutes after the opening.
And then your manure blocks the exit.
Everyone thought it was planned.
They even applauded.
The journalists will have something
to write about tomorrow.
I hope it's not just manure
in the photos.
At this point it doesn't matter.
As long as they write something.
I owe you one.
Ksenia still there?
No, she left with Trubnikov.
Arthur, wait, let me go out into
the balcony, it's too noisy here.
The party continues?
I met an old college
friend at the gallery.
She invited me to her place.
Haven't seen her for 10 years.
Say 'hi' to your friend!
She's heard a lot about you...
Good things.
I would invite you over too.
But it's just my college mates.
You'll be bored.
I get it.
I am not trying to get invited.
Something you wanted?
Ksenia, let's break up?
You are not jealous, are you?
I am telling you, it's just a friend.
Want me to get her on the phone?
Cloth ears. She can't hear me.
No need to call anyone.
I am not jealous...
Imagine that today...
...is not the 13th
but the 31st of December.
Tomorrow is New Year.
I want to wish you happiness.
To your new beginnings...
We are not breaking up
over the phone.
Why not?
We've been through
this tens of times.
Breaking up, getting back together.
Arthur, you had a hard day. You don't
know what you are talking about.
Let's talk about it later?
I don't want to talk
about anything later.
I don't want to talk to you at all.
I've heard this a thousand times.
We are together only when things
are good, don't you see?
And what's wrong with that?
Bye, Ksenia!
Bye, Arthur!
Call me when you sleep it off.
- What's this number you sent me?
- Call and find out.
Jump off the balcony and I'll call
whoever you like.
Your husband is alive.
That's his number.
If you don't believe me, call him.
It's Lisa. How are you holding on?
Fine. Did you make it
to the birthday party?
Congratulate your sister for me.
OK, thank you!
I am calling to apologize.
What for?
I've been thinking about
what I said to you...
You've taught me so much
and I acted like a coward.
Come on, stop it!
I could never forgive myself
if I got you fired.
That's not the only
reason I am calling.
- I found out where the video was made.
- She did, of course!
I had some help.
I told my friends about
what happened to you.
You ruined the party?
On the contrary. I was being all sad...
They asked me what the matter was.
I didn't want to tell them
but they made me.
You found the original video?
Unfortunately not. They told me
data has been deleted.
But I found something else.
I noticed that your trousers
in the video are dirty.
I remembered when I last took your
trousers to the dry cleaner's.
But that didn't help because
you must have taken them there
yourself on several occasions.
Can you get to the point?
These riddles are impossible!
I thought you'd want to know
when the video was shot.
I am sorry, I really
want to know when.
So I watched it again and thought:
why were you there?
You rarely walk anywhere!
That's not true. I jog.
But that day...
...my car broke down.
I looked up the date
when your car broke down.
Then we identified the place.
There was no one following you.
It was just a surveillance
camera in the park!
What's so exciting about that?
Sorry, I thought I already mentioned
the most important thing...
Turns out I didn't.
Are you going to tell me or not?
I knew I should have been
easier on the punch!
The garage shadow in the video
falls in different directions
all the time.
When you appear it's to the right
When the fire starts it's to the left
Right. People are just going
to say that the video was cut.
Because it took a while
for the fire to catch on.
If you watch closely, you'll see
that the video is made up
of little fragments.
vasya noticed that
a swearword on the garage
is there one minute
and then gone the next.
This video is a total fake!
- Thank you, Lisa! And all the others!
- Welcome!
How did you find Andrey?
It wasn't me,
our detectives found him.
Andrey paid back the money
but he clearly wasn't
set on coming back to you.
His file is closed.
Does he have another family now?
I don't know.
Why didn't you ask him yourself?
All I have is his new name
and phone number.
You shouldn't hold it against him.
He faked his own death.
You faked a piece of my life.
You two deserve each other.
You think you know him?
The hell you do!
My husband was different.
Much better that all of you.
Why 'was'?
He still is.
Some 400 km separating you.
You are lying!
Andrey died because
of the likes of you.
Your husband is alive,
you should be happy!
No. Andrey is dead.
Arthur, it's Tamara, from the vet Clinic.
Is he dead?
No. Art is still breathing.
He is a strong dog.
You called him Art?
I wanted to call him Arthur but
my pen ran out of ink.
I am calling to tell you that
it's not my shift tomorrow.
I will leave your things
in the guest locker.
So I won't see you tomorrow?
- That's a pity.
- Me too.
You have such a lovely voice,
I really wanted to see
who it belongs to.
We saw each other when
you brought in the dog.
I was in such a rush
I didn't get a proper look.
I seem to remember you have
dimples on your cheeks.
Only on the right one.
No dimple on the left one.
I am defective.
It's called unusual.
Could we talk? Not over the phone?
What do you say to that?
I am sorry, we got disconnected.
If you want, we could meet tonight.
I am afraid tonight won't work.
OK then. Call me when you can.
I will send you my number.