Kolobos (1999) Movie Script

(Thunder rumbling)
(Labored breathing)
(Woman gasps)
(Woman panting)
(Tires screech)
- (Woman) Oh, my God! You hit her!
- (Man) Hell!
(Voice echoing)
I don't know if she's conscious.
She's losing a lot of blood.
These cuts aren't from the fall.
Stay with you till the ambulance
gets here, all right?
Call 911.
Just try to stay awake.
- (Voice echoing) They're on their way.
- Who did this to you?
(Sinister laughter)
(Echoing) So, are you gonna tell them?
(Woman, breathless) Kolobos.
What was that?
Is that your name?
(Woman's laughter)
(People laughing)
(Woman 1, echoing) What a shame.
She's a pretty girl.
It's a shame.
She's such a pretty girl.
(Man 1, echoing) Beauty's only skin deep.
She ought to be thankful to be alive.
She ought to be thankful just to be alive.
- (Woman 1) Family notified?
- (Woman 2, laughing) Any family notified?
No, she's only a Jane Doe.
(Man 2) Today is Jane's lucky day.
Jane's lucky day.
(Woman 2, laughing) Your face!
(Man 1) Look at these lacerations.
They're clean, precise.
Clean, precise.
(Woman 2, laughing) She mustn't have been
able to put up much of a fight!
(Man 2) Leave me room to work my magic.
(Man 1) Let's see what we can do
about making you pretty again.
- Making you pretty again.
- (Man 2) Kolobos. Today, you exist.
(Laughing) Today, you exist!
(Laughter fades)
(Woman laughs)
- (Woman) Good morning, ladies.
- Hey, Doc.
Well, I see you're exposing our new guest
to more quality programming!
(Patient) Ah, nothing but the best.
We'll be just a minute.
I'm Dr. Waldman.
I'm an in-patient counselor.
Do you know where you are?
You were badly hurt, and the paramedics
brought you here to County General.
You were in surgery for quite some time,
but you're gonna be fine now.
This is Detective Byers
from the police department.
We were hoping that, given some time,
you'd be able to give us some information,
so we can help you.
Your name would be a good start.
You don't have to rush.
We can take it slowly.
Right, Detective Byers?
Here's my card.
When you guys are ready
to pick up the pace, give me a call.
Charming, isn't he?
You get some rest now.
We'll talk again soon.
Shrinks and cops!
Honey, you got problems with a capital P!
Meanwhile, you could pass for first
runner-up in a King Tut lookalike contest.
What happened to you?
Ah! I know how it is.
Trouble's bad enough without having to
re-hash it for every ignoramus that walks by.
Gotta have your little escapes.
That's why I read these.
Trust me, nothing makes you feel better
than reading about some poor schmuck
who's worse off than you.
I'll show you. Listen.
Oh. "Single white female
seeking one good man.
"Must be financially stable, romantic,
secure and honest.
"Will only consider applicants interested
in long-term commitment." Yeah!
I see an empty mailbox in her future.
Oh. How about this one?
"Calling all ladies!
"Extremely handsome male, 49,
seeks woman with Mensa mind.
"I'm looking for a meaningful relationship.
"Please send photo with reply."
Yeah, great, buddy!
Ooh, now, this is interesting.
"Wanted, freeloaders...
(Man) "...Artist seeks five
progressive-minded individuals
"for ground-breaking experimental film.
"Participants will share free lodging
in a fully furnished home
"in the snowy Mount Olympus resort.
"If you're willing to laugh, cry, love,
"hate, befriend, betray
and confess it all on VHS,
"I want you."
"The camera-shy need not apply!
(Screams) Fuck, yeah! I'm interested!
- Oh, shit! Can I say that on TV?
- (Car horn beeps)
Hold up a minute, buddy.
I'm trying to do an interview here.
Anyway, dude, listen.
I would be great for your movie.
I'm not some kind of actress
or anything like that,
but I got that progressive-minded shit down!
Check it out.
Last month, we lose a butt-load of business
cos some guy croaks after eating here.
I don't know, contaminated pork
or something.
Anyway, I tell the manager
we should give away free stuff
to every 100th customer
who comes in here.
Two weeks later, this dump
is crawling with lard asses...
- (Horn honking)
- All right, already!
Stop the cameras a second.
Customer 79 over here just won himself
a free lemonade.
So, this house -
what exactly is the set-up?
Are there cameras everywhere?
I mean, don't get me wrong,
I'm totally comfortable with nudity.
It's just that in my transition
to serious film work,
I think it's important that directors
look beyond my physical attributes
and discover the real Erica.
That I am a woman of substance
and gravity.
I mean... you can see that,
can't you?
Office parties, oh, man!
You know, you gotta love 'em,
especially around Christmas.
It only takes one line
to get the secretary in the sack.
- (Feedback on mic)
- "Baby, I'm not Rudolph!
"And no, that's not my nose."
What a jerk!
(Hum of conversation)
( Piano playing softly)
Nice show.
I think that's my line. Enchant.
Are you making a movie or something?
No, no, no. Just a little video
for a prospective employer.
Not that I won't be getting
glowing reviews from you guys.
Oh, I don't work here.
I'm paid entertainment, just like you.
Really? Let me guess.
Female impersonator.
Nice to meet you.
It's not that I don't enjoy
the world of academia, I...
I just think there's only so much a person
can glean from organized education.
The real learning comes from
being out there, doing things,
you know, er... living your life!
( Rock music playing)
The ironic part of this whole thing
is that I actually owe this realization
to one of my classes -
"a History of Western Cinema".
God! You know, it was such a revelation.
I mean, yes, I appreciate car chases
and explosions as much as the next guy...
But now I see what artists like you see.
The poetry and the beauty
of everyday existence.
That's what it's all about
when you get down to it -
man's struggle to overcome
whatever life throws his way,
whether that's battling
a six-foot alien
or, um...
his own personal demons.
Hi, I'm Kyra.
Kyra Mitchell.
(Woman) Talk about yourself -
your hobbies, your interests.
Right, OK, um...
I enjoy reading and music.
I like music, too.
And I'm an artist, not a real one,
I just like to draw for myself.
Wait. I didn't mean to show that.
- Stop the camera, Dorothy.
- It's all right, Kyra.
No, they're gonna think I'm some kind
of a freak. Stop the camera.
- Kyra...
- I said shut it off.
(Medical monitors beeping)
(Man) Have you spoken with her?
Could she tell you what happened?
No, not yet. She's still non-responsive,
much to the chagrin of the police.
Ah, well...
There's a dangerous person out there.
You can understand their concern.
Well, there's a lot
of dangerous people out there,
but it's my opinion that none of them
have anything to do with her.
- I think she's a cutter.
- What? No.
Yes. I found several older nicks and scars
all over her body,
all apparently self-inflicted.
Hm. Not to mention this.
I think what we're dealing with is
a troubled young woman's plea for attention.
No, I disagree.
You didn't see the lacerations on her face
when she came in.
The kind of pain involved in that sort
of self-mutilation would be excruciating.
Some people get off on that.
Well, whether or not she enjoyed it,
the pain would still be there,
making it impossible to have made incisions
as flawless and deliberate as the ones I saw.
- Maybe she used drugs to numb the pain?
- No. We did a tox screen. She was clean.
- (Beeping stops)
- That's the OR. I gotta run.
- Let me know if there's anything new.
- Of course.
You know what? There was something.
The other day I came into her room
and she was repeating a word
over and over in her sleep.
- Kolobos.
- Kolobos? What does it mean?
I have no idea.
Six years of med school, all I really needed
was a good dictionary. Who knew?
(Paper rustling)
(Door opens)
(Door closes)
- Looks like your ride is late.
- Yeah. Maybe it's a sign.
Having second thoughts?
- It's OK if you're not ready.
- I am ready!
I'm... a little nervous, maybe,
but I'm gonna be OK.
- What have you done to your drawings?
- Nothing.
- Kyra!
- Look!
I know what you're going to say, Dorothy,
but no, I am not suppressing my id,
my inner child or whatever the Freudian
word of the day happens to be.
I just want to take my work
in a new direction, that's all.
That's all right,
if that's all there is to it.
What's up, coconut? You must be Kyra.
We're gonna be roomies!
(Distant dog barks)
(Driver) A singing telegram!
Can you fucking believe it?
I'm half a stick of gum away
from giving this customer mouth-to-mouth,
when suddenly,
he jumps up and starts singing
that I'm gonna be swinging it up
in Mount Olympus. Ha!
That is so crazy.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
That's what I'm saying!
I don't have an artistic bone in my body.
And you?
I nearly shit a brick
when I rode up to your address
and it turned out to be the wacky shack!
Wow! Wacky shack?
I never heard that one before.
Hey, I wasn't trying
to diss you or nothing.
- I was just trying to...
- I know. It's OK. Forget it.
- OK.
- There's our exit.
( Hip-hop music)
It's all right,
do what you want, do what you want
It's all right,
you can stay all night
There's nowhere else to go...
Well, well, well!
The snow bunnies have arrived!
Tom Galloway, gangster of love.
You, er, having a little trouble
with your sack, Tom?
Nothing a good yank or two won't cure,
if you know what I mean.
Dude, does that crap ever work?
Mostly on playgrounds
and in nursing homes.
So, you ladies need some help
with your bags?
Thanks, we've got it.
You've got it. I'm gonna check out the crib.
Don't scratch the paint.
- (Gasps)
- Easy!
Hey, I like a woman who's assertive,
but don't you think
we should get to know each other first?
(Woman screams)
Guys! Can you believe this place?
It's the fucking bomb!
Look at this.
State-of-the-art stereo system!
Big-screen TV!
Aquarium. Hi, fishies.
The bedrooms. The bedrooms!
(Screams) I must be dreaming!
Somebody pinch me!
Not you!
This is weird!
You shouldn't look directly at the camera.
We're supposed to act natural.
- At least, that's what the director said.
- (Tom) Really?
Now, was this before or after
he died and made you God?
You must be Tom.
Which makes you...
Oh, help me out here.
Tina Alvarez.
- Kyra Mitchell.
- Yeah! How did you know that?
A good actress always does her research
before she reports to the set.
- You're an actress?
- Erica Tyler.
- You've probably seen my work.
- Sorry.
But my mom doesn't let me watch
those kinds of movies.
Come on.
I'll give you guys the official tour.
It's a pretty nice place, actually.
- Tennis courts, wine cellar, library.
- A library?
Well, it's more like a shrine
to testosterone, if you ask me.
It's kind of creepy,
with all those deer heads.
- So, how was your trip out?
- Good.
Little vanski got us here smooth.
God, I'm trippin' on this place!
(Tom) Hey.
I thought there was only five of us.
Excuse me.
(All scream)
Smile! You're on "Candid Camera"!
Oh, my God! The look on your face!
It's priceless!
Very funny, very funny!
Sorry, we just wanted to give you guys
a welcome to remember.
Hey, Gary Robbins.
Conan the Destroyer.
- Ooh!
- I will be avenged.
(Laughs) Are you OK?
- Yeah. Fabulous.
- What is this shit?
(Sighs) It's pretty cool, huh?
I found it all up in the attic. Ooh!
There is some amazing stuff up there.
( Techno music blares)
(Tina) Whoah!
- And now, here comes the body electric.
- (All) Woo!
Play that funky music, white boy!
( Techno music pounding)
Hey. Come on.
- No, I can't.
- Yes, you can. Come on.
- Yeah!
- Go!
Turn it up,
just turn it up
Just turn it up
- Turn it up...
- Woo!
(Radio on loud)
( THE CIVILIANS: "Denominator")
Hey, Kyra. Do you want me to unpack
some of your stuff?
( "Denominator" playing loudly)
- What are you doing?
- Oh! Just unpacking some of your stuff.
( Music stops)
You don't have to do that.
- So, you're on medication?
- Yeah. It's just for anxiety.
It's no big deal.
Oh... So you're not like some kind
of head case or nothing, right?
Well, I have been known to bay at the moon
and sacrifice household pets,
but only on special occasions.
- That was a joke.
- Oh!
Tina, if you're not comfortable
sharing a room with me,
I'm sure we could get Erica to switch.
No! No, no. We're cool.
Listen, I'm gonna let you finish up here,
and I'm gonna go downstairs
to see what everybody else is doing.
OK? Later.
- Later.
- (Door shuts)
(Gary) Who cares if she's on medication?
- Half of America is on Prozac, anyway.
- It's not just the pills!
She lives at Harvel House.
That's where I had to pick her up.
- Did you see what she did to her wrist?
- Whoah, wait. Harvel House?
- Where the freaks and psychos live?
- You're kidding? Like an asylum?
No, it's a group home.
It's for people who've had trouble in the past
and are ready to make a fresh start.
- Or in layman terms, freaks and psychos!
- Come on, guys. Give her a break.
The least we could do is try to be
a little understanding and supportive.
Fine, but if she starts pulling a Linda Blair,
somebody's getting beat down.
Hey, don't get me wrong,
I'm sure that one day, this little tte--tte
will make a great Springer episode,
but right now, my number one dilemma
is pizza or burgers?
I did see a couple of restaurants
on the way up.
You guys want to eat dinner now?
It's only 6:30.
Yeah, it's this wacky new concept
called nourishment.
All the cool kids are doing it.
Why don't we just get take-out? Then
everybody can eat whenever they want.
Or we could quit obsessing about food and
come up with a more constructive activity.
Oh, God! Well...
(Doorbell rings)
We... We could answer the door.
Don't get up. I got it.
'Ah, Kolobos!
'Today, I exist!'
(Sinister laughter)
What's up, chicken butt?
What you doing?
- You scared the shit out of me.
- Sorry about that.
Mr. Director is downstairs
with two huge-ass pizzas.
- He wants us in the dining room pronto.
- I'll be down in a minute.
Hurry or there won't be any left.
Everyone's starving!
(Water off)
(Kyra gasps) Oh, God!
That was nothing.
There's nothing back there.
You're safe.
I don't know what you're doing in there,
but hurry up or we're gonna start without you.
Damn it!
I'll be right there!
(Hushed conversation)
- Ooh!
- There's our missing link.
All right, now that we're all here,
I just wanted to drop these off
- and welcome you guys...
- Woo! Woo, woo, woo!
He hasn't said anything yet.
- Sorry.
- No, don't be.
You like what you hear,
you hoot and holler.
That's what this experiment is all about -
being yourselves and having a good time.
I wanted to find out if anyone had
any questions or requests.
Yeah. Do we get to hang out
in the control room?
(Awkward laughs)
Uh, you're more than welcome
to a little tour of the control room,
once I've worked all the bugs
out of the system,
but after that, you guys won't have
any interaction with me at all.
I think that would take you
out of the experience.
So, you guys get the whole house.
I get the trailer in the back.
- Fair enough.
- Any other questions?
All right, in that case, I hope this will be
interesting and, most of all, fun.
So, enjoy - and I'll be seeing you.
I'll show you to the door.
Nice speech, maestro.
So, what do you think?
Any break-out performances so far?
Well, I'm not one
to play favorites, but, uh...
I'd say there's one or two of you
who show some promise.
(Camera whirring, dialogue muted)
(Door opens)
(Tom) 'Don't be so stingy
with that pineapple.'
(Tina) 'You already have four slices
on your plate.'
(Tom) 'I'm still growing!'
So, after Peter, Wendy and Captain Hook,
I got to walk out there.
And I bowed,
and my little wings sparkled.
I mean, it was such an incredible feeling
and I just knew right then, right there,
that was my calling.
- So, I got into high school...
- I hear actors are really self-centered
and only talk about themselves.
Is that true?
Generally, yes.
Been meaning to ask you, Tom.
What kind of comedian are you?
The kind who learned to be funny
so he wouldn't get his ass kicked at recess?
Or the sad little dreamer,
who honestly believes that, one day,
his lame little fart jokes will land him
a woman of the non-blow-up variety?
Judging from the way you've been sniffing
Tina's rosebuds for the past hour...
- (Laughter)
- ...I'd have to assume the latter.
Fine, fine. You get this round,
but only because I like you.
Oh-ho! I'm touched.
But you're right,
I'm hogging the spotlight.
Kyra? I hear you're an artist.
Says who?
Uh... (Nervous laugh)
I don't remember.
You are, aren't you?
- I guess.
- But you're not sure?
- I just draw for myself.
- Can we see some of your stuff?
- (All) Yeah!
- (Erica) That'd be great.
Uh... Maybe some other time. I don't...
I haven't really shown it to anyone.
Show it to us, girl.
You know you want to, or you wouldn't
have brought your book down.
- I just wanted to finish something.
- Come on!
- Come on!
- Show it to us.
- OK.
- (All) Yeah!
How long have you been drawing?
(Kyra) Forever.
Oh, wow! Who's that?
- A friend.
- Not too shabby.
The... The drawing, I mean.
The drawing.
- Wow!
- Hey! That's where I picked you up.
I've got one you might like even better.
- Wow!
- Oh, wow!
(Tina) I always wanted one of these!
The guys that do them in amusement parks
make your face all trippy and shit.
I mean, this is really killer!
- Could you draw me?
- Sure.
I kind of think the left side of my face
is dominant.
Wow. I'm gonna get a frame for this one.
What do you think?
- Right.
- Yeah? All right.
- See if there's one of us.
- All right.
(Tom) Whoah!
- Oh, my God!
- That's heavy.
- (Tina) What the hell are these?
- Give them back.
What do you care?
I just want to see...
God! Chill the fuck out!
- So, what are we watching again?
- "The Slaughterhouse Factor".
- You've never heard of it?
- Nope.
- Huh. Must be a cult thing.
- Have you done any real movies?
So, what are these films about?
Well, I play this woman, Fanny van Druven,
who was sexually abused as a child.
So, out of rage, I kill my parents
by burning the house down.
But... my body is never found,
so I become an urban legend.
15 years later, this group of teenagers
come back to town
and they decide to spend the night
at the house to party -
despite the fact that there's a curse
surrounding the whole place!
And despite the fact
that the house burned down.
Anyway, I come back
with this creepy ghoul mask on.
- (Laughing) And I kill everybody.
- (Tom) Yeah, yeah.
So, it's a "Friday the 13th" rip-off.
No, it's totally different.
There's a female killer.
- Fanny van Dermin?
- Van Druven.
Actually, I think it's kind of cool,
cos most of the time, the women
in these movies are the screaming victims.
Aren't there screaming women
in these films, too?
No, no, no.
These are all the same, I'm telling ya.
I remember this one retarded movie where
this guy got killed with a tennis racquet.
(Tom laughing)
(Laughing) Can you believe that shit?
When they found him, he was...
Hanging by the tennis strings.
You saw that crap, too?
"The Slaughterhouse Factor Part VI:
The Final Slaughter".
(Tina laughing)
( Church organ)
Oh, my God!
That was so terrible.
- I'm so embarrassed.
- No, no. This is fascinating.
I love the juxtaposition
between this scene and the last one.
It brought out the thematic design
of your character
and shed some light
on her psychological rationalization,
despite the mental hebephrenia
just hinted at earlier.
Do you think so?
This movie is so shitty!
And I love the lighting.
It heightens the suspense component
and, at the same time,
adds yet another visual layer to Franny's
already multi-faceted personage.
What the hell are you talking about?
This sucks.
He obviously doesn't appreciate
the artistic value of cinema.
Yes, especially when it sucks.
(Camera whirring)
(Rasping breaths)
(Labored breathing)
(Pencil scratching on paper)
(Man) 'Oh, God. She's dead.
What happened to her?'
'She's got a fork in her neck!
(Screaming) She's got a fork in her neck!'
- (Screaming on TV)
- Which one are we on?
"The Slaughterhouse Factor Part Ill:
Death Strikes Thrice".
Wow, we're only on number three?
- Does anybody want something to drink?
- Yeah, I'll take a soda, if there's any left.
How about a nice big cup of espresso?
These crappy films
are putting me to sleep.
How about a nice big cup
of "shut the fuck up"?
OK. One soda.
Not to insult you, Erica,
'because I really do enjoy your work,
but I gotta get to sleep.
(Erica) 'Good!'
(Sexual groaning on TV)
(Man) 'Oh, baby. Come on.
'Oh, yeah!'
( Spooky music on TV)
( Tina humming)
(Groaning on TV)
(Groaning continuing)
(Clears throat nervously)
'Oh, no! Agh!'
(Tina gasping)
Oh, no.
Hey, Tina.
Hurry up, you're missing the best part.
What's the matter?
- (Gary) Oh, my God!
- We have to get help.
What's going on?
- Oh, my God!
- (Moaning)
Help me, Kyra. Please help me.
- Please.
- Oh, my God.
- (Sobbing) Please.
- What happened?
What's the screaming abo...?
- Jesus!
- (Sobbing)
The line's... The phone line's dead.
What the hell's going on?
(Thud, thud, thud)
This can't be happening.
Is this some kind of a goddamn sick joke?
- Carl. We have to get Carl.
- The hell with Carl.
- We have to get outta here!
- Exactly!
No, don't!
Help! Help us!
Come on. Pull it together.
Carl! Please!
'Get us out of here!'
- 'He's filming us.'
- 'He'll come and get us. I know he will.'
Where the hell is he?
(Gary) He's filming everything.
She's dead, isn't she?
No. She's alive, but just barely.
Oh, God.
The first thing we need to do
i-is... try and contain these wounds.
Then we'll think about
getting out of here.
Jesus Christ!
We can't just leave her like this!
OK, OK, you're right. Maybe we can get
some towels or something
and, I don't know, wrap her stomach
or hold her intestines in?
- I-I don't know.
- Good, Tom. There's a closet upstairs.
You, Tom, stay with Tina.
You, come with me.
Yell if you see or hear anything.
Come on.
It's just the camera.
I don't know about this.
- Maybe we should go back.
- No, we're almost there. Come on.
You're OK. You're safe. You're safe.
- It's OK...
- What the hell are you doing?
Avoiding panic by maintaining rational
thought. It's a relaxation technique.
Your roommate got attacked by the kitchen.
I don't know how rational that is.
So, does it work?
The TV doesn't exactly help.
I'll get it.
Here we go.
Wait, wait. It might be...
All right. Yeah.
OK. On three.
Tom, this isn't funny.
Where the hell are you?
Help me.
Help me.
It's OK, Tina. Help's on the way.
I can't see anything.
Wait a sec.
(Erica screams)
- (Rasping breaths)
- (Kyra) Tom?
Who's there?
(Breathing continuing)
- What happened?
- Tom, where the hell were you?
What are you talking about?
I've been standing right here.
Can you guys compare notes
on your own time?
Right now, Tina needs our help.
- Oh, my God!
- That's impossible.
- You were supposed to stay with her.
- We did.
- You didn't. You left.
- Left? I went to turn the TV off.
Next thing, Sybil here's screaming
her head off, runs out in the hall.
You guys come charging down
and suddenly we're in Vegas.
- Somebody's playing games with us.
- Gee, what tipped you off?
(Tina) You guys! Can you believe
this place? It's the fucking bomb!
(Tina) What's up, chicken butt?
It's coming from in there.
(Tina) Kyra... Help me.
- Kyra, what are you doing?
- (Gary) I'll get her.
(Tina) Kyra...
(Tina) 'You'd better hurry up
or we're going to start without you.'
'Can you hear me?'
You're safe. Breathe. Breathe.
- Carl!
- Of course he can hear you.
That crazy fuck's probably
in the house with us right now.
(Distorted giggling)
- This whole set-up, it's like a...
- A snuff film?
- Yeah, and we're its goddamn stars.
- He wouldn't do that. It's not Carl.
(Distorted giggling)
She's not real.
She's not real!
(Kyra screaming)
Kyra! Kyra! Kyra!
Shh. You're OK.
She came at me.
She had some kind of a knife.
Kyra, there's no one here but us.
- You didn't see her?
- You were having an attack.
- You imagined it.
- No!
She was right here.
You can't tell me you didn't see her.
My pills.
- I think I need my pills.
- OK. We'll get them.
What? This guy's trying to kill us
and you want to stop for pharmaceuticals?
It'll only take a minute!
Yeah, it'll only take a minute
to get the fuck out of here.
Tom! Tom, wait!
Stop! I said don't move!
Oh, shit!
Walk towards me, Tom.
Walk towards me.
(Whirring, beeping)
- Where'd you say those pills were?
- Let's go.
(Door creaks)
- Kyra, come on.
- They're not here.
- They're not here.
- Hey, hey. We'll find them.
Come on. I'll help you look.
Hey. Thanks, you know.
- Thanks for what you did back there.
- Forget about it.
- You would have done the same for me.
- Yeah, sure.
In theory.
(Carl, distant) Help me!
Please, somebody help me.
- Oh, my God.
- That sounds like...
'Please don't do it. I'll keep my mouth shut,
just let me walk out of here.'
Oh, my God.
'Don't do it! No!
'No, please! Dear God! Agh!'
- (Sobbing) No!
- What the fuck was that?
(Banging window)
Get him down!
(Erica sobbing)
Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
- Alex?
- (Erica sobbing)
Who did this?
(Faintly) Kolobos.
- Alex?
- Erica, what's going on?
(Sobbing) How could this happen?
It was supposed to be simple.
- What was?
- It was just a job, a stupid job.
- We did it for the money.
- You're both actors?
- I don't believe it. She set us up!
- I didn't know anything about this.
You've been stringing us along
the whole time.
- This was not the plan.
- Then what was?
I don't know. Alex got me the job.
He... He said that there might be
some surprises along the way,
but I should just play along.
- Who hired you?
- Don't tell me you're buying this crap?
This project had an investor.
I never met him.
She's lying. It's one of her platinum
No, I believe her. She's not that good
an actress. No offence.
OK. Fine.
If it's not Carl or Alex
or whatever the fuck his name is,
who the fuck is knocking people off?
- It could be anybody. This investor guy.
- Yeah, yeah, maybe one of us.
No, look, stop pointing the finger.
Let's just figure out a way to get out of here.
How? All the doors and windows are sealed.
Then we'll go up.
The attic.
The attic. Yeah, OK.
But just make sure you watch your back.
- I'll find out who did this.
- Come on, Erica. Let's go.
(Faceless moaning)
I think it's OK up here.
This place is a goddamn fun house.
(Woman) Kyra.
(Man, groaning) Kyra...
(Tina giggling)
What happened?
I... I just don't like this. It's...
It's too dark.
(Electricity buzzing)
(Buzzing stops)
Hey. May... Maybe we can punch
through the roof.
(Dull thuds)
Wait a minute. What is that?
There's a metal plate lining the roof.
- Fucking shit! Shit!
- We're never gonna break through that.
Did you hear that?
- Hear what?
- It was a creaking sound, footsteps.
- Was it one of us?
- It came from over there.
Are you sure?
- If someone else is in...
- Shh!
Jesus! Take it easy.
There's no one up here.
- Are you OK?
- Was she ever?
I don't know what's going on, Gary,
but I saw someone. I know I did.
- Even downstairs with Tina.
- Who? Who did you see?
I don't know. It was a man.
He cut his face off.
- It was like something...
- No, no, no. Shh. Shh.
It's OK.
Look, we're all scared right now,
but we're going to get out of here.
In the meantime,
stick with me and you'll be OK.
(Kyra) Gary?
(Gary whispers) I'm right here.
(Rasping breaths)
- (Kyra) Did you hear that?
- (Gary) It's nothing, Kyra.
- (Rasping breaths)
- (Kyra) There it is again.
(Gary) I don't hear anything.
(Kyra) Oh, my God!
It's him! He's up here!
(Rasping breaths)
(Actions not audible)
(Wind blowing)
- Erica?
- (Actions not audible)
Where's Gary?
(Gary screaming)
- (Screaming)
- Gary!
There's no way in hell
we're gonna get this panel open.
Oh, my God.
Come and look at this.
(Tom) Jesus!
This looks like Kyra's drawing.
What the hell are they doing up here?
- She's not up here.
- Neither is Gary.
(Sobbing) No!
(Distant banging)
(Hammering on door)
(Hammering on door continues)
(Patient) Are you having bad dreams?
Don't be afraid.
Bad dreams are only dreams.
Just tell yourself it isn't real
and the demons will go away.
(Dr. Waldman) Kyra?
Do you mind closing the curtain?
That girl is freaking me out.
How are you this evening?
Not too good, huh?
Well, I just wanted to let you know that
the police are checking everything out.
I assure you, everything's going to be OK.
We'll take good care of you.
Kyra, when did you do this to yourself?
How many times have you tried this?
(Voice distorting) Kyra?
I'd like to talk to you about this, Kyra.
Why would you do something like this
to yourself?
Today... we...
- (Tom) What have you got?
- (Erica) Just the bottom.
- (Erica) You?
- (Tom sighs) Still looking.
Hey, check the door.
- Don't fucking move.
- What's going on?
You tell us.
Where's Gary?
(Door creaking)
Oh, God! Gary!
Let me guess.
You've no idea what happened, right?
I saw a man drag Gary into the bathroom.
They were fighting and then...
I don't know,
somebody hit me over the head and I...
I must have blacked out.
- Oh, that's convenient!
- It's the truth.
He punched a hole through that door.
A hole?
You must have heard them.
Gary was screaming...
All I know is we came down to find Gary gone
and you here looking like that.
(Kyra) But I...
(Kyra) No.
- You can't think...
- Tom.
- Ah, shit!
- Erica!
- No. I didn't...
- Spare us the wide-eyed innocent routine.
You killed him,
just like you killed Tina and Alex.
- Please, you have to believe me.
- Bullshit!
We know exactly what you've done.
And what you're capable of doing.
Who did these?
They're yours.
Are you too fucked in the head
to even recognize your own work?
I don't remember.
They're just drawings.
They don't mean anything.
Three people are dead.
That means something to me.
The only thing that means
anything to her are these.
- Where'd you get those?
- In your drawer.
Funny. I thought they were lost.
It's a good excuse to flip out and go on
a killing spree, don't you think?
Give them back.
You want 'em?
Come and get 'em.
- You crazy bitch!
- (Kyra screams)
- No!
- (Banging on door)
- Tom! Erica, let me out!
- You just gonna leave her in there?
- You have a better idea?
- I don't know.
It's one thing to think something
and another to actually do it.
- What if she's telling the truth?
- What if she's not?
Look, if she isn't the killer,
then she definitely knows who is.
- Either way, she's a menace.
- (Hammering on door continues)
Look, I don't know about you...
but I feel safer already.
So, what now?
We have to check the basement.
The basement? Are you crazy?
We have to go through the kitchen.
We don't have much choice.
If the kitchen is that booby-trapped,
it's gotta be the way out.
Hey, you wanna stay here
and ask Kyra for help?
(Whirring, buzzing)
(Erica) That's it over there.
How can I be sure you're not in on this?
Fuck you, Tom!
We've already been through this!
How do I know the whole deal with Kyra
isn't just a set-up?
Maybe you could have thrown me
in that goddamn trap.
- Fuck that, Miss Fanny van Druven!
- If I was the killer,
how could I have done anything to Gary?
I was with you in the attic
the whole time.
Look, Tom,
the only way we're gonna get out of here
alive is if we trust each other.
How do you get to the basement?
- We make a run for it.
- No, seriously.
I don't think we have a choice!
Look, are you with me or not?
(Whirring, beeping continuing)
(Erica) Just focus on the door.
(Pinging, clattering)
- Tom!
- Shit! I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
(Woman, softly) Kyra.
Kyra, are you listening?
Now you've done it!
This is what happens to little girls
who refuse to play along.
- That was terrible!
- But I... I didn't do anything wrong! No!
No. You're not there.
I'm alone! I'm alone!
Leave me alone!
I've got a present for you.
Your old friend. Pick it up.
Go ahead. Pick it up.
- Pick it up.
- (Yells) Shut up!
- I'm not afraid of you.
- You should be.
You're not real.
There's nothing wrong with me!
There's nothing wrong with me!
There's nothing wrong with me.
It's locked.
I need you to come help me op...
(Sobbing) No! No! No!
No! No!
(Rasping breaths)
There, there.
Stop! No! Please!
Tom, it's OK.
Stop! It's me. Are you OK?
- Where the hell did you just come from?
- The bathroom, remember?
- How'd you get out?
- I beat the door into submission.
Let me take a look.
You're the one who whacked me
over the back of the head.
You were out cold. If I wanted to kill you
I could have sliced you into ribbons.
(Gently) Oh, God.
It doesn't look too bad.
- Where's Erica?
- I don't know.
She went into the kitchen.
That's the last I remember.
(Tom) What the hell?
- What?
- The door's open. The lasers are off.
It's clear.
She must have gone through the door.
Is that the way out?
I don't know.
There's only one way to find out.
I'm not so sure I want to.
We'll check the windows in here, OK?
(Whisper) Yes.
Tom, can you give me a boost up?
Tom! Tom, answer me!
- (Squelch)
- Oh.
(Voices whispering)
(Erica) Kyra. Hey, Kyra!
( Fairground organ)
(Erica) 'Agh! A good actress always does
her research... I kill everybody.'
(Alex) 'That's what this experiment
is all about.'
(Gary) 'Real learning comes from
being out there, doing things.'
(Tina) 'I'm not some kind of actress
or anything like that.
'I've got that progressive-minded
shit down!'
- (Gary) 'Can we see some of your stuff?'
- (Erica) 'I hear you're an artist.'
(Voices stop)
'Today, you exist.'
(Screams) No!
Stop. Stop.
(Stops screaming)
(Kyra softly moaning)
Finally, they exist.
I freed them from their shells.
Like you did.
They're just drawings!
(Faceless) No. No.
You feel their inner truth.
No, you killed them!
I... I gave them back their true form.
Just... Just like I did to myself.
Why don't you kill me, too?
You're not like them.
You don't need to die.
Today, you exist.
(Tina) 'You're not some kind of
head case or nothing?'
- (Gary) '...had some trouble in the past.'
- (Kyra) 'Nothing wrong with me.'
(Tina) 'Did you see what she did
to her wrists?'
(Tom) 'Freaks and psychos.'
(Erica) 'You don't even recognize
your own work.'
(He roars)
(Kyra screams)
Good morning, Kyra.
- Good morning.
- How are you feeling?
- Much better.
- Good.
I've brought your release papers,
so you're all set to go.
- These are yours.
- Any word from Detective Byers?
You want to sit down for a minute?
Did they find him?
Detective Byers checked out the address
that you gave him,
- and they...
- Did they find the others?
The house belongs to an elderly couple
who's lived there for over 22 years.
There was no snow, one story,
no basement,
no upstairs.
- That's impossible.
- They checked the entire area.
They couldn't find anything that matched
the information that you gave him.
They must have made a mistake.
- I know what happened.
- Then clear something up for me.
When you were brought in, there was a word
that you kept repeating - Kolobos.
Does that ring a bell?
Well, at the suggestion of a colleague,
I looked it up.
The word actually comes
from an Ancient Greek term
which, when distilled into modern lingo,
basically means "mutilated".
- I wanna go home.
- Kyra.
Whatever happened to you,
I'm sure it was really scary.
And a traumatic event like that
can trigger old memories.
Are you saying I made this up?
That I'm lying?
I'm not accusing you of anything.
I just want to make sure that you're safe.
From what?
Someone nobody believes exists?
- I didn't say I didn't believe you.
- You think I did this to myself?
Why? To get attention?
I did it to my wrists, so why not my face?
Kyra, I never said any of that.
I only want to help you.
Now, I have a dear friend
that you could go see.
His offices are close by you,
so I took the liberty of making
an appointment for you.
- Kyra, all I want you to do is see...
- No. Goodbye.
- At least think about it.
- No!
(Key turns)
(Woman laughing)
(Tina) 'Kyra, help me.
'Help me.'
(Continues laughing)
(Man's laughter)
Damn it!
(Rattling doors)
(Man joins in laughing)
(Kyra continues chuckling)
(Reassuringly) It's only me.
(Erica sobbing) 'No!
(Screaming) 'No! No! No!
(Faceless calling) 'Kyra!
It's only me.
(Faceless, laughing) 'Whoah!
'Touch me.
'Touch me, Kyra.
'Please touch me.
'Kyra, touch me.'
(Gary, screaming) 'No!'
(Faceless) 'Kyra.
'Kyra, touch me.
'Touch me now.
(Rasping breaths)
'Touch me.
'Ooh, yes, Kyra.
'Kyra, touch me.
'Oh, yes, Kyra.
'I'm thirsty, Kyra.'
Don't worry. I'm here.
'Ooh, you like it.
'Huh? Don't you?'
- Yes.
- 'Yes, do you... Do you want more?'
(Kyra giggles)
'There is something I want you to do.'
I know.
(Kyra, to self) 'Kolobos.
'It means "mutilated".
'Some would say it's what Zeus did
'when he severed the first creatures
who roamed the Earth in two,
'condemning them to wander
in search for their better half.
'But others believe
he created divine beauty
'for, in severing the beasts,
he created man and woman.
Yes. I'd like to place an ad.
Wanted, freeloaders.
Artist seeks five
progressive-minded individuals
- for ground-breaking experimental film.
- (Rasping breaths)
Participants will share free lodging
in a fully furnished home
in the Mount Olympus resorts.
If you're willing to laugh, cry,
love, hate,
befriend, betray, confess it all on VHS,
I want you.
Black Mac
Slack man and dying
Face 2 Faceless
Can't they see that
standing in your face?
Face 2 Faceless
And it's my murdering alone
Say, who am I?
Face 2 Faceless