Kongo (1932) Movie Script

, Cookie!
, Go see who it is!
- , Go see who it is!
- ? Who?? I?
, S , t!
, Come back there!
- Who to come?
- , Come back there!
The big boss came through
the forest to talk to you.
- What was his path?
- Less than one moon.
It's fine, send it to me.
And welcome him.
Cast the rest of those
children out of my entrance.
Do you speak to me?
,Come on! Wait a minute.
Thinking better, we will give
each one a piece of sugar.
I learned this
observing the missionaries.
It takes a lifetime to
Christianize a native...
and I can undo everything in
two minutes with a sugar cube.
Times are changing.
I never saw the chief come
here unless you called him.
- Do you know what I think?
- No, and I do not care.
You are discovering
our cheap magic.
Black magic for the Womba.
, For the Womba!
I think maybe another new
white man would come, huh?
Before you see another white man the quinine
and water will run through your veins.
, Not even you will be interested!
Cor name... "Queen of May".
With all the men you've met, have
you ever seen an Adonis like that?
Smile, little rat in the forest, smile.
- Are you already preparing your things?
- , Yes, hurry!
The old boss has said that
Gregg communicated...
that he would give him 50 fangs if he
allowed him to trade within Yuyu's circle.
make great talk.
great yuyu.
I hate seeing good gin wasted
on that parched monkey.
That's not gin, I gave it to her.
It's kerosene.
He saved us by the hair, Chief.
- When I want your compliments I will ask for them.
- You duped them.
Catch t too.
I told him that Gregg was
at the bottom of this.
, 50 ivory tusks!
, For 1,000 ivory tusks...
I could not go into the circle
anymore than you can get out!
I'm getting very nostalgic!
As nostalgic as Scotland
Yard is for you.
Why do not you hand out the
ivory as you said you would...
and we get out of here?
You can always promise to take me to
Zanzibar and buy me bracelets and bracelets.
Oh, stop whining!
Save those things.
Close the doors.
A month closer, Gregg.
You're almost at the
end of your rope.
With his foot in my
column, he scoffed.
You are not as popular with
the king as you were before.
Cookie, bring me a cigarette.
Do not you think he's
smarter than us?
,Do not!
I know men.
Give me the "grandma"
which you stole.
He learned that I stole
it and returned it.
This is what I got.
I would like to have seen
him when he did it to you.
I've never seen him
whip a white man.
It is as big as a demon.
, You do not have your guts!
I have half a bottle.
Enough for you and for me.
Why do you let him
intimidate you like that?
Why do not you spit
on his forehead?
Well, it's bigger than me.
But one of these days I'll get it.
My little bat!
You have the courage of a lion!
I have some liquor, but I was
not going to tell that guy.
When they both sleep,
I'll sneak up the stairs.
I do not and I in the
light of the moon.
I am going. I go wherever it is with you.
When you stroke my head like...
I feel like a kitten...
with her belly full of milk.
I wonder what would happen to
you if "dead legs" found out.
Go back to your kennel.
Enough so that I and
I have a good drink.
And that makes us forget.
, You pray them first!
Come here.
I want you to upload.
, He loves you!
Why nobody...
It has been up there...
, Maybe they are!
, Maybe never come down!
,Goes up!
,Goes up!
, Climb that rope!
Well, you've always wanted to
know why I was here so long.
I created a yuyu with the natives
to form a circle of 130 Kms...
where no white or black man
could enter or leave...
without my authorization.
Well, I'm going to tell
you because I need you.
I'm going to let you
out of the circle.
- They are gone.
- But they will come back.
You're going to Cape Town, to a convent
and you're going to bring a girl here.
- ? A girl?
- A woman.
Old enough to realize
what is happening to him.
For 18 years I have built
a fence around you.
A clean environment
in body and soul...
preparing it for this.
You're going to bring
her back to her father.
A pr spera plantation of rubber.
She will be anxious
enough to come!
He did not write to me any
clingy and maudlin letters...
full of desire to
see his father.
,His father!
,His father!
Does that mean he's going to
bring his own daughter here?
My daughter, not his, the
man who stole my wife.
The man who kicks my column.
, The man who mocks!
, I know I became...
half man!
But I followed them.
She died without recognizing me.
I caught the baby.
His baby, and he followed him.
Once I reached it.
Why do not I kill him?
Why would I give
him a godly death?
That is what I expected.
, You will suffer all that I have suffered!
You're flesh and blood, Gregg!
Degraded, corrupted!
, Your name burning from
Camer n to Zanz bar!
- Gregg?
- That's why I lived here.
, That's why I
lived in this mud!
, Rubbing your nose with
those dirty natives!
, Making my religion my own!
, Being part of them!
, Everything to be able to
live on its own threshold...
without him being able to see me!
Do you understand?
When do you want me to leave?
As soon as we get porters.
I could take some of
our ivory and sell it.
Oh, no, friend...
There are tons of ivory down...
and half will be yours
when you bring her here.
But suppose she does not come.
I have planned all the details.
You are a great friend of your father.
A missionary from Rhodesia.
This will be your appearance.
We're going to miss Ann a lot.
How will I miss her!
But finally I'm going to see my father.
I'll be waiting for
you with open arms.
All these years, dear friend...
He has been killing
himself to work...
to be able to provide...
the sweetness of life to your child.
I have always wondered why
he has never come to see me.
I will never forget the beautiful letter
I wrote to this convent 10 years ago...
explaining that, with God's help, he
was fertilizing the world, alone.
You, as a missionary, Mr. Babcock,
he will realize the
difficulties that means.
Yes, it's true.
But we can be happy...
what your father, and my friend,
has conquered for civilization.
Well, I have to go and
say goodbye to everyone.
I hope my father loves me.
Fuzzy, listen to Big Boss.
Morning moon in Pantano Eight
Palmos come great convoy.
Great convoy Gregg.
A lot of ivory.
No white boss.
I do not speak.
"Ozeebee", great devil.
Scare a lot of black boys.
Big Boss send porters
to bring ivory.
- Not speak.
- Not speak.
Big Boss eyes on
Fuzzy all the time.
, Hide in forest!
Come here!
, Hurry!
T pillar...
white tongue.
I caught a lot of white tongue.
- Do not talk?
- Not speak.
Do not give me much sugar.
A lot of smoke stick.
Much exchange.
The Big Boss gives you...
- Do not talk, huh?
- Not speak.
I give you
, Never plug a waiter!
- Why do you plug it in?
- Use your eyes, he's a thief.
Let it serve as a warning.
,And you!
He will never see him again.
Hang it in the room as a
warning to all blacks.
Then take it to the tribe.
Go, go!
I thought you had fled!
Do you want to tell me that you
do not like pretty, cool swamps?
I admit there's no way
out of this sewer.
You should know that I
have tried it often.
Flint, I need a drink.
, D melo!
Give a drink to the orita.
- You give it to me without thinking?
- Of course I do, my dear!
What is the reason for this
sudden outburst of generosity?
Attrib it to my dearest.
Go ahead, be happy.
Now break that glass.
?What do you mean?
Who wants to drink after you?
I should have known that it was
another trick to humiliate me!
- Break that glass!
- I will not break it!
, If you knew how I hate
you and despise you!
, Night and day I thought about
revenge, disgusting mat n!
My dear, for those sweet comments
you can have another drink.
How proud I would be to your
father if I could see you!
Your mind is more twisted and
deformed than your body!
I am deformed in body and soul.
, The swamp is healthy
compared to you!
Hogan, put her in your room.
, Let's cure your desire to flee!
It will hit you., It's half crazy!
One hundred lashes for each
carrier who left the convoy.
They found this in a spear stuck
in the throat of a carrier.
Gregg, if you want your
ivory, come for it.
It's time to meet. Flint.
, Flint!
I would like to put your hands on you.
It's only once!
Finally, I want to keep an eye on him.
This note means that
you will let me pass.
- You will not risk...?
- , Even if it's the last thing you do!
I'm going to get that
crippled thief out.
You can not do it if you have the
entire Sholi tribe at your back.
130 Kms. Of ambushes and yuyu.
The young men will flee like flies.
Your only problem, Carl,
is that you're a coward.
You're weak with the tools,
I want you to tie me up.
An ata d?
How much do you measure?
Is it for me? Around 1.50...
It's okay, make it 1.80.
Yes, 1.80... Who is it for?
He's not going to bury
that native, right?
You will want to burn
it as they always do.
I would not stand to be one of
your women who are burned alive.
Do you ever stop gossiping?
Here, I want you to
prepare this trick.
This will give the old pig and his
rabble something to think about.
Where do we get a skeleton?
They never leave more than ashes.
It depends on you.
Get the skeleton.
An ax in the creek water
could make your job easier.
The vultures will do the rest.
I'm getting very nostalgic!
The drums...
They come here all the time.
- Yes, he'll be here soon.
- ? I?? Who?
Some day I'm going to cover that mouth
of yours and I'll put a nice tag inside.
Come on, clean that!
?Who is coming?? Who?
They have made the signal to the drum that
a new white man has entered the circle.
Oh, a white man!
?Who is he?
That's what I want to find out.
That's why I sent him
to be allowed to pass.
Do not you think maybe Gregg tries
to pass me by to take me back?
- You like Gregg, huh?
- Oh, no, no!
I do not like it.
Devil, half of you is fire
and the other half is lies.
Give me a little kiss, huh?
You're not mad at me, huh?
Come on come on...
We make peace, a lot of love...
Many new bracelets, huh?
I've already given you
enough junk to open a store.
Tula wants more.
Tula always wants more.
T give me new facial creams,
give me many new bracelets...
and give me...
It's enough, it's too hot!
Get out of here.
Other men do not find
too much heat for Tula.
Give me a drink! I want brandy.
- Who are you looking at?
- That's what I'm going to find out.
Where am I? This is Lapunga?
You are not less than 100 moons.
Only whites who flee the
law come to this place.
What is your scam?
?Who are you to ask questions?
You think I'm drunk.
No, I've lived too long
in the Congo for that.
You have been chewing
roots of byang.
You are a drug addict.
And what if I am?
A man has to have something.
You have signs of a gentleman.
A professional, maybe.
, M.D.!
, F.R.C.S.!
How much it means in a
dunghill like this.
You're a doctor, huh?
In a village like this
we need a doctor.
You are knocking
on the wrong door.
Very unreliable.
Walking through the clouds one day...
and crawling through the swamps
in search of byang to the next.
How have you got here?
I came to help the government
fight against drugs.
One day, I just stopped fighting.
Here I am.
Give him some brandy.
Thank you.
My name is Harris.
I am the cook.
My name is Kingsland
and I am a disaster.
When you feel better, doctor,
I want you to prescribe me.
I have a kidney floating.
That's right, during the day it's fine,
but at night he lets
go of his anchor.
Can I prescribe now?
Suck lemons.
, That's very weird!
Absolutely, citric acid is a
cure for the floating kidney.
Well, if it heals me, I...
- I'll suck all the lemons in the jungle.
- Come on, get out of here.
Well, how are you feeling now, Doc?
That is what I needed.
It clears a little head.
Hey, what's your name?
In this territory it is my privilege
to ask questions, not answer them.
Since you're so
polite, I want a bed!
And porters and provisions
to get to Lapunga.
Of that nothing.
You are going to stay here.
You'll see if you can do something
with these things that...
They were called legs.
- How long have you been like that?
- 18 a.
- It's hard.
- I do not expect a cure.
But every now and
then a pain hits me.
- I can alleviate it, but...
- , Pleasure!
Do I see visions or
is it a white woman?
Eight months without seeing a white woman.
I did not expect to find one here.
Once I was the only white
woman in this place,
but then came the woman
with the disgusting hair.
Go back to your room.
I can choose to talk
to the woman...
, Go back to your room!
It's fine, I'm leaving.
- Well, a little hard, no, friend?
- I'm the only law here.
While you are my
guest, remember it.
Tomorrow I'll be on my way to Lapunga.
Tomorrow the root will be gone and you
will not have the strength of a rabbit.
There will be a burning hole in your lungs
that only the root of Byang can heal.
That will be your fee, Doctor.
The root in payment for
the services rendered.
Galen heals you, huh?
Do you know what I am?
I am a Siamese twin doctor.
I am a doctor and
patient, all in one.
the patient wins.
But tomorrow...
Ma ana never arrives.
?What happened to it?
When they begin to chew
these things are finished.
, I will cut off the tongue to the one
who gives root of byang to this man!
I'll give him enough so
he does not go crazy...
until I finish what I need.
You will find lots
to have fun here.
After tomorrow you will see
a native burial of fire.
- The sacrifice of a living woman.
- ? What?
When a man dies, his closest wife,
daughter or relative is buried with him.
- Do you allow that?
- Allow it?
I encourage it.
I have made them believe that
I am part of their religion.
Because the voodo will bring me
what I want.
I do not understand your purpose.
Even I have difficulties
to understand myself.
?Who is she?
Go back to the ground, which is your place.
Cookie, give him your paper there.
- , Go there!
- That's no way to treat a lady.
?A lady?
This earth degrades men,
but I'm not so rotten to see
treating a white woman like that.
Are you going to become the hero?
No, just the remnants of
manhood that I have left.
- Well, what are you going to do?
- I could give you a hand in the jaw!
Spirit, huh?
That is a novelty on this earth.
Very good, Doc.
Let's not talk more about that.
But I am very demanding
with whom I eat.
I am also very demanding
with whom I eat.
She will not like it. It's crazy!
Do you mind that I accompanied her?
What are you doing here?
It will be better for you if...
if I do not speak.
I am your medical advisor.
I want to take a look.
I do not have much to brag about,
more than port in a storm.
Malignant black fever.
- What are you taking for that?
- Brandy.
When can I get it?
- It's the only thing that keeps me alive.
- The worst possible thing for you.
I think I can help her.
It seems that our orita is
going to have another romance!
He has already had many, one
more will not be noticed.
Ann, come here!
Take this bottle of brandy
and go back to your room.
,Just a moment!
Brandy will raise fever, will provoke
the delirium and finally kill her.
- Here I make the recipes.
- Not while I'm here.
, Cookie!
Bring another bottle of brandy.
?Why? I can have everything I want.
He says I can.
This thing will kill her.
- Has he sent you here?
- No, he has not sent me.
Well, why have you come?
, Say it and go!
I have come to help her.
?Do you listen me?
Please, believe me.
There is something
monstrous in all this.
You know, you asked me
I will help her.
Sometimes I reach the moon.
When I'm sober,
which is not often.
- Where did you come from?
- Cape Town.
What are you doing here?
He sent me to find me.
I was going to see my father.
A missionary brought me.
- A missionary?
- , S !
, The holy man!
Hogan... disguised.
Maybe I'm just running.
I'll wake up and go to the chapel.
I will see the nuns and
the walls of the convent.
, I have permission for this!
, Listen, you must not!
How much does it make you
were in the convent?
- , I do not know, two years!
- Calm calm.
- Have you been here since?
- Do not.
There was a house...
From a convent to a
house in Zanz bar.
,I graduated!
Please, do not make me
dig up the old graves!
, I'm going to get her out of this!
, And to get her away from that manic!
Have you heard me?
- , I do not believe you!
- Oh, yes, please!
- Hey, and who are you?
- I'm a doctor.
A fugitive
, This is no more than
a new kind of torture!
Give me hope a minute or two.
, Another trick!
- No, I want to get her out of here.
- Sounds easy, does not it?
Well, it's better to be clear.
The cripple can prevent someone
from leaving the yuyu circle.
I know, I've tried.
How is it called?
Ann Whitehall.
Everything is easy in
life, except death.
We played hide and
seek, death and I,
for a long time.
Ann, so cheme.
There was something in here
that had been dead a long time.
That which was dead has risen
from the moment I saw it.
And I'm going to get her out of here.
?He believes me?
, Sure, I believe you!
- What is the use of believing a madman?
- Oh, give me a chance!
When I have a few days here
You will know what an opportunity is.
Let him not know that he wants to help
me or give him food to the jungle.
Ann, I swear, I'm going to cure her!
, And we will escape together!
You know, despite everything
you have suffered...
there is something, something
infinitely sweet in you.
Something sweet, huh?
I already told you that I graduated.
But you're a friendly fool,
and that's a novelty.
Maybe the rest is
not so unpleasant.
What was that?
It sounds like the monkey
waving its chains.
Do not let them catch you here!
Come on, I'll see if I can
give you back a little health.
Can you give me back my respect?
If I know how to judge people, there
is something you have never lost.
Good evening, Ann.
Doctor, please, quickly, quickly.
I think maybe a scorpion or
centipede bit me., Look!
That does not look
much like a bite.
I wake up with terrible pain.
There is no piercing, it
is more like an ara azo.
So, how could it happen?
Maybe with this, huh?
You know women, huh?
You are very smart.
,But I like you a lot!
?You do not like me?
There is no reason not to like me.
Then, why are you going to see her?
Why do not you come to me?
- That girl is very sick.
- Tula is also very sick.
He has heart problems for you.
That's very flattering, but I'm
afraid I can not prescribe a cure.
Since you came here
my heart goes like that.
,Listen out!
I can get you a lot
of byang root.
? Yes?
I'm not interested in those things anymore.
I've finished.
So you go crazy! Look...
, I get it for you!
,I do not want it!
Maybe you'll take it tomorrow.
I told you I finished!
Keep him. You do not have to
use it if you do not want to.
Maybe I should not...
cut already.
- I do it easily, huh?
- , Clear!
Now you pay me...
You give me a kiss.
?All ready?
Everything ready, I pray.
Oh, poor Yorick, I knew him well.
I know that voice.
It's Harris, the cook.
It's fine, come on.
Let's see how you move.
They are going to give me
chills under the skeleton.
Come on, come out., Turn it around!
,Close the door!
T and I are the only
ones who know this.
If someone else finds out,
it will be very bad for you.
You will have the dust at hand and
I will terrify those sweetbreads.
Everything seemed to work well.
All right, okay,
except the palpitations
of my intermittent heart.
Open that door.
Damn brbara...
Why do not they avoid his misfortune?
It is a tender habit voodoo. Never
burn a woman until the moon rises.
They are coming.
, D melo!
, If you ever find
out, you'll kill me!
Have mercy, give it!
Take it, c gelo.
You know, we deal with it later, huh?
, Now back!
Come here!
Do you know what they're
going to do out there?
They are preparing for an
ancient voodoo ceremony.
His religion is based
on superstition.
They believe that by burning that woman,
she will join her closest relative...
purifying the spirits.
T, as a white man,
you should stop him.
Stop it? No, dear,
I'm part of it.
I'm waiting for the day to
sacrifice a white woman.
,You are a demon!
I wanted you to see this, dear.
It is part of your education.
, I'm going to give you a whole bottle!
So you can join in spirit.
I'm not going to touch your brandy.
I do not want more!
That doctor has been
influencing you, huh?
, He at least has a
spark of decency!
? Yes? Also a spark of skill.
That's why I keep it here.
I want to be as good as possible
when your father arrives.
I wonder how it will be
after all these years.
I wonder if that contempt will
still be drawn on his lips.
- The sorcerers... They come!
- Bring my headdress!
They are sorcerers... Hogan!
Come here!
It's going to be a wild night, Hogan.
Enter the spirit.
Do you hear that Rago?
, Cookie and you can
take a bottle each!
All right, boss.
Where are you going, dear? Come here!
, I wanted to give you a little drink!
- This will make you feel better, huh?
- , More!, More!
I thought you had lasted, huh?
The only man I need
and you gorge on him.
I do not, I do not!
Go ahead, lie. It will be a long
time until you speak again.
- Give me that wire!
- Oh, please, no! I will not do it anymore!
, Get out!
- , Leave her alone!
- Hurry up or you'll be next.
Come here!
Come on, open your mouth.
Stick out the tongue.
,Come on!
, S cala!
, Stop, miserable!
Stop or I'll liquidate you!
, Drop it, Flint, or fly your rotten
head from your half dead casing!
, Drop it!
I guess you've learned
that from the natives.
Twisting a girl's tongue, right?
I think I'm going to enjoy the sound
of lead crossing your skull, Flint.
A brave man. Look at him!
Hogan, I think you're
going to be the first.
- Well, how about now, Doc?
- , it's okay with me!
If I did not need you, I would break your
crazy head and throw it into the lime dump.
My messengers are already on their way to
Tuko with the medicine you want for me.
When you arrive here, you will operate.
I would not advise you to leave
me near you with a knife.
No, not the way you are now.
But I'm going to cure you.
I'm going to get you up to the
neck in the mud of the swamp...
so that the leeches suck
you until you're sober.
I'm going to puncture you and
let the leeches do the rest.
, Az car!, Az car!, Az car!
,The demon! How can you
do this to a human being?
, If you knew what that means!
,Water!, More water!
You should not have come.
Flint will find out and then...
, Listen to the drums!
, I know they miss me!
- , You have to go back!
- I do not care what happens to me.
I can not let you try to help
me and not try to help you.
Oh, it was my duty, that's all.
Neither leeches matter anymore.
My body is Setting in motion.
You must go back before
they find you here.
No, I'm going to stay here.
No no... Oh, bless you to come!
It is a memory that I will carry
until the day of my death.
Hurry, go there...
The drums are almost here.
No, I'm not leaving!
Eight men are coming.
When they entered the
circle there was 23.
It seems that you are defecting.
By the time I get here
He will be almost alone.
, Trme the 45, Tula!
Fuzzy say tribe...
"Father of white girl come".
Fuzzy say tribe...
"Father of a very sick white girl".
Fuzzy to say Motawamba...
"Great Chief Flint
stay by tribal rules."
"If white father die,
surrender girl to fire".
Fuzzy practice a lot
with stick boom.
- Fuzzy, good man.
- Fuzzy, good man.
You feel better, right?
Yes, thanks to you.
The fever has almost disappeared.
Your hands have done it.
You know, they make me think
about when I was child.
The hands of my mother.
I never knew mine.
In the convent, when the girls
left with their families...
I was very melancholy.
I did not know why, since
I had never been outside.
So I invented an
imaginary mother.
At night she would
come talk to me.
I can hear it here now.
But now I feel sorry for me.
And that's not a
nurse's privilege.
Thank you.
I think I'm going to sit down.
- She is with him again.
- Even better.
You will recover your
strength and I will need you.
And if my kidney gets worse,
maybe she'll take care of me.
, Get out of here!
I'm on your last cross, Gregg.
Do not go.
I was going to close the shutters.
The sun will hit you in the eyes.
They only see you.
,You know I love you!
S .
You shouted it a hundred
times while you raved.
It made me very happy.
And very sad for you.
For me?
I told you my life in...
in Zanz bar.
?Your life?
I'm not worth
cleaning your shoes.
We are an insignificant and
desperate couple, right?
It is not what we have been.
It is what we are going to be.
You know, those nasty leeches,
as horrible as they were,
They have taken away
that terrible desire.
Now I want to be close
to you, to do you well.
See you smile.
Love is a rare thing.
That's what I thought,
hour after hour,
while I watched you
writhing with fever.
My heart almost drowned...
praying for you to recover.
Ann, you do not love me!
You know what I know.
,I'm so happy!
Poor girl, you're exhausted.
You must go to rest.
You know, I should be
taking care of you.
With my brain clear, I can see
that you have done me a favor.
So I'm going to operate on you.
You are aware that you
can not be cured.
I know. I want you to
relieve this pain.
All right.
You are not doing this out of love.
,Not much!
I do not use you, Flint, you know.
You are a sick man
and I am a doctor.
Have you taken the bath that I told you?
S .
I took it this morning.
Thanks for Remember.
I had not bathed this month
and today we are at 31.
Well, as soon as the serum arrives here
I will be prepared.
Ten minutes from the pool now.
Fuzzy is on its last curve.
I have the hot water, sir.
I've scraped all the fat
from above as you told me.
It's fine, put it
on the counter.
- Where do you want me, Doc?
- At the same place.
I do not want it.
- How do you feel?
- All right.
- This is going to hurt.
- Hogan, give me a cigar.
Well, you're willing,
that's for sure.
How long will I be prostrate?
34 hours.
?I'll lend you a hand?
The pain will disappear
as soon as I relieve that pressure.
- Ann!
- , I do not need it!
I know, she has guts.
You can deal with sponges.
God knows that his hands
are cleaner than Cookie's!
Oh, I do not know!
Ann, I'm going to need your help.
Take my instruments out of the mat.
I'm going to operate on Flint.
If I had known, I would
have let them rust.
How he loves you!
You will have many
reasons before I finish.
You are overpowering her!
- Correct 100%, Doc.
- , Deliberately!
?Why?? Why?
It is none of your business.
Steril zalos there.
Let's get rid of
that vest, Flint.
Oh, I've never
seen him so naked!
, Fuzzy...
good man!
He has lowered his record by 3
hours to go to Tuko and return.
How's it going for work, Doc?
To pick the mouth.
Here you have your medicine, Ann.
?What have you said?
- You already heard me.
- Your medicine?
- Exactly.
- Is not it for me?
Do not.
Everything I need
for your job...
It's this knife.
- , Damn me!
- , It will be!
- The medicine was not for me?
- , Do not!
You deliberately lied!
,I hate liars!
,I also!
Well, I like your independence.
You are my kind of animal.
And I will keep this as my fee.
Well ahead. Let's do it.
- Give him a drink of brandy, Cookie.
- It's not a bad idea.
- Here, in my hands.
- A good brandy?
,Just a moment!
Take, ah...
Do you like to pray, Flint?
- I'm going to cut you right there.
- Very good, short!
Let me cut you.
He has always been very kind to me.
I would love to cut him.
, Get out, parrot is asking!
I was kidding him not to
think about the pain.
Tula, the light here.
Keep it firm.
Prepare with those sponges, Ann.
Blimey, I feel a frozen finger...
counting from top to bottom
the vertebrae of my column.
Now do not move.
,I already have it!
What would he have... stick boom?
Fuzzy keep two eyes on new
white man all the time.
Two eyes, all time.
New white man entering.
If he tries to leave...
, Boom!
Fuzzy watch.
- All time.
- All time.
Gregg is here, bending the
last curve of the river.
When I get here
I want to be alone.
Keep Tula and the
doctor out of the way.
I'm Gregg.
I am Flint.
Well, I'm glad to meet you.
? Yes?
Yes, you are t.
You are here to erase
me from the map.
I've waited a long time for
you to call me, Gregg.
What's your game, Flint?
If I explained it, the mystery would
end, the fun would disappear.
I do not want that.
Are you going to hurt me?
I tried to retaliate more than once,
but here you are invulnerable.
You can also try to roll back
Victoria Falls with your hands...
if the suffering is here.
I've stopped your slave traffic.
Take away the ivory trade
from your sector...
He made you renounce
the native mutilators.
And so you wiped my pocket and put
me in a lire with my government.
, Exactly as I planned it!
- I'm curious to know why.
- Naturally.
You did not stop me for
pitying the natives.
Purely egoistic motives.
Return the favor to the blacks.
That goes against the
black-white law.
You know it's a dangerous game to
put blacks against white people.
You're not white, Gregg.
The color of your skin
does not count for me.
No n black made me the
filthy of the white man.
Do you think I'm going to
let you get away with this?
I hope not.
That would be like killing
domesticated rabbits.
, Enough to play cat and mouse n!
Come on, let go!
- Half of my body is dead.
- What a lame!
I want to show that half of m
It's better than t in full.
How outrageous is that contempt?
He has been my ally for years.
I have a purpose in life, to see
that contempt give way to fear.
You still have not understood
me, have you, Whitehall?
I will stand up.
It may stimulate your memory.
S ...
Your eyes are the same.
But you have changed
You were pretty slender.
, Rutledge!
, After all these years!
The light begins to be made.
Oh, revenge?
No, revenge, no.
It's a dark, dark and
disturbing effect.
?You see it?
"He is mocking."
Yes, I have it always in front of me.
Punish you became
in an obsession.
Not for taking my wife.
Not to paralyze my
spine with that kick.
Yes, you did it, my good friend!
I did not languish for the
woman you took from me.
I did not claim revenge for your head.
,No no!
But you left me there,
helpless, helpless...
,You made fun!
Gregg, with that mockery you made a
weapon that will tear your heart out.
- , You are crazy!
- , Yes, a monoman!
Tied to an idea.
When you put your base in Imbimbia, I
followed you and settled down in Lapunga.
I associated with the power
that you can not resist.
You're going to get
resistance in large doses.
In Imbimbia I am as
powerful as you are here.
- , You'll never see Imbimbia again!
- Why, bandit half dead?
, Pull your hand away from the
gun or I'll tear your eyes out!
Oh, you have a battle
in your hands!
Eight of my best Sholi are
surrounding your house.
I know.
You made a mistake discovering
yourself before me.
The next time I'll
paralyze the rest.
Are you one of your Sholi?
S .
Ah hangs the skin...
of a Sholi.
But my Sholi...!
It is gone.
Ann, come here!
I want you to smile at this man.
- Pretty, right, Gregg?
- Yes, but...
Beautiful eyes, delicate
skin, wonderful figure.
- ? What does that have to do with me?
- You'll know soon.
For 18 years I kept
her in a convent.
Safe, protected from sleaze.
Cleanses body and soul.
Then the Congo.
Obliged to the filth of a
night house in Zanzibar.
Dragged to here
through the swamps,
by waters full of germs,
soaked in brandy and
here it is before you...
, Full of fever,
desperate, degraded!
I've done it, Gregg, do you hear it?
- , I've done!
- Flint, you're a hellish beast!
Remember it when your turn comes.
- ? Because you did?
- Still no answer.
Yes, there is!, You're going to tell me!
- , There is still no answer!
- , I'll find out, yeah!
I have to know what is behind this
that sinks me like a weight...
Crushing my life.
You just called me a
degraded woman, Flint.
, In name I am, but
in my heart never!
, All the men I've
met were beasts!
Only one has helped me,
He has shown me kindness.
It has made it possible
for me to survive.
Although, why do I talk to you?
Kingsland believes in me.
- , I'm going to take it off!
- , Do not!
, I will fight for that!
I will fight, do you hear me?
Kingsland is mine, all my love!
, I will crawl to him on his
knees and he will lift me up!
It's mine! Nobody can
take it away from me!
,You can not!
You have deliberately
turned me into what I am.
, You are responsible!
That's it, smile!
That's why he fell to the ground
to drag you like a snake.
You started a scorching
hole for me.
The first night, the
noise of the jungle.
, Rain dripping and
dripping in the tent!
Hot hairy hands touching
and mistreating me!
Then the nightmare, that house!
- , You sent me to that!
- Yes, dear!
Do you think you can continue and continue
with your atrocities without being returned?
Well, I will!
You will pay for it!
,I will revenge!, There will be
a form, there will be a form!
Your daughter, Gregg.
Your daughter with my wife.
?My daughter?
, This is what I expected!
And if something happened to you,
there is a sacred native law...
which says that the girl must be
delivered to burn her at your funeral.
, Your daughter, Gregg!
,lt's yours!, Yours!
, The lies are not going to save you!
So I believed your wife when she told you she
was going to give birth to a son of mine.
She said it to get revenge
because you called her...
I called her exactly
what she was!
I never saw your wife or you
until the end of July...
and that baby was born
after Christmas Day.
- Lies and more lies!
- She is not my daughter.
It's yours, all yours,
and I can prove it!
What more proofs can you want?
In your blind fury you
did not stop to reason.
Your wife told me that I was going
to give birth to a son of yours,
but I took her away
from you anyway.
Did you find out when I was born?
- Yes.
- Come on, I want the truth., The truth!
December 25.
Funny, if it was not so tricky.
My child.
My daughter.
She should never know.
He has suffered enough without knowing...
That his father is an
irrational monster.
, Something that deserves to crawl!
, You are still
responsible for this!
No, friend, it's your rotten, twisted mind.
You hit yourself.
The whole fight has left you...
and I do not have to be
afraid of you anymore.
I get out of here.
,Just a moment!
I've had enough!
- , Do not go out that door!
- , I do not accept your orders!
, Do not go out that door!
,They are going to kill you!
, Stay here!
Do not go out that
door, do you hear me?
?Do you hear me?
, Fuzzy!
, Fuzzy!
I can not do it anymore!
The sordidness and
humiliation of all this.
My brain is spinning in circles.
I can not think anymore!
What possible satisfaction...
Do you need to degrade me
in front of that other man?
And what does he care?
You know how much I love you.
Maybe Gregg, the
merchant, could help us.
Best, dear.
I feel that the end of
the road is in sight.
Come on.
, Reg licks a smile!
, That's my girl! I like
how you raise your mind.
I'm going to need
your help tonight.
You have sent the message to
Fuzzy that the white man...
Must I have a safe
conduct to Imbimbia?
I sent a messenger, but
he has not returned.
I want to talk to you.
Have not you already
said enough for a day?
How do you feel now, Ann?
You care how much I feel.
Ann, I'm going to send
you away from here.
Time heals all.
It will help you to forget.
Do not trust me, right?
Hell, I do not blame you.
But I'm going to make
him confide in me.
You still tremble.
Tripe brandy.
Take this, it will help you.
Leave that, you scoundrel!
You try to kill her with that thing.
The love of a woman, Doc...
There is no greater power.
When did you discover that?
When I killed him.
Have you become sentimental?
Do not...
It's just a pause to
greet a sweet memory.
Fuzzy good man.
Do as Big Boss say.
Kill father of white girl.
How has the Almighty allowed
something like this on this earth?
Look, that man is alive!
,Leave her!
Save the life of that man
and save her to her...
if you do not want to deliver
it to the burial fire.
, Man aco!
,Do what I say!
, It's your only chance! Hogan!
Take him to that room., Hurry!
He is dead.
That means you will burn
it and the girl goes too.
The natives will never
catch it if I kill Flint.
He goes first.
My child.
My baby.
If I knew some day that
you have forgiven me...
This is the first...
And last time I'm going
to have you in my arms.
She's fine, Doc.
Before he comes back in s
I want to give you something.
Uncut gemstones valued
at 20,000 louis.
T bad for her.
- She would not want your money.
- You will never know where to proceed.
C mprale a little happiness.
, Drums of death!
- It's Matawomba.
- Yes.
How have they found out?
He has just exhaled his last breath.
- , Do not let me touch!
- Easy, Ann, nothing's wrong.
Recover your composure, dear.
We want to take a
white man to fire.
Let them take it.
, Fuzzy!
They are going to take it to you!
They're going to burn my father!
It's okay, Ann, do not say anything.
Ann, please..., Esc chame!
, You have to listen to me!
I swear...
He is not your father.
Where is my father?
Your father is...
Your father died years ago.
Come on. Everything is fine, dear.
Hogan!, Cookie!
We're not going to give
the girl to the blacks.
You already know what it means.
We will not have any chance.
There is an opportunity, I
am going to give it to them.
Go with Cookie to where
the ivory is stored.
Take Tula with you
and wait to hear me.
White girl.
Say that you are ready.
Bring tribal advice here.
They're going to come for her.
Stop them, tell them the truth.
It's too late.
You would not believe me.
Give us rifles and
we'll go for it.
I would not cross the premises.
All eyes are fixed on you.
S you have a chance to escape.
Below is a tunnel that
leads under the river...
in the heart of the
swamp, unguarded native.
No human can live near him.
Fuzzy is the only one
who has crossed it.
That is your only chance.
Bring Fuzzy and we'll start.
No, you have to stay here
and celebrate the tribal ceremony.
They have to see it,
they have to believe it.
I will try to delay them until
you have a lot of smoke.
I explained to Ann that she
must do everything I say.
You have to do
what Flint says...
and celebrate the first
part of the ceremony.
No, no, it's just another
trick, more lies.
He swears he will help us
to escape...
He has convinced me.
You also have to believe him.
How can I believe in him?
From the first day he
had me in his corral.
Do you think I would risk...
if I did not know he wants
to get you out of this hole?
He is risking his life
to get you out of here.
, It's our only chance!
Everything ready for white girl.
Big Boss does not give girl for fire.
Fuzzy take white by t nel.
By poisonous swamp.
- , No no no!
- , Yes, Fuzzy must do!
Matawomba kill for this.
, Big Boss do Fuzzy I der!
Give many rifles. Make rich.
For Great Chief I will do.
Take packages. Wait for ivory.
- Are you going to stay here alone?
- I'll have a lot of company.
- And when they discover that he's gone?
- Use your imagination.
You do not know fear,
I admit it to you.
Fear died with my legs.
Tell Ann I want to
say goodbye to her.
Did he tell you what
you have to do?
S .
If you stay here
you have no chance.
It's one against a thousand to survive.
But it is an opportunity.
It is your only hope.
You have to keep fighting.
While I try to retain them.
I have caused you many
bitter memories, but...
I hope you can forget.
,Good luck!
I will try to remember
what your value is.
Close the door.
You have to get out of here. I will
tell you that you are not a believer.
Oh, God, if there is
a God, just take it.
That girl with whom I have violated
all Your laws and teachings.
Put her safe.
Give me the strength to stop them.
In the name of godliness,
in the name of Your Son...
Of course it's a small place
on the coast of Sicily,
Nestled between cold hills...
and where you can see
an incredibly blue sea.
There is peace there. Oh, what peace!
What do you think, Ann?
All right, I know.
The captain says he can do it.
- ? For real?
- Yes.
The engineer has a Bible, but
he thought it was a dictionary.
?And good?
What do you think, Ann?