Kongsi Raya (2022) Movie Script

Stay calm.
You're not giving birth.
really like to bully me.
That's right.
I enjoy
bullying you.
Why did I marry you?
I'll let you choose.
You want to change your wife
or you want me to keep bullying you?
Change position.
Is this position okay?
I turned out this way
because of your sweet talk.
Such a sweet talker.
Welcome to our special
Kongsi Raya program.
My name is Sumi.
Malaysia is once again celebrating
both Eid al-Fitr
and Chinese New Year together
since the year 1998.
Today, we have two guests.
They are Mr. Jack and Ms. Sharifah.
They will share their love story
which is able to get rid
of various difficulties
in interracial marriages.
Just relax
as this program isn't a live program.
We'll record first. It's all right
even if you make any mistakes.
Why don't we start off
with the introduction?
I'm Jack,
her husband.
I'm Sharifah,
his wife.
You've been married long,
how many years has it been?
Ten years.
Is that all?
Can you elaborate?
-All right.
-All right.
Let's all relax first.
Go and take some photos.
Continue the interview later, all right?
-All right.
-All right.
That's all.
Dad, hurry up.
We will get a stomachache
if we eat cold dishes.
I know.
Is Khalil hungry?
Please wait for us, just a while.
Mom, don't let Dad talk too much.
Dad doesn't tell stories well.
They will be bored.
You're right, Khalil. I agree.
Can you see Grandpa over there?
Can you tell a little bit
of your love story?
She silently fell in love with me.
So I just entertained her a bit.
Serves you right.
You're lying again.
I don't believe it either.
Tell me.
How did he seduce you?
He just didn't give up.
Wherever I was,
Jack was there.
I have no idea how he found me.
Jack. Were you stalking her?
-That's right.
Not at all.
brought us together.
or the Matchmaking God
in Chinese beliefs,
he told me in a dream that
Sharifah will tie me up
with a red thread
as thick as an elephant's thigh.
So a Chinese and a Malay got married.
What obstacles did you face
over these past ten years?
Peace be upon you.
How is everyone?
This time, Chef Rahim will show
how to cook Red Chicken Curry.
First, we use drumsticks,
add a bit of turmeric powder,
and a pinch of salt.
Start to massage,
and continue massaging them gently.
We have to imagine that the chicken
is like our lover.
Remove it and cut it into small pieces.
The most important ingredient
might be the chili.
For me, I like spiciness,
my wife also likes spiciness.
See, she chose me because I am
hot and spicy!
Once everything is ready,
put all of these ingredients
into the blender.
Next, we take out the chili.
Then add the earlier half-cooked chicken
together with these ingredients
Stir them together. Mix well.
After that, it's easy.
Switch off the stove
and serve.
My grandma frequently cooks
Red Chicken Curry
and when I taste her cooking,
I feel as if
I do not want that moment to end.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Thank you.
Mom is waiting at home.
Why don't we head back?
Let's go, Sherry.
I'll go and change first, okay?
-Kah Jiu. Our freedom is gone.
Take your cousin's sister and leave.
What exactly is the reason?
I told you before. You are poor
and you can't afford to support me.
You really think I'm poor?
Plate and serve.
Thank you.
Wait a minute.
Thank you.
Brother Long, Jack, we're leaving first.
Be careful.
What's the matter?
Your hand is hurting again?
Old ailment, it's nothing.
Thank you, Chef Dad.
Thanks to you too,
My name is Jack.
My name is Sharifah.
I always see you riding the bus
until the last stop.
Who are you waiting for?
Waiting for you to speak with me.
You don't follow the script at all.
It's difficult for me
to continue this conversation.
Try asking me again.
Who are you waiting for?
I am waiting for someone I like.
He must be really handsome.
not handsome at all.
since last year,
he has always accompanied me on the bus
until I reach home.
Even though I don't know him.
So romantic.
Not romantic at all.
He's like
a pervert,
always stalking me
and scaring me.
he has
hundreds of opening remarks
spinning around inside his head.
For example,
Are you alone?"
Or maybe
Do you understand? It's just that
he has
practiced for a long time.
But whenever he sees you,
he becomes nervous.
He's so nervous
until he couldn't speak
and the bus has reached the last stop.
So he has to wait
for the next time.
So that's how it is.
So much like love.
So much
like a pervert.
I've finally met you.
Happy first anniversary.
Happy first anniversary.
Hi, Mom.
-He added the turmeric
into the durians!
Sherry, you've just come home?
Aziz has been waiting for a long time.
It's all right, uncle.
I'm used to waiting
and I am prepared to wait
for the rest of my life
to meet with Sharifah.
See that?
Such an honest kid.
He's funny too.
You want to cook for me?
Uncle, I did not eat
since this morning
just to taste your cooking.
Hear that?
He's not just funny
but hungry as well.
-Hi, Aziz.
-Hi, Sharifah.
We've just met, right?
Give me your leg. I'll massage them.
-It's all right.
-No, come on. Allow me.
I'm shy.
The most important criterion
for my boyfriend
is that he must be able to resist pain.
Hear that noise?
It sounds like Aziz.
It's just Sharifah
teaching Aziz how to sing.
That's why he's wailing like that.
Like Michael Jackson's sheep.
Nonsense, you help me with that.
Is it painful?
It's all right.
Is it not painful?
Why is this leg wet?
You have several blocked arteries
so I used this key.
Send my regards to my parents.
Sing together with me.
Sister Zhen, your son has gone crazy.
What do you know?
This is called "love."
Your dad was also like that
when courting me,
but there's a slight difference.
What's the difference?
His singing was much worse.
I gave birth to him, so I know him.
I understand what he is thinking.
He cannot hide anything from me at all.
So you also know what I am thinking?
How would I know?
You were picked up
from that petrol station's toilet.
You said it was from a rubbish bin
last time.
Parts of your story
just don't hang together.
It creates a childhood nightmare.
This whole family is crazy.
LONG FENG RESTAURAN There is an improvement.
But remember,
pay attention
to the heat.
You cannot rush it.
It must be boiled over small heat
to become delicious.
Just like our lives.
Our restaurant has lasted
three generations--
Let us eat.
We need to get ready for the dinner crowd.
All right, let's eat.
I will tell my family today.
That Aziz
suddenly ran off
without a word.
Maybe he does not want
to join us for dinner.
Who says he didn't want to join?
He was the one who said
he's a fan of my show
-and wishes to taste my cooking.
-Don't waste your time.
What's wrong?
Probably he lied.
He lied.
He actually dislikes my cooking.
He's among those netizens
who always said that
you make high-fat meals
that fatten people up.
That's it.
Maybe Aziz is the one who commented
that he dislikes my cooking.
This kid's hair might be black,
so is his heart.
That's why he ran away
while wailing just now.
Because he couldn't win against me.
No wonder.
Kids nowadays
cannot be trusted, it's different.
That's right.
Youngsters these days
are untrustworthy.
Their heart says one thing,
but their mouth is telling you another.
Unlike my boyfriend
Whose boyfriend?
Boyfriend of
Siti, my new friend.
I've never heard of her.
An Internet friend can turn into BFF?
I have met Siti's boyfriend.
His name is Jack.
He is Chinese.
The problem is
Siti brought him home
to meet her parents the other day.
But unexpectedly,
her dad is against their relationship.
In fact, he wanted to break them up.
This is just like those parents last time.
They don't like it.
It's so old-school.
Times have changed.
We don't play around with races.
What is wrong
with marrying someone
from a different race?
There is no problem.
You are handsome,
Okay, let's do this.
Whenever you are free,
bring me over to meet with Siti's dad.
Meet with Siti's dad?
I know how to talk with these people.
Before I become a chef,
I would have been a motivational speaker.
You might not know this.
Oprah Winfrey called me before,
After clearing up,
prepare ingredients for dinner time.
-Start working.
-Try this.
We have desserts.
This is a famous Malay cake.
My friend gave this to me.
You should have more friends like these.
Ask them to send more next time.
Eating Chinese food every day
bores me.
If you feel bored, then don't eat.
it's from my girlfriend.
Our Long family
will finally have descendants.
If we rely on you to continue our lineage,
it will be so pitiful.
How is this girl's character?
Maybe it's a guy.
So both of you don't object?
Why should we object?
If you get married earlier,
we can be at ease.
Not like someone here
who expects us to take care of him
for the rest of his life.
This girl,
what's her name?
She is a Malay girl?
Malay cakes.
Brother, you are so observant.
But marrying a Malay girl
will require certain sacrifices.
It's an easy operation.
First, it is cut halfway.
Open it widely, then peel it off.
Pour in some saltwater.
That's it.
-The operation is really so easy?
-Yes, it is just like that.
my brother marrying a Malay girl
has so many benefits.
Cutting a bit of skin is no big deal.
-How much will they cut?
-This much.
Let me pray to our ancestors first
to tell them this good news.
No need to pray!
Our son dating is the good news.
You're so old-school.
None of your business.
None of my business?
If you marry this girl,
you must convert to Islam.
If you convert to Islam,
then what will happen
to our restaurant business
which has been passed
from generation to generation?
When I die,
how should I explain it to my dad?
Just tell him it's no big deal.
It's just that your grandchildren
will all be Muhammad.
Nobody carries the Long surname.
Break it off at once!
What are you looking at?
Go and start work.
Who are you to tell me to break up?
I am your dad.
My dad?
Being my dad means
you can control my life?
If you take the wrong path,
you will completely embarrass
our Long family.
I am just dating Sharifah.
If you really insist on dating this woman,
then do not acknowledge me as your dad.
All right.
That's enough, don't argue anymore.
Where are you going?
Are you trying to run away from home?
He is really leaving.
I couldn't care less.
You're wet!
Why are you laughing?
Is this your shirt?
Handsome boy.
Have you told your family about us?
Did they say anything?
They just agreed.
That's great.
Unlike my dad,
he's too much.
I don't want to go back there anymore.
Do you regret knowing me?
This decision
is the most accurate
and meaningful in my life.
Jump out.
Jump out of the window.
Jump down?
You can't.
Please calm down.
Why are you so nervous?
Haven't you told them about us?
I told them a different version.
A different version?
I made up a Siti's version.
I am Siti.
Siti is me.
They are really
praying for Siti's happiness.
Is this what you meant
by "technically"?
Is it all right
if your mom
sees me now?
It does not matter
if my mom sees you.
But if my dad
sees you
You're dead meat.
I seem to hear like
you were chatting with someone.
No, I did not.
Why don't you go back to your room?
I am also tired.
It's nothing, Mom.
It's nothing.
Hi, aunty.
Who is this?
It's Siti, right?
I am Siti.
Hi, aunty.
This is Siti.
I've told you before.
Yes, she ran away from home
for the sake of love.
Because she has no shelter now.
My family is against
my relationship with Jack.
Is it wrong for me to love someone
of a different race?
Am I wrong?
They told me to forget Jack,
about Jack.
I never thought I'd be exiled
from my family within a couple of months.
it's going to be forever.
Right, Sharifah?
I am so touched.
Just like me.
I support you, okay?
I support this battle for love.
Yes, Siti.
What's wrong with loving someone
of a different race?
knows no boundaries.
The only obstruction
is my ex-girlfriend.
But the important thing
is true love
does not matter
what the skin color or race is.
If your fate is with
What's his name? Jack.
I support you too.
Fight for your love.
Okay, done.
Don't worry, Siti.
If you want to stay here,
then stay as long as you want,
I don't mind.
Make yourself
at home.
Whoever is Sharifah's friend,
I will treat her like my own child.
Even though
you are
the taller version.
You have muscles.
Do you work out at the gym, yes?
Yes. I go to the gym.
What should we do now?
How would I know?
Why would you disguise yourself
as a woman?
How long can you keep this up?
A day, a week, or a year?
How dare you question me?
If you did not create the story of Siti,
I don't have to be like this.
Do you think I want it to be like this?
I was just telling the story slowly
so that they can accept our relationship.
Just carry on acting.
How am I going
to introduce you to them later?
I cannot say,
"My boyfriend is a girl.
Then she becomes a man again."
Blanket for you.
This is new and it smells nice,
specially for you.
Come on.
What are you thinking about?
That friend of Sherry's
What's her name?
Yes, Siti.
Did you notice
her features
are like
She is so tall and her face
is like
Like what?
Like a mixed-race child.
That's what it looks like.
Mixed race?
Sharifah never mentioned her at all.
She is yet to mention,
but she couldn't mention
all of her friends.
That's enough.
You don't need to overthink things.
Sleep now. We need to work tomorrow.
Are you sleeping with your headscarf?
I'm taking it off now.
That's enough.
Maybe her mom is a basketball player.
But it's impossible for Sharifah
to play basketball with her.
Sharifah is short.
Sleep, dear.
As our friends,
don't you think
you are laughing a little too much?
We can't help it.
It's too funny.
You disguised yourself as a woman.
Buddy, stop fooling around.
What should we do now?
We cannot continue like this.
Be serious.
I think this is wise
since Jack cannot go home now.
In any case,
you can grab this chance
to go to Sharifah's house
and take advantage of her dad.
Can you please be serious?
Get closer to her family.
Maybe they will like you.
Is it Table 21
that says the chicken is too salty?
Did you complain
that the chicken is too salty?
It is actually a little salty.
Now it is wet and salty.
-Just right for you. Wet and salty.
-Come here.
Whatever you eat is also salty.
-Are you crazy?
What crazy?
-Someone's looking for you in the kitchen.
-Do I need you to--
I want you
to go back to the kitchen.
Go to the kitchen for what?
Be good and go back to the kitchen first.
-Clean up for the customer.
-I should have--
-So sorry.
Is he crazy?
Do you really think Brother Long is deaf?
Who is crazy?
Has he taken some wrong medicines?
Not just wrong medicines.
He has swallowed time bombs.
Whoever comes near him will die.
Sister Zhen.
Sister Zhen.
Are you not going to coax him?
Why should I?
That's your husband.
He's your dad.
This is the seventh case today.
Previously, it was water.
Who knows if it will be knives
stabbing you and me.
It is all right if we really die.
But I'm worried if we don't
and our blood splatters everywhere.
I will cry, you'll be crying too.
I will wail, you'll be wailing too.
Blood is everywhere.
Isn't it good then?
Still throwing tantrums at his age
is totally irresponsible.
If the restaurant closes
and the customers run away,
who is going to take care of me?
Have you hidden all the knives?
Better safe
than sorry.
You don't want to coax your husband?
I also don't want to be scolded.
I have no idea
Where my son is
My husband's hand is shaking
What can I do?
I don't know
If my son is going hungry
She suddenly changed to rap.
It is easy to make this pandan custard
with sweet glutinous rice.
It's Uncle Rahim's favorite.
It's a late Grandma's recipe.
Is Grandma well?
Grandma passed away last year.
This recipe
When Grandma shared it with me,
she shared a secret about Uncle Rahim.
Xiao Long?
My brother knows how to choose.
So pretty.
Thank you for letting him stay
at your house.
Where is he? Jack.
-Why did you come in?
-Don't come in. Please.
Your house looks fancy.
It suits well with my family.
Do you have a younger sister
or cousin sister to be my girlfriend?
Too bad, I'm good-looking.
Although my brother said
to leave the bag out front,
but my mom said I must see him.
Make sure he is safe.
He is safe.
If I can take photos, it's even better.
You also know
parents can be very troublesome.
If I don't obey,
she will really wallop me
and ask me to play jau-jau.
Play jau-jau?
I mean, she will chase me far away.
-Far away.
-Where's Jack?
You said you don't have a younger sister.
-I don't.
-Who is Siti then?
Your maid?
Maid is also fine. Is the maid pretty?
-Very pretty.
-Very pretty?
I thought I told you
to just leave the beg and go away?
I haven't seen you for a few days
and you've already done an operation?
I am doing this for the sake of love.
Don't spew nonsense when you go home.
Just pretend that you know nothing.
How am I supposed to pretend?
Tell Mom that her son is now her daughter?
Xiao Long, just don't say anything!
What do you want me to do?
My little brother
needs to take care of me.
Your "little brother"
has also disappeared.
How should I explain?
Have you ever thought of that?
I've figured it out.
are Jack, right?
Cuckold guy.
Why are you only here now?
Out of brotherly love,
please act properly as Jack.
Be good.
Why are you only here now?
Go home. Siti is all right over here.
Why are you rushing?
Both of you are victims,
you are not guilty.
Jack, why don't we go inside,
let us discuss this over.
I can help.
Come on.
This might be confusing,
but we must stay calm.
We keep a calm head.
Stop panicking.
You don't need to water the flowers.
I have already watered them. Come in.
It's like this.
We are gentlemen.
And as gentlemen, we must understand
Not everything is as it seems.
-Don't be shy.
-Yes. Let's eat.
-Eat up.
Are you okay, Jack?
I'm okay.
Just not used to eating with her.
What are your plans after this, Jack?
What is the plan
for both of you?
Don't you have something for Jack?
I have something for Jack?
No, I don't.
Yes, you do. From the other day.
Yes. I have something for Jack.
Come on.
Are you leaving me all by myself?
Do the both of you need to go
and get this thing?
It is a very important thing.
You have a chat with Jack first.
Yes. It's very important.
This is strange.
Siti was chased out
of the house.
do you have any plans
to discuss with the parents?
I have already discussed this with them.
What did they say?
They adore Siti very much
and want to meet her as soon as possible.
That is good.
hate her.
They want to
pull her hair and her skirt.
This is very confusing.
We have confused you?
We are also confused.
-Who is confused?
-What's all this?
I'm the one who is confused.
I am confused myself.
I need more time
to find a way.
-Okay then.
Only a reminder from me.
Don't disappoint Siti. Okay?
I pity her.
There she is.
where is
this thing
which is so important
that both of you need to go and get it?
I have something important for Jack.
What is that?
Is that the important thing earlier?
Very important.
why did Sherry need to follow
in order to get it?
Sherry helped to get the lipstick.
Youngsters these days
You cannot do that, Siti.
Before you're married,
you cannot kiss.
After you're married,
you can do anything you like.
I was just joking.
So Jack.
Are you
planning to marry Siti?
Jack, don't play with Siti's feelings.
Pity her.
Play with
I have a gift for all of you.
A gift?
I am really lucky
I got to meet you.
I am truly lucky
I got to meet you.
the very first time
that I saw you,
I fell in love
with your sweet smile.
I really want to see
your hair
turning white,
your face
becoming wrinkled,
and accompany you
until you are old.
I promise that
I will protect you
with my life.
Will you
marry me?
I do.
I'm leaving.
The proposal just now
was well written.
It's really romantic.
But when you kissed me,
was it necessary to French kiss me?
I just want you to know
how much I love you.
I'm leaving.
Xiao Long.
Is he okay?
This one is going to be difficult,
give him some time.
I will go home and speak with him nicely.
Can you change it to a bigger diamond?
What did you do next?
Did you tell the family?
We didn't have time to do anything else.
They just happened to meet.
Why is it like this?
That's it?
it's destiny.
-You're Chef Rahim, right?
-Chef, I'm a fan.
-All right.
-Can we take a selfie?
No problem.
Another one? It's two. Okay.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Uncle Rahim.
Did you pretend to be deaf?
Is this your dad's restaurant?
Why don't I meet with him?
I can help discuss it over.
It's not necessary.
You do trust me, right?
I am really good
at discussing with people,
especially with the elders, I am the best.
If I did not become a chef,
I would have been a motivational speaker.
Uncle Rahim.
He is my dad.
People call him Brother Long.
Brother Long,
my name is Rahim.
I am here today
because of your son,
and Siti.
I am here
to suggest that
we marry off the two of them.
Siti? Not Sharifah?
Sharifah is my daughter.
Siti is her best friend.
You tell him.
Whether it's Siti or Big Ti,
whether it's Sharifah or Mustafa,
I will never agree.
What did he say?
My dad does not agree
for Jack to marry Siti.
Brother Long,
I understand your feelings.
I am also a dad
and times have changed.
Youngsters these days,
they have their own ideas.
They have got their own ways.
By right, we should bless
their decisions
and they are sincere.
Bless them?
He will have to change his family name
and convert to Islam.
Who will take over this restaurant
which was handed down by our ancestors?
This is funny.
What did he say?
My dad is scared there will be no heirs
after the marriage
and changing the family name.
What's wrong with changing
the family name?
It's even better to change the name
of the restaurant too.
Maybe this restaurant can get
a wider Malay market share.
But you will need to change
some of the decorations.
Place some items with Malay elements,
bring in some carpets,
hang up some kites,
and maybe M. Nasir's portrait.
Get out!
I understand this phrase.
Brother Long,
please don't be angry anymore.
Forget what was said earlier.
Jack has already proposed to Siti.
Now we need to discuss the wedding, okay?
You tell him.
I do not need their business.
I also do not need them
to teach me how to do business.
He said he does not want
Malays to teach him
and he does not want Malay customers.
Brother Long.
I am calling Brother Long
as a brother
because I respect you.
All of your
Malay hatred rhetorics,
why is that?
What did we do wrong?
you took away
my son.
You can even converse
in Malay really well.
When did I take away
your son?
I came here
to combine both families.
Chinese people
have to work hard
to make a living.
Malay people
have had an easy life
since they were born,
not having to do anything
because the government
is ever ready to help.
So we will never be a family!
Don't cross the line.
You think Chinese people
are so great?
Only thinking about themselves,
only thinking about money,
until you neglect your own son.
You are so stubborn, do you know that?
What? You want to bring out the tea?
Bring out the hot tea,
this one is already cold.
What is with him?
Why is your dad so upset?
Come here!
If you dare, come over here
and say that we Chinese are bad people.
-He said
-No need.
I don't need a translation.
Go away! How to calm down?
-I'll chop you up!
-Please calm down!
Do you know
that Ah Long
is crazy!
He was holding a knife.
He wanted to kill me.
Luckily, I know self-defense.
He has already taken my son
and still dares to say
it's for my benefit!
What benefit?
I gave him an idea,
by changing the name of the restaurant,
putting in Malay elements,
changing the menu a bit,
and can attract Malay customers.
Is it necessary?
We've been here for three generations.
If we want the Malay market,
we would have done so from the beginning.
He scolds Malay people,
saying Malay this and Malay that,
this is wrong, that is wrong.
Not everything
has to relate to racial issues.
That's not possible.
These people are like that.
Everything is done slowly.
I am highly educated.
Not like him,
his face is like a fat cat.
He does not respect us at all!
Do you agree?
what did you say?
Ah Long is crazy, psycho, mental.
You always say
other races are slow and lazy.
Try putting yourself in his place.
Have you ever thought
that we don't really need
to be rushing so much
and to relax a little bit.
It's not a problem.
You want to change everything,
change the restaurant's name,
change the dcor.
I think you would be angry too.
The world does not need to move so fast.
If you want to discuss,
you should use psychology.
Discuss nicely.
Similar to pulling a strand of hair
from the flour.
After the hair is out,
the flour isn't messed up.
is your son's happiness more important
or is your tradition more important?
You should think carefully.
Why are we shooting outside today?
Our program must have
a bit of changes.
We want
a new theme.
New theme?
Okay, where are we shooting?
It's a secret.
You are being so mysterious.
Be patient.
This time,
I will definitely win.
What do you mean, Dad?
Chef Rahim.
You are with me, Chef Rahim,
in such a historical episode.
Ladies and gentlemen, usually,
you will see Chef Rahim cooking.
But this time, I am here
to collaborate with other chefs
to create
a specially crafted cuisine.
Today, we are here
at a famous Chinese restaurant,
Long Feng.
It's you again.
What are you doing here? Don't
Stop. Don't record.
Look at how passionate he is.
Is Brother Long ready
to accept this challenge?
What challenge?
The challenge
Brother Long will cook
a Chinese-style dish
and I will cook the Malay style.
Dare to pick up the challenge?
Maybe he doesn't dare to. It's okay.
If you are afraid,
but maybe the good name of this restaurant
would be affected badly.
It's okay. Don't be scared.
Who says I'm afraid? Bring it on!
So courageous!
So courageous!
The challenge has been accepted.
Who are you?
I'm Sharifah.
This program's producer
and I'm also Chef Rahim's
What do you want?
I want to apologize
to you.
My dad should not insist on you
competing with him in the show.
Looks like
the daughter understands
more than him.
The dad's attitude is bad.
Maybe there is still hope for this family.
Sorry, Brother Long.
-No need to apologize.
I may not be highly educated,
but I know the meaning
of loyalty.
That means
I will have to run this restaurant
for the rest of my life.
maybe that loyalty
will make my son
I know
all children
dislike it
if their dads have wronged.
And similarly,
I also know that
all dads
also do not want
their children to hate them
for life.
Brother Long.
I absolutely respect you.
You dare to accept my challenge.
I do not have any problems
accepting your challenge.
I know Chinese people love betting.
Do you want to bet with me?
Bet with what?
If I win,
you will apologize to me
you will allow
Jack to marry off
his own choice.
If you lose?
I will apologize to you.
You will stop
being a chef.
Are you afraid?
Don't be afraid.
If you are afraid, then never mind.
We haven't bet yet. Don't worry.
I agree.
Even God cannot save you this time.
They have never met
and the moment they meet,
it is like World War 3.
This conflict
is really
not a joke.
In any confrontation,
there are no winners or losers.
Everyone would be a victim.
On one side is your dad,
on the other is your future father-in-law.
It's really not funny.
People who are meant to be in-laws
have suddenly
become opponents
and maybe even enemies
who are out for each other's blood.
You are done for this time.
How are you going to resolve this?
I don't understand.
How could you make a decision
without discussing it with me first?
What is wrong with me making a decision
about my own program?
It is wrong.
Have you ever thought
of how Siti
is going to face Jack's family later,
have you?
I am just trying to help.
Did you think I've worsened the situation?
Definitely worsening the situation.
Just for once, dear.
Can you please not mix
your personal problems
with this matter?
This has nothing to do
with my personal problem, okay?
That Brother Long
is stubborn
and stupid.
After I win,
he has promised
to bless
the marriage between Jack and Siti.
So you are now betting
on their happiness?
What's the difference
between whether you win or lose?
Can you explain it to me?
What do you mean?
If you win,
Brother Long will feel
like he is forced to accept Siti
and Jack would feel as if
he forced his dad to accept Siti.
Is that what you are looking for?
Is that blessing?
Is that sincerity?
Is that the happiness they wanted?
Have you thought of that?
That is, if you win.
What if you lose?
I will not lose.
Helping is wrong.
Not helping is also wrong.
Both are also wrong. Everything is wrong.
You, I
Why is it so difficult to talk with you?
Who is more stressed now, me or you?
I don't want to talk with you anymore.
Are you asleep?
I cannot sleep at all.
You've heard all that?
Do you blame me?
Why would I blame you?
If I had known earlier,
I would have stopped him
from going to Long Feng
and this would not have happened.
My dad said,
"In life, whatever will be will be."
Once it's cooked,
we just eat.
Just eat?
As long as you are the cook,
I will eat.
Even if it tastes horrible?
Even if it's
black and burnt, you would still eat?
What if it has turned green
like a snot?
If it's like a snot,
would you still eat?
This is too much.
Luckily I am a chef,
let me cook instead.
I shall not poison you.
I will torture you slowly instead.
You look all right now.
Go to sleep.
Don't worry.
You too, okay?
The catfish is soaked in milk
to remove its fishy smell
and add to its milky fragrance.
This is a rather special method.
Brother Long, on the other hand,
soak the fish in high-quality tea
to remove its fishy smell
whilst adding on the tea leaves aroma.
The fermented durian!
Fermented durian
And fermented durian
Thank you,
Chef Dad.
Thanks to you too,
If you really insist on dating this woman,
then do not acknowledge me as your dad.
All right.
This is a Chinese traditional dish.
It is also the kung fu style of cooking
which is very challenging
in terms of timing
and preparation.
Three radically different flavors
are developed
just from a single fish.
and kung pao style.
my vote goes to
Brother Long.
This fermented durian French-style catfish
from Rahim
combines traditional net bread
with durian as its base flavor
with the Malay traditional cuisine
which is sticky rice in bamboo.
And finally, it uses
fresh and sweet pineapples
to reduce the fish's earthy taste.
Truly exceptional.
I choose
Brother Long.
You should praise a lady like her.
When you faced difficulty earlier,
she lent a hand.
It is difficult to find such a fine lady.
-Just a minute.
-You should give her a chance.
-I'm talking over here.
Although it's a draw
Dad, please. It is not necessary.
-Let's go.
Go where?
She's your friend.
You need to say something.
-There's no need to.
-What do you keep urging me?
Uncle Rahim.
I don't want to lie anymore.
I am actually Jack.
There's no one called Siti over here.
The person
whom I want to marry
is Sharifah.
Please, Dad.
-Please what?
-Listen to me first.
Listen to what?
You lied to me.
No more talking!
Uncle Rahim.
Uncle Rahim.
Please listen to me. Uncle Rahim.
You stay in this room.
Don't go anywhere.
Don't even think about meeting Siti
or Jack or whoever.
Didn't you say
Say what?
"What is wrong with loving someone
of a different race?
Love knows no boundaries.
It does not matter
what the skin color is."
You said so yourself.
I was talking about someone else,
not about my own daughter.
I did not mean to lie
to you and Dad.
You didn't mean it?
There you go.
You lied to me.
You lied to your dad.
See what happens now?
But actually,
I knew it from the very beginning
that Siti is really
Since when did you know?
Since the first time I saw him
in your bathroom.
I have already said,
Jack looks ugly in women's clothes.
It's not about being ugly
in women's clothes.
This is about
how you gazed
at him.
The gaze?
My girl looks at him
with eyes full of love.
Why didn't you say anything then?
Why did you pretend like
you don't know anything?
Because I know
that my girl
really loves him.
I want to see
how far
my girl wants to lie,
until when will my girl
keep on acting in front of me.
There you go.
What should I do now
with Dad?
Dad will
There are no problems
that cannot be solved,
all right?
There are only those
who give up.
So now,
understand your own heart.
My goodness! You've frightened me!
Who are you?
Are you trying to steal something?
No. Aunty.
I am Siti.
I know.
I was just joking with you.
Come here.
You're such
a good-looking person.
My girl really knows how to pick a guy,
just like me.
Uncle Rahim?
When Uncle Rahim was young,
he was handsome, okay?
Not a baldy like now.
He was like Andy Lau.
I would like to ask for your help. Can I?
Where's that daughter of yours?
She didn't come down to eat.
You were the one who said
she cannot leave her room,
so she didn't.
I said she cannot leave the house.
She must go out of the room.
If she doesn't, she cannot eat,
she will go hungry.
She does not want to eat.
She does not even want breakfast.
She will not have any appetite
because her heart is aching.
I don't care.
Even if the world ends today,
she should still eat.
Tell her to eat!
The problem is
she cannot eat
with the person who is causing
her world to end.
Okay. If she does not want to eat
with me being here,
I can leave.
The house is big.
I can go to the garden.
I can eat by myself over there.
No, I don't need to sit.
If she wants to sit by herself
and not eat with me,
it's all right.
That is just great.
Go ahead and behave that way.
How old are you?
Same age as Sharifah?
Sulking and pouting like this.
No need to be sulky.
Eat this cake.
I am not sulking.
Who wouldn't be
That kid
Why is this
pandan custard with sweet glutinous rice
tastes a little different?
Is it delicious?
Delicious but it's different.
This cake tastes different
someone else made it.
Who made it?
What are you doing here?
What is he doing here?
-What is he doing here!
-Dear, stop it.
What is the matter with you?
Do you know that you have created
a lot of problems before this?
Do you want
Sharifah to ignore you,
to not care about you at all
for the rest of her life, is that it?
Jack is here.
He wants to explain
and apologize to us.
So can you please
sit down now?
Open your ears.
Open your heart.
Listen to what he wants to say
while eating this cake,
can you?
Uncle Rahim.
I am sorry
I lied
to you.
You dare to lie to me.
So who knows,
you could be lying to Sharifah too.
Before this,
Aunty taught me how to make
pandan custard with sweet glutinous rice.
Aunty said
it was Grandma who taught her.
Grandma said
the bottom layer of pandan custard
with sweet glutinous rice
is glutinous rice.
The top layer
of pandan custard
can be any flavor.
I feel that
we can learn something
from Grandma's words.
That means,
even though Sharifah and I
are of different races
and different skin colors,
but we still
understand and complete each other.
I sincerely hope
you can give
your blessings
to our relationship.
Human beings
are often afraid
of things
that are foreign to them.
But I believe
that you, my dear,
are someone who can overcome the pain,
overcome the fear.
Sharifah is my one
and only daughter.
All this while,
I try
to give
all that I can to her.
Last night, when I heard her crying,
I did not
I did not mean
to hurt her.
I know
you love her.
The other day,
after listening
to the proposal letter
that you wrote
and your brother read it out,
family background,
skin color,
all are not important
to me.
I want to know
whether you are capable
of protecting her,
loving her,
and taking care of her,
just like
how we love her.
Are you able to do so?
Yes, I am.
I will give my blessings
on one condition.
You must
get your dad
to come here
to have a meal together.
If we are to become a family,
we must get to know
each other.
-Can you?
I can.
I can.
What are you waiting for?
Sharifah has not eaten yet.
Go and call her
to come down now.
Otherwise, she will fall sick.
Then it will be your fault.
Thank you, uncle.
Do you know?
When you were speaking just now,
that was your most handsome moment
since I married you.
Do you still remember
when we were dating,
you always gave me a title?
Malaysia's Andy Lau.
Keep wiping!
What are you wiping for?
Your son does not want this business.
The son that you birthed
is marrying into someone else's home,
instead of bringing someone into our home.
How did you raise your son?
I have had it with you.
Our son becomes like this
because he is forced by you.
Do you still remember why I married you?
For your good looks?
Or because you are old?
Or maybe because you are poor?
I can ignore my family's objections.
I can even give up
my own ambitions
because I love you.
I know you can give me happiness.
if our son really loves Sharifah,
so what?
Our son is our treasure,
someone else's daughter
is also their treasure.
Can you please stop being so stubborn?
Families should be
happy together,
isn't that enough?
Isn't that one of our Chinese core values
that families should be happy together?
Can you just try
to respect your son's decision?
Why are you clapping?
What is the matter, you brat?
Nothing much.
Brat's dad,
someone is looking for you outside.
Who are you?
Brother Long,
I came here to see you.
You can speak Mandarin?
to study Mandarin since I was young.
For Jack,
I worked even harder to learn.
Jack and I really love each other.
I came here today
to tell Brother Long
that I am willing
to break up with Jack.
Because in this world,
only our family
understands us.
I hope Brother Long
will stop being angry with Jack
I don't want Jack to be sad.
I also do not want you
to be sad.
That's all I have to say.
A Malay girl is willing
to study our language,
respect our culture,
what have we ever done?
Don't glare at me like that.
I was just joking.
You are right.
He is praising me!
How was I right?
Whatever right thing you said
is not important.
What's important
is to do the right thing.
My daughter is missing.
Her name is Sharifah binti Abdul Rahim.
I think she has been kidnapped.
How would I know?
All I know is that she is missing.
She is not in her room.
I want you to distribute her photos
to everyone on Instagram,
on television,
on the radio.
What? You can't distribute photos
on the radio?
You can put it put on the radio.
Our daughter is missing! I
I went to her room and she is missing.
I don't know if she ran away
or was kidnapped.
Who are you? Do you know I am Chef Rahim?
Chef Rahim! I am famous!
Okay, if my daughter is found,
if she
What is it? What?
What is it?
He said he does not care
about our daughter.
He said that? Hello?
Hello, what did you say?
You don't care about our daughter?
This is our daughter, not your daughter,
that's why you don't care?
It's our daughter.
Don't you have children?
-Find our daughter.
-He doesn't have a child.
-He might not have a child
-Don't you have children?
Do you know--
See, the mom is already angry.
Who is the mom?
Not my mom.
The mom of my missing daughter.
What are you doing?
This is our first visit
to someone's house.
We need to be more presentable.
Uncle Rahim.
Aunty Sarah.
What is it?
-You kidnapped my daughter?
My daughter.
-Dad, let me explain.
-What is there to explain?
-Dear, bring a knife.
-Please, Dad.
He knows how to swing a knife.
I came
to apologize.
It's not necessary.
I was also wrong.
I also apologize.
What are you doing outside?
Come in.
There are no problems
that cannot be solved.
There are only
those who give up.
Our skin color is different.
Our language is different.
Our culture is different.
Our religion is different.
Our taste in food is different.
Our favorite color
is also different.
No matter how different we are,
what's most important
is we must respect each other.
We have all felt alienated
because there is no understanding
between each other.
These differences
have caused us to be fearful.
In order to overcome it,
we must fight against
all these existing fears.
It is not easy to let go of things
that have become the norms for us.
But letting go is necessary
in order to accept something new.
After accepting each other's differences,
we will realize
what is true beauty.
If you ask me,
what is a family?
A family does not care
about different skin colors.
We can sit together at one table
and eat together.
-That is a true family.
-That is a true family.
since the year 1998.
Celebrating Eid al-Fitr
and Chinese New Year.
Chinese New Year.
How is Siti going to face
the family of Joe
Are you sure it is not painful?
Why do you laugh?
You want to bring out the tea?
Bring out the hot tea.
This one is already cold.
What do you want?
And I will taste the cooking style
Not Malay.
He turns to man look
must be better than him.
Look at his face.
So sad.
Is it that funny?
Really can deliver.
It's not funny?
-Laugh out loud.
There is no winner in the war,
all are victims.
This is difficult. This
How long does it take?
Can't open the door.
get in.
He said
-Be honest with them.
-Be honest with them.
And cut.
We get one more take.
Sharifah doesn't close the door.
Sharifah doesn't close the door.
You said you don't have a daughter.
Yes, I don't have a daughter.
-Have a piece of chicken.
Son, have a piece of chicken.
Come, eat chicken.
You too, eat chicken.
Rest the whole day.
It's hard for her.
I was holding on so hard.