Konwoj (2017) Movie Script

Son of a bitch!
Jdrek, you must do it!
Do you hear me?
We have no choice.
- Look at me. Can you hear me?
- Do it yourself.
I'm afraid.
Oh, fuck!
Bebe, take your notes.
That's all you have
to deliver the lot.
Three hundred kilometres.
You're delivering Leon Wicek.
He caught his wife with his brother
and cut her head off.
You'll get support
from the security group.
Report every hour with the duty officer.
What are you doing?
I'm leading this convoy.
And who said so?
You're my deputy.
What's he doing here?
I assigned him.
- Does Nowacki know?
- He always rides with me.
Prepare the cage, I'm bringing the thug.
Fucking hell!
What's going on?
Give him the same.
You have to wait.
There's a high risk convoy before you.
- We have Category A too.
- I can't help it.
Step back.
It's Kulesza.
I wouldn't like to escort this prick.
- And for this finger, you asshole. . .
- Shut up!
Give it to the doctor when you're there.
Give me some more of this stuff.
They shouldn't see his beaten mug.
He's drooling.
They've drugged him up.
Don't worry, he's not going to die.
Why do we need a brig chaser?
Are we escorting Breivik?
- What's the big deal?
- It'll be crowded.
Let's go.
- Where are we heading?
- E-22 direction south.
We were to head north, direction Stargard.
New order.
Why do we need those fucking dispatches
if things change later on.
Are you waking me up again?
- Put Feliks on the phone.
- It's you. Hi.
He isn't here.
He's gone to work.
He was to stay home and learn.
He's got the exam tomorrow.
But Berg called and said
they were understaffed.
- Who?
- Berg.
What happened?
Hello. Dad?
Everything is fine. Bye.
Do you feel like coffee?
You have a stupid son-in-law.
Stop being so harsh on him.
Could you just give him a break?
- Marek!
- What?
- Will you be home for dinner?
- No.
- Why not?
- I have a hard day.
Turn it off.
How long have you been in the group?
Not long.
What did you do before?
- I was serving.
- Where?
You don't want to know.
Far away.
That means? In Orzysz?
I've fucking told you, far away.
You've got a problem?
You didn't get a shag?
Mind the road.
Can you fucking stop it?
What's the matter?
Holy fucking shit, he's throwing up.
- Is he fucking dying?
- I don't know. He's suffocating.
Holy fuck.
We should get him out.
We can't.
Are we to sit ten hours in his puke?
Have you ever escorted Category A?
Stop the car.
It's against the rules.
Do what I say.
They fucking keep breaking the rules.
Why isn't there a nurse with us?
He doesn't look good.
We'll be in hospital in a few hours.
- He wasn't supposed to go.
- Who?
He's on vacation.
He answered the call-out,
so I signed him in.
I was understaffed.
What was I supposed to do?
I gave you Macig from the security group.
Macig was to escort Kulesza, not Wicek.
- Call him off.
- How?
I don't fucking know.
He's got his exam tomorrow.
They're on their way.
He can resit it.
Call Zawada.
Tell him not to do anything
until I get Feliks.
Yes, sir.
How many times are we going to stop?
Is this a kind of picnic?
Ask the leader.
Are you active?
Pop in.
There's a problem.
I'm on the road.
- Where are you heading?
- Silesia.
So, there's a problem.
Fuck, Sok, I've got money.
I'll call you.
As soon as you can.
Do your best. Please.
Are you OK, Zawada?
I won't tell them that.
Don't argue with me!
Do as I say!
I'll make a fool of myself.
I got you this fucking exam with
the judge, and you went with them!
This shit won't stay on.
Can you hear me, Felek?
What the fuck was that?
Let him go, motherfucker!
What's going on?!
- Cuff him!
- Fucking hell!
Check the thug.
- He's alive.
- Hit the fucking road!
- What's going on?
- He was aiming at his head.
Did you want to shoot him?
Just scare him.
With a loaded gun?
Fuck me!
I can't do it.
I'd help you but for the cuffs.
- He's a fucking lunatic.
- Shut up!
- He puked on me.
- So you wanted to kill him?
Fuck me! You idiot!
Shut the fuck up!
Solitary confinement.
Fourteen days.
Both of them.
- Who was shooting there?
- I don't know.
We'll try and catch them via radio.
What radio?
- You have to talk with Zawada.
- He won't pick up.
I think it's broken.
Fucking great!
There's an infirmary 20 km from here.
And what about the brig chaser?
What about him?
We have to report it.
Let them take him away.
- What will you tell them?
- That he was shooting at the prisoner.
Do you want to mess with the
investigation, interrogations, reports?
Had it been for me, he'd have killed him!
We'll be suspended before the prosecutor
decides, nobody knows for how long.
He's a psycho.
You've got a problem, Berg?
When you beat that prisoner,
nobody said a world.
Did you forget about that?
His hand is broken.
How will you explain that?
- We had an accident.
- It'll come out!
Don't blab that much.
Not at home either.
But you won't unchain him till we're there.
- Do you want to let it go?
- Sit down.
We set off together, we arrive together.
Thank God, I'm not the leader here.
Shut up all of you.
We need help.
I know how it is.
We had a riot here a few years ago.
A careless moment, they started running
around like rabbits. There and there.
They tried to hide wherever they could.
We had to open fire.
Four down, seven injured.
Real crap.
That screws your head forever.
We'll deal with everything right away.
The doctor will issue a death certificate.
And you there, hurry up,
so you'll be back home for supper.
But we don't have a dead body.
What do you mean?
No body. We ran over a dog, the prisoner
was unchained and hit the cage.
It was an accident.
But we got the information he's dead.
Who told you that?
Your people.
From the prison.
It must be a mistake.
There is nothing I can do.
He's served his time.
He had a death sentence.
Yes, but in the meantime there
was an amnesty, you know that.
I have to release him.
You should have hanged him
when there was still time.
I really can't do anything about that.
I'm sorry.
Come this way.
Just a sec.
Wait, I'll put the director on the phone.
Hi. What's going on there?
Your brig chaser got crazy.
Zawada, you're leading the convoy,
you deal with it!
And Feliks is to stay in Oagwka.
It's important to me!
If we reported Macig, we'd be suspended.
Why do we need all that?
You know how it works.
I have a family to provide for.
Call your wife, but don't talk too long.
The battery is flat.
No more fuck-ups.
I did what I could.
He broke his nose in the car?
He fell in prison.
You've got slippery floors there.
Well, boys do their best.
What are you reading?
Criminal code.
I recommend it.
Are you going to educate prisoners?
- Defend them, more likely.
- Quite an internship you've chosen.
Inmate's surname.
Wicek, Leon.
It's Marek.
What am I supposed to write?
What are you talking about?
He's totally high.
I'll give him a drip to sober him up.
Did he tell you he was Breivik?
- No, it's just that. . .
- They talk bullshit.
We had a deal.
You're lucky, kiddo.
- Why?
- You're staying.
You can have a rest, Berg.
Macig will drive.
- This psycho?
- Yeah.
I'm responsible for this car.
Get the wheel.
Touch the wheel,
and I'll blow your head off!
He's taking the car over.
If you don't like it, you may stay with the kid.
Call the officer.
Report about everything.
About the shooting too.
What the fuck are you doing?
I don't know what's going on here,
why you unchained the psycho,
and you want to leave Feliks.
But I'm not going to weaken the convoy.
Leave it.
- Fuck yourself.
- They're staring at us.
I don't give a fuck.
We're not going any farther.
I told you to leave it
and get in the car.
- Hands off!
- I said get in.
I'm going to tell about the shooting too.
Get in the car.
I'll tell you what's going on.
- Tell me now.
- Not here.
- Feliks, get in the car.
- He's staying.
He's going with me,
or I'm calling the officer.
What's it all about?
We're escorting Kulesza.
What the fuck are you talking about?
It's impossible.
Did they make a mistake?
The teacher who killed our guys.
What's your name?
Can you hear me?
Show me the waybill.
Show it!
Why didn't you say anything?
We saw the brig chasers put him in the car.
How come he's here?
They were switched.
- Why?
- Security purposes.
Nobody was to know which convoy he was in.
False waybill.
Fuck, why does it have to be me?
It was to be a regular convoy.
We weren't supposed to attract attention.
Jesus! We're travelling with such a shit!
- Easy, Berg.
- Don't you easy me!
Were you at the funeral?
Those were my mates.
Walczak and Strzelczyk and he killed them
in front of their wives and children's eyes.
- Killed them in cold blood.
- I know.
You know shit!
You have no family so you don't care.
Had I known we'd be escorting this prick,
I'd never have taken this job.
Has Kulesza confessed?
Has he been absolved?
Yes or no?
You've always been on my side, father.
I've already made a decision.
Do you learn about such guys?
Would you defend him?
One has to have
a fucked up mind to do this.
It's better to shoot them, ain't it?
At least this piece of shit
won't hurt anybody else.
Has it occurred to you he might be ill?
And that's why he's going
to mental hospital?
A asshole like that says he heard voices,
and he's found not guilty.
- Mentally incompetent.
- Tell that to the families of the dead.
Fuck, our guys bite the dust,
and he's going to the spa treatment.
He doesn't have to make it.
Easy to say.
Easy to do.
- We can get into deep shit.
- It depends.
We just have to convince the kid.
He won't do it.
In the worst case,
three witnesses against one.
Nowacki won't nail his own son-in-law.
And who do you think sent me here?
Make sure he doesn't disturb,
and I'll take care of everything.
Zawada, what do you reckon?
Everyone decides for themselves.
What's the plan?
One-hundred and seventh kilometre.
Excuse me.
The prosecutor is here.
I just wanted to thank you for
sending Kulesza to hospital so fast.
No problem.
And one more thing.
Can I have files of those guards
Kulesza killed, if it's not a problem.
By all means.
Help the prosecutor, please.
We have to fill some gaps
in the investigation.
Of course.
- All the best.
- The same to you.
Good bye.
Feliks is still with them.
Why hasn't this motherfucker
carried out the order?
Fucking shit!
Fuck! Fuck!
We'll let him have a piss now
so that we don't stop anymore.
Get him out.
I'll do it.
- It's OK.
- Felek.
- You want him to go with this freak?
- Let's talk.
If we don't do him in,
they'll think they can get away with that.
Get the fuck. . .
Felek, fuck!
Stop it! Stop it!
Fucking stop it!
Let me go!
Leave it, Berg.
You're going to strangle him.
- Fuck!
- You're going to strangle him!
Leave it.
Will you allow that?
Talk to your father-in-law.
Fat cells replace
themselves every ten years,
skin cells every few days.
And those here. . .
What are you talking about?
You are the prison director! Do something!
Stay out of it!
Do you get it?
What will Ewa say?
Keep her out of this!
I thought you were a decent man.
Call it off.
You are the prison director! Do something!
- You're a motherfucker!
- Hello!
It's loaded.
You won't kill him.
I won't let you.
Don't come any closer or
I'll blow his head off!
Do you know why Nowacki sent you here?
- Are you fucking crazy?
- Have you thought for a moment?
If you kill him, you'll be
accused and he'll stay clear.
Lower the gun.
It's OK.
I should have fucking killed you.
You would kill the kid?
Why did you stop me?
What's going on?
Get Kulesza, kiddo!
Come here, Berg!
Help me.
Get him.
- Fuck!
- Get him!
Cuff him.
He'll fucking fire us.
People were given a sack for smaller shit.
Good we didn't do anything stupid.
I'm not so sure.
I'm leaving when we're back.
What the fuck? You don't want to help us?
You don't give a shit?
Berg, do you always have to be
such a moron?
What do you want to do now?
We'll escort him.
To hospital.
You're like one of my students.
Which one?
The one who went missing?
Did you kill him?
And why did you kill those guards?
I know your boss.
What about Feliks?
He won't keep his mouth shut.
Berg is with us.
Maybe we should call the police?
What police?
It's none of their business.
We'll get more security group guys.
But quietly.
Let them go straight to Racibrz.
- Contact only via radio.
- There is a CB in the van, sir.
Very good.
You've done the most stupid
thing you could have done.
Stop the car so that we could talk.
Not quite possible.
We'd have to wait for you.
Why are you talking to him?
WE412LK if you see them return,
let me know.
Change of frequency every ten minutes.
- Copy that.
- Over and out.
- Are they after us?
- How far to go?
An hour or so.
I'm giving up.
We're all in the same shit.
If we deliver him,
they'll do him in and put it on us.
As long as Kulesza is with us, we're safe.
Get it?
Take a secondary road.
When will you be home?
I don't know.
Ewa invited us for dinner.
I told her we would be at 8 p.m.
Are you happy?
I don't know if I can make it.
But will you be back?
I don't know if I can make it.
Sorry, I'm very busy. Bye.
What do we do now?
We'll wait.
Where are we?
Somewhere here.
We'll wait till it gets dark.
- I've got something for you.
- Finally.
- A courier will deliver it to you, but where?
- All right. I'll text you.
You'll never catch them.
Do you have a plan?
Do you?
- Are you sure it's here?
- Yes.
Who did this to you?
Who did it?
The second law of thermodynamics.
Everything collapses.
Speak like a human being.
Fellow inmates?
Everything I had,
Did you know about it?
Let's go.
- I'm not going any farther.
- Why?
They're going to spare us.
Him too.
You made a deal with them?
Fuck him. We're going by ourselves.
I'm not giving you the car.
Give me the keys.
Here you are.
Are you fucking crazy?!
I was there!
Who did that?
We did.
Who's "we"?
Your dead friends.
It was Strzelczyk's birthday.
We got drunk and high.
I don't know who hit him first.
Then it was quick.
Someone pulled out a knife.
He shouldn't have defended himself.
We were sure he would bleed to death.
I don't know how he made it.
Fucking hell!
We were sure he raped and killed that kid.
He didn't say anything?
Did he sue you?
When he was in hospital, the case was
dismissed due to lack of evidence.
He was released,
after half a year he killed our guys.
I'm wondering why he didn't get you.
Why didn't you finish Zawada off?
Apparently, you got lucky.
We must report it.
Will you accuse Nowacki?
What will your missus say?
You'll have to snitch on Zawada too.
He castrated an inmate.
You've got lost, lads, haven't you?
Felek, get out!
Your wife's waiting with dinner.
Can you hear me?
If you leave, they'll kill us all.
Get out, Feliks!
You're taking the exam tomorrow.
I'll be back, when we've delivered him.
If something happens,
drive ahead at full speed.
What the fuck are you doing?
Call it off.
Are you fucking nuts?
Do you want to let him go?
He made you a junkie.
You lost your family.
He's a paedophile.
A murderer.
A trash. . . fucking trash.
What did we say?
Trash needs to be dealt with, disposed of.
That's what we used to say, didn't we?
I don't believe it anymore.
Listen to me.
You must help me.
Only this one time, OK?
I'll let you go.
Cease fire!
Don't shoot, Macig!
Fucking shit!
Drive, kiddo!
You are degenerates!
You're worse than them.
He's a fucking dirtbag!
A motherfucker!
Saint at home and here. . .
I fucking admired him!
You were to wait for my sign!
Where are you?
Just arrived.
- Stay there and don't move.
- Yes, sir.
It's just a scratch.
I'll fucking kill him!
I didn't know what to do
after I'd left the army.
Nowacki took me to the prison.
He promised to help me get a flat.
They had a shooting range there.
I didn't have to do anything.
I was just shooting the target all day long.
Why are you telling me that?
It used to be cool.
It wasn't always shitty.
It is now.
I couldn't sleep.
I started escorting them.
Day by day, night by night.
Some of them prayed, some of them cursed,
and some of them said
what they'd done to others.
At some point, you become a part of it.
You become like them.
She just didn't stand it.
One day
she took the children,
packed her stuff and left.
And when I understood that
I spent most of the time
behind the wall but not with them,
they were gone.
I don't even know where they are now.
I won't be long.
Sok sends me.
- Money.
- Just a sec.
Change your clothes.
Kulesza took over the convoy.
We were trying to stop him.
And if he doesn't arrive?
He's a psycho, but not an idiot.
He knows he's save here.
What about the escort?
As far as I know, they're dead.
So, there's weapon left.
Macig's AKM, a smoothbore
and three pistols.
Let's take him to the police.
If he is detained, Nowacki will get him.
Maybe we could go that way?
How's dinner?
- What have you cooked?
- Your favourite dish.
I hope, you haven't burnt the kitchen.
Your pass.
Whose phone are you calling from?
A friend's.
Berg's battery ran out.
When will you be back?
Right, I need to go.
I love you, bye.
You have to go along the wall
and try the other way.
- Go.
- And you?
You've got five minutes.
Come on.
Let's go.
Everything went fucking wrong, didn't it?
You fucking screwed it.
I've brought your patient.
Just a second.
We're saying farewell to
one of our best officers.
He was committed to his work for
rehabilitation and re-adaptation.
Engaged in therapeutic
and improvement programmes,
he gave inmates hope
to reunite with the society.
He was a great colleague and a friend.
An outstanding shooter,
winner of many prestigious
awards and medals.
He represented us
in our country and abroad.
We were proud of him.
Staff Sergeant Andrzej Zawada
was the pride of our prison.
He died in the line of duty.
He'll always be our role model.
Honour and glory!
May he share with him eternal glory.
Hi. I'm sorry, I didn't want
to summon you to my office.
Can I help you?
I've got some inaccuracies in the report.
What inaccuracies?
According to Sergeant Berg,
Kulesza terrorised the escort,
shot Macig, killed Zawada.
He shot my son-in-law.
But the problem is Kulesza couldn't shoot,
for sure not with a crushed hand.
With all due respect, are you suggesting
that my people shot one another?
There are witnesses.
They can confirm everything anytime.
And Macig?
Corporal Macig came back to the army,
and went for the military mission.
In that case we'll wait till Kulesza
comes back from the observation.
I hope your son-in-law will
soon wake up from the coma.
Thank you very much.
Andrzej, the cell pass!
You're back, you fucker.
You won't leave this place.
Do you regret it?
In cold blood.
I couldn't remember.
Do you want to confess?
You'll feel relieved.
- To Marek Kulesza.
- It's not possible.
- I want to hear him due to the case.
- I can't let anyone in.
Who gave you the order?
The director himself.
I'm afraid.
Marek Kulesza.
I'm your patient.
Those motherfuckers!
You never wanted to know what
was going on behind the wall.
What for?
I spent thirty years there.
Thirty years!
Day and night.
I knew everything
about what was going on there.
What they did in the cells
and in courtyard, what they
did together and with guards.
I knew everything.
You want clear conscience.
They've served their time,
they have to be released.
So we release them,
and your conscience is clear.
Then, you're surprised
that someone slit somebody's throat
or raped a child.