Koode (2018) Movie Script

Pick it up...
They said it is urgent.
No calls during working hours.
Yes Dad?
"Dad Calling"
Wake up!
He fell asleep.
This is his stop.
I'm Thommichan.
Kochuth resiama's brother!
Kochu... Who's that?
My sister.
Aloshy sent me.
He needs to get off here.
Good that I checked...
Else, you'd have reached Ooty!
They have been calling from the church.
[Funeral chants]
[Funeral chants]
[Funeral chants]
Open the casket for Joshua to see.
[Chants continue]
Make it fast.
Yoshe, how is the rail town coming up?
Will you finish it any soon?
Looks good!
You both cannot be playing all the time.
When Mamma needs rest,
you will have to do all this.
Where's the plug spanner?
It's in the box.
You've started picking up things.
Babu, here.
Why aren't you ready yet?
The doctor's appointment is at 4.
Lilly, I can't come
with so much work pending.
Need to deliver this jeep now.
Let's do one thing.
Joshua! You go with
Mamma to the hospital
- Come.
- Benny!
Take that Maruthi.
It's owner will come only tomorrow.
How're you?
Not bad.
And, this is?
My son Joshua.
- Happy Christmas!
- Happy Christmas!
- Coach!
- Hey...
Sir, right there.
So... Happy Christmas Sir!
Happy Christmas to you too!
- Sir, are you heading home?
- No.
I'm going to travel a bit.
Not going home for Christmas?
There really isn't anyone at home.
Sir, would you like to
come to my place for Christmas?
Thank you Josh!
You have a good Christmas,
and practice your football.
Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ,
was born on Christmas day!
Dear believers, here to
celebrate the birth of the son of god...
Two thousand years ago,
in the stable in Jerusalem
where Baby Jesus was born,
all living beings were
in anticipation of the divine...
On a night when stars stood guard,
there was silence all around...
(Lilly moans)
It's a girl!
- Normal delivery!
- Is it?
- You have company now.
- Congratulations!
You have a sister!
Who is this?
Firey... rock-a-b ye!
Twinkling bright in my eye...
By your side all the while
Ready to play our little games
He has set up her
nursery in his room!
- High in the sky awaits the moon
- Yoshe! Looks great.
High in the sky awaits the moon
Firey ro ck-a-b ye!
Twinkling bright in my eye...
By your side all the while
Ready to play our little games
Sir, I have a sister now!
- You?
- Yes.
- Congratulations
- Thank you!
The name of this child
is Jennifer Maria Thomas.
In the name of the father, son & the
holy spirit, I baptize this child.
Like a little dragony
Like a bird that wants to y
[hold you close to me.
Far beyond what you can see
Ifl were to y endlessly
Won't you come follow me
Let's gather little seeds on hillsides
With little hands
let's make a play house
Like a loving beam ofmoonshine
That shall follow you forever
Firey ro ck-a-b ye!
- Bro!
- Twinkling bright in my eye...
By your side all the while
Ready to play our little games
- Baby! Baby...
- Jenny! Jenny!
- Baby wake up...
- Mamma, what happened?
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas...
...your daughter has
a congenital condition.
Organs of such children
may not function normally.
For her to lead a normal life all you
can give is the best medical support.
We'll do... whatever is necessary.
She'll be fine right?
Pardon me for being frank...
Such children may
not survive for too long.
The rains messed up the rites.
Have some tea, you are drenched.
Father, how long has it
been since Joshua last came?
- Where do I keep these?
- Keep it in Jenny's room.
What is it?
Hey! Come here!
Come on!
Have this.
That's Jenny's bell.
For any emergency.
In this room... she wrote,
drew, and dreamt of flying,
until she couldn't anymore.
Lilly, will you please shut up?
Why should I?
Why aren't you getting what I am saying?
What should I understand?
I want to take her to Velankanni church.
Is this the time to go on a pilgrimage?
With that money we can
buy her medicines for two months.
Only then will she get cured.
Where is the money for all that?
Here take it.
Sell it.
We'll have to sell, not just these
but everything we have!
Elsa, you can leave.
Two-thousand five hundred right?
No two-thousand nine hundred & six.
The prices have gone up?
Yes sir, a bit.
Sir, bill.
Come on boys fast fast fast.
Kids learn from their parents...
When we ask to meet the parents,
it is for a reason.
Have you given your
teachers the sweets?
- Pappa, this is my history teacher.
- Hello!
- This is my geography teacher.
- Hello!
- Congratulations.
- Thank you ma'am
Thank you.
Ma'am, have you seen Ms. Tessy?
What will happen to you now?
You will end up some mechanic like
your father!
- What happened?
- What else?
Failed miserably!
They wont take him back.
I don't know anymore.
Do whatever you please.
Sorry Dad.
Don't worry...
In an exam, sometimes one fails,
sometimes one passes.
Let it go. I had promised
to take you to a special place...
Go take a look.
Joshua! Come.
Heard that you had
arrived from the Gulf...
Sister was telling
me about the matters here.
Its okay...
He's not an outsider.
- Did you give him tea?
- I had tea.
I'll have a cup of tea please.
Move out of the way.
How are things with you, Brother?
Getting on.
Give her the milk.
lm worried about Joshua...
God will show us a way.
If you want...
I can take him with me.
To the Gulf?
At this age, what can he do there?
Leave that to me.
If he starts earning,
it will be good for her.
Isn't he still a child?
Not really...
The train is here.
Thommicha, shall I serve some more?
Joshua, come have dinner.
Aloshy has the contract
to fix all broken toys in our area.
Please have your gruel, Lilly.
Have some...
Lilly... please.
Broken toys can be repaired.
Not the same with people.
Doggie... Go!
Jimmy go...
What happened?
- Tommy?
- What is it, Yoshe?
This dog...
He is used to sleeping here with Jenny...
lam talking to you.
You shut the door & sleep.
Tonight, you sleep here okay?
Finally all the rituals are done.
Does Joshua plan to go back?
I haven't asked him anything.
Joshua, when are you leaving?
Once things have settled here...
In 2 or 3 days.
Granny, have your medicines and go.
I don't want any of it.
Granny... Please have these.
- I told you I dont want to
- You will start talking to yourself again.
Please have these.
Granny, listen to me...
You don't have to go back.
I have to.
There is a lot of work I have taken up.
- Have to go.
- What work?
Your home, your people are here.
What will you do there all alone?
Hasn't it always been that way?
What must I do then?
What is the point in
making these cakes and stew
if he will also be gone?
Years ago... Your mother
would have felt the same way
That's why we brought her here, right?
After she became what she is now...
Our daughter is...
Don't you want at least him around?
Granny and her ways!
Aren't they very expensive?
I can return them to the hospital...
Good Morning, everyone please rise
for the morning prayer
by principal Ms. Katy.
Where the mind is without fear,
and the head is held high,
where knowledge is free, where the world
is not being broken up into fragments
by narrow domestic walls.
Wate r!
Joe! Can I play as well?
Just bring me water when I ask for it.
But you promised that
you would let me play next week!
It's not next week yet.
You promised last week!
No, No.
Why cant she play?
Coach wont let girls on the team.
Says who?
Pass her the ball.
Coach! Don't!
She can only play better than you.
Come play.
I'll show you.
Please sit down.
We have gathered here today
for the condolence meeting
of our beloved student,
Late Jennifer Maria Thomas.
We have her family with us here and
I welcome our former
Principal Sister to the dais
to share her memories with Jennifer.
Ma'am please...
We are left with just hundred days.
- for your board exams.
- Good morning ma'am!
- Sorry am late
- Joshua Thomas! Stay there.
What do you think about yourself?
You can enter the class
any time you want?
You are not going to
attend this hour today ok?
Stay there right in the corner.
Students attention please!
The school is expecting
hundred percent results this year.
So, are you going to be responsible?
Yes ma'am.
Our students will now share
their memories of Jenny...
I'm Sidhartha, 6th Standard.
Jenny was like my own sister.
We met during music classes.
I was too shy to sing those days.
Once when my teacher scolded me, I cried.
Jenny took me to
the terrace and taught me a song.
It was Jenny who taught
me to sing from my heart.
I shall sing that song for her today.
"Daddy & Mummy are not around
No one to hold us back
Come on over, lets start the game.
No need for a pitch, No need for
an umpire, and everyones a winner!
Hey.. Daddy & Mummy..."
Stop it!
The meeting is over.
and thank you everyone
for your presence.
- The song had not finished.
- Stop it.
Thank you so much to Jennifer's family
for being with us here.
What was wrong with that principal!
Let's not take this route,
take that one.
Biju Varkey's house is on this road.
This is his car.
Why do we still do this, Dad?
Since I remember we
have been using others' cars.
So what?
They're lying in our garage anyway.
Can't we just buy a new car?
A new one would cost a lot.
Isn't that what I am for?
How much will you do?
Why spare me for just this one?
Open the bonnet.
That boy sang really well, didn't he?
Spark plug...
Thought it was cleaned.
- Step out.
- Why?
The car needs to be pushed.
The car isnt starting.
He never likes it
when I get into the car!
I used to be a nurse
Now, I'm doing a mechanic's work.
He is taking out all his anger
and making me do this on purpose.
Come on, you know its not that.
- Dad...
Let's buy a new car.
No, Yoshe!
Is there a vehicle that works?
Just wanted to go for a drive.
Take the van.
That won't ditch you midway.
It was Jenny's ambulance.
Good that the Sahib left it here.
Where is he off to at this hour?
It is getting dark.
Don't nag him like
you used to nag Jenny.
He is not a small kid.
Not the age to roam around either.
What would people say?
That's true.
People are just are waiting to gossip.
Its not "people"...
I know the one who gossips around here.
Don't be scared.
It's me.
What kind of question is that?
Its me Jenny.
Jenny is gone.
That's true.
But I still am Jenny.
You're not Jenny.
You just look like Jenny.
Tell me the truth.
Who are you?
You only see me once
every four years.
How can you say I am not Jenny?
Since the last time,
haven't I grown taller?
What do you want?
What do I want?
But I am Jenny.
Even if you are Jenny.
How are you here?
I don't know either.
It's so confusing.
It's a first for me too.
Don't know if I am coming or going!
- Don't be loud!
- Why not?!
The only person who can see and hear me
does not even understand anything!
I'm hungry!
Yeah! I've heard all that too.
About how it is when you die. All lies!
Full wrong information!
Look at me now...
I'm not transparent. I can't fly.
My hands, legs, teeth, all are normal.
And that thing about roaming
around in the white-saree uniform?
All bogus!
Cooked up by filmmakers.
But there's one thing...
No breathlessness.
No pain.
Such a relief!
Poor Mamma & Dad...
For every small thing they
had to rush me to the hospital.
No need for any of that now full chill!
Now! I am going to have a blast!
Only one thing has not changed...
Always hungry!
Mamma's coffee...
The yummy treats...
Appam & stew.
Please go get me something!
Please, at least get me
a bun omlette from the stall
You got up early?
- Shall I get you coffee?
- Yes please.
The workers will arrive soon.
Jenny... did she have a last wish?
She was twenty years old.
She had not one, but a thousand wishes.
Till the end,
she asked if you would come.
I'm taking this.
He can see?
Of course,
he's my best friend "Brownie"!
But, he's not brown.
Such old school thinking!
Calling a brown dog Brownie,
needs no imagination.
See this brown patch?
That's his specialty... so "Brownie".
Thank you.
What's for breakfast?
- Take a count of the chairs.
- Okay.
- Rajiv, if you need any rope,
it is in the van. - Okay.
Keep the bamboos on that side.
One bun omlette...
- One bun omlette. Make it quick.
- I'm making it!
"Making it!"
That'd be 20 rupees.
I'll take it.
I'm the boss!
Take it!
- You do your job.
- Okay!
Trying to show off all the time.
Is there someone in the van?
Isn't that your van?
Stop gossiping and start working.
I was only answering his question.
I see you only talking not working.
Eat up.
Salam valeikum sir...
Sir, I will return by Saturday.
Will not.
I have some more
things to get done here.
Hello hello...
Who was that?
My supervisor from the site.
What do you do there?
What difference does it make?
How can you say that?
Don't I need to know,
what work you do?
All the needs here are being met.
That's all you need to know.
Isn't that Louis's Sahib's van?
Should I be gossiping with you or work?
Please, work.
You are into smuggling right?
How can you not like what
you're doing?
People study & work not because
they like it but because they need to.
Says who?
I used to love studying.
College life is so much fun you know...
I would not know.
I could never attend college.
- Do you like football?
- Yes.
To play
or just to watch?
The coach wouldn't let us just watch.
I was in the school team.
Where are your old teammates?
Don't know.
How old where you when you left?
Weren't you scared?
To leave home and everyone behind?
Forget that.
Where're your school friends?
There isnt anyone like that.
Who'd remember someone who
visits only once in 4 or 5 years...?
You're not in touch with anyone?
Over phone or mail?
(A beat)
I sent a letter once...
Brother! Ball...
Come on... pass pass
Josh... Pass
Pass! Joshua pass!
Block him block him
Don't let him go.
Josh, pass the ball to Devan!
You guys are good for nothing!
All of you remember one thing.
The one who moves the ball doesn't
necessarily need to score the goal...
It doesn't matter who scores the goal.
It's the team's goal.
I want each one of you
to do what you are best at.
Nice kick Bro!
Bro...Short form.
Will your old scrap run?
Hey! Don't call her names.
She's just upset.
If you're mean to me,
shell get upset.
You just need to give her a little
push & she'll be fine.
"Push push"
"Push push"
"Push the old van"
"Push push"
"Push push"
"Push the hopeless van"
Get in get in!
"Push the old van!"
"Push the hopeless van!"
"Push the old van!"
"Push the hopeless van!"
"Push the old van!"
"Push the hopeless van!"
Thanks a lot brother!
Bro! Shall we get everyone some sweets?
Bro, can I ask you something?
Will you really leave in 2 days?
Give me the phone.
- Why?
- Give it!
Smart phone cool!
So many updates are pending!
I don't check all that.
They gave it to me from the office.
Only they call me on it.
In that case, let this be with me.
To call who?
Are phones just for calling?
Food, Clothing, Shelter, Wifi are...
...our generation's fundamental needs!
Brownie! Move.
Bro, can I guess
what you were just thinking?
Good lord...
...she is like this being from here...
...what if she were raised in a city!
Am I right?
Something like that.
I would've been
better off if I was from the city.
Did you know that
the most shocking stories
are from small towns?
Ask our Thresiyamma...
...she's the gossip express of our town.
Aloshy is more worried
about Yoshe than I am.
But he never shows it.
How'd you survive by
yourself in that big house, Mother?
I wasn't alone there.
I'm not able to do anything
even with everyone around.
Cannot even enter her room...
- Repair uncle!
- Yes...
The tyres right?
- Don't have a spare?
- Shrugs (No).
We'll fix it.
Come back in two days.
Did the van cause any trouble?
Nothing much...
...loses its cool sometimes.
Aloshy, its string-hoppers for dinner.
Did mother have her food Lilly?
On time, since...
...she is on medications.
some coconut milk?
- Thommicha, some for you?
- Oh yes, please.
These taste best with coconut milk
Get a haircut tomorrow.
You're going to see a prospective bride.
Oh, I thought you were talking to me.
Dont be silly.
Where is this girl from, Thommicha?
- Where is she from sister?
- From Gudalur.
I've told them,
that you said no to quite a few women.
So they need to call us
only if she's a good match.
Wasn't him who rejected those women.
What does he know?
We elders must decide these things.
Thommichan has been very understanding.
Not everyone is like that nowadays.
Did you hear about
the girl from Meleparambu?
She has surely lost her mind.
Sophie... didn't she study with you?
- Is she of his age?
- Yes.
Men may come
home drunk and talk rubbish.
Doesn't mean you leave them.
Educated women these days
won't put up with that.
That's the problem, education!
She's a teacher at the school now.
Latest news is that
she went for a divorce.
Why would she go for that?
She was adamant on getting it.
He's no saint.
I've heard that he is an alcoholic.
Not everyone is as decent as Thommichan.
What does Brownie have for dinner?
Whatever we have.
I'll feed him tonight.
Why're you taking the plate along?
- Well leave it outside for him.
- It's okay.
I'll feed him.
- What has happened to him?
- Just let him be.
Tomorrow when you get a haircut,
please make it a bit fashionable.
This head?
Brownie, come!
Greedy boy!
Its for me.
Take this.
Check it properly
before handing it over.
Are you going into town?
I'm coming along.
Need to get some cash from the bank.
I'll withdraw the money and bring it.
It's okay. I'll go.
Need around
ten-twelve thousand rupees.
to pay for the congregation.
That's okay.
I'll bring it.
Brownie come...
Work-home, home-work...
How can you live like this?
There is so much to see in this world.
On picnics from school & college...
I was never allowed to go.
May be because Id have
to carry an oxygen cylinder along.
So annoying!
Get out of the way!
- Getting on my nerves
- Bro, you tell him!
"No one knows, when
and how I arrive..."
"But I am always there where
I am supposed to be!" (Film dialogue)
- Back up now!
- Brother...
Okay maam. It was their fault
Don't worry, lets leave.
Bro! that connection...
So, that letter you
wrote was to Sophie right!
Two coffees and two vadas please.
Two coffees and two vadas here...!
lsnt this Louis Sahibs van?
Yeah, it is some Sahib's.
But this was with Aloshy.
How'd you get it?
He's my dad.
Good God!
- Are you his son who works
in the Gulf? - Yes.
Come inside, take a seat.
Please take a seat.
Aloshy always talks
about you when he comes.
Do you know the story of this van?
Louis sahib was a
hippie back in the day.
His girlfriend & he used to
roam around the country in this van.
When they finally settled down here,
his girlfriend left him.
Hey, the vadas aren't from today...
Get some of the fresh fritters.
He waited a long time for her.
But she did not show up.
Last year, he heard she fell ill.
He panicked...
He left immediately to France.
The things love makes you do!
He left all his things
with different people to take care.
The van was left with your dad.
Bro! Can I ask you something?
Why're you leaving now?
If not for me,
you could stay back for some others?
Like Khadar said...
...things love makes you do!
I thought youd talk less
if you got something to eat.
If I too keep quiet,
this will turn into an art movie.
It must be wonderful
to travel and see the world.
Bro, have you travelled a lot?
Once every four or five years,
I board a plane
to come home
Havent really seen
the world beyond this.
How terrible!
Next time you board a flight,
don't come home
go somewhere else.
your aunt is looking for you.
Can't you keep this aside
at least during dinner?
Mom, just mind your own work.
lam not putting this down.
Only marriage will set him right.
Fr. Immanuel had come with
a proposal for him yesterday.
For me?
The boy is from her husbands family.
Cant call him her husband anymore.
She'll take you to
court for saying that.
Brother, that lawyer had
come to meet her in school today.
To the school?
That school is run
with our family money.
Please don't embarrass us there too.
He dropped by to
hand over some documents.
When our sister was married to you,
we were a reputed family.
Your daughter is
ruining our reputation.
Do you need the money she
makes from her job to survive?
Aren't you being given Alice's
share even after her death?
He has nothing to do with this.
I'm going to work because I want to.
Isn't she doing a job that she likes?
Dad, didn't I tell you?
She'd do only what she likes. She
has a father who blindly supports her.
You call the girl's mother.
We'll speak to her about the alliance.
Hey! Still sleeping!
Someone is here to see you.
Joshua Aloysius Thomas?
- Yes.
- Sir, these are your orders.
- Please sign here.
- Orders?
I haven't ordered anything.
Is the address right?
Isn't this your address, Sir?
The address is mine, but...
I haven't ordered anything.
This must be a mistake.
The delivery is in your name...
So there's no mistake.
Sir could you... Sign it?
Why must I?
I have not bought anything.
I'm not paying for these.
No need for payment.
Rs 47,000. Already paid.
By whom?
Paid by...
It's been paid with your debit card.
But... this is some fraud.
If you have any complaints,
please contact the bank.
Do you have your card with you?
Yes, I have the card.
Sir, have you given the
password of your card to someone?
No. This card was given
to me by my company.
And I saved the password
only on my phone...
Has everything arrived?
What is all this?
What is all this?
Shopping? For 47,000?
You think I am made of money?
Do you know how hard
I work for every rupee?
Not Rupees. You mean Dirhams right?
Don't you understand anything at all?
Did you even ask
me before spending so much?
Aiwa! Our first fight!
Are you acting dumb or...?
Chill Bro!
Let's check if you like all these.
All you'll do is spend!
For everything there's Josh!
For medicines, Josh.
For fees, Josh.
For clothes, Josh!
You act as if I've
demanded all this from you.
Amidst all the money talk,
have you ever really thought about me?
So talking about how much
I spend is the big mistake.
Have you ever
seen me spend for myself?
I haven't.
By spending for me, what did you get?
At least now learn
to live for yourself!
None of these are for me.
All of it is for you.
- For me...?
- If I ask for a phone,
you buy and send one.
But have you ever called me on it?
Give me my phone back.
- No I won't.
- I said, give it back!
Give me my phone back!
You hardly visit...
- Jenny...
- ...even then you barely talk to me!
Just go.
I won't leave that soon!
Me neither.
Then your tickets?
Will cancel them.
- You're sure right?
- Yes
- You give your word?
- Yes
- Promise.
- Yes!
So... what's the plan?
The plan...
You tell me.
I will.
Are you sure?
What has gone has gone,
What is to come, will come.
What lies in between these...
isn't that what matters?
Think about it!
Like a naughty breeze,
tapping & dancing,
like a maverick dragony,
did you touch the skj.
At the blink ofan eye,
did sunshine ow into the night?
Even on the real earth,
did stars start to twinkle?
Stop being such a grouch
& start enjoying your life!
Someday you are going to die anyway.
Far, faraway...
let's seek our shore...
Together... let's gather
to make our nests.
Where's Aloshy?
Did the nameless expanses,
Search for unknown roads?
On some distant branch,
did the little birds nd new homes?
Forgetting the seasons,
we spread colours on tender leaves.
Let's fuse together,
like rain that seeps into the soil.
Far... Faraway...
let's seek our shore.
Together... let's gather
to make our nests.
Brownie's hungry.
What is he up to with this van?
Don't walk,
Don't stand,
Let's go in search of the
fragrance from an unknown ower.
- Shall I jump from here?
- Come!
I'll jump!
I'll jump now!
Let's hum that tune of
the forest that no one has heard.
Jenny! Jenny!
Just within my reach, you are...
Just beyond your sight, I am...
like a rapture...
Let's gather the feathers
of the mist, with our thoughts.
Together... let's gather
to make our nests.
Hope you told them
about my commission.
You put your terms forward.
Please tell them about it.
Else, things won't work out.
Can you please shut up?
Not to us. She hears things
that no one else does.
- She's on medication.
- Who is she?
Lilly's mother.
But, the boy is a gem.
That's what matters.
Kochuthresiama asked her to come.
Such a handsome fellow!
NRls have a good market nowadays.
I know many suitable girls.
Here, see her?
She's a nurse in the Gulf.
She draws an excellent salary there.
If you don't like her,
take a look at this girl.
Isn't she pretty?
You like her?
You two would make a great couple.
please come.
I think he liked her! Do ask!
Did you like her?
She is recommended by Kochuthresiama.
Let's not do this now.
The second one is
a really good match.
If you marry her,
you could stay back here with us.
At least sometimes,
you must think of others' likes too.
What happened?
He says he doesn't
want to get married now.
Oh, then shall we think of
that girl for Thommichan.
- How does Thomichan look?
- He's very handsome!
- Is it? - Yes.
Then let's do that.
Bro! Which is this place?
We used to play here as kids.
Found you!
No, its okay.
How are your parents?
They are... okay.
And you?
Do you come here often?
Whenever I need some time to myself.
Which class do you teach at school?
1st standard.
Come fast.
What are you doing there?
So... I'll make a move then.
What's happening here?
Christy, did you see what he did?
Did you see what he did?
Today it's him. That is all.
Maybe you come across as easy.
Aren't you coming to bed?
- What was it there?
- Nothing.
Have to change its oil pump today.
Oil pump...nonsense!
So you weren't in touch
with Sophie all this while.
But since you both are here now,
you can be in touch right?
What do you want us to do?
Play football together again?
That's a good idea!
Your favourite
teacher from back then...?
Coach Ashraf...?
Why not ask about him
and start a conversation?
That poor girl seems to
have too much to handle right now.
That's when good friends should
stick by.
In today's times "you
can't follow the one you like,
you have to walk with them"
is what Dulquer Salman says.
But you... on seeing the girl you like,
drive backwards.
- Drop me here.
- You are going to the school right?
- I'll drop you there.
- No, I'm not going to the school.
I'll get off here. You can leave.
Tell me where you are going,
I will drop you there.
Bro! Look!
- What is your problem?
I told you...just go.
What're you doing here?
What do you want?
I don't want anything.
Josh please, can you leave me alone?
Sophie, why are you like this?
How else should I be?
Josh, please!
Please just go!
Do you remember Coach Ashraf?
Do you know where he is now?
I do not know anything!
I'll make a move then.
Have you eaten dear?
Have you read this?
Maya Angelou.
"I know why the caged birds sings"
Is there a point in just reading this?
No. No pointjust reading this.
I studied in this school too,
I was a star here!
I know.
I met your "Daddy Mummy" friend.
- When was that?
- I'll tell you.
Where can I get the details of the
old teachers here?
Come sir.
Please sit.
What are you doing here?
I came to enquire about Ashrafs
sir's address or number.
Oh, Coach...
Let me check with the office.
One moment.
Coach Ashraf was the first person
to pass the ball to me.
I was the one who passed it actually.
But he asked me to.
Alright then.
I won't talk to you
if things go on like this!
It's not how you think it is.
She's an educated girl and...
...I didn't even get through school.
We aren't compatible.
Then study now!
So many folks finish
their education late.
As for compatibility...
look at Mamma and Dad.
They don't seem compatible at all.
Dad is a poor mechanic...
...always at work,
soaked in grease and dirt.
Mamma is the hoity-toity type.
They are forever fighting.
But they cannot stay
apart for even a day.
So much in love.
Bro, people these days
search worldwide for a partner.
Even on the internet.
See how lucky you are!
The one for you is right here.
Let's not talk about the internet...
I stumbled upon your pen drive.
I think you both should elope.
What is wrong with you?
No one elopes at our age.
There's no age limit to eloping.
You can elope at anytime
with anyone.
Can I ask you something else?
Bro, are you a virgin?
These aren't things
you should fret over.
For some it happens early,
For some a bit later.
These things should happen
All that should happen,
will happen at the right time.
- What is it?
- Move on!
You want to ask me something?
Yes you do, yes you do.
- No...not at all!
- That's not fair...
- I don't want to know anything
- Please! Please let me tell you.
I don't want to hear!
I don't want to hear!
All these years
I really missed you, Bro!
What did you say?
Won't repeat.
One bun omlette!
(Sings along with the stereo)
This is my college.
I had a gang of friends.
College life was so much fun.
What happened?
- Water?
- No.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah
Hi Jenny!
- Hi!
How're you feeling now?
I am fine.
She acts sick just
to see that cute doctor!
Yeah right.
Good morning!
Settle down please.
- Sabari Manisha,
- Yes ma'am!
- Akhil,
- Yes ma'am
- Lamya Aslam
- Yes ma'am
- Abru
- Yes ma'am
- Annie Varkey
- Yes ma'am
- Febin
- Yeah, present ma'am
Jennifer Thomas...
Present ma'am.
Hello Madam!
Are you back from your holiday?
If you are talented,
you might get an admission,
but to get a degree
you need attendance.
But ma'am...
- You know she was on...
It was not her... - Annie Varkey!
You don't have to speak for her.
Sit down please.
You're taking up seats that
should go to more talented students.
She knows about your health issue,
then what is her problem?
Don't announce it to everyone now.
Just shut up please.
Jenny! Jenny...
Sean is looking for you.
The lead singer of
the Country Fellows - Sean!
Who's Jenny Thomas?
Yeah that's her.
Hey... Jenny.. hi!
Uh sit!
Wow! Nice.
I loved your writing.
It's lovely.
Uh, this...
...came in the college magazine.
Especially this one.
I'd love to make this into a song.
What do you think?
- I think its a really...
- Its beautiful.
Its beautiful.
- This is written by you, right?
- Yes (mumbles).
Hey relax!
I just loved it.
So, if you are fine with it.
Rehearsal hall?
3 o'clock?
Okay? See you!
Bye .
- He said 3 o'clock.
- Tomorrow?
- Today?
- No...
- Go ask
- Uh oh
- Bye.
- Okay then...
- Hey stop!
- Meet you tomorrow.
Krish... Krish leave it...
- Hey... stop.
- What is it?
In a band, everyone's equal.
You act as if you're the hero
& we are your sidekicks.
Get lost! That's what works there.
What did you want me to say...?
lam the lead singer...
He is the bassist...
She is the drummer,
You want me to give her details.
Yes, you should've.
That would be so uncool!
Uncool? Lead singer!
Do you even know
what the poem is about?
We're there to do all the
hard work & you take all the credit
- Hey!
- Isn't that how it always works?
I may not get the poem.
But that poet... will get her for sure.
Are you coming?
Forget it,
You know him.
Why does he have to be like this?
Hey, wait!
Are you ok?
Lets ask here.
- You ask.
- No, you ask.
- Hi!
- Hi!
Sean had asked me to come at 3.
He'll surely not be here at 3.
But... he will show up.
Can we wait here till then?
Thank you.
- Shall we start?
- Yup.
That was sexy man.
Thank you.
But that's not a piece from this song.
lwas just...
- You were just?
- I played it... for fun
- For fun.
- He played it for fun.
Monty, let's go have
a cup of tea and start over.
That's a good idea.
Hey Krish!
How about a coffee?
No, I am good thank you!
Doesn't even want coffee now.
I'll message you.
Hey, sit sit sit.
Krishna actually.
- A call, sorry, two minutes.
- Yeah yeah ok.
Sean would be here soon right?
- Jenny's...
- Sean is the bands lead singer right?
Yeah, mostly he is the one who sings.
He's a superb singer right?
- Yeah, he is not bad.
I really like your writing.
Thank you.
Couldn't say that to you yesterday.
He asked me to come at 3.
He never comes on time.
I found your poem and
showed it to everyone.
I think it will make a really nice song.
Thank you.
Were you not in class for a few days?
- Oh, I was uh... travelling.
- Oh, ok.
I had come searching for you
a few times.
Hey! Look, who is here! Wow.
So good to see you, Jenny.
Sit, Sit. Sit down.
- Have you been waiting for long?
- No, not at all.
This is my friend, Annie...
Oh hi hi!
You know what?
I am going to make a beautiful
song of your poem.
Will I have to change any words?
Hey chill.
I am there.
You don't have to worry about all that.
Sean, shall we start?
I've brought the lyrics
That is so cool.
Ok, so...
...you guys relax here.
And watch me rocking the song!
Ok guys! So lets do this...
Hey wandering, whistling wind,
push open the doors within.
So that we may glide & y.
This moonshine, sunlight & mist,
the sunset reds, owers and hills
Come lets run together to go see them.
Oh see how moments pass,
Oh see how time runs.
Like water slipping
through our ngers.
Oh see how moments pass,
Oh see how time runs.
Like water slipping
through our ngers.
Here we y, with our tiny wings,
lets rise, let's kiss life.
Here we y... breaking down many
walls, let's swim across oceans.
The owers sway, the owers wilt,
like the smile of time
Before our eyes, sway some dreams,
would you come sway with me?
Singing silences, humming rhythms
Shall we stand together?
Like the wind blowing everywhere,
dreams are in the air.
No shut doors,
No closed locks, no stop to the song.
Let's climb through
these forests & plains.
Here we y, with our tiny wings,
lets rise, let's kiss life.
Here we y... breaking down many
walls, let's swim across oceans.
Hey wind as you pass
through blue cloud groves,
don't you hear the
music of the morning?
As you glide past the rainbow, don't
you see the magical oral wave?
Let's not sit in pain.
let's not recall the past,
Let's not get stuck in fear.
Let's y over these skies!
Here we y, with our tiny
wings lets rise, let's kiss life
Here we y, breaking down
many walls, let's swim across oceans
Here we y,with our tiny
wings lets rise, let's kiss life.
Here we y, breaking down many
walls, let's swim across oceans.
Nothing new to say.
No strain allowed.
Better be careful ok?
Will you have an apple?
Did you go to class today?
Why should I not go
to class if you're sick?
Yeah, yeah have fun.
You are here because
of the fun you had that day.
Tell the mestri to return
the jeep today itself...
- Hi Jenny!
- Hi guys.
Mamma, Dad, these are my friends.
Sorry seniors...
Gigi, Monty, Arjun, Sean,
and Krishna.
- Oh, the kids from the band.
- Yes.
Aunty... actually,
Jenny became unwell because of us.
How do you feel now?
I am perfectly fine.
This is just hospital procedure.
We're really sorry Jenny.
None of us knew about your condition.
Badri ma'am also fired all of us.
That is when we got to know.
If we had known, we would
not have troubled you like this.
No, no, no...
I had a great time.
The song was also really nice.
Thanks to you.
Jenny, you please take rest okay!
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Take good care!
Bye .
Bye .
Bye .
Take care.
Bye, see you in college.
They are good kids.
This time it is because of them
You did turn to look even once that day,
I knew then, you would never call me again.
Mamma's appam & stew!
Found this in your room.
Did you read my diary?
Did you read my diary?
I have better things to do!
Peeping into others diaries
and pen drives is bad manners.
Oh Mamma!
She is too good!
Can you ask for puttu & kadala tomorrow?
Do you want some?
This is my college bus.
That is Annie!
We used to travel together.
Bro, can you please go with it?
Can you do something for me?
Who is Krish?
I am Jenny's brother.
This belonged to Jenny.
That's where we use
to practice football.
Do you know where this address is?
Take the next right,
it's the first alley.
People will start getting here soon.
Hurry up, won't you!
Everyone has chores to do.
You want me to leave without finishing?
How long are you going to take?
Wait for sometime.
I have been waiting since such a long time.
- You keep saying wait. Till when...
Excuse me
This address...
No idea!
I came to the college yesterday.
I was right in front of the gate.
Your friend told me that
you were very busy studying.
What else could I do?
I waited for a while.
Ask your friend.
You don't believe me?
That's what I said.
I called early in the morning.
There was no range.
Yeah, yeah.
No No!
Will you come tomorrow?
Yes, ok ok.
We'll try to meet tomorrow.
lam telling you I will!
At what time?
Will you call tonight?
- I don't want it.
- Hang on, will just call you back.
Gruel... I don't want it!
So then what?
you want Biryani?
Just have what you are getting.
No wonder everyone left you!
Your attitude is the problem.
What is it?
I must not speak on the phone?
Must I not do any of my work?
What a pain this man is!
- What do you want?
- Who is that inside?
An old cripple...
- Rafi! Who is there?
- Can I see him?
Where're you from?
Hey! He won't like it.
I am sorry love...
I got a bit busy here.
It's Josh.
Joshua Thomas.
I didn't know...
Yeah ok.
Josh, you have to
fill out the details here.
I'll take care of him.
Coach, just going to
be here for a little bit
House no. 17
Not 2nd street, 3rd street...
This is the address of
the place he was living at.
It is not his own house.
Coach, do you recognize Sophie?
She was the only girl who
used to come for football practice...
Do you remember me, sir?
She's a teacher there now.
Is your love & care only
for the people at school?
What do you mean?
For Coach Ashraf and Sophie?
What are you trying to say?
From all that love & care you show to
them, you could save for those at home.
So, all I have done isn't
enough for the folks at home?
I have a theory.
Everything that people do is for
two reasons.
Either its duty,
or its love.
Take washing this van for example.
If you are washing it
because you have to, its duty.
But, if you are washing the van
because you care for it, its love.
Anything done with love
is simple.
But duty is complicated.
Whatever you did for us
all this while was that duty or...?
ls repair uncle home?
Give it to me.
I'll take it to him.
No no... can you call him?
He is in the attic...
He won't hear you from here.
He's upstairs. Go ahead.
He is always up there...
Working on some old toy of yours.
There's a switch there.
Hello, Ashraf Sir!
How are you?
So good to see you!
Our old memories right here!
Aby! Offside, offside.
Don't you play anymore?
Ashwin, go!
Here... you keep it.
These boys should
not play without shoes.
Maybe they don't have shoes.
Isn't there a way to solve that, Bro?
Thanks brother!
"And over the flame she held
the same long and tremulous hands"
"that she had been warming"
"before sitting down at the mirror."
"And she said"
"You don't feel the cold?
And he said to her, sometimes!"
None of these makes sense to me.
It's a good book, read it sometime.
Joe, go bring her!
Joe! Joe...
Why're you doing this?
Don't you know me?
Arrogance over the
little money you earned abroad!
I better not see you around again!
Come on, Bro.
Let's go!
What're you doing?
Let's go to her house.
To do what?
They're her family Jenny.
People who drag her
away like that are family?
Didn't you feel like doing
anything when you saw that?
Don't you have a problem with that?
Won't you stand up at least for her?
You know well what
it is like to be alone.
When bad things happened then,
there was no one to stand up for you.
Today, Sophie is in that state.
You must go, Bro. You must.
She cannot live here anymore.
Don't worry about the divorce.
Let's go talk to them & send
her back to her husbands place.
Christy, think before you talk.
Didn't she leave that house because
of the torture they put her through?
What're you saying?
We know how to take care
of the women in our house.
And they live accordingly.
But your daughter is not like that.
How embarrassing!
Isn't he that mechanic's son?
Yes! See?
He has the nerve to walk into this
Where do you think you are going?
I would like to explain...
Are you stupid or are
you trying to be brave?
Didnt we tell you to stay away?
What do you have to say?
Sophie has not done anything wrong.
There is nothing
going on like you think.
Then why are you here?
He must have come to take her with him.
If Sophie would come...
If she'd come...?
I'll take her.
How dare you come
into this house and...
Christy, Christy please! Christy stop!
I don't want to go with him.
High hopes he had!
Didn't you hear that?
Get lost.
Bro, what happened?
Bro, please.
No! Do I still have to listen to you?
lsnt she the girl from Meleparambu?
If someone comes to know...
Kochuthresi here.
Just let them know.
Yeah, tell her too.
Okay okay.
When her family comes to know,
this is going to blow up.
What can one say!
I told you there
was something going on.
God knows what is
going to happen now.
No, thank you.
- Father, we have waited till tea time.
Will I have to prepare
Dinner for everyone as well?
Father... if you could...
Who else?
Is that necessary?
My dear children...
In the name of the lord, please
open the door.
This is Fr. Immanuel.
Please open the door.
Many people have gathered here.
Where is Joshua?
- He's inside.
- Call him.
- Ssh... Sophie is with him.
- Sophie?
Open the door.
Break it down!
Not that way.
Let me show you.
- See?
- Sophie!
Christy! What is this?
Where is your son?
Get out of here!
I said GET OUT!!
Didn't you hear that?
Get the hell out!
How dare you come here and...
My son has left with his girl!
His girl?
Go mind your own business!
- This won't end here.
- We'll see!
It is good that you've just eloped.
But I'm really hungry.
wont you look this way
Through the glass of dense mist
Wont you gently lean,
on the branch laden with memories
through the glances
through the pain
Once again,
wont you come along?
wont you look this way
Through the glass of dense mist
Even unexpected
drops of dew
That fall through,
await you
Housed in deep feeling,
In the woods ofmy mind.
Was I awaiting you all the while?
wont you look this waj.
Through the glass of dense mist
Come down
How was it?
Josh, come.
It's so beautiful.
Yes, very beautiful.
The dense winter fog
Make the valleys disappear
In the same bare soil
wont you look this waj.
Through the glass of dense mist
Seeking through the glances
Once again,
wont you come along?
It is my mother's death anniversary.
I'll wait outside.
This is for Jenny.
Where is her grave?
Let's go.
This is my number.
Okay, Dad.
Josh, don't you want
to call your parents?
Kids! Ssh...
Hello, who is it?
I can't hear a thing.
It's me... Joshua.
Hey! Yoshe!
Where're you?
We're a bit far away from town.
No, there is no problem.
And there?
Everything is okay here too.
Everyone is fine.
What's that noise?
These kids are a loud bunch.
If there're three one day,
there'd be six the next!
The rail town we made?
They come here to see
it and drive your mamma crazy.
Is she around?
Yes, she is.
I will give her the phone.
Where are you? Where are you staying?
ls Sophie with you?
She is...
I will give her the phone
Its mamma.
Hello mamma!
- Sophie!
- Yes.
Are you both well?
Yeah, everything is fine.
In a few days...
Yeah, Brownie is with us.
Can I ask you something?
Have they forgotten me?
Even I used to feel that way before.
But it's not like that.
Our house is filled with kids now.
In all of them, Dad and Mamma...
...see US.
Bye .
Thank you...
Bye aunty.
Excuse me!
Excuse me. Please please!
No one gives anyone
a lift around here.
Go find some other way,
instead of standing
here & dancing around.
Oye! Excuse me.
Stop Stop Stop.
Hey you! Hey hey hey
Give me my cycle
Hey! What are you doing
Give me the cycle
Give me my cycle back
Give me the cyle!!!
Excuse me!
Brother! Will you stop please?
Get in.
Get inside.
- Are you looking for the door?
- Yes.
- It's on the other side.
- Oh ok.
- Water?
- Ah, thanks.
The cycle?
That's okay.
It's not mine.
I have been looking for you
for a week, then I heard...
Someone said they'd
seen your van around here.
Oh hi!
We're holding a memorial event for
Jenny at the college.
Would you be able to attend?
Actually all of you.
If your whole family could attend...
Would be really nice.
To say this to her brother...
It's really weird.
I really liked Jenny.
During song rehearsals
we got very close...
...a bit close.
About her sickness...
...she never told me.
So I panicked when I found out.
I didnt know how to deal with
It... ljust...
I just left.
I shouldn't have.
Get in.
Will drop you at a workshop.
Jennifer Thomas...
Jenny, to all of us.
She was not someone everyone knew.
She missed many classes.
But unlike us,
it was for good reason.
For those of us who knew her,
Jenny will always be special.
Im sure she'll be with us forever.
We've gathered here to introduce
Jenny to those who didnt know her,
and share her memories
with those who did.
Krish will share one
of Jenny's poems with us.
Though there is no one left to come,
Though there is no moonlight till dawn
Lone petal, you stood out alone,
awaiting someone,
Among memories,
Than sink in the mist,
like some unknown ower
Did the morning light come close?
Did it see the tear stained cheeks?
But without even a touch,
it has drifted
Far away..far far away has it gone?
Far away..far far away has it gone?
In your memory, in your dream
Sweet honeyed owers didn't turn up
With unwavering gaze,
you waited every night
With no one to witness
Did you swim those dark depths?
The shadows lengthen
Sorrow rains down the valley
Like melting candles,
you disappear in deep wishes
More petals fall away,
in the listless wandering breeze
Never to return, these moments
Have they fallen away, out ofsight?
Have they fallen away, out ofsight?
Thats Jenny's brother!
Please leave!
Isn't this what they call heaven... Bro?
Right now...
Right here...
Aren't you feeling cold?
What's on your mind?
Im going to the lake.
Go on... Ill join you.
Bro... I have a question
Would you both like to
have a daughter... or a son?
Youll make a great dad.
Go go.
What is it?
Josh, what happened?
What happened?
Jenny... is gone...
Josh needs some time now...
What he needs is a companion.
Will you be there?
Where did you go in the rain?
I went to cover up the van.
If it gets rusted in these rains...
when the sahib comes...
That's Jenny's van...
will take it anywhere.
Ashwin Ashwin!
Come on come on!
Come on pass the ball. Come on.
Mark your players.
Come on. Come on.
Aby, play fair play fair...
(HORN sound)
Come on.
- Hello!
- Hello...
We're taking Sophie to the hospital...
You come there directly.
- There he is.
- Yoshe! Come...
Youve become a father!
Yoshe... It's a girl!