Kooky (2010) Movie Script

In co-production with...
let's clean up this mess, okay?
Pick up your things
so I can vacuum.
These have had it.
You've got new ones.
- And what's this? - An airplane.
- It's broken.
You'll never play
with it again, will you?
You're a schoolboy,
but sometimes you act like a baby.
(be a big boy?)
You're going to have
to pull your socks up.
I don't think your friends
still play with teddy bears?
- And this one's falling apart.
- But it's Kooky.
I know dear, but if I stitch him up
he'll just tear somewhere else.
I'm sorry,
but Kooky's got to go.
Don't get it everywhere.
You don't want to start
wheezing again?
Cuddly toys are full of dust
and no good for you.
Bubbles can stay, she's washable.
But not this one.
And get him out of your face.
Good boy.
The same way I'm allergic
to dust and cats,
Kooky is allergic to the dark.
It makes him feel bad.
It doesn't make him wheeze but
he's much better when it's Light again.
Tonight, I don't think
I'll go to my mum's bed.
When our house is on its side
it's too tricky to get there.
No running!
When a kid gets lost, he tells
someone where he lives and they take him home.
But Kooky's only a teddy bear
and he doesn't know where he lives.
- Ondra, get off!
- Homeless people dont know either.
Because they dont have a home.
Now count.
One... two... three...
four... five... six...
Lucky you.
With your washable tag.
But Kooky's days are numbered.
Let's try praying for him.
Put your hands together.
We'll pray for him to Live.
Hands together
or the magic won't work.
You're not asleep yet?
Are you breathing all right?
Let's put Bubbles up here so
you won't breathe in her dust all night.
- Goodnight.
- Mum? - Yes?
- 'Night.
- 'Night.
Getup, Kooky, getup!
Oh God, do something!
Hocus Pocus Who do? You do!
Hey, cut it out!
Stay back! I'm a dangerous dust Bag -
I could put you in hospital.
No one gets out of here, no way.
He's getting away! Stop him!
Nothing leaves the dump.
That's the law.
Stop right there!
He's getting away! Stop him!
Hello, anyone there?
Don't bother trying to scare me
because my eyes are shut tight.
Don't even try it!
That's a pretty silly coat
to run around here in.
I bet everything sticks to it.
Fake fur, isnt?
- What eh... who are you?
- I'm Kooky and I live in the city.
- What do you do?
- Not a lot.
So you're just for show? No job?
Ondra takes me to bed at night
and we play with Bubbles.
We pretend we're animals
hiding from the cold.
I see.
Each to their own,
but you don't belong here.
In the forest we dont
play games; this is real life.
Animals here have to fight
to survive and get cold for real!
- I want to go home.
- Good!
You don't fit in here!
You should go home.
I want to, but i don't
know how. - Oh, dear.
- I've trained them. Want to see?
- Yes please.
Hey, squirrels!
Pine cone to sector Bravo,
Sierra, Tango.
These burn rather well.
Stay here, I'll be back in a moment.
Or maybe you'd better come with me...
so nothing gets... broken.
Just don't tell anyone
what you do at home.
- You mean about the games?
- About what you are.
- What am I?
- You're a... cuddly toy.
So what? - Here we dont
go in for that sort thong.
HI, Captain! Who's that?
He's lost. I'm keeping an
eye on him.
- Who was that? - Some god.
- A God?
Everyone here is the god of
something...a stream, a rock, etc.
Captain, will you let me go now?
I saw the strange light first.
Do you promise you'll stop strangling
everyone? - I promise!
Okay, cut him down,
he can join us.
- HI, Captain, want a lift?
- I'll walk.
- What's he the god of?
- Nothing. That's Nushka.
At last the Captains arrived.
- What have we here?
- A tree stump that plays music.
- is this really necessary?
- Shows you're in charge.
Silly old fart...
Friends, since the stump's been here
a long time
and has only just started to play music
it can only mean one thing.
Something is inside.
Friend or foe? Show yourself.
Come out!
No one's coming out.
Someone should take a look.
We won't hurt you.
We come in peace.
Hey, Pinky, are you poisonous?
- I'm not pink, I'm red.
- Come here. I want a bite you.
We like your music.
So don't be afraid. Come on out.
It's a machine.
- it's mine!
- I saw it first!
I saw lt first too!
It's all of ours.
Let's take it to the pub.
- What is it?
- A pretty music box.
- To the Needles!
- Hurry!
- To the Needles!
- Needles? What? - Come now!
- wait for me!
- Keep up!
Hurry, hurry! To the Needles...
Keep up with me chaps!
Always the same.
We rush and I get crushed!
- Phew! That was close.
- Be quiet!
I went back for it, so it's mine!
It belongs to all of us.
I knew something was up all along
but I waited for the Guardian.
But it was too noisy to hear
anything out there.
I heard. - So, why didn't
you say something?
Not my job. When the Captain hands over
to me, you'll hear in time.
- Shut up!
- Listen, what's that?
Who's that, damn it?
- Turn it off!
- It'll give us away!
Hit the red button!
Itll give us away!
Careful... Quiet!
- Who could it be?
- I'll go and find out.
Hey there! - I'm Captain
Goddamn, I'm the forest Guardian.
HI, Captain. We're looking
for a Little red fellow.
One that jumps and has bl eyes.
Seen him?
He's here. He's trying to find his
way home. You friends of his?
- Sure, we've come for him.
- Mr. Kooky, your friends are here!
- He can't escape out the back, right?
- So, you're not his friends?
He broke the law and must come
with us. - What did he do?
He left the dump and that's
against the law.
Here he is. - But I don't belong
in the dump! I just got lost.
- That's what they all say.
- Let me call Ondra. He'll tell you.
I'll use the machine
inside and prove it!
Damn it, let him!
And sound the all clear.
This better not be a trick.
- Look, hands!
- They shook hands! - How nice.
- Two...
- Hey, that looks like me.
When that phone dies
we'll take it away too.
We'll take away anything
that doesn't belong in the forest.
We get a reward for every capture,
and you get order in your forest.
If you want to clean up,
take away the dead branches.
- But they belong here.
- A bit picky, aren't we!
Obviously, these tops
shouldn't be in the woods.
- They belong in the dump.
- Don't touch them! They're mine.
But they don't belong here, do they?
- Hey, it wasn't easy to find them.
- What else would we drlnk from?
All right, but you don't
need that fellow here.
- Yes...
- Sure...
- So we can take him away?
- Why not?
What's in it for us? Could you
move some rocks for me?
- They're too heavy for me.
- That's the spirit!
We can strike a deal
like intelligent creatures.
What is it? What's happening?
- Helllloooo...
- Hello?
It's Kooky. They want to take me
to the dump.
Tell them I have a home.
Please come and get me!
- Who was it, mum?
- No one. Just a strange sound.
Show's over. Let's go.
Don't forget about my rocks.
Just a minute.
Somethings not right.
If he doesn't want to go
we shouldn't force him.
Maybe he does. Look, he's smiling.
I can't help it, I always smile.
But I don't want to go.
So, what's the decision?
No one's going to be taken away.
It would keep me up at night.
You want to kill this deal
over an old man's sleep?
This gentleman needed
some rocks shifted...
The Captain has spoken.
Hey, hey! Relax!
Why not leave that other
junk here too?
I'm sure you don't want it to... suffer.
Yes, as a matter of principle,
everything stays.
Principle? I think our Guardian has
fallen in love with that thing.
His very own cuddly toy.
Hey, Creeper,
you're such a good strangler.
I'll let you be official strangler
when I'm Guardian. - Really?
Sure. For starters, could you quietly
snare that toy for me?
- Why? You think he's cute?
- Very.
Thank you for saving me.
- The Guardian has a cuddly toy!
- Quit following me.
I've done all I can for you.
Now you're on your own.
- But l don't know my way home.
- Just follow the sun. It'll take you there.
Thanks. I'm sorry
for causing trouble.
- Yeah, sure... Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
We need to talk...
Following the sun too?
Room for me...?
Cuddles in the woods alone.
Death will come to pick his bones!
...before it sets.
Now who the hell is that?
Who's there? - It's me again.
- What do you want now?
- The sun went down.
- You should've waited till morning.
- I'm allergic to the dark.
Well, you can't stay here;
everyone would talk.
I wouldnt have stuck up for
you had I known you'd stick around.
Please, just tonight.
I'll go in the morning.
Goddamn! Have you eaten?
Turn it off-you'll give us away!
The captain sleeps like a log.
Just wait 'til he's asleep.
- Will do.
- We're not stupid.
Yum, these poached
rabbit droppings are scrumptious.
You still haven't had my specialty
Pickled ant larvae.
You should eat
to build up your strength.
I never knew food tasted so good.
- Do you eat slugs?
- No.
This is the first time
I've ever eaten!
I never ate at home.
Are slugs good? - Disgusting.
I think only Nushka likes them.
He's the one who wants to take
over as Guardian? - Damn right.
But first hell have to prove
that I'm not up to it.
And that won't happen.
He doesnt know me.
But why don't you let him
take over since you're...
- What am I?
- Well, er, you... might want a rest.
You know what's good about being old?
I've seen so much
that I can predict
how things will turn out
before they happen.
It's called foresight.
That Nuschka gives me
the heebie jeebies.
- Heebie what?
- Geebies. That's what we say.
Right. That's about the only
thing you'll ever get from him.
Well, now it's time for bed.
I'll sleep on the balcony. You stay
here since you're scared of the dark.
So they went to sleep,
and so will we.
What is it now? - I've never slept
away from home before.
Except for last night,
in the woods.
now turn off the light.
At home we always... said 'night night'.
- Fine, goodnight.
No kiss, no hug?
Cuddly toy indeed!
- They're not here.
- Maybe they're hidlng.
- Check the balcony?
- Don't shine that in my face!
- it's not that bright.
- Idiot! It is!
- Sorry.
- Now all I see are colored rings.
- I can see green ones too...
-What was that?
- He's waking up. Quick. Back to the lift!
- Can you see now?
- No. Just feeling my way.
Careful, there's a step here...
What the...?
Goddamn, this wasn't part of
the deal! What's got into you?
Sorry, I got scared.
I'm not used to sleeping alone.
Damn it! I hope no one saw us.
Up there-there's a bird and a butterfly!
Two of them!
Oh, not butterflies. They love to talk!
He was cold, so I shared my blanket.
Haven't you ever been cold?
Quit snooping and beat it!
And you hit the road too.
I don't want to see you here again.
- See you later.
- No, you won't. Good bye!
And don't get into trouble
because I won't keep saving you.
Sorry, Captain Sir,
but the sun isn't there today.
Aha, it's behind you.
But yesterday it was on the other
side, wasn't it? I'm confused...
The sun's here now
so go that way.
Just keep walking towards it.
And don't come back!
With a Little luck
he'll find his way somewhere.
But whether it's home... that's up to him.
Damn it! Not him again...
I'll show him!
- Who's that?
- Us.
We heard you were in bed with the
cuddly toy so felt it best to knock.
Who's us?
How should I know who "us" is?
You know how tiny
you look from up here?
Patrol unit from the dump.
Captain, we came to tell you
an animals in trouble.
- What animal? What trouble?
- It's furry, probably a dog.
- it's in Stinkville.
- Stinkville isn't my beat.
Not my problem, patrolmen.
See you later.
Nushka said you wouldn't
help. He's on his way there now.
Is he nuts? What's a Stinkville dog
got to do with him?
And, damn it, how come you're involved?
What should we tell him? That you
can't help or that you won't?
Tell him he's not the Guardian.
It's not his job.
He's setting a trap for me.
Hey, squirrels!
Two cones to sector Bravo, Victor,
Juliet-a bit to the left!
Ouch! We're being bombed!
HI, Pinky.
I'm not pink, I'm red.
You won't get far, Pinky.
HI, Captain. - So we hear you won't
help an animal in distress?
- It's in Stinkville.
- But Nushka saves it,
certain birdbrains will think he
should be Guardian instead of you.
And that wouldn't be good.
That's odd.There wasn't a hill here.
- Where?
Where I left my car.
I didn't think
I'd need it for a while.
- in the anthill?
- Ah, so it's an anthill!
That explains why
it wasn't here then.
And there should be
a big rock over there.
Do you see it... too?
- Yes, it's there.
- Then that's where my car is.
They say you can't see properly.
It's not true, is it?
Just imagine that, a Guardian
who couldn't see. What nonsense!
That's a relief.
So can we tell everyone
that our good old Guardian
still has what it takes?
'Course you can. I'm on my way!
- Bye! - Bye!
- And good luck!
Just testing the bumper.
But Stinkville is the other way.
Damn it! Damn it!
This isn't going to be easy.
I need better eyes.
Where's that little cuddly fellow?
He's always around
when you don't need him...
Hello, Mr. Kooky!
- Hello, Mr. Kooky! Where are you?
- Over here!
- Come here, don't be scared.
- I can't, I'm all tangled up.
Say something so I can find you.
Ring a ring o'roses,
a pocketful of posies,
ashes, ashes, we all fall down
Where are you? Say something!
Blackberry, you're shaking.
Do you have the Little fellow?
So, the Creeper's got him.
I haven't "got him", he just got tangled up.
Let him go!
Remember what you promised.
Thanks a lot.
I thought I was a goner!
- Ever driven a car?
- No.
It's complicated,
lots of levers and stuff.
I'll drive and you'll navigate.
You tell me where to turn
so we dont crash.
You're very kind.
I'd never make it home on foot.
You'll be my co-pilot.
We just need to stop in Stinkville,
then I'll help you on your way.
Keep your eyes peeled.
The other side!
- That way!
- Don't shout.
No shouting in the forest.
Speak softly.
- Look out...
- Where?
So sorry, we didn't mean it.
Everyone all right?
- You're meant to direct me!
- I said to look out.
Did you mean left or right?
You don't know
left from right, do you?
Well, well, some co-pilot!
We're quite a pair. One can't tell left
from right and the other is blind.
- You think I can't see?
- No, I don't think so.
- Huh! See that squirrel over there?
- Where?
Hop, hop, hop... And it's gone.
Did you see it?
No...So who's the one can't see now? Wise guy.
Get out and roll in the mud a bit.
I'm not taking you any further with
that color of yours.
But l...can't go home all dirty.
Then just cover your head up.
Can you teach me left and right?
Ow, ow! That hurts! Be careful!
Now you'll remember
it's me you need to be afraid of.
- Get in!
- We already are.
So let's go!
-You mean "to the right"?
To the right.
- Now the other side, then...left.
- Well done!
There's a map in the glove box.
You mean this?
That's it, a bee map, very detailed.
Can you see us?
Look carefully.
There's an art to reading such a map.
I think I see us! Now I don't anymore.
We'd better stop and you can look.
It's too complicated for me.
And for me it's too... um... detailed.
Don't worry, I know the general direction.
If we see someone
we'll stop and ask. It'll be all right.
- Hey, there's someone. Stop!
- Who is it? -
Hard to say.
Excuse me.
Excuse-moi. Croak-croak.
Seethrough wings, body like a stick...
- A dragonfly.
Drrr-drr. It is a dragonfly.
Drrr-drr vrrn-vrr Stinkville?
- Vrrn-drrn sorry.
- What did he say?
You didn't tell me there were two of them.
It was hard to tell.
They were all twisted together.
Remember, when two animals are like that,
we don't talk to them.
To the right...
They were doing sex, weren't they?
We don't talk about that ether.
If we don't talk about it...
then how will I know what
I'm seeing when I see it?
- I think I see a dam.
- Then we're going the right way.
Fresh water is what I sell,
drink it and you'll feel well!
Is this the way to Stinkville?
Fresh water...that is what I sell...
Goodbye then!
Water ahead, look out!
It's okay, the car's waterproof.
But not me. I can't get wet.
See, that was easy. Where to now?
- Can you give me a Little push?
- I can't get wet.
Oh, you already got out back there.
I'll go ask the water man, maybe he can help push.
Fresh water is what I sell...
Hey, did the Captain pass by
with a red teddy?
Drink it and you'll feel well!
- To hell with you!
- Fresh water is what I sell...
it's Nushka and those Bag men!
I see something red!
- Someone's hiding there.
- Hi Captain!
Everyone thinks you're in Stinkville
and here you are washing your car.
- it looks like a raspberry.
- Or an unripe blackberry.
- Let's check its leaves.
- Stop wasting time and let's go!
It doesn't seem to have leaves.
That's strange... Ah, wait, yes it does!
I think it's a raspberry.
Do raspberry leaves shake?
- No, they don't. Is there a plant that shakes?
- Who knows?.
- Blast it, we're in a hurry!
- In the wind they all do.
So it's the wind. Let's go!
Out of the way,
animal in distress!
See you!
I should be off too.
The sun is over there...
And so Kooky headed home,
but something must've eaten him
or he'd be here by now.
Practicing or just playing around?
Now, if he had a computer inside him,
he could put himself together again
when the animal pooped him out.
Don't speed it up!
But he hasn't got one
so he'll stay all chewed up.
Remember the pause there.
Hey, hang on a second, there!
Has anyone ever needed you
...when it really mattered?
Ondra needs me. But dry.
I can't move when I'm wet.
I'm full of stuffing
and it takes days to dry.
He needs you to sleep, but he can
fall asleep without you, right?
- But he doesn't want to.
- He doesnt want to, but he can.
- But l can't go on without you.
- Can't those Little gods help you?
Ever seen gods helping anyone?
They only look after themselves.
What about him? He doesnt
mind water, let him help you.
- He can't or won't...Just like you.
- Don't think I'm not grateful.
- I'd help you but i can't get wet.
- It's the same thing.
- It isn't.
- It is.
Hey, a bird! And another...There's a nest.
- Where?
- On that trailer over there.
- A nest on a trailer?
What will they think of next?
Excuse me... Tweet-tweet!
woof-woof ouch-ouch?
Another birds just arrived.
We should be off.
- He may be more helpful.
- But you said two animals together...
We don't talk to them, right?
She's sitting on her eggs already
and he's feeding her.
Nothings going to happen here.
Tweet-tweet woof-woof ouch-ouch?
- See where he pointed?
- Yes.
Let's go!
- Tweet-tweet, toodle-oo!
- Toodle-oo.
Go left...
Now a little right.
Will we be there by evening?
Because I go to bed pretty early...
Nice smell.
It smells like home.
If lt were nice
it wouldn't be called Stinkville.
Every animal in distress suffers.
If we know about it
and don't help, we share
the blame for their suffering.
He can move
but he's tied to something.
- Something white and light.
- It's attached to his collar.
He probably likes to run away.
It's to stop him.
Here come the Guardian and Cuddles!
Are you conscience-stricken
or just scared I'll save the dog?
Are you sure he wants to be saved?
Captain, Goddamn, why not just
accept that you're losing touch?
Hey, dog, woof-woof!
Rrr-huff vrr-mrrr brrr-huff
He says he's fine. He can move
and it's better than being tied up.
Now I'll ask him:
Know what I said? Stand still If
you think Goddamn is a coward.
Now watch me save him.
I'm afraid he hasn't learned a thing.
Tell him not to be scared. I just need
to bite through these wires!
He's saying he'll help you
from the other side.
What? A nest full of eggs in danger?
Back to the birds!
No nest, no trailer, nothing.
I'd say they went that way.
- Why?
- There are tracks.
Darn right you are.
This isn't a road.
It's more like stairs!
If I go quiet
it means I've fallen out.
Tell me when we can turn off!
It's all blurry.
It's the same for me too!
- I think you should go...
- Over to the Left?
No, right, now!
What happened here?
Where'd they go? Speak slower,
who the hell can understand you?
Get some hay and follow me!
We'll be carrying eggs.
We want Cuddles.
To hell with the eggs!
Do as I say and he's yours.
Carry on, I'll head them off!
- I see a road and tiny cars.
- Do you see the trailer?
Nushka's behind us!
Stop it! We didn't do anything to you!
- Throw your hat at him.
- Watch out! Car ahead!
Hey, Cuddles!
Cuddles in the woods alone...
Aim carefully!
- Now? Did you get him now?
- I missed him.
Damn! If only I knew where we were!
- I can't see us.
- We're on the other side already.
- I see us! - Every cell has three
letters: Left, right, and above.
- Looks like a comb on the left.
- That's an E! You went to school?
- Scissors on the right.
- Scissors?
- Like this.
- Aha, an X.
Hey, squirrels, Immediate
covering fire: Echo, X-ray, Oscar!
- Anything happen?
- Cones are coming down behind us.
- You're too slow. Can you read it faster.
- The map shows a hole ahead.
The road narrows,
we can't both fit!
Squirrels, covering fire to sector
Echo, X-ray, Quebec! Duck!
-It's snowing!
-The faster we go, the colder it gets.
Super, super!
Know any more tricks?
I can blow smoke rings, but that won't help us now.
Hold onto your hats!
- Guess we won't be helping him.
- Damn right.
- We just drove off the map.
- We drove off the map?
-I see the trailer!
-Am I going the right way?
- I don't know, I can't see.
- Stand up a little higher!
I still can't see.
- I see it!
- Well?
- We have to...
Captain Slr, I'm here!
Aha, a path! Don't say a word.
Now even a blind man can find his way.
Why do we need these bloody eggs?
If we save them, it'll prove
Goddamn isn't up to it anymore.
And that's where I come in.
- Captain, stop!
- What's going on?
- Nushka's here.
- Where?
Ahead of us... Actually, behind us
because we're going in circles.
We have to pull over!
Quick, I hear them!
You need to hide with
that color of yours.
Once I wrote a rhyme about him.
Listen. You'll split your sides.
Captain Goddamn means no harm but
he can't see the length of a barn.
For far too long he's had control.
We all now wish he'd fall in a hole.
Powerful stuff.
If I could write, I'd jot it
down and pass it around.
- We'd help, but we can't write ether.
- I know the letter P.
- There's no P in the rhyme.
- P like poop hole.
A poop hole of a poet.
- Dad?
- Yes?
How do you stop a tractor?
- Like a car. Use the brake.
- Dinners ready, set the table.
Where's that chain?
Here it is. I almost lost it.
Captain, where are you?
- And If that can't stop it?
- Can't? You haven't even tried it.
This is really good.
If you aren't going to eat
you can go straight to bed.
Maybe he's sick.
He's been acting odd this afternoon.
Captain, where are you?
The eggs are too heavy.
- I'm here, under the chain!
- I can't see you.
I'm here. Where the hell are you?
I cant hold on anymore. Captain!
Hand them over or I'll
sock you in the guts.
Then you'll break the eggs.
Exactly! So let go.
Nothing personal,
but you're off to the dump.
Maybe we should rip him in half
so he won't escape.
Don't worry, that's for later.
I'm composing a rhyme to
celebrate my Guardianship:
Never fear,
brave Nushka's the one...
Blast it,
Cuddles and the eggs are gone!
That's really a lovely rhyme.
Too bad there's still no P.
Blast it, stop! He's really gone!
The chain isn't broken
so he must be inside.
Give up. Come out!
We wont hurt you. At least not yet.
We'll jab it 'til he squeals.
I need the eggs in one piece,
if they're still there.
- How many doors are there?
- Three. - Each cover one.
Don't be scared. Come on out.
- Got him!
- That's me, you fool!
- I have an egg! And another!
- Shut the doors! He's in there!
We're going to smoke you out...
You shouldn't smoke.
Ondra's dad smoked. He gave up
because he was scared of dying.
This won't kill me. I don't
have lungs so it can't hurt me.
I'll fall apart one day
whether I smoke or not.
- How about me? Will I die too?
- You'll also fall apart.
Like everything here:
The stump, the needles, the trees...
Even Nushka
will fall apart one day.
Even his two Bag men
and their truck too.
But that's not the end.
Everything becomes something else.
And it all goes around and around,
and that's the way it should be.
But what if I love someone and they die?
You're homesick, aren't you?
Let's go.
Is it hard to breathe again?
My God, he's burning up.
Don't be a hero. Come out!
The Captain can't save you now.
- Who are they talking to?
- They think I'm still in the truck.
Tweet-tweet! Come out,
before the eggs are baked.
- Fire!
- Maybe I should give myself up...
Nonsense. It's better they
think you're in there.
- Butterfly above, boss.
- Take him down.
Our truck!
They're stealing our truck!
Blast it!
What's up with the birds now?
The good news is your car's OK.
The bad news is they want to fry us!
Settling fire to the forest?
They must be crazy!
What? What's happening?
We're on fire.
We need snow! Make it winter!
- If only this banger can make it.
- Downhill, to the left!
A tree! Go right!
It's snowing! Faster!
It's going to be hard to stop...
We made it! But we're still on fire...
Watch the road!
If we crashed the eggs are smashed
and so are we!
This is not going to work out.
It will, but not the way you want.
- Bison?
- No bison are even bigger.
Go and get the eggs.
- Are any of them broken?
- It doesnt look like it.
- Can you get out?
- No, we're trapped.
Itll melt soon. What then?
- Can I stab the old guy with my fork?
- Only if no one sees you...
Hear that? They're already
done for, gasping for air.
- Are you all right, Captain?
- Do it too.
Don't fall for it.
It sounds like some kind of animal.
- Captain, what animal sounds like that?
- Guess.
Blast it,
I can't stand his guessing games!
It's the bison, isn't it?
Those small ones.
Damn right. I hope they hear us.
Let's get out of here! Hurry!
- Water's dripping on me.
- It's the snow melting.
- I have to stay dry.
- Quiet, they're here!
I'm full of stuffing. - You said
that already.
I'm getting wet.
Stop feeling so damn
sorry for yourself.
Ever seen a blue tit
with a frost bitten leg?
Or a dying bee? Or a wounded fox?
They accept their fate.
They don't complain like you.
- That's because they can't talk.
- I can. I'm wet, old, almost blind,
- and fed up; but am I complaining?
- When I'm wet, I'm heavy and can't walk.
I'm just a stupid toy.
Our grandma wears glasses for her
bad eyes. That's what you need.
- What are glasses?
- They help you see better.
What are you doing? Making glasses?
No, I'm trying to wring myself out.
But not much luck.
Why not take out your stuffing?
- it'll dry quicker.
- You mean I should take my insides out?
I've seen worse and there's
no one else around.
The old Guardian is buried here.S
He was a real ogre.
During his rule even
the mushrooms were afraid to grow.
When he fell apart he chose me
because I was an outsider.
He was worried that someone local
would give his son a hard time.
But there was a condition:
That his son would take over
when I got too old.
And what happened to this son?
I tried to teach him how to be
a good and just Guardian.
So let him take over.
He'll take care of Nushka.
- Nushka is his son!
- Oh, God!
I'll leave my head stuffed
so we can keep on talking.
You know...there's a place where what
was, and what will be, is written.
There you can find out
whether or not you'll get home.
Really? Can we go there? Please!
It's written in an ancient,
secret script known to very few.
- But you know it, don't you?
- Of course I do.
- You're great!
- Of course I am.
I know all languages. But my eyes
are too weak to read.
- Not even a bit?
- Not even a letter.
That's a pity.
Sometimes I feel like crying.
But then I look away, gaze into
the distance and then I'm ok.
- I want to show you something.
- You have to come closer.
- Letters? - Made in China.
- So you're also...
Never again think your're
just a stupid toy.
Mr. Goddamn!
Captain, Nushka's here!
You're under arrest, Captain.
Nushka, my dear boy,
what are you doing?
You've gone too far, now I'm going
to have to teach you a lesson.
We'll see about that.
Cuddles must be here somewhere.
Let's stamp around
until we trample on him.
Cuddles, where are you?
- Come out!
- Quick! Make a fire.
Before someone sees us.
Make it big.
Pile everything on to it.
What! No! It's me you're burning!
Did you hear something?
Warm enough for you?
Talk all you want.
Louder, we can't hear you.
We caught him red handed.
He was setting fire again!
What happened to the forest?
Stay back. He's crazy.
Dldn't I risk my life to save your eggs?
Tweet once for no, twice for yes.
How sweet.
Speak up, your child needs you.
Was it not Goddamn
who set fire to the forest?
- He'd never do it!
- But the birds saw lt!
Will no one defend the Captain?
No other witnesses?
- Horn man, didn't you see anything?
- I did, but not clearly.
And what did you see?
I saw the Captain's car chasing after
that truck and firing flaming cones.
- Oh, man!
- But there were others in the car.
Yes, he was with Cuddles.
Cuddles is behind it all.
What'll we do with him?
He's still our Guardian! Or is he?
- We should hang him.
- Hang him! Hang him!
Isn't that going too far? He only
burned down part of the forest.
Hang him! Hang him!
Fine. Hand over the scepter
and sash, I'll take charge.
- Make him pay.
- But he hasnt had a chance to speak!
- Sticks, get to it!
- Friends, I'm not guilty!
- So can we load up?
- It's all yours, gentlemen.
- Long live the new Guardian, eh?
- Long live the new Guardian!
Hurrah! Hurrah!
It's raining...
There is a reward for information leading
to the arrest of the Red Teddy Kooky
and of everything alien to the forest.
So, what are you going to tell them?
As if I'd tell you.
The water mans boat?
- No.
- So you've seen something else.
You think I can't see you, but i see
much more clearly through this bottle now .
Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?
I rescue your eggs and this is how you repay me?
Sorry for turning my back
on you. Are you still there?
If you help me escape we'll be even.
Will you help me?
Aha, you're afraid.
You think Nushka will hurt your kids.
Can you do something else for me?
Hey that's my hat!
Slow down are you crazy!
Watch where your driving mister!
Hey, you there!
Bring that boat over here.
Fresh water is what I sell,
drink it and you'll feel well.
Where's my reward for pointing out the boat!
I need these rocks taken away.
- So load them up then.
- What? By myself?
The nerve! We said
we'd haul them, not load them.
I still have my paddle.
Want to buy a paddle?
He took his pill
but he still seems to be wheezing.
- Okay, open wide.
- No, you're not coming in!
Open your mouth,
the doctor just wants to look.
I think his bronchi are inflamed.
- Yuck, you disgusting beast! Get off of me!
- This will soothe him.
Open your mouth.
Show me what a big boy you are.
Don't even think about it.
I've a lot of fight left in me.
- it's only a pill.
- No thanks, I'm not hungry.
Good boy!
I know I look thin but it's not because I'm hungry.
- Blast it, what do you want!
- My hat was stolen. It was silvery...
Probably sent to the dump.
We're cleaning the forest.
But it kept my head dry.
And they stole my boat.
So what to do with this paddle?
I'll see you one at a time.
Get in line!
I can't get in line. I must sell water.
Don't drink rain water,
buy my fresh water!
Get in line!
How can I run this place when they
keep bugging me?
If you could talk we could have
a nice conversation before dinner.
After-wards... well I'm afraid
it won't be possible...
- Guardian!
- Hey, Guardian!
I've had it!
- Everyone to the Needles!
- Move! To the Needles!
You're so kind. But it's too wet.
Maybe look under a tree for... some dry stuff?
Poor Captain.
I hope he doesn't get eaten alive.
I'm not sorry for him.
Nushka is better.
His hearing is superb.
Did you hear anything?
Well, he did
and he sounded the alarm.
Nothing like a young pair of ears.
I feel we're going to regret
this clean up of our forest.
If you're from here and respect
Nature you've got nothing to fear.
You're a fine one to talk with
a body full of wires.
But they're natural Iron wires!
I was born with them.
Iron's from rocks, from the earth -it's natural.
And who'll decide what's
natural and what isn't?
- The Guardian. That's his job.
- And that is exactly the problem...
Nothing? Nothing dry anywhere?
So you'll give me your own?
You're too kind.
But I'm afraid it's not enough.
No, don't! I need too many.
You wouldnt have any left. But
I'll keep this one, thanks.
It's still warm.
Alarm over!
I'm just hiding from the rain here.
But it's big enough for both of us.
Another feather?
Now I have two. Thanks.
- Load up, we're in a hurry.
- But my arms are really aching.
So take a break, we'll pick
you up next time. See ya.
Aha, then I can get more.
We're going to have to let
the Captain go soon.
- We can take him to the dump.
- Good Idea. Make it look like he escaped.
Guys, look here!
- What's going on?
- I can't see.
He's getting away! What's going on?
We should have helped him.
If he were innocent, he'd wait
for Nushka to let him down.
Then he'd defend himself.
This means he's guilty and
I'm going to stop him!
No you won't: it's a Needles alert.
I'm telling Nushka
you let the Captain escape!
And I'll tell him that
you're full of wires!
Take that! And that!
It's me, Oakie. You're escaping so
you can prove your innocence, right?
- I'm not escaping.
- Look out, the Bag men are coming!
Let's get out of here!
Hurry, they've seen you!
Blast it, what are you doing here?
It's a Needles alert, why
aren't you taking cover?
I... but what are you doing here
in a Needles alert?
We're going after Goddamn.
There is no alarm, right? It's all a trick.
Nushka...you tricked us aahh
Help! Help!
Thanks a lot, I'm almost stuffed.
Have you seen the Captain?
You did? Where is he?
That's a silly question,
how can a bird answer that?
Is he coming back for me?
Does he need my help?
Then there's no time to lose!
Fresh water is what I sell...
- You're hanging onto my paddle, want to buy it?
- No.
- Then let go of it.
- But I'll drown.
- Do you want a beautiful blue marble for it?
- It's a deal.
I had a boat but they took it.
Someone ratted on me.
- Someone from here?
- Yes.
The things people do...
Everything will be okay,
Goddamn turns to rubbish today.
- Hey, a tin can.
- A tin can with someone in it.
Straight into our hands.
Let's wrap him up.
Tape his legs together!
Quick, after him!
Get off of me!
Here it is, "Capt. Goddamn
unjustly Imprisoned..."
Yes, they got it right.
"...looking for a way
to get Kooky home."
Precisely what I'm doing.
We should go back
and rip the Bag men to shreds.
- What does it say?
- Now it's about you, Kooky returns.
Actually, it says:
"The hero Kooky returns."
It says I'm to take you home
by way of Stinkville.
Aha, we have
to go through Stinkville!
- So it also tell the future?
- Sure, I just needed glasses.
I'll teach you to read it if you like.
I'll let you go, but you have
to promise me something.
Promise me that wires
are part of nature and belong here.
Does it say anything about medicine
for asthma?
Here's something..."Some trees use their
leaves to breathe others their needles."
"The animals and stones breathe differently"
Just some gobbledygook instead
of admitting it doesn't know.
Something strange is coming.
"For you are threatened..."
Which is like "Because
you are in danger..."
I think we'd better...
This is humiliating.
It's time I stood up to that brat!
It would've said if we're
supposed to fight them!
But you're to take me home through Stinkville.
Damn right!
- Go on, I'll hold them off.
- Attack!
Take that! And that!
Tear them apart!
Roast that Teddy!
- Take cover water!
- No! I can't get wet!
You're going to get wet.
Damn, that's a lot of water!
Blast it!
And don't come back!
I'll have you torn apart,
and sand kicked in your face!
- Hey, there's a "P" in "apart."
- That wasn't a rhyme!
- This will put you back on your feet.
- But I'm better already.
That's good,
then you'll be home soon.
- What'll you do now?
- After a while I'll go back.
But don't worry I'll be okay.
- Know what else was written there?
- What?
That the next Guardian
will be small and furry.
- What do you make of that?
- That you made it up!
See how smart you are?
You'd make a great Guardian.
You're a hero with a heart.
That's the most important thing of all
Don't tell me
you won't miss all of this.
I will miss it,
but I have to go home.
Maybe they'll throw you out again
and we'll meet once more.
Hopefully not, but I'd be glad because
of it, because I've grown fond of you.
Looking at something over there?
Or have I touched a nerve?
- The second one.
- Fine, let it go then.
Hey, there's that dog!
Don't move! Two jumps
and he's on us.
But he's friendly. I feel he is kind.
Hi, I'm Kooky
and that's Captain Goddamn.
Come with us if you want.
We're not going to hurt you.
- I could've sworn I threw him out.
- He came back! He made it!
He came back, Mum...
Mum says I dreamed it all.
That Goddamn doesn't exist.
But Mum never saw Santa Claus
either, and he gave her a watch.
The good news is
she's allowed Kooky to stay.
We spray him once a week
and freeze him for 24 hours.
He smells like ice cream.
All because he doesn't have
a tag saying he's washable.
Please take the cart back.
Hi there.
-Is he yours?
- He's a stray. I can't get rid of him.
You want him?
He looks after me when
I pass out. He's a good friend.
- If I ask you something will you tell me the truth?
- Well, that depends on your question.
Can you make yourself smaller?
- What do you mean?
- Didn't you used to be smaller?
Come here, you clever boy.
I'll tell you a secret.
Everyone wants to be small again.
Because it's the best
and you know it, don't you?
- Ondra!
- Your mum's calling.
You're Captain Goddamn, aren't you?
Come on, Ondra...
- We don't talk to strangers. What did he say?
- Nothing.
We can take this outfit off
if you want.
But you'd have
to go back on the shelf.
What's this?
You're not undressing him, are you?
I think he looks cute in it.
Teeth brushed?
Have you taken this?
I'll do it myself.
Now count to ten. Goodnight.
One... two... three... four...
...five... six... seven... eight...
...nine... ten.
Did anyone see what happened?
Hello, sir, can you stand?
Can you hear me?
You're bleeding.
It's only wine.
After you get better
please be small again.
And go back to the forest.
They need you.
- Who needs me?
- They all know how good you are now.
Is this your grandpa?
Can you hear me?
What's your name?
Goddamn. Captain Goddamn.
Here, take him.
You will go back, won't you?
I'm not so small that I don't know
that man probably wasn't Goddamn.
And if he died that they would
have thrown Kooky away.
But he can take care of himself.
He can find his way home again.
He's already done it once.
But if that really was Goddamn,
and if he gets better,
...and if he takes that dog with him,
then Nushka had better look out!