Kopps (2003) Movie Script

- Hello.
- Hello. Jacob.
- Camilla.
- Please sit down.
Something to drink?
Wine perhaps?
I'll just have some water.
Excuse me.
Since we don't know one another,
I've got some questions, if that's okay?
Yes, sure...
Do you watch a lot of TV?
No more than normal.
- Okay, what's normal for you?
- I don't know, a bit...
Do you have plants at home?
Right, next one. In the ad you said
you were humorous. Is that true?
Well, in my job
the environment is quite tough -
- so it's important to keep your
humour up through laughing a bit...
What do you mean?
That you... you laugh sometimes...
- Why do you have a moustache?
- Sorry?
It's something I'm comfortable with.
I think it's good looking.
Okay, that was everything.
Sorry about all the questions, but
this isn't a natural way of meeting.
It's alright.
Well, now that's done.
- Have you made up your mind?
- Yes, I have.
- What are you going to have?
- I'll be honest with you...
- You're not my type.
- But we've just...
Yes, I know, but you feel straight
away there isn't anything, you know.
- I see...
- So, I may as well leave.
Okay? Bye.
What was I thinking of...
- Yes... how'd it go with that girl?
- Not so good.
What the hell...?
What kind of bloody music is this?
- No, no...
- No, that's mine and that's yours...
Has everyone bid?
Did you bid, Lasse?
Lasse, did you bid?
- Three aces.
- Full house.
Damn, Greta, that's the third time.
You're cheating!
- There's no cheating here.
- No, we never do.
- Then it's just pure luck.
- Luck? No, skill...
- Let's go!
- Shut up everyone!
- Get on the floor!
- Down, down!
- Let's go, let's go!
- Thirty seconds!
It's lunch time.
- What are we having?
- Waffle hot dogs.
No mustard on mine, Agneta.
Can I have
some grilled onions as well?
Lasse! Come on, say it!
- I love you.
- What? I didn't hear. What'd you say?
- I love you.
- You see, he can't say it.
- I just said it.
- Are you embarrassed? Just say it.
- What should he say?
- He should say, "l love you".
- To me?
- No, Agneta.
- What, you love Agneta?
- No, Lasse.
I just think we've gone beyond
that stage.
- What stage is that?
- Exactly.
- Suddenly everyone's against me...
- Admit you're no romantic. It's okay.
Exactly. And he's getting fat.
Feel here.
- Stop it...
- Say it, then. Say it...
- I love, I love you! Are you happy?
- No. You should say it with feeling.
- Jacob here. It's Jacob... Jacob.
- Hi Jacob. We have a 24-71.
Again? We're on our way.
Lasse, let's go. We've got a 24-71.
- What are we going to do now?.
- A coffee after lunch sounds good.
- What are you doing?
- Talking a bit.
Cut it out. Let's get him.
Okay... One... two... three...
Let's go!
Go about your business,
we've got this under control.
Hey, Dick... Yes...
Hkan, that shampoo in the shower,
is it anti-dandruff?. It's so foamy.
Yes, it's really creamy. Dog shampoo
has to be like that to maintain volume.
Hello... Right, everyone's here.
- Good morning, officers.
- Good morning, Folke.
- Are you all well?
- Yes, thanks.
Good... Right, Agneta.
Okay. At 08:30 they rang
from the hot-dog stand -
- there was some guy
in a cowboy hat...
- And cowboy boots.
- And cowboy boots.
...walking on the railway tracks.
When we got there he was gone.
What is that cow doing out there?
Well... He's grazing, I think.
- Anything else?
- What's it called...
Agneta and I
want to talk about the patrol cars.
I know,
it's been really confusing lately.
- We should call them patrol cars.
- Patrol cars?
- That's what they're called.
- I'm not going round saying patrol car!
It's all wrong. There are
different police service vehicles.
There's trafic control cars,
investigation cars...
Benny, come on... We've only got
two cars. Number one and two.
- It's not so hard to keep track.
- Right, right...
- Really good buns, by the way.
- I baked them.
- Really good.
- Thanks.
Dick, no way, come on. Off... off!.
- Jesus, Jacob!
- I have to.
- What'd happen if you didn't?
- Nothing.
But if I didn't do it
I wouldn't stop thinking about it.
- Haven't you tried skipping it?
- Once. I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I had to do it twice the next day.
You know that. Why ask?
- I didn't ask, I just think it's strange.
- That's how it is.
Little squirt... God, no, no, no....
Hello! What do you want from me?
Every time I'm here,
you're after my arse. What you want?
- Who are you?
- Jenny.
Right, you're that little mongrel
I fetch here sometimes.
- You're the mongrel!
- Cheeky, too? Now you're done for!
So, violence against a policeman?
That's at least a life sentence.
Shit, 28 seconds...
Come on... in the hole...
Two, three, four, five, six...
- Hey, Benny. You okay?
- Hi, Mike.
- I'm fine.
- What you doing?
- Just some...
- Shit, you fag, you're knitting!
- My mother knits.
- Shut the fuck up.
Shit, that sounds nuts.
"Fuck"? You sound like a total straight.
- Say "fock", gangsta style, like.
- I am...
Christ, what you doing here Mike?
Go in, eat food! Now!
- Hi, Benny.
- Hi, Ramzi.
- How are you?
- Fine, and you?
- What you doing, knitting?
- It's going to be one of those...
What you knit? Police don't go knit.
Must help people.
My wife knits in home. Are you wife?
No, you know I'm a policeman.
- What a policeman. Bye, Benny!
- Bye.
I got your message...
...and yes, it's going
to be great meeting you, too.
I'll tell you what I'll be wearing
so you'll recognize me.
I'll be wearing... blue...
light blue jeans -
- and a white striped top.
Or maybe a blue striped one,
I haven't decided yet.
But... how do you say...
I have dark hair and will have
a moustache... or, I have a moustache.
See you this evening and...
see you this evening.
Which one should I wear?
-That one.
-You like it... And this blue one?
- It doesn't go together? No?
- No...
This one, then.
Hello... Good you could come.
No problem.
I didn't have any plans.
- I have a date today.
- Today again?
- But this time it feels really good.
- I've heard that before.
- But...
- Hello, Jenny.
Listen... 28 year-old woman
seeks a cuddly guy.
She says she likes long walks
and cozy nights at home.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- I see you're drinking white wine?
- Yes.
I'll also have that...
A glass of white.
My daughter thought I should
wear the white striped one.
- I see.
- What are you reading?
A book...
It feels a little strange meeting
like this... You know...
No... It's not so strange meeting...
We don't have to talk about it,
we can just talk.
What do you do otherwise, besides
long walks and cozy nights at home?
- Nothing else.
- Me neither. I do nothing.
You take snuff?.
No, I... I think it's cool
when girls take snuff.
- Do you?
- Yes... Can I...?
- You take snuff?.
- No, but I'll show you something.
- A magician?
- I'm a little nervous, but...
But I think it'll work.
- That's disgusting!
- Oh, sorry.
Excuse me, can I have a napkin?
I've always done it, but it works
better since my mouth has grown.
- How clever!
- Thanks. Can you do it?
No, I can do this. Crazy...
I can do this as well
which is really funny.
You maybe... Be careful...
No. Almost...
- Hello... You're Jacob, right?
- Yes.
I'm Lena.
-What? Are you sure?
- Yes. We were meant to meet here.
You were going to be in jeans,
a striped shirt and with a moustache.
Yes, that seems right.
- We could maybe do it another time?
- Listen, I...
Take care.
- I'm really sorry.
- I didn't understand that it was...
...one of these...
You know what? I'm getting up early
tomorrow, so I'm going to go up and...
- Maybe we could meet another time?
- I'll be here tomorrow.
- Nice meeting you.
- Likewise.
- Jacob.
- Jessica.
Good night.
- You fuck her?
- Cut it out, I'm a serious guy.
Yes, but... I'm a serious...
Fucking is serious. If I didn't have
Agneta, I'd show you how.
You know the secret of getting a
woman? A good carpet and curtains.
When they see that it signals
security. And they open up right away.
- Lasse, you're... A shaggy carpet?
- Yes, that's what it's about.
- Hi, Benny. Nice!
- Thanks.
What? Shaggy... just shaggy...
Hi, all... What's it called...
I'd like to...
...I've got some presents here, that...
It's nothing special,
I made them myself... Feels so silly.
- Let's see.
- Show us.
- Are they oven gloves?
- No, sweatbands.
- You made them yourself?.
- Nice.
There's a letter on them
for each name, so just...
Here you are, Jacob. Hkan.
- Thanks!
- Agneta...
Try them on. You like them?
- Look, Lasse, you look good.
- You too.
I thought when we play bandy
Then we could be like a team.
Good day, officers.
This is Jessica Lindblad.
- Central Bureau of National Police.
- HQ.
HQ... And she has something
important to tell you.
- You want to continue?
- Thanks.
Hello, everyone...
We've looked at statistics
from the whole country -
- and what's positive is that you don't
really have crime here -
- to motivate your activity.
As you know, even we are struggling
with a tough economy -
- and the result is that
we are obliged to make cuts...
To get straight to it, this station
will be closed within three months.
I have a programme of measures
you can look at...
Wait a bit...
Will this mean
that we won't be policemen later?
No, there are other districts
in need of personnel.
- But why?
- lt'll be clear ifyou look at this.
Christ, this can't be for real!
It can't be.
- Is there nothing we can do?
- All the uniforms...
...and patrol cars?
What are you going to do with them?
Wait a bit, there must be
something we can do?
- Hi.
- Hi...
- Listen...
- Can I have a large whiskey?
-Why didn't you say anything? Why?
-What could I say?
- I thought it was nice meeting you.
- I also thought so, but what...
- Why are you closing the station?
- I'm not doing it.
- You know what this station means?
- Sorry, I'm just doing myjob...
You sit behind a desk making
decisions and you call that a job?!
You don't know...
you haven't been on the streets.
- Ofcourse I have.
- Well then, prove it.
- Please, can't you...
- You have to be fast to catch thieves.
Let's play a game.
Raise your hand and I'll count to three.
The fastest one hits the other,
like this...
- Are you crazy?
- Sorry, I really didn't mean to...
Jacob, that was really uncalled for.
It's a game. You hold up your hand...
...Iike this, then you count to three
and hit... I don't know what happened.
We have received a definitive decision
that the police station will be closed.
It has come as a suprise,
both to me... and to my colleagues.
And we...
You wanted to say something?
There's something
that people don't know.
We work according to an American
method called "Pre-Crime" -
- or PP, which means
to predict and prevent-
- crime before it...
and so creating a kind of relation to...
Have you taken any steps
against the closure?
We've put up a protest list
at the grocery store.
What is going to happen
to all the desks?
- Jacob, what is it?
- What is it?!
They're bloody right.
We're totally unnecessary!
Fuckall happens here! Check
out all the crime everywhere else!
Why can't they share it
so we could get one little thief here?
I feel so worthless.
No girlfriend and soon jobless!
Calm down, for Christ's sake!
I also think it's really hard...
we'll have a waffle hot dog.
I know every street, every corner.
I like you, Lasse, Jacob.
You are, for me anyway, like a family.
You can't just change that.
- Wha twill you and Lasse do?
- We can'tjust sell the house and go.
We'll have to stay...
Benny, do you think
I've got saggy tits?
No, what....?
I dunno, a little...
But it's not serious. It's not like
you go round thinking about it.
- Has Lasse said so?
- I just wondered.
What the hell? Agneta, wait...
Okay, what have we got here?
- Look...
- Benny, look here.
- What is it?
- Skid marks.
I'll be damned...
- It's a worn down Michelin.
- Someone's probably hit it.
You think so?
I don't know, I think it feels...
...more professional in some way.
It's like a "drive-by" situation.
Two metres from the edge...
Parallel tracks...
Hello, this is Jesica.
Hello, Jessica, it's Jacob here.
I just wanted to apologize
for what happened yesterday.
I was wondering if you could call me?
You can call me anytime, I'm here...
I'm here anytime... not on Thursdays
'cause I work early on Fridays.
Whatever, you can call me...
Okay, we'll be in touch. Bye.
Rabbit! Rabbit, Dick.
- Stop it!
- I want him to sit up like a rabbit.
Look... Rabbit! He'll do it soon.
- Stop it.
- Rabbit! Rabbit!
Hi, guys. Have you seen anything
strange in town?
- Strange?
- We had a hit and run on stervgen.
The waste bin on the left
has been totally destroyed.
Shit, it looks like
some total psycho has...
You haven't seen anything?
Okay, I'll have to write a report.
Hkan, can you help with the computer?
I'm coming.
- Come on, Hkan.
- It's easy, just press the button.
Easy? There's loads of buttons here.
There's C-TROLL -
- and DELETE and HOME and...
Come on.
- Hkan.
- Take it easy.
- We're having coffee. What's the hurry?
- What's with you?
This is typical.
Just 'cause I dug up something.
It could be anything. It could
lead to... it could be a serious crime.
Come on, Hkan.
Are you...
- You thinking the same thing as me?
- Yes, probably.
- What are you thinking of?.
- Well, the same as you.
- What is that?
- Well, you know...
- Say it.
- No, you first.
Come on.
- Hello, Gran, how're things?
- Hi, guys. Fine...
- I hope that's empty?
- Yes, I'll put it away.
- Nice jacket. Nice with a hood and all.
- Yes, it's a nice jacket.
- You doing anything special now?.
- I'm going to sleep.
What would you say
if we gave you this?
- You giving me that?
- Yes, but you must do us a favour.
- What favour?
- Come with us to the car.
We'll discuss it in the car.
In the car...
You just need to go
to the grocery store.
Then you steal something
and come back.
- What should I steal?
- Anything, then run like hell.
- No, it's not... I don'twant to...
- You won't do it?
You won't do it?
Allright, let's talk business.
That's for me...
- Smells good, huh?
- Shall we drink it? No...
What you doing?! No, no!
Stop it! I'll do it, I'll do it...
- I'll do it for two bottles.
- What?!
- What?
- lf I get two bottles... two.
You get one bottle and
a new fishing rod. What do you say?
- Okay, we say so, that's fine...
- I like you...
I like you, too.
- Do you believe in this?
- He'll do it, don'tworry.
I don't mean him, I mean us.
What are we doing, we're policemen?
Are you just going to stand back and
watch while they close the station?
- We're just helping boost statistics.
- Statistics? We're accomplices.
- But we're handing the stuff back.
- Yes, but...
- Here, here!
- Is that it?
- Give me the bottle.
- If I see you with it, you're going in.
- This stays between us, got it?
- And my fishing rod, can I have it?
- You'll get it later
- Later!
- Later. Get going, now!
- You promised!
Get going.
You'll get it later.
- You see anyone?
- No.
Think, Benny, think...
Imagine they planned
to destroy the waste bin?
- Aren't you having a coffee?
- But then they wouldn't have skidded.
- It's an ordinary waste bin.
- Exactly, that's what's so...
There are skid marks, too...
Benny, Benny, look!
Hey, halt! Freeze!
Halt! Freeze!
- Shit!
- Did you see who itwas?
I couldn't see... Shit...
Vodka, 75cl...
Think, Benny, change angle...
- What if there's a link.
- A link?
Between what happened yesterday
and the masked man?
Everything okay?
It's really sad with the closure...
If we look at the list
we have 22 names -
- and the kesson family are coming
later and they're quite a few.
- Thanks...
- Are you going to barbecue?
- Have you seen anyone strange here.
- No, why?
No...? You've been burgled, Kent.
These are the stolen goods
- The perpetrator got away.
- Are you serious?
These things are terrible. You sure
you haven't seen the perpetrator?
No... I was in the bathroom...
- You should report it.
- It's not necessary, is it?
- I have my sausages back.
- But a report is very important, Kent.
But it's just a load
of paperwork and things...
Listen, Kent. The law says
you have to make a report-
- otherwise we can report
you for an unfiled report.
Because you didn't report the report
you're bound to report-
- your report can be reported
because you didn't report it.
And then your report
can be reported by us...
You understand?
No... But I'll make a report,
I'll do it.
- Lasse, you're good at talking shit.
- Shit...
For people to see the truth
you have to lie a bit.
- We have a report, anyway.
- And there'll be more.
- Is there a problem with the lock?
- No.
Nothing wrong with it.
What the hell you doing?
- No, please!
- I'm going to kill you, you bastard!
No, please!
- One, two, three.
- What do, Mike, what do?
- You can do that.
- You can't do that.
Benny, can you help with something?
You can move these three squares,
Pawns can move, what is it...?
Twice the first time and then once.
Can't do that.
He can only do this. Watch.
This, this...
- This, can do...
- No, not in this game. It's chess.
- Who said so?
- I don't know... My dad...
- He's joking with you, dad...
- Fucking shit game!
Hey, wait, wait...
Shit, there it is again. There's
the grocery store, the waste bin...
- The masked man...
- Benny, are you feel well?
- Benny, are you feel well?
- What?
- Yes, sure.
- Are you sure you feel well?
- Okay. Bye, bye...
- Bye.
A number of strange things have
started happening in ourtown.
We've had reports for vandalisation,
theft, small arms fire...
I don't know how to interpret it.
That's what I've said all along,
there's some gang thing going on.
My calculations say they know about the
closure and have moved activity here.
- You see how serious this is?
- There could be a point to that.
Anyhow, I want you to keep your eyes
open and be careful out there.
- A gang...
- Hang on, these are just theories.
For instance the masked man we
saw. He looks like a regular drunk.
I don't think it's a gang at all.
Hi, Gran. I need to talk to you.
Get against the car. Come on.
- Spread them. Got anything on you?
- It's okay, Benny.
Get in, Gran.
- Are you nervous?
- Yes...
Why are you nervous?
There was a burglary at the
grocery store. You know about it?
- A packet of sausages...
- That's because... the fishing rod.
- What fishing rod?
- The fishing rod when I... Oh, shit...
Now I've gone and done it again...
- You want us to skewer your balls?
- Come on, Gran.
- Come on, tell us. Gran!
- No, it's...
Haven't you ever barbecued?
You have to prepare it well.
That's fine,
you'll burn down the whole stand.
That's good.
- What the hell are you doing?!
- Nothing.
The bin was burning
and we tried to put it out.
Stop it. We've spoken to Gran,
so cut it out! What are you up to?
We're doing it for your sakes too.
We just want to keep the station.
- Why didn't you say anything?
- We wanted to boost statistics.
- What you think we want?
- We wanted to surprise you.
- Don't you trust us? Does Folke know?.
- No.
It's catching here...
Boost statistics by stealing sausages?
You can't do anything right, Lasse!
God, it's burning!
If we're going to boost statistics, go
for it. What's this shitty little fire?!
- Sorry, but now you know.
- It's really burning.
- Why you burning Janne's stand?
- We wanted to burn something...
Call the fire department,
there're gas canisters in there!
- Gas canisters?
- Shit!
- Did it explode?
- I don't know, I didn't hear...
Where're we going to eat lunch now?.
Please respect the exclusion zone.
Thank you. Thanks.
- It's sad, Janne.
- Yes.
- You know who could have done it?
- What do you mean?
- It looks professional. Any enemies?
- Not as far as I know.
- Any debts?
- I owe my neighbour 150 crowns.
But she wouldn't do this.
It looks professional. It wouldn't
surprise me if the mafia were behind it.
Hello... could I ask some questions?
Wait a bit... Out.
Damn, Agneta,
now the press is here.
- Agneta... I found something here.
- What is it?
I don't know,
it looks like a detonator or something.
Take it in for analysis.
Make sure you get a photo first.
But that's my waffle iron!
These days,
things like that can look like anything.
Listen: "We've never seen anything
like it. From idyll to inferno in days."
"According to the police it's a gang.
'l agree', says Fredriksson."
- The first page.
- Lucky Fredriksson is so dumb.
- It's bloody good for us.
- It's really good...
Benny, what the hell are you doing?
Well, according to my calculations
I should have ended up more there...
Shit Benny,
you drive like a fucking cocksucker!
- Shall we get him?
- Let's get him.
I see you're all very busy...
As you can see we have a new visit
from Jessica Lindblad.
Strange things have occurred here
and I'd like to talk to you about it.
Individually, if possible.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Don't think about what you saw with
Benny, it was just to raise morale.
It's fine...
I tried calling you,
but you haven't called back.
Why haven't you?
You've had no crime here for 10 years.
Can you explain recent events?
- It's coincidence.
- Coincidence.
We work a little differently.
We work with an American method -
- called "Pre-Crime".
We're a step ahead.
It affects the whole of society.
Crime is on the increase.
- Coincidence?
- No, a gang.
- It could be anything. The PKK...
- What makes you think so?
They knew the station
was shutting down and moved in.
With no police they can
just steal and shoot or whatever.
It's because we have bad resources.
We need more police.
- We have bad resources here.
- I'd like to see more police.
You haven't caught the perpetrators.
Can you explain why?
I grabbed hold of one once,
but he got away.
- It's been quite close.
- Close in whatway?
- There've been chases with shots fired.
- Shots? That's not in my papers.
There's been wild shooting here.
It hasn't been fun.
It's been really hot here.
I've almost been hit
in both my hands and feet.
- Where did the shooting occur?
- To the north.
- Good, we can take a look tomorrow.
- Yes, sure...
Sure... ofcourse.
Of course. I can maybe
come by and pick you up...
No, I think we'll meet up here.
It's one of those recording watches.
So I can remember things...
I see...
I recorded some of the shooting.
Want to hear?
Hey, Jessica...
- Have you seen Dick?
- Yes.
- It's...
- Yes, he's really cute.
Wait a bit...
I really want to apologise for what
happened last. I really didn't mean to.
It's a game, you have to
hold up your hand... I was drunk.
I shouldn't blame it on that, but...
that's what I'm doing...
Hello, I'm Jessica Lindblad from the...
I know, I know...
The rumour circulates...
-They're really nice, all of them.
-They're nice. We play poker together.
-Wonderful people. Fantastic.
-You've had some theft here.
- Has police collaboration been good?
- Really nice collaboration.
You see that door there?
They put it in.
Look at the fan... They did it.
I meet Jacob most... when
he walks here with his night stick.
Does he do that often? Walk here
with his night stick...? Why?
His daughter is playing overthere.
Jenny is the one lying on Max.
- She's a little rowdy, just like dad!
- Benny doesn't like mustard.
And Agneta, she's too much.
One day she wants grilled onions -
- and the next day
she doesn't want grilled onions!
She says she gets gas
if she has too much onion.
- I won 300 off Benny lastweek.
- But, I took home 500.
- Buy some vegetables?
- No, it's fine.
- Halfprice?
- No, thanks.
- Can you play poker?
- No, but I'd like a bun ifl may?
- That's super! Where'd you buy it?
- I was given it.
- Really super.
- Thanks a lot.
- This is fine.
- Okay.
That's good.
Very good.
- Right. That's enough.
- Watch out.
-We shouldn't exaggerate this.
-We said there was shooting.
- It's enough.
- Put in two shots.
- That's good. That's enough.
- Fucking shit...
This is Patrol Car One.
It is 09:12 -
- and we're heading
to the hot-dog stand for inspection.
- Good. There are buns here forlater.
- Okay, understood. Over and out.
Buy some sugarfor...
So, what else do you do?
-What do you mean?
-Yes, what do you mean?
- Did I speakto you?
- Butyou're so incredibly unclear.
Who let you out your cage? Unclear?
Coming from you?
Says he! He's... he knows nothing.
He can't even say he loves me!
It's true! What does he look like?
What's this pork here?
His belly looks like a stack ofpancakes.
Is it a spare tire if we get a flat?
Says she with the sagging tits...
They look incredible.
Like slack cones just hanging there,
looking straight down...
Listen... Jessica, come into the
shower with me and you'll see. Perfect.
- This is Janne's stand.
- Before it was blown up.
- Howare you, Janne?
- Well, one tries...
could I get my waffle iron back?
Unfortunately it could take a while.
It's evidence, so...
Why don't you get a pizza oven
with the insurance money?
I'll stick to hot dogs.
That's what I know best.
- You want a hot dog?
- I'm fine.
Anyone know howt his happened?
According to my calculations,
the shot must have come from there.
Why blow up Janne's stand
with a grenade launcher?
Diversionary tactic. They blowup
the stand at the same time as they -
- plan something somewhere else.
Die Hard 3.
Right. Okay...
This is where the shooting took place.
You can see for yourself
here on the trunks.
What happened, more precisely?
Well, Lasse and I stood over here.
I think...
- Benny and Agneta stood here.
- Yes, I stood here.
- I stood here.
-Yes, that's it.
- And then?
- Then the others stood over there.
- And how many were there?
- I'm not so sure of that, but...
- There were four or five of them.
- A few more.
- There were more like about ten.
- Ten?
One thing I don't get. If you stood here
and shot there and they shot back-
- then how come there are
bullet holes there... and there?
I can answer that.
We gave those guys a real show.
It wasn't really like that,
but... almost.
You don't say.
- Thanks for today.
- Goodbye.
Let me ask you something...
What the hell you doing? You think
you're a super cop, you just talk shit!
What shit? It's meant to look real.
You call that real?!
You want to keep the station?
- That's exactly what I want.
- Shut up, she's coming!
- Have a good day.
- Same to you. Goodbye.
I don't understand.
What's up with him?
- You also think I exaggerated?
- ltwas maybe a bit much.
For once I'm ready
to agree with Agneta.
- For once? Whaty ou mean "for once"?
- I'm ready to agree...
- I heard that, but what do you mean?
- I mean I agree...
For once, but...
There's one thing I must make clear.
Good. What's going on here?
Benny's a good cop, but he exaggerates
sometimes. He's not really like that.
- You think I'm stupid?
- No, not at all...
We also think what's happening here
is weird.
It's nice that you're here, anyway...
I thought... I was thinking...
Every thing that's happening here
is quite new for us, too.
- We're working. We're investigating.
- Okay...
Then I also wondered
if you wanted to go bowling?
- Bowling... if you feel like it.
- What?
No, I don't really know. See you.
- Hey...
- Yes?
- I'll come with.
- Okay.
- I'll just put some shoes on.
- They have bowling shoes there.
- I can't go bare foot.
- No, of course.
You're up.
What's it...? I thought the first
time we met we had -
- you know, a good contact.
You smiled and things.
- Can't you smile when we're bowling?
- Okay.
I know a funny story. You want
to hear it? It's a thighslapper.
Okay, there's a farmer
that lives by the church up here.
He has some sheep that he goes out
with sometimes. Just goes out with.
Anyway, one day
one ofthe sheep disappeared.
Then when the priest
arrived there to...
Actually, you can't...
You have to be from here to get it. It
has to do with how the priest looks...
How are you?
How are you...?
Shit, the lane must be faulty. Did
you see, it was almost a strike?
- How's your hand?
- No problem. Let's continue...
- Does it hurt?
- No problem,we can go on...
- That doesn't look good.
- It's fine.
- Are you sure?
- Sure... It's yourturn.
Will it be long before it's healed?
No, but keep it on for a few weeks
and it'll soon be fine.
- How is it?
- It's just a sprain.
Thanks for waiting,
it wasn't necessary.
- I mean it was nice of you, but...
- No problem.
- I'm just going to...
- I'll help you. It's fine.
It was really strange,
the lane must have been faulty.
'Cause I slipped like that...
- And so we won.
- Good.
Thanks for this evening, it was nice.
It was fun.
- Good. You think so?
- Not that, but it was fun...
You'll have to practice.
Haven't really got the hang of it.
Well, good night. Sleep well.
Oh, sorry. Sorry...
I forgot as well.
- Sleep well.
- You too.
I just wanted to say that...
I don't think it's especially fun
coming here and closing your station.
I really don't enjoy doing it
and I want you to know that.
Really, I understand...
You're just trying to do your job.
I know that I was a little short
with you and things...
But you have to be... I don't know
how else to tackle the situation.
- lf I don't keep it up somehow.
- I really understand.
- I hope you can sleep now.
- Yes...
- Good night.
- Good night.
- See you.
- Yes. Sleep well.
- Thanks. Bye.
- Bye.
Up! Rabbit! Rabbit!
Rabbit! Hello?
- Hello, is that the police?
- For a while, anyway.
I'm at the lodge and I've kidnapped
a child. I want a million crowns.
Hello, this is Hkan.
I got a call from a man who says
he's kidnapped a child at the lodge.
He sounded really angry.
It would be good
if you could go there pretty fast.
If anyone's listening, keep it quiet
as there could be weapons involved.
But you others in patrol car one and
two, you must go straight away.
We're there in three minutes.
Over and out.
Thanks. Rabbit!
- I'll be staying on, I'm not finished.
- Really?
- No, there are some things...
- Hello.
I was with Dick doing "rabbit"
and the phone rang...
- Get to the point, Hkan.
- I'll tell you on the way. Come on!
- You see anything?
- Not a damn.
- What's up?
- Let me take care ofit.
We're willing to co-operate,
but we want to see the child first.
- Agneta, you know about this?
- No.
We're willing to co-operate,
but we want to see the child first.
- You know who it is?
- No.
- How many are there?
- Don't know.
I want a million,
or it'll get fucked up!
Benny, give me that.
Okay, but we need time
to get the money.
And we want an assurance
that nothing will happen to the child.
- Fuck you, there's no assurance here!
- Fuck you, there's no assurance here!
- Fucking pigs, I'll blow you away!
- Fucking pigs, I'll blow you away!
- That's enough, idiot, you sound...
- That enough, idiots!
- You recognise him?
- Idiot, don't say that!
- We're going in, we're going in!
- We're going in, fucking pigs!
I want a million,
or it'll get fucked up!
He seems deranged. How fast
can we get a special unit here?
- What do you think, Hkan?
- I don't know.
- No idea.
- Contact Rberga now!
- Who do I call? Anders?
- Holmblad.
This is Hgbotrsk police station.
This is Hkan
from Hgbotrsk police station.
- We can't wait. Jacob, back me up.
- No, Benny, wait!
It's okay, I'm going in...
- Benny, come back!
- It's okay! I'm cool!
- What do we do now?.
- Come here. Stand there.
Benny, look at him. He's
a fucking wimp. He's giving it away.
It's not working. He's nervous. We
should have gotten someone else...
Keep quiet, we don't have time. Grab
me. Put the gun here. Put it here.
- Hey, let me check it out...
- Mike, stop it, not now...
- Okay, put it on the table.
- I want myvodka...
Gran, do what I say.
Mike! Come here. Okay, take it easy.
Okay, we're coming out!
I'm exchanging myself for the child!
I'm exchanging myself for the child!
Run! The situation is under control!
I repeat. The situation is under
control. We're negotiating. Stay calm!
- How are you?
- It was really heavy in there...
Wait, the boy is shocked,
I'll take care of him.
- Any others beside Benny and Gran?
- No. Gran is blowing it...
Under control? What's he doing?
How's he going to get out ofthis?
- I was bad, man...
- Go home to dad.
- No, I want to see some action...
- Go home to dad!
- Hkan, are they coming?
- Yes.
- Who?
- Special forces.
- What for?
- They're going to... I called Holmberg.
- Jacob, what you doing?
- What the hell are you up to?
What have we here?
- Why didn'tyou say anything?
- I thought about what you said.
I know I exaggerated in the forest.
I've fixed something more believable.
- This'll work easy... No?
- Believable?
- It's under control.
- Control?
The special forces are on the way,
what about them?
- Any contact?
- Yes, the perpetrator is deranged...
Really, who the hell isn't?
Thanks, we'll take over here.
Delta formation, now!
First group! Reinholm, Alp!
- Johnsson, Hay!
-What a lot ofpolice...
Second group! Fredriksson, kesson,
Petterson! Down overthere!
Should there be so many, Folke?
Feucht, Djupan, Lindqvist!
Stay back!
What the hell were you thinking
of now?. You must have a plan!
I'm thinking...
Closer, thanks!
That's good! Maintain positions!
- You kidnapped a kid, now what?!
- lt was just Mike!
- I didn't know they'd all come.
- What difference if it's Mike!
- You have a plan, you know nothing...
- I have a plan! You and Lasse didn't!
- We had great plan!
- The hot dog stand?!
That was too much,
but the rest was great.
- Stop fucking shouting!
- Who the fuck is shouting?
Stop fighting! Stop fighting!
What the fuck are you doing?!
Get them to stop!
A case of vodka
and two fishing rods for this!
Get them to stop! Terminate!
- Cease firing! Cease firing.
- What the hell are you doing you idiot!
I've got one of my policemen in there!
You open fire on my policemen again -
- and I'll kill you! Understood?!
Everyone await orders.
No weapons to be discharged!
Listen, take it easy. It can get like
this when you are under stress.
-Yes, but right now it's difficult.
-Yes, I understand.
- What's your name?
- My name is Gunnar.
I'm Hkan... Yes, I know,
I understand. I really do know.
But there is another side to it as well.
You're the leader of a SWAT team -
- you fill your vest,
not only literally...
...you are talented...
You know,
I think something's missing here.
A hug is missing.
Take is easy,
we're coming outthe house!
I repeat, we're coming outthe house!
We are now out of the house!
Stand by, everyone... Stand by.
Hi, Benny...
Hi, Benny...
Shit, cool vests.
Hi, we're colleagues, it's fine...
Okay, to the cars. Let's go, let's go...
Fuck it, fucking special force pricks!
I should have had my fishing rod,
and I should have had vodka, too...
Now it's gone to hell... shit...
I should have had one vodka.
Then the fishing rod,
tell him I haven't got it yet!
- Help me shift gear.
- My hand! Take it easy, it hurts!
Fourth gear!
Shit, you see that? Fucking cool!
-Watch out!
- What you doing?!
- It's a car chase.
- Car chase? No one's chasing us!
- I'm going forthe right!
- Where'd you get your licence?
- I'm Benny the cop.
What the fuck you doing?!
Take it easy!
Take it easy!
- What's up with your hair?
- Nothing.
- Nothing? You're fucking...
- Stop it!
- Have you got a wig?
- What? No way.
- Damnit, Jacob, don't tell anyone.
- No.
Don't tell anyone.
No one will like me...
- No. I don't know any thing...
I don't want to be a policeman
anymore. I can't do it, I'm useless.
Can't fucking
even drive a car properly.
I'm just a fucking bald,
miserable wimp...
Come on, everyone likes you. It's
just not the time to discuss it now.
Look at you!
Take you hair and let's go.
- Where's my hair?
- There.
Don't say anything. Wait a bit...
Just fucking forget it.
Benny, I have to.
Jacob, wait a bit. Jacob...
- Jacob, wait a bit.
- What the hell?
Damn... It feels like
I got some shit with my belly.
- I have to shit.
- You crazy?
Wait, I have to. I can't help it.
We're being chased
and you want to shit?! You nuts?
Wait. If I don't do it now,
I'll shit on us both while running.
- Fuck!
- I have to!
Shit, then!
- Where're the keys?
- In the car.
Fuck, in the car...
Help a little, damnit!
Lift me up.
- Anything happening?
- It's so fucking quiet.
- Can't you sing?
- Cut it out. Never!
Come on, sing. Please.
... your eyes... on mine...
- And the moon...
- God in heaven...
Okay, into the forest everyone.
Move, move!
Calmly and carefully!
-You got any paper?
-You nuts?
- Can I use your bandage?
- Use your hair instead.
Whatever. Here... come on!
Stretch a little. Fuck, I can't reach.
You're on the cheek... I want the arse.
Shit, fucking ant...
Police! Don't move!
I don't really know what to say...
The station will be closed,
as you already know.
I can't do anything
about that decision.
I've concluded my report
on the events in this town.
Can I ask...
- Is everything included in...
- Yes, everything has been noted.
- Our names...?
- You've already asked.
Will we be put away forthis?
That's what we'll do with that...
I wish you all the best with everything
you do, whatever it is.
We just tried to boost statistics.
- Nice of you.
- Pleasure, no problem.
There's still some Kiwi cake
in the kitchen if anyone wants it.
Good, Dick, give them hell!
Christ, come on...!
Look at it positively,
we have each other. Huh?
- Benny?
- What? I don't know...
- Lasse, come on!
- What?
I have an idea. It may sound stupid,
but I've been thinking it over.
It's good, it's actually damn good.
I think we should...
- No...!
- That's damn good!
Pizza Police.
They're on their way.
Five minutes, ten at the most.
- Only 60, they had no change.
- There are a lot today...
- You have to knead it well...
- You can! Even my dad knows this!
These four have to go,
to someone called Pyk Jonsson.
- What's the address?
- Hang on.
I've got a Die Hard, a Scarface
and three Rambo with extra cheese.
- It's on the way.
- Loads of Rambos today. Incredible.
- Lasse, lay off the cheese!
- Just checking it's fresh.
- Gran, dough!
- More dough!
- ...and a Scarface.
- This American Psycho...?
- Does anyone ever order it?
- Hardly ever.
- Is it the name or is it...?
- Hi...
- What are you doing here?
- I was just passing by.
I work for the health authorities now
and I'm here to close this pizzeria.
- Tragic!
- Very...
- I'm kidding.
- Oh...
- You want a pizza?
- I don't dare.
I know exactly which one you want.
I'll give you a Jacob Special.
- With extra cheese.
- Okay, I'll give it a try.
Benny, wake up damnit!
Translation: Alexander Keiller