Korso (2014) Movie Script

I bought the top yesterday.
Hi, mum.
Why aren't you in bed?
I was just going.
I have a night shift tomorrow.
Good night.
Fair maiden, when you grew up
under your father's roof
A hobo took your virginity
inside a portaloo
Happy birthday, old geezer!
Twenty years!
Markus! Let me go!
I mean it! I'm gonna be late!
Fucking hell!
Testo rules. Hey, don't!
Where's my present?
You owe me at least three presents,
Who's counting?
Happy birthday, bozo!
There's pizza in the fridge.
Happy birthday.
Bye then.
- Bye!
What did you do to your hair?
- Nothing.
Did you dye it?
You washed it!
Fuck you.
- Let's do it.
Vn, did you drink all my beers?
My birthday beer!
- No worries, we've got time.
What am I supposed to drink?
- There's sugarwine.
This isn't drinkable yet.
- You're right.
That's your last one.
Shouldn't sixth-formers drink wine?
- Eh?
Our Finnish teacher thinks
Heta should apply.
What's that about?
- I'm not sure I'll apply.
You'll turn into a tosser
like all sixth-formers.
You don't need the sixth form,
you're already a tosser.
Girl, you nicked it!
- I did not!
Okay. Hartikainen saw me
but didn't say anything.
Better not get pissed
and start snogging anyone.
We'd have made it
if you hadn't stopped to take a leak!
One minute past!
- What a fucking birthday!
Where's the party?
- Hey, girls!
Can we tag along?
- It's his birthday,
give him a pity fuck at least.
I like your shirt! I could pick it up
from my floor tomorrow.
Can we even afford a pint each?
What a wingman!
- Come on, they weren't gonna put out.
They could have invited us
to their party.
That chick looked really familiar.
I know, she was Hrknen's sister!
Get the fuck out of here!
- Look, it's Murikka.
Hey, Murikka. I think that's enough.
What did he do?
The entry fee is five euros.
- It's always been free!
Today it's a fiver.
- Why?
Do you take meal vouchers?
- No,
When I get to New York,
I'll find a flat
where you can lie in bed
and see the skyscrapers.
A lemon, makes it fresher.
- Buy a proper liquor cabinet as well.
Yeah, for parties.
- And the top 5 of guests includes
Megan Fox and Cameron Diaz...
No, Cameron is way too old.
Who's the chick with the amazing lips?
Mila Kunis is mine.
- I'd do her!
She'd do me, not you!
And Prince. Let's invite him, too.
What the fuck?
- He's not a chick.
Just an idea,
You're useless,
That was close,
Who can make the shot?
The trajectory...
It was fucking perfect.
But you're the star.
Show us how it's done.
Fuck, that was smooth. Great shot.
Right in the middle.
Height is overrated.
The Professor is 178 cm
and one of the best players
in the world,
Of course the blokes in NBA
are huge as fuck,
but Nate Robinson is the same height.
- 175.
175 cm.
- And dunks like nobody's business.
But all the real talent is in
streetball these days. You know why?
It's creative,
You're free. You can do what you want.
You have your own style.
No coaches telling you how to play.
Wake up, Hartikainen.
Vn, let's play.
You look like a fucking nightmare.
- I should drink less.
You're pathetic.
- I hallucinated this morning.
Baby Shaq was taking a piss
in our bathroom,
Baby Shaq, the basketball player?
- Yeah. It felt so real.
This is Jojo. And my brother, Markus.
Catch you later.
- I'll call you.
What the fuck are you up to?
- Look who's talking!
I heard something funny.
Murikka founded a company,
Weirdox Ltd,
Opened accounts in shops
and maxed out the credit,
The three biggest hardware shops.
Bought stuff for30 grand
and sold them for half the price.
That makes 15 grand or something.
People are so stoked
when a Finn goes to Hollywood.
Antti Jokinen, for example. Big deal!
In the States they make at least
a thousand films a year.
Who's the spook?
Is Heta into development aid?
Didn't Renny's films do okay?
- Renny Harlin?
He knows the right people
but he's got no vision.
I didn't say he had.
Watch it!
You've had a few beers, then?
1,257 cans. All different.
- Really?
I want a house whose lounge wall
is all covered with these.
I've calculated that
6,000 cans should be enough.
Did you calculate
how to buy the house?
I'm still working on it.
What's up with you two?
- You're a nifty player.
Talking to me?
- I saw a streetball event in Tiksi,
My mates were playing.
- In Tiksi?
I see. The only real
streetball event is Ball Up.
You know? The tour in the States,
They scout the streets for players.
They've found many stars that way.
Markus has been saving up
for a long time.
Not that long.
- For real?
Yeah, I figured I could participate.
- In the States?
The next open run
is in New York in two weeks,
And you're going?
- Hell yeah.
You need talent,
but then it's just hard work.
Hey, we should go.
Does Markus go to trade school?
- He dropped out,
He's got the same upper lip
as all chavs. Like this...
And when they show off,
they're like this...
Give it a rest already.
Baby, don't get upset.
Stand back!
There's a shitload of them!
- I told you!
Throw them there.
Right there.
I could use a shag. To warm me up.
Only two more hours.
How much do you think they're worth?
- At least 200 if we're lucky.
Alrighty then.
Is that money I smell?
- This'll take a while.
We're fucking geniuses.
What the fuck?
- Try the other one.
It won't accept this one either.
- The machine is broken!
Estonian cans have no deposit.
What do you mean?
- No deposit!
I dragged these cans here,
and you won't pay?
Life sucks sometimes.
- What did you say? Fucking hipster!
Come over here and say that again!
- Let it go.
Fivers each...
- What?
Is this it?
- Some change, too. A couple of euros.
I don't believe this shit.
That's fucking Korso for you.
No use even trying.
Is Murikka around?
Murikka, do you have a minute?
- No.
Don't you get it?
It's important.
- Piss off!
I wasn't talking to you.
- What did you say?
Artsi, go and buy Ruusu a pint.
What do you want, ball boy?
I need work.
What can you do?
I could carry...
Turn off that fucking music!
I could carry something...
...or shovel...
- Shovel,
Or clean, or anything.
How much were you thinking of?
You've got balls.
What do you want me to do?
We'll figure it out.
But hey, this was great.
Are you fucking crazy? From Murikka?
- Where else?
It's no payday loan.
He'll kill you if you don't pay back.
I'll pay him. And it's not urgent.
- Are you really a match for them in
New York? - I just have to practice.
They're not all doing pirouettes.
Take the bounce dunk, for example.
You just have to practice
step-by-step. First three strides,
ball to the floor, jump,
and then you just dunk.
'You just dunk? '
- Mttnen on the left!
Hult, you know you can't eat here.
Ordoes Hult the Hooligan
miss the school?
Who cares about your classes, wanker.
- Right!
What are you gonna do?
Your countdown has begun, too.
- I may become marginalised!
Looks that way.
- Let's get out of here.
Next time I'll call the police.
Where are you off to?
Where is he going?
Hey, Jojo!
Stay away from my sister.
- Look, it's the basketball star!
I'm so scared.
- Did you hear me?
Didn't you find anyone to beat up?
What? The King of Korso.
This is how long I'll rot in here.
Now we're gonna buy some shoes.
- Hey, look at that bloke.
Piss-arse drunk
in the middle of the day.
The rich are morons,
just like the rest.
You look like a pro!
- Those cougars are checking you out.
I have the best arse in NYC.
- Markus, I want these.
They're cool as fuck.
Do they fit?
- These feel really good.
He's going to NYC to play.
I'll leave these on,
And we'll take the shades as well.
- That's right.
Hey, wanna come to my farewell party?
It'd be nice,
but my boyfriend wouldn't like it.
You're breaking my heart!
That was really good.
I'll fix us a ride.
Hi, what's up?
- Not much.
What's the occasion?
- A mate is going on exchange.
Really? Where?
- The States.
I'm going as well. Where?
- Florida.
Markus, come here!
Why are you going?
- To play basketball.
That's my ball bearer and my coach.
Bollocks. I'm the manager.
- Yeah, you look like it.
Could you give us a ride?
- I don't think there's room...,
This is a minivan!
- Not this time,
If you give us a ride, my hair
won't be the only wet thing tonight.
Is that your friend over there?
- Karla!
Take it easy.
- We've been waiting for ages.
It's like the lottery,
we've got no chance. Look at them!
I don't know how to open it.
- The one with the bag is yours.
Could you help us?
- Go and show them,
Hi. Are you Karla?
- Yeah.
I'm Markus.
- Do I know you from somewhere?
Not yet.
- It's open!
Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.
- Let's go.
I told you! No fucking chance!
Hey, how about that ride?
It's raining! Come on.
It's my last night.
It's so different.
Streetball is like.,.
It's free.
I reckon it's more like dancing.
Are you really going to the States?
- Yeah.
We could meet up somewhere halfway.
- Where are you going? I've got wine.
We're going to a party.
You have wine, we have beer.
We have to drink them somewhere.
I noticed your jeans are dirty.
You could take them off later,
and we can wash them
on my washboard abs. How about it?
In your dreams.
Go straight until the water tower.
Turn right! There!
- What the fuck is this place?
Where's the party?
- It's wherever we are!
We're here.
- I'd leave right now.
Hurry up!
- I want to go to Helsinki.
Fucking hell.
I can help you with those.
- We don't even have to open the cans!
My dad's car is stuck.
It'll come out when the sun
starts to shine and it dries off.
It may be broken!
- No, it's not! It's American.
At least I won't get hammered
with this drizzle,
This is how Markus makes
his first 3-point shot,
Jump! No!
Hey, guys, it's my only ball!
Well, I'll buy a new ball from NYC.
A better one.
You can swim by yourself.
- I can help you undress.
Do you have a bikini?
- No.
When you're old and
nobody wants to kiss you anymore,
you'll remember the lovely boy
from Korso who wanted to kiss,
But you were like: 'I'm a bit busy,
going to Florida and everything.'
The lovely boy from Korso...
- I'm lovely for a guy from Korso.
Hey! What the fuck are you doing?
Your arse was up for grabs! Chill!
Karla, we're leaving.
Do you hear me?
That fucking shithead is too drunk.
I want to get out of here.
- What happened?
Have a nice exchange!
You're a fucking hero.
- Well done.
A Finnish man just wants some intimacy
but the bitch gets upset!
Easy for you to smile!
- 'The lovely boy from Korso.'
I'm so gonna use that next time.
Have you been raving about
some plane tickets?
I bought them. I'm going to New York.
With what?
- None of your business.
For real. You can't just go there.
Where are you going to stay?
- I just need to get started.
Mum's got some relatives there.
- We don't even know them,
A little snack,
I was thinking you could tag along.
- Fuck you.
My Golden American Express
will take care of the expenses,
You've got no chance
against those black tanks.
You'll be totally clueless in Harlem.
You even get lost in Helsinki!
The road works confused me!
'My name is Markus from Finland.
Please don't hurt me.'
Let's take a ride.
I'll clear the seat.
Hold that for a bit.
Fuck all this stuff,
Okay. Are you good?
- Yeah.
High winds. Sea breeze near the coast.
The skies are mostly clear.
The temperatures will range from
a few degrees below zero to plus five...
Have some nuggets.
No thanks, I just ate.
- Come on. The dip is excellent.
Try the other dip as well.
We were supposed to go fishing,
but we'll see.
How about you? Going on any trips?
Hey, what are you doing?
Calm down!
Do you think I'm stupid, eh?
- No!
You think you can leave
without paying your debt?
I'll pay you back!
Pay your goddamn debt!
- It hurts!
Pay, motherfucker!
- I'll give you 1,500 next week!
Let me go!
Do you hear?
Fucking fatso, open the door!
Come and get your backpack.
Two days.
Did you apply for that job
we were talking about?
No. They required two years
of work experience and a degree...
And you're not going back to school?
Maybe later.
How about training courses
for the unemployed...
There's a creativity workshop...
I sort of need
some cash right now.
'Cos my mum died.
Honestly, I'm screwed. I borrowed
money from the wrong person,
and he's gonna kill me
if I don't pay him back tomorrow.
How stupid do you think I am?
Do you think you can come here to lie,
and we'll just give you the money?
Typical. You people claim you want to
help, but when I really need help...
Go fuck yourself, Terttu!
Social services fail you every time.
- They just fuss over their refugees.
Don't you have anything to sell?
A friend of Vn's brother made
good money with an insurance fraud.
He'd claimed his boombox
had been stolen.
I don't think we have insurance,
Should you call your dad in Sweden?
Or is he still upset 'cos you drank
the money for your driving license?
- Hi...
Hi, it's Markus.
- Nice of you to call.
Hi, how are you doing?
Watch it! Daddy's on the phone.
Emma and Johan have been ill.
Just some virus. How are you all?
Yeah... Look, I was wondering...
How's school?
I could get a summer job for you.
Hasse might have something.
- Thanks for the birthday card.
Oh, you got it...
I didn't ask him,
Sorry, I didn't hear.
- Is Hartsa at home?
Haven't seen him for a while...
- His mobile is off.
- What is it?
Get down!
Hurry up!
Any luck?
- Stop grilling me! I can do this.
Holy shit, it started!
Shout when you see it.
- Which one is it?
Guys, this is for real.
Are you absolutely sure you're in?
- Of course,
Let's go, then.
I'll keep watch.
- Where's the key?
Well well, look at this...
Are you sure no-one's home?
- Pretty sure.
What do you mean 'pretty'?
What if some geezer
skitters forth with a shotgun?
We'll run. Or say:
'Make us some coffee.'
Let's be quick,
What about these?
- They're glass.
No, they're crystal!
Here's only some shot glasses.
Look at this!
This could be a good foreplay
with some chick!
- Then what?
Let's start with these.
Got it?
- Yeah.
We've got to be quick. Quickly now!
I found some tools!
Let's take them.
- Totally.
Did anyone look down there?
Wow. Unbelievable.
It's like heaven!
Exactly what I want.
The cans could go here.
I could put up narrow shelves
and arrange the cans by country.
Cover them up with Plexiglas
so I won't have to dust them,
Hey, there's a bar!
- Fucking hell.
No way! An album by Dolly Parton!
She's unbelievably hot!
Isn't she an old hag?
- She's a quality babe.
Hey, Vn!
Kill the music! Someone can hear!
Vn, let's get out of here!
Let's go!
- Yeah, yeah.
Was there someone there?
- Whoa!
Was there?
- No idea,
That stuff is totally worth a grand.
- What's that bloody garden gnome?
Did you nick a fucking eagle, eh?
What's that?
- Did I hit something?
What the fuck is that sound?
- It's coming from here.
Maybe it's the exhaust. Pull over!
The pipe fell apart.
Did it come loose?
- The clamp is broken,
It'll take a couple of minutes.
It's easy to fix.
Mayfly larvae are best
for ice fishing.
- I've used normal maggots.
- It's so traditional.
Well, maybe it just conked out.
There are tools.
Maybe they tried to fix it.
Will you check the plate number?
- Yeah.
Have you tried blue maggots?
Yeah, when catching perches.
But not for chars,
Do chars like different colour?
Freeze! This is the police! Get down!
Let me go!
Fuck! Stop it!
Take it easy.
- Fucking let me go!
You're breaking my arm!
My shoulder...
- This was a spunky one.
Station, this is fourteen.
Will you check this plate number...
- Let's go. - If we leave the van,
this was all for nothing.
We must finish this, or we'll have
both the cops and Murikka after us.
Walk home if you're so scared!
Just carry it in.
For ages over 7.
Why not even younger...
Are we even?
Goddammit, ball boy.
I'd never have thought...
Stop by at the pub sometime,
I'll buy you a pint.
We couldn't do anything fancy.
The equipment in our school's
film club is not that good.
I like this bit.
Check this out!
This is a no-budget film.
I'll call you.
What happened to you?
- What do you mean?
Do you think
they'll like you like that?
Fucking sixth-former. You reckon
you'll get in by putting out?
Where are you going?
- Another time.
I can do it,
you just have to stand still.
Why did it have to be Hartsa
who got caught.
With his previous
car thefts and all.,.
How about the flat in NYC?
- Still working on it.
It's looking good.
- Hartsa,
Is everything okay?
- Good to see you.
Should we go to Jane's now?
- I think I'll go home.
I see. Okay.
Are we going?
- Yeah, let's go.
Can you give me a ride
or something?
I'm making a mess. Lend me a hand.
Were you saying something?
- Well,.,
I'm not sure if the sixth form
is my thing...
Yeah, you struggled at school
even when you were little.
I thought you were never
going to learn how to read.
Remember that time
at the railway station when you read:
The cops called the van's owner.
He looked outside and was like 'what? '
The van was parked right there.
- And you didn't say anything?
They kept grilling me about the van.
And they asked about some house,
but they didn't have any proof.
Way to go, Hartsa! You showed them!
Let's drink to that, Bottoms up!
Well, there's still
'resisting arrest with violence'.
Are you going inside?
We'll see,
Tomorrow you'll be
somewhere above the Atlantic,
You're a celebrity soon.
- And the top 5 of people we shag...
First I'm gonna make Miley Cyrus
bite the pillow!
What about you, Markus?
- Not now.
Don't be such a tight-arse.
- I'm not in the mood.
Are you getting your period?
I can get you some pussy pads...
I said leave it!
I forgot,
Markus is better than the rest.
Hey, guys. Tonight we'll celebrate!
I'm going now.
You borrowed my hoodie.
Do you have it?
What I said earlier...
- I heard Hartsa is going to jail.
Do you have something to do with it?
- Stop listening to bullshit.
Heta said you're leaving today.
Bloody boots.
- You came,
I figured I can come and say bye.
Wanna warm up?
White boy...
Can you play at all?
'I'm Jojo, a great film director.'
'Everybody sucks
except me and Ed Wood.'
You think you'll make it in New York?
You're gonna be fucked.
Show me what you've got!
You're fucking pathetic!
Did it feel good?
Calm down!
- Fucking coon, yuck.
Stop it!
Get off him!
Who do you think you are?
You and your stuck-up friends!
You know nothing about real life!
I didn't mean it!
- You're so fucking fake!
Give me a break,
Ladies and gentlemen, the train
will wait for another train to pass.
We'll stop for a couple of minutes.
Vantaa, the foggy and misty city
No-one even knows their neighbour
Everyone's in a hurry,
smiles are rare
The invisible strings
tug and pull at the puppets
I see the sturdy forest
and the blue hills
Let's give a big hand to Murikka
for a great performance.
Next up is Pena with
'The Shadows of the Night'.
I can buy you that pint now.
Two pints,
Have you been in a fight?
Come sit with us,
- What did he do?
He kicked in the rear window
of some crappy Mazda.
His foot got stuck
and he was dragged behind the car.
His face was a bloody pulp.
- What did he say?
'Where can I get more booze? '
Did Mhnen's face
look a bit different?
Should we take him to the hospital?
What the fuck are you doing here?
You're flight is leaving.
In seven minutes!
I don't think I'll make it.
- What are you on about?
Markus, what are you doing?
It's a fucking shame,
but hey, I'm an asshole.
Let's go.
- And leave that idiot alone.
Hey, guys. No smoking.
It's the law.
Law? It's the law, eh?
- Yes.
It's the Finnish law!
- One drag and I'll put it out.
Look, what the fuck is he doing?
He stubbed it out on his forehead!
Bring us more booze!
Drink up, drink up!
A toast to Korso.
- To Korso,
Korso, Korso...
Hey, where are we going?
Calm the fuck down!
When I look at you,
I see myself 15 years ago.
We do things, and others follow.
You're so fucking crazy that you're
capable of anything! Get it?
Have some, go on.
Hey, ball boy! Going for a jog?
Where do you think you're going?
Leave me alone.
I'm gonna smash your face.
- Fucking pussy.
Your dick is so small you couldn't
stand your sister fucking a black guy.
Kick his ass!
You don't have to worry.
The nigger is out.
Heta dumped me,
Fucking coon.
- Kick his ass already!
Come on, then. What?
What the fuck are you looking at?
I'll fuck all your sisters and mums!
You're a dead man!
- Back off!
The lad can take care of this.
- Come on then!
Fucking dickheads. Suck this!
- What the fuck?
- I'll fucking beat you to death!
Don't! Let him go!
Hey! Fuck off!
Fuck off, everyone!
Thanks... I'll never forget...
Let's get the fuck out of here.
What are you guys welding?
Smoker boxes,
I've made only seven so far.
Leksa said I make the cleanest seams
he's seen in a while,
Who's Leksa? One of your fucks?
Shut up, Swede.
Hasse's Copy Shop...
I'll be sweating behind a photocopier.
But Hasse seems okay
for a friend of my dad's.
How will you spend all that fortune?
I figured I could check out New York.
Fuck you.
- Just for a visit.
Then I could continue south.
Stop by in Florida.
'The lovely boy from Korso.'
- Cuba could be cool, too.
There's a school for voodoo priests
in Havana. Should I apply?
I saw some pics of their parties.
Looked a bit whacky...
And the babes.,. Jesus.
Sorry, sorry! Nobody chooses
their clothes as slowly as him.
Come on, it didn't take that long.
He's got a special song
for choosing shoes.
Is it typical for sixth-formers?
- Yeah, they taught it first thing.
Remember to study or I'll come back
to watch over your arse.
I'm glad to get rid of you.
I'm not gonna miss you, either.
You're gonna be late.
Welcome on board M/S Mariella.
We will arrive in Stockholm
at 10 a.m. Local time.
Translation: Maarit Tulkki
Saga Vera Oy, Oulu