Kothaga Maa Prayanam (2019) Movie Script

Hell with this life!
It's infinite when we cannot figure it out
and if it is understood,
then it is the end.
Every moment I imagine,
I'm getting to know that my
life is going far away from me.
I didn't know unless my
heart stuck at a girl,
that I did a mistake by
meeting a lot of girls in my life.
My name is,
Karthik... Karthik... Karthik...
"After having some beer and rum"
"To a peg of brandy,"
"Add an ice cube"
"After mixing it"
"If you consume the cocktail,"
"It's dedicated to you"
"Among men, virtuous people stand apart"
"Among idiots, jerks stand apart"
"Beloved of the Bounteous,"
"You will go to come if you listen"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"You'll be ruined if you
date a single girl"
"You'll become a great person
if you date the trendy women"
"You'll be ruined if you
date a single girl"
"You'll become a great person
if you date the trendy women"
"Commiting to a single
weapon and a single lady"
"It doesn't work if you
live like Lord Sri Rama"
"Playing flute all around"
"Follow Lord Krishna's style
of flirting with women"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"Oh dear friend, life is as
short as a Lifebuoy soap"
"There is no guaranty whether it
lasts for three days or three months
"Will you do the stuff at the age
of 50 which has to be done at 20?
"You have the multiple
choice only at this age"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
"Hail to Kishkinda"
Don't you have sense?
Why would I come to
you if I have sense?
Enough, come inside.
You said that you would go
to Bangalore.
I thought to but I didn't.
May I know the reason?
No matter wherever we go
it's all about earning.
So if I work here I can talk to you daily.
You learned how to answer.
I don't want coffee or tea.
Let's have our lunch directly.
Won't you learn cooking?
Will the groom accepts if
you don't know how to cook?
Why not?
He cooks for me and I'll have it.
Stop blabbering.
I'm not interested to get married.
Everyone says the same
thing but it is mandatory.
But I'll get rid of it.
Karthik, please stop...
Oh God!
What happened?
Why did you drive so fast?
Aren't you scared?
Whiners and faint-hearted people
cannot gain happiness and comfort, baby.
Will you be so funny all the time?
Burnt candle and spent
moments are history.
They aren't useful for us.
Future is like watching the trailer
and expecting the film.
No one knows what is happening.
So, my philosophy is to
enjoy every moment my dear.
But your feelings aren't good enough.
No, no.
God didn't bless the men with the art
of hiding the beauty and feelings.
God is partial towards women.
Is it?
When the desire is being seen in the eyes,
they hide it by closing their eyelids.
The boys drool by not knowing
the reason behind those looks.
Is it fair to confine the
heartful words behind the lips?
Do we display it instead of hiding?
Who the hell is calling
me in this early morning?
Is it him?
Good morning, Madhav.
Everyday is a good morning for you.
You'll be left with
fantasies if you have a family.
These dialogues don't suit us like you.
We have interviews today.
I'm not in a mood to come there.
You attend them for this time.
I'll come and sign them.
You are born just to put signatures.
Come to the Bala's flat in the evening.
Let's booze.
I got a lot of work.
End the call now.
Hey baby! Shall we go another ride?
You don't care for your husband as
much as you care for your beauty.
Hell with your beauty!
You gave me the tea right, now
go and prepare breakfast.
The breakfast is ready.
why are you still standing here?
My friend Keerthi has come.
I thought of reminding you once.
You are bringing your friend when I'm
thinking that it's waste to feed you.
She said that she would stay in a hostel.
I asked her to come so that
you'll offer her a job.
Now you request a job for your friend,
next, you ask for the women's freedom.
Later you would insist that
you would work and torture me.
Why should I worry about them?
Take it.
You are here to fulfil my needs.
A job is required for her
to fulfil her needs.
There is no one to look after Keerthi.
There is no need to bow down.
Ask her to meet me at office.
Ta-da... ta-da...
- Then the hero...
- Yes, we are waiting for him.
No, I'm not talking about him
but about the hero in my film.
- Okay.
- The scene starts in the evening...
Guys, Sulochana might recognise.
Eat guava leaves so that she cannot
recognise that you are drunk.
- Is it so?
- Yes.
- Shall I continue?
- Yes, go ahead.
Do we want me to narrate a film
story or a serial story?
- Narrate whatever you wish to.
- Serial is better.
We can expound it.
If we open it...
Your phone is ringing.
Tell me.
Now, the time is 10:30 pm.
You didn't come for the dinner yet
Who are you?
If not 10:30 pm it would be 1:30 am.
It's his family issue.
What is it now?
That is...
The responsibility of a wife is
to open the door when I arrive,
serve me food when hungry
and massage my legs when I'm tired.
Shut your mouth and end the call.
It's wrong not to give your
wife even the importance,
that you give to
the women at work.
My foot!
The girls at our office are
like the newly released films.
We should watch them
whenever they arrive.
Meanwhile, wives are
like televisions at home.
We can watch according to our wish.
You continue.
- In the opening scene...
- The hero has come.
- Didn't you guys start yet?
- How do I start?
- They are not allowing me to open it.
- We were waiting for you.
Instead of them,
I'll narrate it to myself.
If the hero goes in that way, returns
and if he does like this...
- Hey you upcoming director.
- Yes.
Narrate a proper romantic story
instead of love and marriages stories.
I should get high.
- Do you want to get high?
- Yes.
I should narrate a lullaby
story for him to sleep
and a story for him to get high
and a story for his entertainment.
Are you making fun of a director?
Hell with your demands!
Ofcourse, I've the stories.
If we start the scene
My God! Sulochana is calling me.
Attend the call.
Seems like her love on you is overflowing.
- Attend the call.
- Oh my God!
She might not talk to me from tomorrow
if she gets to know that I'm boozing.
How can she recognise by a call?
It smells when I talk, right?
Are you boozing?
Didn't I tell you that it
smells when I get drunk?
Aren't you boozing along
with that freaking batch?
Did you just call us a freaking batch?
Does it mean your batch is a good one?
Is that the reason you are
making men go behind you?
- You are making them go crazy.
- No, don't do that.
Shut up idiot!
Hey Karthik!
What do you think of me?
Did you steal five lakhs until now?
Oh my God! Five lakhs?
I'll make a film with a 5D camera.
Shut up you drunkard!
Aren't you hurt?
The alcohol was indeed
invented to talk the truth.
- Do you know that?
- Disgusting!
Why should I talk to you?
Did you see,
she disconnected the call.
You seem to destroy my life.
- Hey!
- Yes.
Forget about being dumped.
If you go behind her, she will
definitly make you a pauper.
So, listen to me and leave her.
Leaving her is not that easy.
You'll get to know that pain
if you love someone.
To feel sad or nostalgic I'm
not a family guy like you.
I'm a different guy.
My bladder has become full.
I should pee urgently.
This wall is good.
Come on.
Who is this shameless guy peeing
in front of a ladies hostel?
Oh God!
Have you gone mad?
Idiot! Didn't you find any other place?
Who is beautiful lady?
Don't you have comman sense?
Did you find only a ladies hostel to pee?
Get out from here.
What are you staring at?
Brainless fellow!
Let's go.
Why are you messing with this mad guy?
Hold on.
I'm not talking to you.
You carry on.
Even if you aren't ashamed,
I do feel ashamed to scold you.
"Singing Siggoo Poobanthi
song from the film Swayam Krushi"
Get lost.
You come in.
Excuse me, scold me more.
Else I shall pee here from now on.
I'll complain to the cops
if you come here again.
You need not to pee here instead
they shall make you do it.
Why go that far?
It's comfortable here.
- Good morning sir.
- Good morning sir.
Good morning sir.
Sir, take the coffee.
What is this
It's not a projection
but it's my birthday.
Wish me happy birthday.
Did you buy it or steal?
- What is that?
- I'm talking about the coat.
I don't money to buy one
or the courage to steal it.
I brought it for rent to avoid risk.
How come she is here?
- She is Keerthi.
- Hi.
- Our new joinee.
- Hello.
Who is she?
She is my dream girl.
She came in real.
But she has not fallen for me yet.
All the best.
Thank you.
- Pranav, she is Keerthi.
- Hi.
- I'm Keerthi.
- Oh, hello.
- She is our new joiner.
- Oh, all the best.
Thank you.
He is my bestfriend too.
- She is Sulochana.
- Hi.
- I'm Keerthi.
- Nice to meet you.
Instead of introducing
her to the correct person,
he is introducing her to someone else.
- Idiot!
- Wait dude.
Come fast dude.
I'm waiting here.
I think that idiot understood it.
- She is Keerthi, our new joiner.
- Oh man! Do I have to work with him?
I'm Keerthi.
He already introduced you.
Excuse me.
- It's nice.
- Excuse me.
I mean it's nice of you
to join in our office.
Will you leave it?
What is it?
My hand.
I'm sorry.
By the way, would you like to
have tea, coffee or cold drink?
Did I come to your home?
Be it my house or the office, respect
is the same everywhere right?
No thanks.
He is a insane.
What are you doing?
I'm working.
If you place your laptop
on your lap and work,
things will get blocked
and you can't have kids.
Then, where should I place my
laptop so that I can have kids?
- Why is he asking like this?
- You don't even know this.
Kamala in our office used to place
the laptop in her hap and work.
She delivered to twin babies.
Are you aware of it or not?
Yes, I'm aware of it.
- Oh God!
- Hey!
He is talking about men not women.
- You...
- You...
- Get lost.
- Senseless fellow.
- Idiot doesn't have the general knowledge.
- Get lost!
I inscribed a beautiful story.
Will you listen to it?
I got to correct many of my scenes.
Shut your mouth and do your work.
What should we close?
Oh my God!
- Hello.
- Am I speaking to Ms. Suchitra?
No, I am Keerthi.
You have called a wrong number.
Keerthi, this is Karthik speaking.
How did you obtain
my phone number?
Poor girl.
These days earning money is tough
but not the phone number.
Is it?
Don't you feel shame?
"Siggu Poobanthi song from
the film Swayam Krushi"
Are you even human?
Oh stop it!
You and your stupid thoughts.
Already none of the girls
are falling for me.
Why did she disconnect the call?
Poor girl!
I think she was very much hurt.
Why did he come here as if he
doesn't get any other place to pee?
Damn! Come let's go after he pees.
Why are you scared of him?
I'm not scared but I'm
irritated with him.
You go if you want to.
Listen to me.
Why is she escaping?
Poor girl!
Not sure what she saw in the night.
- Hi.
- Why did you come here?
You said that you will
kill me if I call you.
I don't want to turn you as a murderer so,
I came directly.
Thanks. You did a good job.
Will you leave now?
No, you might've deeply hurt last night.
So, I came to drop you till
the office and apologise.
So that you would
forgive me at least then.
Neither I want your thanks nor your help.
Kindly, do not come here again.
Few of them are
scared by seeing you.
Listen to me...
Can't you understand at once?
Alright, let's meet in the office.
Sir, please take the coffee.
don't disturb me please.
- Go.
- Okay sir.
What would you lose
if you look at me?
Why don't you look here once?
He is irritating a lot.
Narayana, bring me a coffee.
Sir, there is no coffee.
Bring the tea then.
Sir, even tea isn't there.
Bring anything like Horlicks, boost.
There is nothing available.
Else bring me some poison.
Okay sir.
- What is this?
- It's a phenyl.
It is similar to poison.
Pour it in his mouth.
His menace would end.
Narayana, don't be
sarcastic. Shower me some affection.
By the way,
how are you planning my birthday?
I don't have enough money so,
I thought to make it simple.
Are you planning to celebrate it in a
simple manner? Don't you have shame?
I don't care what you do.
I've already conveyed my friends
that there will be a big party.
I'll kill you if you don't
celebrate my birthday grandly,
Of couse you will threaten him.
It's not your money, right?
Please, you hold on.
We are discussing, right?
- What the hell will you talk?
- Hey!
Look at him once. He used to be so
healthy and now he became so thin.
You used to be very thin and now,
you became so fat like an elephant.
You are sucking all
his energy, aren't you?
Damn it!
You look at your personality first.
You'll get to know how you are.
If you marry her, she'll become
a grandmother but not a mother.
Look at my friend,
he used to be as smart as a Samsung phone.
He has turned into a screwed up China
mobile after you arrived in his life.
Show some pity on him.
Why are you interfering in our matter?
We got a lakh of personal between us.
How does it matter to you?
You are talking about a lakh, but
it's over five lakh rupees here.
What are you thinking about me?
We talk about only facts.
- Hold, on you guys.
- We don't assume, right?
Why do you guys fight?
- You wait.
- You...
She has come.
You wait,
I'll talk to you later.
My bad luck!
Did you tell him how
much you spent on me?
- You met me at my hostel in the morning.
- Yes.
You stared at me till now in the office.
Yeah, yeah.
But why do you behave
as if you just saw me?
I don't know what it is but whenever
I see, you look so different.
Oh, do I see like that for you?
I can only express when I see you,
Then I think you might've affected
with some kind of new disease.
You'll die very soon.
Vainglories like you
would fall in love instantly.
- Oh no!
- Hey! Careful.
- I had already fallen for you.
- But the work is yet to be done.
You should lose some weight.
Hero brought the heroine to a
beautiful location to express his love.
The heroine felt bliss after witnessing
the beautiful nature.
- Soon...
- What's up with you Bala.
You was writing something seriously.
Dude, I wrote a consecrated scene.
- Let me explain you.
- Bala, let me finish my work and come.
I'll listen to your scene later.
- It's a new scene it seems, let's listen.
- He'll narrate you but I'll show you.
Come now.
I'll continue the Pavitra's love story.
Hero holds the flower bunch...
- and calls the heroine with love.
- Hey! Remove those clothes.
No matter how much they try to disturb
you, concentrate on your scene.
Control, control yourself.
Write it down.
With love...
- Ouch! Stop tweaking me.
- Oh my God!
Don't over act.
They came closure...
Oh God!
They are changing the story.
Oh man! It's a pure love story.
- Enact heroine in a shy way.
- Oh God! Are you feeling shy?
- Madhav, why'll I feel shy infront of you?
- What am I writing and what are you doing?
Oh my God!
- I cannot tolerate.
- Hey! Leave me.
- Oh God!
- Hey Madhav!
Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
- Hey
From next time, bring you friend too.
My story is spoiling.
Why is he shaking like a hen
which is laying an egg?
Bala, you wanted to narrate a scene right?
Narrate it now.
I won't say anything and I don't
know anything. Please leave.
It's alright, please continue.
I don't know anything.
- But I love to hear.
- Wait.
Go home, arrange them and read it.
He is very sensitive.
He said that he would
narrate us something, right?
He might've heard
something unusual.
Yes, coming.
Oh God!
I'm coming.
Hi Keerthi.
Get inside.
Sit down.
Why isn't the hot water coming?
Geyser is not working.
I've complained to the owner. He said
that he will get it repaired tomorrow.
I've put the hot water
in the bucket next to it.
Where did you keep the shampoo?
Oh no!
Who the hell will shampoo
my hair and scrub my back?
- As if this is the first time.
- I'm coming.
Should I ask you daily to massage?
Hey! Is breakfast ready?
Yes, it is.
You are late for it.
You just answer to my question.
Don't talk much.
Why do you cook bland Idly all the time?
Is it that it takes less time to cook?
Hi Keerthi.
- Had your breakfast?
- Yeah, I had. You carry on.
Where is the bowl?
I'm bringing it.
You make me repeat the
same things every day,
as if you are doing it for the first time.
Where is the napkin?
Put on my shoes.
Can't you at least put on your shoes,
She is here to serve me, isn't it?
do you know how the word wife originated?
The word wife derived from the word slave.
Am I right?
Make it fast.
It's done.
Why did you come so early?
Do you have any work with your friend?
Nothing. As I have time for the office so,
I came here.
But I didn't think that
she would be very busy.
Can cooking Idlies in the morning
be considered as being busy?
Anyway, women do always support women.
But you don't accept men as great
who works hard the entire day.
Where are my keys.
Bring it fast.
Here it is.
Move aside.
Don't irritate me in the morning.
Bye Pavitra.
He seems like a rowdy, who the
hell gave him the software job?
Why don't you eat some spicy
food to generate your feelings?
Sir, coffee.
Narayana, things are getting cleared now.
Don't disturb me by offering
tea or coffee. Get lost now.
Ok sir.
Would you like to go for a coffee with me?
Why are you serious at me?
If not coffee, have a cold drink.
You would be chilled.
- What if I don't like you?
- I'll try till you like me.
I will never like you.
- Please, get lost.
- Ok.
He don't have shame. Damn!
- What dude? Didn't it work?
- It might take some time.
You are following her restlessly.
It's hard to find beautiful girls.
There is a lot of competition.
We should try our best.
Are you in love?
Damn! Why will I do such things?
It's just for timepass.
Oh God!
He has become very smart.
Take me to Madhapur hostel.
Hey wait.
Where are you coming to?
It's a public auto.
Shouldn't we use them?
Consider it as a sharing auto.
Else assume me as a stranger.
You keep quite.
We should also let them live.
Dude, keep going.
I know that you would play such
filthy tricks if I stay closer to you.
Keerthi, it's not the trick but truth.
I like you.
I'm thinking to live with you.
Are you in love with me?
Love is another name for self-deceit.
Love is a time waste process
and it doesn't suit me.
If not do you want to marry?
It's like an outdated trend for
the modern people like us.
Tolerable feelings of a husband
and a wife are foolish feelings.
I don't like adjusting to
the partner's wishes.
Let's share the household
works and spendings equally.
Let's live together for each other.
There won't be any issues such
as anger, adjustability etc.
Let our earnings and lives be independent.
Let's live happily.
What do you say?
Do you mean that we need to
spend our life in a jolly way,
by cooperating to each other?
Excatly, living together.
Hey stop!
Dude, take it.
What should I answer
when the neighbours ask?
Tell them that we are
in living relationship.
They'll bash you.
I hate this hypocrisy.
I live for myself.
Don't live for everyone
but live for yourself.
Life is yours so your choice is.
He is senseless.
Hell with his filthy ideas!
Brainless fellow!
Do remember that society will always
try to blame you no matter what.
They say that she left her parents
when you marry your lover.
Else they say that she cheated her lover
if she marries according to her parents.
If she waits for her
parents to get convinced,
they say that the mad girl is
wasting her time by not marrying.
Keerthi, think over it.
Heroine after waiting for 40 years,
She stopped after witnessing the hero.
Soon she will get stabbed.
That brought both of them together.
They both hugged each other.
The film ends there.
How is it?
- Waiter, serve me a peg.
- Peg?
Isn't it juice?
- Yes, there is a little amount of juice.
- A little amount?
Then the rest of it is?
Oh God!
She seems to be a traditional girl.
Tell me, how are the characters?
- Very bad.
- Why?
Wouldn't the heroine in your film smoke?
- Does she hate alcohol?
- Yes.
Does she stick to a single
boyfriend throughout her life?
Go away man.
Hell with your same old stories!
We don't need such.
Your film shall be a huge flop.
- Same old story?
- Let's go.
Did she come or not?
The party is lively, isn't it?
I don't understand why do they
celebrate birthdays at this age.
Ofcourse, she has to come for me.
Oh man!
Why did he come here too?
Why do you get scared of him?
- I'll get annoyed by him.
- Hold on.
- Oh, you are here.
- Yes, because I didn't expect you here.
But I came here knowing
that you would come.
Are these bangles
presented by me?
Seems like you are trying very seriously.
I'm not the guy who
quits after getting started.
All right continue.
Excuse me,
why are you escaping as if you saw a rat?
What's fleeing after seeing a rat?
That is, you are escaping like
a cat who escapes seeing a rat.
Oh! Cat doesn't escape seeing
a rat but rat does.
You are sharp.
I won't bother you.
Don't get scared.
Assume me as your brother.
By the way, I'm Karthik.
Don't fear Shruthy,
assume me as your brother-in-law.
But you just said that
you are my brother.
You're got me again.
Alright, assume whatever you feel like.
Come with me.
Excuse me, take care of your friend.
She is scared.
What can she do when you behave so?
What did I do?
You are so innocent.
Thanks for understanding
after these many days.
By the way, where is he?
- How is the party?
- It's your birthday,
- So, it would be definitely colourful.
- Why did you come?
Wonderful man! You are celebrating
birthday her in a five-star hotel.
Your idea is awesome Sulochana.
What's the expenditure for this party?
Is it one lakh?
How does it matter to you?
- Are you paying for it?
- Who invited you?
Sulochana, I didn't invite him.
I swear on you.
You hold on man.
Don't rush.
You are anyways good forecaster.
If you had come across someone like me
then he would've slit your throat.
You are living because
of my innocent friend.
No one shall ever love a guy like you.
That is the reason I
never proposed a girl.
Once a boy proposes a girl,
his countdown would start.
She keeps asking him
to take her to places,
buy her things and keep
him around like a dog.
You all will escape saying that you
are consecrated if we ask to kiss us.
I should blame him instead of you.
- Hey!
- What's wrong in it?
Boys obey the girls
only when they are in love.
When guys are asked to come at a certain
time, they'd arrive early and wait for us.
After the wedding, if we ask to come
at 9:00 pm they reach at 12:00 am.
Because they don't care anymore.
Even I'm asking the same.
Why the girls demand
the boys while in love?
And why do boys command girls
after the wedding?
Can't they both stay equal?
Can't they respect each other?
I want to know the
reason for this problem.
I want to know right now.
What is this Karthik?
Do you have sense, Keerthi?
Don't you know what to
talk at this moment?
Is this all needed now?
Today is Sulochana's birthday.
Let's happily celebrate it.
Move aside.
Sulochana, come here.
Please, don't mind his words.
I should blame you instead of him.
I don't want to celebrate this birthday.
- Sulochana, please let's go.
- Sulochana, let's go and cut the cake.
- Please, let's go and cut the cake.
- Come.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Keerthi.
- Yes.
I like you very much in this matter.
- Both our tastes are similar, right?
- Of course.
Happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to you...
Move aside.
Happy birthday.
Hey you!
Oh God! They are boozing.
I'm scared. You please go.
- Will you come to Madhapur?
- No way. Get lost.
Hey, fools! Do you reject when a
girl comes to you asks to come?
- Baby, where shall we go?
- Damn!
Baby, while we were boozing,
why are you leaving
after asking us to come?
- Hey! Leave me.
- Baby, where will you go?
Hey! Who is that?
They call them an audience
who stares at anarchy,
but the hero is the one who opposes them.
Your personality is good.
Go and try for a chance in the films.
It is your mistake to consider me as soft
as I'm smart and arrived in a Skoda car.
We are already drunk.
Get lost, don't irritate us.
If I drink two beers if I booze.
Guys, why do we talk with him?
Go and bash him.
What is it with you?
Why are you looking there
after sending him here?
Won't you look what is happening here?
Should I show it again?
Then watch it.
Hey! Hey!
Go and bash him.
Go and sit in the car.
No, even you are drunk.
Hell with this life! She doesn't know the
difference between a hero and a villain.
Hell you!
Sorry brother...
Sorry brother...
Keerthi, what about my proposal?
I'm the hero.
- Let's go.
- Keerthi, what about my proposal?
Bro, please give me Rs. 5000.
I got an opportunity to go to Chennai and
narrate the story to the hero Mr. Surya.
- I don't have cash.
- It's okay. Give me the ATM card.
I don't even have it.
- My credit card...
- Give me I'll use it.
- I don't even have it.
- Why?
Do you know that I took a loan
of Rs. 1,00,000 for her birthday.
She withdraws my salary every month.
She looks after my financial matters.
- Then what do you have?
- I have Sulochana's heart with me.
Oh God!
Did you give your ATM card to her?
Is she withdrawing your entire salary?
Oh God! Your salary is
Rs. 50,000 per month.
Are you planning to beg by
giving her your entire salary?
- Senseless guy!
- Ouch!
Leave it.
He might have some problem.
Problem my foot!
It's not just a thousand
or two but it's Rs.50,000.
There is no doubt.
She would definitely dump you.
You cannot our relation.
Even yesterday, you
interrupted and disturbed us.
I had to interrupt
because of your innocence.
Look Pranav,
you aren't understanding a logic here.
You are trusting her so much, right?
Then why isn't she trusting you?
In which matter?
In your love matter.
- You thought to get married, right?
- Yes.
What's wrong in enjoying together?
Had she spoke to you romantically
except accosting about the money?
No. She doesn't speak so.
Because she has to commit.
She is using you because there won't be
any chance to escape after committing.
So, use your dumb brain.
Bring her wisely, enjoy with her
and make her pregnant if needed.
Then there will be
guarantee for your love.
In that case, it would be great
if you spend and if she enjoys it.
This is like baiting a piece
of jaggery to kill flies.
It's your bad luck if
you don't understand yet.
Bala, how much do you want?
Rs. 5000.
- Damn!
- Damn!
- It's okay.
- Rs. 10,000.
- Thanks, dude.
- All the best.
I can meet Danush
along with Surya.
Hey! I'm saying this for everyone
like you. Listen to this.
Love is like a goods train which
is lengthy but the speed is low.
While lust is like a metro train which
is short in length but is very speed.
Why do you bother about the train
when the driver is such an idiot?
It's not like that.
I'll appoint a driver.
Are you understanding
what are you speaking?
I'll go crazy if I talk to him.
I'm at your office.
Where are you?
But it was you who planned it.
What? I applied leave request and came to
you as you said.
Come then.
How much time will you take?
Why is he going near my vehicle?
New vehicle is very fresh.
How much did it cost you on road?
Head light is good.
Indicators are too good.
You're finished.
Remove your hand.
I'll kill you if you touch my vehicle.
What did I do that you
became so aggressive?
I just said that your bike is good.
Ofcourse it will be as
it is a new vehicle.
Will you give it to me once,
I'll ride it and see.
The vehicle will be damaged if every
random person rides it. Move aside.
One person can ride it.
That's okay Please give it to me.
Urgh! I won't give it to you.
Get lost!
Even the seat is
very soft and good.
You'll get ruined.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Take it.
By the way, what's the special?
He is just too much.
- My partner purchased a new bike.
- Oh.
That is the special.
- Take the sweet.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Take the sweet.
Why are you staring like that?
My partner has got a new scooty.
That is the reason I'm just celebrating.
Take it.
I don't understand what's your problem is.
Why are you chasing me?
The answer to the first question is
you are my problem.
And the answer for the second
question is that I like you.
Are you crazy?
Guys generally chase girls to
love them or marry them.
But why the hell are you torturing
me for living relationship?
Shall we get married?
Tell me where shall we get married?
Is it a temple or a register office?
It's your wish.
Keerthi, a guy's psychology is,
He owns the girl the
moment he gets married.
The moment he owns the girl, he
loses the respect on the girl.
Just like the mobile in my hand,
my wife will be there at my home.
There is no much difference.
I don't like to consider human as a thing.
That is the reason,
there is no need for owning one another.
It's enough if both of them
respect and trust each other.
I won't oppose your freedom.
Similarly, you shouldn't
oppose to my freedom.
Then there shall be no
space for arguments.
In this way,
we shall lead our life happily.
What's wrong in this?
Decide what you want.
Take your own time.
No matter if it is a week or a month.
But I want you.
Sir, here is your coffee.
Every girl seem to be beautiful
in a short span.
He bought her to the
flat as he advised.
Oh my God!
This flat seems like a lodge.
- Why did you bring me here?
- To show.
- What is it?
- Our home.
- You've already shown it to me.
- When did I?
You brought me two times after
you got shifted to this flat.
I had shown you the hall and now
I'm going to show you the bedroom.
He might feel disturbed as he is writing.
Shall we go inside and talk?
Do not go into the room.
It is the actual disturbance.
Let's go.
Oh God! I cannot
write dialogues to these sounds.
It's better to sit outside.
Pack up.
- Sulochana.
- Yes.
That is... that is...
We feel comfortable when
we scratch while it itches.
But its disgusting when you
scratch unnecessarily. Remove your hands.
I wanted to sit beside
you and sleep in your lap.
What's wrong with this poor guy?
There is nothing wrong
but it's the desire.
Wait! We agreed not to
proceed until we get married right?
My friend told me that it
seems to be very happy.
However we shall get married.
What's wrong in it?
Who told you?
Is it Karthik?
That is...
This sound doesn't
seem like that one.
Why did it reverberate?
Yes, this might be that sound.
- Sulochana... Sulochana... wait.
- Take your credit and debit card.
By not differentiating in both of us,
to stay happily after our wedding,
To buy a flat and a car,
Till now I saved 10 lakhs from our
salaries with a lot of thought.
But you suspect me?
Every man thinks in the same perspective.
Is it love only if we get physical?
Bloody idiot!
- Sulochana, it's not that...
- What is it then? Hold on, I'm coming.
Everything got ended the
moment you suspected me.
Damn! From now on,
don't try to talk to me.
Sulochana, I'm sorry.
- Hello sister.
- Damn!
Sister, why did it sound so loud?
She might've learnt
Karate in her childhood.
What might be his position?
Though he seems as soft as Mr. Kamal
Hassan in the film 'Swathi Muthyam',
our boy might've rocked it.
- Bloody idiot! You'll get ruined.
- In which way?
Damn it!
Hey! Hi, take this.
Hey! What happened?
I've seen many girls but
everyone gave moderate reactions.
No one cried like her.
What did you do?
Why are you acting mute at a time where
you need to be proud and loud like a man?
She slapped him so
hard that his ear is ringing.
- Oh, the matter turned topsy-turvy.
- Exactly.
Don't worry. I'll plan
and you just follow it.
- Oh God! I don't want.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hell with your idea!
Don't involve in our matters.
I'll beg you.
You will not get better.
Damn it!
Why do you give such advice?
Look at the poor kid!
Hey wait!
I'm coming.
Sir, take the coffee.
Narayana, your timing is perfect.
I'll have the coffee later on but,
ask her about my proposal.
Ok sir.
sir wants to know about his proposal.
Are you a peon or a broker?
there is something behind this.
Did he offer you a drink?
No. He gave me some space in his heart.
What is it Narayana?
You seem to be thinking deeply.
Yes, dear.
I have a daughter.
I would be very
happy if she dies.
Did she love someone?
I wouldn't have this tension
if she did so.
Did she elope?
It would have been
much better if done so.
Then what happened?
She scored a good rank.
She wants to study MBBS now.
It requires lakhs of rupees.
I gave her the entire jewellery and
sent her to the Muthoot finance.
Meanwhile, rowdies theft it.
What should I do?
My salary is Rs. 6000.
From where should I arrange it?
- I'm there for you.
- What can you do?
I'll do anything for you
daughter to become a doctor.
Hey! Who are you?
Go from here.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Madam, he is a mad guy.
Who'll be there for you
if you are in trouble?
Madam, that is the reason that
I'm very much affectionate to sir.
Madam now tell me, what did
you do with the sir's proposal?
Okay madam.
She asked you not to
pee wherever you like.
You informed me, right?
You can leave now.
Okay sir.
Keerthi, there is a handbag in
the boot space. Bring it inside.
When did you come?
How does it matter to you?
Where did you go?
I went to the tailor
shop to bring my blouses.
Did you go for to bring blouses
or for the sake of blouses?
Why are you talking like that?
What did she do that you are slapping her,
What is wrong in it?
Does she need to take your
permission for such a small thing?
It's not a theatre for everyone to
involve but it's a couple's matter.
You don't get involved.
Madhav, this is not correct.
You need not teach me what
is right and what is wrong.
Every man supposes to put
his wife in limits.
That is men's nature.
Women think that wandering
gives you freedom.
We don't like that.
First you get married.
You'll get to know how a husband behaves
and how you should behave with him.
Keerthi, you leave now.
Get out. You don't have an entry now.
Why are you making this small
issue as a huge one?
Is this a small issue?
Today it is blouse tomorrow it maybe
saree and next it shall be a night dress.
I cannot tolerate this.
Get out from here.
do you know how the word wife originated?
The word wife derived from the word slave.
First you get married.
You'll get to know how a husband behaves
and how you should behave with him.
There is no need of owning one another.
It's enough if both of them
respect and trust each other.
I won't oppose your freedom.
Similarly, you shouldn't
oppose to my freedom.
Life is yours so your choice is.
Are you accepting my proposal?
He is mad.
He has humanity beyond that.
He doesn't have civic sense too.
But he has respect for women.
Do you know how does he uphold them?
Every boy pretends to be a
good boy in front of the girls.
Every boy looks here and there.
Karthik isn't like that.
You are in the hoodwink of Karthik.
I've fallen in love with him.
He isn't asking you to marry him but
he is asking you to live with him.
God might've created someone for me.
And I believe that it's Karthik.
It's not correct to plan for
a living relationship.
- Think about it again.
- Thank you for your advice.
I'll get dressed if you leave.
By the way, wish me best of luck.
Hurray! I'm going to accept
Karthik's proposal today.
"My new relationship with you"
"This journey is unknown"
"While this ecstasy is being rushing"
"This flow isn't
reaching the coastal shore"
"While the life is urging for a war"
"The feet are walking along"
"If the distance is unbearable"
"The time is bringing us together"
"Why are you sad when
you've become his half"
"Why are you brawling instead
of getting along with him?"
"Though he met me despite
not being matched"
"The disturbance in heart
transformed into the rain"
"A known chuckle and an unknown tease"
"Do you know my breath
became your friend?"
"Our pair is like the dreams to the eyes
That is the reason Ive
adapted your nature"
"The past is showing some affection"
"Don't know what good it
wants by stopping the craving"
"It's deceiving me that he is magic"
"Alright, let's leave that all"
"A known chuckle and an unknown tease"
"Do you know my breath
became your friend?"
"Our pair is like the dreams to the eyes
That is the reason Ive
adapted your nature"
"If he shows me the reality like a mirror"
"The war has begun somewhere in the heart"
"Whatever it is loneliness is a pain"
"What difference does it
make if he is in my heart"
Who the hell is disturbing
me when I'm in a great mood?
Who the hell is it?
The thing is...
Oh no!
Hey, why are you vacating
the hostel? What happened?
Didn't you like us?
I liked Karthik.
We decided to stay together.
So, we took a flat.
If she would have taken flats
with every guy she liked,
she would be having 40 to
50 flats in the city by now.
She might have seen something
in him at some point of time.
That's why she fell for him.
- Did you like him that much?
- Shut up!
All of you shut up
and leave this room.
Come on, get up. Go.
Go now.
He doesn't have any clarity on himself.
How did you trust him?
I trust Karthik's commitment.
Love means bearing both
good and bad in a person.
Past is past.
There is no need for any
explanations for the past events.
From now on, you should have me
as the only girl in your life.
Yes. Done!
You shouldn't take advantage
of me as I'm staying with you.
I will never do that.
All I do is what you like.
I can't tolerate if you
disrespect or insult me.
I swear on the land and the sky,
I'll never get you in that situation.
I'll place you in my heart and
take the utmost care of you, Keerthi.
Think it over and tell me, Karthik.
I live every moment with you, Keerthi.
Welcome to my life.
The words of men are just
writings on a seashore.
Thanks for your advise.
I feel Karthik is not
a correct guy for you.
Get down, I'll tell you.
Why did you stop here?
What's the matter?
We're going to stay in this house.
How come she gelled up
so quickly for just a hint.
- What?
- I said the house is beautiful.
- Let's go.
- Alright.
We won't have any problems
with the landlord, do we?
Hmm... This is kitchen.
Huh? This bed is awesome.
This is hall. Okay.
Everthing is good.
This is a fully furnished flat.
But I don't understand why we
need a double bedroom flat.
It is that only two of us
would be staying in here, isn't it?
One bedroom for you
and another one for me.
In that case,
why should we live together?
We aren't husband-wife to sleep
together by keeping legs on each other.
We're just living together.
What does it mean?
It means...
We should take it to another level
only when we both feel it together.
It applies to both of us.
You're having a great clarity.
- Seems like you are born to play.
- What?
I mean you are trying to live in happiness
I'm Simhadri who
disciplines the discipline.
Who the hell is this freaking person?
House owner...
House owner.
You remember all the things
I told you, didn't you?
I remember them, uncle.
We have to keep the flat neat.
We shouldn't drill nails to the walls.
- We shouldn't slam the doors.
- But there is one more thing.
The most important thing is
that I hate sound pollution.
You shouldn't quarrel or
keep high volume of TV.
You won't have that problem, uncle.
Live harmoniously.
Don't have kids.
Our country is already debt-ridden.
Is it? Why don't you lend
some money to the country?
Discipline. Huh!
"This night is sweet"
"This tender breeze is romantic"
- Keerthi.
- Yes.
Ask me if you need a soap or
anything like that. I'll give it to you.
Why the hell did you come here?
Just in case you need anything,
I'm here to give them to you.
I don't need anything.
Everything is available here.
Get the hell out from here.
Come out quickly.
We're getting delayed.
Why? Where are we going?
That's a long journey.
It can't be understood when
explained in words. I'll show you. Come.
"Ee Reyi Thiyyanidi
from the movie Johnny"
Why doesn't she show it to me instead?
Sprays are not needed.
The aroma of these flowers is enough.
Why did you come again?
Crazy girl! The guys are like water,
Wherever there is a
slope they flow towards it.
That's it.
The girls are like lotus
flowers floating on water.
They get damaged if touched.
Just go away from here.
Wow! She is gorgeous.
- Wow! Awesome!
- What's awesome?
It is the aroma of jasmine flowers.
Hey, what's this?
Huh? What happened?
Shut up and leave.
"Aadavari Matalaku Arthale
Verule song from the movie Kushi"
Were you born in a wrong time?
The dogs are better. They enjoy happily.
All the freaking restrictions
are confined to humans.
- Will you allow me to have dinner?
- Oh! Have it.
- Go, sit there.
- Come on, have it.
You eat and serve me too.
The flowers will wither.
And my mood will be off.
- Keerthi
- Yes.
I don't know why but I
feel intoxicated today.
Yeah. Of course, you'd feel so.
Okay. Good night.
Sweet dreams.
Why do I sweet dreams
when you are with me?
Oye! Don't keep such hopes today.
Where did he go?
That's not his ideology.
Wow! What an analysis you did!
"There is an immense pleasure which
can't be concealed in the heart"
"There is an immense pleasure
that can't be bore by hands"
"Even if we combine the sea and sky"
"It is not possible to
measure the pleasure"
"The heart transformed into a bird"
"and started its journey"
"A wave of happiness"
"rose in my heart today"
"Where the age is not in manacles"
"in such imaginations"
"Let's fly in unlimited freedom"
"There is an immense
pleasure that can't be bore by hands"
"There is an immense pleasure which
can't be concealed in the heart"
"This is the excitement"
"of living in heaven every day"
"The thoughts of winning over my past"
"are because of you every second"
"A happiness that was
never seen in anyone ever"
"I found it in
your companionship"
"There is an immense
pleasure that can't be bore by hands"
"There is an immense pleasure which
can't be concealed in the heart"
Leave me.
Don't you overact.
Leave me.
Get me a coffee too.
Why don't you prepare it and give me?
One has to do their own work.
Here, no one is going to serve anyone.
Where shall have breakfast?
Okay, they didn't drill any nails here.
Why is the kitchen very clean?
Seems like they are using no
other rooms except the bedroom.
Alright, the walls are fine.
Have you been
cleaning the floor regularly?
Can't you see there?
I did see it. That's alright.
But keep a tab on your water usage,
As the people of this city
are facing a severe water crisis.
And there is a power cut at the time
when the municipality disperses the water.
Look, close the taps
when you leave to office.
And regarding those electrical switches,
it's upto you,
Because you'd be the
one who pays the bill.
I'm Simhadri who
disciplines the discipline.
Be careful.
He is doing too much.
Every dog has its day.
There would be someday for this dog too.
That day, I'll make him drool.
Conduct Archana, priest.
Son, what's your name and Gotra?
My name is Karthik and
my Gotra is Paidipala.
Tell him your name and Gotra.
My name is Sai Suma Keerthi
and my Gotra is Kaundinya.
The last name and the Gotra of the husband
are also applicable to wife.
She's not my wife.
He's not my husband.
But you came together, didn't you?
Because we're living together.
Son, be clear without confusing me.
It means a live-in relationship.
Oh God!
Whatever the expenditure
is, we share it equally.
We share food when we're hungry.
I understood it.
We'll leave now, priest.
Alright, son.
Earlier, people used to live together
only if they are attached by hearts.
But these days, it's just people who
are living together without any feelings.
Oh God!
Overall, you have created a new way.
All the best.
Thank you.
When are you throwing a reception party?
We aren't married to invite
everyone and throw a party.
Just we're living together.
It means we want to live with free will
By the way,
are you done with your first night?
We're done with our last night too.
If you have kids in the future, would
they call you mom and dad or...
I don't like having kids.
You are way ahead of us.
Of course, we have to be like that.
Well, you both are alike.
Please, Sulochana. Please.
These aren't arms.
Consider them to be your feet, Sulochana.
Please talk to me, Sulochana. Please.
What you are holding
- are neither my hands nor my feet.
- Whatever!
Leave me.
- Don't squeeze my stomach.
- Talk to me, I'll leave.
Don't squeeze my stomach.
I'll leave only if you talk to me.
It's urgent dude.
Please leave me.
No, I won't leave you. I'll leave
only if you agree to talk to me.
Will you leave me or not?
I can't live without you, Sulochana.
Please, Sulochana.
As long as you consider Karthik as your
friend, you think in a perverted manner.
The only work of Karthik
is to mislead everyone.
This is your last warning,
Promise me that you'd break
off the friendship with him.
I swear on you, Sulochana.
Does it mean that it is alright if I die?
Oh no! I don't mean that.
I swear on myself,
I won't even let Karthik come beside me.
Can I trust you?
I don't I consider that idiot
to be more important than you.
That's good.
I won't even see Karthik's face.
Hey, Karthik!
Tell me.
Why the hell are you bashing me?
Wait... Ouch! Respect.
Show some respect.
Why the hell should we
respect you? Freaking respect!
Don't you know that you should
repay the loan which you took from us?
Don't you feel it unfair
to levy 60,000 rupees
as interest for the principle
amount of 1,00,00 rupees.
Is it?
Aren't you earning some lakhs of rupees
by pressing a keyboard in your office?
What's that?
Aren't you being paid the
amount you've asked for?
The same applies here.
If you play tricks and say no,
I'll kick you between your legs.
Then, you'd become
unfit to start a family.
Come on, make the phone call.
Call your family members
and ask them to get the money.
Give me four days,
I'll pay the total amount.
Not only that you can't go to
your home until the payment,
you can't even attend your nature calls.
There is only one guy in my circle
who can arrange such a large amount.
Then, call him.
He isn't a gentleman like me.
It is not a problem even if he is mental.
Your bad luck!
Give him the phone.
Come on, call him idiot.
I'm on it.
I'm coming.
Let him come, I'll smash both of you.
What's this sound?
That's the sound of
my friend's motorcycle.
Look, he's here.
He's my friend.
We're unable to bear your exposing.
We're getting delayed for
the party. Shall we get started?
- Yes.
- Then, let's go.
Thank you dude.
Look, brother
If you want to take him from this place,
you should pay the amount.
Did you call me brother?
I'm least bothered about relations.
I'll do only settlement.
I'll pay the total amount.
I didn't just pay the principal amount,
it included the interest too.
Hey, take the money.
But on one condition,
The person who wants to take that
amount should strip from top to bottom.
Won't you let them take the
money if they don't strip?
Try doing that.
Hey, when he's flaunting his
pride despite standing between us,
Why are you simply watching
as if you aren't pride men?
Should I formally invite
you to bash him up?
Oh no!
Hey, bash them up. I'll be aside.
Bash him up.
Break his bones.
Come on, smash him.
Sister, he respects ladies.
Yes, he has a lot of respect for ladies.
Come on, show them.
Even the stick is very handy.
Hey... Come on, get up.
Oh my! He's even thrashing.
Oh no! He's here.
Hey fatty, bash him up.
Bash him up?
His whipping is making my
saree stick to my skin.
Generally, I bash everyone
but he's bashing me instead.
Oh no! Oh God! He's bashing me up at
the place where my hands can't reach.
Hey brother, please stop.
I neither want your principal amount
nor interest. Here's your money.
Why are you cheating
in between this game?
This is not cheating, brother.
I plead by
touching your feet. Keep your money.
- Please spare us.
- If you ever,
exploit in the name of
compound interest or any other interest,
- Here, take your amount.
- I'll whip you with this stick.
- Take this money.
- Keep it with you. But be careful.
Oh man, he's a good guy.
Stay blessed.
What's he doing?
- Sulochana kissed me twice.
- Sulochana kissed me twice.
Hell with you kisses.
You told this 30 times by now.
If he's very excited just for a kiss,
I can't imagine what happens to
him when he faces the real task.
He'll faint by the smell.
- Huh?
- I mean the smell of jasmine flowers.
- Who came at this time?
- I'll go and check.
The watchman.
Did he come today when I
asked him to show up yesterday?
- Sorry.
- Discipline.
I'm Simhadri who
disciplines the discipline.
Sir, this is very chilled.
Would you like to have it?
Hey, how dare you drink
beer inside my house?
On top of that,
how dare you offer me that?
Sorry, forget it.
Let me decide on this matter now.
Keerthi... Keethi.
Where is Keerthi?
- She is over there.
- She is over there.
- Keerthi
- Hey, stop it.
Uncle, she is in the kitchen.
- Let me decide what you're doing now.
- She's in the kitchen, uncle.
When a gang of people boozing here,
How dare you to support
them instead of scolding?
What do you think this is,
a house or a bar?
Where is Keerthi?
I'm seeing you from day one I came
to this flat, what's your problem?
- What's it?
- Are you threatening me?
I'm Simhadri who
disciplines the discipline.
Discipline, my foot!
What would you do?
Do you know what this is?
You'll be dead if I stab you.
- Come on, move.
- Just a minute.
Move... Go now.
Oh man!
If you come again...
Excuse me dude.
Why is leaving like a cat
when he entered like a lion?
I just shown him a sample action scene.
Oh! Very nice.
Come on, cheers!
Otherwise, would he teach
me about discipline?
Hey, what are these sounds?
Do they think it as a home or dance class?
Go, warn them.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
No... He would place carrot.
What's with placing carrot?
You don't know about him.
He would place carrot.
Hell with you! Are you a man?
Let me handle him.
Please don't go, dear.
He would place a carrot for you too.
Please listen to me.
What the hell is your carrot fuss?
You don't know it.
He would place only carrot.
I kept my bowl...
I think the owner
came with a backup.
- Let's welcome him.
- Seems like the dose was not enough.
- Let's make him do Nagini dance.
- He's going to suffer.
- Finish him off
- Nagini dance.
- Oh, is it you?
- Whom did you expect?
I thought it was him.
What's this?
Oh man! Do I have to explain it again?
This is called as beer.
And that's a chicken
starter and those are chips.
Do you want it?
- Are you kidding me?
- No, Keerthi. It's true.
- What do you say dude?
- How would I know?
I don't have a habit, do I?
- I just sat simply.
- Get the remaining beers outside.
- Bye, Karthik
- Bye, Karthik
- Sit down, my bottle isn't empty yet.
- Hey...
- Hey
- I can't handle dude.
- What happened to you?
- Move aside.
Don't tell Sulochana
that I boozed with him.
Because she kissed me twice.
-She kissed me
- when I told her that he isn't a good guy
- Hey, you idiot!
Did you use me for two kisses?
- Hey, take him away.
- Please, Keerthi.
Kindly don't tell her.
Hey, you can tell the
story of your two kisses later.
- Keerthi, there is no other way.
- Take him away.
The smell got absorbed on
the clothes, that's it.
- Please Keerthi, understand my plight
- Hey, just go dude.
- Let me finish my story.
- You can tell it later.
Shut up! Shut your mouth.
Why did you arrange a
booze party without my permission?
What do you mean? Do I have to
take your permission to booze?
Don't I have such freedom?
This flat belongs to both of us.
So, I don't like you doing these
kind of things without my permission.
Okay, leave it.
This won't repeat again.
- Who would clean that?
- Okay.
We clean our mess.
Hey, take out your hand.
Hey, get off me.
- Go, sleep in your room.
- Is it projection?
Listen to me.
Go, sleep in your room.
Fight with me anywhere but not in the bed.
- Please
- Damn! Get up.
Go to your room.
- Muah!
- Hey, get up
- Go now. Go, sleep in your room.
- Please.
Go now.
- Please.
- Just go.
- Go away
- Please, Keerthi.
Allow me for once.
Ah! Okay... Alright!
Mosquitoes entered into the new flat.
You sleep.
Hey mosquito, come with me.
You sleep...
Let's go...
I don't have an entry and you
want to come in. Let's go.
She spends a lot of time in the bathroom.
Here are the clothes,
Keerthi, shall I place the vegetables
in the refrigerator or in the kitchen?
What's she doing inside?
What happened?
Are you okay?
Shall we visit the doctor?
Not needed.
This is ladies problem.
It happens every month.
There is a tablet over there.
Open it and give me.
Be relaxed.
Keerthi, what happened?
Are you okay?
Relax for some time.
Why am I in his room?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Why did you bring coffee today?
Because you took a lot of
effort for me last night.
Is it? Do you want to
suffice it with just coffee?
That's not going to work.
I'm tired of doing
service to you last night.
You have to do all my works today.
I understood your stupid logic.
This is Keerthi.
Keerthi never keeps any debts.
I'll repay with interest.
Tell me,
what do you want as breakfast?
Idli, Vada, Pongal, Puri and Dosa,
Choose whatever you want.
I want Dosa.
Go, get freshen up.
Add chilli and onions too.
Here's your Dosa.
What do you want me to do
the next thing for you?
Shoe polish?
White or black or brown?
Alright, give me a moment.
Your shoes are ready.
Keep it there.
What's the next thing?
What shall I do?
Do you want me to wash your clothes?
I'll be back in two minutes.
Is that it?
Or do you have more?
Is that it?
Come on, remove.
Remove this shirt.
- Even this one?
- Yes, remove it.
A handful of surf isn't
sufficient to clean his dirt.
I need to put in the entire surf.
Sorry, the power is gone.
If there is no power,
opt out for the conventional way.
You have to stick to the commitment.
If you quickly wash
them and iron the clothes,
I'll be going to the office.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
I don't have any other
choice to wear clothes.
- Go now. It's getting delayed.
- Okay.
Let me see what she is doing.
When was the power restored?
The power is restored the
very next moment it went off.
- You...
- Hey...
I don't have any energy to even hit you.
Saddist idiot!
I, Pranav
I, Pranav
I, Sulochana
- Would marry Sulochana
- Would marry Pranav
- From now on
- Till death separates us.
In the witness of the holy spirit,
Both in happiness and sorrow,
With my pure heart
- I accept you as my husband.
- I accept you as my wife.
Your wedding is done
in the witness of God.
So this is the life that is
arranged by God and live happily.
The arrangements are
very good, aren't they?
Yeah... Yeah.
- Congratulations dude.
- Congratulations
- Where's Karthik?
- He's on the way.
Thank you.
Hey Keerthi,
didn't you get ready yet?
I'm not attending.
You didn't attend the wedding.
And it wouldn't
be good if you don't attend the reception.
They aren't treating me
as your wife, Karthik.
The staring of the guests at me
would be very irritating to me.
What's wrong in it?
They are staring at you
because you're beautiful.
Anyhow, you aren't my wife.
Hey... Sorry.
Did you get hurt?
I can't take it, Karthik.
I won't attend the reception.
Leave me alone.
So be it.
I too won't attend it.
Is it okay?
I'm hungry.
Shall we have dinner?
I didn't get any food as I thought
that you're going to the function.
Then, it is more good.
We shall go to your favourite place,
have dinner and roam around.
- Is it okay?
- I still won't come.
- Won't you come?
- I won't come.
Won't you come? Huh!
Won't you come?
You know very well how to convince me.
Well, I'll get dressed.
Come quickly.
Hmm... How's the dress?
- Wah!
- Shall we get started?
This dress is good on no one but you.
- It's very beautiful.
- Well, let's go.
Order, sir?
Shall I give the order or
would you like to do that?
- You give it.
- Okay.
- Two veg soup and...
- Give it to me, I'll give the order.
You always order the same food.
Two chicken manchuria...
Are you good with mutton biryani?
- Yes.
- Okay.
One mutton biryani.
Make it fast.
Two veg corn soup.
Why order two?
One soup is enough.
Get it with two spoons.
Okay, sir.
- Ew!
- What happened?
It is disgusting.
Is it?
This is alright, isn't it?
Is it?
Give it to me.
Yummy! It is delicious with
your added lipstick flavour.
Hey... Shucks!
- Oh no! I'm sorry.
- Oh crap!
Here, use this tissue paper.
It's okay.
I'll go, get it cleaned.
- You...
- Huh!
Keep waiting.
Hi Karthik.
Hey... Hi Jessi.
- Whoa!
- Did you come here with your girlfriend?
That's how it happens. You'll forget
your followers when you get freshers.
Nothing like that.
Don't blabber. Do you know how
many times I've called you?
Sorry baby, it's work busy. That's it.
So you are telling
that you didn't forget me?
Then, when are we going to meet again?
Come on, tell me.
Let's meet in the weekend.
Give me a kiss
- because I'll be waiting until weekend.
- Oh no!
Where is here?
Did he go to the washroom or
is he waiting after washing it?
Oh Keerthi...
Hey Keerthi, I'm sorry.
Keerthi... Keerthi.
- Huh!
- Sorry, Keerthi.
Nothing happened over
there like you assumed.
I got a bit tempted as
the situation demanded.
What if I get tempted for any guy?
I've got more enraged when you did that
You should have slapped me.
What's the difference between a
human and an animal if I slap?
What do you mean?
Whenever someone gets anger and mood,
the one who maintains mental
balance is said to be a human.
The one who reacts wildly is an animal.
Do you mean I'm an animal?
Is clothing necessary for animals?
Would she call me an animal?
Let me teach her a lesson.
I will show her how an animal behaves.
Let me teach her a lesson.
Let me show her how
an animal behaves.
Freaking girl!
Ow! Oh!
You're very cute.
- You're very cute. Cute...
- Why the hell did you enter my room?
Shut up and get out.
What's with you?
Earlier, you called me an animal
and now you're asking me to get out.
How dare you call me an animal?
It's your endgame today.
Hey, leave me.
Hey, what are you doing?
- Leave me, Karthik...
- Let me show you what an animal is.
Karthik, leave me.
Hey, leave me.
Leave me.
Hey, leave me. Please.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Oh man...
"Bangaru Kodipetta song
from the movie Magadheera"
Where the hell are you going?
Then? I'm not your servant to be with you.
And I'm not even a sex worker to
come to your bed whenever you want.
Let me show you what I'm.
Would you show me?
- Then, let's go another round.
- Damn you!
Go now. Wherever you go, you'll have
to come here at the end of the day.
Hey, my golden hen!
Awe! Whom do you want?
I understood. Let's go.
You are well educated
and a software engineer,
Why did you go hard on her?
- What did I do, sir?
- Don't ask very innocently?
You'd be finished if anyone of the
cases that she filed gets proved.
Do you know you can be
sentenced for 14 years imprisonment?
Sir, plan to get me in the
jail for at least 40 years.
Do you think it as some kind of
hill station for you to take rest?
Jail! It is a jail.
You have to eat jail food.
I know sir.
For any problems,
the guys would be blamed.
They never blame girls.
Because everything
would be in their favour.
They can just simply file a
rape case or a harassment case.
All the sections of law
would be written in their favour.
Suppose, if a guy comes
to the police station
and files a case that
a girl had raped him,
How will you react, sir?
This is how you'd react.
There wouldn't be any sound.
You'd stay blind.
Do you think that it
wouldn't have happened?
Do you think that there won't be any
girl in this world who raped a guy?
She might have raped.
But our male community is great
when it comes to this matter, sir.
They don't come out
thinking it to be an insult.
They would grieve in their heart.
Let me tell you a proverb. Listen.
You know it but I'll anyway tell you.
Whether the leaf falls on the thorn,
or the thorn falls on the leaf
it is the leaf that suffers, sir.
But people think a woman to be the leaf.
It's wrong.
But in my view, it is the men who are
like leaves having the tender hearts.
There is a technique to kill houseflies.
If you put out a piece of jaggery,
the houseflies would gather on it.
Then, they can be killed
in whatever way we want.
Now, the guys are facing
the similar situation.
The girls are killing us
by exposing themselves.
The situations out
there are very bad, sir.
That's why I want to spend
rest of my peacefully in jail.
Plese help me, sir. Please.
You've narrated the
situation in a very good way but
why didn't narrate your chapter?
A girl wore a black
nightie exposing her thighs,
was lying on the bed in a sexy manner.
Wouldn't any guy tempt?
Tell me, sir.
Wouldn't he get tempted?
He would definitely get tempted.
She was almost involved with me
for 50 times when I was sleeping alone.
I don't know the actual count
but the number could be more.
You mean 50 times.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
That's alright.
Well, where do both of you stay?
In the same flat, sir.
- Is she your wife?
- No, sir.
- Then, a lover?
- No... Not at all, sir.
Then, who is she?
- She just kept me, sir.
- What?
Sir, now tell me.
Who is correct and who is wrong?
What should I say?
But this is not the place
to judge your situation.
Your honour,
When he, Mr Karthik used to go
behind my client, Ms Keerthi daily
and proposed to have a
live-in relation with her,
She trusted him to be a good
guy and accepted his proposal.
Objection, your honour.
She who is being called 'Ms' Keerthi
even after being in live-in relation,
has accepted his proposal only after
knowing my client's history, your honour.
Like the defence lawyer said,
he didn't try to convince her or force
her to accept his proposal, your honour.
Ms Keerthi, didn't he
ask you to marry him?
"I have a mobile in my
hand and car in my garage."
"There would be a wife in
my bedroom if I marry you."
"Except their usage"
"there won't be attention and
attachment" is what he said, sir.
Yes, your honour.
He kept my client in delusion with
these words and got his needs met.
All these days he behaved very rashly,
and subjected her to
physical and mental torture.
I request you to sentence this
accused with stringent punishment
and deliver justice to my client.
That's all, your honour.
Mr Murthy, let him speak.
Sir, the lawyer is
presenting me as a villain.
Did I ever came home
drunk and scold you vulgarly?
You didn't scold me.
But you have come home drunk, didn't you?
- Did I sever burn you with cigarettes?
- No...
Then, what did I do?
Is it wrong to kiss you when I get mood?
Order... Order.
Yes, kissing another
woman is definitely wrong.
She's my ex-girlfriend.
She met me accidentally.
Nothing happened between us on that day.
I'm done with you and your philosophy.
Enough now.
Leave me. Please.
You saw it, right your honour?
By showing an expected incident as reason
and projecting my client as guilty,
it is just an attempt to get
separated and gain alimony but
She doesn't have any intention to have
a live-in relation with my client.
As the defence lawyer accused,
my client didn't have any intentions or
mentality to get his sexual desires met
in the name of live-in relation
and simply get rid of her.
He still wants her to
live with him together.
Yes, sir. I assumed that she is
whining just like she did it every day.
But I never expected her to go brazen.
Hey, it's my mistake to live together
with a guy like you all these days
who doesn't stick to his words.
Finally, you have even
humiliated me. Damn you!
It is not your mistake.
By joining you in a baby
care center upon your birth,
By joining you in a play
school upon learning crawling,
By joining you in a boarding
school as soon as you learn to speak
It's the parents who made a mistake by
showing only their needs but not the bond.
On one side, your parents are being
pride about what you are earning,
You wouldn't take any
decisions by consulting them.
Because they know nothing.
It is due to generation gap.
Isn't it?
You don't have any affection on
humans as much as you give to things.
That's why you repair the things
and use them when they give trouble.
But in case of humans,
you want to get rid of them.
Where are we going?
In this country
where we celebrate the marriage ceremony
of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita every year,
Is it what you learned from your education
to live together without getting married,
Or is it your ignorance of
not knowing the family values?
What should we assume?
Only those who know the
value of relation would love.
And only those who can share the
responsibilities would get married.
People of your generation aren't aware
of love and have no faith in a marriage.
How will you stay together?
In order to live together,
there shouldn't be suspicion but respect.
Even that is not there between you.
We can give a divorce for a marriage and
a separation for a live-in relationship.
What can be told to people like you
who wants to live together and
get separated whenever you wish?
In what way do I make you understand
that what you are leading is
not a family life but adultery.
A wife is a person who knows the
way but doesn't know driving.
A husband is a person who
knows driving but not the way.
That's why both of them
should start a new journey.
Only in that way,
the journey would go in a smooth manner.
And the relation would be in a happy way.
Not just you,
Even a lot of youth don't know this
and seek courts by
quarrelling for small matters.
Don't search on Google for the solution.
Sit with your elders and discuss.
The valuable court time would be
saved as well as your family honour.
I recommend this case to be
solved in the family council
And, as it is a crime to
subjugate a person's freedom,
I order Karthik not to
interfere in Keerthi's
affairs without her consent.
This court is adjourned.
- No guys would marry this kind of girls.
- No guys would marry this kind of girls.
This is how kids would become if they
aren't raised without proper monitoring.
You said that you'd
stay together for lifelong,
but did you get
bored within a year?
Mind your own business.
Hmm... People get enraged
when they hear the facts.
Why did you leave her within a short time?
You could have used
her for some years.
Her body is still in
good condition, right?
Shut up and get to your work.
What's wrong in his words?
You seem to be getting enraged.
Ah! Don't you stare like that.
Seems like you don't have clarity.
Why did you let her stay in
your flat? To enjoy, isn't it?
There would be some
anger-rage in some situations.
You have to get adjusted to it.
Because, look at that girl over there.
I have to spend my card
whenever I try to flirt with her.
Didn't you understand?
By not taking any responsibility,
She has been cooking her own food,
buying her own clothes
and spending with you freely, isn't it?
There aren't any girls outside
who are coming for free.
A woman is respected only if her
name is prefixed with Ms or Mrs.
You lost your respect the
moment you stepped into the court.
And if you lose your respect
with your meaningless obstinacy,
You'll have to live your rest
of your life facing risk.
Listen to me.
I'll even touch Karthik's
feet and try to convince him.
Marry him.
Does living risk-free means living in
fear like a slave to husband, Pavitra?
A man would become a husband if
we marry him but not a good husband.
A good husband should love his wife.
He should be affectionate and tolerating.
He should console me when I'm sad.
He should give assurance
that he's there for me.
Karthik doesn't know any of these.
Only a loving man can
become a good husband.
Karthik is just a guy. That's it.
Everyone asks me to attend court
and counselling without
understanding any of these.
Everyone including you,
are giving me advices.
I'm not as clever as you, Keerthi.
I couldn't say that I wanted to
pursue PG instead of getting married
because it was my father
whom I have to oppose.
I was unable to speak against
Madhav when he was insulting me
because he's my husband
whom I have to oppose.
And now, you're telling me that
I have no right to suggest you,
what should I do Keerthi?
I'm your friend.
I have a small hope that you
would get justice if you get married.
Karthik doesn't have respect on marriage.
When he asked me why the
marriage is required to live together,
I agreed with him and been
into live-in relation with him.
But I'm unable to agree with you
when you're asking me to marry him.
It is not because I don't
have respect for marriage.
I don't have trust in Karthik.
You are a good girl.
I'm not objecting it.
But you're obstinate.
Along with that, you have
madness, insanity and what not.
If we keep telling like this, there
would be a lot of negatives of yours.
Oh! Hi
Didn't I tell you that
you'll have to come here?
What's up, you seem excited?
I have a surprise for you.
Guess what it is.
What would it be?
You would have bought a dress
as tomorrow is my birthday.
How did you guess so correctly?
Just wait.
Here is your dress.
It's your birthday, isn't it?
Why are you presenting a dress?
We would anyway give
and take things, right?
I expected you'd bring
me, so I too brought it.
Here, this is your dress.
How is it?
It's good. Thanks.
Are you mad?
Madhav, I want to resign my job.
Why is it all of a sudden?
Don't ask me for the reasons, Madhav.
Please. Sorry.
Madhav, I wouldn't have got
this job without your reference.
You gave me this job despite having
heavy competition for this post.
But it is me who couldn't hold to it.
I'm sorry and I'm
thankful to your help.
I have sent my
resignation letter to your email.
Bye, Madhav.
Where are you going by resigning your job?
Somewhere far.
Are you going far away from
Karthik or the dirty comments?
It is better to stay away
from the bad, isn't it?
Please Keerthi.
He has changed a lot now.
He's been thinking about every moment.
I'm scared about what would happen to
him if you leave him in this situation.
You're scared about what
would happen to him? Huh!
A lot of girls who would come at night and
leaves by morning are in touch with him.
I missed a lot of flavours due to
falling into her spell.
Hey, what a surprise?
Didn't you remember me all these days?
I called you many times but
you didn't pick up my call.
Didn't I pick?
Would I ignore your call?
- Hey, show me...
- Hey... Hey...
- Give me...
- Hey... No...
Didn't I tell you not
to open the phone?
- Why do you need my phone?
- Who is Keerthi? Is she that beautiful?
That one?
Forget beauty, she is hot-headed.
Why do you bring her topic now?
- Keerthi? Huh!
- Oh no! I'm unable to forget her.
Why are you grieving
like some devoted lover?
However, you're aren't the kind who
would care about love and marriage.
Don't keep that face.
Those feelings don't suit you.
One moment please.
Are they available or not?
At least there would be beer.
Have it I say.
Let's start.
She is the one who made
a mess of the small issue
by dragging it to the court
and the police station, right?
Then, leave it.
I can't live, if I leave it.
I feel like crying.
I feel like my life is going away.
Everything is my fault.
The assurances made by me
before I brought her to the flat,
I didn't stick to them.
My selfishness grew.
I felt that I own Keerthi.
I told her as if I'm an intellect that
I don't like owning a person
and treating them as a thing.
I was the one to tell her that there is no
difference in having a mobile in hand
and having a wife in my home!
Keerthi... Keerthi.
- Keerthi...
- She isn't here to come to you...
immediately upon your calling.
She left this place long ago.
Where did she go?
You've been with her all these days,
don't you know where she goes
when she gets into trouble
and gets consoled when she feels sad?
Except her body, you know nothing
about her heart and her people.
Forget her, Karthik.
She can't take criticism
and you won't stick to your words.
I can't tolerate if I'm
insulted or scolded.
I swear on this land and sky,
I won't get you in that situation.
I will place you in my heart
and look after you, Keerthi.
I won't be coming here searching for her
if I'm really the guy who forgets her.
However, it was my flat that
she vacated but not my heart.
Keerthi... Keerthi.
Keerthi... Keerthi.
Her bus is about to leave shortly.
Go now, Karthik.
Thank you.
"I realised that it was my crime"
"I realised that it was a terrible thing"
"At least your heart knew that it is..."
"an injury"
"The distance between us grew"
"I'm left with nothing"
"My heart is filled with unknown..."
"The light is down and
surrounded by darkness"
"My boon is shattered and
the poison is scattered"
"The romance has become..."
"After the cloud scattered"
"I asked for the rain"
"it doesn't even rain a drop"
"What to do?
What to do?"
"After the love melted"
"What's the use in searching for it?"
"It became faded"
"What to do now?"
"I caused"
"the grief in your heart"
"It shattered everything"
"Every moment..."
"If you remember the distance between us"
"It is enough"
"Every moment is like death"
"And that's the truth"
I didn't know that I would face
this situation until I fell in love.
I have to go.
I have to go at any cost.
She's is looking as
delicious as a Kashmiri apple.
I don't know who she would give
the opportunity this time. Oh man!
He'll awake every night.
Know her address, bro.
- I too would try to flirt with her.
- Is it?
There is no need of address
for a fortunate person.
Look there guys.
The chick is looking better
in reality than on the phone.
I'll proceed.
"O girl, the life without you..."
- Uh!
- Ah!
- Hey!
- What?
Oh no!
How can go like that?
You saw everyone, didn't you?
What's up dear,
didn't you like no one from us?
Let us know if you fine with it.
We'll take better care of you than him.
Isn't your obstinacy down by a bit
even after getting into this situation?
What is that he has
and we don't have?
Enough of your staring.
- Hey...
- Hey, catch her.
Where would you go without kissing me?
- How obstinate you are!
- Oh no!
Why the hell did you come
for her who left you?
Is she your wife?
She is my life.
Life, my foot!
Now, she is like open wifi.
Anyone can connect to her.
Hey, move aside.
There is just litte
miscommunication between us.
Don't try to enter in the middle.
What the hell would you do if we enter?
Keerthi, let's go home.
I won't come.
Forget me.
There isn't any relation between us.
She is telling that she doesn't
want to come, right? Leave her.
What, isn't there any relation between us?
The one who shares
emotions is called as a friend.
The one who shares
feelings is called as a lover.
The one who shares relations
is called as a better half.
You don't have any clarity
in how you understood me.
How am I supposed to know it then?
- Bash him...
- Hey...
I'm just getting clarity on life.
If possible, try to cooperate.
Otherwise, bugger off silently.
- Hey...
- Hey...
Sorry, Keerthi. I don't know about
emotions, relationships and bonding.
I assumed life to be a
ride which goes happily.
I believed that life was
about living as per my wish.
I realised that love
doesn't mean living as we like
but living in a way that others
like only after you left me.
If you say that you don't love me,
it means that I have no life, Keerthi.
If a man cried,
it is either for her mother
or for the girl he loved.
My tears are for you, Keerthi.
Even in the office that we go every day,
they won't allow us if we
don't have an identity card.
Even in the ration shop
which we visit once in a month,
they won't give us the ration
if we don't have an Aadhar card.
When I want to drive my car or a bike,
the government asks for a
registration certificate.
Right from the bank accounts to the
mobile SIM cards that are given for free,
Living in a society where even a visible
handicap needs an entitling identity card.
I didn't realise that the identity of
husband, wife, children and family
are provided by this, Keerthi.
The way I proposed you for live-in
relationship in a silly manner,
it was my mistake.
It is a mistake of...
all those who questions why the
marriage is necessary to live together.
I realised that marriage is a permanent
bonding for those whose hearts are united.
In order to share my
happiness and to console me in grief,
I want you, Keerthi.
I will marry you.
Kindly accept his proposal, sister.
Otherwise, we'll have to face
our death percussions.
- Hey...
- Hey, congratulations dude.
- Thank you
- Happy married life.
Ultimately, you're reconciled.
- Congratulations, Keerthi.
- Thank you.
- Hey, pose for the camera.
- Give it to me.
- Happy married life.
- Thank you.
- I'm very happy that you married.
- Thank you.
This is our Indian culture.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Keerthi, look here.
- Congratulations, sir!
- Hi!
Thank you.
- How are you doing?
- I'm doing good, sir.
I wish you a
wonderful life with your kids.
I know that this day would come.
Anyway, all the best.
- Thank you.
- And a happy married life.
Let's get a photo.
- Happy...
- Hey...
- Happy married life.
- I'll see about this later...
- Ultimately, you've married.
- Thank you very much.
Why don't you hug me too?
Oh! It is a habitual mistake.
This isn't called as a habitual mistake.
- It is called as a stupid habit.
- Hey, you got me again.
- Understood?
- Okay.
One snap.
- Come
- Understood.
Come, let's have a snap.
- Okay...
- Happy married life.
Thanks dear
- Hey, you came up with a gift?
- Congrats
- Hey photographer...
- Keep a wide frame...
- Set the frame correctly
- Focus on the hero.
Otherwise he would do the direction.