Kothanodi (2015) Movie Script

Today I feel like eating
outenga (fruit) dipped in daal!
True, kokai!
Thats the best way to
eat an outenga!
Come on!
...wont you ever take
me with you?
Not this time darling.
This is going to be a long trip.
Next time Ill take you
all the way to Sadiya, ok?
Lies! All lies!
Im leaving her in your care
for the first time.
Will you look after her well?
Dont worry about her.
I wont let a thing bother her.
You be good and listen
to your mother.
Father! Im not a kid any more!
Lets go.
...dont you wish father
would take us with him?
Id love to go across the river.
Theres so much to see.
Isnt it mother?
Stop daydreaming.
Theres a lot to do.
Get back home.
- Hold it tight! Tight!
- Dont let it out!
Shove it in! Shove it in!
Hold it tighter!
Yeah, good!
Hey, Tejimola!
Lets go pluck olives
by the riverside!
You wait.
Let me ask mother.
Mother, can I please go with
Phaguni to the river side?
What did you say?
Food hasnt been cooked!
Cows havent been fed!
Clothes havent been washed!
And this bitch wants to
pluck olives!
- You want to go pluck olives?
- Tejimola!
Get in!
Get back in!
You want some too?
Where have they disappeared?
Theyre useless!
God knows
why its taking so long!
Theyll be here soon, sir.
Its not as easy as
catching a worm, after all.
Theyre here!
Theyre here, sir!
Found it?
A big one!
Check it.
Its here.
Hey, sure it wont come out?
Do not fear sir.
This isnt a snake.
Its an angel!
Hey! Where are you going
with these?
Jagannath Mahajans house!
- Whats the occasion?
- You havent heard yet?
- Its his daughters wedding.
- Wheres the groom from?
- The groom is a python!
- What? The groom is a python?
Has the Mahajan gone crazy?
Look at this fat duck!
I have two more here.
Theyre here ma'am!
Get me the things.
Ill take them all.
Ask Budheshwar to give you
whats due.
Which side is the mouth?
I think... its this side.
No... no!
Over there... I think.
So, the merchant has left?
For a long time.
Then why are you looking
Hes put that bitch around
my neck.
You mean your stepdaughter?
Forget all that.
The nights getting deeper...
...and you...
...youre here after a long time.
Give me the lamp.
You wait here.
O prince of the bush!
How blessed are we...
...to be chosen by you.
But our daughter is no less.
A princess.
And about us... what can I say?
Ask anyone in the village
about the glory of our family.
...how many can afford to feed
their son-in-law with such choice fare?
Eat well, lord of the trees.
Eat, and be a good husband
to my daughter.
Isn't the groom hungry?
Dont let anyone in.
- Not even yourself.
- As you wish ma'am.
- Hes asleep.
- Get out.
Wake up.
What is it?
Our daughter is getting married
the day after. Remember?
I dont want Rupeshwari and
her daughter around on the wedding day.
They can return after the wedding.
Are you even listening?
You will tell them to go away
first thing in the morning.
Ok, ok. I will!
Calm down!
Get up.
Lazy cow!
Theres so much to do.
Get up!
...why do you hate me?
The merchant married me saying
Ill rule his world.
But Ive turned into
your slave instead!
But till he returns...
...you will do as I say.
Youll do whatever I tell you to.
You wont dare disobey me.
Eat it!
Eat it!
Eat it.
Eat it!
- Eat it!
- No... I cant.
Will you eat it or not?
Eat it... eat!
Eat! I am ordering you!
Is the cloth ready?
Kokai has come a long way for it.
This is the woman. Keteki.
So this is the woman
who weaves like magic.
I thought shed be an old woman.
This one is just a tender girl.
The cloth is almost ready.
Ill deliver it
as soon as its done.
Just a moment.
Whats this?
Some kind of magic?
Later kokai, later.
Will this kind be alll right?
Yes, this is so soft.
Good, so then...
...Ill deliver it to Bhodiya kai
once done.
Kokai, its getting late.
We should go.
Nobody knows
where she came from.
Its not been long.
Six months, perhaps.
The outenga came too,
rolling after her.
You mean, she just
appeared out of nowhere?
They say she gave birth
to the outenga.
That it came from her womb.
Thats why she was thrown out
of her village.
- They suspected her of being a witch.
- Is that so?
But she sure can work magic
on the loom.
She keeps to herself.
Does not mingle with
the villagers too much.
Good for her.
The outenga goes wherever she goes.
The kids take great pleasure
in harassing the outenga.
Yes, the outenga.
Tell me more about it.
Looks like she is a witch, after all!
She has cast a spell on you!
No. Its the outenga that
has cast a spell on me.
Kokai you stick to your point
like a leech to skin!
What do you want to know about
that strange vegetable, anyway?
Have you lost your mind along
with your manhood?
Whats this nonsense you are plotting?
Keep a lid on your mouth.
I dont want your advice.
I just came to say something.
Take Champa and leave for
your mothers place for a few days.
We dont want you around
during the wedding.
Youre condemning Bonlotika
to her death!
You said the same when I married
Champa to the python.
That was magic.
It wont happen again.
Youre just saying that
because youre jealous.
You dont want Bonlotika to be as
fortunate as Champawati.
Go inside, dear.
Champas husband came to us willingly.
This time, youve brought the first snake
you could find in the jungle.
How can you compare the two?
Youve changed so much.
You used to be so loving.
Stop your whining.
I dont have time for this.
Youll have to listen to me today.
You have thrown us out of the house
at the behest of Dhoneshwari.
You have reduced me and
your daughter to penury.
You have done things
no honorable man does.
But Bonlotika is like my own child.
Rather than marry her off
to a python...
...take a machete and
hack her yourself.
It will save her from
a horrible death at least.
Stop this madness. Please.
What is it?
Ma'am is asking for you.
Just go away for a few days.
Bhodiya kai!
Bhodiya kai!
Keteki! There you are.
Looks like its in order.
Wait a minute.
Yes. Its more than
what was agreed upon.
Dont ask me why.
Its Kokaideos wish.
Where is he?
Gone to watch the Bihu.
Oh dear, what a shame!
Our lovely Tejimola toiling
in the dirt like a pig!
Who are you?
What do you want?
Im Bhadoi.
From Dhoneshwari ma'ams
house in Masgaon.
Im here to invite Tejimola...
...and you... to the wedding.
Whose wedding?
Our Bonlotika.
Shes marrying a python.
Isnt Dhoneshwaris daughter
already married to a python?
No! That was Rupeshwari ma'ams
daughter, Champawati.
Getting their daughters married
to snakes... crazy people!
Bon has said she wont get
married unless Tejimola comes.
So much love
between friends?
Do you want to go to
the wedding, sweetheart?
Come inside.
- Whats this?
- Why did you pay more?
So I could meet you again.
No, no. You misunderstand.
What I meant was...
Can we sit and talk
under that tree?
Its about your outenga.
If youll take back this
extra money, I can leave.
I just want to help you.
In Maibong, they say a woman
once gave birth to a kitten.
In the far banks of the Bhoroli river,
I met a woman who was raised by a bird.
And in a village east of Sadiya...
...a ducks egg cracked one morning and
a girl hatched out of it.
Im a merchant.
I have traveled far and wide.
I have seen things, heard stories.
If I cant help you, I can
at the very least, understand you.
Tell me.
Tell me everything
from the beginning.
Will you stop your damned crying?
Is it my fault that youre cursed?
I need a child, not a vegetable!
Please... we...
we can try again...
Why? So that I can watch you
give birth to a lemon next?
Get out right now.
Or Ill brand you a witch.
Please... where will I go?
Here, take this! Cut it up and
make a nice curry for yourself.
It will cheer you up!
Kokai, please take me across.
- What the hell is that?
- Nothing! Lets go!
I wasnt scared to see it again.
I felt relieved.
And that was when I realized...
...that I was this wretched
things mother.
I can never get rid of it.
Im stuck with this vegetable for life.
Unless, inside this outenga,
lives your child...
Can such a thing even be possible?
It sounds unbelievable.
The world is a big place, Keteki.
Theres all kinds of magic in it.
But why would my own child
hide from me?
Why would it stay
inside the outenga?
Why wont it come out?
Maybe it cant, you know?
Or it could be scared.
Maybe it does come out,
without your knowing.
Thats impossible. It stays in
my sight every minute.
And at night?
When youre asleep?
Lets bring you out, little one...
Now, we wait.
I think you should let her go
for her friends wedding.
Dont tell me what to do.
Let her go.
Then you can be rid
of her forever.
Think about it.
Do you think shes going to keep quiet
when her father returns?
Shell tell him everything.
How you beat her, how you
starved her... everything...
So you see, you have to get rid of
her before he comes.
What should I do?
And that was how my own husband...
...killed all three of my babies.
But not this time.
I will not let them kill anymore.
My God!
Why didnt you tell anyone?
He made me promise not to.
He said it is his uncles advice.
He has always followed
his uncles advice.
But I have no faith in the old man.
This is all his black magic.
I knew you two were hiding
something from me.
Ive been delivering babies
since I was a girl.
I can make out if a baby is going to live
or die within a minute of its birth.
None of the babies were sick.
You said they died of fever.
You were lying!
It couldnt have been.
You think I wont see through it?
Today the baby turns one month.
This time too, he is going to
take her to his uncle.
And this time too, that evil old man
will say, "Kill it."
What will you do?
Not this time.
I wont let him heed the old man.
I have a boat on the other side.
When do you want to leave?
What are you saying?
I cant leave my husband
and run away.
I love him. I respect him.
What will you do then?
I will speak to him.
Has that done any good so far?
This time things will be different.
Ill demand my right.
Ill tell him to end the sinful
old mans lust for blood.
Ill make him see the reason.
Enough is enough.
What if he doesn't agree?
In that case, Ill kill his uncle!
There were no prints on the flour.
Your plan did not work.
Then how did it come here?
You brought it?
Yes, like every morning.
Why dont you freshen up?
Ill cook you some food.
I think I know why it did not
come out last night.
It heard us talk.
Maybe it understood us.
Have you ever tried
speaking to it?
Who on earth talks to
a vegetable?
Im not crazy!
Lets give it a try.
See what happens.
If you can hear me, understand me,
show me a sign!
Keteki, you call it.
Outenga, come here.
I really dont think it--
How could a vegetable
understand us?
Because Its not a vegetable.
I think its your child.
Your own flesh and blood.
I suspect it lives in the outenga.
Unwilling to come out into the world.
But why would it do that?
I have no idea. But I do know
that I can bring it out.
Bring it, out?
Yes! But for that youll have
to cook the meal of your life!
- A meal?
- Yes! A feast!
A most lavish spread!
A mouthwatering treat!
Can you do it?
Not a word about this
in the outengas presence...
Wheres my outenga?
Must be around.
This has never happened.
It never leaves my side.
What have you done?
Whatever possessed me
to listen to a stranger!
I only want to help you.
I have a child too.
My most precious treasure.
I can understand the pain of
separation from your child.
You should leave.
No need to do anything for me.
Leave me to my misery.
Have you told them
what they are to do?
Yes, ma'am.
I want everything to be perfect.
These boys are
With pythons?
No ma'am. Brides, of course!
Come back after the wedding
to see Bonlotikas glory.
You think that is jewellery?
Youve seen nothing!
Come back to witness my splendour!
Youll understand why
youll always be the unwanted one!
Want to go for the wedding?
You want to or not?
Good. Then you wear
this dress at the wedding.
It used to be my mothers.
When she wore it,
people used to be mesmerized.
Youll dazzle in it too.
Youll be more beautiful than the bride.
Ill pack it in a bundle.
Change into it
when you get there.
Go. Get ready.
Mother. Im ready.
And sos your dress!
Go. Enjoy yourself.
All right.
...this is my mothers dress.
See that nothing happens to it.
Remember that.
They say I am an oddity.
That Im an object of mirth.
A rolling, wandering green enigma.
Yet I am much more
than just a curio.
I am sadness,
and this I can feel.
I am loneliness,
and this I can taste.
I am love, for I hurt too.
And so I roam and seek a home.
Night and day, day and night.
In this world, so wide and free.
Is there anyone
who will embrace me?
Son, my time is up.
You must always listen
to your uncle.
Obey him like you obeyed me.
He will protect you.
Which way today?
Which way do we go today?
Uncle has instructed us
to fish in the east today.
Turn it around.
Bon, you are called.
Just a minute.
Youre here!
How could I not?
But whats this I hear?
- The groom is a python?
- No, Tejimola!
The groom is an angel.
Hes just in a pythons avatar.
- How can you be so sure?
- Because mother says so.
It all began with Champaba.
Someone used to tease her
when she was tending the fields.
"Ill eat the grain, and the rice, Ill marry
Champawati and take her away". Thats how.
No one could see who it was.
So father promised Champaba
in marriage to him if he showed himself.
And then?
And then, a massive python emerged.
Seeing it, father did not want
to stick to his vow.
But mother saw to it
that father kept his promise.
And so Champaba got
married to the python.
Stepmother wept so much!
She thought that
the python will eat her daughter.
I dont blame her.
But mother knew it was no
ordinary python.
There was such a scene
at the wedding.
As they shut the door to the nuptial room,
stepmother was going crazy.
She cried and screamed that
the python will swallow her daughter.
But do you know what happened?
Next morning, we found
Champaba sleeping soundly.
Her whole body was covered
in the most exquisite jewellery!
I swear to you Tejimola.
I had never seen so much
gold and silver in my life!
And the python?
No one knows.
It had disappeared.
Come on then.
Is this what youre going to
wear on my wedding?
No, of course not! My stepmother
has given me a beautiful dress.
Good! You better get dressed.
Ill be back.
Teji, Im so glad you are here!
Me too, Bon.
Poonai! You never fail me!
Uncle says, its not right to
disappoint customers.
- Lets see what you have.
- Bring it.
Fresh Borali fish. 11 ser in all.
So fresh theyll swim away
if you leave them in the water!
There has never been
a fish trader as good as you!
And, hows the wife?
I heard shes delivered again?
I pray you two have better luck
with the baby this time.
Pay him what he wants.
Oh! Youve come!
Theyve kept everything ready.
Why dont you rest for a while?
Budheshwar, take him inside.
Serve him something.
No need. Im fine.
Have you thought this through?
It will be just like Champawatis
wedding. Wont it?
Dont pretend Jagan.
You well know what I mean.
Honestly, I dont.
What are you trying to say?
Its a pity all your father taught
you was how to make money.
He should have taught you
about sin and its wages too.
You married off Champawati to the python
because you wanted to kill her.
I knew it even when I was chanting
mantras in that poor girls wedding.
You and your other wife hate the girl
and want her dead.
But the moment I saw the python,
I knew that this was no ordinary snake.
I was right.
And here you are again.
Getting hold of a wild python and
marrying Bonlotika to it!
Because you want to
sate your greed.
You've lost your mind, Jagan.
This will end very badly,
Im telling you.
What will end badly?
Oh good.
Youre here too.
I have said what I had to.
If you two go ahead with
this abomination of a wedding...
...find yourself another priest.
I wont do it.
You cant do this--
Thats really unfortunate.
But its ok.
After all, we cant force you,
can we?
Good that hes gone!
Such a priest will bring
only ill luck to the wedding.
But wholl conduct
the ceremony now?
- Budheshwar?
- Yes?
- Arent you a brahman?
- Yes I am.
Then you will conduct the wedding.
But hes not a priest!
Yes, Im not a priest!
My son-in-law isnt human either.
Are you coming?
Why arent you dressed?
Its time to go.
Im not going, and
neither are you.
Why do you do this every time?
I will not let you to kill any more
of my babies.
You think I like doing it?
But I still do it.
Has uncle ever guided us wrong?
Answer truthfully.
Has he ever caused us misery?
When I was 15, he told me
it was fishing that was my calling.
He always told me
where the best fish would be.
Today I am one of the most
prosperous fish traders.
When I met you, it was uncle
who told me you were meant for me.
Now tell me if
that was wrong advice?
Uncle has made sure
we never lack comfort.
But are we really happy?
How did we get wealthy?
By emptying my lap!
We kill our own babies
for riches!
I dont want such wealth!
Just look at her.
Ive named her Bhagyawati.
Look how calm and
happy she is in my lap?
She wont die.
Uncle cannot do this to us again.
Hell kill her too!
He practises black magic!
He helps us and takes
my babies as his payment!
Please do something this time!
Lets not go to him.
Turn the boat.
Lets go far away from here!
We may not prosper...
...but we will make a safe,
beautiful world for our daughter.
We will be so happy.
I will not desert uncle.
Youre wrong.
Hes not an evil man.
He loves me.
Hell never harm me.
Now go get dressed.
Its time to meet him.
This outenga looks delicious.
Can I take it?
Take it kokai.
Make a good curry for you!
Thank you.
Back so early?
How was the wedding?
What happened?
Why dont you talk?
I didnt do anything.
The... the mouse did it...
Go home, little one.
Give it.
Give it, I said.
Uncle! Were here.
Poonai and Malati.
Weve had a girl.
Bless her.
This is your firstborn.
Go and raise her well.
She will bring you joy and luck.
Be your strength when you are old.
As for her name...
Its a beautiful name.
Youve gone through
a lot of pain.
Forgive me.
All your earlier babies had to die.
Do you want to know why?
Go to the place where
you buried them.
Go at night.
Stay there a while.
Youll understand everything.
Now go.
Build a happy world
for Bhagyawati.
Shes gone back.
Gone back? Why?
Give way!
Give way to the groom!
This is why I didnt want to
bring you.
I would have followed you
I want to know what uncle meant.
Leaving our newborn baby behind,
trudging in the jungle.
Whats come over you?
Bhagyawati is safe with
Right now,
this is more important.
How can it be more important
than our firstborn?
Didnt you bury three
in the jungle before?
I have to know,
what was their fault?
What had they done?
Why dont you feel like being
with me?
Its ok.
Only god knows
what kind of a child you are.
You dont feel like being
with your own mother?
Dont you...
...want to give a kiss
to your mother?
Dont you want to listen to
your mother sing lullabies?
Dont you feel like plucking flowers
with your mother?
Stay the way you are.
But you never have to scrounge
for food any more.
I will cook you food and
keep it for you, every night.
You can eat it, and
go back into your shell.
As your mother,
this is all I can do for now.
...I love you a lot.
I know, youll come out of
your shell one day...
...and hug me tight.
Have you seen
the bride's mother?
Why will she be here?
Go check inside the house.
Whatre you doing?
Where are you taking her bed?
She has gone mad.
She wants her bed outside
the brides room.
What? Why?
Has she ever needed a reason
to act crazy?
Not there!
Bring it this side.
Hurry up.
Your bed--
Ill sleep here tonight.
Run along and get my bedding.
Hurry up.
Mother, Im feeling scared.
Dont be silly!
Can one be scared
of ones own husband?
...this here is an angel.
When the angel offers you gifts,
dont say no.
Dont feel shy.
And Bon, remember to ask
for a kopali.
Champas husband had not
given her one.
Dont be scared my darling.
Ill be sleeping right outside.
Open it.
Do you want something?
Come to the dheki.
Mother? Why are we pounding rice
at this late hour?
Did I disturb your beauty
sleep, my dear?
You got a mouse to destroy
my mothers dress.
Youll have to pay for it.
It wasnt me mother.
It was the mouse.
Not a word more!
You knew there was a mouse
in the bundle.
You thought...
...heres a chance to get back
at stepmother.
My mothers dress...
...shredded by your mouse!
No, no mother...
Youll pay for this!
Until you admit your treachery,
Ill break every bone in your body!
Dont stop.
Who asked you to stop?
Keep working.
My hand is broken, mother!
So? Use your other hand.
Mother... my hand...
I said use your other hand!
I cant, mother!
...your husband is really lucky.
If it wasnt for his uncle...
...at age fifteen...
...I would have strangled him
to death!
You broke my hands, mother.
And you got my mothers dress
shredded by a mouse.
Why have you stopped?
Keep working.
I can't mother.
You can.
If not with your hands,
you can with your feet.
No! I can't anymore!
Ill die, mother.
If I said so,
you have to do it.
Or Ill flay you alive.
Or you would rather eat
some insects?
Yes darling?
Mother, my feet are tickling.
My son-in-law is putting
anklets on you.
Go to sleep.
That old man has ruined not
just your plans.
If he hadnt gotten me buried here...
...at age fourteen.
...I would have hacked
father to death.
You broke my foot too, mother.
Its your own fault.
Now stop whining.
Keep working.
I really cant anymore, mother.
What about your other leg?
What darling?
He's tickling my waist.
My son-in-law
adorns it with a waistband.
Hes loving you.
Dont be scared my dear.
Go to sleep.
Im more unfortunate
than you two.
I would have taken all
of fathers wealth...
...and poisoned him to death!
That old man has ruined everything!
- Hacked him!
- Poisoned him!
- That horrible old man!
- Hacked him!
- Poisoned him!
He has been protecting you
all this while.
Forgive me for suspecting
your uncle.
Lets get out of here now.
Forgive me, mother.
Not until you admit to destroying
my mothers dress.
You loathe me.
You did it deliberately.
Save me... save me father!
He has...
...reached my chest.
And... he stinks so bad.
Dont say that.
Its a sin.
My son-in-law is giving you
a necklace.
Hes showering his love on you.
Go to sleep.
Get up.
Yes you can.
Of course you can.
You still have your head.
Will you still say you didnt ruin
my mothers dress?
Yes, mother.
I hate you.
...did it intentionally.
Don't kill me.
...my fault.
Forgive me mother.
Forgive me.
In that case Tejimola,
you must die.
Dont kill me mother.
Dont kill me.
Dont forget to ask
for a kopali.
You must have fallen asleep.
Sleep my darling.
The night will pass soon.
And you will be a princess.
Go to sleep my dearest.
Do something!
Shes in pain!
Shes hurting!
Oh god, help us!
Oh god! What is this?!
You go. Go to her.
I wish you could have stayed on.
There are so many questions
in my mind.
I need to go back home.
Ive been feeling uneasy
since last night.
As if my daughter is in trouble.
As if she needs me.
Look after your mother.
Dont cry..."
"...when I die.
Dont bury me..."
"...in a hole.
Tie a rope around my neck.
And take me dragging.
Throw me..."
"...in the middle of
the Brahmaputra.
Dont cry..."
"...when I die.
Dont bury me..."
"...in a hole.