Kotu Kiz (2016) Movie Script

They're monsters Mishy.
They are doing
terrible things to children,
be careful!
Based on a true story
I love my scarlet shoes.
My grandpa gave them
to me for getting good grades.
There are lots of
funny things in his shop.
I love trains.
Every summer, I take
the train with my sister
to see grandma and grandpa
in their village.
The wind is a magical thing.
No one can take a picture of it.
Grandma has weird fingers,
They call them "Romanticisms"
I love taking pictures of her,
but she gets angry,
and always tells me to stop it.
Stop it!
The jams have to wait under the sun.
This way they become
sweet apricot jam cookies.
There are so many
funny animals in the village!
I wish I could put them in my bag,
and take them with me.
Grandpa signed us up
for Quran school.
He says that if we pray,
God will protect us.
I wonder what God looks like.
Is he taller than Dad?
Or does he have
pinky cheeks like Mum?
Does he wear any clothes?
Does God sweat?
Does he hold our hands
when we're scared?
It's not a monster,
it's the letter A, a, a, a.
I wish I could always stay with God
so he could always protect me.
Will all the animals I love
come to my funeral?
Will they sell my shoes
just like they do
with all the dead?
You pissy monster!
You peed on my bed again!
The nurses will be very angry.
The doctors will let
Mishy and me go home soon
but you will stay here forever!
Right, Mishy?
My sister gave me Mishy
for my birthday.
My dear Mishy...
But the horned monster
keeps taking it,
and hurting it.
I hate you.
I hate you!
I miss jumping rope a lot.
It felt like my insides were flying.
Grandma always says,
if I finished
my tomato paste bread,
giant wings would
grow on my back
and I could fly like a bird.
I saw a mouse last night.
It gave me a piece of cheese
and it wanted to
bite my nails in return.
I said ok.
Wicked Girl.
Accordion, car, island, light bulb.
Accordion, car, island...
Wicked Girl!
Wicked Girl!
Grandpa waited for me for a long time,
we were supposed to meet
in front of the ice cream shop.
A big scoop of strawberry ice cream,
as always.
I have a question for God.
If I had eaten
more tomato paste bread,
could I have flown
away from the monsters?