Kousalya Krishnamurthy (2019) Movie Script

Grand welcome to all the cricket fans.
The kind hearted man who loves Cricket
and safeguards the cricketers...
and our Iragavaram Rich man,
Sri Sai Krishna Travels owner,
Mr. Sai Krishna organising cricket tournament
being reached the finals today
Our village's 'Eleven eagles' team is going
to compete with the adjacent village team in this final.
Like an Elephant has strength on the ground
and the crocodile in water...
adjacent village team is strong in batting
while our village team is strong with the bowling attack.
To say in a single word, this would be a very interesting match.
We appreciate the fans who have been eagerly waiting to
watch the match without caring about the burning Sun.
and most importantly,
we appreciate our village commentators...
Sachin & Tendulkar, the cricket worshippers
on your behalf, which is us.
Shift to Police station.
When asked to shift the public,
why did you shift the fight?
Like you didnt stop squeezing after shifting the ball...
these arent stopping the fight even after shifting here Sir
You are saying something?
Hey, Stop it, move! Come on move...
Im saying you guys. Stop it,
Move guys, come on move
Hey, Stop.
Who the hell is the reason behind this fight?
Ill teach that guy, a lesson.
You think Police are sitting idle
and eating without doing anything?
Sir Lunch...
- Come on... serve.
I thought you would bash them up,
when you removed the belt.
Im sitting here to finish it
Push, come on push!
Come on push to a side, man
Theyve pushed it up
Whats your name?
Where is the Krishnamurthy,
who the man behind this fight?
Hey, who is that Krishnamurthy?
Another name for good and alternative name
for help is, Krishnamurthy Sir
Who the guys are hiding and saying the commentary?
Ill bash you up, come in front
Hello, Sir
Who is that Krishnamurthy?
Hes a very goodman, Sir
Yes Sir, hes a very good person
Whats your name?
-Sachin Sir!
My dad is a big fan of Sachin and thus named me after Sachin
My foot!
And whats your name?
My name is Tendulkar, Sir.
His dad is Sachins fan and my dad is Tendulkars fan, Sir
Oh, so Sachin and Tendulkar are different?
We both are different, right Sir?
So, they both are different as well.
you dont know about my history.
Though it isnt as much to make a biopic,
its sufficient enough to frighten.
Come on.. tell obediently
Sir, in real there isnt any connection
in between Krishnamurthy and this fight
This fight took place for Krishnamurthy Sirs daughter, Sir
Oh, for his daughter?
-Yes, Sir.
Then why are they saying his name?
To say about that girl, we shall first say about him Sir
He has two addictions Sir.
One is farming and the other is Cricket
Hey, who are those guys playing in the fields?
Wait, Im coming...
-You wait Savitri,
Ill bash those guys up.
Give that ball here, come on give it here
You rascals...
-Give it here.
You! What if someone was hurt?
Why do you hit the ball straight there
instead of hitting towards me?
Leave me Sir..
Its time for the match
Wait... Im coming too.
Not here but, Ill take them to their
parents and then teach a lesson
You forgot to bring daughter from school,
falling into their mess
I remember it
Let's move, why are you still watching?
-Come home straight picking the kids
Yes, Ill come
Theyve been roaming around without going to school.
Will this 'bat game' (Cricket) give food? Dirty rascals!
What sister, why are you scolding kids like that?
What, kids?
You know, I and your uncle had cleansed
half acre of land in that same age?
Yes, I know sister.
We know about your work and your love too
Whatever it is...
it isnt enough just to wish for something
but we got achieve it with will power...
and I achieved it
Hey guys, cricket is nothing!
Its just like the (Karra-Billa) stick game we play.
We just aim the stick there and
we got to aim the ball here and hit it.
Thats all, fours and sixes.
Oh no!
what happened to you?
Wait, I'll sort it.
[Talking about tractor] You used to stop once a month earlier,
but now are troubling once every week.
My entire income is going half for your repairs
and the other half for her hospital expenses.
Hey, it's time for the match.
- Yes, uncle
Ill come back and look into your matter.
Get down.
We shall leave it here and go.
Hey, our MLA Sir!
Salutations 'MLA' Sir.
Oh God, whats this heat Krishnamurthy?
Its like being in the fire and how are you walking?
Hey, hold umbrella for Krishnamurthy
Oh, no need!
Politicians wont give any offers
to public unless theres some work.
Nothing Krishnamurthy,
when I stood strong about our village development,
finally a factory got approved from the Government side
If that factory is comes here,
then we will get employment.
Thered be no need for anyone to go into the fields for work.
Were in search of a land for that
Its all agriculture land in our village
and where is a land to setup the factory here?
You are anyways renting out half of your land...
and you dont take even the rent if there isnt a good crop.
If you give that to us, youd get a profit right?
It is business done for profit
and farming for the society.
Like 'Vyavasayam' (Agriculture) has a help,
there is even a justice in me not giving the land.
Remember one thing.
Thered be farming in existence as long as
the humans on this earth have hunger.
My land will exist as long as I exist.
Come on guys, its time for the match.
Ok, go on. I know how to grab those lands
Yes, he hit it. Four!
Whos that girl?
Shes the only Sir... Kousi.
'Kousi' means?
Kousalya, Sir.
We all call her Kousi.
All this fight took place because of her Sir
Where is she now?
Sir, shes right here.
Hey, go and call that girl
Hey girl, come here
Called from here?
You lazy fellow.
Are you Kousi?
Yes Sir.
- Sit.
Why exactly is this fight for?
About Cricket Sir
Sachin from one side and Tendulkar from
the other side play with bat, is it that?
Yes, the same Sir
While all watched cricket in TV,
I used to watch it in my dad's face, Sir.
All say my dad is crazy about cricket.
Hey, I said wed win this game
if my daughter is here, right?
My daughter came here and made us win this game
What? Not because they played well
but they won as his daughter saw, it seems
Go, go and look into your works
For so long, I thought my dad was crazy about Cricket,
but I understood its more than that,
when my grandpa expired, Sir
How did you know?
He was fine even in the morning.
He even drank the buttermilk given by Kousi.
Itd have been great if he was alive for three more hours
should he put thumb impressions on any documents?
No... Cricket match would have finished.
MLA Sir, please come
Dont feel sad Krishnamurthy, hes grown old.
Be with courage
Why is he going in and out?
Hey! When all from the village are crying as your
grandpa expired, are you sitting here and watching TV?
Hey, shes a kid and what does she know about death.
You go and continue that crying
Yes, will a calf bark when the cow is like this?
Okay, you go.
You see the match.. keep the volume is low
You should come sometimes and tell me about the score.
Oh god! hell with you and your cricket
My dad didnt cry even when my grandpa died Sir.
What next...?
Daddy, daddy...
why are you crying?
Is it because India lost in Cricket?
No no, nothing so dear.
You go and sleep, go and sleep
Ive decides that day Sir...
I should become a cricketer
to see happiness on dads face
Dad, stop! School is here, stop dad. Stop!
We are conducting sports day in our school.
If anyone wishes to participate,
give your name and the game you wish to play
Divya, 'kho-kho' (Game) Sir
Roja, 'kho-kho' Sir
What, is everyone into kho-kho?
Jyothi, 'Tennikoit' Sir
Kousalya, 'Cricket' Sir
We lost in semi final last time and
we should win the cup this time.
-Ok Sir
You should practice hard
-Yes Sir
Very good, go
Say, which game have you selected?
Cricket, Sir
Cricket game is not in our school.
Select another game.
Cricket, Sir
What, why are you so stubborn on cricket?
My dad cried as India lost in Cricket and thus Sir.
I should play for India,
win and make my dad feel happy Sir
Will you make him happy?
Ok, lets look into that. You first go to the class
Cricket Sir
Why are you behind me saying Cricket?
Cricket isnt a game played just by one or two,
we should have a team for that.
There should be 11 people for the team
Ok Sir
There arent even 10 girls in the
school to play cricket with me Sir.
But, there are about 10 teams playing in boys school
Let's move.
Go to a side and play.
Go.. go away.
Hey... how many times did I say to play defence?
Hey, I hit slowly dude, but it went far away
Go and get the ball yourself
Please, go for just this time dude
Baby, ball would hit if you are here.
Stay a bit far and watch, ok?
Ok brother
Hey Anand, why is our Kousi here?
Why do you ask me?
Shes your uncles daughter right?
Go and ask her
Not necessarily.
You bowl, Peter
Hey, why is Kousi coming to the ground daily?
Her mom would hit if she gets to know
Your sister, right? You go and say
Kousi, you dont come here.
Your mom would hit, if she gets to know. Go home
Ok, brother
Who is this rigid and firebrand girl?
Who is she? Who is she?
Naughty girl and player to win the games
She is jumping like a deer and coming
Who is she?
Who is she?
Goddess of my home and our cutie pie
Whole village is with you, my dear baby
My golden sparrow, my little doll
Our beautiful baby and the cute parrot
Damn! you leave the simple catch.
Who selected you for the Indian team?
You and your cricket.
You are so naughty and harsh,
just gone like your mom
Short girl, youre so strong,
youre born as the dads girl
To fulfil dads dream and to complete your wish
Hey baby, go on and learn this game
Damn! Oh! you missed the easy catch.
Like a great plan, you get into the arena
Stand strong and show your power, dear
Hey cute baby, showering beautiful smiles
Hey flowery darling, my honey
Goddess of my home and our cutie pie
Whole village is with you, my bay
Are our players are well playing?
He is Nelson, from our state... he is bashing up.
Hes the next captain for the Indian team,
I forgot, should take her to the hospital.
What happened?
-Keeper got hurt on the eye.
The guy who just made a Century?
You're beautiful moonlight, shining like a moon
If you stare harsh at the Sun, he would run
Youre a cute doll and the heartbeat of the village
Your cute smiles are colouring up the earth
Hey cutie little pie, you flourished like the rainbow
The cool village breeze is sprinkling colours on you
Who is this rigid and firebrand girl?
Who is she? Who is she?
Naughty girl and player to win the games
If ball was thrown behind,
Keeper wouldve caught and made stumped out, right?
She is jumping like a deer and coming
Who is she?
Goddess of my home and our cutie pie
Whole village is with you, my bay
My golden sparrow, my little doll
Our beautiful baby and the cute parrot
Whats this nonsense for
you father and daughter even while eating?
take the plate
Good, good! You should serve strong. Very good
Eleven members are ready to play Cricket Sir
Oh! Havent you left that yet?
Ok, listen and Ill say its rules.
You should be in ground for seven hours
every day in the ground to play Cricket.
Okay, Sir.
What, till Seven? Oh no, I cant
You will have to play with boys
What, with boys?
If my dad gets to know,
hed break my legs and make me sit at a corner.
No, I wont play
Important thing from all, you should
score more than 50 marks in every subject
We should work so hard even to get
pass marks of 35 and to get 50 marks means,
I cant do it
Fitness is very important to play Cricket.
You shouldnt touch the junk food at all
Ok Sir
What, will you still play Cricket?
Ok, but wheres your team?
Here, Sir
Kousi, cricket is a very tough game.
All cant play it.
The sensitive girls cant play it at all.
Listen to me and forget about that.
Should bowl wicket to wicket,
when the batsman misses then we get the wicket
Hey, I think shes interested into cricket.
Shes giving us ball every day.
Shall we make her play an over?
Ok, ask her to come
Kousi, come
Kousi, come and do batting
No brother, Ill do bowling
Oh, you know even to bowl?
Hey, you shut up.
Ok, you bowl.
Hey Bahubali, youve been asking to bat from long right?
Go and play.
NO bro, I wont bowl for Bahubali bro.
Ill bowl only to Anand brother
Anand brother is the best batsman in your team, right?
Bahubali, even kids are
came to know about your talent.
Come on
Kousi, come on
Very good Kousi, you bowled well
Hey shut up rascal you wouldnt have stepped
even into the ground if you were a girl.
Good ball Kousi, good ball
You should keep these two fingers so,
place the ball in between them and deliver the ball like this.
Practice day & night and youd get it
Ok, brother
Hey Sathya.. come fast.
Everything is ready, come let's play.
Hey, why did you sleep at this time?
Here, put this mehendi and sleep
Whats this dear,
your hands shouldve been so smooth
but why have they become so rough like this?
What works are you doing at the fields?
They became so, as I did continuous bowling, mom
Which girls do you have in our village
to play Cricket with you here?
Not with girls mom,
I played with brother and his friends.
With Ananda bro, Peter bro, Satya bro and the others
You useless...
you play Cricket with boys like gent?
Wait, Ill teach you a lesson.
You wont listen when said orally. You...
Your craze wont go unless I hit you with the broom.
Where did you hide this broom, rascal?
Dad... see, mom is beating me up.
Yes dear, mom always wants to hit me.
As she cant hit me, shes hitting you
If I will leave like...
Do you know whats she doing?
Instead of learning household works,
shes playing Cricket with the boys in the village
Whats wrong in that?
I didnt say as youd say whats wrong and right
All in the village are saying her as gent as
she didnt mature even after so much of age
Whatre you talking?
Rains to arrive every year in June, July are
coming in September and October.
Will you go and pull them ahead as its getting delayed?
This too is the same.
Everything will happen when the time comes
You go and look about the labor for tomorrow
Ill go. Not to me but say to the villagers about June and July
When I was throwing stones at frogs as a kid,
my grandma stopped me saying Id get dumb wife
Oh no, it was good if youd hit dad
Im listening
-Oh no, she heard
Hey, instead of bending and working,
why did you stand stiff? Come on do the work, go on
We will be on that work, Sister.
sent you long back and you came now with the Tea?
Mom, its already late and Ill go to school
-Ok, you can go but first go and give Hey, who are you idiot?
Like a mad buffalo, youre running across
the fields? Come on a side, on the side
Hey, you look to ruin us. Hes the Bank officer
Officer? Then, what I said is true
Hello Sir, please come
Yeah! What Krishnamurthy, are you fine?
Its all your mercy Sir
Bro, why did you put the scarecrow
on the border instead of in the fields?
Hey, shut up and go do your work.
Ok, how long is it that you put the crop?
Its been a month less two days
Is it true that fertility goes down when same
crop is cultivated every year?
Yes Sir, thats why we change the crop every two years
Then why didnt you take loan last year?
Rates of seeds, pesticides and
fertilisers increased by 50% from last year
Oh! You have so many problems.
What Krishna, is he the loan officer?
Who is he?
Im the childhood friend of Krishnamurthy
Liquor friend,
Krishnamurthy? Im a very strict officer
All the papers should match for your loan to be sanctioned
All the papers you ask for are ready
Then, your loan is sanctioned
Hey, why are you watching fun standing like that?
Go and collect the cups
Ok mom
Ill go, throw the cups
Come fast
Hey, where are these guys? Theyre always late.
We should close this today
Who is the captain?
Come, we should put the toss
They should be there by the time we finish toss and come
Damn! Its been a big headache with these
Hey, they won the toss and chose fielding
If they dont come by then
Satya and Anand go for opening
Come on Satya
Kousi, you may get the chance today
to play the first match. Be ready
Hey, did you get the phone.
At least will they come by the time our batting finishes?
I think, theyd be in some bar.
They arent lifting the calls
Is she your sister?
Did you get for encouragement?
-Shut up
Catch it!
Why didnt you lift the call?
We said to have the match, yesterday itself right?
Hey, weve come right?
Hes shouting over me as you didnt come
Just the batting is done now, right?
Total match isnt finished
Why are you talking too much even after coming late, rascal?
Give water
Hey boys, get ready for fielding
Ready, ready!
Hey Bahubali! You stay right here.
Take good care of the kits and bags
Id have got the chance if they hadnt come.
Have I asked for any batting or bowling?
They arent even giving me fielding.
I'll join another team.
Let him play just for this time, dude.
Team will get disturbed
How will the drunken guys bowl?
No need, go
Hes talking too much as were just late
Lets see what he does without bowlers
Hey Bahubali, come here
Why did you come alone? Call even Kousi
Kousi, come
Ok, boys.. take your position.. let's go.
Kosui, go to the long on
Ok brother
Come on.. go..
Lets see how they play match without us
Catch it!
Come on Kousi, catch. Oh no!
Hey Bahubali,
I said you to be there right?
Catch it Kousi!
Hey Kousi, get out if you cant play
Shes a girl dude, leave her
Will the ball go slow as shes a girl?
Overs of all three of us are done.
Whom shall we give the next bowling?
Who else do we have as bowlers?
Hey, they anyways look to be winning the match
They shouldnt say outside to have won the match
and I have an idea for that
Kousi, come here
What bro?
-This is your over, go and bowl
They gave bowling to Kousi as they have no bowlers.
Now hell know our value
What man, why are you making a girl bowl?
Dont you have anyone else?
Why, you fear to get out in girls bowling?
You play, man
Come on Kousi, come on
Hey umpire, whats this?
Why do you mind about who bowls??
You play.
Just my left hand is enough for that girls bowling.
Come on
Good ball, Kousi.
Come on, Kousi... Come on...
Bash him up this fat guy.
Dont give unnecessary buildups and play well
Not out
Hey, thats out
Hey, dont let go the match were winning
See, itll finish in the next ball
Someone there came blocking view of the camera.
When I was tensed to know what happened then,
why are you screaming Sir like a crow in between?
Six Sir
Not a sixer Sir,
Im saying time is six
So what?
Rule says we cant keep ladies in station after six Sir
Rule my foot! Handover to that lady constable Sujatha
and shed be with her till her dad is here
Kousi, say what happened in that third ball?
-What ?
Its past six, Sir
Take him, my Lord
Please come.
- Go.
The third ball?
Hey! who blocked the camera view again?
Why do you ask him Sir?
He didnt go to the match at all. Ask me
Oh God, thanks! Say man,
what happened in that third ball?
I too dont know Sir. I havent been to that match
Oh no, you and your bloody buildup! Then who went?
The guy going to that match and the guy
blocking there arent there now Sir
Damn! Damn! Damn!
But, he is here sir
Come on call! Call him
Hey Sai! Sai!
Hey, take off the goggles man.
The guy knowing about third ball can have that much buildup.
You keep it bro
Say, say what happened in the third ball. What happened?
I mean in the first ball
Who wants about the first ball?
Sorry bro, not about the first ball.
Say about the third ball bro
Please, Im dying in tension bro. Please third ball, say what
say what happened in third ball.
Hey out, out! Super Kousi! Super
Super Kousi! Ok, get back guys
Hey, dont take it easy.
Youll lose the prestige getting out in a girls bowling
Ok dude, Ill take care
Come on, Kousi.
Good bowling Kousi
-Well done.. well done Kousi.
Enough to bowl just these two balls carefully,
Kousi. Bowl without any tension
Same ball Kousi, same ball
Ball... ball.
Dont try anything new and throw onto the stumps.
Come on, come on
Kousi, take the wicket.
catch it
Hey super dude.
I was so much tensed.
She got that team more tensed than me.
But one thing man!
She proved herself for making fun of her as a girl.
Thats great
Yes Sir!
After that match,
she started playing matches regularly Sir
Youre done, right?
Do you still need the buildup? take off those goggles
I told you.. but you didn't listen to me.
but why were you there?
Sir, Kousi means
I know that Kousi means Kousalya. You stop
Sir, he likes Kousi very much
You dont feel shy, man.
Take off that hand.
Ok, say the story.
That was an unforgettable day of my life, sir.
The day I felt happy that Kousi gets away
from cricket and closer to me.
Did the marigold flower wear a sari like this?
Did she pierce my heart with her cute looks?
Did the age changing today done a crime?
No sleep, no hunger, everything is gone away
Shall I take off the evil sight for the cute baby?
Hey Kousi, none looked at you as you
were a kid till yesterday.
Every guy's look will be on you like CC camera from today.
I know such matters as I'm a senior.
Added the game you play is with boys.
I'll tell your mom if you play cricket
Youre my eye hiding the dreams
Make it true, everything of mine is yours
You are the firefly shining in the day
You are the brightness more than the ornaments
You are the lightening walking on the earth
Come to me now as a boon
Even the shadow leaves you in the darkness
Ill be with you forever
Did the marigold flower wear a sari like this?
Did she cut my heart with her cute looks?
Youre my queen running
Ill be the soft ground when you fall
Ill be your shoulder forever
Ill be the truth when you dream
Ill fight when you get a trouble
Ill stand till the end
Ill put you to sleep when tired
Ill hail when you come with victory
Ill build a temple when you come with me
Did the marigold flower wear a sari like this?
Did she pierce my heart with her cute looks?
"How long just with sighs silently?"
"Show pity and give a way to get closer"
"Get to me for once to drive out my troubles"
"My Darling..."
"My Darling..."
What Kousi, you arent coming to ground at all?
Did you get bored about cricket?
Mom isnt letting me come out, bro
Mom isnt letting you out?
You remember why you came to this ground
for the first time?
Dad cried as India lost when I was a kid.
I came to play, make India win and make him feel happy
Is he happy now?
You stood that day in front of so many
boys with courage saying to play,right?
This Kousi isnt that Kousi.
Youre cheating yourself Kousi
I, Satya and Peter started playing Cricket
after seeing the happiness of others winning
Many more would come like us
If you coming out as a girl for the first time
to play cricket stop now,
no other girl would come again taking
you as an inspiration.
Not for you, come at least for them.
Come on brother
[Officials have confirmed that it isn't possible to give water for the rabi crops
ahead as there are less water sources for drinking in the project]
Money, Bro.
What man, water from projects arent coming
well to the fields but are coming great into your cans.
Can is 40 rupees from tomorrow bro
What, 40 rupees?
You put water from canal into the can and that is 40 rupees?
Your job is great, man
Aren't you selling 10 rupees ticket for 100 with travels board?
You rascal!
- Hey stop
Hey rascal, stop
Idiot ran away
Whered he go? Hell come back here again
Hey Sai,
How many cars do you have?
Look at him. Hes behind you on a four gear vehicle.
It isnt to follow like Pawan Kalyan from
Suswagatham for four years, do something
We shall make Kousi give up Cricket urgently
Do they go on with net practice?
Let's see how they continue if we burn this
If we burn this, theyd bring another and do
Lets dig the ground below that.
Well take away everything they plan to do.
We shall hit, make them not play cricket and
make her fall in your love.
Come on, take out the petrol
Light the match stick dude
Bro, bro!
Why are you sitting here at this time bro?
He isnt coming. Come on, lets burn it up
Hey, stop guys. Kousis dad has come.
If he sees us by chance,
not this mat but hed burn us down
Oh Damn!
Let's go.
We know nothing other than farming.
They are saying to stop water saying no water
at a time when rice crop is getting ready.
Its of no use going dry,
we dont get rate when the crop comes in hands
By the time we escape from one, the other comes onto us.
Looks like the farmer is clearing even
the hunger of these troubles and theyre moving around us
We are living on your fields and when you are so
well have no other way than to die bro
Hey, stop man!
Is death the solution for every problem?
In that case, theres no human being
on this earth without a problem.
Now would be left alive then
Move on, death it seems!
Move on.
All the concentration is out here from when shes staying home.
She isn't a kid to leave her free.
We shouldnt let her move all over.
What are you doing inside, closing the doors?
No, nothing mom
Give that bag here
Im saying to give the bag
This should always be in your bag from now.
One more thing,
you arent a kid like before
You should be going out to school from home
and back home from school. Understood?
Ok mom, you move now. Im getting late
Hey bro, just think a bit and take decision
Do we need a fight now?
Strength there is 11
we are just three here
Hey, if their strength is number, his strength is temper.
Even Tempo Lorries should go back in front of his temper
Come on, lets finish them all
Hey, Ive made a plan to finish without our involvement
Plan, whats the plan dude?
You rascal!
Idiot, where did you come saying to school?
I said you so clearly and you came here
like a boy to play the Cricket?
You dirty rascal!
Come home and Ill teach you a lesson
You made us bend head in shame in the village.
You didnt get any sense even after growing so big
When asked to sit at home,
you ruin my prestige going onto the roads, idiot?
Hey aunty, stop! Why are you hitting?
What else to do instead of hitting?
Shall I kiss for playing like the boys?
Shes playing with us only, right? Ill take care of her
Oh! Why didnt you get your sister then?
Go rascal, came over to say
You are a girl ready for marriage and play
the bat game with boys like gent, rascal?
You dirty rascal!
Not like this, I should break your legs and make
you sit at home, idiot. Come on, come home
See Sir,
you listening and I seeing are into tears
But when her mom was hitting with a broom in front of all so,
Kousi didnt get even one tear out from her eyes Sir.
Looking at her style of holding the ball
I felt like we cant take Kousi away from
Cricket similar...
to how we cant takeaway brightness from Sun
and moonlight from the moon, Sir
I have thus fixed up Sir,
Ive strongly decided to support her Sir
Either you hit or scold me,
I wont give up playing cricket
Step out of the house and see what your condition will be
Not you but let my dad come and say that
Let that man come today and Ill end this
If I had a brother, Id have played with them.
I dont have that facility and when I treat those
like my own brothers and play,
you obstruct every time.
It is the same whether I have a mom like you or not
Dad, at least you say dad
Shut up,
I didnt pamper you to speak so with
no respect on parents
You wont even step inside the house
if you speak so once again.
I felt very sad that she'd now be away
from cricket for lifelong
Hey... Stop, you. Hey, take the box and go
Why isn't water coming?
[Chief Minister informed to complete the works of Polavaram,
life saviour of Andhra Pradesh soon and make the state go green.]
What a great news...!
What Krishna, what are you still thinking?
Go home and celebrate
Here, I brought fish
Oh, are you too cooking fish?
I brought as Kousi likes them
No use by cooking. She isnt eating,
she stopped talking to us
Dad! Mom doesnt like me playing Cricket
or to play with boys? Find out, dad
There is no academy near us to learn Cricket.
We may have to go to Hyderabad or Vizag
Even there, one has to play with boys
It also costs a lot.
Kousi came to me while in 2nd class and
said that dad cried as India lost.
She said would play cricket, make India win and
see happiness in dads face.
Shes a kid and thought said so seeing your interest on cricket
Again after 6 years she came with the team
But now listening to what you are saying,
I feel she isnt a kid anymore
She has a strong will to play cricket.
Hello, Sir! Youre typing something in the
computer looking at the paper,
Im filing an application for our
Kousi to play cricket for our state
Youre applying for her,
fine but when are you putting forward your application at her?
I will, I will dude.
Very soon, I will shift that same Kousis name
from her ration card into mine
Her mom stopped sending her out of
the house for what he did.
And now, will you make her play the state level matches?
Hey, she came into a problem because of us.
And we should solve that out right?
Lets do one thing,
lets make her play the tournament first
Hey Sachin, Krishnamurthy uncle is coming.
Hey, go and talk dude
Hey, mine stopped in between just by listening to his name
Have you seen his style? Hes like Dhoni with
beard, my wicket is gone if he hits with the bat
Whod speak?
Satya... go and talk with your uncle..
Yes.. you only...
Go and talk to him.
What Satya, what are you doing here?
We are going to play match, uncle
Oh, fine
Say dude
Uncle, our Sai is organizing a tournament,
we are playing in that
Yes, I saw. They pasted posters all over the village, right?
Play well, we should win the cup
To win the cup, you too should do a small favor uncle
Me? I never play cricket, but would just watch
Not that uncle,
Kousi is been playing from long in our team, right?
We thought, itd be great if she plays even this tournament.
We came to ask you, uncle.
Are you thinking about sending her to any other place?
No, no! Nothing as such
Sir, I dont know as much as these know about cricket.
But I saw one match played by Kousi.
She's completely of a different level Sir.
My respect grew over cricket after watching her game Sir
Going ahead our Kousi will be in Andhra,
Telangana, Australia, Dubai...
Oh no dear! Thats my fear.
I have no objection for her to play Cricket
I can fulfill the small wishes.
But with your encouragement if her wish turns into a dream,
I fear may not fulfil that dream.
Fine if someone else says that, uncle.
But, you saying that is...
Ok guys, take her.
Uncle, but aunty...
Ill take care of your aunty
I told you that before...
You suddenly got love over my dad
and taking me to my village?
I too have a daughter, right?
They would send to me in future when something happens,
only when I send you now, right?
Understood now?
Look, dont come back immediately after I drop you there.
Stay there till I come and pick you up
Take good care of your dad
Your Sachin & Tendulkar are welcoming
all Cricket lovers, fans and well-wishers...
to the Cricket tournament organized
by Sri Saikrishna Travels owner Saikrishna.
Both the teams are getting ready for the tournament.
Team players of Iragavaram....
Wait, Ill say.
One more important thing...
our Saikrishna will hand over the trophy only
to off-spinner who plays well in this tournament
Put the note in your pocket and eyes over Kousi.
Clap on whatever Kousi does. Remember that
Hey Sai, will these old men clap?
Looks like their heart would halt for the
claps by other people around.
Have you seen the Kousi army?
Hey, where are you going?
Sound will go down when person count is down
Hey, you stay back and take extra money if needed
You got to clap
Hey, you think I came to here..
like them to take money and clap?
Do you know the value of claps?
Claps console those in pain,
claps encourage those losing
and claps come with affection while winning.
They clap with respect to the speech
and claps are those given with pride to appreciate
when something is achieved and one cant express in words
Dont buy those with money.
Make them clap on their own.
Hey, you said these dialogues for us to clap right?
Get out from here
Move, move! Move, come on claps!
Hey, move aside... move... move...
Uncle please come...
Uncle... come to stage.
-let's move.
Why so late, man?
Where is Krishnamurthy?
Hasnt he come?
I thought he came
Our village businessman, who is always busy,
Gentleman who always strives for our village people,
our Taluk fertilizers king Syamala Rao uncles fertilizers
are so famous that they are even exported to America from here
Not just that...
its all the greatness of uncle that farmers not just from here
but even there are going up using those fertilizers.
We shall say about that.
Hey, ask that idiot to stop that now.
Hes praising feeling that Id give money.
I wont give even single penny.
Syamala Rao uncle is donating five lakhs.
News just in! Syamala Rao uncle is donating
Five lakhs blessing this tournament.
Uncle, you can give the money later
but first come and do the toss.
Move on
What Krishna, is it from the fields?
Has that Agricultural officer come?
No, hes been delaying saying to come now and later.
I thought so when you said not to be coming
to watch Kousis game that you went there
Wow, your daughters bowling is well.
You must watch it.
Kousi, Kousi and Kousi!
This name is heard a hundred times when we say once...
Why because Kousi is the only
woman bowler in our entire district.
Come on Kousi.
Kousi is definitely a tigress, the pace she came
and bowled was the same pace with which the ball went for four.
Not just us but Kousi is that Mother Teresa
who thinks even the opposites should be good.
She bowled that next ball.
Come on Kousi, come on!
Kousi took the wicket
Super Kousi.
Iragavaram team enjoys the moment
And the next Vetapalem team batsman
has come in the crease.
Hes going to play the first ball, hes going to play
Wicket again...
Kousi waiting for a hat trick
and the batsman is duck out!
We shall wait and see whether Kousi gets
a hattrick now or not
Kousi... Kousi... Kousi....
Iragavaram team is walking out with joy
of celebration after beating out Vetapalem team
She on the whole proved to be
the daughter of a crazy fan of Cricket.
I should definitely see when you are praising so much.
Iragavaram team is getting into the ground
with the great excitement on the second day.
We congratulate Sports Authority of Iragavaram,
Mr. Sai organizing this wonderful tournament
Both teams have handed over the list of their
team players to the umpires...
and the game is going to start in a while
What..? were you clean bowled in that girls bowling?
Don't you have shame?
Hey! You wont talk so if youd seen the
balls I witnessed yesterday.
What are you saying, man?
Shes been playing from so long in this team
and any of one would have made her flat?
Any doubt?
Why are you asking again?
Hey, what are you talking?
Do you talk like that, if she was your sister?
Oh no! I wont even allow ladies of my house
into the ground even for watching
Hey, go man! Go and tell her father who sent her
and not to us
What happened next?
This guy... always comes in the
middle and keeps disturbing.
Its wrong for a girl to be in station after 6 PM
but a boy can be, right?
Stop saying rules and order for Tea, first
You say
What man?
-The girls father has come, Sir.
Order one Tea even for him, Sir
You tell me..
Sir, Krishnamurthy has come
Krishnamurthy means that good man Krishnamurthy?
Ask him to come
Move aside...
Ask him to come
Hello Sir.
Please be seated.
What is the problem, Sir?
When they are saying you and your daughter
are the main reason behind all this fight,
why do you ask whats the problem like you
dont anything Sir?
Tournament organized by Iragavaram
Sports Authority, Sai has come to the final day
Guy holding the bat is batsman, with the pads is Padman
and the guy coming for cheap is the Chief Guest!
And now we introduce todays chief guest,
Sunil Gavaskars TV mate, Dasaiah Gavaskar
Rambabu, whos said as a great player and
batsman from their team, is out for a duck.
And now with a blouse in hands...
Hey, I'll take care of her.
-Okay... let's see.
Hey, he is the guy who spoke bad yesterday about Kousi.
Ok.. ready.
Hey dude, that idiot spoke something bad about Kousi
Wait, wait
Wow man! What you said was correct, dude.
don't know where to look?
You came to know now, right?
How are you doing the keeping, man?
You are talking too much and youll have it.
Ok but, ask her to bowl
Come on bowl, Kousi.
His wicket should be gone
You are sitting and enjoying a lot.
Your head will be blown, rascal.
Shes my sister.
Come on Kousi, come on! Come on Kousi!
Come on
Whats this, dude?
Beamer ball! Shall I ask her to bowl one more?
Come on Kousi, good one! Same one!
Come on Kousi, come on!
Wide Sir
No, no! Right ball
Ball is been swinging... I do not know how to hit,
Theyre hitting our guy, come on
Kousi... Kousi.. come this way.
They spoke wrong and whats our mistake in this, Sir?
Hey moustache, youve been making sound
till now like the frog after rain stops
Why dont you say now,
has your mush come in between
or got frightened by seeing him?
Who is frightened Sir? Vetapalem!
Have you seen any girl playing cricket in our village?
So many boys have been playing cricket for
so long and did you ever get any problem?
Today, it lead to two villages fighting as this girl has played.
Leave all that, Sir. Even Gavaskar and Sachin
have sent their sons to play Cricket but not their daughters.
Is he greater than those?
When one girl wearing pant and shirt is jumping
and running in front of so many boys...
can any man be without seeing?
Not just watching but boys would even speak
about what they saw. Whats their mistake in it?
Whole mistake is on your side and you manhandle our boys?
Say apologies, otherwise not even a single
boy will move out from here
You Idiot.. how dare you to talk like this?
Will boys speak so?
Even those hitting for talking bad about
my daughter are also boys.
My daughter's attire didn't seem wrong for them.
In whichever field we seed the bitter seeds,
we get the bitter crops
Your dirty sight would see it wrong in whichever dress they wear
The mistake wasnt in the dress they wore but your eyes.
Hey, see with the eyes and no mistake in that.
But dont see with lust
Still, who are you to say my daughter not to play?
If she cant play, shed stop by herself
Making my daughter stay back at home listening
to the words of rascals like you...
its like we suppress the wishes of the girl children
Im saying now, listen.
Not just in this boys team,
but my daughter will play even for state and Indian teams.
Ill make you say with your own mouths that Krishnamurthys
daughter has brought in a respect for our village.
I swear on my lands which I feel as my life to be saying this.
Hey, if someone talks bad from now on about my daughter
Ill stamp them down under the cart in my fields
You come on, my dear.
Hey... bring a new ball.
I thought it was love on my dad
but never thought hed do so
Uncle, why dont you too come to the selections?
No dear, that Agricultural officer said
to be coming for visiting the fields.
No idea when would he come down.
Still, you are there as a brother.
You take care of that
Hey Krishna, are you going or not?
-No dude, Ive a work
Call me... if you want anything there.
Keep this money with you.
Keep it.
Dont worry aunty, Kousi will achieve what she wanted
You too went to achieve something, right?
What did you achieve?
Your mom is been pointing out till now.
Should I make even her so?
Why do you stand dumb like that, come on say
What are you talking, Savitri?
Why do you compare him and Kousi like the same?
We have a hundred players like him in our street.
But our Kousi is the only girl
who plays cricket in our entire district.
Added competition for girls cricket is less
Kousi would win easily and will bag a job in
Railways under sports quota.
Then you and your husband can go
around India for free in the train.
I dont understand one thing
is it wrong for Kousi to stand stubborn for
playing cricket like you stood stubborn for your husband?
Ok brother, you all have decided right? Let her go on,
but one thing. Ill listen to what she says,
if she wins and comes back
But if she loses, she has to listen to me.
She should marry like I said. Say this to her.
Uncle, you should they can go for free in train, right?
Ask her to be ready.
Good, thats the spirit dear
See you.
See how great is the girl coming from the village is bowling?
Game is still on and let's see
Welcome Sir
Welcome Sir
Thank you, thank you
Thank you so much
-Welcome Sir
Yes, I am at the bank...
-He is the new Manager.
Yeah tell me.
Distribute to everyone.
-Okay sir.
What Krishnamurthy, how if you dont show
the interest to repay which you had while taking the loan?
Whole crop dried out as there wasnt any water, Sir.
Inspection officer said to come for sure
Bank wont waive off your loan by saying your
crops dried out or didnt come good.
You got to pay our loan taking your troubles
Dont still hang around that agriculture, Krishnamurthy
Its a waste to do farming and further waste to be a farmer
Hey Sachin, its like Kousi is almost selected.
How is it? One more selection round is there, right?
Hey, real selection was yesterday and was very tough
She got selected there and this isnt any big task.
Be ready, we shall party
Hey Anand, why they are making Kousi stand at long off?
We give when there are losses due to natural calamities.
No chance that we can give the compensation
for such lands going dry without water
Sir, if she too is given the same training like all
other girls shed improve well in fielding
What man, did he listen when I said so much?
When asked to give lands here for starting a factory,
he said great words like farming, justice and help
What happened now?
He got all of you go ruined along with him now
Look! It isnt enough just to know bowling in Cricket.
You should have batting and fielding too.
Is it enough to come for selection
after playing with small kids at village?
That girl doesnt know Cricket at all.
Its a waste to do farming.
This girl doesnt know Cricket at all.
Did you iron my dress?
She didnt eat anything. Ive kept box also in this.
Give it to her after dropping at school
Did some evil sight fall on the swinging green crop?
Did a dream stop the walking path of hopes in vain?
Why wasn't Kousalya selected?
It was a new place, right? She might have got frightened.
She'd definitely get selected the next time.
Did a dream stop the walking path of hopes in vain?
A dream... changing eyes has gone dry?
Did even the believed ground said no way ahead?
What sir, does the calendar in your house have 90 days a month?
Pay interest regularly every month, sir
Did even the believed ground said no way ahead?
Did the black cloud say not to come as rain?
Why did you come so early?
You said it may be night, right?
My legs are aching with the clutch while driving.
Clutch is very hard dad.
You should press the clutch like this, that's all
"Is it a sin to believe in the land?"
-Veeraiah, what have you done man, hey?
"Is it a crime to dream?"
Where are those smiles and those days?
Times have burnt away our hopes
Where are those lands and those lives?
Our fates have changed completely
All works are going pending dude
(You kept a board saying "vehicle in reach
and jolly trip for all right?")- [In Phone]
(Will you send even 'she' if we book the car?)
(Not just she but we'll send she teams...
say where are you?)
Say where are you?
That rascal hung the call.
Here is the rent for today.
Count it
Hey, youve given driver post to the man
whom you shouldve given father in law post.
You should give money and help that man
losing in agriculture but why do you take money from him
Hey, you know about him, right?
He can just give but cant take from anyone.
For his hand to be upwards forever,
instead of asking him to work as a driver
I brought him saying hed be helpful
by driving my car as its free
As someone came just when asked, his
self-respect would be offended if we give money without asking
Its been 2 years since this great man took
a loan of four lacks from us
When you know to eat feeling hungry,
dont you know to come and work in the office?
Are you eating food or something else?
Sir, sir! They dont have any mistake in this, Sir.
I didnt pay as I had no money
Yes! Im scolding them as you didnt pay
interest means, thats the respect Im giving to your age
This is your last warning and you should
pay the entire amount with interest in three months
Sir, how can I pay the entire amount in three months?
Ill somehow pay the interest
You got to pay Sir, you have to. I should pay
salaries to all these with the interest you pay.
Dont ruin these poor lives
Sir, Im a farmer Sir. I just know to feed the
opposite person but can never ruin anyones life Sir
Youre only a farmer and not God, right?
What Padma, when would know about pass
and fail of those who wrote Inter?
Its on the 24th of next month, aunty
Will you pass out?
-Yes, aunty
What Savitri sister, will your daughter pass?
When should Kousi pass?
Shed pass going to college
but howd she pass to going to play with boys?
We live working in the fields.
We shall adjust to our conditions and live...
but whats going to achieve a chance in Cricket?
Its too much of greed
If my daughter had done so, I would have broken legs
Otherwise, Id have got her married to some idiot
What Savitri, why are you sitting so dumb
when shes talking so about your daughter?
Ladies who feared even to whisper behind me
about me are today bawling in front of me like crows.
He living like a King challenged in front of all
and is secretly moving around as he cant lift his head in front of them
Who is the reason behind all this? Its because of you
Where are all those praising you saying Kousi
would rock and do something?
Youve made all those criticisms saying Kousi
would go to Vizag and play cricket, now
When some idiot said youre not fit to play,
you come and sit dumb here?
Do you fear about what that fellow said or to the game?
Did I ask you to make me go around
India in train without a ticket?
Look, it isnt enough just to wish for having something,
you should be stubborn and achieve that
Enter the house without cup and see.
Ill break your legs.
Those who fight and win will have more
recognition than those who just play and win.
Dream of tomorrow... Tomorrows dream crossing eye lids
There isnt anything you dont have,
your training wont go waste
No success if you rest, win the goal being stubborn
Love is the fuel, your strength is to move ahead strong
Quality not to give up even if tough is the winning quality
Fight your life for the victory
Defeat the failure every moment of your life
Yours is the playground when you take over it
Youve come so far and move a bit ahead more
Wounds in the war are the stories for tomorrow
Tomorrows dream spreading its wings... You fly high
What dear, sitting without playing?
Are you feeling sick?
Nothing dad, I failed in Inter
These marks are just to change the classes,
but your game will change your fate. Go and play
Uncle, maybe she has to feel for some more time.
You come and we shall play
But, one condition...
Ill play only if my daughter bowls
That's it.
Uncle... this is not Kabaddi, it's cricket.
The same swing of Andhra!
Maharashtra bowled with the swing of Kousalya!
With an improved run rate...
She too would definitely be there in the
25 probables list for world cup.
Let her come, we shall take care at the camp.
Hey, Ive got a great banner written on the
occasion of our Kousi getting selected for World cup.
Like a Sivagami Devi who saved
Bahubalis life and made Mahishmati Empire stand high...
Telugu pride who save Women Cricket team
and going to win World cup
I understood what you are going to say, dude.
Instead of Kousalya, daughter of Krishnamurthy,
I got it written as Kousalya, wife of Saikrishna
Why is he giving left indicator?
He is here.
He listened
Youd have got a good rate if you sold
when I asked, Krishnamurthy Sir.
Now you had to give it off to the scrap stores
Here is the money.
See you.
You used to say that tractor was like my brother, right daddy?
Think like your brother earned and gave it for you.
You should achieve dear, thats important.
Go and play
Hey, see Patel Sir!
Patel Sir!
Sir, hi Sir
Can I take one selfie with you, please?
Why not, sure
Expecting a lot from you, Deepika
Sure dad, bye
-Take care
Hey, first time for Indian camp?
Super and that too world cup camp
And you?
I came for ODI probables in last year.
Dont feel nervous. Lets meet at nets tomorrow
Kousalya, well bowled
Come here and bowl
Hey, village girl! Come here,
Do you think this is your village camp or what?
This is the seniors camp and you should give respect to seniors.
This net is for seniors! Get out from here.
Go... you cant bowl here.
What...? you cant understand?
Am I told you that not to bowl here...?
Whats happening here?
These are seniors and dont you know?
You come so and you know only this.
Come on adjust,
this is the first day of practice
Make her understand
I havent done anything to them, madam.
Im just doing net practice and she purposefully...
Come on, give the ball
Leave it, come on leave it
Damn, whats that?
Maximum here are North Indians
and we get only North Indian food
Without salt...?
Well bowled, well bowled
Hi, whats up?
Look at her... your partner.
Stretch up your hand and throw the ball.
Hey, where are you going? Gayatri...
Hey, come here. What are you bowling?
You know how to do spin bowling?
She doesnt know Hindi. Shes from Andhra
What, dont know Hindi? Oh God!
Hey, what happened?
Nothing, Im done.
Bowling coach would take care of her from now onwards
Hey Kousi, what happened to your bowling?
Kousalya, there wasnt a variation in your bowling before
Mrudula... you bowl.
Gayatri, you are bowling super.
Line and length is coming perfect.
Keep it up, keep it up!
-I know, thank you
Hey, what happened? Didnt you eat?
I dont want, you eat
No idea why but you arent eating well and sleeping well
Hey, who asked you to be here?
Go to the long on.
Sradha, come here
catch it
She is new for coaching camp and I think shes home sick.
Take care.
Ok coach
-You can go.
Kousalya Krishnamurthy,
what does Krishnamurthy do?
What does Krishnamurthy do?
To fulfil your daughters dream is important for you
but not to pay the bank loan.
You don't have enough to pay interest
and do you need this Cricket coaching for your daughter?
His daughter is a very good player, Sir
All your villagers may think you are talented
and you play great.
But that talent is of no use here
That is India team.
You are saying Kousalya, daughter of Krishnamurthy going from
a small village Iragavaram will play for India...
earn money and repay this bank loan
And I should believe that
First you know how to be with the seniors
and in this environment.
It will be of help to you in future.
Leave your thought about to play for the world cup.
Look Krishnamurthy,
shall I tell you an idea to repay your loan?
Instead of making your daughter play cricket,
make her roam around the villages and do recording dance
Hey Krishnamauthy, got angry?
You are in a confusion, Krishnamurthy.
You shouldnt get angry for this...
but should feel ashamed.
I am telling for the sake of your good.
You know who should get so much angry?
Those who buy and eat with their own earned money
But not to those who get even salt on loan
Repay the bank debt if you really have
so much of self respect and anger.
Take this and pay for Lorry fare and the labor wages.
Ok Sir.
Come Krishna, sit
Mice have gone high in the fields.
Do you have any medicine?
Even the crop will be gone with the medicine
I have and are these mice a problem? I have it, take
Veeru died as he couldnt withstand the debts problem.
I felt he did a foolish thing that day.
He might have gone through such a hell
to have felt its better to die.
One needs great courage even to die.
If all dead are courageous, you mean all those
who fight in life and win are cowards?
What are you talking?
We are being farmers and farming for food for all...
just for a day food ...
should we begging others...
He died with ashamed.
But I dont have shame.
Don't you feel ashamed?
No shame for the dead.
Is it enough just to care about all in the village?
Doesnt he need to care about his wife and kids?
He died, now his family is onto roads.
Leave about him, take an example about you...
Whatever may be your troubles, knowing that
your daughter likes cricket didnt you send her so far away?
Thats the courage.
Hey, how is your daughter? Whats she
eating? Wont you care about her?
Dad, you challenged all that your daughter
would play for Indian team and make India win.
But, looks like I wont get a chance here dad.
None even cares here that I exist at all.
And how would they know
whether I have a talent or no, dad
I strongly wish that I should play in Indian
team and you should watch that, dad
But all that doesnt seem to happen, dad.
All that doesnt seem to happen, dad.
Kousi... Kousi...
Kousi, your father has come.
What dear, how are you?
How are you, dad?
Your dad isnt like before, Kousi.
It was tough to hold your dad even when India
was playing,before
And now can we control your dads happiness
when youre playing for India?
You know what our village cable guy
said when asked for interview?
He said to give with the cup beside him
after his daughter wins
Did you say or not?
Uncle! Im still not selected yet, right?
Who else would get selected, if not you?
Why is dad not talking anything?
Kousi, I too am going speechless after seeing
you in this dress with happiness. How can he speak?
Kousi, coach is calling
Whats that name, he kept after some car
name as Bolare?
Nothing uncle, it seems coach is calling
Oh no, go dear. Go!
See you dad.
See you uncle.
Girls, our coach is getting relieved today
from this camp, lets say thanks.
contribution from the last two years
gave us great inspiration.
Look at Kousi... Shes so matured.
I feel very happy seeing her.
Do you ask for poison instead of
feeling happy by having such a daughter?
And that too with me?
I didnt want to lose in my career last days
and thus I resigned
That may be correct for you, but instead of
being in support and make us win...
how if you go leaving us in the middle, madam?
Should make you win? Bull shit!
As far as I know, this team...
See that... There is a roller in repair, right?
This team is equal to that
Its your duty to correct them, right?
Should I correct them?
I'm a coach, not a mechanic.
Hey, put the vehicles to a side
-I know! Go man, came to say
Ask him.
What man, is Nelson there?
There, you can listen to the sound right?
Say that we came from BCCI
BCCI... loan? Ok, wait and Ill call.
Brother, some bank people have come
Bank people?
I said and hes coming. Wait for a while
Nelson Dilip Kumar!
Should I repair anything Sir?
Hey, who are you and what are you doing
with the vehicle?
Oh, are you the mechanic who said to come yesterday?
Alright, the toolbox is there in the vehicle.
Take that and repair.
Repair it and take your money, understood?
When do players come?
Its just 7, right? They wouldnt have still woken up.
Why do you need about when do they come?
Look into your job
Asking for all unnecessary matters
Sorry for delay Sir, Sorry
Nelson Dilip Kumar
Yes Sir, I know Sir.
Girls, come soon. Hey, come fast.
He is Nelson Dilip Kumar...
our new coach and introduce yourselves
I cant remember names of all.
I can remember just 15 names
and that too based on your performance.
How late were you today?
-Two hours.
Two hours...
Barinder Singh.
Your vehicle is ready...you make the pitch ready
Ok, move on
Your session is over for today
We shall meet at the evening team meet
What? What?
Are you sure?
-Yes dear, hes a mechanic
Sir, special concern list
As far as our team is concerned,
all are best players individually
But why are we not getting qualified as
a team till the knockout stage?
To qualify so, we need three things as a must. A, B and C...
Accelerator, Break and Clutch
A for Adamant,
you should be stubborn not to lose at all
Be for believe,
we should have more belief on our team than ourselves.
And C...
Nelson, one minute!
Girls, we have no need to listen to his words.
He is just a mechanic and we are international players
He too is an international player
He played just one match.
But we played about 70 to 80 matches
He was sent from the board.
We got to listen to what he says
Excuse me,
you listen if you want to. We dont have that need
Does he know how we play?
Lets know.
We shall know tomorrow about who plays how.
All those thinking me as a mechanic are in one team
All those who accept me as coach are in one team.
If you win, Ill listen to you.
But unfortunately, if we win...
Hey, mechanic
Yes, international player
Win and then speak
Sir, only ten people agreed to play in the
team agreeing you as the coach Sir.
Girls! Thered be no differences as
seniors and juniors in cricket.
You play 100% of your natural game
Respect the game and not the players, move now
Hey come on, come on
Hey, come here
Say Sir
First, you should analyze the opponents
strength and only then you should bowl.
Whats her strong placement?
Shes very strong in cover drive
Then, what should you do?
Shall we put extra fielders in covers?
She wont play that side.
She hits on the other side
What shall we do then?
Take off the fielder from cover and place in gully.
You bowl the same ball, with a bit extra pace
Hey Ramya, go to the gully
Hey come on, catch it. Catch it!
Hey, yes! Well done
What will you bowl now?
Sir, we set the field for bouncer.
We should then bowl a bouncer, right?
What if even the batsman thinks the same?
Oh, what a ball!
Well done Kousi. Wow Kousi! Well bowled
Hey Nelson, come on focus in the match.
Girls, cheer up! Girls come on...
Kousalya, off side!
Dont bowl off side. Bowl it backwards
Come on Kousalya
Sir, Sir, Super Sir! Super ball, Kousi
Kousi is trying to take wickets
Shes champ and you giving buildup to her! Go.
Sir, you said to bowl on the off side
Go out and ask Kousi
They come taking the red bus from villages saying to bowl
and its our bad luck that she is getting wickets too.
Have you learnt this bowling from your
village and come here? Bowl like this
Come on throw, throw! Fats, fast, that side
Well played, well played girls
Well done.
Well done.
Well done. Good shot.
Well played girls.
It seems you have been torturing my daughter
from the day you came here?
I got many complaints on you...
what do you think of yourself?
Good to see you man.
-My pleasure Sir.
They said at the board and thus I came to see you
Looks like you targeted a second innings and came in?
Hi dad.
Did you lose?
Ok girls, my daughter always asked me why
dont I come and give a motivational speech for her team.
But now, you dont have that need
Because a bigger motivation and
inspiration is standing in front of you now.
This Nelson is the man I selected in 2004,
when I was in Nationals selectors.
This Nelson Dilip Kumar is a great wicket Keeper
Cum batsman we found then for Mens Cricket India has batted first in that match.
You know the score after 10 overs then?
It was 35 for 5.
Nelson scored a century in that match, 123 not out
India has won that match.
All the panel members together have
even announced Nelson as the man of the match
But, Nelson surprised all of us.
He announced his retirement as a shock
Till then I knew that one ball changes the entire match
But after that incident I understood
that a ball changes a life
Nelson lost his left eye sight in an accident
that took place in that match
That one ball cost him his entire career
If there was someone else in his place,
he wouldve been utterly gone into depression
But he is Nelson and the talented player I selected
Thus, he came back chasing his dreams and win.
You chase your dreams.
Remember, if you can't achieve now,
you can never achieve it again.
You should achieve your dreams but no others
can achieve them for you
None other than you can achieve them.
All the best Nelson!
-Thank you Sir
Take care
you are the winner.
what shall we do now?
World cup
What is this sir..? you gave me just a thousand rupees.
Its one thousand for an acre and
you have just one acre, right?
When it cost Rs. 50000 per acre,
how if you give one thousand Sir?
As you voted us, we are giving you
that 1000 without eating it away
You are giving as elections are coming up
and not with any love on us, right?
This is the problem with you, guys.
Why do you care about where and
how much is given instead of taking what is being given?
What Sir, are you giving us any donations?
At least these many are left behind in the
village as they had no money to buy pesticide to die.
Not just him but his entire family
can die with the 1000 rupees you give.
We arent asking to fulfil all our wishes and problems.
But we asked cover our losses.
Hey, move on guys, move
Go... go... when pampered you guys overact.
Youll lose it being stubborn like this
What is this? Is this a loan?
This isnt a loan... offering.
We pray asking, Please see to that there is
no problem for the food, Lord and offer money to God, right?
And giving money directly to the farmer who
offers food to that God means giving it to the God.
I think fertilisers load came and I should get that unloaded.
Meet you again.
She bowled well in the beginning.
What happened now?
Sir, bowling coach had asked her to change her technique
You are a Telugu girl, right?
-Yes Sir
You know, our people have a character.
When someone says not to do something,
we do that same thing.
When they said, 'you cant'... then you shouldnt believe them.
You should believe in yourself
Good morning everyone
Good morning
Shall we announce the team?
Go ahead
Deepika Patel, Anjali Sarma, Kalpana Roy,
Sraddha Saxena, Keerti Singh, Archana Das,
Natasha Sharavat, Priyanka Trivedi,
Manasa Chowdary and Devika Patel
Sir, whats this? Selection should be
done as per talent, right Sir?
That is our boards basic rule, right Sir?
Nelson, dont try to teach us.
We had to reject one lack members to select 25 members.
Are you saying us about talent to select
15 from those 25 members?
Nelson, what are you thinking?
People with greater talents than those in your
list are unable to come out of their villages.
How would they come, Sir?
You are now trying to send the girls who
came crossing so many troubles back to their villages again.
Gayatri Dixit, Sangeetha Ramteke,
Kousalya Krishnamurthy
Kousalya, she has just come in right?
She cant withstand the World cup pressure.
and Gayatri...
she played a lot.
Sangeetha has no records at all.
Nelson we shall see,
we shall see for the next series
What she says is right
These anyways cant cross even the league stage
Theyd come back in just three matches
We shall look into all these in the next selections, leave it
Thats why Im asking to give the team Ive selected
Nelson, this isnt your wish
Youre the coach for the team which I select
I dont have a need to be the coach for that team, Sir
If so, you resign. Resign and leave
Ill resign.
But when BCCI press asks about why I resigned,
Ill say whatever happened here as the reason
What, are you threatening?
No, I do fear Sir.
Ours is the duty to identify talent and make them play,
but not to play with the talent
Oh, I see! You know what he says?
If we select the 15 members in his list
to play the tournament...
He will win us the world cup.
Am I right?
Im asking what will you do if I get you the cup?
We shall all resign
What, what are you talking Sir?
You wait Sir.
Its impossible for them to win even one match
He knows this team just from 15 days.
I know from four years
Forget about the World cup,
He won't even reach the till there
I challenge you.
Challenge, take it up!
Look up fly like a plane
Were about to make it rain
Challenge, face it!
"Bout to spark all the flames
Were back again"
Come on catch like the goal comes to you as the ball
Come on hit like your hard work runs away
Jump to the sky like this earth carries you
Like you cross the obstacles, come on, challenge
Challenge, take it up! Challenge, face it!
"You can say whatever you want
but we dont fret, no!"
"who you calling a looser boy we champ you know"
"we got a dream"
"like Martin Luther king light speed yeah we beam
all we... all we do is win"
"we about to burn up... put your hands down
when you come around the king you"
"you better learn to bow down"
"when we get to the ground yll better run
coming for the first spot, yeah we gonna be number one"
"who won go figure
look whos got bigger"
Wound cant stop the destination
To live learn to die, life is so
Youll have pride only when you fall and rise
Air has no tiredness
Where is the better catalyst than your breathe?
Sun ray makes a night into day
Learn to fight at every step and the victory is yours
"fire on fire making all of your vibes expire
burnin up yll, losers and haters"
"man in the mirror took me fly higher
felt like the whole world on my shoulder"
"then you point your trigger finger
if this your war, man Im the soldier "
"show me my flag, Im a flame up fire... fire "
When our country was losing there,
I felt bad as I couldnt do anything as a player.
But now after 11 years,
Im getting the confidence to wipe that pain out.
Falling rain drop never holds behind cloud,
how much ever far is the earth
There isnt any history, when you stand still at a place
Come on, this moment to fulfill your dreams is here
It brought the day making all to hail for you
Earth came into your hands asking to circle it around
You should knock the doors of victory, come on challenge
Challenge, take it up! Challenge, face it!
"Look up fly like a plane
Were about to make it rain"
Challenge, take it up! Challenge, face it!
You gave the best in camp.
Dont think about the selections...Ok?
Keep on working
Sixth world cup T-20 tournament is about to begin.
The Indian team lead by new captain
Deepika, was announced today.
In this team, we have a new comer
Kousalya Krishnamurthy.
I'll propose as a youth leader.
Ill put this garland to only Krishnamurthy Sir,
even if you make me the Booth leader
Whats all this celebration, guys?
You won in the challenge, uncle
Our Kousi got selected for the World cup, uncle
Brother, give that garland here.
This is the greatness I achieved as MLA
Oh, so youve kept even this into your account
-Kousi, here distribute these sweets to all
Have it.
Brother, please have it
Please have it dear!
MLA Sir, please come
Why didn't you take it earlier?
She didnt say just you as brother
and now she said even that
This sweet would taste bitter only for you
When Sachin who failed 10th
became so famous in cricket,
how much more famous would my Kousi
be failing two classes more than that?
Whatever famous she becomes,
shed never marry you.
Come on, lets leave. It seems theres another
sister in the next village.
We shall make even her as a player, it seems
Hey, you too come on guys
T-20 Womens World Cup is starting tomorrow.
Pool A and pool B will have 5 teams in each.
Ten teams in all will participate in the
first league of the tournament.
Pakistan and India will play against each other, tomorrow.
Coach, you didnt say about C from A, B
and C from that day
Huh! You at least felt like asking today. C for Challenge
and our first challenge is with Pakistan tomorrow
-Coach, tomorrow elevens list
Tomorrow, I think itll be a flat track.
I dont think we need two off spinners
Sir, Kousi?
-You decide,
girls last set
Hey, village Girl!
Is that your bat?
Oh, sorry dude! I just hit with the ball
as it was there and it broke.
Ill get you another one.
Ill buy you a new one.
Dont get tensed, ok? Ok!
Hey, what?
Gayatri, what are you doing? Leave Gayatri,
what the hell is your problem? Hey, leave
It was Kousi Sir, she behaved rude Sir
So, you are playing in India team
Get out
Its a brightest beautiful day there
and YSR Stadium, Viskhapattanam
Lets see...
What Krishnamurthy...
when your daughter is playing cricket in stadium instead of going directly,
how if you sit so in front of TV?
Ive seen even players like Sachin Tendulkar
and Kapil Dev playing so, in this TV
We want to field first
Good luck
-Thank you
What is this...? our team opted fielding?
Now, our Kousi will come and bowl, She makes
10 members out in 10 minutes
Hey, you wait man! We got to see our Kousis name
Deepika Patel, Anjali Sarma, Ramy Gaikwad...
Hey Krishnamurthy, our Kousis name isnt there
Wipe the spectacles properly and see, man
I put my eyes inside TV and then saw.
Our girls name isnt there
Oh no! We came giving up the field works today
as our Kousi would play.
Its a waste of labor charges, move on guys
Why should we be here, when our girl isnt playing?
Come on, lets go
Krishnamurthy, these hands clapped for so many great people
and I came to clap if your daughter plays well.
I think your daughter doesnt have the
luck to get claps from me.
What can we do?
Leave it, if not in this match,
shed play in another match
Shes there in the team finally, right?
Thats why I didnt move from the place I sat.
Whatever may happen, but India is going to win
You would have expected me to play today, right Dad?
Either you played or not, India won it.
Listen, Im saying and youll definitely
be playing in the next match.
And youll call me and say that
Dont think of anything else and sleep happily
Say even with mom, dad
Ok, Ill inform her. You sleep now.
India won huge with 10 wickets over Pakistan.
Won easily with Ireland and now, has
greater chances to easily win over Sri Lanka too
You idiots, youre making her carry water
bottles even today. See, India will lose now
India will definitely get qualified for semi-finals.
Looking at the fielding setup,
it seems they set up next for bouncer
Even the batsman is thinking of the same
Its understood that a super
pace ball is going to come from Pratibha.
They are looking forward with great zeal
and interesting strategy to take a wicket.
Lets see what's their plan is.
We got to see whether India confirms for semis
by straight taking a wicket in this ball or not
Pratibha, last ball of the innings and its clean bowled
When bouncer was expected, she delivered a yorker
Great strategy and great performance from Indian team.
India vs. Bangladesh.
India is facing Bangladesh in the womens world cup
In todays match we'll see India and Bangladesh playing.
India who chose to bat first has scored
141 runs for 7 wickets.
If Bangladesh scores 142, they can make it.
Did they win?
Yes boss, Bangladesh won it
What, Bangladesh?
It was in our hands till the 19th over.
When they had to hit 17 in the last over,
bowling was given to a girl named Gayatri.
4 runs were needed in the last ball
And she bowled leg-side...
and they hit four in just one ball.
Would anyone give last over to such a girl?
Next match is with Australia and
we have 50-50 chances for semi-finals.
Deepika, decision you took for the last over wasnt correct
Because she didnt get the rhythm from the very first ball.
She didnt take the line and length
You shouldve thought a bit
Guys no one believed that we would even win one match.
But now, we have come till the semis.
Leave it now, lets enjoy the game
It is ok girls, well played
when all stood nervous to bowl the last over, you came forward
and that shows your seniority, well done
Sir, Sir! Im really sorry Sir
Sir, actually Kousi had no mistake...
I broke her bat that day
I know.
Then, why did you keep Kousi away?
Now, what about this Kousalya.
I can't find any video footage of her at all.
Nothing domestically, nothing told.
It's like, she doesn't exist.
Kousalya is going to play in the next match
I don't think we need to worry
about a strategy for her because...
India won't play her against us,
In a semi final in World Cup.
I didnt put her aside but just hid her, thats all
Kousi ,Im sorry
The T-20 World Cup is now getting more interesting.
In today's semi finals,
Australia that has never tasted defeat so far...
Is playing with India that has qualified for semi finals
For the very first time.
Australia has won the World Cup thrice, so far.
This match will be held at 7 PM at Vizag, today.
Hey Kousi, what are you still doing
without getting ready?
All left getting ready, come on lets go
I'll get ready after talking to my dad
Can you please give me your phone, once?
Ok, you want to talk with your dad?
Talk and come fast
Ok, fine
-Uncle, Kousi
Yes Kousi, say dear
Is dad there?
Dad hasnt come here, dear
His number is switched off
He might have not kept it in charging.
Wait, Ill go and make him talk. You be on line
Im going to play for the first time for India
Why are you crying dear?
You went to play Cricket as your dad cried then
when India lost, right?
You cannot cry now.
You arent a girl like all.
A flag to fly shouldnt cry.
Iragavaram Krishnamurthys daughter is playing for India.
What more does this dad need, dear?
Do you remember, I said you something once.
Youd someday play for India and
that youd call me and say that word.
Listen, Im saying you now.
Not just playing but youll win and make India win
Kousi, all made fun saying cricket crazy
guy got a daughter whos crazy about cricket
They criticized saying my daughter was playing with boys
Ill say now with those idiots that..
my daughter isnt playing with men...
she playing with countries.
You win and come back, dear
Dad, what do you need when I return?
World cup!
Say my name and give it to the country
Dad, whats that sound heard there?
Oh! Youre playing for India, right?
Local channels are here to interview me.
Thats fine, be careful with the Australia team.
They wont accept when they lose. They play cheating
Be with patience like me and
dont get angry like your mom
Dad, give the phone once to mom
She wont understand whatever you say now.
Ill say her, why for you?
Moms scolding is become a habit for my game, dad.
I dont feel like playing without getting scolded by mom.
Please give her the phone for once
Be on the line
Dont cry. Come on talk
You never call me by name...
But today you are calling me by name.
Mom, dont go with cattle like every day
and make all watch my game today.
Keep the TV in front of our house
and you watch along with all.
Mom, you always keep saying right?
It isnt enough just to have greed
but should be adamant and achieve that.
Please say it again.
Enough of talking, stop that now
Hey, you...
-You wait.
You cant repay the loan but nothing less in anger
What is this, Sir?
Properties of those who escaped
absconding thousands of crores loans are here, right?
Why don't you seize them?
You feel the farmer in the fields wont talk, right?
You let go the guy who abscond without paying...
and pull away even the house of the guys
who cry being unable to repay, Sir
Where are those smiles and those days?
Times have burnt away our hopes
Where are those smiles and those days?
Whats this?
Times have burnt away our hopes
I wont play, Sir
Sir, give two days of time.
Krishnamurthy will repay the loan even
by selling his fields.
Im here, right?
What, Krishnamurthy?
See MLA Sir, we are agreeing as youre saying this.
Let's move.
Your dad is in problems, fine.
But whats the relation for that and you not playing?
How can I play Sir?
My dad opposed the entire village for me to play Cricket.
My dad is living for my happiness.
Now he is standing on the roads with insult
If I dont stand with him even now and
play cricket for my happiness...
Im not said to be his daughter.
Ok, what will you go there now and do?
Ill stand in support to my dad
-Youll stand in his support,
Its natural to be a support when someone is in troubles
But, as a daughter you should think
to drive away those problems.
Childrens victory will wipe out every
fathers pain from his problems.
Will you give that to your father or not?
Im saying with my experience...
Luck to witness success of children
cant be possible for all parents, Kousi
But Im confident that your dad will get that luck today
Youre into a pain when hes into problems there
He bringing you up so much will have
a great hope on you, right?
Hed be in waiting to see you winning, right?
Sir, my dad Sir. Poor dad, Sir
Hey, look here!
This world doesnt listen when we say to win.
But it listens to the victorious person
Whatever you say, you win and then say
Listen, Im saying now.
Not just in this boys team,
my daughter will play for state and even in Indian When someone says that 'you cant,'
dont believe them... believe in yourself.
Its not enough to have just the greed on something,
but you should be adamant and achieve that
Hey, when our village girl is playing for India
and getting fame for our village,
will all the villagers sit at home and watch serials?
Entire village should be here by the time match starts.
No one should move from here till the match ends
2018, Second semi-finals.. Womens World Cup,
India vs. Australia is being played today.
India won the toss and opted to chase
Kousalya Krishnamurthy of Andhra Pradesh
is getting into the stadium today as a debutant...
and that too in the knockout stage
Here we go, semi-finals first ball
Australian opener Nikolz is in the crease.
Thats a fine shot!
Oh! this is the boundry.
Australia started showing its power from the
very first ball.
What a great shot from Australia...
here we go second run...
Australia, great shot and thats
the boundary again for Australia
They bash it up even when bowled average
and the ball come now on the leg side.
What a shot, great shot! Wow!
They experience speaks. What a massive sixer for
Australia.. 43 for no loss is Australia score
Australian batsmen are in the attacking mode.
Looking at Indian team,
they are attacking with two slips.
Wow, what a break through! Wow, dashing
clean bowled
Though Australian captains wicket is down,
result is still the same.
Ball is running towards the boundary
from in between the two fielders
Oh, thats a boundary
Pace bowlers attack isnt working out at all on these.
None is able to put a block to their flow of runs
Oh no, another boundary while we are talking
Australias dominating game and
the captains shot would create a history.
We have to wait either for a six or four for every ball
And it looks like Australia has decided to
keep a score like the Everest before India to chase down
Australias score is 73 for 1
after the end of 8 overs
Entire pressure is now on Indian team
Debutant Kousalya Krishnamurthy
is coming now to bowl for India
Its her first ball in international ball
and is special as that is in World Cup.
Kousalya has come to put a control to
Australia domination in a do or die situation
ad its a clean bowled!
Flighted delivery from her and
the batswoman received the flight!
Kousalya got a wicket for her first
ball in international match. What a debut!
Looks like an LBW and they are confidently appealing.
But umpire doesnt look to be so interested.
But Kousalya looks very much confident
Will Deepika go for a review?
Yes, shes going for review
Lets see whether India gets another wicket or not
But the ball pitching inside and
impacting line hitting wickets, yes out!
Kousalya bags her second wicket in a row.
Kousalya Krishnamurthy gets back to back
wickets in her first international match.
Good job, good job!
Another important thing, shes on a hat trick
Outside edge and hattrick
wickets from Kousalya Krishnamurthy.
She proved her stamina right in her first match
and that too under pressure against the mighty Australia
Lets wait, this is interesting
Hey, what is this?
That Sachin let the world know about cricket,
this Sachin made the world know about your love, dude.
Next batswoman Amenda!
Her wicket isnt down till now
in this world cup series.
Her strike rate is above 200
and we cant calculate her average.
This is a good contest
Hattrick wicket taker vs. Finisher!
Outside edge and just a single!
Well done... its a great over.
Team India is back on track
kousalya with her first over and her hat trick
wickets has brought back India on driving seat for sure
We would have seen partnership in batting till now.
But today, Australian team is shivering to see
the partnership in Indian bowling
Even the run rate is dropped.
We are seeing Australian batswomen
struggling in this series for the first time
If we see, they are struggling to even rotate
the strike. Run rate is down to 6 from 9.
After 19 overs, Australia is on 117 for 5 wickets.
Whose is this day?
Kousalya taking a hattrick in first over vs.
best finisher Amenda! First ball, over the boundary!
and that is a huge six.
looks like a hatred argument
Pressure, semi-final pressure boundary,
That is...
four! Last ball of the match and Amenda
is finishing the innings with 4.
She proved again as a not out batswoman.
Australian best finisher Amenda!
Indias target is 136 runs in 120 balls.
Best opening pair in this series is Deepika and Ramya.
Can they handle the pressure
today in this knockout stage?
Yes, is the answer!
Indian team captain Deepika sends
the first ball to boundary.
Ramya on the strike, she delivered shot
and boundary in the third region.
Indian openers are utilizing the power play well.
Wow, wow!
Shot, shot! That was the shot of the match.
49 for no loss and a good opening partnership for India!
First breakthrough of Indian team
in Amendas bowling with a stumping.
Looks like its an Amenda day!
Experienced campaigner Anjali is on the strike
and yes she started with a boundary
First sixer from Indian team!
Team India is rotating the strike in a great way
Oh my God, catch in the deep end and India
loses one more wicket while we are saying
India is on 63 for 2 after 9 overs.
Indias next batswoman comes in
Australia is putting pressure on India by
placing 7 fielders inside the circle
Good effort again and boundary is saved
Match hasnt yet gone out of Indias hands. Wicket,
India lost another wicket in this crucial time.
Team India is on 69/3.
India is in troubles losing immediate wickets
They need a good partnership at this time
But Australia started sledging basing on the partnership
All-rounder Amenda is standing as an all-rounder in all ways,
including sledging.
Team India wins this match only by
making 51 runs in 31 balls
Much needed boundary from
experienced batswoman Anjali.
Thats the last ball of 17th over hit by Anjali
and again a deserving boundary for Anjali
Oh, oh! Australia has again started sledging
Concentration is very important here and
Indian batswomen shouldnt get deviated here at all
Oh bowled
and Australia is been waiting for this.
Australia is very string in mind game.
India lost another wicket in the crucial time
Anjali is been strongly fighting for victory
though wickets are falling continuously on the other end
And That's a boundary
If she stands till the last ball,
India has chances of winning this match
India has to make 15 runs in 7 balls.
Ruzwalla hits the leg side ball and easy to four
Easy 2 from team india
Team India is in trials to make three runs
and Ruzwalla couldnt reach.
Yes, thats the wicket for Australia
and its a complete pressure
Unfortunate thing is that
Anjali is at the non striking end.
New batswoman is going to take the strike
Indian team should make 13 runs in
6 balls to win this match
Gayatri on strike and first ball is a dot ball
So, India has to make 13 runs in 5 balls
to win this match
Next ball, outside the off stump and ball beaten
Slowly, the match is slipping out from team Indias hands
It is just enough to rotate the strike with one single,
because well settled batswoman Anjali is at the non striking end
Edge and wicket, India loses another
wicket at the crucial time
Australians are in the driving seat and the
whole match is gone into their control
13 more runs to be made in just 3 balls now
Kousi... give the strike to Anjali.
Hey, Krishna... Kousi is came to bat.
Kousalya Krishnamurthy coming from Andhra
is an off spinner and has taken a hattrick and is now come on to bat
Can she show the same magic as from her
bowling or not because team India is under pressure
India is now left with just three balls
First ball of international career as a batswoman
and Kousalya hits the first ball played as a huge six for India
Indian team gets back the hopes again
Great player,
where did they hide this
Kousalya Krishnamurthy till date?
Hattrick in bowling and now a sensational game!
She hit a six for the ball and
gave back the hope to Indian Team.
Next ball, Kousalya punches getting into the
back foot and there is a chance to get two runs as on off side
But, Kousalya says no and this is a sensible decision
Reason is Anjali will be facing the last ball of the match.
Anjali is now visible to the entire
Indian Cricket fans world as a ray of hope.
Just one sixer!
Just one sixer will take India to the finals
All elements required for a
World cup knockout are there in this match.
Its a nail biting match.
Is it India to be winning in
this mind game match or Australia?
Australian captain Shoot is ready
to bowl the final ball.
Anjali is going to get stumped out.
Ball miss and Australia won the match
and is qualified for the finals
Dream of Indian team is shattered
Shoot crossed over the captaincy pressure
and bowled a great delivery today
India lost the game.
Kousalya Krishnamurthy gets hattrick wickets
and what a debut match for her
But team couldnt win even when she hit a
six in the final over today
All thought Anjali scoring 48 runs
would hit a six for last ball,
make half century and take India to victory.
But just a pain is left behind for the Indian fans
One minute, one minute!
Looking at the umpires discussing there,
they seem to be discussing about no-ball
So, is the match in Australias hands or not?
As per Cricket rules 5 runs to Indian team
After so many days, semi-final match ends as a draw.
Its like Indian Team coach Nelson is back to life.
We can know by seeing the body language
of Australian team that theyve gone very down
India vs. Australia super over!
Youve seen the pain of a defeat
in these 30 seconds...
and Ive nothing more to say you than this.
Come on, lets do it.
World cup semi-finals and
what more can we wait than for this? Super over,
Captain Deepika and Ramya are coming on to the crease.
Its the Captain Shoot to bowl from Australia.
So interesting contest, Captain vs. Captain!
First ball of Shoots bowling, down the track to six
Great start for India,
great shot in the next ball but straight to the fielder
Just a single! Ramya sends third ball of super
over to the boundary on the square leg
India is dominating great in the super over.
Next ball and theyre rotating single.
Ramya and so Captain Deepika is on
Theyre going to face the 5th ball.
India scored 12 runs in 4 balls,
Next ball to Indian team is a short ball
and its gone for a boundary
Indian team scores 16 runs in 5 balls.
Last ball in this super over and its just a single.
So, Australia needs 18 runs to win this match.
Indian teams off spinner Kousalya
Krishnamurthy is going to bowl the super over for India
But Amenda who hit 18 runs in Kousalyas
last over is batting for Australia.
Not even a single in the first ball...
and the next ball is a wide on the leg side
Kousi, well done! Come on bowl on the off side
Dalo means throw it.
So, they said`off side dalo`
means they rhrow the ball off side.
Must remember the word `Dalo`
Amenda flicks the ball on the off side by
Kousalya into air and looks like it is going to be a catch
No, it is a boundary.
Amenda read Kousalyas bowling greatly.
So, is the next ball going to go for a six or boundary?
Well done Kousi! Dont bowl off side,
bowl it backwards
And thats a wicket
We should say that Kousalya Krishnamurthy
has broken Amendas record of being not out for the entire series
Australia has to score 12 runs in
4 balls now to win this match
And its enough that India takes just one more wicket now
Its enough to get two wickets in a super
over for a team to win. Kousalya to Shut and a good shot.
No elevation and just a single.
Kousalya to Nikole and Nikole who can score boundaries!
What a shot, thats a six for Australia
Australia wins the match by scoring
5 runs in two balls now.
And if India has to win this match they shouldnt
either give 5 runs in two balls or take a wicket for sure
Audience poll says Australia wins for 94%
and just 6% saying India will win
Kousalya Krishnamurthy has come to make
the confidence of the 6% win.
Clean bowled and India won the match
My dad cried as India lost in Cricket Sir
Thus, I should play for India, make India win
and make my dad happy Sir
She achieved, my daughter achieved it
Kousi, Kousi, Kousi!
The player of the match goes
to Kousalya Krishnamurthy
Kousalya, can we have a word with you?
My thanks to all Anand bro, Peter bro, Satya bro
and all being the main reason behind me to play cricket.
Main reason behind me playing in this
World Cup is our Nelson Sir and thanks to him
Ill say a small story. There lived a dad in
a small village named Iragavaram
His name is Krishnamurthy.
Along with his wife and daughter,
he equally loved Cricket and agriculture.
There was a time when both Cricket
and agriculture were almost down
Then Ganguly came to save Cricket,
Dhoni came after Ganguly
and Kohli after Dhoni.
And now even Krishnamurthys
daughter Kousalya has also come.
But no other Krishnamurthy came to save
Krishnamurthy who went to save the agriculture which was down
Even that agriculture didnt
save Krishnamurthy going down
Defeat of a farmer in agriculture isnt his own defeat
its a defeat for the whole nation
This same bank giving me five lacks for being
player of the match has...
seized away my house as my dad didnt repay his loan.
My dad is watching the match played by
his daughter in TV sitting in the streets today
Sir. I dont know how much my dad should pay you.
Take this money and give the house back to my dad, Sir.
We appreciate the cook when the food is tasty,
but we dont care at all about the guy who grew the crops.
What did she say?
She is saying that we knowing to consider a game
seriously dont know about considering agriculture seriously
There are 11 members to make India win in cricket.
How many from us are there to make
India win in agriculture?
They gave me this cup for making India win
No problem even if you dont give cups to
the farmers keeping India alive
but please see to that they doesnt get deep into debts, Sir.
Jai Hind!
Come on, lets do it again!
India for the first time defeated West Indies and bagged
championship in the 6th Women's T20 world cup.
Central Government has announced a sum of
50 Lacks prize money for the team winning world cup.
Andhra Pradesh government has announced
a reward of 25 Lacks along with a land for house.