Kousalya Supraja Rama (2023) Movie Script

Have a look at this design.
Show me something more
expensive than diamond.
Why are you bothering?
How can't I uncle?
Will I get engaged again and again?
Give me your hand.
One should not exchange
rings before engagement.
What is this uncle?
You always do this.
We are getting married.
You have no idea how
young people live today.
You haven't even given me her cell number.
She messages me from your number.
Is it her message?
Or is it you testing my character?
Leave it.
If we both want to go out and have privacy,
You both will tag along in your car.
Now how can we understand each other?
We are a reputed family.
What if you roam around the whole town
and later refuse to marry her?
When I was tensed of not getting any girl,
the astrologer told me that for 21 days!,
for 21 days I have pleaded Lord Shani dev
and then I got your daughter.
How will I not marry her?!
Who will refuse her?
Are you Santhu?
If not will you cut the call?
If you don't answer properly
I will find you and shut you.
How do you know Ram?
If I was a girl he would
have been my husband.
But god is kind to me.
Speak properly.
He is my cousin.
What's the matter?
Come to Bannerghatta
road Kaveri hospital urgently.
Why sir?
What happened to Ram?
Anyone related to patient Ram?
Yes sir.
I am.
Because his head has been hurt severely
he might suffer from brain death.
I mean...
his body might survive
but would have no meaning.
A stage of living dead.
Don't say such things.
Do something and save him.
We will try our level best.
Sign this form.
Let us see.
Fine sir.
Brain dead!
Is it a drink & drive case?
It is not drink & drive.
It is drink & hit case.
Wife has hit her husband and
he has been admitted in ICU.
I thought so.
Why were you avoiding
us coming to hospital?
So this is the matter.
You don't know any matter uncle.
Let us talk sometime else.
What is there left to talk?
It is good that all these
happened before engagement.
What do you mean?
If someone eve teases one's wife
I know husbands who
would thrash those rascals.
But he is the first man I have seen who
has been thrashed to pulp by his own wife.
How can any father
willingly give his daughter to such family.
Here have it.
Give this more expensive than diamond gift
to some other girl.
Or else
give it to that impotent,
aggression less cousin of yours.
he wakes up.
Is aggression the only
determinant of manhood?
My cousin Ram who is admitted inside,
do you know what type of 'MAN' he is?
At a tender age of not
knowing what 'A MALE' means
an event occurred in Ram's life.
Our teachers during school day,
decided to stage
a play on Draupadi's strip insult.
This child is so sharp!
How wells she acts!
So true.
Whose child is it?
He is my son.
Vishal, strip her clothes.
It is not Vishal.
Say Dusshasana.
Has it started?
Please save your helpless sister.
But Krishna
alias Santhu, that is me,
didn't catch the cue and missed my entry.
I was busy eating peanuts at backstage.
By that time, Krishna in
Draupadi's role was almost nude.
What is this madam?
They are really stripping him!
Is he my son?
Draupadi kept pleading,
Is there no man here?
I was supposed to enter and save her.
But instead of me
my uncle Siddegowda came to his rescue.
How dare you dress a boy like
a girl and have fun at his cost?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
How can a girl do this role?
So in whole of your school was
my son the only sacrificial goat?
Who permitted you to
dress my son like this?
Your wife had said okay.
You bloody...
Will thrash you!
I have birthed a male.
He should grow as one.
If you repeat this again then...
I will skin you dry!
You are a male.
Live like one.
If you ever play a female role again
I will rip off all your teeth.
Everyone in the auditorium
were perplexed.
But Mr. Siddegowda
had successfully filled the
idea of 'MALE' in Ram's mind.
The impact of such
indoctrination was so severe
Ram and Santhu
Stand up.
You both always keep talking in my class.
Come here.
Stretch your hand.
If you want to hit me
then call a male teacher.
I won't get hit by ladies.
You have such ego at this age!
Stretch your hand!
Between these great father and son
my aunt Kousalya's life
was sandwiched to the hilt.
I will make bed for your father.
After eating
take these plates to the kitchen sink.
You ass!
How long?
- I am done.
- Dooonnnee
Mom, put my shoes.
I am coming
Slow down.
Leave me.
- You will fall.
- A man never falls.
Oh my god.
I can't sleep.
Come and caress my head.
Give me a minute my child.
She will.
she will.
What should we do now?
Will your father sign this?
What are you saying?
My father will swirl his belt
and hit me to pulp.
Not only would he use Kousalya aunt's
service like his father
Ram, would also use
her to hide his mistakes.
Your brother's son
and your son,
both are equally incompetent and idiots.
What does it mean?
He has your father's genes.
My father never wore any jeans.
What do I do with this
fourth grade illiterate?
Whose signature is this?
How did you sign this without informing me?
How dare you sign these things?
Come on sign.
Come sign all the cheques.
My dad used to work in Chennai.
And uncle knew that my
aunt would never complain
about him to her brother.
So he used to abuse her physically
and sleep peacefully without any guilt.
Did you get your mother
sign the report card
or did you forge it yourself like him.
No aunty.
My mother signed it.
Why should one stress
so much over one test.
Father becomes a beast after getting drunk.
That is why he behaves like that.
You should not talk like that.
Sit here.
Don't keep saying that your
father is drunk and abusive.
Everybody will change one day.
We have to just wait.
Yesterday night
uncle hit aunty right?
How can aunt be smiling today?
Like nothing happened last night!
Mean means beating only.
Woman means
eating beating only.
Eating beating!!!
They are there to be hit.
Men will hit.
Woman should just gulp it.
I see!
was confused by this statement
But Ram
was convinced that this was irrefutable
We finished school and went to college.
But his character didn't change.
His adamancy
took toll of my youth too.
What is this?
I have no clue.
It is either short form of Santhu-Divya.
Or short form of stupid dink.
Which one is it?
I have been observing for a week now.
You are so loquacious with her.
What is happening?
She is the topper right?
So I was asking her notes.
Shouldn't one grow in life?
Asking for a girl's help to
grow is no sign of manhood.
Even if you fail
live like a man.
Don't you think you are overdoing this?
You have two options.
If you want the girl
leave me.
If you want me
then follow me.
Since PUC
and till final year Engineering
Ram had crushed down all my crushes.
so many girls had crush on him.
How many times should I warn you?
It's been two years.
Has he even glanced at you once?
He is an arrogant prick.
How many guys have you seen who
show such arrogance towards girls?
That amplifies the sexiness.
What next?
Excuse me.
Do you have a lighter?
Will match box do?
Anything that catches fire will do.
If you don't mind
can you please light it for me.
I heard that you don't
like to befriend girls.
But you didn't battle an eyelid
when I asked you to light the match.
Doesn't it mean that you were
silently admiring me from far.
Who are looking for?
Didn't you say
there is a 'girl' around here?
Girls should light the lamp.
Not cigarette.
I feel like calling you bro.
So I will always call you so.
Okay bro?
What are you staring at?
Get lost.
Come guys.
She woke from a wrong corner toady.
No matter what dude.
Nothing to beat a Bullet!
Of course.
How do I look?
Full Macho Bro!
Am I not?
But whose Bullet is this?
That guy who is humiliating himself.
Please accept me once.
I will take good care of you.
Come here.
What boss?
Is she a puppy to take care?
Well you don't have any self-respect.
But why are you
diminishing this bike's value.
Scooty should always be behind bullet.
Not the other way around.
You better understand.
You call yourself a man!
What a joke!
Not required.
We have Splendor.
Let him ride that.
It runs like a horse.
I have maintained it so well.
I have boasted before my
friends that I would get a Bullet.
Now if I go on that Splendor,
they will make fun of me.
Tell him.
If he rides Bullet he will look mec...
Our Ram will look very macho.
Poor child.
He has never asked for anything.
I don't have money Kousalya.
Let us see later.
I was feeling jealous sitting
behind him on the new Bullet.
But girls were jealous looking at my luck.
But Ram
was unwavered by all these things
and was relishing
the feeling of 'being a male'.
At this exact moment
First year student Shivani
entered his life.
Simple task.
If you fail in doing it
you have to follow our orders.
Dean had said that no
ragging is allowed in campus.
Well he is there to make rules.
But seniors are here to break the rules.
Please don't give any bad task.
We are good people darling.
Do you see that guy smoking?
That tall and handsome dude.
Get his number.
That is the task.
That's it?
you should not mention
ragging and ask the number.
if you fail,
you are going on a date with me.
Get his number.
What if I get the number?
there is no date.
What task is this?
She is done for.
What's his name?
which branch?
Mechanical final year.
Thank you mam.
Excuse me.
Ram right?
Tell me.
If you don't mind
can I have your number?
Your branch is mechanical right?
I have one subject on mechanical.
I will call you for clarifying doubts.
We are not the clarifying type.
You will become more confused.
It is alright.
See we pass exams by copying each other.
I think you should be
looking for Rajesh than Ram.
He is the topper.
He will be in the library.
Don't derail my reputation.
Smoking causes cancer.
We know.
Cigarette packs have that warning.
Please don't smoke Ram.
Why do you have to start
with all that this morning?
I like him.
Such a beautiful lass!
Doesn't know anything about him.
We all expected Ram to embarass her.
Give your phone.
Save it.
Why bro?
Poor thing.
What good?
She is a good student.
I will clear
all her doubts.
That day I realised
that no matter how chauvinistic,
male hormones have a way of messing things.
So true!
Do you need water?
Cock up.
What mom?
I will come.
Don't keep calling.
Was that aunt?
These things are inevitable.
I figured that something was wrong.
So I asked around.
I have a bad news for you.
Shivani didn't ask your
number because she liked you.
Abhi and gang were ragging her to do it.
Why are you telling me?
Because you had some feelings for her.
I had no feelings.
It was all your imagination.
Son of Siddegowda.
Obviously he would not budge!
That night at bar
he didn't speak a word
and gulped down four bottles.
Next morning at college,
he turned to the other direction
as soon as he saw her.
became perturbed.
Other than classroom,
one can find you everywhere else.
I am before you.
Who are you searching?
Didn't your grandma tell you
the lying shepherd's story?
She didn't tell that to put you to sleep.
They are moral stories to teach values.
If I had not got your number
then Abhi would have taken me to date.
Such a creep.
So I had to lie to you.
Then I didn't know how to face you.
So I kept avoiding you.
I had no intention of
playing with your emotions.
I am sorry.
You have been silent for long.
Please say something.
Give your phone.
I have deleted my number.
All men have male ego.
Mr. Siddegowda's son had a lot of it.
had unknowingly instigated it.
Stop Shivani.
Let's go out for dinner.
To Radison Blu.
It is on me.
Abhi please!
I have told you nearly ten times
that I am not interested.
Leave me.
Because you desire Ram?
None of your business.
You girls are same.
You all enjoy the attention
when men plead and follow you.
But if we display arrogance like Ram
then you will shamelessly follow us.
Don't compare yourself with Ram.
He has standards.
Is he such a big shot?
I have kept boys like him
as servants in my orchard.
Orchard is it?
You son of a...
Should I rip out the fruits master?
You are not even three feet.
And you want a five feet girl!
Do you?
Get lost.
Come here.
Is this your block?
Then why are you loafing here?
I came looking for you.
Parents send their kids
to college for studying.
Not to behave so irresponsibly.
Go and study.
Is that the reason why
parents send kids to college?
How bro?
You have become a visionary overnight!
Under which holy tree did you meditate?
Shut up and come.
No matter how Ram behaved outwardly
Shivani fathomed that
deep inside he liked her.
Ram I wanted your notes.
My watch has broken down.
Can you tell the time?
Ram your fly is open.
See if my pant zip is open.
You can do it yourself.
It is zipped.
Are you angry?
You look cute in anger.
Even your body language
becomes super in anger.
You might not do what I say.
But you are responding to my words.
Do not disturb me.
Do you want water bro?
No need.
I am already high.
I never listened to anyone
I never bowed down to anyone
I was such an alpha male
You are not so gorgeous
Not so ravishing either
Yet I have fallen head over heals for you
You won over me Shivani
Your charms have made me insane
Our story has commenced now
You have won over me Shivani
You ruined my love story.
Now what is this?
You were immature then.
If I had allowed you to love then
you would not have passed 12th.
I used to sleep so peacefully before
But you have ruined my peace now
I was leading my life on my own terms
Now it is as per your wishes!
I had leapfrogged so many traps
Yet you managed to
conjure these spells on me
You won over me Shivani
Your charms have made me insane
Our story has commenced now
You have won over me Shivani
Remove his name and
paste mine in this resume.
Then my CV will also be ready.
Do you have to copy resume also?
He is my cousin.
I am his cousin.
So even resume should be identical right?
What a logic!
If you sit on my bike
this world ceases to exist
Did I deserve this mishap?
When I listen to you
my mind floats unrestrained
What intoxicants do you own?
Even when caught fallen
I wouldn't dust the dirt on me
But now this attitude of
mine has somersaulted
You won over me Shivani
Your charms have made me insane
Our story has commenced now
You won over me Shivani
He has come.
Why are you here so late?
Any problem.
Loving you is my biggest problem.
I have come here to
celebrate your birthday.
By the way.
This is my friend.
Get your bike.
Let's go.
I know you won't come out alone at night.
Yes bro.
What are you doing?
Just watching guys who were doing.
Suits you well.
Get ready and come out.
What happened?
Only god knows in which
birth I did what to you.
In this life you are my step wife.
Why should I come between
you both like a pebble in biriyani.
Not in between.
Sit behind her and follow us.
For the first time.
without me asking for it,
you are permitting me to
give meaning to a girl's life!
May you live a long centenary life.
Shall I?
I have sat.
Have you seen me before?
Yet you like me!!
I must have an illuminating personality.
Refrain your thoughts.
Shivani told me that your
friend won't come out without you.
So to help her
I agreed to tag along with you to
give them some privacy on his birthday.
Like that.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Let the couple go on a round.
Let us go down.
You were allergic to girls.
Yet you accepted me!
I feel so special.
Why did you like me?
I was not allergic and all.
I had no pre concieved
notions of how my girl should be.
But that day when you
approached me for my number,
you had wore a white salwar,
a bindi and looked traditional.
I fell for you then and there.
That day
I was clear of my girl should be.
You remember even the colour of my dress!
I don't remember it myself.
Every moment I have spent with you
is etched in my memory.
You are damn sweet Ram.
Don't you have a boyfriend?
Why not?
I have one.
But seems like you have no girlfriend.
How did you know?
It is obvious on your face.
Does your boyfriend also
take you on a night drive...
No. He doesn't
take me out on night drives.
So your boyfriend works on morning shift.
So you are free at night.
I mean at night there are stars.
Nature is beautiful.
This has been my best birthday.
Well that's not the end.
Have this.
What is this?
Take it.
Open it in your house.
Now go.
Good night.
Night is young.
So are we.
Nothing worked for me.
What to do?
Goodness gracious.
That girl has understood you very well.
A watch to match your macho look!
Where have you been at this hour?
What haven't you slept mom?
Have I ever slept before you?
Tomorrow is your birthday too.
Shouldn't you sleep early and rise soon?
Dear aunt.
It is 1 a.m. now.
His birthday has already started.
Is it?
Look at the gift.
This is a GIFT!
My goodness!
Do you have such rich friends
who buy such expensive gifts?
Whom are you asking?
New friends.
Dear son.
Before accepting anything from anyone
we should pre analyse whether
we are able to repay it or not.
Only then should we accept these gifts.
No matter what.
That was a very deep statement.
We didn't realise it on that day.
By the grace of campus interview
after graduation,
Ram and I, were placed in a Bengaluru firm.
Same company.
Same flat.
Bengaluru weekend life.
It was so exciting!
But one thing made me envious.
kept me a bachelor,
but he and Shivani
were romancing on phone,
on chatting,
on live,
and wherever possible.
he was enjoying life to hilt.
What is this surprise?
Someone kept saying that
think of me and I shall be there.
But he never showed up.
So I decided to show
before the person I missed.
You have come alone!
Could have brought Deepa also.
There is no light in her night life.
I could have brightened it a little.
Look at your house!
Let me clean it.
Leave it.
You have just arrived.
Let us go out.
Any pub?
Let me get my luggage from the car.
How do I look?
Wear something decent.
Excuse me!
Is this indecent?
You don't know about pubs here.
People are very narrow minded.
Go and change.
Are you serious?
Why should others opinion matter to us?
Others don't matter, do they?
They should just look at us.
No matter how they look at us.
Oh my god!
Is this you Ram?
What happened to you?
I should be asking that to you!
Are you the same Shivani?
You know what.
I won't come.
Go by yourself.
Don't ruin my mood.
All this fuss over a dress change!?
Thing is...
It is cold outside.
Skin becomes very dry.
He is concerned about that.
Let me change and come.
Is this okay?
I am sorry Ram.
I came all the way and spolied your mood.
It's okay.
Let's go.
Now is the winter of our contentment.
Two large.
Yes sir
And you?
Apple juice?
Lemon juice?
I will have The Real McCoy.
What is that?
White Rum.
Do you drink?
Yes sir?
I didn't know you had drinking habit.
I don't have any habit.
I drink occasionally.
if you drink,
who will drop us back to our house.
What do you mean?
I mean
we both will have alcohol.
You can have mocktail.
Actually I can skip
drinks and drive this time.
That pinching pain
revealed me what Ram was feeling inside.
And even Shivani
felt it.
So I should be your chauffeur?
I will have a Mocktail then.
One Blue Lagoon please.
Sure mam.
Leave it.
Tell me.
Did you miss me?
If we could blurt out whatever we think
then no relation would survive a day.
Shivani was way matured than her age.
More than that she
loved Ram unconditionally.
no matter what,
she always compromised for Ram.
I am going out mom.
Will call you when I am free.
Call your mother when you become free.
talk to me.
Type and send me
your bio along with 4 recent
and decent photos of yours
We had been to Jagga's daughter's wedding.
We found a girl for you there.
She has done MBBS.
Looks elegant too.
Her parents are also interested.
Is mom there?
Hello son.
She is a very nice girl.
Seems very cultured also.
She will be perfect for our house.
We are also getting old.
So if we have a doctor in house
it will benefit us a lot.
What's this?
You just need a doctor right?
I was just kidding.
Not for our sake.
But both of you would
suit each other perfectly.
You have no idea about these modern girls.
They behave very well in others wedding.
But in reality
their true colours are different.
But son.
Mom you are very innocent.
So you see only good in people.
In this age, there are
no girls who are like you.
I don't want to marry right now.
Will talk to you tomorrow.
What did he say?
He doesn't want to get married right now.
He praised me and said girls
nowadays are no match to me.
Only I know how much I suffer
being married to a duffer like you.
What does he know?
Has he seen this world as much as me?
We too haven't seen the world
that he has seen and lived.
Times have changed.
We too should change accordingly.
Bro. Are we cooking
or having dinner outside.
Not outside.
Let us order something.
Browse and select something.
What did you order?
Order yourself.
Cooking food is against
your male chauvinism
This hotel food has
already ruined my acidity.
I have been calling for half an hour now.
Whom were you talking to?
I was talking to Sumanth.
Actually I have a good news.
Didn't you know that I was calling?
You could have cut his
call and answered me.
Am I not talking now?
My lord is becoming
more and more possessive!
I am not possessive.
Not caring to answer when
someone is calling is called arrogance.
I am sorry.
Forget it.
Ask me about the good news.
I don't feel like talking right now.
Will call you tomorrow.
Answer me without any delay.
Why do you fight over such petty things?
I was not fighting.
Whenever these girls try to control us
we should put them down
and show their place.
Was just doing that.
Be truthful Santhu.
Does Ram like anyone else?
What are you saying?
Ram is not like that.
He has changed a lot.
He used to get excited whenever he saw me.
But now he quarrels over petty things.
He always tries to dominate me.
It hurts me Santhu.
Don't be upset.
I will talk to Ram.
How come you have
come in middle of the week?
Did you get fired?
Stop it.
Why will they fire him?
Come son.
Wash and be fresh.
I will serve you lunch.
No mom.
I will be eating outside.
When I felt sad that you
would be going away from me
your father said that Bengaluru
is just a shout away from Mysore.
But you have come after such long time.
Maybe my shout took
a long time to reach you.
Do you remember?
That doctor girl?
Her father has sent her photos.
Have a look.
What is wrong with you and your husband?
He asks me whether I am fired!
You want me to see some girl's pics!
Can't you give me five
minutes of peace at home
Be happy.
But don't pester me with
this marriage nonsense.
Sorry Ram.
I was on a call.
Was it Sumanth?
No matter when I call, day or night,
you are always on his call.
Please don't start again Ram!
We both are on the same project.
We are just friends.
A boy and girl can never
be just friends Shivani.
Leave it.
Now leave immediately and
come to our regular meeting spot
You are in Mysore!
Why didn't you tell me?
Do you own the sole
proprietary on giving surprises?
Should I come now?
we could have dinner at night.
Come now.
Any problem?
I will be there.
I am famished.
Let us order something.
We can talk while having food.
Well nothing heavy for me.
I had planned lunch with my friends.
I didn't know that you were coming.
Take a rain check
and plan for some other day.
They are already waiting for me Ram.
Tell them you are with me.
Your friends will understand.
I am the one giving the treat.
It won't look good if I don't go.
Santhu said that you were upset.
I left all of my commitments and came here.
But you want to be with someone else right?
He is not someone.
He is my friend.
Moreover it was a pre fixed programme.
Is it not wrong to cancel it
because of your unannounced visit?
So you mean
my sacrifices have no value!
I came running here to
meet someone like you!
So ungrateful!
Tell me what you have done for me?
Have you ever asked me how am I doing?
You only think of yourself.
Do you have any idea of
what is happening in my life?
What is the good news I wanted to tell you?
Why am I giving the treat today?
Do you know anything about me?
At least.
did you ever want to ask me about me?
Don't cross your limits.
I am not in a good mood.
I have been quite all this time.
That is why things have escalated!
Even if you are wrong
I am supposed to apologise.
Or else
you won't even bother to
know whether I am dead or alive.
No matter how many days...
You are a man!
So only your wishes have to be obliged!
I should come when you call.
Meet when you desire
If your mood is not right
then I should leave silently.
Am I your dad's slave?
When I was going to meet her
a loafer drove his car and hit my bike.
I was already tensed about it.
She had to instigate me on top of that.
I just raised my hand.
But didn't slap her right?
Shivani has been placed in a Bengaluru firm
She wanted to share it with
you but you have hurt her!
She came again for compromise,
but your rudeness knows no limits.
If that's the case,
then why didn't she start with that?
Why should she blabber about friends,
party and other shit?
Let bygone be bygone.
Call and wish her.
Things will be fine.
Bugger off.
She humiliated me in public.
Let her come.
Listen to me.
You have erred gravely this time.
Call her.
My foot.
What's with you!?
What else?
Whose side are you on?
Why do you irritate me by telling
me to compromise and apologise.
Listen for the nth time and understand.
This son of Siddegowda
will never ever bow down before a girl.
It was not Ram that was speaking.
His male chauvinism was boasting itself.
his heart was yearning
for Shivani's tenderness.
Calendar shed its months.
Ram grew his beard.
His alcoholism aggravated.
Shivani never messaged again.
It was then he realised
that Shivani has actually
broken her ties with him.
I couldn't see him suffer anymore.
So one weekend I narrated
the whole ordeal to my aunt.
Stop acting before your mom.
Call Shivani and talk to her.
Apologise and convince her.
Call her.
I will do whatever I want.
don't interfere with my personal matter.
Who else will interfere with
your personal matter than me?
Get married when I am still strong.
Don't spoil your life like this.
I can't endure this.
Who will take care of you when I am gone?
I don't need anyone to live.
I know how to take care of myself.
Excessive drinking is not good for health.
Shivani is a closed chapter.
Forget her.
Cry your heart out and relax.
Dear cousin.
Men should never shed
a drop of tear over a girl.
Moreover I am not drinking
because my love has failed.
But how could she leave someone like me!
I should have understood her
when she lied to me on the first day.
She is such a conjuring witch.
I got conned.
She played.
She blamed.
on my...
My mother India.
She stresses so much about my marriage.
I broke up.
She wants to match me up.
Why are you guys stressed when I am not?
Is she calling you because I cut her call?
Don't answer.
Don't answer.
Yes mom.
My aunt had passed away.
Wake up!
Wake up!
Aunty is dead.
How did she die?
I don't know.
She had chest pain last night.
She assumed it to be gastric.
She woke to fix some remedy for her.
But suddenly collapsed and fell down.
By the time I could
take her to the hospital
it was too late.
Doctor said that she
suffered cardiac arrest.
Ram learned the real
reason for his mother's death
like some random stranger on the street.
You abandoned me.
So why are you here to
display this fake sympathy?
I came here for your mother.
What's my mother's relation to you?
How would you feel if a person
who came looking for you,
just two months back,
is dead all of a sudden.
My mother came looking for you!
Yes he talks rudely Shivani.
But he has a soft heart.
He is deeply in love with you.
To cope with your nonchalance
he has become alcoholic.
If he misses me so much
then why doesn't he call me.
He is resentful
because I stopped dancing to his tunes.
He is like his father.
Little stubborn.
I plead you to forgive him this time child.
I apologise on his behalf.
Aunty please.
Please don't say such things.
You said it yourself.
He is like his father.
How can I live with such a man?
Your whole life
you have been massaging
your husband's male ego.
You gulped every pain
and suffered like a slave.
Do you want me to live your life?
Her silence
revealed to me that
every moment of her life
was engulfed in pain and regret.
Why did you leave like this?
Like someone summoned you to depart
Like you wouldn't return
on any day henceforth
Where did you go like this?
How can I live with this debt
of your unconditional love and affection
Come back to me
My mother
Listen to this
plea my mother
Come back to me
Come back
My mother
Come back to me
Why have you put mother's
'Mangalsutra' on floor?
I asked her how she paid for your bullet.
She never answered.
She sold her Mangalsutra
and had bought you your Bullet.
She always wore this duplicate chain.
You suffered all our pain
and gave us happiness
You sacrificed all your
desires for our sake
How do I forget
your self-sacrifice?
Whom should I call now
my mother!
I gave you abysmal
pain when you birthed me
Is that why you have given me this anguish?
Come back to me
Come back to me
Come back to me
My mother
Listen to this
plea my mother
Come back to me
my mother
Come back to me
My mother
Come back to me
Why did you leave like this?
Like someone summoned you to depart
Dear son.
Before accepting anything from anyone
we should pre analyse whether
we are able to repay it or not.
Only then should we accept these gifts.
No matter what.
I have realised
how wrong I was
all these days.
I am...
sorry for everything
Let bygones be bygones.
Let's start afresh.
Please Shivani.
If you had apologised at
the appropriate moment
our life would have
been very different Ram.
Let bygones be bygones.
Start your life afresh.
I wish you all the best Ram.
Cry your heart out.
Don't control now.
Shivani is wise.
She assessed the real me
and went away.
But my mother was a fool.
She tried to correct me.
and died in the pursuit.
She struggled hard to
have a last word with you.
When mom was alive
I didn't value her words or her love.
I did the same even on her last moment.
I am worthless.
I am worthless.
If you had agreed when she was alive
she would have definitely
seen your marriage.
Go and talk to that girl once.
Mom had liked her.
I have nothing to talk.
At least go and see her face to face.
Mom had seen her.
It is enough.
At least look at this photo.
No father.
I didn't fulfill any of mom's wishes.
At least
let me marry the girl she wished for me.
Fix the marriage.
- Ram!
- Listen.
Ram expected
that the girl would be like his mother.
But what he got was...
Come soon!
There are so many girls here.
Hang in there.
If you like someone
then I will talk to her parents.
I have seen and selected everyone.
But no one notices me.
It is getting late come.
Are the entire arrangements fine?
Nothing should be amiss
Or else there will be a
lot of stress in the end.
When have you taken any stress?
You only make others stressed.
What is that?
Nothing. Come.
Everyone is waiting for you.
I will finish this round and come.
Here hold it.
It is getting late.
Get the bride and groom soon.
Malleshanna is calling you.
Ready bro?
Have to just tie the Mangalsutra.
You didn't even see or talk to the girl.
Now let me go, talk to her
and call her to the altar.
You come there.
We just have a few minutes left!
What the hell is this?
It is all your doing.
You refused to have another child
saying one daughter is equal to ten sons.
Now she is giving me
tensions of ten children.
Get up.
Let's manage somehow.
- Come.
- Stand up.
Stand up!
Behave decently.
Till the completion of wedding.
Be stiff and steady.
What a pain!
So you are planning to tie
this drunkard to my cousin!
Wait and watch.
You will be caught red handed now.
Put it there.
Just come for two minutes.
It is very urgent.
Stop disturbing the auspicious moment.
- Hey!
- Get lost
It will not be auspicious
if you don't come now.
Go away.
Santhu come here.
- What?
- Come
Telling uncle would be better.
Coming uncle.
There is a pungent smell!
You are getting it right!
If you are getting it then it is final.
Admonish your son's-in-laws.
Is he drunk?
These apples are rotten.
So they are stinking.
You! Can't you check
and get decent ones?
How irresponsible?
What sort of arrangement is this?
How can you keep rotten apples here?
Throw them away.
This bloody drunkard can't
recognise smell of booze!
Inhale deeply
and recognise the smell.
You don't fix auspicious moment
to keep smelling things around.
Santhu, give oil.
- Give.
- Yes
Give oil.
Not alcohol.
You rascal!
You come drunk here
and tell me to smell around!
No uncle!
- Hey!
Get lost.
It is getting late.
Skip formalities and make
them tie Mangala sutra.
By the time I could fathom, what was
happening and what I should do,
the marriage was surmised and concluded.
My cousin had come forward to hit
and got bowled.
Because I couldn't do anything
despite of knowing everything
I finished the whole bottle.
Your wife is not Muthu [Pearl] Lakshmi.
Mattu [Drunk] Lakshmi.
I know.
I saw it.
I was the one who gave her
water to mix with her drinks.
Please don't create a scene.
We are scared of our reputation.
If you don't give water now,
I will drink it raw.
Then if I am not able to control myself
Don't blame me.
How will she lead a married life?
Get her some water.
Let her go to hell.
Fine don't shout.
I will get it somehow.
- Father-in-law.
- Yes.
What are you looking for?
Muthu is feeling very thirsty.
So I was looking for water.
Thanks Son-in-law.
You married her even
after knowing everything!!!
My mother had liked her.
I knew that love is blind.
But now I know that
Mother love is also blind!
- Dude.
- What?
Dad will create ruckus
if he comes to know this.
We have to manage somehow.
Ram has bought this new house only for you.
Kick the grains with your right leg
and come in.
That will bless you and this house.
There are two bowls.
Which one should I kick?
No! There is only bowl!
She is joking.
Kick it Muthu.
My goodness!
She fell down!
Get some water!
Get water fast.
Water will not be enough for her.
- Get soda.
- What?
Her sugar level has dropped.
So get some glucose to kick in some energy.
Do something!
Before they find out about her
it will be better if we confess
the truth and explain the situation.
Nothing will happen.
Be quite.
Ram is a good man.
Let's explain him after some time.
And how long will she continue like this?
She will change after getting married.
How is Muthu?
You are?
Her husband.
If I tell you the truth
you will consume poison
and be admitted here.
It is fine doctor.
Won't you profit from such things?
She is suffering from alcohol
poisoning due to excessive drinking.
Alcohol itself is poison.
If she has alcohol poisoning
then imagine how much she must have drunk.
Our earning doesn't
match our alcohol bills.
Now how to manage if your
wife is also heavy drunkard?
Well I have quit drinking.
So it will get balanced.
She is awake now Ram.
Due to all these marriage tensions
she couldn't eat properly
for couple of days.
Doctor said it was due to weakness.
Please come in.
Just keep nodding.
We can probe later.
Actually for 15 hours in a day
she is very silent.
For three hours she is very mischievous.
You have to adjust for
those three hours. That's it.
What did you say?
Don't worry.
I will take care of her.
I believe you. That's why
we have entrusted her to you.
Let her rest.
We will be outside.
Please leave.
Should find an injection for him!
Please pay this bill.
Others pay drinks bill on bar counter.
My cousin
paid it in hospital.
I will carry it.
I can manage.
Congrats bro.
You will be a bar owner.
Carry it.
What was that sound?
Well uncle...
Tonic bottles.
Doctor has prescribed it for strength.
Vitamin, Iron for Anemic patients.
Zinc also.
All of them in glass bottles?
Can I use this wardrobe?
The whole house is yours.
Anything else?
I need to change.
Please be outside.
Though she is not with us
she did get you an angel for wife.
What might have caused
her to become like this?
What else?
She might have loved someone
and he would have cheated her.
Or your in laws might have
forced her to break up with him.
That's it.
How can I confirm it?
Today is your first night.
If it has to become your best night
then gift your wife something special.
After that
share your past with her.
Inspired by which
she too will share her past.
Negative ending x negative ending
is equal to positive beginning.
If she has kept a knife on bed of
roses then it is a serious matter.
What to do now?
If cat drinks milk with its eyes closed
then why should the owner close his eyes?
Show that wild cat how wild the owner is.
We need to talk.
Open your wardrobe.
Do as I say.
Your tone is not right Ram.
Watch out.
I know what you are up to?
Tell me your problem.
Let's solve it.
Stretch your hand like this.
How it trembles.
If you drink every day at this time,
it is bound to shiver.
Actually I haven't had any drink by now.
That's why it is shivering.
It is seven now.
If you don't mind...
Wait a minute.
My dad is downstairs.
It will be bad if he comes to know.
So not here.
Let's go to the pub.
Who else is coming?
Who else?
We both.
We both!
Where is the fun in that?
No need to go.
Hey Siri.
Call Santhu.
Yes bro.
Want to have free drinks?
Send me the location.
I am ready.
Let's go.
Yes mam.
Blended Scotch single malt on the rocks
and three Kamikaze shots please.
Oh you have ordered for us also!
No it is only for me.
Who is this drinking drum bro?
Order what you want.
Whatever you buy for me is fine.
Just a beer for me.
Didn't you quit drinking?
What difference would one beer make?
A beer for me too.
Two beers for each of us.
Will you drink?
Then who will drop us home?
Just have Mock tail for now.
A beer for him.
A Mock tail for him.
Yes mam.
Reap as you sow.
Karma is back.
Mock tail looks good bro.
Go slow.
It is not tea or coffee to sip slowly.
You should finish in one shot.
Am I right Santhu?
By the time I finished half of my beer
she was half sloshed.
My cousin's life was very hard.
This is the right time.
Ask about her past.
Looking at how you drink
I assume you must be
drinking from very small age.
Bloody Ram.
Is it milk to be drinking from small age?
It is alcohol.
If you can narrate your
alcohol journey to us
it would make us very enlightened.
It all started because of my father.
Was your dad also alcoholic?
No man.
He is the main culprit.
Right from my childhood
my dad did everything that I don't like.
Right from my name!
Muthu Lakshmi!
What name is that?
Tell me Rama.
Will anyone name their child like that?
Some astrologer suggested it.
So he kept it.
Let it rot.
I didn't want to study medicine.
They admitted me forcibly.
My mother on top
kept on preaching me
to not have any friends
and concentrate only on studies.
I followed it to the hilt.
My college life
was extremely boring.
Till I attended anatomy class.
Come forward.
I will guide you.
You will have to dissect.
If you get scared by corpse,
you will never be a doctor.
How will it look if you faint
at the sight of a dying patient.
Should other doctors
attend to you or that patient?
On that day I realised
that I am scared of corpses.
People believe in god
when they are healthy.
But if they get sick
they will come to the doctor.
Because they will believe
the doctor will save us.
How many of us can become gods?
Though my dad convinced me at that moment
I couldn't overcome my fears.
Blood and dead
scared me the most.
At that moment Nishan came to my rescue.
Who are you?
Well you come to class from the front door,
study, make notes and
leave by the same door.
In this duration if you had
looked behind even once,
we would have said 'HI' to you.
By the way I am Nishan.
Muthu Lakshmi.
This is my group, antibodies.
We are also scared of dead bodies.
So we have named us 'antibodies'
Our company is much nicer.
Don't be so lonely Muthu.
Great to meet you all.
Where is my gift?
Today is Nishan's birthday.
Happy birthday.
I just wanted to wish you.
You really want to wish?
Then come to our party.
You will not be alone.
All of these guys will be there.
Be my guest.
Hey Muthu!
Welcome to my party.
Try this beer.
No thanks.
Come on yaar!
Just taste it na.
Try it once.
It is horrible.
First timers shouldn't start with beer.
Try this.
Single malt will be good.
No Nishan.
That day I didn't budge to their pressures.
I just enjoyed the atmosphere.
But the imperative moment of my
drinking initiation was awaiting me.
Hi Nishan.
Thank you.
I had a great time.
We party a lot.
Feel free to join anytime.
I would love to.
That's the spirit.
What happened?
I won't go to the lab.
You continue.
Are you serious?
You can't pass without cutting a corpse.
How long are you planning to bunk?
Adjust this year.
You don't have to do this next year.
Come with me.
Two pegs.
This is college!
Are you out of your mind?
What if someone finds out?
Who will find out?
Everybody will be wearing masks.
Along with the foul chemical smell
which Sherlock Holmes would
be able to differentiate the two?
I too
gulp couple of pegs before attending lab.
Did you find out?
This is the elixir to do the
job you don't want to do.
Psychological fear
Or physical pain
This mends everything.
Unbelievable Nishant!
How can a medical student say such things?
Do you want your degree or not?
I do.
Now try this.
If it doesn't work
let's think of alternates.
Thanks Nishan.
You are welcome.
Pour a ninety Kittappa
Pour a ninety Kittappa
Pour a ninety Kittappa
The night is still long
Pour a ninety Kittappa
Night is still...
It is important to read,
write and study.
It is important to read.
write and study.
But one needs some entertainment too.
Drink. Drink.
Drink Drink.
Pour a ninety Kittappa
Pour a ninety Kittappa
Pour a ninety Kittappa
The night is still long
Pour a ninety Kittappa
Night is still...
Drinking is injurious to health.
Drinking is injurious to health.
But what are you going
to do by living 100 years?
Pour a ninety Kittappa
The night is still long
Pour a ninety Kittappa
Night is still...
Pour a ninety Kittappa
The night is still long
Pour a ninety Kittappa
Night is still...
Pour a ninety Kittappa
The night is still long
Pour a ninety Kittappa
Night is still...
I had surpassed anatomy lab's challenges
and had reached my final year.
By then I had become such an alcoholic that
I needed whiskey even
to attend regular classes.
Usually final year students
are sent to escort senior doctors
when they visit patients to monitor them.
On one cursed day a senior doctor
told me to attend an emergency
patient with bladder infection.
I was intoxicated and
couldn't fix the tube properly.
The patient's bladder bloated up
and was about to die.
But right then the senior doctor returned
and solved the problem.
But I couldn't handle
the stress and fainted.
When they learnt that I had taken
alcohol and attended the patient
they rusticated me from the college.
My parents came to know about my addiction
Open the door.
Parents in this country know only one thing
when they want to
correct their spoilt children.
Get them married!
My parents tried it on me too.
I would reveal my true self to them
and drive the prospective groom away.
One day your mother saw me in a function.
I don't know what she saw in me!
But she decided that i
would be her daughter-in-law.
My parent's prayers were answered.
They started to force me for marriage.
But your parents seemed
not keen to pursue this relation.
This shut my parents.
But after some time
your proposal was reignited!
I wanted to talk to you
and drive you away also.
But you never showed up!
My parent's prayers
were answered once again.
To make me consent to this marriage,
they blackmailed me emotionally.
I thought if he has agreed to marry me
without even looking at me,
then he would definitely leave
me on finding about my addiction.
So I said yes just to shut their drama.
I just wanted to find some
courage to cut that damn corpse.
So tell me Rama, who is
to blame for my alcoholism?
Is it my father who manipulated me
in spite of knowing about my fears?
Is it this system that
uses corpses to teach?
What an irony?
Dead teach the living!
I used to drink only with my friends.
But now,
though I drink alone and the same brand
I don't get the same
kick I used to get then.
You were rusticated from
college due to drinking.
What did you learn from this?
That whiskey is good
while dealing with corpse.
Not with the living.
If I had drunk beer that day
I would never be rusticated.
That's my lesson.
It is closing time.
Anything else.
Bill please.
But what about my dessert?
What do you want?
One bottle beer.
What is this?
You have drunk so much and
now you want beer for dessert!
Get down.
You bloody...
Have you brought me here to hear my tale?
Am I your grandma?
Watch out.
What would one more beer do bro?
Bring it.
We went very late to house.
We didn't want Mr. Siddegowda
to see his daughter
in law in this condition.
Why are you awake?
Go to sleep.
Good night.
Who is that rascal?
To my respected fa..
Mr. Siddegowda.
Cock up and be quite.
Can I suggest you something?
Just a suggestion dad.
Remove your loin cloth.
If you tie it from behind like this
you will look exactly like Superman!
Then you go straight to terrace
and jump from there.
We will see what happens next.
Right Rama?
Siddegowda become superman.
Come here.
You are drunk!
When did you know about this?
Just before marriage.
Then why you were quite, you rascal?
What is the use of shouting now?
What the hell have you drunk?
It stinks.
Didn't I tell you to smell on
the wedding day. Didn't I?
If you can't differentiate between
green apple vodka smell and rotten apple,
what can I do?
What good will this hollering do now?
I had never tried Vodka
and this had to happen.
Well your son knew
everything and married her.
Her death has made him nuts.
She is of no use.
I will call her parents.
That's also useless.
Don't call.
I will show them who this Siddegowda is.
Hey you!
How can you hide such a truth
and get your daughter married?
Who is it at this hour?
She has no iota of shame.
She was drunk and rioting here.
Is this how you raise a daughter?
What is the use of
crying over spilled milk.
And this is not the time
to contemplate over future.
Good night.
How is he so shameless?
Didn't I say 'useless'?
Go and sleep.
Good night.
What are you doing?
Kick her out of this house.
She is my wife.
My responsibility.
Did I raise a 'son' to marry
a drunk and clean her vomit?
Did mom ever tell you my father
didn't raise me to clean your vomit?
Rules are different for men and women.
Both are humans.
Your damn fate!
Rot in hell.
Namaste Sir.
Thank you sir.
I will call you sir.
Who was it dad?
Give your purse.
This is the lawyer's number.
Call him when you become free.
For divorce.
No need for that.
How can you live with her?
Didn't my mother live with you?
Everybody will change someday.
We have to just wait.
Be it your mother or wife
they should follow our orders.
That's it.
My head is aching.
I am making coffee.
Do you guys need anything?
One for me.
Do you remember last night?
What happened?
When you were rusticated
did you feel bad
or were you relieved that it is over.
How did you know about my rustication?
You told me last night.
Though I did MBBS without any liking
I only realised its value
when I was rusticated.
Now what is the use?
This is my college!
Why did you stop here?
Go and stroll a bit.
It will lift your mood.
This was our hangout.
Our gang used to have
fun, debate, and relax here.
Those were good days.
If I had been serious
for another six months...
My life would have been very different.
What is this?
Receipt of your re-admission.
The management is very strict.
How did you convince them?
Legally it is a crime
to allow a 'medical student'
to handle such serious case.
It is secondary whether
she was drunk or not.
If the patient had died
and if their family had turned against you
then the case would be
registered against the senior doctor
for allowing a student to handle this case.
It would have damaged
your college reputation.
For your luck, Muthu got caught.
What do you mean?
I can file a legal case even now.
Tell me who would be more
affected with this entire scuffle?
I am not defending her.
After this incident,
you too would have learnt from your mistake
and not allowed any student
to handle such serious cases.
She too has learnt from her mistake.
Please accept her apology letter.
and readmit her.
how do you know so much about law?
My dad is very resourceful.
He has kept many
lawyers contact in my purse.
But I didn't sign on any apology letter!
Did you do forgery?
That's my talent since childhood.
I did forgery so that my wife
could have another chance.
I don't regret it.
Something like a surgery.
Leave it.
But you have to promise me something.
Nothing much.
I have aggressively vouched
for you before your dean.
your career
and my reputation
are in your hands.
Promise me that you won't drink again.
I will not drink while in college.
Instead of making her a doctor
if you had got her an election ticket,
she would have been a good politician.
At least
I could convince her this much!
This is half battle won!
First let her come from
full bottle to half bottle.
Then win your half battle.
Dear cousin.
Wait and watch.
She will change.
All the best.
Thank you.
I will love you
I will love you beyond any limits
I will live this life
I will live this life only for you
Since things are so lucid
And our love is so matured
Tell me that this is true and no illusion
I will love you
I will love you beyond all limitations
I will love you
I will love you
As we have come closer and closer
I have forgotten and
closed myself from this world
You wouldn't get such love even in dreams
I have such grace sitting before him
You bloomed the flowers
Of my life's chariot
My life doesn't clamor for anyone
Other than you
Place your ear on my
chest and listen to this
I will love you
I will love you beyond all limitations
I never had this habit
of strolling in the heart
You have brought a new
romantic design to my daily routine
When hearts bond, time ceases to exist
Write my name with your breath
Who can stop us now?
I will love you
I will love you beyond all limitations
So how was your first day of college?
I will love you
Should I put some more?
What Muthu?
I got you back to college
so you could come out of this
and concentrate on your career.
But you are drinking again.
Be positive Muthu.
When there is a will there is a way.
I was just like you.
My mother's death changed me.
If not for us
we should change for those who love us.
- For whom should I change Ram?
- For me!
I have no feelings for you Ram.
You are my husband only on paper.
It is a marriage of convenience.
Do you see this?
Do you see this?
It comforts me.
So I have chosen it.
You should also choose what comforts you.
But please don't try to transform me!
I won't change.
I won't
Enough Muthu.
You have had enough.
- Sleep.
- Please Ram.
Come Muthu.
Leave me alone.
Fine come.
I won't change Ram.
Don't try to...
...change me.
No matter how much
Muthu Lakshmi ignored Ram
Ram took utmost care of her.
To improve her deteriorating health
doctor strictly warned
Muthu Lakshmi to quit drinking
and prescribed some medicines.
Ram forgot that Muthu
Lakshmi was a MBBS student
and tried to feed her the
medicine in different ways.
But everything was in vain.
Hasn't it been two weeks since I came
to your house for pre marriage meeting?
Since then
Ram has tried every known trick in the book
to make Muthu quit drinking.
He has never slept since then.
result was zero.
I am going to party with my friends.
Will come home at morning.
Don't keep calling.
Thank you for coming Muthu.
I feared you wouldn't come.
I am relieved now.
Why are you so formal?
You are going to US for higher studies.
How can I not come and wish you?
Excuse me.
I am looking for Muthu Lakshmi.
Who are you?
Sorry Muthu.
I forgot to invite your
husband to the party.
Yet he came!
Devil knows no boundaries!
He came here too!
Bro join us.
Have a drink.
I don't drink.
- Oh!
- Thank you.
What a surprise!?
Such a husband for you Muthu!
Did you become 'Rama' post marriage?
Or were you 'Rama' before marriage?
Drink only to give company to your friends.
Not more than that.
I will wait there.
Excuse me.
Oh Muthu!
Special drink for you.
Your doesn't drink or smoke.
Is he good in bed at least?
Whatever is before your eye is 100 % true.
No activities.
He is a husband only for namesake.
Is there no sex life between you two?
If you love someone
and marry someone else
your life is bound to be ruined.
You loved someone!
Forget it.
It is over.
No way.
You should reveal it.
Come on Muthu.
Who was it?
Whom did you love?
I have no feelings for you Ram.
you never told me.
Your status made me feel inferior.
I feared that even if I had
confessed my genuine feelings
I would be branded as gold digger.
Sorry Muthu.
But you should have said it.
It is a big loss in my life.
Big loss!
Past is past.
Leave it.
Let's enjoy the party.
Come on.
It is late.
Dad will be waiting for us.
If your dad is waiting then you go.
Don't call me.
I need time.
Time is not important right now.
You are almost sloshed.
Come home.
Leave me.
Didn't I tell you that I will
come tomorrow morning?
Who the hell told you to come?
Why on earth are you behind me?
What do you want?
I want you Muthu.
Because your mom had liked me.
Yes I married you because
my mom had chosen you.
But whatever I did afterwards
was because I love you.
Is it enough that you love me?
Shouldn't I love you?
You are sozzled Muthu.
So now you will decide
how much I will drink.
Girls are taken for granted right?
My father didn't ask what I want.
And you loser.
As husband you too will never ask me.
All men are same.
Only your rule prevails.
What do you want?
I don't like your love and concern.
Your compassion irks me.
Isn't it for your own good.
Oh my patron saint!
If you want an award for good husband
I myself will recommend and give it to you.
But don't plan a project
to turn me into a good wife.
This is the court.
You are the judge.
I want divorce your honour.
Please leave me by myself.
Let me rot peacefully.
Why didn't you do something
when she humiliated you like this?
She was right.
What right did she say?
Don't we take woman for granted?
I don't remember
me or my dad
ever asking mom what she wanted.
Today I asked her.
So she expressed what she truly wants.
She has told you right?
Now do you have clarity?
Till today I believed that
my love would change her.
But if my love irritates her so much
Then all this is a farce
Doesn't true love mean
that you give what the
other person desires.
I will divorce her.
I was very happy at seeing Siddegowda's
son change to Kousalya's son.
the price he was paying
for this transformation
made me angry on gods.
I don't know what happened after that.
I was shopping with you.
Police called me.
Why are you silent uncle?
Say something.
Forgive me son-in-law.
I spoke recklessly about your family.
Let us pray
that Ram recovers fast.
We can do the engagement later.
Where is Ram?
She is a scorpion.
I told him to leave.
He wouldn't listen.
Will she spare?
See how she has stung!
I won't spare her.
Sir can I talk to you privately?
Please keep this.
No need of all this.
I understand your pain.
How arrogant of her to hit a man?
Let her hide in any burrow.
I will drag her out and make her pay.
Don't worry.
What is this?
Where are we?
Don't you remember
anything about last night?
Last night!
I can't remember.
Listen to me.
What did you mix?
Nothing bro.
I saw you mixing.
What is it?
Usual stuff bro.
This is common in parties.
It is a tablet for positive trip.
For psychedelic experience.
Why don't you try it?
Though I drink the same brand
I don't get the same kick.
Her tests say
that psilocybin levels are very high.
People who consume anti
depressants for depression
or drug addicts
have these levels.
Does Muthu know?
I don't think so.
How dare you mix drugs!?
You ruined her life.
Bloody dog.
You hit me!
You are done for.
Stop or else.
You don't know about me.
Your husband is angry
because of your divorce demand
and is showing it on Nishan.
How cheap!
You scoundrel!
Oh my god!
I thought you were a good friend.
But you!
- Drugs!
- Muthu! Calm down
I did mix drugs so that
the party might be exciting.
I never thought you would become an addict.
Where is Ram?
He is safe in hospital.
But we are in trouble.
Your husband has complained
against you to the cops.
They are looking for us with a warrant.
If we get caught
they will send us to jail
over substance abuse.
You will be booked under attempt to murder.
What do we do?
Good news.
His brain hasn't been
affected like we anticipated.
It is a minor head injury.
Thank you sir.
Where is Muthu?
Don't take her name.
Didn't she break your head...
...and leave you to die while
escaping with her friends?
Don't take her...
Mr. Siddegowda.
Your daughter in law
has come to the station.
Daughter in law my foot!
Wait. I will come to
your station with a bottle.
I will demonstrate how to break a head
by hitting it on her dad's head.
Calm down Mr. Siddegowda.
I am here.
She will go to jail.
I will send her.
We needed a statement
about yesterday's scuffle.
Tell me.
You are smart enough to
hide till you get anticipatory bail
after drinking and attacking.
Don't you have common
sense to not hit your husband?
We don't need your advice.
My client has come to complain.
Take it.
You are complaining!
On whom madam?
On her husband.
He is a sadist.
He doesn't trust her.
He keeps stalking her 24 hours.
He abuses her verbally,
physically and mentally.
He came yesterday to our party uninvited.
He fought and attempted to murder me.
Play victim card to hide your mistake.
Any evidence for your accusation?
We ourselves are the eye witness.
This is woman harassment case.
Handle it sensibly.
How come only you are talking?
Madam is very silent!
She is petrified.
That is why she was hiding last night.
I will provide all the
evidence to the court.
Now just register our complaint.
Tell me.
What is your complaint?
Speak Muthu.
I will say.
Please type.
My husband Ram
is a very bad man.
He is very suspicious
and doesn't allow me
to even talk to anyone.
He tortures me daily for dowry.
Please sign here.
What are you thinking Muthu?
Sign it.
There is nothing wrong in using
someone we don't like for saving our self.
I did forgery so that my wife
could have another chance.
I don't regret it.
Something like a surgery.
What happened Muthu?
Sir -Hmm?
One minute.
Last night I was drunk
and I hit my husband.
No one else is responsible.
I am surrendering.
What's wrong with you Muthu?
Are you mad?
I was till now.
Now I have come to my senses.
My father was misinformed.
So he complained against her.
No one hit me.
Last night at party
I stepped on a bottle
and fell on another bottle.
It was just an accident.
He is lying sir.
And he is not even good at that!
He is trying to save me.
Please arrest me.
I should be punished for hitting him.
Sir she was drunk yesterday.
She doesn't remember anything.
I am saying the truth.
Please send her.
Are you husband and
wife trying to play with us?
If you keep telling different stories
then I will arrest you both for
misleading the investigation.
Both of you
first talk and decide what you want to say.
Then call me.
Do you understand?
I know what happened
in the party last night.
I am a bad woman.
Why are you protecting me?
Let's not make things awkward.
You asked for divorce.
Here I have signed it.
So you are saving me to forsake me!
I am really sorry Ram
I know I have erred.
I also know that you deserve better.
But I am asking this selfishly.
Please don't leave me.
I don't want divorce.
I want you.
Give me one chance to
redeem and love you back.
I swear.
I will never drink again.
I will never drink again.
Please forgive me Ram.
Leave him.
Leave her.
You screw up and cry,
expecting us to forget everything!
Don't melt in her tears.
It is my ring!
That is my engagement ring!
I want the award for best husband.
Can you get it for me?
Stretch your hand.
Stop this!
This woman
attacked my son being drunk!
Isn't that a crime?
Arrest her first.
If all those who drink and
manhandle were arrested
then half of the men in this
country would have been in jail.
Should I remind you the past?
If being a man means
to exploit woman and
compel them to serve us
then damned be my manhood.
Woman love, sacrifice and take care of us.
A true man will double
it and give it back to her.
according to me,
till my mother was alive,
there was no 'man' in our house.
Because you never
gave anything back to her.
I too never tried, looking at you.
Your mother should have been
alive to see your transformation!
I should have changed
when she was still alive.
O Rama, son of Kousalya,
the sun is about to
rise in the eastern skies
Please arise to offer the
early morning oblations
Arise O Govinda the holder
of flag with Garuda emblem;
Cast aside your sleep to bestow your
protection and solace to the Universe
Sri Lakshmi, mother of the world,
you reside in the heart of Maha Vishnu;
Happy birthday my son.
Come here.
I want to talk a lot with you.
We will talk slowly.
Where am I going?
Get up and get ready.
Have to go to the temple.
Please come here.
Happy birthday Ram.
Get up soon.
People are waiting for you.
Come soon.
It is late.
What is this dad?
You mother used to prepare
this dish for your birthday.
So this time I cooked it for you.
Do you know to cook also?
I don't.
But my daughter in law taught me.
From now I will learn more.
Happy birthday.
Thanks dad.
Dear in laws!
Have it.
Are you upset Ram?
Is everything fine?
We are ready.
Are you?
Sister has planned something to correct
a major missing factor from your marriage.
What is that?
Rama, son of Kousalya
- Have you seen my mother-in-law's photo?
- Yes
Edit it and place it here.
Okay madam.
Can I stand there?
Super sir.
Your hand is exactly on her shoulder.
You are patience
You are merciful
A son every mother desires
You are compassionate
You are affectionate
You have all characters desired by a woman
You heal all pains
A destination of solace
You uphold righteousness
A definition to respect
Oh Rama, the one adored by whole world
O Rama, son of Kousalya,
O Rama, son of Kousalya,
the sun is about to
rise in the eastern skies