Krai Thong (2001) Movie Script

What happened?
Jiam... Jiam
Help... Help me
Jiam... Jiam
Jiam... Jiam
Old crocodile, you are useless
Your teeth are gone
You can't bite anymore
Go, get out of my sight
Go or I'll beat you
Let's go
Old crocodile, you are useless
No teeth, can't bite
It's getting dark, let's go home
What's going on?
Earthquake? Let's take a look
The riverside, let's go
Is that a crocodile?
Look, over there
Where? I see nothing
There, look
It's a log
Just a log
No big deal
No crocodile is as big as that
Let's go home
Big Crocodile! Run
Run for your life, run
My son... Someone save my son
Please, save my son
God! Save my son
Be careful
Take it easy
I feel it's somewhere near
Watch your steps
Damn! It's my foot
We gonna be rich if we catch it
Look around
Be careful
Don't get caught by it
Help, my leg
Help, it get my leg
I lost my leg, help
Damn! Fool!
It's just a log
Come here quick
This way, quick
Down there
Be careful
What are you doing?
It's Tah Soey
You want to frighten us all?
I'm hunting for that monster
I've been hunting it for a long time
But I fail
Pee Jun
Will they blame us for
sneaking away from them
You means those gutless assholes
Don't be so loud. They can hear us
They've to go in bunches because
They're afraid to die and that's gutless
If we can make it with just a few of us
Then we are heroes
Frankly speaking, aren't you afraid?
Shit! Looking for troubles?
You find something?
Look, what is that?
Where? I see nothing
There, can't you see
Is that a crocodile?
It seems not, take a closer look
It's no crocodile, it's a lizard
It's yours, hero
Gud, my son
Don't cry, our son will be OK
He won't die
It's all your fault
I warned you not to stay in the water
You didn't listen and not our son is drowned
Stop crying, will you?
They can save him, trust him
I can find Gud down there
We did our best, sorry
Please, try one more time
I heard he has 2 beautiful daughters
Pretty and rich, very attractive
Marry them is my goal
So I decided our next stop will be there
And to see the beauties and wealth
What is happening there?
Don't worry, he still get a chance
No, he's dead
He won't
Someone drowned?
Their son Gud
I guess he must caught by the River ghost
Plaew, hold this for me
Looks like your friend is gone too
Don't worry, he is Kraithong
He is famous around here
Everyone knows him because of his skill
He is the best diver, the best
Don't you worry
Here they are
Gud, my son
Gud, Gud
Are you alright?
He just swallowed too much water
Let me share my breath with him
He is alive
Gud is alive
Thank you
Thank you
You are marvelous, you're a hero
What is your name?
So he is Kraithong
The best diver in the world
I am curious about something
Where do you learn the Breath Sharing skill
My father taught me
Beside it can save somebody's life
It's very useful to capture a girl's heart
My father used it to win my mother
Kraithong, help
We need help
Let's go
See, is he brilliant?
He's my partner, Kraithong
I don't believe it
How can 1 single crocodile only can
Kill all the people in a village
That is a big one
You'll be scared to hell if you see it
What is it?
Impossible! So big
Take a closer look
Is it dead? It doesn't move a bit
Dead crocodile's belly will face the sky
Let's have the answer
Am I drunk?
I never see such a big one
Who care? Let's do it
Stop it. Run if you want to live
I'll kill you
Our village have a disaster recently
A giant crocodile kills people everywhere
To pray for peace of everyone lives here
I want to arrange a special ritual
By the side of the river
And ask the Holy to bless us all
You're late
What do you think about this idea?
It sounds good
That's a good idea
We agree
Kaew, Tong
You two as my daughter
You'll be the leaders of the ritual
Yes, Father
What if the Monster show up in the ritual?
What shall we do?
That's right, it's dangerous
Don't worry, I've arranged everything
I've send out invitation to other villages
To ask their crocodile hunters to join us
If anyone of them can kill the monster
I'll reward him half of my fortunes
Very attractive
Our chief is very generous
I'll ask my 2 children to pick
The most beautiful virgins from our village
To perform the ritual
Do you understand?
Yes, Father
Let's get back to the house
Why are you so nervous?
That monster crocodile
It massacre the whole North Village
Don't worry. The water here is too shallow
Crocodile don't like it
We better be careful
If I were at the North Village
The villagers would survive from that monster
You know why?
It's afraid of me
I'm the most notorious crocodile killer
When the crocodiles sense my smell
They are scared to death
If I were at the North Village
That monster is a leather handbag now
Y... o... u...
What's the problem?
Y... o... u... r h... a... n... d
God! My hand
Great, we're going to North Village
To attend the New Years day ritual
And to meet the 2 beautiful creatures
I nearly forget
Do you think we need to bring our weapons
That's for sure
My father taught me to be cautious
He was a wonderful crocodile hunter
His words is always right to me
Every time I fight crocodile
I feel my father's spirit is next to me and
Protect me whenever I'm in danger
Let's go
They say the monster crocodile is
As big as an elephant
I want to see whether it's true
The Chief said he'll reward half of his fortune
To someone who can kill it
My husband is going to take it for sure
We're going to be rich
That's for sure
This is only a kid's game
I fear no crocodile
Even the cruelest bandit was killed by me
Look, I cut his ear after his death
And keep it as a souvenir
You like to collect ears?
I have the same habit too
Really? But I get more than you
Let us see it
Is this great?
You must be a famous head hunter
No, I am a barber
Up yours
Grandma, do we have enough time?
Don't worry
Sister, the ritual will be held tomorrow
Are you ready?
Almost done
What are you staring at?
I know what is in your mind now
Those human will perform the ritual tomorrow
I just come to check what they'll offer
You must think I'm here because of that girl
Don't be silly
We can't stay out from water for too long
We'll turn back to crocodile if we do
How about...
How about let's have some happy time
Pal, we are lucky
Look, the 2 beautiful creatures
Let me check them out
So that's Chief's daughter you mentioned
That's right
Are you ready?
I'm fine
Let's go
I've been waiting for this day for a long time
I can't wait
Me too, I even couldn't felt asleep
Good morning
What's wrong?
I don't want to go
What's the reason?
Come on
Don't worry, we'll be alright
I don't want to
Come on Let's go
Why did you ignore me last night?
I'm a lady and I have my pride
Ignoring a stranger is a proper response
Your face is so beautiful
How can I resist myself from looking at it?
You must be one of the Chief's daughter
You're not only looking at my face
Your eyes seemed look into my heart
Is that true?
Lucky that you don't have that kind of eyes
I'm afraid you can look into my heart
And know what is in my mind
How's that? Are you ready?
Then what is in your mind?
He must be the legendary crocodile hunter
Kraithong from the South
They say he is invincible
Like he has God as his guardian
How about the other one?
That's Kraithong's partner
He seems interested in you
He keeps staring at you
I'm sure about it
But I'm not interested in him
Attention everyone
Please come forward
It's about time
The New Year's Day ritual
Is ready to begun
It's getting dark now
I'm now announce
The ritual begins
What is happening?
Come out from the water, quick
Kaew, Tong
Kaew, Tong, run
Kaew, Tong
Leave it alone, run
Hurry! Tong
The ritual will fail...
Tong, hurry
Run for your life, run
Tong! Tong!
Tong Father
My child
Plaew, it's too dark down there
Get me the underwater torch
Who are you? Why do...
Why am I here?
What is this place?
Stay away from me
Who ever kill the monster
will get half of my fortunes
Also my daughter, kaew will be his wife
I said it and I'll do it
What are you crying for?
You will be happy down here
Chalawan, how could you do this?
This is my place, I can do what I want to
You already have me and Luam
Why do you get a human?
It's doesn't matter
Human are our enemies
Who are you?
How can you live underwater?
You get anything to do with that monster?
And who are you?
How can you find this place?
I am of course a human
The difference is I live on land
And you live underwater
Wrong, I can live in both
What are you doing here?
I'm taking her away
You think you can?
Try it
Are you hurt? Are you okay?
You go first, I'll be right away
Take me to Grandpa's cave
I need to recover my strength there
Take it easy
They are back. Great
He's marvelous
Tong! Tong!
Are you alright?
Tong! My child!
He's really a hero
How do you feel?
Don't cry
Talk to me, Tong
What happened?
Say something
What happened to her?
What's going on?
Talk to me, my child
What happen to her?
She may be swallowed too much water
She will recover soon
She can talk when she gets better
That wound should finish him
But how come my knife gets rusty
I think he'll never come up again
But who is he?
How can he lives underwater?
What's wrong?
There are 2 kind of people around here
Land people and underwater ones
I think that monster crocodile is
Raised by those underwater people
Now, I'm going to keep my promise
You'll have half of my fortunes
And Kaew will be your wife tomorrow
But Father...
I'm curious about something
You surprise me with staying underwater
for such a long time
But how can Tong stay such a long time
She can't breath underwater like you
While we escape from underwater
I kept sharing my breath with her
Sharing breath? How?
Mouth to mouth
I guess I have no alternatives
Both of my daughters will be your wife
You lucky fellow, what about me!
But Father, is that okay?
No problem, It's hard to find such a brave
And good looking son in law
Son, I always by your side
No one can hurt you
How's Tong? Is she getting better?
She is sleeping
Don't worry about her
She'll be the bride tomorrow
I know she love you very much
How about you?
I know your partner likes me
But he's not my kind of man
What about me?
I'll do what my Father says
He gave me to you
And I'm yours
I heard your father captured your mother
With that breath sharing technique
Is that true?
It's true. To perform breath sharing
I can do it on land as well
Come on, let me show you
No... I can't breath
Where is the wedding ceremony?
Over there?
Enjoy yourself
They are not human. They are crocodile
Crocodile with spiritual power
They can transform into human
You, crocodile hunter form the South
Let me warn you
Your knife corroded because of his blood
He is a devil
His name is Chalawan
What is happening?
Who is that old man?
Where does he come from?
He lives by the river bank
His name is Ta Soey
People call him Soey the maniac
They said his wife was
Killed by a giant crocodile
Today is my bad day
I never think of such a human being
Process such a strong power
How long will you stay here?
Until I completely recover
I am going to stay in this cave from now on
And take a long rest
To regret for those human I killed
I swear I'll never kill again
But there's an old fellow
He keeps hunting me in the past few years
To revenge his wife's death
He learns how to make the 7 metal spear
Which is the only weapon that can kill me
If he cooperate with the man today
I'll be in danger
The time has come
I keep hunting him since that night
I dived myself crazy for that
Don't go too far
We'll be back soon
I want to know how can I kill him?
Nobody's been able to wound him
You are the only one
I proves that you're not common people
But normal weapon can't take his life
His blood corrodes every metal
Unless you can combine 7 metals
And use it to make a spear
Only if Chalawan dies
Your wife can talk again
Let me show you something
Ta Soey! Ta Soey!
Ta Soey!
Ta Soey! Watch out!
Ta Soey!
It's not Chalawan
Ta Soey! Plaew, hurry
Slowly, I'm afraid
What's happening?
Plaew, help!
Kraithong, what are you doing?
Sharpen my weapon
I'm doing to duel with Chalawan
He must die
Chalawan process a curse on you
That's why you can not talk
The only way to cure you is to kill him
Soey ask me to make the 7 metal spear
It's the only way that can kill the monster
It's too dangerous
I understand you worry about me
But for Tong, for South and North Village
For the people who live by the river
I must kill this devil
Otherwise they all will become his preys
Chalawan... Chalawan
Where have you been?
I've killed that old man already
Why did you do that?
Why don't you listen to me? If...
Go block the cave's entrance
Now we are safe
I swear I'll never kill again
Aren't you forget about it?
I must get Vimala back now
You're wounded, how can you go out?
Let me find her
You can't go
You're still breeding
That human can trace your blood
And find this cave
But if I don't bring Vimala back
He will force her to talk
And find out this place
Where is Chalawan?
I don't know
I know you're not human
Stay away from me
Are you armed?
Take a look by yourself
I don't think you have
No, please
Don't hurt me
I won't harm you
You're so pretty, so charming
Please don't hurt me
I'm afraid of blood
I swear I'll never kill again
What is happening here?
Sister, tell me what's going on?
Where is Chalawan?
Why the cave is shaking?
It's all my fault
Chalawan is fighting with Kraithong
Blood... what happened to you?
It looks bad
Wait for me here
I get Chalawan back
Give me strength, Father
My power is gone
Get the 7 metal spear
It's next to you
Sister, I can talk
I can talk now
I can talk now
You can talk at last
Chalawan uses his last breath
To order all the crocodile to attack human
You must speak out the spell I taught you
At the moment Chalawan die
Then the crocodiles will leave peacefully
Help him out of water
Come on
This way, my son
You're the best, best of the best
Stop pushing him
Be careful
I never seen such a big one
So what? It's dead
It kills to many, it deserves it
Listen everyone
Chalawan is dead now
We can live in peace again
We must thank Kraithong, my son in law
He saves us from the devil
After marry, Kraithong lives the old way
He stays half of his time on land
The rest, he goes underwater
How come you are bleeding?
It's not Chalawan
So you're the one who killed Ta Soey
Let me check your wound
Come on
Be gentle, don't hurt me
I'm afraid of blood
What's wrong?
Don't cry, we are the same
We both are created by God
We can live in peace and love
Kraithong, you killed Chalawan
How can you take his mistress?
Chalawan and you are different
He's a devil, he's blood thirsty
But you're afraid of blood, you are good
Even though Luam killed Ta Soey
Only if she becomes my wife
Everyone will forgive her sin
What about me?
I'll love you as I love the others, trust me