Krampus Origins (2018) Movie Script

[wine pouring]
[glasses clinking]
[electronic bass music]
[dramatic music]
[gunshots firing]
- Too close.
[gunshots firing]
- Well, that's what we
get for being ass deep
on Kaiser Bill's
side of the line.
- Why do we always
get the easy jobs?
- Don't know.
Maybe it's Colonel Foley's
way of saying he loves us.
[laughs quietly]
[dramatic music]
[gunshots firing]
All right, let's move out.
[man on phone speaking German]
- Copy that.
[dramatic music]
[man whispering]
- Keeper of the fairies.
Keeper of the secrets.
[speaks in foreign language]
- Colonel Schneider.
We've been ordered to fall back.
[Colonel Schneider speaks
in foreign language]
- I summon you.
[ominous music]
- My God.
- As keeper of this amulet,
[laughs hysterically]
I order you,
come forth, child of darkness,
and do my bidding.
[ominous music]
It's happening.
[loud rumbling]
[Colonel Schneider laughs]
- Colonel!
[laughs hysterically]
[dramatic music]
- All right, this is the spot.
Wolf, pinpoint.
Collins, cover the rear.
- Got you covered.
- Sir.
- Sargent?
- It's too quiet.
I don't like it.
- Well, you can take that
up with Colonel Foley.
This is the target.
Move out.
[ominous music]
[gunshots firing]
- Colonel!
[faint whispering]
- Wolf, take the pride
and clear the room.
Collins, maps, documents,
everything comes with us.
- Yes, Sergeant.
[dramatic music]
[guns firing]
[faint whispering]
[Colonel Schneider yells]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music intensifies]
[yelling in foreign language]
[gun bangs]
[dramatic music]
- Lieutenant?
You okay?
- I've had better days, Collins.
- Lieutenant.
Colonel Foley asked
me to see you, sir.
[ominous piano music]
- Lieutenant McNamara
reporting as ordered, sir.
- At ease, Lieutenant.
I heard you lost a man tonight.
- More than one, sir.
- Well, I'm sorry, Lieutenant.
Those spooks are going over
the intel you gathered,
and we should know soon
enough just how valuable
it may turn out to be.
- Yes, sir.
- It's not all bad
news, Lieutenant.
The krauts are
growing desperate.
Rumor has it that the
German high command
is talking surrender,
so with any luck,
this whole damn, cursed war
could be over by Christmas.
- Very happy to hear that, sir.
- Good.
Good work out there at any case.
- Yes sir.
- Dismissed.
- The shellings stopped.
It's so quiet.
It's almost peaceful.
- Almost.
- That a picture of
your girl, Lieutenant?
- My wife, Josephine.
- She's very pretty, sir.
- She is.
- What's that you're reading?
- I'm not readin' nothin'.
I have no idea what kind
of language this is.
I took it off the kraut that
Lieutenant killed today.
- It's in German.
- No.
No, I've never seen
words like these before.
- Sergeant.
- Yes, sir?
- Did I hear that right? You
found that on the raid tonight?
- I did, sir.
- Why, then, did
you not turn it in
with the rest of the intel?
- Wasn't necessarily
an intel, Lieutenant.
It's some kind of story
book or somethin'.
[intense ominous music]
[guns firing]
[man yelling in
foreign language]
[intense ominous music]
- Your bag, ma'am.
- Oh, thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Miss McNamara?
- I am.
- Name's Jimmy,
I'll be your escort.
- Oh.
Very nice to meet you, James.
- Only two women call me James,
my mother and Sister
Rafus, so please,
- Jimmy.
- Right this way.
[dramatic instrumental music]
- Adelia.
[door knocks]
Come on, I need to get
my knitting needles.
[door knocking]
Adelia, please.
[door knocking frantically]
Why are you locking the doors?
You know what Sister
Rafus will say.
- I need to show you something.
Close the door.
- What are you doing?
- This is alchemy.
- What's alchemy?
- Miss Lena told me about it.
She gave me this box.
She says, "Those
who master alchemy
"can use it for all
sorts of things.
"Potions to heal, to sleep,
"to make a boy love you."
- What, like magic?
- Yes, exactly.
Here, let me show you.
"Love and healing magic:
"two parts willow tree bark,
"one pinch of rosemary,
"a dash of dried apple
ground into a paste.
"In small doses, it will
heal infection and fever."
- "Fairy Guardian Conjuring:
"call upon the fairies in
the darkness of light."
Really, Adelia?
You shouldn't bother--
- What are you two about?
- Nothing free to
bother with, Ida.
- Henrietta and Adelia,
why are you not at choir?
- I'm so sorry, Sister.
We were just about to leave.
- What's that you're reading?
- Oh, nothing.
It's a book I found.
- Give it here.
[dramatic music]
"Secrets of the Fairies.
Really, now?
Where do you find
such rubbish, girls?
Oh, you need not answer.
This is Miss Lena's
doing, is it not?
Oh, never mind.
You've each earned a demerit.
Adelia, I believe this
is your second this week.
- It wasn't Henrietta's
fault, she was just--
- Silence, child.
- Yes, sister.
- Off to choir now, both of you.
- [Both] Yes, Sister.
- What's it about, Sister?
- Never you mind, Ida.
- Very well.
Is there anything more
I can help you with?
- Yes.
You can go to choir
with everyone else.
- Yes, Sister.
[car engine humming]
[church bells ringing]
[dramatic music]
[church bells ringing]
[dramatic music]
- [stammers] New teacher.
- [stammers mockingly] Really?
Well, let me see.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, she'd do in a pinch.
- [stammers] In a pinch?
- Oh, never mind.
[car engine humming]
[dramatic music]
- Good heavens,
what happened here?
- Something at
breakfast didn't sit
well with this young one.
- And, why are you
cleaning it up?
- It's no bother, Sister.
- Your duties are to keep clean
the kitchens and the lavatories.
The children are
responsible for their rooms.
- Kitchen's clean,
same with the privies.
- Nonetheless,
we strive to teach personal
responsibility here.
[exhales loudly]
Lena, stop this at once,
and stand and face me
when I address you.
[foot thuds loudly]
- How may I be of service?
- You can start by
explaining this.
I found Adelia with it,
and I can only guess
that it was you
that gave it to her.
- It's just a bit of fun, ma'am.
It's harmless enough.
- Potions and spells,
it's blasphemy.
I won't have the children
exposed to such indignity.
I tolerate your peculiarities,
because you have a
way with the children,
but there are limits I will
not allow you to press.
Have I made myself clear?
- You have, Sister.
- Excuse me, Sister,
but the young woman is here.
The history teacher from
Tulsan, Miss Josephine McNamara.
- Oh, yes.
Where is she?
- In Father Timothy's office.
- Very well.
Miss McNamara.
- Yes,
but it's Mrs. McNamara.
- Mary Rafus.
Oh, please, sit.
- Excuse me,
I was told I'd be meeting
with Father Timothy.
He and I have been corresponding
by mail for some time now.
- It was I who
wrote those letters
in the good Father's name.
Oh, there's nothing amiss.
Father Timothy is very old,
and his health is fading,
and he's vested me
with those burdens
now beyond his
capacity to manage.
- I see.
- Does that trouble you?
- Not at all, ma'am, Sister.
- Sister will do.
- Yes, Sister.
- And, what of your husband?
Would he approve of his pretty,
young wife tending a
gaggle of unfortunates?
- Well, I'm sure he
will once I tell him.
[dramatic music]
Patrick is a kind-hearted man,
and I expect he will commend
my decision to work here.
Only, it's been some time since
I've received news from him,
as he's stationed in
France near the front.
- He's a soldier?
- Yes.
- I see.
May God protect him.
[silverware clanking]
- What do you
think you're doing?
- Sitting down to eat.
- Not here, you're not.
- [stammers] There's
plenty of room.
- I prefer to dine alone.
Thank you.
- Not hungry, Violet?
- Not for this.
- It's not that bad today.
- I wish we could say the
same thing about the company.
Don't look at him.
Maybe he won't bother us.
- Hey, Adelia.
Had another dream
about you last night.
You were naked.
- You're a pig, Jack Larson.
- This never works,
but you never stop trying.
- I'm persistent.
I thought women liked
that kind of thing.
- Not this one.
- Well, how about
you, Henrietta?
- Not even if you
were as rich as Midas.
- There's Bram.
[faint ominous music]
Let's go mess with him.
- Why don't you just
leave him alone?
- Why don't you worry
about yourself, Adelia?
What do you say, Jack?
- I'm sorry, my lovelies,
but we're gonna have
to continue this later.
Whatcha reading, bubbsy?
- Who you foolin'?
Boy can't read.
- [stammers] I like to
look at the pictures.
- Are there any nudies in there?
- Give me that.
[ominous music intensifies]
You look like you wanna hit me.
Go ahead.
Do it.
I want you to.
- No, I think he's gonna cry.
- That right?
You gonna cry?
See, his brain's not
all that soft about him.
[Bram grunting]
[ominous music]
On this floor, we have
have our dormitory,
two children to a room.
[Bram grunting]
- Fight, fight!
[group chanting "fight"]
- No, Jack!
- Get this freak off me!
[Bram grunting]
[group chanting "fight"]
- I'm getting Sister Rafus.
Sister, Rafus, come quickly.
- What's come over you, child?
- A brawl in the dining room.
[intense music]
[group chanting "fight"]
- Enough of this.
- But, he's the one that
started this, Sister, I swear.
- That's not true. All
he was doing was reading
when they started
laying into him.
- Yeah, it's true. We
saw the whole thing.
- Silence, everyone.
What sort of cowardice is
it to beat a boy two-on-one?
[dramatic music]
Help him up, girls.
I don't know who started this,
but both of you boys have
just earned a demerit.
Go and take Bram
to Sister Martha.
And, the rest of you go
back to eating your lunches.
Still sure you want
the job, Mrs. McNamara?
[intense music]
- We were supposed to
take him to Sister Martha.
- What could Sister Martha do?
The woman's half blind.
- There.
Let that sit.
- [stammers] What is it?
- Just a recipe of my own.
- It stinks.
- [laughs] I know,
but it heals,
and that's the important part.
By morning, it'll be as
if it never happened.
- Really?
- How do you feel, Bram?
- [stammers] Like I
just got trampled on.
- From what I hear, I'm
told you were very brave.
- Brave?
- Mm hmm,
and that you walloped
that Virgil good.
- Yeah, and if Jack
didn't blindside you,
it would be him in here.
- I wouldn't help him.
- Why not?
- Boy's a bully,
and just like you,
I've been fightin'
him off my whole life.
- [stammers] Really?
[dramatic music]
- Really.
Now, you all better
get out of here
before Sister Rafus
gets wise to us.
[light music]
Keep Bram out of her
sight until morning.
- Thanks, Lena.
- Yes,
[stammers] thank you.
- You're very welcome, Bram.
[footsteps thumping loudly]
- Sister Rafus?
[ "Show Me the Way to Go Home"]
- Had a little drink
about an hour ago
And it went right to my head
[ "Show Me the Way to Go Home"]
Who are you?
- I'm sorry, Father.
I was looking for Sister Rafus.
When I'm happy,
when I'm happy
- Well, this is her
office, more or less,
so that's not a surprise,
but you're that new
teacher she hired,
I'm guessin'.
- I am, sir.
- Well, don't just stand there.
Come on down and
join us for a slug.
- No, I can't.
- Bad luck to refuse a
holy man's hospitality.
- Well said, Jim.
Well, young lady, would you
like to join civil-i-bation?
- [laughs] Oh, very well.
- That's the spirit.
[ "Show Me the Way to Go Home"]
- I gotta warn you,
this is packin' heat,
and of course, you faint heart.
[ "Show Me the Way to Go Home"]
Show me the way to go home
I'm tired and I
wanna go to bed
I had a little drink
about an hour ago
And it went right to
my head [laughs]
A lady after my own heart.
Would you like another?
- [laughs] I'm afraid
I must decline.
[laughs] Tomorrow's
bound to be a challenge,
and now, for that adding to it,
the misery of a hangover.
[all laughing]
Well, good evening to you both.
- And, to you.
- You know the best way
to avoid a hangover
is don't stop drinkin'.
[ "Show Me the Way to Go Home"]
[dramatic music]
- Hey, Jack.
- Quiet.
Oh, shit!
Someone's coming.
- Who's there?
- Who's asking?
- Jack?
- Ida?
- What are you doing
out of your room?
- Right back at ya.
- Well, look at
miss goody-goody.
I always knew she
had a wild side.
- Look, don't sweat it.
If you keep our secret,
we'll keep yours.
- Deal.
- It's this one.
[ "Crazy Blues" by
Mamie Smith"]
I can't sleep tonight
I can't eat a bite
'Cause the man I love
He don't treat me right
- See anything?
- Shh.
He makes me feel so blue
I don't know what to do
Oh, not bad at all.
Sometimes I sit and sigh
And then begin to cry
- Move, Jack. Let me see.
Said his last goodbye
- Who's there?
[intense music]
- Run.
- [gasps] Sister.
- You left your door open.
Be mindful of such carelessness,
as it looks to have attracted
some gentlemen callers.
- I'll be more careful.
- Good night.
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
[door creaking]
Mrs. McNamara.
[birds chirping]
[rooster crowing]
- Sister?
- It's time for morning Mass.
[church bells ringing]
- Malachi, chapter
three, verse one:
The Messenger of the Covenant.
"Now, I am sending my messenger.
"He will prepare
the way before me,
"and the Lord, whom you seek,
"will come suddenly
to His temple.
"The messenger of the covenant,
"whom you desire,
"'see, He is coming,
"says the Lord of hosts."
This is the word of the Lord.
- [Group] Thanks be to God.
- Brothers and
sisters of Christ,
as the Christmas holiday's
nearly among us,
we must give thanks.
We must--
[dramatic music]
Be good among yourselves,
and rejoice.
- It appears that Father Timothy
is unwell again this morning,
but take heed of his message.
Be kind and good to one another,
for Christmas is a season of
a kindness and fellowship.
Isn't that right, Father?
- Oh, quite so, Sister.
Quite so.
[car engine humming]
- And, Mr. John Adams
was our second president,
and he also signed the
Declaration of Independence.
- Mrs. McNamara.
- Yes?
- A word, please.
[ominous music]
- Excuse me, class.
- Ms. Josephine McNamara.
I have a letter, ma'am,
from Secretary of War Becker.
"It is with the
deepest of regret,
"my most somber duty,
"to report that your
husband, Patrick,
"was killed in action
on December 3rd,
"while defending his post
against the German attack.
"His selfless and heroic
duties are greatly respected."
[somber music]
I'm so very sorry, ma'am.
[dramatic music]
Sister, perhaps I can
give these to you.
They're Lieutenant
McNamara's personal things.
- Return to your
rooms now, children.
[ominous music]
- Lena?
- Hey, Jimmy.
- What's that you're makin'?
- Just somethin' for
that Mrs. Josephine
to help her with her nerves.
- Yeah.
Talkin' about a bad
first day on the job.
- Rough start, no doubt.
- [stammers] Think
she'll be leaving us now?
- Of course.
How could she stay after
something like that?
- [stammers] I liked her.
- But, you didn't know her.
None of us did.
- I know,
but she just had
a way about her.
It's hard to explain.
- I understand what
you mean, Bram.
[ominous music]
[faint whispering]
[door knocking]
[exhales loudly]
- I made you some
fresh herb tea.
- Oh.
You're very sweet.
Thank you.
- It's Lena.
- Oh,
thank you, Lena.
- Mrs. McNamara,
if you should want to pray,
or talk to someone,
or anything at all,
my door is always open.
- Thank you, Father.
Perhaps later.
- Yes, of course.
[ominous music]
- Ida,
Still with that damn book?
- I can leave if you want.
- Sorry.
It's just, I'm needing
some affection.
- Shut up, Billy.
- What is that, anyway?
- It's ancient writing,
pagan letters.
- And, the other one?
Ancient alphabets,
translations and definitions.
Where did you get these?
- Quiet.
I'm trying to concentrate.
- You swiped those from
that old drunk's library?
[ominous music intensifies]
- There.
I think I can make it out now.
- Make what out?
The hell are you talking about?
[speaks in foreign language]
Come again?
You're a witch.
- You really think so?
- Yeah, I'm out of here.
- Me too.
- What's that?
- Billy?
Come on out.
This isn't funny, Billy.
[shrieks loudly]
[ominous music]
[gasps loudly]
[ominous music]
[loud thumping]
[ominous music]
- Who's he?
- I heard he arrived
in the dead of night.
- He has a strange
way about him.
- Guess he's not hungry.
- [Violet] Guess not.
- But, there's something else.
No one can find Ida.
- Maybe she flew away
on her broomstick.
- [Henrietta] I heard
she ran off with a boy.
- A boy?
- Some townie she's been
sneaking off to see.
- Ida, miss teacher's pet?
- That's what they say.
[silverware clanking]
- Are you not hungry, child?
Would you follow me then
to Father Timothy's office?
We have much to discuss.
- [Phone Operator] Operator.
- Yes, may I have the
train station, please?
- [Phone Operator] Hold, please.
[man on phone speaking
through static]
- Yes, when does the
next train depart?
- [Man On Phone] It's
Christmas Eve, ma'am,
and you've just
missed the last one
until after the holidays.
- I see.
Thank you.
- "And, from this time,
"being the age before
the dawn of man,
"the spirits of old,
"the gods of elemental
power over the universe,
"the servants of the divine,
"where the fairies had
conjured a being of pure evil.
"They called this
beast the Krampus."
[dramatic music]
- Have a seat, please.
Very well.
What can you tell
me of yourself?
You can start with a name.
Who are you?
Are you unable to--
- Nicholas.
- Nicholas.
And, what is your last name?
- Nicholas is my name.
- No last name?
Where are you from?
- Where do you think
you're going, Lena?
- Get out of my way, please.
I need to speak
with Sister Rafus.
Sister, I must warn you.
- What's come over you?
- We're, all of us, in
the greatest of danger.
[ominous music]
[Lena gagging]
- Lena, good heavens.
[ominous music intensifies]
- Lena?
- What's wrong with her?
- She's running a fever,
but there's something else.
- [stammers] Something else?
- She hasn't opened her
eyes since she collapsed.
- Is there anything we
can do to help, sister?
- You can pray for her,
and stay out of
Sister Martha's way.
- Yes, Sister.
- Do you hear me, Adelia?
- Yes.
- Let's go, children.
We need to let Lena sleep.
- Sister?
- Mrs. McNamara.
I thought Jimmy was taking
you to the train station.
- No more are running
until after the holiday.
- I'm sorry.
You should be with family
after receiving such news.
- Perhaps you have some work
I could do to keep
myself occupied?
Anything I could do to
help you or Sister Martha?
Perhaps something of Lena's?
I know she's taken ill.
- I really think it's best--
- No, please, Sister.
Any task,
anything at all.
Scrubbing floors would be heaven
compared to sitting
in my room alone.
- Some of the children are
decorating the Christmas tree.
I'm sure they would be grateful
to have someone tall
enough helping them.
- Very well, Sister.
Thank you.
Oh, hello, young man.
- You've been crying,
but not for Lena?
Who is it you cry for,
your husband?
He was a soldier, was he not?
- He was, yes.
- Then, why the tears?
Soldiers die all the time.
[cries softly]
- Okay, now you sound
warning if you see anyone.
- Why?
And, what are we doing here?
I thought we were
going to see Henrietta.
- No.
Well, not yet, anyway.
Just stand here, Bram, okay?
Keep your voice down low.
It'll be okay,
just call out to me if you
see Sister Rafus or anybody.
[door creaking]
- Do you even know how Santa
manages to visit us every year
when we have such
a little chimney?
- That's how he comes
in, through the chimney.
- But, he's so fat,
how does he fit?
- He's magical.
- I know she's mean
most of the time,
but I'm worried about Ida.
- Is that the girl
who's missing?
I hear she ran away with a boy.
- She does that every night
when she thinks I'm sleeping.
She always comes back.
[shoes tapping loudly]
- What?
You wanna make
somethin' of it, shrimp?
- What's going on here?
- Nothing.
- Virgil tripped the new boy.
- I did not such thing.
- That will be quite enough.
- Can you just leave
it alone, Virgil?
- Sleep tight tonight, kid.
[ominous music]
- Okay.
Here we go.
[door rattles]
- Truly, Adelia?
You locked me out again?
- Lock it behind her, please.
- The book Lena gave you.
Sister Rafus gave
it back to you?
- Not exactly.
- Adelia, you shouldn't be--
- We need to help Lena.
Whatever's wrong with her,
I doubt it's anything
Sister Martha can cure.
This book, it's full of recipes.
Let's see,
gifts of mother goddess,
the healing arts,
amending a broken bone.
To restore a person's
sense of smell,
well, no.
Oh, here.
To awaken someone from
an unnatural sleep,
use one part rosemary,
one part sage,
one part lavender,
and one tail of a
needful creature.
- [stammering] What's
a needful creature?
- It looks like a rat.
- Yeah, that's it.
- [stammers] There's a lot
of rats at the back house.
I can go get them.
- I'll come with you.
- Please be careful, you two.
[quiet ominous music]
[knife thudding]
- Jimmy.
- Father?
- Drop of the creature?
- Blow her away for me.
- Timing couldn't
be better for me.
Good afternoon, Sister.
- Father,
and my sense of smell
hasn't faded with age,
so there's no need
for pageantry.
It is with you, James,
that I wish to speak.
- All ears, Sister.
- I'm worried about Ida.
Sally tells me she's
been sneaking off
to see that Miller boy again,
but it's not like
her not to come back.
- Young love.
- I want you to go into town
and inquire after
her whereabouts.
Start with that Miller boy.
Find out where he is,
and if she's with him,
tell her we only
wish her to return,
and all will be forgiven.
Well, she'll have to
be punished, actually,
but we will forgive her.
After all,
I was young once myself.
- Didn't say a word.
- I'll be off then.
- Happy hunting.
- Good day, dear Father.
[ominous music]
- Where's your stocking,
Mrs. Josephine?
- Time for bed now, little ones.
You don't want to be awake
when Santa Claus arrives.
- But, it's so early.
- Wait, what was that?
Did you hear that,
Mrs. McNamara?
- I think I did.
- Sounds like reindeer.
Not very far, wouldn't you say?
- Very close.
- Nicholas.
It's time for bed now, child.
[ominous music intensifies]
- Is it ready yet?
- I think so.
- Did you find out anything?
- Nothing.
I found the boy's father,
but he hasn't seen or heard
from him since yesterday.
My guess is the two of
them ran off together.
- Oh, that's just not like her.
- You think you
know people, but--
- [exhales loudly] It's
been such a trying day,
what with this news of
Mrs. McNamara's husband,
and Ida running off,
and that strange
child, Nicholas,
just arriving at our door.
- I can widen my
search tomorrow,
check the surrounding towns,
see if anyone's
taken sight of them.
- Tomorrow is
Christmas day, James,
and your place is here with us.
It saddens me that Ida
has forgotten hers,
but that was her choice.
- Good night, Sister.
- Good night, James.
- It's not working.
- Well, maybe we're
not doing it right.
What does the book say again?
- Apply it to the fingertips
of the one that's
lost its slumber,
but nothing's happening.
- [stammers] Are you sure
we're doing this right?
- Adelia, we need to hurry.
Sister Martha will be
starting head count soon,
and if we're not in
our rooms, you know--
- I know! [echoes loudly]
[ominous music]
[loud footsteps]
[door creaking]
- Where's Bram?
- Don't know,
but if I were you,
I'd go check Adelia
and Henrietta's room.
[ominous music]
- Adelia, Bram!
- It's not gonna work, Adelia.
- [Sister Martha] Bram!
[Sister Martha's voice echoing]
- [stammers] The Sisters
are looking for us.
- Henrietta?
[ominous music]
[door creaking]
[ominous music intensifies]
What are you children
doing in here?
- [stammers] We're--
[loud screaming]
- Stay with me, girls.
[ominous music]
- What was that noise?
- It sounded like
Jack and Virgil.
[faint hissing]
- It's happening?
- What's happening?
- He's here.
- Virgil?
- Jack?
[loud banging]
[ominous music]
- Bram, give me that book.
[loud banging]
- Lena, what is happening?
- Lena?
[faint screaming]
- Spirits of light,
shield us from the darkness,
by not the forces of evil.
- [stammers] They need help.
- No, Bram! Don't go.
Girls, take my hands.
Bram, you, too. We
need to form a circle.
- Why do we need
to form a circle?
- Just do what I say
and repeat after me.
- Spirits of light, shield
us from the darkness.
- [All] Spirits of light,
shield us from the darkness.
[ominous electronic music]
- [stammers] What is that?
- Don't look, just repeat
after me, keep going!
- [All] Spirits of light,
shield us from the darkness.
[dramatic music]
[Josephine gasps]
[Josephine crying]
[both laughing]
- They told me you didn't--
Am I dreaming?
- Yeah, yeah, you are.
[Josephine crying]
Not all dreams are lies.
Oh, my love.
Josephine, you need to hear me.
You and everyone in this
house are in danger.
- What?
- For a lot of them,
for many of them, it's already
too late, but if you act now,
you can still save the children.
- I don't understand. [crying]
- I know.
I'm sorry. You have
to wake up now.
You have to wake up now.
I'm sorry.
- No.
- I'm sorry.
Look to the amulet.
It'll protect you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You have to wake up.
- No, no, no!
- You have to wake up.
- No, don't leave me!
[ominous music]
[gasps loudly]
[ominous music intensifies]
- Mrs. McNamara.
- [gasps] Father Timothy.
What's happened here?
- A beast.
A demon from the bowels of hell.
- I need to get you help.
I have to.
- No, no,
Josephine, listen to me.
It's taken the children.
- What?
Where, where?
- Into the inferno.
you must help the children.
- How?
How do I help them?
- You--
- Father.
- [All] Spirits of light,
shield us from the darkness.
- Lena?
- Is he gone?
- No,
but I think for now, we're safe.
Where did you get that?
- It was among my
husband's things.
- What is it?
- It's the weapon we need.
- For what?
Just what is this
thing we're fighting?
- The Krampus.
[intense ominous music]
[loud banging]
[all yelling]
- Lena!
Lena! Lena!
[knocking frantically]
- [stammers] It's stuck.
[loud banging]
[Lena yells]
[loud crashing]
[Josephine panting]
[loud crashing]
- Nicholas?
[screams painfully]
- The handle's red hot.
- It's evil magic.
I need to find a counter spell.
[loud crashing]
[demonic growling]
- Keeper of the amulet,
- What are you?
- A traveler.
- I don't understand.
- I come from a
world long forgotten,
locked away by the fairies
into that cursed book,
[growls fiercely]
since before the age of man,
until I was set free.
For that, I am thankful.
[demonic growling]
- Set free? How?
- It was the girl.
You called her Ida.
She freed me from my prison.
- Where is she?
- I've taken her,
and all the other's young ones
I found in this place.
- Taken them where?
- [growls] Into the inferno,
the realm of fire,
that lies between this
world and the next,
my home,
and the source of my power.
A power that grows ever stronger
with every child
I confine there.
- And, the others?
Sister Rafus and Sister Martha?
Jimmy and Father Timothy?
You murdered them!
Why, why?
- For the same
reason the huntsman
slays the deer or the wolf,
devours its prey.
- What are you saying?
It's in your nature
to murder us?
- To punish you,
that is my purpose,
to take from you the children
and act as harbinger
to the darkness
that will follow my return.
[demonic growling]
- There has to be something,
some way that we can--
- No.
There is nothing.
[loud booming]
- Goddess of water,
I call upon you.
[speaks in foreign language]
[speaks in foreign language]
- [Demon] Oh, shit.
- Children, just as before,
once more,
we need to combine our energy.
Come on.
Repeat after me.
[speaks in foreign language]
[all chanting in
foreign language]
[all chanting in
foreign language]
[demonic whispering]
- It's working!
- Focus, again children.
[all chanting foreign language]
Bram, get the book.
- What is it you're
waiting for, then?
[demonic growling]
- Foolish mortal,
so eager to die.
- Tell her the truth, Krampus.
You can't hurt her.
She's the bearer of the amulet.
- This is the true.
You, on the other hand--
[loud booming]
Death to you.
- Give me the amulet.
- Lena! [screams]
[demonic growling]
[all screaming]
We'll all be okay.
- Lena said the amulet
can be used to defeat him.
Maybe we can use it
to open the door.
- How?
- Give it to me.
[intense music]
- [stammers] He's coming!
- Hurry!
[fire crackling]
- Okay, okay.
[stammers] I need
to catch my breath,
and where are we even
running to, anyways?
- As far away as we can
get from that demon.
Let's keep going.
- No.
We have the power,
the power to defeat it.
Lena told us so.
- Lena didn't make it.
- No, the power's in the amulet.
All we need to do is use it.
- How do we do that?
- The book.
- It's useless.
She didn't even translate.
- Wait, give it to me!
- You think you can read it?
- Ancient German.
Ancient German,
- No one understands that.
- No, wait.
It's starting to make sense!
- Really?
- Yeah.
I told Sister Rafus I wanted
the chance to
practice my studies.
Well, here it is.
"Krampus Origins,
"A Tale From the Fairies."
- Amazing.
- [stammers] How do we stop it?
- "Creation of the Krampus,"
"Summoning and
summoning stones."
- He's coming.
Hurry up, hurry up, come on.
- Hurry!
[all yelling]
- Give me the amulet.
- Josephine!
[speaking ancient German]
[demonic whispering]
[ominous music intensifying]
[demonic growling]
[faint clanking]
- Josephine, Josephine!
[light music]
[Josephine crying]
- Do you hear that, children?
- Of course.
- You're back.
- It's gone.
Be careful.
- Let's go.
[insects buzzing]
- What if somebody finds it?
- We can only hope
that day never comes.
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
I wish I knew you
better, Sister,
but your life's work lives
on through these children.
I have no doubt they will grow
up to be fine men and women.
Most of them, anyway.
- Hey, Bram.
- What do you want?
- Adelia told us what you did,
how you and her helped
out Miss McNamara,
and destroyed that thing,
and brought us all back.
- I did everything I could,
but it's Miss Lena you
should be thanking.
- If only we could.
- Look, I guess what
we're trying to say
is that we're really sorry
about how we made sport of you.
- And, if we could,
we'd like a chance to
start over as friends.
- Why not?
- Thanks, Bram,
and Merry Christmas.
- It was Christmas yesterday.
- Yeah, well,
I guess we kinda missed it.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Bram,
whatever happened
to your stutter?
- Don't know.
- Those are very pretty flowers.
I'm sure Lena would agree.
- It was her favorite.
She used to say the flowers
continued the magic
of the fairies.
Hey, you loved them all,
but I'm gonna miss
Lena the most.
- Well, she's in good
company, at least.
I hope she and Sister Rafus
can get on better in heaven
than they ever
did here on earth.
Maybe Father Timothy
and Jimmy can help
try to loosen her up a bit.
- That's unlikely.
And, your husband?
- Yes.
Patrick was his name.
- Patrick.
You'll see him again one day.
- I will.
Just as you'll see
Lena again one day.
[somber music]
I almost forgot.
I have something for you.
- The amulet?
But, it was your husband's.
- It belongs with a girl
who understands magic,
and I am the farthest
thing from that. [laughs]
- Thank you.
- You're very welcome.
[dramatic music]