Krantiveer (1994) Movie Script

Salutations, Mr. Bheeshm Narain.
- Salutations, brother!
ls everything fine at home?
- Yes, thanks to God.
All right.
What happened to the
case about your land?
What has to happen,
Mr. Bheeshm Narain?
They are giving me date after date.
And l am tired going to
the court every now and then.
Can l tell you something?
- Yes, yes.
You along with Mr. Gandhi,
fought with bullets and sticks..
..and achieved freedom
for us from the British.
But the British rule
was better any day.
Work was done immediately.
Nowadays, you have to
bribe to get your work done.
God knows what will
happen of this country.
l touch your feet, mother.
- Live long! Come, sit here
Just like your grandfather, you..
..should also make
the family proud.
Here, take these offerings.
Very good!
Did you take your father's
blessings? - l will, mother.
First mother's blessings,
then father's blessings.
Son. - You know l don't like milk.
You will have to drink the milk.
lf you don't drink milk,
how will you grow strong?
Come on drink. Very good.
- Daughter-in-law.
Listen, is Pratap ready?
- l am ready, grandpa.
Regards grandpa.
- Live long.
But you will not drop me
off to school today.
l'll go to school myself.
You rest here.
He is exactly like his father,
the same habits.
Grandpa, don't you know
that you should never hit here.
You know the small brain lies here
lf you hit there, a person dies.
Okay, l made a mistake.
Go, go to school. You are late.
Okay, grandpa.
Mother, l am going. - Okay, son.
My young son died
serving the country.
Now l have only one dream.
That this freedom
fighter Bheeshm Narain..
..Tilak's grandson,
makes the family proud worldwide.
Wealthy one,
looks like today your luck is good.
You are getting all the money.
What has happened in your eyes?
What will happen in my eyes?
There is something wrong.
Look at me.
Now look into my eyes.
You will now do as l say
Throw No.3. Hey, we won!
ldiot, gambles!
So you are the one who
has taught my son to gamble!
No, aunty, no. - l am not
going to listen to you today.
l went to the school
and l came to know..
..that my son has not gone
to school since twenty days!
Today l have come to know that.. your school this
is what is being taught.
What is the matter, father?
You look very upset.
it has become evening.
Pratap has not come home yet.
He'll come, father.
After school Pratap..
..goes for tuitions
to the master's house.
He was saying exams are nearing.
This time he will score
the highest marks in school.
He will. He will surely do that.
his eyes shine with confidence.
l tell you he will
one day become famous.
People far and wide
will be talking about him.
Yes, people will talk about him.
But not because of his good deeds.
But because of his bad deeds.
Master, please say good things.
What are you saying, master?
l am telling you the truth,
Mr. Bheeshm Narain.
l am trying to open your eyes.
You are talking about tuitions.
l have come to tell
you that for the..
..last twenty days,
he has not stepped in the school.
Sister Durga, Pratap met
me outside the village yesterday.
l asked him why he
was not coming to school.
So he told me grandpa
is very serious.
l am looking after
my grandpa day and night.
Hearing this, l came to enquire
after Mr. Bheeshm's health.
After coming here l find
the story is something else.
what rubbish are you talking?
Master is not talking rubbish,
sister Durga.
He is telling the truth.
Your son Pratap has taught
all the children to gamble.
Pratap has started gambling too?
A child from my family.
And that too gambling?
Yes, grandpa, near the river.. the ruins,
he gambles and also smokes.
Champa, what are you saying?
lf l am telling lies,
then l will rot in hell.
He himself is a scoundrel and
he is spoiling my only child also.
Sister Durga, there is still time.
Correct your dear child.
after years, there will be..
..a dacoit in this community
and that will be your son.
Oh God! Look at how the father,
grandfather were.
And look at how this
scoundrel grandson is.
Looks like he will spoil
the Tilak family's name.
Father! Father!
No! No! No!
A horrible thing has happened.
You are playing here and
your grandpa has expired there.
You are crying as
if your father has died.
lf he has died, so what?
Everybody has to
die someday, right?
You will die, l will die.
He is saved from the troubles
of this world, poor thing.
He has come to give me the news!
Strange boy! Don't you
know you have light the pyre?
lf l don't light the pyre,
will my grandpa not burn?
You stop worrying about
me and do your work.
Grandpa has gone to sleep forever.
You also go home and sleep.
Call the grandson
to light the pyre.
Priest, l will light the pyre.
You scoundrel!
lf you ever dare to say the..
..pure name of mother
from your lips..
..then l will cut your tongue.
From today neither you are my son,
nor am l your mother.
Today, these hands have
lit two pyres. - Mother!
What dreams your grandfather
and l had seen for you.
All those dreams have burnt
in the pyre. Did you hear?
Go away from my sight.
You are the murderer.
You have killed him.
l will not let you live.
l'll not let you live.
Sister Durga, let him go,
are you going to kill him?
Yes, l am going to kill him.
l will teach him a lesson.
lf you have my blood in your veins,
then go away from here.
Take your ashamed face
and don't ever come back.
lf you have drunk my milk,
then l give you the promise of..
..that milk, never come
back again in this village.
Don't even show me
your unlucky face again.
Just think that your mother
also died with your grandpa.
And you are also dead for me.
Look this is very nice, very good.
Don't go in the water, Atul.
Atul, don't go.
Don't go in the water, Atul.
Save Atul! Someone save him!
Somebody help me, somebody help me.
Save him! - Somebody help me!
Mr. Laxmidas, come outside!
Mr. Laxmidas, come outside.
Something horrible has happened.
What happened?
Why are you shouting so much?
Your son! No, he has not died.
Here he is. - Father, father!
What has happened to him?
What happened to my son?
What has happened to him?
He was drowning in the water, sir.
This brave boy has saved him.
Son, l am so much in your debt.
That l cannot repay
it even with my life.
Here, take this reward.
Take this. Take this.
Take this reward and go
have sweets in my son's name.
Hey, Mr. Dhaniya!
You are a real miser.
You are giving me five rupees?
l have saved the life of your son.
l will take full five hundred
rupees. Not a penny less or more.
You will take five hundred rupees?
Not a penny less or more? - Yes!
Mr. Dhaniya!
Don't hit me here, understand?
Why? - Here lies the small brain
of a person and a person dies.
What small and big?
You don't have any brains.
You don't have any humanity in you!
For saving a life,
you will take five hundred rupees?
Mr. Dhaniya, l'm not going to..
..understand your
talk about humanity.
Just give me five green notes
of hundred quietly, then l'll go.
And if l don't give you?
No problem.
Tomorrow when l meet your son..
..l will tie a big stone round
his neck and drown him in the well.
And you can eat sweets
with this money. Miser!
Wait, wait!
Where are you going after counting?
Dear, here are your
five green notes.
l have understood your accounts.
And listen, don't come back
in this area to save anyone. Okay?
l have never done anything
even for my father.
Then who the hell are you?
Go, my father, go!
look at the guts of the boy.'
'Look! A boy who can take
away your money, can do anything.
'He is very useful.
l shouldn't let him go.'
Hey! Come here.
Where do you stay?
Now l'm standing here, so
just think that this is my house.
Understood, understood!
You are alone in this world, right?
Who has no one in this world,
has Laxmidas.
See, this community is mine,
so from today you are also mine.
From today you are my son.
And from today, you will
collect the rent of this community.
Here, Dhaniya. This month's
rent from the community.
Thirty two thousand eight hundred
eighty rupees and seventy five paise.
lt is less by seventy five paise.
Here it is. And it is less also
by one hundred and fifty rupees.
That Megha Dixit must have
not given it. - No, she has not.
l knew it. When this girl
first came to this community.
Alone. - Yes, alone.
l thought what will she eat,
where will she live.
You pitied her. - Where
will she stay, l pitied her.
This is what l did wrong, right?
Now when l ask her for the rent.
- She asks for papers.
She asks for papers.
She tells me your huts are.
- lllegal. - Yes, illegal.
l will write in the newspapers.
- l will go to the police.
lt is better to
be careful of such..
Yes, better to be careful.
Who is scared of such people?
But whenever she meets,
she starts lecturing.
One day if l get the chance,
l will show her.
Okay, you leave that,
talk about our ration.
What if l don't give you?
Did you forget?
Big stone, son, well? - Shut up!
Dhaniya, you should not hit here.
Yes, l know,
small brains lie there.
l know small brains lie there.
l am hitting you from childhood.
Have you died till now?
Here, take your five
green notes and have fun. Go.
Father, and my pocket money?
- Yes, come, come.
Come, you too come. He
has given me five hundred rupees.
See how it feels. See!
You idiot, the whole
day you don't do any work.
The whole day you are
polishing your motorbike.
Take this.
- What is this, hundred?
You are lucky. My father
used to give me ten rupees only.
You are lucky. Where will
you get a father like this?
Have fun, go have fun.
Wish his mother was alive today.
He has to bury his love
due to his father's miserliness.
What can l do? Have you
seen such a miserly father? - No.
ls he going to take the
money with him when he dies? - No.
My mother died when l was a child.
l am the only son. And
only hundred rupees in my pocket?
ln today's world, what
can one do with hundred rupees?
Nothing. - To save money, he
didn't send me to college. - Yes.
Now he is going to
spoil my love life also.
How can he spoil your love life?
l will show you. Come here.
All of Mamta's love letters.
Each love letter costs
twenty five rupees.
She had spent twenty
five thousand for my birthday.
Now with hundred rupees,
how can l celebrate my birthday?
Can you manage with
these five hundred rupees?
What can l do with five hundred?
This is nice,
when l am trying to help.. are taking
advantage of my kindness.
You don't understand..
..she is the daughter
of city's famous builder, Yograj.
She spends five hundred
rupees in a minute.
Please do something.
Convince father and
get five thousand rupees.
He will never say no to you.
Oh, Mamta's future husband.
You know your father very well.
lf his hair falls, he will
make toothbrush out of that..
..and brush his teeth with that.
Getting five thousand
out of him is like..
..snatching a hungry lion's meal.
l think he was born on 'Dhanteras'.
For everything,
he says, Laxmi, Laxmi, Laxmi.
lf you sending the
Goddess of wealth..
..send it in the form
of a daughter-in-law.
So that she comes
home and stays forever.
And blacken the face
of those who eye it, Goddess!
Hail Laxmi Narayan!
Pratap, you have stolen the money.
What are you saying?
l have lightened your father's
burden for a good cause.
And you call it stealing?
lf he dies, you are the
sole nominee of all this wealth.
Putting hands in one's
own pocket is not stealing.
lf father comes to know.
- lt will.. trouble. You don't know him.
l know him. He doesn't count money.
He weighs it.
He says if you count money,
it will become less.
The rent that comes every
month he keeps it like that.
Don't think, friend. Go spend.
Spend the money for Mamta.
We'll see what happens.
But you will also have
to come for the party.
Do one thing.
Take this chain, put on a shirt..
..from the cupboard
and become sexy.
But where are we going?
- Love Rap.
You want to me to dance
like Michael Jackson? - Come on.
Love rap.
Love rap.
Love rap.
When l looked into your eyes.
Sometimes 101 sometimes 102.
l've fever since that day.
Sometimes 101 sometimes 102.
Go and call the doctor fast.
Show him my nerves.
Tell him about my condition.
Go and call the doctor fast.
Show him my nerves.
Tell him about my condition.
Why does my heart beat fast?
lt's nothing but fever of love.
Why does my heart beat fast?
lt's nothing but fever of love.
My heart is beating.
Beating! My pulse is missing.
Beating! l think l'm collapsing.
Beating! Oh no l'm gone.
When l saw into your eyes.
Sometimes 101 sometimes 102.
l've fever since that day.
Sometimes 101 sometimes 102.
Go and call the doctor fast.
Show him my nerves.
Tell him about my condition.
Go and call the doctor fast.
Show him my nerves.
Tell him about my condition.
Why does my heart beat fast?
lt's nothing but fever of love.
Why does my heart beat fast?
lt's nothing but fever of love.
We don't want palace
we don't want name.
We don't want money
we don't want fame.
We don't bungalow
we don't want car.
We want only love,
we want only love.
Dance, my beloved.
Your youth and rosy cheeks.
Your eyes and movements
are intoxicating.
l always think of you.
Don't ask why l'm restless. Don't
ask how my condition is. Condition.
Hello. - Hello.
Will you dance with me?
- No.
Hey! Look into my eyes
and talk to me.
Now you'll do whatever l wish.
When l saw into your eyes.
Sometimes 101 sometimes 102.
l've fever since that day.
Sometimes 101 sometimes 102.
You know my age, its 30+9.
Oh that means you are old wine.
No one knows what see.
Do not look at my age.
Don't look at me, you enchantress.
l feel whatever you say is false.
My magic will work on you.
One day you'll be crazy for me.
Come on. Come on.
Move aside. Don't mess with me.
Don't come near me, naughty women.
Don't mess with me.
Don't come near me.
Move aside, naughty women.
Move aside
When l saw into your eyes.
Sometimes 101 sometimes 102.
l've fever since that day.
Sometimes 101 sometimes 102.
Go and call the doctor fast.
Show him my nerves.
Tell him about my condition.
Go and call the doctor fast.
Show him my nerves.
Tell him about my condition.
Why does my heart beat fast?
lt's nothing but fever of love.
Why does my heart beat fast?
lt's nothing but fever of love.
There should be no
generation gap in love.
Today we'll come together
and sing.
Love rap.
Love rap.
Love rap.
Come inside.
Sister, sister,
now only you can save us.
Police is against us,
law is against us, government..
..officials are against us,
politicians are against us.
Please save us tribal, sister.
Sister, they are thinking
of opening a hotel there.
Till when will you people
live like this in fear?
What else can we
helpless people do?
Police and goons together
will destroy the whole village.
Even if protest,
to whom should we do it?
This, this is your protest!
Tomorrow as soon as this
article is published in..
..the newspaper,
all the politicians will be shaken.
And all these people
who are begging.. you now will be your saviors.
Very good!
Journalist madam, very good!
She is going to save
the huts of the poor..
..on the base of a newspaper.
Very good!
But those times are gone.
When people used to think
of the newspaper as mighty.
Now the newspaper
is just a business.
To earn money, they publish
any rubbish in the newspaper.
Warning of Balasaheb! Advani
is sentenced for indefinite exile!
lmam has been captured!
All this rubbish will be there
in your newspaper now. - This is..
But all this is yours -
Did you know that small boys..
..shit in your newspaper
in the morning?
This is your misunderstanding.
The newspaper is very mighty.
lt has the strength to
change the power of a nation.
lt brings revolution in
the minds of people who fear.
Where has the power
changed since 1947?
People who have not changed even..
..after reading the Gita,
Ramayana, Koran.
What revolution are they going to
bring after reading your newspaper?
They are in the habit
of sleeping from years.
Let them sleep! Let them sleep!
You just speak big things.
lf you have the guts, come forward.
Help the helpless. Awaken them.
You can only awaken live people,
not the dead.
Who is alive here?
There should be
no generation gap in love.
Today we'll sing together.
Love rap.
Sister Neha, my husband
has to go the factory to work.
Please let me fill the water first.
- Okay, fill it.
Sister, no one has to
go to work in your house.
ln our house all
have to go to work.
Please let me fill
the water first. - Okay.
Hey, you baldy, do only
that much good which is needed.
lf you do too much good,
you will remain thirsty.
Mr. Kalyan? - What is it?
-You are going to the toilet?
Atleast give me a cigarette.
l have only one cigarette, dear.
That too, l have taken
it from neighbour Mr. Hussein.
Then give that to me.
lf l give it to you,
then l will have a problem there.
Why don't you understand? -
l understood, l understood, beggar.
Borrows and smokes,
cannot even buy a pack.
Move, move, let me go first.
lf you don't allow me to go
first then l will have a problem.
He has run away with my bucket.
What will l do?
Mother, l am feeling hungry.
Come, mother.
Just coming.
Let me fill the water first.
Good morning, madam journalist.
Stupid! Eats and talks rubbish!
How are you, sister Neha?
- l am fine. First you fill.
That is also over.
See, today also
you didn't get water.
You come on time, even then.
And l come afterwards, even then.
See baldy! l told you,
its right to walk with the times.
People who walk ahead
of time are also thirsty.
And who come late are also thirsty.
See how l am. Always on time.
Mother, come.
l am hungry. - Coming.
See, baldy.
The future of our country.
Hungry and without clothes too.
Here people get up in
the morning and ask for food.
Not for newspaper.
You are so smart!
Whatever you are telling me.
Why don't you tell the
people and make them understand.
Has it come in the
newspaper that l am smart?
Whatever comes
in my mouth l say it.
But Pratap,
there is truth in whatever you say.
There is fire hidden
in whatever you say.
Why are you laughing?
lf you would tell these
things to the people..
..then why would l need
to write all this in a newspaper?
You say that the poor
don't read the newspaper.
But they can at
least hear your voice.
Listen to their voice now.
Now the good words will start.
ldiot, fool! Had you
gone to fill water or flirt?
Tell me, why don't you get water?
Everybody gets water.
How come you don't get it?
Now how will you wash clothes,
Help my mother, help my mother.
Otherwise, aunt will kill her.
Listen Chhotu,
you can ask a person for help once.
Every time if you ask for help,
you will get used to it.
Then for your whole life
you will be begging for help.
She is your mother.
Help her yourself.
l am so small. What can l do?
You have broken bulbs on the road,
right? - Yes.
Then why are you thinking so much?
Pick up a stone and
imagine that witch's..
..head to be the electric bulb,
and hit her.
Problem will be solved forever.
Come on! Run.
ldiot! You have killed my
brother and now you are on my head.
Who hit me? Who hit me?
What happened, sister?
- Leave me, you witch.
Who hit me?
Who hit me? Oh God, l am hurt!
He has killed me.
You know how to do good,
and punish also.
You know very well whatjustice is?
Then why are you
laughing for everything?
Awake, and awaken others also.
Again you are talking
about awakening.
Journalist madam,
l am falling at your feet.
Just let me eat simple food.
l don't want to be Gandhi,
l don't..
..want to be Subhash Chandra Bose.
l am hungry. Just let me eat food.
Why are you after me?
She is ought to make
me a social worker.
Have you lost it?
She doesn't allow
me to have my breakfast.
Good morning, daddy.
Good morning, daddy.
- Yes, good morning.
lt is morning,
but you are still not awake.
8 o'clock.
Daughter, if l don't get proper
sleep, my whole day goes bad.
Atleast make my day good first.
l need some money. My college
is going on a trip to Shimla.
Here are the keys to the safe.
Take as much money as you want.
Thank you, daddy. - Go.
Hello? - Wake up from your sleep.
Wake up, Yograj.
And read today's newspaper.
Now your dream of making a hotel.. Khandwa village
will remain just a dream.
Being a minister, you are giving.. such a bad news
early in the morning.
You should be ashamed, Deshmukh.
Who has come in between us?
The journalist lady, Megha Dixit.
Who else?
ln every newspaper of today,
with headlines..
..there is a big article for
the help of tribals. Read, read!
And you know she is
talked about even in Delhi.
Just now l have received
a call for the help of Khandwa..
on the hotline from Delhi.
Now l will have to send
police to that village.
Then, is there no way
to remove the community?
There is only one way, Yograj.
And that is, Chatur Singh Chita.
Who was that?
Why has everybody become
quiet after seeing him?
Don't you know him? - No.
That was Chatur Singh Chita!
- Really?
The don of the criminal world!
Did you see the number
of his car? - No.
AlK No.1. - Meaning?
- lt means All lndia King No.1.
Really? - Wherever he goes,
there is silence.
Lucky number. 10 for 1. 10 for 1.
Come on!
Why did you stop, you rascal?
lt was my number.
Quiet. - What?
Who was this rascal?
Someone new, Mr. Chatur Singh.
He had come just today to the club.
That is why he didn't know
about your rules and regulations.
Dayal, every person
who comes here should know.
That Chatur Singh Chita
doesn't like noise. - Yes, sir.
But Chandrasen, are you sure..
..Chatur Singh will
solve our problem?
What are you..? - Quiet.
What are you talking
about solving, Yograj?
You have to think. Sit, sit.
Nowadays, a minister like
me doesn't go to God so much.
And more to Chatur Singh's door.
He is my godfather.
Chandrasen is talking
the absolute truth, Yograj.
According to Chatur
Singh's dictates.
Our ministry changes.
who else do you want to change?
Salutations, sir!
- Salutations. Sit, sit.
What is the matter?
Early in the morning, the heads
of two parties are in my house.
Everything is alright
in the country, l hope!
Meet him. This is our city's
famous builder, Mr. Yograj.
Very good man.
- Salutations! - Salutations!
Yes, minister and builder together?
That means there is some problem.
Not a big problem,
Mr. Chatur Singh.
lt is a problem of Khandwa
village's tribal community.
The awakening of tribals there..
..has awakened the government.
That is why l have been asked
to send a police force there.
On the other hand,
Mr. Yograj's programme of..
..Honeymoon Hotel is already fixed.
This is not a question of crores,
but millions and millions.
And just like always,
you will have an equal share in it.
So what is the problem then?
You remove the police,
l'll remove the tribals.
But how can we remove the police?
The police has been sent by
Mr. Deshmukh himself.
But what else could l have done?
l had got orders from above,
what could l have done?
Sending police anywhere
is the work of politicians.
And removing them is the
work of smart people like us.
What? What did you say?
Such a major incident
has occurred in the city.
And you are worried
about Khandwa village.
What kind of a
commissioner are you?
Listen, listen to me.
Put the full police force
for peace and security of the city.
And the police force that
you have sent to Khandwa village.
Call them back here.
That is my order.
But in this condition if
anything happens there, then?
Whenever it happens there,
we'll see.
Now it is happening here,
you see here, think of here.
And don't try to explain to me.
Just remove the police from
Khandwa village. That is all.
Stop! Before you drive
the tractor on this community.
You will have to
go over my dead body!
Ms. Megha, please save us.
See this, they are
scaring us with their guns.
And making us homeless.
They are destroying our community.
Help us, Ms.
Megha. Yes, help us, Ms. Megha.
You all are cowards!
The whole village can't
get together and face 10-15 goons.
Hey you brave girl,
if l just give.. one, you'll be knocked out!
Who are you to come in between us?
Pakya, she is the same journalist.
Yes, l am the same journalist.
And your threatening
is not going to work here.
You hired goons!
Come on get out from here!
Let the bull dozer go and
destroy the whole community.
Salutations! - Salutations, come.
Did you see the might of the pen?
lf the press rights any rubbish..
..even they are beaten up nowadays.
Looks like after your writing,
wrong people have awakened.
What did you get?
A cot in a municipal hospital.
Here not the doctor but
mosquito tests your blood.
lf you protest,
this is what happens.
And if you go on
a hunger strike, then.
The police comes and pours
sweet lime juice in your mouth.
Why don't you let it go?
Do a safe job.
Typing. Do you know typing?
Have you come to
see me or taunt me?
No, not to taunt.
l have come to tell you.
You had gone to that
tribals in Khandwa, right?
To see that place? - Yes.
Now it has become a flat land.
Children are playing
on that land now.
After some days,
a resort will come up, a big hotel.
Foreigners will come..
to study lndian culture.
Then, they will click the
photos of our naked tribals.
And will show,
darling, this is lndia. Bad taste.
What are you trying to say?
What should l say?
Atul, sit,
this is between all of us.
Sit. - Actually. - What?
Actually, the problem is..
What actually? Talk in Hindi.
Actually, if it snows in Shimla,
he will commit suicide.
lf it snows in Shimla,
he will commit suicide?
Yes, Mamta has gone to Shimla.
lf it snows, she will feel cold.
lf she feels cold, he will be sad.
lf he is sad,
he will commit suicide. - Oh!
He wants to go there.
The money for fare? The bus fare.
Fare? You want the bus fare?
You want a loan?
No, not loan.
- Then? - Here, fruits. Rs.30.
Thank you.
Thank you. How sweet, why did you?
This is was my duty. l have
paid Rs.30 for it. What is Rs.30?
The thing of not paying
rent is lawfully wrong. - Yes.
And you have not paid the rent
for last 3 years, so l thought..
Have you come to teach me the law?
ln this state of mine,
you have come to collect your rent?
Get out from here,
get out from here!
You bloody fool, get out from here!
Didn't l tell you it
would not serve any purpose?
Unnecessarily our thirty
rupees was also wasted.
Strange girl, instead of flowers,
she throws fruits.
Now what will happen
about my going to Shimla?
Dr. Vishwnath? - Yes.
Dr. Vishwanath!
- Yes, what is the matter?
Dr. Vishwanath!
You are the one who
comes to Abhinav chemists..
..and sells injections
and medicines stealthily..
..from the hospital right?
- Keep quiet!
Don't say a word,
l know everything.
You sell blood from the hospital.
l will tell everyone.
Don't open your mouth.
lf you don't want me to open
my mouth, then open your purse.
How much do you have?
Only 500.
You idiot you earn
so much and keep so little.
Don't tell outside, please.
Just go.
l usually don't take money from..
..dirty persons like you
but what to do, l am in need.
500. - What will l
do with only this much?
Don't worry,
l will take you everywhere. Come.
Lucky number. One for ten. Try it.
Come on. One for ten.
Here also there is a baldy.
Madam, looks like today
luck is not in your favour.
Come on Pratap,
let's go somewhere else.
Wait, let's try with 500. lf
we win, fine, otherwise it's okay.
All that we have grabbed is 500.
lf we lose even that, we won't
have money for the petrol too.
Who looks for petrol at night?
You also have got Dhaniya's habit.
Don't you know
the small brain lies here?
Yes, l know.
- Let's go.
Hey Baldy! - Yes.
Wearing spectacles in the
day and fooling people, is it?
ls your eyesight alright?
My eyesight is perfectly alright.
l feel there is a
problem in your eyes.
What rubbish are you talking?
Who are you?
Don't you know him?
He is the city's well-known
eye specialist, Dr. Jhunjhunwala.
Dr. Jhunjhunwala?
Please forgive me, doctor.
Please tell me what
is wrong with my eyes?
Look into my eyes.
Now you will do as l say.
Atul, put the 500.
So this is my 500 on number 31.
31, 1 on 3, turn the wheel.
We won!
Give, give. - Here is your 5000.
Baldy, how much is it for 5000?
50,000. - Atul. - Yes.
Then turn the wheel
of 5,000 on number 33.
You won 50,000!
You will go to Shimla.
You won 50,000. You will sing now.
Flowers! Buds!
Moon and stars.
Flowers! Buds!
Moon and stars.
What are they?
Your names.
Your names.
Your names.
Your names.
Fragrance and wind.
Colors and scenery.
Fragrance and wind.
Colors and scenery.
What are they?
Your names.
Your names.
Your names.
Your names.
Be careful in the journey of love.
l know how to control myself.
Support me when l fall down.
Don't act crazy.
The sweet dream seems a reality.
l like staying in your arms.
Sunshine. Clouds.
Shade and sun.
Sunshine. Clouds.
Shade and sun.
What are they?
Your names.
Your names.
Your names.
Your names.
My innocence fooled me.
Your image is always in my eyes.
How long will you love me this way?
As long as sun shines in the sky.
Don't make false promises.
Always get ready only for me.
River and lotus.
Waves and the shores.
River and lotus.
Waves and the shores.
What are they?
Your names.
Your names.
Your names.
Your names.
Moon and the stars.
Fragrance and wind.
Colors and scenery.
What are they?
Your names.
Your names.
Your names.
Your names.
Our Shimla trip is
going to be a remembrance.
And there, l don't know
how Pratap is doing with Dad.
You have cheated me. Where
is my 5000? Where is my money?
l stole the money.
But for a good cause.
What good cause? What good cause?
You will become a rich man.
What rich man? You will
turn a rich man to a poor man.
Get out! - Listen to me.
You will not live in my house.
Get out!
Let me eat first,
and then push me out. - Get out!
There is no food or water
for you in my house. Get out!
Salutations, lsmail-bhai!
- Salutations, Kalyan-bhai!
someone has said the truth.
lf your stomach is empty.
Then your sleep also goes away.
Who are you taunting?
l have not come to beg from you.
Lakhs of people sleep
on an empty stomach.
lf l sleep on an empty
stomach one day, l will not die.
And don't talk too much.
l will remove the few strands
of hair left on your head.
Go, you go.
Pratap! - Yes.
- Will you have a cigarette?
Once l asked him for a cigarette.
Now you think l am a beggar.
Here, keep this whole pack.
You will need it in the morning.
Keep it, keep it.
l had gone mad trying
to wake up a sleeping tiger.
Want a cigarette!
l have brought food for you.
Have you eaten?
- Yes, mother had half and..
And half of her share
she sent it for me, right?
Listen, Chhotu,
till today l have not..
..taken anyone
else's share of food.
Go feed your mother
with your own hands. Go!
Can l ask you one thing, uncle?
What did you say? - Uncle.
Very good, Chhotu!
l had forgotten relations.
You reminded me.
Okay, Chhotu,
ask what you want to know.
During childhood, if your mother..
..must have told you stories,
please tell me some.
Go feed your mother. Go!
Tell me a story, please!
Leave me!
- Go away from here, you witch!
l'll see how you
don't go from here!
Mother! Leave my mother.
Put her in the jeep.
- Rescue my mother.
Help me!
Those people took away my mother.
Please save her.
Save my mother.
Otherwise, they will take her away.
Save my mother. Save my mother.
l spit on you!
ln front of everyone
a widow is being shamed.
And you are laughing away to glory!
Uncle, save my mother, uncle.
What will he save me?
He is just laughing
at a woman's helplessness.
Even a woman will not
be ashamed to become a..
..prostitute rather than
if she sees his poisonous laugh.
Keep quiet! You should be ashamed.
Today l'll save you.
Who will save you tomorrow?
A woman does not sit in
a brothel because she is helpless.
But because she does
not want to fight.
Everyone has become habitual
of living like a dog.
lf you want to live in dignity, then
learn to fight your own battles.
God has given you hands.
You start begging.
You have a mouth so you
start shouting for help.
Help. Help.
Who will come to help you?
You have teeth not only to eat.
Bite him.
Pick up that stick. Break his head.
And we will watch the fun.
Why journalist, madam?
You want to sell a woman?
l will not spare you.
Scoundrels! ldiot!
You have troubled me a lot.
You were going to sell me! - Leave me.
You were beating me! From
tomorrow you will fill the water.
Yes, l will go.
Leave me, leave me.. Help me.
Where are you going? Open the door.
Come let's watch.
lt's really a miracle.
See, Pratap. Did you see
the strength of your voice?
Only you can bring a
revolution in their lives.
Forget revolution! Here to light
a cigarette, l borrow matches.
You are talking about revolution,
Who is it? - Your father, come.
Come on everybody go home.
Kalyan, lsmail. He has
got spoilt because of you all.
l am your accountant.
What are you doing?
What were you doing there?
Always with goons.
You idiot!
Don't you get to eat food?
What are you doing? - Don't hit here.
My small brains lie there.
A man can die.
l have not eaten food
because of you. Come on.
Why are you laughing?
Why are you laughing?
l can't understand your character.
Then don't understand.
Tell me one thing. Have you
both been gambling with my money?
No, no. - Have not been drinking?
No, no. - You smell of cigarette.
Close your mouth.
Are you going to prostitutes?
Madam journalist, see how he
is talking bad things to a child?
Quiet, quiet!
Don't do such bad things, okay!
Then have you put
my money in films?
One crores is confirmed.
Come, let's eat food and sing.
You are my only daughter Mamta.
That is why l know
that if you have..
..chosen a boy then
he must be a diamond.
ls he a business magnate
or industrialist?
No, daddy. Not any of them.
Then surely he must
be an officers' son.
An income tax officer's,
custom collector's or
..police commissioner's
or maybe a Major General's?
He is not a son
of any of these, too.
Really? Then he must
be a minister's, doctor..
..or engineer's son? - No.
Then whose son is he?
He is from a poor family.
He lives in a hut.
- Yes. - What do you mean?
City's famous builder
Yograj's only daughter.
Will become a bride
and go to live in a hut?
Not at all! This is impossible!
Daddy, you must have heard
the name of Laxmi community?
Yes, l have heard.
lt is a rotten hutment.. the middle of the city.
He lives there, doesn't he?
You are saying the
name of Laxmi community.
As if all the rich
men in the city live there!
Daddy, he is the son of
Laxmi community's head, Laxmidas.
He is our Lachhu's son. But
you were saying he lives in a hut.
He is the owner of Laxmi community!
Very good, child!
l appreciate your choice.
Just think that your
marriage is fixed. - Yes!?
l'll go tomorrow itself
and talk to Lachhu.
So you are happy?
- Thank you, daddy. Thanks.
Well done, child, well done!
You have hit the jackpot.
To turn Laxmi community into a..
..Yograj community is
a very old dream of mine.
Because of you l can see
that dream turning to reality.
Lachhu! - Yogu!
- Lachhu, my dear friend!
You look the same, thin as always.
l thought that when a man
makes money, he becomes fat.
Seeing you l'm
recalling our childhood.
Remember? You used to
make small houses from mud.
And today! Today you are the
city's most famous builder Yograj!
Leave all that.
Look here. This is Gyanchand.
Yes, l have heard a lot
about Gyanchand's knowledge.
ln your business, is there
any work outside his knowledge?
lsn't it true?
Keep the comb inside!
He has got a very bad habit.
Come, come. Come, sit.
So friend tell me, what will
you have, tea or something cold?
Nothing. - l will have oval tine.
- We don't have it at home.
This is another bad habit of his.
See, Lachhu.
You know me from childhood? - Yes.
l don't have the habit
of talking in circles. - Yes.
You have a son and
l have a daughter.
Whatever is yours is mine.
And whatever is mine is yours.
That means whatever is yours
is mine? - Yes. - How is that?
lt is a straight forward matter.
All my property is my daughter's.
And after her marriage.
l mean to say everything
will be my son-in-law's.
Look friend,
if you talk about give and take..
..we will not get along.
That is why l have thrown
my son out of the house.
Your daughter is like my daughter.
Send her in one pair of clothes.
l don't want a single penny
in dowry. Do you understand? - No.
That's great! And all
that l have earned all my life.
For whom is it? - l don't know.
l have decided. l will be
giving Mamta one crore in cash.
One crore in cash?
- 40-50 lakhs worth jewellery.
A small bungalow, worth 3 crores.
All this l have put
in my daughter's name.
40-50 lakhs worth jewellery,
that means one and half crores.
And 3 crores worth bungalow.
4 and half crores!
Rest there must be Atleast
2-3 crores in her bank account.
Now being a father l cannot
look after all that, right?
3 crores' bank balance?
7 and a half crores!
l have spent money on other's
wedding all my life. - Yes.
Now they will also give
at my daughter's wedding, right?
Yes, of course! Why won't they?
That may be around 40-50 lakhs.
40-50 lakhs in gift!
7 and half crores and 50?
That means she is
going to bring 8 crores!
Now you don't say no and
break the two lovers' heart.
How can l say no, buddy?
But yes or no will
be decided by you, right?
l can do anything for my daughter.
Whenever you say yes, we will
get both of them married. - Right.
My scarf got blown away my dear.
lt has exposed your body.
The weather has teased me.
The wind has gone crazy.
lt has exposed your body.
My scarf got blown away my dear.
The weather has teased me.
The wind has gone crazy.
My beloved. Come here.
My heart is crazy.
My beloved. Come here.
My heart is crazy.
Look at me. Tease me.
The atmosphere is lovely.
Beloved, this is
the first monsoon of our love.
Heart is crazy for love.
My heart is getting swayed..
lt's not in control.
My scarf got blown away my dear.
lt has exposed your body.
The weather has teased me.
The wind has gone crazy.
l'm beautiful. You are young.
We should not commit any mistake.
What has happened? What can l do?
My impatience keeps increasing.
l'm beautiful. You are young.
We should not commit any mistake.
What has happened? What can l do?
My impatience keeps increasing.
There is magic in this crazy love.
Our bodies are crazy
and heart is not in control.
Don't tease me. Just tell me,
how l shall satisfy this urge.
My scarf got blown away my dear.
The weather has teased me.
The wind has gone crazy.
My scarf got blown away my dear.
lt has exposed your body.
My scarf got blown away my dear.
lt has exposed your body.
Great Yograj!
What a move you have made!
l thought that in politics
even God cannot beat politicians.
But you have gone even ahead
of politicians. What a move!
l have made my move. But now
all the cards are in your hands.
lf you wish on Laxmidas' estate.
Yograj community
can be made easily.
What can be made Yograj?
Think that it is made. Why Chandru?
You are out of your senses,
ls that an open ground of cricket..
..that you will go
there and make a building?
l don't know how you became
the Minister of this state.
How can you remove people..
..who have been living
there for forty years?
What could not be
done in forty years..
..will be done in 40 minutes.
Al least you all don't fight.
No, Mr. Chatur, no! Not now please.
Election is on the head now.
And that area is my vote bank.
Whatever you want to do,
do it after the elections, please!
This will not do. This will not do.
Such problems keep
happening during elections.
Work will be done, brother.
You didn't understand?
You defame me and l'll defame you.
From years patriotic people
like us have been doing this.
l will create riots.
Nobody can beat me in the
whole of lndia in creating riots.
Enough of praising. Now
let's discuss what we have to do.
After a couple of meetings
for election, a big explosion!
Brothers and sisters!
After independence,
so many elections came and went.
Politicians came and
gave many speeches and went.
But this time we have brought the..
..leaders of opposition
parties in front of you.
This is the leader
of Janta Jagriti Party.
Mr. Babanrao Deshmukh.
And his sign is drowning ship.
That is why he has come to save..
..the drowning ship of our country.
Clap your hands!
Listen, listen.
This is the revolutionary
leader of Krantikari Party.
Shri Chandrasen Azad.
His sign is burnt bread.
He promises to feed
all the poor of the country.
And will eat himself.
Clap your hands!
Friends, brothers and sisters.
Friends, brothers and sisters.
From last so many years
you all have elected us.
And we have also kept winning.
You all know very well for
that what all we have given you.
He is telling lies.
He is telling all lies.
They are talking
like a taped cassette.
But you all should
not believe in their talk.
lf these people have
given you anything.
Then it is poverty, unemployment..
..hunger, corruption!
This will not work.
This government will not work.
My blood is boiling listening
to this Kranti Party's dual talk.
Mr. Chandrasen Azad l am
asking you just one question.
To obtain seat and power
what all tricks you have not used.
Religion, caste and God knows..
..what else problems
you create and fool people.
But now. - We are not
going to be fools any longer.
Neither by you, nor by them.
Can we have an applause!
This will not work.
Mr. Deshmukh. This won't work.
Just once give the reins of
the country in our hands and see.
And then give us the
chance to serve the country.
Serving the country
he will make so much profit.
That the whole country
will be ruined.
Pratap! - Yes.
- See, the community is in flames!
Pratap! - What happened?
Mr. Laxmidas,
they have killed my wife!
Who!? - See they are all agitated.
Hindus and Muslims
are killing each other.
Help me soon, Mr. Laxmidas!
Come inside. - Atul, come.
What is this happening?
l can't understand anything.
- l am going.. call the fire brigade.
Catch him!
Hello? l am speaking
from Laxmi community. - Yes?
Please come soon. There
is a fire all round over here.
Yes, l know. There is fire
all round and many have died.
But when will you come!?
When the tankers come,
we will come.
By then everything will
turn to ashes. Come soon please!
Sir, there are also riots
happening in Laxmi community.
We have a message on the
wireless from headquarters.
We must reach there soon.
To hell with the message
from headquarters!
Let a few thousands die.
Let the whole community burn.
Then we will go. Go. And listen.
Switch off the wireless machine.
lf anybody asks you, say that
the machine was not working. Go.
Our gain is in letting
the Laxmi community burn.
Pratap! Pratap!
- Oh, my child is getting burnt.
Please do anything
to save my child. My child!
My child!
My child!
Atul, take this one to
the hospital soon. Take him.
Move, move.
Chhotu, get up son. Get up.
Sister Kamli!
Come out, there is a fire.
Sister Kamli!
Come out. Come soon, sister.
Sister Kamli, come out soon.
Chhotu! Chhotu!
What has happened to my.. Chhotu!
Pratap-bhai, please save my Chhotu.
What has happened to my Chhotu?
l cannot live without him.
Save him, save my Chhotu.
What has happened?
He is to pester you to
tell him stories, right?..
..Now tell him a story.
Maybe he will get up.
Please tell him.
What did my son do to anyone?
They burnt him.
l have lost everything of mine.
What has happened to my child?
Why is he not saying anything?
Why is he not saying anything?
My child!
Today there is so much
light in our place, right Pratap?
What business is this, Pratap?
Who has killed whom,
burnt whom, nobody knows.
This body's mother, that body's..
..wife must be crying somewhere.
That body's children
may have become orphans today.
Many of them might have
slept with starvation tonight.
And the people who have turned..
..this place into a
grave-yard must be rejoicing.
Pratap, there is not enough place.. burn or bury
at the grave-yard.
Queue! There is a queue!
Queue! Queue!
When we are alive,
there is a queue for ration.
After dying, a queue for burning.
Tomorrow, the government
will decide on their price.
Half burnt, 50,000.
Full burnt, 1 lakhs.
Slashed hand 15,000.
House burnt.. 25,000.
Why are you not laughing?
Laugh. Laugh loudly.
You have the habit
of laughing, right?
This matter doesn't end here,
Today it has happened here.
Tomorrow it will happen there.
And then some place else.
You were saying that
these people are sleeping.
These people were sleeping,
don't awaken them.
Don't awaken them.
They are sleeping, Pratap.
Now no one can awaken them.
Neither you nor me.
Their body is dead.
But your soul is dead.
What will you awaken your soul?
How come are you going to bring the
light of revolution in yourself?
What are you going
to bring from the one..
..who had played
this game of death!
Laugh, Pratap. Laugh, Pratap.
l am eager to hear your laugh.
Laugh, laugh.
Laugh loudly.
Laugh. l am laughing for you.
Pratap will bring
about a revolution!?
Tell the truth.
Who are you? Hindu or Muslim?
lf you are a Hindu then
think l am a Muslim and kill me.
And if you are a Muslim then..
..think l am a Hindu and kill me.
Cheers! Sit, sit.
Did you see Mr. Deshmukh?
This is what you call politics.
There was a fire in one community.
And the whole city is burning.
Agreed, Chatur, agreed!
That is why leaders like us,
together with..
..underworld mafia like
you are ahead in politics.
But Mr. Deshmukh, why do you..
..forget faithful people
in uniform like us?
How can we forget people like you?
That is why in all our work.
We keep a share for
faithful people like you.
Right, Mr. Yograj?
Now when Yograj community
will be built on Laxmi community.
We will all become millionaires.
Yograj, don't think we will become.
Think that we already are.
Listen! Take all this. All this.
lf they had cut me up.
Of what use would all this be?
They have burnt small children,
cut women.
l have spent 40 years
of my life with them.
They have grown up in front of me.
l can't bear to see their
suffering. You take all this.
Build the whole community
with this money.
Why are you looking at me?
Why are you looking?
Take all this. Take all this.
Do you know? ln this city,
everyone had come with a dream.
l had given them a shelter.
l had not asked them whether
you are a Hindu or Muslim.
Who are the cruel people
who have put the fire?
Humanity has burnt
and turned to ashes.
my father died in childhood.
Maybe that is why l
did not understand the..
..relationship of a father and son.
Today that has also been fulfilled.
Dhaniya, you are my father.
You called me a father, right?
Then as an older son promise me.
Wherever l die you
must light my pyre.
Shut up.
Why none of you
are saying anything?
Am l saying something wrong?
Don't you people believe in me?
l have been living in this
community from so many years.
l have seen fights
in this community.
l have seen mother-in-law
and daughter-in-law fighting.
l have seen Brothers fighting.
ln children's matters l
have seen you elders fighting.
But l have never seen anyone
fighting in the name of religion.
So today this Hindu and Muslim.
From where has these
Hindus and Muslims come?
Why don't you all understand?
The people who have
burnt our community..
..were neither Hindus nor Muslims.
They were goons bought
by a few traitor politicians.
Every politician wants this.
That we hate each other
in the name of religion.
That we kill each
other and shed blood.
And they will sit
and watch the fun.
We will not allow this to happen.
Stop this lecture of yours.
You want to know the truth.
Come with me. Come here.
These are my innocent children.
Ask them who has killed my wife.
Ask them who killed their mother.
Ask him. Who has killed
your mother, child?
A Hindu has killed.
Did you hear that?
Tell me one thing.
Who has taught these innocent
children about Hindus and Muslim?
You, who can't even say their name!
And you have taught them about..
..their mother's murderer
and about religion?
See, lsmail. ln the minds
of these innocent children.. are feeding
hatred from childhood.
Come here!
Who is this?
- Kalyanji-bhai is a Hindu.
Who is this? - Ganga-bhabhi.
Ganga-bhabhi. Who is looking
after your kids? - Ganga-bhabhi.
Ganga-bhabhi. She is a Hindu,
then why didn't they cut her.
Come here.
l will show you the truth.
Here. This is Muslim's
blood and this is Hindu's blood.
Tell me which is Muslim's
blood and Hindu's blood in this.
Tell me!
When the one who has made you..
..has not made any difference,
then who are you to do that?
This journalist madam
is telling the truth.
Her bitter truth doesn't
go into your brains.
Who has killed whom?
Who has burnt whom?
Till yesterday we were taking
part in each other's festivals.
Sharing each other's
joys and sorrows.
Why were you taking Ganesha
and going in the water?
Hail Lord Ganesha!
Why were you dancing?
Who taught this to you?
Now you want to
bury your brethren.. the plot of a few traitors!
Pratap, forgive me.
l had gone wrong. l had gone wrong.
Pratap, forgive me.
Here they come
to offer condolences.
Along with the television people,
the press.
So that in tomorrow's newspapers..
..their photos appear
on the front page.
They donate two drops of blood.
And make such a noise
about it in the newspaper.
Like they have shed
their blood for the poor.
These rascals will sell
their own daughter and sister..
..for the sake of obtaining power.
Nothing everything is alright.
Don't take another step,
..l'll break your leg
and hang it round your neck.
Today you have tried
to kill Ram and Allah.
But remember one thing.
We may call God by different names.
But our religion is one.
Our caste is one. Humanity.
Cunning people like you cannot..
..poison our minds
in the name of religion.
What are you talking?
We have come to help the poor.
See brothers and sisters.
There is sympathy
in our hearts for you.
That is why we have come here.
We don't want your sympathy!
Yes, we don't want your sympathy!
What!? You are turning
the poor against us?
This will not do. This will not do.
You rascal!
Public is going crazy.
Let's run from here.
Sir, in this file all
the reports are there.
By which you will know
who was behind these riots.
And the astounding
thing is this, sir.
That in this,
a few of our police officers..
..who are traitors and
politicians are together.
This is why even the
law's hands are tied.
Sir, if Commissioner
is strict then..
..there is pressure from above.
You forget the pressure
from above Commissioner.
Above all is our administration,
our law.
Above all is our administration,
our law.
No prime minister,
nor a politician..
..nor an officer nor
a citizen is above the law.
But, sir..
- l know that nowadays in politics.
ln the place of good leaders,
..unsocial elements
have also got in.
Because of whom today politics..
..and other good leaders'
names also get spoilt.
But l am giving you full right to..
..remove lawlessness
from administration.
lf you face any obstacle
or problem in that..
..then you can meet
the Home Minister for that.
Thank you, sir.
The matter has reached Delhi
Mr. Chatur Singh.
And from Delhi to my
city and then to my house.
We will cut the
tongue of the person..
..who has taken
the matter to Delhi.
Just tell me,
who had gone to Delhi?
One of our Commissioners
had gone with them.
But. - What but? Talk clearly.
All this is the work
of that Megha Dixit. - Yes.
Who has been writing continuously
in the newspapers.
And making a big fire out of this..
..which will engulf me tomorrow.
And that beggar.
What is his name? - Pratap
Pratap should be killed.
lf Pratap is killed,
we will be saved.
And he will burn
in the fire and die.
And l am telling you the
support of Pratap is Megha Dixit.
lf Megha Dixit is killed.
- Stop this nonsense.
You all have broken my ear drum.
Everybody is giving speeches.
Don't you know Chatur
Singh doesn't like loud noise?
Ankush, find out
about this Dixit girl.
Let me also see
who has reached Delhi.
What she is.
Enough of your drama.
Stop writing and listen to me.
Oh! So it is you.
We thought that after so much
happening you will die of shame.
You are. - You rascal!
lf you talk too much
then l will cut your tongue.
You will cut my tongue?
Pratap, Pratap, leave them.
They are very dangerous people.
Pratap, leave them.
Please make him understand.
Pratap, leave them.
Leave them, Pratap.
Leave me, leave me, leave me!
Leave me!
- Who are you? - Leave me!
A cheap goon calls
you a whore! Who are you!
What is your true identity!
Who are you! Who are you!
'Holi'! 'Holi'! 'Holi'!
The 'Holi' of blood!
Jingle. Jingle. Jingle.
l love yourjingling sound.
Jingle. Jingle. Jingle.
l love yourjingling sound.
Fair lady. Beautiful lady,
sways in such a way.
A lightening strikes
my mind and body.
Don't spray.
Don't spray. Don't spray.
Don't spray colors on me this way.
Don't spray. Don't spray.
Don't spray.
Don't spray colors on me this way.
My blouse gets wet, my sari
gets wet and so does my skirt.
How will l show it off?
My skirt is very expensive.
Jingle. Jingle. Jingle.
l love yourjingling sound.
The anklets sweetly
jingle on your ankles.
lt sounds like a song
sung by cuckoo.
The anklets sweetly
jingle on your ankles.
lt sounds like
a song sung by cuckoo.
Lovely. Lovely my queen.
Your body looks lovely.
Lovely. Lovely my queen.
Your body looks lovely.
My blouse gets wet, my sari
gets wet and so does my skirt.
How will l show it off?
My skirt is very expensive.
Don't spray.
Don't spray. Don't spray.
Don't spray colors on me this way.
During this season
everything seems pleasant.
Even the aged have become young,
such a season has come.
Don't tease me this way, Casanova.
Why do you wet my fair body?
Don't tease me this way, Casanova.
Why do you wet my fair body?
Your charm. Your charm your charm.
Your charm creates a magic.
Your charm. Your charm your charm.
Your charm creates a magic.
The fair lady, beautiful lady
sways in such a way.
A lightening strikes
my mind and body.
Jingle. Jingle. Jingle.
Leave me! Leave me!
What's going on?
Leave her! Rascal!
Leave her! l say, leave her.
Move aside. Leave her.
Leave her! l said leave her!
You both take away the girl!
l'll handle him!
Come! - He'll kill him.
Will no one stop him?
Beware if you touched my daughter!
Leave my daughter alone! - Mother!
The power of pen gives you a high,
doesn't it!
You write anything
in your newspaper!
l'll write! l'll surely write!
lf l am alive, then l'll surely
write against traitors like you!
Yes! Write! Surely write!
Write about this show
in tomorrow's newspaper!
Today in front of your eyes,
l'll rape your daughter!
Leave me alone!
- Rascal - Leave her!
You can show the
result of your mistake!
l'll show you the result! Rascal!
Now l'll make your life hell!
Judge, maybe you remember.
3 years ago, you'd given
this gold medal to first class..
..first student Megha Dixit of M.K.
Gandhi Law college.
Today that gold medalist
wants to tell you that..
..this man standing here
is a stigma on the society.
He is a rapist! He is a murderer!
He raped me! Before my eyes,
he killed my parents!
This man doesn't have the right
to live in our society, Your Honor!
Objection, Your Honor!
- Please let me finish!
Mr. Mirchandani, let her speak.
l know what Mr. Mirchandani
is going to say.
Because even l'd studied law.
And l know that what
is written in books..
..doesn't have practical
application in the court.
Now Mr. Mirchandani will demand..
..for witnesses and evidences!
After all this law and order is
based on its hollow foundation only!
He is amongst those
lawyers whose profession.. to convert truth
into lie and lie into truth.
He is not trustworthy.
He can even say that
on the day of the incident..
..Chatur Singh was
not in this country!
Exactly, Your Honor!
Then what are you waiting for!
Give the judge those fake passport,
fake ticket..
..and fake hotel bills
where Chatur Singh was staying!
So that the decision can
be made as soon as possible!
Those evidences are in this file,
Your Honor.
These are the evidences
that will prove him innocent.
Brilliant, Mr.
Mirchandani! Brilliant!
Ms. Megha Dixit,
after all what do you want to say?
Judge, l just want
you to strangulate..
..these fake evidences.
And make the right
decision so that..
..rascals like Chatur Singh
are never born in the future.
So that he doesn't have the
courage to play with others' lives.
Your Honor, Ms. Megha Dixit
is a gold medalist in law.
She gives strong points.
But she forgot that
poignant arguments..
..are not taken into
consideration in the court.
By fighting cases for traitors
who sells the country, smugglers..
..criminals, you've sold
yourself for the sake of money.
Do lawyers like you.. do lawyers.. you have a heart,
Mr. Mirchandani?
Even whores are
much better than you.
They do sell.. but only their body.
They don't sell their country,
their conscience.
Few lawyers like you are
contempt for the court and law.
lf l had my way then l would
have snatched all your medals away!
Ms. Megha, control yourself!
Control! What do l control myself!
lf a woman, who has been raped,
has to implore forjustice..
..then such law and
judge should feel ashamed!
Ms. Megha,
this is contempt of the court!
Have you come to ask
forjustice or snatch it!
Judge, who said thatjustice,
is given when we ask for it!
Justice is not given
by asking or by snatching!
Today justice is only sold!
That's why rascals like
Chatur Singh lead a proud life!
For them law is just
like a handkerchief.. be kept in the pocket!
Your Honor, Ms.
Megha Dixit is wasting..
..the court's time by
talking about useless things.
So l would like to request
the court to give the decision.
What decision will he make!
What decision will he make!
l give the decision!
On the basis of the
evidences and witnesses..
..the court has taken the
decision that Shri Chatur Singh..
..the social worker, is not guilty.
So he is acquitted!
lsn't this your decision, judge?
l was right.
Judge released Chatur
Singh on the basis..
..of fake evidences and witnesses.
And l, standing in the witness box,
could only look.. the crippled law
and order of our country.
Even you live alone
in this community.
Don't you have a kin?
Yes, l do. l have a mother..
l don't know about brothers.
And? - You.
l've never robbed anybody,
l don't depend..
..on anybody for my
livelihood and l don't drink.
l smoke cigarette.
My mouth reeks with tobacco.
So think about it.
Saw that? They all were killed.
They were going
to abduct Megha Dixit.
And they came here tied in sacks.
Vashiroa, think of a way
to teach that rascal a lesson.. as to frighten
the whole locality.
Mr. Laxmidas,
wipe the sweat of your brow.
And ponder over what l'm saying.
l'll take your leave.
What's the matter, father?
Who was that man?
l've never seen him here before.
Why do you want to know
about all these things?
Can't a stranger come to meet me?
Yes, father. Why not.
But why are you covered
in sweat after meeting him?
Tell me the truth,
what's the matter?
Nothing. Nothing to worry about.
Your stammering reveals that
you're hiding something from me.
Father, you have to tell the truth.
You are under the
oath of your only son.
Nothing. Who said that
l have only 1 son? l have 2 sons.
You are the youngest
and Pratap is the eldest son.
Dhaniya, tell me the truth.
What's the matter?
Your 2 sons are alive.
Tell us, what's the matter?
No.. he is just.. nothing. Nothing.
2 things make a person blind.
Property and wealth.
He fell in love with
Yograj's daughter.
And we 2 fathers did
a business deal out of it.
She is good girl. The girl is nice.
Yograj is a bigwig.
And l'm just an ordinary trader.
l'm trapped in his game.
Now in this game either
l'll lose my community or my life.
No, father. Till the time we're
alive nothing will happen to you.
Who are they? Give us their names.
Dear, you have no
inkling of their power.
The whole country
bows its head before him.
lt is not in our limits.
- Forget that!
You first give me the
name and the whereabouts!
Yes, l will give it to you. - Look.
- l will give it to you later.
You first go and order for tea. Go.
Pratap.. l think father
is hiding the actual thing.
l can never believe this, Atul.
l know my father very well.
He can never do
this for my happiness.
And then,
we don't have any death of wealth.
Mamta, if you know your father..
..then even l know
my father very well.
He will never lie.
l'm afraid that our love..
Nothing will happen to our love,
Atul. Nothing.
And listen to one thing.
lf my father has made
a business of my love..
..then for the sake of my love,
l can abandon everything.
And everything..
You.. why did you call me?
Laxmidas.. there are
many people who snatch away..
..the thing for which
they develop a liking.
But l'm not like them.
l buy the thing that l like.
l like your Laxmi community.
l want to build
a huge complex over..
..there in partnership with Yograj.
ln these suitcase..
is 3 crores cash.
And along with the agreement,
there is a cheque of 2 crores.
The price is right according
to the municipality valuation.
Now sign on the agreement.
Collect your money and enjoy.
But.. this..
You want to say something?
Stop! Nobody will touch the body!
This is a police case!
Yadhav, click the snaps!
l think he committed suicide.
Can't you see!
He has been killed and then hanged!
We can't reach to that conclusion.
Constable, lower the corpse.
lnspector, look.
ls there any mark on his neck?
When a person commits suicide,
there is a mark on his neck..
..and his tongue is pulled out!
We can clearly see that he
has been killed and then hanged.
Ms. Megha, please.
Let us complete our investigations.
Yes, continue with
your investigation.
Order tea for lsmail.
Bring a chair for him.
Write, write whatever you want.
And then you can stack
it in some warehouse of..
..the police station to rot,
where countless cases are rotting.
Write, go ahead and write.
lt is futile to flare up.
What had to happen, had happened.
Even l regret Laxmidas' death.
Don't remorse so much,
otherwise my Dhaniya will get up.
Mr. Pratap, please keep
your mouth shut and keep quiet!
What do you mean keep quiet!
What do you think about yourself!
Just by wearing this
uniform and the cap..'ve become the
protector of law and order.
Assert law and order from here.
First erase the flowing
treachery from your blood.
You've come to investigate!
Court is yours, law is yours.
All of them are in this!
What will the culprit
write the report?
We'll have to take the corpse to
the hospital for the post-mortem.
- Hey! Hey! Constable, be careful.
Look, here is a small brain.
lf you hit that part
then a person can die..
Come ahead to light the pyre.
'As my eldest son, promise me.'
'Wherever l die,
you only will light my pyre.'
Pratap.. fulfill father's wish.
l'm there. l'm there.
What nonsense!
l'm your father's murderer!
Yes, because of
you my father is dead.
What father had told
me might not be sufficient..
..for the court
to prove you guilty.
But it is sufficient
to open my eyes.
From today all the ties,
that you had bonded..
..with us for the greed of money,
are broken.
Atul, stop!
Heard him! You saw the true
face of people dwelling in huts!
Yes, daddy.
The reality of people dwelling
in huts and villas too.
What.. what do you mean?
- lt is crystal clear.
Like how listening to his
father has opened Atul's eyes..
..similarly your and Chatur
Singh's land agreement..
..opened up my eyes.
Compared to such a deceiver
and billionaire father..
..a poor husband's
hut is much better.
At least its walls
are not painted with blood.
Let's go, Atul.
He is the most unfortunate
father in the world.
He is an affluent man.
But he will never be freed from
the loan of giving the bride away.
Dear! Dear! Dear, listen to me!
Where are you going searching
for your life in those ashes?
Hail Lord Ram!
Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram!
Hail Lord Ram!
Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram!
Keep it down. Carefully.
Pratap. - What?
He is the same man who
had come to meet father that day.
Yes, l'm the same man who is
responsible for your father's death.
Now it is your turn.
Because Chatur Singh
has taken the oath..
..that he will smear the
ashes of both of your pyres..
..and then only will he eat food.
Here is your pyre.
Then why are you waiting?
Start with the eldest son.
Why are you anxious, Deshmukh?
By now they must
have turned into ashes.
You don't trust your friends?
Now stop this speech,
my ear drums are tearing.
Who is it? - Don't shout!
And listen carefully!
You had asked for my ashes
to be smeared on your forehead.
l've send your cronies' ashes.
Smear it on your whole body.
Calm down! Calm down!
You don't have the guts to
light Chatur Singh's cronies' pyre.
Calm down!
lf you don't believe me,
then crush those ashes and see.
You will find the memento
of your cronies in it.
You have put your
hand in the burning fire.
Now l will burn you in
such a way that your kin..
..won't even have your
ashes to immerse in the Ganga.
Forget about burning me!
l will kill you in
such a way that you will..
..not even have land or the sky!
Atul-bhai! - Atul-bhai!
an amazing thing has happened!
Come out and see what has happened!
What happened, brother Kalyan!
A notice has been put up.
Within 24 hours we have
to evacuate the community!
ls it somebody's heritage
that we will have to evacuate it!
We'll have to evacuate it.
Because Chatur Singh is
the owner of this community now.
Mr. Laxmidas has
sold the community!
And we came here after
reading the notice.
To hell with that
notice and Chatur Singh!
l'll just read the notice
and see it to it that..
No, Atul.
You won't do anything like that.
lt will adversely affect our case.
lf they've tried to evacuate
this place by using lawful means.
Then even we will take the
support of the law. Come with me.
Law and order is for everybody.
But in the eye of the
court what is illegal..
..for that l can't
do anything as ajudge.
This stay order is impossible!
Butjudge sir, if my father
had sold this property.. Chatur Singh then
l would at least have an inkling.
l would have had got the documents.
Judge sir, by using law
you put up the notice of making..
..thousands of people
homeless within 24 hours.
Then there has to be
some law to stop it too.
Ms. Megha, lawyers are
there to give suggestions.
Judge's work is just
to give the decision.
l know. l know it very well,
judge sir.
This time too you took the bribe..
..and very cleverly gave
your decision on Friday evening.
Today is Saturday,
tomorrow is Sunday.
And day after tomorrow is
the public holiday of 'Navratri'.
But do keep one thing in mind,
judge sir.
The screams and curse
of poor people are potent.
And when God will
make the decision..
..then even you won't
be able to escape.
Chatur Singh, l don't know whether
God will forgive you or not!
But nobody can save you from me.
lf you are your father's son,
then appear before me once!
You bark a lot.
And l don't like dogs who bark.
lf you are your father's son,
then come to Mahalaxmi.
l go there every year to
worship the Goddess on 'Navratri'.
You can ask for as
many boons as you want.
This will be the last
worship of your life.
Hail Goddess Ambe(lndian goddess),
the mother of the world.
The world exists because of you.
Hail goddess Ambe,
the mother of the world
The world exists because of you.
No one can understand your miracles.
No one is beyond
your control, mother.
Hail goddess Ambe,
the mother of the world
The world exists because of you.
No one can understand your miracles.
No one is beyond
your control, mother.
Why have you come here?
Go away from here.
One who is in trouble
and in problems.
You help him out.
You are the benefactor
of the world.
You solve everyone's problems.
You fill the emptiness
in everyone's life.
No one knows
how you will bless anyone.
No one can understand
your miracles.
No one is beyond
your control, mother.
Hail goddess Ambe,
the mother of the world
The world exists because of you.
No one can understand your miracles.
No one is beyond
your control, mother.
You come as light in darkness.
You show way to
the ones who've strayed.
Protect your believers.
Wipe out the evil today.
Punish the torturer in such a way
that there is no sign left of them.
No one can understand
your miracles.
No one is beyond
your control, mother.
Hail goddess Ambe,
the mother of the world
The world exists because of you.
No one can understand
your miracles.
No one is beyond
your control, mother.
Hey queen goddess.
Hail goddess.
l've come to light
lamps before you.
Powerful Goddess, mother Kali,
l've come to pacify you.
Hey Mother Durga(lndian goddess) and
Chandi(another name of the goddess).
l'll sing praises of you today.
Every year
l'll offer flowers to you.
lt'll stop at your doorsteps.
Even if a storm comes.
Your blessings are with me.
Who can harm me?
What! Chatur Singh's murder!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
He is killed! Who killed him?
Forget all these talks.
l'm worried as to what
will happen to this city?
What about all of us?
Don't argue, commissioner.
The person who can light
the pyre of a dangerous man.. Chatur Singh,
he can kill us very easily.
But this will not happen, sir.
Listen to me, commissioner.
Tomorrow in T.V centre,
we all are going to be..
..interviewed in the
'Janta ki adalat' program.
Put up such security that even
a bird can't flutter its wings.
Hey, Kadar!
You stand here. - Yes, sir.
Pandu, go back.
Today in 'Janta ki adalat'
before the public are..
..the minister,
Mr. Babanrao Deshmukh..
..the opposition leader,
Mr. Chandrasen Azad..
..the protector of law,
inspector Satyawadi Dube..
..Judge, Mr. Hukum Ali Javed..
..and the biggest builder
of the city, Yograj..
..all are here as culprits.
All of them have been
accused that for the recent..
..riots and murders in the city,
they were responsible for it.
ls it true, Mr. Deshmukh?
People call politics,
law and order and the police.. the 3 monkeys of Gandhi-ji.
The monkeys who don't hear,
see or say..
..even though everything
is happening before them.
Look, we live in
a democratic country.
And in democracy,
everybody has the right.. ask and say
anything that they want.
l don't agree with you.
lf this was true, then
compared with other countries..
..there wouldn't be so
much peace in our country.
lf there really is peace,
then why did..
..the riots happen
last week in our country?
Sir, all this is the
hand of foreign powers.
What can we do?
Look, Minister, whenever
there is a crisis in the country..
..then this is the standard
answer that ministers give.
The foreign powers
were involved in it.
Was the recent earthquake
also because of them?
Order! Order!
Please, maintain the silence.
People say that even
the opposition leader..
..Mr. Chandrasen
was involved in this.
Here! - All this is rubbish!
l don't agree to it!
My party's principles
are different.
His party's principles
are different.
How can we work together
with these different principles?
The goons are responsible for it.
Mr. Chandrasen is right.
The police are unnecessarily
being slandered.
This is what you have to say.
But people say that
at the time of riots..
..the police didn't reach
at the riot places on time.
This is the true
identity of our police.
They reach at the crime
scene after everything is over.
This is the sad part.
People misunderstand us.
People don't understand
our policies.
Now you only tell us.
lnstead of the huts,
there is a nice, clean colony.
lnstead of ramshackle village,
resources for our occupation.
Doesn't the country's
progress lies in this? Tell me.
But people say that
you people prosper more.
You all share the wealth
amongst yourselves.
The political leaders
and the police..
..have given theirjustifications.
Would you and Mr.
Yograj like to say anything?
lf in these matters people
doubt the protectors..
..of the law,
then what is left to say?
Look, we are businessmen.
We don't take goon's
help in our business.
Who doesn't take the aid of goons,
Mr. Yograj?
Now even the mafias have
entered the political scenario.
And even political
leaders are selected..
..on the basis of
their criminal records.
Am l right, Deshmukh-ji?
Before becoming a leader, you
used to smuggle silver from Daman.
Look, this is a wrong
accusation on me.
But you were a smuggler or not?
Even l don't believe this.
Because people say anything to
slander the image of big leaders.
Am l right, Mr. Chandrasen? - Yes.
l have one answer
to all your questions.
lf we are the culprits
in the public's eyes..
..then why are they silent?
Answer me.
Why are they making us win the
elections for the past 15 years?
Judge, all the accusations
against us are baseless.
This is what l have
to say in my justification.
Now the decision lies
in your and the public's hands.
Declare it.
The real court couldn't
punish us hitherto..
..then what will this
public's court punish us?
very rarely do you speak the truth.
Do you have to say anything?
What do l say?
l did what l had to do.
l thought deeply before
taking this action.
Now you are the one who has to say.
l accept your decision.
Why doesn't he say anything?
Order! Order!
'Today the judge, Vishwanath
Singh gave death sentence.. the killer of minister,
Mr. Babanrao Deshmukh..
..opposition leader,
Mr. Chandrasen Azad..
..Judge, Mr. Hukum Ali Javed,
inspector Satyawadi Dube..
..the builder Yograj
and Chatur Singh Chita..
..Pratap Narayan Tilak'
Death sentence for the crime
of killing people who are alive.
You saw, Pakya.
The blessings of Goddess
and bullet-proofjacket saved me.
But that rascal will
not die with death sentence.
Chatur Singh Chita will kill him.
Find out in which prison he is in!
Your date of hanging
has been fixed.
Do you have any last wish?
lt will be fulfilled.
l feel choked here. l don't
want to die within these 4 walls.
Hang me on the 'Kranti'
ground before everybody.
From where the
rebellion had started.
You should die like a King.
Sir, somebody has come
to meet Pratap. - Bring her in.
You've grown old. You've grown old.
Why are you crying?
No, these are tears of happiness.
l'd thought l will not see
your face for the rest of my life.
But when l read about
you in the newspaper..
..l couldn't control myself.
And l came to meet my son.
How are you?
Son.. today you've actually
made Tilak family proud.
l'm delighted. l've very happy.
Now l will pray to God to make you
my son in every birth. - No, mother.
l will cry as the wall of some
temple or mosque in next birth.
The tears of this
life are still remaining.
l'm sad because l couldn't
do anything for you.
No, son. You did so much,
l got everything.
Even your grandpa's
soul will rest in peace.
l have only a single regret.
There will be no
descendants of Tilak family.
Look at this.
l'd kept it for my daughter-in-law.
But now..
Mother, she is the writer.
Megha, she writes.
Will you be the daughter-in-law
of our family for a day?
Think about it.
So you all have come
to see the show of my death!
Now they will hang me.
My tongue will come out
and my eyes will pop out!
l will hang for a few moments.
Then he will lower my body.
And you all will
go to your houses.. dinner and then go to sleep.
Some day your unmanliness
and cowardliness..
..will see the death of
this country with this silence.
l don't want to say anything.
lt won't make a
difference in your lives!
You all are used
to live in darkness.
You all are used to slavery.
Previously you served the Kings,
then the British rule..
..and now few dishonest
leaders and goons.
They provoke you in the name of
religion and you kill each other.
Go ahead! Go ahead!
Even God must be
ashamed to see all this!
He must be pondering that l'd
created the most beautiful creation.
Humans! Humans!
When l looked below,
all l saw was worms.
Wriggle like worms! Wriggle
like worms! Rot and then die!
You came and went away!
The game is over!
You don't know why you lived,
why you died!
That writer lady wanted
to bring about a revolution!
With the power of her pen,
she wanted to change the present!
Who understood?
All are lifeless corpses!
Whom would she have had awakened!
l was awakened!
l am dying after doing a good deed.
l have the solace!
But remember,
your silence will tomorrow.. the reason of
crying for your children.
These police officers, political
leaders sold their conscience.
Where was your conscience
when you were killing each other?
Our neighboring country might not
be seen on the map in the future.
lt is forgetting one thing.
The flour that they eat
also comes from foreign countries.
They can't even manufacture
a pin in their country.
And they are weaving the
dream of destroying our country!
They can weave this dream because..
..they know that this
is country of corpses!
Nobody has sympathy
with their country land!
lt is very easy to
divide this country!
l'm Hindu! l'm Muslim!
l'm Sikh! l'm this and that!
Anybody can break a stick.
But it is difficult
to break a bundle of sticks.
l'd studied in 3rd
standard in my school.
Why am l explaining to you all!
Why am l explaining!
l'm mad! l'm a fool!
Why am l talking to these stones!
Laugh! Go ahead and laugh!
One more man is dying like
a dog for the cause of revolution.
Somebody else will die tomorrow!
lt doesn't make
any difference to us!
We will continue to live!
Am l right!
Go ahead and live your
lives the way you all want!
l don't want to
live a eunuch's life!
Hey! Come on!
Stop! This execution
has to be stopped!
The evidences that we
got against those traitors..
..prove that by killing them
Pratap has made our country proud.
So the Prime Minister of lndia
exonerated the death sentence.
Here are the documents.
Stop this execution!
Shoot him!
- Hey, beware commissioner!
There will be dead
bodies everywhere..
..if you tried to
intervene between us!
Hail the revolutionist!
Hail the revolutionist!
Hail the revolutionist!
Hail the revolutionist!
Hail the revolutionist!
Hail the revolutionist!