Kremlin Letter, The (1970) Movie Script

Ah, bonjour, mademoiselle. Bonjour, monsieur.
Une valise? Ah, oul.
Merci. Merci, monsieur.
So, the man in moscow's
agreed to send back the letter.
For one million dollars. Oh?
For that kind of money we're
entitled to know his name.
And then? What further
need would you have of me?
When do you go back to paris?
One week. Ten days.
I see. Well, you have one
week to recover the letter.
Seven days, polakov.
There's your million.
I watched him all the time, colonel
kosnov. I watched him every minute.
Polakov could not have committed suicide.
There was no way.
Then i must assume he is still alive.
How are they, grodin? All right.
The mother and sister? No.
Polakov's wife.
Kill them.
"Lieutenant commander charles e. Rone,
"You are hereby informed as of
1400 hours today, october 10, 1969,
You will no longer be under the
jurisdiction of the department of the navy."
Excuse me, sir? "You are further informed...
"That as of 1400 hours,
today, october 10, 1969,
"Your commission as an officer in the navy
of the united states will be suspended.
"And concurrent with said suspension,
"All rights and benefits accruing to you
in the past or due to you in the future,
"As either an officer in
the naval establishment...
"Or a member of the armed
forces of the united states,
Will forthwith and forever
be revoked and canceled."
Not that it makes a goddamn bit
of difference to you, i suppose.
But- But, sir- I- You will
no longer address me as "sir."
Under what authority have i been separated?
I'm sure your new friends in
washington can explain. What friends?
Your friends in c.I.A. Or c.I.C.
Or o.N.I. How the hell would i know?
I do know that a good many
regular army and navy officers...
Are damn sorry those bastard
organizations ever came into existence.
Why aren't you in civilian clothes?
Only officers in the united states
navy are entitled to wear that uniform.
Once upon a time, legend has
it, some men even died for it.
Dismissed, mr. Rone.
By what authority was my commission revoked?
The very highest authority.
You can have it back though.
But you'll give up a
quarter of a million dollars.
Maybe double, even triple that.
You probably made the wisest choice.
It's safer back in the navy.
All right. When do i begin?
Here. These'll give you some
background on what you're in for.
Tell me how you feel about them.
These are antiques.
The kinds of things that
were used 10, 20 years ago.
Someone called the pepper pot is
dead. He failed an important mission.
Washington and 10 downing
street in an uproar.
They're turning to someone
called the highwayman for help.
He's being given all the money
he wants and complete autonomy.
And someone connected to the
highwayman has died from natural causes.
They're sending in new talent
- A virgin.
That's me. And you're probably sweet alice.
Well, well, well. 100%.
- What agency we with?
- Oh, no government agency.
The job's being farmed out.
Subcontracted to the highwayman.
How sturdevant would have crowed.
- Robert sturdevant?
- That's right.
Do you know him? I knew him.
He was a brutal, sadistic,
conscienceless assassin.
He was also individual spy sans pareil.
- And why would sturdevant be crowing?
- To see them eating humble pie.
- Who's "them"?
- You see, before world war ii,
Intelligence operations were
conducted by independent agents.
They knew one another.
They played ball together.
They traded information.
They even split fees.
But, you see, after the
war, bureaucracy took over.
Where before there had been a dozen agents in
the field, there were now thousands of them,
Gathering information and
feeding it into computers.
Certain restrictions were
placed upon the old-Timers.
Sturdevant couldn't or
wouldn't change his ways,
And finally, every major
agency turned its back on him.
The group disbanded, and
sturdevant dropped out of sight.
Then, in 1954, he was
reported dead in istanbul.
How'd he die? He committed suicide.
Supposedly the highwayman handed him the
gun and watched him blow his brains out.
Oh, yes. You
- You've got some fine playmates.
You'll be delivering this to
the highwayman in the morning.
Mr. Charles rone? Yes.
Right this way, sir. Your train was late.
You've missed most of the service.
Nephew charlie?
Unto almighty god, we commend
the soul of our brother,
Raymond hatfield, departed.
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Who was raymond hatfield? Your predecessor.
Scooter. Had a real good memory.
Want some coffee? Mmm.
I don't hold much with what
folks call total recall,
But i guess you and him come
pretty close to having it.
See, you're his backup man, his replacement.
Sort of like football. Everybody on the
first string gotta have a substitute.
Well, he up and died. Heart.
So off the bench you come. Get the idea?
I think so. Sorry to call you
out so sudden like, but, uh,
Old scooter didn't give us much warnin'.
Nephew charlie,
Now, you wouldn't take it
unkindly if every now and again...
I was to offer you some little
odds and ends of advice, would ya?
Oh, no. Not at all.
Well, my face is bothering ya.
It had a skin graft. Sure. Long time ago.
One of those postwar retread
jobs. It is not a thing of beauty.
But if you are going to look at me,
Look at me.
Don't check and recheck me
the way you've been doing.
Your file says you're as smart as they come.
But smart don't matter a damn unless
you're quick too. You gotta be both. See?
Yes. Good.
Nephew, did you ever read
through that file of yours?
No. Well, i don't recommend it.
It might just turn your head.
How many languages is it you
speak without an accent? Seven?
Eight. Hoo-Wee.
Only fault they can find with you
is in the psychiatrist's report.
They speculate about a death wish,
uh, originatin' from your boyhood...
When you saw your mama and papa and
brothers killed in a plane crash.
- What do you say to that, nephew?
- I say it's a lot of rubbish.
I got a different idea about, uh, why
you dove off that cliff in acapulco...
And why you stuck your
neck out so far in korea.
Nephew, they say that...
Heroes can't imagine their own
death, and that's why they're heroes.
You go 'em one better. You
imagine you're immune to violence.
Not only that, but you've taken
the trouble to collect the proof.
Now, which theory do
you go with? Neither one.
Neither one? Well, now, what do you think?
I think i'm a superior combination of
intellect and physique, athlete and scholar.
When a risk is to be run, i
formulate the ideal procedure...
And calculate the chances
involved with exquisite precision.
If the percentages are sufficiently
in my favor, i put myself into motion,
Having absolute confidence in
the performance of my reflexes.
Nephew, the truth is
you are full of yourself.
How much you got there? $480,000.
Keep it.
You've been with the highwayman
a long time. Long enough.
You must have known
sturdevant. Yeah, i knew him.
You didn't like him. He
was a con man and a coward.
He put out more bushwa than
goebbels did in world war ii.
And he built his own legend.
But the fact is highwayman
did most of the work.
He was the real brain. When
do i get to see the highwayman?
You have seen him. Let's go see him again.
Was everything in the suitcase? Yes, sir.
Well, nephew, i hope you're not
adverse to traveling. No. Not at all.
By the by, how are you on tortillas
and frijoles and all that kind of crap?
So i'm going to mexico. Yes, sir. You're
going to mexico to pick up lord ashley's whore.
You're gonna rustle up the
warlock in san francisco...
And then make tracks to
chicago for the erector set.
Tell them the tillinger foundation
is planning an expedition.
I'm sure about the others, but
the whore might not want to come.
He says he's done his last job.
Well, in that case, nephew,
You give him $25,000 in
advance to soften him up.
Now, if that don't work, this will.
Two or three drops of that'll
freeze him for about 24 hours.
Another drop or so will give
you, oh, an additional 10 hours.
Use more than six drops, call the undertaker.
I don't think he'll turn
us down, but if he does,
We want the body flown back to the states.
Alive or dead. It don't matter
which. Think you can manage?
Yes. You be in new york in four days.
Nephew, you got 96 little hours.
You better step over here with me...
And sit down,
Switch on that electronic
brain of yours and listen,
'Cause i'm only gonna give you the names
and numbers of all the players one time.
The whore is in a coastal village
between acapulco and zihuatanejo.
It's called papanoa.
A hundred dollars the fat one takes the lot.
Are you on?
If you have so much faith in her, why
don't i take her myself, mr. Janis?
La sorda. Elepteria.
Listen! Blast gordita in the crotch!
In the cojones!
You hear?
Not a bad act, that.
I think i'll use it as a daily attraction.
Hey, gordita.
Take your pick. The fat one's fantastic.
She's yours for $15. You can
have any of the other two for 10.
The tillinger foundation
is planning an expedition.
Ah, bully for the tillinger foundation.
The business at hand is more important.
Thirty dollars says you can have them all.
The highwayman expects you.
Plus, magic mushrooms.
Now, let's make it-
Let's make it a sporting proposition, hmm?
I'll toss you double or nothing,
$60, or you can have
the whole batch for free.
I have a plane waiting.
Why should i do anything for the highwayman?
If it were sturdevant-
I'd go like a shot. But sturdevant's dead.
Oh, my god. Don't say they've got
you believing that whore's cry too.
Chappie, i know sturdevant.
He never would or ever
could take his own life.
Then where is he?
He's waiting, my boy.
Somewhere. Someplace.
He's waiting like a lion in a thicket.
You mark my words, chappie.
He'll come out when the time is right.
He's just waiting.
I've, uh, still got to take you back with me.
And i don't wish to go. I have a good
thing here, trading on human weakness.
I think i shall remain.
There's money involved.
A great deal of money.
$25,000 now
- No. Money can't budge me.
The whore of yesterday is dead.
Plus $100,000 on checking in
to the tillinger foundation.
125,000, eh?
It's too bad the whore of yesterday is dead.
Uh, chappie,
You just witnessed a resurrection.
- Uh, no. Waiter.
No, no. We-
We've got- Oh!
Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.
To the warlock from the tillinger foundation.
Greetings. The highwayman
wants you in new york.
When? Now.
Is he planning an expedition? Yes.
My hands are gone.
I'm as worthless as an
oyster for what you need.
I've waited long enough for a job like this.
I'm staking my future with a girl.
B.A.'S ready to take my place.
My orders are to bring the erector set.
You know anything about safes? Mm-Hmm.
Good. Well. This is an experimental
one we've been practicing on.
Choose your own combination, six figures,
And i'll show you what a woman can do.
Just to make it a sporting proposition,
Let's set this time bomb
for four or five minutes.
- Or maybe that's a little bit long.
Tell you what. You, uh, set it
for three and a half minutes.
Go on. Go on.
She'll work it with only one hand.
What's your pleasure? Right or left?
Either one. Do it with your feet, b.A.
Let's get down the other end of the room.
We won't get hurt at that distance.
She's a wonder, though i do say it.
She can go up a building like a human fly.
She can get in and out of anything
that harry houdini himself ever could.
No need to tell you the
tricks i've taught her.
This appealing child...
Stands before a crimson curtain
edged with heavy gold braid...
And arranged in mannered folds.
Welcome. And who's this? A surprise.
The founding fathers are
not partial to surprises.
No one is. First flight down, north wing.
I'll tell mr. Ward that you're here.
The richness of the gown
suggests marchesa demazzo.
The virgin is on his way.
But certainly she is of noble parentage
- With a surprise.
Rather than, uh, middle-Class.
A girl? You brought back a girl?
It's his daughter. He has
arthritis. He can't use his hands.
Your orders were for the erector set
himself. She's the best i've seen.
- She can do anything.
- You've seen?
And how much have you seen
in your long, varied career?
I warned you, didn't i, that none of
these modern-Day schoolboys was capable?
Capable of what? All i've seen around here
so far looks like a rummage sale of artifacts.
With one exception. This girl.
- Get him out of here. Get him out!
- Across the hall.
Wait for me there.
Well, nephew, you pleased with yourself?
No, but he didn't have to lay into me.
You took worse than that in the navy.
Have you seen what she can
do? Sure. We've seen her.
Excellent. That's not the point, nephew.
You more or less forced that girl on us.
She knows who we are and where we are.
And we're beginning to wonder
just how disinterested you are.
Don't fool yourself.
I have no interest in the girl
whatever. Oh, i didn't say you had.
In the girl. But i am beginning to wonder...
How much interest you
have in us, or against us.
You better watch it. They'll
be coding you out as hawkshaw.
Stand up, nephew. Stand up.
Now, there comes a day in the life
of every smart-Ass little boy...
When he must get his comeuppance.
I don't have any of that
high-Priced training...
In all those fancy oriental styles
that you made such good grades in,
But i'm gonna take you.
And i may kill you in the process.
So, you just take this and use
it the best way you know how.
My god. How corny can you get?
Nephew, tell me when you're ready again.
And while we're waiting for the rematch,
I think maybe you'd better
answer some questions, hmm?
Well, you've earned the right to ask 'em.
Something's bugging you, nephew.
Let's get it right out in front.
The cables, the funeral, the museum,
the people involved, their absurd names.
I keep asking myself, what's
next at this mad tea party?
Nephew, i don't know what they
taught you in the classroom...
About intelligence and espionage.
Everything i know i learned on the street.
But i can assure you of one thing.
It has no size, no shape and no rules.
At the very best, it's what you least
expect, so you gotta be ready for anything.
You want to be in on the fun? Shag right on
downstairs and start learning your first steps.
First, let your hair grow,
Especially the sideburns and
the back of your neck, hmm?
Use no oils whatever. Only water.
Let the hair on your nose grow.
And do the same with the
fuzz on your ears, hmm?
Now your teeth.
How many fillings have you?
I have two. Only they? They
will have to be replaced.
Vaccination scars? Uh, one.
The priest will burn it off.
Excellent scar. Exactly like an
old shrapnel wound. Excellent.
You were with the red army in
the last days of stalingrad.
You have only two fillings, which
were done in the field hospital...
After the russian victory.
Look frightened, for god
sakes. For your work permit.
Oh. Your, uh, "whoopee" thumb.
When the hand has healed
sufficiently, we'll slip it into place.
It's full of poison. If you're
captured, bite through the nail.
Death should be almost instantaneous.
Come in.
Could i have a cigarette? I don't have any.
Yeah. Sure.
Thank you. Want a light?
Uh, no. I'm
- I'm going to smoke it in my room.
Something the matter?
I've never been away from home.
I've never known a man.
I- I told my father i
had, but i- I haven't.
My father says that going to bed
is an integral part of the job, and-
And one must be good at it.
So i thought that, uh-
I mean, i-
Passport. Birth certificate.
Working papers. Traveling papers. I.D. Card.
Plus, 110 rubles,
75 kopecks.
Start getting used to it.
Well, well. What are you calling him?
Giorgi davitashvili, from, uh, tiflis.
Nephew yorgi,
The time has come to find out just
how well you have learned your lesson.
- Tell us about polakov.
Polakov, dimitri ilyavitch.
Moscow, february 19, 1905.
Ilya. Gurla.
Picture frame maker.
There was a picture. Describe him.
Strong, clever face with
a large aquiline nose.
Think lashes over heavy-Lidded eyes.
Straight, bushy eyebrows. Full, sharply
- Defined lips.
A wide, heavy lower jaw.
And the report?
During world war ii, he fought
with the dutch resistance,
Acting as a liaison with the french marquis.
Toward the end of the war, he
joined up with robert sturdevant...
And remained with that
group until it was disbanded.
Then he became an independent agent.
In 1955, he, uh, opened
a small gallery in paris.
He traveled between paris
and moscow as an art dealer.
Most of his friends are homosexuals.
1956 and 1969.
Moscow, 1956, he met up with an old friend
from university days named chu chang.
Chang was connected with
the red chinese embassy.
He and polakov cooked up
some narcotics business.
Polakov liked money. He wasn't
particular how he made it.
Now, the plan failed. Chang
got caught and polakov escaped.
- '69.
- In 1969 he showed up in washington...
With material to sell about russian
- Hungarian relations.
From then on, the information began to flow.
During a six-Month period he
was paid more than $400,000.
He never revealed the
source of his information...
Except to say that he was
a high soviet official.
At the end of those six months, he
married a young german prostitute,
Erika boeck.
People who knew her described
her as being dissolute,
Highly neurotic and apparently
very much in love with polakov.
How many times did you read that? Once.
Bravo. Bravo, nephew. Sit down.
Sit right down there, and i'm gonna
tell you the rest of the story.
In august, 1969, polakov
appeared once more in washington.
He had a request from his soviet source.
What he asked for was tangible proof...
That a deal with the west was a
realistic political possibility.
What he really wanted, in
writing, was a guarantee...
That the united states would
assist the soviet union...
In destroying china's atomic bomb
project at lop nur and sinkiang.
The top executive in one
of the most powerful...
Intelligence agencies in the
united states government...
Took it upon himself to write what amounted
to a declaration of war against china.
Polakov was in moscow
with it the next morning.
Four days later he reported from
paris. The letter had been delivered.
That same day, 10 downing street and
the white house both heard about it,
And it really hit the fan.
They began to raise all kinds of hell.
The responsible agency was ordered
to get that document back at any cost.
So they contacted polakov. Polakov
agreed to talk to his man...
And 10 days later reported back that
the document could be returned...
For one million dollars.
Polakov was given the million
dollars out of agency funds,
And he and his wife took off for moscow.
Three days later, the third
department arrested polakov,
His wife, his mother and his sister.
And 24 hours after that,
the soviet press announced...
The capture and death of the traitor polakov.
Kosnov was praised for his work.
Colonel jakob nicolievitch kosnov,
Chief of the soviet third department.
And during world war ii, a remarkably
effective espionage administrator.
Kosnov is a merciless killer.
That's his aide, lieutenant
vassili vasilievitch grodin.
He was educated during the
postwar technological boom.
He's of the new russia.
And the kremlin's watchdog
over the third department.
Aleksel ivanovitch bresnavitch.
Tovarich bresnavitch-
Permit me to congratulate you
on the excellent speech you made.
Thank you.
I bought the papers.
Your picture is on all the front pages.
I'm afraid the speech was only
an excuse to come to new york...
And acquire this painting.
And how's it going in your
division, comrade potkin?
Very well. Thank you.
How are you coming with series five?
Comrade kosnov seems pleased.
It was asking the impossible.
To track down all u.S. Agents...
And to find out their assignments.
I understand you've done a remarkable job.
Thank you, comrade. Who are
the likeliest candidates?
Candidates? Yes, for replacing polakov.
Uh, i
- I don't understand.
Don't pretend with me, comrade potkin.
You must know what's behind all this.
Why, yes. Complete knowledge of
enemy agents and their locations...
Makes all counterespionage
work much more easy.
Kosnov is only interested in
making counterespionage easy?
For this, his department has spent
two million dollars in two months?
I would suppose so.
I am not informed of all his plans. I-
I only do what is asked of me.
Surely you know why series
five is so important.
I told you why.
What's important is...
To find that letter.
Wh-What letter? Comrade, this is 1969.
Stalin and beria have been dead a long time.
Old friends don't fight
with each other. But i'm not!
Two months ago, polakov...
Went to moscow to deliver this letter.
It was a written agreement
intended for some...
High soviet official.
Now, this letter
- No. No, no, no.
I don't want to know
about the letter. Please.
Very well.
From now on, you, comrade potkin,
Will supply me with all the information
that comes to your department...
Before passing it on to kosnov.
At least a day before.
You-You-You put me in a
very delicate position.
I once did you a service when you
were in an even more delicate position.
After the hungarian trouble.
But i work for colonel kosnov.
And who recommended you to him?
Now i'm asking for repayment.
Whatever you say, comrade.
We've got to establish
headquarters in moscow.
That means we need an apartment or a house...
Belonging to a russian who doesn't
use it very much, like captain potkin.
Potkin is the head of the soviet third
department's united states operation.
Apparently captain potkin
has no exploitable vices,
But we might be able to get at him
through his wife and two daughters.
That's dasha potkin.
Age 41. Her husband is 62.
Elena potkin. Age seven.
Sonia potkin.
Eighteen. Her father's pet.
She lunches every day in the
cafeteria, invariably alone.
Sometimes, after lunch, she
goes to central park zoo...
And sketches lions for half an hour.
Only lions, for god's sake.
She never speaks to anybody.
Except a couple of the
black girls in life class.
They look at her sketches,
and she looks at theirs.
Sorry, old man. It's not very much to go on.
It's quite a lot.
It's set for thursday at 4:00.
Papa. Papa.
Comrade, we want that apartment.
We want it so bad,
We'll turn your wife and
daughters inside out to get it.
At the art institute where i met you.
You have very beautiful, long hair.
Sonia. Sonia!
I like you, but i've got to get home.
Kiss me good-Bye. Comrade.
She can still be saved, if only you agree.
If you don't agree,
We will turn her into the most perverted
human being our minds can conceive.
And when we're finished with her, we'll
start on your other daughter and your wife.
I don't know.
Take her away from there!
Give us the apartment.
Even if i... give the apartment
to you, it will be no good.
Kosnov will know. He'll
find out. No, he won't.
It will never work!
It will work smooth as silk.
You're trying to get a line on u.S. Agents.
Any file you don't have, we'll give
you. We want kosnov to have 'em.
What about my family?
They stay in this country with our
people. No harm will come to 'em.
Take the apartment, but... leave my wife...
And daughters alone!
And to think this was one
of beria's executioners.
Get him out of here.
There are only two bedrooms
in potkin's apartment,
Which should make it very convenient
for our younger associates.
We all know you've been shacking up together.
Now, look, i think we've left no stone
unturned, but let's not kid ourselves.
If any of us is caught, there's only a remote
possibility we'd be mistaken for russians.
Keep in mind that close
examination takes time,
And that time they use on you
could let the rest of us escape.
Don't be too quick to die.
We should decide now what to do with
the money in case anybody is lost.
Send it to the families?
Divide it among the survivors?
I'm for the usual way. Usual
way is, survivors take all.
Let's see a show of hands.
Well, we've all done our
homework on polakov's file.
Our first objective is to find his contact.
It could be a hophead, a fag, a voyeur.
We'll start our search
in the sewers of moscow.
The whore will push hard narcotics,
the warlock art and homos.
Rone, b.A., your assignments
after we get to moscow.
- When will we be leaving?
- That all depends on a snowstorm in siberia.
Everything all right? All
present and accounted for.
Rone, that's your room
- Yours and b.A.
Janis, me and you, in there.
And i am supposed to sleep on this couch?
How was your trip?
How was yours?
The same.
Nice, comfortable place
old potkin's got here.
Yes. Plus lots of relatives. Maybe too many.
Well, all of us won't be staying here
together for more than a few days.
The others will have to find
separate burrows in sodom.
Only time they'll show up here is
to rendezvous with the grand mute.
What's that?
That's you, nephew.
See, our outfit is collecting a whole lot of
information, and what are we gonna do with it?
We can't tape it, we can't type it,
we can't scratch it down with a pencil,
So we're gonna tell it to you.
You're gonna be our walking diary.
You just come around and sit in the big
chair, and i'll tell you all about it.
Now, whoever's here will put that
red carpet out on the balcony.
That's to signal the all-Clear.
And this will be their guarantee that
they're not talking to a stranger.
We'll find someplace to
hide this out in the hallway.
None of us will be armed? Oh, no, nephew.
Ifif they take a man with a
gun, he ain't got a hope in hell.
They go right to work on him. That means
his friends got less chance to get away.
No. Now, let's get back to the grand mute.
There'll be a separate code for
each session for each person.
Suppose the code's 18-3. A
total of 18 on a series of three.
Now, you make a mistake, and one of
them will put a bullet through your nose.
Smooth as silk.
It's maniacal. No, it's not, nephew!
Now, it'll work. The odds are right.
Three out of our five people will have
no idea who's receiving that message.
Now put that damn thing on and
let's start rehearsing again.
Now wait a minute. Did
we lose a man coming in?
You said, "three out of five."
That's right. We lost the highwayman.
All according to plan, nephew.
He had terminal cancer.
Sacrificed two or three weeks of
suffering for the success of our operation.
It's very difficult.
They work on their own now. Irina!
They walk the streets or
give themselves in taxis.
Comfort's a thing of the past.
There is no more culture. Irina!
I'm down to one girl.
That thing in there.
Thank you.
If i were a man,
I would pay to keep something
like that out of my bed.
The thing is, the girls have to
work in factories 10 hours a day.
When they get out and lie beside a man,
They are as romantic as sardines in a tin.
Tenderness is dead.
There is no more culture.
You say restrictions have
been lifted in prague.
Not really, but there's always a way.
Can you get me, say, five
beautiful, young girls?
We could be partners.
I still don't know if-
We solved just the same
problems quite easily in prague.
We made addicts of the girls.
That is a sin. A practical sin.
It costs less money and makes them
dependent on you, and it works.
Now, where can we get drugs here?
It is very difficult to come by.
I want no part in it.
Where can i get drugs here?
There is a chinese.
He's called, uh, the kital.
- Can you arrange for me to meet him?
- I will arrange it.
say you will
won't you put your sweet lips
to mine
won't you say you love me
all of the time
oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah
just a little bit longer
oh, oh, oh, yeah
now, please, please, please
i know where you're going
going to
oh, won't you stay
just a little bit longer
now, please, please, please
i know where you're going to
I know kosnov from the old
days. I'd recognize him anywhere.
2:00 in the morning, he comes in himself...
After this beautiful blonde.
He said, "erika, come home."
They know her in the caf.
She and polakov used to go there together.
She was polakov's wife.
They all thought that she was
dead and buried until last night.
You said we'd go for a holiday!
You said we'd leave at once.
Now you say we can't go.
It can't be helped. "It can't be helped"!
Aren't you in charge of your department?
Aren't you the one who gives the orders?
Something has come up.
You know i can't discuss it with you.
Why don't you marry me so
you can tell me something?
Like polakov did.
Why don't you marry me so
you can tell me something?
I'm sure polakov didn't
discuss his work with you.
Are you? That's what you told me.
- Well, i lied.
- Then or now?
He told me things because he trusted me.
- What did he tell you then?
- Things.
If you take me dancing, maybe i'll tell you.
This is what i was famous
for in the berlin houses.
Sorry to disturb you at this
time of the night, comrade kosnov.
A van, missing from vorkuta for five days,
Has been found with two
corpses instead of one.
So? The missing driver of
the van is still missing.
The man found behind the wheel
was about 60. Foreign dental work.
His companion, a man of 35,
also foreign dental work.
This was observed in vorkuta
where the bodies were taken.
The message just came
through on the telephone.
Because of its unusual
nature, i came at once.
Polakov's replacement.
How impractical to come in by the kara sea.
Perhaps that's why they chose it.
Have the bodies flown here for autopsy.
Assemble all files on enemy
agents in those age groups.
Dr. Kital.
Who are you?
I'm from prague.
Sophie and i are in business together.
- Why did you come to me?
- To make a deal.
What kind of deal? I can get
this in unlimited quantities.
Not interested. Why not?
There's a lot of money in it.
Moscow is just not the
place for a big operation.
Has it ever been tried before? Oh, yes.
Many years ago by a man named chang.
But he was caught by the third department.
Who were chang's customers?
What i want from you is a list
of their names and nothing else.
I'll take all the risks and go
50-50 with you on the profits.
What have you got to lose?
Even if i cheat you, which i won't,
Those names are no good to you.
Think about it. If you want to talk
it over, you know where to find me.
Madame sophie's.
Identification of the young man was simple.
We obtained fingerprints from the body.
They correspond to this file.
Charles evans rone, u.S.N.
So does the dental work.
Definitely american, by the way.
The hands of the man behind the wheel...
Were too badly burned to
take clear fingerprints.
But dental work, also american,
Matches this file on someone called, uh,
The highwayman.
Postmortem revealed that he
was suffering from lung cancer-
Terminal stage.
The highwayman?
Is this file up to date?
Yes, the latest from potkin.
Thank you, comrade doctor.
And, uh, forward your official report
together with these files to me personally.
Who was this highwayman?
An old-Time agent.
During the war, he was with sturdevant.
But why would they want
to send in a dying man?
To show the younger man the ropes perhaps.
Help him get his bearings.
Goddamn fools. Trying to
come in through vorkuta.
It will take some time before
the west finds out what happened.
Send potkin an official commendation...
And arrange for him and his family
to have a holiday at yalta...
At government expense.
I heard something fascinating
today about kosnov,
The chief of the third department.
They said he got married.
You'll never guess who to.
Who? The widow of the
traitor dimitri polakov.
You knew him very well. Didn't you, rudolph?
I, uh
- He was a mere acquaintance.
I met him at one of your lectures,
professor. I saw him a few times. That's all.
But you were questioned when he was caught.
That's very unfair of you, ilya.
You know perfectly well all our
cultural ministry were questioned.
And lots of others. Not only myself.
Ilya, you must not tease
rudolph so. It is cruel!
Naughty. You're right.
Apologize. I'm sorry, rudolph.
Besides, i doubt it could be the same man.
Dimitri polakov certainly was
not married when i knew him.
Rudolph says he's in love with me.
He claims that i'm the only one
he's been in love with since polakov,
And talking about their
affair makes him weep.
He wants me to leave the
professor and move in with him.
I told him it wouldn't be
wise to break off so suddenly,
But that i would find a way soon.
I am knitting these bed socks for him.
What's this, uh, mikail like?
He's all right.
Did you ask if you could move in with him?
No. I got him to ask me.
He has a mother, you say.
What about her? Is she happy about it?
She's a nice old woman.
Where do they live?
23 alicia street, behind the central market.
Two dark little rooms in a tenement.
He's, um- He's a small-Time thief.
He'll never be anything else.
He hasn't the talent.
He's incurably lazy, but he's-
He's rather charming.
Have you been to bed with him?
No. Not yet.
But after you move in with
him? Yes, i suppose so.
Hey, nephew! Get your ass in here!
Like polakov did.
Polakov took me to all the nightclubs
in paris to see the americans.
There are no places like that in moscow.
Yes, there are. Come on!
Only for degenerates.
I cannot be seen in places like
that. Buck up, nephew. Buck up.
I'm bored. You still got the grand mute-
You bore me. A receiving set and me.
Why don't you take me
to a nightclub? Take me!
If we finish early, i'll take you to one.
Russians never finish eating early.
You all eat like pigs at a trough.
I want no talk like that tonight.
I want you to remember the story. I want
you to repeat it, just as i told you.
I know it. Now listen.
Besides our host, his daughter and grodin,
There will also be gregori sergal kazar...
And his wife.
Gregori sergal is a
high-Ranking kremlin adviser,
So don't make any mistakes, please.
Who is this "brethnavitch" that you
have to come running when he calls?
Aleksel ivanovitch bresnavitch. Say it.
Aleksel ivanovitch bresnavitch. Satisfied?
I want you to remember it.
Don't drink too much, please.
Who is he anyway? A member
of the central committee.
Your boss? Mm-Hmm. In a way.
Then i'll go to bed with him
so you can have a promotion.
The kital sent for me, and we've done a deal.
These were chang's customers.
It's an interesting list.
Includes three military
heroes, a director of ballet...
And aleksel ivanovitch bresnavitch.
God knows if, after all this time,
They've still got the monkey on their back.
But i'll soon find out. And you know what?
Kital offered to pay me for
information about czechoslovakia.
I'd say he's in the same business as we are.
To the newlyweds.
You are as pretty as they say.
You were colonel kosnov's agent in paris?
It's dangerous work for a woman.
If you believe in a cause,
danger is not frightening.
I could never be an agent. I
just wouldn't have the courage.
And i wouldn't have the duplicity required.
They say that you married an enemy agent...
And brought him back to
russia to be captured.
I married the man polakov...
On orders from colonel kosnov.
My mission was to stay with
him and learn of his activities.
But, uh, why would he come here
if it wasn't because of you?
I'm afraid that's classified information.
I assume we are all above suspicion, colonel.
I'd like to hear your wife's answer, too,
If it's permissible.
Our counterespionage said...
Polakov would come to moscow to make
contact with a high soviet official...
Willing to give information to the west.
No! Is it true?
It turned out to be false lead.
He came to moscow to introduce
me to his mother and his sister.
I'd married him in vain.
Darling, next time you
have your wife get married,
I hope it will prove more productive.
Is that true, colonel?
Is that the reason polakov
came to moscow in september?
Yes, but he was here before, and
it aroused my suspicions then,
So when i knew he was in moscow
again, i had him picked up.
Shall we leave the gentlemen? Perhaps
you'd like to see some of the paintings.
Yes. Why not?
Well, kosnov,
If this man polakov was,
indeed, in contact...
With some defector of high rank,
We want that traitor found as much as anyone.
- He will be found.
We are still more concerned
about internal security.
This incident near vorkuta-
The two men in the van-
It is your opinion that they were enemy
agents sent in to contact the traitor?
Yes. Most likely they were.
After the police laboratory
had finished with them,
Just as a routine double-Check,
Comrade kazar and i had
the two corpses taken...
To another group of doctors, colonel.
Your report, the official report,
Claims that the two men died in the crash.
But according to our doctors,
This was only true of the
agent called the highwayman.
Charles rone was dead...
Before the fire began.
Dead and frozen, colonel.
That is possible.
Uh, this highwayman used to work...
For the notorious sturdevant,
And as you know, sturdevant had a pattern.
He began every operation
with a diversionary move.
And you think that is what happened here.
Well, if our doctors are right, colonel,
A dead man was carried into this country.
The second man was to have
left the corpse as a decoy...
To divert your attention
to a specific area...
And then escape.
We did observe there was a difference
of degree in the burning of the bodies.
But the highwayman was
pinned behind the wheel.
Rone was thrown to the floor.
Flames from the explosion melted the snow.
The water collected around him in a pool.
His body had to be chopped
out of a solid block of ice.
It is quite conceivable
that under these conditions,
He would appear to have
died a little earlier.
If there was a slight variation of time,
It is of very little importance.
Well, shall we join the ladies?
As to sturdevant's so-Called
pattern, i can tell you this:
He never sacrificed a single man...
On a diversionary move.
Perhaps you know more about him than i do.
Your husband's been reminding
us of a spy called sturdevant.
After the war, his men ran
wild over eastern europe.
It was almost impossible to flush them out.
Still, your husband... succeeded.
I love to hear about spies.
Do tell us about it, please.
It was a long time ago. I'm not
sure of the details any longer.
The colonel is too modest.
All he actually knew was that
three of sturdevant's men...
Were in a small polish village.
Correct? I think so.
He had to determine which of the 2,300
people in the village were the three wanted,
So he rounded up the entire population,
Began to interrogate...
And execute each of them one by one.
Then it seems that,
When your husband started
killing the children,
One of sturdevant's men
tried to make a run for it.
He was caught, of course.
Your husband was able to make him talk,
As... only he can.
Struck it quite rich. He was a unit
leader in charge of the entire operation.
Was it chemicals you used...
Or physical persuasion, colonel?
And that fellow polakov-
What did you use on him? Acid, wasn't it?
I heard that's like pouring
molten lead down a man's throat.
How long was he able to stand up
under torture like that, colonel?
Don't worry, colonel. She'll be all right.
After all,
A wife has a right to know
exactly what her husband...
Contributes to society.
Will you please excuse me?
Do you remember me?
I remember.
Can you get me something to smoke?
You know what i mean. Yes, i do.
I'm in great pain.
Can i be of any service?
I want something strong to smoke.
I see.
And i want a man. A real man.
Come with me. It will be arranged.
You haven't seen me.
Swear! You haven't seen me.
How do you like him?
A male whore?
From tiflis.
Yorgi. His name is yorgi.
Wait till i'm ready.
Get out.
Come here.
How much?
Twenty-Five rubles.
For what?
No one complains.
You have a bad nose. Your
chin juts out too far.
I don't like your ears.
Then i'll go.
I'll give you 15.
My price is 25, in advance.
And what do you charge men? Hmm?
That's for others. I specialize in women.
Old, fat, ugly ones, huh?
All women are beautiful, if
you know how to look at them.
Am i beautiful?
You'll do.
Oh, will i now? I guess your
own girl is prettier than i am.
- She's more polite.
- Is she more beautiful?
That's a good little
whore. Here's your money.
Kiss my foot. Your shoe's on.
Kiss my shoe.
Now it's your turn to hurt me.
We will reenact that old, old game.
Woman and man. Victim and tormentor.
Only we'll play it honest.
Help to destroy me, and i'll love you for it.
Hit me! Hard!
You're beginning to learn, huh?
Hit me again.
Kick me!
Kick me!
You're the whore, the slave!
You must do as i command.
Get somebody else.
My little priest doesn't
like the game of life.
Okay! We'll find something else to do.
Come here!
Take your jacket off.
Your tie!
Your shirt.
Now don't move.
No matter what i do, don't move.
Ooh. Poor lover.
Look what i've done to you.
Poor little whore and husband.
Kill me.
Kill me!
Or i'll kill you! So help me god, i will!
Hoo-Wee! What a break.
Kosnov's bride. Nephew,
i want you to go to town.
Give her the works. Don't want that
woman to have one thing to complain about.
Now, how's about you and me
celebrating? Champagne and oysters.
Plenty of oysters.
Where have you been? I've been
looking for you everywhere.
My men are still searching for you.
So, where were you?
Tell me. Smoking hashish.
In one of those places that doesn't exist.
You've been missing for over five hours.
Took me that long to forget
what bresnavitch said about you.
Did you expect me to
just sit there and listen?
They hate me, all of them.
That silly madame kazar and
that stuck-Up mrs. Grodin.
They hate you too.
Bresnavitch hates you. Yes, he does.
He has always hated me.
Many years ago, he tried to
replace me with a western agent-
The man called sturdevant.
Comrade bresnavitch offered him my job
- My job!
What do i care? Well, you should.
You wanted me to tell you things. Well, i am.
Sturdevant and i were
friendly during the war.
Very friendly.
Even afterwards, during the cold war,
We played along with each other.
I allowed his group to operate in
my area, and he did the same for me.
But such an arrangement called for...
A measure of trust on both our parts.
- And you betrayed him.
- I had no choice.
Bresnavitch was after my scalp.
I had to do something spectacular.
Sturdevant swore to kill me.
He died before he could carry out his threat.
I nearly went out of my mind last night.
Come on.
Come on. Let me hold you in my arms.
You are a naughty, naughty
girl to worry me so.
What am i to do with you?
Buy you some cigarettes, i suppose.
You can smoke them here at
home, so i can watch over you.
Do you know, when he first met polakov,
Rudolph was working for a
department in the cultural ministry.
He was responsible for the cataloging
of art treasures stolen by the germans...
From france and italy.
They hit it off instantly,
took an apartment together...
And spent what rudolph calls
the happiest months of his life.
Then rudolph introduced polakov
to his boss, aleksel bresnavitch,
And after that, everything was different.
Polakov suddenly became
cold, then disappeared.
Didn't see him again for three years.
About four months ago,
he came home one night,
And there was polakov waiting for him.
He told rudolph that, uh,
he was in serious trouble,
And he said his affair with bresnavitch was
over, and the split-Up had caused bad blood.
He confessed to being afraid of bresnavitch.
What a spot for bresnavitch to be in.
He could take his pick of the
masterpieces, destroy the files...
And unload the paintings
through his boyfriend in paris.
Now i'll tell you what i'm gonna do.
I'm gonna scoot right on over to paris
and check on just what polakov sold.
If they're important
works, they're traceable.
There might be a rumble in
the art world. I'm leavin' now.
You move in to madame sophie's.
And don't you come back here
except for the grand mute sessions.
Remember, nephew, there is nobody
guarding your rear, so watch it.
How're you getting out? Escape route.
But, as time is of the essence,
i'll come back by plane...
With a different identity, probably french.
I'll be back, um, in four days.
Friday, on the 3:00 plane.
Mikail and i are doing very
well on the black market...
With stolen electrical equipment.
He says i bring him good luck.
Now that he knows how good i am,
he wants to do bigger jobs, so he's-
He's out casing luxury flats this morning.
But don't worry. I-
I won't do anything foolish.
He's easy to manage.
I hear that rone has become a prostitute.
That makes two of us.
Oh, i wish i were home with my father.
I want to go home.
Oh. I'm crazy about you.
I can't get enough of you.
Do you feel the same way?
Do you really like me?
Yes. How much? How much do you like me?
I like you more than i like anybody else.
Enough to go away with me? Where to?
To the west. Well, that's
easier said than done.
I'm sure you know somebody who can help us.
It's difficult because of who your
husband is. People are afraid of him.
- Cost a lot.
- I've 1,200 rubles.
Hmm. Not enough. Not nearly enough.
No. No more lovemaking for
love's sake with you every day.
- I'll have to take on more customers.
- No!
I don't mind. I'll just close
my eyes and pretend they're you.
No, no, no, no, no!
It's not just a matter of getting out.
I'll need enough to tide us over
till i get started at something.
Once we're out, everything will be fine.
How's that? There will
be money waiting for us.
How much? Enough for the rest of our lives.
How is it you have so much money?
My first husband was rich.
It's all in a bank in tangier.
Yorgi, we'll lead the most
wonderful life two people ever had.
Does kosnov know about the money?
Of course not. Imagine telling that swine!
He's your husband.
I married him because, as his
wife, i could go with him on trips.
Once i would have accompanied
him to the west and disappeared.
But now it's you.
Why not keep to your plan and go with your
husband to the west, and i'll join you?
It might take months. I
can't stand him anymore.
If you felt the same way as
i do about your other women,
You'd hate him touching me.
Oh, it's late. It's almost 1:00.
I have to meet him at his mother's.
We are putting her on a train.
Listen. My mother-In-Law
is going away for a month.
We could use her apartment. Even
better, you could stay there.
May i receive customers there? Of course not.
That's the whole point. How can
we get money to go to the west?
I'll fix it somehow.
I'll have my husband buy me expensive
things we can sell on the black market.
A sable coat or jewelries.
I don't know. Here.
Here's the address. Saint
nicholas square, number 4.
Second floor to the left.
Key will be under the mat.
You'll move in tonight, and i'll come
to you tomorrow. I'll wake you up.
If you're not asleep, pretend to be.
I'm at your mercy, comrade.
- You helped me in hungary. Help me again.
- Please. Please.
Get them all. Make them talk.
Make them tell where
dasha, sonia and elena are.
If even one of them
escapes, my family is lost.
What's wrong?
They took the man from
prague half an hour ago.
Who took him? The secret police.
I thought at first it was a raid, but
they didn't bother me or the girls.
They were after the man from prague.
They grabbed him, put handcuffs
on him and marched him out.
Do you know what it's all about?
Do you have a gun, madame sophie? No.
The man from prague had one, but
they found it among his things.
Mikail and the girl do
not keep regular hours.
They may be away all day and all night.
Try to find them. Try every
place you can think about.
And tell the girl to forget about seeing the mute at 3:00
- Not to go.
Get in! It's a trap!
Save yourself!
Dr. Kital.
So, you are a friend of the man from
prague. What do you want from me?
There was a document on
the market last september.
There were two interested parties
- The chinese and a member of the central committee.
A man named polakov had it. It
was for sale to the highest bidder.
You made all the arrangements
for its purchase and delivery.
I don't know what you're
talking about. I think you do.
Find out if it can be
repurchased. I'll be back tomorrow.
Oh! You're not asleep.
You were supposed to be so i could waken you.
Oh, you're here. Darling! You're here.
Now listen. Erika. Yorgi. Mmm!
I'm onto something- A
way to get us out. Mm-Hmm.
Last night i met a man,
an old friend of mine.
He told me there was an important raid
yesterday. Western agents were captured.
One woman a
- And two or three men. Come on. Yes?
He'll pay for information
about them. Yes. Undress me.
Erika, he'll pay 20,000 rubles.
It's our big break. We can get out.
Your husband will tell you about it,
won't he? You can get him to tell you?
Yes, darling, i'll ask him
tonight, but be good to me, please.
He wants to know right away. Afterwards.
I want to kiss you all over.
- Inch by beautiful inch.
Erika, he must know, in
case they're being tortured.
Stop it, yorgi! You're torturing me.
Damn you. Okay.
Tell me about it again.
Some western agents were caught by
kosnov's men in a raid yesterday afternoon.
Are any of them still alive? If
so, where has kosnov got them?
Yesterday afternoon? Impossible.
Why? Because i was with
kosnov all day yesterday.
We had lunch with his mother, then
we put her on the train to yalta.
We had drinks and dinner with the kazars,
and we went straight home and to bed.
I dreamt about you.
Kosnov must have thought it was him i
wanted, but i woke up and i pushed him away.
There now.
You're one of them, aren't you? What?
You're one of the men they're looking for,
one of the men they didn't find yesterday.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I should have guessed.
Perhaps i did.
I think i knew all along. I
just didn't want to accept it.
I had to trust someone once in my adult life.
I'm sorry.
My own dear, sweet, honest,
truthful whore yorgi.
- I still love you. It doesn't stop me from despising you.
- If it had been up to me,
- I'd have told you, but there were others.
- That's the world you live in.
Truth can have no meaning at all.
Otherwise you're suddenly dead.
You'll have a splendid future, yorgi.
Still have a few things to learn though.
You should have made love to me just now,
for instance. Slips like that can be fatal.
I'll get you out of here.
I'll take you to america.
America? You're an american?
The image is crumbling fast.
Leave me some memories at least.
Do you have an escape route? Yes.
Then get yourself out.
Forget about me. Forget about the others.
Take my advice. Get out of here.
I can't.
I take it all back. You're a fool.
What's worse, you're a romantic fool.
There was a woman, you said.
Are you in love with her?
I see.
I'll do what i can to find
out about her and the others.
You can stay here.
Don't worry. I won't betray you.
I'll try malina kazar first.
If i get any news, i'll phone.
Ring three times, then hang up.
Ring back immediately, and i'll answer.
Two of the men are dead. The third
one is being held for questioning.
They say the girl took poison. She will die.
She's probably dead.
Do you wish to see me, or
have i served my purpose?
- I'll get you out, if that's what you want.
- I want you. Shall i come?
Yes. Be here at 6:30. 6:30.
Don't be late.
Please tell comrade bresnavitch
this is polakov's replacement.
Bresnavitch on telephone.
I know who stole art
treasures from the u.S.S.R.
I know who supplied
top-Level secrets to the west.
I know who the document was intended
for, where it is and whose name is on it.
Yeah? I have written four letters
naming names and giving dates.
Two have been mailed to washington.
In a matter of hours, the other two will
be in the hands of the central committee.
Are they recoverable?
Under certain circumstances.
Are you selling? Trading.
What? Your raid yesterday. Any survivors?
One man. Who?
Ward. Have him brought to your house.
I'll call back in half an hour.
Are you all right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So far. Get me bresnavitch.
I'll recover the items mentioned
earlier in exchange for passports...
And absolute security for my
friend and myself until we leave.
Very well.
Have him meet me in nikolayev square at 5:00.
And the two items that are here?
I'll either send them to you or destroy them.
Destroy them. I have no interest
in reading what i already know.
I'll also destroy the two
in the west when i get back.
Tell me one thing.
Where is the kremlin letter?
In peking.
Nice work, nephew, getting me sprung.
Hoo-Wee! This is cozy. Whose is it?
Kosnov's mother. She's away.
How come you didn't get caught?
The warlock saved me. I saw him jump.
What time was that? 2:00.
Well, nephew, why didn't you
come to the airport and warn me?
You knew i was coming in on the
3:00 plane. B.A. Was due at 3:00.
Oh, i see. It was her or me.
If i'd had a gun, i could've saved her.
It was a very quiet little raid.
I was a sitting duck,
but not a shot was fired.
I guess bresnavitch didn't want
the third department to know.
Well, uncle, you don't look
any worse for the experience.
Nephew, they were just about to
start on me when your phone call came.
Did i remember to say thank you? Sure.
I've been putting things together.
Some match, and some don't. About the letter.
I went to the kital, and
he tried to have me killed.
I figure peking's got the letter and is
gonna use it to blow the lid off holy russia.
That's amazin', nephew.
I gotta hand it to you.
Our mission's a failure.
Our people are dead, and you
sit there grinning like an ape.
Nephew, you can't win 'em all.
You win some, you lose some.
Now, the best thing we can do
right now is get the hell out.
Change your clothes.
We are french chemists leaving
tomorrow for paris on s.A.S.
With our tails between our legs.
There are worse things
to have between your legs.
What happened to kosnov's bride?
She'll be here soon.
6:30. She knows what i am.
In that case, you better
move fast. She's all right.
There's no use taking
any unnecessary chances.
You got enough to do. Get those
letters you wrote about bresnavitch.
Who'd you leave 'em with? Mikail.
Get 'em and burn 'em. Go to the
bolshol, get two balcony seats.
If i don't make it by curtain time,
i'll find you at the first intermission.
Get crackin', nephew.
Yorgi? Good evening.
Who are you? I'm a friend of yorgi's.
- Where is he?
- Well, he's awfully sorry. He couldn't wait.
He had to move fast, but he left
you a note in the other room.
- My wife came here. Do you remember her?
Yes, i do. Who did she come to meet here?
No one. No special man?
- Once. Only once she left with a man.
- And his name?
The man from prague. Ask madame
sophie about him, comrade.
Hey! I'm gonna have me a real
good washup. Your turn next.
Up there, nephew.
Is this yorgi?
Is this yorgi?
Take your coat off, yorgi.
And your jacket.
Put on the other one.
Let us see how it fits.
Better than the other.
For how long had you known my wife?
Had she told you it was over? Huh?
Had she taunted you? Did
she force you to grovel?
Little by little, i'll mangle your body...
Until it looks like hers did.
All right, colonel. That will be all of that.
Who are you? I'm a fan of yours.
A very old fan. Boris!
No, colonel.
That won't do any good.
They have all been sent home.
Bresnavitch is behind this.
No matter. It's my idea. All mine.
I seem to know you. Oh, yes.
You know me. The last time our
paths crossed was 20 years ago.
It's taken me all that
time to catch up with you.
You're a very hard man to see,
colonel. I had to go to great lengths.
So you killed her.
Colonel, you're so calm,
so logical, so reasonable,
I had to catch you off balance.
Took some doing, but it was worth it.
You and i have a lot of old
corpses to dig up and talk about.
Vedder, for example. Marcel mara.
Gustav zeiff.
It's a long, long list, colonel, old friend.
Halleren, the british agent you interviewed.
I believe it was two weeks with him.
Da silva,
Gottlieb, korda.
Julian and, finally, polakov.
I know everything you
did to every one of them,
What you put each one of them through.
And if it is possible for one man to make
retribution for the torment of so many,
It will happen now.
That, i believe, is how
you started with korda.
Remember zeiff, colonel? Remember his scream?
You seem to like to hear a man scream.
Well, colonel, old friend,
I have a little something for you.
No. No, it-
It isn't
- It can't be!
Come on, nephew. Hurry
up. Got a plane to catch.
I still can't get over it. First time across,
and you come up with all the right answers.
Damn smart, you figuring
out that chink angle.
Though it is a sorry shame to lose
four good agents on a wild goose chase.
Still, it does make us that much the richer.
Over $500,000 richer, to be exact.
How can you talk about money?
That's what we came into it for.
Which reminds me. Don't tell me all of
that money's gonna rot in some african bank.
Two million dollars.
Ain't there any way at all we can get
our hands on it? Not now there isn't.
Well, you oughta have told
me. Before you killed erika?
That's right, nephew. Would
it have made any difference?
I don't rightly know, but it
surely would have given me pause.
All that money.
I know how you like money, but mainly
you came into this to get kosnov.
Nephew, didn't anybody ever
teach you that revenge is sweet?
Especially sweet to sturdevant.
You're sturdevant. Nephew, you're delirious.
Janis said he was only waiting
like a lion in a thicket.
Well, of all the wild ones.
Something else i heard
about him is also true.
He's a brutal, sadistic,
conscienceless assassin.
Nephew, come off it.
You're not going, are you? No,
nephew, as a matter of fact, i'm not.
I've got a few odds and ends to tidy up here.
You've made a deal with
bresnavitch, haven't you?
You're the new head of the third department.
Nephew, if that was true, i wouldn't
want anybody on the other side to know it.
You wouldn't be leaving. Yes, yes,
i would. I'm your insurance policy.
You'll keep bresnavitch in line by
reminding him what i know about him.
One word from you, and i'll tell the world.
You need me to keep your russian job.
Nephew, that is mighty smart of you.
You've crowded me right into a corner.
Yes, sir, you have short-Haired me.
You have short-Haired me real good.
Nephew yorgi, you are a downright scoundrel!
And am i to tell sweet alice
the kremlin letter's in peking?
He already knows it, nephew.
That's why i went to paris.
All that about checkin' on missin'
masterpieces was a lot of bushwa.
I couldn't come clean.
You'd all have wanted to pile out, and i
had that unfinished business to attend to.
Come on. I got you a
little going-Away present.
We had a hell of a time savin' her.
'Bout half the poison got down.
She's paralyzed, can't talk.
But the doctors say she's gonna be all right.
What are you gonna do with her?
Well, now that depends on you.
Long as i got that girl where
i can keep an eye on her,
I kind of figure you'll use a little
discretion in what you tell people about me.
I mean, like how valiantly i died.
I mean, how valiantly ward died.
I'll get her out. Somehow i'll get her out.
You know, it's a funny thing-
Nephew, i'm kind of proud of you,
Sort of like a father that
raised his kid up right.
Now, you have graduated from
kindergarten with flying colors.
You got one last little thing to
do before you get your diploma,
And then, as a graduation
present, i will give you the girl.
You better get aboard,
charlie. Here's your homework.
...altitude of 9,000 feet.
That's about 5,000 meters.
Kindly fasten your seat belts now,
and we wish you a pleasant flight.