Krian Fiction (2013) Movie Script

Who's that?
Oh it's you!
Still got trouble with me?
Wanna mess with me huh?
Get your ass over here!
I'm at the shop behind the school.
I'm kinda tall,
with stupid hair.
I'm quite dark.
Wearing a striped T-shirt.
Shortish hair.
I'm sucking on a lollipop.
I look like a retard.
Tough guy eh?
I'm wearing a white T-shirt with a dog.
I look like an asshole.
I'm reading a magazine.
Sports Weekly.
Show your face, fucker!
I've changed my mind.
Now I'm reading Siam Sports.
Be quick!
Your lollipop!
Smartass huh?
Come here!
- What?
- You're messin' with me?
Easy bro!
Right, a white T-shirt with a dog.
- What's up bro?
- Punk!
- You're messin' with my friend?
- Hot shit eh? / Not me!
You got the wrong guy man!
Get him!
- These two!
- Hey, you're fuckin' with my buddy?
- Wanna fight?
- It's you two!
- It's him!
- These two!
Think you're a hotshot?
I'm not afraid of you!
Mon who?
Who're you calling Mon?
Bye sir!
Go go!
Hi I'm Tee Pongpol,
today I'll show you my special talent.
Do you remember?
People think our videos are dumb shit.
I don't they're dumb shit.
We shoot. We upload. We share it.
Shoot. Upload. And share...
Everybody loves our "Punk Fiction" videos.
That's Tee.
The friend who always comes up crazy ideas
for you guys to work on.
I'm thinking about a movie screenplay.
It's about all of us.
It's about something you all want to do but haven't.
Because I fuck it up!
I've started writing it.
But I haven't finished.
I want to write the ending with you.
Just like when you write the beginning with me.
One, two, three, four...
One, two, three, four...
It all begins when...
our senior and head of drama club.
He's a fan of our Punk Fiction videos.
He thinks we're funny and shameless.
So he's asked us to join the club
to spice up the play he's directing.
- I've brought the boys here.
- Right, I'll see them later.
What the fuck are you doing?
Don't film her!
No I'm not!
But what's really made us join the club is...
In this vast forest...
I've found many adventures...
I've made friends with trees and flowers...
That's a cabin in the wood! Is anybody in there?
I'll open the door,
maybe someone's waiting for me right there...
If there's a checklist of an ideal woman...
She fits every single one of them.
Insiders report that
Ploydao will only date a boy who meets three requirements.
1. No boozing, no smoking, no misbehaving.
2. GPA 3.5 or above.
3. No trying to get her into bed. Sex is a no-no.
So she doesn't have that many candidates to pick from.
Because those who fit her specification are only morons.
Are you the one I've been waiting for?
Yes, the one and only!
The first time I see you...
I know you're the one I've been dreaming of.
Stop! Stop!
Pang, what are you trying to pull?
You're the hunter.
It's Snow White and the Hunter,
not Snow White and a sissy!
Man up, will you!
Tough it up! Show me you're a man!
I can't! I never feel like a man!
Why don't you let me play a witch instead?
Forget it!
That's my role.
Why do I have to stick to the role?
That fat bitch doesn't even fit the description.
A witch has to be alluring... and I'm alluring!
Why don't you let me bring out my real charm?
I can't do this!
There's a bunch of men who're dying to play the hunter!
Ploydao won't hold hands with a man, you know it!
If we take you out, we have to take Ploydao out too!
No one else will play Snow White except Ploydao!
If you can't do it, just leave!
"Can't you see there's a bunch of princesses
waiting to become a queen!"
Please my dear!
This is so awesome!
We're through!
15 minutes break.
Mon, you do it! You look like one!
No, I can't!
I'll get a boner if I touch a woman!
Boner your ass!
You, Oat!
Fuck off! I have to make a video!
Tee, I think you're perfect!
- You look so gay!
- Right! / Your lips are rosy!
- No, leave me alone!
- Your eyes too!
- Cut it out!
- Sparkling eyes! / Sissy!
I won't do it!
- Come on!
- Rosy lips!
Are you the one I've been waiting for?
The one and only... The first time I see you,
Thank God for my talents in singing and dancing.
Above all... my performance is totally convincing.
You're the love I've been dreaming of...
Our kiss will seal this eternal love...
Why didn't you hold his hand?
I don't know... I feel weird.
I've never hold hands with a boy before.
Tee is gay!
He's right, I'm gay!
I don't feel comfortable.
I'll do it in the show, okay?
Of course it's okay!
Let's throw a party for our new leading man!
- Shut up!
- You're so damn lucky.
Lucky? I have to be gay for days!
If I got to be Ploydao's boyfriend,
I wouldn't mind being gay forever!
- Asshole!
- Hang on! If you're gay, will she let you bonk her?
Come on, you morons!
Girls love doing it with gay guys!
I've seen it in porn movies.
- Ouch! Ouch!
- What kind of girls do it with a fag!
Nonsense, let's go!
Even though it's hard
I can go through it because I have friends like you.
What're you looking at?
Hot chick.
When are you going home?
Hey Tee.
You're here.
This is Khet.
Tee, my brother.
Go home now.
Brother or father?
Watch your mouth.
Don't mind him.
Tee's a pain in the ass.
I'll go before midnight, okay?
Good evening, Khet.
You're with...
This dick...
He's your buddy?
Yes sir.
Lucky he's dating your sister,
and lucky I was there in time,
or he'd have blown your brains out right back there.
Blow me, like a blow-job?
Don't be a smartass! I'm serious.
Khet is a son of a military bigwig.
So powerful he can do anything.
Why do you have to be possessive of your sis?
She's not a child.
Because I have no one else.
That's enough, I'm beat!
It's me.
What's up?
Tonight at the theater...
I'll be in a school play.
Will you come back late?
Anything else?
I'm leaving now.
Welcome to the annual performance
of the school's Drama Club.
In co-operation with Kad Theater.
This year we're proud to present
"Snow White and the Hunter: A Musical"
I feel weird about this... will I trip?
Just wear it.
Don't worry.
Let's go hear Ploydao sing.
In this vast forest...
I've found many adventures...
I've made friends with trees and flowers...
Everything feels like the sweetest dream.
If I could pick just a single memory of my life...
it'd certainly be this one.
Is anybody in there?
I'll open the door, maybe someone's waiting for me...
The love I've been waiting for but I can't see...
Just one kiss will change my destiny...
Cue the hunter.
He's ready.
Let's roll.
Are you the one I've been waiting for?
Yes, the one and only!
The first time I see you...
I know you're the one I've been dreaming of.
The love I've been waiting for, that's you!
Our first kiss will seal our eternal luvvv...
Suddenly, it's like when you're watching a movie
and the disc gets stuck.
What follows is pure disaster.
Oh no!
It's an accident! Everything will be all right!
I'm all right.
I'm all right.
- Watch it...
- It's coming... / When?
- Small titties!
- Let me look! / Let me see!
One week later, Ploydao returns to class.
But everyone looks at her as if she were a freak.
I'm sorry about that night.
I didn't mean it to happen.
Will you forgive me?
Life sucks.
For a split second...
I thought I had already died without realizing it.
Tee! Tee!
Let him go!
Until one day...
I realize that I still exist in her eyes.
Are you sure that's how you want to do it?
Okay, you can go rest and wait for our decision.
Thank you.
- If the second boy had taken this top off...
- I don't think so!
- Why not?
- This isn't "The Full Monty"!
I told you I suck! And you insisted on me dancing!
- Forget it!
- I'm embarrassed! It's on TV!
- It's okay!
- We had fun.
Excuse me!
So which song will you be singing us today?
Take a deep breath.
I'm sorry, she doesn't feel well today.
Are you sure you want to do this?
I want to clear it up with Ploydao.
Is that it?
What do you mean?
There are plenty of girls in our school.
Just forget her!
You'll never get it.
You've never been hated this much.
Cut the crap! A lot of people hate me!
But you don't care about them.
Damn it! Can't you stop shooting?
Come on, let me record your next disaster.
So that's it, okay?
Everyone, please leave.
Tee, you stay.
What's up?
Get out of here first.
Oat, I told you to leave.
I want to stay.
Tee, come here.
Listen, you have to quit the club.
After the incident that night,
Ploydao has become terribly nervous.
Wrecked by stage fright.
Every time she gets up to perform,
the nightmare of that calamity
you caused comes flooding back.
Do you know that she failed the audition today
because of you?
She saw you standing there
and she got scared, shaking like a bird.
Remember this...
You're ruining your friend's future.
I don't want to quit.
I think...
If I stick around and try to talk to her,
it will help her get over it.
Don't you get it?
Ploydao is the heart and soul of our club.
People come to see us
because they want to see her talent.
They don't want to see clowns
that aren't even funny like you!
But a play without a clown won't be fun to watch.
Don't argue with me!
Everyone in the club has already agreed
that you're no longer welcome here.
That's not how you should
behave in front of your teacher.
You still call yourself a teacher?
You take advantage of your students' talents!
And you dare call yourself a teacher?
Tee, I'm your teacher!
It hurts so much!
You'll pay for this!
He won't be expelled?
Dangtoy, it's not that simple.
Please sign this report.
Director, you have to deal with this fairly.
What if this boy goes berserk and hurts me again!
He won't even bring his parents.
Is she his real sister
or someone he's hired to come?
He's clearly a troublemaker!
I don't want to blow this up
into an unnecessary drama.
And you're not entirely innocent in this whole affair.
Watch this.
It hurts so much!
You'll pay for this!
I'm dying!
What's that?
It's blurred.
Won't you lecture me?
About what?
An ill-bred, orphaned boy.
That's why you behave like a punk.
Don't ever think you'll go through this unscathed.
Maybe you think you've won this round.
You're lucky not to be expelled,
but you've become an outcast.
Because you've ruined the reputation of the school.
Looking at me?
Clenching your fist?
Want to hit me?
Hit me then.
Hit me.
- Stop!
- Bitch!
Stop it.
Stop it!
What's going on?
- Students, don't fight!
- Tip, stop!
- Sir, they're not students.
- Tip!
- Let go of me!
- Tip!
Sir, help me!
Hi guys!
We're Punk Fiction!
So Mon, why are we here today?
We're here to invite all our friends
to submit short films telling your life stories
or experiences that you want to share.
And if we like your story... what will we do with it?
We'll turn it into porn!
Into a feature film!
We'll make it a feature film.
A real film!
You skank!
I trust you to be my matchmaker.
you steal what's mine!
Shameless bitch!
I may be shameless.
But I'm not ashamed to look like you!
Boys like pretty things.
Easy things.
Remember that!
Remember that!
I'm just a lifeless log
No matter how much I love you
I'm crumbling and sinking
Goodbye Daddy.
Goodbye Mommy.
Goodbye everyone!
I'm just a lifeless log
No matter how much I love you
I'm crumbling and sinking
Every life is valuable.
Yours too.
Open your eyes and see.
Believe me.
We'd like to thank Teacher Saneh
for giving us a chance to join the Film Club
and to make this short film.
"Teacher Saneh,
please join us on stage for a photo."
Thank you, Tee.
Now, tell me if your sister is admiring my aura?
She's gone.
I'll go get her.
It's all right.
People really like your film.
When you're famous, don't forget me.
In Grade-11, we join a new club.
We have a new teacher.
Tee, does your sister have a boyfriend?
"We have a new friend
whom we don't like that much."
Do not enter Tok's area.
Say cheese.
- Wow, it's a new model!
- Don't touch it,
- it's mine!
- Let me in!
No! Read the sign!
Please give a big hand to...
Tippawan from Drama Club
who'll sing us a song from the play Snow White.
In this vast forest...
I've found many adventures,
I've made friends with trees and flowers...
There's a cabin in the wood!
Is anybody in there?
When our film won,
we know our lives are on the way up.
But for someone,
her life is going down the drain.
Thank you for letting me treat you to dinner.
I'm very surprised
how come did you join this day?
I'm quite free at the moment.
Umm, you're not busy with, umm...
your special friend?
I don't have one.
So what would you say
if I took you out to dinner sometimes?
Would that be okay?
Let's get married.
Say again.
Let's get married.
So I can have dinner with you every day.
Tip! You're hilarious!
So funny!
Well, Tip...
If you ask, how can I say no!
I'm not being funny.
Well, well...
Your joke is pretty serious.
If we're going to get married, we need time...
- to get to know each other.
- I want your answer now.
Right now.
Right here.
Check please.
But maybe it's not a drain.
Maybe it's a hole we've dug it ourselves
and jump into it.
And now we have to climb back up.
During school break I learn that
there's someone who also wants to
climb up from the same hole.
Does she know you're approaching us?
What are you trying to pull?
You want to stage a play
and put Tee up there to surprise her?
I don't want to let you down again.
You're not the only one
who's haunted by what happened.
I am too.
Because I cast you.
Every time Dangtoy
talks about how Ploydao's future is ruined
I feel like I'm being blamed too.
If you're the reason of Ploydao's trauma,
I'm responsible to fix it.
I'm part of it too.
don't deserve to be a scar in anybody's life.
So which play you want to do?
"Sang Thong".
Episode: Princess Rojana picks her groom.
The folk story "Sang Thong"?
I'll re-interpret it.
Princess Rojana is doubtful
about getting married
because she's terrified
of what she doesn't know in life.
- isn't this my face?
- Yes.
What're you up to?
I want Ploydao to get used to
your face on the mask.
Her subconscious will train her to feel
that it's all right to be close to you.
It's a trick to overcome
a fear through repetition and familiarity.
I saw it on Discovery Channel.
It's going to fail!
It'll be another disaster!
what if it doesn't work?
It's going to work.
Trust me.
You can do it.
No matter what happens...
The show must go on.
Remember that.
The show must go on.
I don't know why Frank is so confident about it.
And I don't know
why I've grown to trust him.
Pang, pay attention!
Boys, why are you here?
Why aren't you in your own club rooms?
I feel so lonely.
Listen to me.
You deserve to be in that spotlight.
Rojana is frightened.
Come on in, everyone!
Come watch a play tonight!
"Sangthong: Princess Rojana Picks Her Groom".
A fantastic show! Most importantly...
It features my students!
I'm so proud of them!
There's still time to let Pang play my role.
Too late, man.
Look, Pang is standing by in case Ploydao faints.
In that case he'll replace her.
Damn it!
I'm doomed!
You have missed calls.
Hang on to it for me.
It's your sister, she called several times.
Maybe something's happened?
Give it to me.
Tip! Everything's okay?
Give me a sec.
The Devils are up next.
Tip! Are you okay?
Come here.
I can't.
Did someone hurt you?
Tee, stand by.
Just a sec.
I'll go over as soon I'm done here.
You have to come now.
I don't want to be alone.
I don't want to die alone.
Where are the Devils? What's happened?
What's wrong?
You're on, now!
All right. Mon, you go first.
I'm so scared, I'm all alone
I look around, but it doesn't feel like home
I have to pick a man, but I don't know if I can
What if he's a fake? What if I made a mistake?
It's my fate to always be lonely
The whole world is nothing but agony
It could be worse if resist my destiny
If you turn out to be just a fantasy
Just a fantasy...
What happened to her?
You wait here.
Go on.
What next?
Farewell... Farewell...
This song is a sign that we're bidding farewell
Year after year,
the song reminds us of the day to say farewell
We'll be far apart...
But what'll remain close are our hearts
Together we'll keep walking this path
Even mountains can't stop what's true to our hearts
Hope springs eternal,
and what's gone will return in double
In our lives, we're together and we're apart
But what remains close are our hearts
Don't ever feel blue
Our friendship always remains true
Love will spread over from me to you
To everyone who still feels the blues
I'm sorry about that day.
You've already said sorry a million times.
Forget it.
Things are looking up anyway, aren't they?
But I still don't know
what Ploydao think about you now.
I don't care.
Next year I won't see her much anyway.
We don't have many classes in grade-12.
I don't believe that you don't care how she feels.
You have one year left to fix this.
Like I said before...
You don't deserve to be a scar in anybody's life.
I'll go take some photos.
Well, I don't deserve to be a scar in anybody's life.
But all scars are indelible.
We don't have time for activities anymore
"because we have to prepare
for the entrance exam all year.
So many standard tests we have to get ready for.
The system is designed
so that we won't feel stressful.
But I think it only makes us even more stressed out.
"Since we have time for nothing
but one test after another.
Oat wants to go into mass comm.
So he and Tok becomes close.
They cram together in the subjects
they have to take.
Mon wants to do management
so he has to improve his math.
- I dig this question!
- What's it?
"What should you do when you feel a sexual urge?"
Slap the salami of course!
The answer is "Go play soccer".
- Soccer?
- Yes.
That's the answer?
- See that fat bastard?
- Yes.
He's a horny ass.
- Horny.
- All the time.
Except Mon and myself,
everyone seems to know what then way,
even Dangtoy.
As we all know, Teacher Dangtoy has left
our school to open a modeling agency.
You know that right?
Yes, sir.
I can't hear you!
Good! Perfect!
The director has assigned me to supervise Drama Club.
And I've decided to merge my old Film Club into it.
Just like fermented sausage and sticky rice.
Or like French fries and mashed potatoes.
I've come up with a brand new project, which is...
Which is...
Tada.... Not yet!
Give me more, man!
Teacher Saneh asks us
to make a feature-length film as our class project.
We choose to do a romantic dance flick,
like our favorite film "Step Up".
Our new friends in the Drama Club
are nice and efficient, especially Koy.
She lends a hand to everyone who needs help
without complaining.
If you love dancing so much,
get out of my house!
Get out!
Damn it, I'll go!
Watch your mouth, son! You punk!
Are you looking at me?
Stop, please!
- Don't try to stop me!
- Don't hit our son!
- It's between this punk and me!
- No!
You killer whale, move!
Cut! Cut!
Sorry, we're trying to shoot here.
Oh sorry.
Silent please!
I'm home, I'm not going out.
Tee, tell your sis to be quiet for just five minutes.
Come here, the boys are shooting a movie.
Row! Row! Row your boat!
The water runs deep so keep rowing!
If this is my last chance,
only you guys
can help me heal the scar in Ploydao's heart.
I want to play with you...
I can't do it.
Let's try again.
Take 7.
Sometimes I...
Take 11.
Sometimes I want to...
Take 23.
I forgot the lines.
What's wrong with you huh?
I can't! The dialogue is too long.
And confusing.
Can I just dance?
Do whatever you want.
You read the lines.
I want to watch you from afar.
I want to talk to you.
Forget it!
This is an emotional scene,
you can't wriggle around like a worm!
We can just shoot on Ploydao
and let someone else read the lines to her.
I was thinking about that too.
But it has to be someone who knows the script precisely.
Let the one who writes the dialogue do it.
No need, they'll just shoot from my back.
Don't you want to look good when you face Ploydao?
- What?
- Are you ready?
We're rolling.
Good luck.
Are we ready?
What's that noise?
Tee, you're shaking.
Who's shaking?
I'm ready.
Cut 3, Take 1.
Sometimes I...
I want f...
Goddammit! Let's start again!
And why are shooting his face?
I told you from the back!
Dumbass, move the camera.
You forgot it too!
What a pain!
Take 2.
I just want to look at you.
I want to talk to you.
I'm so happy every time...
I picture myself dancing with you.
But I dare not ask.
I'm afraid you'll know
how happy I am.
I'm also afraid to dance with you.
Because maybe we feel the same.
Is this love?
Tee, you're shaking like you were in horror film.
Okay, I can take over from here.
The rest is easy.
I think so.
So we can have a wide shot,
still a lot to shoot today!
Let's clear out.
Come on.
Let's move the camera over there.
Mon, when was the first time you had a girlfriend?
- Two...
- In nursery school!
Hot rod eh?
- My turn?
- Yes.
Oat, how expensive is your house?
15 million.
Mon, when was the last time you jerked off?
- One... Two...
- Faster!
This evening!
And it took you so long to answer!
Ant! Ever spanked your monkey?
How dare you!
Of course I have!
Horny fag!
Mon, ever stick your finger in your ass and sniff?
Of course!
Ant, who do you picture when you jerk off?
Teacher Saneh!
Teacher Saneh!
These kids aren't going to sleep!
I like hot stuff.
You're done for!
I'll tell Teacher Saneh what you just said!
If you want to mess with me, I'll mess with you first.
Tee, ever had a crush on someone?
Koy, what did you have for breakfast?
Omelet with minced pork.
Tee, how did it feel playing a scene with Ploydao?
I feel normal.
Tok, are you gay?
Are you nuts?! I'm not!
Why the high-pitched voice?
And you,
what do you really think of Ploydao?
She's a friend.
Oat, you...
- Tee, do you have anything to say to Ploydao?
- It's not your turn!
I want to know it now!
We've been friends for a long time.
Why don't you just spit it out and make it clear?
Why are you beating around the bush?
Just do it like a man.
Do you have anything to say to Ploydao?
I humiliated her once.
I went up to her to apologize.
But she ignored me.
I just want her to look at me like another friend.
I don't want her to hate me.
If you think of her as a friend,
why do you always feel nervous around her?
You seem to care a lot about her.
You love her, do you?
No, seriously!
She's just a friend.
I want to keep playing.
do you have a crush?
Time's up.
- You lose, Ploydao.
- Yes I do.
You're too late! Rules are rules.
Tee, you can dare Ploydao to do anything.
I really want to know who's your crush.
it's more than that.
We've been dating for a month.
But Oat told me not to let anyone know.
I don't know why.
Finally, a match made in heaven!
Congratulations love birds!
I wish you one big happy family.
That's enough drama for tonight.
Good night!
All this time...
I thought you were trying to help me.
I didn't imagine it, did I?
I just...
I just think...
it'd be great if you and Ploydao...
can become good friends.
I'll go pee.
Damn it!
What's happened?
I forgot some stuff here.
You've got it now? Let's go back.
We woke up and you weren't there.
Everyone's worried.
We've been looking for you.
So why don't you all just
quit the shoot and come get me?
Why did they send only you?
They have to wrap up the shoot today.
There's still a lot to do.
You should go back to help them.
I won't be of much help.
Oat handles everything fine.
I'd just sit around doing nothing.
But they're very worried.
Please come back so at least they'll feel relieved.
So they'll feel relieved?
That's all I'm worth?
Just exist so everyone
can feel good about themselves?
No! I didn't mean it that way!
So which way did you mean it?
I should go so they can see that I'm there.
Like a pet?
Don't cry Tee!
Every life on this earth matters.
Including yours!
You put that in your movie.
You saved my life with it.
That film based on the story of Nong Ae...
It's also my story.
Because of that film,
because of that sentence you speak
I didn't kill myself.
It's not easy when it happens to you.
It's all right.
What's going on here?!
I just saw you holding each other.
- It's not what you think!
- So what is it?!
Get out! Slut!
Cool it, Tip.
I said we didn't do anything!
Not every girl behaves like you!
How dare you say that?
Use your brain!
What if something goes wrong?
Can you handle the consequences
if something goes wrong?
When something goes wrong?
We can see right here the consequences of that!
Want me to spill it?
Get out!
I don't want to see you face again!
Get out!
Put this on.
When we get there they can help you.
Please stop here.
- Where are you going?
- Go back.
Tell me first where are you going?
- Everyone is concerned about you!
- Go back!
Fuck off!
You have to come back.
Running, running into the wild
Looking at the ground, looking at the sky
My only friend is the wind
It goes with me everywhere
My heart is still beating inside
I won't lose it whether I turn left or right
Life is demanding, life is fragile
Maybe it's time to leave my past behind
Where are they?
Please, I can wash dishes to repay you.
I can do anything you want.
I really have no money.
I don't believe you!
Pay me with whatever you have!
I really have nothing! Nothing!
Search him.
He's got nothing.
I can wash dishes.
Do it then.
- Asshole!
- What!
What's all this fuss huh?
It's just a bowl of noodle!
30 baht right?
Here's 40, keep the change.
Stingy bastard.
Follow me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Where're you come from?
Chiang Mai.
Hey, very far.
Welcome to Pattaya!
You know?
No money?
Want to make some?
I have a job for you.
Anybody home?
You're very loud!
It's all right.
You in there!
He's not here, I don't know where he is.
It's been two weeks!
Has he been in touch?
No. Maybe he's dead.
Does he have friends or relatives somewhere?
I can try to get him back.
There'll be an exam next week.
If he doesn't show up, he won't graduate.
I'm sorry, I don't know where to find him.
Let me know if you do.
Just go up and dance.
If a customer calls you, go sit with him.
If I sit with him I'll get to wear clothes?
And our next boys tonight...
- No 14 is Kim...
- It means he "off" you.
- Off?
- No 8 is Mone.
- You have to sleep with him.
- And lastly,
- What?
- No 20 is...
Our virgin boy from
the northern city of Chiang Mai.
Here they are!
Go on, dance!
Holy mother of God!
Take it off!
Long and firm... a Poypet specialty!
Next is Mone.
Known for his sense of humor.
Studded with juicy jokes!
A pointy tip too!
Lastly, let's give a hand to our northern bambi!
Tee will give you his first sausage dance!
Maybe this is
how I repay my sin against Ploydao.
Now I understand how she felt that day.
Only that she didn't have a choice,
but I do.
Take it off.
We're now even.
Stop! Police!
- Leave it, now run!
- Just a sec!
Come on! This way!
Go go! Come on!
Go up! Go up!
What now?
Nah! That's lame!
You played this one before!
Here they are!
Grab those shirts!
Who's this?
Who's this guy?
I'm George Clowney
No! You're a clown!
I'm a Hollywood movie.
No! You're in a stupid comedy!
I just got here on a private jet.
No! You got here in an oxcart!
That's good!
Drink more!
Another song!
Drink up! More more!
I can't!
Why not?
- I have to take a squirt!
- What?
400 baht each.
It's all right.
If you don't want it I'll take it.
You live around here?
- No.
- Yes.
Are you together?
Anyway, you guys are natural.
"Are you performing somewhere?
Come work for me!"
No thanks,
- we have to go back to our work.
- Too bad!
When we're stuck, we'll come work for you.
- All right.
- Good luck.
- You too.
- Are we really going?
- Yes, come!
- Bye!
I hope you get stuck soon!
Maybe they took it as evidence.
This one?
Is it that important?
Someone gave it to me.
You're looking for the shirt,
but is that someone looking for you?
Forget it, let's get out of here.
Come now.
This place gives me the creeps.
Hello my dear Mone.
I'm so sorry.
Last night was chaos!
How much is missing?
I don't know, I didn't look.
I did. It's 50,000.
- It looks less than that.
- Yes.
You just said you didn't look.
I'm sorry.
The police barged in last night.
I didn't use any of it.
I know about the police.
I saw the news, that's why I'm here.
Let me tell you something.
When you take something from someone
you have to be responsible for it.
if you lose it...
You'll have to pay for it.
You got that, dear Mone?
One week.
You have one week to pay me back.
50, 000 baht.
I hope you hear me crystal-clear.
Because if you don't...
Maybe you won't get to hear anything ever again.
What's that?
I told you we should hurry!
Now I'm in deep shit.
Where will I find that much money?
- I give you 300.
- What?
Come on!
Last night you gave us 400.
- A little more please!
- Right!
You said you'll come to me when you're stuck.
Why do you get stuck so fast?
You behave like a prima donna,
that's all I'll pay you!
- we really need money!
- Give us some more.
Okay. I'll pay you in proportion
with the audience's laugh.
One laugh for 20 baht.
You want it or not?
If you're not happy,
it'll come down to 9 baht per laugh.
- It's a rip-off.
- Be careful!
That's my name up there!
Turn down the air-con.
This guy's shrinking in cold weather.
That's a good gag, isn't it?
Yes, a good one!
Give me 20.
Maybe you've already forgotten me.
I just want to tell you I'm doing fine.
Pattaya embraces me, I've made friends here.
I'm worth something to them.
I'm here and I feel like I'm living a life.
- The money's gone!
- What!
Look at this!
Like a rock star's van!
That's cool!
You two are our magnets.
Without you I would've been struggling.
Stay with us, don't leave soon.
And when you're famous, don't forget me.
Come on!
I think...
Can we go back to being friends?
It's because of Tee, right?
Even if we break up,
it won't make me start to like Tee.
I don't know.
I just...
don't want to feel more guilty.
Oat loves him.
But don't you love me?
I do.
I do.
But I don't love you as much as Tee does.
Only if you...
all the things that he did.
One of my friends in Chiang Mai.
He's called Mone too,
- and he looks like you.
- Really?
I'll take you to see him one day.
Is there someone as good-looking as me?
- You call this good-looking?
- Of course.
Do you miss home?
What's got into you now?
Why are you asking me this?
I miss home.
Let me use your phone.
Top it up too, asshole.
Hello gang!
How're you?
Everything's good?
I've disappeared for a while.
But if I hadn't lost my phone,
you would've been able to reach me.
If you're still watching Punk Fiction channel...
I'm right here in flesh and blood!
I'm fine,
alive and kicking!
When I have a phone,
I'll contact you guys.
As to my current whereabouts...
I don't want to trouble you with that.
The exam's coming up.
I just don't want you to worry about me.
See you later.
Go back.
Stop there.
At the back, Tee is in that poster.
Zoom in.
It's him.
Where the hell is this?
Wait, that guy looks exactly like me!
We're looking at Tee!
We got some clues, Tee's in Pattaya.
Why don't you go look for him?
We have an exam.
Kids these days are more concerned
about exam than about their friends?
And you still call yourself his friends?
What about that woman in the house?
Why doesn't she do anything?
I'll talk to her.
Did you hear what they said?
I think you should go look for Tee.
I'll wait here.
Where are you going?
I thought
I could spend my life with you.
Now I'm not so sure.
So you're leaving me too?
Why should you be so surprised?
You ditched your own brother
without batting an eyelid.
He's your family!
And who am I?
I just don't know how to go.
Look, where exactly are we going?
We don't even know the address.
We don't know where Tee is.
Are we thinking carefully huh?
We all will be in trouble
rushing off to god knows where.
What're you doing?
If you want to go back, go now!
What's wrong Oat?
What's going on?
You all can turn back now, I'm going to find Tee.
Are you nuts? He's in Pattaya.
If you go, can you make it back for the exam?
We go right now and pick him up.
- We can make it back in time.
- Oat, have you lost your mind?
- It's the final exam! We have to be ready!
- Mon, you've lost your mind!
Your friend has gone missing,
and you don't care about it at all!
If we all had gone to pick him up that day,
he wouldn't have run away like this.
You idiots!
If it were me,
I would go the minute I knew where he was!
I wouldn't waste time arguing!
What if we fail the entrance exam?
Do we have to sacrifice our future?
What if you never saw you friend again?
What about his future?
So you're not coming?
Is this the best you can give for your friend?
Sir, aren't you coming with us?
You have to handle this by yourselves.
- Go!
- Huh.
Someone has to be here in case
Tee checks back.
How will I tell my parents?
"Tell them you're staying over
at my house to do editing."
It's just a few days.
What a fussy asshole.
On the lonesome highway
A wanderer chases his dreams night and day
Dreams so bright all along the way
Dreams that the world will see a better day
Twilight paints the sky so bright
Birds fly home as day becomes night
Keep flying until you see the light
That's what we do, as long as we're alive
Keep flying, keep flying!
Flying as long as your heart is beating
The melody will keep your heart moving
Even if you're hurt and your tears flowing
The tireless wings will keep fluttering
On the lonesome highway
A wanderer chases his dreams night and day
He keeps moving
even though the horizon is fading
The world is alive
because he'll never stop walking
The world is alive
because he'll never stop walking
Tee, you sing really well.
I get an idea.
Before the comedy show, I'll let you sing first
You will get popular among all girls
then following by our comedians
I'll get some business loans from Government Savings Bank
Opening a traditional dancing show,
you will be a leading singer sing every music, ok?
Yeah, Uncle Chu
Hey, let's go to do what we love
Any of you wants to take the wheel?
Where are we now?
I have no idea.
- I'll go take a piss.
- I'll go too.
Where are we?
Are we lost?
Does the highway to Bangkok look like this?
I think I'm lost.
The gang have gone to look for Tee in Pattaya?
Yes. How do you know that?
We're on our way to look for our buddy
This bastard dragged us all on the road!
Shit, don't blame me!
Isn't it true?
Cut the crap! I didn't drag you out here!
Well, I allowed myself to be dragged!
Why the southern accent?
- Maybe I want to move there!
- "And what're you doing?"
"I'm thinking how to help
Tee graduate along with all of us."
"Anything I can help?"
"Go to this link and you'll know what to do."
Respond to Request
He must have his reason.
Something he can't tell us.
Mone is like that, isn't he?
Aren't you angry that he's run away like this?
Not angry. But it's such a waste.
It's too late to do anything now.
No two people
can stay with each other all their lives.
When we die,
each of us lies in a different grave anyway.
Don't cling on to anyone.
Are you still angry at him?
Angry is fine,
but you have to keep smiling too. It's our job!
Let's go.
- Yes.
- This way.
- What time is the comedy show?
- Right now.
I don't know what to do if I see Tee up there.
Just smile.
Please give a big hand
to The Smiling Oyster of Pattaya!
Good evening!
Tee, your knees buckle?
Always nervous seeing a pretty lady.
I'll make you the boss soon.
Drum rolls!
Speak into the microphone!
One. One One One!
Three. Three Three Three!
One. One One One!
T...Tw... Two
What's that?
Can't you count?
- Can't you count?
- Two!
- Two Two Two!
The mic is on you so count!
Two Two Two!
One. One.
Three. Three Three Three!
Well, cat got your tongue?
I didn't know you were so funny.
I became funny since I left home.
Will you stay here?
Are you here to bring me back?
I'm here to see
if you're still alive.
I can come back...
But you have to say sorry first.
Sorry for what? You ran away!
You kicked me out!
You came in and accused me
without listening to what I said!
All right!
I'm sorry.
Will you come home now?
Just that?
What else do I have to do?
Do you really feel guilty?
I've felt guilty every day since you were with me.
Happy now?
Will you come back?
Okay I will.
But you know
we won't be able to be together forever.
Do you love Tip?
Will you marry her?
When we go back?
Or do I have to ask permission from someone first?
Right now.
Right here.
Do you remember that day?
When Tip slashed her wrist...
You're the only one she cannot live without.
Will you take care of her for me?
Tip is too afraid to ask you.
She's horrified that you'd leave her some day.
But I know
you're not that kind of man.
So where will we get married?
Can it be done here?
The bride is here!
I hereby pronounce you...
Man and Wife...
is that correct?
I guess.
In that case...
where's the groom?
I'll go get him.
Maybe he already done.
When you become famous, don't forget me.
In our lives...
our hopes are dashed more times
that they are fulfilled.
But we can still smile.
Why's that?
Let's play a game.
What game?
Truth or Dare.
You answer my question in 3 seconds.
If you lose, you have to do anything I tell you to.
How many times were you dumped?
You devil!
Four including yesterday.
My turn?
Do you remember the first guy who dumped me?
No. I never remember that.
And which one hurt you the most?
Don't call me mom, call me Tip.
Call me Tip!
I never feel hurt.
Are you angry
I don't want you to call me "Mother"?
What makes you feel happiest?
Mom, don't cry.
I'll get married for you.
two... three...
Time's up! You lose.
Okay, what do you want me to do?
Give me your phone.
You could try being
a good mother for a change.
I've had you since I was 15,
cut me some slack!
That's exactly what our movies wants to say.
We fail,
we see our hopes and dreams crumble.
But we're still smiling
because we keep chasing new dreams.
And we keep hoping.
We're teenagers,
and this is our story.
Who's that?
You're sorry?
I'm sorry.
"Stop worrying. I forgave you
a long time ago. Let's be friends"
Everyone's looking for you in Pattaya.
We're still on our way to find Tee.
Stop poking that thing on my face!
I'm the cameraman, I can't be on camera!
I told you Pattaya is not this way!
Shithead! The seaside is the same everywhere!
The same my ass!
Look! Pattaya is on the other side!
Pattaya has buildings, bars and all those shit!
I can't see anything!
- But I can, are you fucking blind?
- Calm down!
Just go the other way and we'll find it, okay?
No! You came this way
but Pattaya is way over there!
Idiot! Now I won't get back in time for the exam!
- Exam won't help a moron like you.
- You're a moron too!
- Son of a bitch!
- Easy man! Easy!
Tee, when I find you
I'll beat the shit out of you!
We're going to miss the exam because of you!
My future is gone!
You have to support me for life, asshole!
You little shit!
Tee, don't worry.
We'll keep looking for you.
Fuck the exam, we won't go back without you.
If you see this get back to us, okay?
Hello, who's that?
It's me, Tee.
Which Tee?
Tee your daddy!
Hey, it's Tee!
Where are you?
Mae Tal Noi.
Near Lampang.
You prick! You're in Lampang!
- Let it go!
- Wait there.
We're in the South,
I'll go smack your face!
Wait there. We'll go get you.
Let's go!
- Come on!
- I'm coming!
Will we make it in time for the exam?
Will our future be ruined if we don't?
I'm going home!
Is our future set by multiple choice questions
written by strangers?
Or is it our own to decide?
Reality seems too far for me to see it now.
But if this were a movie
and I had to write you an ending,
how do you think it'd turn out?
you'd become a celebrity journalist.
You'd open a bordello
and surround yourself with hot chicks.
Beautiful Ploydao...
You'd have a bright career in the showbiz.
A quietly sinister man like you
would do well in politics.
I wish the script I'd write for you
would make you a million-dollar director.
And Tok...
You'd become Oat's loyal cameraman.
I'm writing you guys a happy ending.
Because I want all of you to find your happiness.
Even though we don't know
what the future may bring,
even though we don't know
how many times we'll get lost,
Friends will always make sure we're found.