Krime Story (2022) Movie Script

Could I ask you for a cig...
God bless you with kids.
God bless you once more.
Good luck, man.
Someone found a corpse of a young woman.
Can you go to the crime scene?
We're very busy.
Just kidding.
What are you doing?
Freeze! Police!
Catch him!
Freeze or I'll shoot!
I'll shoot. Drop it.
It's just a purse.
Puke and turn back slowly
so I can see your hands.
Yes, sir.
Drop the bag.
Freeze! Police!
God help me. Surrounded by idiots!
Here's my ugly bro.
Are you crazy?
Get dressed, and we're out.
We're out? Are you crazy?
- Where do you wanna go?
- To Kosmaty. To the club.
I'm not going anywhere.
Stop whining and put your kicks on.
- We gotta celebrate.
- Yeah?
Look at the polo shirt I bought!
Check it out.
Nice, bro.
Matches your sweet six-pack.
Admire your prince!
What the fuck, Picasso?
You're not gonna share?
What is this shit?
- Fluorescent tube dust?
- What?
Wake up!
Stop crying and sort yourself out
or you'll fail your finals
and end up like
Here's my daughter.
- Morning, daddy.
- You look lovely.
Thank you.
Is your exam today?
Did you ask at the club?
Yeah. I mean, what club?
I'll wait in the car.
You're messing with me.
It's my 18th birthday.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I talked to the manager yesterday.
Everything is taken care of.
What about the car?
A little car for the little one.
- Okay.
- You're going?
I have to.
I'd love a red one.
It's my dream.
I love you.
Did you study?
A friend from work.
But you're not working.
- Daddy would be...
- Mind your words.
Did you really forget?
Are we besties?
- Today is Klaudia's deathday.
- Stop it.
What's so funny, sluts?
Stop talking and relax a bit.
Stick that finger up your Mariana Trench.
We'd better go. It stinks in here.
They totally tick me off.
What trench?
What's new with you?
Look what I've got.
- Where did you get that?
- From my brother.
It has a nice kick.
- Who's first?
- Let's do it.
Let's go.
- Fuck.
- Time to do some shopping.
What the fuck happened last night?
I'm all fucking sore!
I hardly remember.
You were at the bar with the hussy
and picked up a fight with three guys.
- We're going.
- I'm talking.
- Get lost.
- I'll smash your face, bitch.
And you, shut the fuck up.
- Come on!
- And who are you? My guardian?
- Let's fuck him up.
- Fuck you. I can handle it myself.
- With who?
- With who
Kruszor. Miki. Pieszczoch.
Are you insane?
They rule half of the city.
- Fuck them.
- They'll fuck you.
Do you remember Marta, the nurse?
How could I not?
I promised to go with her
for an ultrasound.
- Really?
- Yeah.
What are you gonna do?
Raise a little thief?
Fuck you, Krime!
At least he won't steal from the poor.
- Relax.
- Where's my polo?
You're wearing it.
Take it.
Show your booby.
Do it! That would be nice.
Hi there.
Long time, no see. You look stunning.
Guys say hi.
It was fun. Pity you went home.
Are you gonna introduce me?
- Exactly?
- Exactly.
My besties: Kobra and Kama.
- Besties
- Kobra.
Nice nails.
What's wrong with you?
You look bored.
How about some snow?
- And only now you're asking?
- Come to my place.
- I've done it before.
- Don't be afraid.
Under the tongue.
- Very good.
- What's that acid?
Four chicks on a bike.
I thought you take it
Like this?
You've got three babes
and I'm not going anywhere.
Cause I'm driving.
These papers
are part of a bigger picture that depicts
a woman on a bike.
Some say that it's
Albert Hofmann himself
testing his invention.
What a story. Chicks on bikes rule.
Do you see that?
Don't go tripping. It'll kick in an hour.
- You're up for dancing and stuff
- I got stung by a bee!
Listen, I got stung by a bee!
Kobra, what bee?
- I have a hole, right here.
- There's a hole, look. A tiny hole.
Why are there so many?
- We'll fix it.
- Fuck! I've lost my fucking hand!
Come with me. I'll fix it.
- Please, help me.
- That's what I'm doing.
- Kobra?
- Something bit me.
I'm helping you.
Fuck! I've lost my hand.
It's okay.
My hand is gone.
Help me, please.
Did you see this hole?
Fucking hell. A bee stung me.
- No.
- Did you see that? Can you hear me?
- Fuck!
- Kamila?
We saw the fucker
and he's acting like there's no problem.
We put him on the ground
and bit the shit out of him.
- What the fuck? Leave him!
- Get out of here.
- Scram!
- Come on.
You mix glass with coke?
Krime, I'd never do that.
You're so smart, huh?
Man, leave me be!
Where is the stuff?
In my apartment.
I'll give you everything, just let go.
- You broke my watch.
- What's going on?
My friend had an accident,
but I'm helping him.
- An accident?
- Yeah.
I won't leave it like that. Darek?
Do you have a permit for this shit?
Are you Mexican?
Are you gonna play games or talk to me?
You're a naughty boy.
Four-eleven, over?
It's 411, over.
We have a mugging on Chopin Street.
Slim man, 30-35 years old.
Six feet tall.
Possibly an albino.
Black trousers and black hoodie.
Copy that.
It might be your guy.
Just don't make a mess, boy.
It might get ugly in here.
You've finally arrived!
That fucker beat up our Dareczek.
Blood was everywhere.
This guy?
Looks like him.
- It's him.
- Are you sure?
Do I look like an idiot from TV?
- He went that way.
- Stay here.
I need a run.
And something else. Where does he live?
Over there. Third floor. On the left.
I'm asking for the last time. Open.
But you promise?
Open the door, Mrwa.
Do you promise?
I promise.
How do you welcome friends?
You look like shit.
A car hit me on Chopin Street.
Classical music can kill you.
- What did Chudy want?
- You'll find nothing.
You're a party man, aren't you?
- That's not mine.
- I wouldn't admit to that either.
This can send you
to a nice prison retreat.
Let's talk.
Come on.
Come on.
Who is he and what did he want?
I don't know.
Who is he and what did he want?
- You couldn't call?
- I prefer knocking.
Someone gotta clean up this mess.
For fuck's sake.
Maybe I'll come back later?
Wanna join, Wajcha?
What's up?
Listen, doll.
You did well yesterday,
but I need to talk to my bro.
You help us, we help you.
So, will you help us?
I will, but I still need to clean.
Careful with that.
- Someone is waiting for us.
- Who?
Don't you worry. We'll be rich soon.
Forget this shithole.
We'll be rich like fucking banksters.
Heard that before.
Get inside, sir.
- Am I also invited?
- Yeah, but be good.
Phones off.
Move your ass.
- If we pull it off...
- Who was that?
You know whoPapier is?
He has a currency exchange shop downtown.
He organized that.
They belong to the mob. They'll kill us.
What fucking mob? Have you seen that guy?
He acted like a circus monkey.
I have a bad feeling.
The guy who recommended you said
you can be trusted and you know your shit.
This gig can change
your financial situation.
You'll become respected citizens.
Just like us.
We've got the chance
to change our miserable fate.
- Aren't you tired of this life?
- I am.
You'll pay off your debts.
And when my son is born,
I'll be able to look him in the eye.
Just don't start crying, okay?
I'll open my business and be legit.
But you got to steal the first million.
Good one. Balzac?
- Trust me, bro.
- How am I...
- Let's fuck this system!
- How am I This is nonsense.
Fuck poverty!
A businessman playing politics
will give another one a huge bribe.
There'll be around five million
in his briefcase.
It'll be chained to his wrist.
You'll drive away in the stolen car
that we'll provide you.
We'll split the money into five parts.
Any questions?
Five parts?
- And there will be no security?
- You've got my word.
- Five million?
- Do you have guns?
They're old, not used in a long time.
Take this one.
Can you handle it?
- Sure thing.
- What's your decision?
We're gonna fucking kill it!
Heard that?
On one condition.
Without snow.
No snow.
But promise me one thing.
If something happens,
you'll take care of my son.
- I want the Godfather theme at my funeral.
- Stop this bullshit.
- It's just a joke.
- I can poke you back.
No snow.
A white teddy bear
For the girl
Whom I love now and always
But he did wear a condom, didn't he?
For fuck's sake. What got into your head?
Nothing happened, thanks to you.
Thanks to me?
Fuck you.
- What the hell happened there?
- Stop.
Your jacket.
Look at me.
The doctor had a few yesterday.
- But I can see how bad you look.
- And?
Every Friday, we hold meetings here.
They helped me back in a day.
It's kind of therapy.
- You got it wrong.
- Think about it.
- And?
- It's broken.
- What?!
- I won't be taking the finals.
No way!
Ouch, you idiot!
- Stinks like death.
- Catch.
Excuse me.
Is this your phone?
You left it in the office.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Take this bag off me.
Holy fuck! What a ride!
They picked us up with this one.
You said you liked it.
Did you think they'd steal another one?
Well, V8 engine, 300 horsepower.
That's what I fucking need.
It must be 20 years old.
So fucking what?
At worst, we won't get there.
We agreed on something.
A small line never killed anybody.
Chill, bro.
We want to steal something
using a stolen car.
- Don't shit yourself.
- Don't touch me.
You're a dickhead.
Focus on the road, Wajcha.
On the toad?
Just chill, dude.
What got you so paranoid? Drugs?
I'm already planning
how I'm gonna spend my money.
- Why are you laughing?
- What you gonna get?
I'll get a sweet fucking bling chain,
thicker than this one.
Made of platinum, not some fucking tombac.
- A nice ride.
- What kind?
Simple. A prince needs a Merc.
- I'd get a jeep.
- Me, Merc.
A jeep would suit you. Get a koda.
I'll buy a house for the hussy.
You'll buy a house and then what?
I'll marry her and get her pregnant.
No fucking way.
With the hussy? Are you insane?
She's great.
You're gonna end up six feet under.
How can you marry the hussy?
Just think about it.
- Krime!
- Wajcha!
On the ground, you fuckers!
- What's going on?
- You heard me!
Get the fuck on the ground! Stay still!
Stay down.
- Don't shoot!
- Down!
- Don't shoot! Take the cash!
- Stay!
- Don't shoot.
- Relax.
I'm calling the police!
You wanna live?
Shut up and get on the ground.
- No!
- Come on.
Over here, you idiot.
Don't do anything.
We're leaving.
- It's over.
- "Don't shoot"? Five million!
- No, don't...
- You acted like a student!
- Wrong way, turn right.
- It was one way.
It was a shortcut. You know what that is?
- Don't shit yourself.
- Turn right.
We're fucked because you had to get high
and act like an owl.
That's great. Well done.
I can't believe it!
You look like an ancestor
of owl and toucan.
You're a fuckingtoucanowl.
We did it, man!
Bang-bang! On the ground, bitches!
Did you have be rough with the waitress?
Why are you laughing?
We're the Knights of the Round Table
and you told her to shut up.
- What was I supposed to say?
- What to say...
- "Could you please shut up?"
- We're the Knights of the Round Table.
Knights of the Round Table.
Didn't you know?
You acted like a redneck.
Knights don't say that...
What do the knights say?
"My Lady, please lie on the ground"?
- You should have said that.
- Tell me what was I supposed to say.
"Excuse me ma'am,
please lie on the ground."
- You know how that sounds?
- How?
- Very gangsta.
- My intention.
Gangsta Knight of the Round Table.
You acted like a peasant with a pitchfork.
- I'm Lancelot, get that?
- Yeah, right.
- Lancelot.
- Would Lancelot speak like that?
- He always spoke like that.
- Like what? "Shut it"?
- I said "shut up."
- He'd add, "princess."
The lady-killer lives here.
- It doesn't interest you?
- It's not our case.
- You'd rather chase losers?
- Someone has to.
- I know him. It's Chada!
- Cops!
Holy shit! Go.
A green jaguar...
Can't you see it's brown?
Not gray?
Khaki, I don't know.
An olive Jaguar.
We've got him, kiddo.
Another cop car.
Plan B, Wajcha. Speed up!
Get him!
Block the exit to Gdask on the bypass.
- Fucking car.
- Relax, mom.
Speed up.
Turn right.
We'll lose them.
Two on the right.
Take the gravel road.
To the forest.
Did we lose them?
Follow them!
We're gonna get them.
Happy now?
A boar!
Slow down.
- Everything is fine.
- Stop talking.
- Just go.
- Can you feel your legs?
- No.
- What?
Just kidding.
Come on.
Come on.
Wake up. Can you hear me?
Let's go.
We are. We'll close the door and go.
Hands on your heads!
Step out of the car, shitheads!
Out, young lady.
You're the true Lancelot now.
Hold this.
What happened?
I slipped.
Your stepdad will be pissed.
- You'll ruin our lives.
- You're crazy?
Dad has problems, he needs our support
or everything will be fucked!
- Hi.
- Inspector Jaskka and Federowicz.
We've some questions.
- Sure.
- I'm sorry.
Have you noticed
Sir, have you noticed
anything specific that could lead us
to the offenders?
No, it happened so fast.
Do you recognize this man?
They had balaclavas on.
In this country, when you
earn your success with hard work,
others will bring you back down.
- They took your briefcase.
- Correct.
From what I know,
it says so in my notes,
you didn't report that.
So, here's my question.
What was inside?
Company's documents, wallet, credit cards
Who the hell is this guy, Aneta?
Here's the thing.
Why anyone would go to such an extent
to steal a briefcase
that is chained to the wrist?
Call your boss.
You're boring me.
It doesn't work like that anymore.
They knew perfectly well
what was in the briefcase.
Let me ask again: what was inside?
Go fuck yourself.
You're boring me.
- Take him away, Aneta.
- I'm sorry.
He's young and ambitious.
Wants to solve that case badly.
How much do you make?
It isn't worth it.
It isn't worth it regardless.
Just one more question.
Where will I find your bodyguards?
I feel weak.
I'm sorry, Kazimierz.
I'll make it up to you.
Is everything okay?
What the fuck are you doing?
That was questioning?
Showing your emotions is not professional.
- Who hired you?
- You know him?
You don't?
He has the biggest
ophthalmic clinic in Poland.
You don't know him?
He deals with the National Health Fund.
The Internal Security Agency is involved
and we don't need any...
You don't find it weird at all?
How did a petty thief get involved?
They found a scapegoat.
We need to talk to Chudy.
You've lost your mind.
Forget about it.
Hang in there.
Help me, Wajcha.
Three, two, one.
Where are the keys?
Can you hear me? The keys!
I hope grandma doesn't come back.
Don't fall asleep.
Come over here.
Take this.
On the upper gum.
- Phone.
- What?
Marta's number is in the kitchen.
- Somewhere between the bottles.
- It's a bad idea.
Get it. For fuck's sake.
This one?
Give it to me.
Come here.
To grandma's.
I can't.
Look at the dough.
Wajcha? Hey.
I need a rest.
I haven't seen him.
MAY 1, 2014
- You're here?
- Why so late?
- Oh my God.
- He'll be fine. A bee stung him.
It must have been quite a bee.
The bullet went through.
He's lost a lot of blood.
I thought you were not gonna wake up.
Stop it.
I wouldn't dare to.
I'm sorry.
Let me listen to the young lion.
Shall we name him Oskar?
Fuck! I'm dying, Marta.
No, you're not.
- How are you?
- Better.
Don't tell her.
Maybe I should know
what you two got yourselves into.
What's up?
Thanks for not leaving me.
All by myself.
In the forest.
Don't call me Oskar.
You never leave your bro behind.
You came back for me once.
Remember that, Marta?
Of course she does.
We're even.
My love.
You want something from the shop?
No, thanks.
I'll make you dinner.
- Oh, boy
- Leave him alone.
I'm the one who put us in trouble.
Police are looking for two men
suspected of armed robbery
in the restaurant near town.
One of them
May I?
Is a skinny male,
Approximately 35-years-old, six feet tall,
elongated face, blond hair.
While searching the woods
And whiskey.
another woman's body was found.
It's another woman found dead
in recent weeks.
Are we dealing with a serial killer here?
And a bag.
Anything else?
Poor girls.
It's 148.
I've brought medicine.
Where's my cash?
It's up to you if you gonna live or die.
Look. Your friend didn't wanna talk.
You're a dead man.
I like you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You're feisty.
- Shoot, you sucker.
What the fuck?
What? A fucking albino?
Fucking hell. Boss?
- What now?
- What?
- You're gonna shoot?
- Yes.
Lie still.
We'll be rich like fucking banksters.
Aren't you tired of this life?
You'll pay off your debts.
I'll open my business and be legit.
And when my son is born,
I'll be able to look him in the eye.
Just don't start crying.
But promise me one thing.
If something happens,
you'll take care of my son.
- Who was that?
- You know whoPapier is?
He has a currency exchange shop downtown.
He organized that.
Kruszol, come down to the pawnshop
and bring the guys.
Krime's here.
We'll fuck him up.
Good afternoon.
And goodbye.
Open the door.
Open it.
You're already a dead man.
Who are those people?
- Who are they?
- Military Information Services.
They'll kill you and all your family.
Run, maybe you can still make it.
Why us?
They needed losers.
You were the perfect choice.
I see.
I see.
We got a call that you harass women
in this area.
- Women?
- By wearing that coat.
- What?
- Well
It's unbuttoned, you can see nothing.
Maybe, but they're scared.
- They have a reason.
- I don't know
You're drooling all over them.
- Yes.
- Yes?
Hi, Krime. And now what?
I'll be gentle.
We're not gonna make a scene.
What now, bitch?
Easy, Mrwa.
- Go get some ice cream.
- Don't make me stab you.
For fuck's sake.
Okay, but don't start without me.
Go with him.
Keys and stuff.
- Let's go.
- You'll have an adventure.
In the forest.
Don't get the interior all dirty.
You don't want more expenses.
Get the fuck in.
Hey! Dudes!
What the fuck?
Fear is near, in the woods
Arrived the boys in tracksuits
- I loved Backstreet Boys.
- Hello.
- What's up?
- Sorry to scare the fish away.
Piss off, old man.
We're busy here.
You have something mine.
- The car belongs to me now.
- Really?
- Really.
- Really?
Are you deaf? Get the fuck out!
Hop in the car.
I just want to chat
with that ginger faggot.
But I get it.
- What is he doing?
- Hey!
- Fucking chill! We can talk this over.
- No, we fucking can't.
We got pretty lucky.
We're stuck with each other.
Hey! Ready to party?
What party?
You dimwit!
I told you. Hip-hop party.
Today in the Ferr Club.
Filthy hats will show up?
No, but naughty boys will come.
I'm not into that.
Come on, I'm in the car outside.
I'm grounded.
My dad's at the hospital
and mom locked me in.
Think of something, bitch.
Give me a sec.
- Bye.
- See you, slut.
I'll get you, albino.
Got a little mess on the beach.
I'll send you the coordinates.
Yes, clean up. Four bin bags, one ours.
The driver.
Life is harsh.
Get rid of the bodies.
What happened?
- Wajcha is dead.
- What?
Get inside.
Wajcha is dead?
Here you go.
Best if I'm not seen.
Didn't get money again.
- Oh, well.
- You never pay for yourself anyway.
We'll figure something out. As always.
Come on.
- Hey.
- Hi, girls.
Boss is upstairs. You need to pay today.
- What?
- You need to pay.
Won't you let us in?
I'll give you a towel and some clothes.
I pay for your fucking time.
Get back to the mixer.
Be right back.
- Get back now.
- Wait.
- Why you need a gun?
- I'll get rid of him.
Nuta, come back here.
- Wait a second.
- I don't have the time.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
You're not getting paid.
I'll be back in a second.
Play it.
Hi, girls.
Do you have a company for tonight?
- Maybe we do.
- Maybe we don't.
Come with me.
Can I hit on you?
You want some drinks?
Are you buying?
- It's on me.
- So, let's go.
Drinks, codeine, Rolex with diamonds
The bitch is holding it in her hand
Don't walk up to me bitch
I won't be fucking nice
I'm counting a lot of cash
A lot of cash
Cold ice on my wrist Fuck yeah
Fucking awesome
- Nice?
- Awesome.
- What?
- How much are you charging those morons?
Are you fucking lost?
It's a musical studio, cunt.
- I'm sorry.
- You better be.
- You know who the fuck I am?
- No.
So shut the fuck up.
- What the hell?
- Cut it out, boys.
- Have you lost your mind?
- Kica, calm down.
- Fucking hell.
- Easy! You'll fuck my studio.
- Fine. Tie your laces.
- Chill!
- Laces.
- Stop it!
Welcome, everyone!
Are you having fun?
Put your hands in the air!
I'm taking a week off.
To be with my family.
- I heard that.
- Thank you.
I've got tipped off by our informer
about the whereabouts of our suspect.
- Which one?
- Well, I guess it's
Chudy, the one you're after.
The CI saw him fifteen minutes ago
in a studio on elazna Street.
Has she been good?
So she will be fucked.
- What?
- Dick needs to get wet.
Let go of me!
Leave me!
Get off!
Let go of me!
Let go!
- I need to talk to him.
- Cops!
Chudy, trust me and don't run.
- Open up!
- Take this with you.
I'll look after Lucky.
Come inside.
I just wanna talk.
I can help you! Watch out!
What the fuck is going on, Lucky?
Fuck off!
Can you hear me?
I'm here. Do you hear me?
Open your eyes, please.
Don't go towards the light.
Focus on living.
Can you hear me? What's your name?
Hang in there.
Yes, yes!
Do you hear me? I'm here.
Look at me.
I'm here.
Look at me.
It's okay. 911?
A young woman,
at the back of the Ferr Club, hurry!
Open your eyes.
I'm here. Look at me.
I'll put you down, okay?
- What's up?
- He got shot.
Can you hear me?
- Gunshot.
- One sec.
- Will it take long?
- All yours.
He's dead.
Bring the black bag, I'll call the police.
Let us through. We've got a dying girl.
- Who's in there?
- Nobody.
- Nobody.
- Why is she answering?
She's gonna die.
- Let us through.
- Go.
- A new girl?
- Yeah.
- Go.
- See you on Saturday. Get drinks.
You'll never leave her again.
You love her.
Hey, look at that.
Love at first sight.
She holds you so tightly.
Give me her ID.
Pass it to him.
Give it to him.
We've got a heavily beaten girl.
Kamila Wjcik, age
You're my angel.
Promise you're not gonna leave me.
The gun didn't fire for a reason.
God has another plan for you.
For the old favor.
I don't smoke.
For the old favor.
What does it say?
Friends are worried about you.
Smile, sunshine.
I'm sorry for everything, Mom.
Don't ever be sorry.
Happy birthday to you
What's wrong?
Did someone die?
What's that supposed to be?
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
- To who?
- Kamila!
Look up.
Shall we go there?
Come on.
- I had to see you.
- You're not going!
- Forget about it.
- You've got a guard?
Even two.
It's you.
I was joking. Are you going out?
Yes. This is Oskar.
Don't stand like that.
My dog's in the car.
So we're off. Bye, daddy.
- Do you have a cucumber salad?
- Yes.
- I'll take it.
- And for the daughter?
The same thing as for my dad.
With cucumber salad.
And double whiskey for dessert.
- With ice.
- For the dad?
Make it two. Thank you.
Of course.
I would like to propose a toast.
To what? To pork chop?
To honesty.
I'm sorry.
It's not what you think.
You deserve someone better than me.
You hear me?
You promised you'd never leave me.
I don't want to leave you.
You'll never be safe with me.
So bye?
In that case
Any plans for tomorrow?
It depends.
I'll show you the land of happiness.
Sounds interesting. Go on.
Go on? Pack your things for two days
and you'll see.
I don't know if they'll let me.
I forgot.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
Six o'clock. Can you make it?
Two coffees to go.
And if my parents ask me what you do
what should I tell them?
Never mind. Whatever.
It was a stupid question.
- I did many bad things.
- You don't have to tell me.
I know.
But my best friend died because of me.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Since you crossed my path
everything is different.
For once in my life I want to
do something
Something good?
Exactly. Something good.
Something really good.
You already did.
My home.
You've done a lot of bad things,
but my life wasn't perfect either.
Let's run away where no one can find us.
Let's do that tomorrow.
I wanna stay here a bit longer.
We'll have an amazing evening.
I'll get food for the road.
Leave it, Lucky.
Let's take a photo.
I stepped on something.
Don't publish it anywhere.
- I won't.
- All right?
Why do you have red nails at work?
- I'm only answering the phone.
- Answer me.
- I
- We've discussed it.
Is this a brothel or the police?
Chudy is with theWjcik girl.
The daughter of your briefcase guy.
- Where is that?
- Somewhere by the sea.
Really? Not in the mountains?
- Check it, Baka.
- Okay.
Do you have a gun?
- You.
- I do.
- Come with me.
- I've never done it before.
- It's high time.
- I've been working on this for two years.
If you have to.
Might be nasty. I'll take another gun.
We've got him.
Nowakowski Oskar.
Raised in an orphanage.
Convicted of theft twice.
Clean for five years.
Mother unknown.
Father died in a car accident.
Carry me!
Look, jellyfish.
I've read about this.
The robbery and yourdisappearance
It's not a coincidence.
The guy who you robbed
is not my dad.
You know I'm an orphan?
The only memory I have of my parents
is this place, this beach.
Don't you fucking move!
- You'll scare her.
- On the ground.
Hands on your head.
Easy, Aneta. They're not armed.
Stay out of it.
You wanted to come?
Shoot him or I'll do it.
What are you staring at?
I remember you.
I remember.
Are you fucking insane?
It's not Wild Wild West!
Talk, Chudy!
You've got a great partner.
- You like killing girls.
- Shut up!
I remember you dragging her to the van.
Are you fucking mad?!
I'm not done with you yet.
Come here, cocksucker.
I'll blow your fucking head off.
You put your make-up on. You make faces.
You take selfies in your underwear.
And it never occurs to you
that you're hurting people.
A little birdie has escaped.
Why are you doing this?
You know how it feels
to have a kid taken away?
Do you?
When you're hugging your son
Your sweet little baby with blond curls
who you love the most in the world.
And he takes him away,
saying that you're too young to raise him,
because you're only 16 years old.
And then disappears
with some slut from the disco.
That's why I'm doing that.
Oskar has the same mark.
Look at me.
It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be fine.
Subtitle translation by:
Sylwester Stachowicz