Krishna Ghattam (2023) Movie Script

When darkness surrounds you
...God may open a door.
But to look for the door is on you.
And that is not easy!
I say that because, darkness is intoxicating.
It hijacks your wisdom.
Disarms your discretion.
This is a story where discretion collapsed.
This is not my story.
For a world that lost its humanity,
...where the 'Good' resigned
I was a witness.
Just a witness.
The 'Good' & the 'Evil' were at loggerheads
...making for this small village story.
Mrs Lakshmi
Greetings Sir.
- Greetings to you too.
Please come in.
Have a seat.
What is he upto dear?
He just came home for lunch.
May I get you a coffee or tea?
- Nah Nah! Don't bother.
My dear..
My dear..
Greetings Krishna!
My name is Prasad Sir.
Not Krishna.
Well...You are our only Krishna.
A bank transfer brought you home at last
after 3 long years...
We sell no more than 50
tickets for our drama usually...
Knowing our Krishna is back...
150 tickets were sold.
He didn't inform everyone yet Sir...
Or there would have been more sold.
Sir, am sure you know..
I am worried...
if we will sell as many next week.
Ok. What is on your mind?
Instead of repeating our old dramas..
Should we try something new?
I understand.
I suggested Mousala Parva.
(16 book of Mahabharata)
I am aware. And I also know why.
Our drama will be called 'KRISHNA GHATTAM'
('Lord Krishna's Epilogue')
About 5000 years ago... Mahabharatha...
...after the kurukshetra battle was over... Mousala Parava...
...barring Uddhava...
(Lord Krishna's Friend)
...Krishna had lost his entire dynasty.
And this serves as the epilogue of our drama Sir.
From other emperors of the world to
mere cows living there...
...believed that Krishna's presence
was enough...
...for all problems in their lives. At such a time...
...Krishna invites all of them
to a fair by the seashore.
Lord Krishna himself on one side...
...and on the other...
...his relatives...
...his friends...
...his in-laws...
...and his devotees.
In the gracious presence of
Lord Krishna himself...
...they get drunk...
...they misbehave...
...abuse each other and quarrel...
and even bring death.
Witnessing this unfold..
...unable to help the situation...
...Lord Krishna left in pain.
In this situation...
...On one side is their ignorance...
...and on the other Lord Krishna's pain.
This is it Sir! Our Drama.
Did you start writing it?
Not yet..
After your show the day after,
I will begin writing it.
Let us do it.
Lets definitely do it.
I am relieved.
I wasn't so sure and was anxious.
Am very happy now.
Mrs Lakhsmi...
I will have that coffee now.
Ah! Thank you.
Oh wow!
Tractor shed turned into a nice home just in ten days.
Where has the prince been?
Haven't seen him in 2 days.
I went to the city.
To get you a gift.
Show me. Where is it?
Its a big gift...
They will deliver it
tomorrow apparently.
Oh yeah!
Don't take me for a fool.
You don't believe me?
Come see for yourself tomorrow.
Anyway! Come..
Lets go for a long drive.
Nah.. Thats just a name sake drive.
Your hands never stay put on the wheel.
It is always me that comes to you...
Come to my room Tomorrow..
And also get your gift...
Its okay...
I don't need it.
I thought I'd say 'I Love You'
And give you the gift..
If I don't like it...
...I will smack it back in your face.
Prasad Sir..
Prasad Sir..
Hanumathu Sir...
Greetings sir!
Greetings sir!
He is Maranna.
Namaste Sir.
Narsaiah and Esabu.
In our neighboring town's
road extension plans...
...their homes are removed...
and given plots in our town's outskirts.
The homes you lost...
Are they on your own lands?
-Not really sir.
But we have been living there
for years now Sir.
Even then...
Goverment gave all 40 of you...
... a 100 Sq Yards each, thats good.
That is true...
...but these three guys didn't get one.
I see.
Are you all not together?
We are!
We all are close relatives only.
Then why didn't you get it...
When others did?
Mrs Padma from our town...
...she spoke to our MRO...
She is allotting land to only those
who agree to sell it to her later.
She accumulated about an acre
in that way already.
These guys decided not to sell.
She denied their allocation.
Everyone else has sold it but you did not.
Is your land on the main road?
That is true Sir.
Its a good peice of land to construct
a house or shop Sir. So..
You are the rightful owners.
MRO does not have a choice.
I will go talk to him.
But.. is going to take some time.
Be patient.
We will take leave Sir.
Where is Rajesh?
The prince is on a hunt.
He means...
That girl from the shed.
He went there.
We have the rehearsals on stage... half an hour.
My dad will kick us if we don't go...
Call that bugger.
He has started it!
Do you guys use telepathy?
Or Homo-pathy?
It is him calling!
Rajesh and you are the true homos... Ass!
Some nuisance at home.
Will be there in an hour.
You guys step out for a while.
Listen to me.
Bugger hung up!
What was he saying?
He is asking the three of us...
What? step out of the room for an hour.
Yes, Mr Hanumanthu.. Tell me.
Sir! Narsaiah and his group
went to Mrs Padma's house...
On phone: They did?
Am worried if there shall be a rift.
On Phone: What about you?
They have asked me to come as well.
But I am a little occupied.
I am unable to go.
Will you be able to go there?
On Phone: Okay... I will go.
Sure Sir.
Okay sir.
Goverment is giving us those lands.
Why are you interefering?
Shut up! Don't blabber!
Who is blabbering?
You idiot! Stop talking.
Don't use your hands madam.
We will not tolerate it.
What are you going to do?
Step down!
Take a step down.
Get down!
You all..
Leave now.
Leave from here.
Can't you hear me?
Why is he here? Meddles with everything.
Look at her Sir!
She slapped me.
Even the police are just spectating.
You know very well what is going on here.
This rift reached your door step.
Tomorrow, it will reach the courts.
If that happens...
...You will lose a lot more than them.
These people struggle for daily living.
And you are messing with them?
What is this madam?
Shouldn't they earn their living?
You have the power to create
anything you care for.
They do not!
Somehow, Luck landed an opportunity for them.
You will rob them of that?
Please rethink.
We did...
We will go to the courts if need be.
You may leave now.
Get going from here.
(Crowd errupts in anger)
I am not unfair.
Only after they agreed, I started buying them.
They are just...
...trying to make a few extra bucks.
You will not be wronged Madam.
I will get them to return your money...
...from all those who sold it.
Yeah.. we will.
Ignorant idiots.
I am thinking of leaving town myself.
You are the reason.
Because it is me...
...I have allowed you to talk.
If it was someone else...
You can imagine.
Advocating for those idiots...
Let us go.
We owe you for this help.
What can we do for you?
I don't need anything.
But.. don't go selling
your land again...
And take care of your business instead.
We will do that Sir.
We have acted in dramas before.
If you play Lord Krishna...
...We will be happy to play his disciples.
We will follow your lead Sir.
If you like acting,
go meet Mr Hanumanthu.
Okay Sir.
Our respects to you Sir.
Where is he?
There he is!
Wonder how long today.
What is goin on Sir?
New account?
That bugger is opening multiple accounts.
We are useless.
Ants come looking for jaggery.
Not charcoal, you see.
You Idiot!
Follow me.
Is your house as good too?
Much better than this.
Oh shit!
My dad is calling.
We are a toast.
Can you find where your gift is?
Big or small?
Small and yet big.
You will not hide it right in front...
But, you could try to double bluff.
Is it here?
Turn it on.
Will you kiss me atleast now?
First picture in it... Us together.
The first picture should be yours.
You have no idea how beautiful you are.
(Camera clicks)
Now a picture of us.
I hear you dance well.
Yeah. But how do you know?
I want to see you dance.
What should I dance to?
Dad is calling again.
I gotta go.
Wait a second.
We have no idea what is going on inside.
I gave him a headsup about the rehearsal.
Don't stop me.
-Dude wait.
(Cellphone ringing)
Yes Dad.
Where are you guys?
On our way Dad.
Ok. Reach there and begin practice.
Mr Prasad is unwell apparently.
Will pay him a visit and come.
Prepare your friends well.
Okay Dad.
Will do.
We will go.
Bye Son
What are you doing?
Leave from here.
You silly goose.
See what I will do.
Don't giggle!
Hey Rama...Wait right there.
Go now Sir.
You been sitting here for long.
Oh yeah? We know.
- Please go.
Damn it! Its getting longer every day.
Do add some milk at times.
Do pay sometimes too. Useless fellow.
Same time tomorrow... okay?
I thought, you wanted to say something...
but you did something else.
Its okay.
Tell me when ever you remember it.
-Ah! That..
Will say it tomorrow with another gift..
Why did you come in between?
To see you dance I guess.
Something you cannot do, you see.
Even if you see... is useless for you.
Grown-ass virgins!
Hello Mister!
Not because we can't do.
We just don't like doing it.
What do you say?
Don't disturb me again.
Nah Nah! You stop bringing your mess here.
You calling my living
relationship a 'mess'?
You village blokes.
Cow dung making people.
Country fools.
Not in sync non-city people.
Idiots you all are!
Guys.. Stop it.
Won't stop?
Silly fellow...
Stop it now.
If you go dirty dancing again...
...I will let the whole village know.
It is not your say.
This is his room. Let him say it.
Dude.. Do as you please...
But let us in on it too.
Stop... stop
It is hurting dude.
Dude.. help!
You think its a movie
to stay and watch?
Stop buddy.
Dude Sharath,
That stupid drama tomorrow...
what do we have to do?
Oh no!
Forgot the main thing.
He pulped me down.
Its a long drama.
We play Pandavas. When we enter
the stage right at the end...
...Uddhava is going to ask a few questions.
Lord Krishna will answer those questions. Okay?
Who the hell is Uddava?
Uddhava is Lord Krishana's dear friend.
We sit on the stage and gamble as Pandavas.
A few dialogues here and there.
If we manage that, it should be enough.
Mr Prasad will take care of the rest.
Oh! That is it? Easy!
How many wives does Lord Krishna have?
You are not Lord Krishna.
Just his evil twin.
Not his evil twin.
Your divine twin, if at all.
Okay. Whatever!
We have to do well tomorrow.
Is that okay?
Don't let me down.
I won't come today to see you perform.
You are unwell.
Can you not just postpone it?
A lot is at stake for Mr Hanumanthu.
He is happy after a long time to see some profits.
How can I not go perform?
People like Mr Hanumanthu...
...should not take a hit because of us Lakshmi.
Come.. Let us go
Mr Prasad
You still appear unwell.
Still running fever?
Can you drive me there? I don't think I can.
Okay then.
Let us go on your bicycle.
-Very well.
Oh my god!
I feel your fever Sir.
May be you should rest.
Its okay Hanumanthu.
Until you write the next one its
rest-time anyway. Lets go..
Let us get going.
- Okay.
Get there soon Madam.
Back when you rescued Gajendra...
Check this out.
In the mighty Vikunthapura
Dude.. stop it.
In the center of it all
A garden so very beautiful
A heavenly flower blossomed
When Lord Vishnu was enjoying his time
In the company of Goddess Lakshmi
(Rajesh mixes hiphop)

Guys! What is with the silly dancing?
Come along. Come now.
Are we ready?
Lord Govinda
Lord Gopala
What is behind your silent posture?
What mischief are you mysteriously hiding?
Invitation (from Kauravas) to gamble
is a decoy
Keep safe distance from it
Shouldn't you have reprimanded them(Pandavas)?
Oh dear Krishna

When Dharmaraja (Yudhishthira)
Was sent an invite to gamble
by Suyodhana (Duryodhana)
When Dharmaraja accepeted it with pride
And decided to go gamble
When I was asked not to go with them
When my need to be present there was questioned
If I still go
Won't that become
An insult I have to bear?

Once more. Once more.
(Crowd murmurs)
How well did he sing that.
(Crowd murmurs)
Dude! We practiced it yesterday.
Speak your piece.
Err.. You speak for me.
This show is a gonner now.
(Crowd murmurs)
Oh no!
Looks like he forgot...
(Crowd murmurs)
Dude, deliver your dialogue.
This is joke. He really forgot.
(Crowd murmurs)
You forgot...huh? Dialogue... Dialogue.
(Crowd murmurs)
We want dialogue.
(Crowd murmurs)
They are done now. Giggles.
(Crowd murmurs)
Looks like he is taking over..
(Crowd murmurs)
How clever and witty that was Lord?
How clever and witty that was Lord?
Gambling with Kauravas
Is going to yield a mighty big zero
What is going to happen to Pandavas?
What do you have to gain from it?
Why all this for no reason?
Tell me already...

With help from Shakuni
and tasting victory
Was our King of Kauravas
On the verge of losing feeling all
alone was Dharamaraja
Without even seeking me
Refusing to give up trying (to win)
Not showing their backs to it
Should I go to the virtuous Yudhistira
And insult his wisdom?
You tell me yourself Uddhava?

(Crowd claps and cheers)
That was so good.
(Crowd murmurs)
Don't remember seeing this part before.
(Crowd murmurs)
Looks like they are trying to cover for the boys..
(Crowd murmurs)
The deceptive drama creator!
The drama of deceit
The creator of it that you are
You want a war
Isn't that your ultimate choice?
Isn't making this war happen...
...the real reason for this blemish for Pandavas?
Whatever is the reason
Because of you
A war is imminent
That is a given everytime!
You are a relentless questioner...
Not sparing even Panchaali
And betting her in gambling
like a material posession
Is that Dharamaja's righteousness?
Is that Dharmaraja's arrogance?
Is it pride?
Or foolishness?
Oh Yes!
It is true
War and its inevitability
Was something I knew

But... Uddhava
That war
Is it between these two
Is it between all of you too?
Isnt that truly your conscious choice?

(Crowd cheers)
(Crowd claps)
An unwavering feeling
Of the ultimate kind
Experiencing undetered DEVOTION
When the elixir of devotion at your core makes you sway... a radiant blissful state
Always, with no fear of losing,
sensitively or sweetly
Enjoying a COMPANIONSHIP of joyful fragnance
A FRIENDSHIP as splendid as the morning sunrays breaking through clouds
Whoever it is...
Whatever be the situation...
Whenever the need is...
When darkness engulfs you hopelessly
leaving you blind
Even a SEEKING THOUGHT between
your relentless negative thoughts
Even amidst the tremors that emerge with the beginning of the end of the world
At the very center of the deepest difficulty there could be
The moment you call me..
I will come to your rescue!
That very moment you call me...
I will come to your rescue!
This is true

What a performance. So good.
(Crowd cheers)
Just get out.
You idiots.
We hardly had a few lines
and still we failed.
You guys got anxious.
They thought I was too...
...and completed the whole
of it themeselves.
So he got famous singing these poems.
We should also find a similar technique.
Its a disgrace to even begin
to compare with him.
Our prince is no less!
A banana leaf in sugarcane field is
all he needs to bed anyone.
You idiot!
Shameless guy!
You cheapster!
What happened?
I asked you guys to practice yesterday.
Didn't you?
Speak up!
We did Dad.
I taught them well but..
-Shut up already!
It was such an easy part to play..
-Let it go Sir.
Becuase of that only Mr Prasad
asked me to carry it forward.
I asked some of my own doubts.
And he answered them all as if Lord Krishna himself.
Do these things happen even if we plan for it Sir?
Everything said...
I owe you all a 'thank you'.
Oh Dear!
You guys got lucky here.
Move it.
Dear Mrs Lakshmi
Is Mr Prasad home for lunch?
He didn't go to his work today.
Greetings Sir.
How you feeling today Sir?
This new drama is born lucky like a girl child Sir.
There is the pushkara fair in 3 months time.
We are getting roped in for closing ceremony.
After all these years some recognition for us at last.
Your dream for years is bearing fruit.
What happened to your voice Sir?
Let us go see a doctor. Please come with me.
I paid him a visit already.
What did they say?
His vocal cords suffered a damage.
There is a lot of rupture in there.
Does it require a surgery?
Yeah, it does.
Let us definitely do it.
He has to undergo a few priliminary tests.
The results will define our due course of action.
Insurance will cover a few costs...
He does have an isurance... right?
Yes, he does.
What is the coverage limit?
I think about 5 Lakh Rupees.
Ok. Let us do one thing.
It will benefit you to do a pacakaged deal.
Pool up another 4 Lakh Rupees.
We can go ahead.
Is that okay?
Ah! Err...
I was just saying...
Just that...
Why are you looking at me like that Sir?
Ah! Eh!
Why Sir?
Just the truth!
I was saying..
Just saying...
You will not get your voice back Sir.
There is no point in going to the city doctors either.
You should keep away from your plays.
You shouldn't speak loud anymore.
I can help you with a disability certificate if you need it.
Whoever the Mother Art chooses...
...they will only move forward.
You go ahead.
If you need anything; any help at all...
I will be there for you.
I am sorry this happened.
Where are you hitting that?
Useless fellow!
He is here...
Let us play doubles.
No shit!
Mr Prasad lost his voice apparently.
It has gone shrill apparently.
Ask him to drink some rum with warm water..
That should fix it.
You fool.
He has some vocal cord disorder...
He is unable to even speak.
The chances of recovery are low.
Our village will be better served now.
He will mind his business at least now.
Everyone is sorry for him.
You seem like the only one happy.
Useless fellow!
If he had meddled with your business...
You would have understood.
He always has something to say.
Grab this..
Your debut drama appears to be his last act.
Play well dude..
I asked Murali from our neighbouring village to be here.
He said okay.
You don't look happy!
In a few minutes...
... a new Krishna will be here.
Before the committe manager gets here...
...Murali will be here.
Sir... Don't worry. Trust me.
Murali sings well.
He is very experienced.
You may bring an elephant even...
... But it can't beat the mountain, you see.
What would you like me do then?
Do I tell him to buzz off?
Let him come.
Not just for our drama...
...a story is always ready for our life as well.
Who will play which character is something
that always keeps changing.
I think the officer is here.
Okay.. let me get him.
Welcome Sir.
- Namaste
Please come.
Greetings Sir.
He is Naveen.
He owns this auditorium.
Would you like something?
I don't have time.
That is why I said...
...I don't want to see the entire drama.
Just show me the main artist and that is enough.
Murali should be here in 5 mins Sir.
Ah! Looks like I came early.
Sir.. please.
He is here Sir.
Oh! There is a mic here.
Tell me Sir.
What would you have me do?
Pleae do anything you are comfortable doing.
Pick a character Sir.
Lord Krishna?
Sita Rama Raja?
Or do them all together?
Just tell me.
Do something of your liking please.
What the hell did you say?
- That is a dialogue Sir.
"The name Rama Raja that
made you piss in your pants"
"You have the courage to think you
could arrest him...You filthy dog!"
"You started playing god for our lives"
"You sold hope to our gullible citizens"
"And burnt their dreams
with your atrocities"
"You made us walk on our blood"
"Let me say something else too"
"Oh evil hearted emperor...
Blinded by your empire, power and lust..."
" You dared to ask the Draupadi to sit on your thighs."
" Mark my words, I will wage a war and the ending would be..."
" breaking your thighs into pieces with my mace"
I like his performance.
Thank you Sir.
In all likelyhood...
You should be selected.
You will get a grant for
10 Lakh Rupees.
Very well!
Whatever that is...
...20% is my cut.
You have been informed!
- Ok Sir.
- Done Sir
You threatened the doctor...
And started your own medication... is it?
I've tried it all.
Along with Ayurvedic medicine...
...If I do some exercieses diligently,
Oh yeah!
Today is the new moon day.
I will see what improvement you will show me..
by the next full moon day.
You guys are really studying!
Hey Rama...
My friends...
Wait.. Wait
I will guess.
That is Pratap
Did I get that right?
You guys continue being studious.
Let me make some tea for you
Stop her man!
Its okay dude..
Its all good. I will take care of it.
Looks like you guys have nothing but alchohol.
Don't worry.
Will get some from outside.
Hey Rama. Hold on!
Dude Pasha
You go get some
That is okay.
We don't need anything.
Just sit down.
You stay quiet. go buddy.
Ah! Full or half?
-What would you like?
Just go buddy.
What did you study?
Failed in tenth standard.
By the way...
Why don't we see your family at all?
Only when they arent around I step out.
My parents step out at 3PM and come back home by 10 PM.
What do they do?
They are street sellers.
Sell what?
Depends on the season.
Will you stop your interview?
Oh no! Why?
Let him talk.
Let us go upstairs... come.
He didn't set his shop yet.
No Tea...
I will get some kitchen stuff tommorrow.
My dear...
It has been 15 days since your self medication.
Let us see the improvement?
Mocking me...are you?
Show the doctor's certificate in your bank...
Get yourself transferred to Hyderabad.
We should try the English Meds...
You just won't listen to us.
Don't make this your excuse to stay here.
You should go back and study.
-Okay. Will go.
Listen to me.
Another 15 Days... you will see.
We will see.
Two Months Later
Ah! Hello....Hello
What happened to our meeting?
What meeting?
Oh! That...
Let it go.
Mr Prasad never means any harm to anyone.
Listen to me.
Trust me.
I am also aware Mr Prasad is not such a person.
... If the people here were to realize
that we have his support...
... I would not have any problem after.
Let us meet him once. I will do the talking.
Sir, how you feeling now?
Like this.
Definitely improved.
I can see the difference Sir.
Murali is here.
He wants to meet you Sir.
Why is that?
He wants to get some advise from you.
He asked me to be introduced and brought him here.
Greetings Sir.
Greetings to you too.
Come. Please have a seat.
My name is Murali.
- Hmm
Working a small job...
...just recently gained some recognition for my acting.
I am considering quitting my job...
...and taking up acting full time.
This thing that you are thinking...
... you should not consider it at all.
None of us can quit our work.
You must know this.
Not really Sir
My brother in law who lives in America...
.... messeges me everyday...
... urging me to stay put on-stage.
He is happy to financially support me if need be.
Seriously considering it Sir.
Here... I got you something.
A small bribe.
This is for you.
I thought you needed advise.
You giving me an advise instead.
He did say he needed advise Sir.
I didn't know this would happen.
I will take leave.
Sir.. err!
Sir... Sir.
My birthday is in a couple of weeks.
If you are willing we can meet for drinks here again.
Is that okay?
Okay... Lets get together.
Oh dear God!
What did I say?
Experience from street selling soda?
Yes. In the summers.
Whatever makes profits.
Tasted this ever?
- Nah...disgusting. I hate the stink.
Oh Yeah!
Why you still here? Go upstairs. I will see you there.
- Lets go!
Tell me how you got this lucky Dude.
I wish I could borrow some.
Dude, even with some luck you will be unlucky.
Did you promise to marry her?
I promised to practice.
Why do you care?
No way! Its too bitter.
Dude... pass it to me.
She developed quite a bit.
This is the biggest college in our village.
To study further, do you have to move away?
No one knows what is next.
Vacating this place next month.
Trying to have some fun.
Why you killing it with your questions?
What is this stuff?
I drank just one but feels like ten.
That is why I asked you not to drink.
When you drink with this stuff
your heart pumps vigorously...
... and the blood simmers up all over.
That is all there is to it.
Can't feel the bottle in my hand.
- Really?
She really can't feel it.
I don't feel the high.
I will drink.
Dude... Don't!
Now I feel the high.
You feeling okay?
I may vomit.
Go to the restroom.
Will go.
Will go.
Go... I will come.
You go girl! I will come.
Yeah Latha!
- Latha?
You here in the village?
Hook me up too... dude.
Don't you feel ashamed asking?
Why shame?
Will set you up in a month.
We are vacating from here in a week.
He says... in a month!
Hit him!
How much do you need... Just tell me.
Need an advance?
I can transfer it in advance.
If the village is a problem I can come to the city.
You will not have any problem.
My guarantee.
That is steep!
I said 50K and
you asking for a 100K.
I am not that big a fool.
Come on!
Why talk again about your sister?
Okay... 60K is my final offer.
What say?
Am tired of the negotiation.
What you asked for...
What I am ready to pay.
What the going rate is...
Do you even understand any of it?
Everything is spinning!
You asshole!
Are you guys human at all?
What the hell?
What do you think you guys are doing?
Useless scoundrels!
I am done with you guys.
I don't need you guys.
Get away from me.
Shameless bastards.
Dude Sharath
-Don't follow me.
Sharath... Wait.
Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa
Mr Prasad
Would you mind?
Greetings Sir.
Let us go.
Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
Please come.
-Lets go.
(Door Knock)
Dude. Open up.
Two weeks since I saw you.
Those guys left the village.
I've stopped talking to her too
I feel like a loner dude.
Open the door man!
Dude... Sharath.
Wait up!
Dude Sharath!
Stop for a second buddy!
Sharath.. Listen!
What happened was a big mistake.
What can I do?
Just tell me... what do I do?
Here... a small.
Not really for my Birthday.
Lets drink to your improving voice.
Not really yet.
Hmm...I am able to talk okay but...
Unless I stretch, we really don't know.
That is still a good news already!
This bottle should finish today.
We will need more in that case.
- Always ready for it.
See.. Rama is calling.
She has been relentless. Asking me to meet her..
Even then I kept away from her.
Why aren't you meeting me?
What happened that day?
What was my mistake?
You asked me to go sleep inside. I did.
Nah...nah! You did no wrong
I got an admission in a city college.
Was occupied with that.
Will come see you soon.
You have been saying this for long.
But you don't.
Or let me come see you.
Where should I come?
Or do I come to the city with you?
You happy?
I stopped it all for you dude.
Left it all.
We've been in theater together
for 20 years now.
Never saw him drink.
Never imagined I'd see such a day.
This became a habit after my wife's death.
For him its this situation.
A companion to the loners this is..
Bringing friendships too this is...
Trust me. Come...
Are you smiling?
How are you even able to?
Get lost.
Just go.
Dude... Are you not gonna sleep with anyone until you marry?
No, I won't.
If you realize some problem you have after you marry...
What are you gonna do then?
What will her situation be?
Will you get her remarried?
Or...will you tell her that its her fate?
I do not have any problem.
Even if I do, I will go to the doctor and figure it out.
You don't have a problem implies that you have desires.
So you good at controlling them.
Is that it?
Because you control it, you are great.
And since I don't... I am an ass?
That control that you exert...
... Ever wondered if it is fear induced?
I ask that because...
...being good is a perfect hide to cover their....
...fears and insecurities
for many people.
But they get to be called good people.
Why do you think that is?
Mr Hanumanthu
- Yeah
Isn't today a saturday?
Oh my god!
Totally forgot that.
Lord Balaji is very powerful.
You keep saying something at times..
Are you drinking alcohol?
Or is it drinking you?
At that stage of my life...
No-alcohol Saturdays & Tuesdays saved me Sir.
Perhaps I should follow your
discipline too.
You should Sir.
I understood Sir.
Because I am better at singing...
You started your lessons for it.
To work with Mr Hanumanthu
I let go of many acting gigs.
I will address the elephant in the room.
Let us shoot straight.
Not just Lord Krishna
Or Duryodhana
Mythological, Folklore, Social or Historical...
Any charecter from it!
Is as easy as finger-snapping for me.
You may need your bank to permit your leaves.
I have no such problem.
Are you ready for a face off?
You and I have been friends for 20 years.
You have been like you are.
And I have been like I am.
And yet we were okay.
But now..
You want me to be like you are!
Okay... Okay
May be I should do the talking
Mr Prasad
You are no lesser than Lord Krishna
himself to me.
We had lost it all.
Our income dwindled.
That was when Murali came to my rescue.
For me...
...both of you
are important.
You guys talk and decide. Set your own contest.
And settle this.
That is my two cents.
It is a new drama.
He has to learn it.
Rehearse it.
Get his video recording on stage.
And then submit it to the Government officer.
The sooner you are ready for a contest the better it is for us.
You have to do something for that.
I will give you an address tomorrow
Stay there from 12 PM -12 AM and come.
If you keep your control intact...
I will listen to whatever you say
for the rest of my life
Or else..
You will listen to me.
Is that a deal?
You know if I give my word, I will stay true to it.
What do you say?
Its easy to sit and judge from sidelines.
I dare you!
Enter my deal and come out clean.
Then I will believe....
....that you are not just words only. That you live by it too.
You can go now!
Lets meet the day after that.
Please have a seat.
It is okay.
Please come.
Am happy to change into anything
you like.
I have some for you too in case you want to change.
Do you want me to cook something for you?
I cook well.
My mom is my mentor.
We truly depend on our profession.
Not just the physical pleasure...
...there should be everything in life and taught me all this.
I tried to steer clear from all this.
...everyone around here knows about us.
Nobody looks at us normally nor do they let us be.
After my mom passed away...
I am supporting my sister's studies in the city.
I work a small job in the city as a receptionist.
Our village's MLA doesn't spare me whereever I am.
Threatens me and forces me atleast
once every month.
Your talent at the very best can mock me.
But is of no use for you if you want to compete with me.
Even your mockery at best is curteous. This is my friendly reprimand.
You are not in my league to even compete.
Your role in this Ayodhya Nagari is second fiddle...mere Soumitri (Lakshmana)
This place that is eye-catching treasure for many...
If I am not around..
Will lack lusture and become a zero.
This place will die of the darkness there shall be.
My determination is capable of winning over the divine.
And your deceit irritates even the worldly.
No one is coward here to take your abuse. We are rebels.
This is where the toddler Bharath who tamed a mightly Lion was born.
This is the holy land where a mere 16 year old Abhimanyu
who conqured Padmavyuha was born.
This is the land of mighty marathas who made
Aurangazeb face the wrath of defeat.
Even if born as a Rabbit here will have
what it takes to chase wild dogs.
Amidst such might here... You are a nobody.
Have no shame, have no dignity, have no ability to put up a fight.
You call me for peace and deviously capature me.Bloody animals.
You portrayed a freedom fighter's agony.
I will speak to you the words of a
great poet Rabindranath Tagore...
... who gave direction to this country post freedom.
Where a heart knows no fear...
Where everyone can hold their head high...
Where knowledge enjoys freedom...
Where the land is not further divided by identities...
Where a resounding truth alone prevails...
Where fulfillment is actively sought...
Where the oasis of knowledge doesn't evoprate
in the desert of blind beliefs..
In thought and in action..
Where a heart can express itself with no restriction..
Onto that heavenly freedom...
Oh Dear Lord!
Awaken this nation.
Please awaken this nation.
Some coffee?
I figured when he offered 2 Lakh Rupees.
That you won't be easy.
2 Lakh Rupees?
He paid me half of it already.
I don't care if I get the rest.
I don't mind if you take another nap.
If you don't like me...
... have some coffee at least
and leave.
If you like something...
I can read it for you.
Not English ones please...
You know to play Chess?
Am not bad at it.
Do you know I was a district player in Chess?
By the way...
You mentioned this to be your profession.
Your mother
Your grandma
All of them same profession?
Just so no one speaks to my
sisters this way...
...I agreed to this.
Once I get the money...
... I will take both my sisters...
...and run away far from this village.
If MLA has set all this up for you... Hmm!
Pretty girls don't have brains! They say..
- Really?
You tell me Mr Murali.
I won't utter a word.
Whatever you decide is final.
In singing, I am 5 points above you.
May be its your experience
You are 5 points above me in performance.
Your body language is great!
You used the stage well.
You got very involved in my poems too.
If I had to handle the situation you faced...
That would have been enough reason...
... to go in self- destruct-mode.
Tell me Mr Prasad...
When you lost your voice...
When you learnt you may not recover from it...
How did that make you feel?
Please tell me.
I really need to know.
Naturally I was very disappointed.
More than how I felt...
... What is that feeling driving me
towards was more important.
Not just for losing voice...
Even if I were to be losing life...
All I think is this.
When you are in the boxing ring...
Be it another man
Or an object
Or a situation
Even if it is the entire world!
How do I play to win.. is all I think about.
Another contest in 2 months.
Wait a second.
You are a principled man.
Mr Prasad
This appears to have happened
for the greater good.
You are singing better than before Sir.
Mr Hanumanthu
Hand me you new script.
Here Sir.
Stop...Stop it!
Go change.
Go change please.
There is still a lot of time.
I know you are bored.
Have a drink!
To cool down or to warm up
Its upto you!
Unless you ask me to...
... I won't come close.
Get yourself a glass too.
Do you like women consuming alcohol?
Then why are you asking me to drink?
I will make something nice for you to eat.
Go easy!
You danced well!
First class.
Do you know all forms of dancing?
There abouts!
I will play a song.
Let me see how you will dance to that.
I won't dance. You sing.
Are you Lord Rama that turned the stone into a women
-You sing. Are you Lord Rama?
I asked you to sing!
Are you Lord Siva that carries Ganga
Please sing along.
What should I think
What should I think of you
"You are neither a stone nor Ganga"
Isn't today a full moon day?

Let us sleep outside... come.

Not the chair.
Come sit next to me.
You are beautiful.
You have a great body.
More than all that...
...You got brains.
Stop doing all this.
Live better and well.
That okay?
Sleep next to me.
You have no idea how beautiful you are.
I like you a lot.
Why 'like'?
I will say it out loud.
I love you.
I will marry you.
Will marry you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I will take good care of you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
How beautiful are you!
Stay with me forever.
Yeah? Okay..
You said 'okay'?
Okay... Come.
Shut it.
What was I saying and
What are you doing?
You don't believe me when I said I will marry you?
Go away!
Just go!
Just go away!
What are you looking at? Just go.
(Sharath mumbles)
Dude Sharath.
Buddy Sharath.
Where are the car keys?
Sharath... Sharath
You did great!
Are you serious?
You couldn't handle this guy?
So much for your work reputation and the money I spent.
Oh yeah?
Don't tell me cock and bull stories.
You couldn't get him to do it!
Is just your face pretty or what?
This discussion now is unnecessary.
Here he is!
Who are all these people?
You go inside.
Madam, we are speaking the truth.
Begging you Madam.
In front of this whole village...
...we will lose our pride, Madam.
What is this Mr Respected-by-all?
This guy blabbers something...
...and you are here with all these people?
When they newly moved to our village
we had a big dispute.
That is probably why he is doing this.
I think they did their homework...
...that we are only the two of us.
That no one will stand by us to speak for us.
They figured that and are using my son...
...with their plan to rob our riches.
Is that it?
How can you say that Madam?
Take a look at the photos your son sent to her.
Also take a look at her replies as well.
Both of them have made a mistake.
Uniting them appears to be the only solution.
Here we are requesting but...
What are you saying madam?
I don't think it was just a mistake.
I think it is a mistake with motives.
I know your lives!
You will string up anything for riches.
If you win... Riches.
If you lose... Lose nothing!
We can't argue with you Madam!
We will book a complaint in the police station.
Right place for you all... Go.
Take them all away!
We will get justice in Police Station.
(Crowd murmurs)
Yeah...Right! Go there only.
We come to you for justice and you push us away.
(Crowd murmur)
Move along.
Keep Moving!
(Indistinct crowd murmur)
Wait right there!
What the hell are you doing?
What the hell.
What the hell.
-Mom Stop
What are you doing?
I kept your Dad out of my lives for this very reason.
If you go that direction too... will lose me for good.
You will lose me.
Remember that.
Come along to the police station with us.
You will be reporting what happened here for us.
Let us go.
If we go to the police station...
...the SI will bring the party back here again.
What do you suggest we do?
You know where to go!
Greetings Sir
What is it Narsaiah?
Padma's son Sir
He used to come home apparently.
These two crossed lines they shouldn't have.
He promised love and marriage.
And this fool trusted him.
Ask this guy Sir.. he can vouch for this.
Did Rajesh bring her to his friend's room?
Yes Sir. Have seen this happen many a time.
Not just him Sir
Rajesh's friends too can vouch for our relationship.
That family is becoming a disgrace to the village.
They are leaving from here soon and
perhaps why this behaviour
Even otherwise...
...where was your intelligence?
Ah! Okay.. Stop crying.
I will talk to him tomorrow...
-Asshole might run away Sir
He will come to the rehearsal today evening.
And for the show tomorrow.
I will talk to him the day after...
-We think he will leave Sir
Everyone in the village know this issue
They will skip town Sir.
Go to the police station and register a complaint.
They will try not to anyway.
Put your statement on a white paper
and get their signature.
I will speak to the SI in the interim.
Tomorrow at my lunch hour...
...we will go there and discuss.
Okay Sir
Okay Sir
We will head to Police Station now.
And see you in the evening for rehearsal Sir.
That is fine.
Our respects Sir!
Slowly. It might tear.
What is this Naveen?
No artist is here yet!
Crap! No body answers the phone these days.
Where? Where is my son?
Saw him at home sleeping in the afternoon.
But he woke up and hustled out in frenzy.
He wouldn't tell me where he was going.
Okay.. I will go get him.
Kids these days!
You think I was joking yesterday?
I wasn't.
Come out first.
Dude... come with me.
Do you even realize what you are doing?
You go dude.
I am not like you are.
Go.. I will come.
I will slap your teeth out...Wait.
What is this nuisance for me?
He just doesn't leave.
You have been banging the door from the afternoon.
Do you know how scary is that?
I didn't mean to trouble you.
I want to save you from people
banging your door like this.
Didn't you tell me?
You wanted to get out of this
and needed an escape.
Dude... lets go.
I am saying I will be there for you.
What is wrong about that?
Dude.. Listen to me... lets go.
Hold on!
Your Dad is waiting there
for our rehearsal.
Hey.. Its just a rehearsal.
A few minutes delay will kill no one.
You get going.. I will come.
Rama brought her parents to my home.
Tomorrow after our show,
we will be leaving the village for good.
You won our bet!
I will take your path! Promise.
But you stick to your path too.
Asking you one last time.
You gonna trust me or not?
Dude.. What did Rama say?
Come with me... Will tell you.
Mister you sit there...
Lady you sit here.
Everyone is here... right?
My friends are away.
Brought a couple of guys who work for me instead.
They will be here tomorrow too. Surely.
Okay.. Come sit.
What is with you son?
Come sit.
Practicing with them will be a waste.
Half of them won't be here tomorrow.
Why is that?
Tomorrow afternoon,
there is a dispute to settle.
As it is.. it has been hard to find people.
Will need half of them again?
Any idea which ones will come and not?
It could be the whole bunch.. Can't say.
Is the practice for you and I only?
Have time till tomorrow evening.
I will figure it out.
Let us practice once anyway.
Face this side please.
You all face this side.
Listen up everyone.
All of you are Lord Krisna's relatives.
You all represent the Satyaki group.
(Satyaki fought for Pandavas in Kurukshetra)
You all are Kritavarma group.
(Kritavarma fought for Kauravas in Kurukshetra)
Both groups are now in a cultural fair having a great time.
Drunk and dancing...
Lord Krishna is right in front.
But being on a high, you guys are making meaningless statements.
Following me?
Now Kritavarama is showered
praises by his own group
"Wow... you fought the war well"
From here Satyaki stares at Kritavarma
"The young were bullied and he supported that."
"Are you human?"
Whilst saying that
From here
"We very well know how you managed to kill Bhurisrava..."
(Satyaki is helped by Arjuna and faced criticism for an unfair fight)
"Are you even a warrior?"
After that, everyone started fighting each other.
The fight got so intense...
...even strands of grass turned into knives and claimed blood.
One after another, people are dying.
Then, Uddhava who also was present there says...
"It has been 36 years since Kurukshetra"
"You guys are still fighting over this?"
"Under the influence of alcohol"
"How did simple strands of grass
turn into Knives?...
...Is anyone thinking about it?"
"Listen Lord Krishna"
"Why don't you say something?"
And looks at me.
And then in great pain I will recite my poems.
Is everyone ready?
Cheating an innocent gullible child...
Shameless lowly life.
What nonsense are you talking?
This group had to start.
"The young were cheated" is their line.
We thought we were playing the
roles that we are living in our lives Sir.
Shut it!
If you make indirect references again...
... I will beat you to shit.
Who do you think you are?
Let me show you.
You and your caustic tongue.
Stop it.
Oh No. Wait.
-Stop it
Stop. Wait.
Stop it. Stop please..
Dude.. don't stop me.
(Indistinct arguments)
Stop please!
What are you thinking?
You can't do as you please.
You will do what I tell you to.
Don't act smart when I am here.
When you fight.. You think I will
simply leave in pain like Krishna in the drama?
Be it drama or life.
If anyone crosses boundaries
they should not...
... I will fix you in the right places.
Narsaiah.. Come on!
Say your dialogue.
"Wow... You fought the war well"
Now you say your lines.
"The young were cheated"
"...and you supported that."
Who is going to say "Disgusting!"
"Are you even human?"
Speak your lines.
You speak.
Get up.
Now get up everyone.
Get up!
Get lost all of you.
(Indistinct murmur)
Before tomorrow evening I will have to find people.
Rehearse with them.
Not sure how I will pull it off.
Tomorrow afternoon...
We have a dispute to settle.
Narsaiah's daughter!
Rajesh promised her to marry,
crossed all lines with her...
...And denying knowing her.
I am surprised, Sir.
Ask Narsaiah and his daughter to come see me once.
Okay Sir.
Greetings Sir.
You wanted to see us?
Give me police complaint.
When Rajesh came to your home
You didn't see him... right?
Why is the statement reading otherwise?
I did as suggested by the constable.
I mean
He said it will help our case...
-The other witness, is he available for tomorrow?
Yes Sir, he is.
Did you take anything else
from him apart from the phone?
No Sir, not even a dime.
Let me see your phone once.
Constable said not to give it to anyone.
Are you mad?
He is on our side. Give it to him.
Not that..
This has his messages and record of his phone calls.
If I lose these...
...It will be difficult proving. So...
Okay... Okay.
Lets do our best tomorrow.
Let us say they don't budge...
...and propose settlement as an alternative...
How much would we be asking for?
Sir, why settle?
Only marriage!
Everyone knows the issue now.
I don't have a penny in my pocket anyway.
If we lose pride as well?
What do we even live for?
I understand.
...I just want us to be prepared.
Let me suggest.
Is 2 Lakh rupees enough to settle?
The land you fought and won for us...
...a shop to rent out downstairs...
... and a house for us to live upstairs...
We atleast need...
...about 10 Lakh rupees?
It will be a good place for constructing a shop or house...
Let us see.
We will leave Sir!
Do you need to meddle with everything?
SI just told me...
Your plan for tomorrow..
Listen up
Hear me out
Even if you take a step towards our house...
...I will break your head.
If I get there tomorrow
I think it will benefit you.
Do I come
or not?
Okay.. Come.
Why are you packing?
We thought of leaving tomorrow...Right?
And I told you we are leaving today.
They are coming to pay an advance to buy this house.
The SI called.. he is coming home too.
Something happened again?
Ask them to do a money transfer.
The SI will get here with the crowd
and demand money.
Even Mr Prasad said he is coming...
You go start packing..
I will put you on a bus.
Rest of the stuff.. I will take care.
Let me see who is going to
blabber what!
Just shut up and sit tight.
We will sort this mess and leave tomorrow.
People and police in the back yard too..shit!
On Phone: The number you dialled is switched off.
Lord Krishna! Help!
You like me.... I know.
Thats why you didn't say
anything yesterday.
I don't like you.
I don't trust you.
Just leave.
I got an admission in the IIMs.
I didn't share this with my Dad even.
If you would had said 'Yes'...
...I wanted to stay back for you.
But now... I will go.
But before I leave..
Can I see you once?
Just once.
On phone: The number you dialled
None of my guys are answering
the phone.
Anyone you know? Need 5 people.
Okay.. Go.
I won't be able to make it today.
Not for that kid...
My son, is he next to you?
He is not here.
I am a little agitated at the moment.
-Yes, I am aware.
I won't bother you.
There is lots to be done.
He is not here.
He is not with you.
Not answering the phone either.
That prostitute Latha...
He will be there.. go find him.
Why there?
Your influence on him?
Can you be with me for 5 mins?
Will you?
Or this will.
I never touched a woman in my life.
Even you, I did not like you immediately.
But after seeing you who you really are..
...What the rest of the world thinks
meant nothing to me.
Was I not perfect with you?
Was I or Not?
Not with me... You were just perfect
in your bet with Rajesh.
If Rajesh had asked to marry... would have agreed... right?
He is an idiot too.
But better than you are.
He is better..huh?
How much do you make in a month?
None of your business.
You like being many... is it?
Can you just please leave?
Why you uncomfortable?
Aren't you used to?
Speak up!
Some circumstances you put yourself into.
And some just walk into your life.
If you understand the difference... will find your answer.
Repeating something you read?
Stop doing what you are doing.
Be pious.
When I am proposing to change
your life for the better
... You acting smart...huh?
I can't continue paying respect to you.
Go away!
For you to pay me respect...
...shouldn't you have some to begin with?
Looks like some ass from North might have
visited our village and you were born.
Play that...
Play some music...
Go...Turn on the music
The clothes you wore the other day...
Wear them now.
Let us dance.
Do the dance.
What are you looking at?
Come here.
Come here and dance.
Come here.
Just get out!
You and your lowly life!
You won't get a guy like me!
This is exactly why I don't trust you.
Your true colors show after you drink.
You are an animal.
Observe yourself.
The things you said before you drank...
...and the things you are saying now.
What song that? You asked the other day?
Your eyes have found me worthy of your love
You mean?
I am worthy of your love...
and that you want me to learn?
People drink to esacape into the life they fail to live.
But you...
...what you truly are, that self which you hide well,
you express it hiding behind alcohol.
You think you any better before drinking alcohol?
Watch yourself with your friends.
They are idiots.
You think you are better...
and its that ego drives your friendship.
Do I tell you why you desire me?
If you give me a 'wife' tag...
...a good deed for people to see
on one side....
...and on the other...
you get to bed me... not for once...
but every day.
I might be a bitch in my job...
But not in my thought.
Like you!
Why? It bothers you?
I am only stating what you do.
You are a bitch!
You don't know me.
You don't.
You think?
If Rajesh had asked to marry...
you would have agreed... right?
Rajesh is better than you are!
I might be a bitch in my job. But not in my thought.
Like you!
You are an animal!
I dare you!
Enter my deal and come out clean.
Get out of my way.
Being good is a perfect hide to cover
their fear and insecurities for many.
Devil's child.
(Indistinct crowd screaming)
Mr Prasad
Didn't you say we cant leave the drama midway?
Two Sir?
You both go there... Sir is calling.
Mom...Why is the SI leaving?
Not sure! He is leaving without a word.
Go away now.
Its over..Go now.
Get lost you all.
Are you guys deaf?
Don't you understand?
Get going.
Just go
-Oh no!
Argh! He killed our god...
What the hell are you talking about?
On his way here..
Mr Prasad met with an accident...
This bastard gave his car to his friend
to kill him in an accident.
You killed him?
He apparently died haplessly right there.
Kill this bugger.
-We should see his end.
Running for cover... coward!
Stop! Stop! Let me go talk to him..
What is this?
What accident?
What did you do?
-I don't know anything Mom.
Just the truth!
I will handle the consequences.
If you lie to me
I will axe you down myself.
I didn't do anything Mom.
You stay inside.
Let me handle this.
If you didn't do anything,
why were you packing this morning?
Those two are unrelated Mom.
Let me speak to him once.
I will take them all and leave myself after.
Madam, do I send her in?
-Yeah.. do that.
Talk to her and get her to leave...
What is with your dramatics?
Speak to her.
Go talk!
We did our best.
Couldn't revive Mr Prasad.
Sending his remains for a post mortem.
And your son...
Has an injury on his head and is under observation in ICU.
Anyone else with you?
No one!
Lets go to the billing counter once.
Don't cry Sir.
Hello! Please tell me..
Hold for second please..
Your bill is 52k Sir for now..
Give us our money back!
(Indistinct crowd anger)
Please wait. Let me call.
(Indistinct crowd anger)
Sir, people are asking for a refund.
They are roughing me up Sir!
Are you coming?
What do I do?
Tell me something Sir...
I am unable to think.
Okay I am coming.
- Right away please..
Hey you all.. listen
Spoke to Mr Hanumanth
He said he will return your money.
Keep your peace.
He is coming.
He is out here.
You move..
Get out of my way.
We won't spare him
-Please move Sir
Stop this. Don't
create more fuss.
Rajesh agreed to marry Rama.
Take a look
at this episode of difficulty
Not the warrior knives
Look at their habits
Every relationship you have
Aren't they also your bondages
Don't think of them as burden
Don't you leave too soon
Not a relative Nor the law
No one really is your partner
Don't tangle yourself with in the problem
You will have to live through the Lord's games
You will not find your direction
Even when the Lord hints you...
You still will not see
You gave us eyes to see Oh my Lord
But you gave us no (fore)sight
The mysterious games you play Lord
What will humanity head to?
This is Lord Krishna's epilogue
Everything is in his hands
This is Lord Krishna's epilogue
It is all upto his will
Flowers on one side
Thorns on the other
You ain't strong through out your life
Cross this point and see
In the Lord's play
we don't know our role
There is good in you
There is ugly in you
What you do want
You have your math for it
You will never figure the entire truth
In the Lord's play
We don't know our role
When he sees you smile
He won't smile along
When you are in tears incessantly
He then comes to your rescue
He will be the one to teach
Everything you need to know
This is Lord Krishna's epilogue
Everything is in his hands
This is Lord Krishna's epilogue
Its all his will
Yes Uncle.
Can you take this bag to Naveen
in Kalamandal?
Stop it all of you.
Please give way.
Move aside.
Move... Move.
Everybody outside.
Let us step outside.
Lets go.
Dude.. Don't.
Why son, why are you so startled?
Its okay.... Nothing happened.
Do you know what she told me?
You don't know me is it?
Look at me and say that.
How much will you settle for?
I don't need anything.
Marry me...That is enough.
I don't know you... go away.
You don't remember picking
me up from my shed?
You took me to your room..
Don't remember that?
No, I don't.
We all drank together...
Don't remember that as well?
- No! I don't
We smoked weed
You asked me to go sleep.
What about that?
Wait up!
I will jog your memory entirely.
Were you awake that day?
I thought I will do some fun video
and turned it on...
... and then I fell asleep.
Woke up in the morning
and found this.
Hmm.. But I am not in it.
After showing this video...
...Mr Prasad was coming for my rescue....
...and you killed him because of that.
Should I give this narrataive to the villagers?
Should I tell your mother first?
Why you looking at me like that?
I know you will not take care of me well.
But some day Or the other...
...You will be the father of my children.
And after that
All this.. will be mine.
You said you will come if you are called upon.
I asked you for help.
Why didn't you come help?
I never utter anything
that you don't know already.
No theatrics please!
Just answer my question straight.
Why didn't you show when
you were called upon?
Your plea says something...
but your actions are a complete contradiction.
Things you do with your heart and soul...
...only that will yeild something.
You say something or the other like this...
...but don't show up to help.
Is that it?
Thats a big accusation son!
You deserve worse.
Okay.. you din't come to my rescue.
I myself am the reason for it.
This is my doing.
That- your answer... Right?
Just for this...
...why those fake promises to help
upon being sought?
Let us leave that aside.
I will figure something out.
But tell me something?
What did Rama do to deserve a win?
And what din't Mr Prasad do to deserve his losing?
Just tell me that.
After all these years...
... I see wisdom in your thought.
You are just not answering
my question.
Your question about Rama...
You thought you used your intelligence
and won her over.
She won, with her own intelligence.
Now you will have to go figure...
...If this is a problem that you will
click away with your little finger...
...If the problem will need you to lock your little finger.
(Synonymous to Wedlock)
I cannot change the nature of intelligence
based on the kind of person.
How someone decides to use it...
...Is how useful it shall become for them.
If you talk about Prasad...
Who said he failed?
He has been winning all along.
If anyone failed here...
...It is me that failed.
Back then...
I saw my people destroy themselves
and I left in pain.
You know why?
When you welcome intoxication...
... you are also asking your intelligence to leave.
isnt it?
But now...
My people...
On my watch...
...are welcoming intoxication surprisingly
with all their intelligence.
That is why...
I can't leave you all like I did back then.
You should have told him right? are in danger.
Don't go... Wait.
Or just to wait there.
You should have told him something...Right?
How could you possibly be smiling?
By trapping your childhood friend, you stooped to such a low...
You could prevent me from cautioning prasad.
The affect of misused intelligence...
It will push other good people into trouble.
You guys get to live on.
But Prasad went away.
Every one is born with intelligence...
...but not wisdom.
It is the first asset that everyone should earn for themselves.
You think Prasad is any different?
I sent him a message when he was a kid...
... suggesting him to learn
advanced art of singing.
He didn't listen to me.
When he was in his youth,
I got his wife-to-be to tell him.
He ignored it.
A little competetion from Murali...
He bagan learning sitting with the kids.
Did you see?
Use your discretion...
Act with wisdom...
I ordered life to send you
this message many a time.
You never paid attention.
Is your house as good too?
Nah! Much better than this.
Did you promise to marry?
I promised to practice.
Rags to Riches... your plan!
We thought we were playing the
roles that we are living in our lives Sir.
You thought Intelligence is all you need.
I dare you!
Enter my deal and come out clean.
I think it is better for you that I come.
Do I come or not?
Only when things intesify to a point...
...when someone loses their life..
...when someone owns you
in your game of intelligence...
You don't begin your journey.
I mean, taking that step beyond your intelligence
towards your wisdom.
You never took that step.
Not just for you...
...Its the same for everyone.
Situations will keep escalating until you gain your wisdom.
How much you let it escalate to, IS UPON YOU.
This ends the story of Human Minds.
But the story of Human Heart is just beginning.
What is a bigger story than redemption?
And where is a canvas..
bigger than the Human Heart?