Krishnarjuna Yuddham (2018) Movie Script

Your package is ready.
It will reach you in max 15 to 20 days.
Keep the money ready.
Okay, Bye.
Oh no... President sir did you see this?
What is this? Birds are spoiling the crop.
Where is Krishna go?
Hey, leg brake is giving trouble
engage the hand brake
Ok dude
"I hope everything is
fine with you Anjaneya?"
"Is Yayathi who in your
shelter fearing death.."
How many ever times you say dude,
it was Paruchuri brothers who wrote that
You dirty faced rascal.
I will hit you with slipper
if you say that again
It was written by Rajamouli's
father Vijayendra Prasad.
Do we bet on it dude?
It's a bet dude.
Fix, let's go.. Go.
What Krishna? I asked you to come for seeding
and you came at the time of harvesting?
What is this delay?
Am I the gate keeper to come early?
I am King of Dwaraka, Lord Krishna
I should come late
Ok but we had been into
a discussion all the way
You settle it as an elder between us
First listen to me dude..
What would you say and we listen, idiot?
First clear our doubt
Say, what is that?
Nothing dude
we have Mahabharata right?
This scholar says
Paruchuri brothers wrote it
and a greatest scholar that I am have
bet that Vijayendra Prasad wrote it
Tell me who is correct?
Being in the getups of Krishna and Balarama
it is a dreaded sin not
knowing who wrote Mahabharata
Vyasa has written that
Your face will swell if you lie
saying Vyasa and so on, idiot
He is feeling jealous about our knowledge,
Hey dude
- Hi!
How did I draw?
Sri Krishna Leelalu licking
Hey rascal, it is not licking but a play
Are you kidding me?
I have been drawing this from the morning
Why didn't you say this earlier?
you irresponsible fellow.
Listen to this poem and say how it is
Ok, sing
(Sanskrit poem)
What dude
Do you have sister in this drama.
Idiot...I am not saying about sister
I will take away the sarees
of babes singing this poem
What taking away
all the girls are angry on you
Why, for coming late?
Because you came
They are saying that, it is better to put
the hand in a juicer than to act with you
Where are the babes?
No one talk to him.
What baby
Hey womanizer, we fell into your clutches
It seems you are overacting instead
of singing the song? Come on let's go
Where to come?
After listening to the entire Ramayana, a
lazy idiot like you asked who Dharmaraj is..
Where is Dharamaraj in Ramayana dude?
He would be there, after hitting
so strongly not only Dharmaraj but,
There would also be Rebel Star Krishnam Raju
and editor Gautham Raju too in Ramayana.
That's right.
I mugged up all the poems working
hard over night for you, baby
Now shall I sing all of them while
bathing if we do not play this drama?
You sing wherever you wish to
We can even do the play with this dark fellow
who mends tire punctures but not with you
I told you while putting on the makeup
Getup of Krishna would be
more apt for me than you?
Here, take this and give me that flute
I am telling you right away, listen to me
I will not take your sarees even
if you give them to me yourselves
Get lost girls.. come dude..
You go dude, I will take her number and come
- Yeah?
Hey babe... what is this get up?
Can't you see..? get up of Sita
You are looking great in the dress dear
I... am... loving you...
It is better to cut the neck and die
than let you tie the knot in the neck
What are those dangerous words girl?
Anyway what is there in you other
than that stubbornness and rigidity?
Why should anybody marry you?
Are there any properties behind you?
Do not talk rubbish girl!
Keep watching..
an Angel would come for me in a chariot
Yes, she will come. If that happens,
I will go around the village shaving my head
Why take risk girl?
we cannot bear seeing you with hair, if you
shave your head then dogs will be after you.
Dogs are better than you, go rascal
Get out idiot
Sarpanch called for a meeting under the
banyan tree as you were not at the fields
All are waiting there for you
Alright, let us go ask someone here
- Are you excited being here?
I am so excited, I am dying to see Arjun
Alright.. I have someone else also here
- Hi!
Tell me are a huge fan of Arjun?
I love him!
I am ready for one night
stand to go with him
Oh careful, your mom must be watching this
I love you Arjun!
It is my mom!
Did you just see that magic?
Arjun Jay prakash
the Indian originated rock star has
a huge fan following across the world
They are crazy about him
Best friend cum Manager of Arjun
Brahmaji is with us. Sir!
If you are making so many wait for Arjun, you
look to have planned his entry very specially?
I would plan his entry or exit
only if I know where he is
Get out rascal?
Every fellow questions me
Don't know where he is..
I am dying with this fellow
What? This is breaking news!
We are waiting for him
You cheater!
I do not know what you do
Our concert should start in 5 minutes, ok
You understand?
Okay sir..
- Okay?
Yeah tell me.
Get out you mad dog!
It is better to jump into a manhole
than to be as a manager for him
No idea which position he is in.
Arjun, all are waiting there
Late entry always gives a super
kick for all those who wait
Don't worry
I am not a guest for this marriage
to go late, I am the bride
Okay, bye.
It's not about opening mouth..
You should have minimum common sense
to knock before opening the door
You come Jessi
Are you not understanding what I said?
She is feeling shy.
No, she is in fear.
Why is she into fear seeing you?
You are after all a waiter.
He is not waiter.. but Peter
My fiance..
Hi bro
You know it is very difficult to get
a girl with a character like Jessi
Lucky fellow!
So sorry bro, I thought you
were a waiter seeing your outfit
Chill... chill bro
Actually I am a designer
Jessi asked me to set
her dress as it was tight
Actually... it is almost set
Is it okay?
- Ok, yeah..
It is okay now.
You think I would believe it
if you say you are a designer?
You know what Sigmund Freud said?
You will not actually understand
if I tell you in such situations
Jessi.. it's time for me to leave
One question before I leave
You know why do they put
windows in houses and churches?
for wind to flow in
Wrong answer
Catch him
Go, go... Faster...
faster... faster.
Arjun... Arjun... Come on...
Turn this party up Turn the volume up
Turn this party up Cuz
we like it loud in here
Turn this party up I said,
Turn the volume up
Make some noise If I can't hear you scream
Then y'all can get out of here
Who could walk a stage like this like this
Set the stage on fire like this like this
Say.. who could walk a stage like this like
this Set the stage on fire like this like this
Tara rara ratha lets go crazy
Tara rara ratha all my babies
Tara rara ratha don't you leave
me Tara rara ratha hello ladies
Ladies go hitch everyday so step up
with the base and let's say tara rara ra
choco le ladies in the room
na here comes the boom na
make him say boom boom Mr. Boom
Now look at me making an
entrance my style savvy and nice
I got a future that be brighter
than the flashiest lights
I'm the example of perfection,
better be calling me flawless
I'm beyond the bitterness,
haters never get acknowledged
I want to step on the
stage Put the pride on rage
Pick up the microphone and tell em how
we made it, Internationally we be known,
Your favourite rock star
is from the south zone
Tara rara ratha lets go crazy
Tara rara ratha all my babies
Tara rara ratha don't you leave
me Tara rara ratha hello ladies
Hey Nikki
What's up?
We just met yesterday night, right?
What again?
Did you remember me?
My family members have
fixed my marriage with a guy
They are forcing me to come to India
Talk to my parents about us,
Please Arjun!
No baby
There is more impact when we talk such
matters directly than on the phone
Do something.. You go to India immediately
I will be at your house the
next second you land there
I will be waiting
- Bye
What dude?
Are you getting married surprisingly?
Every club that we walk in Got
these bottles that we're popping
Every club that we walk in With that
rock star money straight balling
And the ladies staring,
trying to get my attention,
got to get their numbers We came to party,
We came to party..
Like a fish feels no cold,
our villagers have no sense at all
If not
When that idiot,
Krishna is dancing on our heads
how long do we bear?
When we work so hard and harvest crops
Like the food donation in tirupathi
He is donating seeds to birds!
He is roaming around
like a strengthened ram.
Let him come
I will break his feet and...
What Sarpanch, you called for a meeting
in the mid-day, don't you have any work?
We are doing our works properly..
but it's you...
You are roaming with your firends
around the village without work.
You aren't getting it into your
brain how many ever times we say
Girl! Go to your mom!
"I have caught the moonlight
and brought it for my Malli"
"Come on, let me see that"
- "Close your eyes, I will show everything"
"Come on, let me see that"
- "Close your eyes, I will show everything"
- Yeah.
Why do you think I alone can hear
Ilayaraja's music by seeing that girl?
Not just you, but everyone can hear it.
- Yes.
Marriage.. Okay?
It seems that the girl is new to the
village to have shown just the sandal.
Crap! Whatever we talk to you,
it is like the rain over a buffalo
I have been buying this kind
of things to bear your tensions
Why are you getting worked up over me
what have I done so wrong?
When I believed you and made you to
guard the fields, do you abscond?
Your dad has defaulted payments to villagers
you are absconding from work
How to deal with you?
When only humans eat all crop,
what should the poor birds have?
Should they not live?
That is why, I gave them the freedom
Great freedom fighter has
come to fight for the birds,
Do you see Savitramma?
How is he talking when I put
him on job considering you?
I too have agreed to for
the job considering my mom
Hey Krishna
What is this?
I asked you to do a job, as you have
been into fights all over the village
There also you are fighting.
- Mom
Don't scold me always...
I have no mistake in this
Mistake is not yours but of your mom
Your mother doesn't have sense.
Hey Srinu
Does this Sarpanch have
any young grand daughter?
Not as far as I am aware
Sure dude
Is it enough to sleep with
husband and give birth?
You should know how to bring up your son,
Hey old man.
Scold me whatever, I will bear
If you say anything to my mom...
I am already a crazy guy
I will beat you up badly not
even considering as a Sarpanch.
Mind it
Why are you so late...
instead of bringing it fast?
Where is Krishna?
There he is.
You are super babe...
If Krishna is so excited, it means he is talking
to some girl. Has any girl gave him a green signal?
No signal nothing
It is tough for him to sleep without
listening to a lady voice right?
He is speaking calling the customer care
Please say what you need
with some clarity sir
There is a girl named Uma
Maheswari in your office right?
Give the phone to her
She resigned the job as some guy named Krishna
is calling her up daily and is torturing sir
Oh no!
Tell me your personal phone number dear
Why sir?
What why
Should we not share our
our problems mutually?
Sorry sir
neither should you ask nor should
we say such personal matters
If you have any problems regarding recharge
network please say and we shall clear them
Am I any heroine from the daily
soap Chakravakam to have problems?
I do not have any of that sort
Tell me your phone number
Your's would be the first number
saved into Krishna's Phone
Thank you for calling customer care
How many stars would you like
to give for this conversation?
Look girl
I will give zero stars if you disconnect
the call now and it is up to you
Zero stars are far better than your nuisance,
It's girls are modable dude
What does that mean Krishna?
It means girls are very stone hearted
Once we ask their phone number..
They show so much nastiness in their
face as if we asked for their properties
You don't worry as girls are
not falling for you Krishna
It's not 'girls' idiot
Just one girl is enough
I will keep her here and take great care
Like dog's greed is gone by showing a stone
Even I lost the greed
for girls from today dude
I am in so much pain
that only I can hear to the 'Jabilli Kosam'
song, which none of you can hear
Hey dirty rascal,
your phone is ringing from half an hour
why don't you answer it?
Hey krishna
Jalandra.. who was in Gopika getup
in the morning is calling dude
Hello! Girl!
Where are you babe?
If not a bad time
He looks like a nib dipped in black ink
His love is set too
From so many days,
I have been waiting to tell you something
What Ayyappa why are you gasping so much?
What happened?
My sister is saying she would die.
Girl you wait and I will call you back
Our MLA's son is torturing her dude
today, he lay his hands all over her body
She tried to drink
pesticide with that insult
Hey Manikantha,
- Say dude..
start the vehicle
That Mridangarao called again
Who is he?
Not just the names of girls but
remember a few names of boys too.
Mridangarao is the program
Manager in Hyderabad
He is doing a penance on
single leg to have your concert
Ask him to stand back on two
legs and to stop calling you
It takes the same time for you to
prepare noodles and to woo girls
How is it possible dude?
It should be seen in our
eyes as how much we want them
It should hit them hard like a cyclone
only then such effect will be seen
What are you going to do..?
Hey please dude...
Arjun please dude
Oh! shit.. cops
Oh no
Why does that fellow look like
a polar bear in Police uniform?
We are done for
You know what Sigmund Freud
said in such situations?
Has he asked to escape leaving the car?
Look properly
What happened dude, Police have come.
Any problem?
You saw the uniform and I saw
the hot body in that uniform
You are too much dude
It is ok
but there are no NGOs or
charities in this street
Why have you come this way?
I know that
I came to see you
You know right
they are kidnapping many
kids under woman trafficking
converting into prostitutes by force
Just in Europe 3000 girls
have been kidnapped last year
We rescued many from them through our NGO
But as the victims increase, we don't have
enough funds as the expenses have gone up
If you do a concert free of cost
and donate the money collected to the NGO
it would be helpful for those poor girls
See buddy
ask me for an autograph or selfie
but do not ask for these donations
Not like that dude
A human should have some humanity right?
To develop in life we must never question
ourselves whether we are good or bad
Not that Arjun
It is time for my practice
have your tea and leave
Waiter... Sorry
what's up bro?
I have been searching for you from
two days giving up the marriage
Is it?
Why did Jessi not ping me
when you were not at home?
What a waste of an opportunity?
Smash him
How dare you to hit an MLA's son!
Not just an MLA
I will even hit son of MPTC
if he does idiotic works
MLA is bigger than MPTC dude
So, shall I now fear,
catch his shoes and plead to forgive or what?
You dirty shameless rascals
without any relations
Boys should fall behind the girls,
that is the rule put by the God
But, will you put hands,
do dirty deeds and make them cry rascals?
A girl who takes milk and food has
tried to drink pesticide because of you
Old man
How much is it for the vegetables?
- 500 Bucks.
Take it out
Madam Here
How much for the flowers?
Whose stick is this?
Is there any bus from heaven to the village?
Why did you ask so?
If not, how did angels come into the bus?
How much is the stick?
It is not a stick
it's a selfie stick
This is not much costly
That is why I am giving by
pushing this fellow aside
Tell me how much is it
800 bucks
What is bucks like bugs?
No, bucks means money
- Oh
I am saying this stick is 800 rupees
Keep this 100
and I will give the rest later
- No
Keep it girl
Take it
- Thanks
You have to purchase the ticket
"A bed of jasmines, a bed at the fields"
"a night in the cool breeze and why
is the heart not listening to me?"
"There is love in heart,
there is an unforgettable word"
"Come as a song with the great feeling"
What is it? Why are you shaking that way?
Seeing this girl
I alone can listen to a song
That means
this is it right?
Hey rascal
bring the pan leaf and oak
Hey Kamalamma
- What?
Do you need a Kamal Hassan song?
- What okay? Disconnect.
Arrived to Akkurti..
Come on, get down
Get down fast
Hi Capra hircus...
So cute right?
It's not Capra or Dwakra
it is a goat
The scientific name for
a goat is Capra hircus
Scientist name?
Bye Capara circus
Why do you see that way?
It seems that is not a goat
Oh God!
What a smile!
Like a rain showering in summer
Thanks Brahmaji,
If you had not come at a correct time
my glamour would have got damaged
because of Peter's frustration
It's not you getting into it but you
are making me get struck in everything
That Police has not left
till I gave him hundred Euros
If you do not put a break at least
now in the matter of girls...
Both our bodies too
Apply the break Brahmaji...
(Sanskrit poem)
Hey Arjun
It's awesome weather right! Yeah
It's superb
I think you don't like rain.. It's not like that
It will be a lot of fun if we go there.
Can I?
- Hey! Sure.
Beautiful rain right?
Of course not as much as you
lesser by ten times
I am saying after seeing your eyes
twenty times less
I did not see your nose then
I think thirty times lesser
Finally I am saying after seeing the lips
There is no comparison at
all between you and the rain
what do you want?
Anything which reduces this cold is okay.
I mean.. coffee?
I do not like to drink coffee with strangers
Do you not understand that we know
each other from the past seven births?
I understood
we should dial 1404 in Hyderabad
to hand over mad fellows like you
What should we dial in Europe?
I think you do not know who I am
I am Arjun
Few people call me a Rock star, few people
call me a Millionaire and few people...
Leave all that
my studio apartment is just adjacent.
Shall we have fun for sometime?
Excuse me Mr. so called Rock star
I have seen so many flirts like you
I hate people like you
It is a waste how many
ever pick up lines you use
Good bye
Sexy and stubborn!
I like the combination
Has a girl rejected you?
This is breaking news in Europe
I don't know why,
but I come to know all such news
What Krishna
It seems you kicked that MLA's
son like a bull from Jallikattu?
He is like a snake
and will go for ten years long revenge
Be careful dude
That girl looks like a Telugu cinema
heroine when she doesn't smile
Tollywood heroine when smiling dude
What is wrong with this fellow dude?
He is talking irrelavantly like
Dravid in the cigarette Ad?
He is killing by saying
the same thing from an hour
He is saying that he saw a girl in bus
and she smiled at him
I may believe if a coconut
is harvested from rice bran
how do I believe that a
girl smiled at you dude?
Either you believe or go and
jump into the Kalyani dam
That girl has the quality like
Savitri madam from Mayabazar film
She got down in our village and
vanished in the time of biting a betel
I think he is gone mad as no girl
fell for him dude It seems so
I am seeing that girl everywhere dude
If only I am able to see
that girl coming running..
This is love for sure dude
Has she really come or what?
Can you please start the bike urgently?
no time
Hey, what is this dude?
That's what I am thinking
Come on drive
Move... Faster.
Some times coconuts are
harvested to rice bran, dude
I think even this girl has
fallen in love seeing me
If not what is this eloping at once?
Let us take my mom on the way
She is very much eager to see my marriage
What are you talking?
Drive fast to the mango garden
It seems Naja Naja bit someone there.
It's an emergency!
What is that?
Oh no, it seems a cobra bit
someone and I should give treatment
Did you get on the bike for that?
Go fast
The venom of the Cobra
the spoiled food eaten and
everything should be gone...
My cute son is bit by the snake...
Move aside
Who are you?
and do first aid for him urgently
a water bubble and a lamp to be blown out...
Om kreem Fut!
I am saying right...
Will you do me a small favor?
You hit a guy in the
morning in the bus right?
Beat even this guy the same way
and drive him out from here, please
Om Kreem Fut!
The spell that girl cast on me
worked better than the spell you cast
that's why your nose is bleeding
Do not think otherwise
You took so much pain to save life
of a stranger in an unknown village
There is no need to know
about a person for helping
Shall we leave?
One minute
There is a bus to Tirupati
early in the morning
Why are you saying me?
You said you would get your head
shaven if any girl sees me right?
It is not a girl there
but the sweetest milk dish of Chittoor
Shall I give money for charges
or you will bear and go?
Who is that girl?
Poor girl is saying she would
commit suicide if I do not love her
I have advised her it is wrong as her parents
would be into sorrow if she commits suicide
Oh great
ok... who is Krishna in this village?
It seems he would be behind
everyone and proposes right?
My grandpa asked me not to be
seen to him and move around safe
This world does not know the difference
between the diamond and a glass piece
He is not such a guy
Hey stop, this is my home, stop
Why is she asking to stop here?
Is this your house?
- Yes
Oh! By the way I am Riya
What is your name?
My name is...
I will go out and be back
- Okay.
I will see you again.. bye.
Where have you been dear?
I just went out grandpa
What Krishna?
What are you doing here instead of
driving the birds away at the fields?
The bike stopped when I was going there
Ok, go
Is this girl grand daughter of Sarpanch?
You dark rascal...
Hey no, leave dude...
Do you think I am any punctured tube
that you are dipping me like this?
when I asked whether
Sarpanch has a granddaughter
Then you gave a guarantee that there
isn't any like for a Mixie, grinder
Did I get dream that bloody
fellow will have a grand daughter?
Please leave me dude
Damn, you dirty rascal
Believing your words,
I caught the collar of that old fellow
No idea how to cool him now
Hello sir, you have to see this
I just clicked the bird of Meropidae
family which is a rare species
Good Job Subbalakshmi
Mail those pictures immediately to me
That is the cover page of
our magazine next edition
I am so excited sir
Thank you so much
Hey, stop there.. you
Wait, Brahmaji
I will handle him
You are not required for his range,
I am enough
He robbed my girlfriend's bag,
so I am correct
Even then..
I have been waiting from long
to either kill or die for you
Please let me do this
Ok Brahmaji
you go for this time
Why should I die for your girlfriend's bag?
You go
You said you can give your life then?
I said that before knife was taken out
You can do, it is easy for you.
Hold this..
That is not enough for that fellow
Please no..
Even that is not enough for him
Crap! I missed him
Hello.. do you have another camera?
Do you understand what have you done?
Hey.. Its okay
I will buy another camera
Who needs your dirty camera?
I clicked the photo of a rare
bird taking trouble for two months
I clicked a rare bird
It was my dream
You spoiled everything by the
time I was mailing to the office
to help you..
Did I ask for help?
I will kill you both if I see you again
Excuse me
Will you kill us for a bird?
Are they any wings or legs we have not seen?
Oh no..
Not when girls are drenched in
rain or walking on the flowers
Real beauty is out only when
they hit someone like this
Do not tell anybody about
that girl hitting me dude
What is this?
Heartbeat is more heard than the box.
There he is..
That's the matter
Hey birds, happy Independence Day
You usually hit men right? What is this box?
This is the actual work of brother, right?
I wanted to play music for the birds
Hey, you go and buy snacks at Nadar shop
Hey snacks... move
He dies for snacks
Where have you come out?
Oh, I urgently need to make call.
There is no signal at home
Grandpa sent him as company saying
signal would come somewhere here
I will give you company from here, come
Ok, where are you from?
I came to visit grandpa as I had holidays
I and your grandpa have a great friendship
Yes I know, it seems you caught his collar
Here eat
Hey! Tamarindus indica
I know that thw words of ladies
carry a different meaning but
I do not understand your words at all
Actually I studied EAMCE four years for Medicine seat
Thus it has become a habit to call
everything with scientific names
Is there a fair going on here?
To say in your Doctor language,
signal in our village would be
very weak like a patient with fever
It is a full signal here,
this tree is our tower
We can speak to even
America sarpanch from here
Hey Krishna, I got to talk to your uncle.
Dial this number son
You love uncle a lot aunty
Love or my foot,
that idiot has gone three days back
saying he is going to Kalahasti
Dirty idiot,
no idea where he has fallen drunk
Here talk
- Ok
Hello, hello
Why is she scolding lke that?
They talk with their husbands like this here
That is the love
You said should call someone, come on
Sit here, you get a good signal
- Ok, talk
Hi dude
What are you doing here
instead of putting punctures?
Oh that? My babe was asking
beauty tips and I am saying.
Ok, why are you here?
I will not draw this time even
if you give me a lakh of rupees.
Remember that
Whom are you being so harsh to dude?
This fellow, recharge Balaji dude
When I asked money he just gave 60 rupees
saying this is more for your spelling mistakes
Is there at least one mistake dude?
I do not see any
- Krishna!
Your friends?
- Yes,
He is Murali
- Hi
He is Black Srinu
- Hi
They were just asking what is the name
of their sister and you just came in
You made her sister just for giving the hand,
I do not know anyone well in this village
Shall I show you around the village?
- Yes
Ok Take my number
Oh no...
Why are your hands shivering like that?
it is time for a drink and that is the reason
A joy that mobile number of a girl is
entering into my phone for the first time
Ok, anyway we shall meet tomorrow.
- Bye
Dude, say the spelling of Riya
RO... YYA Riya, yes
Hey dude, it is like a hoarding has come
for the guy who paints number plates
Your story has changed.
Are you giving a party or not?
Yes dude, you have to give a party
Why do you ask party so slowly, our sound
should be heard in whole Chittoor district
Start music
"See the way and the dust dude,
watch the row of buffalos"
"See the way and the dust dude,
watch the row of buffalos"
"On the bridge of Kamalapudi,
watch the swing of the babes dude"
"On the bridge of Kamalapudi,
watch the swing of the babes dude"
"Hey boy in blue shirt with a sharp nose"
"Hey boy in blue shirt with a sharp nose"
"You have got a beautiful babe,
hey dude with naughty looks"
"hey dude with naughty looks"
"You have wooed the babe
living in the bungalow"
"You have wooed the babe
living in the bungalow"
"The beauty in your love came
to the slum from the fort"
"In the semi thick forest,
a beautiful rain has come"
"In the semi thick forest,
a beautiful rain has come"
"You are trapped in love
climbing over toughest mountains"
"You are trapped in love
climbing over toughest mountains"
"Holding a flower umbrella,
accompanied by the village folk"
"Holding a flower umbrella,
accompanied by the village folk"
"You have become a couple under the
cool shade of the thached canopy"
"You have become a couple under the
cool shade of the thached canopy"
"Watch the swing of the babes"
I saw Subbalakshmi.
Hi Subbalakshmi
Isn't being so vengeful for a bird wrong?
Don't irritate me
Give me your number and I
will never irritate again
Give me your phone once
There are a total of 221 numbers of girls
Save even yours and it will become 222,
a fancy number
Throw it
- What?
Hey, that is a phone worth one lakh ruppes!
The problem now is not
about one lakh rupees dude
Those were the contacts collected
after hard work from one year
Go and bring it
You crazy..
See, I threw the phone too
your assistant is ready to bring that right?
You know what Sigmund Freud
said in such situations?
Has he said not to believe a fraud like you?
Ok, let's do one thing
Look into my eyes for two minutes
If you do not understand my true intentions
even then, I will never disturb you again
Thanks Arjun
For what?
I would not have understood how big
cheater you are, if you had not done so
Maybe there is magnet in
your eyes but I am not iron.
Good bye
You said, it should hit them like a cyclone.
Not even a sound of fan air was there
Effect is not there dude, but here
I did not understand
Till the time she was looking in to my eyes,
Was she really not in my life till now?
Why she was not there?
What was I doing without her?
I had all such thoughts dude
I think she is made for me.
Or maybe I am made for her
Or maybe both actually
I never had such magical feeling
all these days seeing any girl
I understand now, why so? I think...
I think she is my soul mate, damn it
You always tell me to look for a good girl,
marry and settle down right?
I am ready dude
She is the one
What do you want to do now?
"I met that dream which my eyes never
had maybe this is because of you"
"I asked a question haunting in my heart, is
your heart the friendship I was in search of?"
"This tide which cannot reach
the shore is crossing the seas"
"One heart is not enough if this
naughtiness is overshadowing"
"I want to fly,
want to fly being half in you"
"Has my truth come face
to face and called me?"
"Love feeling it inside, this glow has come as a
boon. Is this the feeling never heard in any story?"
"Come on, believe in what I
am saying once Subbalakshmi"
You, your words, hairstyle and your
behaviour Why would anyone believe you?
"I just came to know that there
are no boundaries for thoughts"
"Thus has the heart run
over the bridge of looks"
"Feel this moment sway in the
heat cooler than the moonlight"
"Being a warmer thought in your day,
I will melt your heart away"
"One life, let that become yours
Girl your smile, let it be my world"
"I met that dream which my eyes never
had maybe this is because of you"
"I want to fly,
want to fly being half in you"
"Has my truth come face
to face and called me?"
"Baby let me kiss you,
caress you hold you tight my baby boo"
"Never let you go away
from me coz I got issues"
"Well, I miss you but still I love
the way you look me in my eyes"
"And say those diamonds and the
buzz do not matter to you babe"
"One love one life one wife and that is you"
"True love from the heart I trust you"
"I searched for myself in your world"
"I walked with you being your shadow"
"I never face the minute
I forget your thoughts"
"Naughty heart came to know
about the burden of my dreams"
"I want to fly,
want to fly being half in you"
"Has my truth come face
to face and called me?"
"Love feeling it inside,
this glow has come as a boon"
"Is this the feeling
never heard in any story?"
"I want to fly,
want to fly being half in you"
"Has my truth come face
to face and called me?"
"Love feeling it inside,
this glow has come as a boon"
"Is this the feeling
never heard in any story?"
Why did you bring me here dude?
By mistake have you planned for
any penance for that girl or what?
Where is this aunty?
"The sacred feet washed by Brahma,
that feet is the power of Universe.."
"The sacred feet washed by Brahma,
that feet is the power of Universe.."
It is like four to five animals
are shouting at once in a zoo
Who is she dude?
"Your feet.."
It is amazing, it is Magnus
If music is personified,
it would look like aunty right?
I think in the first line just now,
you took a turn
Did I?
Mind blowing
Many thanks, who are you by the way?
Not as much as you but I
am a small time musician
From a long time I have been thinking to
do a fusion mixing Western and classical
Correctly... Thank God you are found luckily
Hey, you plan a grand concert immediately
- Yes
Oh no, I fear singing before so many people
People should fear to listen,
why do you fear for singing?
What is he saying?
He is saying we shall plan a world tour,
immediately giving you training
World tour means I am ready
- Aunty ready
By the way your name is
not your name from today
It isn't?
Your name from now is Dinchak Roja
Oh, I like it
So even the name is set and if a
nice place for training is set...
My house is there dear
They arrange guns and hand grenades in a row
before the press when terrorists are caught
This great lady has done such an arrangement
Hey, whom are you searching for?
Oh, is this your plan?
- Smart boy
What idiots,
you directly came into the house?
I will call the Police if you
immediately do not get out
You talked so cute like a
puppy when drunk at night
why are you coming over
now like an Alsatian?
Who allowed you inside rascal?
It's me who allowed them dear.
Mixing this Western and classical music,
some fu...
What is that dear?
- Fusion aunty
Yes, for doing the fusion
Not fusion but they came to make you a fool,
Do not call me aunty, call me Dinchak Roja
what is the need for him to make me a fool?
Yes, why should someone do?
She is already that, right?
What is he saying?
- He is saying tea is too good aunty
Oh, thanks
Oh, I forgot!
This is my husband and he works in a bank
Hello sir
Hubby, give a shake hand
I am sorry, but chip of sir...
No, he is slightly deaf
- Lucky fellow
Oh, thank you
Yes dear, when are we starting our practice?
Master should say that
It is you
- What do I know to teach?
What does she know to learn?
What is he saying?
He says the time is great and we shall
immediately start without wasting even a second
Oh, is it?
Be right here, I will bring the Tamboora.
Hubby, come on
She is gone like asking to be right here
so that she will bring a knife to stab
Go and teach
I am not like my aunt
to believe in your words
I know very well how to
send you out from here
Good luck
We will die if Sarpanch
wakes up What the catch?
Hey dark rascal, see and walk
Nothing is visible here to see and walk
Still this is a copper tumbler and
will not break even if it falls
That will not break if
fallen but we will be broken
Hey dude,
come here Sarpanch's car is punctured dude
Will you now go home,
bring the tools and mend the puncture?
Good idea, wait dude.
I will go and come back
Hey come Wait, I am coming
See dude, how bright is her face
glowing even in the darkness
She is like the lamp of moonlight
no chance that we can believe the girls dude.
They sleep applying face
packs even at nights
Where is the pack you rascal,
see with four eyes if needed
Wait dude, I will see and say
True dude, she is too good
You are lucky dude
- I told you right?
But I am unlucky dude
- Why is that?
My head got stuck dude
You dirty rascal,
how did you keep it like that?
What do I know? Do something
Wait, wait I am pulling
Pull dude
Stretch you waste fellow
When it was said not to head start any work as per
the stars, I did not know that I should put my head so
What do we do now dude?
Why did all come dude,
I think I am done today?
You dark rascal
- Say dude.
do you come for a robbery to the
house of our God like Sarpanch?
Have I come then?
We came together, dude...
Yes idiot,
we both together moved around and grew up.
Do you think I will pardon
you because of that?
Hey you come and cut it.
If possible cut even the neck
No, hey this is not right dude
Not that dude I will hit you
with a slipper if you talk again
You mend puncture in the day
and commit robberies at nights?
Why he changed his way..?
Laying hands in the hundi of God and robbery
at the house of Sarpanch are the same
Then you caught his collar recently right?
It is been a year since
we both forgot this matter
Still, we are to be relatives and
we will have so many in between us
Why do you need, you carbon face rascal?
Will you rob again?
Madam, you go to a side,
he is hitting more as you are seeing
Go and fall on the feet of Sarpanch.
No need, get out
Yes, you are not qualified even
to fall on his feet. Get out
You too
Me? Yes you, come on let us go
Sir, your car tire is punctured.
I will open the shop at 10.
You come and I will repair it for free
That is dude, we saw it down in the
night when we were coming right?
He said get out right?
You have no shame? You say to repair
punctures again, get out rascal
Why did that old guy say so even
after I acted so much, dude?
What you did was not acting, but over acting
Leave that, I did not have any food
from night and I am very hungry
Get me one plate idli dude
What a great day...(Song Humming)
Sankara... Body of tunes... (Song Humming)
Lord travelling over the epics...
(Song Humming)
You come home directly?
This break less car is
correct for your speed
Will you do me a help?
Just one, I do not like single digits at all
Ask for a hundred and I will do
You need to bring a pet Doctor urgently
What happened.. is Aunty feeling sick?
Not for aunty but for the puppy Puppy,
what's wrong with it?
No idea, but it is very weak.
Bring a Doctor urgently...
Doctor will be here in two minutes,
She is not letting me to have even break
fast.. Damn bloody life. Move a side.
Hey, give the keys urgently
What is so urgent? Still,
where are you leaving without training aunty?
That Dinchik Roja is killing with her songs.
I will be the first person dying
listening to songs if I stay back here
Give the keys, please dude
Please give, I beg your feet
Hey, give them dude
- Master...
Oh no,
hey please give the keys Please listen
Master, song is not yet complete.
Where are you going?
Oh no
Hey Gurumurthy...
What are screaming so in the midnight dude?
What is wrong?
Move fast to the house of Sarpanch.
His granddaughter is hurt
and become unconcious.
You come dude
First tell me in detail what happened..?
Where is this girl?
Why did you scare me..?
- Shhh!
Why did you come?
I have come to inspect whether some
thief has come again like yesterday
Yes, he came
I know that you too had come
yesterday along with your friend
Please take me out
What? In this darkness?
A famous writer wrote that actual beauty
of a village can be seen at nights
I think he does not know about our
village dogs. They bite to kill
Please Krishna
Ok but, we should jump over the
wall to go out. Can you do that?
Ok come slowly, slowly.
Slow, come on
Hold the hand.
Here, come on
Place leg on my shoulder and... No...
Let's go fast
Situation of Kaveri is tough inside with
baby upside down and in such a condition...
You stay right here
Say where and how deep is the wound
and I will give at least medicines
How do I say dude
Say what to do for this?
What happened Krishna,
what is that wound on the head?
I had been to Doctor for you.
He could not come and
asked how did it get hurt
I could not say, so I showed.
Are you mad? See how it is bleeding
You do not get tensed,
such wounds are normal for me
I was worried something may happen to you
Why so much worry?
No problem
Brahmaji... How is he Doctor?
He is in Coma, we tried our best. I am sorry
When will he recover?
I do not know, maybe it takes a year
He needs shock treatment
what about my concert then...
Brahmaji, that Mridangarao called again.
I am doing the concert in Hyderabad.
Hey Brahmaji, I am going to marry dude
Who do you think it is? Our Subbalakshmi
- He is dying
He is dying
He will die, he is in coma. Please cooperate
music heals anything.
Shall I try just for once?
Wow... Shock treatment
You start aunty
Yes, I am doing..
Lord is the same,
the super power is the same
Did you see that? Amazing,
Brahmaji returns.
Thanks Aunty.
It sounds like the bull has screamed in
the world of Yama Am I alive or dead?
Wow, it is a medical miracle
- Miracle or Oracle? It is a murder.
You stop it Oh no
Doctor, I want my coma back.
I want to be in coma
I beg your feet, please Doctor No,
it is not possible
Doctor.. please, my coma
- Absolutely not possible,
No way
May insects fill in your stomach,
please Doctor! Please...
Are you feeling bad that I missed that out?
I am very positive in such matters.
Do not think that I will not
try again as I missed out once
You will be alive if you
stay away..otherwise...
I want to marry you Subbalakshmi
How many girls did you say this to?
That is correct
I went around with many girls, but
never said this to any girl.
This is the first time
I really want to marry you Subbalakshmi
I first met you with other
interest and followed you.
But I am completely changed now
Now, you are my future completely. Please...
You are my...
- Why are you stumbling?
Because I never spoke so
sincerely till now with any girl
I want to say something
but do not know how to say
But one thing is true,
my life is with you now
I will be as you like, you...
How can I tell you?
Not here but maybe I can explain
better going to some romantic place
Let us go. Move.
Police station?
You asked for a romantic place right?
There would be no better romantic place
than the Police station in this world
Hello sir Hello
He is harassing me,
I want to register a complaint against him
Harass and me?
You said to do anything for me right?
Go to jail
I will go.
But you should know that I have
none other than you in my life
You see!
If my hand falls on any girl or hands
of any girl fall on me from today...
Hey baby, did you come to see me?
This hand...My hand...
This is the last hand...
I mean after this, no more hand...
This is your character,
Put him behind bars
Hey, if you cut red sandal again in
the forest I will beat you badly.
Krishna is not a such a person
Nothing will happen I am frightened
You do not worry, he will come
Why did you leave him so brother?
Where would he go?
He insulted hitting me before everyone
I know where and how to finish him
What is this nonsense son?
That MLA's son will not let you live
We shall leave this village son
Where will we go mom?
live or die right in this village
Still, why are you here? Go home
and prepare food for me. I will come
When did you care about my words?
You are born to torture me
You take care of the other formalities
and call me if there is anything else
Ok, thank you
- Okay Madam.
I did not cut any red sandal
I know what you are, Krishna
In fact I believe you more than in me.
You be careful with that fellow
I escaped from your grandpa last
night and is this fellow anything big?
Oh I remembernow.
I have been here from morning.
What is the time now?
6:30 aunty
Tell me when it is 7:30
I should go to hospital
with juice to visit Master
I even practiced a song
Do not spoil my mood talking
about your master and that Arjun
I am happy after so many days
Subbu... Subbalakshmi
Poor guy Subbu, please withdraw that case
What Subbu?
Aunty, this is the picture I took
Wow...It is so nice Subbu.
Sir Congrats Subbalakshmi
How did you get this picture?
Are you surprised?
Already edition got printed with another picture
but he changed by giving this in the last minute
He said not to inform you
He fought a lot that the picture
you took should come anyhow
I think, he is in love with you
30 members for 3 days, when we tried
sleepless could recover that camera
So, not so rare birds but keep
clicking some normal birds too
It is my lifetime goal that a picture clicked
by me should come on the cover page Arjun
I worked very hard for this
after knowing that it came because of you,
I lost the respect on it
I hate you,
I hate you Arjun
Subbu Subbu
You do not worry Arjun,
I will just talk to her
Hi, how are you?
Yes, it is been many many days
Krishna has come, I will call you again
What, will you talk?
my class mate and he wants talk to you
Hi Krishna, how are you?
Riya said everything about you
It seems you propose
everyone in the village?
Why you still haven't propose to Riya?
Oh, you already aware that
I and Riya are in love?
You should come to our marriage for sure
Give the phone to Riya, bye
What did you say to him?
I am sorry Krishna
- Come on, you have no mistake in this
I did a mistake without
considering the differences
Still it's just my madness, why would
someone like me? What do I have?
Leave it, all these are common for me
Listen to me Krishna
What is there to listen?
I heard it many times from so many people
A sparrow felt itself as a parrot
going crazy like me it seems
I am an idiot beating the box at
village and you, a Doctor from city.
Why are you talking like mad?
Sandeep just spoke casually...
It should be in fate for everything
My life is this way
What are you talking?
I will kill if another word comes
out from your mouth, you crazy rascal
Did you scold me? No I called
You said they would call husbands like
this with love in your village, right?
That means...
Are you mad by any chance?
What does he have that you like him?
He may be having everything
but no sincerity aunty
You are saying he has nothing grandpa
But Krishna would give even his life for me
That is important for any girl right?
Whatever you are saying is correct
but Arjun is completely changed now
Say what was the need for
him to do all this for you?
He is using you as he has a need
This is a plan by him to
take over your property.
Forget that fellow
Has he tortured me normally to forget?
Whatever you say, it is impossible
for my opinion on him to change
He is a big cheater aunty
You are thinking that he would cheat.
I am thinking that he would
keep me happy for life long
Whatever you think,
he is a very good guy Subbalakshmi
Please think positively
for once about him dear
No more thinking...
I cannot bear when all would say that my
granddaughter is in love with a guy beating the box
Get ready,
I will get you into the Hyderabad bus
I will go to Hyderabad aunty
You will not understand whatever I say.
He cheated you so much
It is my final decision
"No never let me go.. No never let me go.
I will follow you.. where ever you go."
"No never let me go.. No never let me go.
I will follow you.. where ever you go."
Hey dude, Riya is leaving to Hyderabad
"How is it that my breathe stops
How did my story change so?"
"Truth has become dream and
unbearable when you are not with me"
"Taking out half a second from second
Cutting out all seconds from the half second"
"It is like filling one minute of poison"
"Arranging the broken glass flowers
Changing it into the path to walk on"
"No never let me go.. No never let me go.
I will follow you.. where ever you go."
"No never let me go.. No never let me go.
I will follow you.. where ever you go."
"Behind thousands of miles and back of the mile
stones Do not change is into unreachable place"
"I am the drop of the drizzle and you are
the rainbow Show me the way to reach you"
"Showering shattered dreams and
arranging the fallen flowers"
"You ask to accept as a gift"
"Arranging burning letters,
you made fire in heart as song"
"The poetry is burning on the body of paper"
"Nn never let me go.. No never let me go.
I will follow you.. where ever you go."
"No never let me go.. No never let me go.
I will follow you.. where ever you go."
"Taking out half a second from a second and
cutting out all seconds from the half second"
"It is like filling one minute of poison"
"Arranging burning letters,
you made fire in heart as song"
"The poetry is burning on the body of paper"
Sir, is Riya there?
This is the house of Riya.
We are waiting for her
and she has not come yet
Hi uncle, my name is Arjun.
Is Subbalakshmi there?
She had to come in the morning.
I am trying her phone and it is switched off
Switch off?
I will go to the washroom and come,
you stay Ok madam
Excuse me,
can I use your phone to make a call?
Sorry madam.
- Idiot.
Hey, can't you see I did not see,
sorry madam sorry
It's Okay. Sorry madam.
Excuse me Sir...
Why did you come again?
To trace out in an hour of registering
a complaint, am I any...
who is that with underwear over the pants?
Superman Sir
Yes, you think I am Super man?
What do you mean by coming an hour earlier?
I've just come to give a complaint
that this girl is missing
How do I look ?
Hey, this is the guy bringing the missing case of
girl from Akkurthi of Chittoor district, right?
Yes sir, he ate brains for half an hour
What... me?
You changed the dress, ok.
Have you even changed the
photo of the girl and come?
I don't understand what you are saying
My name is Arjun and I came
this morning from Europe
What is this confusion for us
early in the morning, guys?
Hey Chotu
- Sir
Bring Tea. Okay sir
What is the girls's name?
Her name is Subbalakshmi , this morning...
Hey, don't forget Ilaichi in the tea
Ok Sir
You say yes and idiot,
you get the same tea again
What's the name?
- Arjun
Hey, not your name but of that girl
- Subbalakshmi
What's she to you?
She's my friend, actually...
Sir, You've finally achieved. Why did you stop?
She started yesterday from Prague
Landed here too, but has still not
reached home and her phone is switched off
She may have been to her friend's house
No sir,
we already searched everywhere already.
By the time we came here...
- Good morning Sir
What Sankara, said to come in the
night and came after three days.
What did you do?
ATM card got broke putting in the pocket Sir.
Went to hometown for bringing a new one.
Did you bring a new one?
Yes, I brought Sir
- Sir..
My wife took it saying
to do online shopping Sir
What work do these ladies have?
- Sir
One, they fight or they go on buying
Like his girlfriend is gone missing, it would've
been better if even our wives go missing
Yes Sir
To hell with him and his outdated jokes
Yes dude, when you give your card so
and what if they swipe at their will?
That's why I set for the OTP
to directly come to my phone
OTP, what's that dude?
One Time Password!
can you please get serious about this? Please
I'm talking about the same right?
Yes dude, what's the story of that OTP?
If anyone does shopping using our card
details, OTP is needed to complete the bill
That directly comes to our phone
Oh Yes.
So, when your wife does shopping
that OTP number comes to your phone
Oh no
Are you guys kidding me?
When I am tensed as a girl went missing,
you are all speaking as you wish
Who the hell gave you job, man?
I am going to complain
to the higher authority
You idiot! Why are you getting serious?
Even after confusing us getting a different
pic in the morning and another now
You are again making nuisance?
If you talk too much, I'll put you in
saying you kidnapped that girl, rascal
Yes, really? Talk to my lawyer then?
Sir, you please come
What the hell is he talking sir?
Please come Sir
- My phone
I saw so many lawyers,
get out Come sir, I'll take care
Make sure he is ruined Get out
it is difficult to get that girl believing us
They take bribes systematically here but
there will not be filing cases or enquiries
That's why we keep saying stories that
you came in the morning and afternoon
Still, will there be any two
people looking the same boss?
What to do now Sankar?
Where to search for Subbalakshmi?
As far as I know, there would be three
reasons when a girl goes missing.
One is Kidnap. That option is cancelled as
we didn't get any call for money
Second is the accident.
If that had taken place,
we would've got an information by now
Third is trafficking.
That means forcing girls into prostitution
or selling them abroad
I feel confident this has taken place, Boss
Because there is information
that such gangs are in the city
If you don't save that girl in 48 hours, you
can never see that girl again in your life
What to do now?
Nothing should happen to
Subbalakshmi at any cost
as you say the girl hasn't come from airport
we may get some clue
if we go directly to the airport
Hey, I heard Laxman saying about some car
accident and a girl involved in the morning
Where would we get that Laxman
There were three or four, they dashed
my vehicle and left very speed Sir
Oh no! Hey, who is it rascal?
This girl was in that vehicle Sir
Have you seen the vehicle number?
What? Has Subbalakshmi gone missing?
Yes dude,
someone kidnapped her at the airport.
We got the vehicle number
I'm checking the details.
- Boss
I'll call again Ok dude
As per the vehicle number we came to
know that the car was from some Travels
What's the nae of the travels?
Srinivasa travels. 3 Kilometers from here.
- Get into the car, come on
(Mobile ringing)
I've been thinking why did my wife still
not start the shopping, Sir. She has started
Yes, say Sridevi
Not me but should say the OTP
Oh no, what are you buying for 2000?
I'm buying some broom sticks
as they were coming cheap
Broom sticks costing 2000?
Is it required to buy them online
when we get them in the adjacent shop?
Oh no, I'm buying as there is 50% off.
Stop the nonsense and say the OTP
Ok, write
- Tell me
44 again?
Yes, 44 idiot and 19. Did you write?
I don't know whether she sweeps
the house with the broom sticks,
But is sweeping out all my bank balance Sir
Sir, there... Stop sir
Sir, this is the vehicle
I need the details of those who took
the Winger car yesterday for rent
Who are you to ask that?
Hello... Police!
You know Punjagutta Police station?
SI in that station is my cousin.
Do you know that?
Even the shaved heads
matched and you talk now sir
We have our sister's marriage in a
week and we need 10 cars for 10 days
How much would it cost?
Sir, this is the guy who took
Winger yesterday on rent Sir
Sir, where is the marriage?
In Europe
Not him, he is not the one driving that car
Ho do you know boss?
He is unable to open a bottle how can
he handle the steering in that speed?
- Yes
I'll give you as much as you need
Accident at the airport,
car taken for rent on your license
But it wasn't you who drove the car.
Then who was it?
I don't know Sir
My work is to give the driving
license and bring the car.
Another guy drives the car What is his name?
I don't know name and address,
he always meets at the wine shop at the end
How does he look?
girls are directly going to
wine shop and buying drinks
My wife is better, when she feels
like drinking will order online
Boss, it seems all girls
drink a lot in Europe right?
There are even those who don't drink.
- Really?
Subbu should drink...
Subbu should drink...
Whatever you say,
I'll not drink and its final
Do not overact Subbu, try for once.
All in front of the eyes will
vanish like a magic is done
I said to leave right?
One more
Hey, enough dude.
How much more time will you see?
10 more minutes dude
Hi bro,
A new drug Roast roy from Hyderabad has come
Will you try?
- No
Hey, he is just getting
better because of that girl
You don't bring in new things like drugs.
Get lost
No problem bro,
if you need the stuff just call me
Ok, go
Hey, she saw you
Yes, she saw me
Damn, this fellow is come
Will everything before eyes
vanish having this? Yes
He is vanished
Hi Subbu Huh...
How long will you come so?
As much far you go
It's eight Kilometers from here to my house
I'll come
Next week if I go to Hyderabad,
it is 8000 Kilometers
I'll come
If I'm not seen there after coming
I'll search every house
and street till you're seen
If I'm dead by the time I'm seen?
My aunt is mad about music
Why are you telling that to me?
How did you make 221 girls flat, idiot?
Boss, as that old man said seeing his
beard and store I think this is the guy
Are you sure?
I'm a Police, believe me Boss
Sorry bro
Hey, how many times should I say
that I don't know about any girl?
Do not just keep following me.
He is the guy boss.
I'm a Police and you should believe me.
Suddenly what is this action Boss ?
Boss, not an action but double action
Just like your faces,
even your problems are the same Boss, how?
You lazy faced idiot, what if our faces
are same? I'm worried as my girl is missing
I'll find out where Riya is
even by killing that rascal
Bro, just wait for a second
Problems would increase getting
emotional but not be solved.
We should have a plan
Are we constructing any bridge on
Swarnamukhi River to draw a plan.
Where did you find this idiot?
I had been in the morning to Police Station.
I understood that none would care there
I then directly went to bus stand.
One, two... Has this girl come here?
I didn't see
4, 5, 6, 7
I asked where did she get the chain
My husband gave it
I went to her husband
Sir, he gave it
I went to Seth from there
That Seth... Wait..
why did you go to Seth from her husband?
I forgot the kid in between
I don't know anything sir.
I went to Seth for giving tea and
picked it up without Seth's knowledge
I clearly asked that Seth
He is the guy who mortgaged your chain Sir
What is coming an hour before?
What chain and what girl, I know nothing.
I hunted for this guy and is found here
Ok Boss, that Seth,
Tea shop guy and the lady at bus stand...
Why did they all say the
truth when you asked?
They didn't say when I asked
His flashback is filled with
more bashing than sorrow
Both of you relax boss.
See how I would make him say
the truth using my experience
Just watch!
Where are the girls?
I don't know
Boss, you may faint seeing
the treatment I give him now.
Please keep distance
Say where the girls are else I'll poke this
I don't know
I'm poking
I'm saying I don't know right?
I'll poke.
- Hey, are you any deaf?
- Aah!
Oh no, blood!
When war comes you should do
the war but not recite a poem
Hey idiot, where are they?
I've no relation with those trafficking guys
When I'm asking about the girls, why are you
talking about some traffic and pollution rascal?
Bro... Bro.. Bro..
Trafficking means illegal business,
what they are doing is women trafficking
That means forcing girls into prostitution
If we don't trace out the girls in the next 43
hours, it seems we can never find them again
Hey, I never expected would get a
situation in my life to kill a person
I'm telling you now, remember this.
Every person involved in this
will not be left alive
Sir believe me, I'm just a driver.
I pick up and drop where they ask to drop
They deal everything
over the cell phone Sir.
We keep waiting for the phone
We don't get their number in the phone Sir.
Amount is deposited every month in the account
I know nothing more than this Sir, please...
What are you doing bro?
Second leg is free right?
I'm seeing what will fit in
Sir, I heard them speaking
about the train factory under repair twice
I know that they operate
and fix rod in the leg
but I'm seeing for the first
time pushing the rod directly
We should be very careful with this fellow,
If by chance I get confused and go with him,
please alert me Boss
How did you get my phone?
- What's the name of this girl?
She looks pure in looks and
how did she fall for you?
You look like a stupid and has
that Riya not fallen for you?
What's he saying?
We searched all the railway godowns in
the city and this is the final one left
But this is closed from 10 years,
no chance for them to be here
That driver has cheated us Boss
If only I'm able to listen to the song,
they are here for sure
Looks like she would not leave shopping
even in the midnight. My wife boss...
Why here when there is none?
We are already running out of time.
Let's go
I'm going in.
You follow if you wish to or no
Not that, listen to me
In the epics, Arjuna listened to Krishna
but not Krishna didn't listen to Arjuna
Only the Police know how to open
the closed locks. You wait here
In such times,
a solid rod and a hook at the end...
We'll have no use of tools
if he is with us boss
They've definitely brought the
girls here and shifted somewhere
Where would they have shift?
Boss, someone is coming.
(Mobile Ringing)
Hey, I'm in an important mission
I'm on the job of buying washing machine,
say the OTP
understand the situation in which I am
My hands are going red washing the clothes.
You try to understand my situation.
Say the OTP
Ok, write
- Yes
I didn't listen
Come on, say a bit loud
You rascal, 542754 ok?
Why do you say so slowly hubby?
Time is up by the time I typed
Even my time is up here
How many more guys are there, rascals?
Police..Police.. Hey
police has come
Hey, move fast... careful with him. fast...
Hey, start the vehicle...come on sit..
Hey, move fast..move.
Hey kill him... come on kill
Drive over him
Don't leave him...speed up.
We lost them
Did you lose your mind?
If I was one minute late,
you would've been dead
I'm ready either to die or kill for Riya
Is only your girlfriend in danger?
It's very easy to die or kill
First you should be safe for you to get Riya
It all has happened because of
this waste fellow's phone ringing
I should hit him with slipper
Do they hit with steps too?
Girls Colleges, shopping Mall,
software companies, and Sultan Bazar...
One common thing at all these places
is girls being very huge in number
Their attempt maybe at
any one of these places
But there are many Girls Colleges and software
companies in Hyderabad, where can we search for?
This time it is not us going to
them but let's make them come to us
If I do a concert, there will be a huge
turnout of teenagers.. especially girls
They would definitely try out
Will they attempt after so much happened?
It is written inside that 10
more girls are needed on the 11th
That means they need 10 more girls tomorrow,
I think they will definitely come
Super Idea boss
He saying it and you believing
like a mad sheep, it is great
It took me 25 years to make a girl flat
And all girls come in crowds if he
sings a song with the same face it seems
Is this something that can happen?
Dude, you know what Sigmund
Freud said in such situations?
What is that shame and fraud?
I should urgently call Mridanga Rao
Sir, tell me sir
We are doing a concert tomorrow in
the morning urgently in Hyderabad
Overnight arrangements should be made
across social media and everywhere
Update the details immediately
Sir, done sir
Mirchi 98.3,
this is very hot Boss and I am Sameer
Rock star Arjun's concert is starting
in a few hours from now in Hyderabad
"The thundering heart"
"Let the heart that is
like a cyclone shower fire"
"If you are not like my shadow,
I am nowhere"
"The thundering heart
does not let me be stable"
"The chasing heart does
not even let me blink"
"I searched like a sky and
am left as breath for you"
"My world has long become yours
and the loneliness waits for you"
"When the remembrances are poking the tender heart"
"A new life gave a pleasure of touching you"
"You are ready for war
and I am the weapon inside you"
"You are the concentration and destination,
I have no doubts"
"Come on move, in a pace of the cyclone...
Move on"
"It's just the clanking
sounds of victory in this way"
"Hey running age, reach the shore
of my love becoming the breathe"
"Shout aloud this story
of love like world hears"
"The thundering heart
does not let me be stable"
"The chasing heart does
not even let me blink"
"I searched like a sky and
am left as breath for you"
"My world has long become yours
and the loneliness waits for you"
"The thundering heart
does not let me be stable"
"The chasing heart does
not even let me blink"
"I searched like a sky and
am left as breath for you"
"My world has long become yours
and the loneliness waits for you"
"The loneliness waits for you"
One escaped and this
fellow died in his hands
You ruined the whole plan made.
The only clue left too... Damn
I did not kill going crazy, it happened so
Has it happened so?
Listen, I am saying now and
you'll never get that Riya
I will not remain a human if
you say such dangerous words
Who is saying you are a human now?
I don't understand how that
girl loved a wild animal like you
Hey, take him aside.
I killed that fellow unexpectedly and
I'll kill this fellow purposefully
Kill me dude, you know only that right?
Sankar, I'm sure that girl would be
happy there than with this fellow
It's better she is not found to him
how much time do you think is still left?
If you keep fighting so, they would
make the girls cross the borders there
Then it's a waste whatever we do
It's impossible to find them
out along with such a fool.
You die anywhere, I don't care the work done
I don't know whether you're
understanding my language or not
But remember, I am saying one thing
Whoever you are and wherever you are, a death
unseen by anyone till date is waiting for you
Someone killed Gani
Is it a Police? No
The guy who can reach
Gani can even come here
His plan is something different.
That is why he is following us
Do one thing, split all the girls
Go in two different vehicles
and in two different routes
And as per the plan, leave two hours early
And if he comes in the way, kill him
- Tell me Madam
Bring Samosas, egg puffs, Badam milks
from canteen and give them to everyone
Ok madam
What is special dear, is it your birthday?
No birthday nothing,
It's been one month since the guy Krishna who
continuously called to our call center and tortured
That is why this party is, let's celebrate
Hello welcome to Airvoice, we request
you to say your name and phone number
It's me dear, I'm Krishna calling
- Tell me madam
Cancel all the Egg puffs,
Badam Milk and everything
Ok madam
What rascal, did you start again?
I did not call for that now,
You should tell me where is the
guy with the number I say
Such an information will not be given here,
Hey girl, do not cut the phone
A girl like you is in
danger on the other side
Please say details of that
number and it's a help from you
Ok, I'll say but one condition.
You should never call here again in life
I'll never call in my life.
- Ok, tell the number
Name of that girl is Pranitha and it
seems she was beside a road unconscious
This definitely would be a deed of
that trafficking guys, this is the room
Oh no, they killed so cruelly
She died due to high dosage of drugs
As the girl was very weak,
she couldn't withstand drug effect
They threw her roadside knowing
that this girl will not be alive
Traffickers use this drug to
numb the brain function of girls
Poor girls will not know how many and
what they are doing when this drug is used
They turn them slaves and ruin the life
Using this drug repeatedly, mental trauma
occurs and they come into a suicidal tendency
What more would be a hell for a girl?
The only good happening to this
girl is that she died early
If not, it is very tough to bear that pain
What's the name of that drug Doctor?
This is called Roast Roy
and is available very rarely
Roast roy!
Tell me dude
You remember, a guy tried selling
us a drug called Roast roy?
When is it?
Hey, we had been that night to pub
for seeing Subbalakshmi, right?
A new drug 'Roast Roy'
from Hyderabad has come
I need all details from where that
came and who is dealing urgently
Ok, dude
Tell me Arjun
Hey, I'll do a concert for
your NGOs once I come to Europe
Thank you dude, thank you so much
Sorry dude, for talking that way
Hello, the number you said was operated
20 minutes earlier from Shaikpet
But I cannot say the location exactly
now as it is switched off
Shaikpet... Thanks dear
Drive to Shaikpet brother
Drive fast brother
Roast roy, say whom and where
all you sold this drug in bulk
Say the truth else I'll kill you right now
I gave twice in Balanagar Sir.
But I gave in Puaranapul for most times Sir
Where in Puranapul?
I saw this name somewhere?
In the train at night...
Stop brother
I came to your concert and tried meeting you,
but I couldn't
If you were late in coming, they would've
got me married to that waste rascal
Come on, we will go
- Who are you girl?
Where to go?
Why is your language so?
This is not the time for practical jokes,
What is your nuisance girl?
I am saying I don't know who you are,
go aside
Arjun, please stop it.
Take me before my people see.
Oh, his property?
I'm not Arjun as you think
but my name is Krishna
Don't talk silly Arjun, please.
Are you now taking me away or not?
Am I an eagle or you are
any chick to take away?
Go away from here
Please Arjun@
- Why do you hold me so like a python?
Leave, leave me girl.
I cannot be without you Arjun.
I love you Arjun, take me from here
- Yes..Daddy.
Please Arjun
Leave me
- Leave me
Nikky, what's happening?
My boyfriend
Uncle, what's happening?
Nikky, move without playing crazy tricks
Dad, I'll marry only Arjun.
I don't need this horse faced idiot
Don't frustrate me,
my name is Krishna and not Arjun
I know your perfume smell too correctly,
don't try to cheat me
Mother in law, what's happening?
What's this drama having marriage
in an hour? Leave him first
Mom, you don't anything, you be quiet
Hey, you're mistaken as I and
Arjun look alike. Leave me
You think I'll believe if you say not to be
Arjun even after spending three nights with you?
Dad, what's happening?
- Your fate is happening
Have you still not understood
how bad their family is?
Brother in law, I'll not keep quiet
if you talk bad about my family
What will you do?
I'll teach you a lesson
- What'll you do?
What are you talking..? What'll you do?
Boss, I think they are taking away the girls
Shankar, you go that side
- Ok Boss
Catch that fellow
What Krishna, you think I cannot
catch you when roaming freely in city
Why are you shaking the head so, idiot?
Since you hit me in the village, I lived
heniously without even able to eat food
And you are roaming joyfully
changing a dress daily here?
I already called your friends
to come and take your body
Just killing you is left out now
How did you think him as Krishna as
both faces look alike, you son of an MLA?
Our whole village knows that Krishna would always
face such things but never runs away right?
My body is already on fire
and if say a fight now..
You will not just have one but both the hands
to eat Biryani at Seenaiah mess in our village
Hey, where are you going idiot?
What is he speaking?
How can I be without eating
BIryani in Seenaiah mess?
I cannot be. I'm going
Hey, kill him
It's correct to push the cloth
in mouth for your blabbering
Who are all those? Why do they want to kill
you? Can't you be fighting with anybody?
I have never seen a brainless fellow like
you in life. I would've been dead if delayed.
I wish I could kill you.
How did your heart agree to catch the
collar of the guy who saved your life?
Hey, when I almost caught the van with
Subbalakshmi in, they came and spoilt that.
It's all because of you
Subbalakshmi is not there
in the van you're thinking
What are you saying idiot?
How do you know that she is not in that?
Subbalakshmi... Girl..
Dude, where are you?
Our MLA's son called and said he is killing you
in Vikarabad forest and I am calling in fear
Why would MLA's son kill me,
I'm fine and you cut the phone
That means... Subbalakshmi..
Would you come any distance for me?
I'll come
Would you come anywhere?
I will come
What if I was not seen there?
I'll search every street and
every house till you're seen
What if was dead by then?
Then I'll adjust with some Michelle or Jessy
Boss, there is information that the
courier service vehicle is going to Goa
Shankar called.. I should go to Goa
Why Goa?
I heard them talking about
some Goa and Dubai ship
I too will come
Why the unnecessary troubles for you?
Go home peacefully. One thing...
My mother would be waiting
for me at home in the village.
By chance, if I don't come back..
Keep visiting her often.
Poor lady would feel
happy thinking you as me
Nothing will happen to you Krishna,
we too will come
Come on, let us go and get Riya
When did you meet Riya
for the last time Krishna?
"As she has come,
did the air turn into colors?"
"The village breeze turned into this
babe and has she hug me like breathe?"
"When I am alone, I cannot bear
and this is never experienced pain"
"A century away would also
turn as the moment of meeting"
"Though am alone, I am inside the heart"
"The moonlight with no
scars has come on to the earth"
"It has kissed the dried out
heart and shared love"
"The moonlight with no
scars has come on to the earth"
"It has kissed the dried out
heart and shared love"
"You are my way and I came longing for you"
"Will the morning stop as it is
dark and rain stop as it is far"
"Will the flowers not blossom as branch is
blocking, will dream stop as it is in sleep"
"I opened the eyes and called in dream,
I won you and stood for you"
"This is the thick moonlight behind the curtain of
eyelids. It left increasing the beat of the heart"
"This is the thick moonlight behind the curtain of
eyelids. It left increasing the beat of the heart"
"You are my way and I came longing for you"
Bro, the ship that goes to Dubai from here...
Ship to Dubai?
- Yes
That left two hours ago sir
What is he saying?
It seems it left two hours ago.
That's the one for sure
Two hours means it would've
gone very far, what to do now?
Excuse me
- Yes?
It's an emergency and I need your yacht
Oh, this is my private yacht
I can buy it off actually
Do you know what's the cost? 15 Crores
15 Crores? everything you earned till
date summed will not be 15 Crores dude
I don't know whether you take advances for
concerts, take loans or sell our properties.
But the money should be
transferred in 5 minutes
"You are ready for war
and I am the weapon inside you"
"You are the concentration and destination,
I have no doubts"
"Come on move, in a pace of the cyclone...
Move on"
"It is just the clanking
sounds of victory in this way"
"Hey running age, reach the shore
of my love becoming the breathe"
"Shout aloud this story
of love like world hears"
Come Arjun
We started to Dubai and the girls
this time are great. Maximum...
you go this way and we'll see on the deck
He is the guy who killed our
fellow at the concert.
He is very dangerous bro
First that MLA's son and then this fellow
Hold it properly,
he'll not understand all these
Hey, who are you and how
did you enter the ship?
You didn't inform the Police right?
How many more are with you?
Where is Riya, rascal?
It was the same guy who spoke
to me on the phone right?
Hey listen,
it's just a business and nothing personal
So, say for which girl are you
here and I'll hand over to you
After that you will go
your way and I'll go mine.
- Hey
Come on, show the girl's photo
He says he would hand over Riya
He's saying to show if you have any photo
Hey, get her
Hey, take her and leave from here.
I'll forget thinking it's a loss of 50 Lakhs
How can you leave him simply?
If he has police with him
then the plan will get spoiled
Leave it.
Not just my girl...
When they are brought up like a moon making
them walk on palms as her feet would hurt,
do you sell them like
some material in the shop?
Every girl here will have a mother,
father, sister and a brother like me
I need every girl you
have along with your lives
Subbu... Let's go from here
Hold her that side
Every guy thinking to do business with the
modesty of girls should remember your dead bodies
Hey, what is he saying?
Basically he is saying
you are all screwed up
Is it?
Hey, do you know who am I? Ok, I'll say
I've killed more than 30 people till date
And exported more than 300
girls out of the country
And you idiot wish to mess with me?
Hey, where did you come from rascal?
And what will you do to me?
He is asking where are you
from and what can you do?
Chittoor district, Akkurthi village,
We are soft as Lord Venkateswara is
on the hill but if you mess with us...
Subbu...Take Riya and wait in the boat,
I will just be back
Ok Careful
Kill him, go
You know the value of this?
800 Bucks
I kept as a remembrance of my girl
How much does this stick cost?
How can I give it to you?
Krishna weds Riya
What dude, how is the board?
- Great bro
Bro, please teach me to write
letters like this Ok, come
I'll test how much English do you know.
Tell the spelling of Collector?
Correct dude, you are my assistant
- Thanks bro
Say the spelling of Doctor
- Not Do dude
What Police man, you are so happy?
By mistake did you win a
crore in lottery or what?
Not getting a crore but am happy as
the thousands in my account are safe
How is that?
It seems signals will not
come in your village right?
If my wife has shop for anything,
I have to tell her the OTP.
If I don't give the OTP,
my wife cannot shop
I am very happy, go
No idea what is his OTP nuisance
- Have you made all food arrangements well?
Hey dark rascal, bring it here
Give cool drink to Savitri aunt
- Take it aunty
Why do I need all these dear? All big
people have come, go and give them. Go
Look, if your son wasn't there lives
of many hundreds of girls would've been ruined
Who else is bigger than you here?
Take it madam
- Take it aunty
Take it...
Go and give it to the others,
- Go
Wow, it is not an ordinary
matter that even he is changed
Congrats Krishna!
What? Did you recognize us?
How can I forget you?
You are call girls right?
Not call girls but call center
I too am saying the same right?
Go and have food
Ok, see you
- Thank you
Name of this flower is...
Liliaceae helianthus
I mugged up a few science names for you
How sweet
Ok, where is Arjun?
Hey Krishna, there
All set.... Wow suite
Even Subbalakshmi has come
- Hi
What is this?
You too are coming to Europe with us,
flight tickets
What's there in Europe for us
Because we both are going to
work together from now
25% each to us from the money
we get for every program.
Rest 50% is for the NGO
"You are a King with a
heart as the huge sky"
"You are the man with cool
sight as the moonlight"
Can you listen to any song?
"You are the man with cool
sight as the moonlight"
That means, for the first time
only I alone am listening to a song
What shall I do if you both work together?
Who will teach music to Aunty..
Music to aunty? No!