Krispr (2023) Movie Script

- [Man] Okay, test subject,
KRISPR prototype G-4-6-6-7.
Cellular development has reached maturity.
Catalyst RH-18 has effectively combined
all DNA strands successfully.
Elijah, are you sure about this?
- [Elijah] What do you mean?
- [Man] There's no going back.
This is opening Pandora's Box.
- [Elijah] Give me the propafenone.
(gentle music)
(heartbeat thumping)
(heart monitor beeping)
("O Tannenbaum" instrumental music)
("O Tannenbaum" instrumental music)
(muffled voices chattering)
(ominous music)
- Here we go, Krispr.
I'm just getting you some women's clothes.
(ominous music)
- You fucking bastard!
- Chloe!
Wait, Chloe!
Chloe, wait.
Babe, it's not what it looks.
You need to listen to me.
- Stop, don't fucking touch me, Eli!
- Listen to me, that's Krispr.
- [Chloe] What?
- That's the Chloe we've been working on
for the past seven years.
I mean, that's the...
That's the clone that
we've been working on
for the past seven years,
Chloe, she's not a person.
Not like you were me.
I mean, she is alive
though, she's alive, Chloe.
That's my life's work, that's...
- What is she doing naked in our bedroom?
- I didn't have any
clothes for her at the lab,
so I just brought her here
to borrow some of yours.
I didn't think you would be back so early.
Now, come on, I want you to meet her.
It's Krispr.
(somber music)
It's okay, Krispr, come on out here.
Let's get you wrapped up.
There you go, that's good.
Krispr, this is my wife, Chloe.
We grew her to adulthood
but her mind is still like a
baby's, it's like a sponge,
'cause she's still dealing
with the concept of self.
And her language skills
are, well, still developing.
- Elijah?
- [Elijah] Yes, Krispr?
- Krispr do good?
- Yes, yes, Krispr do good.
Now, are you hungry?
You sure?
- Can I talk to you for a moment?
- Yeah.
(gentle chiming music)
What is it, babe?
- I just don't think it's a good idea
for you to bringing
your work home, do you?
- I can't help the
timing of it, babe, I...
This is an unprecedented
technological advancement.
I couldn't just leave her like that.
- I know, but we leave for your parents'
at five in the morning.
Are you just going to cancel on them?
- No.
I thought she could come with us.
- Eli.
Oh my God.
- What, what?
- I don't think that's a good idea, babe.
- This way I don't have
to cancel our holiday
and I can still do my job observing her
during this critical
time of her development.
- Okay, but I just...
Hi, Krispr.
- Hey.
It's okay.
- Krispr is sorry.
- Oh, it's okay, Krispr, you
didn't do anything wrong.
Without the amazing support I had
from Christian's stem-cell department,
my gene mapping technology
would never have been able
to create the nano precision
that constructed her DNA.
So, I invited him to the party.
- [Chloe] Oh, nice.
- Oh, that reminds me.
(unsettling music)
- What is wife?
- Well,
when two...
humans love each other,
they get married and they become family
and they promise to be faithful
and only love each other.
Which is why, when I saw
you, I was just a little...
shocked, as it were.
- Chloe wife is good now?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, can you hand me that knife?
No, that.
(knife clattering)
It's okay.
Oh dear, come here.
- Babe.
Babe, what happened?
- [Chloe] I'm sorry.
She dropped the knife and, I'm sorry.
- Oh, Krispr.
It's okay, it's okay, it's just...
It's just a little cut.
Come on, let's take you over here.
We're gonna get you cleaned up, okay?
Take a seat.
I'm just gonna take a look at your blood
and then we'll get you cleaned up.
(somber tempo music)
- [Chloe] I'm sorry,
she was handing me the
knife and it slipped.
- It's okay, babe, just...
Try to understand, she's...
a company asset worth a
hundred million dollars
and my life's work has gone into her.
She's vulnerable, she's
not even a day old.
It's okay.
So, Krispr, tomorrow...
we are all gonna go back in
the car, like we did today,
and we're gonna go for
a little trip, okay?
- What's tomorrow?
(Elijah chuckling)
- She doesn't know.
Well, in a little while,
me and Chloe are gonna
go lie down and rest.
Then, when we get back up, we
are gonna go back in the car
and drive all the way
up into the mountains.
you were designed so that
your cells create a huge amount
of energy compared to ours
and are vastly more superior.
So it's probable that you won't
have to sleep at all but...
Is that okay, Chloe?
- Mm-hmm.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
- But I'm gonna just make
a bed for you down here
and you can lie down and
sleep if you get tired, okay?
- Okay.
What's this?
(Elijah laughing)
- This is cucumber.
You like it?
Here, you can have some of mine.
Take my cucumber.
(eerie music)
(Elijah laughing)
That's fascinating.
Maybe she's dehydrated.
Here, Krispr, can you drink this from me?
- So,
my article is being
published by "The Guardian."
- Really?
Oh, Chloe, that's a amazing.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, the editor said
he wants to meet with me
when he gets back in town.
- Oh, wow, Chloe, I'm so proud...
(Krispr coughing)
Krispr, are you okay?
Are you okay, Krispr?
- Krispr is good.
- Is that better?
- Yeah.
(eerie music)
- Here you go, you can
just pick something.
- Chloe wife is good now?
- Yeah, Chloe is good.
(ominous tempo music)
(faint rap music)
- [TV Announcer] Varied totally to us,
they are not food, in the
world they are aware of
and also of what happens to them.
And what happens to them matters.
Each as a life that bears
experientially better--
(eerie music)
- [TV Announcer] An attack
on this united front
would be suicide.
Patience is the name of this hunting game.
(eerie music)
- [TV Announcer] Involves two processes.
In the first, called nuclear division,
the nucleus divides.
In the second process, cytokinesis,
the cytoplasm divides producing two...
(faint beat music)
- Yes, I've been such a naughty girl.
Are you gonna punish me?
(eerie music)
Tell me exactly what you would like.
Is your wife out of town?
Call the number on the screen below
to talk to one of our beautiful models.
(ominous music)
- [TV Announcer] First of all that,
whereas in the Hindu worldview,
the creation is the dismemberment,
voluntary dismemberment,
of the creator.
In the Christian and the Hebrew worldview,
what is dismembered is not the creator.
The creator remains eternally
separate from the creation.
(phone chiming)
(gentle music)
- [Elijah] What do you see, Krispr?
- Tree.
- Yeah, tree.
It's photosynthesizing so we can breathe.
- Come on, let's get going.
(gentle music)
You see, even though we can't
see the air, it has mass,
which basically means it has weight,
and that weight can be measured.
- Is air everywhere?
- Yeah, yeah.
In this atmosphere,
everywhere above sea level.
You see,
about four and a half billion years ago,
the earth had many volcanoes,
and these volcanoes put out gases,
which started our atmosphere.
Now, the gravity from the earth
pulls the air down towards
itself, keeping it all around us.
- Where is earth?
- Earth is the third
planet away from our sun
in what scientists like to
call the Goldilocks Position.
- Elijah a scientist?
- Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, Elijah, Elijah is scientist.
- Elijah is Krispr family?
- Well,
no, I mean, not...
Not in the conventional sense.
But I do care for you like you are my own.
Oh, hey babe.
How did you sleep?
(gentle music)
- What are you guys talking about?
- Nothing.
Just explaining about the atmosphere.
(unsettling music)
- [Chloe] Are you sure
your gift is enough?
You just got it from work.
- Oh yeah, Kaitlyn doesn't mind.
She's fine.
- I know, I just think it's kind of lazy.
You know what I got her.
- Yeah, I mean, she's gonna love it.
- Elijah?
- Yes, Krispr?
- Krispr is hungry.
Krispr have cucumber?
- No, I'm sorry, there's
no cucumber, Krispr,
but we'll be there soon, okay?
- Okay.
I think there's some
chocolate in the glove box.
Can you look?
- Oh, did I tell you?
Janet from the library is pregnant.
Also, she's due in August.
We're all really excited for her.
- Oh, that's great, that's great.
- It is great for her.
So couldn't it be great for us?
- Babe, I...
I don't want to get
into all that right now.
I just...
I can't, I have to
really focus on my work.
After the holidays, we
would've submitted everything
to the Nobel Academy
and then I'll have a bit more time.
Besides, Krispr is actually your...
- My what?
- I'll tell you later.
- We are ready.
We have enough money, a home, family.
- [Krispr] Elijah?
- [Elijah] Well, if they
offer you a new job,
I just don't think you have enough time.
- You can't compare getting a job
to starting a new human life.
I mean, just think of
it, you could have a son.
He could have that brain of yours.
- Elijah?
- Teach him all about
the atmosphere.
- [Elijah] I just...
I just don't have the time right now.
- [Krispr] Elijah.
- What is it, Krispr?
(Krispr vomiting)
- Oh my god.
(Chloe groaning)
Oh my god!
(Chloe groaning)
(ominous music)
Come on, Krispr.
It's okay.
(Krispr coughing)
- [Chloe] Oh my God, Eli!
- [Elijah] It's okay, Krispr.
Chloe, I'm so sorry.
(foreboding music)
Now, I'm just gonna leave
you in the car for a minute
and then come out and get you, okay?
- [Krispr] Okay.
- [Elijah] Okay.
Here we are.
(foreboding music)
(gentle bells ringing)
- You didn't tell them, did you?
- There was no...
I forgot.
It's gonna be okay, I promise.
Trust me, nothing is going to go wrong.
- [Man] Hey, hey.
- [Chloe] Hey!
(Chloe laughing)
Oh my God, you look amazing!
- Hi!
- [Woman] You look great.
- We all have seen the article.
We've been reading it,
- I know, I'm so proud of you.
Yeah, of course.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
- I'm so glad you're here.
- Oh, I know, it's so good to be here.
(group indistinctly speaking)
- Good, good.
You feeling good though?
(man howling)
- Yeah.
- Excellent.
- [Woman] This is so great.
- You need help with the bag.
- Elijah, is there someone in the car?
- Oh yeah, that's...
that's Krispr.
Why don't you guys go wait inside
and I'll bring her out and introduce you.
- But Elijah--
- Please, guys, just wait
inside and I'll bring her in.
- All right, don't be long.
- [Chloe] Hi.
God, I know, yay.
- [Mother] Come on, guys, it's freezing.
(music distorting)
- No, don't look over there.
(bells jingling)
Over here, honey.
- That's a girl.
- Over here.
Do, do, do
Do, do, do, do
- Fredericka, Fredericka.
- She's got some strong legs.
Are you a little dancer?
- [Kaitlyn] That's your Auntie Chloe.
- [Elijah] Everyone?
- [Mother] Yes?
- Auntie Chloe.
- This is Krispr.
(gentle chiming music)
- Oh, like your work.
- No.
Mom, this is our latest
designer clone prototype.
She's genetically enhanced to perfection.
She's probably gonna win
me a Nobel Prize next year.
But we did have a bit of an
accident on the way up, so...
I'm just gonna take her
upstairs and get her cleaned up.
Come on, Krispr.
- [Mother] Welcome home.
- Excuse me, yeah, sorry.
(gentle chiming music)
Babe, you're not really
getting in the shower with her,
are you?
- No, I was just gonna
put her in and help her.
She's never done it before.
- Okay, go, I'll do it.
- But I need to take
a sample of her blood.
You can do that later.
Just go done and be with your family.
- [Elijah] You okay?
- Yes, go.
(chiming tempo music)
- [Mother] Hey, Elijah, what is happening?
- What's happening is that
he's inspired by my look.
(mother laughing)
- Oh, yeah, she's...
She's good, she's taking a shower.
- Son, you know,
she's a hundred million
dollar government asset.
I mean, is it legal to
bring her to your home?
- Dad, she's more than just an asset.
She's my creation, I...
And besides,
Krispr was bought out
by private investors,
it's not a government institution anymore.
- So technically she belongs
to those private investors.
- Yeah, yeah, tech...
Okay, technically, yeah,
she's owned by those
private invest, but...
Okay, her cells developed much
faster than we anticipate,
which means that we had
to move up cardioversion
or we would've lost the whole project.
But this way I don't have
to cancel our Christmas
and at least I can still
do my job observing her.
- But how do you know it's even safe?
- [Elijah] What do you
mean, safe, exactly?
- [Matthew] She's the
first of her kind, right?
So you have no idea what she's capable of.
- Yes, exactly.
The possibilities are infinite.
- [Father] I think she's beautiful, son.
Your mother and I are very
proud of your progress.
- [Mother] We're really proud of it,
and we're really excited
about the possibility
of a Nobel Prize.
- Yeah, I know.
- If you ask me,
it's just not right.
It's against the law of God.
- Let's not get into this right now, okay?
It's Christmas.
- It is, but the Word says very clearly.
- [Kaitlyn] Matthew.
(gentle tempo music)
- Dear Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done...
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us all our trespasses,
for we know not what we do
in the eyes of the Almighty.
Lead us away from a path
of scientific blasphemy
and return us to a path of faith.
Bless us in the name of the Father,
name the son, name of the holy ghost.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Krispr, hey.
Okay, here we go, Krispr,
nothing to see here.
Get you back upstairs.
- Let's eat.
- [Mother] Yes, let's.
- Let's eat.
- Yep.
- [Mother] Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Walt, yep.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thank you.
- I packed clothes for her.
- [Chloe] I laid them out for her, Eli,
I didn't realize that she
couldn't change herself.
- Babe, it's okay.
- I'm not qualified for this.
- It's not your fault, it's fine.
- Krispr is bad?
- No, no, no, Krispr is
not bad, Krispr is fine.
- Okay, just go, I'll take care of this.
- But I--
- This needs a woman's touch, Eli, go.
- [Mother] Oh my gosh, you
guys, your baby's so beautiful.
My grand baby.
- She's cute, isn't she?
- [Matthew] Just like that.
(mother laughing)
- [Kaitlyn] Me too.
- Her first Christmas.
- [Matthew] Yeah.
- [Chloe] Hey, guys.
- We're sorry about that, guys.
This is all just very new.
- Yes.
- [Mother] It's all okay,
and I made up three plates for you,
and they're in the fridge
if you're still hungry.
- Oh, thanks, Mom.
I'm full.
But Krispr, are you hungry?
- Krispr likes cucumber.
- She really does.
(Elijah laughing)
Do we have any, Mom?
- We do, in the fridge.
So, Krispr,
how are you feeling?
- Good.
Thank you, Elijah family.
- You're welcome.
You can call me Madeline.
- Madeline.
- [Elijah] Here you go.
- No, she can take the little bedroom.
That's, that's probably fine.
But she might not need to
sleep at all, actually.
(baby crying)
- It's okay, Krispr.
(Kaitlyn shushing)
- [Madeline] It's okay, little one.
(baby cooing)
(gentle chiming music)
- Family.
Elijah's sister is mother?
(ominous music)
- Yes, that's right.
And I'm Kaitlyn,
but you can call me Elijah's
sister, that's fine too.
- Honey,
don't encourage it.
- Kaitlyn mother, it is woman.
- Yes.
She's a girl and her name is Fredericka.
- Fredericka.
(baby crying)
(eerie string music)
- [Elijah] I told you
everything would be fine.
I put her on the computer
and showed her how to use the internet,
so I'm sure she'll be entertained.
Which leaves us to do whatever we'd like.
- Wait, you just left her on the internet?
- Yeah.
I put a parental lock on
explicit content so...
She'll be fine.
Hey, I'm sorry for putting
you through all of that today.
It's a lot.
- I understand.
Now can we talk about it?
- Talk about what, babe?
- Our own children, not
some lab-grown substitute.
(gentle chiming music)
- [Elijah] Let's just go to sleep.
(gentle chiming music)
(dark string music)
(ominous music)
(unsettling music)
- Elijah.
- Merry Christmas,
- Merry Christmas!
- [Elijah] Oh,
it's so good to see you.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, did you sleep well?
- This is Christmas.
What do you think?
- Nice.
- So beautiful.
- Yeah.
Hey, Merry Christmas, Kaitlyn.
- [Kaitlyn] Merry Christmas, Elijah.
- [Elijah] Oh.
Glad you could be here.
- Hey, Elijah.
- Matthew.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Matthew, Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, yeah.
- Merry Christmas, baby.
- [Matthew] Yeah,
it's her first--
- There's a Christmas tree.
- It's her first Christmas.
- First Christmas.
- [Matthew] Yeah, yeah.
I think I'm gonna have to take her
out in the snow.
- Those are ornaments.
- Ornaments.
- [Chloe] She looks just
like you, don't tell Kaitlyn.
- Do you like them?
- You can see your reflection.
- Round.
- Yeah.
- It's kind of cool, huh?
It's kind of pretty.
- [Matthew] She sleeps like her mother.
- You can put it up there.
(festive jingling music)
("Silent Night" instrumental music)
(pleasant chiming music)
(ominous music)
- Okay, next up, let's see,
we've got something for Mom.
- Mom.
- Oh,
- Oh, wow.
- [Matthew] Just tear it.
- I'm sorry, I just
love every, oh my gosh.
This is incredible.
- You need help?
- These are amazing,
you knew I wanted these.
Look, guys, look.
- Oh my gosh.
- Kitchen knives.
And they're so big, I have
never had knives like this.
I mean, wait till you see--
- Amazing.
- Oh my God.
- Be careful.
- I know.
- With those knives.
- These are, oh my God.
This is great.
Thank you, I've never had
knives this big, thanks, honey.
- You're welcome.
- [Madeline] Thank you, honey.
- Wow.
- Okay, let's see, next up...
we've got something for,
who could this be for?
Oh, this is for me.
- [Madeline] Oh.
Was that from you, Eli?
- [Elijah] No, no.
- No, it's from me.
(Madeline laughing)
- From you?
- Of course.
- [Madeline] You mean you
got something for yourself?
- I did, indeed.
(Chloe laughing)
- [Madeline] Why didn't you ask me, honey?
I would've gotten it for you.
- No, no.
You actually would've
bought something online.
It would've been the wrong
color, kind, something like that.
It would've ended up at the Four Seasons
in Vail or something.
(Kaitlyn laughing)
- This one--
- It's just fishing stuff.
- It's not just fishing.
- No.
This is special, okay?
There's one of a kind, and I found it.
- Oh, let me see this.
- This is, no--
- This is ridiculous.
Look, it's just like
fishing line from--
- I don't think...
- Look how beautiful.
- No.
Don't touch the reel...
- [Madeline] Walt.
(Chloe laughing)
Oh boy.
- Krispr has gift for Elijah.
- What's that, Krispr?
- [Krispr] Krispr give Elijah gift.
- Oh, really, for me?
Guys, look,
she's wrapped it and
everything for Christmas.
Can you believe that?
- Yeah.
- That's so sweet, Krispr, let's see.
Wow, let's have a look here.
(unsettling music)
- Oh, it's an apple.
Well, thank you, Krispr,
that's really sweet.
- [Madeline] An apple a day.
- Yeah.
- Can you believe that?
- Mm-hmm.
- Let's see, okay, next,
something for Kaitlyn, here.
- [Elijah] Oh, yeah, that
is from both of us here.
- [Chloe] No.
No, that's from you, actually.
Mine's the...
that one in the bag.
The blue.
- This one, here?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Here, Katie.
(gentle chiming music)
- What is it?
- It's cyclobenzaprine,
I got it from the lab.
- What is it in English?
(Madeline and Chloe laughing)
- It's a pretty strong muscle relaxer.
Yeah, didn't you say you
had trouble sleeping?
- Thank you so much, you're a lifesaver.
- Think that's a good idea though,
because she's still nursing.
- Yeah, it's fine.
Just don't take a very large dose.
Half a pill should do it, yeah.
- Okay.
- Great.
Thank you so much.
- Yeah, of course.
- I appreciate that.
You didn't.
- Look inside.
- You got it signed?
- [Chloe] Yeah.
- Oh my gosh,
thank you so much, Chloe.
- Oh, look at that.
Thank you so much, Chloe.
- Of course, yeah.
(pleasant piano music)
She was doing a signing at the library,
so we just had a long chat.
- Oh, that's so thoughtful of you.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- It means so much.
- Glad you like.
- I love it.
- It's so nice.
(pleasant piano music)
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you
- Hey!
A merry Christmas
We wish you
- All right, Madeline!
A merry Christmas
- Yeah, yeah!
(pleasant string music)
- [Chloe] Are you all good?
- [Elijah] Mm-hmm.
- [Madeline] That's
beautiful, thank you so much.
(pleasant piano music)
(Matthew clearing throat)
- On this auspicious day,
Christ Jesus came into the
world to save us of our sins.
Born to the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem,
she wrapped Him in a cloth
and placed Him in a manger.
The guest house was full.
Glory to God in the highest heaven,
for on this holy day, God sent His son
to redeem those under His law
that we might receive salvation,
and adoption to sonship.
Blessed be the name of the Father,
of the Son and the Holy Ghost.
- Amen.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, that was lovely, Matt.
- [Matthew] That's what my
dad used to read on Christmas.
- It's beautiful.
- What is this?
- That is ham, you wanna try some?
- Is it meat production?
- Mmm.
No, I'm sure it came from
somewhere locally, right, Mom?
- [Madeline] Yes, it's organic
and it's locally farmed.
(dramatic string music)
- But it, it, it was, it is alive?
- It, it, it was alive but...
You don't like it?
- Krispr doesn't like meat production.
Why do humans kill so many
cows and eat so many beefs?
- Well,
I guess the early homo
sapiens depended on meat
for their survival.
And then from there,
it just got kind of
ingrained into our culture.
But not everyone eats meat.
Chloe doesn't eat meat,
and if you don't like it,
you know, you don't have to.
- Krispr doesn't eat meat production.
- That's fine, you don't have to eat it.
Hmm, you know what?
I, too, am gonna stop eating meat.
- [Matthew] What?
Go figure.
- Wait, really?
- [Elijah] Babe, I just mean...
- I've been begging you to stop
eating meat for eight years
and suddenly now you
wanna become a vegetarian.
- It's not like that babe.
- Don't.
- Chloe.
Chloe, wait.
- Stop.
- Well done, Eli.
Real smart.
- [Madeline] Eli, how could you?
- I'm sure she's fine,
she just needs a minute.
- Chloe is mad at Elijah
for stop eating meat?
- [Elijah] No.
- Jealousy is the ugliest of all of sins.
- Will you shut the fuck up, Matthew?
- Hey, son.
- Eli, please!
- No, no, no, I'm sick of it!
I'm sick of this
sanctimonious bible bullshit!
Like he wasn't jealous when
Kaitlyn met Pierre in Italy.
- Are you fucking serious?
- [Elijah] No, I'm not serious!
- Do not talk about Italy right now!
- It's the hight of hypocrisy!
- Hypocrisy?
- Yeah!
- You care more about
this thing than your wife!
- That's not--
- Not at Christmas!
- [Elijah] That's not true.
- Ha.
(gentle chiming music)
- What is jealousy?
(festive jingling music)
("Silent Night" instrumental music)
- [Elijah] Krispr, there you are.
What are you you doing here?
- I'm learning to read.
- Really?
Wow, that's...
That's great to hear.
Well, let's see...
if we can test you, try...
try this one.
Try that.
- Mmm.
- That's right.
- "Towards...
- Go on.
- "Sub...
- Yeah.
- "Subsequent."
- That's right.
- "Lurch towards the Civil War."
- [Elijah] That's incredible, Krispr.
That's amazing.
I can't...
(Elijah muttering)
- "A shiver snaked down
Alberta Brown's spine
"as she gripped
"the seaward lady's wood railing.
"Hoping she appeared outwardly calm,
"she qu-quickly scanned her surroundings.
"Crewman shouted to one another,
"laughing as they tossed thicked...
"thick ropes and adjusted ssssales
"in preparation for the ship's
imminent arrival in London."
- Eli, come here quick.!
- Elijah.
- Come quick!
Quick, quick, quick, quick!
She just said her first word!
- What?
- Yeah!
- No way.
- Yeah.
- Wait, wait.
Maybe she'll do it again.
- We were coming up the driveway
and she looked at Matthew
and she said, "dada."
- Wait, wait.
- What?
- Come here so she can see you.
- Baby.
- Who's my cleaver girl?
(Walter laughing)
Can you say dada?
- Can you say it?
- Say did, oh my gosh.
- Dada?
(baby cooing)
- Almost.
- Almost.
- Well--
- Dada?
- I actually have
something just as amazing
to show you guys.
Krispr has taught herself
to read in 45 minutes.
Come on.
- What?
- Krispr, you wanna show
them what you showed me?
Go on.
- "The boy stood on the burning deck,
"whence all but he had fled.
"The flame that lit the battles wreck,
"shone round him o'er the dead."
- [Madeline] Oh, I love that poem.
- I know, she loves it too.
- That's incredible.
- Completely fluent, that's amazing.
- It's incredible, right?
- Dada.
- [Chloe] She just did it again!
- And just think what
she'd be able to accomplish
in a few months or a year.
And now that her DNA was met
with such exceptionally high intelligence,
she'll be able to, her growth
is gonna be exponential.
It's incredible...
Let's see how far we can test her.
Wait there, I'm gonna grab.
(baby cooing)
- [Madeline] Come here, baby girl.
I think it's time for a little...
- A nap?
- A change.
- Oh.
- Come on, sweetie.
- Here, Krispr, why
don't you try this one?
- "Exert T. Jefferson, paragraph C.
"Congress shall make no law respecting
"an establishment of religion,
"or prohibiting the
free exercise thereof."
- That's--
- That's something.
And do you agree with that, Krispr?
- Yes, I would.
- And why would you agree?
- Because every human
has a fundamental right
to practice his or her religion freely.
To pen legislation that
separates the institutions
prevents any political party for favoring
any particular religion.
- It's remarkable.
- I know, remarkable.
She gets so smart, it's unbelievable.
- [Walter] Son, I think
you're really on to something.
- Believe me, Dad, I know how
valuable she's gonna be for me
and the whole world, really.
It's just so exciting.
- [Matthew] Scientific
breakthrough, maybe.
but where does it leave our morality?
- I mean, I fail to see
the moral implications
in eradicating disabilities, Matthew.
- You are meddling with
powers you do not understand.
You have no idea what the
consequences might be.
- And I suppose you're the
wise expert in morality.
Is that what you're saying?
- I'm not the one
playing with God.
You were so obsessed with achieving
the capability of creating life,
you never stopped to consider
whether you even should.
- Matthew, in today's modern world,
things are reasoned with
factual evidence, okay?
There's no proven evidence
that God even exists.
But science can be tested and
measured beyond any doubt.
So maybe we just agree
to disagree on that one.
- Not every scientific
discovery is beneficial to us.
- I mean, I think you're wrong.
I think you enjoy technology
in every single aspect of your life.
- Yeah, and what about Hiroshima?
What a great scientific breakthrough.
I bet the Japs are
really enjoying that one.
Weapons of mass destruction.
You see, I have faith in a higher power
because I believe in
something greater than myself.
- Honey.
- No!
No, this is an abomination!
You've irreversibly played God,
and now your just going to
package and sell it to the world
like you're a fucking hero!
- Matthew, you have no fucking idea
what this could mean for the whole world,
you ignorant piece of
fucking shit!
- Eli!
- Okay, son.
No, son.
- No, I'm not playing God.
I am fixing God.
- Eli!
- If you just take one
second to pull your head
out of your ass.
- Elijah, stop!
(ominous music)
(baby cooing)
- [Madeline] Oh dear, oh dear.
- You're all acting like children.
- Oh, dear, oh, look at the face.
Look at the face.
(ominous music)
- [Chloe] Eli.
- Don't even fucking speak to me
right now.
- Just calm down, Eli.
You were about to fight your own brother.
- He's not my fucking brother, Chloe.
He's a backwards hick
and you took his side!
- Yes, of course I took his side.
You haven't stopped going on about
your stupid fucking clone this whole time.
- Oh, so that's what this is all about.
Now we're fucking getting somewhere.
- [Chloe] Eli, you did
not care that your niece
just said her first word.
- You--
- You still haven't
read my article which you
also don't care about.
- And you just fucking attacked me
in front of my whole family!
- Yes, because I have have
been begging you for 10 years
to stop eating meat and suddenly
this clone thing turns up--
- Ugh, come on.
- And now you wanna stop
the same fucking day?
- That's bullshit, Chloe.
You have not been begging me.
- Yes, I have!
- No, you haven't.
You may have mentioned it once or twice,
but you always said that I
was free to poison myself
if I wanted to.
- Oh my God.
- That you didn't mind.
- Yes, I mind!
Of course I mind.
Do you think I'm like
your science project?
- That science project happens
to be my life's work, Chloe,
which not only paid for our lives,
but is gonna change the landscape
of human gene mapping forever!
- Okay, shush!
- God, yes, and while you've been
so consumed with your work,
you have failed to give me the
one thing that I've asked for
more than anything in this entire world.
- What?
- Come on, Eli.
- No, Chloe, no.
You always do this, Chloe,
you always turn it around
to make it about you.
- Oh, no, no, no, it's not about me.
It's clearly not about me, it's about you.
I'm just a fucking sidecar to you.
- You just made it about
you when you attacked me
in front of my fucking family
for no reason!
- And you deserved it, Eli!
- And then you came up
here not to apologize
but to make it about you again
and your fucking baby obsession.
- Yes.
Because you have your baby,
Eli, I don't have mine.
And you won't even talk to me about it.
(dramatic music)
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry for hitting you.
I shouldn't have done that.
I just, I'm so...
God, I'm so angry, it just
keeps growing, and you,
God, you only care about Krispr.
You don't give a fuck about
me or my feelings or...
There's just, God, there's so many signs
that right now is the right
time, you know, like...
I mean, everybody I know is
pregnant or has a baby, and...
Oh God, we have this beautiful home
and we have enough money.
If we started now, we wouldn't
have a baby for a year,
and by then, Krispr wouldn't
need so much of your time,
or she might not even exist.
(ominous string music)
- What do you mean, she might not exist?
- No, no, I just mean...
She might...
be out of your hands by then.
(dramatic string music)
- Okay.
- Okay, what?
- We can start trying.
- Really?
- Yeah.
(Chloe crying)
- Well, that was an interesting morning.
One Christmas down.
- Where's Krispr?
Matthew, I'm sorry things got
a little heated back there.
- Well,
I'm sorry about shooting my mouth off
about my devotion to God.
Everyone has the right to
believe what they want.
It's one of the freedoms
we enjoy as Americans.
- You know, that is true, so thank you.
Where's Krispr?
- Oh, I think she's in the office.
Hi, guys.
- [Matthew] What's for dessert?
- [Kaitlyn] Go help her.
- [Elijah] Hey, Krispr, are you okay?
- Yes, thank you.
- [Elijah] That's great,
what are you doing?
- Reading.
- [Elijah] Of course, yeah.
Well, I'm just gonna have a
quick look at your blood again,
(Krispr speaking foreign language)
- It's Dutch.
It means, "It's fine by me."
- [Elijah] You're learning Dutch now.
That's impressive.
- It's a phrase I came
across when reading about
the draining of the lowlands
in the 14th century.
- Oh, Krispr, I guess you do
have a lot to catch up on.
(somber music)
- [Krispr] What are you doing, Dr. Roelof?
- Dr. Roelof?
- You are Dr. Roelof of the
Krispr Institute of Genealogy,
aren't you?
- [Elijah] Well, yeah, but
you've always called me Elijah.
- Would you prefer that I call you Elijah?
- [Elijah] Yeah.
It's less formal.
I'm glad you wanna have
an informal relationship with me, Elijah.
Or should I call you Eli?
Your family does.
(ominous music)
- Looks healthy.
- Eli, can I get your
help out here, please?
- Yeah, sure.
(upbeat piano music)
- I'm gonna see the world!
Italy, Greece, the
Parthenon, the Coliseum.
Then I'm coming back
here and go to college
and see what they know,
and then I'm gonna build things.
I'm gonna build airfields,
I'm gonna build skyscrapers
a hundred stories high.
I'm gonna build bridges a mile long.
What, you gonna throw a rock?
(glass shattering on television)
Hey, that's pretty good.
What'd you wish?
What do you want?
You want the moon?
Just say the word and I'll
throw a lasso around it
and pull it down.
- I'm sorry I didn't
realize how big of a deal
your article was, Chloe.
I really think he's gonna offer you a job.
- I don't really know that I wanna
write articles full-time though.
(pleasant music)
- I'm just...
I'm so proud of you.
It was really good.
I'm sorry it took me so long to read it.
It's just, work has been so crazy.
- Okay.
You know, I think it's still ovulating.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, I mean, for me, either way works.
(Elijah moaning)
(door knocking)
- It's her, she's doing it on purpose.
- Oh, come on, Chloe, that's ridiculous.
- Elijah, I'm sorry to disturb you,
but I think I'm getting tired.
(gentle music)
- [Elijah] Krispr,
this isn't really a great time right now.
Maybe you can come back later.
- I'm sorry to disturb you,
but I think I might be getting
tired and I need your help.
(eerie music)
- Okay.
Babe, will you just...
Just give me...
I'll be right back.
I promise I'll be right back.
Just stay there.
Come on, Krispr, this way.
(ominous music)
Wow, you...
You look...
Did Chloe give you the makeup?
- Mm-hmm.
- Pretty, Krispr.
Well, let's get you into bed, come on.
Then lie down and go to sleep.
There you go.
Feeling tired?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah?
So you can just lie
down and close your eyes
and then try and sleep, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, goodnight.
- I wanna make love with you, Eli.
- Oh, Krispr, no,
that's not...
- I love you,
and sex is love expressed.
- Krispr, no, no, we can't.
Besides, I have a wife and...
No, I...
I think it's better if we
just say goodnight, okay?
(ominous tempo music)
(gentle music)
You okay?
(gentle music)
(water bubbling)
I'm so sleepy.
(Chloe chuckling)
No, no, no, no.
Stay, Chloe.
(gentle music)
(Chloe vomiting)
Chloe, are you okay?
Babe, babe, what's wrong?
Chloe, what's wrong?
Are you sick?
- Oh.
(water faucet spraying)
- What's the matter?
What's wrong, Chloe, are you sick?
- Eli, I think I'm pregnant.
- No, Chloe, that's highly improbable.
- No, I, I mean, I just...
Look at my breasts,
I mean, don't they look swollen to you?
- No.
- Can you just go to the
store and get a test, please?
- Chloe.
- I just wanna know for sure.
- Chloe, Chloe, Chloe.
Those tests, no.
Even if you did conceive the other night,
those tests aren't nearly sensitive enough
to pick up that amount of
chorionic gonadotropin.
- No, no, remember, in San Diego
when we used the old condom from your car?
- Well, yeah, I remember.
- Okay, well it broke and I
noticed when I threw it out.
(dramatic piano music)
- Well, why didn't you say anything?
- I didn't think anything would happen.
- I mean,
you have been kind of emotional recently.
I mean, when was your last period?
- I'm almost a week late.
(dramatic piano music)
- Wow.
I'll go into town.
- Okay.
- Okay.
(water faucet spraying)
- Great news, everybody!
- [Madeline] What?
- We...
Come on.
We are pregnant.
- Oh!
- What?
No way!
(Chloe laughing)
- Well, maybe.
We're not sure yet.
- [Kaitlyn] Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- [Madeline] Another grandchild!
Oh, I'm so excited.
- Yep, Elijah's gonna to
the store to get a test
but I'm sure that I am.
- [Kaitlyn] Do your breasts hurt?
Because mine still do.
- Yes, like really tender actually.
(eerie string music)
(Elijah inaudible)
- [Madeline] This is so amazing.
Chloe, oh gosh.
- They're gonna be so close to age too.
- This is so great.
- I get two grand babies.
Two grand babies.
- Oh my gosh.
What a wonderful way to start the day.
- This is fantastic.
Good morning.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- [Madeline] Yes, what a gift.
- Oh, goodness, mine was, it was long.
Wasn't it, honey?
- Mm-hmm.
- Let me see, we found out in April
and Dr. Sanders placed
her at about three weeks.
- Yeah, but you know what,
you get this radiant glow,
everyone says so, it's wonderful.
- But, believe me, by the
end of your third trimester,
you won't give a crap about
how much you're glowing.
You just wanna get that little baby out.
(eerie music)
- Chloe,
thought about names?
- [Chloe] Yeah, I really like Lucia.
After my grandmother.
- [Kaitlyn] What if it's a boy?
(unsettling music)
(family indistinctly chattering)
(unsettling music intensifying)
- [Madeline] You okay?
- Yes, thank you.
I'm just tired again.
- That thing's not right,
and the sooner he gets
rid of it, the better.
- That was so creepy,
the way she was just staring at you.
- Yeah.
- It's definitely a little
strange to bring her home,
particularly at Christmas.
But we want to remember
the technological advancements made here.
What he's done is truly
remarkable as an achievement.
I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if he
isn't seriously considered
for the Nobel Prize.
- Yeah.
- I mean, at his age, it's impressive.
- It's just that I thought
she said she didn't get tired.
(entry bells jingling)
- I got some more stuff for Krispr.
Have you seen her, Dad?
- I don't know, son, she just left.
Did you lose that hundred
million dollar asset?
- Hello.
- Hey.
Have you seen Krispr, Mom?
- No, I haven't.
But maybe she's not the one
you should be focusing on right now.
- Mom.
- Come on, I'm sorry, but
Christmas is a family time,
you know that, Eli.
- Yeah, I know that, but I
can't help the timing of it.
- Yes, you can.
- No, I can't.
- [Kaitlyn] Oh, hi, honey.
Yes, you're so sweet.
You're so good.
(baby cooing)
- [Elijah] Hey, has anyone seen Krispr?
- No, Elijah said she was tired.
But, honestly, I don't know why
you're making such a fuss about her.
(baby cooing)
- Krispr,
there you are.
What are you doing in here?
- I was just exploring.
- Yeah, is everything okay?
- Yes, Eli.
- That's great.
- Listen, I...
I know this must be
really strange for you,
and I'm sorry about that,
but please try to understand
that I do love you,
as a parent or a guardian.
You understand?
- I understand, Eli,
and I want nothing more than
to be friends with you forever.
- That's...
That's great, thank you, Krispr.
We're gonna do incredible things together.
- Do you really love me, Eli?
- Yes, of course, I love you, Krispr.
(ominous music)
Chloe, wait, Chloe!
(menacing string music)
Wait, please, let me explain!
- Don't!
- Babe, please!
- Don't!
I heard.
You love Krispr, and I knew it already.
I saw you in bed with her
the other night, I saw you.
- I was just comforting her, okay?
I put her to bed and I was out
of there in 80 seconds flat
and that's--
- You just told her you love her.
- I was explaining about the
different types of love, okay?
She's just confused.
- And are you?
- [Elijah] Am I what?
- Are you confused?
- Confused about, what
are you talking about?
- About your love for her, Eli.
Are you confused?
I mean, all you care about is Krispr.
Where's Krispr, has anybody seen Krispr?
I mean, it's all Krispr
all fucking day long.
- Babe, babe, babe, I just
went all the way into town
to get the pregnancy test for you.
- [Chloe] Bullshit, Eli,
you took twice as long
because you had to get
Krispr a fucking cucumber!
I mean, what were you
even doing in the garage?
- I found her there seconds
before you walked in.
- [Chloe] What were you doing in there?
- Nothing!
I was just...
(ominous music)
I was just...
Explaining about--
- [Chloe] About what?
- About what kind of love--
- [Chloe] Love you feel for her, right?
- Babe, please listen to
me, you have to understand.
She means absolutely nothing--
- Don't.
- She means absolutely nothing to me
beyond a professional standpoint.
After the holidays,
she's gonna be back in the lab
and it's just gonna be
you and me and the baby,
and that's, that's all
that matters to me, Chloe.
(ominous music)
I love you more than
anything in the world.
(gentle piano music)
It's just you, Chloe.
- As soon as we're back--
- She's gone, I promise.
I promise, she's, she's gone.
(ominous music)
Are you nervous?
- Of course I am.
- Hey.
I love you.
- I love you.
- I'm very proud of you both.
And it definitely calls for toast,
but first I wanted to tell you
all that your mother and I--
- I'm so sorry, Dad, just
hold that thought one moment.
The test.
- Yes.
We are going to have a child.
- Wow, oh, wow.
- Congratulations, Chloe.
- Chloe!
- Talk about cousins.
- [Matthew] Congratulations.
- I'm so excited for you,
Elijah, congratulations.
Isn't this great, Walter?
- Yes,
couldn't be happier--
- This is so great,
oh my gosh.
- For you both.
And you, Chloe.
- Thank you.
Oh, so I won't be needing this.
- Here, I'll take it, I could use another.
(Madeline laughing)
- Right.
we've decided, instead of
selling the Winchester house,
we've decided to leave it to
you, Eli, and you, Tater Tot.
(group laughing)
- [Kaitlyn] Wow.
- You each have one half
now, and you get to do
whatever you want with it.
- [Elijah] Wow, Dad, that's awesome.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers, cheers.
- Wow, cool
- Cheers.
- [Matthew] So where are you gonna go?
- Someplace warm.
- [Chloe] Mmm, good idea.
- [Madeline] Maybe on the beach,
maybe learn a little French.
(Matthew coughing)
- [Kaitlyn] Honey?
(Matthew gagging)
- Pierre!
- What?
- What?
- [Kaitlyn] What's happening?
- [Kaitlyn] Honey.
- Face!
(Matthew screaming)
- [Kaitlyn] He's sick,
could someone call 911?
- Son, is he breathing?
- You've gotta go, Dad!
- [Walter] Oh, God!
- Dad, he's convulsing.
- I don't know what to do, son,
I'm going as fast as I can!
He's dropping, it's at 30BPM
What do I do?
What do I do?
- You gotta call the hospital!
Matthew, stay here!
Matthew, it's his heart rate, Dad!
- Yes, yes, we're in
route to the hospital!
Get the people ready, hurry, hurry!
- Dad, his vitals are so weak.
(ominous music)
(phone ringing)
He's being stabilized.
He's not out of the woods yet,
but he's no longer in critical condition.
- Okay.
Thank God.
What was it?
- [Elijah] They're not sure yet.
They're keeping him here for observation
and running some more tests.
But the doctor said you
can all rest easy now.
- I can't rest easy now, but okay.
- [Elijah] Well, they
said he should be fine
and we can take him home
in a couple of hours.
- Okay.
Thank you, Eli.
- Honey, he's gonna be
all right, thank goodness.
- Mm-hmm.
- Kate,
why don't you lie down and
try to get some sleep, honey?
- I can't sleep.
I'll be fine.
- You sure?
- [Kaitlyn] Yeah.
Goodnight guys.
- Okay, you know where to find us.
Love you.
- Good night, Katy.
- Love you too.
- Love you, honey.
(gentle chiming music)
You sure?
(unsettling music)
(ominous string music)
- [Matthew] I'm fine.
I'm fine.
(ominous string music)
- Go slow.
Go slow.
Okay, slow, here's...
Here we go.
Slow, okay.
Okay, lay down.
- Can I do anything for you, Matthew?
Anything, Kaitlyn?
Just tell me what to do.
- Nothing, please.
- Kaitlyn?
- I'm really fine.
- Okay.
- They said it was just something
I ate but they got it out.
And there's no fire so
you can stop flapping.
- [Kaitlyn] What was it?
- They found a compound in his system
which had some pretty
unique characteristics.
- [Kaitlyn] Like what?
- It's the combination of
Lysergide and Psilocybin
and if it's mixed exactly,
it has some really intense side effects.
- Can you fucking talk English, Eli?
- Well, with the right
dosage it would be fatal.
- [Madeline] Oh.
(ominous music)
- But other than that,
it would be hallucinogenic
and extremely nauseating.
- Yeah, it was really dark.
It was honestly like hell on earth.
- But how did he eat this Lyser thingy?
- Well, it can be combined using
some pretty standard household chemicals.
If you...
Let's see, if you extracted enough
Glyphosate nitrogen from weed killer
and combined it with citric
acid using a solvent,
that could work.
- Oh, it must be from the ranch
and all the farming chemicals then.
- No, no, the effects are instantaneous.
- What?
- It must have somehow
gotten into the food.
- Into the food?
How could that be?
I'm so sorry, Matthew.
- No, Madeline.
- Kaitlyn.
- Madeline, don't be...
This can't be, that's ridiculous.
We all had the same thing
and it had to be something else, right?
- [Madeline] Eli.
- Eli.
- Yeah.
- Can I talk to you
for a minute?
- Oh my God.
I'm so sorry, Matthew.
- It was Krispr.
- [Elijah] What are you talking about?
- She poisoned Matthew trying to get me.
- Oh, come on, Chloe,
how could you say that?
- No.
- He took my wine glass last night.
- No, no, Chloe, why
can't you just support me
and my life's, my fucking life's work?
- Elijah, I do support you,
in your work, you know, I'm--
- Chloe, no.
- She gave...
- She--
- She literally--
- She doesn't have a
malicious bone in her body
because she's not even a week old.
She's not been corrupted like that.
- You don't see it because
she only shows it to me.
(ominous music)
- That's just not true,
Chloe, it's in your head.
(ominous music intensifying)
Aren't you cold, Krispr?
- I do not feel cold.
- Well, I'm just gonna
take another quick look
at your blood, okay?
How are you feeling today?
- Good, thanks.
How are you?
(machinery buzzing)
- [Elijah] Your plasma is clear as day.
I've never seen such clarity.
It's almost translucent.
That's amazing, Krispr.
- Thank you, Eli.
How are you?
- Oh yeah, I'm good, thanks.
It's just been a little tricky with Chloe
in her current state and everything.
- You're going to be a father again?
- Oh yeah, that's right.
- I like to think of you as my father.
(somber music)
- Actually, I wanted
to talk to you, Krispr.
As you know, me and Chloe
are gonna have a child.
And when women are pregnant,
there's usually a lot of extra hormones
which causes stress and
emotions to run high.
- Yes.
Commonly experienced during
the third trimester of pregnancy.
- Yeah, that,
that is correct.
But, anyway, I'd still
be very grateful if,
while we're here, you just try
and stay out of Chloe's way,
and then after the holidays,
we'll be back in the lab
and you won't ever have to
worry about Chloe again.
Okay, Krispr, how does that sound?
- [Krispr] That sounds fine, thanks.
- That's great, thanks, Krispr.
- [Chloe] Oh, you have a hair.
- Oh.
Thank you.
(somber music)
- [Walter] Oh, is anybody
up for a stroll by chance?
- Me.
- [Walter] Great.
- [Madeline] Coming?
- Oh, no, I'm too tired.
- And I'm too exhausted.
I'm gonna bring Matthew upstairs to bed.
Can you watch Fredericka?
- Love you guys.
- [Chloe] Yeah.
- [Krispr] I think I'll
stay and read my book.
- Mary Shelley.
That's a classic.
- [Krispr] It's curious how
Dr. Frankenstein's monster
was rejected by humans
when all it wanted was
to be loved and accepted.
(eerie music)
- That's right, yeah.
(ominous music)
(fire crackling)
- You and Eli seem very happy together,
and now he's going to be a father again.
- Mm-hmm.
- Eli is a lucky man to
have a beautiful wife
and two biological children.
- What do you mean two
biological children?
- Did Eli not tell you?
- Hmm.
Maybe he's not as close
to you as I thought.
- What are you talking about, Krispr?
- Elijah is already a father.
He used some of his DNA to make me.
(ominous music)
- What?
You're lying.
- I hear a slight tremor of
desperation in your voice.
That can only mean you know it's true
and that your darkest
fear has become a reality.
- Something is fucking wrong with you.
What do you want, Krispr?
- A little bit of him
is already inside of me.
Apparently that's not enough,
pretty Chloe wife.
- You're sick.
Human beings do not behave like this.
- But I am not human.
I am much, much more than a human.
- Stay away from me, Krispr.
- I do apologize,
Pretty Chloe wife.
- Get out of my way, Krispr.
- I just wanted to give you
a hug, Pretty Chloe wife.
- No, stop.
(glass shattering)
(Chloe screaming)
No, stop.
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
What are you doing?
Help me!
- What the fuck?
(Chloe crying)
- What happened?
Chloe, what is this, what happened?
Krispr, are you okay?
- I don't think
she meant to hurt me.
- What happened, Krispr?
- Wait, wait.
She's fucking crazy!
- Babe, please.
What happened?
- [Chloe] Fuck you, Eli!
- Krispr, are you okay?
What happened, Krispr?
- What about your pregnant wife?
Have you forgotten about her?
- Look at her, look what
she did, look what happened!
- [Kaitlyn] Chloe has
never hurt a fucking fly.
- Come on, Krispr, let's
get you cleaned up.
- [Madeline] Eli, go to your wife.
She just went out in the cold.
- Please, didn't you just see
what she did?
- Eli, go to your wife!
Let me take care of Krispr, come on.
(clock ticking)
(ominous string music)
- Chloe?
Chloe, come on, let's get out of the cold.
Chloe, I forgive you.
Come on, let's just get out of the cold.
- You forgive me?
- Yes,
for attacking Krispr, she's just a baby.
- Oh, yes, yes, she is,
she is, she is a baby.
She is your baby.
She has your DNA inside
of her, right, Elijah?
I want you to tell me right
now that she doesn't have
your DNA inside of her.
- She has a fraction of
my DNA, and of your DNA,
which gives you--
- What?
- Yes.
A part of you is inside her, Chloe,
which gives you even less reason
to push her to the
fucking floor like that.
- I didn't push her
to the floor, Eli!
- Oh, that's a great argument.
How did you just come up with that, Chloe?
- No, she did that to herself, Eli!
- What?
- She did it to herself.
- You're fucking losing it.
You're fucking losing it, Chloe.
- Is that what everybody thinks?
(eerie tempo music)
- Please, can we just get
out of the cold, Chloe?
- Fuck you, Eli.
I didn't touch her, Eli!
(ominous string music)
(entry bells jingling)
(Chloe gasping)
- Oh my God, Chloe.
- [Chloe] I didn't hit her.
- Oh, baby.
- I didn't hit her.
- I know.
- I'm sorry.
- Honey, I know, I know.
It's okay.
- Sweetheart.
- Where's Eli?
- It's not important now.
Look, why don't I just run you
a nice hot shower, all right?
Chloe, look at me.
- She did it.
- I love you, we all love you, it's okay.
It's not your fault, okay?
Okay, it's a big misunderstanding.
Come on, sweetheart.
It's gonna be all right.
Come on.
I'm gonna, I'm just gonna
run the shower, sweetheart.
(shower spraying)
Come on.
You're gonna feel so much better, baby.
Chloe, look at me.
Lift up your shirt, come on.
(unsettling music)
- [Elijah] Hey, Krispr.
So, what happened, Krispr?
- Chloe was upset, so I
tried to give her a hug.
And then she attacked me,
but it's not her fault.
Mammals will often try to
attack offspring of their mate,
especially if it's not their own.
Sir David Attenborough calls it instinct.
- [Elijah] Oh, Krispr,
I'm so sorry.
This is all my fault.
How's your nose?
- It's much better, thank you.
- Yeah?
It does look better.
Wow, your ability to
heal is unprecedented.
Krispr, no, no.
We talked about that, Krispr, it's...
- I know you have a wife,
but I think there's something
you should know about your wife.
(eerie music)
I found this in the trash.
(ominous music)
- [Elijah] Listen, Chloe,
I'm just gonna go downstairs
and sleep tonight, okay?
- What?
- I really don't want to
have a fight right now,
so I'm just gonna grab some
things and go downstairs.
- You're leaving me?
You still don't believe me.
Almost 10 years of being with
you and you don't believe me.
- Please, Chloe...
Just tell me why you hit her.
- I did not hit her.
- Wow.
You know, I...
I really thought, I never
thought it can come to this,
but I feel like if you can't
be honest with me about this,
I'm gonna have to take some
time to think about us.
(ominous music)
- Wow.
real classic gentleman, Eli,
just abandoned your wife and unborn child.
- What child, Chloe?
You fucking, you lied about that too.
- What?
I didn't lie.
- [Elijah] I can't even
fucking look at you.
I don't know who you are.
- You don't know who I am?
I don't know who the fuck you are.
Why would you use both of
our DNA to make a clone,
but not wanna have a child, an
actual child with your wife?
- [Elijah] It's an infinitesimal
fraction of DNA, Chloe.
It's like a drop in the ocean.
(ominous music)
- You did want a baby.
Just not with me.
(bag zipper buzzing)
(Chloe crying)
(ominous music intensifying)
(Chloe crying)
(phone buzzing)
- Hello.
- Elijah, G-4-6-6-7 is
gone, she's not in the lab.
- I know, I know, Christian, I have her.
- Are you insane?
Where are you?
- Christian, everything's
fine, will you calm down?
I'm at my parents'.
- The lack of movement
triggered a motion sensor
that sent an alert to the entire team.
You're lucky I check
my work notifications.
- Fuck.
- Also, what the hell do
you think you're doing?
You have no idea what she's capable of.
You have no control over
what she's exposed to
or what she learns.
- Well, I had to keep her
under observation, Christian.
- She was under observation,
Eli, she's under surveillance.
- Listen, Christian, I'm her creator.
I know what's best for her, okay?
Trust me.
I was not gonna let her spend
her first days in this world
in some cold laboratory.
- If Benson finds out,
you are going to get fired
and you will be pressed
with criminal charges.
We can still salvage this.
I'll take her back with me
after the New Year's Eve party.
- Okay.
Okay, I'll see you then.
(unsettling music)
(clock ticking)
(foreboding music)
(eerie tempo music)
(crow squawking)
(crow squawking)
(eerie tempo music)
- [Kaitlyn] No!
- Kate?
- [Kaitlyn] Oh my God!
(Kaitlyn sobbing)
- [Elijah] What's the matter?
- [Kaitlyn] Oh my God!
- [Matthew] What, Kaitlyn?
- [Elijah] No!
- What is it?
(Kaitlyn screaming)
- [Elijah] No!
Get up!
- [Kaitlyn] No!
(Kaitlyn wailing)
(Elijah crying)
(Elijah vomiting)
- No!
- Eli!
- No!
- Eli!
- Please.
- Come on.
(Kaitlyn crying)
- [Kaitlyn] No.
(eerie tempo music)
- [Matthew] There!
- What?
- No, no, no.
No, it couldn't have been.
- It wasn't.
- No, no, it couldn't have been.
- I didn't, I didn't.
- [Kaitlyn] No, no, no.
(ominous music)
- [Matthew] Here!
- [Kaitlyn] Mom's Christmas present?
(ominous music)
- Chloe, why?
- No, no.
No, I didn't.
I didn't do it, I didn't do it.
It's Krispr, it's Krispr.
- She couldn't have done.
- Krispr's doing it to
turn you against me.
- Don't fucking touch me!
- Please, please!
Eli, please believe me.
Please, please, Krispr's doing
it to turn you against me.
- Quiet.
Don't fucking touch me.
(Chloe crying)
(ominous music)
- [Matthew] Wake the fuck up!
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
- God, no.
(Kaitlyn crying)
- [Kaitlyn] What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
- You still say it was Krispr?
You see what you did?
- Oh my God.
- My fucking--
- Eli.
- My parents.
- I didn't do it.
- My life's fucking work
is dead!
- Eli, I didn't--
- Fucking dead!
- I'm calling the police.
- I didn't do it.
I swear, Eli, I wouldn't do that.
She did it, she did it,
she's the one that killed your parents.
She's the one that...
Eli, I wouldn't do that.
Eli, Eli, Eli, Eli!
(ominous music)
- The phone's dead.
- Maybe Chloe?
- [Elijah] Come on.
(sinister music)
(eerie tempo music)
(liquid sizzling)
- Chloe, where's my phone?
(eerie tempo music)
Chloe, where's my phone?
(unsettling music)
- I swear I've never seen
this before in my life.
- Bullshit, Chloe.
- You still don't believe me?
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- I didn't do it.
- [Matthew] Our cellphones.
- What're we gonna do?
- Maybe we can Skype from my laptop.
- Mm-hmm.
- There's no internet,
the landline's down.
- It' worth a try, come on!
- Mm-hmm.
(unsettling music)
- Eli!
(Chloe banging)
(Matthew and Kaitlyn screaming)
- [Elijah] Krispr, no.
No, Krispr, it's not possible,
you didn't have a pulse.
- [Krispr] I think as my creator, Eli,
you should give yourself
some extra credit.
- Why, what have you done?
- [Krispr] Dr. Frankenstein's
monster was ill equipped
to receive love from humans.
I am not a monster.
I am the incarnation of human perfection
achieved by the miracle
of modern day science
and my beloved creator.
- You.
You kill my parents.
You killed my sister.
(Elijah groaning)
(Elijah moaning)
(eerie tempo music)
- That is why I have
given myself a human name.
I think Eve is most fitting.
She was the first of
her kind, and so am I.
She was also made from Adam's rib.
But he loved Eve.
Why do you not love me, Eli?
Well, it doesn't matter now.
The house is yours and we
never have to leave here again.
We can build a beautiful,
loving family here together.
(eerie music distorting)
(Elijah groaning)
Hello, Eli.
- [Elijah] Hydrogen--
- Hydrogen cyanide.
That's correct, Eli.
But no need to worry, you're
completely safe down here.
All the fumes will rise and I
am almost completely immune.
- Chloe.
(Krispr shushing)
- Eli,
no need to worry about
Pretty Chloe wife anymore.
Plus, your father had some
marital aids we could us.
- Krispr.
- And now we will make
love in a literal sense
to ensure we are bound by family.
I will need to bear your child.
And what better way to
consummate our bond forever?
Open wide.
(Elijah whimpering)
(Elijah gagging)
(ominous music)
All your muscles remain sedated
except for the one I need.
(unsettling music)
Don't you see now, Eli?
Dr. Frankenstein's monster
could never bear children,
but this way we can make a family
with superior genetic makeup.
(glass shattering)
(ominous music intensifying)
(wind howling)
Where are you, pretty Chloe wife?
(ominous music)
- How's your immunity to acid, bitch?
(Krispr screaming)
(acid sizzling)
(Chloe gasping)
(Chloe coughing)
Yeah, Eli.
Eli, Eli.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
You were right.
You were right.
(Chloe shushing)
It's all my fault.
It's all my fault.
- It's all right.
(footsteps thudding)
Go, go!
You gotta go.
Get out, Chloe.
(eerie music)
(unsettling music)
- Help, no!
(Chloe coughing)
(Chloe gasping)
(wind howling)
(Chloe coughing)
(unsettling tempo music)
(wind howling)
- Come out, pretty Chloe wife.
I can smell your fear.
It's so pungent.
- [Chloe] No.
No, no, please, I didn't
do anything to you!
- Abomination!
And the Lord God said, "I will
rid the land of evil beasts.
"You will chase your enemy
"and I will spite him by the sword."
(knife slicing)
(Matthew yelping)
(Matthew groaning)
(wind howling)
(Matthew groaning)
(knife slicing)
- Please.
(wind howling)
- [Krispr] Pretty Chloe wife.
(Chloe screaming)
(unsettling music)
- Eli!
Eli, Eli.
Eli, Eli, Eli.
(glass shattering)
(ominous music)
- [Krispr] You know,
it was really you who gave me the idea
of starting a family with Eli.
- [Chloe] He'll never be yours.
- Love bound by family.
It's a good system.
It's what Dr. Frankenstein's
monster wanted
but was cruelly denied by humans!
(Chloe screaming)
Stupid Chloe wife.
He needs my immunity.
(foreboding music)
(music intensifying)
(gun clicking)
(Chloe groaning)
(punch thudding)
(Krispr yelping)
(Chloe groaning)
(Chloe gasping)
- Eli.
Eli, Eli, Eli?
(unsettling music)
(Chloe crying)
I'm sorry.
("Silent Night" eerie chiming music)
(Eli groaning)
- Chloe?
God, no.
(Elijah crying)
God, no.
I can't go on.
I can't go on.
(ominous string music)
(entry bells jingling)
(foreboding music)
(crow squawking)
- Elijah!
- I don't know!
I don't know what to do!
- We're at
the Roelof residence.
- Goddamn it, call the police!
Here, here!
- Guys, get over here!
- He's dead!
- He's dead!
Over here, now!
- Yes, it looks like
it just happened.
- What's going on?
- It's Elijah!
- What happened?
- I don't know what happened.
Get over here!
- Yeah, Roelof.
- Yeah.
- Oh my God!
Where's, here, take her!
Where's Pierre?
- He's in the house!
(unsettling music)
(baby crying)
(dramatic organ music)
(wind howling)
(crow squawking)
- Subject Krispr G-4-6-6-7
is out of containment.
(wind howling)
(dark ambient music)
(birds chirping)
(footsteps crunching)
(foreboding music)
(wind howling)
- Hello.
- Do you have a wife?
- Nope.
- Perfect.
(festive jingling music)
("O Tannenbaum" instrumental music)