Kronos (1957) Movie Script

Sorry, this is restricted territory.
- I seem to be lost...
- Where do you want to go?
I left Phoenix, made a
side trip to Lobos City.
I got off this road.
Haven't seen a sign for 40 miles.
Right here is where you
made your wrong turn.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
You have no business here.
How'd you get past the guard?
Dr. Eliot...
This guy broke in.
I couldn't help it.
He conked me.
Are you all right?
- Better call the hospital.
- Better call the morgue.
- What happened to him?
- Looks like a heart attack.
Take him out of here.
Sure, Doc, sure.
Atta girl, Susie.
I knew you'd come through.
What are you doing here
in the salt mines?
Didn't you and Vera have a
date to go to the movies?
Leaving right away.
I just dropped in to check on M47.
Here the data on M47's orbit.
Susie just finished the job.
Come on, Arnie.
Take a look.
Like I always say, after you've seen
one asteroid you've seen them all.
Sure, to you she's just a set of
intercorrelated coordinates,
what fun is that?
She's a beauty all right.
Have you named her yet?
I don't think I know her well
enough to call her by name.
After all, I haven't even
computed her ecliptic yet.
Great Scott!
What's the matter?
That thing is changing its course.
It looks the same to me.
You haven't been watching
it as long as I have.
The orbit shows a slight perturbation, but
it could be a grav pull from the moon.
No, I doubt it.
I set the exposure meter
at 10 minute intervals.
Maybe we got enough
photos to make a fix.
- Is there anyone in the darkroom?
- Yeah, Vera is, of course.
Let's get down there, right away!
- How we doing, Vera?
- Here there are, Les.
What do you make of it, Arnie?
Looks like a good 15
degree shift to me.
It's a little out of my line, Les.
But Susie can give us the straight
dope, with no guess work.
Let's run a double check before
we take these to Dr. Eliot.
Get 'em dried off and bring
them right upstairs.
There goes our movie.
Aw...chin up, Vera.
The movie was probably a dog anyway.
Right, Susie?
Susie gets a lot more
attention than I do.
Susie's going into her
differential phase.
- I never get tired of watching her.
- Neither do I.
- But why Susie?
- Very simple.
Integrating Equitensor.
Put 'em all together, they spell Susie.
Well, it won't be long now, Les.
Everything points to
the same conclusion.
Spectroscopic shift to the violet
plotting coordinates...
- Having trouble, Dr. Culver?
- I can't figure it out.
The interlace and the diode loop went
right out of sync for no reason.
I'm sure you'll be able to find it [??].
Dr. Eliot, we've run on something
you'll be interested in..
Input level okay.
Feedback negligible.
Cathode checks.
Susie, speak to me!
Seems like your girlfriend's
getting temperamental.
Very interesting, Gaskell.
If your assumption turns
out to be justified.
It's more than an
assumption, Dr. Eliot.
Oh, of course.
Pardon the unfortunate choice of word.
Let me know if you find out
anything more about the new orbit.
- I can't figure him out.
- He didn't seem to believe you at all.
Les, I'm stumped. It may be an all
night job before I find the bug.
Anything we can do?
Nah, it's gonna take lots of
work to get Susie back in shape.
Look, why don't you two
go on to the show.
All right. Might as well.
See you latter
Come on, Les. If we hurry,
we'll just make the feature.
Yeah, oh sure.
That's the starter button,
right there on the dash.
I should have phoned Professor Winter
at Palomar or Burns at Harvard.
Oh, Les!
Well, we'll want verification
from other observatories anyway.
That's the only thing that'll
ever convince Eliot I'm right.
Here we go again!
I better go back and
see what Arnie doing.
Besides, there probably will be
more film to develop any minute.
I don't know when I've
enjoyed a movie so much.
I'm sorry, honey.
I don't understand you, Les.
You've never been so tense
about a planetoid before.
Well, M47 is my baby!
Naturally I worry about
her when she's ailing.
I know you better than that.
Something else is on your mind.
Yeah, that swing out of orbit...
...not normal.
When I saw it I got a kind of chill.
- It's weird!
- Very scientific.
Oh, I have my unscientific moments.
Would you be having one now?
Say, you about through down there?
Oh, yeah.
Susie's back on deck and rarin' to go!
Diameter: 4.9 miles.
Mass over 6000 megatons
and speed of 1750 miles per second.
And destination: Earth.
We can only hope it burns itself out
when it enters the atmosphere
With that mass, not a chance!
Perhaps you're right.
Perhaps I've underestimated both of you.
That's not important now, sir.
What is important is M47 will
strike the Earth within 16 hours.
And it must not be permitted
to strike at all.
- How can we prevent it?
- A job for the Army.
They've got the guided missiles,
the nuclear warheads.
Intercept and destroy
it before it strikes.
Standby to ready missiles.
Missiles ready.
Connect automatic radar tracking.
Missiles connected to tracking radar.
Standby to fire missiles.
Standing by.
All stations, at my signal
the time will be X minus one minute.
All stations... my signal the time
will be X minus 20 seconds.
Repeat, X minus 20 seconds.
19, 18,
17, 16, 15,
14, 13,
12, 11,
10, 9, 8,
7, 6, 5,
4, 3,
2, 1, fire!
I will now announce time to intercept.
25, 24,
23, 22,
21, 20,
19, 18,
17, 16, 15,
14, 13, 12,
11, 10,
- 9, 8, 7...
- They found the target.
- 6, 5, 4...
- The missiles are converging.
Guard your eyes.
... One, zero!
- What's happening, Les?
- Hard to say.
I think the missiles
have done the trick.
- No, wait.
- What is it?
- What do you make of it, Arnie?
- It's not destroyed at all.
Those rockets carried enough explosive
force to blow up all of New York.
They had no effect at all!
- Something's happening.
- What, what?
Get Eliot!
Failure of the atomic missiles
to explode the asteroid
is still an unexplained mystery.
General Miles reports other steps are
being taken to cope with the emergency,
but refuses to give details.
The atomic warheads seem to have had
an effect on the object, however,
causing it to veer in its course.
Unofficial estimates are
that the asteroid will land
somewhere on the North
American continent,
but no two experts agree
exactly where that will be.
Chances of the object striking
a large city are remote.
The Mayor, the police
commissioner of New York
urge all the people to
stay where they are,
and not, I repeat, not give
way to unfounded rumors.
The asteroid is heading in the
general direction of New York,
but it hoped that it will pass
over without damage to the city.
That unusual sound you hear is being
given off by the approaching asteroid.
Ladies and gentlemen, please
stay tuned to this station.
We will try to keep on the air.
We understand that static from
the asteroid is interfering.
We hope the danger will
be over any second.
The people of North American
breathed more easily today.
By providential chance,
the giant body missed
the heavy centers of population
and plunged into the Pacific
- off the Mexican coast.
- Turn that thing off!
Many churches are holding special services
of thanksgiving for the deliverance from...
"Danger averted!"
What's the matter with them?
Can't they see any farther than their noses.
Several scientific institutions are
already talking about plans to
- send expeditions to study it.
- Plans?!
Do you realise how long it takes a
scientific expedition to get under way?!
- I think I do.
- Months!
Les, the asteroid will stay put.
How do we know it will?
- What are you talking about?
- Look, Arnie...
You and I saw M47 swerve in its path,
take a course impossible to
explain by natural physical laws
- Didn't we?
- Yes, we did.
Any mass ten times its size and density
should have been pulverized
by that atomic barrage,
but it wasn't!
Instead, it changed its path again,
struck downward towards the Earth.
Like a wounded animal lashing
out at its tormentor.
- Well, what does all this add up to?
- What, Les?
Now, don't laugh.
Maybe it's just a crazy hunch, but...
I got a feeling I'd like to
go down there right now.
To Mexico?
What'll ya see?
I don't know.
Maybe nothing.
What about Eliot?
He'll have to give his approval, won't he?
Right now he's in no position
to approve or disapprove!
- Oh, but Les...
- Look, Arnie...
What if it is an intelligent
being of some sort from...
somewhere out there?
Will it wait for our scientific expeditions
to get under way 6 months, a year from now?
Or will it make a move of its own...
- before that?
- From under 2 miles of ocean?
Why not? It came through a
billion miles of space.
You better turn back.
We're running short of gas.
[Speaking Spanish]
It is very good.
That Vera!
Packs our equipment and
leaves out the chemicals!
Is this what you're referring
to, Dr. Gaskell?
How did you get down here?!
Took a plane to Mazatlan.
Hired a Jeep for the rest of the way.
- You know what I mean.
- I thought you might need these.
If you hadn't been so careless.
Careless, like a fox.
I don't know what you're
referring to, Dr. Culver?
Never mind.
Look, you must be hungry. They tell
me this Mexican food is just wonderful.
[Speaking Spanish]
Water! Water!
Hurry, water!
I'll do it.
...I understand.
I...I'll do it.
No, thanks.
Hey, Les...
Manuel wants us to go
clam digging with him.
- How about it?
- Uh-uh.
No, thanks.
I've already dug up a clam.
I'm sorry, Vera.
Well, I've had more thrilling dates.
Look, Vera, this thing is on my mind.
Well, there's not a thing you
can do about it 'til morning.
Why don't you stop
worrying and try to relax?
We'll go over the whole area
again with a fine tooth comb...
- ...start out before dawn.
- And if you don't find anything?
At least we can get back to Labcentral before
Eliot learns what a fool I made of myself.
You know, somebody might think that you're
disappointed in not finding some...
horrible beast from another planet.
I can't get over the awful
feeling that this is the calm...
and that the storm is going
to break out any minute.
I never looked at the night
sky without an awareness
that there's more out there than
we can ever hope to understand.
Things we might sense if we weren't
too stupid to admit their existence.
Doctor, look at this.
Sedative, Nurse.
It's having no effect.
Ask Dr. Williams to prepare the
patient for shock treatment.
Yes, Doctor.
- Dr. Gaskell?
- Hmm?
- Will you marry me?
- Why, Miss Hunter!
- Can you cook?
- Cook? I wrote the book!
I whipped this up all by myself.
Do you think you'll be able to
respect a husband who's probably
pulled the scientific
boner of all time?
Les, look!
Les... Les, that thing!
Look at the size of it!
I knew it. I knew it.
This is a great improvement.
Electroshock therapy daily,
until further orders.
Yes, Doctor.
Dr. Eliot, do you hear me?
Yes, yes!
I want you to rest, quietly.
You've been through quite a siege.
- Then it's true!
- Dr. Eliot!
It's not a dream.
It did happen!
You're not yourself, Doctor.
I'm myself for the first time since...
- How long is it since..?!
- Dr. Eliot, I must insist!
- Nurse!
- No, no, you've got to listen to me!
- What is it, Doctor?
- Call an orderly, hurry!
For God's sake, listen!
I don't know how much time I may have.
Please, let me explain.
You've got to help me.
Help me, Doctor.
That fog, you could
cut it with a knife.
Occasionally, I get
these lucid moments.
Yes, go on...
- Everything seems clear then?
- No
No, that's just it
it's clear and it's not.
I know I'm doing something
terribly wrong.
- During the periods you can't remember?
- Yes, but...
But I can't tell what it is.
I just know that...
it's as if I'm not myself,
but somebody else.
Someone evil and dangerous.
Someone who should not be allowed to live.
You have impulses to
do away with yourself?
Not myself, but the other one.
This force inside me.
Have you ever tried to
commit suicide, Dr. Eliot?
What good would it do?
He would live on...
command the stars!
- What did you say?
- Command the...
You don't believe me, do you?
- Of course I do, Dr. Eliot.
- No, you don't.
Think I'm insane.
I'm not insane!
This is the truth.
This is what's happening.
You've got to believe me!
May 23rd.
The patient exhibits a
marked paranoid syndrome,
with manic-depressive effects.
The clinical picture is atypical,
in that encephalogram readings are
opposite to expected findings.
A patient's Alpha waves are
violent during his lucid moments
and read almost normal during
his more violent seizures.
Electroshock therapy seems to
bring on patient's fantasies,
rather than to quiet them.
The patient is convinced he
is possessed by a demon,
an incubus which dominates
his actions and makes him
carry out its will.
Through this demon he is telepathic,
dominating at a distance the
inhabitants of some undisclosed world
who subsist on pure
electrical or atomic energy.
Finding their planet depleted,
they are scourging the
universe for fresh supplies.
Les, look!
My glasses! My glasses!
Jump, Vera!
May 24th.
Under continued shock treatment the
patient's fantasy takes on more detail.
A great energy storehouse or to use
the patient's word, accumulator
has landed on this earth under the
direction and control of his incubus.
Unless stopped some
how, others will land
and suck the Earth dry
of all electrical
and atomic energy resources.
Patient's cerebrospinal
pressure has risen to 20 mm.
His blood chemistry shows an
abnormal consumption of energy.
A thalamic examination
shows marked abnormality.
still atypical.
- Doctor?
- What are you doing up?
Give me that record.
But these recordings are
private, you know that.
The things I told you
must not be known.
You mean... you?!
Now you're the only one that
knows, and you will never tell.
The strange monster is alleged
to have appeared without warning
at this isolated spot on
the shore of the Pacific,
100 miles south of [??].
The story was phoned in from
Los Santos by Dr. Leslie Gaskell,
the well known and reputable
scientist from Labcentral.
He flew down to
investigate the asteroid.
We've recorded Dr. Gaskell's report
and here is a portion of it.
Thought we'd found an earthquake...
We saw it standing.
It's about 100 feet high,
made of gleaming metal.
I can only think of the giant Kronos.
It hasn't moved, since.
It may not have dangerous intent,
but certainly looks formidable.
As you can hear the telephone connection
from Los Santos was very poor.
Dr. Gaskell's mention
of the giant Kronos,
refers to the great evil monster
of that name from Greek mythology.
A good name for this modern Kronos.
Perhaps one that will catch on.
Here's an artist's conception, drawn
after Dr. Gaskell's description.
Pretty scary looking, isn't it?
Perhaps a gift from another
world to ours. Who knows?
Speaking of Labcentral, Dr. Hubbell Eliot,
Director of Labcentral,
was discharged today from
Phoenix General Hospital,
only a few hours after the tragic death
of his attending physician,
Dr. Albert R. Stern.
The well known neuropsychiatrist
was accidentally electrocuted
in his own laboratory
by a defective circuit.
Navarez Electro.
Navarez Electro.
Navarez Electro.
- There he is!
- That's the Navarez Electro plant.
Great Caesar's Ghost!
Military planes!
This is Captain Torres,
Mexican Air Force.
Evacuate area at once and do not
approach military objective.
Give me the mic.
You're not thinking of
attacking that thing are you?!
Discontinue radio, please,
and evacuate military area.
I've never been down in the
insulation chamber before.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
The Alpha chamber is lined with
lead and titanium 4 feet thick.
It can withstand any cosmic ray known.
- Who is?
- Gaskell.
Just a moment.
Dr. Eliot,
- did you give this interview?
- That's right.
They can't do it.
Don't you understand, they can't!
The Pentagon has given the green light.
Preparations are already underway.
You haven't seen that monster, Dr. eliot!
Are you suggesting that
anything in this universe
can withstand a multiple
thermonuclear attack?
You yourself have generated
the heat of a dozen suns
in the nuclear furnace on the
other side of that wall.
I tell you that Kronos has
plates more impervious still.
Not only can he withstand any force
we're able to throw against him,
but he will actually
absorb that energy.
- Become more powerful from it.
- Have you any proof of this, Gaskell?
No positive proof,
but I'm convinced that the giant
sucks up energy like a sponge,
feeds on it, is a walking
storehouse of energy!
And you propose to feed it the most
concentrated dose of pure energy
that man has ever been able to devise!
Why did he choose a power
plant in the first place?
Who knows.
A boulder rolling down a mountain doesn't
know or care what it destroys in its path.
You're falling into a trap, Doctor, if you
think of this thing as blind, undirected.
Its very construction is
proof of intelligence,
of a degree of organization man
may not realize on this earth
for another thousand years.
If man is still around.
All right, Leslie.
What would you do to stop this thing?
- I don't know yet, but...
- See... have no positive plan.
In the meantime, the giant is
marching up the coast of Mexico.
It's turned inland.
We can not wait 'til it reaches
populated territory.
We must hit it, now!
Les! Les!
Right, Arnie. Got it.
Just what I need.
Les, this something you should know.
The Phoenix Hospital just phoned and...
Dr. Eliot?
I'm sorry, I thought...
What were they telling at
the hospital about me?
Why, nothing.
There's no need to lie. I know
very well what they told you.
- Les!
- Hang on, Arnie.
Be careful, Les, he's a maniac!
Dr. Eliot...
Are you all right, Dr. Eliot?!
I don't know how much time I have.
Gaskell, you must listen.
Here on Earth we have learned
only one half the nuclear secret.
We can transform matter into energy.
Up there, they have the other half.
They transmute energy into matter!
They have learned how to create
the basic elements of matter.
Electrically and atomically.
You mean like the experiments Halard
at Boston Tech has been conducting?
But their planet has
become depleted of energy.
How can that be?
What has happened to them
may well happen here,
if we continue using our
resources at the present rate.
Now they're sending down accumulators to
find and store up new sources of energy.
Life's blood.
So that's how the giant grows.
- How can we ever stop it?
- I don't know.
Reverse the process, somehow.
Kronos... only the first.
If he succeeds, more will come,
drain the Earth of energy,
of every last bit of power.
The bomb...
Get me the Pentagon.
Well, clear the line!
This is an emergency!
I don't care if the plane is on its way.
Call it back!
That bomb must not go off!
Contact BX-89 and order him
to return to base at once.
Yes, sir.
Ground Control to BX-89.
BX-89, you are to return to base.
Repeat, return to base immediately.
Am I reading you right?
You say...
You are reading me.
Return to base at once.
But we are in sight of objective!
You heard the order.
Return to your base at once.
Yes, sir.
BX -89, are you returning to base?
We're out of control.
The controls are frozen!
We are being pulled to the objective.
Control to BX-89.
Come in, BX-89.
All right, let's go over it once more.
Kronos was governed by a
distant intelligence.
Somehow fastened on Dr. Eliot.
The records from the hospital
all fall in line now.
Vera, run that tape again, will you?
you must listen.
Here on Earth we have learned
only one half the nuclear secret.
We can transform matter into energy.
Up there, they have the other half.
They transform energy into matter.
Energy into matter.
Anthropic conversion!
How can we ever stop it?
I don't know.
Reverse the process, somehow.
Yes, but how?
How, in heaven's name?
Oh, come on, old girl.
I know I'm asking an awful lot.
Please don't go into
a nervous breakdown.
Nervous breakdown?
Susie can stand just so much
input, then her feedback
circuit overloads and jams and
she goes into a regular tizzy.
Couldn't we do that to Kronos?
What do you mean?
Apply the Attenberg Theorem.
Destroy the monster
with his own energy.
Set up a field of!
A concentrated shower of
Omega particles.
Matter derived from energy,
could cause change of polarity!
A reversal process would
trigger the conversion.
Kronos power to destroy would
be turned upon himself!
By setting up an internal chain reaction,
Kronos would become his own executioner.
Yes, thank you.
I'll tell him.
- Think it'll work?
- It'll have to.
Kronos is headed for the atom
bomb stockpile at Hueneme.
Once the news got out that Kronos
was heading for Los Angeles
it was impossible to prevent panic.
Police and National Guard have been
powerless to stem the wild rush
away from the doomed city.
Military authorities state that
the city is in the monster's
path on his way to the huge stockpile
of nuclear weapons at Hueneme.
One more hope remains.
Dr. Leslie Gaskell of
Labcentral, at this moment,
is closeted with officers at an
air force base just outside Los Angeles
while a lone jet plane wings in from
Boston Institute of Technology
with rare radioactive
elements on his order.
What Dr. Gaskell proposes to
do, the world has no idea.
Nor, scientist that he is, will
he make any firm predictions
about an event hedged
with so many unknowns.
If your plan fails, only the
mountains can stop him.
- It can't fail.
- It won't. I know it won't.
We made radio contact with the jet.
We're switching controls
to the control tower.
4J574 calling AFB144.
Can you pinpoint objective for me?
Objective is at 27 14 52 North.
175 18 07 West.
How soon can you make contact?
Contact within 4 minutes.
Report back when you sight objective.
4J574 calling AFB144.
Come in 4J574.
Objective sighted.
Dead ahead.
Hang on.
Get me Meteorology.
MT3, pilot has made contact
with objective. Take over.
MT3 to 4J574.
Go ahead, MT3.
Wind drift: 8 miles per hour and 160 degrees.
Approach target at 20,000 feet.
Air speed: 360 from 320 degrees.
- Fire 1 mile 7 tenths in advance of target.
- Check.
That wind better hold steady.
Just better hold steady.
Leveling up at 20,000.
Okay, [??], here I come.
MT3 to 4J574.
The wind has shifted. Cancel target run
and circle for further instructions.
Got you.
MT3 to 4J574.
Wind now at 195 degrees.
Drift: 6 mile per hour.
Approach 360 air speed at
20,000 from 15 degrees.
- Fire 1 mile 9 tenths in advance.
- Check.
Les, you've done it.
You've done it!
- Thank heaven.
- What'll happen now?
The chain reaction will keep on
until the last stored electron
of mass has been neutralized.
Kronos is literally
eating himself up alive.
We're witnessing his death throes.
I can get back to Susie and
you two can go to the movies.
Les, do you think they'll
send any more down?
If they do, we'll be ready from them.