Kruel (2014) Movie Script

Maybe someday...
you'll meet me again...
And on that day
that we will be friends
Until then you
should know I'm fine
Ok, what the hell was that?
What are you talking about?
Ben you've been
acting weird all night.
Are you still upset about
the whole hair thing?
No, no, I'm fine... Ok?
Now come here.
Ok, what the hell
is wrong with you?
What are you talking about?
What's wrong?
It's nothing.
Ok, you saying nothing proves
to me that something's wrong...
C'mon we're better
than this aren't we?
What's wrong?
I have to tell you something.
Tell me.
Ben, tell me!
Ok... you're really
starting to scare me.
I cheated on you...
It's been killing me..
Can you take me home please?
No.. I'm not gonna
take you home.
I said take me home, Ben!
I have to make
you understand, ok?
No don't touch me! Don't
ever touch me again!
Don't touch me Ben.
Don't touch me!
Don't say that!
Don't say that.
Don't touch me
ever again, please.
How can you do this to me?
I was drunk and
I was stupid, ok?
It didn't matter.
Do you understand? It didn't
matter... Who was it Ben??
It doesn't matter..
Who was it Ben!
It doesn't matter.
Just tell me who it was.
I deserve to know who it was.
It was Daniella...
Oh my God!
Did you have sex with her?
It's not even about her.
Did you have sex with her, Ben?!
Oh my God.
I think I'm going to be
sick to my stomach.
I said you can never touch
me again, don't touch me!
I hate you!
No, you don't mean that
baby... You don't mean that.
I hate you! I fucking hate you!
Ben! How can you do this to me?!
Please "Jos!" Stop...
I thought you
were different Ben!
I am different!
I thought you loved me!
Jo I love you
more than anything.
No you can't say
that to me anymore!
It was a mistake...
I love you.
No you can't say that anymore!
No I love you!
Ben! You can't say that
anymore! You can't say that to
Baby you don't mean that...
I'm not your baby anymore!
Dan... Wake up!
What's going on?
Jo still isn't home.
Mm.. Ok...
No it's not ok!
It's after 3am...
Well did you try calling her?
No, remember her
phone only accepts texts?
That's why I wanted to
get her a real phone...
Did you try texting her?
Yes! About twenty times...
Did you try Ben's phone?
Yes!...And neither one of
them are responding.
Alright. This isn't good.
I'm gonna kill her!
Ohh.. I hope she's ok.
Mhmm. If she's ok..
I'm gonna kill her.
You want me to look for her'?
I don't know.. Ben's house...
The dock.
Is that the garage door?
Oh thank god.
Honey maybe we should
wait until tomorrow
to yell at her. No?
Of course not.
Oh my god.. I'm sorry mom.
Ok listen. I don't
even wanna hear
about what time you
may think it is..
Because anything you
say to me is just
gonna make me even more..
Pissed off!
Mom, I had a
really rough night...
A rough night? A
rough night so rough
that you couldn't even
text me to tell me
that you were were alright..
Or at
least respond to
my thirty texts!
My phone was on
silent I didn't even...
You know what you aren't making
this any better for yourself!
Mom! I told you I had
a rough night... ok..
Me and Ben we got
into a huge fight.
How many times have
I heard that before?
No! It's different this time
mom! Please... trust me.
Trust? Trust!
That is not a very
good word to be
using with me right
now young lady!
K.. Mom, why aren't you
listening to me? Please.
I said me and Ben.. broke..
We broke up...
Ok Jo.. you know what?
Everybody has
crap that they have
got to deal with and
you know what that
doesn't mean that
you neglect your responsibility!
Jo you are an adult. You have
got to start acting like one!
Ok I'm supposed
to be up at college
right now and you have
no idea when I got
home.. how this any different?
Ok! I'll tell you
how it's different!
It's because you are home!
Oh I wish that you were off
at college but you're not!
Do you know why? Do you
remember why you're
not at college?
'Cause you got hurt.
Now there's no more
track and oh yea..
By the way you don't
even know if you wanna
go back to school
again.. oh that's real
mature Jo, real mature...
"Ok, Dad? Please" You even said
wait until I have
a better idea...
Uh huh! Oh no!
Don't you dare play us against
each other... we are
both in agreement
that things are going
to change around
here, if you are going
to stay under our
roof everything is
going to change, in
fact you know what?
You're grounded..
From this moment on, you..
Are grounded,
besides work, you are
not going anywhere
for the next two weeks...
and you know
what else you're gonna do?
You're gonna
finally get that
freakin' phone that I
told you to get a week ago!
...Are we perfectly clear?
Yes... May I go to bed now?
Go on...
Go on!
Hey kiddo...
Ben's at the door again...
Can you just tell him
I don't wanna see him again?
You know what... no.
Maybe you should go
tell him yourself.
I have told him
like a thousand times.
Well then at least hear
what he has to say...
Dad... I didn't want to talk
to Ben, I didn't
want to see Ben.
Alright... message received.
Loud and clear.
Well that was awkward...
I know... I'm sorry.
I just wish he'd leave me alone.
Well then..
You're gonna love this!
my... god! He's so desperate...
It's sad.
No what's sad is the fact that
I wasted so much time on him!
I know. You're still
not reading them right...
No. There's nothing to say.
God it's killing me!
Aren't you curious?
I don't.. I don't
wanna see them..
I don't wanna know about them,
I don't wanna read them...
I, don't care.
But you guys have
been together so long!
Don't you wanna know?
I don't wanna know
what he has to say!
I'm done with Ben.
I'm so done it's not
even funny. The fact that he..
Honestly.. I don't.
I don't even wanna talk about it
anymore. Can we please
talk about something else?
Let's talk about your
love life..
Ok, between you and me
are you still in love with him?
Ok, Nick! Are you
not listening to
anything I just told you?
No! I hate him.
God I fucking.. Shit!
Shoot.. shoot..
You just said a bad word.
Not right now, Brandon.
Gonna tell.
Brandon, stop, stop.
I just totally cursed in front
of him and I didn't mean to.
Miss Jo, Miss Jo, Miss Jo,
Miss Jo! Miss Jo! Miss Jo!
Miss Jo! Miss Jo! Miss Jo!
K, What?? What??
Ice cream truck is
here, we need money.
K, Nick can you hold
on what second please?
Watch your brother... I know!
Watch him please.
I want my own ice cream.
I guess you are getting
to be a big boy aren't you?
Alright Mr. Big.
Here's your money..
I want you to stay
right with your
brother though, ok?
Alright, what was I saying?
How change is a good thing.
Yea exactly I've given three
years of my life to this guy...
And this is how he repays me?
I mean.. Now I just feel
like it's a big mistake
and I'm just ready to move on.
Alright! Let's
get you moved on!
Whoa, when I say moved on
I mean for myself.
What the hell??
I'm just saying
that you thought.
No, no not you. It's little E..
I swear to God if Brandon did
something to him..
Nick I gotta go.
Elliot, baby, what's wrong?
What happened?
You still have your money,
you didn't get your ice cream..
Did B do something to you?
B! What happened? What happened!
I don't know he just ran away.
Ok, you were out there, I told
you to watch him,
tell me exactly
what happened.
I not know!
Ok, I'm gonna go out there and
I'm gonna find out
what happened.
Get me my chocolate.
Don't shoot!
You must be the big sister.
No, I'm actually just the nanny.
I was gonna say you looked
pretty young to be a mom.
Actually I was gonna say
you were pretty sexy to be a mom.
No, I'm actually just the nanny.
Sorry if I scared the little
guy.. Most kids like my faces.
Yea.. he's... a little shy.
Well we can fix that.
What's his name?
Elliot. Oh but really it's..
Well you tell Elliot,
if he wants to come out here
and give me another chance,
I got something
special just for him.
Actually, I just wanna talk
to you about what just happened.
C'mon.. he won't
be disappointed.
No, no.. really I wanted..
Where the...?
There you are.
Maybe he talks to me senorita.
They call me.. "El Groucho..."
I love burritos!
Do you like, burritos?
You don't love, senorita?
Tell Elliot to come out
and I make him laugh!
No. I don't think he's gonna
come back out, I think he...
you scared him a little bit...
you're kind of freaking me out
too right now.
What ya doing?
Look I know you're
bored and can't
leave the house but please don't
take this out on me...
No. No, I'm not bored at all.
Clearly you're bored.
No. I mean, I'm angry.
Well good!
You should be angry.
At yourself.
Dad, you know Mom over
reacted the other night... ok?
No! I don't know that.
You know just because
I wasn't yelling
doesn't mean I don't
agree with her...
Get over here!
Alright, has anyone
ever told you what
happens when you scare
the babysitter?
Anyone ever tell you that?
Nobody ever told you that?
So too bad you...
So too bad you...
Fine she can have fun with you
while I have fun with... um...
Love ya babe!
Thanks... 'course you do.
He was so mad!
Sounded like me though.
I worked on it, I
worked on it, I practiced.
It was good, I liked it.
Shh, do you guys hear that?
The ice cream truck?
Yep. That's him..
You guys have got
to see this guy...
K, first of all he called
himself Willie Kool...
Oh I've seen him...
with the paint!
Yea... he looks like a monster!
Yea... no, that's nothing,
you have to hear him talk.
He scared Elliot so
much he won't go
back out to get ice
cream anymore.
Oh this is the guy?
So I go out there to
see what happened
between them and he
starts saying like
how young and sexy I look...
And then once I tell him that
Elliot won't come back out...
this guy just drives off!
Just up and out drives
off and I'm just
standing there like...
What the fuck?
Shh... Listen to his music.
Sounds like a psycho.
Let's go see him!
No. There's no way I'm
going back out there.
No. I don't want him
knowing where I live.
C'mon chicken shit!
Nuh uh... I don't want him
knowing where I live... No.
How 'bout you?
No thanks, I'm good.
Are you serious!
Fine! Guess it'll
just be me alone
with the scary ice cream man...
Maybe your little brother
will come with me...
Help protect me...
Oh my God she's
really going out there.
She's crazy.
Come here...
Now watch him, he makes all
these really strange faces.
Looks like
Nikki found a new friend.
What is she doing?
I told I did not
wanting him knowing
where I lived.
Too late.
I'm gonna kill her...
I'm gonna kill her.
Ok, wait a second... Alright,
now make the goofiest face ever.
Perfect! Look.
I love it.
Elliot why don't you stay right
here, ok? Don't move. Ok?
Ben what are you doing here? I
told you that you
can't come here.
I'm sorry...
No! This is my job Ben...
and you can't just come here.
I know you told me. I just...
You haven't answered
any of my calls.
You won't talk to me.
And you think this helps?
Did you get my letter?
You don't have anything to say?
I haven't even read them, Ben.
You haven't read that one
or you haven't read all of them?
No, I'm sorry,
I haven't read any of them...
You're serious?
Yes! After everything...
After everything we went through
you won't read one
letter from me!
Yes! Because you put us here
Ben... You put us here.
I still think we can fix it.
Ben sometimes you
can't just fix things, ok?
Sometimes when you
break something you
have to accept that
it's broken...
You have to understand I'm
not... I'm
not one of those people that can
get past something like this.
I believe people are
who they are...
and unfortunately
this is who you are.
Would you hear me out?
If you just let me
talk for a minute...
You don't have to
forgive me and you
don't have to forget
anything I did.
Talk to me Ben,
whatever it is you
possibly feel you
need to tell me.
Alright? 'Cause once you're
finished so are we.
No, it wasn't!
Do you see this as a
misunderstanding or something?
Oh, I made a
mistake but I didn't mean it.
I see it as so much
more than that...
You betrayed me, Ben.
Don't you see how
bad you hurt me?
I know.
You have to believe me Jo...
I'll never forgive
myself for hurting you.
Hurting me?
Hurting me, Ben?
Ben, you killed me!
You killed me, Ben...
I will never be the same
person I was, she's dead.
She's dead.
I just can't stop
picturing you with her.
Miss Jo!
B, c'mon babe!
Do you know where Elliot is?
K, I'm in the
middle of something
important, c'mon.
Check his room.
He's not in his room...
Did you check...
Oh my!
Elliot was out front with us
when you came here... right?
Was he out front right
when... Oh my God!
Ben, help me find Elliot... now!
Shit, shit!
Ben, go around that and
meet me over here!
Damn it!
Jo, how long after Ben arrived
did you realize
Elliot was missing?
I... I don't know.
Maybe forty-five minutes.
Ben thought it was only
fifteen to twenty minutes...
Now, that's a pretty
big difference.
Look we were in
a heated argument,
and I'm sure Ben
lost track of time.
I just know it was a long time.
Is there anything
else you can remember'?
Did he say anything...
Did he ever wander
off with a friend
before without first
getting your permission?
No, no, he was a... he is a
shy... he's a shy homebody.
Then why are you so confident
he went down to the dock?
Because, that's where
he liked to take his walks.
Where's the sheriff?
Over here.
We just pulled
this from the river.
Oh Jesus.
Is this Elliot's?
Was he wearing it?
I... I don't know.
Mrs. Walters,
this isn't anything for sure.
No! No! Oh no!
My baby!
I'm so, so sorry.
Yea no she doesn't
want anything.
Well you know,
I'm just gonna make some
anyhow and just in
case she changes her
mind and David will eat
it if she doesn't.
How is she?
She's hanging in there.
Breaks my heart to
see her like this.
I know. I know.
Maybe you should go
and talk to her.
What would I say?
I told you so?
I mean I've been
harping on her so much
lately and anything
I say would...
just sound disingenuous.
I guess there's not
much we can say...
just let her know
we're there for her.
Jo, can I come in?
Please Ben, not right now.
You know your Dad
said I should talk to you.
Remind me to thank him later.
I know I'm the last
person you wanna see light now.
I just have to tell
you how sorry I am...
About everything.
And I know you told me
not to come over...
I just feel like... everything
that happened is my fault.
This never would
have happened...
if I just listened to you.
K, Ben I know this might be hard
for you to understand but...
Listen I can't run from this.
I can't keep making
excuses for myself.
No matter what you did it was
my job to take care of him.
And I failed.
I'm not making excuses.
I knew Elliot and
I feel horrible.
I just can't believe
he's gone...
You know you don't
even know that.
He could have made it
to the other side.
Maybe wandering in
the woods somewhere.
I know it sounds far out but...
We could go looking for him...
and it would be that crazy.
And at least you'd
be out of here
and you'd be doing something.
K, stop it Ben.
No, this is the child
predator capitol of the world.
K, Ben you're not helping.
while I was waiting
for you to come to work,
me, Trey and Josh were
on the rope swing...
and there was this
guy out there...
this strange guy.
We thought he was
pretending to fish.
Wow... a strange guy?
I know. Listen, listen to me.
I did a super fly
off the top and
I almost landed on his line...
and there was nothing on it,
there was no bait, no lure...
So I started watching
him and he just
kept casting his line
out over and over
but there was nothing on it,
he never put anything on it...
I just kept thinking,
dude you're
not gonna catch
anything that way!
What did this guy look like?
Where's Mom?
She took David shopping.
She'll be back in a little bit.
It's good to see you
out of your room.
I keep hoping to wake up and
this will all just
be a bad dream.
I know kiddo. I know.
What happened Dad?
I mean honestly it seemed
like just last week...
I was gonna get a
track scholarship,
school was great,
running was great...
Ben and I were... we were happy.
And now...
I just want my life back.
I know baby.
It won't ever be
like that again will it?
I'm afraid it won't.
Nice pep talk Dad.
Well wait, what do
you want me to say?
Everything's gonna be great...
Life's gonna be
wonderful again...
Look this is
gonna be really hard.
Because you really feel...
and you really care.
And because of
that you're really
gonna have to go through this...
and all the emotions
that come with it.
It's gonna be tough.
But I know that you're tough...
and your Mom and Dad
love you very much...
and we're gonna be here
for you no matter what, ok?
Ben cheated on me Dad.
Oh God...
I'm sorry baby.
I mean that lead
to Ben coming over...
to us fighting... to Elliot.
If that didn't happen...
I'm so hurt, so frustrated.
I know, I know baby.
If that didn't happen
everything... would be so...
would be so different now...
in so many ways.
No, no, no, you can't look
at it that way, baby you can't.
Life's a constant
battle of what ifs...
But thing's happened.
You can't spend your time
wishing you can go back
and change this or change
that 'cause you can't.
What you can do is
you can focus on
what happened and what your role
in what happened is,
and you just try
to grow from there...
try to move on.
That's really all there is.
I just don't know if
I can forgive him Dad.
I know, I know.
You know what you need?
A job with your best friend.
I'm sure I could talk to Michele
about getting you on here.
Yea, that would
actually be really fun but...
I don't know what
to do right now...
my parents are finally
giving me space
to figure things out...
Then I think you deserve that...
but I think you should
come here with... me.
I was thinking about moving to
Colorado for a little while...
just to live with my Aunt.
Just to... clear my head.
No. No, no, no, please don't
I mean I totally understand...
but no please don't.
Wait hold on one second.
Chocolate shoe...
Jess... this is Ben.
I need to talk to Jo.
She's not here.
I know she's there.
Just put her on the phone.
I don't think she
wants to talk to you.
Will you just ask her'?
Will you tell her
it's important?
Apparently you're
not safe anywhere...
Want me to tell him to get lost?
Just tell him I'm busy.
She's busy...
and just for the record Ben...
I think
it is really shitty
what you did to her.
But Jess, everything
you're telling
me I tell myself over
and over again...
Please... you didn't even
tell her it was important.
Tell her it's what we talked
about the other day...
I found him.
He says it's important
and he... found him.
Who is he talking about?
Ben, what do you mean?
I'm sitting here looking at the
back of an ice cream truck...
it says Willie Kool's Ice Cream.
K, Ben if you're just doing
this so that I'll talk to you...
That's not it.
I wanna see if
it's the same guy.
Where are you?
You look really good.
So how did you find him?
I have my ways.
One of Josh's friends
called me up...
told me where he was.
I had everybody and their
brothers looking for him.
So what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna drive up
next to this asshole.
No, I don't want him to see me.
Then why did you come?
I mean... I wanna see him,
I just don't want him to see me.
I think that might
make this really difficult Jo.
Ben, why are you doing this?
What does that mean?
I mean are you just doing
this so that I'll talk to you?
No, I'm not doing this
just so that you'll talk to me.
Because I believe
something happened to Elliot.
I really believe that.
find out what.
Ok, he's moving.
K, let's stop... Stop.
Can't stop Jo, we
have to see his face.
Ben, I know it was him,
I can feel it was him!
I don't want him to see me!
C'mon we need to see his
face, it's gonna be ok.
Alright look at me.
Ben, stop.
Was that him?
That's really strange.
Why what happened?
It looks like him.
He's just covered in make-up.
I knew it!
God! I knew it!
I think you should
go to the police.
Jo and Dad.
I assume
you're here for an update
but unfortunately...
there's not a whole lot new.
As you know we found
the other shoe...
but we still haven't
found the body.
Actually Sheriff
we're here because.
Jo has some information
that might be
of interest to you.
K, Jo, what do you have?
I think that Elliot didn't
just fall into the water...
I don't know how this
is going to sound but I
think somebody might
have taken him.
That's very serious...
Why do you think someone
would have taken him?
A very strange
ice cream guy that
drivers around the neighborhood
and about a week before
Elliot went missing
he was driving
around the Walters'
house and I let Elliot
and his brother
go out to get ice cream
by themselves...
and I'm not exactly
sure what happened...
but Elliot came running
in as if he had
seen a ghost and I
don't know what he did
or said but it scared
Elliot to the point
where he really freaked
out and he came inside.
But you don't know what he did?
No, and I went out there to
figure out what happened but...
by the time I could
even talk to this
guy he was all over the place...
I mean he was making strange
faces and trying to be funny...
and calls himself
Willie Kool and I mean...
there's just seriously
something not
right about this guy
and I really wanted
to talk to him but...
yea I just couldn't and...
this sounds kinda weird
but I had this really, really
horrible feeling that
he wanted to hurt me.
Why are you just
bringing this up now?
I was talking to Ben...
you remember Ben?
My boyfriend... well
ex boyfriend...
and he said that he
saw a guy at the dock
before Elliot went
missing and that it
could have been the same guy.
Tell him about the fishing.
I am.
Ok, so Ben said that this guy
wasn't really fishing at all...
like he didn't have
anything on his line...
like it was as if he was just
stalking out the place.
Alright look...
This is very interesting...
but we really need
something more to go
on than you think you
saw someone fishing
who looks like a guy
who sells ice cream.
K, Sheriff... I
know, I understand but
there's just something...
not... right...
about this guy.
Look I have his
license plate number
so you can check on
it and everything.
So you want me to...
check out Willie the
ice cream guy...
because you have a bad
feeling about him.
Not just a feeling,
the fishing like I told you.
There's one thing I can do...
I'll talk to the guy, see if
he was fishing that day...
and if he noticed
anything unusual...
But I'm not
investigating him based
on what you've told
me here me today.
We found his personal
items in the water...
There's no indication
of foul play...
and there's no
sign he made it to
the other side of the bank.
This was a little boy
that wandered away...
down to the river...
fell in and drowned.
Let me tell you two something...
this was an accident...
a tragic accident...
but an accident none the less.
I wish there was
something I could do
for everyone involved
in this thing...
It's horrible to lose
a child like this
and makes us all sick
to our stomachs...
but unless some...
viable information,
evidence, comes forward...
we can't have people
running around
making wild
unsubstantiated comments.
Do you understand
what I'm saying here?
Do you understand
what I'm saying here?
Yes. Yea, we got it.
Mrs. Walters...
I'm so sorry about everything
that happened and I am...
Please, stop.
I don't wanna hear your apology!
It means nothing to me!
Jo, I trusted you...
I trusted you with
my children...
and because of that...
my baby is gone.
Anything you say or do
will not change that...
I hope...
I hope one day...
When you have a
family of your own...
You will realize...
the magnitude...
of how you...
destroyed our family.
I would appreciate it...
That if we ever cross
paths again...
that you do whatever you can...
to not look at me.
Don't speak to me...
Don't speak about Elliot...
or our family ever again!
Let us be... dead to you...
As you are to us.
That is all you can do for me.
There is a hole...
Prettiest little hole...
That you ever did see,
that you ever did see
And the holes
in the ground and
the green grass
grows all around,
All around, the green...
Ben! Shut up!
Close your eyes.
No, I'm not gonna close my eyes.
Ok then.
God, I knew this was
a mistake to come.
It's gonna change your mind.
What is this?
This is where he lives...
You know nobody believes you...
I'm the only one who thinks
something happened to Elliot.
Ben, what are you saying?
We find out for ourselves...
By doing what?
By breaking into his place.
Are you crazy Ben?
No. I'm not.
This is the only way.
Yea.. it's the only
way to get killed.
I've been following him...
I've been studying him Jo...
I've been reading about
child killers...
and he spends all
his time in his place...
and they keep things...
they keep things like souvenirs
and if we could
find something...
they would have to
take us seriously.
Ben, I can't even
look at him through
a window and you're
expecting me to
break into his house?
I'm not asking you
to do anything...
You're going to
do this by yourself?
If I have to.
No, no. I'm not
letting you do this Ben.
I'm not asking for
your permission.
Ben, c'mon! My God
this would be crazy!
You know I'm not
just doing this for you...
This is about "lil' E."
When are we doing this?
Tomorrow night.
Jesus, I'm scared.
He's getting in his truck.
What if he comes back?
He's not going to come back.
He's a security guard.
He'll be gone until morning.
We could stay in there
all night if we wanted to.
I can't stop shaking.
Ok, he's leaving.
You ready?
That's my girl.
Let's do this.
Wait, wait, how we gonna get in?
A hammer.
Ben, I can't go in there,
please I can't go in there.
Go wait in the Jeep.
If I'm not out of there in
two ours call the police.
No, Ben. I don't want
you going in there, please!
There's nothing you can say!
I'm going in there.
Fine let's just do this...
Let's do this.
It's open.
Oh shit!
Ben, maybe there's
somebody else in here...
c'mon let's go home, please!
We're not going anywhere.
Oh shit.
Jo, come here...
This guy is fucking insane.
I know he did it.
C'mon I wanna go.
What's wrong Ben?
Turn it off Ben!
I'm trying to turn it off!
Turn it off Ben! Turn it off!
C'mon we have to go,
put it down now we have to go!
Ben, put it down we have to go!
What was that!
It was an alarm!
An alarm?
Of toys?
Yes! Please Ben it was...
I wanna go home now!
We have to back in there Jo.
No, Ben please start the car!
I wanna go home now, please!
We have to find something,
I'm not leaving without it.
Please start the car, please!
Take me home, please.
Please start the car!
Keep the lights off.
I can't see anything.
Oh shit! Go! Go, backup!
Go, go!
Ben, go!
Alright, I'm trying, ok!
Ben, now go!
Stay down! Stay down!
I'm trying!
He didn't see us, ok?
Seriously we're fine.
I saw him!
Just stay down, ok?
Oh my God!
Here's to another long night...
Waiting around I
know that you are...
Somewhere babe...
So here's to another
love lost...
If only I found a star
to make a wish...
To bring you...
But it has to be...
It has to be...
This way...
And I have to be...
I have to be...
The one...
Who came...
So... how far...
How far...
How far...
Where I am...
To wherever you are...
Uh... excuse me...
can you tell me how
to get to a street
called "Wynkoop"?
Um... I'm sorry that
doesn't sound familiar.
It's supposed to
be around here...
Hold on a minute I have a map.
I can't read these
stupid things.
Right here is Wynkoop...
I see seventeen and
also two-twenty...
but I can't see
where they meet...
Can you look here and tell me if
you know where this might be?
Um... I mean...
Well this is becoming a little
tradition for us, isn't it?
Yea I guess that it is...
Where's Dad?
I wanted to do this alone.
Well Billy... Detective Sims...
said... you had
something new for us?
Jo... why are you doing this?
I mean c'mon... I'm
on your side here,
I have a daughter
that's almost your age,
I know how I would
feel if something
like this happened to her but...
this has got to stop...
this case is essentially closed.
Why are you doing
this to yourself?
I mean...
Me and Ben broke
into Willie's place.
Excuse me?
K, we didn't
actually break in we...
You can't! Nobody was home.
Are you seriously
sitting there telling
me you broke into someones home?
I didn't want to... I didn't
wanna do this at all but I...
You can't!
You can't break into
someone's home!
That's not how we do
things around here.
That's how people get hurt.
Listen, I know, I
know it was stupid...
Stupid? It was a felony!
You should have been arrested.
I should arrest you light
now where you sit!
What were you thinking?
Where was your head?
I wasn't thinking...
You just... don't
know when to stop.
He tried to kill us!
He tried to kill us.
I thought you
said he wasn't home.
That's what we though,
we thought he wasn't home.
But I think he was
waiting for us.
Let me get the sheriff.
"Sheriff Anders' office..."
Where's the sheriff?
Don't go anywhere, don't move!
I'm glad you came.
You know you can take
your hood off...
I said I'd protect you, alright?
Jesus, where did you get that?
It's my Dad's.
What did the cops say?
They said he disappeared.
They said that he's
long gone and that
he'd probably never
bother me again.
You don't believe that, right?
What are you gonna do?
I don't know...
Honestly, I was
thinking of moving
to Colorado for a little while.
Colorado sounds
nice, I could do that.
I don't think that
was an invitation.
Since when do I
need an invitations?
Just knowing that
there's somebody
out there trying to kill you...
it's almost too much to
handle... really.
I can't eat, I can't sleep...
I know I'm going crazy, light?
I think you've
always been crazy...
that's why I love you.
Wow... I haven't heard
you say that in awhile.
I didn't think you wanted to.
I didn't.
What about now?
I don't know Ben.
I don't know is better than
drop dead and see you hell.
Ben, just stop talking,
just for one second.
Please. Ok.
I don't know how
I feel right now...
I still hate you, Ben.
I do.
I'm still so... so hurt and I...
I'm scared that I'll
never be myself again.
[Sighs 1.
To know that the
person that you think
loves you more than
anything in this world...
who can hurt you so bad...
it's almost unbearable.
You know I...
I can't thank you enough for
everything you've
been trying to do.
You know I might not
have understood
why, or what happened but...
I think...
I think I know who you are...
and I think you're the person
I always thought you were.
I wish I could tell
you that everything
could be like it
used to but I...
I don't know if that's possible.
Ok, but I...
I miss seeing you...
being around you...
I miss you Ben.
Can I say something?
I'm not asking
you to forgive me.
I'm not asking you to
forget what I did.
I just want to move forward...
and for better or for worse
I wanna move forward...
and I want you to know
that for the rest of my
life I will always do
the right thing for you.
You know that?
I'll be a better man
because of you.
Ok, too fast...
I don't even know him Nick.
This is how you get to know him.
We're just hanging out, I
didn't say you had to fuck
him... unless you want to.
I know but I told you...
me and Ben are
trying to figure
things out right now.
Ok, listen to me for a second.
You guys aren't back
together, right?
Then there's nothing wrong
with meeting someone, right?
God, after everything
that's happened
you deserve to at
least see if there's
someone else out there that
you might hit it off with.
I guess you're
right, I don't know.
My God!
You've literally never dated
anyone other than Ben!
That in of itself is just weird!
And now that you're a
free woman and you
finally get the
chance to meet this
really awesome guy
you're hesitating.
No! You're doing this!
I'm not letting you
do anything else.
Alright, I guess... but we're
just strictly hanging out right?
Mark my words little
lady, everything
in your world is
about to change.
Oh God.
Uh huh.
Hey let's look at these.
Oh no...
Oh no...
No. No.
No? It's cute!
How about that one?
K, are you looking at my
face? I look drunk.
Now go back.
Go back!
Right there.
Ok, obviously
you're not looking at
me either I look
like a crack head.
No, there's somebody standing
in the background, look!
He's here!
Who do you think!
Baby you're losing it
you're letting your dream...
No, you don't understand he know
who I am and he's following me!
Get up! Get up now!
Ok! Fine, fine...
Please take me seriously!
You took away all
my stripes...
And broke off both my wings...
So I'll find another tree...
And make...
David, you asshole!
It's Daddy, baby.
I talked to David and that's not
gonna happen again. Ok?
How you doing?
I'm just upset.
You know what,
let's go to lunch...
Just you and me, ok?
We can talk.
I would I just already
made plans with Ben.
Is that a good idea, Jo?
I told him I would.
Thanks Dad.
We love you, ok kiddo?
I'm sorry it took me so long.
I had to make sure I
wasn't being followed.
I swear to God everybody
looks him to me now.
I didn't even tell
you about yesterday.
Oh my God.
Be", no!
[ Muffled 1 No!
David, have you
seen your sister?
Mmm, nope.
Seen your mother?
Mmm, nope.
Have you got started
on the garage yet?
Mmm, nope.
Get your butt
outta the chair and
get started on the
garage young man!
I saw that.
The fee for the garage just
went down ten dollars.
I'll get that.
Oh and if you see
your sister tell her
I got her a new
phone I just need
to get her a chip for it.
Are you ok?
I'm sorry I had to tie you up...
but we don't know
each other yet...
and we need to get to
know each other first.
But I have some
really good news.
I have a really...
good surprise for you.
Come here, baby!
Are you ok?
You sure?
Did he hurt you?
See I told you.
We were gonna have...
a beautiful family.
We're gonna be so
happy together!
All of us.
Yea they... uh... they haven't
heard from Ben since yesterday.
You don't think they could
have taken off together, do you?
She wouldn't just leave her
car at the dock and not tell us.
I don't know what to think.
What are we gonna do?
I'm gonna call the police...
I guess... maybe they can help.
Elliot, I'll be right there!
Elliot stay back from the
door... stay back from the door.
Elliot! Elliot be brave, ok?
I'll be right back, ok?
I'll be right back,
so you be brave, ok?
Willie, come get me!
Come get me you bastard!
I know it's only
a couple letters
but it's still contact...
from her!
She could be saying hello.
I haven't seen or heard from my
daughter in almost
two days and you
think she's just
saying hello Dad?
It's contact! She got in touch
with me by text message.
Dan, try to stay with me here.
You've got an adult
daughter that's
gone through some
very bad stuff.
Stuff that makes most people
do some very stupid things...
things like running off
with her boyfriend.
No. No, she
would not do that to us,
I'm telling you.
Dan, you wouldn't believe how
many times I've
heard that line...
trust me...
give her some time...
she'll relax...
she'll cool down...
and she'll get in
contact with you.
Or she'll just come home.
Sheriff, can you
just this for me...
can you tell me where these text
messages are coming from?
Messages are coming from?
The phone company is not going
to give me that information
but they'll give it to you.
What name do you prefer
me to call you...
I prefer it if you call me Will.
Or maybe William if
you're angry at me.
William you get
back into bed right now!
I'm just being silly.
You would never be mad at me...
Ok... then.
Let me tell you where you are...
You are currently
right smack in the
middle of the Okeefenokee Swamp.
Okees-fenokee, Okeefenokee
Now seriously...
You are surrounded by swamp
water in every direction!
And in that swamp water
is a whole lot of gators!
A whole lot of...
Snapping turtles and a whole lot
Water moccasins.
Not a place I would
wanna be in a pair of...
skimpy shorts and no weapon.
But I must say...
You look great in
those shorts...
The only way out...
is through me... Jo.
Oh my!
I almost forgot to tell
you about the spiders...
big nasty wolf spiders...
they like to jump
up at your face!
So cover your eyes if you
see one about to jump!
Yea I'm still here
though I'm still
trying to figure out
if they can tell me
where the texts came from.
As far as they're concerned
she's an adult that left home.
I gotta go, sheriffs here.
Her phone was bouncing
off some towers
about forty-five miles
west of here...
just out of Lake City.
The phone company triangulated
the signal down to this area...
we feel that she may
be located in this radius.
Now let's stop playing games...
and just get back home!
Elliot misses you!
I miss you.
If you come back now we'll start
over as if nothing happened.
I'm starting to
get angry now Jo!
I'm starting to
lose my patience!
Goddammit, answer me!
If that's the way you
want it you selfish bitch!
I guess Elliot and I
mean nothing to you.
If you don't care
about Elliot then
I don't care about him either!
Did you hear me?
You don't care about him...
then I don't care about him.
It's not going to
end well Jo, it's
not going to end
well for anyone!
This is your last chance!
I'll be sure and
tell him that...
it's all because of you!
You deserted him, again!
Alright, alright!
I'll come back.
Honey, there you are.
How do I know you
won't hurt him?
But you have my word.
You're going to have to
do better than that Willie.
Please, I'm not your sweetheart!
I know who you are Willie!
You're insane!
I know what you did to Ben...
Well I'm afraid that...
if you can't trust me then I
just don't think things...
What are you doing?
My artwork.
It's to commemorate your beauty.
Why are you doing this?
It's an expression...
of my love for you.
Why are you doing this to me?
Because I Love you.
Isn't it beautiful?
It is.
It's because you're beautiful.
It's kind of hard to breath...
can you take it off so
we can talk a little bit?
Alright I'll take it Off.
But you're not gonna run, right?
You're not gonna try to get
away from me are you?
Thank you.
They're beautiful drawings.
Thank you.
Where did you learn to paint?
I've been doing
it my whole life.
I started when I
was a little kid.
Why did you kill Ben?
I killed Ben...
because he kept getting
in the way of us.
And, he didn't respect you...
he didn't care about you...
the way I care about you.
He cheated on you.
Is that the kind of man
you wanna be with?
Alright, that's her.
That's her going to college.
That's her boyfriend Ben.
You sure you haven't
seen either one of them?
Woah! Well...
no offense you being
her daddy and all but...
if a pretty little girl like
that came through here...
I would remember her.
Alright. What about a Jeep?
It's a four by four... yellow,
kind of hard to miss.
Mmm, nope, nope, nope...
not ringing a bell.
You know maybe you
outta call the police.
Well is there any
other place they
would go if they were staying...
or hiding any place around here?
Woah, woah, woah, woah!
You said nothing about hiding...
now you can hide anywhere...
there's abandoned mobile homes,
there's campgrounds...
Hell you can go hide
in the woods...
They wouldn't know
about anything like that.
What do you mean?
You see...
they built this military
style boot camp...
you know for the screw ups...
and those kids that
can't listen to ya...
they closed it down
about a year ago.
See this little
boy got killed...
gouged his eyeballs out...
ripped out his tongue...
you don't need to know
all that now, do ya?
I would never do that to you.
I love you.
I've loved you since the...
first time I saw your face.
You're so beautiful,
you know that?
You're so beautiful...
And now you're gonna
be a good girl, right?
Not gonna run again?
I like you better
when you're good.
Instead of bad...
Sorry to bother you I...
my daughter has
gone missing and...
I was wondering if
someone saw her or her
boyfriend, here let me
show you a picture.
He drives a yellow Jeep
it's kinda hard to miss.
No I haven't seen anybody around
here for a couple of weeks...
the camp has been
closed for awhile now.
I know... she... sent me a text
and it's pinging
from this area...
so I'm just checking
everywhere, you know?
Sorry buddy, I can't help you.
You know what,
can I give you my business card?
If you see the four
by four or any
sign of them you give me a call?
Dan O'hare,
business consultant...
Well Dan, if I see
your daughter I'll be
sure and tell her
you're looking for her.
Ok... Thanks.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Is that really how you wanted
to introduce me to your father?
Fuck you!
So you have a little
cell phone on you!
That's a very naughty girl!
Fuck you Willie! Fuck you!
Blake County Sheriff's
Department, how may I help you?
Yea, I need to speak
to the sheriff immediately.
You want me to put
you back in that room?
Is that what you
want for me to put
you back in that fucking room?
Fucking do it! Fuck you!
Next time I meet your father...
I'll have a lot more to say.
Kill me...
kill me right now. Fuck you!
Naughty girl!
You don't listen to
anything I fucking say!
All I wanna do is love you!
You don't care!
You don't care about nothing!
I loved you...
Fucking bitch!
You're such a fucking bitch!
You get everything
handed to you...
You get everything
handed to you!
You spoiled little bitch!
All you ever do
is what you want!
How about what I want!
You're so pretty.
How about if I carve
your face up and
then you won't be
so pretty no more.
Is that what you want?
Is that what you want?
Is that what you want me to do.
Is that what you want me to do!
Yes! Do it!
Carve you "P!
So you won't be pretty...
so you won't be pretty...
you'll be like me!
Do it!
You'll be ugly like me!
I am!
C'mon bitch!
That's what it is!
That's what it is!
Oh I get it.
This is the girl you
were looking for!
Let her go you son of a bitch!
Actually... I think she
prefers to stay with me.
I know who you are.
You're name's Willie...
The police know who you are too.
I just called, they're going
to be here any minute.
Well that was
very stupid of you.
Josephina hates cops!
She said she would
never be taken alive!
She's just a child...
let her go.
Drop the ax.
I'm telling you to let her go!
I'm telling you to drop the ax!
If you hurl her I swear
to God I'll fucking kill you.
If you don't drop
the ax you're going
to watch me cut her
fucking head of!
Put it down, please!
just take the knife away, ok?
Well, since you asked nicely...
Fuck you!
I'm begging you...
just let her go...
you can run away I'm not gonna
follow you I promise you...
That's my little girl
just let her go.
You must get your strength
from your mother honey!
Your dad is really
quite pathetic!
I beg you.
Please don't hurt my daughter.
Josephina... I think it's
time we ended this relationship.
Stay with me!
Stay with me!
Stay with me now.
Stay with me.
Stay with me, Jo!
Jo... Jo, can you hear me?
Stay with me.
Stay with me Jo!
Don't you leave me, Jo!
It's ok baby, it's ok!
I'm right here, I'm light here.
I'm right here.
We're in here!
You remember when...
you couldn't even...
stay with me Jo!
We're in here!
It's alright, Daddy's here.
Jo... honey...
honey... you're
gonna get hurt...
you're gonna hurt yourself...
Jo, no, no... don't move...
you're gonna hurt yourself.
Can I get a nurse
in here, please?
Honey... shh... no, no, no...
it's me...
it's ok... it's me.
It's Mama.
You're gonna be fine, alright.
There... shhh.
No, don't... listen...
no, no, no, no... be still...
you have got to be still.
You're ok.
You're in the hospital...
You're ok...
you've just been asleep
for a couple of days.
K, but you're gonna be...
Actually, young lady you're
gonna be just great!
I know... you're not
supposed to talk...
they said don't talk.
Oh! I got a pad and pencil
for you and you can...
well actually it's a pen...
but you can
write down anything
you need to tell me.
Hey, are you hungry?
You've got to be starving.
Poor baby... you really don't
remember anything, do you?
Your dad is just fine.
Actually he's right upstairs.
He was so brave!
You were so brave!
I'm so proud of you.
He's fine... Elliot's fine.
He's home.
Everybody's thanking
God for you, for
your daddy, what you
did, it's amazing!
Jo, the whole country is
talking about it, it's crazy!
Don't you dare say that
you were sorry to me...
I'm the one that
should say sorry...
for not listening to you,
for not really hearing you!
It took me almost losing you
to realize how much I miss us.
Do you remember how we
used to do everything together?
I couldn't stand the
thought of losing you.
I'm so sorry.!
I'm so sorry I've been
so angry with you.
Jo! If I lost you I
couldn't bear it...
I'm so sorry...
I'm sorry! Please forgive me.
It's... it's taken care of...
it's done.
We don't have to worry
about him anymore...
I knew immediately that she
was just trying to protect me...
Afraid to tell me the truth...
They say with the
amount of blood that
he lost that it's
impossible that
he could have survived...
but I know different.
I know he's still out
there somewhere...
and I know that he will
come back for me one day.
That's why we have
decided as a family
to move away and
start a fresh life
far away from here...
But I had to come back to our
spot... one last time...
to read all the letters
that you wrote me...
to remember how we
used to sit here
for hours and talk
about nothing...
I can't tell you how much these
letters mean to me now Ben...
to hear your words...
to see and to touch
what you wrote me...
I think that maybe
if I would have
read this earlier... somehow...
things could have
been different.
Everyone keeps telling me how it
was a miracle that I lived...
that it was a miracle that a cop
just happened to be in the area
responding to a false report...
but I like to believe that
you... you somehow were
responsible for him
being there...
but who really knows, right?
What happens after life?
Is there a heaven?
Are you watching over me?
Can you hear me right now, Ben?
I remember my Dad
telling me that you
loved me by the way
you looked at me...
what I would do to see you
look at me one last time...
to see your eyes...
to hear your voice...
to feel your touch
one last time.
I know life goes on,
and I know I have to
figure out where I'm
going from here...
but I know that you
will always be with me...
and I will always love you, Ben.
Woah-o-o-o-o oh-o-o
Oh I lack money
and I lack class
I couldn't care less
about the price of gas
My heart stays cold
but that's alright
I can't have fun
without starting a fight
Baby, at my job,
they call me the jerk
And I shot my boss because
he told me to work
Advice you give will
pass right through
Truth be told I don't
care about you!
Woah-o-o-o! Woah-o-o-o!
You're gonna break, break,
break, break my heart!
Woah-o-o-o! Woah-o-o-o!
You're gonna break, break,
break, break my heart!
Oh I know now I'm
going insane
I'll paint the walls with
my no good brains
People passing
couldn't have a clue
Just what it's like
to be around you
Well I ignore the
things you told me
I don't know what
it's like to be lonely
No time to think
about the way I feel
Well I don't care
about the way you feel!
Woah-o-o-o! Woah-o-o-o!
You're gonna break, break,
break, break my heart!
Woah-o-o-o! Woah-o-o-o!
You're gonna break, break,
break, break my heart!
Woah-o-o-o! Woah-o-o-o!
You're gonna break, break,
break, break my heart!
Woah-o-o-o! Woah-o-o-o!
You're gonna break, break,
break, break my heart!
Woah-o-o-o! Woah-o-o-o!
You're gonna break, break,
break, break my heart!
Woah-o-o-o! Woah-o-o-o!
Yea ya broke, broke,
broke, my heart alright...
Yea ya broke, broke,
broke, my heart alright...