Krutant (2019) Movie Script

Yes, sir.
I have covered all the points.
I was about to leave.
I am prepared
for tomorrow's presentation, sir.
You don't need to worry about it.
I know I came home late last night.
It's okay.
You're always busy.
You have no time.
I understand.
Move. I have loads to do.
What do you mean by
"You're always busy"?
You know my work is hectic.
Is Adhya hungry?
Reva, I said I am sorry.
I'll go get ready.
Yes, sir.
Our company needs it.
In fact, I was going to
suggest to you
that we should fire a few of our employees
and recruit some new ones.
-Reva, hurry up.
Do you have some time?
I need to talk to you.
Yes, tell me.
Your dad had bought a plot in the village.
I think we should go there.
-It's been years since we--
-Mom, please!
We have already talked about this.
Why do you always repeat it?
-It's not that--
Mom, Samyak?
He left.
These days he's always in a hurry.
Yes, tell me.
I have been noticing your behavior
for the past few days.
You have been very busy with work.
I mean... I understand,
but it's not good to always be in a hurry.
You should take care of yourself.
And why did you leave without telling me?
we are expecting some clients
in the office today.
So, I...
I will tell you everything
once I am home. Okay?
Listen, I'm getting another call.
I will call you later. Okay?
-Listen, Sam...
Your presentation was good.
Really good.
Our company is going to work
on that project.
Sir, I wanted to talk
to you about the same.
I mean...
I don't think they understood
my presentation at all.
Because they didn't react to it.
Don't overthink it.
You did great.
Don't be disappointed.
In the end, it's the result that matters.
Mom asked me to wake her up
once you're back from work.
No, not now.
And you know she's going to
talk about the same thing.
What's the occasion?
We got a contract for a new project today.
-It's the boss' gift.
Is Adhya asleep?
So, how's the work at your ad agency?
How are you?
-Hey, Omi.
Don't give me a high five.
Take your drink.
Your drink.
Why are we meeting
on such a short notice?
"Let's turn the pages again
Let's blow away the dust
We can't rewind the time, my friends
So let's live our memories again"
Well said!
-Wonderful, Vickya.
Will you please come to the point?
Sure! Let's go somewhere.
Let's go someplace and have fun
the way we used to
when we were in college.
What say?
-Good idea.
Let's go to Lonavala.
Vickya, I am not going to Lonavala!
-We won't go there. Relax.
-By the way, Samya.
-It's Samyak.
Where do you think we should go?
Omya, Vickya, first decide the place.
-It's decided.
We'll go to my village.
-Good idea.
-Great idea.
Very good.
Let me be very clear about one thing.
I won't be able to make it.
Come on, Samya.
We'll go to my village
the day after tomorrow.
Let's just have some fun, man!
-I have made all the arrangements.
Mom has been pestering me
about visiting our village.
And going to your village
on such a short notice is impossible.
Short notices were never
a problem during college.
In fact, you used to plan everything.
Did you forget about them?
Let's do this.
We plan on leaving
the day after tomorrow.
You can join us the day after that.
You won't involve Reva into this.
-Rava is our friend.
-It's Reva.
Two days, at the max.
That's the spirit. Good!
What's going on?
Where are you guys going?
What do you mean?
Look, Vickya texted me...
that you guys are planning
to go somewhere.
Oh, God!
I told him not to.
It's nothing.
Vickya wants to go to his village.
And he wants me to join him.
That's good.
You should go.
I mean... you never spare time for us.
But you should spare some time
for yourself.
Why do you always have to taunt me?
-What are you doing?
We have to leave.
Let's go.
And you're coming along?
I will tell you everything on the way.
Get in.
Come on.
I hope you know I'm going to Konkan.
Yes, I know.
Reva, will you please
tell me what's going on?
Reva, where are we going?
Samyak, I told you.
For now, I am just going to tell you
how to get there.
All you have to do is drive.
Oh, God!
Take this left.
You couldn't have been quicker.
Yes, straight.
And listen.
You won't be taking the car.
Then how will I go?
You're going to Konkan all by yourself.
I can't allow you to take the car.
So... how will I go?
Don't worry.
I have already talked to Vickya.
I don't understand
what you guys are up to.
Over here?
So I am taking the bus?
Keys, please.
Take care.
Is there no other seat available?
Oh, the bag...
Give it to me.
Let me keep it on the luggage rack.
Come on.
I wonder what people
bring with themselves.
It was really heavy.
Atmaram Gavde.
My name is Atmaram Gavde.
What's your name?
Do you have a problem?
I just asked your name.
-You don't want to tell me? I thought--
-Please be quiet.
What are you doing?
I want to see outside.
The view is not clear.
Are you getting a clear view?
It's too foggy.
Wait a minute.
-I'll just--
-Do you want to sit here?
-I was just wiping the glass.
-I think you should sit here.
-No, I don't want to.
-No, get up! Take my seat.
-Okay, okay...
-Hurry up!
Hey, be careful.
It's so clear now.
Hey, take a look.
It's so pleasant.
As a child, did you ever insist on sitting
near the window?
I always used to.
I am having fun.
Hey, that was awesome!
One should never listen to music on--
Please keep quiet!
I am not very talkative.
I wonder why people think so.
Hey, Sanjya!
Samya had called.
Then call him back.
Where are you, Vicky?
You're here already?
Yes, it's been 15 minutes
since I have arrived.
Sorry, man.
I am extremely sorry.
You guys are idiots!
Samya, listen to me.
Take a rickshaw to Bhor Junction.
So now you're asking me
to travel by a rickshaw?
Come on, buddy.
Come on.
Sir... hello.
Where do you want to go?
Sir, where do you want to go?
Bhor Junction.
Bhor Junction?
My rickshaw is right there.
Let's go.
-Come on.
-Go on, I am coming.
Please get in, sir.
Where am I supposed to sit, man?
I am sure you can manage, sir.
Go ahead.
Come on, sir.
Aunt, please move a bit to that side.
Come on.
There's a lot of space, come on.
Sir, please get in.
This is the last rickshaw available.
Otherwise, you will have to
walk all the way.
Come on, have a seat.
Guys, move.
Sir, excuse me.
Please have a seat.
See you later, buddy!
Like this.
Now I am going to pop it.
Reva, please call Samyak.
I will call him in some time.
Just ask him if he is there.
-Right now?
I will look after her.
-Hey, what are you up to?
Having fun?
Hi, Samyak.
Are you guys having fun?
Yeah, right!
Those idiots didn't come to receive me.
I am traveling alone...
in a stupid rickshaw.
Reva, did you pack my charger?
Oh, no!
I think... I forgot.
Hang up, I have to call Vicky.
My phone's dying.
Hello, listen to me, Samyak...
Here you are, sir.
-How much?
-20 rupees.
Are we at Bhor Junction?
No, but it's not that far from here.
Okay, bye.
Hello, Samya.
-Where are you?
Samya, there's a small problem.
Now what?
Omya's car broke down.
What do you mean the car broke down?
Try to understand, man.
They have taken it to the garage.
Vickya, you...
You seem frustrated.
Don't be upset.
Your nerves tend to
tense when you're upset
and it eventually leads to a headache.
Then you won't be able to think straight.
And once you stop thinking, you stop.
You stop.
What do you mean?
When you can't think of anything,
you run out of ideas.
And when you run out of ideas, you stop.
That's why I said that.
Your friend will be here soon.
You have to be patient.
Patience is very important.
You can't get everything so easily.
You must wait.
Come on, come with me.
Sir, please come in.
Come in!
Why are you getting drenched?
Come inside.
Come, please have a seat.
What's this?
My palace.
My house!
Like the one you and your friends have.
That's where you're headed to, right?
Similarly, this is my house.
It has no doors or windows.
It's in the open.
one should be open about everything.
You live here?
You could have burned my face.
It's for lighting your cigarette.
you smoke a lot, right?
May I ask you something?
What happens when you smoke?
How does it make you feel?
It feels good for a while.
It relaxes me.
Momentary happiness, right?
Something like that.
You smoke for a moment of happiness.
Don't you think you're
wasting your life and money?
You were the one to approach me.
But I never stopped you.
And even though I don't want to be...
I am here.
But why do you need to lecture me
about my smoking habits?
It's my money
and my life that I am wasting...
not yours.
Come on, sir.
You're getting frustrated again.
Nowadays people don't really appreciate
when you try to help them.
That's fine by me.
Do you believe in fate?
It always gives us a sign.
But we always tend to ignore it.
And it is later that we realize
we should have paid attention.
But by then it's too late.
That's why I always say
that people should have patience.
Patience is very important, sir.
I should not have said that.
Realization is very good.
You just experienced it.
It proves that you have a good heart.
And that you're sensitive.
Hold on.
If a person realizes something...
how does it mean
that he has a good heart
or that he's sensitive?
What do you think realization is?
when you realize that...
whether your actions are...
right or wrong.
It's a feeling, that's it.
To realize.
To feel.
But to understand this feeling,
you need to have...
real eyes.
Not "realize," sir.
Clear, free from sin.
I got it.
You're still annoyed, aren't you?
Sir, may I say something?
Whenever you feel angry...
or annoyed or stuck...
you should keep calm.
You should close your eyes and
think about the good things in life.
It will make you smile.
I mean it.
You should try doing it.
-Try doing it, you will feel good.
I swear.
You should try doing it right now.
Just do it.
What will someone who sees us,
think of us?
No one's out there.
Come on, try.
You'll feel better.
-I mean it--
-I said no.
Smile a bit, sulk a bit
That's how relationships grow
Smile a bit, sulk a bit
That's how relationships grow
Let our joys
You and I
And this silence between us
You and I
And this silence between us
The melody echoes everywhere
The breeze flows with fragrance
And joyful colors spread all around
There's light everywhere
And our hearts are racing
The stars shine over us
You and I
And this silence between us
Like a shadow exists because of the light
I exist because of you
Like a shadow exists because of the light
I exist because of you
The moon shines with a new light
It stays deep inside our hearts
When I see you I forget the world
You are the reason I have everything
You and I
And this silence between us
You and I
And this silence between us
Smile a bit, sulk a bit...
You're completely drenched.
It's good to get drenched in the rain.
Let our joys intertwine
You and I
And this silence between us
You and I
And this silence between us
So is everyone with long hair
and a beard, a sage to you?
Do you live here all by yourself?
I am not alone.
Look at this huge land...
and this road, and the lamp.
Those trees.
And... look at this.
This tree...
is as old as me.
I'm not alone.
I mean, do you have
any relatives or friends?
I have you.
What do you mean?
Tonight, it's you.
Last night, it was someone else.
Tomorrow, it will be someone else.
And two lonely people can always
give each other company.
Yes, but... it doesn't last long.
Something like
your momentary happiness, right?
Your cigarettes.
Cigarettes give you...
momentary happiness, right?
Similarly, spending some time...
with a person that crosses this path
gives me momentary happiness.
And what's important
is the joy and satisfaction
one derives from another's company.
That's the beauty of togetherness.
Sir, are you getting bored?
No, please continue.
Were you thinking about your friend?
He will be here.
I know it.
Wait for him.
It's always good to wait.
I guess I have no other option.
-Care for some refreshments?
Have you eaten something?
No, right?
Come, let's eat.
Come on.
I'm not hungry.
But you look hungry.
No, you can go ahead.
You were saying something.
You were saying something a while ago.
About what?
Momentary happiness,
satisfaction or something...
One should not depend
on the company of those...
who provide only momentary happiness...
because it will cause
a lot more trouble later on.
And eventually, you'll get bored of them.
You want some water?
One shouldn't say no to water.
I will be right back.
Eat this if you get hungry.
Okay? I will be right back.
Sage, wait. I'm coming.
Be careful.
You might fall.
would you like to have some?
Let's go.
Make sure your footfalls
are loud enough in the dark.
Or else you might end up
hurting one of us.
-May I ask you something?
Don't you feel scared?
Of what?
This... dense forest.
It's a jungle.
And you stay here alone.
Are you talking about ghosts?
No, not ghosts.
One should never fear ghosts.
One should rather fear people.
-Yes. People.
If ghosts possess you...
you know they will leave you
for another body someday.
However, if people possess you
you will stay frustrated all your life.
They continue to linger...
even after they're gone.
You are a fluent speaker of English.
How so?
I get to hear a lot of things
when I bump into people like you.
So I try to learn.
It's not that difficult.
What do you do all day?
I mean, do you work?
You don't work?
what about your livelihood?
What do you eat?
What's so funny?
It's a weird question.
This is how I live.
And getting food is not that difficult.
I just had fritters, right?
I know you had fritters.
But... what did you eat yesterday?
And what will you eat tomorrow?
I'm talking about your daily meals.
I see.
It's not that difficult.
People like you always give me
something or the other.
And I survive on that.
-So you're a beggar--
-No, I am not!
I'm not a beggar.
No way.
Get up.
Get up!
Do you see that board over there?
Pick it up.
Come on.
See what's written on it.
Read it out.
-"Get your punctures fixed here."
Come here.
Let me show you something.
Look, I made these tools.
I made this hammer as well.
I also repair shoes.
And do you see those tires?
I cleaned them.
I do such jobs to earn a living.
And it is for my mental satisfaction
that I talk to people like you.
I never had any expectations.
I believe, one should
never have any expectations.
If we do something with all our passion...
it is natural for us
to expect a great outcome.
Expectations give rise to dreams.
Expectations give rise to dreams.
And when dreams don't come true...
it causes a lot of mental pain.
Which is far worse
than physical pain, sir.
And most importantly...
unexpected change.
Sometimes it pleases us...
and sometimes it hurts us.
When something good happens
you should be happy about it.
But you should also be certain that
something bad might be coming your way.
Similarly, when something bad happens
be rest assured
that something good is on its way.
Because change...
is the only constant in life.
That's why I say
that one should learn to be patient.
Okay, I understand that
change is the only constant in life,
we shouldn't have expectations
and that being patient is very important.
But tell me one thing.
Ever since you met me...
you've been saying weird,
philosophical things.
You think you're a philosopher?
No, sir.
Even a fool can tell you
the greatest secret to life
when on his deathbed.
Consider me one such fool.
Not a philosopher.
You still haven't told me...
why you live alone out here.
Forget it, sir.
It's a long story.
I'd like to hear it.
Anyway, Vickya, I mean...
until my friend arrives...
You will have to listen
to the entire story.
Please begin.
There were two brothers.
They were returning...
after visiting a carnival
at the neighboring village.
And they took a turn.
Did they ever get home?
Sir... please don't interrupt me.
It's always good to listen.
Please go ahead.
What happened next?
They came across a pond.
While they were playing in the pond...
a woman came there.
I still remember her.
She was extremely beautiful.
And graceful.
Anybody would fall for a woman like her.
She had long, dark hair.
Her eyebrows were so pretty,
as if they were drawn by an artist.
She had eyes as deep blue as water.
And her eyelids were big enough to protect
that water from flowing away.
Her lips were like rose petals.
And she had a mole on her chin.
Her body was curvy and voluptuous.
And she had a graceful gait.
Was she really that beautiful?
You're already
in love with her, aren't you?
Not really, but...
She's really very beautiful.
What happened next?
The elder brother...
fell for her.
Inadvertently, he started
walking towards her.
He went to her and said...
Don't lie.
It's impossible.
It doesn't even happen in films.
You see a girl for the first time,
hold her hand
and ask her out on a date?
You are bound to get slapped.
Why is it not possible?
Give me one reason.
Beauty can mesmerize anybody.
And he was just an ordinary guy.
Like you.
There's nothing wrong
in expressing your desires.
Everyone wants love.
What do you mean?
Did she really not say a word?
Her eyes did all the talking.
And that little boy...
he kept looking at his brother
and that woman.
She started walking
in the other direction.
The elder brother followed her.
And the little boy...
started following them.
And soon, they arrived at a bridge.
It was as if she communicated something
through her eyes...
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and the elder brother
said to the younger one...
I will be right back.
Wait for me.
And he left with her.
The elder brother
didn't come back for a long time.
But then a man came there.
He said...
Hey, kid!
What are you doing here?
I am waiting for my brother.
Waiting for your brother?
Okay, but don't stay here for too long.
This bridge is possessed.
And then he left.
The little boy kept
waiting for his brother.
The brother never came back.
So the boy went into the forest
looking for him.
On his way, he saw a man
sitting next to a fire.
What happened?
Did my brother pass through here?
What did the man say?
He said he didn't see anybody.
So the boy went back to the bridge.
Samya, I am extremely sorry.
-Actually, Omya's car--
-What is this, Vickya?
Do you think I'm a fool?
-I said sorry--
I left all my work behind and
came all this way because you asked me to.
I traveled for eight hours.
And when I called you up, you said,
"I'll be there in five minutes."
But I am here, aren't I?
I have been waiting here for two hours.
At least he was there to entertain me.
No, I didn't mean that.
I will talk to you in private.
-Come on.
Please stay.
I am not done telling you the story.
My friend is here and it's late.
Please let me go.
But you promised...
that you would listen to the entire story.
Yes, but he's here now.
And it's quite late.
But I have to say,
the story was really nice.
Just a few more minutes, sir.
I should go.
Let's go.
Let go of my hand.
Keep walking.
you should have listened to the story.
What are you looking at?
Let's go.
Come on, man.
You fooled me.
Come on, I said sorry.
You know what?
Why don't you just hit me?
Come on, let's go.
Don't touch me.
You're such a baby.
You should've come earlier.
The car broke down, man.
That's why I'm late.
Come on, man.
I have made all the arrangements.
Let's go.
"The car broke down!"
So, where's the car?
Oh, God!
The car broke down.
So, we left it at the garage.
I had to walk all the way,
only for you.
I shouldn't have listened to Reva.
Oh, come on.
Do you know the route?
Yes, I know it.
Look, we'll have to take a turn here.
And then, we'll be there in five minutes.
Let's go, man.
Take off your hand.
"The car broke down."
That's enough, man.
Here we are. Let's go.
Are you sure you know the route?
Yes! Come on!
-Aim the flashlight at this point.
Bloody nonsense!
-Be careful.
-I know! Just keep walking!
Be careful.
-Aim the flashlight to the ground.
-Yes, man.
I hope you know
that I'm here because of you.
We planned this for you, buddy.
"Planned this for you."
Then why didn't you come receive me?
Where the hell have you brought me?
Don't worry.
We'll be out of here in a jiffy.
God! I can't see anything.
We have to go that way.
What the...
This is a foolish idea.
What happened?
Wait, let me carry your bag.
Call Omi and tell him
to bring the car right now!
-I want the car here right now!
We'll be there in five minutes.
Why call Omi?
Five minutes?
We have been walking aimlessly
for the past 20 minutes!
Samya, will you please listen to me?
Please shut up.
I want the car here right now!
Look, there's a well nearby.
You can freshen up over there.
We'll be there in two minutes.
Two minutes?
-I don't care.
-Please, let's go--
Let go!
You think I'm a fool?
-Sorry, man.
-To hell with your sorry!
Let's go. We are almost there.
Come on, please.
Please, for my sake.
Aim the flashlight properly!
Vickya, how far is this well?
We're here.
Hold on.
Give me your hand.
Come on.
Move back.
Back off.
What are you doing?
Getting some water.
Are you done?
she's so hot.
Look at her hair.
So long and dark.
Such a beautiful forehead.
And her eyebrows...
they look as if
they've been drawn by an artist.
Deep blue eyes.
A cute, small nose.
And beneath that nose, rest her lips
that resemble rose petals.
And a tiny mole...
on her chin.
Her body is curvy...
and voluptuous.
Curvy body...
Her body is curvy...
and voluptuous.
I have heard this before.
"Her body was curvy and voluptuous.
A mole on her chin.
Small nose, deep blue eyes.
A beautiful forehead, pretty eyebrows...
and long, dark hair."
Listen, I need to tell you something.
Hey, Vickya.
Do you remember that old man?
The one we met a while ago.
Hey, Vickya!
Samya, forget about that old man.
I think she likes me.
No... listen to me.
Something's fishy.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Hey... Vickya.
There's something fishy about that woman.
-Vickya, listen to me.
Wait for me.
I'll be back in five minutes.
No, no...
-Please, Samya.
-Vickya, listen to me...
Hey, Vickya!
The old man told me a story.
Is the same really happening with me?
Let me take it one step at a time.
They were two.
We are two.
They took a turn.
And we did the same.
They came across a pond on their way.
And we came across a well.
What happened after that?
Then, they saw a beautiful woman.
And so did we.
Hey, Vickya!
Hey, it's really happening with us!
What happened next?
The woman...
They saw a woman and then...
they arrived at a bridge.
Then one of them followed the woman.
What happened next?
What happened next?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
I am waiting for a friend.
Don't stay here for long.
This bridge is possessed.
It's really happening with us!
Hold on.
So what happened after that?
They were two.
And... we are also two.
What did they do? They...
They took a turn.
Then they saw a pond.
And we saw a well.
Then they met a beautiful woman.
And so did we.
Then they arrived at a bridge.
And one of them...
went with her.
Then a man came...
A man came to me as well.
And then...
The boy first waited at the bridge
and then started looking for
his elder brother.
Then he found a man sitting beside a fire.
I won't go.
Vickya, I am right here!
I am waiting.
Vickya, I won't go!
I will wait right here.
I am waiting.
I am waiting for you.
Vickya, I am waiting.
Did you get hurt?
Did you see...
a man and a woman passing by?
No, sir.
Where does this road lead to?
No idea.
Then what are you doing here?
I am visiting someone.
It's cold so I am collecting
wood for fire.
This is nonsense!
What's happening with me?
Whatever that old man
said is happening with me!
What happened next?
They were two.
They took a turn and they
came across a pond.
There they met a beautiful woman.
Then they walked up to a bridge.
Then the elder brother
left with the woman.
And the younger one
stayed back on the bridge.
Then a man appeared.
Then the boy
started looking for his brother.
Then he met a man sitting beside a fire.
Then the boy came back to the bridge.
Then Vickya came to take me.
Then Vickya came to take me!
Why didn't I listen to the story?
No! This can't be happening!
That old man was blabbering a lot!
There has to be a clue.
What could it be?
Don't be upset.
Do you believe in fate?
It always gives us a sign.
But we always tend to ignore it.
And it is later that we realize,
we should have paid attention.
But by then it's too late.
That's why I always say
that people should have patience.
Patience is very important, sir.
I don't care if it's too late.
I am sure the old man
must still be there.
Where are you?
I want to listen to that story!
I need to listen to the entire story!
My friend is lost!
He's all alone!
Please come back!
Sage, please come back!
I need you!
Where are you?
Why are you doing this to me?
You stupid old man!
Where are you?
I need to listen to that story!
Hey, my friend is lost!
Hey, old man!
Old man!
Where are you?
Old man!
Tell me the story!
Tell me, old man!
Old man!
Old man!
Where are you?
Old man, tell me the damn story!
Tell me!
I need to listen to the entire story!
What's wrong?
The story...
I was telling you the story.
But you fell asleep.
What happened next?
The boy went back to the bridge,
looking for his brother.
Sorry, Samya!
I am extremely sorry!
The car broke down.
That's why we're late.
Right, Sanjya?
Sorry, man.
Your friends are here.
You should go.
Let's go.
What happened next?
About what?
In the story.
Stories are a part of life, sir.
One story took place yesterday.
One is taking place today...
and another will take place tomorrow.
It's nothing new.
You shouldn't waste time now.
It's late. Hurry up.
You should go.
Your friends are here.
Let's go.
Come on.
Get in the car.
Go on.
Here you go.
The game is on
Right on this turn
The game is on
Right on this turn
Let's find a familiar person
Amongst strangers
The life that was lost
Has been found again
Come and meet me again
Accompany me again
-Let's turn around.
I will tell you.
But where are we going?
I will tell you.
Let's take this turn.
Well, what happened is...
that boy...
went back to the bridge
hoping that his brother will come back.
Time passed...
but his brother never came back.
And the boy went looking for him.
He kept walking and didn't realize...
where he was going.
An hour passed by.
Many hours passed by.
He kept looking for him.
His thoughts were filled
with suspicion and confusion.
And in that state of bewilderment,
he was unable to see anything
in front of him.
Eventually, he ended up here.
I wish that boy had waited
a little longer.
Perhaps, he would have found his brother.
That's why I say...
it's always good to wait.
And you did.
Maybe that boy is the
reason you waited.
But that boy didn't realize
how long he should have waited.
He didn't know.
What are you doing?
May I borrow your phone?
My phone died.
Vickya, how much longer?
Omya, what's going on?
She is so fast!
Go slow, dear.
Come on, come to me.
-Your dad had called up.
-What happened?
He wanted you to sign some documents.
Hold on.
Do you want to sit there?
Yes, tell me.
I need to tell you something.
Go ahead.
Never mind.
Avoid it.
And listen...
tell Leela that I want
a few days off from work.
And I think...
you, Adhya and Mom should come here.
To our place...
at our village.
Mom wanted to visit the village anyway.
let's just take a step back.
Sir, where is Kokanwadi?
-Come, I'll tell you.
-Where is Kokanwadi?
I'll tell you.
Please have a seat.
I am so exhausted.
-Are you alone?
-It was a long journey.
-Are you traveling alone?
-Please tell me. How far is it?