Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) Movie Script

If you must blink, do it now.
Pay careful attention to
everything you see and hear...
No matter how unusual
it may seem.
And please be warned:
If you fidget,
if you look away,
if you forget any part
of what I tell you,
even for an instant...
Then our hero
will surely perish.
His name is kubo.
His grandfather
stole something from him.
And that really is
the least of it.
Well, hello, kubo!
How is it today?
Wasn't a bad crowd.
I got two pennies
and a lint ball.
This is pretty good lint.
And what have you
got planned for today?
Aw, you know. The usual.
Monsters? Of course.
You think you can work in
a fire-breathing chicken?
The chicken again?
The chicken is funny.
A touch of comedy
to balance the whole thing out.
They're gonna be throwing money at you.
I just know it.
Or they'll throw something at you.
I don't know.
Okay. I'll see what I can do.
And do you plan on finishing
the story this time, young man?
If you must blink, do it now.
Pay careful attention
to everything you see and hear,
no matter how unusual
it may seem.
And please be warned:
If you fidget, if you look away,
if you forget any part
of what I tell you,
even for an instant,
then our hero
will surely perish.
Hanzo was a mighty samurai.
But he was alone.
His family taken from him,
his kingdom in ruins,
and his army destroyed
by the dreaded moon king.
You may recall, hanzo was
roaming the distant far lands
in search of
a magical suit of armor...
The only weapon
in the whole world
that could protect him from
the power of the moon king.
This armor was made up
of three pieces.
The first...
Ooh! I know, I know!
The sword unbreakable!
The second?
The breastplate impenaput...
And finally, the third weapon,
the final piece of the armor...
I know this one.
Pick me.
The helmet invulnerable!
Before hanzo
could claim the armor
and unite the pieces
to reveal their true power,
he was attacked
by the moon king's beasts.
Oh, yes!
Kill the chicken!
Rip it to pieces!
Oh, my!
Hanzo was filled with rage,
his soul tormented by the grief
of a family stolen from him.
At last, our hero
was face-to-face
with his Nemesis, the moon king!
So be sure
to come back tomorrow!
Oh, come on!
People like an ending.
Where are you going?
No, you... you can't...
You can't leave!
Kubo... kubo...
Yes, mother. I'm here.
And even though
he could barely see
his own hand
in front of his face,
hanzo and his army
of loyal samurai
pressed on through the blizzard.
And suddenly,
as quickly as it had started,
the storm cleared before him.
Hanzo breathed a sigh of relief,
for he was home.
His fortress?
The beetle clan castle!
Yes. At the very edge
of the far lands,
hidden from the moon king
by powerful magic.
And then what happened?
When he got to the castle?
When who got to the castle?
Hanzo, my father.
Hanzo was at the castle?
Just give me a second. I am...
No, no, no.
It's gone. I can't...
Um... I'm sorry, kubo.
Perhaps I c... I could recall
a different story.
Mother, what was father like?
Oh, this one is easy.
Hanzo was a mighty warrior,
skilled with sword and bow...
No. What was he really like?
When he wasn't fighting.
When he was with us.
He was just like you.
Like me? Yes.
Strong and clever and funny
and, oh, so handsome.
Ugh! Mother!
Come on!
Never forget how much
he loved you, kubo.
He died protecting us.
Did the moon king...
Uh... your grandfather.
Did grandfather and your
sisters really kill my father?
It can't be true, can it?
They're family.
No, they are monsters!
Grandfather and my sisters
stole your eye, kubo.
They must never
find you again. Never!
You must always stay hidden
from the night sky,
or they will find you, and
they'll take you away from me.
Promise me
you will never let this happen.
Promise me, kubo.
Don't be sad, kubo.
Kubo, remember what
you must do, kubo.
Keep you with me at all times,
Mr. monkey.
A-a-a-and? And...
Keep father's robe
on my back at all times.
Yes, kubo.
And there's one more thing.
Never, ever
stay out after dark.
Huh? Re-mem-ber.
Yes, Mr. monkey.
Good boy.
Mother, wake up.
You're dreaming.
No. Kubo...
Kubo, is that you?
Yes, mother. I'm here.
Kubo, what happened to your eye?
Paper boy! Here! Here!
Come on. Come on.
Come sit next to me.
I got us a good spot here.
What do you think? I got myself
all spruced up for the big day.
I do so love the festival.
You know, it's a shame
you never stay past sundown.
There's fireworks
and singing and dancing
and feasting, of course.
But the best part of all...
Do you see those lamps
and altars?
We use those to speak to the
loved ones that left us behind.
We listen to their tales
and guide their safe return
to the blissful pure land.
Did you speak to someone?
Yes, I did. My husband.
His voice was as clear and loud
as the one you use
for your stories.
In 72 years,
he never had a thing to say.
Now he's gone,
I can't shut him up.
You have someone you want
to talk to, huh? Very much.
Well, what's stopping you?
Don't I need a lamp?
Well, I'll bet you could make
a really nice one
with that paper-folding
thing you do.
You see? Not just
a pretty face, huh?
Now hurry along.
Go! There's still time
before dark.
Go! Get out of here.
Place the lamp at the altar.
Very good.
What do we do next, daddy?
Now we pray.
We ask her spirit
to honor us with its light.
Grandma, will you please honor...
Softly. Softly.
Hello, father.
I hope you're well.
I mean, I know you're dead,
but I hope everything
is... okay.
Look. It's your robe.
Mother says I'll grow into it.
She says you were a great leader
who died protecting me,
saving one of my eyes.
Two would have been ideal,
but thanks anyway.
Father, I'm worried
about mother.
With every day that goes by,
she drifts further away.
She talks a lot about you, but...
But I just don't know.
I don't think she remembers
what's real anymore.
I don't know
what's real anymore.
I just wish you were here,
so I could...
I could talk to you,
see you,
find out what I should do.
Daddy! Daddy, she's here!
Grandma is here!
Now it's time
for the final part.
We have to help her get back
to the spirit world.
But she just got here.
Come on.
Father? Hello?
I don't need you anyway.
I'm sorry.
Little boy,
what happened to your eye?
Who are you?
How... how do you know my name?
We're your family, kubo.
Your mother's sisters.
And we've been looking for you
for so long.
It's so lovely
to meet you, kubo,
Come, kubo.
Come to your aunties.
No reason to be afraid, kubo.
We just need your other eye.
Your grandfather admires it so.
Help! Help!
Somebody help! Help!
Look out! Run!
We're here, kubo.
Your family has come for you.
Kubo, you must find the armor.
It's your only chance.
Remember this!
Aah! Mother!
Can you hear me, kubo?
I said your mother is gone.
Your village is destroyed,
burned to the ground.
We landed here in the far lands.
Your enemies aren't far behind.
We must search for shelter
before your grandfather comes.
We need to go now.
Come on. Get up. Let's go.
Once we're inside,
you might be tempted
to complain about the odor.
Keep in mind my sense of smell
is ten times stronger
than yours.
You have questions, I can tell.
You get three.
I think I have more.
Three. But first
you're gonna eat.
Why only three? Okay, that
was your first question.
What? I don't understand
what's happening. Who are you?
You don't recognize me.
All these years, you had
to keep me in your pack.
Well, now you know why.
But you were a wooden charm.
You were this big.
I called that charm Mr. monkey.
And if I were alive at that point,
I might've found that insulting.
Look, your mother used the
last of her magic to save you
and bring me to life.
Here. Drink.
Everything in here smells.
Drink it.
I don't want it.
I said, "drink it."
You're a mean monkey,
aren't you?
Yes. Yes, I am.
And that's three.
You're out of questions now,
so just listen.
I'm here to protect you, kubo,
and that means
you have to do as I say.
So, if you don't eat,
you'll be weak.
If you're weak, you'll be slow.
If you're slow, you'll die.
It's too hot!
Oh, excuse me.
Okay, you better start
taking this seriously, kubo.
This is real.
This is not a story.
Those things, your aunts...
They never get hungry.
They never sleep.
They will find you.
And if we're not prepared,
they'll kill me,
and take your other eye.
What are we gonna do?
We're going to find the armor.
It's the only thing
that can protect you.
So it's real. Really real.
Don't worry.
I'm not going to keep it.
I pulled that from her head.
I didn't mean to.
Your mother was very powerful.
She blessed your robes
so that when the need was most,
they would fly you away.
She used the last of that power
to bring me to life.
This bracelet, her hair...
It's a memory.
And memories
are powerful things, kubo.
Never lose it.
One more question?
Last one.
Do you know where it is?
The armor?
No. No, I don't.
Now go to sleep.
Good night, monkey.
Kubo, you were talking
in your sleep.
You were dreaming,
calling out to your father.
And... and then the paper
flew out of your bag
and folded itself into him.
He's been standing there
for hours,
quietly judging us.
I'm not even convinced
this counts as origami.
I could swear
scissors were involved.
Back home in the cave,
my mother's dreams did this,
and the paper always
unfolded itself by morning.
What's that about?
What are you doing?
I guess this is how
my father answered me.
Hmm. I'm tempted to say
that entrusting our fate
to the guidance
of a small paper man
seems like a bad idea.
But it's the best
bad idea we have.
You're growing stronger.
You might not want to look
quite so pleased about that.
We grow stronger,
the world grows more dangerous.
Life has a funny way
of keeping things balanced.
Monkey, do you ever say
anything encouraging?
I encourage you not to die.
"I encourage you not to die."
Mosquitoes. Annoying.
Wasn't me, I swear.
Paper runs out,
as does Patience.
I didn't ask them to do that.
The second time.
I didn't!
At least not exactly.
I mean, I felt it, but...
Magic is not meant to be easy.
You need to learn control.
Concentrate on what
you're doing.
And always remember:
Don't mess with the monkey.
Tread carefully, kubo.
This isn't one of your stories.
How do you know? Maybe it is.
And I'm the Valiant hero,
and you're the mean monkey.
Heroes come and go. Any moment,
something terrible could
come out of nowhere, and...
Monkey, wait!
He wasn't trying to hurt me.
He just wanted hanzo.
I still think
I'm gonna stab him.
Why must you always
assume the worst?
Oh, well, pardon me
for not trusting this giant,
spiky insect-monster
that just kidnapped you!
Hanzo. Yes, I remember him.
I think maybe he was my master.
What? What did you say?
We had a crest. A samurai crest.
Have you seen this crest before?
Ohh! This is a miracle.
You have our robes.
You're wearing our robes!
Why are you wearing our robes?
He doesn't have to
answer your questions.
Anyway, who are you?
Many years ago, I was cursed.
Trapped in this cursed state.
Cursed to wander the far lands.
Cursed... or "cur-sed."
No comrades, no master.
Not even a name
or a single memory
of the noble warrior I once was.
You used to be a man?
No, not just any man.
A samurai.
I mean, I'm pretty certain.
Look, I had the stuff.
I'm either a samurai
or a really bad hoarder.
Either way, inside my thorax
beats the heart of a warrior.
If you have no memory, how can
you be certain of anything?
Because i... I get flashes.
They... they come about from
objects I find on my travels.
Sometimes it's a sound
or a smell.
You must get a lot of flashes.
But the memories, they fade,
and all I'm left with
is the sense that I was
once part of something
much greater.
Monkey, can I tell him? I really
don't think that's a good idea.
He has a right. Absolutely not.
No "buts."
What? Tell me what? N-n...
Hanzo was my father. Kubo!
This is a miracle.
I have found the son
of my master!
Don't even. Now,
whatever brings you
to these lands,
whatever your quest,
it is now my quest too.
I will join you, and I will give
my life for you if necessary.
Wow. You will?
What, do you think
that's possible?
Well... I mean,
I know how these quests go.
People die all the time.
They drop like flies.
That doesn't matter,
'cause I have a feeling
this is my destiny.
No, it isn't!
We can't trust anything you say,
because you can't trust
anything you say.
We don't know
anything about you.
Monkey, you said it yourself.
Our quest is a difficult one.
A samurai, even a cursed one
with no memory,
that looks like a bug,
could be helpful. Yes.
I am certain I could be
helpful, indispensible.
In what way?
Firing an arrow into a wall
is hardly what I'd call...
Impressive. Oh, look at that.
Literally the first time
I've ever done it.
Just tell me of our quest,
and I will quickly demonstrate
my numerous indispensibilities.
Well, that's kind of
a long story.
You've got my attention.
I promise, I won't even blink.
I actually don't think
I even can blink.
Do I have eyelids? Fine.
Walk and talk.
Hanzo has found a path.
So, you used to be a toy monkey.
Kubo, I really don't see how this
part is important to our story.
I kept her in my pocket.
She was only, like, this big.
Okay. Kubo, that's enough.
Tiny. And she was
called "Mr. monkey."
I wasn't a toy.
I was a charm.
Of course you were.
That doesn't look good.
Don't touch anything.
He did it.
No, no, no,
Kubo, look.
The sword unbreakable.
It could be a trap. Mm.
Allow me.
What? It's not a trap
if you do it?
Stealth is my middle name.
You don't even
have a first name.
Don't worry. I got this.
The mighty beetle is victorious!
Look, I-i don't got this.
I don't got this!
Oh, for crying out loud!
I invoke the sword unbreakable!
It broke.
So, does it just mean
the handle, or...
I'm a little disappointed
with this magic sword.
It's not the right sword,
you idiot!
The sword! It's in his head!
Hey! I've got a bone
to pick with you.
See, because he's made of bones.
You're an embarrassment.
Uh, this is problematic.
Enough with the arrows!
Oh, foot!
You can fly?
Apparently. Yes!
Are you sure it isn't
the sword unfindable?
I think I found it!
A hand here! Anyone?
Anyone else?
Kubo! Huh?
Kubo? Monkey!
Whoa! No!
Thank goodness that's over.
Everything turning black.
Then open your eyes.
Uh-oh. I can't feel my wings.
You didn't even know you
had them five minutes ago.
Stop wriggling.
There. Is that feeling better?
Ooh, yeah. A little to the left.
Down just a bit.
Oh, right there. That's good.
Wait. You're being nice to me.
Shh. Don't tell anyone.
We did it beetle!
We got the sword!
Whoa, put that down. It's sharp.
Ooh. Ooh. Mm.
Okay. We're done here.
Get up. We have a lot
of walking to do.
You can't be serious.
I'm always serious.
Are you two going
to fight again?
Of course not. We're having
a grown up conversation.
You're going to fight again.
Kubo, just go over there
and play with something.
Not that!
Monkey, this is the long lake.
We can't walk around it.
I can carry kubo.
Carry kubo.
That's your better idea?
Look, I appreciate your help.
I really do.
But when it comes to the boy
I know what's best.
Oh, is that right?
And what's best is not
to be fielding ideas
from a talking cockroach.
This coming from
a talking monkey.
I can still hear you, you know.
Then play louder!
This conversation is over.
Monkeys don't swim.
Not to worry.
Monkey see, monkey do.
How long have you been waiting
to say that?
Ever since I met you.
Hey, what were we "grown up
conversation"-ing about?
You're ridiculous.
You're just
absolutely ridiculous.
Ridiculous! Crossing the lake
is a ridiculous idea.
It's not your fault. There's
no sense left in your head.
I think I resent that.
I may not know everything.
Anything. Anything.
But I do know kubo
is more capable
than you think he is.
You're being a tiny bit
overprotective here.
I'm being a lot
overprotective here.
It's my job
to make sure kubo is safe
and that is not safe.
You! You are not safe.
Kubo is just a child.
And an incredibly gifted one.
He just saved our lives.
Yes, he's very powerful.
But he still has much to learn.
Well, fast learner.
Did you know you could do that?
Show off.
Okay, now take a deep breath.
Clear your mind.
Guess I got that part covered.
Now draw back slowly. That's it.
Close one eye. Guess you've
got that part covered.
Concentrate on what
is directly in front of you
and let everything else
fall away.
And... release!
Ha, hey! Yeah!
Perfect shot! Perfect shot!
Not bad. And what's your plan
for getting the fish
into the boat
so we can actually eat it?
Well, I said
I was teaching him how to shoot.
Not fish. Fishing
is tomorrow's lesson.
Give me that. Whoa.
Grabby monkey.
Now try it.
Pull back and...
- Whoo-hoo!
- Mm.
The rope.
It's a pretty good idea.
Hm. And you're not
an awful shot.
Okay. Now you two
are being weird.
Um, we're going to
need something
to cut this with.
Sword unbreakable.
Mm. Mm. Mm.
Must you play with your food?
What's the matter, kubo?
You act like
you've never had a meal
sitting between a monkey
and a beetle before.
I've never had a meal sitting
between anyone before.
Come on. Eat. You need energy.
And this is much better than
whale soup.
Kubo, question.
Before you started
on your heroic quest,
what were your like?
Well, I looked after
my mother mostly.
And I told stories
about mighty warriors
seeking revenge with battles
and monsters and magic.
I was pretty good
at telling them.
Not so good eat ending them.
Sometimes I would tell my mother
stories about little things.
Like skimming rocks across
the river
or catching fireflies
in the mulberry fields.
And when I told those stories,
I could see her eyes
were mostly clear.
I could tell she saw me.
Really saw me.
I could see her too.
Her real self.
Her spirit
trying to find its way out.
It was beautiful.
You know something, kubo?
Back when you just told stories,
before you went on
this great adventure
you were still very much a hero.
We're going to have
to head for shore.
Find a hiding place and...
The second piece of armor!
The breastplate.
It's down there?
Okay, I got it. Beetle, wait!
No, don't worry.
Beetles can hold
their breath underwater
for a very long time. What?
Since when?
It's a well known fact, monkey.
So you don't remember
anything at all
but beetles swimming,
that's what sticks in there?
No, beetle. My mother told me
a story about the long lake.
There's something under the water.
Oh, yeah?
Um, what kind of something?
She said there was
a garden of eyes.
Eyes that stare into you.
Into your soul.
They show you secrets.
Things to keep you
down there with them.
Forever. Okay.
Well, I won't look directly
into anyone's eyes.
Even if
I'm being incredibly Sincere.
You're gonna miss me, monkey?
Be careful.
He's searching for the armor.
Just like his insolent father.
Yes, sister.
Then we must ensure he does
not find what remains.
Monkey, I think he's in trouble!
We should help him!
Kubo, your aunts
are still out there.
I'm sorry, but we have
to head for shore.
Look at this!
I come fishing and all I
reel in is a stinking ape.
How pathetic that
this filthy creature
is all that's left of
my sister's magic.
This filthy creature
will tear you apart!
I have crushed creatures
who could fit this world
on their fingernail.
This victory brings me no honor.
Imagine how you're going
to feel when you lose.
I felt loss only once.
Eleven years ago
I lost my sister.
She fell in love with a fool
and betrayed our father.
She was an ungrateful coward!
Who's the coward now?
I got it! I got it!
Beetle! Wh-what happened?
Where's kubo?
Get back down there!
He's in trouble!
I got it.
Mother. Mother.
It never fails to amaze me
how the creatures down here
fight so hard just
to die another day.
Down here there
are days worth fighting for.
There is nothing down here
worth anything!
It's pathetic what happened
to my sister.
I looked up to her.
She was so strong.
And love made her weak.
It made me stronger!
Over here!
The eyes.
It was the eyes.
They had him in a trance.
Oh, no! No!
Come on! Come on, kubo!
Wake up! Please, wake up!
Please, please wake up.
It's gonna be alright.
It's gonna be alright.
I'm here. I'm right here.
I saw...
What? What did you see?
I saw...
My son.
So you must look more like
your dad then.
You're staring.
Let me guess,
you have questions.
Why... I'll start.
First question. If I'm
beetle and you're monkey,
why isn't he called boy?
Oh, boy.
Questions can wait.
We need sleep.
Tell us your story.
Then we can sleep.
Okay. Perhaps you can help me.
The night I met your father,
My sisters and I
went to the temple of bones
to kill hanzo.
At the bidding of the moon king,
my sisters and I had come down
from the night sky
and killed many noble warriors.
Your grandfather told us
that any man who found
the magical armor
would grow too powerful
and be a threat to the heavens.
That night I arrived at
the temple before my sisters.
And there he was.
The mighty hanzo.
"You have offended my father,"
I told him.
"Now you must die." Yeah,
that's so you. Beetle! Shh.
We fought.
Hanzo was strong.
But then he stopped.
He looked into my eyes
and uttered four simple words.
These words changed everything.
"I love you...
"You are my quest,"
he whispered.
I had seen
the wonders of the universe,
but the warmth of his gaze
as I looked into his eyes that,
that I had never known.
It was his humanity I saw
and it was more powerful than
anything in my cold realm.
In recognizing his compassion,
I recognized my own.
I spared his life.
He gave me mine.
And... and then he gave me you.
But your grandfather found us.
His rage at my betrayal shook
the heavens.
Your father and his army gave
their lives,
allowing me to escape
with you in my arms.
Why does grandfather hate me?
Oh, kubo.
He doesn't hate you.
He wants to make you
just like him.
Blind to humanity as I once was.
Only then can you
take your place
beside him as part
of his family.
Cold and hard
and perfect.
I'll never be like him. Never.
I know.
He's exhausted.
Mm. Me too.
I'm not tucking you in.
You're hurt.
Ow. It's just a scratch.
Monkey, why didn't you tell him
sooner who you really are?
The magic that keeps me here,
it's fading.
Soon I'll be gone
and then kubo will
be alone again.
Not alone.
He is the son of hanzo.
I'll do everything I can
to keep him from harm.
Thank you, beetle.
To know kubo has someone
to watch over him
when I'm gone,
that would be a fine way
to end my story.
Your story will never end.
It will be told by him
and by the people
he shares it with.
And by the people
they share it with.
And by the people
they share it with.
And by the people
they share it with.
And by the people... beetle.
Th-the point is,
your story will live on, in him.
Hello, my young friend.
Why don't you join in my song?
But how did you? You're...
Even blinder than you?
Twice as much, to be precise.
Which means I see double
the truth. Mm.
This is all a dream.
Is this a good dream
or a bad one?
See for yourself.
My father's fortress. Yes.
The last piece of the armor.
It's here?
Follow the setting sun
and you'll find it.
In the place that might have
been your home.
Claim your birthright, kubo.
Give this story a happy ending!
Mother! Beetle! Wake up!
I'm up. I'm up.
Well, I'm down. Mm.
I think I slept on something.
Sword uncomfortable.
The helmet. I know where it is.
I saw it in a dream, beetle!
A dream?
Well, that doesn't mean
anything in particular.
I mean, I dreamt I fought
a giant skeleton
with swords in its head.
That really happened.
Oh, yeah.
Come on. This way!
I spy with my one eye
something beginning with "s."
Snow. No.
Snowflake? No.
Okay. Oh.
Snow-covered trees.
Nothing to do with snow.
How about serious?
Okay. I got it. Snow.
He said it wasn't snow.
It's a song.
Well, that's not fair.
How do you see a song? You look.
Golden heron.
It's believed they hold
the souls of the departed.
Carrying them over
to wherever they need to go.
Hm. What are they singing?
It's beautiful.
Many say the song's about
what happens when we die.
How we don't just disappear.
We don't?
Ah, so what happens to us?
Well, like
kubo's paper, we shift.
We transform, so we can continue
our story to another place.
The end of one story is merely
the beginning of another.
I remember this place.
This was where my father
prepared for his quest.
There's something
I don't understand.
Why would the helmet be here?
Ahh, release us!
Oh, sister.
I remember how
we looked up to you.
Of all of us,
you shone the brightest.
Such a waste.
All we ever wished was to
be a family
in our home among the stars.
I think we have very different
definitions of family.
Don't you touch him, you witch!
And then there's you!
The thieving insect
who stole my sister's soul.
Oh, this is precious.
You've been together
all this time
and you haven't even realized?
You took her from us.
It was only fitting
we took something from you.
How swiftly those memories
spilled from your head,
wiping out all recollection
of your obscene union...
Hanzo. What?
I... i-i didn't know.
I'm forgetting what
I came here for.
Shh, it's okay.
I'm here.
Father? My son.
Seems I'm married to a bug.
Yeah. A samurai bug.
You are my quest.
You always have been.
Hanzo, keep him safe.
No matter what.
I promise I will.
Fly home, kubo.
Kubo, is that you?
You have to leave this place.
The moon king...
He's coming.
It's me, kubo.
I know you can see me!
Hello, grandson.
It's so good to see you at last.
So to speak.
And I see you found the armor.
Seems your mother had
a reason to bring you
to this dreadful place
after all.
I see.
I know you do.
That's how this all began.
You finally saw me.
That was my fault.
I should've listened
to my parents.
Hmm. Kubo,
we both want
the exact same thing.
You want to take my other eye!
That's what you want!
Well, yes.
But do you know why I want it?
Because you're old and mean...
And cruel!
Oh, now, that's a little harsh.
As long as you cling
to that silly, useless eye...
You can't come up
to live with me...
In the heavens!
You'll be stuck down here
in this... hell!
Staring with that lonely eye
at hate and heartache
and suffering...
And death!
Where I want to take you,
we have none of those things.
It'll just be you,
with your family.
Where you belong.
My family is gone.
- You killed them.
- No!
They brought their fates
upon themselves!
They disgraced me
and upset the order
of everything!
That's how your story goes.
Oh, kubo.
When you're up there with me,
you will be beyond stories.
You will be... Immortal!
You will be...
No. You're wrong.
Not infinite.
All stories have an end.
Is that right?
And how does this story end?
I kill you.
Oh. Very well.
Is this your wish?
To do battle
with a hideous monster
who ruined your life?
To prove your worth,
like your doomed father?
How mortal!
You want to be human?
Then share their weakness!
Suffer their humiliation!
Feel their pain!
This is the end of your story.
Now take one last look
with that lonely eye.
One last look
at this wretched place...
You call home.
I'm not leaving.
For every horrible thing
down here,
there's something
far more beautiful.
My mother saw it.
So did my father.
I see it.
Even with just one eye.
Then I'll just have to rip it
out of your head again,
won't I?
If you must blink, do it now.
I know why you want my eye.
Because without it, I can't
look into the eyes of another
and see their soul, their love!
Everything you loved is gone!
Everything you knew has been
taken from you?
No! It's in my memories!
The most powerful kind
of magic there is!
It makes us stronger
than you'll ever be.
These are the memories
of those we have loved and lost.
And if we hold their stories
deep in our hearts...
Then you will never
take them away from us.
That really is the least of it.
Where am I? Uh...
Hello, grandfather. Wha...
Hello. Wh...
What happened to your eye?
Don't you remember? Oh...
Oh no...
I'm sorry, young man.
I seem to have
forgotten my story.
Can you help me?
I'll tell him.
No, we'll all tell him.
We'll tell him
everything he needs to know.
You are the kindest,
sweetest man
to ever live in this village.
Oh! Oh, really?
- Yes.
- Uh, uh... every day,
you walk around smiling and
handing out coins to children.
Like me!
And old women. Oh.
You... you taught
my kids to swim!
What? And...
You give blankets to the poor!
You're as good man.
You fed the hungry!
You always lend a helping hand!
You're a great example!
Yeah. Oh! It turns out
I'm pretty selfless.
That's why we love you!
You know, we have
something in common.
We both adore your grandson.
His name is kubo.
Mm. "Kubo"?
I'm sorry, uh...
But i...
But I don't remember.
Well, your grandson's
a storyteller.
He'll tell you all the
stories you've forgotten.
Of course.
Hello, mother.
I know my stories can
tend to get a little...
Mm, long...
So I'll keep this brief.
I'm very grateful I've had
the chance to meet you both,
hear your wisdom.
Feel your kindness,
even eat a meal
sitting between you.
This was a happy story.
But it could still be
a whole lot happier...
I don't know exactly
what the rules are,
or how this works,
but if there were any way to...
You know... I still need you.
So I could say this
has been a happy story,
or I could feel it...
We could all feel it.
And then we could end
this story together.
The end.