Kudrat (1998) Movie Script

"Crazy hearts have met."
"Two swans have started flying."
"Your love has yielded good results."
"Many conch shells were blown."
"Crazy hearts have met."
"Two swans have started flying."
"Your love has yielded good results."
"Many conch shells were blown."
"The henna leaves have bloomed
by taking your name."
"The henna leaves have bloomed
by taking your name."
"I will write the story of
your love with that henna."
"I will write the story of
your love with that henna."
"Crazy hearts have met."
"Two swans have started flying."
"Your love has
yielded good results."
"Many conch shells were blown."
"Many conch shells were blown."
"Many conch shells were blown."
Doctor, you are the greatest
plastic surgeon of this city.
Will I look handsome
after you do the surgery?
Will I get married?
What fool would want his
daughter to get married to you?
Have you ever seen your face?
You are a half bald.
You are squint-eyed too.
And your nostrils are so big that
two motorcycles can easily go in.
Your face is so frightening that
even the devils will run away.
And you're asking
Rs.500000 as dowry..
..from a girl belonging
to a respectable family?
Forget the dowry;
you aren't even fit to get a coffin.
Now don't put your head down.
Just go away from here! Get out!
Doctor, at least
operate upon my face?
I told you decently,
but you don't want to listen.
Son, I'll make you so frightful
after the operation..
..that no blind animal too
would give his daughter to you.
Shall I do your operation?
Come! Come!
Rather than me,
you need an operation.
- Have you ever seen your face?
Meena, at least smile now.
Tomorrow, our son Vijay is returning
after four months from America.
Ever since he has gone,
you have forgotten how to smile.
You are his father.
But you do not know the pain of
being separated from your child.
What sorrow are you talking about?
You son has gone to
America only for four months..
..and that too for his studies.
And you have made our state..
..as if a criminal who is going
to be hanged.
Eyes are swollen,
sorrowful face, always angry.
The food too always burnt up.
What is all this?
Daddy, four months
is a pretty long time.
If a child is separated even
for two days from the mother..
..then the mother is
in a very bad state.
God knows what he must be eating.
Who must be looking after him?
Who must be oiling his
hair while sleeping at night?
My dear, our son has gone to
America and not to some jungle.
(Vehicle approaching)
Watchman, who is he?
Hi, Dad! Hi, Mom!
Oh, my God! He is Vijay!
Look at his condition.
I told you not to send
him to America. Didn't I?
But no one wants to listen to me.
Daddy, I told you before that the
climate there will not suit him.
But no one ever
listened to me, did they?
Look at his condition.
This long hair. Looks insane to me.
Vijay, you were
supposed to come tomorrow.
How did you come a day earlier?
Dad, don't ask the
state of us hippies.
We do all the things
in a different manner.
If we leave on the 20th,
we reach on the 19th.
We give our exams first
and then we study later.
We fall later, we get up first.
What to do?
Oh, my God! My son has gone crazy.
He has lost his mind.
He has estranged from his parents.
What are you talking
about being crazy?
I'll slap him four times,
he will forget his craziness..
..and he will come back to
his senses. You just watch.
What is this?
What? What did you say?
You hippies do all the
work in a different manner?
If I give you a punch,
all your teeth will fall off.
Mother, don't you have even
a little faith in your son?
You've instilled good values in me.
Do you think that I will forget them
in just four months?
Mother, I was an Indian.
I am and I will always be an Indian.
Did you see? He is my son.
And his values are
stronger than steel.
Didn't I tell you that he may live
in London or America.. - I see.
..he will never forget what
his mother has taught him.
Isn't it?
- Yes.
Okay? Your son's
values are very strong.
Some time back his
values had become very weak.
You were blaming us for everything.
That your dreams are shattered.
All my desires are.. What was that?
My desires were shattered.
I'll slap you.
Take this.
Mummy, enough. Are you going to
feed me four months food at one go?
Just eat quietly.
God knows what rubbish you
must be eating in America.
American food is
famous all over the world.
It must be famous in the
country where there is poverty.
What else is there besides..
..those dry sandwiches
and tasteless burgers?
Why are you not eating your food?
The thing is,
we do not have strong teeth..
..otherwise we would have eaten
this plate to fill our stomach.
Why? Why will you eat the plate?
If there is no food in the plate,
then we will have to eat the plate.
I didn't serve you food?
You aren't even looking at us.
You didn't even pay attention to us.
Leave aside serving us food.
I am so sorry.
My attention was somewhere else.
It is obvious.
Now that your son has come back..
..how can you give
attention to someone else?
Where are you going?
- I am feeling very sleepy. I am going.
But at least have your food.
- Good night.
She too is just like..
- Yes?
What happened?
Daddy, I think that we have
to tell that truth to Vijay.
- Meena, how long will we hide it?
And if someday he comes to
know the truth from someone else..
..then it won't be good.
And have you thought about what will
happen if you tell it to Vijay..
..and he is unable to cope with it?
Listen to me very carefully.
If you tell the truth to Vijay,
then I will end my life.
Have patience, son.
That matter was not
in our hands then.
And it is still not
in our hands today.
And if a person cannot
handle his troubles and worries..
..then he should leave it to God.
That's it. - (Thunder crashing)
Hey Vijay, wait. What a cool bike?
Have you brought this from America?
This has been given to me
by my most generous grandpa.
I wish we too had some grandfather,
paternal uncle..
..or maternal uncle
who are so generous.
But how was your American tour?
Did you entice any girl there?
What shall I tell you? I did not
find any beautiful girl there.
How long are you going
to keep your heart aloof?
When and where will a
lucky girl enter your life?
(Car honking)
You stupid fool!
Is that a way to drive a car?
(Car honking)
- (Screams)
(Brakes squeal)
Who is she?
- She's a new student.
Ever since she came,
I feel like coming to college everyday.
Is it?
I've heard that she is
very hot tempered? - Okay.
She is from a very rich family.
- Really?
A bodyguard guards her
without any salary. - Okay.
If you say good morning to her,
she glares at you.
What class is she in?
- F.Y. BA (First Year Bachelor of Arts).
But now she has gone up to the
hall to practice for the dance show.
"Baby, baby, baby,
I want the funky rap."
"Baby, baby, baby.
Do you want the funky rap?"
"Baby, baby, baby,
I want the funky rap."
"Baby, baby, baby,
I want the funky rap."
"Baby, baby, baby.
Do you want the funky rap?"
"Baby, baby, baby,
I want the funky rap."
Hey! What's going on?
Good morning.
- Creep.
"I am unique."
"I am happy to be alone."
"I have never played
with anyone's heart."
"Take away my heart."
"Who has the guts to
play with my heart?"
"I am unique."
"I am happy to be alone."
"I have never played
with anyone's heart."
"Take away my heart."
"Who has the guts to
play with my heart?"
"Fall for my tresses
or fall for my eyes."
"Fall for my face
or fall for my complexion."
"If you want to love someone,
then love her whole heartedly."
"Fill your life
with the colour of love."
"Fall for my tresses
or fall for my eyes."
"I am unique."
"I am happy to be alone."
"I have never played
with anyone's heart."
"Take away my heart."
"Who has the guts to
play with my heart?"
What a gorgeous girl!
Hey smarty, sit down.
Are you trying to spoil the show?
"Even I am a flower
and not a stone."
"But I have never
seen such a glance."
"Show me that love which
will make me restless."
"I am waiting for that love."
"Even I am a flower
and not a stone."
"I am unique."
"I am happy to be alone."
"I have never played
with anyone's heart."
"Take away my heart."
"Who has the guts to
play with my heart?"
Madhu, you were..
- You were amazing.
Listen. Henceforth,
you won't try to talk to Madhu.
Nor will you even look at her.
Because in this world
if anyone has that right..
..then only I have it. Understood?
(Brakes squeal)
Greetings, ma'am.
- Shut up!
Relax, Madhu. Relax.
You don't get tensed
because of that scoundrel.
I won't relax until I teach that
scoundrel a lesson.
I was going to teach him a lesson
but he ran away out of fear.
Relax. Relax.
I'll teach him a lesson.
I won't spare him.
Madhu, who are you so angry with?
Aunt, there's this guy in college.
He was trying to sabotage my show.
He was misbehaving quite a lot.
Did he misbehave with you?
He doesn't have the
guts to misbehave with me.
I wouldn't have spared him.
He was just trying to spoil my show.
Why get angry about
such a trivial matter?
Come on, have your food.
I'm not at all hungry.
But why are you taking
out your anger on the food?
But how dare he do all that?
That's why I tell you
that I just don't like..
..your college programs
and your dance shows.
You better stay away from it.
And this is not good for a girl.
But you just won't listen to me.
Oh, Aunt.
You're ten steps ahead of me.
You make mountain out
of molehill right away.
There was nothing so serious.
And who has the guts to
misbehave with your daughter?
Good morning.
What happened?
Why are you looking at me like that?
This guy never forgets
to put on his buttons.
Today, he forgot to wear his pants?
It means.. something is very fishy.
- Grandpa, wait. I'm wearing my pant.
Keep quiet.
You used to roam naked in front of me.
I used to change your panties.
I taught you how to wear a pant
and you're feeling shy of me?
What's the matter? You were going
to college without your pants?
Grandpa, the thing is
I was getting late for college.
So in a hurry..
- You forgot to wear your pants.
Yes. Yes.
Listen. What's the girl's name?
Girl? What girl?
Son, when I was your age..
..I had gone to college
four times without my pants.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
In my vest and briefs.
The whole college started shouting..
"Hey you naked fellow."
- (Laughs)
Give me five.
What's the name of that girl?
Not again, Grandpa.
- Shall I give you one? - Madhu.
Yes, Madhu.
Where did you meet her?
Tell me.
Grandpa, the thing is that
your bike was very lucky for me.
Because of that I got
introduced to a girl.
All right, at least my
gift came of use to you.
Did you take her
around on your bike?
She is a very
hot-tempered girl, Grandpa.
Oh, my God.
- No, her temper is always high.
I'll teach you such a trick that
her temper will cool down like ice.
No. No. Not possible with this girl.
I'm telling you, Grandpa. Impossible.
I'll have to put in a lot of efforts.
So do that. You'll have to do it.
First you put in the efforts,
then have patience.
Patience yields sweet fruits.
Grandpa, nowadays patience
does not yield sweet fruits..
..but they yield
tasteless fruits. Tasteless.
(Car honking)
Hey ma'am!
What is it? Why are you shouting?
What kind of driving is this?
Look what you've done to my cycle.
Shut up!
You don't have to talk nonsense.
Take this.
Buy a new cycle.
And yes. If some money is left,
then keep the change.
Friend, it's not her mistake.
It's her father's wealth.
When your pockets
are filled with money..
..then you lose your
hold over your tongue.
Why have you come late to class?
Sir, the thing is that I
come to college on a cycle.
Today too I was on my way..
..but an arrogant and ill-mannered
girl blew away my cycle.
That's why I had to come
on foot and I got late.
Sir, the thing is when these
rich girls get in the car..
..they think that everything
on the road is their property.
They trample everything and pass by.
And they don't feel
anything about it.
Sir, the girl is not
to be blamed for this.
Because the guys have eyes..
..but they don't
know how to use them.
They don't know where to walk..
..where to ride the cycle?
But why do the girls need to
drive their cars at top speed..
..in the college campus?
But why do the guys need
to park their cycles..
..anywhere like a blind bull.
Girls have started doing things
that doesn't suit their status.
Girls can do what the
boys can never dream of.
Now the girls will have
to take 100 more lives..
..to come up to the
level of the guys.
Please go wash your
brain with a detergent soap.
Because girls of this
generation are going fast ahead.
- Definitely.
So for example,
what can the girls do?
Girls can drive cars!
Girls can run the government!
Girls can maintain house!
Girls can make a happy family!
Girls can render men useless!
It is amazing.
Being a man you are saying
that she can render men useless?
Shame on you.
Without the men,
this world cannot run!
Without a man a woman cannot live!
A woman can cook food,
become a mother!
But a father she cannot be!
Ravi, I won't spare him.
- Don't worry. Okay.
Just watch. If I don't throw him..
- Enough.
Out of this college then
I will change my name. - Okay.
We will see..
What's this?
I know who has played this mischief.
I won't spare him.
Who are you talking about, ma'am?
Who will you not spare, ma'am?
Hey you! Mind your language.
Who are you addressing as 'ma'am'?
You were talking in the
girls group like a girl.
That's why from today we
will address you as a girl.
Hey, you talk to me.
I was dying to talk to you.
Tell me where do I start?
Shut up. Who has done this mischief?
Okay. Such a temper?
Come on.
Tell her that you have done this.
Yes. Yes. I have done this.
And tell her that you
have taken your revenge.
You broke my cycle,
so I broke your car.
I have taken revenge from you.
You broke my cycle,
so I have broken your car.
Now tell her to buy
a new tyre with this.
Go buy a new tyre with this.
And whatever money remains,
keep the change.
And whatever money remains,
keep the change.
Hey, mister!
I'll teach you a lesson for this.
And I will anxiously wait for that.
No, Madhu. This is very expensive. No.
- (Glass shatters)
What are you doing? Leave that.
- Shut up!
Madhu, I got hurt. Oh, my God.
Madhu, what happened?
- Why are you so angry?
That guy teased me again.
He troubled me in the class
and then he removed my car tyre.
How can that be possible?
How can he remove your car tyre?
- Right.
I'll come to college
with you tomorrow.
Let me see how he..
Madhu, I hope you
haven't done anything wrong.
Look, I.. I just..
- Just? What?
I drove the car at top
speed in the college. - Yes.
And a guy's cycle came under my car.
Now I got it. So you started this.
Grandpa, I had to do this.
She is too arrogant.
So to bring her down to earth..
..is it necessary to
remove her car tyre?
Is it necessary to humiliate her
in front of people? That is wrong.
By doing this, you won't come closer
but you both will drift apart.
No, Grandpa.
I'm confident that sooner or later..
..she'll definitely like my style.
Why? Because, iron cuts iron.
Which fool has told
you that iron cuts iron?
You hear some filmy dialogues
and come to tell me all that.
Steel cuts iron.
Am I less than steel for her?
Grandpa she will like my qualities..
..because everyone
else are her sycophants.
For the first time she must
have come across someone like me..
..who can give her a fitting reply.
Yes. You could be
right to some extent.
Because it is usually seen
that when hot tempered girls..
..meet a hot tempered guy,
they forget their anger.
But this happens only some times.
Why is she driving so slow today?
Looks like she is sick.
That's why she is driving so slowly.
(Girl laughs)
Ramesh, madam's car
is in control today.
- Amazing.
I'm sorry, Mr. Ramesh.
I'm ashamed for my
behaviour yesterday.
I will like it
if you keep this cycle.
And forgive me if possible.
Did you see that, Madhu?
Everything happened
exactly as I had predicted.
You returned his cycle,
he returned the tyre.
And he even apologised.
That means he's absolutely
ready to get caught in our trap.
So just do as I tell you to do.
So, what should I do now?
Do one thing.
Write a love letter to that guy.
- Yes.
This trick is very
important to trap him.
Okay. I'll write it right away.
No. No. Not you. I'll write.
- Yes.
Look, if it is your handwriting,
then you can get caught.
- And if it is my handwriting..
..then there is no chance that
you will get caught. Isn't it?
Aunt! Come. That's the guy.
Listen. Is your name Vijay?
Yes. Why?
Madhu has sent me.
She has sent this letter for you.
She wanted to come personally.
But she was too shy to come.
So she sent me.
But how did you
know that I am Vijay?
Madhu told me.
I mean, Madhu told me..
..that the most handsome
guy in college is Vijay.
Now look. In two hours,
I've seen 200 guys.
But you seemed the
most handsome of them all.
Thank you.
- Now shall I leave?
'And if you accept my love,
if you too love me..'
'..then you will
definitely reply to my letter.'
'Yours and only yours..'
Grandpa, did you see?
You said that because of my
behaviour we may drift apart.
But she wrote this letter
and sent it to me.
Okay. Why do you have to
be so excited about it?
Every great man makes a mistake.
Even I made one.
Now do one thing.
Write a better love letter to her.
One which is
totally immersed in love.
But grandpa, I don't know how to write.
- What?
I've never written a
love letter to anyone.
Don't worry. In my youth,
I've written 50 such letters.
What are you saying?
I swear. Even I was like you once.
The girls who used to
write letters to me..
..I'd reply those letters
to improve my handwriting.
Wow, Grandpa..
- Wait.
What are you doing?
If someone listens, then along
with you, even I will get beaten up.
Do one thing.
I will narrate, you write.
- The start should be solid.
Yes. I mean.. very..
- Yes, like a blast.
My beloved.
- No. No, Grandpa.
It seems as if you're making me
write a dialogue..
..from the Mahabharata.
- Yes. - So ancient?
It should be..
- Wow. Say it once again?
- Wow.
Shall I write?
- Write. Write.
Darling. What a start?
Darling, I will die,
if I don't listen to you.
That has become a couplet.
Write. Write.
(Bell tolling)
Where is this Vijay?
See this..
Grandpa, that's the girl.
- Yes.
Excuse me.
Your name is Madhu, right?
- Yes.
I am.. Vijay's grandpa.
- God bless you.
Can I come there?
- Please, come.
The thing is that
Vijay is a very shy guy.
He can't tell anyone
what is in his heart.
Can I sit?
- Please. Please.
- No, please sit.
Okay, I thought you
told me to stand up.
So, he wanted to say a lot to you..
..but he didn't have
the courage to say it.
So he has written whatever was in
his heart and has sent this for you.
But.. how did you
know that I am Madhu?
The thing is that he had told
me that the most beautiful..
..looking girl in college,
the most gorgeous girl..
..she will be Madhu.
I'm seeing such strange faces in
college for the past three hours.
But when I saw you,
I felt wonderful..
..this is the gem that
my grandson has selected.
This is for you.
Shall I go?
- Okay.
I am leaving.
Today, let's study the art
of understanding other people.
The lesson is of friendship,
love and faith in one another.
Friendship means give and take
without any favours.
Love means caring for each
other under all circumstances.
Faith means real blind
faith without any doubts and..
- What is it?
The principal has called for Vijay.
- Vijay, go on.
Mr. Vijay, do you come to
college to study or to misbehave?
Sir, I don't get you.
Have you written
this letter to Madhu?
Why did you write this?
How could you write such a letter?
Is this a college or a goon's den?
Sir, Madhu took the initiative.
She wrote a letter first.
I have just replied to her letter.
So first Madhu wrote a letter?
- Yes.
Let me see. Show me.
Sir, see for yourself.
And she gave me this letter.
What? I gave it to you?
I? What are you saying?
Principal, I don't even know this guy.
I've met him here for
the first time. That's all.
And he says that I have..
Oh, my God.
The guys of this generation..
Oh, my God.
- Why are you lying?
Didn't you give me this
letter in college yesterday?
Principal, stop him otherwise,
I'll complain to the police.
Sir, that letter.. I..
- Vijay, you keep quiet.
Sir, I promise that..
- Will you keep quiet or not?
May I come in, sir?
- Yes, come in.
Sir, ever since
I joined this college..
..he has been teasing me frequently.
Sir, he has made my life
miserable in this college.
But dear, he says that you
wrote this letter to him.
I have written?
- Yes.
Sir, that's not the truth.
Sir, look at my book.
Compare my handwriting..
..with the one in the letter.
Sir, you'll come to know who is
telling the truth and who is lying.
He.. he is trying to defame me, sir.
Vijay, you are lying.
This is not at all
Madhu's handwriting.
Principal, if such
guys are in this college..
..then girls from
respectable families..
..will have to withdraw
their names from this college.
Just think. Do our daughters
come to college..
..so that goons and loafers
make their lives miserable..
..and tease them?
And who can vouch for them?
Today, they tease verbally..
..what if they try to
get physical in future?
Mr. Vijay, I'm extremely
ashamed of you.
I'm ashamed that a guy like
you is studying in my college.
That's why bring your
father to me tomorrow.
And if you don't do that..
..then you will be rusticated
from this college tomorrow itself.
Now get out.
Now, Grandpa,
tell me what I should do.
Principal is hell bent that
I should get my father along.
If father comes to know of this,
then he will beat me..
..and throw me out of the house.
(Snaps finger)
Yes, tell me.
What can I say?
Just say that I should be ashamed.
Brother, I didn't recognise you.
How will you know me?
I'm the father of that ill-mannered,
arrogant guy..
..who people know as Vijay.
The one who has
broken Madhu's heart.
By the way, where is Madhu?
Madhu. Madhu.
I am Madhu.
What do you want from me?
He is Vijay's father.
Don't take his name in front of me.
The meaning of 'Vijay' is
one who is always victorious.
This is a defeat.
He has tarnished his father's name.
I am so unlucky.
I am so unfortunate.
Uncle.. Please, Uncle.
Don't cry like this. Uncle, please.
Then how should I cry, dear?
Dear, your college
principal has forgiven Vijay..
..but you don't forgive him at all.
How dare he write a love
letter to a sweet girl like you?
I will punish him.
The hand with which he has
written a love letter to you..
..I will cut the
fingers of that hand..
..I'll make a
garland of those fingers..
..and put that around this
beautiful neck of yours.
You're right, Uncle.
Put some sense into him.
If he tries to misbehave again..
Scoundrel! Loafer!
You're misbehaved with her?
- But what did I..
You write love letters
to such an innocent girl?
But what did I..
- Shut up!
But what did I..
- I won't spare you.
I will thrash you.
I will break your bones.
Brother, what are you doing?
He is my son.
Yes, I am her son.
- Not your son, Vijay.
What did you say?
- My son.
Please forgive me.
The thing is ever
since Vijay has done this..
..I see Vijay in every young guy.
Please forgive me. I'm sorry.
What do I do?
Until Madhu forgives him..
..I'll keep feeling
the pain within me.
And I'll see Vijay
in every young guy.
Madhu, tell him immediately
that you've forgiven him..
..otherwise this old
man will beat up Ravi.
I've forgiven him.
I have forgiven him long back.
Yes, we have forgiven him.
Really? You have forgiven him?
- Yes.
Yes. Yes.
You're so tender at heart.
- Brother.
Dear, you are
kind-hearted as well as beautiful.
Brother! Yes, brother.
My daughter is very kind-hearted.
You may go now.
Your health does not seem fit. - Yes.
How can it be fine?
My son hurt me and
Madhu pacified my heart.
Just once more..
- Brother, that is enough.
Enough. Enough. You may go now.
God bless you, son.
Son, I hope you aren't hurt badly.
No, Mother. He was not beating me.
He was beating his son Vijay.
But aunt, I was so scared.
Aunt, just think. Just think, Aunt.
Now Vijay will be
given a good thrashing.
Now Vijay will be
given a good thrashing.
Hats off to you, Madhu.
Your love letter played the trick. Great!
But buddy, this trick
was played not by me..
..but my great aunt.
Really, Mummy? What a great trick.
So the idea was yours
and so was the handwriting?
Great, Mummy. Hats off to you.
Now Vijay will be
given a good thrashing.
Grandpa! Grandpa! We got them.
We caught the thief.
I've found out who
wrote that letter.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
Who wrote it?
- Madhu's governess.
The idea was hers as
well as the handwriting.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
I have heard it myself just now.
Grandpa, I wish I had
a tape recorder there.
I would have recorded
all their conversation.
Son, when the work is done easily,
there is no need to use other means.
If the work is not done easily,
then you have to use other methods.
Think that you had a tape recorder..
..and that you have
recorded all their conversation.
(Phone rings)
(Phone rings)
Hello, can I speak to Madhu's
governess Mrs. Shanti?
Yes, speaking.
I'm very happy to hear your voice.
After a long time,
I've got this opportunity to clash..
..my mind with someone.
What do you mean?
I mean, Mrs. Shanti,
you are the brain behind Madhu.
In the same way,
my mind works behind Vijay.
What do you want to say?
I want to say that you had written..
..that love letter with
your beautiful hands, right?
Yes. Oh, no. Not at all.
I have strong proof regarding that.
No. No. I don't believe this.
This can never happen.
I don't believe this.
She does not believe.
Okay then. I'll go to the
principal with all the evidence.
I'll call you there, make
you write a letter there..
..and then you'll be
exposed in front of everyone.
No. No. I won't come. No.
Why wouldn't you come?
The police will bring you.
What? Police? It means, police..
It's Vijay's call. He has found
out that I had written that letter.
He is going to the principal
tomorrow with all the evidence.
Madhu, I will die of shame.
Hello. What's the matter?
So Miss Madhu, you too have come?
Miss Madhu, you were
talking to Ravi this morning..
..about that love letter, right?
I have recorded that conversation.
And that cassette will go to
the principal tomorrow morning.
Look here, Mr. Vijay.
Why do you need to make..
..such a big issue
over such a small thing?
What do you mean?
Please don't send that
cassette to the principal.
Okay. Look.
If you want that cassette..
..then meet me tomorrow at
11am sharp at Lovers Point.
And listen. Come alone.
He is calling me at
lovers point alone.
Look, dear. When the
enemy has an upper hand..
..then it's best to
mellow down in front of him.
Just agree to everything he says.
Say yes.
Hello. Okay. I will come.
Hello. But remember, come alone.
Yes. Yes. Absolutely alone.
Hi, sweetie.
Take it. Take it.
Shut up!
Let me go. Let me go.
- Vijay.
What's going on?
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
"Fall in love."
"Fall in love."
"What is love?
- Hey."
"It is a river.
- Hey."
"The one who jumps, crosses it."
"The one who doesn't,
will drown in it."
"So what is beauty?
- Hey."
"It's a veil of flowers.
- Hey."
"The one who risks his life,
wins in the end."
"He gets to wear
the veil of flowers."
"Fall in love."
"Fall in love."
"What is love?
- Hey."
"It is a river.
- Hey."
"The one who jumps, crosses it."
"The one who doesn't,
will drown in it."
"So what is beauty?
- Hey."
"It's a veil of flowers.
- Hey."
"The one who risks his life,
wins in the end."
"He gets to wear
the veil of flowers."
"If someone tries,
he can't break it."
"If someone tries,
he can't mend it."
"We can't retrace the
steps we have taken."
"We can't let go of
the hand we are holding."
"If someone tries,
he can't break it."
"If someone tries,
he can't mend it."
"We can't retrace the
steps we have taken."
"We can't let go of
the hand we are holding."
"Fall in love."
"Fall in love."
"What is love?
- Hey."
"It is a river.
- Hey."
"The one who jumps, crosses it."
"The one who doesn't,
will drown in it."
"So what is beauty?
- Hey."
"It's a veil of flowers.
- Hey."
"The one who risks his life,
wins in the end."
"He gets to wear
the veil of flowers."
"A small encounter with
someone blossoms into love."
"The face of the
beloved captures the heart."
"A small encounter with
someone blossoms into love."
"The face of the
beloved captures the heart."
"Fall in love."
"Fall in love."
"What is love?
- Hey."
"It is a river.
- Hey."
"The one who jumps, crosses it."
"The one who doesn't,
will drown in it."
"So what is beauty?
- Hey."
"It's a veil of flowers.
- Hey."
"The one who risks his life,
wins in the end."
"He gets to wear
the veil of flowers."
"Fall in love."
"Fall in love."
Did you get the cassette?
Did you get it or not?
That was a narrow escape.
The biggest problem has been solved.
At least, we got the cassette.
Don't ask.
I was so worried since yesterday.
Just a minute. Just a minute, Aunt.
Let's see what conversation
between Ravi and me did he record.
Just a minute.
- Yes. Yes.
'Madhu, this is my voice.'
'I told you that I have recorded
your voice just to scare you.'
'Actually, it was just
an act to get to you..'
'..and to bring you closer to me.'
'But what I am going to
tell you now is not an act..'
'..in fact, it is reality.'
'I love you very much.'
'I love you, Madhu.'
Yes, I heard. You thrashed
the goons and chased them away.
You sang a love song also.
What after that?
After that, Grandpa.
The enmity will end.
Love and friendship will start.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
Guys and girls of
modern times are very smart.
During my times, the time it
took for a guy and a girl..
..to start talking to each other
these modern guys and girls..
..produce four children
in that much time.
Forget all that, Grandpa.
You have to do the
real but difficult job.
What difficult job?
Do I have to go to the principal again?
I will not go there.
No, Grandpa. You have to
persuade mummy and daddy.
Mummy and daddy?
They may be your mummy and daddy.
They are my children.
I will persuade them in a snap.
And if I can't persuade them,
then I..
No, they are my loving children.
I will..
Daddy, you teach
wrong things to children.
No, dear, I teach him good things.
Isn't that right?
- No.
Did you see? He is confirming it.
And what did you say?
That you will persuade us?
Us? You can't persuade us
for the rest of your life.
Because, we give our consent to it.
Yes, son.
We overheard your conversation.
But tell us who the girl is.
Who is her mother?
And who is her father?
(Brakes squeal)
Hello, sir.
Hello. Hello.
- Daddy!
Hello, Uncle.
- Ravi, how are you? - I'm fine.
Come. Come.
Hello, sir.
- Hello, Mrs. Shanti.
Is everything all right?
- Yes, everything is fine.
Dear, how are your
studies going on?
First class. Very well.
- Good.
Do you have any
problem at the college?
No, I'm asking because
these days, in colleges..
..guys and girls study
less and fight more.
No, no, Daddy.
Our college is very disciplined.
Nothing unpleasant happens there.
- Good, good.
- Yes?
Our daughter
goes to college on time..
..and returns home at
the appropriate time.
For her, it is only college,
studies and home.
That's it.
May I say something, Mrs. Shanti?
In this house, this discipline
is only because of you.
The way you have brought
her up since childhood..
..has resulted in this.
I'll remain indebted to
you for the rest of my life.
Sir, you've done us a favour.
You have done us a favour..
..by keeping me and
my son in your house.
You did not treat us like servants.
In fact, you treated
us like family members.
Mrs. Shanti, I have a habit.
I always appreciate good people.
And I never forgive bad people.
Meena, what happened?
Did you have a dream?
I felt as if somebody has
told everything to Vijay.
The secret that we
have guarded for years..
..somebody has revealed it to him.
And that he was not
able to bear it.
Stop it, Meena. Stop it.
To tell you the truth,
I'm also scared by this thought.
What will happen
if Vijay finds out the truth?
(Indistinct chatter)
Madhu, the next two periods are off.
What are you doing here?
Let's do something.
Never try to touch me again.
I was scared because you
threatened me with that cassette.
I made a show of loving you..
..so that you wouldn't go
and complain to the principal.
And those goons,
whom you bashed up to save me..
..and thought that
you were a great hero..
..were hired by me.
If you ever try to bother me,
nobody will be worse than me.
Remember that.
Madhu, what happened?
What happened, my child? Tell me.
Madhu, tell me what happened.
What rubbish are you talking?
Every word of what
I told you is true.
That scoundrel dared to
do that to my daughter..
Yes, Uncle. He did that
in the college canteen.
And uncle, he has been
after Madhu since many days.
He keeps teasing her all the time.
What do you do in the college?
What can I do?
That guys starts to fight.
He is a kind of goon.
Okay. I've dealt with
many goons like him.
Do you know that guy?
I want to meet that
scoundrel right now.
Where can I find him?
How did these cars drive up to here?
What are the college
security guards doing?
What kind of a joke is this?
Who are these people?
Uncle, this is the guy.
He is Madhu's father.
Hello, sir.
He has come to ask you why
you misbehaved with Madhu..
..in front of the whole college.
Why are you acting as a mediator?
He is Madhu's father.
He can ask me directly.
Perhaps, you don't know..
..with whose daughter
you have misbehaved.
And you have no idea..
..how dearly you'll
have to pay for it.
Look, sir. You are Madhu's father.
So you are an elder for me too.
I'll honestly tell you my feelings.
I love your daughter very much.
Whether you shoot me or kill me..
..but I will not deny
my love fearing the gun.
Dear, why do you..
- Madhu!
Mrs. Shanti, my daughter
doesn't have the discerning power..
..to distinguish between
a good or bad person.
I have just met Vijay.
Yes. And I found him
to be very nice indeed.
He is very nice. Mrs. Shanti,
there is nothing wrong with him.
No, dear. You made a mistake
in understanding that guy.
He is a gem. A gem.
Don't reject him
thinking him to be a stone..
..or else you will be the loser.
Do you know what happened?
I went there and I pointed
the revolver at his head.
Do you know what he said?
"I love your daughter. I will
love her for the rest of my life."
"And if you don't
like it, then shoot me."
Tell me, can you find
such a brave guy these days?
Dear, let me tell you,
this boy.. this boy loves you.
He can protect you.
He will always keep you happy.
I want you to marry Vijay.
That's all.
Never, daddy.
I don't even want to see the face
of the guy who misbehaved with me.
Forget about marrying him.
Dear, you're making a big mistake.
Daddy, I'm not making a mistake.
You got impressed by him because
he wasn't scared of your revolver?
He's very smart, Daddy.
He knows that you are a decent man.
You can't kill
anybody in broad daylight.
That's why he said that
he loved your daughter..
..just to calm you down.
He is a great actor, Daddy.
I know such actors very well.
And that's why I hate him.
Mrs. Shanti, please persuade
her to listen to her father.
Let her look through
my experienced eyes.
The guy is really very good.
Lest she loses a good life
partner due to her stubbornness.
Sir, I will try my best.
(Liquor pouring)
Ravi, how many
times have I told you..
..not to drink
alcohol in this house?
So where do I go to drink?
The bars are expensive and
you don't give me enough money.
You don't deserve
even what I give you.
Mother, I'm your only son.
I agree that all your life,
you have worked very hard.
You remained hungry to feed me.
You've performed your duties
with honesty and integrity.
But now forget about this duty.
And listen to my advice.
Mother, get Madhu married to me.
Ravi! Are you crazy?
Speak according to your status.
What status?
If Madhu doesn't love that guy..
..then why do you and her
father want her to marry Vijay?
I'm your son, Mother.
Pay attention to me.
Get Madhu married to me.
And after that..
..after that we'll be the
owners of all her property.
Mother, we will own it.
If ever you utter such words..
..I will forget that you are my son.
And I.. I..
(Glass shatters)
Oh, Ravi.
Tell me where are we going?
I am taking you to a special place.
Just watch the show.
(Brakes squeal)
What's this?
My men have brought this
scoundrel here to decide his fate.
Say in front of her
that you do not love her.
Say it.
Say that you do not love Madhu.
I'll say in front of Madhu,
her father and the whole world..
..that I love Madhu.
I love her very much.
You scoundrel!
Say that you don't love her!
You scoundrel, you may
get tired of beating me..
..but I will not tire of saying it.
I love Madhu!
Ravi! No. No, Ravi.
Don't beat him. Let him go.
Madhu, you?
- Yes.
None of you should
dare to touch him.
Are you saying this?
I'm sorry, Vijay.
- No.
This was a test of my love.
I knew that your anger and
hatred was just pretence.
Madhu, there must be a
little bit of love for me..
..in some corner of your heart.
And I kept on getting thrashed,
to bring out that love..
..from the depth of your heart.
I swear by your love..
..your Vijay is not so weak to
get thrashed by these goons.
They are no match for me.
Do you want to see a demonstration?
Is this also an act like the one
you put on to get the cassette?
What's the proof?
"The waves merged,
the clouds mingled."
"It will be worthwhile.."
"..if we unite today."
"If we unite today."
"The waves merged,
the clouds mingled."
"It will be worthwhile.."
"..if we unite today."
"If we unite today."
"If we unite today."
"The sun has set.
The stars are out."
"Forget it, my love."
"We will not unite today."
"We will not unite today."
"I can't do what my heart wants."
"I will come whenever you call."
"I can't do what my heart wants."
"I will come whenever you call."
"There is always some
excuse and we stay away."
"Whatever you want, I agree to it."
"Our eyes met, our hearts united."
"It will be worthwhile
if we unite today."
"If we unite today."
"The sun has set.
The stars are out."
"Forget it, my love."
"We will not unite today."
"We will not unite today."
"Distance in love
strengthens the love."
"My heart is
getting out of control."
"Distance in love
strengthens the love."
"My heart is
getting out of control."
"We will certainly meet tomorrow,
control your heart today."
"We will certainly hug today,
don't make excuses."
"The sun has set.
The stars are out."
"Forget it, my love."
"We will not unite today."
"We will not unite today."
"We will not unite today."
"We will unite today."
Madhu, this is my mother.
Hello, Aunt.
- Bless you.
I'm so lucky to get a
daughter-in-law like you.
Wait a minute.
Let me apply kohl on you.
I might caste an evil eye upon you.
And this is my grandpa.
Bless you, dear.
We have already met.
Madhu, this is my father.
Bless you, dear. Bless you.
If this is Vijay's father,
then who was the man..
..who had come to
our house that day?
Madhu, let me show
you around the house.
Son, do you want to slip out..
..on the excuse of
showing Madhu around the house?
Just wait till you get married.
My name is not Dr. Sharma..
..if I don't act as a
spoilsport between you two.
Daddy. Daddy.
- What's the matter?
Oh, wow. In a sari?
Ravi, is she my daughter?
Daddy, you're too much.
Dear, what's the matter?
You are all dressed up today.
Daddy, I..
- Daddy..
Tell me.
- Yes?
Daddy, you were right.
I had really made a
mistake in judging Vijay.
Daddy, you had judged him correctly.
He.. he is very nice, Daddy.
And that's why..
- What?
I've decided to..
make him my life partner.
Did you see, Mrs. Shanti,
what my daughter said?
My eyes can never be deceived.
And my daughter can
never go against my decision.
Mrs. Shanti, I am very happy today.
Very happy.
I'll marry off my daughter
with so much pomp.
Mrs. Shanti, let's do one thing.
First, let's meet
the guy's parents..
..and fix the wedding date, okay?
Welcome, welcome.
- Hello. Hello.
Hello, Uncle.
- Bless you. Bless you.
- Bless you.
Please come in.
- Please come in.
I'm very lucky and I consider
it my good fortune..
..to get Vijay as a son-in-law.
Brother, we are lucky to get
such a beautiful daughter-in-law.
Next Sunday, it is Madhu's birthday.
I want to have the engagement
at the same party.
That is, if you agree to it.
I have an objection.
- What?
Sunday is too far.
Can't we have the
engagement tomorrow?
Congratulations. Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
Hey what's happening.
- Congratulations.
I still have full freedom.
We have been engaged, not married.
It is not yet a firm promise,
get lost, pretty girl.
Well said.
"I still have full freedom."
"I still have full freedom."
"We have been engaged, not married."
"It is not yet a firm promise,
get lost, pretty girl."
"Get lost, pretty girl."
"Get lost, pretty girl."
"If not today,
then tomorrow you will marry me."
"If not today,
then tomorrow you will marry me."
"Your freedom is at risk,
this pretty girl promises you.
"This pretty girl."
"This pretty girl."
"I thought you were honest,
but you are a liar."
"You are dominating me
after wearing my ring."
"Why are you
talking to me like that?"
"Have you forgotten
you were crazy about me?"
"Oh, princess,
don't show feminine charms.."
"..I am not a prisoner of your love."
"I will not restrict myself."
"Get lost, pretty girl."
"Get lost, pretty girl."
"If not today, then
tomorrow you will marry me."
"Your freedom is at risk,
this pretty girl promises you."
"This pretty girl."
"This pretty girl."
"You will follow me,
I will lead the way."
"How are you going to restrain me?
Your bonds are weak."
"Listen carefully,
if these bonds break.."
"..I will bind you with
the locks of my hair."
"Why are we fighting
before marriage?"
"Stop getting angry,
pretty girl. Give me a hug."
"Come on, pretty girl."
"Come on, pretty girl."
"I still have full freedom."
"We have been engaged, not married."
"It is not yet a firm promise.
Go on, pretty girl."
"Go on, pretty girl."
"Go on, pretty girl."
Mr. Sukhram.
- Yes?
You have organised a grand
party for the engagement. - Yes.
I am thinking of calling a priest
and fixing a wedding date.
Whose wedding date?
Mr. Sukhram, you are
very good at cracking jokes.
Madhu and Vijay's wedding.
Vijay and Madhu's wedding?
It seems, you have drunk too
much of free alcohol in here.
You are dreaming
with open eyes. Wedding.
Mr. Sukhram, the engagement
has taken place..
..so definitely the wedding
will take place, right?
Engagement? What engagement?
For which the party is going on.
Yes. No, this is just a show.
It is a drama.
- Yes. Don't you believe it?
Just a minute. Madhu.
Dear, come here.
Show us the ring.
Isn't this the engagement ring?
I call off this engagement.
- Daddy!
Daddy, what are you..
I call off this engagement!
Have all of you heard it?
I call off this engagement!
- Sukhram!
- No, my son. No.
Grandpa, don't stop me.
No, son. For my sake.
For my sake.
You won't say a word.
Enough. Enough.
Mr. Sukhram,
just answer one question.
If you want to save your prestige..
..get out of here
without another word.
I declare in front
of all the guests..
..that there can
never be a relation..
..between my family
and your family.
It can never be.
That's why I called off the
engagement and the relationship.
Daddy, after all,
what is the reason?
You invited so many guests.
And then you humiliated
them in front of everybody..
..and threw them out.
Daddy, what has happened?
Dear, go to your room.
No, Daddy.
I won't go without getting an answer.
Daddy, when I hated him..
..you told me that he
was a very nice guy.
And that I can never get
a better life partner.
And when I agreed.. Daddy,
after all, what happened?
And what fault have
you found in Vijay..
..to call off this wedding
even before it took place?
I don't need to answer
all of your questions.
But daddy, I want answers
to my questions.
After all, it is a question of my life.
For you, I have only one answer.
I am your father and I know
what is good or bad for you.
It will be better for
you to get out of here.
And forget that a guy named
Vijay had ever existed in your life.
Sir? Sir, what is..
- Enough!
If you have come to
ask the same question..
..that Madhu has been asking..
..then you won't get any
answer from me. Go away.
But sir, this is an injustice.
Don't forget that you
are not Madhu's mother.
You are a maidservant.
A maidservant.
Your only claim is to your salary,
and not to this house.
In future, remember your
status before questioning me.
I had never dreamt..
..that Madhu's father, who earlier
treated us with so much respect..
..would suddenly humiliate us in
front of everybody and throw us out.
I can't believe it.
But daddy, what could
be the reason for this?
Daddy, I can't understand
what mistake we had committed..
..because of which he had
to break off the engagement?
And if he wanted to
break off the relation..
..why did he need to
come here with the proposal?
Well done, Uncle.
Well done. What a shot.
And you had played an even
better shot yesterday at the party.
By calling off Vijay
and Madhu's engagement.
Hats off to you, Uncle.
You can distinguish between
your well-wishers and outsiders..
..and between good and bad.
And Vijay looks like a fake.
And your daughter?
Your daughter is pure gold.
How can there be an alliance
between fake and pure gold?
And uncle, the way
you humiliated them..
..will stop them from
even looking at your house.
Go inside.
I have come here to know the
reason for humiliating my love..
..and my family's respect.
If you fix a little
gun powder to the stick..
..and if you light it, it burns.
When you had to
finish off everything..
..then why did you accept our love?
Why did you organise
the engagement function?
This is life. It happens.
Son, sometimes you have to
drink poison thinking it as elixir.
I drank the poison
and puked it out too.
I'm not used to
listening to riddles.
I just want to know..
..why you pretended
to accept our relationship.
Why did you hurt my
parents' feelings?
Why did you make my grandpa cry?
Tell me. Answer my question.
Who gave you the right
to hurt them?
I have asked you a question.
Vijay, I'll answer your question,
but you will not believe me.
Whatever you said just now,
believe me, I felt very happy.
You are feeling restless
and your parents are hurt.
Tears in your grandpa's eyes.
This is only suture for my wounds.
I won't give you the
answer why did I it.
Your father will answer them.
Your mother, your grandpa..
..your family will answer where
you have brought this question from.
Take this file with you
and show it to your father.
After that, you won't dare to
question me again in your life.
Instead of coming in
my daughter's way..
..you'll change your way.
Whose photograph is this, Dad?
Who is he?
How is this photograph
related to Madhu and me?
Dad, your silence is raising
thousands of questions in my mind.
Yesterday, he humiliated our
whole family in front of everyone.
What crime have you committed
that you can't accept?
Dad, your silence is an
acceptance of your crime.
I am feeling suspicious.
Please answer my question.
Should I think that you're guilty?
Have you wronged Sukhram?
You've spewed enough venom.
Don't dare utter another word.
We've brought you up
with love and affection..
..but that doesn't mean you
should misbehave with your father.
What do you want to know?
Do you want to know the truth?
You want to face the truth?
Then ask me.
I'll tell you the truth.
I'll tell you what
happened at that time.
No. No, Daddy. You'll not do that.
No, dear. Don't stop me.
Otherwise, a father
would have to feel ashamed..
..to face his own son all his life.
I can't see him
getting punished like this.
Son, today I'm going to
tell you the whole truth.
But before that make
your heart strong.
20 years ago, your father's
face wasn't like this.
It was exactly like yours.
I changed his face. Yes, I did.
But listen to the circumstances
under which we changed his face.
Hi, baby. I was just
passing by the next table.
And I felt as if a
fragrant flower is blooming.
When I turned around,
I became very restless.
My heart feels that I should
smell this flower a little.
I should kiss it a little.
Great. Your anger
is giving a smile.
And it is calling me
with love even in anger.
Excuse me.
- Who is it?
The one who shows
light to a blind lover.
You shouldn't cast an
eye on someone else's..
..girlfriend and wealth.
Well, it's my habit.
Be it a woman or wealth.
If I lay my eye on either,
I can't help touching.
Listen, if you touch her..
..you won't be able to touch
any other woman in your life.
What did I tell you?
Don't dare touch her.
You touched her with this hand,
didn't you?
He died.
Yes. Keep the luggage in the car.
- It's a long journey.
Brother, this is wrong.
Is it necessary to go today itself?
the wedding date is so near.
Hardly ten days are left.
Everything is incomplete.
I will definitely have to go today.
Doctor, what difference will it
make if you wait for two more days?
Why don't you understand, friend?
One never knows how ten
days pass by before a wedding.
To know anything about it at all.
Besides, our children
are getting married.
I want the best for them.
Because, after a long time there
will be a wedding in our house.
I'll celebrate this
happiness will great splendour.
Son, take care.
- Yes.
Shall I leave?
- Okay, brother.
(Brakes squeal)
(Horn blares)
What's the purpose of your visit,
There are some people who didn't
know the address of your house.
That's why I had to come
along to show them your house.
Who are they?
Who are these people?
We're the brothers of the
person who you've killed.
You've killed our brother.
But today,
we kill your whole family.
Don't you dare touch my son!
- (Rapid gunfire)
(Glass shatters)
- (Rapid gunfire)
No. Burn down the house.
And burn him alive with the corpses.
Good morning, Daddy.
I've brought special tea for you.
Shall I take the newspaper, Daddy?
(Door creaks)
(Thunder crashing)
- (Rapid gunfire)
You're so unlucky.
You're so unfortunate.
That you killed my four brothers.
But don't worry.
You'll stay alive.
But I'll snatch life
from your every breath.
You'll be alive just
to see a death everyday.
Search for him.
My brothers have died.
But he will mourn all his life.
Yes, he will.
(Vehicle approaching)
How are you, son?
What have you done to yourself?
Yes, son?
Why did you do all this?
You shouldn't have done it.
And everything that
happened to me. Was that right?
Do you remember?
This house was full
of laughter and joy.
And this is their end.
These ashes..
These ashes contain the
remains of my parents.
These bones contain the
remains of my uncle and aunt.
Have you ever seen a
happy family turn into ashes?
My breaths are running
due to my stubbornness.
Otherwise, I'm as good as dead.
What did you say?
That you are dead?
Who will allow you to die?
I will drive away death.
You are my friend's son.
I will die, but I won't
allow you to die. Remember that.
No one could do anything.
In the blink of an eye,
everything was ruined.
Listen, son.
You're still breathing, right?
Give me your breaths.
Because I know that the police
are following you day and night.
The relatives of those evil men
are following you like a shadow.
And until you have this face..
..you won't get permission
to start a new life.
In this life, you can
never survive with this face.
Understand this.
So allow me to change your face.
I will totally change your face.
It's of no use.
Because I don't
feel like living now.
Do what your heart tells you to do.
Don't think about others.
On one hand, I am preparing
to get married.
And on the other,
you want to make me a widow?
Ajay, please agree to
whatever daddy is telling you.
Otherwise, listen to
me very carefully.
If you move towards death,
then I'll end my life.
And I mean it.
Take me towards life.
Give me a new face.
(Thunder crashing)
(Thunder crashing)
(Thunder crashing)
(Thunder crashing)
(Thunder crashing)
(Thunder crashing)
Son, had your grandpa and
your mother not supported me..
..I would have died a long while ago.
A long while ago.
I was successful in
changing your father's face.
But who can win against God?
He gave you your father's
face and sent you in this world.
That's why Sukhram came
to know that your father..
..has changed his face.
So in order to avenge
his brothers' deaths..
..he started playing
with our emotions.
And we kept tolerating everything.
We went on tolerating it.
Welcome, please come.
When a person is heart
broken and defeated..
..he goes to his enemy's house.
Just as you two have arrived.
Mr. Sukhram, enmity is like fire.
In which the person
who burns, does suffer.
But the one, who burned him,
doesn't get peace.
He does.
He gets a lot of peace.
That day, by humiliating
you all at the party..
..I've received a lot of peace.
As if, this fire of enmity
has got plenty of strength..
..to last for many years to come.
The fire of enmity will
rage until my last breath.
The foundation of our enmity
was laid down by your brothers.
Listen. Forget old enmity.
And start a new life by allowing
your daughter to marry my son.
Well, you completely
changed your face..
..but your own son
revealed your secret.
The day, I saw him at the college..
..I saw you in him.
And the feeling of
revenge that had died down..
..that was dormant,
suddenly came alive.
Now until I'm alive,
I'll keep ruining your happiness.
Your grandson will suffer for
my daughter's love, Grandpa.
And grandson's suffering,
his pain..
..his tears, his shrieking
and your repenting.
That will be my revenge.
I won't kill you.
The enmity between you and me..
..is like the enmity
between a snake and a mongoose.
You all have lived a peaceful
and happy life for too long.
But now I've come
to harass you all.
Mr. Sukhram, I beg of you.
Don't exact my son-in-law's
revenge with my grandson.
- I beg of you.
When a son can repay
his father's debt..
..then he will suffer for the
misdeeds of his father, won't he?
Isn't it?
- Mr. Sukhram.
Who are you to punish
my father for his misdeeds?
My father is responsible
for your brothers' deaths.
But your brothers and your family..
..are as much culprits of my family.
The offenders committed the crimes
and the avengers took the revenge.
'Well said, son. Well said.'
And as far as Madhu and
my love is concerned..
..the whole world can't stop us.
Then where do you stand?
You'll be defeated, Mr. Sukhram.
And your defeat won't let you live.
And I will become the
reason of your defeat.
Just imagine that
this mad lover-boy..
..has announced war against you.
Let's go, Grandpa.
Where are you going?
I'm going to the family I was
supposed to get married into.
I'm going to the family you'd
decided to get me married into.
That wedding was called off.
That decision has changed.
I can't change my life
because your decision, Daddy.
You don't know that family
and the truth about them.
I know everything.
But neither Vijay
nor I am responsible..
..for what had
happened 20 years ago.
That was just a war of
hatred and revenge, Daddy.
And our world of love has nothing
to do with your world of hatred.
And as far as I understand..
..your brothers were
responsible for it.
Love is such a great thing.
Today, my own daughter
is speaking against me.
All right, dear. I won't stop you..
..but before stepping out of this house,
listen to me very carefully.
After you leave, I'll just have to
make a phone call to the police.
I'll just have to tell them
that the murderer of my brothers..
..whom the police is
searching till today..
..is your love's father.
He has undergone
plastic surgery of his face..
..and by changing his face,
he has deceived the law for 20 years.
After that, what the police
will do to Vijay's father..
..what the law will do
against him, you very well know.
But the credit for all
this will go to you, dear.
Just think about it.
Do you want to leave your father's
house and ruin your lover's family?
Do you want to destroy Vijay's
life before he settles down?
Or you want to return
to your room quietly?
The decision is in your hands.
Think about it.
- What is it?
Madhu, I've come
to take you with me.
I haven't brought the wedding
palanquin or the procession.
But I've brought the
promises I had made to you..
..to keep you happy forever.
I've brought the vows we'd taken
to live and die together, Madhu.
With whom shall I go? With you?
The one who is the son
of my daddy's enemy?
Where will you take me?
To that house where the
murderer of uncles lives?
Now I understand why
you pretended to love me.
Not to make me yours.
But to teach my daddy a lesson.
No, Madhu. That's totally wrong.
To make me your wife and harass me.
You took the help of
your parents, your grandpa..
..and pretended to love me
just to make my daddy suffer.
Madhu, I loved you earlier.
And I'll love you
till my last breath.
Stop pretending to love me.
Thank God my daddy
recognised that sinful face in you.
The face of my family's murderer.
You've deceived me
enough in the name of love.
You deceiver, fraud, impostor.
But no foul plan of
yours will work on me.
You don't exist in my
heart or my life anymore.
I have nothing for you
in my heart except hatred.
I hate you.
I hate you.
Hey you. Get out.
Didn't you hear that?
Just get lost!
"I wonder what mistake
I've committed in love."
"Look, even God is
angry with two hearts."
"I wonder what mistake
I've committed in love."
"Look, even God is
angry with two hearts."
"Now I will meet
you in my memories."
"Now I will meet
you in my memories."
"Will people of this world
be able to separate us then?"
"Will they be able to
shatter our dreams?"
"Will they be able to
shatter our dreams?"
"How much more do I suffer?"
"I'm running out of patience."
"Look, even God is
angry with two hearts."
"He is angry with two hearts."
Sir, some people are heartless..
..but you have no heart at all.
You've become your daughter's enemy.
You've destroyed her
life and her happiness.
What nonsense!
You're a selfish person
who lives only for himself.
But I.. I am not selfish.
Because I'm a mother.
A governess.
I've showered all my love upon her..
..and brought her up
like my own child.
I've raised her
with these very hands.
I've showered my affection on her.
You don't even know how she grew up.
Because you never
took her in your arms.
And today, how did you use
my daughter as a weapon..
..to play your game and
to take your old revenge?
You have to settle
scores with Vijay's father.
You have to avenge
your brothers' deaths.
Then go pick up your
gun and kill everyone.
But why are you
ruining your daughter's life?
What did you say?
Why? You found the truth
very bitter, didn't you?
I've never seen such a
weak father in my life.
Remember one thing, master.
The man who uses a woman as
a weapon is not a man at all.
Shut up! You lowlife!
Did you forget who you are?
That you are arguing with me?
That's enough, master. Stop it.
Great. So now even the
servants have become bolder.
Day always follows night.
And now even I have awakened.
Don't ever dare to raise
you hand on my mother.
You've lived off me all
these years yet you betray me?
I've repaid you several
times more than I took from you.
If you ever do the calculations..
..you'll find that you
owe something to us.
Let's go, son.
'Stop or I'll shoot.'
Sooner or later..
..Sukhram will definitely tell the
police about your true identity.
And I don't want to
lose you at any rate.
Before such circumstances arise..
..we should leave this city.
How long?
How long will we keep running?
Will Vijay be able to
forget Madhu's love?
Time is the greatest healer, dear.
Those are different wounds
that time is able to cure.
But nothing in this world can cure..
..the failure of first love, dear.
It stabs the heart like a weapon.
Listen, dear. If you really
love your son, then don't try to..
..take away his love by mistake.
You? Here?
Forgive me.
I'm ashamed of my wrongdoings.
I've come to get rid of
your misunderstanding, son.
Madhu said all those
things to you the other day..
..because her
father compelled her to.
Had Madhu not spoken in
her father's language..
..he might have got
your father arrested.
Madhu belonged to you yesterday.
She belongs to you even now.
And she'll always belong to you.
If she doesn't get you..
..then she.. she will die.
Son, did you hear what she's saying?
What you thought of her and
what she has turned out to be.
She has started doing
favour on this family..
..before stepping in this house.
Before becoming the
daughter-in-law of this family..
..she has started to perform
the duties of a daughter-in-law.
That's why.. now I insist on it.
Your father and I insist..
..that if any girl has to become
the daughter-in-law of this family..
..then it has to be Madhu.
For the sake of my love,
I can't sacrifice my father.
Listen to me very carefully.
If you don't listen to us..
..and if you don't bring our
daughter-in-law to our house..
..then I'll go
surrender to the police.
(Brakes squeal)
Vijay! Vijay!
Vijay, don't come.
Vijay, please go away.
I don't love you. Don't come here.
Please go away.
Leave me alone.
I won't come with you.
Don't come here.
Vijay! Vijay, don't come here.
Madhu, I've already met Ms. Shanti.
She has revealed
everything to me. Everything.
Your sacrifice of your love
can't give life to my father, Madhu.
If I don't marry you..
..then my father will
surrender to the police.
Come with me, Madhu. Come.
"I have nothing to give you."
"I have nothing to give you."
"I just have a heart.
Take it if you want."
"I have one life.
Take it if you want."
"I have nothing to give you."
"I have nothing to give you."
"I just have a heart.
Take it if you want."
"I have one life.
Take it if you want."
"I have no one in
this world either."
"I have no one in
this world either."
"You can come
whenever you feel like."
"Once you come, never go back."
"What did we bring with us?"
"What are we going to take back?"
"We'll just leave
behind our legacy."
"We'll definitely reach our
destination, oh, sweetheart."
"I have nothing to give you."
"I have nothing to give you."
"I just have a heart.
Take it if you want."
"I have one life.
Take it if you want."
"Just like the kohl,
I will keep you in my eyes."
"I'll take care of your
delicate heart like a glass."
"I got everything
the day I got you."
"I have nothing to give you."
"I have nothing to give you."
"I just have a heart.
Take it if you want."
"I have one life.
Take it if you want."
"I have no one in
this world either."
"Even I don't have
anyone in my world."
"You can come
whenever you feel like."
"Once you come, never go back."
(Chanting mantras)
Priest, three hours have passed.
How many mantras will you recite?
Please hurry up. - Okay.
(Chanting mantras)
The marriage is not solemnised yet.
- So?
Look ahead.
(Vehicle approaching)
How dare you do this?
I have the courage to
put the nuptial necklace..
..around your daughter's neck
and vermillion on her forehead.
And not just that.
I have the courage to take
the nuptial rounds with her..
..in front of you.
If you've come here to
bless us as a father..
..then I'll touch your feet.
But.. if you've come
here as an enemy..
..then anything can happen here.
Things can work out or
everything can be demolished.
Your daughter can
even become a widow.
Or even an orphan.
The decision is in your hands.
- Vijay!
Uncle, this slave of yours has
arrived to solve your problem.
Hand me over this
auspicious work of killing him.
Wretched fellow,
what have you done?
I've done the right thing, Mother.
Today, I've got rid of the obstacle
on my path.
Today, it's time to fulfil the dream
I'd seen all these years, Mother.
Today, in this temple,
in front of the same holy fire..
..this same priest will
solemnise my marriage with Madhu.
What did you say?
You cheap servant, how dare you?
So what did you think?
That all my life I was serving
you faithfully without any greed?
The target of your
servant was this jackpot.
You have stooped so low?
Had I known this earlier..
..I would have fed you
poison instead of my milk.
Enough, Mother. Stop it!
- I'd have killed you!
If you come in my way,
then I'll forget that you're my mother.
Get lost!
Don't anyone dare move forward!
I'll kill her.
Come on, move.
No. - Priest,
start reciting the mantra. Come on.
Vijay! No. Vijay.
- (Chanting mantras)
No! Dad.
- (Laughs)
Daddy! Daddy! Stop him, Daddy!
Save me, Daddy!
- Daddy!
- Ajay!
Sukhram, no one can
stop me from doing this.
Come on.
Vijay, get up!
- Vijay won't get up now.
Vijay, hit him.
Kill him! Kill this idiot!
Stop. There will be
no more bloodshed.
There has been enough bloodshed.
Move! He tried to ruin
my daughter's honour.
Yes, we all are
witness to his misdeeds.
We all have seen
that lowly deed of his.
But whatever happened here today,
God has done it to you.
God has done it.
To open your eyes.
To shatter your false
pride and arrogance.
Today, you came to know
what daughter's honour is.
If some outsider
looks at her lustily..
..then how you feel
like gouging out his eyes.
Similarly, your brother had
tried to molest my daughter.
When my son-in-law tried to
save her, he tried to kill him.
He attempted to kill him.
And due to his own mistake,
he stumbled..
..and fell on a sharp object
and he was finished, he died.
But your other brothers
made our lives a living hell.
They killed my friend, his wife
and burned down his house.
My son-in-law had to spend
his life with a different face.
Just because of your family.
And this was God's answer to you.
That your own disloyal servant
tried to molest your daughter..
..and my grandson saved her.
Do you want much
bigger proof than this?
There's still time, mend your ways.
Otherwise, He will teach you
such a lesson..
..that you won't get an opportunity
to change yourself in this life.
There's still time, mend your ways.
I am your culprit.
I've been unjust to you.
Give me whatever
punishment you want.
But forgive me once.
Forgive me once.
Forgive me once.
I beg of you.
"I still have full freedom."
"I still have full freedom."
"We have been engaged, not married."
"It is not yet a firm promise,
get lost, pretty girl."
"Get lost, pretty girl."
"Get lost, pretty girl."
"Get lost, pretty girl."
"Get lost, pretty girl."
"If not today,
then tomorrow you will marry me."
"If not today,
then tomorrow you will marry me."
"Your freedom is at risk,
this pretty girl promises you.
"Come on, pretty girl."
"Come on, pretty girl."
"Come on, pretty girl."
"Come on, pretty girl."