Kuiko (2023) Movie Script

- How much is that?
- 30.
Hey, give me half a pack of cigarettes.
- What?
- Give me half a pack of cigarettes, dude.
My brother told me
not to give you a single cigarette
until you've cleared your dues.
Oh! Are you sure
you'll get the money
that is due
if you don't give me a cigarette now?
Idiots of India!
- Why would you bring up India, brother?
- Hey, don't block the way.
- So patriotic!
- Convince yourself
that smoking is injurious to health
and leave. Get out of the way.
Don't put this in CIBIL
- and embarrass me, man.
- Step aside, man!
Sorry, boss!
Go away! No one in Chengam village
will give you even a stub!
Thangarasu, chicken egg
Clumsy boy, you're trapped!
You're trapped, you're trapped
Puffing ciggies?
You've been caught red-handed, guys!
- Chicken egg!
- Give me.
You're trapped!
Disputes all the way
Disputes make your life history
Dude, that math teacher is coming!
- Hey, this is C square.
- No, it's A square. I know this well.
Look properly, it's C square.
What's up? Why are you all
sitting like reading Buddhas?
We're just discussing
and clearing a doubt, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Wow.
A doubt! So, you are enlightened enough
to discuss and clear it?
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Hey-- do you smell something?
Yeah, I smell something, as well!
- It's cigarette smell.
- Yeah, that's right.
Oh, you're someone who identifies
a cigarette's brand based on its smell?
Sir, some crook smoked a cigarette
and blew the smoke upward.
- Look at the smoke!
- Hey!
I saw you smoking while I was coming.
Why are you looking up
as if you fired a rocket?
- You--
- Sir--
- Sir, we have only one cigarette.
- So what?
Let's share it among ourselves, sir.
- Sir, everyone will get a couple of puffs.
- Yes, sir.
That seems right.
- But here's the deal.
- Tell us, sir!
You should call me
whenever you smoke.
- That's not a big deal, sir!
- Okay, sir!
- Hey, light it!
- Light it!
Look at him go!
Boys, this smoky stub that fits between
two fingers has enslaved the entire world.
Have you ever thought about it?
If it fits between two fingers,
it's a cigarette.
Otherwise, it's a torchlight.
I shouldn't reek of smoke
when I get home. That's my only concern.
No, dude.
When you inhale this smoke and--
blow it out, you feel motivated
to blow all your problems away.
Hey, you!
Son of a buffalo!
Are you nuts?
You are smoking with school kids!
Go downstairs and wait in my room.
I'll be right there. Rascal.
You all have failed the 12th grade, right?
- Yes, sir.
- Rascals!
Your parents have sent you here
with so much trust,
and you're smoking and
loitering around like rogues!
Sir, we are from respectable families.
Wait, aren't you Panneerselvam's son?
The man who runs a bar at TASMAC?
Yes, sir.
Did you tell your dad that
we demand GST for the tuition fee?
- No, sir.
- The tuition fee is only 1200.
Your dad curses the government because you
demanded 1416 including 18% GST.
Not at all, sir.
You can't solve a math problem
even with a calculator.
How did you calculate 18% GST correctly?
You're puffing away the money
you swindled from your dad!
Sir, we didn't smoke.
That man advised us to train ourselves
with a cigarette
to blow away our problems.
Oh! Does he conduct
motivational classes, as well?
I'll take care of him!
Get lost!
No one should stand before me.
Hey, make sure to bring your fathers when
you come to class tomorrow without fail.
- Okay, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Though you've failed in
all the other subjects,
I appointed you here since your uncle told
me that you scored 100% in Mathematics.
But you have sullied the legacy
of the teaching profession.
I may forgive you
for smoking with those boys,
but I can never forgive you
for philosophizing it.
Enough is enough.
You can leave.
Do you hear me?
Terminated from IIT?
Who cares?
Thangaraj, what happened?
The rhinoceros is riled up!
It's getting late.
Hurry up!
The brakes don't work.
Why do you need a brake
when the road is empty?
Here, you ride it.
Let me carry it through a shortcut
instead of riding it with you.
Okay, carry it.
Walk fast!
Hey! Don't go fast, man!
- Hey!
- Hey! Don't go fast!
- There's a tree ahead! Watch out!
- Hey!
- Who are they?
- Oh, no!
Why are you in a hurry, boys?
We are here to take Malaiyarasi home.
What's wrong with her?
Her grandma is critical.
Her mother sent us to get her home
before her grandma died.
Teacher, that girl has already applied
for leave for the same reason twice.
Now, these boys have come to take her.
Inquire about it, madam.
Our math teacher Valarmathi
was her classmate once.
Ms. Valarmathi, please come here.
Yes, ma'am.
Malaiyarasi was your classmate, right?
Yes, ma'am.
These boys claim that
Malaiyarasi's grandma is critically ill.
Does she really have a grandmother?
Ma'am, we are from the same village.
It'd be better if you ask her.
- Stephen, please call Malaiyarasi.
- Okay, ma'am.
I remember very well, teacher.
She applied for leave twice
to attend the funeral
of both her paternal and
maternal grandmothers.
Madam, Malaiyarasi.
Come here, Malaiyarasi.
You've already applied for leave
to attend the funerals
of your maternal and paternal
grandmothers twice.
Now, these chaps have
come with the same reason.
Who is the original grandmother?
This is the original one, madam.
So, who died earlier?
That was my grandfather's mistress.
His girlfriend.
Oh, God!
Go, get lost!
I can't walk.
Let's ride the cycle fast.
Wait, boys.
Let's pick some mangoes and go.
These are really tasty.
Hey, grandma is seriously ill.
Your mom wanted us
to bring you home soon
as she has to inform your uncle.
Hey, that old woman has been
creating such scenes for years.
She won't leave soon.
She will leave only after giving
farewell to every old soul in the village.
Come on, boys.
Let's pick some mangoes and go.
Let's go.
Why are you washing clothes
at this hour, sister?
My daughter-in-law's clothes.
She's going to work.
Carry on.
At least your house is peaceful.
We received so many good proposals.
It's our bad luck! We had no idea
how notorious your family was!
Hey, oldie! The son you brought up
can't take care of his own family!
Are you talking about
my father and mother?
Say one more thing, and I swear
you will face the consequences!
Did I come here to cook
and clean up after you and your son?
- What a torture!
- Let the lord come.
A special encounter awaits him.
What will you do?
Why did you change
the channel, you fool?
What have I got
out of having and raising you?
This TV is my only comfort.
- You have come to ruin it, as well!
- Ma, only the highlights.
You and your highlights!
How dare you change the channel?!
You didn't let me watch
the match yesterday!
Now, you won't let me
watch the highlights either!
Go and watch your nonsense.
What's up?
You seem to get special felicitations!
The slogans echo everywhere.
Do they shower you with flowers
and worship you?
Hey, did you watch the highlights
of the IPL match?
Yesterday, on my way from the office,
I stopped at Satya Agency and
watched the whole match live.
You're so proud that you
watched it at a store's entrance!
These morons will never
allow us to watch it, dude.
Can we ever get a chance
to watch an IPL match?
Why not? Tomorrow
there's a match in Chennai.
If we leave in the morning, we
can watch the match in the evening.
We can.
But who will pay for it?
Money is not an issue, man!
Loot your uncle. Get a 1000
from him and leave the rest to me.
What happened to her?
Wasn't she healthy?
Well, she is old.
What to do?
Hey, stop here.
Everything is gone.
Boys, our old woman really seems
to have left for good this time.
That's why I told you to hurry up.
But you wanted to pick mangoes!
Aren't you happy, sister? You need
not go to school at least for three days.
Oh, no!
She has chosen a Friday to leave.
Had it been a Monday,
I would have enjoyed more holidays!
Hey! I sent the boys to bring you home
before my mother's passing,
and you went to pick mangoes!
You donkey!
Ma, don't hit me!
Why do you think I went
to pick mangoes? It's only for Grandma!
What are you bluffing about?
Grandma was fond of mangoes, right?
If Grandma liked mangoes, you should
have picked one and brought it home.
You have plundered
the whole grove, you devil!
Come here.
Call your uncle on WhatsApp.
Hello, Malaiyarasi.
What's up?
One minute, Uncle.
- Brother!
- Hey, Sankari.
Stop giggling and tell me
what's going on.
- Brother--
- Yes?
our mother's no more,
she left us to mourn forever!
She's no more?
When did that happen?
A little while ago.
Okay, I'm coming.
Who is there to help you?
Who else is there for us
except our Shunmugam?
Who? Our calculator Shunmugam, who
always calculates and swindles money?
Yes, Brother.
Only he comes to our aid
in such dire circumstances.
He'll swindle money even in his own house.
How will he help us without benefits?
Give the phone to him.
- Hurry! Give the phone to him.
- Brother! Brother Shunmugam!
Brother Shunmugam!
Where did he go?
I'm here.
Who are you calling there?
My brother wants to talk to you.
Give it to me.
Tell me, dear.
Brother Shunmugam, how are you?
How is everyone at home?
Brother, I'm really devastated
by my aunt's death.
Is this the time to inquire about
my family? Tell me what to do.
Brother, it may take me
a few days to get there.
- Okay.
- Till then, take care of my mother.
- Take your time, my boy.
- Okay.
You can count on me.
It is my responsibility to keep her safe.
- Superb, bro! Give the phone to my sister.
- Wait a minute.
He wants to talk to you.
- Brother, tell me.
- Sister.
Give him 25,000.
- I'll come and deal with the rest. Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay, Brother.
Wait a minute, Brother.
I'll be right back.
- This is for you.
- Twenty-two--
- This is for you.
- Let me go.
This seems to be small.
You can have it.
You take this.
Hey, you have to be here
in half an hour.
Wait a minute.
I'll call you back.
Here's 25,000.
Please do whatever's required.
- Malaiyarasi!
- Uncle?
Take note of this amount
to show the details to your uncle.
- Yes.
- Hey, listen.
- Here's 23,000.
- Okay, bro.
Flex Mani's name is in block letters
while mine is as tiny as a pencil doodle!
Why do you feel offended?
If you spend just 2000,
we will place a gigantic flex banner
with your photo in the bazaar.
- Here, take this for your expenses.
- Okay.
- I'll send my photo on WhatsApp.
- Okay.
- Make it big, okay? Right?
- Got it.
- You can go.
- See you.
You took 500 from me
and disappeared long ago.
- Is it just now that you remembered?
- Leave it, Uncle.
Did I take money from you
and flee to London?
Who do you think you are? Mallaiya?
You're never at a loss for words!
But I always come back to you.
Why don't you understand my love, Uncle?
I know you, honey-tongued fraud!
You'll never come to me without an agenda.
Tell me, what's it?
If you're here for money,
I will punch you in the face.
These debtors
are driving me crazy already.
If there's a lender,
you can't stop the debtors.
If they repay the money,
what's so great about the lender?
Hey! It's already hot
and my blood is boiling.
Who needs your philosophy?
My friend and I are going
to watch an IPL match.
- I need 1000.
- What?
Let me borrow it.
Do you know what borrowing means?
If you borrow money,
you should repay it.
Have you ever done that?
Don't belittle that honorable word.
Brother Panbu, tell me.
Hey, what happened?
I just got back from his house.
You called me at the right time.
That crook is still at home, brother.
- Hey!
- Wait.
If you come now, you can
catch him red-handed.
I'm coming.
- Brother, how will you come?
- On my Bullet!
Come quickly, brother.
I'm standing at the corner of the street.
Did you hear that?
He is coming on his Bullet.
Hide yourself when you hear
the sound from a distance.
Untie the cow and release it, woman!
If he can't find me,
he might drive it with him!
A jerk living near the rice mill
has been cheating me for a long time.
Let's find him.
Uncle, 1000, please.
Don't talk unnecessarily!
Haven't you received money from me so far?
I'll give you 1000 if he repays me.
Hey, brother!
- Brother?
- I'm off to catch that debtor.
Take care of the shop.
Okay, brother.
I don't know what these guys learn here.
But they learn to call everyone "brother."
If Arignar Anna was alive,
he would be pleased, right?
- Another philosophy?
- Let's go, Uncle.
I heard that you were caught red-handed
while teaching the philosophy of life
to the boys.
Leave it, Uncle. Has this world
ever honored the philosophers?
Who do you think you are?
Aristotle the Great?
Be glad that he didn't toss you down
and trample you.
Come, brother.
Even you are giving me 100!
Nothing, brother.
You gave me just 100.
You don't finish the work but you're
keen on getting the money. Here.
Bro, I had to toil around
for four days to find this man.
Keep it with you.
Don't be so negative.
Go and catch him!
Brother Velu!
Welcome, brother.
Call him, sister.
He has gone out.
I came here
because I knew that he was inside.
Call him, sister.
What am I going to do
by locking him inside?
You can go inside and look for yourself.
Hey! Go inside and check.
He was at home earlier.
But he received an urgent phone call
and left for Tiruvannamalai.
Would you like to have some coffee?
No, thanks.
- What happened?
- No one is there, Uncle.
- Try that side.
- Yes.
Hey, don't go there!
There's a black cobra with its hatchlings.
- Hey, don't go there.
- Well--
Anything might happen.
We're going through bad times already.
Tell him to pay at least
the interest if he arrives.
He has paid neither the interest
nor the capital in six months.
Please advise him, sister.
Okay, brother.
Man, that Mathesh has cheated us.
We were duped into wandering in
the hot sun for a mere 200!
If he falls into my hands, he's doomed!
You'll give me a 1000
excuses if I ask for 100.
But you're so generous
to these people.
What to do if someone blocks your path and
demands money, scratching their heads?
Hey, that man has left.
You can get down.
Look properly. He might be hiding
somewhere to catch me when I get down.
Don't be fussy, man!
Get down soon.
Oh, God!
Uncle, your phone is ringing.
It's that Mathesh! Worthless fellow!
Just wait and watch what I do to him.
Oh, my!
Brother, why are you scolding me?
Moron, just ask for 50 or 100
if you need money.
Why have you been driving me crazy?
What are you saying, bro?
Do you know that
Veluchamy fell off the tree?
He fell off the tree?
When he saw you, he
climbed up the tree to hide.
While getting down, a branch broke
which resulted in his fall.
Oh, he was trying to defraud me!
Look at what God has done to him.
It's not Veluchamy that
God has pushed down.
- What?
- Yes, Bro.
People say that he fell because of you
and usury interest or so.
An ambulance is on the way
to take him to the hospital.
Imagine your condition
if something happens to him.
Hey, Mathesh!
What to do now?
Don't stop, brother.
They would admit him
to the government hospital.
Let me gather all
the information for you.
Be prepared with some cash.
I'll see to the rest.
Don't be confused.
Did you lend money for compound interest
or lightning interest?
You lent it for standard interest, right?
I'm already frustrated thinking
why I chose to do this work.
This seems like the last straw.
They treat you like a hero while borrowing
money from you.
But when you want the money back,
you become a villain.
I'm still doing this work
only to recoup my investment.
- It's been a while since I saw you.
- Yeah, really.
Four thousand five hundred.
An elderly woman
from our village passed away.
Give me a freezer box
that's in good shape.
Take whatever you want, bro.
Hey, give him 7000.
Bro, one minute.
- There's a small problem.
- Finish it fast.
- Nithish, come here.
- Brother!
- On the way home, we must stop at TASMAC.
- Sure. Will I ever forget it?
Tell me, brother.
A man called Veluchamy is admitted
to the government hospital.
Go see him
and give his wife this money.
Keep me updated on what happens there.
- Okay, brother.
- Okay, go.
Why do you give a Bihari so much money?
What will you do if he runs away with it?
That's not the case with every Bihari.
There are good people. It's not like
this place is a land of saints!
You have sent him to the hospital.
Who will assist us with the freezer box?
What do we do?
- Uncle, 1000.
- Wait. Don't pester me.
Hey, can I take him along?
Oh, I have nothing to do with it.
You don't know about me.
Hey, wait. You wanted 1000, right?
Here you go.
- Thanks, Uncle.
- You know what a useless fellow he is!
Dear, go with him
and fix the freezer box.
No, Uncle!
I have to watch the IPL match.
The IPL match is scheduled
for tomorrow.
You can return tonight.
Oh, I can't make long trips!
I'll be tired.
- Oh, do you play cricket?
- No, I watch it.
I had no clue watching
is such a huge deal!
- Come, Vettukili.
- Hey.
I'll give 300
if Nithish accompanies the box.
I can add 200 to it
and give you 500.
Really, Uncle?
You ill-starred goon!
Take it!
Always after the money! Go!
Bro, let's go.
- Hey, get the van.
- Keep the box carefully.
- Bye. We'll meet soon.
- Keep it safe.
- Driver, start the van.
- Please get in.
Give 1000 more for diesel.
- Hey, Vettukili,
- Brother.
- Add 8000 to Panbazhagan's account.
- Okay, brother.
Does he own this vehicle?
He never makes a purchase, brother.
He financed this van, but he never
got his money and the interest.
So, he took the van
from the debtor.
Now he pays for the oil
and the driver and uses it.
I can see that!
It doesn't seem to be a funeral vehicle.
It's successfully running, sir.
I have to return tonight and get ready
for a wedding ceremony tomorrow.
What! Are you using the same van
for a funeral and a wedding?
That's why Panbu has hung this here.
- What is this?
- This is "yin-yang."
This is how mating snakes
lie in our village.
Bro, day and night,
joy and misery, life and death.
- They come one after the other.
- Oh.
We should treat them all alike
and live peacefully. That's his policy.
Oh, wait!
Stop the van.
- What's the problem?
- We've just passed the shop.
Stop the van on the left.
Okay, I'll stop there.
- Get down, brother.
- Get down. Quick!
Didn't I tell you to keep an eye?
- Get down fast!
- Careful, bro.
Don't trip over the step.
- Tell me, man.
- You wanted a 1000, right?
- I've arranged for 1500!
- Superb!
Now, I'm out running errands.
I may come late. We'll leave
for Chennai once I'm back.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Be ready.
- Sure, come soon.
Give it to me.
Hey, give it to me.
Close the door.
It's getting late.
They want an extra 10 every quarter.
Do they face income tax raids?
Are you planning to open
a TASMAC branch in your village?
Nothing like that.
This booze is even more important at a
funeral home than in a wedding ceremony.
We have to spend
a couple of sleepless nights.
If we sprinkle this holy water
here and there,
no evil spirit will enter.
You're spending a lot of money.
Is this old lady very rich?
Her son is in Saudi Arabia.
He called me and said,
"Brother, take care of my
mother's body till I come."
We should respect his wish, right?
You've become a bodyguard
for a dead body
just because someone
from Saudi asked you to.
Is he such a big shot?
No, man.
He was out here grazing the cows.
But after all, he is a guy.
He had a crush on a girl.
Your name is Mari
You, Muthumari
When I utter your name
My heart leaps with joy
My name is Mari
Your Muthumari
My life is joyful
Because you entered it
When you're within me
And when I'm within you
As eternity blesses us
Our love will live on
With the blessings of the eternity
Our love will live on
My doorstep has to be
Graced with your rangoli
It's so poetic, bro.
Then what happened?
Muthumari has a brother called Vadivelu,
a construction worker in Qatar.
This love story reached his ears.
That's it.
- How dare you!
- Brother!
Let go!
Have you ever seen
your face in the mirror?
I saw it just now.
Oh! You saw that?
- My sister is so fair.
- Yes.
You are so dark.
She finished her tenth class.
You are a dropout.
Why do you, a cowhand,
have to marry my sister?
He who grazed sheep
was accepted as God.
Can't you accept a cowhand
as your brother-in-law?
- Oh, are you God?
- Oh, God!
That love story paused there
with a comma.
Comma? Usually, it ends
with a full stop, right?
The story has a cute twist there.
Muthumari is determined
to marry none, except Malaiyappan.
Malaiyappan set out to prove
himself and went to Saudi Arabia.
He went to Saudi?
What does he do there?
What job can a school dropout get there?
A collector's job?
He is grazing camels there.
He's grazing camels instead of cows.
That's it, right?
You have a rather negative opinion
about camels!
Do you know whose camels they are?
Look here.
Look at this.
And this.
He looked after the camels of
the Emperor of Saudi Arabia like a mother
and made him a prisoner of his love!
Oh-- I see.
Hey, is that
Attack Pandi's sister, Vanaja?
- Hey, Brother Shunmugam!
- That's not Vanaja.
That's her sister, Pushpa.
Stop the van.
Let's go by the van.
Is that Attack Pandi's sister?
She looks so simple!
Do you know Attack Pandi?
What a big shot he is!
Oh! The old lady who died today
is Attack Pandi's aunt.
You had us chase after the van.
- Brother Shunmugam!
- Hey, Pushpa!
You seem to be ready
for your aunt's funeral.
- We missed the bus.
- Get in.
- The next bus is at 5:30 a.m.
- Sit.
- Don't stand there. Get in fast.
- Come in.
I wasn't sure what to do.
You've arrived just in time.
- Okay. Let's adjust and sit. Get in.
- Yes.
- Vettukili, scoot over.
- Sit carefully.
- Okay.
- Careful!
- Pushpa.
- Brother?
How's your brother Attack Pandi?
He is as cool as a hero
with four sidekicks.
Any special news?
Malaiyappan's arrival
is the only special news.
I asked him to bring an iPhone.
Let me see if he gets it.
He'll be rushing to his mother's funeral.
How will he bring all this?
Well, if he doesn't bring me one,
I'll take his phone.
Exactly, sister.
- What do you think, Vettukili?
- Correct, sister.
His spinal cord is severely affected
and he is paraplegic now.
We will have to wait for 48 hours
to decide anything.
By the way, why did he climb the tree?
It's because of that
moneylender, doctor.
Oh, is it a case of usury interest?
- Nurse, did you inform the police?
- No, doctor.
What's wrong with you?!
He got injured while escaping from a loan
shark, and you didn't inform the police!
She told me that
he had fallen off the tree.
Nobody told me about
the usury problem, doctor.
How will they?
When their lives are
threatened by those loan sharks,
how can these people
voice out their problems?
We are here to voice out the truth.
Call the police.
Okay, doctor.
Hey, stop!
Stop or I'll smack you!
Your bikes fly
when a girl rides pillion!
Park over there.
Show me your license.
Where is your helmet?
Verify his license.
Hey, stop the vehicle.
Bring all the papers.
We have to check if there's
red sandalwood. Open the door.
Any problem, brother?
They'll come for money.
You don't know about it.
Oh, he's here!
Here you go.
Hello, sir.
What's up?
Shunmugam, why are you here?
- Where else should I be?
- Get down, please.
Come, dear.
Get down, Shunmugam.
What are you going to do
by checking the van?
- We have a duty to perform.
- Of course, you do.
What? There are crates
of alcohol stacked up here.
Yes, sir. An old lady passed
away in our village. That's why.
Are you planning to start a business?
- There's no shop in our village.
- So, what?
It's a crime, Shunmugam.
Your insurance has lapsed.
Didn't you renew it?
Sorry, sir.
I'll do it immediately.
Is everything okay, bro?
That inspector is my acquaintance.
Let me talk to him.
- What's your name, man?
- Anthony Samy.
Anthony Samy?
Hey, what's the problem?
His name is Anthony Samy.
He wears the beads to visit Sabarimala.
Yesudas has been going there for 40 years.
No one stopped him.
Let him go wherever he likes.
Does he have all the papers?
- The papers are perfect, sir.
- Bring it.
Sir, there are six cases in the van,
containing brandy, whiskey, beer, and rum.
You should have mentioned that earlier.
Instead, you are discussing his faith!
Give it to me.
- Hey, you stand aside.
- Okay.
It is already late.
I have to leave for Chennai tonight.
Wait, I'll talk to him.
When will you return
and when will I go?
It's all pointless!
Sir, it's getting late.
Why don't you verify and let us go?
Shunmugam, are you
the only one in a hurry?
Do you think we're jobless?
What's the rush?
The death occurred early in the morning.
If we are late, the body
will begin to deteriorate.
Is there a dead body in the van?
Four bodies are sitting
near the icebox, sir.
Apart from smuggling alcohol, you're
transporting people in a mortuary van.
You can't take more than
four people in this van.
Legally, this van should be confiscated
and you should be remanded
under the Prohibition Act.
- Uninformed folks!
- Come on.
- Get ready with 3000.
- What? 3000?
I don't have that much money.
Brother, could you please hand me
the money you have with you?
Hey, I borrowed 1500
to go to Chennai to watch the IPL match.
He demanded 3000, but
I bargained and reduced it to 1500.
Give me the money now.
I'll return it when we get home.
- Will you really return it?
- Yes.
Trust me, I'll give it back.
Give it to me.
- How much do you have?
- Sir, please be patient.
Okay, sir.
I'm leaving.
I'll see you later.
Let it be.
Start the vehicle, driver.
Get into the van. Come on.
He's the patient, sir.
When did this incident take place?
Around 2:00 or 2:30 p.m., sir.
You filed a complaint now about an
incident that happened around 2:00 p.m.?
Who is the accused?
What is the name of that money lender?
Panbazhagan, sir.
The one who owns a shop
near the Othakadai junction.
- Is he the culprit?
- Yes, sir.
- How much do you owe him?
- Fifteen thousand, sir.
How long have you been paying interest?
Two years, sir.
- How many men came to your house?
- Two men came to our house.
- Who is the other one?
- I don't know, sir.
- Officer, find out who he is.
- Okay, sir.
How did they threaten you?
They didn't threaten me, sir.
They didn't threaten you?
He fell down because
they threatened him, right?
Now, you're denying it!
If the details aren't
explicit in the complaint,
how do you think the case
will hold up in court?
You can't change the details
as you please.
While filing a usury complaint,
the details should be strong.
If you say that he threatened
to degut your husband,
or roast your entire family alive,
or whatever,
the case would be stronger.
Prepare a statement as he
instructed you and give it to me.
Okay, sir.
- Officer, find out the other person--
- Sir.
who accompanied the loan shark
and add his name to the FIR. Okay?
We've arrived.
Get down, kids.
Oh, Auntie!
Where are you, Auntie?
- Vettukili, take the box out.
- Okay, brother.
Oh, God!
- Hello, is the pavilion ready?
- Auntie!
Oh, God!
No? Hey,
when did you start from here?
- We have brought the box, man!
- Go on.
- Come as soon as possible.
- Come on.
- Careful.
- Hey!
You're taking the booze instead
of the box! Morons!
- Keep it inside!
- Okay.
Vettukili, what did I ask you to do?
Bring the box out!
- Watch out. Hold it properly.
- Help us out!
Hold it carefully.
If I tell you something,
you'll do something else.
Boxie, are you posing
with a hand in your pocket?
- Hold this side.
- Hey, I just came to--
- Hold it, dude. Move forward.
- Alright--
- Watch out!
- Careful!
- I didn't come here to do this.
- What's the big deal, bro?
- What's the harm in helping?
- Open the gate.
- Be careful, right,
- Keep it at the entrance.
Keep it down.
Please allow me to quickly prepare
the box and leave. I have to go.
- The box has arrived.
- Wait. They're giving our mother a bath.
They're giving our mother a bath.
It'll take a few minutes.
Then you may finish
your work and go.
- Sure, brother.
- Just a few minutes.
See here, Panbu.
In addition to the usury case,
two cases have been filed under
IPC 306 and IPC 506, as well.
His wife, in her statement,
claims that the dreadful
consequence of usury is
the cause of her husband's condition.
This sub-inspector is also very strict.
If they arrest you on a Friday,
you won't even go near the court
for the next two days.
Why can't we talk to the SI
and come to an agreement
since he knows us already?
This is a usury case.
This comes under the non-bailable section.
It should be handled deftly.
If not, we'll be in hot water.
Sir, I've never loaned money
at usurious interest.
I never threatened anyone.
I only charge a 3% interest rate
when I lend money.
They neither repaid my money
nor the interest in the last six months.
I went there to get
anything they had to offer.
That clumsy guy fell off the tree.
What will I do?
Should I be subjected
to an usury lawsuit for my actions?
Nobody will listen to your rants, Panbu!
Our government takes
usury cases very seriously.
By the way, his wife said
that you were accompanied by someone.
Who was that?
Give me his phone number, as well.
Sir, that's my sister's son.
Why do you need his number?
He just accompanied me.
I just want his number, bro.
Since his name has been added to the FIR,
we should interrogate him as well, right?
Everything is ready. You can
fix the box and leave immediately.
- Come with me.
- Okay. Let's go.
Here, take this.
Please finish it without any problem.
I feel like being under the gun,
spending restless nights.
Don't worry, Panbu.
Try to find an experienced lawyer.
What's he doing?
- Is everything okay?
- Yes.
- Hey, bring the body here.
- Okay, bro.
- Pushpa, move a little and give way.
- Oh, God!
- Hey, lift the cover.
- Let us get it.
- Careful, hold that side.
- Boxie, hold it!
- Lift that side, man!
- Oh, God!
- Careful. Keep it aside.
- Lift it.
Hey, mind your words!
- Be careful.
- Bring it carefully.
- Hold it.
- Hey, don't block the way!
- Hold it carefully!
- Come on.
- Hey, go that side.
- Careful.
- Come on.
- Careful.
- Hold it, man.
- Come here. Watch out.
- Hold it properly. Careful.
- Her legs. Be careful with her head.
Look at her legs.
- Place it up.
- Careful.
- Hey, move.
- Don't dash it against the wall.
Move aside.
This side, please.
Hey, switch it on.
- Hey, boy, come over here.
- Okay, I will--
Hey, what just happened?
- Lights went off. Why?
- Why? What happened?
The entire village
has lost power supply.
I didn't do anything.
I just inserted the plug.
How so, man? Even we have
inserted so many plugs.
You did something wrong
and now the entire village is impacted.
You are in charge of it.
I-- What am I supposed to do in that?
Hey, what will he do about it?
- It is some sort of paranormal activity.
- It's so dark here.
Hey, Malaiyarasi!
Bring that lamp here.
- Okay, Auntie.
- Hey! Let's go and see what happened.
- Let's see what the problem is!
- Yes, let's go.
Should we sit in the dark if there's
a funeral taking place in your house?
We are sorry about that.
Please be patient.
There's some problem with
the electric post. We'll fix it right now.
- Please bear with us.
- Okay, let's go.
You tried to plug in the freezer
but turned off the power supply.
Please climb up the power pole
and find out the issue, boys.
- Look, our lineman has promptly showed up.
- What?
Who is that?
- Move aside. Let me see.
- Hey, step aside!
Oh, God!
Hey, what's this?!
You can't even fix your
clothes around your body.
How would you fix the fuse?
Hey, keep quiet, man!
I will fix it.
It's a good thing he fell down.
Or else, we would have
been sued for not allowing
government staff
to perform their duties.
Why don't you ask that guy
who cut the power supply to fix the fuse?
- Hey!
- Okay.
The village chief himself said it.
You climb up the pole and fix the fuse.
- Please.
- Why me? This is crazy!
- Hey--
- Those who were watching TV and movies
in the west street are
advancing on us in a deadly rage.
Do something to get the power supply
- before they come here.
- Yes, do it.
If you don't, there will be a riot.
It's true. The residents of both
the streets are already rivals.
There are several issues like lynchings
and killings between them.
They'll definitely make this a big issue.
Climb up the pole and fix it.
- Please.
- My God! I can't.
I must take the van to the
wedding in the morning.
Finish it fast and come.
Why don't you go and fix the fuse?
Climb up and fix it.
So many of us are telling you!
- I need something to fix the fuse.
- Hey, listen up!
- Give it to him.
- Give it.
- You've already got it.
- Go on.
Climb up.
Hey, get it done soon.
I'll bring the van.
- Then let's head out.
- Okay, do it.
- Hey, the power is finally back.
- It's back!
- I'll leave if you give me the money.
- Shunmugam, wait.
There was a total power outage
when you plugged in the box.
After your departure,
if any problem arises,
we are answerable to Malaiyappan.
So, you have to be here till he arrives.
Oh, no.
I have to go tonight, brother.
How can I send you away
against the village leader's words?
Finish the work and go, son.
This is why I didn't want to come.
I'm trapped here because of you.
You speak as if I dragged you here
against your will.
Can you recall it?
You came here
for that extra 500.
Brother, please let me go.
Hold on, please. Let's bid
the elderly woman a graceful farewell.
- Please stay here.
- But, brother--
All of us want you to be here with us.
If you want to stay back, you can.
I have to leave for tomorrow's wedding.
Hey, wait for me!
- Brother, I have to go.
- Stay.
All of us are asking you to.
Please stay. Driver, you can leave.
I have to go to watch
the IPL match, brother.
There's a dead body in the house
and you're concerned about
watching a match?!
Easy, man.
Send the granny happily and leave.
This young man who brought the icebox
will sit here for some time. Okay?
Is he the boy selling ice candy?
- Ice candy?
- Why doesn't she get her ear treated!
Not ice candy.
He is the one who
brought the icebox.
Make friends with him.
Later, he will be very useful.
Even when I am alive,
no one takes care of me.
She is the luckiest queen.
Even after her death,
her son still takes good care of her
by keeping her in an icebox.
If you like it so much,
you too can be in there for some time.
Wait here.
I'll go get some food for you.
Food is not a problem.
My phone has run out of battery.
Make some arrangements for a charger.
- Hey, do you have a charger?
- Malaiyarasi has it.
- What?
- Malaiyarasi.
Look, the charger is kept there.
Go take it.
Would you mind taking it for me?
Dear, that's like your own home.
Why don't you go and take it?
- Take it yourself.
- Brother.
Hey, let's get some food.
You go and grab it.
Let him sit here.
Don't bother him with your stories.
Hey, why did you
turn off your phone?
Why would I?
My phone ran out of battery.
You have caged me in a jungle.
The situation here is really bad.
The police have planned to get money
from me by making Velu's wife file a case,
accusing me of charging
usurious interest.
Oh, God!
What now?
You're also included
in the complaint as an accused.
If you come here, you will be in the soup.
Thank God, you are not here!
What are you saying, Uncle?
Hello, Uncle?
Hey, who gave you permission
to take my sarger?
Didn't your mother teach you manners?
"Sarger"? She can't even
pronounce the word "charger"!
Her mouth is like a bandicoot burrow!
- What did you say?
- I asked Granny about her children.
- This fear is a necessity.
- Yeah, I'm so scared.
Look, how she goes without replying
when you asked about my children!
Despite having given birth
to six children, I live like an orphan.
Can I ask you something?
Hope you don't get mad.
I've been patient throughout the day.
Why would I be mad at you?
Is the inside of the box cool or hot?
It's called an icebox.
It is one of the entities around here
that actually lives up to its name.
During the summer, it would
be as cool as an air conditioner.
It created a big problem
when you plugged it in, right?
Will it give shocks from the inside?
That is a corpse. Does it matter
if it is burnt or electrocuted?
With the knowledge that the story
is now over, we may gladly depart.
No, dear.
I just had a doubt.
When is your birthday this year?
I can still smell the biryani
- you gave me last year.
- Hey, nice time to brag
about my benevolence!
Hello, Settu.
How are you?
Hey, Panbu sir! You lend
money to the entire village.
I'm really sorry to hear the news.
I am paying the price for lending money
to an ungrateful jerk.
We get gold or silver
as a mortgage to give
loans to debtors, no matter who they are.
His gold will still be with us even
if he doesn't repay the money, you see.
We never feel desperate
about the money we lend.
They come after us
because we have their gold.
Whereas you--
chase after them pitifully after
getting their signature on plain paper.
If a problem arises,
those who borrowed money from you
will make you the accused.
Your people are notorious.
Gosh! They talk too much!
What value does a piece of paper have?
Tell me, Panbu.
It is not fair to rob a man
who lost everything
and came to borrow something from me.
We value not only the money
but also the borrower's feelings.
That is a big problem now!
I'll pay the interest on time, Settu.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Okay.
Please don't get me wrong.
I told you this for your own benefit.
It's okay, Settu.
You take care of your business.
Don't think too much and confuse yourself.
Here, have this.
Hey, I want to watch the IPL match.
Can I watch Sony Max here somewhere?
Maths? Wait. Only Malaiyarasi
knows about Maths!
Hey, get Malaiyarasi here!
Come with me.
Sister, he is calling you.
Malaiyarasi, the TV channel
where you can watch cricket--
Bro, what's the name of that Math channel?
It's not Math or Science.
It's Sony Max.
That's a "pay channel."
It's not available in our village.
Our village kids are very timid, brother.
They telecast horror
movies on that channel, right?
Our kids don't watch them.
They don't telecast horror movies.
P-A-Y. Pay.
We have to pay money to view shows.
No charger.
No channel.
God, I'm stranded here!
Hey, do you at least get newspapers?
Yes, it always comes at 6:30 a.m.
on the first bus.
- When is the next bus?
- Evening at 6:30 p.m.
Only the moon will come into the sky.
Here, take this sarger.
Return it in the morning.
It's called a "charger", not a "sarger".
Hey, Dhinesu! That bus driver will throw
the paper near Granny Muthamma's shop.
- Catch it before it lands on mud.
- Okay.
Get up, brother.
Let's go and poop.
Hey, why do you shout as if you're
going abroad? Don't shout, man!
- Regardless of how urgent it may be--
- Hey! Slow down!
You've been asking for it since yesterday.
That's why he's running.
Easy, man.
Don't rush.
What is this?
The evening newspaper.
Last evening's paper comes today.
What about the morning newspaper?
It will come in the evening.
What kind of a place is this?
Come on, bro.
Let's go.
Evening newspaper comes in the morning
Morning newspaper comes in the evening
This is our village
This is our life
Roam around the hill
And comfort yourself
Brother, beware of land mines.
- Don't kick them by mistake.
- Hey!
If these are land mines, you people
are indeed a brave generation.
Please help yourself, bro.
Which college is she studying at, dude?
Are you kidding?
Malaiyarasi has just
entered the twelfth grade.
- Is she in the twelfth grade now?
- Yes, boss.
She is not very good at mathematics.
She used to fail in math every year.
This year, by Corona's grace,
she has been promoted to twelfth grade.
Isn't she embarrassed of herself?
Why should she be?
Her performance in the Dub-mash
and Music App has all of us in awe.
She makes a lot of videos for Dub-mash.
- Look, this is her performance with me.
- Show it to me.
Superb, dude.
What is happening?
Are you watching Malaiyarasi's videos?
Brother, Malaiyarasi was
my daughter's classmate.
She was good at all
subjects except Mathematics.
My daughter teaches
at the same school, now.
Whereas she has just started
her eleventh grade.
Her grandma was cursing
all the math teachers,
saying that no one was skilled
enough to teach her granddaughter.
If my sister had been good at math,
she would have been
a collector somewhere.
And he would have been the tahsildar.
Go and study!
These kids don't go to school
since they dislike math.
- I hate math, as well.
- Math isn't such a huge deal.
It's just a bunch of techniques.
A bunch of techniques?
How good are you at math?
I'm good with numbers.
I always scored 100% in math,
even if I failed other subjects.
That's why I worked as a
math teacher at Chengam.
You and Malaiyarasi are polar opposites.
You're skilled in math.
She excels in everything except math.
Clothes for you.
I'm leaving to receive Malaiyappan.
I'll send you home as
soon as he arrives, okay?
Brother, where are the old, large trees
that used to line the road on both sides?
They were entirely uprooted
by the Vardha storm.
Was it the work of the Vardha storm
or our MLA, Varadharajan?
My cousin, you will talk politics
and return to Saudi Arabia,
but remember, we are the ones
who have to live here.
Let us live in peace.
Tamil Nadu will turn into a desert
if you keep behaving this way.
Wait and see! Saudi camels
will be brought here for grazing.
I hear a car coming.
Yes, his car has crossed the bend.
Why are there so many people waiting?
We don't have many
relatives around here.
Someone, please hold him.
He is a really loving son.
He might lose control and collapse.
Malaiyappa, come.
Hey, don't touch me.
Have I just been discharged from
the ICU at Apollo Hospital?
What did I tell you guys?
I sent you money to take care
of my mother, right?
You have plundered my
money in less than four years
and packed my mother
in a freezer box.
Why are you scolding them?
Even during the Corona season,
she was in excellent health.
Now, she passed away.
What will they do?
Are you implying that she died
because of Corona's departure?
Brother Malaiyappan!
Why are you crying?
The iPhone you wanted is in the car.
- Lift the lid. Let him see the face.
- Come on.
Look at your son.
Momma, your son Malaiyappan is here!
Look at him!
Are you creating a scene
as soon as I walked in?
Auntie, Malaiyappa has come.
- Open your eyes and look at him!
- Hey!
She couldn't see anything
even when she was alive.
How will she see now?
- Shut up.
- Our momma!
When I was in Saudi,
the king once invited me to a party.
He told me that--
my eyes had to be
shielded from the desert sand
and gave me these sunglasses.
I'm going to give momma
those sunglasses and deck her out.
Not even a finger should touch it.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, Brother.
Those who wish to see Momma's eyes
one more time, please come and see.
- Hey, Sekhar, keep quiet.
- Get lost.
Come to this side.
Shut up.
No one should touch the sunglasses.
Do you understand?
- Hey, what are you watching?
- Nothing, boss.
You seem to be hiding something.
- Tell me the truth.
- Nothing, boss.
- Are you hiding "nothing" from me?
- He is lying.
He is always watching a girl
called Ilakiya on YouTube.
It's just a time pass, boss.
Time pass?
Try to pass your time in a better way.
Then you'll be a boss somewhere.
You mean, big boss?
You should at least just pass, whether you
end up becoming a big boss or not.
I used to study well, boss.
Math is not my cup of tea.
My math teacher punished me as
I had trouble with the table of nine.
So, I stopped going to school.
Shall I teach it to you
in a simple way?
Let's multiply nine by three.
Take three.
Subtract one from three.
- It's two.
- Right.
If you subtract two from nine,
how much do you have?
- Seven.
- Yes, seven.
- Place two before seven.
- Twenty-seven.
Nine threes are?
- Twenty-seven.
- That's it!
Very simple, boys.
Where did you learn this, brother?
You taught it so easily.
This is widely
available on YouTube.
- On YouTube?
- Yes, dear.
Search for simple math videos on YouTube
instead of following Ilakiya and Alakiya.
There are thousands of them.
- Yes.
- YouTube can be used more effectively.
Go ahead.
Brother, I've been here
for three days now.
He has arrived from Saudi, right?
Can you tell me when the funeral will be?
Wait a bit, dear.
You've had to go through a lot.
I've been rushing around for the past
couple of days. I feel acidic.
Let's get some soda.
Hey, momma!
Give me a cool soda.
There's soda, Shunmugam,
but it is not cool.
What happened?
We bought this fridge
when my husband was alive.
That is also aging, right?
This is the only store
we have in our village.
Why don't you buy a new fridge?
- What profit do you think I make?
- Let's go.
I'll have to sell my stuff
to get a new refrigerator.
Hey, get a cigarette from
Muthamma nanny's shop.
You have never touched
a cigarette while you were here!
You used to be very hard on smokers.
Now, why do you want to smoke
during your mother's funeral?
I want to smoke because she's dead.
I used to smoke a lot.
Once, when Momma caught me smoking,
she hit me with a broom.
Yeah. On that day, you vowed to her that
you would quit smoking forever, right?
Yes. She forced me to make a promise,
claiming that she would die if I smoked.
I've kept up my promise.
But she left me.
Hey! Get me a cigarette.
Buy two, okay?
Why two?
I just wanted one.
You might need it later.
- What?
- You'll need it, brother.
- I want to tell you something important.
- Malaiyappa.
- He's the one who brought the freezer box.
- Hello!
He has been here
for a couple of days.
He can be sent back once we reach
a decision and conduct the funeral.
Please come.
I understand your plight.
I should have taken care of
my mother in her final days.
- But I didn't. That's my mistake.
- Hello.
I just don't want to conduct
the funeral and leave.
I want to see her to my
heart's content at least for a day.
She never found any kind of comfort
ever since she gave birth to me.
Let her be in a cool place at least today.
- I'll give you whatever you demand.
- No, no. I just--
Hey! You sit here.
I'll take care of everything.
- Please sit.
- Sit.
- Who is that?
- Please sit.
Who's that?
Someone has been folded like a paper
and brought out.
Oh, I think Attack Pandi is coming!
Is he Attack Pandi?
You visualized Attack Pandi
to be a canon, right?
He was hale and hearty.
He suffered an attack six months ago.
His condition is a result
of that incident.
Since there are already five or six Pandis
in the village, we call him Attack Pandi.
Hey, did you see what
booze has done to my cousin?
No, dude. We don't drink
as much as we did before.
How can you? I have
stopped giving you money.
We have decided not to drink.
Isn't it a huge loss for the government
if you don't drink?
You contradict us in every imaginable way.
I'll talk as I like because
I've come from Saudi.
What's your problem?
Shut up!
When I was jobless, no one considered me
a person in the village.
Everyone comes if you have money.
Oh, God!
Who are these people
who seem to love momma more than we do?
This is our Women's Self-Help Group.
In their Hundred Day Work Plan, they
have a duty at the funeral house today.
How much do they get paid for this?
300, but each of them
may receive around 200.
I will pay them 600 each.
Tell them to be silent.
- Sister!
- What!
Please go and tell them.
Hey! Don't cry.
Nobody should cry here.
- No one should cry at my momma's funeral.
- Stop crying!
Look, they all stopped crying!
My mother didn't receive any
attention from me during her dying hours.
I can no longer see her.
This funeral must be
celebrated like a carnival.
Where did you get these crackers from?
- You know our Balaraman, right?
- Yes.
He bought these
to celebrate his success in the election
when he ran for office,
but he lost the deposit.
I asked him to give it to us
if they were of no use.
He wanted me to pay an arm and a leg.
I bargained and bought them.
You are a villain, brother.
it was useless!
- Grandma!
- Tell me, dear.
He's celebrating his
mother's funeral so lavishly.
I wonder how he might have celebrated
his father's death.
He was a small boy
when his father died.
Oh! How did his father die?
That is a big story.
He was killed by a goat.
What, a goat killed him?
Yes. During the Pongal celebrations,
while intoxicated,
he jumped over a temple goat,
mistaking it for an Alanganallur bull.
The goat returned the favor.
It would have been an honor
if he had died in a bullfight.
Veeramma was inconsolably devastated,
as her man was killed by a skinny goat.
I can see my father's
face in every cracker.
Brother, just a minute.
Hey, they say that you
seem to be upset with them.
- They are sorry about it.
- Who are they?
- These boys!
- These jerks!
My momma died owing
to their liquor addiction.
- Your mom died owing to their addiction?
- Yes.
How's that even possible?
Her medicines were not available here.
So, every month, I sent them
money to buy her medicines.
They spent it on booze
and killed my momma.
Backstabbers, don't stand before me.
Get lost! Just leave!
Why did you do this to him?
- Due to his goodness,
- I'll shoot a cracker in your mouth.
- he is letting you leave.
- Get lost!
Hey, get down, man, He's angry.
- I can see my mom's face, now.
- Don't fall down and break your teeth.
He is furious.
It's a big deal that he talked to you
after all of your blunders.
Take these tokens.
Tomorrow, when all
the events are over,
give these tokens to Vettukili.
He will give you a quarter, water,
a side dish, and whatnot.
- Shunmugam brother!
- Yes, I'm coming.
Chengam Inspector speaking!
Boys, why did you put up a "Salute to
the Martyr" billboard for this old granny?
Why, what's wrong?
It's the honor we give
invariably to all who die in our village.
What an insult to
the original martyrs, man!
Last month, when my uncle succumbed
to AIDS,
he received the same accolade, as well.
You are sown; not buried.
If all who were sown, grew up, there
would be no place to walk on this earth.
That's why we are cremating our old lady.
Sing about this old lady's attitude
We offer this martyr our salute
She is the world's lauded selfless mother
We, the villagers salute this martyr
Salute to this martyr!
Salute to this martyr!
Salute to this martyr!
Salute to this martyr!
Hey, stop it, man!
What's this, man?
We came to capture
the cracker-firing culprits.
But, see, they are celebrating a festival.
Just four of these villagers
are enough to create a riot.
The whole village is here.
Anything may happen.
- We have to inform DSP.
- Yes, sir.
I believe it will take more than
a battalion to manage this mob.
If she is buried, she may sprout
So, we chose to cremate her
"Rise from the ashes, lady," we said
As we hung her phoenix-like portrait
We hung her phoenix-like portrait
Sing about this old lady's attitude
- Hey, move.
- Hey, look here!
Who gave you permission
to light firecrackers?
This is why wild elephants
invade our villages.
Oh, if we get permission to do it, would
the elephants stop outside the village?
Who is this, man?
He cross-questions me!
He was in Saudi, sir.
He was grazing the royal family's
camels there and is now filthy rich.
I'll take care of it.
He's a good man, sir.
Yet he's really egotistical.
I'll call you later.
- Sir, Shunmugam is coming.
- Sir, welcome.
Sir, please sit here.
Hey, get up.
Give him the seat.
Sir, please sit here.
You come here, dear.
- Shunmugam?
- Sir?
You're conducting
a funeral like a festival!
Don't you know that we
should be informed of this?
You rush to us for petty problems.
Don't you know this?
He wanted to celebrate it grandly
at the last moment. Don't misunderstand.
Please adjust, sir.
- It's just a formality.
- Sir.
- I heard that you've returned from Saudi.
- Oh, yes.
Dates season is over in Saudi.
That is why I came back.
Brother, he said something
about a formality. Finish it.
I'll see to that.
- All he needs is money.
- Let him wait till the end.
- Sir, DSP wants to talk to you.
- Who?
Yes, sir.
I'm on security duty at Azhagumalai.
- Okay, sir. Thank you, sir.
- Go away.
Shunmugam, I talked to the DSP
and made arrangements for protection.
Forty cops are coming.
- Food must be prepared promptly.
- Listen, if you want--
- Forty people, okay?
- Let 60 people come. Sit here, sir.
The villages are all coming together
The villages are all coming together
The folk arts performed here
Are spectacular
Along with all the sixty-four art forms
A new art form is created here
Stood among the audience, the electrician
Shocked them with his shaking stunts
Shocked them with his shaking stunts
Sing about this old lady's attitude
We offer this martyr our salute
Salute to the martyr!
Salute to the martyr!
Salute to the martyr!
Salute to the martyr!
This is similar to the festival
duties we performed yesterday.
Avoid assembling in one spot.
The whole village has
to be patrolled. Okay?
- You can go.
- Yes, sir!
Sir, don't you think it would be wonderful
to give state honor to our brave mother?
State honor?
Such an order can only be
issued by the CM, man!
Sir, do you always follow the CM's orders?
Is he watching you?
Let's adjust among ourselves.
Let me make you an alternative suggestion.
Get a big garland and give it to me.
I'll personally pay her tribute
in uniform.
That's a good idea!
Hey, Vettukili.
Hey, bring that flag.
Give him the flag.
Sir, I'll spread
this flag on our momma.
If you put a garland on it and give
her a salute, that would be fantastic.
- What flag is that?
- It's our national flag.
Hey, give it to me!
Come here, keep this safe in the jeep.
I'll put you behind bars if you come up
with any more half-baked ideas!
Shall we cover her with the Pakistan flag?
- No, brother.
- Why, brother?
A few Pakistanis and I were like siblings
in Saudi Arabia.
- They'll be offended.
- Sir, why don't you suggest a flag?
Get lost, man!
What is this? We can't even
offer our mom one last honor!
We couldn't honor our mother,
till the end, bro.
Hey, the mother is
a symbol of honor.
She does not require an
honor from others. Forget it.
Majestic men and women
In uniform came to perform their duties
Kanaka who came to protect
Fell in love while on duty
She fell in love while on duty
While security officers fell in love
Surveillance officers stole mangoes
The valiant and fearless police inspector
Lost his heart to the rural folk dance
He lost his heart to the rural folk dance
Sing about the old lady's attitude
We offer this martyr our salute
To entertain Malaiyarasi
Who was bored stiff
Pushpa fabricated tales of gossip
Attack Pandi, carried by four people
Collapsed tired
Under the shade of a peepal tree
He collapsed tired under
The shade of a peepal tree
The world leaders gathered around
To pay homage to Veeramma
Granny Alamu who lives right across
Declared the greatness of Veeramma
She declared the greatness of Veeramma
Sing about the old lady's attitude
We offer this martyr our salute
Calculator Shunmugam is still calculating
As his brain erodes
- Kids who bunked class--
- Thousands have gathered here.
Is it possible that Maoists
or terrorists may infiltrate?
I'll bury you along
with the oldie! Scram!
We were just going live.
Did we demand a "brown envelope"?
All who stumbled into the alley drunkenly
Slouched down
Just for the 3 snack
Co-brothers started a riot
Yeah, they started a riot
Sing about the old lady's attitude
We offer this martyr our salute
She is the world's lauded selfless mother
We, the villagers salute this martyr
We, the villagers salute this martyr
Salute to this martyr!
Salute to this martyr!
- Can we get some extra cash?
- Let me see, sir.
- Shunmugam is a difficult person.
- I agree.
Try your best, man.
Whoever needs to do your mother's
final duties can do so at this time.
Whoever needs to do your mother's
final duties can do so at this time.
The police rejected my request
to give state honor to Momma.
So I arranged for a local hunter
to salute our mother with a shot.
He couldn't help but shoot a crow.
Why did you do this?
Sorry, Brother.
He missed it.
No, he didn't.
Amir Khan didn't miss the target.
- Thank you, sir.
- Same to you, sir.
- Buzz off, man!
- Oh, no!
- Give me that bill.
- Shunmugam brother. Brother!
- Please, wait, Master.
- It's getting late, bro.
Hey, move aside.
Why don't you send us first?
We have tons of work to do.
I gave it to the inspector
right away, this morning.
Will it fill our bellies
if you give it to him?
We've been with the
corpse from the morning.
It's not fair, dude.
Take this, sir. Give space for others.
Please, I think you can go.
Eight of us are here.
Sir, please excuse me.
- You keep saying the same thing.
- Make a move, sir.
How much, man?
Three hundred?
Come here and sign.
Call Panbazhagan
and ask him if he'll send a vehicle
or if I should arrange a vehicle for you.
I'll send you.
- Hello?
- Okay, brother.
Give me the bill.
Don't worry.
Tell me, boy.
Uncle, my work here is done.
Shunmugam asks if you are coming
or if he should arrange a vehicle for me.
The problem is not yet resolved here.
Yesterday, my mother
called and wept, Uncle.
Stay there, my boy. I'll come
there in the morning. Alright?
Do whatever you want--
My boy!
Malaiyappa, my darling boy!
- Brother Shunmugam!
- Yes?
Panbazhagan has come.
- Greetings, brother.
- Welcome, Panbu! How are you?
- I'm fine, thank you. How are you?
- I'm good.
Wait a minute.
I'll bring Malaiyappan here.
Uncle, we seem to have ended up in
a hospital as we tried to be hospitable.
No doubt!
We're in hot water.
Is he the one from Saudi Arabia?
Please, keep it down.
- Let it be here.
- Why, dear?
I said let it be here!
Okay, keep it there.
Brother, he is Panbazhagan.
He is Malaiyappan.
He has just returned from Saudi.
- Oh, are you the owner?
- Yes, sir.
Could you please tell me
the price of this box?
Sir, there are numerous
jobs available outside.
What are you going
to do with a coffin?
This work won't be successful here.
What will you do
if the power fails
wherever it goes
since the same happened here?
Did I tell you that I'm going to launch
a business with this?
- Then what are you going to do?
- Brother!
This is the temple where my
mother was last laid to rest.
I want to worship it.
Please tell me the cost.
I'll give you ten times of that.
Bro, it's okay if you want
to do business with this.
But you talked about the temple and pond.
What can I demand for this?
It's your business.
I feel it's unfair to offer
you a cut-rate price.
Just a second.
Please, wait.
Hey, Panbu. Every object
has a standard price, right?
How much do you expect for this?
This itself is a second-hand item, bro.
I lent money to someone.
He didn't repay the capital
or interest either.
I took it from him
and made it into a business.
- Suggest an approximate rate, bro.
- Who is he?
Samy, go and take a bath.
- Okay, brother.
- Go.
Here, bro. It's a modest sum that
I can afford. 100,000.
Oh, my! This is too much.
This isn't even worth 20,000.
You are honest enough
not to exploit my feelings.
Please accept this!
Take it.
I don't want it, sir.
- I just need a favor.
- Come here.
What is it?
Hey, hey, come here, boy.
It's my bad luck, I'm trapped
in a money-lending business.
He has also been
added as an accused in the case
just because he accompanied me.
If he comes with me now, this entire
amount will be wasted to safeguard him.
Please, keep this money with you.
I'll be really grateful if you
allow him to stay here for a week.
Uncle, I've already had
a tough time for three days.
Another week here?
No way!
- I'll deal with any issue that arises.
- Hey, keep quiet! I am talking to him!
Look! He says that
there's a problem. Right?
Why don't you stay here for a week?
Listen to him.
Just a week, right? I'll take care of him.
You can go in peace.
- Thank you so much.
- It's okay.
- Sir, bye.
- Oh, okay.
I wanted to tell you this--
Don't worry, my boy.
- Keep this.
- What's that?
He may need money
while he stays here for a week.
So, is he going to pay
me for the meals I provide?
You've got plenty of issues already.
I'll take good care of him.
Please go.
Go, brother!
Brother, please keep it safe.
- An interior designer is coming.
- Are you building a house?
No, no.
Just wait and watch what happens.
- That Sekhar and Babu!
- We won't spare them this time.
We must chase them out.
I heard that you're not
going back to Saudi.
If you intend to stay here,
shouldn't you do some business?
It's not necessary, brother.
It's not?
What are you going to do then?
In Saudi Arabia,
I saw a technology being used
to cultivate vegetables like
drumsticks and eggplants.
Our soil is far superior to theirs.
When I was there, I purchased
around four acres of land here.
I've decided to dabble in farming.
You've chosen to caption your photos,
"My Organic Innovation days,"
on social media, right?
Do they really do it?
They keep on posting,
- even if they don't receive any likes.
- Oh, mine is normal farming.
Good! I thought that
you'd act similarly as well.
I'm going to buy four buffaloes
and two cows.
He seems to be rushing.
What happened?
- Hey, Saudi!
- Yes?
Sekhar and Babu have broken
the offering box at the temple.
The village elders are
on their way to meet you.
Sekhar Babu is improving all
the temples in wonderful ways.
These jerks who share his name break
the offering boxes in the temples. Pests!
- Nothing else!
- Why are you mad at them?
You placed 10,000
in the box, as an offering.
They might've thought
they had the right to take your money.
People believe that they
are entitled to my money!
Malaiyappan is here!
When those thugs broke the box,
where was the priest?
- We were on our way to meet you.
- I heard the news. What to do now?
Our festival is approaching.
These robbers have stolen all
the contents of the offering box.
So, before contacting the police,
we wanted to let you know.
Those idiots are just like that.
Their families would suffer if
they were charged with this crime.
That's what we're concerned about.
Never mind.
I'll replace more than
what was in the offering box.
- Forgive them one last time.
- If it continues, what's the solution?
Don't put money in the box.
We do need money for our temple.
Google Pay, Paytm.
Let's bring in Digital India.
Digital India?
What about my livelihood?
What are you thinking about?
- Come, let's go.
- Let's go.
- Come on, I can read your mind.
- Right,
- He's in charge of the funds.
- That will do.
- Come and see me later. I'll give you.
- Okay, sister. Bye.
Hey, Malaiyarasi, Those rogues would
be roaming around the corner. Be careful.
Yeah, Auntie. My mom told me
that you too were trapped in that corner.
Did she tell you about that eyesore?
- Pushpa!
- Wait a minute! Coming!
Hey, Sis! Back to school?
Yes, bro.
I have my revision test today.
Hey! Don't you go to school?
We have to, boss. I thought
I was mathematically challenged.
But when you taught me those simple
math techniques, I felt confident.
I want to study math with you while
you're still here. So, I brought my books.
Hey, these two are incorrigible.
It's up to you.
What does he do with those boys?
He's teaching math to our kids.
Yeah, he worked as a math teacher
at Chengam.
- Wow, is he a math teacher?
- Yeah!
Hello, sir!
What are you teaching our kids?
Your kids don't go to school
since they are terrified of math.
I am trying to help them.
No wonder they are terrified.
All they do is steal mangoes!
I would've been
someone great right now if
I had been lucky enough
to be your student.
Well, what's your living situation like?
Here, on this small veranda.
Damn fools! A teacher is
made to sleep on a veranda!
Sir, you are not supposed to sleep here.
I'll show you another place.
Come with me, please.
Run away right now if you
have any plans to pick mangoes.
If you do well in your studies
I'll offer you a prize.
What's the prize, Brother?
That's a surprise!
- Hey, Sister Veni!
- Where's he taking us?
How are your children?
They are good, dear.
I'm working alone in the forest.
I bought this land when I was in Saudi.
Trees yield good.
But, I have no idea who steals them!
- One day, I'll catch them. Just wait!
- Hey!
Did you toil in the desert while
having such a valuable asset here?
Obviously, it is! But here,
they won't let you live in peace.
That's why, I willingly
stayed with the camels.
Sir, look at that house.
We used to store the coconuts there.
But now you can stay here.
I want you to stay with
us and teach our children.
Okay? Malaiyarasi will
bring you food all three times.
Sankari, give Malaiyappan your daughter's
hand in marriage at the earliest.
You just read my mind!
You always waste your time thinking!
He has already begun purchasing
that worthless box for 100,000!
In addition, he has pledged to make good
on the temple's thefts by those burglars.
Look here, girl!
If riches and relations leave
you, they never come back.
Moreover, his ex-girlfriend
still adamantly remains single.
- What you are saying is true.
- Yes!
But how can I bring
up this subject with him?
Wait, girl.
I have a superb idea.
God! What is it?
You're getting older, my brother.
Malaiyarasi has also grown up.
How long do you want me to delay it?
- Let's decide--
- Hey!
Are you sane?
Why are you throwing
Pushpa's vomit on me?
Malaiyarasi is a little girl.
I carried her in my arms as a baby.
How can I marry her?
My husband also carried me
when I was a girl.
He was twenty years older than me.
Didn't he marry me?
I'd have poured muddy muck
on him if he were still alive.
Look, Malaiyarasi has to be well-educated.
We need to get her married
into a decent family. Got it?
That's why, I have
arranged for a math teacher.
Who gives you such stupid ideas?
Hey, Pushpa,
I know you are the culprit.
- Brother, why are you mad at me?
- Well, I am!
I simply informed her
of your mother's wish.
What's it?
You know nothing about it.
She never stopped worrying about you.
She went to the temple
every Friday to lit lamps and
prayed for your marriage
as long as she was healthy.
I accompanied her to the temple one day.
There, when she saw Muthumari
who came to pray for her marriage,
the spirit of the Goddess came upon her.
The spirit of the Goddess?
Oh, What did it say?
Hey, Muthumari!
It's me, the Goddess!
You nasty girl, did you reject my son?
In this life, you will not get married.
Brother, the curse our
mother cast on that girl--
that day is the reason
she is still unmarried.
Did momma really say so?
Also, she pledged that
she would get Malaiyarasi
married to you,
in that girl's presence
and make your kid an IAS officer.
I think, her wish may not be fulfilled.
Go away!
How many times have I told you?!
Hey, were the things you said true?
Even the law allows you to fabricate
a thousand lies to facilitate a marriage.
I told only two, didn't I?
Don't worry.
This is how we conquer Malaiyappan.
Why did you mess with her future?
It's her brother's fault.
What will she do?
She's innocent, Momma.
Why did you curse her?
You are not the only one at fault.
Wait, I'll be back.
How's that?
Wait, I'll deal with you later.
- Hey, heat it well, man!
- We're on it.
I'm boiling from within.
Why don't you spit on my face?
- Okay, bend down.
- Wait, I'll be back.
Mother Goddess--
my mother has cursed Muthumari
since I couldn't marry her.
Please don't let that curse come true.
I seek forgiveness
for my mother's error.
I am not Muthumari's ideal mate.
If you find a suitable groom for her,
I'll offer you a big hip chain, Mother.
I heard there was a TV reality show
rehearsal going on here.
But nothing seems to be happening here.
Brother, Malaiyappan
appeared a little nervous.
I didn't want to disturb him.
So, I sat here.
- Is Malaiyappan nervous?
- Yes, bro.
- God knows why!
- Momma, I always rely on you.
- Hey, Malaiyappa!
- Yes?
Why do you seem to be stressed?
Is there a problem?
I'm feeling stressed due to certain
mistakes made by my mother.
What did she do
to make you anxious right now?
As I was unable to marry Muthumari,
my momma had cursed her.
This clarifies why she is still unmarried.
She needs to settle down.
This colossal lie is something
a guy would never have told.
Pushpa, who is incapable
of lying, shared this information.
It's obvious now.
Many marriage proposals
were pouring in for Muthumari.
But she was adamant
about getting married to you.
My daughter says that
she also visits the temple
every Friday to light a lamp
for your well-being.
Does she?
How could you believe Pushpa's words?
Why do you scratch your head so much?
You make me do it.
- Okay, come on.
- Let's go.
Hey, who said he's disturbed?
You start your practice.
I spat on his way,
as he passed by.
When he passed by,
I accidentally spat on his way.
He is no longer worried
about such trivial things.
Please start practicing.
Hey, come on.
Hey, my rosy beauty!
Why don't you like me?
When you pass me by
Gosh! Are you enticing me?
Hey, you who entangle me
In your twin braids
Stick me like a bindi on your forehead
If I come near you
Why do you move away?
Stick me like a bindi on your forehead
If I come near you
Why do you move away?
Hey, my rosy beauty
Why don't you like me?
Are you the lovely fairy
With the adorable fairy lights?
My milky moon!
When I look at you, I am spellbound
You are a lotus blooming in the marshland
The tassels of your robe engulf me
You are consuming me like jigarthanda
I'm broken down
Like a hard candy simply thinking of you
- Shall I kiss your cute cheeks?
- Malaiyarasi, how much is one plus one?
- Two
- Good.
- Go.
- Thank you.
- Look at her, Brother.
- What is it?
She used to always avoid math.
Now, she just can't
seem to get enough of it.
- Hi, are you teaching in the field?
- She has passed in math.
Please give me your consent--
I've never seen a good tutor before.
Sir, just teach her math.
I don't know how it will turn out!
Hey, my rosy beauty!
Why don't you like me?
- You are the evening tent show
- Sister!
- Where's your man?
- Okay, give it to her.
Here, attend the special rituals
at Malaiyappan's house.
Like creamy milk, words flow out of you
I stand breathless
Please help me breathe and go
Beautiful silk blouse is covering you
Carrot-colored lips
Shall I bite a bit?
Do attend the function.
Did you take the medicine and injections?
Yeah, right.
Let's go.
- Let's go this way.
- No, this way.
Hey, this way!
I'm going this way.
Hey, my rosy beauty!
Why don't you like me?
- What's going on in your head?
- I wonder what I should do?
Gosh! Are you enticing me?
Malaiyarasi, where's your uncle?
He is somewhere there.
What's the matter?
Do you know that our
Rakkayi granny passed away?
Her body must be
preserved till her son arrives.
We were searching for a
freezer box but couldn't find one.
I know that your uncle has one.
I thought of borrowing it for two days.
He reveres it and sees it as his temple.
I doubt if he would consent to give it
to others. You better ask him.
Okay, dear.
I think anyone may get
that box from my uncle--
but not this old woman!
Do you know who that old woman is?
She's my uncle Malaiyappan's
ex-lover's mother.
Her brother is in Qatar, right?
You have all the details
at your fingertips!
Wait, I'll be right back.
I revere that box
as my mother's final resting place.
How can I give it?
That man who rents the box
is trapped in a case of usury.
His business is closed.
We have searched for it everywhere,
but couldn't find one.
You alone can help us.
I understand.
I need some time to think.
I'll let you know.
Please think about it.
It's the body of an old woman.
We have the utmost faith in you.
You have hope in me!
Let me treat you with a few tender coconuts.
You may then leave.
- What's this, bro?
- Malaiyappa!
- What?
- Is this the time to take revenge?
What are you talking about?
I know who that old woman is.
Aren't you holding off on giving the box
because of the hurt from the past?
Hey, I'm honoring it as
my mother's final residence.
Saudi, it might be a temple to you.
But it is just a regular freezer box.
The items inside will rust and go to waste
if you leave them in a corner for months.
Instead, you could help
someone else, right?
Your mom would be pleased with it.
You and your temple!
People will see it as a form of revenge
if you refuse to give them the box.
I don't know if the village will talk or
not, but you'll get the village talking.
Then, make a wise choice.
Do you think we should give the box?
- Don't be in a dilemma. Come on.
- Hey, wait!
- Well, you sure did sway me!
- Come on. Both of us can go.
Okay, I'm ready.
But her brother shouldn't touch it.
If he does then-- that's it!
What! Why has my mother
been abandoned on the floor?
The box is missing.
Oh, my God!
- What is this?!
- Oh, no!
- Hey, sister!
- Hey!
The door was locked from the outside.
How will she be inside?
Oh, I'm confused.
Let's go and ask some neighbors.
Come, let's go!
Where did the women in the house go?
- Hey, Prabasu!
- What?
Our freezer box is missing.
Did you see anyone take it?
My wife has been missing since morning.
Did you see her?
Shameless! Go!
These morons have sent women
to work and are wasting their time.
Hey, did you see anyone
taking our freezer box?
Did they steal that box?
Yes, dude.
Those northerners!
They are the culprits.
A throng of them has just arrived.
So, you mean there are
no thieves in Tamil Nadu?
You know that already.
Shut up and move on.
What's this, boss?
If I tell the truth, they flare up.
That is how they are.
Let's go to the police.
Police? They can't be like
the Saudi Police.
You don't know them. They solved the case
of a twin murder in just six hours.
- They'll find this out in five minutes.
- Really? Let it be.
After reaching the foothills,
we need to travel 40 kilometers.
There is no bus service, as well.
How do we go?
Wait a second.
I'll come.
Hey, Ranganatha!
Hold on!
I brought booze from Dubai, didn't I?
How was that?
Superb, brother.
- Right, give me that bike now. Get down.
- Get down.
Sir, come, hop on.
Start the vehicle.
Oh, I can't guess who might
have stolen it. What to do?
Hey, come and get it after
a couple of days. Go!
- Welcome, Malaiyappa!
- Hello, sir.
What brings you by?
- Please, sit.
- Our freezer box is missing, sir.
The freezer box is missing?!
It's the freezer box used
for preserving bodies.
We kept it at home.
That's missing.
Is the box missing, or is the body
also missing along with the box?
The body was cremated and
the box was at home as a shrine.
Thefts of sculptures and jewelry
from temples are a common occurrence.
I've never heard of a temple
being stolen before.
Please wait.
Our officer is here.
I'll speak with him first and then come.
Okay, sir.
The police is your friend.
They have been sending
friend requests for a long time.
But we refuse to accept it.
Hey, Shunmugam!
Cold soda's available.
Would you like some?
- Cold soda?
- Yes.
Nice cool soda. Have you
bought a new refrigerator?
How can I buy a new one, dear?
Babu and Sekhar wanted
to sell this at a cheap rate.
They demanded 500 for it.
- What? A new fridge for 500?
- Yes!
Let me see!
Do you have any stomach issues?
Malaiyappa, you are so calm.
As if you only lost 50 sovereign gold!
When they said "box", I thought
it might be some old reel box.
Losing a freezer box is not a joke, man!
Why, sir?
Is it a serious issue?
Yes, Malaiyappa.
Did you think that losing
a freezer box is a minor inconvenience?
You've returned from Saudi.
I thought you would be wiser.
But you are really stupid.
Hey, did you give him
proper instructions?
Shunmugam is calling.
Keep it on silent mode after talking.
You brought him here
without giving him instructions!
He casually says that
a freezer box is missing.
Malaiyappan is talking to the Police.
Call him after five minutes.
Hey, hey, wait a minute.
Listen to me!
If you kill a guy
and store his body in the box,
it will be intact even after six years.
Do you know that?
If your stolen box was
used for any such thing,
do you realize
you would be behind bars?
This can't be dismissed as insignificant.
We must designate a special
team to look into it.
- Hey, officer!
- Yes, sir?
Talk to them and get all the details.
I have to go to town.
Why did they go to the police station?
Okay, let me call that cop.
Our officer is very strict.
He will appoint a special force
in response to this complaint,
and locate the box within three days.
Give me 15,000 in advance, now.
We'll check the rest later.
Within three days, sir?
Let's see.
If you are lucky,
it'll be found in three hours.
Give me the cash.
Give it to him.
Hello, Shunmugam, tell me.
Yeah, they complained
about the freezer box theft.
They met the inspector, as well.
Wait a minute.
Shunmugam from the village is on the line.
He has some important message.
Fifteen. What a waste
of my hard-earned money!
- Push it inside.
- Well, you ought to be pushed into jail.
Yes, okay.
We'll leave right away.
Well, it seems like
the box is in the village.
He is yelling at me as to why
we went to the police.
Wait, let me give the phone back to him.
The box is in the village?
Madam, please come in.
The officer will see you now.
Oh, finally, he's calling!
Sekhar and Babu have sold your
box to Muthamma nanny for 500.
- For 500?
- Let's go!
Yes! That oldie has stored milk, curd,
soda, and everything else in the box.
Moreover, she gave me a soda
and made me puke.
I'll take care of those culprits.
Brother, pay that oldie 500
and get the box back.
We must take it to Muthumari's house.
- Okay, come.
- Yeah.
Hey, math teacher!
Let's go. Quick!
Both those thieves are my childhood pals.
They consistently put me in trouble.
If only I could catch them!
We have got the box back.
Leave it, Saudi.
How can I leave it?
I've already lost 15,000.
Saudi, we can withdraw
the complaint, if you want.
Will we get our money back?
That cop will
ask for 25,000 for that!
That guy was a conductor previously.
That's why he is
snatching coins from all.
Malaiyappan's here.
Come on, boys. Lift the box. Let's go.
- Lift the box. Let's go.
- Oh, God!
- Hey, come here. Lift the box.
- Why did these rogues do this to me?
I'll tell that story later.
I want to see them.
We can see them later.
Now let's go to Muthumari's house.
- Be careful. There's a rock. Move forward.
- Careful.
Thank you so much, bro.
- What's the matter?
- See, who's coming?
Your name is Mari
You, Muthumari
When I utter your name
My heart leaps with joy
My name is Mari
Your Muthumari
My life is joyful
Because you entered it
It's true that stolen mangoes are tastier.
It's sour, bro.
- Hey.
- What do you want?
Vadivelu wants to meet you.
He asks if he can come to the garden.
Vadivelu would get upset
at the mere mention of my name.
Why is he coming here?
Nothing of that sort, bro.
After receiving the freezer box,
he started to act quite chill.
Chill? Why? Was he
inside the freezer box?
We should go to Vadivelu's
house and meet him.
That's the right thing to do.
- You are correct, but--
- That's right.
Vadivelu is a decent person.
Yet, his egotistical
arrogance bothers me.
Hey, he's already inconsolable.
Don't criticize him, now.
Come on, man. Let's go.
He is my family, though.
I can't reject him.
- Bro, he'll come.
- Okay, you can go. I'm coming.
You're responsible for the money.
Malaiyappan is coming.
Malaiyappa, come here.
- Welcome, Malaiyappa!
- I've told him everything.
Due to my reluctance to give you
my sister in marriage, I demonized you.
But, you didn't harbor any resentment
and have helped me with the freezer box.
You've proved your greatness.
I don't know how to thank you.
She, too, is unwilling
to marry anyone but you.
Your marriage should have taken
place when my mother was alive.
I have made a grave mistake.
This guy is having a meltdown.
Bro, it's the right time to unite them.
- Is that so?
- You look so ugly when you cry.
Where has your mother gone now?
A mother is a mother
whether she is alive or not.
Let them exchange the garlands.
Where can we get the garlands
at this hour?
Why look for a lamp when you
already have one lit at home?
What do you mean?
Look, garlands are in surplus here.
Mother is a God, as well.
Let the couple exchange garlands.
Our brother is absolutely right.
Take two garlands from your
mother as if they were blessed by her.
- Go take two garlands.
- Muthumari,
why are you just standing
there like a spectator?
After all of the Friday lamp lighting, you
are standing there like an onlooker.
- Bring the garlands.
- Darling girl, my happiness soars high
When I see you
What spell have you cast on me?
Your arrow of love is piercing my heart
What shall I do?
Darling girl, my happiness
Soars high when I see you
What spell have you cast on me?
Your arrow of love is piercing my heart
What shall I do?
Lightning strikes my eyes
And butterflies bloom in my heart
It is sufficient if you are with me
Your proximity makes me ecstatic
Darling girl, my happiness
Soars high when I see you
What spell have you cast on me?
- Give me your phone.
- Here.
You now have Malaiyarasi's
phone number, and she has yours.
You can talk to her as much as you wish.
Don't pester me, okay?
- You're the refreshing wind
- Me too.
You fool! Come here.
Stop posing for photos.
You're the refreshing wind
That chills the summer
A spring of fresh water in the desert
To a wandering minstrel
You are a brand new melody
That the breeze brings
So far, my existence has been a mirage
So far, my existence has been a mirage
After successfully navigating
My mirage-like past
Spending time with you and having
Private talks is my greatest joy
Darling girl, my happiness
Soars high when I see you
What spell have you cast on me?
Is it enough?
- Hello, what's this?
- Meal.
We'll take care of it.
You can go.
- I need some curry.
- Hey, bring some curry.
Getting it.
We'll take care of it.
You can go.
Hey, go there.
Our time here is limited
And the rest of my life
Should be spent with you
Our time here is limited
And the rest of my life
Should be spent with you
Consider me as a part
Of your clothing
And wrap me all around your body
Once again
The tender words of your lovely lips
I want the deluge of your tender words
To bathe me again
My happiness lies in treading
The path that your eyes envision
Darling girl, my happiness
Soars high when I see you
What spell have you cast on me?
Your arrow of love is piercing my heart
What shall I do?
Lightning strikes my eyes
And butterflies bloom in my heart
It is sufficient if you are with me
Your proximity makes me ecstatic
Darling girl, my happiness
Soars high when I see you
What spell have you cast on me?
- Assalaamu allaikkum.
- Assalaamu allaikkum.
Allaikkum assalam.
Sit down.
Please be seated.
He has been sent from the Saudi embassy.
Our King has sent you a wedding gift.
Do you see that?
The King is so fond of me!
- Give it to me.
- Take this.
This is your golden visa for ten years.
Why are they giving it to me instead
of Nayandhara and Vignesh Sivan?
He is asking why you have
given him the golden visa.
- Please be seated.
- Our King
requests you to come back
to Saudi Arabia.
Hey! He just said "Muthumari."
The newborn camels you nurtured refuse
to drink milk since your departure.
How will they?
Among those calves,
the one you named Muthumari
refused to move from where you left it.
- He has named the camel, "Muthumari."
- Oh, my God!
Since you had talked
to the camels in Tamil,
they don't pay heed to the Pakistani
who was appointed in your place.
That's the power of Tamil.
Look at my brother, girl.
He has taught Tamil to a bunch of
camels he was grazing in Saudi Arabia.
The King has ordered to bring
Malaiyappan and his family
to Saudi Arabia rather than
having a Pakistani learn Tamil.
If you come back to Saudi,
we would be very happy.
Since the King insists on
my going back to Saudi,
I can't deny it.
Inform him that I'm coming.
He's accepting the invitation.
- If every Tamil is like Malaiyappan--
- Thank you.
as long as the camel lives,
Tamil cannot be wiped off!
- Keep quiet, man.
- Hey!
Hey, nobody can destroy Tamil.
Don't make a fool out of yourself
by unnecessarily talking like this.
Hold this, dear.
Please inform
the King that I'm coming.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
- May God's blessings be with you.
Brother, a family selfie?
- Sure.
- One, two, three.
Malaiyappan who accepted
the king's request
traveled to Saudi Arabia
to teach Tamil to the camels.
Now, if Malaiyappan yells
"Muthumari" in the desert,
two Muthumaris respond.
As Veluchamy's wife Suseela
became the hostile witness,
Panbazhagan, who was delivered
from the case of usury interest,
abandoned the money-lending business
and looks after Veluchamy's family now.
He works as a wholesale agent in
tomato trade at Chengam Market.
Thangaraj, who has settled in Azhagumalai,
in addition to teaching math to kids,
looks after Malaiyappan's farms
and gives the freezer box
to funeral homes in that area
completely free of cost.
Malaiyarasi is not only confident
about her arithmetic skills,
but she also voluntarily helps other
children who struggle with numbers.
I'm on my way to Keezhur.
I just wanted to inform you.
Students who dropped out of school because
of their arithmophobia are now returning.
Though everything changes
in accordance with the wheel of time,
there is one sect, unaffected
by the changes going on around it.
Check what is atop the vehicle.
- What's that, man?
- It's a freezer box, sir.
I can see that.
How did you get it?
This is the box
that we reported as missing.
- How did it get here?
- Yeah!
We got it back, sir.
- You got it back?! Did you hear that?
- Yes.
They got it back!
They lose it, and then
they themselves find it!
- Sir, that's--
- Listen.
Why do you think we are here if you can
just lose it and find it on your own?
We, along with the special teams,
are searching every location for the box.
You rascal! You enjoy driving
with the box atop the vehicle!
- Get into the van.
- Sir!
- Sir-- please listen to me.
- You get in, man!
- Get in, or you'll face the consequences.
- Sir--
- Sit quietly, man!
- Follow me.
Sir, please hear me out.
Follow him.
- Sir.
- Quick! Go!