Kukira Kau Rumah (2021) Movie Script

Her name Niskala, and she can fly.
I want to fly!
The first girl who could ever do that.
No, stop!
At least that's what she believes.
And we who saw her smile, do too.
Happy birthday
Still remember her smile?
Yeah, that contagious smile.
Turns out her sadness is also contagious.
Blow the candle.
What's wrong?
- Don't cry.
- What's wrong with her?
I can't...
That hurts!
- Come on, get up.
- I am!
I still remember the first time I saw her.
She is my junior classmate.
That sharp look in her eyes
makes me want to jump out of my window.
Will be louder
But her ears are sharper than her eyes.
Because she's the first person
that could hear me
and listen to me.
I want to tell a story about her.
The elusive and the unforgettable.
Right, let's start our discussion of,
"The more advanced
the communication technology becomes,
the lesser
the interpersonal human connection."
We have two groups
with their own arguments.
Starting with Wiki, the pros group.
Followed by Niskala, with their cons.
Let us begin. Please, Wiki.
Thank you for the time, Mr. Gilang.
We think that today's topic is fitting
with our current situation.
A lot of kids are indifferent
toward their parents
which in turn,
caused parents to ignore them
because they are too busy
with their gadgets.
The primary function of those gadgets
has now become secondary.
Gadgets are now more often used
to listen to music or watch a movie
rather than its primary function
as a communication device.
I would like to interrupt.
- Go ahead, Niskala.
- Thank you.
What you just said are facts.
However, there are
some positive facts as well.
With this rapid technology development,
it could make bonds
between people stronger.
For example, relatives and friends,
who stay far away,
can communicate easily...
That's oversimplifying the matter.
I agree,
that with technological advancements,
we can communicate
with distant relatives and friends.
But how about the closer ones?
Can you please not interrupt
with that stupid argument?
We can communicate without
being limited by time, space and distance.
- You're seeing it the other way around.
- The other way around? This is a fact.
Based on our survey,
60 percent of our respondents
prefer to communicate with texting.
What kind of survey?
You have overlooked the positive sides
of technological advancements.
We can hold positive campaigns
using social media.
We can hold a fundraiser.
We can even help people in remote areas.
Tell me,
why do you choose to ignore those facts?
Maybe it's just you,
who have never done any good for others.
Enough, Niskala!
Let's wrap this up.
Remember, this is just a discussion.
Calm down.
- Let's move on to Q and A.
- This is just a simulation.
You may ask to the pros group.
- This is just a simulation.
- Yes, you.
- Kala!
- Niskala!
Let her go.
She needs some time to be alone.
I'm worried about her.
She'll be fine. Let's go.
She vanishes, as fast as she comes.
In this case, we are no different.
I ask myself,
does she feel alone, too?
If she does,
I want to be lonely together.
Amigdala is performing today!
That's great.
Wonder if we can still get the tickets.
Beats me.
Excuse me. You like Amigdala, too?
Yeah. Can you get us some tickets?
I'm afraid I can't.
But if you like them,
you should listen to my music.
- It's the same genre...
- I don't want to listen to your music.
- We already have Amigdala.
- But this sounds the same.
Another failure. Just my luck.
What are you doing?
He sounds great.
That's what you call great?
You should listen to me sing.
I'd like you better if you stay quiet.
Hi, boss.
When can I get on stage?
When this cafe goes bankrupt.
- Get back to work.
- Come on.
You're hopeless, Pram.
You should consider changing your hobby.
A ping-pong, perhaps?
Maybe you will sound better
when playing ping-pong.
And as usual, in people's eyes,
I never exist.
But today,
their insults sounded like
crickets chirping in my backyard.
I can hear them, but they don't bother me.
I start to continue to write my lyrics.
This is a strange feeling.
But it's exciting.
- What are you doing?
- I have no idea.
Hi, Niskala! And you, don't start with me.
Can I see the assignments?
This is nice!
- Sorry.
- Are you okay?
- Stop it.
- If something happened to her,
you're dead.
There are a lot of mistakes in the theory.
- So you think you're smart?
- Kala.
Okay, calm down.
To further advance...
- Here.
- This is not mine, but hers.
Oh, that is yours? The theories are...
No one asked for your opinion, sorry.
But I can give you one without you asking.
Unless you're from the New Order.
What's with your attitude?
Don't think you can judge other people's
work just because you're a senior.
Sorry, I was just trying to help.
Did you hear me asking for your help?
I want to help
because I've done this before.
No one is asking for your opinion.
Alright, how about this. Let's make a bet.
If you can get an A,
I will give you a treat.
But if you get a B, you have to treat me.
- It's on!
- What? What are you doing?
Okay. Deal.
What the heck?
What did you mean by that?
- Let's go.
- I mean, I'm hungry. We need to eat.
Hey, guys!
Raimudin's group.
Niskala Widiatmika's group.
What did she get?
This looks bad.
Thank you, sir.
- Niskala!
- Hey, Niskala!
Can we stop running?
- Niskala...
- Ouch!
- Sorry.
- Are you crazy?
Hey, Mr. Know-it-all!
Look at this, I got an A!
I knew you're just a fake.
Do you even know about this subject?
Hey! Did you even listen to me?
What, I didn't hear anything.
Thank you.
You said you're going to order a lot?
I changed my mind.
Look at him.
I think he's just as broke as us.
What do you mean?
He's my neighbor.
I never saw his parents till today.
Maybe he's an illegitimate child?
But this Durian Ice Cream tastes great.
We should order more of this.
There he is.
So? You don't want to order anything?
I'm not hungry.
- Okay, I have to get back to work.
- Wait.
- We still haven't finished ordering.
- Can I finish this?
You said you're not hungry.
I've paid for your friends' lunch.
Who said anything about lunch?
A song.
What do you mean?
You used to sing loudly at school.
Why don't you sing for me on the stage?
Wait, what do you mean?
Can you sing your song on the stage?
I'm sorry, but my boss will kill me.
- Where is your boss?
- He's not around.
So what's the problem?
The problem is I'm not looking for one.
Exactly. That's why you're full of it.
That's why I'm trying to avoid
having trouble.
Hey, idiot!
What is wrong with you two?
The problem is, this fake Chicco Jerikho
refuses to sing for me.
"Fake". Right.
Look at him. Am I right?
- Yeah, he looks like him.
- Yeah.
If you sing for me, I can consider you
as a "not-so-fake" Chicco Jerikho.
So it's a challenge.
Hold this for me.
Who is Chicco Jerikho?
I wrote this song,
it's called "Ode to Justice".
Can we have another song, please?
I am singing
The ode of truth
To criticize the hiding rats
This place sucks. Let's go.
What the heck is that?
Behind their fabulous
And scary thrones
For the little people
My voice won't die
I will scream harder from beyond the grave
From the top of the world
Are you insane?
I pay you to serve the guests.
Not to drive them away with your song.
You get that?
- Sorry, boss.
- Next time, you're out.
Sorry, boss. Please don't fire me.
Crazy, you're insane.
Who is it?
You're asking me? I needed your help.
And you play dead.
Like a mannequin challenge.
Then study next time.
I've ordered a cab for us.
Let's wait outside.
I'm waiting for someone.
- La.
- What?
Don't go home late, okay,
or your mom will hunt me and Okta.
I know. I won't.
- Alright, take care.
- Call me, okay?
Okay. Bye!
- Did you bring a vehicle?
- I brought my bike.
Where did you park it?
- Over there.
- Okay.
- Wait, where are we going?
- The graveyard.
The graveyard? She's weird.
Since when has the library
turned into a graveyard?
This is a graveyard. A graveyard of ideas.
That's so deep.
Are you sure it's not you?
You're the artistic one.
- Coffee, at dusk.
- Okay...
Always with the melancholic captions.
- You're always suffering.
- Keep going.
Do you need all those books?
I can finish one book a day.
This is not your first time here, right?
You know the rules. You can only
borrow three books at one time.
Really? I must have forgotten.
Would you like to become a member?
No, miss. I mean, ma'am.
- I'm just...
- It's okay.
It's free.
You can borrow as many books as you like.
- I'm just accompanying her.
- Write down your name...
Why did you bring more?
I told you, three books at one time.
Let me explain.
I really need a lot of references
for this week's assignments.
And I have a lot.
And by the looks of it...
I bet no one has ever read this book.
See? The card is empty.
It's so sad that no one ever reads it.
Besides, do millennials even
still read books?
I thought they were too busy
with their TikTok and Instagram.
While I am trying to save this book.
However, if you intend to make this place
into a museum, then I'm fine.
Hold on!
Please wait.
Are you like this every day
or are you just high on sugar right now?
Like what?
- Forget it.
- Weird.
Thank you!
But return them as soon as possible.
Don't you worry.
Can I pinch your pretty cheek?
No? Okay.
Do you want to try it?
No, thanks.
Sign here. It's free.
Let me persuade him.
So you are Anus' neighbor?
I mean, Oktavianus!
Yeah, but we have never talked.
So you never hang around with Anus?
- No, I never...
- Good evening.
Where's the song? Come on, sing.
I can't sing.
You can't? Lend me your guitar.
- Me?
- Teach him how to sing
and play the guitar.
Sing your own song.
- My song?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Stand up.
If that's what you want.
Excuse me, everyone.
My friend here wants to sing for us.
He wrote this song, by the way.
Let's give it up for Pram!
I have found shadows
In your wounds
There are tears in your smile
You are so sweet
Come back home and stop playing around
I'll be waiting for you there
You won't be alone, I'll be with you
As long as you tell me
When you are done playing with the rain
Meet me at the new place
Forget about your sadness
When are you going to stop crying?
Stop here.
- Where do you live?
- Over there.
Why don't I drop you there?
It's too noisy. We might wake my dad up.
You're not going to say goodbye?
That's old-fashioned.
By the way, you're moving up
to "not-so-fake Chicco Jerikho".
Hey, I'm "almost like him".
- Is Kala asleep?
- Yes.
Where have you been? Go upstairs, hurry!
Hey, Neng.
Do you think I can make it?
Let's make a bet.
If I succeed, you're all getting a treat.
Whenever I'm tired after work
or feeling overwhelmed with studies,
I always come here.
You really like being alone,
standing in the corner...
You even always sing alone.
Is your life really that lonely?
Not anymore.
Let's go.
Come on.
Thank you.
Wait here.
Where's Joni?
- Boss?
- He's in the hospital.
- What happened?
- He's sick.
What about the live music?
What about it?
We don't have anyone who can sing.
Pram, please don't.
You'll drive the customers away.
This kid is going to get fired.
Are you sure he's going to sing?
He won't play for anyone.
What are you doing?
Come on. Let's sing together.
- Seriously?
- Yeah, come on.
You're going to get fired anyway.
- You go first.
- Okay.
There are strings that I can't pick
And they are left to budge
In people's hearts
There's a beast
That we can't fight
And left dancing
Inside people's bodies
In a breathless heart
Or in the edge of sadness
In what remains of a yearning
Or in the edge of sadness
Or in the edge of sadness
What are you doing?
Oh my God! We did it!
I want her to stay in my arms.
But I also want to see her smile longer.
I'm confused which one I should choose.
And her laugh...
Yeah, that contagious laugh...
There is no cure for it.
Come with me.
Where are we going?
I want to show you something.
Show me what?
- What is it?
- Sit down.
You just sit nicely.
Because this is wonderful.
- Is it in?
- Can you do it? It's okay.
- Listen to this.
- Okay.
Okay, I like the music.
Listen to the words.
It's great!
- You like it?
- I love it!
Really? Well, we're going to perform this.
- But I'm singing solo.
- Then what should I do on stage?
Just stand there.
Or do this.
Let's get this one.
Looks like someone is changing their mind.
You challenge me?
Use your brain...
Can you do that?
Go on.
No, thank you, Nus.
I'm not entertained.
Isn't that the viral girl?
I'll be right with you, guys.
Look who it is. A celebrity!
- What's this?
- What does it look like?
A cake.
Eat it. It was hard to make.
I don't care how it tastes.
You have to eat it.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Hey, did you see...
Later. I have to practice
for my presentation.
- Don't forget to eat it!
- Sure.
You two, wait here.
I need to change my clothes.
What are you looking at?
- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.
Let me see.
You're watching me?
It went viral last night.
You do realize the problem, right?
What problem?
It's hard enough for you to sneak
to campus every day.
Now you're dating Pram?
They haven't found out about it.
So I'm safe.
Do you understand what I'm saying
or are you just pretending?
I understand it completely.
You're my best friend, Din, not my father.
You should be supporting me.
This is the first time
I did anything like this.
What do you think, guys?
Huh? Tell me.
It's for the presentation.
Record me in action.
Give me your opinion.
- Good afternoon, my name is...
- Kala.
- Kala.
- We're working om an assignment, Pram.
Can't you see us discussing?
No, I won't be long.
First, my manager saw our viral video.
Second, he wants us to perform
in his cafe right now.
Third, we have to go now.
But I'm practicing for our presentation.
Just let them do it. Let's go.
Din, I'm sorry. I won't be long.
- We're not done yet.
- Niskala...
How did this happen?
Let us create a new world
Just about you and me
Just a story between us
Let us create a new world...
- What is this?
- We're submitting our assignment, sir.
Where's Niskala?
She's a bit under the weather today.
She took part in this, too, right?
Of course, right, Okta?
She worked on this, too, right?
Did she?
Yes, sir.
- Did she take part or not?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir!
- Thank you, sir.
Did she take part or not?
Can you not overreact like that?
I never lied before in my life, Dinda!
- That was my first time.
- But this is for Niskala's sake.
Or it will be complicated for all of us.
If you lie once, you'll lie forever.
- What's the point of...
- Haven't we been lying all this time?
We lied to her mother
that we are going to take care of her,
but we can't tell her mother
that she has changed because of Pram.
Aren't we lying?
Jesus, please forgive my sins!
Alright, give it to me.
The lotion.
- More.
- It's enough.
- This is better...
- It's for your body!
For your body.
Isn't the face part of our body, too?
What are you talking about?
That's not your body!
Today, I brought her home.
She's the first guest since dad left us.
I wish mom was here.
She would've loved Kala.
- No need to peek, just come inside.
- Okay.
Why are you cleaning up?
Why not?
You could've put your jacket here.
Oh my God! This is so messy.
All you have to do is just keep things
in their place.
So what? It's a boy's room.
So? A boy's room can be messy,
but a girl's room can't?
- See?
- No. It's all good.
Where are your mom and dad?
I haven't seen them.
My mom is always working.
She's never at home.
My dad has left us.
- You have a lot of comic books.
- Sort of.
I saw you jogging here once
and you pulled a prank on Anus.
You saw me when I pushed him down
to the gutter?
You're so mean.
He has this look that makes people
want to bully him.
And that is not the first time.
I've been pulling a prank on him
since forever.
He even broke his neck because of me.
- Broke his neck?
- Yeah!
What did you do?
You can't do that. That's evil.
You're really bad.
Hey, do you want to meet my friends?
Or more like, my girls.
There's Neng Wati, Neng Ambar.
This one right here.
Aren't they cute?
What are you reading?
You're not supposed to look at this.
Why is my name there?
Are you the only Niskala in this world?
But I'm the only Niskala you know.
You're right.
I'm sure of it. My mom would love Kala.
And my mom would say...
I think I like you.
Want to eat?
Do you have something in your fridge?
I can cook for you.
I can cook with anything you have.
I'm a good cook. You want to eat?
- Show me the kitchen.
- Okay, let's go.
So where's the kitchen?
- Are you hungry or not?
- Yes, I'm hungry. It's downstairs.
I'm hungry because you did not feed me.
Let's eat.
- Are you ready?
- Okay.
- Cue the music.
- Music!
Let's cut it up. It's burning!
No, it's not!
- What?
- Nothing. I want to grab that.
It's so good!
- This is really good.
- Of course, I made it.
What is it?
It's Pamungkas!
Hi, Kala. Hi, Pram.
I just listened to your song.
- It's so good. What the heck?
- How is it possible?
Good luck and let me know
if you guys need anything.
- Pamungkas noticed us!
- Oh my God!
Do you know where Kala is?
Both of you know that Kala's dad
hasn't allowed her to go to college.
Why didn't you tell me?
You always tell me the truth.
Why don't you tell me the truth now?
You never lied to me.
Then why are you lying?
I'm sorry.
What is really going on, Dinda?
- Let me take you inside.
- No need.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.
- That bastard!
- Thank you...
- Anus!
- Why did you bring her home late?
- What do you want?
- Anus, what are you doing?
Stop! What are you doing?
Stop it!
What are you doing? Let me go!
Why did you hit him?
You're crazy!
I'm crazy?
I'm tired of having to cover for you
to your parents every day!
- Stop!
- Listen to me.
Do you choose me and Dinda, or this jerk?
You said I'm crazy?
- I'm tired of having to lie for you!
- Stop!
You barely even know this guy!
- You can't decide? You coward!
- Stop!
- I'm crazy?
- Stop!
I said stop, you ahole!
I said stop, ahole!
- Kala.
- Stop!
Stand back. Move an inch and you're dead.
I didn't know that she's...
I'm tired of this!
I'm tired of this!
What do you want?
You don't know what I'm feeling.
You're no different.
Get your hands off me!
- Kala.
- What do you want?
You never understand me, mom!
You don't know how I feel.
All you can do is tell me
to take my pills.
But you can never make me feel better.
Kala, please...
No one understands me...
Dinda, get her pills.
Get out!
I don't want you here! You're crazy!
Get out of my life!
- Here are the pills.
- Get out!
Swallow it.
I don't want to, mom.
- Stop making me take those pills.
- I'm sorry, baby.
- I don't want to.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
All of you, get out of here!
I'm tired of this!
- Looking for more trouble?
- Okta.
Where is Niskala?
What did I say yesterday?
- Okta, please.
- Stop looking for her.
Get out of here.
You're just making a scene.
What happened to her?
I need your help to explain to me
what is going on with her?
Niskala is different.
I know. That's why I'm asking you.
What is wrong with her?
Promise me you'll leave her alone
if I tell you the truth.
I can't do that. I can't promise...
- So you can't make any promises?
- No, I can't.
Whether you're going to explain or not,
I will still look for her.
Niskala is my best friend, a special one.
And not everyone can understand her.
We were late for school one day.
Late again?
And she was wearing her skirt
above the knees.
She was wearing the wrong one.
All of you are late and breaking rules.
I will cut your hair if it's too long.
I will also cut your skirt
if it's above the knees.
What is it now? Where are your socks?
Why are you wearing a short skirt?
What do you want?
You can't cut our skirts like that.
We bought this ourselves.
I know I am wrong,
but that doesn't mean you can cut it!
But you broke the rule of this school!
But I don't want you to cut my skirt!
I have to.
- No!
- Then I'm going to cut you!
- Kala!
- Are you crazy? Give it to me!
After that,
her parents brought her to a psychiatrist.
Based on the diagnosis,
your daughter has bipolar disorder.
Right after that, she left school.
She continued her high school
with homeschooling
and her father didn't allow her
to go to college.
She is secretly studying in college
because her father did not allow her.
Her father became overprotective
since that one diagnosis.
She can't even to go college,
let alone being the center of attention.
We still don't know the exact cause.
However, in some cases,
it may be genetic or hereditary.
Kala tried to prove to her father
that there's nothing wrong with her
and she manages to do that.
She's very ambitious to be the best,
and to achieve something.
She always goes to the library
and reads a lot of books.
Because she wants to prove to her father
when she graduates.
That's why I'm asking you
if you love her,
then please stay away from her.
Don't be selfish.
Your music is ruining her.
All you care about is being happy.
That's why you feel
that everything is okay with her,
but you don't know the rest
and how she really is.
So is this how it feels, mom?
When dad left you and broke your heart?
You were right, mom.
The best thing about our heart is
that it can be broken more than once.
Sadly, love doesn't always come twice.
I know you're busy, mom.
You don't have time for this.
Only Niskala can hear me.
She can really listen to me.
She threw another tantrum?
You came
When my dusk light was fading
And you left
When my moon is full
You, the one who never really stays
You, the one who never really stays
I thought you were a home
But you're just a rented place
Excuse me, ma'am.
Is Niskala home?
She's not here.
You're not a home
You're not a home
You're not a home
You're not a home
I thought you were a home
But you're just a rented place
From a woman's body
Who asked you to come home
You're not a home
You're not a home
You're not a home
You're not a home
Want to eat something?
Want me to stay with you?
Please help me.
Yes, honey. I will.
I'm sorry to bother you again.
Dinda and Okta have told me.
So what are you doing here?
I want to apologize to Niskala,
and to you for making her situation worse.
I'm actually happy.
She could find a new friend,
besides Dinda and Okta.
But Kala is different.
Dinda and Okta have told you about this.
And I've seen it for myself.
How happy she is whenever she's on stage.
How calm she is when she's singing.
She was so happy.
I saw it myself.
Maybe you should, too.
Are you okay?
I'm tired of this.
I'm here for you.
But I hate it here.
- I hate this place.
- Okay...
Isn't it funny?
Usually, when I'm like this,
Oktavianus and Dinda
would be by my side.
And now you're here.
What are you doing here?
I'm screwed.
I'm a mess.
One thing you should remember, Pram.
Never think
that you need to be here
just because you feel bad for me.
You deserve better.
- You can do better than this.
- No, Kala.
And there are way better girls than me.
But they're not you.
I don't need them.
I finally understand how it feels.
Loving someone so deeply.
While also realizing
that this won't stay forever.
So is this what you meant, mom?
Something that drives you crazy
because you wish it would last forever.
Don't two lonely human beings
deserve to be together?
Thank you so much, mom.
I love you.
I love you, too.
- Take care, okay?
- Of course.
My lovely baby.
- Morning, dad.
- Morning.
Going somewhere?
Just need to do some exercise.
- Alright, take care.
- See you.
Bye, mom.
Take care.
You're not eating breakfast?
No, I have this.
- Look at this Olympic athlete.
- Shut up.
My dad is still home, so I told him
I was just going out for some exercise.
Wear this helmet first.
Did you bring your outfit?
Of course, I'm not actually
doing gymnastics.
Is something wrong?
Nothing. Let's go.
What is it?
Nothing, really. Come on.
You guys have plans this evening?
I don't know.
Instead of watching videos,
can you check where our ride is?
We've been standing here all day
like welcoming statues.
Be patient. It'll be here soon.
I'll be with you shortly.
I'll be waiting in the parking lot.
You're still with Pram?
Dinda, Nus.
Please, no more drama. I'm tired.
I'm going on a gig with Pram
as the opening act for his caf.
This means a lot to me.
You never could see me do something
that I really want, could you?
You never saw me do something
as a normal person, right?
I want my best friends
to support me on this day.
We'll see.
I love you guys so much.
I love you both.
I'll be waiting.
Okay, Nus?
I'll see you there.
This place is so dusty.
You're not going to the office?
No, the meeting is postponed.
Sit with me.
So you're not going anywhere today?
So what if I'm staying at home?
You don't like me being around?
Of course it's alright.
You don't want to go somewhere with me?
When was the last time
we went on a date? Come on.
Fine. But I'll go get changed first.
Thank you.
Did you take your medication?
Why not?
I can handle this.
I'm okay.
Everything is going to be fine.
Let me present, Niskala and Pram!
We can do this!
My favorite band is performing nearby.
They're called That's Rockefeller.
My buddy called me and he said
he'll meet me at the caf.
Only That's Rockefeller
will be performing there, right?
That's what my buddy told me.
Is something wrong?
Kala! Kala! Kala!
This song is for you,
who feels comfortable at home,
but are forced to leave it.
"I Thought You Were A Home."
You came
When my dusk light was fading
And you left
When my moon is full
You, the one who never really stays
You, the one who never really stays
I thought you were a home
But you're just a rented place
From a woman's body
Who asked you to come home
You're not a home
You're not a home
You're not a home
You're not a home
I thought you were a home
But you're just a rented place
From a woman's body
Who asked you to come home
You're not a home
You're not a home
You're not a home
- You...
- Kala!
What are you doing here?
Get out of my way!
- Sir!
- Security!
- Honey...
- Let's go home.
Dad, you're embarrassing me!
- Sir!
- Let go of me!
She's my daughter!
- Dad, stop!
- Stop!
Let me go!
- How dare you!
- Stop!
- Stop!
- Security!
- Kala!
- Stop!
Don't come near me!
Stay away!
Baby, please...
- What is wrong with you?
- Please.
You're a bad father.
- What did I do wrong?
- What did you do?
Why can't you be proud of me
as your daughter?
Why did you lock me up in my own house?
I've been trying to protect you
since you were a child.
Protect me from what?
Tell me, what did you do?
All you did was force me to take pills.
Both you and mom never realized
what it feels like when parents
are not proud of their child.
I'm sorry...
I didn't choose to be this way.
I never asked for you to give birth to me.
Get down here.
But, mom...
- I'm tired of this.
- I care about you.
I let you see Pram because I love you.
So you knew about this all along?
- That she was dating this guy?
- Honey...
Please help her.
- Hey, you bastard!
- Dad!
I've been protecting my daughter
since she was a baby.
You just knew her
and now you're trying to ruin her life!
Didn't your parents teach you any manners?
Stop! Apologize to her!
You've ruined my daughter's life!
- Stop!
- Apologize to Kala!
- Stop!
- You insolent man!
I've made a promise yesterday.
That I will redeem my father's sins
by not becoming like him.
By not leaving my lover alone.
By giving her everything that I can.
I don't want to live without you.
Please get down from there.
Whatever you do, I will follow you.
And when I saw her eyes, I could see it.
She just wants to fly
As high as possible.
As freely as possible.
Let me go!
Come in.
- Come in.
- Don't just stand there. Come on in.
I'm happy to finally meet you.
- I'm sorry.
- For what?
Because you'd always been by Pram's side?
When I was unable to...
He sent me a voice note every day.
You can listen to them.
I'll leave you alone, then.
Her name is Niskala, and she can fly.
The first girl who could ever do that.
At least that's what she believes.
And we who saw her smile, do too.
Still remember her smile?
Yeah, that contagious smile.
Turns out her sadness is also contagious.
She is just like you, mom.
She's a great cook,
always tidies up my messy room.
The difference is,
she's always here with me
while you're not.
After all the time I've spent with her,
I realized something.
I can't bear to lose
someone important to me anymore.
Her name is Niskala
and she can fly.
And so can I.