Kukushka (2002) Movie Script

Get changed.
It's ready.
Go over there.
Hold it.
- Who chose this place?
- Me. Don't you like it?
It's lovely. Thanks.
- What's he saying?
- It's a good spot for a sniper.
- Should I leave the glasses here?
- Yes.
Sit here until we've gone over the hill.
- If you take the gun, he'll shoot you.
- I don't shoot in the back.
They all say that, but last week
Big Jussi got a bullet here.
Good luck, private. Goodbye.
Down by the hill, you see?
I see. Then where?
One turn to the left, 2nd to the right, 3rd
past the burned bridge, there's a ford...
I believe you're innocent. You're
a good man and an honest officer.
Stop babbling!
Comrade lieutenant,
for your journey!
Let's go!
Good luck, comrade lieutenant!
Comrade lieutenant,
you can see the state of the road!
Comrades, give us a push!
I recognized you!
You worked at our shooting range.
What shooting range?
By the market.
What market?
In Bezhetsk. Near the market.
No, it wasn't me.
You look like him, but you used
to have a moustache.
- Stop talking to the prisoner!
- Get lost!
Thanks, lads.
Much further?
Much further, captain?
I don't know.
I never used this road.
Comrade junior lieutenant,
may l...?
Comrade junior lieutenant,
they're our fighter planes.
I can see that myself!
Comrade junior lieutenant,
can I go to the toilet?
Don't run off, though.
Be a shame to shoot you.
Comrade junior lieutenant,
have you got some paper?
Only your diary, but that's evidence.
It's all about you and your friend...
...and your anti-Soviet plotting.
If I had my way,
you'd be shot without a trial...
I won't harm you. I'll just take
a little of your strength.
The sick one needs it.
Don't worry.
Where am I?
This amulet will help you fight
the weakness in your body.
I have to...
Don't be shy.
Go on!
You'll get better. Sleep.
So, what are you going to
do now, lieutenant?
I'll piss on your grave yet!
Hello. I have to get the chain off.
I need a blacksmith.
Do you speak Finnish?
I want to get this off!
Do you understand?
You want the iron off?
You were a prisoner?
I don't understand you. Do you
speak Finnish? You're a Lapp?
I need a blacksmith. Is there a man?
I need to get the chain off!
I can't walk like this!
You shout a lot.
Shouting never broke an iron.
I'll have a look,
my husband had some tools.
Anything you say, madam.
Your husband?
Is he your husband?
Are you wounded or sick?
Fritz. SS...
I'm not German. You think
I'm from the north division?
They make us wear a uniform
so we won't surrender.
Because you don't like Germans,
especially in uniform.
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Haende hoch! Hitler kaputt!
Itll be hard if that's
all the German you know.
Don't worry,
the war's over for me.
I'll get the chain off and go home.
Do you understand?
A cuckoo, a condemned sniper,
for crying out loud.
Are you wounded?
You were probably in that car.
In the auto.
I couldn't understand why
the Russian planes fired at you.
Shoot, you scum. My own people
will put me up against a wall, anyway.
I'm Veikko. And you? Ivan?
Get lost!
Veikko, Gerlost... And you?
Anni. I just told you my real name!
You can put the eye on me now.
Anni, Gerlost, Veikko.
A pleasure to meet you.
It's a shame we haven't got
anything to celebrate with.
Don't worry about me blabbering.
It's the nerves.
A condemned man that survived,
that means a lot.
I see.
I don't think they're pleased to see me.
I'm sorry I've disturbed your peace.
I'll take the chain off and go.
Come on.
I'll give you the tools.
These are my husband's tools.
Your husband makes Lapland knives?
You're a sharp lad.
Probably had to fight the girls off.
Or did you have a few?
I'll take the chain off and go.
It's my fourth year without a man.
Last night I hugged the Russian.
He slept...
...but I was aching below the tummy.
You smell bad.
All men smell of iron and death now.
Yes, lots of midges.
When I was chained on the rock...
...I thought they'd eat me away.
Fortunately the wind blew them off.
Have you got a sauna?
Can I have a wash?
Your skin's white,
whiter than any woman I've seen.
The midges bit you because
you wash too often.
Four years without a man,
and then two at once.
Have the spirits read my thoughts?
He's got my skirt on!
Why are you dressed like a woman?!
Grinning, Fritz? Won't be
grinning for much longer!
A good knife, but the handle's short.
Gerlost, I told you,
the war's over for me.
I don't want to kill, but I don't
want to be killed. Understand?
Go on, finish me off.
That's my husband's knife.
It's mine when he's not here.
Don't go killing each other!
I don't plan to bury you both.
What are you waiting for?
Think I'll kill you? My war is over,
my friend! Understand?
Understand? My war is over.
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.
Shoot, scum.
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.
I understand you're a fascist.
You burnt Yasnaya Polyana.
I'm not a fascist. I'm a Finn.
I was at university, then the war.
I didn't want to fight.
You idiot! Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky. You idiot!
I can't understand a word...
I'm tired of fighting!
Ernest Hemingway,
A Farewell to Arms!
I don't know Russian.
I should have studied it.
Sorry, Gerlost.
It's abominable and miserable here.
It's beautiful here.
It was only yesterday...
...when I was a condemned man,
chained to a rock like Prometheus.
Just when I figured out
about Prometheus...
...I thought about it further
and saw how to get the chain off.
I could have used other means
instead of the glasses.
They weren't as practical. I could've
taken the bullet out of the shell...
...and shot in the grass.
It would have probably caught fire.
I hope people will look back
in horror at what they did at war.
The main thing is, we're alive.
You and me.
Maybe they won't even
think about the whole thing.
Man is capable of
doing strange things.
Dostoyevsky said that.
You can make a lot
of good things with it.
He's cheered up, the fascist.
I never shared the views
of the fascists. I'm a democrat.
- Fascist, all the same.
- Democracy!
Come and eat.
Let's go and eat.
Worried I'll thump you? I would,
if it weren't for the concussion.
It's my second.
First was in the winter of '42.
Can I have some more?
You eat a lot. To eat a lot,
you have to work a lot.
Thank you.
Thank you,
everything was very tasty.
Usually I don't drink coffee,
but thanks for that.
Stupid woman.
Got a smoke?
Got a snout?
Bitte, eine Zigarette.
If I had one, I'd smoke it myself.
Thanks, fascist.
Take it off, I'll wash it.
Take that off as well.
You just love wrapping
yourself up in clothes.
You're not bad.
Girls like your kind.
Listen, Fritz!
She seems to like you.
What are you in a dress for?
Take it off. You look silly.
Get lost!
Gerlost, you're shy.
The Lapps don't understand that.
They live a simple life.
You talk a lot. My ears are ringing from
all those words. I don't understand it.
She hasn't got much fish ready.
The winter will be hard.
We're just extra mouths to feed.
We have to go quickly.
My eyesight's fine.
I started wearing glasses
to look more serious at university.
My family had difficulty
getting money for my studies.
In Stockholm they
look down on Finns...
...so I started wearing glasses.
I never thought they'd save me.
She hasn't got much hay ready.
Maybe just enough for the deer. They
can eat moss even under the snow.
They should be
taken to their winter pastures.
Yes, be off, chatterbox!
Let me help!
Don't come near me
or I'll get wet and want to shout!
She's angry.
The girl's smitten.
I said, she's smitten.
I'm making a chimney for the sauna.
I'm covering this with clay.
I'll throw it in the fire. The wood
will burn out and leave the chimney.
A chimney.
We'll boil or fry them,
then eat them.
You want to go
to the other world?
Drink the broth of toadstools.
Those will just make you sick.
Can't be bothered?
Don't. It's easy.
Don't worry!
I'll cook them.
The sergeant in my battalion
cooked them wonderfully!
Gerlost's eating mushrooms
to commune with the spirits.
Maybe he's a shaman or a wizard?
Let him rest. He's still weak
after the concussion.
I'll do it myself.
I think you're better at other things.
I wouldn't mind if you threw me
down on a deerskin, lad.
I've already forgotten
what it's like.
Don't kid around. I haven't
seen a woman in two months.
Now even a hunchback
looks like a princess to me.
You've got tender hands.
You're not used to men's work.
You probably only know
how to kill.
That's not work.
It's just big children thinking
that taking a life...
...lengthens their own.
Put the barrel back afterwards.
Ma'am, I need salt.
I'm not mad enough
to eat mushrooms!
I see. In the house.
The water brought a letter.
The political officer informed on me!
Snot-nosed kid!
Hadn't served a week
at the front, and he informs!
I was like a father to the boy.
He writes, "I inform you that
I do not share the views..."
The water washed out the words.
The water in the stream's good.
If you put laundry in it,
the next day it's clean.
Not much flour left. I added
some wood, and it's delicious.
He says my poems are rubbish!
Jealousy, maybe?
Did he write anything in his life
except to inform on people?
Sergei Yesenin himself
told me to write.
My dad was a taxi driver.
He was driving Yesenin one day
from the train station to the hotel.
I was a boy. I was sitting on the front
seat reading out my poems.
He said, "You need to write."
He even signed his photograph.
Your wife? She's beautiful.
The soldier men took
my husband four years ago.
See, it's Yesenin himself!
I wrote poems about the beauty
of nature, to stay sane at the front.
God knows what he saw in them.
Don't worry, you're still alive,
and your wife's very beautiful.
Just don't eat mushrooms,
or you'll go loony.
The mushrooms will be ready soon.
We can eat. But we need some salt.
Yes. Mushrooms are bad.
They can be poisonous.
Here I am chatting away.
Words won't feed the deer!
You've ruined the iron.
I brought that barrel
from over the hill!
It's a bit rough, but we can wash.
It's already hot.
Gerlost, come and wash!
You get sick because you
scratch your skin off.
My husband washed
in a sauna in the city.
I barely cured him, and he
never got sick before that.
Even taking your rifle
to the sauna?
Get in.
Not bad, although the draft
takes the heat out fast.
I don't like saunas.
I like Turkish baths.
You understand?
Oh, come on,
she's not bad as a woman.
Her kind is good at housework,
and they keep you awake in bed.
We had a supervisor just like her.
I invited her to the cinema once...
...but she didn't come.
Then she got married to a friend from
work, Viktor Bychkov was his name.
Don't know what she saw in him,
he was ugly as sin, to be honest.
I don't understand, Gerlost.
Don't you like the sauna?
I'm no specialist.
I've only read how to do it.
I haven't been lucky with women.
Married twice.
Both times it was a mess.
What are you so serious about?
Wash, because you smell
of war and death.
A crow flew over the field.
It saw a herd of deer.
It began to count, one, two, three...
Counted until daybreak.
Then it tired and crowed out,
"You're so many, and I'm but one!"
It crowed and went to sleep.
Let's go.
Let's go. Don't worry.
Though I do cry out when I like it.
Sorry, it was a bad dream.
I didn't mean to scare you.
Feeling bad?
It's because you ate mushrooms.
I'll make an infusion for you.
It will drive the badness out.
I liked you straightaway.
But you chose a fascist.
He's younger, but he's still a fascist.
I'll make an infusion from herbs.
You'll feel better.
I must work, or I'll be like
a fox in winter, eating turds.
So you enjoyed it with him.
I heard you moaning under him.
It really hurt me to hear that.
I wanted to kill both of you.
Forgive me for those thoughts.
You brought me back to life.
Rest. I've got a lot of work to do.
You took my heart straightaway.
I told you, Gerlost...
...there are no bullets.
Are you jealous
because she chose me?
Don't be.
She just wanted a little happiness.
To hell with you! Live.
You're still young.
You haven't lived at all yet.
And I'm tired.
I'm tired of fighting.
My soul's been emptied by the war.
I'll go and cut some wood!
I should go.
It's an herb infusion.
Drink, Gerlost.
What do you see in that fascist?
He talks a lot, and you
can't understand a word.
The mushroom poison
will leave your body...
...and you'll feel better.
Tastes nice.
Eat, I want to cry out at night again.
Don't give me that look,
or I'll be tearing my skirts off!
Oh, wow.
Did you drink the infusion?
Go over there!
Go away!
You poisoned me!
Go away, this isn't the theatre!
There's a pit over there!
Didn't you see where I went?
Go away!
What are you looking at?
You're a wild man, Gerlost.
The infusion worked.
Not used to that many mushrooms.
This is interesting?!
What are you embarrassing me for?
Bring everyone to watch!
Bring the dogs and the deer!
Let them all see. Madness!
We have to fix the barn.
You're both big.
I have to feed you with meat.
Much better, thanks.
Thank you. I'll be off now.
You're big and eat a lot...
...but I can't kill a deer.
There are too few as it is.
Thanks for the bread and salt,
although you've got no salt.
You have good eyes, Gerlost.
But don't eat those mushrooms.
It's good that we say goodbye.
I'll go.
I can't take it anymore.
It's good here, but I'm going mad.
I must be out of touch with life.
Did he go
to get mushrooms again?
Let me help.
Where should I take them?
- Where are you taking them?
- There.
I just brought them!
Thank you.
You really are ugly.
Germans! Hide!
Only three of them. One is injured and
there is a woman, must be the nurse.
Give me the gun. One's an officer. We'll
take him prisoner and get the credit!
There are no bullets.
What?! I am telling you,
Germans, fascists.
I'm not fighting,
and there's nothing to fight with.
They'll come over the hill,
and we'll be stuck out in the open.
Give me the gun!
Well, I'll take it by force then.
If it wasn't for the concussion,
I'd take you out!
I took people like you like that!
- The war's over for me.
- Let me go! I am in pain!
Do you understand? Over!
I want to live a different life. Study...
Generals, lieutenants...
I'm a man like you!
I want to live, not to fight!
Why are you screaming?
I thought you were a cuckoo,
a condemned sniper...
...but you're just a coward.
You were crafty,
throwing me in the fire.
Up all night with a bird...
...but still got some strength left!
Try to behave at least in front of her.
Your face is all dirty too.
Looks like you understood nothing.
I told you that my war is over!
Do you understand? Over!
If you want to fight
and kill your own kind, go on!
The world's not perfect,
but life's no worse for that.
Perhaps you've
never lived, Gerlost?
Always fighting, and you
don't know anything else?
Seems like a man's last moments...
...multiply his capability to see beauty.
I'd like to write poems, music...
...even though I don't know how.
I'm off, Gerlost.
You haven't understood me,
and I haven't understood you.
More strength than you
know what to do with?
Then come help me.
She wants help.
Let's go.
I've seen such machines.
They never flew here, though.
What's happened?
It didn't blow up.
Must have run out of fuel.
Something white was around it.
I'm going there. Come with me.
Stay here.
The infusion helped Gerlost.
He's marching along happily now.
Here, read it. Probably asking you
to give yourself up.
Finland's out of the war!
We're not
fighting each other anymore!
The war's over!
Hello, common sense!
There's a dead pilot here.
Women shouldn't fight.
It's unnatural and painful to see.
Gerlost, I'm not a soldier
and not the enemy.
It says here that the Finns
aren't fighting anymore.
Happy that your people
shot a plane down?
Happy? Hero.
Against these kids,
you're the big hero.
They were dropping leaflets.
We should bury them.
This is your people's work.
And yours, Fritz!
I'm a Finn!
How can I tell you
that I'm not fighting?
The war's over!
Look, Gerlost! I'm going
to break this cursed rifle!
You idiot, Gerlost.
Finland's signed a truce with Russia.
"This serves as a pass home."
Finland's surrendered?
Yes, if it helps you understand...
...that I don't fight anymore.
I surrendered a long time ago.
Come on, lad. Don't die.
Hold on!
I'll carry you back in a flash.
Why can't you listen?
Don't die!
Don't be so quiet. Groan at least.
Let me know you're alive.
Who wounded him?
I shot him by accident.
I thought he wanted to hit me
with the gun.
What happened?
How stupid it was.
It'll be a shame if he dies.
The Finns surrendered.
Maybe the Germans gave in too
and the war's over.
Go get some water!
Go get some water!
He's leaving us.
I can't remember how to keep him
from the land of the dead.
My granny knew how.
She'd turn into a dog...
...and bring him back with her bark.
I'll turn my little finger
into the dying one.
I'll hold his hand firm and turn you
from the path of death!
I'll stop you on the road
to the land of the dead.
Hear the dog howl...
...and come back!
I'll hold you firm and stop
you from leaving your body.
Hear the dog howl!
It protects your hearth.
It calls you back from the path
to the kingdom of the dead!
Hear my howling.
I'm catching up, jumping around you.
I'm biting your hands and legs,
not letting you go on.
Return to your body!
Hear the cry of the dog!
Turn off the road to the dead!
I turn your soul into a floating log!
You're carried by the waves,
I am the wind.
I'm a strong northern wind
carrying you to the shore.
Hear the dog howl on the shore.
I drive you with my hot breath...
...to your body lying on the shore.
Run into your body! Run!
Run into your body!
I blow your log body to the shore!
I take you by the roots...
...and pull you out!
Spirit, return to the body!
The spirit has returned.
Gerlost, come here!
He's alive.
Come to me. I need warmth
and to feel a man next to me.
Anni, you just rest.
You were banging the drum
and shrieking all night.
I'm not called Anni.
My parents called me "Cuckoo."
People called me "Lame."
My husband called me "Anni."
But my real name's Cuckoo.
Gerlost, come to me.
Thanks, my dear, for everything.
For the bread and salt.
Don't be angry about anything.
You're a good woman.
Thank you, Anni.
What are you waiting for?
I've got a lot to do.
Go. It's not my loss.
This is it, Gerlost.
I'm going that way.
It's a long way, but I'll make it!
Good luck, Gerlost.
My name's Ivan.
Yes, that's what all Russians
are called.
Gerlost Ivan.
And you get lost too.
They parted on that hill.
The snow came early that year.
They left.
One that way, the other
in that direction, to their homes.
They were strong and brave people.
They would have made good hunters.
But the war made them
do bad things...
...and they tired of it.
They understood that
and stopped fighting each other.
They became friends...
...and helped me with the chores.
They always helped each other.
A bad man wounded one of them,
and the other brought him to me.
I tended to his wound
and didn't let him die.
One day, I realized
they wanted to return...
...to where their mothers
had born them.
I sewed them warm clothing
and got food for the journey.
They went to their farmsteads.
And your fathers
were named like you.
...and Veikko.