Kuma (2012) Movie Script

Excuse me. We didn't know
that you were in here.
Are you all right, Mrs Fatma?
Everything is OK. It's nothing.
And call me Fatma.
We're a family now.
There you are. I've been looking
for you everywhere, Mama.
Are you all right, Mama?
- She says she's fine.
- Did I ask you?
Mama, shall I call Papa
about your medicine?
No, I'm fine.
Come on, let's go outside
or it'll be rude of us.
Yes, let's get to that
wonderful wedding.
Be quiet and pull yourself together.
Let's go.
Ayse just has to...
Of course!
Stop fiddling With that!
It's a lovely wedding.
Almost as exciting
as an Austrian football game.
Are you all right, Mama?
Now stop that.
You especially.
And do smile a little.
It's your wedding.
Yes, smile a little for all of us!
Be quiet.
Don't make us a laughing stock.
And you, go and dance.
Go on. Go and dance.
Tell your daughter to behave herself.
And my mother's breaking my arm.
- Everyone is celebrating.
- Papa...
Please pull yourself together,
for me and your mother.
Can you do that?
Forget about her.
Come and sit with me.
Come on, girls.
Come on!
Are you satisfied?
It's difficult when the children
leave home.
I know. It was difficult for me
with Baran, my oldest.
But he got such a good job in Germany.
It was even difficult with Kezban.
And we live in the same district.
- Take good care of Ayse.
- We will.
Come with me.
Thank you for everything.
- Not at all, I thank you.
- You had so much expense.
Just look at her. How is she going
to cope in Vienna'?
She'll probably be scared of the trams.
I have to get away from here,
to be honest.
I can't stand it any more.
- We'll be in touch when we get home.
- OK.
I'm sure we'll be celebrating
your wedding next.
I'd rather chew glass.
Thanks for everything.
Take care, Glsen.
So we won't worry.
Off you go.
It's the very best thing
that could happen to you.
Don't ever forget that, little sister.
And call us.
Tell us how you're getting on.
Come on, or we'll be late
getting to the airport.
Everything will be fine.
Well, take care.
Watch out for the children.
Elmaz, clear away your shit
or I'll beat you to death with it.
- How was the wedding?
- Oh, lovely.
Hello, you! Did you miss me?
- Yes.
- Take this for me, little brother.
- How was the party'?
- Nice, very nice.
Welcome, Hasan!
How was the wedding?
- Is Papa here yet?
- No.
Unfortunately Baran and Zbeyde
couldn't come from Germany.
But you'll meet
a lot of other people here.
And this is our apartment.
This is Mrs Vildan.
She's a lovely neighbour.
And this little man is Oktay,
Kezban's son.
And this is Mehmet, my little boy.
This is Ayse.
How was the journey?
Are you exhausted?
- No, we got here just fine.
- It must be lovely there.
And what are you all doing now?
Nothing. Just sitting around.
And was her husband there at least?
My sister didn't want me
to go upstairs with her.
I didn't go inside.
It's good being married, isn't it?
- Were they nice to you?
- Yes, very nice.
We should go to bed.
It's been a long day.
We are going to bed now.
Go to bed, Nurcan.
Even h' he ism your dream man,
you can just close your eyes.
- I know.
- God preserve you.
Get up!
Good night then.
Should it really happen tonight?
If you want...
It's her wedding night.
We have discussed this.
Don't be afraid. It's pan of marriage.
You don't need to worry,
we'll take good care of you.
Why can't Aylin come here?
Because we say so. You go and see her.
But don't be too late home.
- I won't be late.
- I can't pick you up if you're late.
Stop blocking my view.
Good morning.
How are you'?
We didn't want to wake you.
Come over here.
Have a seat.
Hey, Memo, stop that shit.
Mehmet, fetch your schoolbag,
you'll be late.
Mama, I don't want to go to school.
Go on, do as your mother says.
One day you'll choke, running like that.
The boiler's gone crazy again.
Would you have a look at it after work?
My child, your scan"s such a mess!
Like Mrs Hanife's daughter.
She isn't 30 yet,
and already divorced. Straighten it.
Can you help me, please?
How old are you, Elmaz'?
I bet Kezban used to help you
when you were little.
Shitty luck that I'm not Kezban,
isn't it?
Shall I help you?
She is a guest. Show more respect.
And fetch your headscarf.
So what is she?
Guest or substitute Mama?
You respect her the way
you respect me.
Do we understand each other?
She'll learn all right.
She's a little obstinate.
Like you.
She's always like me
when she's being naughty, isn't she?
Ayse, where did you sleep last night?
Because husbands and wives
share a room, don't they?
My brother slept in our room.
What about you?
Son, take your snack and your sisters'.
Hurry up.
You all have to go.
BYE. Ayse.
Nurcan! Elmaz!
Mehmet has your snacks.
- I heard, Mama!
- Bye.
- Do you have to work today?
- Today, tomorrow and the next day.
I have to work off
the holiday in Turkey.
OK, I'm going now, Mama.
Listen. Don't be too late tomorrow.
Our relatives are coming
to congratulate us.
What should I make you for dinner?
I'll get something on the way.
I don't like that.
I know, Mama. I'm still eating out.
Bye then, everybody.
I must be going too.
See you this evening.
Drive carefully.
Now they have all gone.
Now we are by ourselves.
So what should we do today?
First we'll go shopping
and do the laundry.
And then we'll put away your things.
Cooking and so on is easy.
I'll explain everything to you,
nice and clear, OK?
And let's wash your bed linen.
Because of the wedding night
and so on...
Good evening.
Good evening.
My brother-in-law told Hasan
you couldn't have found
a more beautiful girl
in the whole of Turkey.
- Welcome.
- Good evening.
You know her brother-in-law,
Mr Abdullah.
We were at his supermarket today.
- Good evening.
- Welcome.
Warmest congratulations.
God bless you.
It all came as such a surprise.
We were just saying
how lovely it would be
if our boy found a nice bride.
And suddenly there she was.
A jewel.
Such a beauty.
And you couldn't have done better
than him.
Our Mr Student is an excellent match.
And what a handsome man.
- I have to say I agree.
- Sit down.
We need more tea, Mrs Fatma.
What are you doing, daughter'?
Chatting away to Aylin.
And the men don't have any tea left.
And are you having fun?
I felt the same as Mrs Emine
and Mrs Meryem.
I was thinking,
oh, if only Hasan had a nice bride.
And then my mother told me
Hasan got married in Turkey.
I couldn't believe it.
- Here you are.
- Thank you, Mrs Fatma.
Well, anyway.
All the best for the young couple.
- Little cousin!
- Ibrahim.
My darling!
I'm sorry we're so late.
- Let go of me.
- Is he here?
He did it again.
Keep out of this. It's my problem.
Papa. It doesn't matter what she says.
Look at it!
You simply can't allow this to happen.
- If your sister doesn't want me to...
- I don't.
What does Mama always say?
My family, my problems.
Isn't that right?
Welcome to our family.
What happened to your eye this time?
- It's nothing. I walked into a door.
- Be careful.
Take the dishes into the living room
and go to bed.
You'll get lockjaw from yawning so much.
Mama, don't you want me to help you?
Ayse's helping me.
Anything else you need?
I'll see you the day after tomorrow.
The next appointment.
If you're busy,
you don't have to come with me.
Don't be silly, Mama.
Of course I'll come with you.
I'm always there for you, Mama.
Together we'll manage this, too.
Excuse me.
Are you sure you don't need me here?
I can get the children ready for school.
No, thanks. You have a family
of your own to look after.
And we have Ayse now.
Then we'll go.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Everything all right?
It's all been a bit much, hasn't it?
The fake marriage to Hasan and so on...
We wouldn't have been able
to get you here otherwise.
They're all so tense, pulling faces.
But as time goes by,
hopefully it will all work out.
Come and sit here.
It's nothing. Don't worry.
The children are worried.
You have to be strong.
I'm relying on you.
If it goes wrong
and anything happens to me...
I'm entrusting them all to you.
All right?
Looking for something?
Hi, can I help you?
I'm looking for pudding.
It was here, wasn't it?
All moved. It's over there now.
- I think you always have this one.
- Thanks very much.
Little Ayse, how lovely to see you.
My dear.
How is Fatma'?
Can she have visitors yet?
We're hoping it will be better
with the fourth chemo.
It is very hard for her now. We pray.
We're going to visit her tomorrow,
so that's how it is.
And soon she'll be home. Hopefully.
And how are Kezban and her baby'?
And how is your husband'?
Her baby's fine.
We've called him Erkan.
Such a lovely boy.
How sweet she is.
It lifts up your heart.
Pray that your mother finds
such a nice girl for you too.
Look how red he's going.
Don't you worry, Mama.
It's difficult, but I call round at home
every day to see to things.
You don't need to.
Ayse is with the children.
Don't bring the baby next time.
It's not right.
How are you'?
Are you well?
It doesn't matter.
Only you matter now.
Yes, isn't it lovely that we have her?
Hey, just shut your mouth.
- It's not funny any more.
- Kiss my arse.
What's wrong with you two?
Are you arguing in here?
No, Mama, it's nothing. You just rest.
- Mama isn't looking so good.
- You can't tell at the moment.
Anyway, it's only the third one,
and there'll be three more
before they finally choose
to operate on her.
Emine also says it's better this way;
first the chemo and then the operation.
What does that fool know about cancer?
Her husband had stomach cancer,
and Ayla had breast cancer.
Well, I didn't know!
And why didn't you know'?
Everyone was talking about it.
Excuse me if I'm not pan
of the Turkish gossip circle.
Nor am I.
Why don't you two
start speaking Turkish?
It's time the village bumpkin
learned German.
And anyway, it's no business of hers
what we say.
- Shall I help you?
- No, thanks.
Why did you agree to it?
They wanted it.
My parents.
Mama wanted it.
Come on, let's go.
Is she all right today?
At the moment, yes.
You went there with Nurcan and Kezban?
Erkan and Hasan came as well.
Do you get on with the girls?
I know Nurcan
makes life difficult for you, but...
That's just Nurcan.
Actually, I understand her.
Of course it's difficult for her, too.
I don't know why, but...
Of all my children,
Nurcan was always my favourite.
You shouldn't say such things.
But that's the way it is.
I think I spoiled her too much.
No, it's not that.
Nurcan just loves her mother so much.
She is a good daughter.
Will you visit her tomorrow'?
I'll bring you some tea now.
Then I'll start making lunch.
The ladies were asking about you again.
I said you were fine,
just like you wanted me to.
Just be quiet, we're studying.
Is Mama going to die?
No, you complete idiot, she isn't.
Don't talk such shit, all right?
Will you be our mama, then?
Memo, she isn't our mama.
Nobody's our mama
except our real mama.
Nobody can replace your mama.
But if anything should happen,
I'll always be there for you.
We are all praying for her.
OK, do your homework properly,
and make your mama proud of you.
Stop humming.
You're not in your village now.
Shall we move you to the living room?
I hope I haven't caught anything.
The last time I caught something
like that was ten years ago.
- We have some good news for you.
- Yes?
You're going to be a father.
I should go to bed. I'm exhausted.
OK, come on.
You'll sleep a lot now, too.
- Sleep well.
- Thanks.
If you want to sleep with me...
Let her stay.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Thanks again for helping me.
- It's OK.
...poured paint over the furniture
and said,
"I don't want your mother
in the house..."
And now they're bound to say
you're hen-peeked.
Especially Mr Davut.
...he was screaming so much...
But Elmaz and Nurcan
are at school until late.
And I didn't want to ask Kezban,
with Erkan and so on.
He still doesn't sleep
through the night.
I hope mine will be a good sleeper.
- ..Me or your mother.
- What a disgrace.
- It's lucky I was home.
- You work a lot.
We have to pick up
the meat we ordered.
- We eat so much meat here.
- Good evening.
- Good evening. Nice to see you both.
- Good evening.
- And how long will it be?
- May, God willing.
- The main thing is it's healthy.
- About the beginning of May.
We should be going now.
Good evening.
- Give our regards to Ahmet.
- I will.
Look how arrogant she is.
She acts as if she doesn't know us.
Well, then...
- Here we are.
- Welcome.
Have you all just got home?
Can you put it away yourself?
I'm late; I have to get to work.
OK, you guys, I'm leaving.
And don't get on Mama's nerves.
You have homework, right?
Nobody moves from the table
until it's finished.
Could you stop that, please?
Listen, I know it's hard for you
at the moment.
Your mother's sick.
OK, you don't want me here,
but that's just the way it is.
Pull yourself together.
Not for me, for your mother, you see.
Nurcan... You know,
I understand you very well.
We're from different worlds.
How could you understand me'?
You're a young woman,
but you act like a spoiled child!
You're self-centered, spiteful and...
...a bumpkin!
A bumpkin?
Oh, really?
Move it!
Ayse, you sit down. We'll do this.
Wait a minute.
Are you crazy?
That goes in the cupboard.
And some girls at school
keep on making fun of Elmaz's headscarf.
But she'll tell you and Mustafa
about that at parents' day.
Elmaz really hopes you'll both be there.
What is it?
Come on.
Are you afraid?
Of the operation?
I don't suppose it'll be
any worse than the chemo.
You know, I had a dream.
I'm at home.
I walk through the rooms.
Nobody sees me.
I call out, nobody hears me.
I want to go
and make the children something to eat.
But I can't touch anything.
Then I see you. In the kitchen.
You make the children something to eat.
Then I felt an inner calm
and peace.
I don't worry about anything any more.
You're here.
What is it?
It kicked.
What are you doing?
That's German.
I'm trying-
You're trying?
Mama goes under the knife tomorrow.
My brother Baran is coming
from Germany because of that.
And you're reading a book?
Don't you have anything else to do?
So what else should I do?
Spring cleaning.
Spring cleaning.
That means spring cleaning.
Spring cleaning.
It's spring.
It's spring. That means it's spring.
Read it.
In the house live...
...Rosalinde and Berti
with their dog Schnggel.
Does she have to be here?
Yes, she does.
I want to be with my papa.
Did Papa arrange anything?
Please tell me he sorted out
some son of insurance.
How does it look, regarding money'?
No idea. Mama gets a widows pension,
and we get orphans' allowance.
All provided by the state.
What about savings?
Brother, couldn't we talk
about this later?
When later, girl?
When they get evicted?
It'll be all right.
We still have a savings account.
We can cash that in after a year or two.
And Nurcan's going to work
when she finishes school.
Who decided that?
Me. I'm not interested in uni.
But you can't know that yet.
That's crazy.
What do you care, brother?
You're in Germany anyway.
- What's going on?
- It's nothing, Mama.
- Are you arguing?
- No, Mama. It's nothing.
What are you going to do now
I wanted to visit my parents.
No, I mean what are you going
to do now Papa is dead?
What kind of question is that?
I don't know. Maybe she wants
to get married again.
It's not a week
since your father died so suddenly.
And you want Ayse to remarry.
Is something wrong with you?
Maybe her family wants her back.
What are you saying?
Ayse is pan of this family now.
That's your sister there.
Am I supposed to go
and find myself a new husband, too?
Do you think you can send Ayse
away from here, like an animal?
Mama, you don't have so much money.
If Hasan works more,
he can't carry on studying.
Don't you worry yourself.
When you were all young, your father
and I looked after this family
in far worse times
and with far less money.
All the overtime your father put in.
All the extra work he did.
All the time I spent cleaning up
after those unbelievers,
- scrubbing toilets.
- I'll look for a job.
If I work, there won't be any problem.
You have to stack them differently.
The brand has to be at the front.
The brand at the front.
You'll really like it here.
Everyone's so nice.
Especially when Nuru and I are around,
that's for sure. OK!
Anyway, I have to get back to work.
If you have any questions, just shout.
- Have you done your homework yet?
- Yes, it was quite easy.
What is it?
Thank God you're well again, Mrs Fatma.
- We're all so glad.
- Thank you, Ibrahim.
She's much better now, thank God.
Thanks, Ayse.
Well, you've found out fast enough
what your husband likes.
Well then, good night.
You do realise Ayse is completely
in love with you, don't you?
Even Ibrahim noticed.
You have to talk to her
before she gets even more carried away.
Oh, rubbish.
You didn't see the way she was looking
at you. You have to talk to her.
I'm serious.
I think you're the one
getting carried away.
Don't wait up for me tonight.
I'll be late.
So if you get tired, just go to bed.
Bye, then.
What is it? Something wrong?
No, er...
- The kajal burns my eyes a little.
- Don't put that stuff on your face.
- What is it, sweetheart?
- My baby.
What is it? My pretty one!
- Almost finished.
- I don't need the bathroom.
- I wanted to talk to you.
- What is it?
I heard what you said to Nurcan.
You have a girlfriend, don't you?
It's not that, OK?
Listen, Ayse,
I'll tell you something, but...
...swear you won't tell anybody.
Nobody knows.
I've never...
...had a girlfriend.
I don't like women.
I like men.
Do you understand what I mean?
Does she know, too?
I don't know. I think she...
Is that why you married me'?
She asked me to...
I thought...
I thought they'd leave me alone then.
The family.
The relatives.
Everyone around me.
Don't tell anybody.
Are we all right?
It's very hard for me, too.
You know?
I miss him as well.
I'll make some tea.
You really look like shit.
...and he comes home,
and starts getting on my nerves
with his stories from the building site.
Mine gets on my nerves about money.
He keeps on saying,
"Why do you spend so much money?"
I said, "When was the last time
you did any shopping? In the 1990s?"
My father's like that, too.
- Right.
- Nothing but gossip.
Ayse. Come and sit with us.
Come on.
Don't be shy.
- What's it like at your place?
- I don't know.
Fatma looks after the household.
Everyone has enough.
It's all fine.
So everyone does
as your mother-in-law says.
No, it's not like that.
We're a real family.
We share everything.
Like it used to be in the village.
Don't look so serious,
don't be so reserved.
We're alone here.
I have a mother-in-law at home, too.
Where else can she talk about
how her husband
can't keep his hands off her,
so he gives it to her from behind?
I told you that was a secret.
A problem shared is a problem halved.
- Maybe it's the same for Ayse.
- Impossible.
Have you noticed how our Osman
stares at Ayse'?
I haven't noticed that at all.
Osman is really a good boy,
and I like him.
But ogling someone in the workplace
just isn't right.
Hard to believe I've been released
from that suffering.
Thank God.
How is your arm'? Does it still hurt'?
Come to dinner this evening.
I'm making stuffed peppers.
- You're cooking?
- Who else?
Ayse is working every day this week.
What? What is it?
Didn't you bring her into the house
to help out?
She isn't a cleaning woman.
And she's your father's wife.
If anything had happened to me,
she'd have looked after the children.
She's a stranger, Mama.
A complete stranger.
You didn't think I'd be able
to manage, did you?
You always told me
that a husband was always
a great responsibility.
After everything he did to me,
you told me that, Mama.
I was never good enough for you.
I did everything you wanted.
And where am I now
You have committed your whole life
to this girl.
You've placed her above all of us.
I hope you won't regret it.
No, thanks, Mama,
we won't come to dinner.
And is learning German going well?
You should talk more.
But not here, with customers.
I'm sorry.
- It's a tight squeeze.
- Yes.
Mr Abdullah wants us to do the delivery.
Can you work evenings?
Sorry, I...
But if they get three more points,
they'll go ahead.
Yes, but they're awful players;
they just won't manage it.
What do you mean, awful?
They're the best in Austria.
That's the saddest thing
about it, you see?
Nicely tied.
Anyway, I'd rather not wear one at all.
Careful what you say.
- And speak Turkish.
- You're cheerful.
What's up?
I noticed that, too.
Me too.
Nothing. No reason.
It's a nice day. That's why, probably.
- Is he still here?
- No.
I have the key.
I don't like it here.
There's nowhere else
for us to go. You...
I love you.
My feet are hurting so much.
- I'm exhausted.
- I know.
When I was a cleaner,
my back used to hurt so much,
I was tense everywhere.
I couldn't move at all.
You know, I miss the old days a little.
Now you're working,
I don't see anything of you any more.
What can we do?
Someone has to earn money.
And we can buy a new boiler now.
Then it won't always be hot
and cold early in the morning.
The old one still works.
No, I think we should buy a new one.
What's the point of something new
Does that make it better?
But that's the way it is
with appliances.
Let's go to bed, then.
You know, I miss him so much.
Every evening I wait for him.
And every morning,
I think he's still here.
But then I remember...
He isn't here any more.
If I had died...
...my husband and my children
would have been by themselves,
my family destroyed.
And then I found you.
Why are you blushing?
You don't have to be ashamed.
It's the truth.
If I were to die,
I wouldn't have to worry.
You take care of everything.
The children, the household. Me.
Now you even have a job.
I always hoped for someone like you.
Someone who understands
how to be a wife and a mother.
May God bless you.
My darling.
My pretty little darling.
Come here.
If she can't handle her own daughter,
how can she handle her daughter-in-law'?
- Right, sister, right.
- She runs around like a...
- Now she even has a "fiercing".
- She has what?
- A "fiercing".
- What's that?
I don't know. Things sticking in here
and here and everywhere.
- Where did you hear that?
- I just heard it.
- What are you doing here?
- Shopping.
- Shall I help?
- No, thanks.
We were shopping in this place
before you worked here.
Don't worry,
we'll find everything all right.
- Listen, we mustn't forget the meat.
- I know, Mama.
We're late today.
Hey, where's the pudding?
The one we buy is over there.
Go and keep an eye on the children.
I'll get the toilet paper.
You always choose the wrong one.
Wait, I'm coming.
You're closing soon, aren't you?
- Shall I wait for you?
- No.
I still have to clean up and so on.
When someone's working as hard as you,
that's the way it is.
Anyway, see you later.
- Good evening, Mrs Fatma.
- Good evening. How are you'?
- Hows your mother?
- Fine.
Has she found a decent girl for you yet?
Please give her my best regards.
We haven't seen each other for ages.
Mama, which toilet paper should I buy?
I'm coming. I told you to wait for me.
I'll show you.
Oh, Mama!
We forgot the meat again!
Didn't I tell you not to forget?
Now they're closed.
What am I supposed to cook'?
Hasan has gone home early today.
Ayse is inside. She'll open up for us.
Come on then.
Davut has gone.
We're all alone, at last.
Not here.
NO'! like this.
I can't help it, Ayse. What can I do?
When I think of you...
It's impossible.
If my family...
I'm serious.
I'm serious, too.
I can't do this any more.
Not here.
Mama, Mr Davut is there.
Davut! Come on.
Come on, my son.
I promised Hasan some lamb.
I think she's cleaning in the back.
I don't have the key to here.
- What do we do now
- No idea.
I'm opening the back door just for you.
I wouldn't do it for anyone else.
I got the meat ready earlier.
It's not as if you're a stranger.
- God bless you.
- You're welcome.
Hasan will be very happy.
What is it?
It's not...
Go on!
In there.
Out of the way!
Go in there.
You too, Oktay.
Mama, that's enough!
Forgive me.
I'll kill you!
- Come here!
- Mama, stop it!
Leave her alone.
Get out of my way.
Leave her alone.
I said get out of my way.
Brother, come home quickly.
I think Mama's going to kill Ayse.
I trusted you with my children.
How could you do this to me'?
- How could you do this to me'?
- Mama, please leave her alone.
I gave you everything!
She doesn't really mean that, does she?
She wants her to go back to Turkey.
And the baby?
She wants her to go back to Turkey.
You want her to go back
so you can be Mama's darling again.
Hey, shut your mouth, Nurcan.
In the beginning you hated her, too.
And now the two of you are best friends?
So? Jealous?
We can't send her back to her parents.
This is her home now.
I don't want her in my house.
You should never have married her.
Then this wouldn't have happened.
She told me it was her only dying wish.
What was I supposed to do?
Tell her it was a stupid idea,
like Baran and I did.
And Baran wants her gone as well.
I don't bloody care what Baran wants,
all right?
He doesn't know her!
OK, the hell with her! What about us?
What do we do now
Hasan, we can't just act
as though nothing happened.
They'll all be talking about us now.
It was so embarrassing, honestly.
Davut's stupid grin.
It was so humiliating.
What do we do now
You can set fire to her
and beat Osman to death.
Are you out of your mind?
What? You just go to school tomorrow.
Take Elmaz and Mehmet with you.
They'll tear you to shreds.
The fucked-up goddamn Turks.
I don't want her in my house!
Be quiet! She's pan of this family,
and she's staying here.
She's staying here.
- No, I don't like this book.
- You can read yourself.
You were exactly the same. Nothing but
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp all the time.
No, it wasn't that one. It was Ali Baba.
Elmaz was the one who liked Aladdin.
- What did I like?
- You'd rather have music.
I've brought you some food.
Eat it before it gets cold.
You know...
...I had a dream.
There is a long dark corridor.
And a locked door.
I know you are behind the door,
locked in.
I knock and knock at the door.
I hit the door.
But the door doesn't open.
I'm crying.
But I know the key is with you.
Please eat something.
Auntie Ayse should read that to you.
It's her favourite book!
Auntie Ayse, come and read.
Auntie Ayse, Auntie Ayse!
Look, Auntie Ayse, this is a dog.
His name is Schnuckel.
I know.
- Has she eaten anything today?
- No, but I hope she will.
- Shouldn't we fetch your things today?
- Is he working?
I don't give a shit.
- Hey, where are you going, Princess?
- My sweet little witch.
We'll just do it.
I think we should just go round there.
What's he going to do about it'?
Let him try.
He'll get a punch on the nose.
Don't talk stupid.
As if we need to attract more attention.
I don't feel comfortable
when I meet people.
But I don't want to be locked up
in my own house.
It's bad enough, that business
with Aylin's mother. The stupid cow.
- It'll be alright.
- I hope so.
And I need some clean clothes.
- That's true, you really stink.
- No, Mama doesn't stink.
- But Oktay does.
- You stink!
Come here.
- You have to tickle her back, see?
- No, no, no!
I think it's lovely, you all living
with us again. Like the old days.
I think it's lovely too.
Me too.
The whole family, together.