Kumbalangi Nights (2019) Movie Script

Whats your plan for the vacation?
Nothing, what about you?
Lets plan something.
Nizam, how are you going home?
Mom and Dad will pick me up.
Can I come with you?
Sure, we could drop you at the junction.
Nazim: Frankie, Your house is near Ernakulam city, right?
Nazim: Shall we go there, the day after?
We could visit the Lulu mall.
Jojo: Veegaland (an amusement park) too
Akhil: Frankie, Shall we?
Nazim: Frankie
Nazim, everybody at home is down with chickenpox, thats the problem
Nazim: Oh Lord.!
Hello, have you set off? -Yes tell me.
We have started.
Shall I come with the boat?
We are on the way.
Hope Bony is with you.
Why should we come without him?
Frankie: Who else? We have rice, fish fry and all.
What have you guys done? -What?
Today is Dads Remembrance Day.
We should have eaten together. Bony is on his way.
What is this?
What a farce, Saji!
What? What did you just say?
Farce! What does it even mean?
You dont know!
Whats meant by farce?
Heh! I 'm sure that you know Spell it out.
It means Show-off.
Are you performing some Kathakali act, heh?
Lighting a candle for my Dad, feels farce for you? Eh?
Crow thinks her own bird the fairest. Mind you, smut
The situation doesnt suit your proverb.
I'm sure it won't. It wont...
Bony wont come. He is with those dancer blokes, they are his family now.
Have your dinner and go to bed.
Who is he?
Who the hell are you to judge him?
Aren't you always on the lakeshore, stoned?
I am no junkie.
Have you ever checked on our cast nets? You reckless!
The only thing you are good at is eating what others cook.
What about you then, do you even work?
You just use up that Tamil guy?
What? What did you say?
You use up that Tamil guy, Aint you?
Put the plate there and come. -Yes, I'm doing it.
But what for?
Look at me, I could squeeze your neck in my armpit,
have you forgotten?
Those're all childhood diaries, I am pretty strong now,
and you cant do anything like that, again.
You might have grown tall, its nothing. Come fight me.
What for? -Put your plate down.
Yeah, coming.
Dont do that, Leave me.
You leave me first.
Leave me.
You leave me first.
Leave me. -You leave me first.
Frankie, Cut in
This house is nothing but hell. Shit..!
Out of sheer luck you got admission somewhere, now you feel ill of us, fishermen.
Look here, your face pisses me off big time.
Come -You want more?
Cmon elder bro!
Bro, its the same old brawl scene, as usual.
Should we go in?
I shall remain in diyas
as the blazing memory of yours,
till the end of this darkness,
created by the kisses ungiven
I shall be the cool breeze, healing the sorrow of the world
Shall be a towel of sunshine wiping off the wetnessof the dawn
Shall be a swingin this world and sky inside you
Shall sail you through the swirls of the sea of tears
Go for glory, man. Take down his Queen.
Glory, my foot! Its chess, Have to use the brain to win.
Frankie, when did you come?
New hairstyle, looks awesome.
Playing Chess? Wheres the ball? Punctured?
Bro, the scenes gone bit dark off late.
Simi sis' has got married.
True, the house painting tells it all.
The new guy is lil tough, whats his name?
He wont let us play as the ball goes there often.
We have nowhere else to play!
He wont heed to anyone. We tried many times.
So serious he is.
You never mind, we shall play.
Its not the case, he is no gentleman.
Reymond- The complete man. (Referring an Ad-caption)
Who is that? -Dont know.
Hey, Shyju bro.
Hows things going?
Getting along, just wanted to bring his bike from home.
He is bathing, com'on in.
He will take time to bathe. I gotta go.
Come, have a cup of tea -Not now.
Is it about your shoes? It's not a problem.
Come on bro, we have idly for breakfast
Almost forgot this.
This is his plate, he only eats in this. He is somewhat peculiar.
Never mind, Baby used to suckle from a feeding bottle till recently.
Sis, dont pull my leg
Where is Mom? -She has gone to the temple
Convey my regards. -Sure
I can drop you at the junction -No, I'd walk.
She can drop you. -No need, off I go.
I can drop you.
I'd prefer walking!
Gopi, -Mmm
Sumisha has given the nod. She said OK.
Yeah, the girl next door, she said ok.
Really? -Honestly, I swear.
Hello, have you reached? Keep the call. Im coming.
Just a moment, Bro.
Come, throw the net and have a catch.
Meet Gopi, my friend.
Hi. its Bobby -Hello.
Are you working in that resort?
Yea, at the Kallanchery.
What sort of work?
I do guest management.
You seem to be, a true love type, not an admirer of external beauty.
Of course I do admire. Prasanth, just wear those glasses.
Look at him, doesnt he look like Vinayakan (A popular Malayalam Actor) ?
Love you babe.
Lend me your bike, let us go for a ride.
Please fill some petrol.
Let me see.
Take care man.
Are you leaving for work, son? -Yea
Ritualistic sandal paste.
Dear, Can you come a little early today?
Got to go for dinner at my Uncles. Id told you.
Oh.! It wont be possible honey. If I'm out early they will start teasing.
Dont worry, we can go anyways, even if its a bit late, I shall make it.
Hey Kiddo, hang a net there and play, Cricket would be better, hitting 4's alone.
Come, get the ball.
Look at you! How scared!
Suit yourself.
Go inside, you could lose your fairness glow.
In fact, boys should be riding the lady bird (girls bicycle without top bar)
You know, if we slip on a stand-up ride, it could come handy.
Take a lottery ticket.
No thanks.
Have one, bro. Let me have a tea.
I dont want to.
Saji: Hey Jithu, dont you have one for me?
You better clear my dues first!
Jithu: I'm done dealing with losers.
I shall give you one for free.
Vijay: No Thanks.
You dont need to pay!
Havent you got money in the box?
Vijay: Didnt I tell you, I dont want?
Then lend me Rs.50
Dude, hope you know the place well.!
Oh, is it a threat or something?
Who else has won a price for your ticket? Its me only- mind you.
Take your money and get lost.!!
Saji: Such a mood-killer.
Jithu: What an attitude,huh! I just asked Rs.50
Shut for the day, lets go get a drink.
Come, Lets go to the bar.
Hey, bro.
Toady! Toady!
A couple, Bro.
Chicken piece?
You called me toady? -You threw chicken piece on me?
If you dont stop this, ..will beat the pulp out of you.
Bonny asked to convey.
You come home - I will show you who I am.
Take that speaker.
Voice 1: Who are they?
Voice 2: Nepolean's sons
[Woman on video call] Yes.. Yes
Uncle: Can you see?
Simi: Hi, auntie.
Has everyone come?
Uncle: Yea,Yea. Simi, Baby Everybody except your sister.
And meet our new family member, Shammy- as in Shammy Kapoor (Indian Actor)
Uncle:Tell her about the food.
Aunt: Have you served Beef Vindaloo?
Oh..I just forgot it, just a moment.
I'll call you back.
Girl: Sis, have you got the photo album?
Baby: Not yet, it may take a week more.
Simi, you do the serving.
Uncle is a brilliant cook.
Hey, nothing to boast of.
Son, when I came here after marriage and started cooking and all,
it did not go well with many neighbors.
They might turn towards you as well, but never mind it.
Usually I don't advise anyone-
-but we are kinda, birds of same feather, thats why.
Some feathers are different, Uncle
I do have a decent job.
Not in kitchen alike you.
Uncle, Vindaloo is a lil undercooked.
Have it, Have it, Idiappam is delicious.
Didnt I save the scene ? Otherwise uncle would have felt real bad.
Very nice, you just placed a wreath on the dead body.
Dont bite, dont bite.
Come, Let's go for fishing.
Why ? What for?
Why do you want money?
To buy a shirt.
For whom?
To gift you.
Hey whats up?
Nobodys here?
Workers have left, some others will come now to play cards.
By the way, why did you come now?
We have some guests for the day. Our fishing guide did not turn up.
Hes passed out. Can you help find someone?
Let me ask Bobby, He knows the stuff.
Who would refuse a decent amount ?
Dont tell him this is any job, he wont come.
I shall ask him, as a help for you.
Sumisha needs a help.
The guy in the resort has not .
Oh God! Bobby
..shall we go, help her
Do you have a history with him?
Sort of..at school I had a crush on him.
With him?
He was quite a handsome senior.
Bobby and Baby, perfect wedding card stuff, no?
Great, in fact.
One day I approached him with a somewhat decent love letter.
On the perfect moment, my nerves got the best of me
I fled.!
You crazy girl.
Super, come fast, lets go
Hi Sumisha -Hello
Hey Bobby, do you remember me?
Sorry, I dont.
Thank God!
What were you guys doing here? Smoking weed?
Weed? Are you crazy?
Weed could make you THINK, We are not the thinking type.
We are 100% chill.
Kumbalangi is an island village in the outskirts of kochi city
It is 16 square kilometers in area
and, it's India's first designated Eco tourism village
we are known for fishing nets and coir.
So coir, it's made from coconut husk and is used for making mattresses
eh..mattress and carpets
Also...the word 'Kayar', in Malayalam it means coir.
Eh...it actually means chord and navigators used it as shipping ropes
Shes fallen for me.
I guess shes fallen for me.
You think so?
Then don't stick on with your who-cares attitude.
Stay gentle enough to win her.
It will be all set by the evening.
Sumisha: Bobby is not that nice, is he?
Look, our Baby is too sweet a girl.
How can you find any fault in our guy?
He is a nice chap, very good at heart.
Hey Bobby, dont be a jackass, you plucked it?
Its just a small passion fruit.
Can you do it again? -Yeah sure
Can you please do it again?
He's throwing the net right now.
Bye -Bye
I was looking for you.
So, is it over, your sisters marriage? Is your homestay free now?
I was about to tell you, it is.
Thats good. We have a guest who wants to be inhabited.
So you take her with you.
Hi, this's Baby.
She has a very nice home stay. -Hi Im Nyla
So, what do your prefer? A rickshaw ride or scooter?
We can do scooter -Okay
Keep it out of his sight.
Hes watching.
Ok Then, Lets move.
Have they gone?
Yeah, They are leaving now.
Didnt get to ask him if he sees someone.
We will go?
Hey Prasanth? Does he have a girlfriend?
At school, some girl had come with a letter but she fled.
What about going out with girls on Sundays?
You be the finger that touches the soul
Yes Babe.
Walk alongside me to cross the hot air
We will reach our dream hut as two rays of moon, one day
Would we spell out some unheard magical love story, melted out of some heart unseen?
I shall be the finger touching the soul
Walk alongside me to cross the hot air
We will reach our dream hut as two rays of moon, one day
Would we spell out some unheard magical love story, melted out of some heart unseen?
Shall I kiss your neck?
Like a neck kiss?
Then I should kiss your heart.
First you marry me.
Sex is not a promise! Isnt it?
Prasanth: Whats popping there?
Prasanth: Why are you (sumisha) glaring at me?
I am a MAN, mind you.
Get lost -Go man.
What happened? -Nothing
What a track it is!
Askem to change it
Hey Super Sarath, Plese Change the track.
Bro, I am gonna marry Sumisha.
What ?
Yea, she knows me and my situation well. She is ok with it..
You know my home better.
I havn't entertained even you there.
She knows everything. So its fine.
What is so funny?
Are you joking? Is it that necessary to marry her?
Go get a couple of pegs.
I want to live with her.
Nobody cares about me, even you.
She is the only one who did.
Im gonna start working from tomorrow.
What nonsense are you doing?
Why dont you return my calls?
Its not that you are so great, but I just love you.
Thampy, Im coming with you. -Hop on.!
I too wish to, but I cant, I am scared.
Please understand me.
Get lost.
You get lost. -Hey.. hey..
What a fool I am!
If a movie is made on my life the title will sure be,
A girl who fell for a hooligan
Oarsman: Hey.. don't topple the boat.
So, you wont leave me alone, right?
Then lets get married, tell your kin, I shall inform mine.
Is this a proposal scene?
Are you drunk?
Blow a breath.
Then sure, we can marry.
If somebody sees, marriage will happen right away.
You have been the shadowy branches all along the path way
Have been the umbrella, during unceasing rains of pain
I touch your banks, as paddled waves
Oh wind, blow across these branches
Oh Clouds, shower upon these leaves
Tenderly, you come to my bank as wave after wave
We would be souls caressing each other
We would be a river of moon rays falling into the sea of dreams
Would we spell out some unheard magical love story, melted out of some heart unseen?
How serene !
What about a kiss?
I knew it will end up here only.
Let's try.
Its alright.
Lets do it later.
Remember Bobby, my crush? -Yes
We are planning to be serious.
You mean, to tie the knot?
Yea,He has already told his family.
Isnt he a Christian?
Jesus is no stranger to us.
How silly, Baby!
Are you sad? You should be happy about it.
Does he have a job?
At present, he doesnt.
Bobby is a good guy
Let me tell the truth. He is slightly freak and largely naive,
but I know how to bring him on track.
You please have a word with your husband,
theyd come and meet him.
I can manage Mom.
Please, do it for me.
Whats up?
What were you talking about?
Hey, its nothing.
Tell me.
Nothing -Nothing worth it.
Open up.
Its personal
Meaning what?
Our little talks.
Tell me, no matter what.
It is something personal.
Oh! What is it?
Nothing much.
Come on, share it.
Is it about me?
No. No -Not at all.
Come on, get me some oil, let me have a shower.
Its nothing, Baby is having an affair.
She was telling it to me.
Why do you hesitate to tell it to me?
We lost our father long back.
Are you OK here? Mom is very particular about it.
Why shouldnt I be? You always be frank with me like this.
How scared are you!
Whats his name, I mean Babys boyfriend?
Bro,Please switch on the fan -No never
You want something, like my kidney?
I am in love with a girl.
She is from this neighborhood only.
Want to marry her.
She wants us to talk to her brother in law,
her father is no more.
You need to come with me.
You mean, as your kin!
Yep, thats how it works, no?
Thats nice,we shall go.
First of all, you do one thing, while I look away-
-try calling me chetta (elder brother)
Are you taking advantage of me?
No, its just a wish. Comon , call me.
Sounds nice.
Here it is.
Wait a moment.
Comb your hair.
Fold your shirt sleeves, properly.
You used to take me to school to sign your progress card like this,remember?
Not up to the mark!
Dont be nervous, lets go.
Whats the matter?
Is Shammy around?
Yes bro.
Do you need a shave? -No
Come sit.
How much?
Rs 140
Hello Saji, all well?
We came to talk about something else,
In fact a marriage proposal.
Hope you know, they see each other- Bobby and your Baby.
What do you think?
Let me finish this first.
Lets keep the side lock as it is.
Yea, thatll be nice.
Where is your house?
Near Anjilathara.
Where exactly?
Bobby: There is an islet towards the south.
You got it bro?
The islet near Tekkummuri, where dogs and cats are abandoned.
Yes, but now there is a road there. You can come by bike.
Isnt it an ally way besides the shit-land? -Yea, ok ok
We only own the path way, 'shit land' is public.
Its changed, the area is clean now.
Its OK,
Baby had told me.
You are the brother, right?
Whats your name?
Where do you work?
I run an ironing shop in partnership.
I did inquire about your family background. Not impressive at all.
How can we send a girl to a lodge-like house?
Hope you understand my position.
I'm the only one to look after three hapless women.
I do care about Babys wish.
Ours is a modern family which gives enough freedom to women,
Mr. Saji, you know, legally a girl can marry any scoundrel she wants,
unfortunately thats the law of the land.
But Let him find a job first,
then we can talk about it, if and when I am convinced.
Bro,the Ramayan was written by a forest-dweller, right?
Look, People can change.
Yea, I have faith,
you are a decent fellow,
it will be alright. Ok?
Ok? Sixty rupees please
For shaving. -shaving..
Ill pay.
How much?
Rs 60
Any issues ? -No, nothing.
What did you say? Shit land! I could have burst out in laughter.
I think I should move out.
Otherwise thiss not gonna work.
What nonsense are you talking of?
I feel so.
What is wrong with our house?
We have smoke free kitchen,
washing machine, and what not?
You can use my room.
You need not even ask,
cmon man, have a drink.
Frankie: Do we have a toilet here?
Dont we ? It even has a European commode.
Is it a proper one?
Isn't it almost done?
Do not under state things,
Frankie, you are doing this for long.
You do not worry, find a decent job other than fishing,
trust me, I am here for you.
All we need to do is, to plaster the walls.
Nepoleans sons cant go bad
Oft-smelled jasmine loses its fragrance (proverb), thats all.
Frankie: This is the worst house in the entire village.
Go, get it.
This house lost its life when our mom walked out.
You are the reason why she left.
Its because of you only,
everyone does know.
come here.
[SLAPS] -Hey Saji,
What did you just do?
It was not me but our Dad.
No wonder, why we are doomed.
When I won the lottery, we had had a trip to Kanyakumari.
These boys had never seen a sunrise at seaside.
I still remember Bonnys laughing face.
That very Bonny, beat me today.
Hed never uttered a word against me, until today.
You know what happened the other day?
Bobby says that I use up you,
I use up you,
you are doing all the work, no? For him,I exploit you..
I was about to tell you of this.
Sathi and I are expecting the baby soon.
I was thinking of moving to the town.
When we came here eloping from our place it was you who gave me a life,
without you I am nothing.
Look Saji, what your brother says is true,
we should listen to them, no matter whos saying,
if there is a point in it .
I took care of you for as long as I could.
This is the final peg that I can offer you.
You were the only one who stood with me
Saji, Saji
You were that close to me..
Saji, Open the door.
Saji, Brother..brother..anybody..some body
Saji , SAJI..
Saji: If it is a boy, name him after me.
Saji, Saji..
Lucky that his wife doesnt have complaint, or else you would have been done.
Take him.
Saji, come.
Inspector:Its not possible.
Inspector:No way.
No chance of hope.
I will call you back, Alright.
How are you connected with them, Shaji? -His brother is friends with mine.
Dont you dare do this again.
You good?
Well Shaji, take them.
Saji, better you stay at home.
Dont do anything stupid, says Bonny.
I should also go with him, if you have something to convey, I can.
He was like a little brother for me, I never imagined this.
He always told that, you were his elder brother.
Get up.
I can't.
Sathi: I cant bend down, please get up.
Saji: God wont forgive me.
Sathi: I had labor pain in the morning, could you please get a rickshaw for me?
Mate, its your first day, we shall rock.
Buckle up, ok?
Wash up, it kills bacteria.
Lets go.
You just give it a go, its very simple, just a couple of shakes thats all.
Couple of shakes thats all.
Hurry up, Hurry up.
Its a baby girl. Go have a look.
You take rest
Will have to stay for a couple of days more, says the Doc.
One of us would be here for your help.
Whats the matter?
How did you manage the money?
Got my scholarship.
I have completely lost my mind.
Seriously I need help.
Can you take me to a Doctor?
I'm unable to cry.
Your hands have gone red.
Do you know what a Murrel fish is?
Have you seen them in groups?
You know, usually it is hard to catch the Murrel fish.
After breeding,
there will be many younger ones in orange colour around it.
Then it becomes easier to spot them.
Easy catch!
In fact...
They die because of their little ones.
Our dad was like a Murrel fish.
two days of work made you think of your dad. heh!
Dad was a good guy who had many dreams.
He wanted to build a house but...
He was a good worker.
Go on,
Feel free to cry, I am here to help you.
When Bonnys father deserted his Mom, my Dad took them home.
Bobby and the little one were born later.
Just a moment.
Frankie and I were born after Saji's Dad and Bonny's Mom got married.
So, where is you Mom now?
Mom, opted the gospel path, when our Dad died.
So, Bonnys father is someone else? -Yeah
So he and Saji are no where related? -No
But they share a very strong bond.
They had started playing together from the first-night of their parents.
How many mummies and daddies do you have, I want a complete list before sunrise.
Did I hurt you? I was just pulling your leg -No
Yes, it hurts,
when somebody calls us fatherless,
it really hurts me.
Not only for me but for all of us.
You gave me words that always fill me up.
Silently holding
holding me
Hope, in my eyes, its only thickening.
Timidly flowing flowing in me
For the first time we could hear-
-something sweet from Bonnys mouth.
What is so funny?
What he meant is, you know,
first time we are hearing a sound coming from his mouth.
Now, oh silent cat
Bring my tunes back to life.
Don't say a word, don't you hide away from me.
Na na na na, na na
Fill myself with glee
And I feel a river flowing in my eyes.
Come, come out, this can't be allowed.
Come out.
Whats the problem?
As per our policy, no locals are allowed.
I am staying here, You dont have to go -Get out, out.
He didn't do anything wrong -This is not allowed.
Baby brought me here. -No No.
Stop yelling at me, he is my guest, you dont have to go,how dare you?
It may be OK in the US but not here in India. You get out.
I am coming with you. Stop yelling.
Who the hell are you?
How did you trick her?
I cant believe you are doing this, -Get out
Do not yell at me.
How about that? [SHAMMY SPITS]
What happened, son? Whats the issue?
I just shooed them away. We should not allow adultery, right?
What happened? -Come.
Tea -Thank You
Such a beautiful house you have here.
Really? -Yeah
Are those your medals? -Yes
Oh! Nice.
What is the purpose of your visit?
Well..I'm gonna be at Kumbalangi, for like a li'l bit, for a holiday.
Then I will be going to Calicut to learn Kalari.
Kalari - Yeah
Are you and Bonny getting married?
Mmm, we are dating.
Like boyfriend and girl friend.
Whyre you blushing?
Why is she here?
She came with Bonny.
Where is Bonny? -He is having a shower.
You please come.
Just a moment.
What is this?
I think they are in love. She will be here for some days.
Why are you laughing?
Is there no one responsible? -Quiet
Is there no one to ask him?
I am hell tired after a days work.
Everything was slowly getting on track.
Where is Saji?
There is somthing else as well.
Call him.
Saji is bringing her home.
Bobby: Bringing whom? -Vijay bros wife.
She cant use Indian toilet, now we have a western one,
so she is coming here.
Son, I am around as an invisible gaze
Son, Far yet, I am there as your guardian angel
Baby, dont utter anything to him, understand?
Do you understand? -Yeah
Hi, Mom.
What you did to them was totally unfair.
What did you say?
I said, it was too unfair.
You, self-willed!
I dont care.
Rule 15, No sellers and locals allowed in homestay.
Isnt it?
Its nothing to do with rules, if they give a negative review,
our ratings drop. Even our license could be scrapped.
Let it be then,
we dont need that sort of money,
stop it.
These guys are not trustworthy,
You Do know what happened in Varkkala!
You should watch the news also, not just the soaps.
Do not talk like this to me, Baby.
If something happens, all blames will be on me.
You go attend him.
When is he coming, Bonny?
He will come soon.
When is he coming?
He will come soon.
Do you think i could borrow a pillow cover?
Like a pillow case?
Yes yes
Thank you.
Oh thanks.
Do you think I can connect to the Bluetooth Because I left my head phones (behind)
And we can listen to music.
She wants to play music.
Bonny, I want to tell you something, to Saji too.
Kids stay off.
Saji, I have to tell you guys something,
to be sincere, you guys should move out with those women,
not now, but by tomorrow morning. -[SAJI CHUCKLES]
Good families have a culture,
which we should safeguard, aint we?
For you..
I would have torn him apart, had he not been a mute.
Is this your smokeless kitchen?
Now, can you heed to the kid's idea?
What is it?
Shall I pull this chair?
Hope all is well.
Id called your hostel, could not connect.
Is it?
Do we have any problems between us?
No, nothing.
Didnt I tell you!
We did not come to discuss that.
I am in love with a girl, I am gonna marry her.
Would you come with us for some days, Mom?
I dont think so.
My situation doesn't allow me to.
Mom, Its only for a few days.
I shall pray for all of you.
Did you notice something?
Didnt she sound cockoo?
What a way to Chase the God !
She could have come home for at least ten days.
What a Mom she is!
Dont curse her.
Shed suffered a lot for you.
I have seen it.
What about us? Are we helping each other?
She is not well,that may be the reason. She is unwell, he knows it.
She always had this odour of a pain balm .
We should never curse her.
Mom, I was just joking, that I hadnt had hot poori for long, did I trouble you?
Not at all, do you want an omelet?
No, Mom, you come sit here.
I shall eat later.
No No you sit, Honey, get Mom a poori.
Let me move that side.
Why not?
This wont work, Baby. You should get out of it.
Chettan said that a Tamil woman with a kid has started living with them, is it true?
No, its not like that..
What kind of woman would elope with someone in a week of her husbands death?
Isnt it the same home where you are going to live?
Why should we bother about all those? Bobby has started working.
Moreover, that Tamil woman is the wife of Sajis friend who died..
Simi, Baby, you come here lets have food together.
We all should eat together from now onwards Am I right, mom?
Whats up, mate, come finish this off.
Bobby: [OVER PHONE] I'm fed up with this job.
Prasanth: Listen to your music and yakka like everyone else.
I cant take this any further, lets break up.
Thats all, nothing more to say.
Our families dont match neither do we.
Find someone who suits you.
Better you run away from me.
Yea, you are not up to the mark. Lets break up.
Lets go. Dont leave the plastic bottle behind.
Has true love gone out-of-fashion?
I dont know, enlighten me.
I would have registered in some matrimonial if I were to find a 'suitable boy'.
Just a moment.
Hop on, lovely.
Its a small one.
Good work, why cant you try fishing?
Isnt it a lil low profile?
You say fishing is low profile ! That too, to a piscivore like me !
Life is a tale untold; lets deliquesce in it, deep and, mellow
It may bloom someday, unannounced, with honey
Saji, Lets go fishing.
Lets go.
Did he read my mind!!
May fall as sweet rain drops from nowhere, caressing the arid pathways
May wing up to touch the clear sky and cross the sea of magic
Bonny, the water is spectacular now, why dont you show her?
May become the moon light in the dark; color and fragrance in dreams
May play our soul as a lute and give you leaves of memoirs
Go get it, Ashly.
I wont go.
I shall go.
What day is today?
Isnt it Tuesday?
My goodness.
My wife.
Oh, Saji Sir.
Havent you had food?
Not yet.
What about the proposal, Cant we think of it now?
If possible, please let it happen.
I often think of your words. Ramayana and the forest dweller who wrote it.
My friend had advised to stay alongside right points.
Now we are way better, life is much more peaceful.
So, shall we think of the proposal?
Mom, is it better you respond or should I..?
We are not interested in having a relationship with your family.
Your brother-in-law still seems unfeeling.
Normally what happens, in situations like this?
You mean, an elopement?
What happened?
Comon, Tell me
I cant hold it anymore -I thought so.
They have decided to marry,
They might elope.
Soon.. like tomorrow.
Come, lets talk this through, or else it will get out of hands.
She might have slept, we shall talk tomorrow.
Sleep can wait, Should I wake her up?
Come out, we need to talk.
Mom? -She has slept already.
Its about your marriage.
You should take me as your own brother, otherwise there is no point in talking.
Right Simi? -Yes
Whats his name, I forgot -Bobby
Yes, yes, Bobby.
What is his qualification?
What qualifies him to sit with me around this table and eat our moms food?
He doesnt have even sixty rupees for a shave.
Sis its not like that anymore, he is working now.
I am the one talking to you, not her.
So answer me. Do not insult me.
Its not like that, Bobby is a good guy, thats enough for me.
You watch so many trash movies.
I meet many people daily, you cant imagine He is nothing but a fraud.
Its your opinion, I have my own, and thats all.
Its very easy to say so.
I have only this much to tell you, the guy you marry must be as qualified as me.
Shammy: Right honey?
There is a big difference between them and me.
I have a single father, where as they have many. Ok?
Its not possible, technically, everyone has a single father.
What did you say, what did you? [TENSE MUSIC]
Absolutely lewd!! Call your mom, is this her way to bring up girls?
No matter how loud you shout, I will go with him.
If you were a boy, I would have thrashed you right her.
Dont yell at me.
What would you do? Come down to earth, you have no one but me, mind it.
You cant yell at her.
Simi, dont interfere, I am like her own brother.
You cant go rude on her, no matter what kind of a brother you are.
I am sorry dear.
Shyju bro, Simi here -Tell me simi
Hello, bro.There is a small issue. -What?
We had an argument with Shammy, He is acting weird.
Has he gone to some corner or so?
Yea, its been 15 minutes straight.
Do not worry, he will be alright soon. I shall come tomorrow.
You dont ask him anything about it,
he has this problem of fits, nothing to worry though.
I will be there in the morning. Ok then.
He will be alright.
Come lets sleep.
Bobby, she will go tomorrow,
I think she doesnt want to trouble us.
You dont need to go, you can stay here, and we have no problems at all.
When I eloped with Vijay, my mom cursed me. The curse would follow to ruin here.
thats my fate.
Then you have found the right place. There is nothing left here to be ruined.
For you, this is the worst house in the village, isnt it Frankie?
Yes, this is a dumping yard,
no one will come questioning you here,
you can stay with us, as long as you wish, like our own sister.
Where are you going?
I cant reach her, I guess there is a problem.
Shed texted me that the situation is grim.
Then I tried calling some twenty-odd times, she is not picking up.
Try once again.
//The customer you have been dialing is not answering your call//
Frankie: That Shammy is not a good guy.
Let me have a look, you guys stay here, otherwise he could get spooked.
For what is he all dressed up in this odd hour?
Little brat is coming.
Shammy is the hero, hero.!
Oh boy, its locked. Come here.
Are you ok?
Oh! Just missed.
You guys have not met real men.
Hold him, hold him.
Call the Police, he is sick.
Come, catch us if you are a man.
Are you scared now?
But I am scared!
Saji: Bony says, just to remind you of the member crowd here.