Kumki (2012) Movie Script

These people live in the forest
Majiram, Is the Headman of this forest.
He has a pride that
no one else apart from him
can look after the forest
and their community.
He is a respected person.
His language, is set in stone.
This forest is his life.
She is Alpa.
Apart from this forest,
if he loves anyone.
than that's his daughter.
She does not mother.
You are joking with me.
He believes that this forest and the
customs and the traditions of their tribe
will be followed by his
daughter Alpa, after him.
This is Bansi.
And this is, his elephant Maniram.
The only property that Bansi
got from his parents.
Is this elephant.
He does not treat him as an elephant
but his real brother.
Let us see, why did Bansi come here between
the follower's of ancient tradition people.
Wild elephant has come
Be quick
Move out
Make it quick
Please be quick.
Help me
Run, run, be quick
Oh my god!
What a disaster.
Now how shall we live?
Headman, the officers have come.
So, you are the Headman of this village?
How can you do the funeral
without informing the police?
We had already started the funeral
and if we had intimated
the police than you might have stopped us.
And we wanted to finish
the funeral peacefully.
Last year the wild elephant had killed 7- 8
people and is repeating the same this year.
How many more will be killed
during the crop season?
Ranger sir, you did not inform
them to vacant the place?
Sir, I did tell them.
Didnt I Headman?
Government is providing you
another place to live
So, shift to another place
Hey, hey...
whom are you asking to vacant the place?
Who are you to tell us?
You should not talk like this.
Why not?
Thats wrong.
we will get angry? but that's wrong.
Hey, 7-8 years back that elephant was
only moving outside the village
now he is coming inside the town.
Why is this happening ?
Hotels and restaurant are constructed
in his border so he is coming here.
Demolish hotel and restaurant and
everything will be alright..
Instead you are asking
us to vacant the place
You think all this was
built in just one day?
Our ancestors have cut the forest and
the stones and have built this place.
Do you understand?
You are talking, as if the entire
forest is under responsibility.
yes ! it is
If youll deforest in this manner
then how will we earn our bread
After that, shall we break the
stones of the buildings and eat ?
We are not here to build the house
What are you talking?
We should take action against them.
sir, please calm down.
If you will talk like this then how
will the Government policy be implemented.
Can government policy bring
our dead people back?
Let me talk
Listen. I join my hands and request you
We don't need your help.
We can protect ourselves..
Please leave us alone and get back to work
Come on lets leave
let us go
Move on, brother. back to work
Sir, please Listen
You dont know anything about our village
We will soon know all about it
Your daughter was escaped from that wild
elephant so dont be so over confident
Listen, before crop season the
wild elephant will kill you all
Then automatically this town will be vacant
I am leaving
Did youll hear?
They are asking to vacant the place
What happened? are youll scared ?
No, headman.
Our ancestors use to drive away
animals with the sticks and spear
Lets keep a fighter
elephant with us this year
He will handle the situation
Every one go back to work
As you say headman.
Lets go!
Where shall I find a fighter
elephant to face the wild elephant?
Listen, please move a ahead
and break the coconut
Poor elephant gets scared.
Nothing will happen, I am there with you
You think an elephant gets scared
with the coconut breaking noise.
Oh! he has just spoiled the elephant
My nephew, the one sitting on
elephant has pampered him a lot.
If I were to train him, he would
be as good as an African elephant
We shall discuss this later
I am hungry
You are already munching break fast
But what about lunch?
Its not yet lunch time.
Where are we going to stay over night?
in five star hotel
Yes, my son.
Where are we going to hault?
Where every your elephant stops his tail
Alright, son. I have informed geetaji
that Ill return in 10 days.
Please take this.
Call you later.
And listen please get a
fighter elephant by Friday.
Indeed. I will.
Please come here.
Come soon.
Wipe yourself.
Your sweating
Alright, son
You are using my towel
and I am tolerating only
because you are providing
me food and Rs. 50 perday
Even thought I am your uncle
you dont respect me.
Every one has its day,
Ill have my day soon.
Parrot, please predict his future
Till 52 yrs of age, you will lead
your life full with Insult, embrassement ,
full with difficulty,
trouble, hard working, down headed
and in bad condition,
just like beggars
And after 52 yrs..,
After that you will get use to it
my fees
You idiot, I thought you
will tell me something nice
It was just the question of 5 minutes
Cant you lie to make me happy
I will kill you
Leave him
He said I will always remain as a beggar
I am here to care for you
No body understands my pain
But why were you trying
to know your future? tell me
I committed a mistake. Dont
you know your situation ?
let me leave
I will not spare you.
What is this?
Are you stealing pickle?
Who taught you?
tell me
Tell me, who taught you ?
This Idiot, has put me in a
critical situation
Son, are you doubting on me?
Uncle, wait.
You are stealing things in the market?
What else shall I do?
I cant even efford a quarter
in Rs.50 that you give me.
Everything is so expensive.
How shall I pay for my drinks?
So, what will you do?
It would be so insulting if
you were caught red handed
You better drop dead
People are looking this way.
I am your uncle, please respect me.
Uncle, my foot.
You killed my father by
giving him excessive drinks.
Listen, my mother at her last
breath said there is nobody else in
this world apart from your uncle and that
is why I always keep you along with you.
Let me tell you.
It was my sisters last wish and
that is why I am accompaning you.
You are accompaning me ?
Will you please do my work?
Isnt this work ?
So, from today onwards you
are going to arrange food
for him, buy his medicines,
and repay all the debts.
Then you will understand
you is accompaning whom?
And you, I was treating
you like my real brother
But you are helping them in stealing
Just stay with them for 10 days and
then you will understand my importance.
You will see my dead face
if you steal ever after.
Leave it
Shut up!
brother, please dont get angry
why are chewing brains? it's over
Dont worry, son.
You have two teeth, we shall sell one.
Oh! My god.
Run, run
Leave from here.
I will look after you
for the rest of my life
oh my god! run
Quickly move from here.
Run quickly
Vacant this place, immediately
Elephant has come here.
Everyone rush
son, come here
quickly, move away
What are you doing my son, move quickly
Go from here
Dont come close to me
Maniram, he has left us
So, why are you mad after him ?
What is all this spectacle?
Take away this elephant from here
And tie him.
Why should I tie him?
His owner is sitting inside.
Ask him to give me the chain
only then I will tie him.
Come down from the bus.
Give me the chain.
stupid, has come down
Sir, I have nothing to do with them.
He has only led this situation.
One minute son.
wait here.
Sir, even you must be an uncle
Dont take me wrong
sir, you must be uncle of
your sisters children.
Those children would lovingly tell
you please come uncle, please eat. Isn't?
I am also his uncle.
But not even a single day
he stays nicely with me.
He takes my towel and wipes his body up and
down every where and then returns back
What is he saying?
Sir, My heart crys.
What ?
Who will repay this loss?
And what about the loss he did ?
Is he mad or what?
Son,he is calling me mad.
You were calling me mad since beginning.
And now every one is telling me mad
I have to hear all this nonsense just
for the sake of one time meal
Hey..What nonsense is he talking.
What? can't you understand,
what is he talking?
You better ask him than.
Or else put them both in prison.
I am leaving.
Shall I ask an elephant?
Superb, sir you are very
intelligent officer.
Every time he puts me in a difficult
situation and takes a leave.
I stay in mess.
Sir, what do I do?
go and tie the elaphant
yaa...mother, that will be better
I shall talk to them
Alright sir, do you think
demanding this much is fair?
It's too much for the rotten goods
Now this much is enough.
let's go
let's go
Henceforth, you will never listen to
that person, neither will you steal.
Promise me .
Promise me, I said
Whose elephant is this?
Bansi, come here.
Show me license, please
Is he asking to show the
License of an elephant?
I will get it
Uncle, give me license and the papers
Son, actually...
in the fun fair at satara...
at the funfair
papers are lost in the fun fair
What the papers are lost.
You are telling me now
Had if I would have told you earlier than.
I shall hit you hard.
He has lost the papers since
long and is telling me now.
The papers are misplaced and you
are not at all bothered about it.
We are surviving on it
Hey, you come here.
Where are the papers?
we forgot the papers at home
Oh, you forgot it at home.
So, go home and get it.
We need to finish the paper work
tell him, papers are lost..
we have lost the papers.
So, you have lost it.
Sorry, I cant do anything.
You need to get the duplicate
papers from the officer there.
Sir., but
get the elephant in the vehicle
I want that officers number.
Maniram, my friend wait
where are you going?
Where are you running?
Please wait
Maniram, wait what are you doing?
Yes, I am at the officers
house call you later
Hello, sir
It will take some time to get
the duplicate papers.
Ranger, must have told you to get
the papers and take the elephant.
Sir, If you wish the elephant can be free.
sir., please sir
hello sir
yesterday itself I
told you to get the papers.
Rather than sleeping here you could
have gone home and get the papers
and set your elephant free
He is not just an elephant but my brother
He will not eat without me
Sir, hell feel restless without me
It was my mistake
sir, I scolded him
He was just following
me like a kid
but it created a big problem
Sir, please be kind enough to leave him
It is my fault sir, without papers
we shouldnt have brought him here
Sir, everything is in your hands
If you wish the elephant can be free
No sooner we get the papers
we shall it show you
Get the papers and Ill
release the elephant
They are together since childhood
Please dont separate them
I shall touch your feet
Sir, please
Come on, get up
Who is it in the early morning?
Why are you sleeping here?
I am sorry sir,
I was just sitting here
and the door got opened
I was feeling sleepy so
I went inside and slept. Sorry
Be quick.
We are getting late
Take this
enough of loving him.
Well be safe if we cross
palghar in the day time
If it gets dark then again
theyll again ask for papers
Thank you, brother
okhay...be quick
Son, listen to me.
Will you give me some?
You pickle stealer, move on
I am feeling very strange
What? Your feeling strange
Let me see what i can do for you
please don't beat me
Walk under shed...
Walk under shade (of love)
Walk under shade (of love)
Walk under shade (of love)
Shade, Shade, Shade.
Walk under shade (of love)
That lover which is like fragrance. Whose
voice is as beautiful as urdu(a language)
My evening, my night, my universe.
That lover is my beloved.
Walk under shade(of love)
Yes! tell me
I am manek speaking
We have come to get a fighter
elephant for forest
Where shall we meet?
Where have you reached?
We shall reach near dahisar..
Do one thing
Ask someone where is check point ?
It must be somewhere near by
Just wait before the check point
We are about to reach
I hope our work gets done before its dark
Indeed..the work will get
done before it gets dark
Time is running out. Bansi,
take care
Call me as soon as you reach.
Yes, i will
Yes, move backwards
Ramu has not come?
No, not yet
Not come as yet
Yes, brother.
Where are you?
I am going to my village
What are you talking Ramu?
I asked you to come near the sea shore
But please listen to me
They are coming to take
the fighter elephant. What shall I do?
Brother, my daughter has drank poison
She hospitalized
I cant understand anything
Ill return in couple of days.
meanwhile, please handle brother..
Take care of your daughter
Oh god!
we are going
Wait, stop the vehicle.
Hey, why are coming here?
brother..What happened?
Nothing, bansi.
Leave, or else youll get late.
Please tell me..
what happened?
Take this and get a
fighter elephant by 15th
Be belive that is a good day.
Alright, Headman.
Any how we need the
elephant on that day only.
Sure, youll get it.
Now, What do I do?
Ramu is in difficulty.
So, wholl look after his
work for these two days.
Just two days. The forest is on our way.
We shall stay instead of ramu
When ramu comes well leave from there.
We need fighter elephant to
drive away the wild elephant.
Its just the question of
two days..I'll manage it
They need fighter elephant to
drive away the wild elephant.
Cant I do this much for you? Don't worry..
He is yet a baby elephant.
I understand..
brother, you were awake last night,
you need rest. please go home and relax.
There they come.
I dont understand, what to do?
Hello, brother.
We had lost our way.
We shall leave quickly,
if our work gets done.
We are waiting for you.
Let us go
Alright than lets move.
Yes, lets leave.
start the vehicle
Elephant wount harm us. Isnt?
Hell just scare off the wild elephant.
You'll dont get scared..
Son, what if the wild elephant
comes tonight itself.
Dont stop me, while leaving.
Sit, inside.
Bansi, listen.
brother, it's just for two days..
Ill handle it..go home
Come on brothers...
you go home and relax
Oh god, I hope the wild elephant
does not come in these two days
Hope we dont get trapped.
They look so weird.
Hello, brother.
I will have to speak
What is your name?
Kishanlal !
My name is bhukampdas (Earthquake)
Earthquake, in the beginning itself.
Myself, pralaynath (Holocaust)
Holocaust is already here.
What will be his name now?
I am Bhootnath (ghost)
Now, where did this sound come from?
My name is Bhairavnath.
Everyone looks so cruel
Since how long are youll working?
He is my nephew and I am the uncle.
So you must have taught him, isnt?
The one who doesnt know
work roams like a hero.
Look at him, brother
He is so simple.
Brother, government did not help us
but youll are going to help us
Thank u so much.
What will they do when they
come to know the reality
May your children stay happy always
I am bachelor.
Oh! What are you talking.
What if the wild elephant kills
them, what will their children do?
He is quite sensible hence
did not marry as yet.
He is sacrificing his life.
Who will marry me at this age?
only we are talking since long.
Why are you so quite?
The one who has already achieved
the target stays quite.
Lion, remains calm always
Let him stay calm now but later when
theyll drive away the wild elephant
we shall together celebrate their
victory by playing drum and baz.
Brother, atleast at that
moment youll speak. Isn't
Please, ask them to stop
the vehicle for a while
brother. Dont feel shy.
Tell me what happened?
Please stop the vehicle for two minutes..
Ill be back in a while
Bhoothanth, ask him to stop the vehicle
Brother, please stop the vehicle.
I thought my bladder will blast
Oh! My god
I am done
Lets go
Thank you so much
Come on every one, be seated
come in
You wanted to pass urine or stools?
what is the third nature of call ?
With the fear of that wild
elephant I passed toilet as well
What is happening with me.
God, knows what my nephew will make me do
Bhootnath, get down
Others get down too
Get down cautiousally
We have to move ahead in this direction
I understand...
check if everything is alright
Move ahead and take reverse
Hey, Mani.
Come, get down
Come down..
Get down quickly
What happened?
Every time he gets down quickly
but here he is hesitating to step down
quickly get down..
I sense some danger
He is warning us.
My God! What is going to happen next?
Please, Save us from all the trouble
Mani, get down.
I said get down.
Bhumpkanath, with the fear of wild elephant
Ram wanted to leave the village. Isn't
I guess he is going..
Ram, we have brought the fighter
elephant to drive back the wild elephant
Than why are you leaving the village.
hey...why don't you answer him.
Listen brother, are you running away
in the fear of wild elephant?
He is not an elephant but a Black ghost.
Stay cautiously ..
He is Black ghost !
Move on
Brother, why are you walking like a lame ?
There is water supply
problem in the forest.
So, I wiped myself with four
leaves after visiting washroom
I guess those were itchy leaves
hence I am feeling very itchy
But when I walk like a
lame I feel less itchy
Dont you have brains?
Brother, in the vehicle
everyone was praising me
And it would be quite insulting
if they would have seen me itching
Why dont you understand ?
Your right.
But I cant bear this any more
Please bear it !
I can understand, brother
May god make you feel itchy in the
same manner at your first night.
Mother, please welcome them
Put them tilak,
Brother, honour them with garland
You put the garland to the elder one.
They are worshipping us
like a slaughter goat
Oh God !
Music is so deadly
Why are you laughing?
I am thinking the same
as you, hence laughing
How does he know, what am I thinking?
Hey, Alpa.
the fighter elephant has come.
I dont want to come.
Now that we have come here,
our game is all over..
Feels as if they are waiting
here to see the dead body
Oh God!
Seems like funeral preparation is going on
Oh god! They look so terrible
Every one is starring us
This is my last salute
Will you make be blind before killing
What is all this noise?
They were going to bring a
fighter elephant in the village
To compete with wild elephant?
yes ! sir
Are they mad?
I had told you, they are weird
How will we make them understand?
They are all wild
government did not help us to
drive back the wild elephant
that is why you have been appointed
till the end of crop season the
villagers will blindly faith upon you
only youll can protect us
son, only the goddess in the village
is honored and worshipped like this
we believe you are our god
hey, listen
shift their baggages in their room
make sure they dont have any problem
yes, headman.
Son, how are you feeling?
I am enjoying.
continue the drama for two
days and then we shall leave
Lets go
You are asking me to do drama?
Since when did we become an artist?
hope you made the loft from where
the wild elephant comes always.
Do you wish to tie the
fighter elephant there? No
Towards the forest and in west
direction appoint two people
Already two people are
guarding in that direction. Okay
Inform immediately as soon
as the wild elephant is seen
Is this the fighter elephant?
Yes ! he is the one
All your requirements are kept on top
You can stay comfortable upstairs
Son, What happened?
Why are you sleeping after dinner?
Was feeling very drowsy..
feeling sleepy..
Who will guard then?
Go outside and guard.
but i am feeling sleepy, son
Okhay! Stay awake till 2pm.
and after 2pm
You will get use to
He is repeating the words
of that astrologer
How do you always come
to know what I think?
Bang the plate and take the lantern
We will have to go
hey...You wait here
I want to talk to you.
Hold this
God, knows what are
they going to discuss
I will have to guard myself..
Get the quilt
Please take it.
Come, sit down
Pakkya, I am getting a weird feeling
ever since I have seen that girl
Whats happening, brother
I get hungry, but I don't feel like eating
I get thirsty, but cant gulp water
When I walk I feel as if I am
flying like a bird in the sky
I am trying to sleep but I don't get sleep
Something very weird is happening inside me
But cant exhale it
You must be pregnant.
Cant understand how do i share
I just know her.
Who is she?
I only know her.
matchless, brother
What a poetry.
You think its a poetry?
Yes ! You recite so good poetries...
Why wount he make a poetry.
Maniram, listen to me.
when pakkya gives you
coconut wrap him tight in
your trunk and smash his bones badly
We are guarding here in cold night
and they are creating poetries
brother, whats next
I have lots to share
Keep talking, I am enjoying
I am a bachelor
Unmarried as yet
Not even enjoyed my first night
This moment if my father
would be alive than
Maniram, if the wild elephant
comes now, than what will you do?
Please run just like you did at satara
after listening the cracker bursting noise
and save my life, my brother
our mausoleum will be built in this village
Brother, sleeping till now?
I was awake at night..
You slept nicely, so why are
you spoiling my sleep now
At night I have to listen to his
poetries and get you kicks at morning
Your wife will leave if you keep sleeping
Todays breaking news
This morning, two fighter elephants
were brought at village near Palghar.
A wild elephant attacked on
two fighter elephants
In the two hours of battle,
one fighter elephant died
Forest officers shooted in
air at the fighting spot
and drove away the wild elephant.
News over!
Son, listen
Get up, son
Get up
Listen to me please
What happened?
I heard news on radio
near palghar five wild elephants wounded
two fighter elephants badly and killed them
Our elephant is just a baby
They will kill him
Lets run away from here
Nothing will happen
after seeing that girl I feel like
dragging those five wild elephants
and hurl them here and there
I dont know what has happened to me
You want to drag five wild elephants
Whats wrong with you, son ?
We are just going to stay
here for one more day
so please don't get
yourself involved in love
or esle will shall be in soup
Forget all this
uncle, dont talk nonsense
and don't chew my brains...
I might again tell you something bad
Go put the elephant to bath
And wake him to get the coconut
What if I met a wild elephant on the way?
quitely, put the elephant to bath
I shall also get the teeth
of the wild elephant
Hope they did not hear our talks
Son, you did not listen to me
Now theyll tell the
villagers what they heard
We shall get trapped...
Sir, I understood why are you angry
The wild elephant came to palghar
and not here thats why, isnt?
or else they would have killed the wild
elephant and returned today itself
Who I ?
I would have killed him?
Please go
Bansi, son
some people have come to meet you.
Forget about five, even if fifty elephants
would have come, I would have kill them all
I would bang and kill each of them
Sir, Why are you reducing the numbes?
You have only taught
this art to your nephew
Not just fifty they can
even kill hundred elephants
No one will understand my problem
He is sleeping and they are praising him
what is going to happen?
oh god! what will happen in future?
I will kill you....
please leave me
please leave me
I will never pardon this mistake
I will not spare you
Let me see you saves you today
I will kill you today
What are you doing?
Listen to me
Why are you beating him?
Why are you slaughtering him?
From past six month he was fooling
us by adding turmeric powder on egg
And sold it as an Indian egg.
you please go from here
Will you kill him for eggs?
We can forgive a murderer
but not a cheater.
brother but
kill him
He made a mistake.
Please let him go for my sake
Brother, why are you taking
this cheater's side?
He saved your life today, go run away
I will kill you if you come
again in this village.
I am sorry sir.
For what?
Because of him, we fed you fake eggs
This will not get repeated..
Its okay ! bye
Just for an egg they
slaughter in this manner
What can they do in big situation?
I can see the god of death every
where in this village
We should soon leave this place
Brother, please come! Have soon food
Son, how come you are here?
hey listen..
yes sir..
please show him where is switch board
Please come this way, brother
son, you had meal?
yes! i had it
Please come
Here is switch board
I am going..
Alright! Thank you
Maniram, have food
You son of an ass.
where is that poet kalidas?
I did not get you
The owner of an acting academy
He has gone to charge his mobile
he has not gone to charge his mobile
but poet kalidas has gone to meet that girl
listen to me
body gets paralysed when
you get an electric shock
but love shock leads to holocaust
why are jumping here like a mouse?
Last night you made me sat on the elephant
You were discussing the
love stories like
I love you and live in your alley
with that crazy lover
Listen, this is just a drama of two
days and we have to return back
If we try to stretch this drama than the
wild villagers would protract three of us
Go away from here
Tell him to stop his love story
or else hell be slaughtered
Oh! what is this ?
Why are you making fun of her ?
she wants to select her bridegroom
It's okay, Let it be
I don't know, what this girl is going to do
Again and again she comes in front of us
Shes beautiful, spry, delicate whom I met
Shes Lovely, hobbyful,
nave girl whom I met
My heart is astray
my heart is flying,
my heart does not listen to me
I lost my heart in first sight
I keep wondering for her
Shes beautiful, spry,
delicate girl, whom I met
Nephew, maniram is hungry.
Her face is settled in my eyes
She drives me crazy
I remain shrouded in memories of her
I just keep thinking of her
I have sleepless nights..
She has robbed peace from my life
I lost my heart in first sight
My heart is full of her thoughts...
Shes beautiful, Spry,
delicate girl, whom I met
Shes in my breath
I keep looking for her, all the time
I stay awake at nights, thinking of her
Her face is settled in my heart
I feel like meeting her again and again
I want to spend my life with her
I lost my heart in first sight
My heart is full of her thoughts...
Shes beautiful, spry,
delicate girl, whom I met
Sir, how did you like the food?
Hope, you liked it
Yes ! Its good, but less salted...
I purposely added it less for this sir
For sir ?
Yes !
Yesterday, I saw his anger
He looks very terrible in anger
If the food would be over salted
and he might have run
away in the forest in anger
than what would i do ?
what would happen about our village?
They will never understand
I know what are you thinking
Why did the wild elephant not come today?
You dont worry
the wild elephant will come foresure.
After killing him, you will save
our lives and return back to your village
Are you happy now?
you idiot, rascal
brother, even you try to stay happy
idiot, look at his face
may he never stays happy
sir, the villagers have held
him on the head of Cade
he is so proudy
he knows our vehicle is behind,
still he is not excusing us
press horn
please wait
Hey, move away
He is an elephant? how can he run?
please wait
Please have patience
Look sir ! how he is back answering
Son, please talk to them respectly...
They are officers
Stop the vehicle
You are acting so pricy,
as if you will kill the wild elephant
what are you looking at?
Do you understand the
meaning of wild elephant?
May be the villagers have not told
him or else he would have run away
Wild elephant is very dangerous
He has killed 12 watchman's,
5 rangers, 3 police constables
There are altogether
25 workers in this forest
Many people from the department
are crushed under his legs.
Come here
You look sensible
Why are you putting this
youngsters life in danger ?
He is not an elephant but a monster
run away and save your life
Hey.. move from here
Stupid, Keeps nodding
Move from their way
Nephew, what are doing?
Dont you know how to talk with officers?
They are not good officers
What if they would have asked for papers?
untill, the real fighter
elephant doesnt come
Alright, I will zip my mouth
come on
Maniram, there are 3 dangers
situation in front of us
Terrible death from the wild elephant
Fear of death from the villager's,
after knowing that you are not a real
Officers will put us in critical
situation without your papers
And if we conquer to escape
from all the three situations
than his love will annihilate us
Hello, brother
Yes, tell me brother
I have come to see that
girl (ramu's daughter)
Okhay !
How is she now?
She is in ICU
It will take another four days for
the fighter elephant to reach there
Is there any problem?
Brother, you were always
after me to get married
At that moment.nothing
Are you listening? Bansi
She is very beautiful
I will marry this girl only
They are different type of people
It will be a big time problem
Why are you putting yourself in trouble?
Try to understand me
have you finished charging your phone?
Yes! I have finished charging...
Yes, tell me brother
What are you done with?
My heart is fulfilled
What happened?
what are you blabbering
I talk in similar way, these days
Pakkya, feels that my talks
are like poetries
Poetries ?
yes, brother
By the way...
thank you...
For what?
I have started writting poetries
and soon i will get married
brother, I feel very happy after
coming here
you sound very happy
but please take care of yourself, bansi
If villagers will come to know,
than it will a big problem
do you understand?
Be careful...
Will think about that later, brother
Bansi, is maniram alright?
Yes, he is enjoying a lot
I shall call you later
Where is maniram?
Son, maniram was with you
He is drinking water there
Can I ride on him?
Sure, please come
Maniram, turn your leg
Please come
You have touched me today..
What has happened to me?
My heart is going crazy in first love
I am getting desperate for you
I am in love with you
I die for you
You have touched me
you touched me.....
you touched me...
Maniram, I am here
My heart is filled with joy and maggoty
There is a sweet, lovely
friction in my body and my heart
I am caught in love disease
someone, please cure it
I keep thinking of you....
I keep searching you
Please become mine
become mine
you please become my lover forever
You have touched me today...
What has happened to me?
You have just finished 30, as yet 31,
please read my heart through my eyes
Please choose me as your
life partner, forever...
Listen to what I say,
get convinced...please
I am your love.
You have to understand that
I am counting on you...waiting for you...
Come close to me
please come....
please come...
come close to me
You have touched me today
What has happened to me?
My heart is going crazy in the first love
I am getting desperate for you
I am in love with you
I die for you
You have touched me
Mani, wait!
Where are you going?
They got scared
Look how they are running
Lets beat the drum
Lets beat the drum ..bang, bang, bang
We shall leave in the morning by train
Neither shall we take anything
nor give any thing...
We shall leave in the morning by train
Brother, looking very happy
Obviously...time to get happy
We always got upset while leaving
from any village we visited so far...
however, first time in my life i am feeling
so happy, while leaving from some where.
I can't express my happiness...
So, are we going today ?
Yes! Today itself
Nephew, just some more time
With the grace of god all
the drama is over now
I have spoken with the elephant mentors
They are coming here with
the fighter elephant
One more thing
There is a wedding in this village today
Our broker has arranged food for us
Call the broker
You will never trust me
My nephew, wants to talk to you
Please talk to him.
quickly..pack the bags
Hello, brother
Yes, tell me
How is your daughter now?
She is absolutely fine now
We have brought her home
I am getting ready to come there
Brother, dont come here now
I will handle it
What are you talking?
You please go
It is not a joke to compete
with a wild elephant
brother, I have gone crazy
after seeing that girl
I have got the strength to
kill one thousand elephants
I will surely compete with the elephant
You dont worry
And uncle is there with me
We shall manage it
Alright than, speak to you later
My heart craves for you, just for you
My heart pounds when I see you,
Please turn and look at me once
I am striving for you, all the time
Please turn once and look at me.
I am striving for you, all the time
What has happened?
I want to charge my mobile
Okhay, get it done
Listen, come inside
No, I am fine
Dont feel shy.
come inside.
Alpa, get buttermilk for him
I shall get it right away
Hello! Brother
Come son, be seated
it's okhay..
You have done a great job
Alpa, was scared of elephants
And now she is riding on him
She said, if maniram accompany's than
even I will fight with the wild elephant
Father, please be quite!
Please take this
Be alert brother, or else shell steal
your job
I was just joking...
Why are you sharing it with him?
To compete with wild elephant, one needs
to get trained from childhood just like him
Please dont misunderstand me
Oh! Yes
Brother, listen
Press the stick in elephants
ear and shout loudly
Beat, beat, beat
This will increase manirams courage
Shout loudly Beat, beat
Press his ears and say
move ahead
Say quickly
How can he get courageous by pressing
his ears? what type of mentor is he?
shout loudly...
he seems to be a dance teacher not a mentor
A dance teacher?
Dance teacher of new generation
But which style of dance is this?
Wait, I will show you
You son of a swine!
you are blabbering without
understanding the situation. Mad fellow
You will not listen to me
Hey, Why are you getting angry on him?
How can you expect a pet
elephant who roams in
temple and fun fair to
compete a wild elephant?
For this you need to train him
Listen, I shall get my elephant tonight
and you can take away your elephant
Son, shall I get repared to leave?
I will hit you hard
Why are you troubling him?
he is training the elephant to compete
What will happen when villagers
will come to know about the fact
The pleasure to train an
elephant will come to an end
Brother, please do some thing
I can just see that girl
You please stay only one day with me.
I will teach him
Please understand my grief
Wild elephant seems to
be smaller against love
Isn't ?
Alright, come on
Keep your legs below his ears properly.
Say beat, beat
Say loudly..
You come here!
beat, beat
speak loudly...
Look behind ! who is coming ?
Villagers will worship him today
Looks as if they will
kill the wild elephant
Who is that new person?
He is their trainers son.
He has come to help them.
okay !
Stop the jeep. Stop the jeep.
Looking at his training, it seems he will
drive away the wild elephant
Look here,
While fighting with the wild elephant
press his ears and say beat beat
By this he will move ahead courageously
If the pressure lowers down
than he will come to know
If your leg shivers or if you get
scared, than hell come to know
Elephants courage is attached
with his riders courage
Wild elephant will try his
best to scare your elephant
If he steps behind than the
wild elephant will kill him
We have to deal tactfully,
So, that he does not get harmed
Crops will get ready in 15 days
And as soon as the crops gets ready
the wild elephant will come
Obviously, he will come
I feel something will go wrong,
if the wild elephant comes
You have to be very alert
Take care of maniram
"I feel something will go wrong."
"Stay aleart from your side."
"Take care of maniram."
Move ahead..
move, Maniram
Mani, move ahead
move ahead, mani
Mani, go ahead
Mani, what happened?
Why are you not going ahead?
Mani, move ahead..
Did you observe?
Even if he trains him for four
years, he shall not move ahead..
What are you joking?
This is the truth of life.
You dont know the sense of life.
yes, tell me
The sense of life. Isn't?
Forget it..
What are you talking than?
Tell me..What is it?
Are you happy now?
mani move
why are you not walking?
mani, please move, mani
go ahead..
mani, go ahead...
I told you, hell not move.
You are looking very pretty.
Yes, tell me.
Is everything alright?
Yes! Everything is fine
Maniram, is now
obeying the instructions
Does he attack with his head?
What else?
Heard, How much does he lie?
His thoughts are similar to a king
Yaa! He looks like a king
Yes, today he is a roaming like a king,
riding on an elephant.
But at the age of three, he
use to call me while peeing
Today he has acting bossy.
I taught him to pee and wipe his nose
Nephew, sorry.
mistakely my hand touched your feet.
What was your mistake in it?
He purposely hit his shoe to me
I did not feel so
You will always remain dum
To save their positions even M.L.A
(member of legislative assembly)
M.P (member of parliament) and
Chief ministers zip their mouth
and listen to their superiors
Do you think his shoe fell down my mistake?
He purposely dropped his shoe on me.
He has even put cow dung on
my head and beat be badly
But let me tell you.
I am a man of thick skin
Even though he makes me naked in the
market. I will not leave from here.
Yaa ! One should have self respect
You mean my self respect. Isn't?
No! I mean elephants self respect
Do you think I am a joker?
I am his real maternal uncle
I know how much I have been beaten.
I will not go from here
Feed him, my daughter
Take this maniram
Hello, son!
Hello! Headman
Today, we got scared
seeing your nephews anger
Isnt? Son
Am I right?
Headman, you havent yet known him properly
He works with full fledge
It's not his fault. He is hard working
he works from the bottom of his heart
and his heart flaunts for every one
Keep watching, what all he does ahead
Hello, brother
Last year at this time in the village,
we all were awake guarding in fear
But after your arrival,
people are sleeping peacefully
We don't understand, how
do we repay your favour ?
Son, only we know what are we
going through at this moment
You were awake the whole night.
Ill get delicious food cooked in butter
Please go to sleep after having meal
Food, Food !
But I am going to ask for something else
Please say.
Youll get whatever you want.
That is why our headman have send us here
Stay happy always, brother
That is why you people are here
Alright ! Please leave for now.
What shall I get for lunch?
His gesture was to alert you.
Stop blabbering !
we should tell the villagers to learn
from them, how to speak politely
We shall leave for now
Look at him, he is teaching
how to hit the wild elephant
We lack such passion.
That is why we are serving them tea
We need to get passionate, brother
We need to get passion, let's go
My Lord! Please remove this demon of love
from my nephews mind. And save our life.
Pakkya, he is really become crazy in love.
You are thinking to send
him in asylum, isnt?
what are you talking?
what does the old man need?
Listen, get one buffalo from village
Okay! I will get it
Do will have to graze the buffalo? Now
We were here to drive away
wild elephant instead
we have to work on a buffalo
all because of you. Shut up!
This is wild elephant and not buffalo
Is this wild elephant?
Pretend it as a wild elephant.
My nephew said so.
Tie this buffalo in front of maniram.
My nephew, will ride on maniram and arrange
a fight between buffalo and maniram. Hence
train him to be a fighter elephant.
By doing this, buffalo will get sacred and
run away. That's it.
Brother, Its quite obvious, buffalo
will run away in the fear of elephant.
Nephew, pakkya wants to tell you something
What is it?
Speak up, pakkya
We have brought wild elephant
Come on lets move
come on
You swine! You is very smart.
Tie him with the tree
Hey, maniram move
move ahead
maniram move
go ahead
maniram, go walk ahead
please walk ahead
move ahead
move on
move ahead, maniram
this way
keep moving..
this side please
Oh, My god!
This buffalo is heading towards us.
Run away
Buffalo won!
Now, we can pack our
bags to leave from here.
You dumb old man, control your tongue..
Think how to escape from nephew's anger.
go ahead
mani, go ahead
Brother, I have a small doubt
What is it?
Why are you wearing
blanket and sitting here?
By wearing blanket and bending
in this way, our elephant will
think even I am an elephant
and will come ahead to attack
If you bend further than?
My inner wear will tear
Go and see if villagers are not coming
here. Yes
Oh god! What all is happening with me
If you want to train the elephant
visiting in Fun fair, marriage and temple's
into a fighter elephant
than youll have to do all this?
Weather he turns into a fighter elephant
or not but I will get spondylitis
Mani, move ahead. Yes
That's right..
Move ahead
Why are you going backwards?
he will not move ahead at all
Mani, move ahead
Mani, please move
Your doing it corect..Move ahead
Mani, move
Go ahead
Oh God! it is said that love is blind
but does love make you wear a blanket
and suffer from spondylitis, like me?
brother, nobody is coming here
I wish if someone comes to
my place than I could rest
My waist has twirl because of bending
now, I woun't be able to bend
for passing toilet
What makes you laugh?
Come and bend like me for a
while then youll realize
Move ahead, move ahead
Mani, move
Maniram, move ahead
Leave it, if hes not moving ahead
You will not achieve
anything harassing helpless.
He makes me a rooster in the dawn.
In the night he makes
me sit on the elephant.
if I meet the founder of love,
Ill cut him into pieces.
Let me close my eyes and
try to fall asleep.
Please listen to me.
I have small doubt in my mind
What doubts are harassing
him at midnight.
What happened? Pakkya
Is it wrong to love someone?
Go back to sleep. Otherwise Ill grind your
bones and feed the eagles.
Go back to sleep quitely.
As it is I am upset with this love.
On top, he is joking at midnight.
Dont talk to me.
He disturbed my sleep.
What happened?
Why are youll catching me?
Please leave me
Headman, what is my fault?
Kill him
Villagers were treating you as god
But I didnt do anything
I Shall ..
Please forgive me
Oh! My god.
Oh! My god, what a nightmare.
Do they poke nails in head
if you who get trapped
I guess my pants have got wet
It often happens with me
I always stay in fear just like
putting finger in boiling water.
Sure my father must have committed some
mistake due to which I have to suffer.
What shall I do? Cant understand anything.
My nephew,
Where are the two of them ?
I think they are coming here to beat me.
Oh my god! What shall I do? where
shall i go? How do I escape?
Dont beat me, please.
I shall not beat, just commit murder.
I am sorry, please
Why are you being sorry for that pig?
I shall teach him a lesson.
The pig has spoiled the entire area there
How do I let him go?
But even pig is a living being.
Brother, why are you so
bothered about that pig?
You are great!
You are joining hands and
asking mercy for a pig.
Come on. Lets go and kill that pig.
Come on.
I am great!
I have always been great !
But my nephew does not think so
Brother, let us know the dates quickly.
What happened?
Why are you here?
To get medicine for elephant.
What happened?
Due to place change human beings get runny
nose but elephant has stomach upset.
Okay. Come inside, have some tea
and then leave.
Dont take trouble to make tea.
We are thirsty, Please give some water.
have a seat.
Alpa, get some water.
Please come. Be seated.
Hello! Hope your hospitality is done
Have youll come to drive
back the wild elephant ?
Yes ! you can say so.
Headman, who are they?
We find them new here.
He is Mr. Meghraj.
Headman of North side village.
He is Mr. Totaram
Headman of East village.
What happened to maniram?
Nothing. He is fine.
have water.
We unitedly take all the decisions.
This tradition is going on since ages.
In reality, our village and the other
two villages are almost together.
All the three villages
have an organization.
What do you mean by organization?
Means, over here nobodys
has an individual field.
We do farming together.
Whatever we get we give it to them.
We help them in marriages and festivals.
Nobody from the three villages
goes outside to take loans.
They dont even keep
relations with outsiders
It means youll do not tie knot
with outsiders? Am I right?
Yet, you have not understood
about our village?
Outsiders, dont understand our
rituals and cant even learn it.
This culture is not just followed from 2 or
4 years but its been followed since 200yrs.
Lots of generations have passed...
Our ladies dont even change their sarees,
which is followed since our ancestors.
We cant change ourselves for new
and will never even change.
you must have seen on the way, there are
no posters or political party flags
We dont go to anybody for
our facilities and comforts.
We are not short of money.
Our property is this
forest and our culture.
Brother, is he married?
No, not yet
Tell us when he ties a Knot,
the organization of three villages
will help you to marry him grandly.
You wish to help him!
but when you will come to know his
deeds you will cut him into pieces
Son, shall we leave?
We are leaving, headman.
Okay! bye.
Take care of maniram
What date have you decided
for her marriage ?
Next day after cutting the crops.
We can get Alpa married on that day.
What are you thinking? Nephew
This is their old tradition,
they will never change.
I thought theyll beat
us badly, today itself.
All the three village people
seem to be bloodthirsty.
Even if Alpa accepts your love
and gets ready to come along with you
but the villagers will not
spare us and let us go
Hopefully, if we succeed to
move out of this village but
the neighborhood villagers will
tear us into pieces like a cock.
What happened? Uncle.
Nothing. You, better go to sleep
Son, we were here just for Alpa.
But now its next to
impossible to marry her
So, why are we staying here?
We should leave from here.
How are you maniram?
Take this.
Will you marry me?
My nephew is goofy.
Ignore him and please
dont create an issue.
What have you done? My nephew.
You have been very haste.
Alpa, Please listen to me.
Dont share anything with your father.
Oh my god!
Keep it here!
What happened? my daughter
What happened?
Are you alright?
I am alright.
Why havent you eaten?
I am not hungry.
Okay! Go to sleep.
She is not bothered to eat or drink water.
Her feet does not lye on ground
Everytime she keeps roaming here and there.
shes not bothered about
our dignity at all.
Even youll dont pay
attention on her all the time.
Please be quite.
You are telling me to be quite?
You will only understand if something
goes wrong.
Our previous days were so good..
Nicely we lived in our village..
life has become so difficult
after coming here.
They are tribals and we are nomadic .
You know that tribals follow
their tradition so strictly..
I dont see any happy
end of your love story.
I think we have got stuck here.
enough chattering...
Stop boring me!
Obviously! Youll find my talks boring.
But I am worried about you.
Without thinking of the consequence
you proposed her for marriage.
She did not even reply
Do you know what does that mean?
She is not ready to marry you.
Its better we leave from here.
You may go if you wish.
Don't chew my brains.
"You may leave if you wish."
I would have left long back
if I knew the way back home.
Pakkya, tell me one thing
Do lovers think that others
in the world are mad?
Lovers are loopy.
Have you experienced love?
Son, on love path there are chances
to fall down which leads to a sad love end.
Don't fake..
True lovers dont fall in mud
but fly high up in the sky,
Do you understand?
That's why I dont fall in love
because I stay on ground
For the first time you are talking
quite sensible...
I think you have changed...
why are you running like this?
Bansi, is going towards village
When I asked him, he slapped me tight.
What? He is heading towards village.
To get an answer from that
girl, he is going to village
He has gone mad.
We need to stop him.
You too came here.
Why didnt you stop him?
Shravan, after 10 days we
shall start cutting the crops.
Inform everyone.
Till then band, dance and singing
troupe will make their preparations.
Yes, son.
Do you need anything?
Then what is the matter.
Well, I want to
You fool, unworthy person
I am sorry, please forgive me.
Work properly and cautiously
Do you know ..
Do you know what is this?
Headman, please forgive me.
Unknowingly, I made this mistake.
You don't know and still you
dare to live in this village.
Leave it.
he said, it happened unknowingly..
leave it, please come with me
let him go, it was a mistake.
Put the right people on work or we shall
incurr loss. You go from here.
Where are Maya and Kalia?
They are on their way.
Dont put such useless person on work.
ask him to stand aside
You go and send kalia.
What happened son, please say.
He just hit the stone, why
did you get so angry in it?
Stone ?
This is not just a stone.
This is the first sign of our ancestors.
Our hoop starts from here.
This tree has a 200yrs old story.
The cradle of our ancestors was made under
this tree and they grew up
They are no more.
But we have a faith that
their spirit is some where around.
We shall never leave them and go any where.
This fire was lit by my
great grandfathers father.
We have kept it lit since than always...
This fire is lit during monsoon as well.
Not just this fire but our tradition our
customs are also going on since than.
Son, the tradition outside
this forest may change but our
tradition was never changed
and will never ever change.
The one who tries to change our
tradition will be a cheater in the tribe..
But no one in our village is a cheater.
Son, be careful..
I hope you haven't hurt yourself.
Get up!
What do you keep thinking always?
Are you okay?
Uncle, Just leave it.
What happened? Son
We are betraying them.
You heard, no one in the
village is a cheater
We are betraying them..
It will be a disaster,
if the wild elephant comes suddenly..
Innocent children live here.
Please call up brother.
We shall leave from here tomorrow itself.
I am not worried about the wild elephant.
What I am worried is,
Will be be able to forget Alpa?
I had lots of wishes in my life.
But, I never got everything what I wanted..
Likewise, Ill forget Alpa as well.
Son, I have never seen you crying..
First time, Your uncle
is watching you weep.
Uncle, I dont understand, what to do?
What has happened?
She did not reply, that does
not mean everything is over.
She has not refused as yet..
Son, her silence is the
victory of your love.
In some corner of her heart,
there is love for you.
I am sure about it.
Just after listening to her fathers
traditional talks dont break your heart
and go away from here.
What if their tradition is quite old?
Even our tradition and
culture is respected..
thats true son, I am not lying..
We are not betraying them
You have to get your love.
Listen to me.
Unless She agrees for marriage
We shall not leave this
village and go anywhere..
Oh! Elephant mentors...
Wild elephant has come.
Please come soon, brother
brother, be quick
Yes! I will come with you.
Nephew, listen to me
My nephew..
where are you going? Wait
No! My son. Please wait.
Listen to me..
What are you going to do?
Son, Listen to me.
No, No! Dont untie the elephant .
Son, Please wait..
No, Son.
You will get stuck.
He is not a fighter elephant.
Nephew, You will get stuck.
Nephew. Listen to me.
Wait my son.
You go from here.
Villagers trust on me
Come on
brothers, come on
wild elephant has come
We have to drive back the wild elephant
Come on
brothers, come on
come on brothers...
We have to scare off the elephant
come on
I think the wild elephant has come
every one come with us.
come on
What is this uncle?
Your elephant went ahead
and you are standing here
So what do I do?
What can a fake elephant do?
What do you think?
Bansi will conquer against wild elephant
His elephant is not a fighter elephant
We were here just for two days
but after meeting you bansi lost his
He got crazy in love with you
Daughter Alpa.
After meeting you he has lost his appetite
and goes lost in your thoughts..
Without giving a second thought
he proposed you for marriage
If you had refused we
might have left long back with our baggages
Daughter, my nephew Bansi
loves you very much
But you never replied
Once he did tell me to leave from here
Than I explained him that,
she might be loving you too
that is why she went unanswered...
and its not fair to leave from here
keeping her in moan
later, we would be helpless..
Hence he changed his decision...
And now he has gone to win the villagers
putting his life in danger.
"Than he would cheat our tribe" and
"no one in our village is a cheater"
In the storm of 1973 a huge ship
but still this tree stood firm
Sir, The wild elephant uprooted
this tree like a straw
Sir, He is going to make a disaster.
This was just an example
Headman, I think the wild elephant will
become before the crop cutting season
So what, they will sure drive him back
with sticks, Spear and weapons..
Let us go
I had refused you to come here
The wild elephant would
have killed you both
I had come here to die
Even I shall die than
We have to live together....
We have to die together....
I don't want to stay separate
from you even for a moment
Even though if god gets angry,
you please dont get angry from me
I will never leave your company...
Nor shall I go away from you..
Oh! my dear....
We have to live together....
We have to die together....
I don't want to stay separate
from you even for a moment
Even though if god gets angry,
you please dont get angry from me
I will never leave your company...
Nor shall I go away from you..
Oh! my dear....
Hey...Alpa, please wear this
You will look very pretty in this
No, I dont want.
I have brought from city.
Somebody will see us.
You did not like it or what?
Please wear it for my sake.
How do I look?
My mother use to bring
me here,when i was a kid.
Can you see that ?
that waterfall?
Yes! I can see that.
When I was a child
During your childhood..
Since then i had a wish to go there...
So you haven't been there since long?
Will you take me there?
You want to go there on top?
Lets go then.
It is very beautiful.
Lets go now.
Lets go.
He was mad.
We shall stay together in happiness
We shall stay together in sorrow
I shall fulfill all my promises
I promise not to stay without you
I will never forget you.
Will you always be with me?
Yes ! I will always be with you.
I shall not leave your company
Nor shall I go away from you..
Oh ! dear...
We have to live together....
We have to die together....
I will Love you from the bottom of my heart
I shall give you happiness and
spring time always...
That is the only wish of my heart
I want you in all my births
My dream has come true
All my wishes have fulfilled...
You agree that I am your lover
I too agree that you are my sweet heart
I will never leave you alone
Nor shall I break your heart..
Oh! dear....
We have to live together....
We have to die together....
Cant stay separated from you
even for a moment..
Even though if god gets angry,
you please dont get angry from me
I shall not leave your company
Nor shall go away from you.
My dear!
Oh! My dear.
After the crop cutting season. I
wish to talk to your father about us.
Please dont do that.
There will be a big problem.
How long shall we date like this.
One day we have to tell them.
What is that girl doing here?
What happened?
Cant you see?
Talk respectly..
You go from here.
What are you hiding inside?
There are guavas inside
Dont touch her!
Are you new in this village?
Once an officer had asked a
village girl, How are you?
Villagers got to know about it.
And since then he is disappeared...
Did you understand? Or
shall I explain you again
Why? Alpa.
You look quite happy..
Stay happy! stay happy...
Earlier just an officer was disapered,
but Bansi will disappear with his elephant
Girls father is respectful
He will hang himself, he strictly
follows the old tradition
Alpa, Alpa, be careful..
Slowly Alpa.
He is behaving very strange since morning..
He is not listening to anyone.
Yes. Brother.
I tried to feed him but he is not eating
He is behaving very stubborn.
Not eating anything, I hope
nothing goes wrong with him
Son, it is better we leave from here.
No, uncle
It will be a big problem
if we leave at this moment
We shall do one thing.
Tomorrow morning they are
going to cut the crops.
We shall not go near him until then.
Don't let anyone go close to him.
Get the chain.
Tie his legs.
Son, what will happen by tying his legs?
Please follow my instructions
Hey, Maniram.
Sit down.
Sit down, I said.
Stop shouting. Be quite.
Loknath, Please come.
Hello, headman.
Tomorrow morning 8o clock we
shall worship. Alright.
Please give me that
Please call the dance troup in advance.
Sure Headman, they will come.
I shall leave.
Okhay, you may leave.
Please call the elephant mentors.
Oh yes! I just forgot
Yes! Headman.
Start the cleaning work.
Make preparation for worshipping
Tell me
Shall I download the goods.
Yes, You may.
You look after the rest of the work.
please come..
Come on brothers, let us start
with the preparations..
Listen, you please spread cow dung
near the worshipping place
You go and get the things
required for worshipping.okhay?
What nonsense are you talking?
What did he say? Stop him.
He is talking nonsense.
Talking bad about our village girl..
We shall not spare you.
Don't let him go.
We will cut you into pieces
I said, You go from here.
What does he think of himself?
Leave it. No.
What is happening here?
We shall burry him here itself
Your village girl..
What did you say?
We will kill you.
Even though if god tells me anything wrong
about my daughter, I may not believe him.
The crop season is near
hence I am letting you go
You are spreading rumors
Take him away from here.
Sir, please come with me.
Yes, We are going..
What are you starring at.
Go away from here.
Go back..
Go away..otherwise..
go away..
We are going...
Leave quickly..
Sir, move quickly..
Sir, quickly..you are not understanding...
No, son
Maniram is restless right now.
It is not right to go near him.
Tomorrow we shall start cutting the crops
We offer the first crop
of the season to the God.
And now you are our God.
What are you looking at?
Villagers treat you as God.
Tomorrow morning please come
to the worshipping place.
We shall offer you the first
crop and then cut the rest of it.
you'll may leave after the crop
cutting makes us feel sad.
but please come in the morning..
Let's go.
My nephew...
and your daughter..
So, this rumor is spread till here
Forget it
That officer is the biggest fool.
He failed to spread
disharmony in this village
He is feeling jealous
because of the crop season
He is willing to start agitation in the
Please ignore him
he spoke rubbish about him
I am sorry on behalf of him.
Please come tomorrow morning
Please come for sure
Sure, She must have done something
Look how quietly shes sitting now
Hey..Why are you quarrelling?
That day itself I warned you about her
Shut up!
Yes, I am right!
Why do you believe the officer?
No body is listening to me.
But he was lying...
You will realize when the
villagers will tont you.
Dont you trust our daughter?
You think she is lying?
Trust her if you want to. But you will
regret when you will know the truth .
Dont pamper her too much.
We will have to suffer later
hey listen...
You please take mother outside
Yes! You always ask me to be stay quite
no body obeys me or listens to me
Daughter, Why are you crying?
They are talking wrong
about you, that is why?
They dont have any work,
they just speak senseless
You always want me to be proud of you
You are my blood.
You will never commit such mistake.
Did you give fruits to maniram?
No! father.
If you wount go now, then others
will think the officer was right.
Go my daughter.
Hold this
Uncle, give it me.
No, I'll do it.
Uncle, Please let me do.
Son, be careful.
Drink this.
Dont go near him.
How is Maniram now?
Tomorrow, we shall leave
after cutting the crop
Isnt uncle?
We have to go back right?
I promise,
Even if your father would have kept a sword
on my neck after knowing about our love
I would have still taken you far
away from the three villages..
But he treats me as a God of this village.
He has a blind faith on me.
So I couldn't do anything..
Should not even do anything..
I dont understand what to do?
That is why I will go from
this village forever ...
"You are my blood."
"You will never commit such mistake."
Please forgive me.
I have forgotten everything.
Even I have forgotten everything.
Just wanted to convey that to you.
Please take care of Maniram.
I am leaving.
I am leaving, Pakkya.
Yes! Headman.
Please come here
Daughter, hold this
Both of you, please take it together..
We are peacefully starting with
the crop cutting this year,
We are thankful to you about it.
The happy occasion has come
All the farms are full with crops
We have derived the fruit of hardwork
There is smile on everyones face today
There is no more sorrow..
Nor any complaints...
Neither any grudges for any one.
Everyone please dance in overjoy
Our dreams have come true
There are new Exaltations in our hearts
Everything happened as I wished...
Crops are fluttering in the field..
Our heart is overjoyed...
Partner, please come and dance with me.
It is the day to enjoy the festival.
Gold has germinated in the field
Our sweat has lead to best results ...
There is no more fear,
Nor any sorrow..
Springtime has come
There is greenery everywhere
Everyone's heart is full of cheer
Sad days are gone, brother
Morning has lead to a new beginning
Our luck has brighten today
Our prayers have come true
It is time to celebrate
crops are fluttering in the field
We have derived the fruit of hardwork
There is smile on everyones face
There is no more sorrow..
nor any complaints..
neither any grudges for anyone..
Maniram is showing his anger.
Wild Elephant, uncle.
please save me, brother.
please save me
give me your hand
Oh! No
Oh! No
Nephew, brother Bansi .
Get all the weapons.
Hey, come on every one, let us the weapons
Hey, mani
Mani, What happened?
Mani, What happened?
Mani, get up.
Maniram, What happened?
Mani, Get up.
Mani get up, Mani.
Mani please get up.
Hey, Maniram
Hey, Mani.
Nothing, will happen to you
Mani, get up
Hey, Mani, get up.
Maniram, get up
What happened to him?
What happened to him?
Hey, Maniram
Uncle, look what happened to maniram?
Manirams body is bleeding, uncle.
Uncle, look what happened to maniram?
Headman, its bleeding from here
Uncle, Uncle.
Hey, Pakkya.
Hey, Uncle.
Oh! No
Uncle, Wake up
Quickly, get water
"what happened son?"
"We are betraying them"
You heard, Isn't?
"If the wild elephant comes suddenly
everything will be destroyed"
There are Innocent children here.
"Please call up brother, we shall
leave from here tomorrow itself"
Will be able to forget Alpa?
I have never seen you crying..
First time I am seeing you weep.
Oh No!
For my purpose, I killed everyone
Hey Pakkya,
you all left me alone
That day itself I told you to leave
but you did not listen to me, uncle
You died , maniram too passed away.
Every one left me
I am left back alone
Where will I go, uncle
I dont have any body in this world
I am going,
I am going uncle
I am going..
You drove me everywhere
You earned me bread
To save my life.
I killed you
And you sacrificed your life for me
when ever I use to get angry on you
You followed me like a kid
When will you come next
Please forgive me mani
You had not being stubborn, Mani
but I had being stubborn.
Why did I fall in love with you?