Kung Fu Jungle (2014) Movie Script

What happened to you?
Send an ambulance over.
What's your name? What happened?
I'm Hahou Mo.
I killed someone.
"Three years later."
Estimated time of death is 2:30 a.m.
Madam is here.
Madam, this is Tarn Sir.
Tarn Fu-wing from Tsimshatsui Crime Unit.
Luk Yuen-sum from HQ. I'm taking over.
I understand. Down this way.
Big Guy!
I told them to check the nearby CCTV,
to find out how the Ferrari crashed.
Anything in the car?
2 packs of drugs in the driver seat.
Where's the body? Not in the car?
In the tunnel.
Is this Glock 17 the murder weapon?
No, it belongs to the deceased.
All rounds have been fired,
but didn't hit anyone.
Estimated time of death is 2:30 a.m.
No sign of the body being moved.
I believe he was killed right here.
He sustained multiple injuries.
Check out the bruises on his left hand,
fractured ribs and sternum
dislocated lower jaw and a skull
with comminuted fracture,
all indicate the impact of a heavy blow.
From the crash?
No, according to Forensics,
the injuries are created by bare hands.
Check out his throat.
There's no apparent open wound,
but his cervial vertebra
and wind pipe have snapped.
By bare hands?
Try to clench your fist.
I can't.
I can't even hold a cup.
The hand trembles when the weather changes.
The wound was bone deep,
you didn't consult a doctor back then,
or else you would have recovered.
I did that on purpose.
I hacked that bastard
30 times before I was hit.
When I look at the scar,
I know I have avenged my daughter.
Yes, you've got a point, OK?
See you later.
Looks who's here!
The asshole who just got arrested.
Move, you old bastard!
Let's go sit over there!
Get lost!
We're leaving...sorry!
Get lost!
We're leaving...sorry!
Read the paper.
Come on.
A bizarre homicide
took place inside the Salisbury Road tunnel.
A body with multiple injuries was found.
The victim Mak Wing-yan,
a.k.a. Shark Yan,
had multiple criminal records.
The Police found drugs at the scene.
It's possible the murder is drug related.
Chief Inspector Luk Yuen-sum is
in charge of the investigation.
Sir, I need to make a call.
I need to make a call to F0 Shan.
- It won't take long.
- Fill out the form.
But Sir...
Ask someone to buy you a phone card,
Don't play me, Sir.
Give it to your welfare
officer and get in line.
You can make the call in front
of the welfare officer.
Just one call, Sir.
Everyone says it's urgent.
No matter how urgent,
we must go by the book.
Sir...Please help me out! Do you hear me?
I want to see Madam Luk.
I can help her with the case.
Yes, Sir!
Shall I serve you milk tea and toast?
You think you're still the instructor?
You can see anyone you want?
We'll fix the old man in the shower.
What are you doing? Don't fight!
Don't fight!
Fix him!
Beat him up!
Hands on your head! Get down!
I want to see Luk Yuen-sum!
I want to see Luk Yuen-sum!
He is a model inmate,
and has been on good behavior
the past 3 years.
But yesterday he asked for you
and beat up on other inmates.
This behavior is highly unusual.
How many?
Open up!
could you buy me 17 carton of smokes
for those I have injured?
I'll pay you back next time.
Next time?
You'll be back.
I once fought Shark Yan,
the Boxing Champion.
You know who's the killer?
I know what he is.
You know him?
I know what he's thinking.
He'll strike again.
How do you know?
You don't kill someone
in an ordinary duel.
Even when I killed someone by accident,
I didn't run off.
If it's revenge, he should have used a gun.
Killing with bare hands,
he meant to slaughter.
Don't you think he did that on purpose?
I know what he's thinking.
I can help you catch him if
you set me free.
Why do you think I need your help?
Because you know martial arts
and what he's thinking?
Shoulders merge with crotch,
elbows with knees,
hands with feet.
Capturing is rigid, seizing is flexible.
One moves onto weapons
after he masters grappling.
A weapon is the extension of the limbs.
When man and weapon merge,
heart merges with mind,
mind merges with energy,
and energy merges with strength.
Yin on the inside and yang on the outside.
Energy is formed inside out.
You can't move on without first attaining
the previous form.
What the hell are you talking about?
I cracked many cases without
knowing martial arts.
Knowing martials arts doesn't mean
you can solve a case.
Give me another reason.
Tung Ching-ting, Tarn King-yiu, Cho Chi-on,
Yuen Ching-yeung, Fong Man-hei,
Fu Sing-tai, Fong Luk-tak,
one of these seven men
will be the next victim.
Sit down!
Dig up everything you can
about all 8 of them.
Including Hahou Mo.
Yes, Madam!
"Conquer The Five Battles
(Chinese Opera)"
"Tam King-yiu"
Over 10 years ago,
a man called Tarn King-yiu
kicked his way to the top in Asia.
He was regarded as the best.
he retired
and became an artist.
My name is Fung Yu-sau.
I'm here
to fight you
to the death.
Get off!
You can't step on that.
Can we fight now?
You're born with a handicap in your legs,
I'm really impressed
you trained yourself to overcome it.
You're renowned for your kicking,
I wish to challenge you.
Tung Ching-ting, Tam King-yiu,
Fu Sing-tai, Fong Luk-tak are all clean
and have different backgrounds
and professions.
They're ordinary citizens.
Do they know martial arts?
I'll need to check.
Now Hahou Mo is interesting.
He once headed the famous martial arts club
Six Mergence Sect in Fo Shan,
which had thousands
of followers in its heyday.
He was enlisted by the Hong Kong Police
as a martial arts instructor.
He killed someone in a duel
and got a 5-year sentence.
His followers and students dispersed,
while many of the branch schools shut down.
Madam, we have a problem!
We interrupt with a breaking news
of a homicide at the Arts Expo this morning.
The victim is a contemporary artist,
Tarn King-yiu.
I can help you catch him if you set me free.
I know what he's thinking.
Give me another reason.
Tung Ching-ting, Tam King-yiu,
one of these seven men
will be the next victim.
You'll be back.
Tarn King-yiu is dead.
He was kicked to death?
Does it matter?
Tarn had awesome leg training
and was kicked to death,
and Mak was an expert boxer
and was beaten to death,
weren't they?
Let me out so I can help you, or
more people will die.
It won't be long now.
Won't be long.
"Conquer The Five Battles
(Chinese Opera)"
"Wong Chit"
Good morning.
This is your temporary pass.
From now on,
you're in Police custody.
Inside is a cell phone,
we must be able to reach
you round the clock,
until we close file and we don't need you.
Whether or not you go back to jail
and for how long,
will depend on your behavior.
You're out.
Tell me how you can help me.
According to the sequence of the victims,
the killer seems to be following a martial arts phrase.
Starting with fists,
then legs and grappling,
weapons and internal energy.
His target is always the expert
in the repsective discipline.
Who's the next target?
Go to Mongkok.
"Tattoo Studio"
We're closed. Come back tomorrow.
We found this at the scene,
what do you make of it?
I don't know.
If your logic is
boxing, kicking then grappling,
is Wong Chit
a" expert grappler?
He was, 3 years ago.
Go up...
Excuse me, step back...
Go up...
His hand is bent out of shape
as if it was smashed by a hammer.
The so-called breaking
the bones and tendons?
If the killer is the same person,
is it possible he's proficient
in boxing, kicking and grappling?
It's not impossible.
I came to fight you to the death.
He won't shut his eyes!
He was my friend.
My friend.
Don't move!
He jumped to the next building,
lock it down!
Police! Open up!
Madam, we searched the nearby buildings.
No sign of Hahou Mo.
I can't take your call right now,
please leave a message.
Sinn Ying,
I'm out.
I'm on my way back to Fo Shan.
See you.
"Six Mergence Sect"
I was wrong.
I thought beating other
sects would bring glory,
but I caused trouble instead,
for killed someone by accident.
I'm so sorry!
I got this for you.
Hopefully the string
can restrain your fists
and help you control yourself.
Where did this come from?
A few months ago, a man came to the school.
He was about 30 and was limping.
He asked me to give this to you.
Is everything alright?
I'm actually working for
the Hong Kong Police.
The case may be related to this thing.
Don't worry!
Are you sure?
Don't worry!
You wanted to see To Fook-ming?
Because of this thing?
I'll take you to him tomorrow morning.
Get some sleep!
Good night.
Good night.
"The same object was"
"found at the scene."
"The Police believe the killer
left it behind for a reason"
"and has released a picture
of the object to the media."
"Anyone who has information of the object"
"should contact the Police right away."
It won't be long now.
Won't be long.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Swallows used to nest
beneath the eaves of the rich
now enter the homes of commoners.
This is called "Eaves Swallow".
In the Qing dynasty,
martial artists used to compete in Beijing.
The losers will each get an Eaves Swallow
from the Ministry of War.
Yours is an imitation,
the real one is made of silver and lead
and should be worth something.
A consolation prize.
This so called conferment
definitely had a different meaning.
It appeared to be a token of
appreciation for their hard work.
But in reality, the message was clear
that martial artists completely useless,
just like a swallow beneath
the eaves of the Qing Emperor.
What's your interest in it?
A serial killer of martial artists
left the Eaves Swallow at the scene.
The killer is a cripple.
Anything else you wish to add?
That's about it.
That's all I know.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
We won't impose on you anymore.
I know him.
6 years ago, this man showed up
to challenge me and we fought.
He beat me in the end
and left behind this Eaves Swallow.
He had an unusual name, it sounded ancient.
It's Fung Yu-sau.
He was born with an atrophied left leg,
his legs are of different lengths
as well as different strengths.
Overcoming the handicap through practice,
his achievement
is rather inconceivable.
Do you know where he is?
He lives with his wife on...
Sui Kwai Lane.
Who's this?
Hahou Mo!
Where are you?
You've been classified as a fugitive
and been wanted.
I just had a lead on the killer.
Crossing the border without our
consent is a major breach.
I can revoke his parole any minute.
This is a martial arts business.
You may not be able to close file
without our help.
If we help you apprehend the killer,
does he have to go back to jail?
We'll get to that when we close file.
Thank you.
No sign of the suspect, please come up.
Tai Yue, check with Immigration.
Yes, Madam!
Big Guy, check upstairs.
Yes, Madam!
You two stay here.
Don't touch anything.
We searched the house, no one is here.
The tenant is Shum Suet.
She lived here with Fung Yu-sau,
but they've moved out already.
She's the landlady,
she knows the suspect.
The man's name is Fung Yu-sau.
Shum Suet is his wife.
They're a pair of love birds.
The wife has cancer.
The husband does nothing
but practice martial arts.
Over there.
Attain ultimate emptiness
and absolute tranquility,
I observe all things as they develop
and return to their origin.
It means repose and
a return to their destiny,
which leads eternity, to know eternity
means enlightenment.
One day I watched him on the roof.
He rubbed his face with something white,
until there was blood all over his face.
He must be crazy!
He's practicing. It's an ancient method.
He used coarse grained sea salt
to thicken his skin, so he can
take a longer beating.
He turned his handicap into an awesome weapon.
Without a care in the world,
alone and without a home,
I can now challenge other martial artists.
That's the motive.
He wants to challenge other martial artists,
and he wants to be No. 1!
A few months ago,
they said they had to go away
to take care of business in Hong Kong,
and paid me 6 months' rent before they left.
Madam, we got something.
I checked with Immigration,
they said they remembered Shum Suet
because she sat in the lobby by herself
and they helped push her through.
We checked with Hong Kong Immigration,
their record showed Shum Suet
came to Hong Kong from
Fo Shan 3 months ago.
They have nothing after that.
6 years ago, Fung Yu-sau was committed
to a mental hospital in Fo Shan.
There's no recent record of him
entering Hong Kong.
He's being very careful,
trying not to leave a trace.
I bet
he started planning to kill back then.
"Six Mergence Sect"
I must go back with them.
This is the condition for my early release.
Can you stay in Shandong
with Uncle Chor?
Do as I say.
Listen to me.
You fought with Fung Yu-sau already?
That explains your injury.
A martial artist must guard his underarm,
how can you let him injure you?
I have never asked anything of you,
but before we catch the killer,
you must go to Shandong.
Very well!
if you really care about me,
you should let me stay with you.
Listen to me...
Miss Sinn, on behalf
of the Hong Kong Police,
I wish to solicit your help.
But, Madam...
I'll tell Miss Lee,
so she can find a substitute teacher.
No! You can't do this...
You can't drag her into this mess!
If she comes along,
you can concentrate on the case.
Madam, come back...
You can't bring a weapon.
I need to practice everyday.
This is from my father.
Sorry, Madam,
the sword goes wherever she goes.
Who's the next target?
Weapon comes after grappling.
The most likely target is Chan Pak-kwong.
His saber is fast like lightning.
Madam, we commandeered several units,
and put eyes in the neighboring streets.
Good, be careful!
Mr. Chow, you're not eating in?
No, I'm eating with my wife tonight.
The one holding the shovel
is your weapon master?
Back then, with a rod in his hands,
he beat several dozens
holding watermelon knives.
Master Chan!
Try my cooking, Miss Sinn!
Come on, Mo!
Long time no see!
This is my friend Miss Luk.
Please sit down! Try my cooking!
How long ago
did you beat me?
It was pure luck!
I haven't practiced in 3 years.
I can't practice even if I wanted to. Look!
What happened?
I was in a car crash 2 years ago.
It's nothing but nuts and bolts inside.
What about your school?
Remember you first challenged my protege
and came to me after you beat him?
I'm putting him in charge of the school.
I seldom go back now.
The action star Hung Yip?
Now the next shot...
the camera will stay on the bike,
when it lands,
the warriors on the left will
run towards Hung Yip.
I understand.
Are you clear?
I'm clear.
Who let the bike down?
Who let go of the wire?
Who the hell is he?
Who the hell is he? Get rid of him!
Hey, you! Get out!
This is not your fight!
Let's go!
For a true expert
still water runs deep.
You're a weapon master,
but reduced to being a stuntman.
Who would have guessed
your craft is not an act?
I'm here to challenge you.
According to the autopsy,
the deceased sustained 14 wounds.
The cause of death is a severed
aorta by something sharp,
leaving a wound 16 cm. long.
we only found Hung Yip's
prints on the sword.
We found a scrap of cloth on the sword
that contains a small amount of blood.
Crosscheck the DNA samples on file,
see if we'll find anything.
Yes, Madam!
Boxing, kicking, grappling and then weapon.
If you move from outside to inside,
what is inside?
Who's next?
Why is he so determined to kill them all?
No one in this day and age would do it,
unless he's a maniac.
A martial arts maniac.
Is that why you killed your opponent?
That's why I'm in jail.
One must pay for one's mistake.
I'm still paying...
This is Lee Yeung-chung.
The last 3 homicides hit the front page.
I could understand that.
Last night's case
became a showbiz headline!
How much time do you
still need to wrap this up?
Sir, I have a very important lead...
Leads are useless.
I want to close file!
Just like in a soccer game,
passing the ball
without shooting for the goal
will never win the game.
I want to know when you can crack the case.
Give me 72 hours.
Fine! 3 days later,
you better make the headlines.
I didn't expect Hung Yip would die.
I've been in jail for 3 years,
so much has changed in the meantime.
If we still come up empty handed,
I'll be tranferred.
you'll go straight back to jail.
Hopefully, with what we have on hand,
we can catch Fung Yu-sau
before he strikes again.
If the blood on the sword
belongs to Fung Yu-sau,
that means he's wounded.
He'll probably lay low for a while.
I need time to find out
in martial arts circles
who would be the next target.
Hope you'll be out soon
to take on the challenge
Lam Sir, this way...
ls Hahou Mo on parole?
What is his connection to the case?
What do you want with him?
Why can't the Police solve the case?
We already have a few leads
and have zeroed in on a suspect.
Once we have something more solid,
we will release it to the media.
Lam Sir, the Police said
the killer is after martial artists,
I'm a beginner in judo,
am I in any danger?
Yes or no?
Please say a few words...
Come back, Lam Sir!
Long time no see, Sir!
The metal scraps we found
in Fung Yu-sau's house in Fo Shan
is the same material
as the Eaves Swallows.
we found sea salt
on the scrap of cloth on Hung Yip's sword.
Check the degree of pollution
and cross match it with water
quality of different areas.
Yes, Madam!
This is Fung Yu-sau,
let me speak to Hahou Mo.
He said he's Fung Yu-sau,
he's asking for Hahou Mo.
Call SDU.
Yes, Madam!
Stall him!
This is Hahou Mo.
You should thank me for getting you out.
You should know better.
Boxing, kicking,
grappling and then weapon.
From outside to inside, the Mergence.
No jail can keep you
if you wanted to come out.
Madam, we found him!
"Tsim Sha Tsui"
SDU action!
That day on the roof,
I was disappointed with you.
When we finally meet,
to see you in top form.
Perhaps I can help you.
your dearly beloved is dead,
I guarantee
you can kill anyone.
You'll be the first, asshole!
I already told you
the only way to stop me is
to kill me.
Madam, SDU at the scene, over!
Up there! Hurry!
The suspect got away!
Fung Yu-sau got away again!
He knows you're in jail,
he knows about Sinn Ying,
and plans to use her to threaten you.
He knows you very well.
He sets out to kill martial artists,
I'm not surprised he knows me.
Are you suspecting me?
Madam, I'm very tired,
can I see Sinn Ying?
Big Guy, take him away!
Yes, Madam!
Thank you, Madam!
Tai Yue, dig up Hahou Mo's phone records,
visitors and correspondence
for the last 3 years.
I want them now!
Yes, Madam!
If your dearly beloved is dead,
I guarantee you can kill anyone.
You'll be the first, asshole!
I already told you
the only way to stop me is
to kill me.
Madam, it's me.
I was at the prison,
they only keep the surveillance
tape for a month.
Apply for access to HQ's supercomputer
retrieve all the deleted files
from the last 3 years.
Watch the news on TV tomorrow
Last night, a bizarre homicide took place...
A body was found
with multiple injuries.
The victim is Mak Wing-yan...
Sorry, Madam!
Let's begin!
The phone we found in the sauna
contains an unregistered SIM.
Just like with the Eaves Swallows,
we only found partial prints on the phone.
As for the scrap of cloth,
Tai O's water quality
matched the sea salt on the scrap.
We checked Fung Yu-sau's
picture with Database,
and finally found something.
His real name is Yung Hoi-sang.
He came to Hong Kong
from Hebei at the age of 16.
Tai Fai, debrief other departments
after the meeting.
Yes, Madam!
Over the past 20 years,
he has been coming in and out of Hong Kong,
but stayed mainly in China.
From his inheritance record,
his grandmother had a house in Tai O.
The sea salt we found matched the area.
We believe
that's where he's hiding.
I repeat...
Fung Yu-sau has not yet been convicted,
he's only a suspect.
Our job is to arrest him,
unless he attacks a police or injures
innocent bystander,
otherwise, do not open fire!
SDU standby outside!
Let's get to work!
Yes, Madam!
Shum Suet's memorial tablet.
Madam, the memorial tablet.
The flowers look fresh.
Born October 18, 1987.
Died September 25, 2014.
She died recently.
Big guy,
Put that down!
Tell everyone to put everything back.
Yes, Madam!
Shum Suet's ashes are still here,
target may come back any minute.
We must redeploy.
Based on Shum Suet's personal particulars,
the day after tomorrow is her birthday.
Fung Yu-sau is bound to come back then.
Seal off a 1 km-radius area from
Fung Yu-sau's house.
CIB will standby outside
the designated area.
Yes, Madam!
The Water Team will guard the 3 channels.
Yes, Madam!
Tai Yue and the Hit Team will split
into 4 teams of 3,
move in when Fung Yu-sau sets foot
inside the house.
Yes, Madam!
The area branches out into many paths
and close to civilan dwellings.
We mustn't let him get away.
You all should notice,
Fung Yu-sau is a highly dangerous
murder suspect.
Thank you!
I'll tie it for you.
I can manage.
Alright, you do it.
You're always taking on everything.
The day you become famous,
was the day you become alone in your world.
Let's eat.
You think Fung Yu-sau is your match?
What are you trying to say?
This is my business,
not yours.
This is Police business,
not yours.
Target entering Zone C.
Target is gone.
Fung Yu-sau is gone.
Tai Yue, lead the Hit Team in a search.
Look again!
Lam Sir, take a look at this.
Madam, a call for you.
Arrest Hahou Mo at once.
You were right.
He saw Fung Yu-sau before.
It's possible they're in on this together,
aiming to break Hahou Mo out of jail.
I'll send the information to your laptop.
Thank you.
Get up! Hands on your head!
You're working with Fung Yu-sau!
Look, Madam! It's Sinn Ying!
Don't move, put down the gun!
I'll do it!
Tai Fai, arrest Hahou Mo at once!
Listen up!
He's likely to be an accomplice
and highly dangerous.
Shoot him if he resists.
I have her ashes,
leave Hahou Mo alone!
He'll only become stronger
when you're dead!
Hahou Mo got away!
Officers down! Send backup!
Are you alright?
Stand up!
Yours is fancy boxing,
real martial arts is
for killing.
You'll be alright...
Madam, this is Tai Yue.
We can't find Hahou Mo in Zone B.
What's your situation?
We need backup!
Calling control, officers down in Zone A.
Hello? Someone is hurt!
- Fung Yu-sau's house!
- Send an ambulance.
I can't hear you, please repeat that!
Fung Yu-sau's house!
Teams A, B & C, do you copy?
Snipers, do you copy?
Do you copy?
Let's go over there now!
Don't go!
We're on our way over!
Officers in the water,
we need the Lantau Marine Police.
Come on!
Intercept him before he leaves
the typhoon shelter.
I'm not his accomplice.
I can explain everything.
I admit he came to see me in jail.
He said he worshiped me
and wanted to follow my footsteps.
He wanted to beat those I have beaten,
and then come to challenge
me and be the NO.1.
Hahou Mo,
you're regarded as the No.1 martial artist.
We'll fight to the death.
This is the whole thing goes.
Why didn't you tell me about
this from the start?
I admit I have a personal agenda.
If I told you
I have met him before,
then you won't need me
and get me out.
I won't have a chance to protect Sinn Ying.
He threatened me with Sinn Ying.
Sinn Ying is in Fo Shan.
If you won't fight me,
I'll kill her.
You wanted to fight him from the start.
Listen to me!
I did this all for Sinn Ying.
I thought if I helped you catch Fung Yu-sau,
Sinn Ying would be safe.
But Fung Yu-sau killed so many people,
She was in danger and I can do nothing.
Sinn Ying is the most important thing to me.
She is the most important thing to me.
Hahou Mo!
Come over here.
Lam Sir!
I really think you need time off.
You're taking over?
The brass thinks
I've been negligent too,
though I'm not directly in charge.
They're shipping me off to
an anti-terrorist drill.
I'm taking the night train to Guangzhou.
We're both off the case?
It'll slow down our progress.
Everyone stays on
except you and me.
Lock down Lantau Island
and send choppers to conduct a search.
Call Lantau Police for backup.
The suspects are still on the island,
we must find them ASAP.
Lam Sir, can your team back us up?
No problem!
Thank you! Get to work!
Yes, Sir!
I know you know him.
Why didn't you tell me?
He was really obsessed with martial arts.
He kept writing me and asked me questions.
I didn't know he's a murderer.
I can't believe
I helped a killer.
It's not your fault.
You are right to work with the Police.
Don't blame yourself.
I don't know,
I think I need do something to compensate.
You promised me
you'll restrain your fists.
Do it for me!
Don't fight him.
Martial arts is meant to kill,
not a kid's brawl.
We must decide who lives and who dies.
Fung Yu-sau was fight.
Martial arts is meant to kill.
I should have killed him
the minute I got out.
Then he couldn't have hurt Sinn Ying.
Boxing, kicking,
grappling then weapon.
From the outside to the inside...
Boxing, kicking, grappling then weapon.
From the outside to the inside...
What's inside?
Who's next?
"Hung Yip, Wong Chit,
Tam King-yiu, Mak Wing-yam..."
Siu Hok-nin?
"Siu Hok-nin, car plate GB6729"
The fact that you didn't run me over,
means you're ready
to take me on.
Running you over is too easy for you.
I'm here to kill you.
We fight
to the death!
Madam Luk Yuen-sum?
I'm Siu Hok-nin,
Hahou Mo asked me to call you.
This is fun!
We're not finished!
"Superintendent Chan"
Rewind it,
let me hear what he said.
Right here...
This is the Hahou Mo
I've been waiting for.
Come on!
Kill me and you'll win.
Come on!
Hopefully the string
can restrain your fists.
Hahou Mo,
you didn't let me down after all.
You're by far
the strongest of my opponents.
martial arts is...
meant to kill.
I'll kill you
even if you wouldn't kill me.
Hahou Mo, can you hear me?
Hang in there, the ambulance is on its way.
Hahou Mo, don't close your eyes.
I'm No. 1.
Fung Yu-sau
put your hands on your head.
Or I'll shoot.
Hahou Mo...
"3 months later"
Hahou Mou, you have visitors.
Hey, what about my left arm?
I'll fix it when I come back.
Sit down.
Thanks for looking after Sinn Ying.
I've kicked off the judicial procedure,
for the Police to review your case.
You should get out soon.
I hope you'll come back
as an instructor.
That was Lam Sir's idea.
I always go by the book.
Thank you.
Thank you.
One looks for nothing
but safety and happiness.
Being No. 1 is a lonely business.
There is so much one must forsake
to stand on that narrow peak.
I'd rather
take someone's hands
and brave the world together,
creating the happiness
and bearing the bitterness.
The thought of being No. 1
never crossed my mind again.