Kung Fu League (2018) Movie Script

Yingxiong, help
To pick up a girl
you need to hold on
let go of bao'er
ha - go away
Fei yingxiong
I fight it out with you
My bad
bao'er is your girl
ah ha ha ha ha ha ha
my name is fei yingxiong
twenty-five years old
I'm a cartoonist
the day I finished
my first comic book kung fu league
I made a decision
I want to give a love letter to bao'er
my dream lover
it was this decision
that changed my fate
I am sorry
sorry sorry
are you ok
I'm fine
yingxiong, are you okay?
I'm fine
let me help you
when did you draw these?
I... just draw them casually
what is the story of this comic?
It is a time slip story
master wong, master huo, zhen and ip man
travel to 21st century to
uphold justice and help the needy
hello, president
cousin, this is yingxiong's painting
four masters travel to modern times
took a long time to draw?
No no
the team leader asked me to draw...
did you do sports before going to work
- I've long thought about
- Hey, let's go, let's go
this idea of the "four masters"
miss ying, you look so beautiful today
dry cleaning. I know, sweetie.
Calabash brothers and
monkey king sun wukong
enough, enough
if you don't bare you heart to bao'er
she will be zhang peng's girlfriend
oh, no. Aunt
what you should do now is to date her
go shopping, have dinner, watch movies
then register, get married, have a baby
miss ying, miss ying
oh, what happened
we have a meeting now
I tell you
the girl's youth is very
short and doesn't wait
you didn't manage to date bao'er
in four years in college
what a failure
let me help you
take it to her
that's too fast
happy birthday to you
I know that it's your birthday today
take the cake to her and make a wish
tell her what you want to say
if you can't say it out,
just write a love letter
miss ying miss ying
president zhang tells you to put less sugar
and more milk in bao'er's coffee
if it weren't for your cousin's illness
that required money
I won't be here
come on
What took you so long?
Do you still want your job?
What are you doing?
I'm not
you're not? What did you
put inside the bag?
I did not put anything inside
what do you put in? Nothing?
Don't take me wrong
- let's have a look
- Take it out! Let me have a look
I didn't put anything...
Take it out! Let me have a look
don't come over
The thief beat me
I didn't steal anything
I really didn't steal anything
hey, look
I didn't steal anything
step aside
yingxiong is not such a person
I can guarantee that with my personality
although he is poor
he will never do such thing
although he is poor
very, very poor
I am very poor
I am very poor
Get out of here
yingxiong is a very nice person
it must be a misunderstanding
miss ying - right?
I heard that your son is seriously ill
go to work
go to work
why standing here?
Go to work
Master wong, master huo, zhen, ip man
don't you uphold justice
and help the needy?
Why don't you help me to get bao'er?
Zhang peng, you make me jealous
why do you have everything?
Why do I have nothing?
is my birthday
I want you all these
kung fu masters come to help me
my wish is
Young man, who are you?
Do you want us to help you?
Master, do you know him?
Hello, say it quickly
I'll take it as your promise
How can you compete with master wong?
You are talking rubbish
My dear,
I know it's not so appropriate
but I must make a choice
between the two men
you obviously arranged wong
to be my childhood sweetheart
why did you arrange me to meet Mr. x?
You sent to me a new man
and still keep the old one with me
it's such a difficult decision for me
Wong, how dare you to exceed me
Kai, watch out villain kin
yes, master
a niu, shake the lion's head
Kai, hit him - ok, go
you fight with me? I'm villain kin
Villain kin is going to catch up
catch up with master wong
miss miss
master wong's lion is knocked down
it seems that this time
he will be taken away
if master wong encouter any accident
I will be with that guy
but if wong is safe and sound
then I'll make a clean break
with Mr. x
Kai - master
master wong is coming
never let wong win
My dear,
you are really so harsh
to let me spend the rest
of my life with wong
master wong
Arrange someone to take this letter
to Shanghai tonight
give it to Mr. x
you are going to make a
clean break with Mr. x?
the choice has already been made for me
I can only let go
then just let go
you think it's very easy
it's very easy
to break off?
Then why don't you
just give the letter to master wong
anyway, you didn't put anyone's name on it
no way
wong has waited for me for so many years
I only spent
three months with Mr. x
how can I do that?
Master wong is back
Master wong
- congratulations
- Thank you thank you
thank you, thank you
master, today is everyone's birthday
yours, mine, and his
by the way
today is the seventh day
of the lunar month, the man-day
it's everyone's birthday
there is a custom in western society
called making a wish
my wish is to
master wong
I'm not stupid
you have waited for me for so many years
I certainly know your greatest wish
is to marry me
a good man goes far away from
his home and aspires to a great career
to punish the evil and help the weak
the reason why I didn't marry you
is the fear that my
enemies will come to you
you don't need to send the letter out
in order not to hinder you
from helping the weak
I will leave tomorrow
Don't worry
you've waited for me for so many years
I will make you my wife
how romantic
this ring
I have put here for more than ten years
I see why you're so uneasy today
I understand
after all
you are a big girl
that letter
just send it out
what letter
that letter
I have kept it for more than ten years
just tell my mom
we are getting married
it's good to have your mother happy
why aren't you going yet?
13th aunt
your dream finally comes true
I want to have a home
ok ok
ok ok
wait for me, master wong
master wong
I've come to you from a great distance
you must help me
master huo
ip man
why should I help you?
To uphold justice and help the weak
for chivalrous spirit
for one five two
one five two
do come here to help me
what is one five two?
Who are you?
don't die
Zhiwei, don't die
are you ok?
the photographer has been changed
who is it?
Nice kung fu
what happened? So grandiloquent.
He thinks he's doing
an unrealistic anti-Japanese drama?
Qing kung?
Which group are you of?
Don't run. Come back to filming
who the heck are you? Hey, you
Why do you chase me?
I'm not chasing you
they are chasing me
What the heck!
Who are they?
What's wrong with you
grandmaster dugu qiubai
watch out the sword
come back
your kung fu is excellent
I want to sign a contract with you
as the protagonist of my next film
be careful - don't go
why did you attack me?
I just saved you
don't fight
what's your name?
I need your help?
You're so ungrateful
What's your name?
you like master wong so much
I promise I'll make you
the next Vincent zhao wenzhuo
I don't know who Vincent zhao wenzhuo is
but I, wong, will never
be the next Vincent zhao wenzhuo
I am just myself
master wong
I am the disciple of master huo
zhen - ah, you are Bruce Lee
master huo
let's leave here first
master wong, let's go
don't go
director, are you okay?
All departments ready!
Touch up the make-up for the actors
it seems that director zhang
is obsessed with kung fu
everyone, keep quiet
he is nuts
where is your master
last night I drank with my master
after drinking
I had a very strange dream
there was a merman
come to me for help
after waking up
master told me that he had
a same one
and we found it that
we came to the place called hengdian
we see a lot of weird people
they don't seem to be of our time
what do you mean?
We come to another world
I think we traveled through time
this is definitely not our time
master wong
Everybody, come and follow me
here is the wingchun martial club
this is the largest club in hengdian...
We did traveled through time
no, you are master huo?
Yes, master ip
it's my master
Always challenge me when I have a meal
master ip, don't take me wrong
take you wrong?
You are not here to challenge me
are you coming here to have a meal with me?
The scent led me here
I'm hungry for a long time
I went out with my disciple to find food
but we got separated
I didn't lie to you
this is my disciple, zhen
next to him, I don't know who he is
he is the famous master wong
what the heck!
You said you are not here to challenge me
master huo
and then master wong
really, I'm wong from foshan
did he know my affair with 13th aunt?
I don't think his reaction is like that
you must be careful
if he knows my affair with 13th aunt
how can he let go of me?
That makes sense
I haven't ask
oh, I'm from foshan, wing chun master ip...
We are from the same place
master ip, what is your name?
Bit man
then how did he travel through time?
It's a long story
I had a dream last night
of a beautiful merman
when I woke up, I am here
you had the same dream
as master and I
he gave me a number
my is 841
my is 152
what about you?
what should I do
13th aunt is waiting for me
to marry her next month
the most important thing is your marriage.
Just go, master wong
let us be
We all traveled through time to come here
find the merman first, otherwise
I can't just let you be
You guys go first
leave me alone
someone else travel through time
I can be a connector
are there someone else coming
excuse me, where is the crew
of the three kingdoms?
Do you know
director, they are on it
go away, you
the psycho director comes
Don't go. I'll sign a contract with you
go - go
why is he so low?
what should we do now
it is near the large city
go and see if we can find acquaintances
to find the merman
master wong, large city is not peaceful
you can just stay here
master huo, you really are a hero
always have considerations for others
I definitely will take you as a friend
I will undergo the most
severe trials with you
It should be the marshal mansion
but now it's the city management office
people say
13th aunt - it's demolished
where can I find you?
have a look
"a place where dreams begin."
Man in your dream
after Alpha dog won Lee se-dol and ke jie
there have been waves in the al market
zhang peng, president of China a science
and technology co., ltd. Announced today
that artificial intelligence Superman a
will challenge the champion of
the "world wushu contest"
"I will go to the wushu contest venue
at 7 tonight. Will you come?"
"If you don't show up,
let's never meet again."
What do we eat?
Big Mac combo
have it here?
Hot 'n spicy mcchicken combo
Master wong, do you have silver
I usually eat at home
do you have free Wi-Fi?
Of course
give me three free Wi-Fi combo
no chili
you want free combo?
You can try this
I am absolutely...
Thank you very much
what about me
we are so familiar
that will be like incest
you deal with it yourself
Must you do this?
Why don't you just give him money
My treat
You four are so poor
let me help you
The money is
enough for you to buy
tickets to come back home
no, no, no
hold it
this girl
she is as nice as 13th aunt
there is nothing to say
let me give you a hug
don't do this to the young girl
Then please leave your name
so that my descendants will be able
to return the money to you in 2018
I'm huo
I am his disciple zhen
bit man
a ha ha ha
I have to go
what's so funny?
Everyone, say goodbye here
stop pretending master wong
in the midnight to shock others
this girl
is really chivalrous
let's split the money
thank you very much
master, is he reliable
"I trust that you did not steal anything."
"But why were you holding
the bag that I gave miss ying?"
I will go to jinshan wushu
contest venue at 9 pm. Join me!
Wow, a den of thieves
to err is human
I'm foshan wong
you are master wong
then he is Jay chou
Lost track boxing
Kung fu
one horizontal stroke, one vertical stroke
the right one shall stand
the wrong one shall fall
I'm wrong
I shall fall down
master ip is really powerful
you didn't even touch him
and he is lying here
big brothers
your kung fu is superb
I'm shi gandang
I am extremely admired
my gang just robbed you
I will give your money back, double
money is useless
we can't go back
is your home far away?
To be honest
even if we have money
we don't know how to go back
Long story
in short, we need find the boy
who asked for help in our dream
so that we can find a way to go back
oh, you are looking for someone
I have plenty of friends
all corners of the country
if you want to find someone,
I can get him in minutes
if you help us find him
your debts
can be written off once and for all
you give me the information of the boy
I do not know
he just left a few figures for us
my is 841
Didn't you say 33 last time?
Right, 33
use wechat swindle software
enter all the numbers
three people in a group
see if you can find out
the meaning of the figures
I'll find him out. You may rest assured
ok ok
bro, it's a phone number
Why did you give them dreams?
It was not me
this phone is stolen in the subway
from a boy
It seems that bao'er asked
him out this evening
to meet in the wushu contest venue
it's him
it's him
let us come in and have a look
the information books of
"ten tigers of guangdong" are all here
the books of Shaolin are here
Keep low profile
I, master huo, have been open
and aboveboard all my life
I'll never be like a thief in the night
master, you're so great
you still want to find
the boy in your dreams?
If you don't want to find him
you can speak even louder
Master wong
master wong, your exhibits
13th aunt's secret lover
a love letter
the seventh day of the lunar month
the man-day
master wong
it's more important to find the boy
don't care about the little things
master huo
there is no trivial matter about 13th aunt
master wong
ah, there is no name
master huo
why did you drop on your knees?
why am I kneeling here?
My master hated it most
those who cuckold a husband
so he is determined to
help you find him out
cut him up to feed the dog
this doesn't explain why
he had to kneel down
as inspiration comes
we always do this several times in a day
why so surprised?
No wonder
like master, like disciple
Your cherry mouth
speak endlessly words of love
your sweet talks
echo in my mind
when you open your mouth
two rows of white teeth
are so charming
your charming hair
flutters in the wind
it's like thousands...
master wong, there are more
why did you do this?
Zhen, why did I do this?
Before killing someone
my master will always carefully
design the style of the killer
he does this
just want to show his determination
to help you revenge
thank you
what the heck?
You so understand your master
did you study philosophy or psychology?
I study everything
where is bro shi?
Wipe your face
thank you
master wong, bro shi may be here
come and see
do you want to get rid of us
I think you are very strange
you will able to move after a while
what happed?
Mute point
why do you stare?
Why don't let him close the other eye?
Why do you leave one eye open?
That one is left for you
president zhang, you have a visitor
someone come, master
master ip, guard him
how did you come, bao'er?
I have an appointment here
with my master qiao shanhu
I'll introduce him to you
oh no, thanks
I just passed by
and come in to see if you are here
I never expected that you
still care about me so much
this is something that
I have put so much effort into
do you know why I want to hold the contest?
I know
there is someone below the table
one person
I'm in the artificial intelligence industry
but I like kung fu very much
that's why you hold the contest
not only so...
It's the boy in our dreams
finally, I successfully
developed an al kung fu armor
whatever kind of person
put on this armor
he will become a kung fu master
I'm on your side
of course, this is just one of the reasons
look at him, lurks there and eavesdrops
he doesn't seem like a good person
this one
it's a smart kung fu
doll that I made myself
I worked hard for so many years
in fact, is just for this
now I give this invention patent
to you
- I
- You don't need to say anything
I know
your heart belongs to someone else
I knew that in the comics workshop
fei yingxiong, right?
He is not a person of the our world
fei yingxiong doesn't deserve you
I hope you can accept it
just like I've been around you
and protect you
President zhang
here I am
there are four people under the table
what did you say
one knows nothing of kung fu
two of them are of one faction
what are you guys?
One is a master
of leg kung fu
come out
Bao'er, go
go out quickly
go quickly. Go quickly
Zhen, you go to help master wong
yes, master
Master wong
wong wong wong
master wong
so you are...?
That's right, I am
master huo
I'm fierce
the comics I drew came true
master wong
Master wong
don't wait for me.
I'm going to get back 13th aunt's letter
aha ha ha ha
I really have a dream come true this time
master ip, untie his points and go
are you really ip man?
Are you ip man?
What points?
I see
you did not come here to see me
I wish I could have you here to help me
I didn't expect you folks really came
you immediately made a wish
let us return to our own time
if not, you will end up like this
Master ip
please hurry up and make a wish
let us return to our own time
I am very anxious
to ask 13th aunt about this letter
Why are we still here?
Of course I made a wish
to let you stay here
I was going out to bare
one's heart to bao'er
you four guys
pulled me back
you must teach me martial arts
I wish to be in front of zhang peng
won the champion of the world wushu contest
with the 30 million
no one will say I am poor
I will deserve bao'er
you must stay and help me
you dig your grave
uphold justice and help the needy,
help the needy to help themselves.
You kill him
you can't go back to your time
in ancient times you are four heroes
but here
you are four losers
like him
you have no money, no car, no house
all right
needless to say
I can see that
you are the digestive tract
of the 19th century
two meals with dirty cooking oils,
you will kick the bucket
just help him
help him to win
after that, he dates the girl
you come back to your time
Only who is right
is qualified to speak
Bro tao
last night
I met four martial arts masters
they said that
because of fei yingxiong's wishes
they traveled through time to here
they also said that
if they do not fulfill fei yingxiong's wish
they have no way to go back
I bring them here today to meet you
because I have an idea
to make a fortune with the four guys
Come on. Quickly. Teach
me masterpiece kung fu
then I will first teach
you lost track boxing
Go grab the ball
I'm not afraid of you
Come again
Wow, what's that kung fu?
Bro tao
surprise, right?
Lost track boxing
your opponent can never
see clearly your track
I only knew when I watched TV yesterday
that c Ronald learned
just a little of the lost track boxing
that he can do the perfect
deceptive movements
his opponents can never find the ball
I was born in a wrong time
or else I am the footballer
of the year every year
time slip
fei yingxiong
takes the opportunity
to racketeer the four masters
I'm be their agent
to help fei get his girl back
opportunity knocks only once
bro tao, it's the only
chance in our lifetime
at whatever cost
we can never let go of
this great opportunity
I see
teach me that, teach me the boxing
no problem
under the guidance of us four masters
with your qualifications,
about thirty years are enough
thirty years
thirty years bao'er's children
will grow up and date someone
is there a second way?
open up your three gi channels
and seven chakras with external force
master ip
the seven chakras are
the crown chakra
third-eye chakra
throat chakra
heart chakra
solar plexus chakra
abdomen chakra
last one
the root chakra
if we can make it
you will be able to throw
an elephant with one hand
and cross the river on a Reed leaf
come connect my gi channels
it's not that easy
as far as I know
from ancient times to the present
no one has succeeded yet
at most
they made it to the third chakra
don't be afraid
I am not afraid
let's get through from my root chakra.
Come on
All contestants have already checked in the
hotel designated by the conference today
to prepare for the world wushu
championship contest, which begins tomorrow
more than forty schools participated
in this contest
facing the sea
it's the theme of your room
your room is a penthouse
it's her
there is something on your mouth
I will wipe it for you
not the first time anyway
that girl, that night
There are quite a few contestants
- there is no room available
- Yes
we must be busy this time
secretary chen
is our room cleaned up?
Of course, president zhang
You guys
why didn't you return home?
Thank you for your help last time
we finally found the man in our dreams
as long as we can help
him to complete his wish
we will be able to go home
man in your dreams
What do you have to say to this girl?
Let's say it
I don't have anything to say
what are you afraid of? We're all here
Ok, ok
tell her what you want to say
I have always been - your call
pick it up
it is me, your aunt
I don't know how to start
but your cousin's ill is
much more serious recently
the doctor said he needs operation
fortunately, president zhang
lent me some money
we are of
a world different from their
we are all ordinary people
you, just let go
let go of bao'er
and don't have any expectations
it's my request
this time
aunt is begging you
Thank you
I am sorry
Do you have anything to say?
Just tell her
What's more to say?
Meet you in the ring tomorrow
go, let's go
the no-shadow-foot that you used that night
has been lost for more than a hundred years
who are you?
And who are you?
Heir of dragon boxing
qiao shanhu
I am their agent
no contract, no insurance, no payment
we won't have a fight with you
if you really are interested in our masters
see you in the ring
go, go
A man
whose sword is not pulled out yet
being scared by a love rival
is not so pathetic
at least he knows who his rival is
but me
I don't even know who my rival is
don't talk about it. Just drink it
let's toast
Go on
"I love you"
"so thoroughly, nobody
loves you more than I do"
"I love you"
"not for one or two days"
I was wrong from the beginning
outrageously wrong
I am very poor. I have no money
I wasn't able to learn any kung fu
now my aunt told me to give up
what do I insist
it's useless
fei yingxiong
a true man
has courage
get up with courage
tell the girl
you love her
I really want to tell her
but I can't go back to my time
13th aunt
where are you
are you ok?
Drank too much
- how much did he drink?
- I don't know
13th aunt
how much did he drink?
I didn't pay attention
- come to get the manager here
- Go quickly
hello, wake up
I see
I see
master wong
as true men
we bleed. We don't cry
Sorry, master wong
The wound is bound up
you should feel guilty to cuckold him
who cuckolded him?
Of course it's you
who else? I?
Why did you say it's me?
Master wong committed suicide.
I didn't sigh
chen zhen didn't sigh
only you sighed
zhen, why did I sigh?
My master sighed
because he has a crush on master wong
he has a crush
then why did he say sorry to master wong?
Why did I say I'm sorry?
You shifted your love to another person
who is it?
It's him
Come here
I'm not psychologically prepared
of course you are not
psychologically prepared
you said you love 13th aunt
when did I say I love her?
It was on the rooftop that day
you talked with your disciple
you speak Shanghai dialect. So do I.
After winning the game,
give your part of the reward to me
then I won't tell anyone
master wong
when did you come here?
I came here
since the very beginning
of your conversation
13th aunt is right
your teeth are really white
I have to brush my teeth now
otherwise, 13th aunt will dislike me
master wong
Just continue to
speak ill of me
It's him
he deserves this
Master wong, don't
I want to commit suicide
to hit and kill myself
Oh, my
my legs
president zhang
I saw fei yingxiong go out for bao'er
you two, don't run. Stop
don't let him go
finish off him
you still want to run?
What are you doing?
it's me! It's me
fei yingxiong
don't be afraid
it's not me who stole this suit
the woman, she took off
her suit and gave it to me
I took off my clothes to her
then she...
What am I talking about?
This suit is she and I took off
Give me a little bit of time
I can do it
a little bit
Master wong was drunk
he cried badly
in his heart, he has always
wanted to tell someone
but he doesn't have an opportunity now
13th aunt is not in the same time with him
but you are here with me
so I still have this opportunity
today I have a lot of things to tell you
these words
have been in my heart for a long time
Last time
I didn't steal your stuff
I just wrote a love letter
an put it in your bag
You wrote a letter, too?
What do you mean "too"?
I think the letter is
not straightforward enough
I remember that I hid it in this bag
this bag
this bag
right, this bag
liar, there is no love letter in it
I hid it in a secret place
This letter
Do you remember
on September 1, 2012, at the school gate
this is not what I wrote
don't read it
the sky was very blue that day
and there is a breeze
I made a decision
I must get the boy in jeans
to help me take my luggage
don't think that I'm so delicate
that I can't even move the trunk
did you watch that last two seconds?
Of course
of course what? The last three pointer?
Buzzer beater. Cool
I'll help you. I can help you
no. Thanks
hey girl, I can help you
I'll take it for you
everyone is staring at the ball
the ball is on the rim
it was an accident
was it so exciting?
"It's not long since we met"
"but I'm so familiar already"
"with your smile and your everything"
- "my heart flutters with joy"
- Thank you
"every time you're near"
"as the roadside restaurant is just full"
fei yingxiong is on the second floor
- "as I just bring an umbrella"
- No one's here
- "I decide to go home later slightly
- The seats are yours
"as it so happens"
"as the weather turns nice"
"as buses drive away"
"you finally walk by there"
"I'm going that way, too. Coincidence"
"in the moonlight, our
shadows side by side"
"I peek at your profile"
"and see galaxies"
"in your eyes" - dad. Dad.
What is so urgent?
I want to work in my
cousin's comics workshop
don't you like traditional
Chinese painting?
Since when you changed
your taste and like comics?
"After graduation"
we meet again
"let me be there with you"
"as it so happens"
"you will meet me there"
"and fall in love me"
"as we look to each other"
"as we want to pour out our hearts"
"as the bright rainbow arches above"
"hold me tightly"
"in your arms"
You scared me
why are you here?
You came out for him
He bared his love for me
kidding me
he is a poor boy
he is not good enough for you
I do not allow you to say him like that
don't call me cousin
do we have kinship?
"World wushu contest"
rest assured
ladies and gentlemen
welcome to the world wushu contest
there is only one champion
there is only one trophy
who stands to the end
is the king
the prize is rmb 30 million
rmb 30 million
fortune. Hahaha
please verify
then sign your name here
versus one
one versus ten. That's me.
Please put on your clothes
being naked is not
respectful to the contest
not respectful?
What about him?
This is the standard clothing of sumo
I'm not respectful if I don't wear a shirt
he is respectful with less clothes than me
The next one is you
Master wong
master wong. It's your turn
defeat them
and you can go home master wong
what's up with him
wong... master wong, I'm on your side
what's the situation?
You really should learn from him
No-shadow-foot and lost track boxing
failed to be handed down since
more than a hundred years ago
who are you?
Wong from foshan
today, I'm very honored
to exchange a few blows with you
please do beat me with all your strength
I really want to be killed by you
hello bro tao
don't worry
there is definitely no problem
and absolutely pleasant surprises
at that time, the four great masters
will lose to fei yingxiong
this championship is still ours
what do you guys
what the heck?
just tactics
what tactics
if you lose this time
I cut you up to feed the dog
I told you to kill me
not to press me
let's give me something exciting
Tell me
why do you look down on me?
Why do you look down on me?
He is committing suicide
you can't just lose
to him intentionally, master wong
you can't play this way
you can't come up
What on earth are you doing?
Yeah, what are you doing?
Yeah, what do you want?
What? Didn't you hear it?
Whoever stands till the end is the champion
what does that mean?
Makes sense. Go
Master wong
are you ok?
Leave me alone
I'll rather kill you myself
if you decide to commit suicide
come back
come back
Do you know why 13th aunt
had an affair with me
because she knew that you are a coward
I knew that you grew
up together since childhood
I still dared to court her
because you are a coward
it was me who received
the breaking up letter
I didn't give up
you give up
why do you give up so easily
do you really love her?
don't beat him
master wong
you told me that a man must have courage
to take the initiative to court a woman
now I have the courage to court bao'er
why don't you have the courage
to come back to 13th aunt
Oh, can you guys be a
little bit more reliable?
I will be killed by bro tao
you promised to help me
a man must keep his promise
people practising kung fu
should keep improving themselves
and help the weak
you failed to keep promise
now even the young boy is braver than you
how can people deem you as a grandmaster?
I'll beat you coward to death today
so that 13th aunt doesn't
need to make a choice
because she will have no choice
I, wong
will keep my promise
to help yingxiong win the game
and complete the wish
then we will come back to
13th aunt together to clarify everything
to see who laughs last.
He's my opponent
yingxiong, come in to hide
Don't come over
go back
Master ip
why are you hiding here?
This is my unique skill
one vs one hundred
master wong will deal with him
Master wong
bao'er is caught by zhang peng
help me to save her
bao'er is in my hands
to save bao'er, you need to immediately
come to the elevator no. 4 in area a
things go wrong
I won
where is bao'er?
In the elevator no. 4
don't go. The contest is not over
they are all gone
master ip
I'm counting on you
You're so loyal
you are the real grandmaster
I can't. I can't pretend like this
actually, I'm not ip man
all of you think I'm ip man
in fact, I am just a fugitive
you are not ip man
who are you?
Bit man
one - wait for us
Five six seven
where is no. 47?
Over there
Long ago, a boy fell in love with a girl
they were small childhood sweethearts
one day, when the boy carrying the girl
she told him over his shoulder
zhang peng
when we grow up, I'll marry you
later, the boy secretly made up his mind
that he must be the best man in the world
he wants to be witnessed by the world
to tell her how much he loves her
so the boy left his parents
to study abroad on his own
after returning home he founded a
top technology company in China
the girl loves comics
so he accompanied her
to work at the comics workshop
the girl likes kung fu
so he holds a kung fu exhibition
and holds the wushu contest
I put the proposal ring
in the smart kung fu doll
and gave it to her
I swear
I'll protect her all my life
from any harm
I invented the strongest
kung fu armor in the world
to kill all these bad guys
I did not expect
in the comics workshop
there was a stupid kid
a stupid kid
you overestimated yourself
to challenge us four people
I'm enough to cope with you
every time your disciple fight
with other people
he takes off his shirt?
Don't you think it's charming?
don't do this
I know
fei yingxiong loves you
I love you, too
can you give me a fair chance to compete?
What, what are you looking at?
A zombie
a stupid kid
a cripple
an exhibitionist
is this a fancy dress party?
How could this be?
Screw you
do you think that I hold
the wushu contest for no reason?
Your kung fu data
all have been recorded
in my greatest invention, kung fu armor
the first step is imitation
then it will figure out how to defeat you
am I strong?
master huo
don't shake me
it hurts badly
though you see clearly zhen's moves
you may not be able to see mine
master wong
You can figure out my feint attack?
lost track boxing
Lost track boxing
don't move
I never imagined
that it's within your analysis
give it to you
master huo
he just defeated my lost track boxing
but my pick-up trick
must be better than his
master huo
master huo
nothing. I'm fine
master huo
I know you're good at taking care of women
if you can keep alive and come back
take care of 13th aunt for me
why is he so cool
master huo
I'm fine. I'm fine
Come again
no shadow legs
you are out of date
look at my whirlwind no-shadow legs
Master wong
I'm sorry
it's the left leg
Don't. Don't
Master wong
Look at you, loser
you said you love him
does he deserve your love?
Does he
you said you love me
you do not deserve
I'll tell you a secret
last night, I kissed bao'er
you loser
The water temperature in this pool
is just right
you wanna die?
We've tried our best
you know
what happened next
you must know
I'll finish you off
Is there any way to teach me
the top martial arts?
Master wong
of course there is
open up your three gi channels
and seven chakras with external force
if we can make it
you will be able to throw
an elephant with one hand
and cross the river on
a Reed leaf overnight
there is a chasm
between each chakra
come to the jun sky as
the root chakra starts
come to the hao sky
as the abdomen chakra starts
when the black blood comes out,
the ultimate change is close
when the red blood comes out,
you've reached the highest level
when the blood turns from black to red
the seven chakras start
this is the only way to
open up your three qi channels
good boy
to pick up a girl
at least you should be good-looking
Give me one more blow
help me
- and I'll make it happen
- I know
bao'er, help him
say you love him
encourage him
I want to marry you
I'm coming
bao'er is mine
you go to die
Oops - cousin
please, stop
let them go
just say "I love you"
why did you say you want to marry him?
Don't you know that
marriage is love's grave?
you really died miserably
it is my fault. I left
you no choice to make
now I'm your only choice
I'm the only hero of you
you can only choose me
Did you hear me?
in the past, Bodhi Dharma
had faced the wall for nine years
to open up his three gi channels
and start the seven chakras
and finally burst out his inner strength
in short
fei yingxiong experienced
the same thing as Bodhi Dharma
and goes into a state of thanatosis
with thoughts from no thoughts
with seven chakras started
and three gi channels are connected
he can see his true strength
and reshape the actual
in simple terms
a resurgence
the reason why you defeated
the three great masters
is because your armor's analysis
is faster than their moves
but now I've reached the highest level
of Chinese martial arts
"action too fast. Fail to analyze."
go away
I admit that
your armor looks quite high-end
but tell me
you don't help the weak
you don't go to
help grandmothers cross the road
that's all right
but why must you bully a loser like me?
kung fu is just about two words
martial virtue
darn your martial virtue
Just a little
the story of bao'er and I
is just like the plot in the comics
a hero saved the beauty
to protect himself
from being cut up by bro tao as dog food
bro shi fought desperately,
stood there till the end
and won the championship
ip bit man confessed his crime
and gave himself up to law
I heard that he behaved quite well in jail
also got a commutation
I made a wish
to fulfill my commitment
to the three masters
but they didn't go back
and still lived with us for a while
that dusk
Since then
I never saw them again
My dear
wong has been missing for a month
I see what you mean
I'll go to Shanghai tomorrow to find Mr. x
miss miss
Mr. x is coming to church
it's so unexpected
you are so thoughtful
but he is with wong
ah, dear
I am not a wanton woman
two men... maybe are too over
13th aunt
we're back
13th aunt
I decided to stand out
I don't want to be a paramour
I decided to give 13th aunt to you
I wish you happy together
my dear
you better
bring them away once and for all
so that I can spend my life with zhen
zhen is Mr. x
"No shadow foot"
"any majestic demeanor?"
"With serial legs"
"I kick you to foshan"
"lost track boxing"
"too hard to tell"
"the pastes are as quick as flash"
"see how can you deal with it"
"small daggers"
"I play them up"
"and you are all knocked down"
"a decisive chop"
"wingchun fights the fast with slow"
"only the insiders are qualified to learn"
"so take it easy"
"ah ha ha"
"listen, it was the sound
when you were challenged"
"listen, the feelings are brewing silently"
"listen, the winner is not decided
in that game of love"
"listen, the story
in your heart skims over like shadow"
"fate is just fate, helplessly"
"be it mountain of swords
of sea of flames, it's a test"
"I wait for love coming and going,
however everything is doomed"
"I sleep and wake up.
I am confused and yet conscious."
"I walk alone on jianghu,
inured to the unusual
"I know a little about the gist of love.
It's not just black or white."
"I practice footwork and
I am straightforward"
"I love freedom,
I enjoy wandering around with no school"
"listen, it was the sound
when you were challenged"
"listen, the feelings are brewing silently"
"listen, the winner is not decided
in that game of love"
"listen, the story in your heart skims
over like shadow"
"fate is just fate, helplessly"
"be it mountain of swords of
sea of flames, it's a test"
"I wait for love coming and going,
however everything is doomed"
"I sleep and wake up.
I am confused and yet conscious."
"I walk alone on jianghu,
inured to the unusual
"I know a little about the gist of love.
It's not just black or white."
"I practice footwork and
I am straightforward"
"I love freedom,
I enjoy wandering around with no school"
"I walk alone on jianghu,
inured to the unusual
"I know a little about the gist of love.
It's not just black or white."
"I practice footwork and
I am straightforward"
"I love freedom,
I enjoy wandering around with no school"
"no shadow foot"
"any majestic demeanor?"
"With serial legs"
"I kick you to foshan"
"lost track boxing"
"too hard to tell"
"the pastes are as quick as flash"
"see how can you deal with it"
"small daggers"
"I play them up"
"and you are all knocked down"
"a decisive chop"
"wingchun fights the fast with slow"
"only the insiders are qualified to learn"
"so take it easy"
"ah ha ha"