Kung Fu Master Su: Red Lotus Worm (2022) Movie Script

A state that is
addicted to opium.
This trade of opium that is
increasing peoples problems.
Will they ever get free
from this addiction?
Will someone come to save them?
and their state?
Fire Lotus Holy Church
Light of the Immortal Points the Way
The coming of the Holy Virgin
Rebirth of the Fire Lotus
Fire Lotus Holy Church
The Light of the Immortal Points the Way
The coming of the Holy Virgin
Rebirth of the fire lotus
drink the soup of rejuvenation
and serve the Jiu Gongxuannv.
I'm not that person.
I have a 90 year old man on top of me
and a 90-day-old baby to take care of
Shut up
I don't want to drink it
Su Can
Ah Cai's secret report
The Fire Lotus Cult has a large
amount of opium hidden here
Let's go quickly.
Master Huang, we've been trapped
Cai has been exposed
I'll block them, you go in first
Be careful
Stop Cai! What are you doing?
Ah Cai
Ah Cai
Why did you kill Cai
I didn't kill him
There's none except you?
What are you doing?
Fire Lotus Holy Church
Light of the Immortal Points the Way
The coming of the Holy Virgin
Rebirth of the Fire Lotus
Come on, bring up the Xuan Nv
Kill her
You take immortal herbs day and night
Ascension to immortality
is just around the corner
I'm not filial
I have not show filial respect for you
Please don't kill me.
If I sacrifice this daughter, I will
be able to feed the heavenly destiny
No, no, no, you must have the wrong person
I'm just a very small beggar
If not for the fact that you can
provide food and accommodation here
And money to get
I would not come to this damn place
I don't know that you want me to die
Do you know that
I I am the hope of our beggar gang
I am our beggar's hope
The sacrifice will start immediately
Hurry up to save me
He is my accomplice
Why did you come here? You will die here.
Go from here.
Why did you come here? Go from here.
Go there and fight.
You're back so soon
Go there and fight.
- You speak so much.
- What about you
- Hurry up and go
- Go from here quickly
- I'll leave now. Thank you.
There is a way to
heaven, but now go to hell.
Wait and watch
What I'm going to do with you.
My sister
Protect the Lord
Where am I
My home
What Your house
You took off my clothes
You're a shameless
What are you doing
What am I doing? First
you say how dare you?
Tell me. What did you do to me?
What happened to us
How should I say?
But I can't help it, can I
Look, you're a big girl lying here
I also
He ruined my life.
Give me back my virginity
It was my maid who changed your clothes
Do you really want to wear
that to be a Jiu Gong Xuan.
Tell me one thing
You didn't peek at me when I was changing
Why would I ?
What's there to see
I want to change my clothes.
Ya! Ya!
Get out
You'll stay here and watch me change?
Get out
Ya I'm leaving.
I knew it from the start only.
Do you have anything to eat
I'm so hungry
Is that my responsibility
to feed you.
Who are you?
If it wasn't for your pity
You are so heavy
Yes, I'm a bit heavy Sorry, brother
I'm Ming Xin
We've known each other for a while, right
Don't be like that
Just call me Su Can
I'm hungry
Where's my jade pendant
Have you seen my jade pendant
It was on my body
How could it be gone
You want the jade pendant
I've got plenty at home
Go pick one out
No, that jade pendant
is very important to me
It's my token
Do you have it with you
It's on you, isn't it?
- No, it's not
- No, it's not
- It is.
I will search it.
Why are you taking away my dignity.
I've not taken it.
Leave me.
Remove all your clothes. I will search it.
No, no, no, no.
- I won't leave you.
Don't Don't Don't
- I know it's with you only.
It's not with me, don't do it like this.
I'm still a virgin.
- Don't move!
I'll find it anyhow.
Was it too hard?
I didn't mean to hit so hard
Return my pendant
You're a good person
right? You're a good person.
Tell me?
Where's the pendant
I have a successor in the Su family
Master, Madam
Lord Li is here to see you
Lord Li
Son, Lord Li is here
It's not really on you
I've grown up
I've never been searched like this
What did you get by doing all this?
Why are you crying?
You've already grown up
It's just a jade pendant
I'll buy it for you, that's all
Why did you do this?
What do you know
The jade pendant is
half for me and my sister
It's the only token I have to find her
Look, it's gone now
How would I know that?
What was my fault in this?
Where are you going
Where I'm going is none of your business
I can't
I'll go wherever you go
Till I don't find the jade pendant
I won't leave you
Whatever you want
Don't walk around my house
with your clothes undressed
Put your clothes on before you come out
Lord Li
Su Can
Do you have news of Master Huang
I searched for three days
I finally entered the
lair of the Fire Lotus Cult
There, I fought with Jue Yan.
On the pretext of helping the
Qing Dynasty destroy the foreigners
To collect protection money
On the other hand, it sells opium
to harm the country and the people
and betrayed the country.
The evil emperor is trying to lure you
that he wants to ban opium
I will leave you alive.
Master Huang's whereabouts are unknown
His life is in danger
But I will find a way to get him out
There is another person at the
altar to host the blood sacrifice
Suspected mastermind
Identity to be found out
Now the enemy is dark and we are clear
Su Can
Since you are a member of our militia
So please take up the post
of Chief Instructor of the Militia
Clean up the opium residue
The underground Cult is hidden
I've been there once
But I can't find the entrance again
We will definitely help you
Find out the underground palace
Rescue Master Huang
I'll do my very best.
But there is another matter
My double is dead
I think these people
Have figured out my whereabouts
They want to kill me
Right now
I don't dare to
show myself rashly
Su Can
Can you help me to find out this matter
Lord Li
I want to talk something to you.
The court will definitely not give up
Our next step
I'll take care of the court
You should focus on
the distribution of goods
Leng Yan
Keep an eye on that Huang
Yes, my Lord
That Su Can
There are so many people on the street
How can we find clues
There's no hurry.
Didn't you always say
you want the jade pendant
Jade pendant, here you go
This jade pendant is so beautiful
This stupid jade pendant
I do not care about it
I also want to eat
Bingtanghulu, buy it for me.
I've given it to you
I don't want to eat so much.
Just one is fine
On my account
Thank you
Now there is no clue
I do not know what happened to Master Huang
He seems to have been poisoned
How should I save his life?
This Huang warrior is very important
Why do you always talk about him
Not important at all
But when we fight, it's no problem
Heroic rivalry is the only thing
You call Master Huang a warrior
Also called Su warrior to hear
Don't over-react.
The streets are calm and quiet
There's nothing suspicious here
How exactly did they make the deal
Can't think of it, right
And call themselves some kind of Su warrior
I can tell you
Beggar Gang Little King here
Everyone knows that we
are most short of money
But you know what we are not short of
Don't know
So I'm telling you right.
Because our beggar gang is full of talents
I can use the power of
the beggar gang to help you
But then
You have to help me
find the jade pendant to do
You can really help me ah
First you show your help
I'll take over the whole street
Wait for me
Hey! You walk so slow. Can you hurry up
Come on, come on
Let me introduce to you
This is the four kings of our beggar gang
Brothers and sisters, folks
This Mr Su brings so many gifts to you
Shouldn't we also send our sincerity
Beat the drum
Stop all this.
You'll kill me or what?
Come on, it's time to
grab whatever you want.
It's mine It's mine
My shoes
One minute.
You're being mean again. Give it back.
Sorry Mr Su
That's how he behaves
Grandpa, what are you doing
I thought you were stealing a drink again
I thought you were stealing wine again
Amitabha Buddha
Buddha has sent food for you.
Buddha is very kind
Give it to me
Don't just focus on the food
Such a big man is standing here
This is my friend Su Can
This is my grandfather
There's meat but no
wine, it doesn't seem right
What is this
Why are you stealing wine again
Why don't you share the good wine
I want to try this wine
You want to drink my wine
First show me your capabilities
Hey, kid
You're really fast.
I admit defeat! Leave me!
Good boy, you are really good
This is the sacred wine
of our forbidden place
There are endless benefits
but because you are
brought by our little Mingxin
I would even give you a sip
But, Grandpa
There's no forbidden place here
I've said it's forbidden
If a little girl like you wants to go in
You have to train for at
least eight to ten years
And then you can go there.
Maybe you'll be like your
grandfather and fight all over the world
Next time, I'll treat you to the real thing
This young man
I advise you to say a few words
You write poems right?
And you want to marry
my granddaughter.
Although Ming Xin was adopted by me
But she's the apple of my eye
Look at this bride price in my hand
What are you saying?
You two are really alike
What are you talking about
Let's talk something else.
Grandpa, let's get down to business
What business
Opium is all over the streets now
Even the government can't
find out where it's coming from
Where do you think it comes from
This is a trivial matter
Come with me.
Come here, everyone
Everyone in the street is smoking opium now
Even the government can't find
out where the opium is hidden
Everyone knows the news about opium, right
Lord Li's smoke
All the places are very quiet
Only a place called the Pavilion
of Ultimate Bliss is very lively
The Pavilion of Ultimate Bliss
Come on, sir
Come and play
Come with me.
Have fun!
Well, well, well, I'll see
for myself I'll see for myself
I didn't know there were places in
Foshan that I hadn't been to before
Sir, you're here
Come here,
Sit here.
Sit, what will you have?
Okay, thanks
- I will bring it right away.
The Pavilion of Ultimate Bliss
is a place of pleasure and peace
People come here and forget their problems.
The owner, Jade Rakshasa, is very beautiful
Her dancing skills are
known throughout the capital
This gentleman, please have a drink
No, no, no
Don't mention it Let's
have a drink together
I've said no, I've come
for another work here.
You don't want to drink
What are you doing
Didn't you say you were looking for clues
I'm looking for clues, you sit first
Shh Sit first
Checking for clues Watching the show
Yes, yes, yes
No, no, no
It's okay, it's okay I get it
Amazing! Amazing!
Behave yourself.
Stay awake
And focus on your work
I'm focusing on work only.
Thanks to the love of all the bosses
I hope you will enjoy the feast tonight
In addition, I will choose a
guest to come on stage tonight
To dance with me
Do you know how to dance
He's having fun over here.
I said, what are you doing
Dance your body out.
It seems that the Fire Lotus Cult and the
Court of Ultimate Bliss are the same
They sell opium under
the guise of a youth house
No wonder it's so popular
What are you doing here?
I'm just going around
You go to take a shower
I'll leave you to it
I'll leave now
What are you doing
Go find Lord Li
Stay here only.
I'm going to get Lord Li here
Why was the Pavilion of
Ultimate Bliss sealed off
I need a reasonable explanation
Don't be in a hurry
What a bunch of losers
If we fail again this time,
we'll terminate our cooperation
Be respectful while speaking.
You're awake
Don't be afraid
We won't hurt you
I have one of your jade pendants here
I also have half of this jade pendant
You are my sister, right?
This is the double phoenix
yin and yang pendant
Many years ago
The supreme Taoist master
founded the Fire Lotus Cult
He searched everywhere for
young children to train as killers
Your parents were blessed
with twins in their middle age
You were both extremely gifted
The family was slaughtered
Two sisters
Back then
I was saved by my grandfather
I was raised
But my sister
I didn't expect
He caused my family to be destroyed
I've always obeyed him
How many years have passed
I never thought that you
two would meet again
I really miss you, sister
I miss you so much
Why did you took so long to meet?
What's going on?
Why are you crying on this happy day
By the way
Do you know where
the opium is hidden
Jue Yan and the Evil Emperor
have always kept secrets
Hong Feihong, Master Huang
Is locked in the
underground palace
I have a topographical map here
I can take you there with me
I have one more question
Master Huang was poisoned by what
Master Huang's body compulsion
Should be a kind of mind
charming insect compulsion
After the compulsion is powerful
and controlled by people do not know
At that time, your mole, Ah Cai,
should also be hit by this compulsion
Is there a solution to this compulsion
The worm compulsion
is an extremely Yin thing
It needs to be overcome
by the most yang thing
This pill is made from the venom of
the Five Poison Spiders mixed with herbs
Jue Yan is too suspicious
He only gave me this one for emergencies
You should rest well
Leave the rest to me
Master Huang
Master Huang
You've got conscious.
Master Huang
Su Can
Master Huang
Master Huang
You are awake
Then let's go back
There's no trace of a large
amount of opium stash yet.
Except Jue Yan none knows about it.
That Evil Emperor is not easy
You must be careful
Once you find the truth
I'll tell you
Then you should be careful too
Take care
Here is the evidence
What else do you have to say
Your Royal Highness
This place is under my jurisdiction
We need to investigate
Su Can's case carefully
Your Royal Highness,
please make a decision
Your Royal Highness
We merchants dare not
offend Lord Li and Su Can
We are innocent Highness.
Please, Royal Highness
You must do something for us
This is a false accusation
The evidence is against you.
Sir Li, you don't have to defend Su Can
Listen everyone.
Seize Su's house right now.
All Su's belongings
are sealed as evidence
Let's settle down here
Although it's not
as good as home
But there are good people here
We can stay here and
wait and see what happens
You've been set up
The Su family has been seized
And you're still laughing
According to me
They already knew
I know
This Prince Mu has sent me and Lord Li away
He must have had
something to do with the opium
The most important thing right now
Is to find the evidence that Prince
Mu colluded with the foreigners
Chan-er, I support you
I knew this would happen
Yesterday, Master Yan
sent Master Huang to kill me
We decided to cooperate with each other
To find out the opium
and wipe them out
This Prince Mu has harmed me
He has already revealed his guilt
The next step is to see Master Huang's
As expected of a young hero
Since you have been relegated to a commoner
I think the future will
be called Su Qier it
What kind of joke is this?
- Su Qier
How can you change your name?
Then how about calling him Su Gaier
Gaier is good
I don't like that as well.
Do you know
No one has ever combed
my hair since I was a child
Then from now on
I'll comb your hair every day, okay
I know you already have someone in mind
Trust me
He will be a good husband
Then sister
Have you ever liked anyone
Silly girl
I just want to be by your side now
See you get married
I want to do something for him
But I don't know what to do
You don't have to do anything for him
Sister, what's wrong with you
Someone come, Su Can, Su Can
Come here.
What's wrong
Go get a doctor
Go on
Hurry up
It's a compulsion
Why do you have compulsions in you
In order to control me
He planted the poison of the Lotus
Flower in my body since I was a child
I shouldn't have taken away your antidote
It's my fault
I've been a thief since I was a child
And my hands are stained with blood
I don't deserve to die
Master Huang is the same as
you, people have hope in him.
Save him
That's an honor for me
But my poor sister
Do not be silly
With me here
This will never happen
Tell me where the antidote is
The antidote can only delay
the onset of the flower poison
But it can't cure it
The flower parasites
that control the poison
They are in separate bottles
Place in the medicine room
Your Majesty
I was incompetent
and failed to kill Lord Li
But that Master Huang
is still under our control
This is the new poison
I prepared for Su Can
After drinking this, he
will be in our control.
He will obey all your orders.
No, no, no
It's not good
What's wrong
Your mom and dad have
been taken away by Prince Mu
Tell me
Where is your son?
I don't know
Chan, go away, go away
Don't give my parents a hard time
A pair of loser parents
A nosy beggar
How can you make me not feel hurt
The tail of the fox has
been revealed so soon
It's you Prince Mu
How dare you Su Can
If I wants your life, It would
be as easy as killing an ant
But now you will treat
the King with respect.
Let my parents go
I will do anything you want me to do
Let them both go
Sure, no problem.
The King is looking
for a western medicine
that will benefit the
country and the people
I just need a beggar with a
low life to test the medicine
Come on
No, it's opium
Shut up
I remembers you
You were the Scholar of Martial
Arts and served His Majesty
Only to reward you with this opportunity
It's okay take a drag
Come on!
Give these two old men a good time
Yes, sir
Come with us.
I won't go.
I'll do it.
Don't smoke that.
Su Can
My child
Su Can
You are a smart person
You know that some things cannot be done
Let people go
What happened to you?
My child
- My child
Your Majesty is wise
Su Can has inhaled the poison
of my East China Ghost Herb
If there is no antidote,
life is worse than death
What's your plan
The assassins have been sent out to ambush
I believe there will be
news in the next day
Inform the foreigners
Distribute the goods from the pharmacy
Yes, sir
Sir Li
Master Huang
Su Can
Master Mu has been framed for the crime
Forced to test the poison
This Prince Mu has collusion
with the Fire Lotus Cult
But the identity of the
evil emperor of Du Tian
Has not yet been identified
Su Can has been poisoned
You go to cure Su Can's poison first
We need to get evidence of the collusion
between Prince Mu and the Fire Lotus Cult
Time is short and the task is heavy
Master Huang
Are you willing
I will do anything
I'll do my best
Once we have the evidence
I will report to the Emperor immediately
Can Er, what's wrong with you
What happened?
Listen do you have fushou ointment
I can't find it I can't find it
- Get it quickly.
Give some Fushou ointment
My son will die, give some.
Give me less
I'm Su Can
I've been framed and
become addicted to drugs
But I will never give in
Beat him!
Su Can.
Don't hit my son
Don't hit him
Don't hit him
Don't hit me.
Remove him from here.
beat him further.
Don't hit him
Move! Move!
Get out of the way
Brother Su, are you okay
Are you okay
Hurry up
Get to work
Don't dawdle
Hurry up
Get your hands and feet moving
Let's go
Keep moving
Work faster.
There's a shortage of staff
Hurry up
You, hurry up and work
I don't want it, I won't smoke
I won't smoke opium
I won't smoke opium
I won't smoke opium
Hold him up
What he smoked before wasn't opium
What was it
Japanese herb
Go to your room to rest first
Let's go
I said, "Sis, I don't think
you can go on like this
I'll steal the antidote
for you I'm very good at it
No, sister
It's too dangerous
I will never let you go
Su Can
You've had a long and troubled life
I want you to be happy and prosperous
I'm going with the intention to die
To cure the poison for you and brother Su
In fact, I always knew
My brother really likes my sister
Just like you said
Brother Su is the man
you can trust for life
I knew you would come back at this time
Otherwise, the poison will take over
Get well
I have important things for you to do
I'll be in seclusion for two days
Stay here and keep watch
Which can has the smell of sulfur
Where is it
It should be this one.
Could it be this one
This should be it
What should I do?
What should I do?
What should I do?
What should I do?
The pharmacy is on fire
The pharmacy is on fire
Put out the fire
The pharmacy is on fire
The medicine room is on fire
Mingling, the evil student
Master Huang
What's going on here
I went to the pharmacy to steal medicine
But unexpectedly still a step too late
Quick, put her down first
Sister, sister, get up, sister
Here is the antidote for you and brother Su
You take it
It's all because of me
Why are you so stupid
Don't be sad
I'm fine
It's all for my sake
Don't say that
I'm too useless as a sister
I can finally do something for you two
do one thing
Don't worry
I'll always be with you
Sister is always there
Do you know
For so many years
I've been dreaming
I dreamt that you just
kept Holding me tightly
You must keep this medicine
Here is the antidote for you and brother Su
I still have one wish
That brother Su is a
man worthy of a lifetime
I wish you happiness
You are the only family
I have in this world
You can't leave me behind
Sister, and my beggar's family
They are all your family
You take good care of yourself
You know what
Take care of yourself
I really want to eat
candy canes again
Buy it for me, will you
I'll buy it
I want to eat it again
Mother, I feel so bad
So many ants, so many ants are biting
Can, nothing will happen
to you, nothing will happen.
Hang in there, you'll be fine
Hold on, everything will be fine.
You'll be fine.
Nothing will happen to you.
Su Can
Su Can
Su Can
You will be fine
Do you know
You look so ugly when you cry
Don't worry
I'm not that easy to die
Oh, yes, I have medicine I have medicine
Quick, take the medicine
How is it
Su Can
Su Can
Su Can
Su Can
Su Can, wake up
Wake up, Su can
Protect the Lord
Move out
Master Huang
Lord Li
My compulsion has
been completely lifted
They hid the opium in the pharmacy
And the Fire Lotus Palace
Let's quickly go to the Fire Lotus Palace
The mastermind behind the Fire
Lotus Cult has not yet revealed himself
Let's not right to take it lightly
Su Can
Brother Su
Su Can
Now even you are leaving
Can you hear me Su Can
Do you like me
Do you like me
Do you like me
Who do you like
Say, who do you like
Say, who do you really like
Who do you really like
Tell me
Ming Xin
You tell me
I'm asking you to tell me
Speak up
Don't force me
Su Qier
They're both mine now
Ming Xin
Ming Ling
Now is the best time
to pass on the technique
I'll teach it to you now
Drunken Fist Technique
Day by day attacking fist wrist bone spirit
Clear River White Deer Stepping Cloud Power
Pine Standing
Drunken dreamer called purple dragonfly
Sitting on the lotus platform
in the deep autumn dew
The fragrance of wine
comes from the west of the lake
I go up to the garden to
recognize the trail of the brush
The willow forest is buried
under the wind and smoke
Great, you're not dead
Where's Ming Xin?
my sister
Ming Xin
You're the stupidest woman in the world
The opium is hidden in the pharmacy
I know what you're trying to do
But the Fire Lotus Cult's Evil Emperor
His kung fu is unpredictable
I'll take you to the forbidden
place of the beggar gang
Forbidden place
Those places filled with water
You are a foolish child
Let's go, let's go
Come with me to the forbidden place
Come again
Li Zhengying has collaborated
with the Fire Lotus Cult to sell opium
The crime is unforgivable
I've been ordered to do so
Execute Li Zhengying on the spot
You framed me
Here's the evidence
You still want to deny it
We will protect them, ready?
My Lord
Golden Bell Shield
Kill them
Today, I want to avenge my sister's death
Anyone who does not want to die, get out
Master Huang
You're still here
Since you came to die
I will let you die
Master Mu
Under the guise of the Fire Lotus Cult
You've bewitched the people
You've harmed the people
You colluded with the foreigners
It's time to settle this score
What a big mouth
None of you will get out alive
Watch out, Golden Bell Shroud
We can't go on like this
Find his death spot
Take this big wine jug
It can help you in critical moments
Thank you, Master
To reach the highest
level of drunken boxing
You need to observe the four
thoughts and realize the present moment
The right thought does not
move, the thought is born and dies
The mind is not moving,
but the mind is dying
To see the body as pure
and the suffering as suffering
Observe that the mind is
impermanent and the dharma is non-self
You'll die
Use your qi as a door One
move to control the enemy
Are you still not coming
Master Huang, you
You even dare to kill the Lord
Can you afford this crime
You collaborated with the foreigners,
selling opium and killing people
You deserve to die
Go ahead
Destroy all the guns,
tobacco, and the Fire Lotus Cult
Yes, sir
The poison of Fire
Lotus Cult is still there
Opium is to the nation
is like arsenic to the starving
Although it can satisfy a temporary desire
but destroys the roots of a lifetime
It kills the sick man
The people's heart is dead
because of opium.
As long as opium is not eliminated
Although I am a military man
I vow to get rid of opium from our country
I will not regret my nine deaths
Destroying opium is a relief
Sir Li, all the goods of the Fire
Lotus Cult have been surrendered
Now that the opium has been eliminated
It's time to go back to the
capital and return to your duties
The title of warrior
will be returned to you
It's just a false name
It's not that important
Now I have a good brother who
has the greatest love and character
When you return, I'd like to try
your Buddha's Shadowless Kick
Then I'll try your drunken fist too
So where are you going
I'm taking my sister's
spirit back with me.
I won't be involved in the world anymore
Then will you come back
This jade pendant is Ming Xin's
I'll leave it to you as a reminder
So will we meet again
See you in the jungle
Then I'll give you a ride