Kung Fu Traveler (2017) Movie Script

In 2147 AD,
the Earth came to an age of darkness,
when every continent of the world
was destroyed and occupied by aliens
falling from the sky.
Human beings were slaughtered
and resources were robbed.
Human beings,
despite their races and countries,
joined hands
to organize
a large-scale resisting campaign,
in which robots were the warriors
at the frontline.
However, the aliens,
who were aware of the secret
of human beings a long time ago,
had developed a defense
and countering system against it.
No heat energy weapon
used by human beings on Earth
could stop the invasion of aliens.
In this unfair war,
human beings were steadily losing ground.
The only armed military base
that still remains
is the one in West China.
-At ease.
Send reinforcements?
Go ahead.
Director Chen Hu
switched on the nerve cell
and activated the mechanical arm.
-Why are you still here?
-I'm not going back without you.
It won't work.
The commander will close down the channel.
The channel must be shut down immediately.
If not...
Close down the channel.
But Chen Hu and Xu Zi Ying
aren't back yet.
Close down the channel.
If I had you rescued
at the most critical moment,
it's not because you're my husband.
Instead, human beings need your skill
to defeat the alien power.
Our weapons could hardly harm
these aliens now
and we're losing ground in every country.
If your skill gets acquired
by other countries in the world,
then maybe, we can turn the tables
on these alien invaders.
I'm using unarmed combat skills
from the cold weapon era.
In China, it's called kung fu,
which requires decades of tough training.
Even if I teach them the skill,
they can't master it fast enough.
Is there a crash course?
I suggest that we teach robots kung fu.
Director Chen Hu,
do you think it's feasible?
As long as we put kung fu in the chip,
it can be duplicated rapidly,
and every robot will pick up
kung fu skills,
but my kung fu skill isn't good enough.
I never really mastered it.
And the supreme kung fu skill
has been lost.
So I suggest using a time machine
to send a robot back
when martial arts was prosperous.
Let the robot learn
the greatest kung fu skills,
then transmit it back to our time.
Initiate Robot 1. Activate basic programs.
My task is to travel back to 1885 AD.
Look for the target, Zhou Chenlin,
and learn the best Southern Kung Fu.
Increase the learning capability
by 30 percent.
Improve the self-circulation system
by 20 percent,
and social skill by 10 percent.
Increase affinity by 15 percent,
geological knowledge by 20 percent,
and historical knowledge by 10 percent.
What enhancements have I made?
Why does he look the same as me?
You are the only one
who has defeated an alien.
By giving the robot your look,
it might at least scare the aliens.
I think our degree of similarity
is a hundred percent.
What do you think?
You have only seven days to finish
the task of finding Zhou Chenlin,
and learn Southern Kung Fu,
then you store your skills into the chip,
and put it at the designated place
as scheduled.
Why that place?
That place will be intact after centuries.
We can get the chip, I'm sure of it.
Do you remember
the Three Principles for robots?
One, robots should never hurt human beings
or stand by watching human beings
get hurt.
Two, robots must obey all orders
from human beings,
but rule number one always prevails.
Three, robots should protect themselves,
but principle number one and two
always prevail.
Why is this?
If you violate the Three Principles,
your self-destruction system
will be launched and our task will fail.
By the way, it's a single-way time travel,
so you won't be able to get back.
During your time travel,
don't change history.
He has a strong sense of curiosity.
Did you add an emotional program to him?
I'm aware that it has to be added
with caution.
What is an emotional program?
Why does he have Chen Hu's look?
Director Chen Hu is the first human hero
who defeated the alien mecha.
A robot with his look
will hold aliens in awe,
and will benefit the plan's execution.
All right then.
The ammunition and supply in our base
can only last for seven days more.
And the robot must succeed in seven days.
Let us send out Robot Number 1 now.
-Yes, Ma'am!
Why are you traveling with him?
I thought it was authorized by you.
By me?
Xu said that it was authorized by you.
You sent her to travel with the robot.
Control booth, stop the operation.
I'm sorry.
The channel has been closed down.
The vector debug system
has started functioning.
We are in countdown.
It was my own decision.
After traveling to an age
we are not familiar with,
the robot needs assistance to adapt
to a new environment
with technical support.
Although they're equipped
with self-restoration function,
any kind of malfunction
would ruin all our efforts.
Don't worry.
I'll help him finish the task
I wish you success
in winning back our homeland.
Xu Zi Ying, take care of yourself.
You are crying.
You talk too much.
You have feelings for Director Chen Hu.
I told you not to talk too much.
Tell me, do you think
I should talk a lot or not?
If you could figure it out,
you wouldn't be a robot.
-Come on!
-Yeah, come on.
Let's go to battle.
Come on!
To battle!
Move forward!
Over here.
Keep fighting.
Hold them back!
Keep fighting!
Hey, what are you doing?
Where is he?
What are you looking at? I'm calling you.
What is that?
Don't you know you are wounded?
You have a hole on your back.
-Let me take a look.
-Hold on.
-No, no, no, wait.
-Hold on for what?
Hold on.
You might die.
You are not wounded.
You are a deserter!
-I'm not a deserter.
Master asked me to--
Why are you here? Catch the spy!
My name is A Jie, I'm not a spy.
-Oh, you should have said so.
-What's going on here?
Good evening, Master.
Father, he's a deserter.
King of Southern Kung Fu, Zhou Chenlin.
Master Zhou, I want to learn
Southern Kung Fu from you.
I don't take apprentices.
Who are you?
There's a hole on the back of his shirt,
but there is no wound.
Turn around and show me.
Hold on. I'm not a deserter.
Let's go.
It's the foreigners' camp.
Come here. Hurry.
Leave now.
Was it done by you?
I told you that I'm not a deserter.
Eat it.
Did you really destroy the enemy's camp
because I called you a deserter?
It was nothing but good luck.
Maybe the foreigners allowed it
because they're nuts.
-You're the one who's nuts.
You made a great contribution.
Maybe Honorable General Feng
will give you the red silk to honor you.
I didn't do it for the red silk of honor,
or to win General Feng's praise.
There we go.
I told you he had no good intentions.
Now he's showing his real character.
Shut up.
We all joined the army
upon the call of General Feng Zicai.
If you didn't come here for him,
who did you come here for?
I'm here for Zhou Chenlin,
one of the Ten Tigers,
King of Southern Kung Fu.
My father?
Slowly, lie down. Gently.
Are you...?
Serious about becoming my apprentice?
I must learn Southern Kung Fu.
Hey, let me tell you.
Our master doesn't take any apprentices.
Am I right, Master?
Oh, my brain functions well enough
to remember every single movement.
I can endure hardship,
exhaustion and extreme weather.
I don't want to mislead a young man
like you.
Find someone better to teach you.
I have bones and muscles
of steel and iron.
And I'll become your best ever apprentice.
Hey, Master told you
he didn't want any apprentices.
How will you learn Southern Kung Fu?
Do I have to go through
a solemn ceremony?
Of course you do.
You have to kowtow to your master.
Honorable Master,
please accept my service.
You are quite heavy.
Listen to me, to become my apprentice,
you would need my consent first.
And I'll never agree to it.
Why are you kowtowing?
You'll definitely accept me.
Younger brother, this man is something.
He had the guts to destroy
the foreigners' camp by himself.
Thank you, General.
Elder Brother, you know that
ever since my first apprentice died,
I stopped taking new apprentices.
Why not? Come and join me.
If you want,
I'll teach you Shaolin Kung Fu.
Master Zhou is my one and only master.
I'm sure the serious error
in our landing spot
was caused by early launch
of time travel.
Why did you launch it ahead of schedule?
That's 200 years later.
I don't remember.
Was it because I asked that question?
Did you find the target figure?
King of Southern Kung Fu, Zhou Chenglin,
from Longzhou, Guangxi
and is head of the Ten Tigers.
He is called the epitome of the last
generations of Southern Kung Fu.
The Kung Fu Director Chen Hu
inherited was Southern Kung Fu. So...
-How are things going?
He refused to be my teacher.
The mission has failed.
Does he have any family member
or friend?
He has a daughter, who was friendly to me
and gave me a bowl of rice noodles.
The noodles weight 52 grams,
and I was able to use my digestive system.
Is there anything she's fond of?
Eating, if that counts.
Fond of eating.
These wild fruits only grow
at the treetop.
-How did you pick them?
-I have my own way.
Why are you playing up to me?
Do you still want to be
my father's apprentice?
It's difficult.
Ever since his first apprentice died
in the frontline,
he has never taken any apprentice.
Who was his first apprentice?
He's a genius in martial arts.
My father passed on to him
all the essence of Southern Kung Fu
and expected him to become the next master
of Southern Kung Fu.
He died in battle on that mountain.
Since then, my father has been this way.
Stop acting like this.
If you don't take any apprentice,
Southern Kung Fu won't be passed on.
And Director Chen Hu's ancestors
won't be able to learn Southern Kung Fu.
Then he won't be able to defeat
the alien mecha.
And human beings won't be saved.
And you will be blamed for that.
What are you talking about?
I'm just being honest.
You do have guts,
and also, you seem very upright.
My father likes to have an upright man
as his apprentice.
Don't you, Father?
I swore in front of my first apprentice's
that I would stop...
Taking in apprentices.
My father has always been like this.
He's very rigid with everything.
I'm so sorry.
The solution is just in front of you.
The French Army
is probably retreating soon.
If you want to learn kung fu,
you have to stay by her side.
My own kung fu skill isn't good enough
to teach you what you need.
Anyway, you are not equipped
with emotional program,
so you're brassy enough.
Learning kung fu takes...
You can make it.
-Quite long time.
-It doesn't matter.
-You can be my teacher.
-Are you kidding?
You want me to be your teacher?
Yes, Dear Teacher, please teach me.
-I'm ready.
-No, I can't do this.
I didn't mean it, seriously.
If my father finds out,
he's definitely going to get mad.
You can teach me secretly
without telling anyone else.
Furthermore, your father refused
to accept me,
but he didn't forbid me from learning it.
Sister, the foreign army has retreated.
Honorable General Feng wants us
to withdraw to Longzhou City.
Welcome back.
-Hello. Hello there.
-We're back, everyone.
-Welcome back.
-Uncle Chef, we're back.
-Oh, this is wonderful!
-This place looks very nice.
You really are shameless.
I can't believe you've been following us
all the way here.
Do you want some pig knuckle noodles?
Of course I do. I want two bowls.
It should be like this.
Here comes the pig knuckle noodles.
Little girl, does your uncle equal
to a bowl of pig knuckle noodles?
Actually, two bowls.
The other bowl
is for this junior fellow apprentice.
Hello, uncle.
Elder brother,
you start receiving apprentices?
He is not my apprentice.
Just a young man who fought
against the foreigners with us.
It smells so good!
-Here's some more noodles.
-Leave it here.
It's for A Jie.
-Leave it to him.
-Eat it up.
-I want some more.
-Since everyone is here...
Let's raise our glasses
and have a good drink.
What's happening?
Fragrant Lucid Ganoderma Pastry Shop.
Zhou Chenlin hasn't agreed
to teach me yet.
Ask Xiaohua for help.
-How about learning in secret?
-And this one?
You can't get the essence
through secret learning.
You have to be an official apprentice.
-This one, this one and this.
-Oh, please, don't bother.
Wrap them up.
It's so sweet of you.
It tastes so good!
This is the best pastry
I have ever tasted.
A Jie, thank you!
The best way to repay me
is to find me a good teacher.
But you know my father...
Your uncle is a good choice.
I want to learn from him.
But my uncle listens to my father.
It doesn't need to be official.
I just want to stand by
and watch while he teaches you.
-You just want to watch?
I just want to learn some skills from you.
Are you telling me you want me
to teach you from scratch?
Yes, from scratch!
Do you like him?
Of course not.
-Are you teaching me or not?
-All right.
Since I'm doing you a favor,
you shouldn't fool around.
Why not practice all the movements
taught by your father, huh?
Southern Kung Fu combines dozens
of Chinese Kung Fu skills,
including defending your front,
making compact movements,
using Crane and Tiger Gestures,
being agile,
lowering your center,
beating down a giant,
even if you're smaller, using your speed.
And facing the enemy with courage.
Come on, let me teach you some movements.
I'm not learning. Why do I need to?
It's my task.
When did I ever assign you with the task?
It was assigned by Director Chen Hu.
Today, I received a message from him.
Task number two.
This is a secondary mission
subordinate to task number one.
After acquiring the basic movements
of Southern Kung Fu,
you must teach them to Xu Ziying.
Furthermore, while accomplishing
task number one,
you have to ensure her safety.
Xu, you must learn kung fu well
from Robot Number One.
Sometimes, you are afraid
of pain and hardship,
and you should overcome it.
And when you learn kung fu,
you can protect yourself.
I wish you a happy life
in that other space-time.
As you brew, so must you drink.
Since you want to teach him,
you'd better do it in an earnest way.
Let him formally become an apprentice.
Tomorrow, take him to meet your uncle.
Thank you for coming.
Please come back soon.
Father, it's so nice of you.
I'm not being nice.
A Jie is indeed talented.
-I'm reminding you out of kindness.
-Don't think you can learn...
Southern Kung Fu
just by taking a few glances.
You are not as talented
as our senior fellow apprentice.
He could learn every movement
after one glance.
I'm better than him.
Excuse me.
We're already closed for the day.
I'm sorry, Sir, we are closed for the day.
The senior fellow apprentice's skill
is one step above the highest level.
I have to leave right now.
Who are you? Tell me!
Why are you doing this?
Tell me, why did you run outside?
Why did you run there?
How was Chef Ren killed?
I was born with this skill
to hear sound from far away.
And I heard someone attacking him.
We'll definitely avenge you.
A Jie, what's the murderer like?
Does he have any obvious features?
It seemed to me that
he was using Southern Kung Fu.
Who are you?
I've made a few new pastries.
Hope you don't mind tasting them for me.
Oh, I remember you.
Oh, please have a seat.
I'll make you a cup of tea.
I sent you a video,
but you didn't accept it.
I was practicing kung fu.
My memory was used up.
Is it an emergency?
The masked assassin is odd.
It seems to me that he practiced
some weird kung fu
that could directly interfere
with the brain.
I looked it up but found nothing about it.
It's like some kind of supernatural skill.
You should watch out for him.
Okay, here comes Zhou Xiaohua.
Madam, have some tea, please.
Master Zhou,
is there any kind of kung fu skill
that could manipulate the human mind?
Kung fu is extensive and profound.
Any kind of unique skill
is indeed possible.
However, it comes only after
reaching a certain level.
What do you mean? What level?
When your skill matures,
you reach that level.
It's like the humid air
before the rain falls,
which is intangible but does exist.
Humid air?
So the proportion of water should be
between 45 percent and 67 percent?
Does the right proportion of water
benefit learning Southern Kung Fu?
Proportion of water doesn't,
but talent does.
You have good talent in learning kung fu,
but you have to know that sometimes,
even if you master all those movements,
you can't reach that level.
But why?
Southern Kung Fu is fierce.
Only by absorbing essence of mountains,
rivers, the sun and the moon
can you master and conquer kung fu.
This mastery requires self-cultivation
and other than the art of kung fu,
you must master calligraphy...
which couples hardness with softness.
Mountains and rivers.
Master says I handle the brush well
and I'm very talented,
but I don't feel any talent in myself.
For now, maybe we should send out
the kung fu movements you have acquired.
We've been here for four days.
My task is to learn the essence
of Southern Kung Fu.
How can I acquire essence
before reaching the highest level?
But I'm worried about the masked assassin.
I think he came for you.
I'm not afraid of him.
Even if you have bones of steel and iron,
in this era, there are still things
that could wound you.
The foreigners, our enemies, are back.
-General Feng orders us
to escort some army provisions
to the frontline.
A Jie, I got you a position in that.
I have to learn Southern Kung Fu.
You keep talking about Southern Kung Fu.
Tell me, what are you
learning Southern Kung Fu for?
Look, our country is already in trouble.
-Then why don't you go?
He's going too.
A Jie, to be honest with you,
I got the position for you.
Our eldest uncle is leading the army
on the frontlines.
His Southern Kung Fu skill
is the heritage of the Shaolin.
Master wants you to go
so that you can learn from him too.
Yes, Master.
No problem.
I'll teach A Jie.
He has great potential.
Looks like it's going to rain.
Looks like a thunderstorm.
Are we still leaving?
Let's go.
General, it's going to rain.
Why not get back into the camp?
We should be more alert
on days when it rains.
Follow me. Hurry!
I'm the apprentice of
the King of Southern Kung Fu, A Jie.
-I'd like to meet the General.
-The General has left for patrol.
Then I will wait for him here.
How dare you trespass at my army camp!
Something is wrong.
Chenlin's Southern Kung Fu movement.
Hey! Someone catch him!
Help the general!
A Jie.
Dear friends, thank you,
may your travels be safe.
-See you soon.
-Please take care.
-Father, what happened?
-What we are sure now is that
your eldest uncle was killed
by an assassin sent by the foreigners.
General Feng was assembling armies
from different nations
to get prepared for the fight
at the South Holding Pass.
A Jie, you fought with the assassin.
So tell me, what kind of kung fu
was he using?
The killer used Southern Kung Fu.
How can any foreigner know
about Southern Kung Fu?
He not only knows about it,
but has good mastery of it.
Probably as good as you.
A Jie, from now on,
I officially accept you as my apprentice.
I'll pass on to you
the essence of Southern Kung Fu.
Master, please.
All right.
You may stand up.
You. You went through difficulty
to be accepted,
why can't you even smile?
What is a smile?
It's an expression of happiness.
This is Hong Kung Fu, look closely.
My Southern Kung Fu is centered
around Hong Kung Fu
and involves Tiger and Crane Style,
Iron Line Kung Fu,
and Tiger Subduing Kung Fu.
Use more strength.
He has better perception
than your eldest fellow apprentice.
He is a genius.
Master, I'd like to spar with you.
Please feel free to instruct me.
No problem.
Try again.
All right.
You've been practicing hard. Take a break.
Master, you must be joking.
The movements you've taught me,
I've had no chance to use them.
A Jie, your top priority now
is not practice.
What? Are you giving up on me?
You need to improve.
You can reach the highest level.
Master asked me to take a look
at the mountains and all of nature
and learn about worldly life.
That's how to reach the highest level
of Southern Kung Fu,
with all of nature
and the sun and moon in your feet.
I've seen mountains, rivers,
the sun and the moon,
but couldn't feel anything in my heart.
That's because you don't understand
human emotions.
When you understand
all seven flavors of life,
and blend them
into your kung fu movements,
fully absorbing them,
you'll understand the highest level
of mountains and rivers
and the sun and the moon on your feet.
Maybe the problem is you didn't install
an emotional program in me.
We have little time left.
Maybe the emotional program...
will help me understand the essence
and reach the highest level
of Southern Kung Fu.
The I can pass it to Director Chen.
Let's do it.
"Emotional programs"
"Peace is a blessing"
This is the first expression
I've seen on your face.
-How does it taste?
-It's so bitter.
So tell me, does Brother Liu like you?
But I don't like him.
I do like him,
but I don't fancy him
like I did the eldest fellow apprentice.
In what way did you fancy
the eldest fellow apprentice?
Since I was a child, I've been fancying
those who outsmart me.
The eldest fellow apprentice was great
in kung fu, and I adored him.
Between me and him,
who is a faster learner of kung fu?
You can guess.
What was she implying by that?
I thought you were working on mountains
and rivers with kung fu movements,
-but you were working on romance.
-I wasn't.
Master said I must understand
worldly life.
Why not make a greater effort
in studying Southern Kung Fu?
Warriors in the future are waiting
for your chip.
Southern Kung Fu index, 74 percent.
Emotional index, 41 percent.
Although I've installed
your emotional program,
and you've developed affection
towards the beauty mountains and rivers,
your understanding of these things
are not profound enough.
You haven't reached the peak
of the two indexes.
Xiaohua says, sweet, sour, bitter, pungent
and salty are the five flavors of life.
You keep talking about Xiaohua.
Don't tell me that you've fallen in love
with her?
You are wasting her life
by giving her false hopes.
Yes, I am falling in love,
just like you fell for Director Chen.
Why didn't you dodge?
My processor tells me that I might as well
let you hit me to express your anger.
I'm surprised that you could feel pain.
All right.
I admit that I don't want to upset you.
Don't worry.
Tasting flavors takes time.
When you taste enough things,
you understand them naturally.
The chicken claw in the shop,
it's absolutely the most delicious
in the world.
I discovered that
with the eldest fellow apprentice.
We told nobody about it,
not even my father.
The eldest fellow apprentice said
that this was our little secret.
So why are you taking me there?
Because the eldest fellow apprentice
is gone.
I would rather find a new place...
that only the two of us know.
Sounds good.
But chicken claws in this restaurant
are super tasty.
Despite the sumptuous meals in France,
I miss this restaurant so badly.
Big brother, why didn't you
come back home?
Did you go straight to France?
Because I was wounded by gunshot.
Mr. Duran told me that I could
only survive by taking surgery there.
Mr. Duran is a military doctor.
After saving my life,
he reached the age for retirement,
so he took me back to France.
Master, if Mr. Duran hadn't saved my life,
-I would have been so dead.
-All right.
Mr. Duran, thank you for saving his life.
If you ever need my favor in the future,
please know that you have it.
This is red wine from France.
It's not as spirited as our Sanhua Liquor,
but it's good for health.
Please take it.
I would never say no
to my apprentice's gift.
Darling, why are you still there?
Send out invitations to all our family
and friends to join us for a drink.
-Go ahead.
-All right.
Younger sister, you seem unhappy
to see me back.
-I'm more than happy.
-Wait, hold on.
The perfume in Paris is known
all over the world.
Try them all.
Every bottle has a different scent.
Big brother, what about me?
Do I have a gift?
What is it?
-This is...
These two boys, they never stopped
making fun of each other.
This is what foreigners wear for kung fu.
I didn't expect Master to have accepted
a new apprentice.
So I didn't prepare any gift for you.
But I heard you are a very talented
kung fu learner.
I'd like to teach you
the foreign kung fu skill I learnt.
What do you think?
That would be fantastic.
He's extremely perceptive.
He's nothing less than a younger version
of you.
Master, now that I'm back,
I'd like to set a ring...
and battle against people
in Guangdong and Guangxi.
Maybe I can win the name,
"King of Southern Kung Fu" too.
All right.
All right, everyone,
time to make your bets.
Today, the apprentices
of Southern Kung Fu is battling.
The odds are handicapped, and it's 1-to-3.
-Come on, make your bet.
-Make a bet.
-All right, I bet on the apprentice.
-The older apprentice for me.
Master, Master,
General Feng gave an order.
He said in this battle,
we have no choice but to win.
General Feng is in the South Holding Pass.
If we lose this battle,
it will shake the army's morale.
How did General Feng know about this news?
The general says that this time,
he's coming to cheer for us.
"Conquering the south with punching"
General Feng,
ladies and gentlemen,
I was shot by the gun in the battle,
and narrowly escaped death.
I take this as rebirth.
So I made the grand wish
of carrying forward the martial art.
So here I set the battle ring
to make friends by kung fu.
To show my sincerity,
I brought back from France
a sign of good luck.
It's gonna be bad.
He means business, all right.
Most of you here fought
against the foreigners
with General Feng
at the South Holding Pass.
So I believe you have seen this.
-No, run!
-What is that?
Calm down, everyone.
It's unloaded.
There are no bullets inside.
Stand down.
You must have recognized it.
This the weapon that killed our brothers
in front of the South Holding Pass,
an invention by Hiram Stevens Maxim.
Whether I win or lose in the ring today,
I will present this as a gift
to my General Feng.
So let's begin.
Master Zhou, what should we do?
We're gonna see a duel today,
it's gonna be intense.
Elder brother, don't bother.
Let me exchange a few blows
with him first.
King of Eagle Crawl, Xue Renchao.
You said you wanted to make friends
but you hit him too hard.
Oh, my goodness.
This is not how I knew him.
Let me take him down.
Sorry. I was excited to face you,
so I couldn't help break the rule.
Will you excuse me?
I'm surprised that our junior fellow
apprentice is a kung fu addict.
Very good. I like it.
Master, it's getting late now.
Let's continue tomorrow.
General Feng.
Do you mind if I leave
the sign of good luck in your residence?
You can deter this killing machine
with your skill.
His kung fu movements include...
the spirit of western boxing.
It's fast and fierce, but more merciless.
He went in the wrong direction.
Western boxing?
Is it like this, Master?
How can you have bones
and muscles of steel?
Who are you?
Master, I'm a robot
created by human beings.
I traveled here from 200 years
in the future.
Our earth is under the attack of aliens
who plan to take over the planet
and eliminate human beings.
Southern Kung Fu can defeat aliens
in close combat,
so I was sent back to 200 years earlier,
which is today, to learn Southern Kung Fu.
Although I have difficulty understanding
what you're saying...
I do know that you are learning
Southern Kung Fu
to save people who are bullied
and depressed,
to fight against enemies
like the foreigners in our age.
A Jie, I'll ask other masters
in Guangdong and Guangxi
to teach you Southern Kung Fu
of other regions.
After achieving mastery,
you'll reach the supreme level.
This is not purely
Southern Kung Fu movements.
He gets the upper hand
with speed and strength.
Master Zhou says that kung fu style
is a good representation
of local people's goodness.
His punch...
It corresponds with the greediness
and aggression of westerners.
The eldest fellow apprentice said
he learnt western boxing.
You better leave these things
to your master.
Your index has been growing
but hasn't reached the peak yet.
You'd better hurry up
to finish your task.
Over there.
Concentrate on that.
It's you.
Senior fellow apprentice.
Stop, A Jie, he's an alien.
He traveled to this era
by transmitting his brain wave
to the eldest fellow apprentice's body,
so you'll fail your task.
He killed your last master
to stop you from learning kung fu
and to infuriate you into killing someone.
If you break the Three Principles
for robots,
you'll self-destruct
and the mission will be a failure.
A Jie, what happened here?
-Is General Feng all right?
-Yes, he's all right.
Duran and the eldest fellow apprentice
did it.
I knew it was him.
He ran away.
I failed to stop him.
This bastard.
-General Feng.
-Master Zhou.
The contest was only a diversion.
He just wanted to put this cannon
into my residence,
so that they could kill me.
It's such a deliberate plan.
It means the foreigners are scared of me.
-Brave soldiers, are you scared?
-No, Sir!
A Jie, your Southern Kung Fu skill
has reached the peak.
And you've understood the meaning
of mountains and rivers in kung fu.
You are good to go.
Master, I want to go
to the South Holding Pass.
Guarding South Holding Pass,
that's our job.
You have little time left for your task.
But he's not a human being.
Senior fellow apprentice is possessed
by an alien and he is targeting me.
Is he one of the foreigners who are
occupying our homeland in the future?
Then he should definitely be handled
by us.
No, Master, no!
I have to come with you.
Get the hell away from me!
Hey, you! Take him away from me!
Your index hasn't reached 100 percent yet.
We are almost out of time.
I will not let the alien step
on the South Holding Pass.
I have to go help Master.
I can't leave the pass occupied
by foreigners.
Your task is to master kung fu.
Warriors in the future need your help.
I have to go.
Hold on.
Let me increase your ability
to control your emotions.
"Sleep Mode Activated"
The aliens are about to conquer
the command post.
This isn't my Big Brother.
Surrender now.
This is the pace of the industrial
civilization development.
You can't stop bullets
or the advance of wheels of history.
This isn't him. You are not--
-Let go of me.
-You'll get yourself killed.
Brave soldiers,
let's protect our Qing Dynasty
and kill the foreigners. Fight!
Kill them.
History is written.
Even if you go there, you can't change it.
I don't care about history.
I can't watch the Master and Xiaohua
killed by the alien.
What are you going to do?
A Jie.
To be honest, I actually fancy you.
But the eldest fellow apprentice...
He's not supposed to be like this.
-I have to go and finish this.
Go save the General. Go!
Wait until I come back.
Don't forget your senior
fellow apprentice who loves eating.
In a war, casualty is inevitable.
When you see casualty,
you are urged by something
to kill your fellowmen.
That thing is the seventh flavor of life.
Yes, the flavor of pain.
Master. Master, wake up.
In the end,
I understood the pain of the heart.
But I'd like to let you understand
You've lost your beloved ones,
your mountains and rivers.
Don't you want to take revenge?
Don't you feel like killing someone?
I'm not like you.
A Jie.
Why are you here?
Where is the chip?
-A Jie.
Go now!
Don't you ever want to transmit
the Southern Kung Fu skill back?
The Earth will be possessed by us
in the future.
And then, I will surely kill you all.
We are almost out of time.
We have to get the chip
with Southern Boxing skill.
In the end, I understood mountains
and rivers in the movement
and the sun and the moon on the feet!
Are you insane?
Go now! Go on!
We don't have time.
If you kill me, you'll die too.
If you violate the Three Principles,
your self-destruction system
will be launched.
After traveling back in time,
you should do nothing
that would change history.
By the way, it's a single-way time travel.
So you won't be able to get back.
"Self-destruct Sequence Initiated"
"On May 23rd, 1885 Experienced
general Feng Zicai"
"leading the Qing army
defeated the French at Zhennan Pass"
Robot Number 1 has finished the task.
Data transmission begins.
Besides these movements and tips,
I have some personal experience
to share with you,
which hopefully will be helpful to you.
The highest level of Southern Kung Fu
is understanding mountains and rivers
and the sun and the moon.
To come to this level,
you have to throw punches
for people worth giving your life for.
Even if the these punches could smash
your body into pieces,
you do it with no regrets.
I did so, and I have no regrets.