Kung-Fu Yoga (2017) Movie Script

During the Tang Dynasty on the way to the Buddhist sutras,
Monk Xuanzang conduct diplomatic relations with India.
Then Wang Xuance travel to India.
There, he made a great contribution to the development of cultural relations.
In 647 AD, Arunasva, general of the Kingdom of Magadha try to seize the throne of India.
On Wang Xuance second mission to India,
Arunasva team lead elephant for him.
Wang Xuance.
I came on the orders of General Bhima Majesty Gitajani.
Embark on a horse.
Messenger, Arusnava have mastered Magadha, and the city was in ruins.
General Bhima would accompany Tang headed to the kingdom, to ask for military assistance.
Together with our precious treasure.
General Bima, Magadha our fate is in your hands.
General, we are close to the border of the Tang Dynasty.
In front of us, there is a lake where the water froze ...
I'm afraid the ice could not support the weight of all of us.
Will you wait for me here.
I'll go first to find a way that is safe to cross.
Wang Xuance got past the frozen lake,
when he looked back, he saw only the white snow in front of him.
Bhima and his men had disappeared.
It all seemed like a dream.
Later, Wang Xuance with the assistance of the Indian team,
back to Magadha to catch Arunasva and force his elephants.
One man against the whole government.
But what about the Magadha Bhima and treasure?
Where did they go?
Until the end, he never found the answer.
Then he returned to Central India, on his mission to India this ...
Listen ... the talk is about the next professor Wang Xuance against the government.
We'll provide the questions.
So come, friends.
Xiaoguang, I do for you, yes?
Why, thank you. I can do it myself. But, thank you.
Excuse me, Miss.
We can clean up the artifacts have both, so please go.
Hey, see you later.
You're more popular than these artifacts.
Replica, all this is just a replica.
Pigments in the terracotta warriors is the most common mineral.
Divided into three colors, red, green, blue ...
and purple.
This fluid can determine mineral composition, and color.
To find out more about the terracotta warriors.
Okay, come here.
You see from us to spray the liquid, now we can look for the color pigments are more easily.
Halo, doktor.
The latest discovery Jack is a great achievement for our institution.
Go back to work.
Well, what is it?
I like it if you go straight to the point. Come to your studio.
- My studio? - Come on.
Why in the studio?
I'll tell you later.
India Palace Museum Institution has sent a female professor.
- Professor of India? - Yes.
He was attracted to the color identification technologies that are found.
He is a professor of Indian Institute Palace Museum, Doctor Ashmita.
Nice to meet you, Professor Chan.
Your reputation is well known.
Your research about the kingdom of Magadha had bridging China and India.
Thank you very much.
Just call me Jack.
Doctor, how are you?
I am fine. thanks.
I Xiaoguang, assistant Professor Chan.
You Xiaoguang? Thesis absolutely brilliant.
You read my thesis?
We publish it together, my name is Nuomin.
Welcome to China.
Our thesis was not nothing without the help of Prof. Chen.
Prof, you color scanner tool that can help me solve the problem.
Your eye!
Warna'nya red.
This is a map left by General Bhima.
I'm sure his men were missing and he protecting the treasure is somewhere on this map.
Where did you get this?
It is inherited in the family.
These maps are a thousand years old, and has been quite damaged.
I could not get any information.
Let's try it.
Xiaoguang, beware.
- Keep well. - Okay.
The reason I'm here is to invite you to unravel the mysteries of this thousand-year with me.
We can improve the archaeological cooperation between China and India.
And can also be done with the recognition of the treasure together.
In accordance she said.
I do not think you have to be so awesome attitude.
Professor Chan is the best archaeologists in our country.
- He is a man who ... - Wait, wait, wait ...
He is the best option.
Well, I go first.
Ashmita, Jack in the guest rooms here are really comfortable.
Oh, okay.
This thing, take it away.
Later I gave the new one.
By, by, the Director.
Parents who are kind.
- Let me show you your room. - Certain.
What this hole because these signs are damaged or lakes?
Let's find.
It looks have to use the new technology we know.
Now lift your right leg and skip head.
It is hard for me.
Sio Guang minggir kau.
Should come join? I took a yoga class as well.
Nice, very nice.
- Wuah ... lots of kale. - Thanks Prof
Has nothing to do with the practice of yoga.
- I learned from him. - Enjoy.
- You do not come to eat? - No, I'm fasting. I just want it all.
So, here there are also people fast.
Yes, fasting China as well as India's equal ...
'Upvasa "You mean you fasting?
- Goodbye (Selamat tinggal) - Upvasa.
So, what he always cook like this for you?
It's the first time.
Hey, hey, you guys see that?
Is he always so eager?
The first time.
- Did you see that? Geez. - The first time.
- Wow. - Wah.
Nesco city, some of my best places to stay here.
This friend of mine spent a lifetime in search of treasure.
Kids lelaki'nya there may be storing anything found before him his father died.
- Uncle Jack - Jack, please call only.
Lama has not seen.
These days you have very similar father.
When I was a kid, did not you tell me I'm better than you.
Surely you're smarter than your father.
I do not like him. you two experts Archeology
I'm just a treasure hunter.
Your father also said so
Kelihatan'nya you will complete what your father started.
On the phone you said there will be a surprise for me.
- What is that? - Follow me.
- Jones child my best friend. - Hello.
- Is. - certain Dr. Ashmita.
- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.
Oh, Jones, this ..
- You must assistant Dr. Ashmita. - Assistant instructor.
- Wow, glad to know your name. - Kyra.
- That's a nice name. - Thank you.
- Look at you. Your face turns red. - Professor.
- Asistenku. - Halo, battery leases.
- Nice to meet you. - Hello.
- Hei, Xiaoguang mana -. Xiaoguang.
Hello, I Xiaoguang.
Do you remember the treasure you are looking for your father all his life?
It is the treasure, the professor took him from India.
Wait .. who is it?
If you want to see it clearly, we must work together.
- archeology, treasure hunters. - You're not hunting for treasure.
Robbing graves, it's illegal.
Why do not you see it?
Do you think of yourself, this is a chance to prove to your father.
Provide more than just a legend to him.
We have arrived.
10 years ago this coin was found on the riverbank by my father.
He found more coins in the river, but unfortunately she can only take this.
My father has always believed somehow related to this coin treasure
I do research but have not been able to find this relationship.
- Can I see it? - Please.
This is not just a gold coin, is the emblem of the family.
You see these three horns?
It is for the pair to zirahnya shirt.
It definitely belongs to the Milky generals.
When generals Wong Bima and separate in this place,
Bima and his friends took refuge in this cave.
But there was an avalanche and the Milky trapped there.
General Milky certainly managed to escape and then help the person.
If this is true, we should start from here.
Xiaoguang, go check the water temperature.
- Yes, professor. - Okay.
Come on, go see a part of the mountain that once inhabited, okay?
Let's go.
See their condition.
According koordinatmu, three hours upstream.
And you'll find the entrance of the twin dragon rivers and water lines.
Her drones can only so far.
- Now you just alone, go ahead and be careful. - Good luck.
Xiaoguang, we approached the entrance of the river Dragon Isle.
Be accepted.
- This is it. - Wow.
Xiaoguang, we've found the river.
- Good. - Small fish.
Your turn.
- We turn on. - Oh my god.
This is very cool.
Really? Throw him into the water.
Professor, this is a photo that is sent from the drones fish under it.
Look at that?
There is space on the surface.
Can you get a location?
Uncle Jack,
under the blue flag is a space that we find,
distance from the river about ... about 1 km.
If Bhima was out of there ...
he must be in the frozen water about 7 minutes. It is impossible without diving equipment.
No. That may be using techniques to hold your breath in yoga.
Do not forget, before we were born, we spent 9 months in the belly of our mother.
Not that humans could not survive in the water, it's just that we've forgotten our ability to do so.
World champion free divers can hold their breath over 8 minutes.
- Mm-hmm. - Wow.
- They all learn yoga. - Yes.
Hi, Jack. It has been a long time no see.
What's up?
I need help.
What's that?
I was in the Kun Lun mountains.
You're in India?
- Correct. - What for?
- Drilling holes. - Hole oil?
Not the oil hole. Ice holes.
Ice holes. I had the right equipment for it.
I might have found a treasure.
What did you find?
Property kingdom of Magadha in ancient India.
You would not know it, just come here.
All right, see you in 3 days.
- What else? - Maybe a massage.
We will wait until everything is finished.
Professor, tea was delicious. Try.
- Thank you. - You are welcome.
Hey, did you hear that?
The leader of the wolf calling his flock.
Huh? Where?
Hey, do not move.
He's behind you.
Oh, I see them.
There are two tails there.
The rest is behind a pile of snow.
- Hei, Jones. - Hah?
- Come with me. - Where?
To find the wolves.
We attack first. Xiaoguang, keep this place, okay?
You gave them to me?
Looks like fun, I go.
- Remember. - Wait.
We should have no manners.
They want to go where?
They find wolves.
At present we are in their territory.
In their territory.
- We are here to show our strength. - Shows the strength.
- Hey, kid? - What?
Do you remember what I taught you kung fu?
Of course I remember.
Even to the formula.
Say it for me.
A strong mind, and energy united into three formidable movement.
Punch-kick, elbow-knee, shoulder to hip, is 3 outer movements.
In luarjangkuan do not attack, attack with a clear, concise goals.
When in range, attack takes place only, and should always be perfect.
Formula will not help.
Do you practice it?
Sometimes, yes.
Sometimes, it means no. Why not?
I think I've pretty good.
You ... you really like your father.
Let's practice.
Return to the wolves.
This is another formula.
Moving the upper body, and the bottom echoed.
Strong enough.
Well, it was pretty good.
Ayo, ayo.
Lower body moves, and the top of the release.
Still have. Underneath the upper body and move, and move your hips forward.
Okay ... it's ...
When the hips move, the body confirmed.
Attack line.
And move it gently.
Hei, kau.
- What the hell is that? - Or I could use my wits.
Oh good.
Under attack, and deadly.
Sorry, I made a mistake.
And if the beat someone from a considerable distance, did to win it.
Hey, come on. Do not be too hard.
Moving quickly.
You say one thing and do the opposite.
You beat me and pretend not to.
Son, you pretty well. Come on, stand up.
Chinese kung fu has evolved with Chinese culture.
You still say you do not want to learn it.
And I want to tell you.
The wolf was after me, let's Fight.
Hey, forget about him. Let's go.
Hey, hey, you want to go? Wait for me.
Hey, come on, wait for me.
Come on.
We leave him?
Do not worry, he can find his way home alone.
Xiaoguang, I ask you to keep them.
You're going to scare the wolves, right? So I asked them to make noise, you know, to scare the wolves.
- Elementary children. - They're coming!
Wolf comes.
Ayo, ayo, ayo.
- Ayo. - Ayo.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
Lemakmu alone is enough to make the wolves were fed for 3 years.
He was in China and seems to have found the location ..
But we will get them. It was entirely ours.
And then everything will be destroyed.
Lift! Be careful!
It was incredible.
Modern technology was outstanding.
Be careful.
- Bye. - Good luck.
I will be fine.
I'll go first.
- Whoa .. - Wow. Very beautiful down here.
- Hey did you hear me? - Yes, I hear you.
We have found the lost treasure of the Tang dynasty in 1647 AD ..
Its location at 30 meters below the ice.
- In the ice cave. - Another great discovery.
- Congratulations. - You're part of this.
Do not move!
Let's go there.
Be careful!
Water ice, flowing through the track, making a huge glacial lake under the ground.
And also a river.
Through this river that we can find the site.
Anyone ever come across this cave.
And take refuge in it.
Outline, they are stuck inside, from the clothes they wear.
They died because of the cold.
Wow what is this thing?
Maybe the rest of the rest of the soldiers.
- Hold this for me. Just hold me. - No, no..
For archaeologists is not okay, no big deal.
- What do you see? - His body was still intact because it was freezing.
Are you afraid?
I'm here, it's okay.
- It's gold. Yes. - This old gold coins.
Anyway, the ice thick are you trying to destroy.
- It means that we have to go west. - To the west?
This is the time.
Do not move.
Get down!
Hey, do you have a shot!
- Get up! - Come on!
Some call it fate.
Some people call it, should occur.
But I call it, make it happen.
- Who is he? - Does not matter to you who I am.
All you have to know is, do you want to take what belongs to my ancestors.
- Who is this guy? - He is a..
Do not tell the past.
Tell me about the facts.
All that is here belongs to the family of local residents here.
No, all that is here, according to legend, owned by the government.
Here, I was her reign.
Bring all property karun'nya.
Bind them, and let them die of cold.
Or empty.
Pergi, ayo, ayo.
- Jack! - Stop!
- Hey! Do not move! - Be careful!
This is only a minor problem.
What are you hiding?
There is no.
Check him.
Give him.
Go, go, go.
- John! - Stop, do not move.
Be careful with that!
Hi Hi Hi.
- Come on. - Okay, okay, okay.
Hey! Stop!
- Make sure no one escaped alive. Surround them. - Good.
Hey, what should we do?
Hey look at that? Can you throw it to me?
- Ma .. What it does not do what? - Nothing.
It had been there for over 1500 years.
Maybe, maybe I can not do it.
Oh wait.
- What can you do? - Certain.
Hand. Do not do it.
Are you afraid?
Let's take a deep breath first.
from inside the eye to three
Biarkan paru-parumu dipenuhi oleh udara
but stay focused with an eye to three
Now release the breath.
Let it flow to the spine
Lead the flow around the body
... Let go.
Pull again, Release.
Got it?
I'll use my own way.
Sub By Guavaberry en Oom St@R Lgs.
Ayo Jack!
A little bit more.
You did not do anything?
Jack? Are you okay?
Yes, okay.
Okay, I'll get help.
Stay here. I will be back.
Professor Chan. Further investigation revealed that you're healthy.
But we temporarily lived the first few days in the hospital for the better.
- Okay thank you. - You are welcome.
Professor Chan. Director Liu came to see.
- Professor Chan. - Director Liu. good to see you, please be seated.
You find a treasure trove of Magadha in the Tang Dynasty it.
Archeology profit again for China and also for the whole world.
It had been our aim to explore cultural heritage and treasure.
Do you know who they are?
Our policy is to intercept them on the road.
This is obtained from a friend there, You can read it later.
I have to get back to the office there are important matters that must be resolved.
You rest first. We appreciate your hard work.
- Oke good bye. - Good-good care of him.
Professor Chan.
What an auction to be held in Dubai next week.
He sent it to me.
Professor, he left a message for you.
Jack, this is not just a diamond, this is the key to unlock his or her property.
We must get it back.
Looks like we're going there.
We had to get the diamonds.
- Hei Jack. - Huh?
Look, I already told friends.
And look, they are invited to race camels.
This is awesome.
Look at his eyes and said something.
Thank you Excellency, to keramahanmu.
Thank you again.
Looking around! Red was Jagoanku. The black one has the prince.
And we will win the big prize.
- Did you see that car? - Hey how much is 1 car?
- You will not be able to afford it. - Huh?
You have to spend all your wealth.
My father never win.
- Ayo, ayo, ayo! - Kita hampir menang.
We're going to win. See it?
What is that? You know I do not understand about this.
- But tomorrow you have to win a diamond for me. - Come on, come on.
- Do not worry, we'll get it. - Hey look, camel chased.
- We could have lost another camel. - Come on!
- Come on! - Forward! Yes!
- Red! Red! Quick! Quick! - Come on, come on!
I told you we would win.
I finally won!
I saw it, where are you?
I was in the pool, I have not seen it, do not you?
Yes, I see.
- Come here. - I'm there now.
This is huge.
How do you wear?
It can not be used right?
- It's a lock. - Please come this way.
The ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today's auction.
Diamond, which we will auction today. 212 carat diamond is a lost treasure.
Do you have to use this minimum clothes?
Yes this is the beach they were all wearing a swimsuit. Likewise with me, what's the problem?
I do not care what they wear, but I have a problem when you are wearing it.
Do you feel embarrassed?
90 million dollars for the woman in the corner, thanks. There are higher?
We've got 100 million dollars to the woman in white.
110 million the corner here. 110 million dollars, what I hear 120?
- 120 million dollars here, we have 110 now, 120 million dollars thanks a lot. - Add.
Water? [Sharjah]
- 120 million dollars. - The price is very high.
- I thought so. - 130 million dollars.
- 130 million dollars for a beautiful diamond here. - What should we do?
- Do I hear 140? - Stop.
140? 140 million is there anything else to add?
- Prince is here. Just give it to him. - Can not.
- We do not have that much money. - I do not care.
We will get it.
150 million dollars for the corner there. 150 million dollars.
150 million dollars?
- Dad, it was 150 million. - There may be more.
- Hey, you do not need to be as good as it was. - What do you mean? 1.5 million I can help, not 150 million.
- It was a key to his property. - I know you're the best archaeologists.
But what can you guarantee that she will find the treasure?
Rose to .. 160 million dollars for the woman in white.
- 160 million dollars. - What are you doing?
- But I guess you want me to raise it. - But ..
- 160 million .. - Calm down, look, this diamond, is the key to the treasure.
I do not care .. I ..
- What do I do .. - 2 times .. Sold.
I became a millionaire.
The party's on me.
This night!
Randal had already been defeated.
- I'll watch him. - Okay.
Sorry, sorry, sorry for everything.
The party is over.
Why did not you tell me you were here?
- I'm afraid .. - Sorry pal party is over.
- See you tonight, on me. - Alrighty.
- I know friends, I know. Bye - Bye, honey.
So why did you take the diamonds? You said you wanted to meet the desires of your father.
You archaeologist, did not you learn from the past to the future?
It is the hidden treasures.
I have a buyer who will keep it more than anyone.
- Because he paid a high price. - Do not tell me that.
If we do not bring back the diamond. Professors will be arrested for stealing relics because of you.
Do not worry, maybe we can find the secret behind the diamond.
Now you might say? Very rude!
- What are you doing here? - It's not your business.
You listen to me.
What are you doing, huh?
What are you doing?
What I think?
- Do not pull my hand! - Dad!
Somebody help me!
Be careful!
You're going to die!
Hey Jack beat this guy!
Do not hand! My hands!
Go, quick!
Wait, wait, you, you!
I will give it, so I will give it.
- Help me! - Shut up!
Take the suitcase and fled!
Catch this!
Do not give it to me.
- Give it to me. - Here, this is for you.
My hands!
- What happened to your hand? - Dad!
- How are you? - You're breaking my heart.
Take care of your father.
Dad, are you okay?
160 million dolarku!
- Hurry, hurry Come on! - They stole the diamonds!
He got them.
- Wait, what? - They were in the lobby.
- Quick, come on. - Come on.
- Ayo! - Ayo!
Get in!
Let's go.
Hey stop!
Look out!
Excuse me!
- Sorry. - Professor!
- What now? - We need a car, look.
Hey, we can car. Come on!
- Naik ke mobil ayo. - Ayo, naiklah.
See their boots.
You're a good cat, careful well.
Look out!
You did not do anything?
You're holding.
Woi! Be careful.
We're okay.
We do not what to do.
What are you doing?
Look out!
- I want you to press the gas. - Where are you going?
- Just do it! - Okay!
Sitting quietly, I see them coming, do not eat anything that happened.
Jack, I got it.
Good work.
Look out!
- Lions. - Shh, lion.
Good cat, lie down.
You are sick.
Jackie? Same with my name.
Jackie, Jackie!
Jackie here.
- Hey, little Jackie. - Professor.
Jackie, Jackie here.
Jackie small, little Jackie.
Jackie, let's go!
We lost her suitcase again.
Get in the car.
Jackie small, you know why?
160 million dollar money evaporate like smoke.
Hey, you too. Why are you trying to run away from me?
I saw someone take the diamond, the motor life.
She was a woman, she says she stars.
I do not think he's like that.
You can not tell who's good and evil here.
Someone must be responsible for their actions. Return the money.
It is better. Did you hear?
You can pay me back before a month.
Just give me the money cost option. I still can.
I will look for him in India.
I'll report to the police station.
God knows how much I pay for all the damage it.
How to process visa Siao Guang and Jones?
They will nyampe here tomorrow.
- Coco, long time ago. - Nuomin.
- Prof, ini Jiang Wen -. Prof, apa khabar.
Hi, are you a foreign student?
Yes, I did post-graduate research, mostly about the students here.
Excuse me doctor, associate professor Chen from China.
- Nice to meet you. - An honor to meet you.
- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.
- You come from China? - Yes.
- Is that you? - Yes, it's me.
It was given to me in Chinese.
I know who you're talking about.
- Class disperse. - Thank you mom.
- Come on, come with me. - Through this way.
To be able to find you, he's pretending to be me.
Jhatballi, he was a descendant of the 16th of Princess Gita Anjali from Madras.
- Princess? - Extraordinary.
- He did it himself? - Good.
He was a descendant daughter.
Prof, say hi.
- During the next in India. - No need to do that.
- I came to his suitcase. - Jack, thanks for helping me to find it.
I know what I'm doing wrong, and I apologize.
But I do not know how to invite KAAU come to India.
It had nothing to do with the subject keastronomian.
He is my brother.
He is the younger brother of Princess sir?
Jack kami ask your help.
To use the diamond search for treasure mystery Magadha.
What makes this diamond special?
Jiang Wen tolong ceritakan sejarah berlian ini.
It's my pleasure.
Anyone who owns this Shiva eyes will rule the whole world
Once the third eye of Lord Shiva reincarnated remain in this mortal world.
Legend says it was the key to the treasure Ghada government.
Who was it when we are in the ice cave and Dubai?
Why does he want this diamond?
Randal his name, he is the last descendant Arunasva.
- Do we have another clue? - There.
Since the first of this diamond is ours.
therefore already established in the sticks, a symbol of power tallest Maghada.
So it's a diamond in the sticks together.
But he could also open the door to the treasure.
We are still trying to get.
Jack what it is like to baju'nya?
Yes, just a little bit tight.
Oh, this is the shuttle waktu'nya Jones.
Yes, you'd better hurry, we'll touch again.
Let's look at the instructions lain'nya.
It is a shrine Amala
consists of 27 buildings and was built during the era of the Vedas
Legend says Maghada treasure is among one of the 27 buildings.
Every year during the festival of the Sun-god "Path of Light" will be revealed
I'm sure if we could find the door was definitely the way to the treasure.
There are you thinking?
This is the most popular local market, many performances here too.
it looks cool.
Hey I've heard of this. This is a rock festival of India.
You seem to know a lot.
This is a trick that has been done since ancient India.
We often observe this diperbagai places in India, and in other places.
- How do they do? - Magic.
- Great. - You can?
He would climb it?
Come with me and you will be fine.
Jack, Jackie!
You, over here.
Come with me before I got you.
You want it back?
- Hey. - You did not do anything?
- You did not do anything? - Do not move.
Let's go.
Get in!
Ayo! Ayo pergi.
We had to get a suitcase, or we will not be able to go home.
To be honest I do not know where.
Hello Jack, he's been waiting for you.
And you, you have to wait in the car.
Please come with me.
Hey Jack, welcome to my place.
You will be fine.
Actually, you look better without it.
Oh no, she knew.
The place is more suitable here.
See, how great.
Are not they beautiful?
Jack, people say the Lions are the king of the wild animals.
I do not agree.
Look at this ugly little creature.
There is something special about them.
They work together.
- Jack. - Jack!
If hungry they will attack, together.
And their teeth can destroy anything.
What do you want?
You're willing to sacrifice their lives for treasure Maghta.
But their families have hidden treasures of us for 1000 years.
- I want it back Jack. - Let them go first.
I do not care about the diamond. I care about you.
Help unlock the treasure.
I do not know if I can.
Did not you learn archeology in China?
Not that simple. The key belongs to someone who knows who. The original is destroyed, everything is empty.
The material is different from the original material.
- its present material and the material .. - Stop it.
Professor, stop this nonsense.
This is what is left of China 2000 years.
Open it, or they die.
Prof, do not come here ...
I became alarmed. I'll look at it.
Be careful.
So I think the professor will not save us, right?
- We'll find a way. - How?
There is no way out of here.
- I will die. - Hey come on.
We're all going to die, all die, but I'm going to die now.
I do not want to die now.
Come on, stop crying.
Hey listen, everything will be fine, come on.
I do not know, I'm afraid.
He will help us, you know that.
- Already preferably? - Not yet.
Hei, Jose, Jose!
- Get us out? - How?
You're here, take the key.
- How to get there? - Just do it!
Wait a minute. Okay..
What are you doing?
I will help them.
- There are many hyenas there. - I see them all the females.
And they are hungry.
Come quick!
But whatever you do, hurry up.
No, no, no!
Come on.
Good dog.
Stop, stop, stop.
No, no, no!
Hold my hand, hold on.
Hold on.
They pulled my pocket.
Help me, help me!
What should we do?
- Jump! - Okay.
Now what?
You go there and draw their attention.
Listen, I want you there, run as fast as possible, okay?
I would draw their attention.
Come on, quickly!
Come on.
Come jump.
- Are you okay? - I am fine.
You're bleeding.
It hurts. Is it toxic? Can you suck blood?
I can not do it, you should go to the hospital.
- and ask him, let's go. - What?
It was her place.
Anyway road course.
- Lihat. - Liver kuil Pugu.
- We may get in? - I do not think it can.
Yeah, can get into. Follow me.
Please do not wear shoes. Please come out.
You are right.
- Hey! - Hey!
- Take care of him. - Take her, let's go to the gate.
This constellation of ancient Indian art.
- Give me the stick. - Give.
- I like the movie Indiana Jones. - Are you kidding?
How can we get sunlight?
Technology. Put that light up there.
Turn on the light.
Here there are 27 zodiac.
In ancient India there are 27, you do not know it?
What zodiakmu?
Pashwaini, Understand, Pachika. This third result in Aries.
This superstition bored me, just focus.
- Gemini. - Gemini.
- Oh, my God! Okay. - Shut up.
Do not move.
- I am sorry. - I'm sorry too.
- Oh, shit! - Do not move.
The snake was gone. thanks.
Jack, why you would do this to me?
I promise to restore the driver.
Jack! Jack!
- There's a snake again. - You said only one.
Say one?
Jack, help me!
- Hold on tight! - I do not want to die.
Okay, you're safe. Do not worry.
- Did you see the edge of it? Okay. - Yes.
- Count to three. Come on. Three! - Okay. What?
You are okay. Grip it, you're okay.
- I pikirjalan discharge through here. - Okay.
Come on.
Move aside.
It's enough having fun?
- I've saved him. - You drive way.
- Follow him. - Yes, Sir.
Do not go yet. Do not leave me here. Hey!
This is what I find looking for.
This desire, devotion, dedication.
No one can make this again.
- Turn on the light. - Good, let's go.
Take crockery, let's get started.
Hey .. hey. What are you doing?
- What are you doing? - Hey, stop.
Please respect this temple.
Jack, thank you for your service.
This 27,000 carats.
And this is much more valuable than that.
And of course we have all the treasure chests filled this.
Open the gate. Hey .. slowly.
- Friends. Hey, friends of friends. - What?
Could you help me down?
Let me find out how,
- We'll be back for you. - Please do not go.
Please do not go, man. Do not leave me here.
Objects What is this?
Try searching there.
What are you doing?
It's about the treatment.
This medication autism.
You do not understand.
He who has the eye of Shiva, has the whole world.
But the purpose is not property and money,
this knowledge to help people live a better life.
The world created by this idea.
You're too blind to be able to see it.
We are not just living in this world, it's all rubbish!
This treasure, it can change us all.
- Now, according to ancient India .. - Do not teach me how to love my country
I know better than you.
And do not forget Jack, I fell in love with India.
- The fittest will survive. - Hey, anybody below.
We have company, to protect this place.
Let's go.
Hey, do you know why it was open?
Ocean anxiety are endless.
Turn your head to see the beach.
What does the way you are!
That is all nonsense! Learn Chinese!
Go! Run!
Come on.
Never touching a woman's hair!
Come on.
Through this way.
Go .. go!
Oh, sial.
Want to go where you are!
Release him.
Worry about yourself!
Kick 100 soles of Shiva.
Tigers Kick Kick Bodhidharma from India.
It belongs to Chinese kung fu kick.
If you kicked me again, she would die.
Do not kick him.
Kick dragon fly.
I told you this treasure is not yours, it belongs to the whole world, belongs to everyone.
Never mind.
- Sayang -. Hei.
- You are okay? I am fine. - Yes, do you?
Thanks ,I hope you guys Enjoyed the release.