Kung Liljekonvalje av dungen (2013) Movie Script

What time is it now?
- Honey, how late are we?
- Jesus...
There you go...
Head of the Homicide Division!
What have I done?
Nice to see you again, Christer.
- Good day, Helena.
- Good day, Sebastian. - Good day, Gunnel.
Damn bored with the wedding, huh?
Think about me.
Where do I find a clever
secretary the same as Anneli?
Come on.
- Who's that?
- Dina Richardson.
Huh? Last time I saw her she had
braids and pimples on her face.
- Mom...
- I didn't say anything.
- She went to domestic science school.
- Mom.
- Hello! Puck Ekstedt.
- Helena Wijk. Christer's mother.
- I've heard a lot about you.
- Good day, Helena.
- Has something happened?
- We had a flat tire.
- Puck means a real blowout.
- What else?
A puncture can mean so much
in Christer's world.
They're recently engaged...
- Is this okay here?
- It'll be perfect to get married here.
The bride's mother and stepfather.
Gretel and Egon.
Thank you for coming.
Unfortunately, my fiance didn't have
the good taste to do the same.
There won't be a wedding.
- What could have happened?
- When did you last see her?
- She went to the hairdresser at noon
yesterday. - We haven't seen her since.
She wanted sleep over at her friend's.
Her last night in freedom.
It's not so uncommon for a bride
or a groom not to show up.
Had she second thoughts at the last moment?
That really doesn't sound like Anneli.
- How was she yesterday?
- Yes. A little nervous and subdued.
Where can she be?
- What a scandal!
- What do you think happened?
I heard Gretel forced her daughter
to marry.
I saw Anneli yesterday running away
from Sebastian Pettersson's house.
Christer wants to stay behind.
Should we go home for a bit?
So well, here's Dina.
She probably knows where Anneli is.
You aren't crazy. Did you think
I was lying yesterday.
I ran into Anneli at 15:00 yesterday.
She wanted to look at her bridal bouquet.
Joakim ordered it.
- Joakim wants me to approve it.
- Why?
What is it?
We dreamed of a fantastic wedding.
Yes. And now your dream comes true.
You should be happy.
- Yes. Wait here.
- Why?
I promised to look at the bouquet
It was awful. Well, I still
can't tolerate Fanny Falkman.
- Yes?
- Where's Anneli?
Anneli? She's not here.
- But she just came in here.
- She hasn't been here at all.
- She lied, of course.
- The question is why?
Fanny might keep carnivorous plants.
You'd think this doesn't bother
you in the least.
You're Anneli's friend. You know
where she is.
Yes, no one knows anyway.
- Bad luck, my sister's kids have rubella.
- I didn't dare go there.
You have to be careful as an adult.
Assarsson! Hello.
- Hi. How nice, we'll stay here.
- Obviously.
If Joakim Kruse hadn't rented the
room upstairs you'd be staying there.
He bought an property
for himself and Anneli to renovate.
- Do you know Anneli well?
- She's my goddaughter.
I thought I knew her well.
Your room is a little further
away, Puck. I can show you.
- What if she knew we were living together.
- In a den of iniquity.
- The wedding dinner's off, in any case.
- What?
People traveled here and the food
was ordered, so...
- Need help to change the shirt?
- No... Why?
Yesterday Anneli rushed out of Sebastian
Petterson's house, completely upset.
- It's the second time I heard that.
- That's Skoga, for you.
- You all know everything.
- And then some.
Maybe she was sorry to leave her
job at Sebastian Pettersson's.
- Why did she do that?
- She was supposed to marry.
Can I get one?
Who's speaking to Dina Richardson?
- Could it be Lars-Ove Larsson?
- Well...
- Are they a couple?
- No idea.
- You may well ask.
- Maybe I'll do that.
- What are you thinking about?
- What do you think?
- Anneli, of course.
- Me too.
- I'm going home.
- I'm going with you.
- I can't be left alone.
- To hell with it! Do what you want.
Come, sit with us.
- Dina Richardson.
- Puck Ekstedt.
- Soon to be Bure.
- Yeah. What fun.
As teens Anneli and I dreamed
about marrying Christer and Eje.
- Oh. We didn't even notice you.
- Completely unbelievable.
Who was going to have whom?
- I wanted to have Eje, of course.
- Thanks!
See there, yes.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
It must be hard to be
Anneli's friend now.
Yes. I feel completely confused.
- Did she seem happy before the wedding?
- Yes, I thought so.
- Is there another man?
- Don't believe so. She kept it secret.
- She accepted him for his money?
- No, absolutely not.
Anneli doesn't care about money. She's
a little better off than us mere mortals.
There isn't anything to say
she disappeared voluntarily.
- So will there be a child next year?
- Yes, hopefully.
I have to finish my PhD first.
PhD? What's that?
I want to answer questions no one else has
answered. I don't want to do anything else.
It sounds like fun.
- The same reason I joined the police.
- I like cops.
- What do you think? Maybe we
should go home. - Good night.
- I lied to you.
- Yeah.
Anneli wanted to have Eje.
Why haven't you married?
I never found the right man,
I guess.
And you?
The sad truth is nobody wants me.
I can't imagine that.
- Did you sleep well?
- Yes.
I heard the front door an hour ago.
I slept like a log.
- Did you know anything more about Anneli?
- No.
Probably she just changed her mind.
- Why then did she accept the marriage
proposal? - It's not that simple.
Maybe she realized she wasn't ready
for "till death do us part"?
Strange there was so little blood.
The knife must have been there
a long time before it was pulled out.
- Do we know it was a knife?
- Probably.
- Could she have been murdered Friday?
- No, four hours at the most.
If it happened here, logically someone
should've seen or heard something.
There are no traces or tire tracks.
We have to find the knife.
I'll make sure the guys
look behind every blade of grass.
Did you hear anything during the night?
Gretel was fast asleep,
but I'm wake up very easily.
If it... If it happened
near... If it happened near...
- Then I would've absolutely woken up.
- And you? Did you hear anything?
- I got up at 07:00. I just got here.
- Elvira can take the day off.
No, no. There's plenty to do.
Anneli was alive early this morning.
Maybe she came to see you.
So you think I stabbed her
at the Homicide chief's house?
Now you'll excuse me, Joakim.
But why were you already wearing a white tie
before the police told you what happened?
Did you know this morning, she was dead?
I thought a white tie was fitting for
someone just abandoned by his fiance.
- Anything else?
- Not right now.
Good so.
I didn't know you could get
so attached to someone who isn't...
Even your own child.
Do you recognize this?
Yes. The key to the office was
attached there.
- Which office?
- Sebastian Pettersson's.
What's this about?
We discovered Anneli, murdered.
- Can you come with me.
- Unfortunately no.
- How do you sleep at night?
- Lie down, Gunnel. I'll take care of it.
- What are you implying?
- Nothing.
- Did you see or hear anything?
- No, we slept like two pious lambs.
- We found this in Anneli's bag.
- What is it?
A key ring to the office. Was she here
last Friday to drop off the keys?
- No, I don't think so.
- What was she doing here on Friday at all?
- I wasn't home.
- She was seen running away crying.
Really? And Skoga holds the world
record for gossip.
I have to take care of my wife.
- Can we go in?
- Yes.
- Do you have anyone who can stay
with you? - I'll be fine.
I don't regret what happened
yesterday, but...
As things stand now...
I'm handling a murder investigation
and you're part of it.
I see. Can you go now?
I'd like to be alone.
Is it true what you said about Anneli
at Fanny Falk's flower shop?
- She went in and disappeared?
- Yes.
Yeah. Right.
Miss Falkman, I'm Christer Wijk.
Lars-Ove, that's just me.
Thank you, darling. How's it
going in there?
Helena arranged food for them.
How kind of you to help.
- What do we do now?
- I'll get the dress so you can try it on.
Can we plan the wedding
after what's happened?
Nothing will get any better by
us waiting.
If we don't meet the priest and arrange
the menu now, when are we going to do it?
You're right.
Wait, you dropped something.
- Thank you.
- Come, we'll help each other.
- Have you been part of the family, long?
- Late last Christmas.
So you know them well.
Are they nice to you?
- Yes. But Mrs. Strom gets upset easily.
- About Anneli too?
- What is it?
- I know I shut the door.
I haven't washed for several days.
Mrs. Strom will be so angry,
but I always turn off the taps.
Someone else must have been here.
I washed it last time.
I hung it there to dry.
I think you should wait to wash
it. I'll call the police.
- I think it's Joakim Kruse.
- Why?
He's so weird.
He was in the tobacconist while
Anneli was at the flower shop.
- Why is that suspicious?
- The shops are located next door.
- It's closed on Sundays.
- Lucky you were here, then.
I don't know anything about Anneli
Hassel's death.
- Who says she's dead?
- The whole town's talking about it.
According to Dina Richardson, Anneli came in
here and then disappeared without a trace.
Either the girl has a wild imagination
or she's lying.
Anneli was supposed to come by to
approve the bouquet, but she never came.
Who knew there were
lilies of the valley in the bouquet?
Director Kruse was careful to
keep it a secret. Just him and me..
And Dina, she saw the bouquet
when she came in.
- Anneli came in there at 14:45. - I was
fixing carnations at the storeroom then.
Please, have a look, Inspector.
- Is that the door to the backyard?
- Yeah, so I ought to have seen her?
- Where did you come from?
- The tobacconist.
Joakim bought cigars there
just before 15:00 on Friday.
The tobacconist went out, so Joakim was
alone when Anneli disappeared.
And there...
- Sits Aunt Eriksson.
- She watches the backyard like an eagle.
- Isn't that sheriff Wijk's boy?
- Good day.
Look, and the little wife
he certainly acquired.
- Puck. Are you comfortable out here?
- Yes.
I sit here every day
when the temperature allows it.
- Last Friday too?
- Yes. It's nice to people watch.
Was Anneli Hassel here on Friday?
No. I didn't see her, unfortunately.
Poor child.
Did anyone else
came out of Falk's backdoor?
Excuse me, aunt. It may be hard
for you to see so far?
I see very well, I do!
Oh yes...
He opened out the door so gently
and slipped away like a scared dog.
He didn't even say "hello".
But what good did it do? I'd recognize
him from both front and back.
- Can we talk down at the station?
- Why? I don't have time.
I want to talk about your visit
to Falk's flower shop.
Do you want to talk here?
I've never been so harassed.
I only ask, by what right?
Yes, that is...
What am I doing here anyway?
Lying in a murder investigation
is very serious.
- How's Sebastian?
- He's...
Fighting for his life.
What is it Sebastian?
Please, tell me what happened.
What was Sebastian doing at the
flower shop Friday afternoon?
Speak the truth, or I'll question
both of you and report it.
Was Sebastian in the flower shop
when Anneli got there?
- Is this yours?
- A fine deal has finally been arranged.
- What if someone sees?
- Well, what if someone sees.
- My big, bad boy.
- My little flower girl.
You know very well what a
scandal it would be if it came out.
I just thought we'd be back in
a few seconds.
However it was, so maybe it was
... ten minutes.
Anneli ran out into the backyard.
When Dina came, I just wanted
get her out as quickly as possible
so Sebastian could get out.
So you lied?
Sebastian just thought he had
a heart attack but he's okay now.
- Does my wife have to know about this?
- It's not my place to tell her.
But we live in Skoga.
I wasn't entirely truthful this morning.
I actually went out to gather twigs
for Fanny last night.
I got home at 03:30.
- Did you see Anneli?
- No.
But I saw a white bag on the shoreline.
- I got curious and looked into it.
- Yes?
On top, wrapped in a rain hood...
Lay a bouquet of lilies of the valley.
So someone placed flowers in Anneli's
hands when she was already dead?
- Was there a rain hood in the bag?
- No, just the raincoat.
Where has it gone?
The towel was sent for analysis.
Where did Anneli go after the
flower shop?
We knocked on doors.
No one saw her.
Someone must have seen her.
You look absolutely stunning.
It just needs to be taken in a little.
And so if we cut it above the knees,
what do you think about that?
- Mm...
- It'll be neat.
- Hello? Where are you?
- Sorry, I was thinking about Anneli. Sorry.
I know.
- You look absolutely stunning.
- Thank you.
- Is someone in your room?
- No.
- That's Joakim's door.
- Are you sure?
- Then it wasn't you.
- What?
Who came home at 04:30
on Saturday morning.
Kruse! Wait!
Why did Aunt Eriksson see Sebastian
but not Anneli? Isn't that strange?
I don't know. Have we decided if
you'll wear mother's wedding dress?
I'll go to seamstress at once.
Help me with it.
- Later Eje. Help me now.
- Please...
- But I see Wijk's little wife.
- I'm not actually...
I hope he's nice to you.
He was very charming.
Before we married.
When he had me on the hook
he changed.
No. But you didn't come here to
talk about that.
I wanted to ask you something.
Was it before or after the rain,
you saw Sebastian Pettersson?
It was after.
He didn't even lift his hat.
But you must have got wet
in the rain?
No, I went in
when it started raining.
But then the sky was blue and fine
so I went out again.
maybe Anneli ran past
when you were inside?
Yeah, but...
But there was a downpour.
She'd have been soaked.
Thanks, Aunt Eriksson.
Listen, my dear. You forgot...
Did you work last Friday when
Anneli disappeared?
- Yes, and I didn't see her.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. You're likely to remember her looks.
- Remember there was a rain shower?
Yes, we had to close the door.
Last week a lady slipped.
I see. Did you see someone running out
from the store wearing a raincoat?
Could it have been Anneli? In that case,
she got into a car down there.
- Do you know what kind of car?
- A red Opel Rekord.
Good car for the money.
Lars-Ove Larsson's car.
Good day.
- So it's you?
- Where are you going?
- It's none of your business. - You took
someone for a drive yesterday morning.
- Why didn't you say?
- Nobody asked.
- Did you meet Anneli?
- No.
You were in the tobacconist while
she was in the flower shop.
I wanted buy cigars for my father. Then
there was a cloud burst and I went away.
- Why lilies of the valley?
- Why not?
Why did you want her to approve
the bouquet?
Can you ever be sure of anything
with a woman?
One day she kisses you, and
next, she misses her wedding.
- As a consequence, she was murdered.
- By you.
I wanted to marry Anneli.
Lars-Ove Larsson was obsessed
with Anneli for over twenty years.
That doesn't seem to interest the police.
What are you doing here?
- What are you doing?
- Do you have an explanation.
- She hit me on the head.
- You threatened me.
Where did you see Anneli last Friday?
Witnesses saw her get into your car.
It was totally unplanned.
I had just shaved.
- Lars-Ove! Would you help me?
- Sure.
Can you drive me to Hammarby
to collect birch twigs for the church?
Do you remember when we were little
and shared secrets with each other?
- We promised not to tell other people.
- Yes.
- Can I still trust you?
- Obviously.
Then I want you to tell us about
that car trip. Never mind, no matter what.
I gathered some twigs for her.
When I got back to the car...
I found this.
"Don't look for me, I'll make it home
on my own. Remember what you swore. "
This is why I didn't say anything.
- Good evening.
- Have you learned anything?
Anneli disappeared in Hammarby Forest.
- She asked Lars-Ove to drive
her there. - Why?
- Why did she want to go there?
- No idea.
That can't be. She never said
anything to me about Hammarby Forest.
What do you think, Egon?
She confided in you.
I don't understand. Would Lars-Ove
have dropped her off and then gone home?
She sent him on an errand, and
then she disappeared.
Highly unlikely.
It doesn't sound like Anneli.
I can imagine one explanation.
Romantic meeting with a secret lover.
- King Lily of the valley in the grove.
- Sorry?
- Have you been out to the woods yet?
- I'll go there tomorrow morning.
It's a pure jungle out there.
Dark and lonely.
Not a living soul can live there.
- Eje, I'll go.
- No. I don't trust you.
- What have you done now?
- She forgot mother's wedding dress.
- I said I was driving over there.
- I'll get it.
I don't want to risk
it getting lost on the way.
A little fresh air, maybe?
- What did Anneli do here?
- I don't know.
- Is there anyone out here?
- It seems so.
He's been dead a while.
We can call in forensics.
So this is where she was.
Was it voluntarily or against
her will?
"King Lily of the valley is
white as snow. "
"Now the young king is mourning
Princess Lily-of-the-valley".
- Gustaf Frodingsgatan. - Joakim said
something about King Lily-of-the-valley.
Do you think he knew
she was here?
- What was his name?
- Mats Norrgrd.
Artist and photographer.
Mom has something by him.
You didn't answer my letters.
I am a fool to try again"
"but I suffer and long so. "
"Now I'm finally free
I want to say I love you. "
"I'll be at the house on Friday.
If you respond with silence"
"I know I'll have to accept
that. Mats"
- Poor girl.
- It was mailed from Paris.
- Did he live there?
- Why didn't she answer his letters?
- She was engaged to Joakim.
- And so he sent a third one?
- Why did she bring it here?
- So no one at home would see it.
She was going to end it.
He prevented her from attending
the wedding.
When she ran away, he caught her
and after killed her.
- Then he took his own life in despair.
- Yes.
Rain hood...
Norrgrd took it after he put
the bouquet in the corpse's hands.
We've found our man.
You saw the pictures.
Did she look like an unhappy woman?
- Maybe they had a relationship.
- And somebody came on them.
- Where have you been?
- Christer and I were at Hammarby Forest.
- How nice! Was it still there?
- Why did you go out to the woods?
You didn't want to.
I wanted to pick up the dress.
- So you went with Christer instead?
- Yes, Eje.
Why did you forget your wedding
dress in town?
I'm forgetful and careless.
Did you do anything in the woods?
- Does it taste good?
- Yes, it's steak.
- Sit down.
- Do you mind if I smoke?
- Yes, I sitting here eating.
- Thank you.
"King Lily of the valley in the grove. "
Why did you recite Frodingsgatan yesterday?
Is that a crime?
Did you know Anneli had
a lover, Mats Norrgrd?
Well, that was his name?
He was found hanging in a tree
in Hammarby Forest.
Under his dead body lilies of
the valley bloomed. Maybe you knew.
Eat, the food's getting cold.
I've lost my appetite.
- To think, Mats Norrgrd...
- Yes.
He moved to Paris five years ago
with his wife. She died of cancer.
I loved the painting, but I can't
have a killer's art on the wall.
- If it was him.
- How tragic to kill someone you love.
Little Anneli...
Oh, how empty and ugly it is.
I'll put up something of my own.
- Do you paint?
- I painted as a young woman.
- I dreamed of Paris.
- Why did you quit?
I got married. You'll understand
when you get married.
Your health, Dagmar.
the meatballs were fabulous.
Did you write this?
- What, "bride's murder solved"?
Journalists already knew.
I wanted to put a stop to the rumours.
- You should have waited for the autopsy.
- They're not even finished with Anneli!
- Everything points to Norrgrd.
- The case isn't solved.
Keep it simple! In Stockholm,
it's complicated, but not here on Skoga.
Some questions remain unanswered enough,
like in all murders and family tragedies.
Christer. Christer!
It will be excellent. At 16:00.
Thank you, Pastor Bostrom.
Thank you.
- The priest can meet us today.
- Good...
- Yes. if you want to marry me now.
- Why do you say that?
- What is it?
- There are too many why's.
Why did Anneli say yes to Joakim
if she loved Norrgrd?
He couldn't do anything.
He was married.
It doesn't matter.
They loved each other.
But why didn't she answer the letters?
Norrgrd murdered Anneli out of jealousy
and placed the bouquet on her corpse.
- Why did he take the rain hood to
the cottage? - He put the knife in it.
- Where's the knife?
- He threw it away.
He threw away the rain hood too.
- Why did Anneli run away from Sebastian?
- I don't know.
- Mom hung up one of hers.
- It's nice.
Yes, she was gifted. Then my father
came and ruined everything.
- Yes, and then you.
- Yes.
My sister heard Sebastian's finances
were dodgey.
You know how people here talk.
- I'm looking for Sebastian. Is he at home?
- One moment.
Congratulations on your success! Nice
you solved it so quickly. It's tragic.
Unfortunately, some things remain unclear.
Were you in the forest last Friday?
- Let's see now...
- You were actually at home.
You had a meeting with Egon Power.
This way.
I must have mixed up the days.
Anneli was seen running away, crying
then. There must be a connection.
- But why didn't she come to visit?
- What were you and Egon doing?
Nothing weird. We run a small
lumber business together, him and me.
Did you speak about something
that might have upset her?
No... Not that I can recall.
- Anything else?
- No, not at the moment.
- I can take them.
- I don't give mail to third parties.
- No. Did you know Anneli Hassel?
- Yes, we were in the same class.
- I saw her last Friday.
- She got a letter with French stamps.
- That's confidential.
- No.
How did the rumours start that she
corresponded with a Frenchman?
Anneli got two letters from the
same sender. Do you remember when?
That's confidential.
- Police can sort out the rumours.
- Wait...
There was one in March and one at Easter.
French stamps... you remember that.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Just as sure as I'll never say
anything about you to my fiance.
Thank you.
- I bumped into the postman.
- Thank you, dear friend.
We get so much mail.
Letters, letters, letters...
People are really nice.
They are.
- Did you know Mats Norrgrd wrote to her?
- Yes, the police said so.
He lured her out
to that horrible cottage.
She might have gone voluntarily.
Did she tell you anything about him?
Anneli wasn't so...
How do I say it?... open with me.
She received two letters in the spring
but she didn't answer them.
I know nothing about them.
No. Goodbye, then.
- I beg you! Listen to me.
- Damn, it's been nagging me.
- I've decided.
- You're making a big mistake.
- I don't think so.
- Wait! Ouch...
I thought it'd be easier when
the killer was found, but... No.
You and Sebastian discussed the
lumber business together.
- You had a business meeting on Friday.
- Friday?
- That's what Sebastian said.
- Was it?
Well, that's enough!
Between 12:00 and 13:00.
Anneli was there. She heard your
conversation and ran away crying away.
What were you talking about?
If she heard anything, I don't
think she'd understand it.
- Is the lumber business so difficult
to understand? - I'd say so.
You're certainly nice, Christer, but this
is starting to sound like an interrogation?
- Is it?
- Sorry, it's an occupational hazard.
- So was it Norrgrd?
- Egon!
Someone called and said the autopsy
was finished. We can bury Anneli.
Maybe it's better to do it now,
because we have so many pastries.
Honey, we'll do exactly what you want!
Associate Professor Ahlgren?
It's Christer Wijk.
I heard Anneli Hassel's
autopsy was finished.
I see. Can you say anything about
Mats Norrgrd now?
- What did the pathologist say?
- Eavesdropping?
No, you were talking and I overheard.
Yes. Norrgrd was probably dead
before he was hanged.
- Then we have a double murderer.
- Still on the loose.
- I must grab Leo.
- I have to go. I'll meet Eje at the church.
Are you going to town? So am I.
I'm so relieved you caught the killer.
In fact I saw Anneli at Lars-Ove's
house on the night of the murder.
Get in. Sit down!
- What are you doing?
- Why did Anneli come here on Saturday?
- She didn't come here.
- Dina said she saw her here.
The murder is solved.
What does it matter?
Norrgrd was murdered.
Anneli's killer is on the loose.
It looks like the line
Norrgrd was hanged with.
- What are you doing?
- Shut up!
- Release me!
- Why are you trying to set me up?
Norrgrd was hung with washing line.
Why do you have the same line in your car?
Someone is trying to frame me.
I'm tired of your lying!
What happened the night Anneli died?
- You said you saw them.
- I was worried and went to Lars-Ove's.
- What time was that?
- It was shortly after you left.
- What happened when you got there?
- When I saw her, I went home.
Why? You were best friends.
Lars-Ove loved Anneli. I thought she
cancelled the wedding because of him.
Then when they found her dead...
I thought he was involved.
- Why didn't you tell the police?
- I had feelings for Lars-Ove.
Don't worry, it's over.
Now tell me just what happened.
I was hoping it was for my sake
she didn't come to the wedding.
But she just needed someone
to listen to her.
She disappeared as suddenly
as she came.
- What did you do last night?
- I slept.
- Did you leave the keys in the car?
- No, they were on the shelf.
Are you saying someone went
into the house and took them?
It's easy to get in, and I had
drunk a lot.
- Arrest me if you don't believe me.
- Maybe I'll do that.
Sorry I didn't say who it was.
- You want me to drive you home?
- No, I'm okay.
What was all that about? I saw.
You didn't even question her.
- Dina didn't murder Anneli.
- Can't you do your job?
- What are you talking about?
- Why didn't she say anything before?
jealousy. Imagine if
Anneli met her after Lars-Ove...
Do you think Dina is capable of strangling
Mats and hanging him in a tree?
Do you believe it?
Don't you have a husband
waiting for you at the church?
- Sorry, Eje! I don't know...
- I said what we think about the ceremony.
- Since you haven't decided on anything.
- Christer and I...
- Lars-Ove and Dina...
- Now they're preparing Anneli's funeral.
We'll get back to you
if possible.
- Of course!
- Is it?
Is it?
I really don't think that's it.
- What happened?
- Someone cut the clothesline.
My clean laundry fell on the ground.
I had to buy new rope and wash it.
- When did that happen?
- Yesterday morning.
I hope she doesn't go too hard on
Sebastian. His wife, of course!
Gossip spreads like weeds.
Poor Sebastian! First Anneli,
and then his bad business.
Didn't he celebrate a deal
when he came to the shop on Friday?
It was thwarted.
A rich man like Joakim Kruse shouldn't
bother with business in the middle of grief.
Is Joakim involved in Sebastian's business?
- Want to help?
- Another time.
But dear children!
Come and sit. How are you?
It's Eje. He'll never forgive me.
It's clear hell forgive you.
- He deserves someone better.
- Nonsense.
I have rarely seen two people
so right for each other.
What if you kept painting
instead of getting married!
But it was never
a sacrifice for me.
But it is for me.
Why must I choose?
- What are you doing here?
- It's over.
- Huh?
- Puck.
- What?
- She doesn't love me.
So she's free for now.
- Yes, yes. I go.
- There's no other woman for me.
Do you understand what that means?
Do you understand what it means
to love someone?
Yes, I do. Do you?
Talk to me about anything,
but not about her.
All right.
Egon and Sebastian run a
lumber business together.
Joakim went into debt
with a large sum of money.
But now he's pulled through again.
I ferreted it out. They bought and sold
a forest that doesn't exist.
- A really ugly business.
- Does Puck own a business?
- What kind of a question is that?
- You're my best friend.
And you're mine.
Do you want another beer?
All right. - Can I have four beers?
- He went in advance.
- Did he?
Let him be little.
I've never seen him so angry
He was probably more sad than
angry. I would have been.
How do you know you're making
the right choice?
Anneli didn't make the right choice.
She did at the last moment.
Eje isn't here.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me, may I ask about your business
with Sebastian Pettersson?
- His finances are certainly dodgey.
- I don't think so.
We're in the same business, but my
income is small potatoes in comparison.
If you'll excuse me...
Good day. Looking for Leo Berggren.
Christer Wijk, then?
It's very important.
- Now what?
- There's coffee at Egon and Gretel's.
- I can't find Elvira.
- But where is she?
- She'll probably turn up soon.
- Don't worry, Gretel.
- Puck and I can serve for a while.
- You guys are angels.
- Welcome.
- I'm sorry.
- Have you seen Elvira Hansson?
- They don't know where she is.
Thank you.
She's looking for you and me.
It was important.
- When did she call?
- During the funeral.
I got the analysis of the towel
from the laundry.
It contained blood.
I don't understand why Elvira
put on this table cloth.
- It's not even ironed.
- No one will notice it.
It looks terrible.
I'll straighten out some questions
around Anneli's death.
But, Christer! this is Anneli's
Let's remember her. - Anneli was on
the way to give you the keys.
Tell what you and Egon were talking about,
or I'll report you for shady transactions.
Everything will come out.
If it weren't for Anneli,
Joakim would never have invested.
And then it would have gone
to hell for us.
About the forest!
It went like that anyway.
She met her old lover who
she was just about to forget.
But this spring, a letter came from
the guy in question.
Fortunately, I collected
the mail that day.
Then another letter came.
I intercepted it.
If Anneli read the letter, she'd
never say yes to Joakim Kruse.
She was going to marry for me.
To save me.
Did you know she said yes
to save her stepfather's finances?
Did you know Mats Norrgrd?
I knew she had an unfortunate love
affair, but she didn't talk about it.
She associated him with lilies
of the valley.
So the bridal bouquet was
a sort of test?
You didn't know she received
a letter from Mats Norrgrd.
No. But I knew it when I saw
lilies of the valley in her bag.
You saw her on Saturday morning
when you were out walking.
She lay there.
She lay there so still and beautiful...
And peaceful.
And then you put the flowers
in her hands.
Yes, it was my way of saying
What was Anneli doing the
last time you saw her?
Did you discover someone betrayed you?
Not anyone, but someone you cared for?
When I found out, everything
just snapped.
Besides Joakim. there was also Dina,
Egon and Gretel.
Anneli went home to make up
with all of you.
- Could I...?
- She confronted you.
You didn't plan to kill her though.
Are you crazy?
Do you understand what you're saying?
You had to remove the body
before Gretel woke up.
You were afraid someone would see you,
so you left the corpse on the ground
and got a clean knife from
the laundry.
Sure. Then I went out into the woods
and hung Norrgrd up in a tree.
Yes. You saw the chance of
blaming him.
You stole Lars-Ove's car keys and Fanny's
clothesline and went to Hammarby Forest.
- Then it was Elvira's turn.
- What? Elvira?
She didn't get hold of us
before she bumped into you, Egon.
- I need to talk to the gentleman.
- What happened?
- Elvira!
- I'm looking right at her.
Going to the laundry, looking
for another table cloth.
The blood stains came from your clothes when
you hastily hid them in the linen closet.
- You should just as well confess.
- It would probably suit you just fine.
But you have no proof
for your falsehoods.
How could I have killed Anneli?
I loved Anneli.
But not like a father?
That's why you took the letters.
It hadn't anything to do with business.
Suddenly, she was just there...
Why did you take my letter?
- Where were you?
- I told him.
- You comforted me. I trusted you.
- I protected you.
I was the one who protected you.
I was willing to marry a man
I didn't love to save you!
Because you love me,
just like I love you.
You disgust me! I won't come
back as long as you live here...
What are you doing? Get off me!
Calm down!
I'm so sorry, Eje.
But I can't marry you.
I can't give up my dreams
and my studies.
I want to finish my PhD, and I hate
washing, cooking and ironing.
I don't even know if I want children.
I love you...
But I don't want to live as a housewife.
- Do you love me?
- Of course!
I just can't give up
so many important things.
But then we do something differently.
We don't need to be like everyone else.
We'll do it our way. If you want
a PhD, then you should do it.
But you want to have children?
And who will take care of the household?
I want to marry you
because I love you.
Everything else, we'll solve.
We'll solve it together.
Moreover, do you think I'd
let you loose in our kitchen?
I'd rather go out to eat every night.
How's it going?
It's fine.
- Have you got... puncture?
- Yeah, right. Puncture.
Yes, Christer.