Kuntilanak (2006) Movie Script

MVP Pictures presents...
...a movie by Rizal Mantovani.
Honey, did you have another dream?
Sam, was it the same dream?
l don't know what more l can do.
Come on, keep me company.
Your mom has passed away.
Don't think of me as your dad anymore.
Pretty Sam!
Boarding House
Excuse me, Sir. Where's the house
of number 23? Number 23?
lt's usually beside number 22
You joker! lt's not in order here.
They don't want to move their houses
in order lt's too packed here.
Which house are you looking for?.
The boarding house.
That's right. There is a house
that rents out rooms.
lt's on the edge,
beyond that cemetery.
You have to excuse me, Miss.
l don't mean to scare you.
But when you pass that tree,
ask for permission What's wrong?
lt's something that newcomers
like you must do.
lt doesn't apply with us,
the local people lt's old stuff.
Thank you, Sir Miss, there's
a room for rent back here.
lt's a nice house. lt's a big room,
cool and very cheap.
That's your house, Din!
You rascal!
lt's not like that
Thank you, Sir You guys!
That was a pretty girl
Come on, let's play!
You phoned yesterday, right?
l'm Mrs. Yanti Samantha.
ls this all you brought?
This is the ground floor.
The men's rooms are here.
lt's quiet at this time of day.
Some have gone to the campus
or work. And some are still asleep.
This place used to look like that.
The Batik Factory Mangkudjiwo.
Landlord's children and princesses
lived here once.
lt's okay if l have to start from
the beginning.
What's the use to continue this
if the result is bad?
This is something l know well
What do you know about dreams?
Don't worry, l have lots of sources
that will support my topic.
l'll finish the first chapter in a week.
Then on to the second one.
We can discuss it tomorrow
The schedule is not for you to decide.
How about in 2 weeks time?
Don't tell me what to do! Sir!
This is the painting of Raden
Ndoro Ayu Sukmarahimi Mangkudjiwo.
She's the great granddaughter of
Penambahan Wiryocakti Mangkudjiwo.
lt was made when she was young.
She's still very fit nowadays.
Sam, do you often pray?
lt's all right.
What's this plate for, Madame?
Who put this dirty plate here?
Please take away this plate.
Are you renting a room here?
Be careful, you can be like me.
l've been here too long and got
too comfortable. l can't leave now.
l'm Dinda Sam.
That's cool. Do you sell this?
l want it Take a look in my room.
The owners have closed
the second floor for a long time.
Don't try to enter it.
There are not many rules here
but you must abide by them.
You rent a room here it means that
you are living in someone's house.
There are 10 rooms here but only
two bathrooms.
You have to wait your turn.
But if you really need to go
to the bathroom...
...you can use the one
in the courtyard. There.
Can l have the front keys?
l have a night classes.
l'll get home
around 1 1 to 12 o'clock Yes.
This room is bigger than the rest.
But the rate is the same.
lf you bring a television, computer
or air-con, the rate is different.
You have to pay for the electricity.
This the Mangkudjiwo antique mirror.
Not all rooms, have it.
lt's beautiful.
You rascal Damn you.
l'll be going now.
Why did you change your thesis
to The Paradigm of Dreams?
l can discuss it intensively with
my girlfriend.
Gung, you have to graduate first
before you can interpret her dreams.
Enough, what did you get?
Was it hard for you to find
this place? Not really.
But the entrance is a bit confusing.
Can if l pay the rent tomorrow?
Okay. You're from Jakarta, right?
Why do you need to rent a room?
My parents have passed away.
l'm on my own.
This house must have a long history.
l suppose so. There was a fire,
a couple of years ago.
The building next door was a batik
factory. This was their dorm.
Did a lot of people die?
This floor is only for girls.
No men allowed. lt brings bad luck.
lf she has the same dream over
and over again...
...you have to do something about it.
You'd better read this book.
l think your girlfriend has
an overdose of dreams.
lt doesn't originate from
her subconscious realm.
lt comes from another realm.
Read it. lt's fascinating.
You're good.
Where did you get this book?
You do have a weird collection of stuff.
Too bad l can't see that haunted
tree near the cemetery.
Don't believe in what the people
around here say.
Some call it the ''kuntilanak'' tree.
What nonsense.
''Kuntilanak''? That's just
a myth from our parents' era.
My grandmother use to scare me with it.
When l was naughty and came home
late. My grandma would say to me..
Beware, you'll be kidnapped
by the ''kuntilanak''.
That's just nonsense.
Did you know?
A ''kuntilanak'' laughs like this...
That's a good impression.
lf her laughter sounds close to us,
it means she's still far away.
But if her laughter sounds
fading away...
...that means that she is near you.
You said ''kuntilanak'' doesn't exist.
But now you're saying...
You can summon a ''kuntilanak''
with this chant.
What's wrong with you?
You look like you've seen a ghost.
Do you believe in ''kuntilanak''?
They don't exist.
lt's just a myth.
Anyway, even if l sang it many times
there's no way she will come.
The only person who can summon her,
is the one with the special gift.
Miss, someone is looking for you
Tasya, get in the house.
lt's maghrib now Yes, Mom.
l'm already on my way there.
lt was dark. There was something
burning behind me.
There were three objects in front
of me.
lt was a plate, a stone
and a pair of scissors.
The theory states that the color
black relates to fear and anxiety.
Was the color blue there? Blue?
The pair of scissors were kind of blue.
l always wake up screaming.
l have a bad feeling about this.
People near my boarding house say
there's a ''kuntilanak'' in the tree.
l'm confused Lately you've been
bottling up your feelings.
How long will you be like this
towards me?
l don't what more l must do
to make you forgive me.
l want to go home now.
Straight ahead. Come on.
That's just right.
Here will do.
Why did you pick this place?
lt difficult finding a parking spot.
lt's cheap. lt's only temporary.
My savings is diminishing.
l have to get a part time job.
Don't worry, l'll take care of
your car. lt's my job here.
Remember, don't take too long.
Not longer than an hour.
Others need the space.
Unless you get what l mean Yes.
Take good care of it Okay.
Wow, she would make a perfect
third wife for me.
Don't stare at it, Gung
Why not?
Just don't stare at it!
Just escort me here. l don't feel
comfortable with the others.
All right. l'll go now
Gung, don't look at the tree.
All right.
Positive and negative.
You have it. Even he does too.
This room has many negative energies.
Also with this many antiques...
But doesn't it mean...
l saw two beings back there.
But you don't have to worry.
They won't bother us if we don't
disturb them.
Damn you l can't go to sleep
You're scaring me!
A new kid. Can l see your hand?
Hey, you said you'd read my fortune.
You spend too much money.
Sometimes when you're in a crowd,
you feel lonely, right?
That's right Anyone can spend
too much money and be lonely.
Don't be fooled by him!
Sorry l didn't pay the rent
yesterday lt's okay.
Goodness, Sam. Don't put this chair
facing the corner. Bad luck.
Why is that? lt's all right.
Just don't do it, okay.
Take a look at this.
What do you think?
There are a few possibilities, Gung.
lt could be drawing of a root.
lt relates to a tree.
Was there a tree nearby there?
l got it from a tree.
Why does a tree have a tile?
Tiles! Come on, play!
The tree was quite huge.
lt's surrounded by a fence and
it's in the middle of the cemetery.
lf l had to pass a cemetery to
get to my boarding house...
...there's no way, man!
My turn.
The boarding house is big and unique.
lt has three floors.
You get free laundry too.
Sam said that the family who owned
it was...
...the Mangkudjiwo family
Agung, that's no family
but a satanic ancient cult.
They still exist, Madame. The owner
still takes care of the place.
That's strange. As far as l know,
that cult had ended.
ln the old times,
they had many factories.
But they seemed to have
disappeared now.
They were finished off by the locals
and the authorities.
They were against that satanic cult.
You heard it wrong, Gung
Got you, Gung.
Don't forget to drink your
medicine Yes, Mom.
lt's just a cold.
A tree?
''Kuntilanak'' lives in a tree
''Kuntilanak''! Here!
That's right. The people there
say there's a ''kuntilanak'' there.
l have a picture. Some say that
she's half woman, half horse.
Here's the picture, Gung
No need.
There are many ''kuntilanak'' in
Sumatera and Kalimantan.
Some have children and
some steal babies.
ln East Java, people use them
to get rich.
Hey, man What?
l have a friend.
His mother once said to me, ghosts...
You're too noisy
''Kuntilanak'' lives in trees.
lf it wants to go out, it'll
come out through another way.
Go out? What do mean by that?
Go out to our world.
lt lives in a tree but comes out
through other ways.
lt can come out from a wardrobe,
chest or antique objects.
lt can come out from anything
Give it to me.
lf that fenced tree is really
a ''kuntilanak'' tree..
Wait a minute.
lf there's really a ''kuntilanak''
at Sam's boarding house...
...then where does it come out from?
l've got one more.
Let's compete wits.
Anik's mom has 5 kids.
What's the name of the youngest?
Wrong! One more time.
Anik's mom has 5 kids.
What's the name of the youngest?
You fool. Of course, Anik!
That's a good one.
Sam, wait!
No need to escort me. You're in
a hurry to meet your Professor.
Why make a fuss this late
at night? That.
What? l have a man in my room.
l do that every day.
So what? Do you think
it's wrong? No.
Sorry, l just wanted to get some
sleep Sleep?
Did you say sleep? Do you want me
to make you sleep forever?.
You're new here.
Don't be such a smartalec!
What are you doing?
Enough, Honey. Let her be.
Let's find another place.
Why did you bring a guy here?
lt's not allowed. Get out now!
What's up?
Sam, what's...
Next time use a condom.
lf you don't have any,
just ask some from me.
Damn that new kid.
We were just getting started.
Where are we going?
l have a bad headache.
Come on, let's find a motel
that rents hourly. There's a lot.
My nose won't stop bleeding.
They didn't pay again.
The borders are always like that.
l need to go to the can.
Sit down there. Here.
Where are you going? Don't fuss.
l'm going to get some wine.
Don't leave me alone.
l'm afraid to be on my own.
What's wrong with you?
You're acting like a kid.
Did you hear it?
l heard someone laughing.
But it's far away
Don't fuss. l'll go now Hey...
The victim was having fun at the hotel
when this incident occurred.
The victim's body was find with
her twisted to the back.
The victim's name was Mawar Sibarani
and was last seen alive...
...at her boarding house
in the suburbs of Jakarta.
This is Minnie Rosala,
for SlLAT news.
ls it over?. Yes.
l told them that they were drunk.
They were drunk but still went out
on a motorcycle.
How did Mawar's head get twisted
like that? l don't have a clue.
Something's not right, Dinda.
What happened? Let's chat in my room.
You wanted to see my work.
Madame, excuse me.
But have you heard the news?
Someone's life and death.
Who can guess what will happen?
Yesterday l wished that
she would die.
What? Nothing.
l got it from Celak. You won't find
this is Kuta and Legian.
lt's quite cheap.
l'll pick some nice ones for you.
You have one too lt's cool, isn't it?
Mrs. Yanti said there are only four
of them Four?.
ln here, your room, Ratih's room
and one more...
Could it be on the second floor?.
lf you buy three,
l'll give you one more free.
Why were you vomiting yesterday?
l'm all ears if you need to talk.
We're both from broken homes.
A pretty girl like you.
Stay in the boarding house.
You don't have much belongings.
You're not like Mawar. l bet you got
into an argument with your parents.
lt's my step-dad.
l don't want to live with him.
My mother passed away recently
What about a boyfriend?
l have one. But it's like this.
l love him but l don't know if
he's trustworthy or not.
Sam. Someone is looking for you.
Are you all right? l called
but you didn't answer Sorry.
l left my cell phone in my room
l heard it in the news.
lt's scary, isn't it? lt's good
that it didn't happen here.
What's that? Nothing, just
a mosquito bite. lt'll fade away.
l feel just like a mosquito
right now Dinda, this is Agung.
Agung Dinda. Don't worry,
l'll take care of your girlfriend.
There's something wrong with
your girlfriend's boarding house.
l saw this news on the television.
What's the connection?
There's a connection.
Here, in this magazine.
This person was killed
by a ''kuntilanak''.
Their heads are twisted backwards.
Sam, what are you doing?
Nothing. l'm just...
What do you mean nothing?
You look so pale No. l'm just fine.
Are you sure, you don't need some
company? There's no need.
Just relax, Sam.
l don't want to leave you alone.
Don't be like that. The boarder
next to you, just died recently.
lt's not a good thing.
What was that!
What were you singing?
Damn, what did she do to me?
Oh God...
ln my room...
What's wrong with him? Enough.
No need to talk about it.
Hey, Sir. Where's parking fee?
l didn't get any money again!
l'm going home!
Did you hear strange sounds from
my room?
What's wrong with you?
l don't know.
l wasn't certain at first but then
when there was a second victim.
lt's a good thing that accident
happened at Kuningan.
Far away from here
Why did you chant that Durmo?
You know not to chant it recklessly
Forgive, Madame.
l have acted irresponsibly
lt's fate that the chanting chose her.
l want to meet that child.
Alfon died!
His car slipped. He was a mess,
his head twisted backwards.
Alfon is dead?
Alfon died.
Was it because of me?
That's Sam, Madame.
Let me introduce to you,
this is Madame Sukma.
You're wearing a scarf on
a hot day like this?
Excuse me, who are you?
You don't need weaklings like him.
Excuse me, who are you?
Good afternoon.
Sam, do you feel cold after
you have these dreams? Cold?
l mean do you feel cold from within,
not from the outside Wang!
Don't be ridiculous l'm serious.
According to this old script...
...if you feel cold after
you have the dream.
lt means something comes out. But if
you feel hot, something comes it.
Sorry, Sam. After you dream,
do you remember your mom? No.
Damn you.
What? Don't ask questions like that
lt's important.
lf it's true, it means that she is
deeply traumatized.
l got the book about Mangkudjiwo.
l just want to help her too.
The strong will be the keeper.
The strong will be the keeper?.
l have classes. Thanks, Wang
Okay, Sam Sam! lt's your fault!
Sam, wait!
Wang was talking nonsense.
Don't be offended by it, okay.
l always feel guilty. You never
look me in the eyes when we talk.
What's wrong with you?
Something's wrong with you!
You're becoming more distant
with me. Why do you forgive me...
...if you won't forget about it
lt isn't about you, anymore.
l need some time! Till when?
You can't let it hang like this.
l need some assurance
You want some assurance?
When l need you,
l wasn't sure where you were.
You knew my mom was very ill
and l had a bad feeling about it.
But you still chose to go out with
your friends Sam.
Forgive me, Sam.
And then my mom passed away.
Where were you then! Where!
Now you want assurance?
l should be asking that from you!
You still think of that.
What more must l do?
What more must l do?
Just leave me alone.
Sam, l love you.
Leave me alone!
Sam! Leave me alone!
Don't make her come! Sam...
Hey! Come out if you dare!
Madame? Maybe he slept over at his
friend's house, lwang.
He's not there?
This confuses me too.
l'll try to get in touch with him too.
We'll keep each other informed.
Good afternoon, Madame.
This is the mailbox for the number...
Come now, Sam.
Don't deny it anymore.
You know that you still love him.
Don't be pessimist.
Agung will come home soon.
Yes, Madame. Goodnight.
Maybe he's giving you time
to be on your own.
lt's what you asked for, right?
He's never done this. Never.
Sam... Gung...
Sam, help me Gung?
Gung, where are you?
Help me, Sam.
Gung... Sam...
Don't even think about it!
Sorry. l heard...
There's nothing there!
l told you never to open that door.
Get back to your room at once!
Gung, where are you?
Please forgive me.
l'm not trying to scare you but you
have to check the hospitals too.
l did already, he's not there.
There hasn't been any news from him.
You're making me confused.
Why are you always asking about him?
Of course, l'm concerned too.
You like my boyfriend, right?
Why do you say such a thing?
You do like him.
When l first introduced him to you.
The way you approached him.
You have the hots for my boyfriend?
What's wrong with you, Sam?
What's with you?
My nose is bleeding again
Dinda, you have to get away.
You're in danger.
Who's that laughing?
Who's that laughing? Damn you!
Dinda's dead!
Just let it be. l'll take her to
her mother's place in Garut.
Let her rest in peace.
Sam! Why are you still here?
Dinda's death was horrible.
Agung is here.
l'm going to find him
You're out of your mind!
Sam, help me.
Sam, help me.
Have mercy.
Sam... Have mercy Gung...
God, help me.
Gung! What happened to you?
Help me, Sam.
This way, Gung.
Come on, let's get out.
How many times must
l say it to you?
You have to distant yourself
from these weak humans.
For many decades
the Mangkudjiwo dynasty...
...has used the ''kuntilanak'' to get rich.
ln this house,
we gave them human sacrifices.
So that the ''kuntilanak'' would
still be under our command.
Everyone died in the fire.
lt was the end of
the Mangkudjiwo lineage.
l don't have any children.
No one can continue the chant
to summon the ''kuntilanak''.
But you have that gift.
lt's only natural for you
to be scared at first.
You can't control this huge power
within you yet.
This power can fulfill
all your desires.
l didn't mean to hurt them.
You can take revenge now.
You can curse the people
that you hate.
You just have to learn to listen
to what your heart wants you to do.
ln your deepest dark side.
ln the end, you can get everything
you wish for. Everything.
Yes, Madame.
Sam, don't listen to her!
Sam, snap out of it!
Wake up, Sam!
lt's me, Sam!
Fight it, Sam!
Sam, fight it!
l'm not strong enough.
Sam, you can do it.
You're strong enough.
You can do it, fight it!
You've endured a lot. You can
definitely overcome this, Sam!
Sam! Don't get close to her.
You have to accept the reality
that you have the gift.
lf you let me teach you,
you will gain lots of wealth.
The strong will be the keeper.
No! l won't carry on the legacy
of the chant of the ''kuntilanak''!
l'll report about your ''kuntilanak''
activities here!
So this is how it is.
This is my first experience.
This a young girl's doing.
Madame. Please help me.
l don't want to die yet, Madame.
l'm not ready for it What must
l do? Break all the mirrors!
She comes out from there.
Dinda's room.
There are four mirrors!
Mrs. Sri?
Samantha! Help me, Madame!
l'm not ready. Help me, Madame!
Be strong, Sam.
The strong will be the keeper.
The strong will be the keeper.
Forgive me, Gung.
The doctor has allowed you
get up and walk again?
l found you a cheap rent room
Why do still stay here?
Come here, Gung.
The air is nice here.
You haven't felt it yet.