Kuntilanak 3 (2008) Movie Script

We're finally getting married.
When we first met,
I was annoyed with you.
This girl is so cocky.
- I knew that. I did it on purpose.
I wanted you to be annoyed with me.
I guess after we get married
next month...
...we won't be doing this anymore.
I disagree. Why do couples
that get married...
...don't do things they did
before they got married?
Do you understand?
Why can't we go hiking again?
It's not that we can't do it.
It'll be different.
We'll be doing other things.
Taking care of the house and kids.
And our work.
I'll be busy taking care of you.
Honey, I heard a ghost story.
- I'm not in the mood for it.
I'm serious. They say that
after 1 o'clock in the morning...
...and you hear an ancient Javanese
The person who hears it will
meet a banshee.
It's just like this.
It's late at night and very quiet.
And you hear this sound...that's it.
A banshee will come to you.
That's scary, right?
You can meet her. - lf you want to,
I can search for that sound.
I'll sing it to you - What's with you?
- I'm serious because...
Stop joking.
- l finally succeed.
Stella, what's wrong with you?
When will you grow up!
I'll go look for some firewood.
Stella, you are so immature.
I wonder how you'll be as a grandpa.
So fussy!
Who is that?
Komodo, this is Albatross.
Do you read, over?
Albatross, we'll be back
in 72 hours.
Albatross will return to the nest.
We'll be hunting again in 72 hours.
Did you get that?
Albatross is returning to the nest.
Komodo will make way on the road.
I got that. You will make way
on the road.
Herman. Asti. Petra and Darwin.
Don't go your separate ways.
You don't know the area there.
Beware if you get lost too.
Albatross, out.
I mapped the place where the SAR team
have looked. Only this area is left.
Who is that?
Isn't that strange?
- It's very strange.
What should we do? - Let's go back.
- That's if she's still there.
What if she's disappeared?
- Don't talk nonsense.
There's only one road.
- Who knows? Maybe she changed into...
Sometimes you're so stupid. I'll return now.
- Let's go.
Hey! Are you from the city?
- Why are you all alone?
Join us. Sorry, we don't have
any bad intentions.
It's a long walk to get there.
- Yes. We can't bear to see you walk alone.
Let's go together.
We have lots of room.
Hi, my name is Petra.
Sorry if we're disturbing you.
But we can't let you be alone.
You're not from around here, right?
Where are you going?
We're headed for the jungle.
Why do you go there?
- We lost two of our friends.
Komodo with a guest.
Albatross, do you hear?
We go to the end of the world and
we meet someone from the same city.
Delaying the identification.
Komodo, signing off.
What was she doing there
all on her own?
So why is she with us now?
I forced her to come along.
You are really bossy.
The trees are too thick.
We can't open up a path.
Win, come here!
What is it? - We're on the right track.
They came this way. Here.
You're right.
It means they could have gone
this way or this...this...
Over there.
Okay, let's set up camp
over there.
Thank you for everything.
You're great to be able
to get here by yourself.
I used many means. Where there's
a will, there's always a way.
You haven't answered my question
from this afternoon.
What are you doing here all alone?
I have something to attend to. Family matters.
- Are you serious?
Are you certain your friends came this way?
- Of course.
This is their route.
Have you guys ever seen strange things here?
- Strange?
What do you mean by strange?
- If I can give you a word of advise...
...it's better you forget your plans
to find your friends.
Do you mean that we should
just leave them behind?
They've been missing for two days.
We opened the path for them.
Maybe you don't know how it feels
to lose someone important to you.
I'm sleepy.
What sound is that?
Pet, you and Sam guard this place.
- Right.
Win, don't split up.
- Okay.
I know what's out there.
I have to come with you.
Sam. I'm the leader here.
They'll be fine, Sam. Come on.
- Let's go, Win. - Okay.
What kind of mother would bring
her baby to the jungle at this hour?
That's strange. - It's from over there.
- I think it's from there.
You go there, Man. Win!
What is that?
Don't sit on the rope. That's a life saver.
- Sorry.
You've lost someone too, right?
Do you have some noodles?
- Noodles?
Who is that?
Children's toys?
Don't act recklessly.
- Sam!
Now that you're with us, you must
obey. I forbid you to come here.
Take a look at this. It's like
what you guys are wearing.
It belongs to your missing friends.
- Stella.
Where's Sam? Did you see her?
- You took her along. You take care of her.
There she is.
Are you crazy? You went into
the jungle by yourself.
Do you know the dangers there?
There are snakes there, you know!
This was something personal.
- Now it's our affair too, you know!
You are so stubborn.
- Tomorrow we'll cut down this jungle.
Everyone take a rest now.
I'll stand on guard.
Sam, yo u're with Darwin.
Excuse me. I'll go sleep outside.
Do you think you're a cowboy?
- Stop nagging. Go far away there.
Just wait till you meet something strange.
- I've met it already.
It's snoring in the tent now.
What's wrong with you? - What are you
doing here? - l just came by.
Damn it.
Maybe you don't remember
but you've sung that lullaby...
...since you were 4 years old.
That mantra has run strongly with
the Mangkujiwo family.
Sri Sukma is my cousin.
I don't want you to become like her.
She lost her heart in order to gain
Is that why we lived in another city?
- Then you went to university.
We moved back to the city.
I got married and used a false alias.
So the Mangkujiwo family wouldn't
know about our whereabouts.
But then they became suspicious.
- You pretended to be dead?
Please forgive me, Samantha.
I didn't see any other option.
My child!
My child! Wait for me!
Don't leave me again, Mom.
- I've passed away, Sam.
I've fulfilled my duty.
You're stronger than me.
You're even stronger than Sri Sukma.
You must go to Ujung Sedo.
You must meet Grandma and settle
this whole matter. - No, Mom.
You must be strong, Sam.
I can no longer run away now.
We'll meet there. Settle it all
at Ujung Sedo, Samantha.
Let me go now.
Death is not the end.
It's just a conclusion.
Man, wake up. Hurry up!
There's a...
Man, I saw a ghost! It's true.
- What's wrong with you?
It's just a dream. Enough.
Right, it's just a dream.
A dream...
Put on the safety rope so that
we don't split up. Help out, Sam.
Are you all right?
- What's wrong?
I can't hear anything.
- What?
Speak louder!
- Sam!
Can you hear me?
- Hardly.
Man! My compass is broken.
- The radio is dead. - What now?
Do we go on or go back?
I won't go back.
- It's getting thicker. - Go on!
Are you certain?
- I'm certain.
What's that?
What's that!
- What's up?
There's a ghost!
Don't split up!
It's clearing.
Sam, where are you going?
Let me go first.
Where did that kid go to?
- This is a cave.
Why is it here? - Where are we?
I don't think this is on the map.
You're right.
Take off the safety rope.
Help out Sam.
Maybe they went in here.
What are you doing? - l want to make
sure Stella and Rimson came here.
If not, it's better if we go back.
If they did enter the cave,
they must have left a sign.
It means that they're still alive.
- Why didn't they mention the cave?
How could they do that if there's
no signal here? Check the others.
Is that true?
We're cut off.
We can't contact anyone.
There's a chance that you all
might get lost.
This is a matter of life and death.
It's a serious matter.
In this year alone, 23 people
have gone missing here.
That's not including Rimson and Stella.
- We'll definitely find them.
Maybe they had a fall or they are
stuck somewhere and can't get out.
That's possible, Man. - Right.
- Right? - Yes.
I won't go back until I find out
where they are.
I don't want to regret not going
in there, for the rest of my life.
Right. - You can do whatever you want
to but I'm going in there. - Sam...
I hope no one tries to stop me.
I also hope that you'll all go back.
But if you want to continue on,
let's not waste anymore time.
Okay, I'll come along.
But I want you to stay in the back.
Let's check it out.
I don't think they went this way.
There are two tunnels here.
Asti and I will take the left one.
You two take the right one.
Win and Pet, take care of Sam.
Let's go, Ti.
Stella! Rimson!
Pet. what time is it?
My watch is malfunctioning.
It can't Maghrib yet. Look.
- My watch is broken too.
It's ten past four now.
The needle isn't moving.
- Stela!
- Ti!
Damn it!
Why did you run?
I saw a child.
A child?
Go slowly, Sam.
Be careful.
Damn it. Abat.
It's your bat.
- Why is it mine?
Stela... Rimson...
Stela... Rimson.
- Sam!
She disappeared again.
- You should take better care of your kid.
Be careful. It's deep there. Walk slowly.
- Right. Sam!
- Stela!
Ti, I think this tunnel leads
to another place.
Watch out. Grandma is looking
for you.
You are naughty. - Sam!
- Whose child is this?
Who is that. Sam?
Who pulled it?
Samantha, go to Ujung Sedo
and don't hide from Grandma. - Oh, no.
Pet, this is not right! Let's go.
- Sam! - Pull her!
Over there!
Let's go over there!
Ujung Sedo?
Herman! Asti! Get out!
We're here!
What was that?
Herman! Asti! Hurry up!
It's the others.
They are over there.
It's crazy.
I saw something. I don't know
what but it was there.
I saw it's face. I don't if
it was a person or not.
What are you talking about?
- Sam, what place is this?
You can't keep it a secret from us.
- Why do you ask her?
Sam. who was that child?
- What's the connection between you...
...and this place?
Why are you here?
I don't who that child was.
But we're now in the place
called Ujung Sedo.
I came here to find a person
who knows how to heal me.
What's wrong with you?
I'll tell you the story. It's up to you
if you want to believe it or not.
I have the power to call the banshee.
This place is it's lair.
You can call this place,
the edge of Hell.
The place where the ghosts and demons
can really appear before you.
I'm right. Ti? I'm sure you weren't
attacked by a human back there.
We came here with a purpose.
I won't leave Stella and Rimson
behind because of those spirits.
Okay, I have to make a decision.
Win, try to use your radio.
Maybe your receiver is better.
Did you really...
- Yes, Man.
It won't work. There's no signal.
We're not prepared for
a place like this.
We'll go back at dawn.
- Okay, Man.
You've all had a bad experience here.
Everyone take a rest now.
I'll stand guard.
- Come on.
Who is that?
I don't want to die like this.
- Herman!
- Herman!
Why does nightfall come so quickly?
- Herman!
There's a way out. Hopefully
Herman went that way. Come on.
What's wrong with you?
Herman! - Man...
- Spread out.
Spread out, okay?
Greetings (in Batak language)!
- Do you think we're in Medan?
What's wrong?
Damn it!
- There's a corpse.
I wonder how long it's been here.
- It's not safe here. Let's go.
Wait. Let's search for Herman,
one more time.
We'll spend the night here and
go back tomorrow. Okay? - Right.
You surprised me!
Is the place deserted?
- Yes. We'll use this as base camp.
Is it true that you have the ability
to call a banshee?
It's a legacy.
I inherited it from my ancestors.
This legacy has cause the people
around me to die.
That's why I wanted to be left alone
from the beginning.
I was worried you'd all be dragged
into this.
If a person isn't prepared to face
the cold weather...
...or the lack of oxygen. It means
he's not ready to climb a mountain.
If a person is not ready to die...
...it means he's not ready
to live too.
Damn it!
- What is that?
Petra, take care of my baby.
Petra, take care of my baby.
Don't do anything rash, Pet.
- There's no way we can leave it here.
Are you mad, Pet?
- You're crazy. Enough!
Put it down.
- Petra! Don't do it!
This is my responsibility.
- What? We'll all face the consequences!
Look at the hands and eyes. Look!
It isn't human. - Shut up, Win!
This is someone's baby.
- No, Pet.
You're so dumb.
- You're crazy.
What's Darwin doing? - He's making
a watch for tomorrow morning.
I think that it's around 7 pm now.
SAR will pick us up tomorrow morning.
We have to mark the location.
- That's if the time was moving forward.
But what if time was moving
backwards? Then what?
Don't talk nonsense.
- Okay. We'll spend the night here.
Our mission has changed.
Stella and Rimson...
We'll look for Herman again tonight
but only within this area.
We'll go back tomorrow.
Come out!
Come out if you dare!
What's the matter?
- That damn ghost!
Asti, what did you see?
- I don't know.
We didn't get the chance
to get to know each other.
We all need a rest.
Where is the baby?
Wake up, Ti!
I need to borrow your flashlight.
Where is your flashlight?
Someone took the baby.
Win, wake up! I need your flashlight.
It's dark outside.
I'll use this to see the way.
There, it's in the night vision mode.
Come on, Honey. Where are you?
What is it? What!
Where is she?
- Is Petra missing? - Petra!
Do you hear the sound of a baby?
I think it's coming from over there.
It might be Petra.
Hey, Sam! Where are you going?
Let her go where she wants to go.
Whatever. Let's find Petra first.
Asti. wait!
Asti. wait!
What now?
Damn it!
Where is it?
Where is Sam?
What was that just now?
I bet she knows what it is.
It has something to do with Sam.
I'm certain of that.
- Asti. calm down! What's wrong with you?
Sam told us not to follow her.
We acted recklessly.
Where is Herman? Petra?
Where are Stella and Rimson?
Answer me! - Asti!
Calm down!
I don't know where they all are.
It's better if you return to the hut.
I'll search for Petra. Go on, hurry up.
- Win!
Come with us.
Come with us.
It's your turn to guard it now.
Come on.
Come on.
- Samantha.
Are you fine?
- l knew you would come.
I told all the others. Now we will
certainly escape from her.
Who do you mean? - The one who
brought us all together here.
Why did she bring all
the children here?
How long have you been here?
- We all arrived here, early at dawn.
And the days can change into nights.
And then back to day again.
It's unpredictable. Come on.
The banshee feeds on their souls.
Why doesn't anyone try to escape?
- Only one tried to escape...
...through the tunnel. But if we try
to escape, we lose our lives.
Let's go, Yen.
What is that?
What is that? No...no...
I have to get it on tape.
It disappeared.
I'm dead. Where is it?
I'll take you to Grandma's place.
I want to hide. - Why? She's my friend.
- l have to hide!
Sam! What place is this?
- This is my problem.
I told you all to go back but
you didn't believe me.
Now let me resolve it. Find a way
to make a mark for the SAR team.
Where is Herman? Petra?
- Pray that they are fine.
Now you must save yourself.
Try to hide till dawn.
Resolve your problem then meet me
near the base camp.
I have no idea what this place is
and who you are.
But I want you to come out of here
I don't want my friends to die
any more. You have to save us.
Come on. It's a long walk there.
I have to make a mark.
I need some oil.
This wasn't here before.
- It was hidden from your eyes.
So you couldn't see it.
She's in there.
Do you know what I must do in there?
How do I defeat Grandma?
You can do it. Grandma knew that
you'd come here.
This is all predestined.
All my friends here love it when
I tell them stories about you.
We can't save ourselves here.
I can't help save them too.
They believe that you can save us.
I believe that too.
Look for my friends.
They will protect you.
They will take you home.
- Where will I go home to?
I have no one now.
I want to go home with you.
I'll resolve this matter now.
You can't stay here.
It's dangerous for you.
Look for my friends.
Go now. Yen.
It's going to rain.
Herman... Petra... Darwin...
I don't want to leave them behind.
I have to find them.
Win! I made the markings
for the location. Darwin!
We've been waiting for you
since a long time ago.
I've made a pact with the devil
for a century now.
So that I will live forever.
But there is one condition.
I must take care of the banshee
within me.
- Right.
The soul of a woman who
died of unnatural causes.
She died after giving birth
to the devil baby in this village.
She died restlessly after giving
birth to the devil's baby here.
She was placed in stocks then
murdered by the villagers.
She was thought to be
the reincarnation of the devil.
She died and became the banshee.
This banshee will come if you
sing the lullaby that I created.
Only the people with this power
can summon her.
I gave this power to
the Mangkujiwo family.
This power was passed on till you.
You're the youngest.
You are the strongest.
Why don't you take care of it
I'm only allowed to sing the lullaby
two times.
To bond this fetus.
Or to let it go.
If the person who possesses
the power sings the lullaby...
...the lullaby will summon this fetus.
The banshee will appear
in many forms in the human world.
And various appearances.
But in Ujung Sedo...
...she rules here. - Why does she
take the souls of innocent children?
What? Innocent?
Pure without sins?
They were born from sins. The banshee
needs the souls of young children.
It's to make sure that the fetus
within me will live on.
And I will live forever too.
I live. I will never die!
Within you!
Where are you going, Samantha?
I don't want to. I came here
to get rid of this cursed power.
Who said you can get rid of
this power?
As long as this fetus lives on,
the lullaby will exist too.
You are so innocent, Samantha.
You were easily fooled.
Who said it will live on forever?
- What are you going to do with her?
Don't break the chain of
the Mangkujiwo banshee!
You made the pact with the devil.
It wasn't me.
It will belong to the strong one.
I have to resolve this.
- Where to?
Sam. don't do it.
Sam, don't do it.
You promised to go home with me.
Don't do it. Sam.
- I have fulfilled my task.
Now look for my friend. She's waiting
there for the others to pick her up.
Take all your friends here.
I know you can do it.
Now I must end this all.
That was the last time I saw Sam.
I'm certain that finally she
understood what she must do.
She told me that everyone
will come to an end.
If could be now or later.
We must have the courage to let
all bad things go at the end.
The bad things within us.
We must cleanse our soul so
that it will be pure again.
Before we meet our Creator.
I can say that we share
the same fate. Sam and l.
We both lost everything we loved.
The ones dear to us.
Sam could have let the banshee
continue to live within her.
And in return. she would live forever.
But who wants to live forever?
The last thing Sam told me
was to always keep smiling.
We have to keep in mind
that above the sky...
...there's another sky.