Kuntilanak beranak (2009) Movie Script

This is crazy. Why are we scouting
in a place like this?
Don't worry.
My asthma is acting up.
I'll go back.
I could die here.
You complain too much.
Just admit that you're scared.
Stop with your asthma excuse.
Pai, we're making an Indie film.
How can we finish if
you're such a sissy?
I'm going home.
If you want to go on,
go ahead.
Are you sure you want
to go back alone?
You might meet a ghost.
Alright, I'll just tag along.
What is it?
- A video camera.
- What are you going to do?
- It still has power.
- Turn it on, play it.
They're getting closer!
I'm scared!
I'll be next!
I'm the next victim!
This is my last message.
If anyone finds this recording...
...please let
the others know!
That was annoying.
- Hello.
- What is it Bim?
- I'm recording a video.
- Really?
- How's it going?
- It's great.
- Going to class?
- Yes, see you at the campus.
- And Mia?
- We'll pick her up.
- Be there in a while.
- Okay.
See you, bye.
Turn off your camera.
- I'm going to class now
- Take care.
Don't open the window,
I don't like it.
What happened here?
It's horrible.
We have arrived at the location.
We are going in.
We have to see what's inside.
It's terrible.
Here is the killer.
Killed by chopping into pieces.
This doesn't only happen to people.
This lady is mutilating a chicken.
She cuts it into 9 pieces.
It's so cruel.
You never get tired of fooling
around with that camera.
Look here.
I'll cut you up into 9 pieces.
Then after that
your mom will fry it!
- Eat your breakfast, Dear.
- No.
Come, let's examine this place.
Let's check this place.
It's horrible, so much blood.
We are now entering
the suspect's house.
This is the living room.
Come here!
Here is one of the suspect.
- Hey, Honey.
- Hi!
Let's interview the suspect's mom.
Why is everyone being a journalist?
It's like this, Auntie.
We agreed to document
all our activities today.
To record the memories?
No, we'll sell it.
We want to sell our concept
to the producers.
Let's go now! Wait, I'll get
my bag upstairs, okay?
- Okay, mama?
- Such a fuss.
Bimo, have breakfast.
I had already.
- Hurry up, Mia!
- Okay, just a minute.
These are the photos of the suspect.
I prepared it already.
What now?
Right, the camera.
The camera is important,
and the charger.
The tapes.
The flashlight.
What else?
Lastly, the batteries.
It's complete.
Now I'm ready to go.
- Call me.
- Yes, mom.
Hurry up!
- Take care, child.
- Bye, Auntie.
- Hurry up! It's going to rain!
- We're late!
- You sit up front.
- Alright.
Smile, Bim!
Now that's a smile.
- Are we scouting later?
- Of course.
- I'll have to attend class first.
- Me too.
Bim, where do you plan
to meet the Producer?
We have to present this first
before we can go scouting.
We have to meet him
as soon as possible.
Did you inform Bobby and Dea?
Yes, I called them
before coming here.
Bim, are you sure that you
want to bring Dea along?
What's wrong?
She can help us out.
What kind of help?
Someone is upset. Worried that
her best friend will be stolen.
- Beware.
- Don't be ashamed, Mia.
- I just asked if she could help out.
- You women are so noisy.
This is a story from long time ago.
I accidentally read it in a magazine.
Even the police gave up on the case.
And did you know?
The village is famous because
the girls there are Ronggeng dancers.
But now it's like a ghost town.
What's interesting about that?
Why is it interesting?
This is an old case.
I bet the villagers have
forgotten about it.
- It's old news.
- Yes, true.
That's just it. The case was closed
and everyone had given up.
The Ronggeng dancer that was said
had been murdered is still missing.
No one knows why she was murdered
and where her body is.
It's time we should find out.
- What's with you? You scared me!
- She's like a devil.
She appears suddenly even if
there's a moon or not.
Can I come along on your expedition?
- What?
- I promise not to make a sound.
I will help out
and make you happy.
Do you really want to help us?
It would be a big help to us
if you don't come along.
Aline, you're so mean.
Bim, can I come along?
Yes, you can come.
- Bim, you're so kind.
- You're nuts, Bim!
- She's like a banshee.
- Wait, take a look in the mirror.
- Go away.
- No!
- What was that?
- I'll have a look.
- Bob, bury it!
- Let's get out of here!
- You're nuts, Bob!
- Whatever!
- Hurry up!
- It's my call.
Oh my, is this a village
or a cemetery?
- It's deserted.
- Yes.
- This village is spooky.
- Right.
That's why we're here.
We're going to find out
what happened to this village.
- Let's check the place.
- Come on.
Excuse us, Sir.
Do you know about the Ronggeng dancer
who mysteriously disappeared?
Haven't they found her yet?
That's bad luck!
Never mention the Ronggeng dancer!
- What bad luck?
- I know nothing!
I'll pay you for the information.
It's better you go back,
leave this place now! GO!
But, Sir...
Quickly, get out!
Don't stay here too long.
Go home! Go!
Damn it!
Come on, let's leave.
Excuse me, Madame.
Can I help you?
Me and my friends
wish to talk to you.
Can we ask you about something?
That's true, the Ronggeng group
closed after the dancer disappeared.
His wife went crazy and hung herself.
This is crazy.
This is scary! Stop asking me!
Go away! Go! Damn, kid!
What are you doing?
This is scary!
I said enough! I'm scared!
Go away!
Nyi Ronggeng?
I heard about it.
I don't know much.
I just heard what people said.
Ronggeng. The one who hung herself.
I'm unsure on that. Tell them.
What Ronggeng?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Ronggeng, what is that?
What Ronggeng?
I don't know anything
about that. Ask there.
This is the 6th place we've been.
I hope we get results here.
This house is spooky.
It's been spooky
the whole time.
Stop talking.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Go ahead.
Excuse me, Madame.
She's dead! Dead!
She's no longer here!
Excuse me, can you talk slowly...
The Magical charm!
It's not here!
She's coming...
She's coming...
She's coming!
Go away! Go!
Go away! Go away!
Go away! Go away!
Go away!
Go away!
She's coming!
Go away! Go away!
- What was she screaming about?
- I don't know.
She said "Go Away"
and "She's Coming".
You recorded it, right?
Play it back.
- She's not there?
- No way!
- You recorded it, didn't you?
- Yes I did!
- What was that?
- Let's go in.
Why is it empty?
Where is she?
It's been deserted.
There's something wrong here.
That woman is already dead!
Is that true?
Here, her name is
Nur Jannah...
She died 6 years ago!
Then who was that at the porch?
Let's get out of here!
What are you doing here!
Excuse us, Sir. We're looking for
information on the Ronggeng dancer.
That Ronggeng dancer
is no longer here!
Go away!
Get out!
Don't ever return here to look for it
again! It's just a rumor!
- But, Sir...
- Shut up!
Don't you understand?
You're all dealing with death!
- So you know the death of...
- Go away! Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Hurry up!
I don't want to go back
empty handed like this.
Just face the reality.
When we ask about the Ronggeng
dancer, people just run away.
That's enough.
We can return another time.
We already got a story.
We didn't even get the lady on tape.
What's with you?
Now what?
Record this.
Is this person a ghost?
It sure talks like one.
Be quite, you might be offend him.
You mean the Ronggeng?
You know anything?
It's no use talking
to a mute like him.
He seems to know something.
You know where
the Nyi Ronggeng is?
Can you take us there?
Give him money.
- Get to it.
- Alright, here.
- What now?
- He doesn't want it.
What gives?
People here don't care about money.
That's fortunate.
What's wrong with you, Dea?
She must be possessed
the Ronggeng dancer.
You joker.
It's ok if you're scared and
don't want to go.
What's wrong?
I have a feeling that
we shouldn't go there.
You saw what happened at
the Ronggeng Leader's house.
I'm scared.
Whatever happens,
we have to stick together.
- Right?
- Yes, but Dea is right too.
Aren't you worried, Bim?
I'm worried.
But the project must continue.
We know where to go now.
That mute is the key.
He agreed to meet us tomorrow night
at the Ronggeng's place.
Trust me. This will be the greatest
presentation ever.
Alright, whatever.
I'll go along with this.
Let's be ready at 9 pm tomorrow.
Don't be late.
Don't enter the room
without bathing first.
Today had been a tiring day.
Me and my friends had decided
to continue this project tomorrow.
We got a lot today.
We met the Ronggeng group leader.
He was very mysterious.
He doesn't seem too pleased
with what we are doing.
Then there was...
- Aren't you asleep yet?
- Not yet.
- Mom?
- Mia, you're still awake?
Drink it all.
Where have you been?
Out with my friends.
Don't return to that place.
It's dangerous.
What do you mean, mom?
She was following you.
A woman?
The Ronggeng dancer.
Where is she now?
Mon, you're fooling me.
Bim, please. My mother said it's
too dangerous to pick this topic.
The Ronggeng dancer followed me!
You said that you don't
believe what your mom says.
- Why do you believe now?
- Only in Tarots and predictions.
But this time I believe her.
We can't go through with this.
Don't worry. I'm here.
Why is everyone quite?
Let's go.
You two go in first.
If it's safe, then the three
of us will follow.
Don't be influenced by
your hallucinations last night.
- You didn't experience it.
- Right.
If you want the phenomenal thing,
this is it.
Come on, let's prove that what
you're thinking of isn't real.
Besides, we are already here.
Okay, I'll come along.
Come on now.
Let's go, Mister.
- He ran away.
- Why?
I don't know?
- It's scary, Bim.
- Let's go in.
Man, it's so hard to open this door.
It means that people are
not allowed to go inside!
If don't allow anyone inside,
then there's something wrong here.
Hold this.
- Bob, help me.
- Wait a minute.
Be careful.
It's so dark here.
What's the difference between
Ronggeng and Jaipong dance?
I am not sure, but both dances
have very exotic moves.
They wear magic charms on
their butts to dance better.
- Is that true?
- Yes.
The sexier they move,
the more tips they get.
- That's true.
- Right.
They depend on tips.
By the way,
this is a scary place.
- Wait. Now try it.
- Are you sure?
I'll test the sound.
Bob, testing...
- Ready?
- Yes.
Wait a minute!
Hey! It's not time yet.
I'll repeat it again.
Viewers, we are now inside
the empty apartment.
Why are we here?
We'll try and search for the
missing Ronggeng dancer.
We felt that the atmosphere here
is very uncomfortable.
It's cold, dirty and
dust is everywhere.
People say that spirits like to
stay in places like this.
Let's not waste time.
Let's split into 2 groups.
What do you mean?
You, Bobby and Dea stay here.
Aline and I will go upstairs.
So, you and Aline will go upstairs?
Is someone jealous?
- It doesn't matter. Right, Bob?
- Let me borrow Bimo.
- Go ahead.
- Bye.
This is crazy.
I swear.
- Come on, Bob.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Don't do that.
This place is scary.
Hey, watch it.
- Be careful, Bim.
- Okay.
What's up?
I just said it was scary.
- It's your family.
- Your friend.
It's very cold here.
- This is an eerie place.
- I'm having goose bumps.
- You sure you want to continue?
- Yes.
We've gone this far.
- Bim!
- What?
There's stairs there.
- Let's go up.
- Yes.
Be careful.
- Come on.
- Okay.
It's puzzling.
This place seems so small
from the outside.
After entering, there's this
long hallway that seems endless.
They all look the same.
Imagine if we got lost here.
We can't afford to
get lost here. Okay?
- What?
- Where?
- Look over there!
- Where?
Nothing's there.
- She tricked you.
- Damn you!
- I'm sorry. Please don't get mad.
- Damn you.
- What's wrong?
- My neck hurts.
- It's only your imagination.
- It's true.
- Come on!
- What's with her?
- She likes the sensation.
- It really hurts.
- Bim.
- What?
Be honest with me.
Why did you bring us here?
What are you really looking for?
Nothing. I'm just looking for
a sensational story.
You know that the producers
always rejected our work.
I feel that this Ronggeng
story will be a hit.
Do you realize that we've experienced
strange things since we started this?
- Aren't you afraid?
- Of course not.
Isn't this what we're looking for?
What's with you?
This place is a mess.
It's so messy.
Let's take a break.
I'll have to change batteries.
I'm tired too.
I thought Bimo had
a crush on you.
Why ask that?
It's not important.
Enough. You like Bimo, right?
Don't be so naive.
That's not true!
You made me choke.
Your eyes can't lie.
Enough non-sense.
Pay attention to your camera.
It's still recording.
It must be nice for
them to be upstairs.
They're sharing romantic moments
and smooching too.
Dea, shut up!
Your words and face
gives me a bad temper.
- See, you're mad.
- So it's true.
Aline believes more in Bimo's
obsession than her mom.
Aline's mom is strange.
Her mom is a psychic. It's just
natural if she can see things.
You two are strange.
Why gossiping?
Report to me what you see.
- Let me do the report.
- You're the gossiping type.
- Are you done, Bob?
- Yes.
What's that, Bim?
I don't know.
Come on now.
- Give me some.
- Here.
Now it's my turn to record you.
Can I ask you something?
Go ahead.
Do you like Mia?
Lin, me and Mia have been
friends since senior high.
So answer me,
do you like Mia or not?
Bim, what was that?
I saw something!
- Bim, I'm scared!
- Let's go there!
- What was that?
- We'll just follow it!
- What was it? I'm scared!
- Stay calm.
Did you see it?
What was it?
What was it?
There was a head!
- There's nothing there.
- I saw it there!
It was scary!
I'm scared!
I saw it there.
- What was that? It's scary!
- Aline, run!
- Did you see it?
- Yes!
Bim, I'm scared!
Damn. This place is a mess.
I swear.
- It's been empty for a very long time.
- It's so dirty.
- I have a bad feeling.
- Me too.
This is disgusting.
Where does this lead to?
- What was that?
- Did you hear that?
Stay calm!
Where did it come from?
Where? You check it out.
I don't want to.
- Let's check it out together.
- No, you first.
- You go behind me.
- Oh, my gosh.
Which one?
- I think it came from over there.
- Stay close to me!
- Who's there?
- There!
What and where?
I saw a ghost there!
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Be careful, Mia.
- You do it.
I opened the door!
I'm holding the camera.
You open it. I don't want to! No!
Open it, I'll be here.
I'm not going anywhere.
- Calm down! Stay close to me!
- Right!
Stay calm now!
See! There's nothing there.
Right Bob?
- It's true. I saw it there.
- Now there's nothing there.
- Let's go back.
- Let's go!
Hurry up!
- What?
- Sorry, just saw my own reflection.
Take a look again, Bim.
See if it's still there.
- Is it still there?
- Not anymore.
You saw it, right?
Where should we go now?
Follow me.
Quickly, run!
- Mil, hurry up!
- Wait.
Bobby, hurry up!
Come on.
I can't bear it anymore.
Let's get back with the others.
I'm scared!
I can't take it anymore!
Keep on going.
What was that sound?
I don't know,
just keep on going!
Where to now?
- It's a dead end!
- Where are we?
Run, Bim!
Come on, Bim!
Hurry up!
Hurry, Bim!
Help me, Lin!
Hold on.
Help me, Lin!
- Hold on to this.
- Alright.
Come on, Bim!
This way, Bim!
- I need to rest first.
- Hold on, Bim.
- Hold on, Bim.
- Get Bobby.
I can't leave you like this!
I told you that we shouldn't
have come to this place!
Enough, it's too late now.
What's important is that you
promise me that whatever happens...
...this camera shall keep on recording.
Promise me!
Yes, I promise!
- Come on now.
- I'll take the camera!
Come on, Bim.
Let's run.
- Stay close, Bob.
- Yes.
Where's Bimo and Aline?
- Hey, come here.
- What now?
Do you hear that?
- What sound?
- It's some sort of music.
- Do you hear it?
- Bob, do you hear it?
- I hear it.
- You go in, I don't want to.
- Okay, I'll go in.
- Be careful.
- Be careful.
- This is scary.
Stay close to me.
I'm behind you, Bob.
Be careful, Dea.
- It's a mess.
- What place is this?
Dea! What's wrong with you?
Bob, what sound is that?
Do you hear that?
Wake up, Dea! Wake up!
Bob, Dea...
Dea, wake up!
- Are you okay, Mia?
- I'm okay. Dea?
Bob, Dea!
Dea is missing.
- Dea is missing.
- Where is she?
Dea, where are you?
- Bob, you have to find Dea.
- Yes.
Hurry up!
- Where to, Lin?
- Let's find another way.
- What's wrong?
- I saw a girl beside you!
Give me the flashlight!
- Where?
- There! I'm scared!
- Let's look for her!
- Go on!
- Where to now?
- I don't know where to go.
Go left.
Bob, Dea is missing!
Find her!
Wait, you hold it right there.
What are you looking for?
I'm looking for something
to treat your leg!
Hurry it up!
Just a second. Calm down.
Wait, just wait!
- Are you done?
- Hold on!
- Hold tight, okay?
- Okay. Be careful, Bob.
Bob, what's wrong?
What is that smell?
Don't worry, Bim.
I found this!
It's okay. It can help stop
the bleeding. Hold on!
Hold on, Bim. Hold on.
What was that?
I'm so sorry, Bimo.
- Don't worry.
- Turn it off, hurry up!
- What was that?
- I'm afraid, Bim!
- Calm down, Lin.
- No!
- Now you run.
- No way.
- Run.
- No way, I'm not running!
You run right now! Run!
- That's Dea!
- Mi, let's go!
We're out of here, Mi!
Go away, Mi!
You go away!
Dea is gone, Bob!
Go away, Mi!
Go away!
You're crazy, Bob!
Dea is our friend!
Mi, that wasn't Dea!
I don't care!
We have to get out together!
We have to find
Dea, Alin and Bimo!
But how will we find them!
I don't care!
We have to find Dea!
Everyone of them!
God, help me!
I don't want to die here!
It's me, Mia!
- Help me get back there!
- Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Mi, we're lost! We returned
to where we had started!
Lin, wait!
Lin, all are in chaos,
still you hold that camera!
- Turn it off!
- No, Mi!
I promised Bimo, whatever
happens, the camera stays on!
I don't care. I'm afraid!
We're out of here!
- What now?
- Come on!
We must go back there!
Lin, this is the room of
the Ronggeng dancer.
How do you know?
I saw her when Dea
was being possessed.
- Mi, let's get out of here.
- Wait!
Whatever happens,
we must solve this!
What is that, Mia?
My name is Euis.
I am a Ronggeng dancer.
The leader had found
his prima donna.
So it's true. The new dancer
who's been here for 2 weeks.
- What's her name?
- Euis.
The leader had fallen
in love with her.
He's going to give her a crown.
That's love. But it turned
out to be only words.
After 30 years together,
she still didn't get her crown.
Only in her dreams.
Give me a magical charm so that
I'll excel the other Ronggeng dancers.
Including your wife.
That's dangerous.
In the name of your love to me.
And my love to you.
It has magical powers.
When you wear it,
it has great powers.
You will be a star
wherever you are.
Give your life to this power.
It will be one with your life.
It can never be separated.
It will control your death too.
I surrender my body and soul
for this magical power.
You'll never be a star!
You traitor!
You're mad!
You have betrayed me!
Lin, she will never die.
As long as she is wearing
her head ornament.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go home!
We don't know what's
happening here.
We can't fight that
magical power!
I remember now.
We're near the way out.
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
- Hurry up, Mil!
- Alin!
Stay here, I have to
open the door first!
Lin, the door is locked!
Open the door!
Lin, I don't know where else
to find a way out!
The door won't open!
I don't know what else to do!
- Where else can we go?
- I don't know. I want to go home!
Look, Mi!
Maybe we can...
Hold this!
Try to open this.
It's hard!
It's too heavy!
- Try again!
- I am trying!
- What is this place?
- I don't know!
- Lin, I'm so afraid!
- So am I, Mi.
Alin, it's Dea!
It's still working after 6 months!