Kurangu Bommai (2017) Movie Script

Oh my dear...
I'm happy that I found you.
And now you are all
I think about...
And it's for this life I
pray to the almighty.
- Sekar...
- Yes chief.
I was about to call you.
Got the stuff?
Got it. When shall
I send it across?
Hold on for a week. I've
eyed the perfect buyer.
He is a Sait and
he is filthy rich.
I'll confirm soon.
Until then safeguard the stuff.
Don't worry, it's safe...
just that one of the
cops sniffed it out.
A cop? Oh! Oh!
Don't you worry Sekar.
I've nabbed him too.
Ok chief, you take care. I'll
call you and confirm the date.
- See you.
- See you chief.
This news bulletin is presented
by Karuppiah's son,
Deity's idol worth 50 million
stolen from a temple in Thanjavur.
Further, the police officer who
witnessed this theft was...
murdered by the group and his corpse
was found in the river nearby.
Was murdered by the group and?
His corpse was found
in the river nearby.
That concludes the news.
Chief, have some sympathy.
He appears to be a fraud.
And you want me
to show sympathy?
He is a new joinee
in the police force.
He is a young blood
and did it in haste.
He is innocent and quite honest.
Untie him.
Are you indeed that
innocent and honest?
Your colleague is
vouching for you.
Would you like to work for me?
Yes sir.
I'll work for you.
Please let me go.
I'll work for you.
See, I told you.
He is a fraud.
Sir, please. Sir.
Sir please. Sir.
You! Listen...
concentrate on you work. Careful,
the blade will get spoiled.
Open your arms and ask
with all your heart....
and the almighty
never refuses.
For the next one week...
I don't want any policemen turning up
at my doorstep looking for this idol.
Got it?
Uncle, how about Margo timber?
I've heard it's very good.
You mean for the basement door?
Don't go for Margo timber, it
is considered to be auspicious.
You don't want people stepping
on it and spoiling it.
Can I interest you in Rosewood?
Here, check it out.
Excuse me. Isn't that Ekambaram?
This is his shop.
Why do you ask?
Well, I just simply inquired.
What happened?
They left in a jiffy.
Didn't it fall
under their price?
They left as soon as they found
out it is my shop. Isn't it?
So where is the bride from?
Didn't you tell me that you were going to
visit the bride and her family tomorrow?
Where are they from?
Well..err..it goes
something like...
You can't even remember that. I wonder
how are you gonna survive old age.
So, I went for a
little shopping.
Here, this is for you.
Come on now. You don't have to.
Just have it.
Ok. See you.
So dear brother in law...
I thought you went shopping to
buy stuff for our family.
Looks like soon you'll make
him part of the family.
Keep trusting him blindly and...
I'm sure soon he'll
show his true colors.
Get up.
I said get up!
What makes you think you
can talk like that?
One more time you bad mouth Sundaram
and I'll rip your tongue out!
Useless fellow!
May I sit now?
What's that?
Keep standing.
Don't you keep the
snacks in front of him!
Take it and give it to
the girl and the guy.
- It's ok. You may have it.
- That's fine. Let the guy and the girl have.
- You glutton!
- Shut up oldie!
Stop insulting me!
Who among you two is the bride?
She is my neighbor's daughter.
Just bought her along
for my safety.
I inquired my mom about you.
She defined you as very beautiful
and asked to me get to know you.
So, I hope I can trust
you with my life.
You bet!
I shouldn't boast about my daughter.
Why don't you inquire
in the neighborhood?
No, I'm serious. Inquire and
you'll only hear praises.
She always abides by my words.
Bad time, my leg
is not in good shape...
because of which I'm
unable to work.
She is the one who does
all the work around here.
Yet she remains calm and composed.
Well, I'll hurl abuses
when I get upset...
you must adjust.
My son Kathir is disciplined
and well mannered.
He works at Madras
(Now Chennai).
I hope you must have
got all the details.
He earns enough.
We too are well off.
My family isn't that well off.
In fact, it was when my sister grew
up we built a toilet in our home.
My dad had to take a
loan for my education.
We had 2-3 alliances that came asking
for my daughter's hand in marriage.
From places like
Vallam, Orathanaadu and...
The place which has a name
similar to dates...
Remember a doctor guy
with the big nose?
Tell them about him.
Well, I didn't budge.
My daughter never got mother's love. I
didn't want her to be very far away me.
Hence, I wanted someone from
a decent family and nearby places.
2 guys came here before you and left.
They refused our proposal.
You are the 3rd guy.
Why did they refuse
your proposal?
My dad is ill.
I must take care of him.
So if I move out after marriage
who will take care of him?
Hence, I proposed that my dad would
live with me after my marriage.
And so they refused.
It's the same proposal for you.
So post marriage will you
live with your son in Madras?
How can I go live
with him in Madras?
If I leave then who will be
there to support Ekambaram?
She is the one who wants to go to
Madras and sight see the beach.
Can you all please be quiet?
Which Ekambaram?
Haven't you heard
about Ekambaram?
The guy who runs timber business.
It's him.
The timber dealer Ekambaram?
In Kizhavasal right?
With a light beard?
Exactly. That's him.
He travels in a white car.
The guy who was arrested
last month in charges of a murder?
That Ekambaram right?
Now when you go back there, they
will ask if you like the girl?
What are you gonna say?
- Kathir!
- Bro!
- Calm down dear brother in law.
- Kathiresa!
Stop trying to calm me down.
He is friends with a murderer. In future he and
his son might get dragged into unwanted mess.
My daughter's life
will be ruined!
Get out you cheaters!
Come on now. That was unfair!
Can't you control your anger?
Are you alright? Get
some water please.
How dare you call him a cheater?
Even at this age he
makes an honest living.
I would've finished you off
for raising hands on him.
I'm letting this go because
we are guests here.
Do you have any sense?
He is elder to you!
Dad! It's all because of you.
How many times have we asked you
to part ways with Ekambaram?
Come on mom, let's leave.
I like you very much.
Let me know if you like me too.
We shall get married.
Yeah right!
Come on. Leave!
Well, it's not like
I too want it.
I mean to work with Ekambaram.
I am considering that I
should soon stop working.
Thank god.
But then if I stop working there then
who else would take care of him?
He doesn't have a son like
ours to take care of him.
It's impossible to make the
bats fly during the day!
Come again.
What was with all that sarcasm?
From the food that you eat to the boxers
that he wears is all Ekambaram's money.
Don't you forget that.
It wasn't for free right?
It's your salary for working with him.
Isn't it?
Go give it to him.
- Now, shut up.
- Listen!
Just go give it to him!
- You have made it a habit.
- Now go!
Here, have it for your expenses.
I know where it came from.
Ain't I earning now?
I don't need it.
Isn't your train at night?
Why is he leaving so early?
I need to buy couple of boxers. Hence, I'm on
my way for some shopping before boarding train.
Money! Money! Money
is everything here.
Without the money, you
are nothing here.
So, how much for the nature?
This call driver job
is quite interesting.
You don't know when
the next ride is...
but one must be
punctual in this job.
Daily I get to meet new
and interesting people.
Some of them are decent
but then some of them...
He is the ex MLA!
Why stop at red signal?
Just accelerate!
Don't keep racing everyday
and waste your life.
We aren't here to bear
the burdens of others.
Here. Just have it. Do
you want me to drop you?
It's ok sir, I'll take the bus.
Why don't you get a bike? The customers
have been complaining about late arrivals.
Sure. Soon.
I'm waiting for the bus. I'll
be there in 2 minutes sir.
If you can reach in 2 mins
by bus then why wait?
Just walk and I'm sure
you can reach sooner.
Do you have change
for 1000 bucks?
Your name?
Yogiyan (Genuine).
Remove the coolers!
Now, tell me your real name!
Sinthanai (Brainy)
Yes, I'm quite brainy.
- Hence...
- What do you do?
I work in I.T.
No, I work in a bank.
I'm a petty thief.
Sir, please. Please don't harm me.
Look it's a show. There is the camera!
It's the generation of fast food. Long
gone are the days of homely food.
It's the generation where our smiles are
just found in the photos and memories.
So listen my dear friends,
don't be over smart.
Just live the moment; live it to the fullest.
You'll never be able
to sleep peacefully.
No matter how many
hospitals you visit.
No matter what
medications you try.
Because your birth sign says so.
- Any work around?
- Yes. There is.
Spread and make a bed out
of money worth 10 million.
Lie down on that and you
shall sleep peacefully.
Now leave.
not even a penny less
that 10 million!
Now, leave!
Stop eying the money here!
Looks like you are going
to begin by robbing me!
No one cares here for
anyone or anything.
We aren't far from the day where we'll
even put a price on mother's milk.
Times are fast and life runs
in the fast forward mode.
So live the moment;
live it to the fullest.
Dear, please. Spare some
change for this old lady.
She is deceiving you with
sympathy and you too fell for it!
Let it be. She can't
work at this age.
It feels good to fall in
their act of sympathy.
Money! Money! Money
is everything here.
Without the money, you
are nothing here.
So, how much for the nature?
Do you feel it?
Do you feel your legs?
I experience a little pain.
The wound is in
it's final stage.
Where did you get
treated earlier?
- Well that...
- At the petty shop by the village.
He buys slaked lime
and applies it.
Get lost.
Let the patient be nil oral for now.
Check the patient's sugar level.
We'll operate his leg tomorrow.
I don't want an operation.
How about some pain killers?
Your nerves are about to burst.
It must be operated or you
won't be able to walk.
So you say his leg
must be amputated?
Explain him.
Let's go ahead with
the operation doctor.
There is another similar case.
Do you remember Munish?
He had a chest pain.
He used sneezing powder
and is now paralyzed.
Doctor, how much would it cost?
Find out from the billing section.
It'll cost you around 75,000
- 80,000 bucks.
I thought it would last only till
yesterday. Thankfully it lasted till today.
You phone is ringing.
It's my wife, who
else could it be?
Yes dear.
Where in the hell are you?
Why don't you pick my calls?
I've the money with me.
- The groom's family is inquiring about the dowry!
- Listen...
Allow me to explain.
Tell the groom's family that we'll
pay more than the expected dowry.
So why in the hell are you
roaming around with the money?
I've started. You take
care of the proceedings.
- I'm on my way.
- Loser! Make it fast!
Stop yelling and hang up now!
She doesnt trust me. Keeps
yelling at me all the time.
Son's marriage?
No. Daughter's marriage.
Where do you live?
Here, nearby...
Look here.
Don't near me.
Listen to me.
Near me and...
guess what I'll do?
Come on.
Give it a try
Try nearing me now. Come on!
How about a hug?
I swear that I'll hug you!
- Come on!
- Damn it! Filthy fellow!
You better back off!
I'm the one who looks like a male
but dresses up like a female.
Oh yeah darling! Here I am.
So come surprise
me with your love.
Come on!
I say come on!
Come on!
Oh! Oh!
Useless fellow!
Don't you dare mess with me!
I'll rip you apart!
- Did you see an elderly man...
- The guy with the bag? He followed you.
I didn't notice. Where is he now?
Give to me. I know him.
I shall pass it on.
Get lost!
Two days before.
who will be taking it to Madras?
How about me?
- You?
- Yes.
What will you do if
the cops catch you?
Aren't you a big shot
in Thanjavur?
You own a gun.
I'll tell them I'm your
man and they'll leave me.
Where do I place it?
Take it inside.
Guess the bus is on it's way?
Yes. It's has started.
I've already informed Sekar. He has arranged
someone to pick you up from Koyambedu.
I hope there is enough
charge in your phone.
Do not get down from the bus.
No matter what.
Call me immediately as soon
as you reach Sekar's house.
Got it?
Ok see you then.
So isn't dad going there
to visit his beloved son?
I don't know.
Then what's the
purpose of his visit?
Stop questioning me!
How about questioning
your dad for a change?
Can't he at least tell me about
his purpose of visiting Madras?
I wonder what's up with
his visit to Madras!
- Excuse me.
- Tell me.
Any genuine police
station nearby?
Now, speak!
This is the highway road.
This is a tree.
My lord, next to the
tree is our hut.
A truck was parked by that
tree for the past two days.
Today morning, when we woke
up the truck was missing.
Does this look like
a courtroom to you?
Stop addressing me as 'My lord'
and address me as 'Sir'!
Ok my lord.
Ok sir.
Where was the truck parked?
The truck was actually broke.
I don't know from where it came.
Why have you gathered up a big
crowd to report this petty charge?
My lord, you have to help us.
Step out! Step in and
I'll chop off your legs!
I want only you two inside.
My lord, we are waiting here empty stomach.
Please help us.
Show this sheet at that hotel...
yes, the one next
to the liquor shop.
Tell them it's Inspector Murthy's order.
Get nice and crispy pancakes.
Ensure it's fresh.
Don't get deceived.
Stop nodding your
head for everything!
Now, tell me.
Where was the truck parked?
- Sir?
- Come here!
Tell me. Where was
the truck parked?
The truck was broke and parked
by the tree since 2 days.
Today morning, when we
woke up it was missing.
So what about the child?
My child was in the truck my lord.
We searched the whole
day yesterday.
You must help us to find.
It's our only child sir.
Please help us.
Do you hear this Aarumugam?
I did sir.
Looks like she put her baby to sleep on a
cloth cradle that she tied on the truck.
That is where we reside sir.
So what? Is that were
you tie a cradle?
Useless fellow! Now
go file a complaint.
Ok sir.
Can you read and write?
I can sir.I studied
up to the 7th grade.
Is it? The 7th grade? Come here.
Where did you guys tie the cradle?
In the truck that was
parked by our hut.
Get lost! Don't ever talk about
your education again! Fool!
Go over there.
Sir's calling you.
- Your name?
- Jack Dawson.
So who is she? Rose?
An elderly person misplaced
his bag at the bus stop.
Sir, looks like he was
waiting at the bus stand.
Right next to him an oldie
was waiting with this bag.
A thief snatched
it and took off.
And this fellow here, chased him down,
got the bag and...
instead of giving it back to
the oldie he bought it to us!
Unwanted headache!
When I returned to bus
stand, he wasn't there.
I had no idea what to do. Hence I
thought it was best to bring it here.
Why don't find out the owner
and give it back to him?
Why did you get it here?
- Hema.
- Yes sir.
Get me a rod.
It might contain something
very important.
Is it? How do you say?
Sir, he was discussing about his daughter's
marriage with his wife over the phone.
I am saying based on that
or else how would I know?
Write down your name, address, phone number
and place of work. Once done, you may leave.
Write your phone number.
Sir, this girl is
speaking the truth.
I checked the ATM. Indeed
the card is locked inside.
I called up the bank manager but he said he
can attend to it only after couple of days.
As per protocol, they'll
retrieve it only on Monday.
Fine. You may leave.
What's your name?
Your qualification?
- B.Sc.
- B.Sc?
Even the illiterates
know how to use an ATM.
You are educated and yet
you tamper with the ATM?
Well sir, my dad is admitted in the
hospital to undergo a surgery.
For now, I'll have to pay
the advance at least.
Ok, so let's do one thing.
I'll get you a really big rod.
Break open the ATM.
You'll get a lump amount.
You can pay the full fee and..
the operation will be a success.
Sir, could you please talk to the
bank manager and recommend...
I'm not charging any case against
you and that's the best I can do!
Over that you want me to
recommend to the bank manager?
Concentrate here!
For now, go borrow money from someone
you know here and pay the advance.
Don't you know anyone
here in Madras?
I know her very well.
Looks like you are the
only savior around?!
I don't know anyone here.
Are you done giving
your details?
the bag belongs to
that elderly man.
Stop repeating
yourself and get lost!
Sir, watch out. It might explode
the minute you open it.
If it explodes...
I shall close my ears.
Sounds good?
Somebody hold him.
Quick. Take him.
Start the jeep. Move. Quick!
Careful. Now put him
inside the jeep.
Do you have a lighter?
Fine. Turn off the
fan before leaving.
So you are an ATM thief?
What happened to your dad?
Did someone else like me
turn up at your home?
Well, if you tell me where he is admitted
I shall come there and apologize to him.
No thanks.
He is already sick.
Don't you meet him again and
finish him off for good!
No. Thank you!
- Hello?
- Where are you? Why aren't you here yet?
Sorry sir. I'm stuck with an
important personal commitment.
Is everything alright?
- Yes sir. My father is law is down with kidney failure.
- Oh! Oh!
Excuse me!
Yes you! Stop eating
and pay up first!
Move! Move!
Make way! Stop irritating!
Move. I said move!
Hello. How do I identify you?
I'm wearing a black color trouser and a shirt.
I'm carrying a bag with me.
Turn to your left.
Yes, I'm here to pick you.
Come on bowl!
- That's out!
- Out! Yes!
- That's out!
- Out! Out!
No, it's not out. I swear the
ball nicked the bat's grip.
Come on. Stop cheating. You are out!
Listen to me. It's not out!
Do you think I'm lying?
You think we are lying?
You are out!
I say not out. Now bowl!
You alway cheat! You are out!
I told you guys don't
let him play with us!
You better watch out! I'm
gonna break your head!
Daddy! Mom is calling you!
Someone is at home,
waiting for you.
Looks like you have a guest. Your
wife is calling you. Now leave!
Who'll pay up for the lost bet?
It's not like I'm leaving forever.
I'll pay you soon.
Yeah! Like we are
gonna believe that!
Where are you delivering
the water can?
At Pallavi apartment.
- Don't forget to get the payment.
- Ok chief.
Did you make him some tea?
Yes I did.
I'm preparing breakfast.
- I had tea.
- Ok. Give me a minute. I'll be back.
Now, can I leave to my native today?
- Yeah you can but not today.
- It's been long since I've met my parents!
Why don't you allow me?
Listen dear!
Just move to that room.
It's worth 50 million.
go tell the Sait that the stuff
is here and get the payment.
you can leave immediately
as soon the money is here.
I need to use the toilet.
Over there. To your right.
- Arun
- Yes dad...
Show this grandpa
to the restroom.
Your phone is ringing.
Sekar, it's my wife.
Then attend it.
Why are you staring at me?
I've fixed my daughter's
wedding and it's next week.
You already told me.
I've promised to handover the dowry
before the wedding takes place.
Groom's family are repeatedly
following up on it.
I am confused Sekar.
There is 10,000 bucks in it.
I've promised them 17
sovereign of gold.
It'll cost me 0.4 million.
Come on now.
Get the money from Sait.
We'll earn a commission of 1 million
and I'll give you from that.
Why are you hesitant?
Don't you trust me?
How are you?
Hope your father is doing well.
Dear brother in law,
look it's Kathir...
I give a damn about your father.
Now that you've slapped him
once, just get over it.
Don't come down here
and disturb him.
Am I right?
Watch out!
There goes Mr. Helper to help!
Watch the head. Careful.
I met your daughter on the way.
She told me that you were admitted.
Hence I came down.
Like we are gonna believe that!
Forget it!
Stop mocking him. He has come
down all the way to meet me here.
So, did you manage to find a bride?
Not yet.
The hunt is still on.
And that is why you
are wandering around!
If you met her on
the way, why bother?
Instead you follow her
all the way till here?
You mongrel!
Calm down now.
You shut up!
I came down to apologize.
Other day when you raised
your hands on my dad...
It was my fault.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know which
hospital you were admitted.
That is why I followed
her here all the way.
See you.
I don't want to see you again.
Where are you off to again?
I'm asking you!
To cousin's house.
For what?
Your cousin didn't even
bother to visit us once.
Does looks ever lie?
Love can sometimes be unfair.
Your beautiful eyes
and your cute smile,
I've fallen in love;
in love with you.
Sister, where is the
emergency ward?
Right behind you. On to the right.
- Looking for me?
- No.
I did warn you. I told you
my dad would insult you.
Then why did you follow me here?
there is 15,000 bucks in here.
Pay the advance.
I've asked my friends for the remaining.
They said they'll arrange.
No, thank you.
I've my cousin, who lives here.
He'll lend me any
amount I ask for.
Right now, I'm on my
way to his house.
I know the address and
the bus routes too.
Don't follow me in the name
of being a helping hand.
I hate it!
Does looks ever lie?
Love can sometimes be unfair.
Your beautiful eyes
and your cute smile,
I've fallen in love;
in love with you.
The bus is quite crowded.
There are no seats available.
If you don't mind...
can I sit next to you?
Excuse me sir...
She is my friend.
She would like to
sit next to me.
If you don't mind, there is a
seat right behind. Can you move?
Oh my dear love, you are
etched in my heart.
So stop making me desperate.
I need your love; I need it bad.
So stop running away from me.
Oh! Oh! I forgot the bag.
Which bag?
The bag that I was carrying.
I forgot it at the hospital.
Don't worry. Take it when
we go back to the hospital.
So I'm gonna meet
your dad again?
You came into my
life like an angel.
You swept me right off my feet.
I can't help but look
at you always...
as I hold myself back and
wait in sweet desperation.
Your beauty and love
crushes my ego...
as Love blossoms inside me.
Your love makes me
high and fly so high.
Oh my dear love, you are
etched in my heart.
So stop making me desperate.
I need your love; I need it bad.
So stop running away from me.
- How much?
- 240 bucks.
240 bucks!
I'm going to ask my cousin 50,000
won't I...wait I have the money.
Won't I at least buy him this?
Will he give you that much?
If I ask for it he'll
definitely give me.
Hey, how about a juice?
I shall go to my cousin's
house and have my food.
Welcome dear. Looks like
you got the address right?
Look Viji is here.
I can see that.
This guy I tell you! He is
always playing with the phone.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Give me 5 minutes. I'll be there
once I'm done with the dishes.
Dear sister in law...
Oh that? The wi-fi signal from the
neighbor is strong at that point.
Hence the laptop is placed there.
So how come you are in our city?
Just like that.
- Just like that?
- You never came earlier.
Now you show up without
any invitation.
So I'm sure there
must be something.
- Is it regarding to your marriage?
- Nope.
So it must be
regarding your job.
Well, not that either.
Oh come on. Just
go ahead tell me.
Only then I can help you.
Dad is admitted
here in a hospital.
He has to undergo a surgery.
- The operation will cost...
- Do you have some 200 bucks with you?
- I need to pay for the drinking
water. How much? - Total 8 water cans.
Thankfully you came now.
If you had come an hour ago, you
would have left empty handed.
Were you the one who posted about
a missing bag in Facebook?
- That's mine.
- Come on. Shouldn't you be careful?
I'm sorry dear. In hurry, I
forgot it in the bus stop
Fine, come collect
it at evening 5.
Where should I come?
Where else?
At the same bus stop
where you forgot it.
He hanged up!
did you eat something?
Did you eat?
Yes. I did.
I swear! I ate.
My sister in law...
served me rice cakes.
She offered me 4.
But I told her that 3
would be enough.
She then served
Tomato chutney...
but I insisted on
having Mint chutney.
I am used to drink coffee as
soon as I have my breakfast.
So she made a hot cup of
coffee and I had that too.
As I look at you, I stay awestruck.
I am, whole together a different
person in front of you.
I am innocent but
my youth isn't...
I am too shy to reveal my desires
as I fall in love with you.
I am unable to differentiate
between reality and fantasy...
as I'm lost in your love.
I would like to make you mine...
for I would not let anyone take you
away from me; not even the god.
- What?
- I wanna tell you something.
There is woman over there who has
been ogling at you for a long time.
She is coming over here.
I said she is coming here.
Oh! Oh!
Here she comes.
Isn't this your photo?
This is my dad's phone.
Where did you find it?
My husband found it. I just activated
a new number today morning.
Can I have it?
Here. Hold on.
Oh my god! No!
I did what I felt was the right thing
to do. I don't need the money.
Thank you.
Where in Thanjavur did
your husband find it?
Not in Thanjavur. He found
it here, at Royapettah.
He works for the corporation.
He found it in the garbage.
What happened?
Kathir, I need to know something.
Where is dad?
I don't know.
He left to Madras day
before yesterday.
He said not to
inform you about it.
His phone is unreachable.
I feel something is wrong.
I'm worried Kathir.
For whom is that grandpa?
In the name of god.
In the name of god?
But what's the occasion?
Don't disturb him while eating.
Please have your food. Meanwhile,
I'll go speak to Ekambaram.
Chief, Sekar here.
I was about to call you.
Has Sundaram reached
there with the stuff?
That is why I've called you. No
one has arrived with the stuff.
did you buy the batter or
did you make it at home?
I made it here.
I thought so. That's
why it's so delicious.
Chief? Are you alright?
Why are you coughing?
I smoked up a cigarette
today morning...
probably that is why
I'm coughing now.
I spoke to Ekambaram.
Looks like he is trying to reach you
but your phone is switched off.
What is it?
Sit down. Don't get up
while having your food.
Sit down.
- Have your food.
- My phone?
Don't worry I'll look for it.
Where did you keep it?
- I remember keeping it somewhere over there.
- Is it?
- I can't find it here.
- Is it?
- Did you forget it in the bathroom?
- Well I...
I can't recollect.
- Check again.
- Did you miss it in the bus?
No way else Sadhasivam
wouldn't have found you.
Did you miss it in
the auto rickshaw?
It's not here in the bureau.
It's not by the bed either.
Try recollecting
where you kept it?
It's not to be found anywhere
by the dressing table.
I can't find it
anywhere in this room.
Where did you lose it?
Tell me buddy.
Why did my dad come to Madras?
So was it your dad whom
they sent to Madras?
I don't get it.
I heard that there was a plan to
smuggle some stuff to Madras.
But smuggle it to
whom in Madras?
I am not sure who it is...
but a guy named Sekar from Royapettah
keeps calling Ekambaram quite often.
That is all I know.
So listen. I watched
this movie, it was...
- Hello?
- Hello.
This is Kathir here.
Can I speak to my dad?
- Hello?
- Hello.
- Dear, it's me. Can you hear me?
- Who is this?
- Anything else madam.
- No thanks.
Are you able to hear me now?
I am the one who lost
that bag at the bus stop.
- I'm busy right now. Call me back later.
- Please dear...
please don't hang up.
Please hand me over the bag.
My daughter's wedding depends on it.
Please give me my bag.
Sir, please identify yourself. What color
attire were you wearing when you missed it?
Grey shirt and black trousers.
Grey shirt and...
black trousers.
Remember my slippers got damaged and you
were there standing right next to me?
Sir, how long should I
be waiting for you?
Well, you chased the thief
and I followed you...
but then later I lost you
and then couldn't find you.
What was the portrait on the bag?
What was the portrait on it?
A dog's portrait.
A Monkey's portrait.
Hey! Hey!
You look old and wise.
Don't you've sense?
You can teach me a lesson later.
He is escaping. Catch him! Run!
What's your problem? You've been chasing
me since morning! Won't you just stop!
I'm already upset that
my dad is missing.
Over that you keep pestering me!
Useless fellow!
Come now. I thought we were talking.
What's with the slap?
Do you've any idea who I am?
I am close alliance
of Warner Brothers.
I am so pissed off
with you that...
I'm sparing you because I've
consideration for your sister.
Hey! Why did you come here?
I thought she is your sister.
Is she your cousin?
Look here madam. Oh drat!
Look here, today morning my uncle
was at the bus stop with his bag.
Fine. Some anonymous fellow was
standing at the bus stop with his bag.
I flicked it.
I ran, he chased me, busted me up
and I handed him over the bag.
- I accept theft is a crime.
- Didn't you pay the bill?
Hello boss!
- I've a small request.
- What is it?
Well, I've a reputation
in my locality.
So what?
Now hold on! Come on now.
Why are you so ruthless?
I'll be ashamed if anyone in Royapettah comes
to know about the bashing you gave me.
So please don't tell anyone about it.
Please. Ok?
Are you from Royapettah?
I need details about
a person there.
Can you help me?
What do you mean?
There will be cops by the signal.
Hold the number plate properly.
Where is your helmet?
Huh? Helmet?
I could only steal the bike.
Whom do you want to
meet in Royapettah?
Which Sekar?
I don't know.
What do you mean?
Get down!
I felt pity and that's why I agreed
to help you. All you got is a name!
- There many Sekar including Dhanasekar, Gunasekar...
- Look here
My dad had come down couple of days ago
from Thanjavur to smuggle some stuff.
Now he is missing.
I got an information that he
is at some Sekar's house.
I don't know who is that Sekar.
You appeared to be all
genuine and honest to me.
So your dad is a smuggler?
You dunno what my problem is.
I must find my dad!
Now what is that you want?
Tell me! What do you want?
The bag with the monkey portrait.
Can you get me that?
there is money in that bag and the old
man's daughter's wedding depends on it.
Everyone has problems. I'm
in need of 10 million.
10 million? For what?
Forget that.
If you need my help to find your dad
then I need that monkey portrait bag!
Where are you?
On my way to the hospital.
Fine, you reach there and
take that bag I forgot there.
I'll come and collect it.
Who was on the call?
Your sister?
Start the bike.
Tell me one thing. How
do I identify your dad?
Is that him?
Looks very graceful.
Doesn't appear to be a smuggler.
Hey Mr.Brainy! How
come you are here?
I'm here to meet chief Sekar.
- Just watch out for my bike.
- Fine. I'll take care. You carry on.
- Please don't harm me.
- Did you borrow money?
- I did.
- For what?
For paying the school fees.
To pay my child's school fee.
Did you pay the interest?
- I shall pay it soon.
- When?
When will you pay it?
Answer me!
Hey there!
Where are you going?
To meet the chief.
You can't meet him now. Leave!
Shut up!
I'm here with a
0.5 million deal!
Shall I leave?
0.5 million?
Look at you all
healthy and chubby!
But can't you return
the borrowed money?
When will you return it?
How are you?
Do I need to answer that?
What do you want?
he is my friend.
His dad is missing since 2 days.
The only information he has is that
his dad was here at Sekar's house.
Off all the Sekar here,
you are the big shot.
And so we are here to just
inquire if his dad is here.
He wears a spectacles.
He has his photo too.
He looks very graceful.
This man?
Bring me that shirt.
Ok. Just a minute.
He was in this pocket all the
while but can't find him now.
Check that white shirt's pocket.
Let's see if he is hiding in it.
Go check!
Come out and I shall bash you!
After all a petty thief, how dare you
step in to my home and inquire me?
It hurts.
You appear to be decent
and a gentleman.
Why do you make such friends?
Not all beautiful girls
can be your wife!
Similarly not all
Sekars are smugglers.
I'm living my life by doing a
small time finance business.
I am not the Sekar
you are looking for.
You! Take him and leave.
Could it be the Sekar who does
drinking water can business?
Now who?
You can always find him playing
cricket with the kids.
That fellow? He is nothing!
Chief, he is a wicked fellow!
it could be him. Take him there.
Leave. Do not flick
anything from here.
Hello bro.
That bag about which you had
posted in FB, that's mine.
- What attire were you in?
- Where did you lose it?
At the pizza shop.
- What color shirt were you wearing?
- What color shirt were you wearing?
I was not wearing shirt bro. I was the guy
with blue tee, jean and spike hairstyle.
Is it bro? I was
looking for you!
Don't you ever cross my path
or else I'll finish you off!
Are you mocking me?
Oh come on! You phone is quite loud. I
could here the caller's voice very clearly!
Didn't you promise me the bag?
The why have put up an ad?
Remove that Facebook post!
Wonder how many people
are behind that bag?
Viji. Viji.
Did you meet your
cousin Palaniappan?
I am asking you
something here...
and you are playing
with the bag?
Did you meet Palaniappan?
He'll come tomorrow.
Isn't this that rogue's bag?
Kaali. Kaali!
Come here!
Throw this bag out!
But why?
It is locked.
It could contain something
very important.
Let it be here.
Yeah! He has stacked up
money it for my surgery!
Just throw it out!
Let it be here!
There is 20 million in this.
Please call him up
and let him know.
- Tell me Sait.
- Sekar...
I've handed over 20
million to Sadhasivam.
Send me the idol.
the idol is worth 50 million.
I've made the seller
stay at my home.
Why can't you pay it fully?
I haven't seen the idol yet.
I've trusted you
with 20 million.
Let the idol come to my hand.
I'll check it and then pay
the balance amount tomorrow.
Sir, your phone is ringing.
It's my wife. I live nearby.
Could we take a detour?
I'll just go talk to
her and come back.
Careful dear.
See you dad.
this looks pathetic!
I can't use this invitation
to invite my friends!
- We'll get new ones.
- I asked for a better quality!
- We'll get a new ones.
- When after the wedding?
Answer me dad!
How many times do I
have to call you?
Here. 10,000 bucks.
Don't call yourself the
head of the family! Never!
You are good for nothing!
You better be the
wife of the family!
Hands off me!
It was you who promised 17
sovereign of gold as dowry.
You even promised to hand
it over before the wedding!
- I've asked Sekar. In 2 days he'll arrange.
- To hell with Sekar!
If you don't arrange the
money by tomorrow....
- I'll take our daughter and leave you for good!
- Sir, I'm here to paint the house.
I have to buy the materials.
It'll cost around 7,000 bucks.
- What are you doing here?
- Trying to scare you.
Watch out. Now get down.
See you Sekar.
Sait has paid only 20 million.
He still has to pay 30 million.
Let him pay that.
Come on now. Don't you trust me?
Now go drop him off.
Sait just paid 20 millions.
Tomorrow morning we'll get
the remaining 30 million.
You may leave as soon as
we the money is here.
Let me update Ekambaram.
I have already
updated Ekambaram.
He said he is fine with it.
Didn't he tell you?
Oh I forgot. You missed
your phone right?
How about a new android phone?
A brand new.
It'll be nice.
would you like to keep the
money safe with you or...
should I keep it inside and
hand it over in the morning?
Only if you trust me.
Keep it with you.
You take care of it. Careful.
I'll hand it over
in the morning.
I'm here.
- Where are you?
- At the cash counter.
Ok. I'll come.
- There is 50,000 in it.
- Thanks.
Well thank Kathir.
Go get me the newspaper.
Don't strain your eyes. Relax.
At least buy me some snack.
I'm getting cravings.
For both of us?
What happened?
It's my mom.
She'll inquire about dad
and I've no answer yet.
Here. Here you go.
Stop treating me like a baby!
You still teach me how to
eat, comb hair and dress up.
Am I still a kid?
Obviously, you are
always a kid to me.
- Hello.
- Hello?
Hello. I'm unable to hear you.
This is regarding your Facebook post.
Where is that bag?
What color attire
were you wearing?
Grey shirt and...
black trouser.
Holy ash on the forehead...
- and a black spectacles.
- Sorry it's not your bag.
That's not my attire.
The one your dad was wearing.
if your dad is asked
to smuggle stuff...
he gives it to you and you play games
with it by posting it on Facebook?
Listen, the stuff is
worth 50 million.
If I don't get that monkey
portrait bag in an hour's time...
then none in your
family will be alive.
Who are you?
Come check it out for yourself and
you'll know. Note the address.
How about some tea?
With less sugar please.
Tell me chief.
Sekar, did Sundaram turn up?
No chief.
You said he'll arrive yesterday.
The day is over and
it's a new day.
Yet he isn't here.
Any news on him?
Nothing Sekar.
Sait is repeatedly calling.
He has the money ready.
I have no idea what
to answer him.
Shall I ask my men to
look around for him?
That won't be necessary Sekar.
- Where will he run to? I'll take care.
- Come on chief...
couldn't you have sent
some trustworthy person.
That's my fault Sekar.
When someone talks innocently...
I blindly trust them.
Don't you worry. How far
can he run at this age?
We'll nab him. See you.
Ekambaram is on his way here.
Hey Kala!
Why don't you visit your native?
Don't you provoke me now!
I am keeping calm for the kids.
- What?
- Obviously!
You keep ordering me
as per your wish.
Forget it. I ain't going anywhere.
Leave me alone.
I said that out in a haste.
- I'll book your tickets.
- Why are you getting rid of me now?
I was pleading you yesterday but
you didn't pay heed at all!
Believe me I've a good reason.
Don't we need enough money?
Now, I've got a deal.
So if I leave to my native are
you going to make millions here?
He has school and she has to inform
in prior for leaves at tuition.
I am yet to iron my clothes.
Listen dear...
why are you fighting with your
husband early in the morning.
Now that he has
changed his mind...
so go visit your parents
at your native.
Mom, please. Let's go.
Go visit your parents.
Listen to me.
I'll return only after a week.
Is that fine?
Make it a month.
- See her off.
- Ok chief.
- Will Sait pay the renaming amount today?
- Yes.
Excuse me...
Excuse me sir.
Please come here.
Come inside.
Have a seat. I need
to talk to you.
Have a seat.
It's a huge amount.
Will you manage or shall I send
one of my men along with you?
Or tell me, I shall
accompany you.
I can handle it.
For how long have you
been with Ekambaram?
For a long time now.
Are you his relative?
Same community?
you look so genuine and innocent. Why do
you have ties with a person like him?
He might be a bad
person to others...
but to me he is genuine.
Do you wanna hear a story?
My dad...
was a useless fellow.
Doesn't have any manners.
he made many children.
Both boys and girls.
His last child was a son.
A retarded child.
He had no idea on how to take
care and bring up this child.
And so he just didn't mind it.
Later, he married
off the daughters.
Even his other sons
got married and left.
But this retard boy alone
stayed by him and his wife.
Later he and his wife passed
away leaving the retard alone.
The sisters and
brothers came down.
But for what?
To inherit and share the wealth.
It turned into a spat.
The spat exploded.
They fought a whole day, in greed
of everything their father had left.
The elders in the neighbourhood interfered and
asked them postpone the feud to next morning.
Everyone went to sleep.
The same night a thief
broke into that house.
They caught the thief
and tied him up.
Thief was caught red handed.
The next day morning all the stuff
to be partitioned was lined up.
All the stuffs including the
woodwork, furniture....
the bed and the cots...
the old clock , the cycle...
including a photo of the great leader MGR.
Everything was lined up.
Everyone standing around it.
Chief. I gotta pee.
Can we take a break?
Finally after lot of spats and arguments
everyone got what they wanted.
The only thing that was left
was a big wooden trunk.
No one knew what was inside it.
Everyone got curious and wanted to open it.
So they first moved it.
As they moved it, behind the trunk was
this retard sitting quietly in a corner.
One of the elders asked those
sisters and brothers...
" Ok dears..."
" you all got what you want..."
" Who will take him with them?"
Who gets the responsibility to
take care of this retard?
No one opened their mouth.
The sisters were quiet.
A deep silence.
The thief looked around and said:
" Shall I take him with me? "
And so the thief took up the
responsibility of that retard.
Now do you know who
that thief was?
And that retard?
Back then when that small thief
carried me on his arms...
one of my sister asked him...
" Hey you thief! What did
the retard whisper to you?"
Ekambaram replied:
" he asked me to save him
from all you thieves"
Well back then Ekambaram...
rescued me.
But today I am going to die.
Aren't you going to kill me?
You are going to finish me off.
Come on now. That was
totally uncalled for.
But I don't have an option. Cost
of living has gone way to high.
Onions that sold for
15 bucks a kg...
is now 100 bucks.
I have two children
who are in school.
Tuition fee, school fee etc. etc.
It's tough to run a
family these days.
All my friends are now rich. In no
time they prospered in their life.
Everyone has settled
down and are well off.
this is my only chance.
Do you want me to let it go?
My son works here in Chennai.
It's nearby.
Last time we saw,
we had a fight.
I would like to
just go meet him.
I am very sorry.
I won't tell him about
your plan to murder me.
Come on now. Don't say that.
Ekambaram is on his way.
We are running short on time here.
You are younger to me.
- Or else I would fall on your feet.
- Oh! Oh! No!
Please sir.
Stop making me feel small.
You want to meet your son.
First, have some water.
Drink it.
Chief, hope you are doing fine.
How are you chief?
What is it chief?
You came down all of a sudden?
Please come in.
- Hello?
- Hello.
This is Kathir here.
Can I speak to my dad?
- Who is it on the call?
- Your friend's son.
Looks like his dad is missing. He
wants us to help him find his dad.
Ask for it and you shall receive.
Knock and doors shall open
so keep looking for what you
want and you shall get it
so keep looking for it and the
lord will definitely grant it
Surprised to see me Sekar?
Come here.
Sit down.
Come on. Come on.
Come. Sit down.
I know you'll come down chief.
Is it?
Did you find him?
Did you look for him?
He came to Madras
with the stuff.
You claim that he
didn't come to you.
Where else would have he gone?
You tell me.
If he had sneaked away with
the stuff to sell it...
- then he might have gone to Sowcarpet.
- You. Go look in Sowcarpet.
If he is hiding somewhere
with the stuff...
then he might be
somewhere around Guindy.
Where else?
Come on chief. How would I know?
Oh yeah. Right. How
would you know?
How would he know?
2 bed rooms?
It's a rented house.
The rent is 6,000 bucks. You
might not feel comfortable here.
There is a nice hotel nearby. I'll
go check if rooms are available.
Sit down.
Sit down.
How can you make a
guest stay in a hotel?
Can't I stay here?
Oh come on.
Wife and kids are not in town.
There is no food here.
- I'll go buy food...
- We already had our food.
Didn't he call earlier
asking for his dad?
Look the bag is with him.
What's this?
His son has posted in Facebook.
It seems he got the bag.
He has requested the owner
to come collect it.
Didn't we hand the bag to his dad?
How did it end up with him?
Still don't get it? Your friend and
his son are playing Judas with us.
I warned you, not to
trust that oldie!
Now look! He has
royally screwed us.
If they are planning to cheat us
then why would he post the photo?
That boy...
must be here in an hour's
time, with the bag.
This is regarding
your Facebook post.
Where is that bag?
What color attire
were you wearing?
Grey shirt and...
black trouser.
Holy ash on the forehead...
- and a black spectacles.
- Sorry it's not your bag.
That's not my attire.
The one your dad was wearing.
Listen, the stuff is
worth 50 million.
If I don't get that monkey
portrait bag in an hour's time...
then none in your
family will be alive.
Spoke to him. He'll be
here in an hour's time.
Let him come.
All the truth will be out
as soon as he reaches here.
what is in that bag?
The dragon scroll
from Kung fu Panda.
Worth 50 million?
To Ambika hospital. Quick.
Boss, who'll get the
vehicle's number plate?
Tell me something. You stole
the stuff worth 50 million...
but then why post
about it in Facebook?
Funny guys. Ambika hospital.
I will take care.
Hey! Hey!
- Sir, to the left.
- But I wanna go right.
Ambika hospital is on the left.
Then get down.
Not even a thanks for the lift?
- You fool!
- Sorry sir.
Watch out!
Where is my dad?
Who are you?
Where did you find my dad's bag?
Who are you?
Where did you find my dad's bag?
Who are you? Why do you
keep asking me that?
From where did you get the bag?
Who is Sekar?
I said I don't know.
Stop repeating yourself.
- Answer me!
- I said I don't know.
- Leave me. Get lost!
- Look. Answer me.
I said, leave me! Let me go!
- Tell me!
- Stop hurting me!
- Answer me!
- Stop hurting me!
Answer me! Where's my dad?
Where is he?
I'm here to pick you.
Worth 50 million.
No one has arrived
with the stuff.
Would you like to keep the
money safe with you or...
should I keep it inside and
hand it over in the morning?
Ekambaram is on his way here.
I've packed the body. There
is no space for the head.
Do we have any bag?
Chief, let's frame
Sadhasivam too in to this!
Make sure he doesn't escape.
Go throw it somewhere
in the outskirts.
What are you wondering?
Here. Hold it.
For your daughter's wedding.
Here, 0.6 million.
Take that. We'll burn the
parts in that bag into ashes.
- Son's marriage?
- No. Daughter's marriage.
- Which area?
- Here nearby.
Where to?
I've a small work.
There is 30 million in it.
Count it.
Oh yeah. Sekar...
do call up Sait and tell him
that you received the money.
Thanjavur idol...
it's pure and genuine.
Let him go.
- Throw your gun away.
- Let him go.
Put the gun away!
Can't you start talking
as soon as you came in?
Instead you sing and mock?
Showing off that you can sing?
My dear brothers, gentlemen...
and my dear ladies.
Greetings to all.
I am going to present you an old story in
new way. Please do applaud if you like it.
This ain't the story from the epics
'Ramayanam' or the 'Mahabharath'.
Well, what else can I say?
This is a story about fate.
So come on. Why are you waiting?
Narrate it.
Stop making us wait
and narrate it quick.
Is this your master plan?
Stop rubbing salt on our
wounds and just narrate it.
Now come on...
Oh my god!
Where is Sundaram?
Where is he?
I'll tell you chief.
Here. 30 million bucks.
Chief, look here.
That's 20 million.
Do you think I'm
here for the money?
Take it all.
I'm here for my friend!
Answer me! Where is Sundaram?
Oh my god! I
committed a blunder!
I committed a blunder. Please
forgive me chief. Please.
What the hell did you do?
Frogive me, chief.
By mistake...
for my family, I became selfish.
Look chief...
Finish me. Finish me off chief!
I committed a blunder!
Get lost!
Once there lived a guy. Well,
what do I tell about him?
He raised hell!
No matter how much
wealth one acquires...
its all a waste if that
individual has equally sinned.
Those who followed the path
of violence never prospered.
Once the youth is gone then
there is nothing left.
Somehow this story
sounds confusing.
Yet I can't keep it from
telling it to you all.
So come on. Why are you waiting?
Narrate it.
Stop making us wait
and narrate it quick.
Is this your master plan?
Stop rubbing salt on our
wounds and just narrate it.
Now come on...
So, who is gonna teach
this cunning fox a lesson?
So, who is gonna put an
end to his atrocities?
So who is gonna unleash wrath on him?
Well, lets wait and watch.
Apartments worth 0.75 million.
3 bed rooms.
2 bathrooms.
- Isn't that enough for us?
- Indeed it is.
I hardly believe if you really
earned that kind of money.
This is just the beginning.
Did I tell you? I bought
an Audi worth 0.78 million
- Fine I'll inform my dad and start.
- Don't inform him...
- Bring him along too.
- I can hear the bell.
I had requested for a driver.
It must be him.
Fine I'll call you later.
I asked you! Are you the driver?
Come in.
Hello sir, I had sent the driver.
Did he come on time?
Yeah. Yeah.
Hello? Sir...
You there?
Sir, that driver doesn't know Tamil.
He is from Bihar.
Kindly adjust for a week. Next
week I'll send in a Tamilian.
Thank you sir.
Where in Bihar?
Kya? (What?)
Place named Kya?
Nice place.
where did you go?
Your son is here
in search of you.
Dear Sekar...
I plead you.
He is my only son. Please don't...
Oh! Oh!
Sir, come on now.
That was totally uncalled for.
So tell me. Why did
you kill my father?
Answer me.
Answer me.
Why did you kill my father?
50 million! I would've
killed my own father.
Isn't it obvious why I
killed your father?
Toiling hard and earning will
never earn you the richness.
But cheating and killing
can earn you that!
And I got that opportunity
in the form of your dad.
Now that you have tasted money...
let me feed you the
pain of death.
It's time for you
to experience it.
Before you finish me off...
My son is here. Nearby.
I would like to
just go meet him.
I won't tell him about
your plan to murder me.
That is how your dad...
begged me when I was
about to finish him off.
Do you think I'll do the same?
I murdered your father...
and in turn you are murdering me.
That's it!
Apart from that what
more can you do to me?
Answer me.
Apart from killing what
more can you do to me?
Tell me Ramesh.
I was just thinking about
you and you called up.
Not at 4. Kids will be back
by then from the school.
You come down now.
You tell me what I should wear?
I'll dress up accordingly.
Oh him? He is just my husband
for namesake and nothing else.
It would have been a relief if the guy who
did this to him had finished him off!
I am done cleaning his
wastes and cleaning him!
I'm hope you understand
my plight Ramesh.
Fine, last week you took
me to Mahabalipuram right?
Can you take me there
again this week?
Everything else in person.
Now quiet!