Kuroshitsuji (2014) Movie Script

The world has been divided
into the West and the East.
The "Western Nations"
reigned by the Queen,
and the "Eastern Nations"
in its opposition.
In order to unify the world,
the Queen of the West dispatched her
confidential noblemen to the various countries.
There they would pursue their work
as the Queen's intelligence agency.
They are known and feared by the
notorious name "The Queen's Watchdog".
Even for human trafficking, your ways
of handling your "products" is too rough.
What are you going to
use these women for?
Who do you think you are?
Why do you have these pictures?
You're not a normal little girl, are ya?
Most of the victims of the serial
mummification murder case...
had all come into direct
contact with you before.
What's in the envelope
in this photograph?
How would I know?
And what's with that look of yours!?
Excuse me for interrupting you.
Who the hell are you?
Ah, forgive me,
I... am a servant of the Genpou Family.
have come...
to collect my master.
What the hell is that for?
Kill them!
As you command.
What the hell are you!?
I am just one hell of a butler.
There's no way a normal
butler can kill like this!
What are you saying?
As the Genpou family butler,
what would I do if I could not
accomplish something of this level?
what will you do if I did this?
It's just the name of
my dog when I was a kid.
Don't get carried away, little lady.
Ooh, odd-eyed.
This rarity will surely make a much
larger sum than the other girls.
Spit it out!
How did you get your
hands on those pictures?
Just what are you?
Hey! Until when do you plan to play?
I don't think that floor
makes such a comfortable bed.
Did I hit you too hard?
My my.
Modern guns have improved considerably,
in comparison to the ones of the past.
No way...
The precious clothes which the
young master has provided me with...
are now ruined.
It's because you were
fooling around, idiot.
I have acted as you ordered me to,
Besides, enjoying that state of yours,
is not bad at all.
So miserable, and
lovely at the same time.
It suits the small and
fragile you very well.
Who do you think you are talking to!?
Shut up!!
This one... will die right?
Well, what should I do?
Hurry up, my wrists hurt.
But young master, if I come
closer, you will be killed.
You bastard, are you trying
to break our contract?
By no means.
From that day on I have sworn
to be your faithful servant.
If it is your wish,
I will do anything.
What are you talking about, you freaks!
If my goal cannot be achieved,
neither will you be able to get my soul.
Of course.
Moreover, if you get killed by someone,
your soul cannot be mine either.
Then just hurry up, will you?
Young master,
I have taught you how to
ask for a favor, right?
It's an order.
Rescue me this instant!
As you command.
Shut up!!
I will have you return my master.
This game was not very entertaining.
I will pay...
five times what this one pays...
No, ten times even! Work for me!
I am not interested
in rubbish created by humans.
I have told you, have I not?
That I am...
a demon and
a butler.
I'll ask you again.
What's inside that envelope?
It's your last chance,
spit out everything you know.
I've got nothing to tell you.
You'll all face hell.
Really now? Well then it's game over.
I've already seen hell.
Prayers are useless,
God does not exist.
No one will come for your rescue.
Well then, master Kiyoharu.
For tonight's dinner I have
prepared a French cuisine,
as well as the cuisine consisting of sweets
only which you had requested this morning.
Which will you choose tonight?
As you command.
Distinguished noble family, Genpou.
Since the nineteenth century.
The morning of its
head, master Kiyoharu,
starts with a fresh cup
of early morning tea.
This is the household's maid, Rin.
Her actions are beyond my understanding.
The problem here is not bad vision,
but lack of brains.
Have you not noticed?
I'm sorry!
I will take care from here on.
She fans my desire
for bloodshed slightly.
This is the house steward, Tanaka.
Inside the cup...
Good morning.
This is my master, Earl Kiyoharu Genpou.
This scent. Ceylon today?
Yes. Blue Lady of Higgins.
At the young age of seventeen, she is the chief of
the East's most successful toy company, Funtom Company.
As the Queen's Watchdog
she controls the underground world.
You were screaming quite
badly yesterday night...
Just the same old dream.
If only I could be by
your side in your dreams.
It's fine.
I'm more relieved not seeing
that face of yours anyway.
Rotten brat.
It's fine if it is just a dream.
But I would find it very problematic if
you were to be killed when I am not around.
I know.
If it be suicide, I will not stop you.
If you committed suicide I would
still be able to take your soul.
Don't worry.
I don't plan to die
before completing my goal.
For that reason I have
dressed like this.
No matter how long you
think, it's useless.
Victory has already
been decided, Mr. Satou.
Queen's Personal
Secretary Charles B. Satou
That level of intelligence and
business skills at your young age...
It's truly terrifying,
Earl Kiyoharu Genpou.
Save your flattery.
What's your business?
Another victim of the
"Devil's Curse" has fallen.
Our country's ambassador,
Anthony Campelle.
Just like the others,
he was found mummified.
At the crime scene a card was left.
The devil was depicted on it.
This makes number eight...
All victims were ambassadors
of the great countries.
This case has become the
major topic all over the world.
Some media are debating whether
it is the curse of the devil.
For that reason, the great figures
of the East and West have gathered
and have decided to hold
a large scale exorcism ceremony.
Bunch of fools.
Either way,
because the ambassador of our
country has fallen victim as well,
we can no longer ignore the matter.
The Queen demands you
to close this case soon.
Tell her Majesty that
I will not fail her.
This all started
with the finding of the
first mummy three weeks ago.
Thereafter, more people were reported to be found
turning into mummies alive in succession.
This case is called the
"Devil's Curse", or so it seems.
Are you capable of turning
people into dry bodies?
Who knows?
"Extracting' however, is our specialty.
There is no mistake in that.
All victims were somehow
connected to that human-trafficker.
Just what had he gotten his hands on?
Get me the investigation
data from the police.
As you command.
Foreign Affairs Bureau
of Security Police
Excuse me.
I've been waiting for you, Mr. Tokizawa.
If you participate
I'll be very relieved.
Just a moment,
I've just finished this
very important letter,
Even though it's more
like a love letter.
We have found people seemingly related to the mafia
in the storehouse at the pier. This is the report.
Wait, wait.
Shouldn't such trivial matters like
knockings be left to the local police?
Director of Department of
State Security Saneatsu Nekoma
We're still bound and foot here
by the "Devil's Curse" case"
Witnesses testified to having seen
a man clad in a black swallowtail
killing twelve men on his own.
On his own?
This was found at the scene.
Please have a look at these files.
It belongs to the Watchdog
serving the Queen of the West.
It's the evil nobleman who kills
and spies by order of the Queen.
In this country too, there are informants
who will take any crude measure,
never mind involving innocent citizens.
But those are just rumors, right?
If the Queen's Watchdog truly exists, it will pose
a great danger to our nation. We should eradicate him.
You cannot get permission
with speculations only.
Well then,
please pretend you heard nothing.
Please excuse me.
I have indeed heard nothing.
However... Mr. Tokizawa,
If you're going to
eradicate the Watchdog,
Make sure the pet
owner will not find out.
Thank you very much.
Well then, meeting adjourned.
Is work like playing house to you?
Forgive me.
Have you found out anything?
If there's anything I can do for
you, don't hesitate to ask, Kiyoharu.
Thank you very much, aunt.
Long time ago,
Earl of the West, Ernest
Phantomhive moved to our nation
and has gone by the name Genpou.
The Genpou family has achieved great wealth through the
production and sales of toys through the generations.
Their business was still expanding,
but one day the third Generation
Earl, Arihito Genpou and his wife Erika
were assaulted and assassinated.
Ever since, their only daughter,
Shiori, has been missing.
However, half a month
after the incident,
Arihito's bastard son, a
child named Kiyoharu appeared,
along with him a man clad in black.
Presently, that "Kiyoharu'
is running the family.
To think he'd be able to
succeed with that background...
It has been the rule that
only men can succeed the
Genpou family business.
At that time there had been
many suspicions towards Kiyoharu,
but DNA profiling has
proved his identity.
Erika's sister Hanae
Wakatsuki, his only relative,
supports Kiyoharu as his guardian.
Under the cooperation of Kiyoharu and Hanae,
the Genpou family business has grown even more.
While there had been many against it,
Kiyoharu succeeded the Earldom.
"The Evil Nobleman"
Have I lost again?
Anthony died in the back
alley of the ghettos.
According to witness testimony,
he turned into a mummy in an instant.
As to where he had been
and what he did there
is still unclear.
This is what the police force's
investigation has yielded so far.
How do you always obtain
this kind of information?
The Queen's Watchdog
keeps a dog at his
beck and call as well.
By all means,
please continue your investigation
on Anthony Campelle's death.
I have great expectations of you,
fourth generation Earl.
Why do you like cats so much?
They are my only true companions.
We're leaving.
What car would you prefer today?
Small one.
Anthony's body will be transported
back to the mainland by today's flight.
We are now headed for the
destination of appointment.
It will take approximately
five minutes before arrival.
That's more than enough.
It's been a while, Earl.
I have awaited you arrival.
But do you know why I have
brought this body here?
I do not just know,
I altered the order-data. Now I am the
one who instructed you to bring his body.
If you keep silent, all
there's left is your payment.
Out of my way.
Very well, five minutes.
It's the wrapper of a cigar.
From Cuba it seems.
Very rare these days.
This is all there's
to be found it seems.
It's time.
Young master, you have forgotten this.
How did you know...
that there is a wine spot
hidden in the handkerchief?
There was a piece of wrapper
between the corpse's teeth.
From that I reasoned that the
victim did not use a cigar-cutter,
but his teeth.
But judging from his
polished shoes and fine suit,
that person must have
been a refined gentleman.
For him to do something like this...
it is conceivable that
he had been quite drunk.
Therefore, I reasoned that he
must have used the handkerchief
to wipe off the wine from his
lips at least once or twice.
For a demon, you sure are
passionate about playing detective.
As the Genpou family butler,
what would I do if I could not
accomplish something of this level?
Of course you too must have noticed...
Rotten butler that you are.
Then, you know the
brand of the wine too?
Chteau Bonheur of year 75.
Find the distribution
route of the cigar and wine.
They're both famous brands.
As you command.
High class club?
While it looks like a common
club house from the outside,
there is an underground venue
available to selected members only.
It looked like secret
events were being held there.
I have investigated
all distribution routes.
Only that one place
has both the cigar and wine available.
Then, before Anthony turned into
a mummy, he must have been there...
Most probably.
I see.
What's in the envelope must have
been the invitation to the party.
Get me the list of attendees.
Here it is.
In order to attend, you will
need to be introduced by someone.
Between these people, there
must be someone aunt knows.
She must be able to provide
me with something if I ask her.
I'll speak her about it tomorrow.
Well then, I will contact
Lady Hanae presently.
Meeting outside offices...
so much pressure.
Fear of strangers is
also a form of illness.
As the head of the Genpou family,
a fair and open approach is most suitable.
Please, don't pull that sour face.
That is incredibly
rude in front of a lady.
Please act like you are having fun.
Well, please smile.
Let me go!
I have already...
Ever since that day,
I have forgotten how to
smile like I'm having fun.
Thank you.
It looks splendid, Sebastian.
I understand, I just have
to get an invitation, right?
I'm sorry for asking so much from you.
What are you trying to find out?
You never say anything when it
comes to this kind of business.
Your mother was my sister.
I am with you in your revenge.
That is why I'll support you.
I won't ask you anything unnecessary.
Akashi, my medicine.
Please leave it to me.
I will take revenge without fail
There are quite a few people I know.
There will be no problem.
But... I have heard that
you need to bring an invitee
with you in order to attend.
Who will you bring?
I'm so sorry!
Please forgive our servant's rudeness.
I've always thought that there's
nothing you are not capable of.
He is indeed an
extremely competent pawn.
But I am the king.
Without my order he will not move.
As you wish.
Not too bad.
Please do not stare at me...
Ms. Rin. No matter when, no matter when,
do not make any mistake.
Un... Understood!
This is the invitation.
Be careful.
What's wrong?
This seal...
It's the same as the one when
father and mother were killed...
Aunt, who is the
organizer of this party?
The CEO of Epsilon
Pharmaceuticals, Shinpei Kujo.
Let's go, Rin.
Investigate Epsilon
Pharmaceuticals' Laboratory.
As you command.
What is this place?
The world's most prominent
ambassadors, politicians and tycoons.
This club...
The underground weapon dealer.
Rumored to have made deals
with terrorist syndicates.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!
I am today's party's host, Shinpei Kujo.
Please enjoy this night
to your hearts' content!
Stay here.
Young master.
Rin! I told you to stay there.
I am very sorry.
But I have been ordered not
to leave my master's side.
I'm fine, go back.
What is your business here?
How fortunate to meet you here.
I wanted to greet you
personally no matter what,
so I followed you here.
Mr. Shinpei Kujo, right?
Indeed... I am.
A true pleasure to meet you, I am...
I know who you are.
Funtom Company's young
and charismatic CEO.
You honor me.
the Queen's Watchdog.
What are you doing?!
You bastard!
Useless barking.
Ah, I cannot believe I...
I understand... this is...
Found you.
Please look.
At least we can present you
the result of our research.
Kujo and Shinozaki?
They are the addicts of
drugs that we have developed.
When they were told there will be a secret
party for them to try our newest product,
they all rushed here with apparent glee.
Well then, let them serve
as our test subjects,
It is time, ladies and gentlemen.
We will now present you the new
drug you all have longed for.
This is the drug finally perfected
after long years of research.
Its name: Necrosis.
Please do not be hasty.
Necrosis is enjoyed like this.
The liquid from the
capsule will evaporate
and the substance of the drug
will be released into the air.
Once you breathe it in,
you will be able to enter heaven.
Are you all enjoying the sensation
of climbing the staircase to heaven?
Isn't it far more thrilling
than any other drug?
That's right.
Just like you suspect,
That drug is indeed the secret
behind the Devil's Curse.
First you nose will bleed.
Next from your ears,
and lastly your eyes.
Your heart will race to its limit
and your body will dry up instantly.
From the evaporation of
the drug of the capsule
to the loss of effect takes
approximately fifteen minutes.
But there is one way to save your lives.
This is the antidote to Necrosis.
taking one will definitely
save you from death,
but the chances of brain
damage are extremely high.
In order to return
to your former health,
you will have to take at least two.
Once your eyes start bleeding
you are close to your demise.
Make haste!
In the end, humans cannot
share each other's pain.
They would rather kick others down and
choose the easy path for themselves to live.
Please look.
This is our world in miniature.
We have obtained wonderful
test experiences indeed.
As long as we have the
Necrosis and its antidote,
we can control the world with fear.
This is the formula to success.
What... joke is this?
Young master?
Young master?
Are you alright, young master?
Young master! Young master?
Young master!
Rin, stay calm.
You alright?
We're all damned if the glass breaks.
Hold your breath.
That Bastard!
Stop fooling around.
we're going back. Call Mr. Satou.
As you command.
The true identity of the "Devil's Curse"
is a drug called Necrosis.
A drug?
When the victim walked out of the shop,
Kujo probably handed him the
cigar containing Necrosis,
and slipped the Devil's
card into his pocket.
The victim inhaled the
Necrosis wrapped in the cigar...
No! No!
...and died while under despair.
Using the Devil's card to
complete the crime scene
it also indicated the
completion of the mummy.
So, the mastermind is Kujo?
No, he has already been murdered.
He was used by that weapon dealer.
There's no doubt that the one who ordered
Necrosis and killed Kujo was Shinozaki.
If the weapon dealer was behind this...
Even though he has technique and money in abundance,
his awareness of danger is in contrast lacking.
This country has been exploited.
But don't worry,
I'll go to Shinozaki presently.
Make the preparations.
Young master.
What is it?
The police wish to speak
you and Mr. Sebastian.
Today is the day all important figures
will gather for the mass exorcism ceremony.
Please refrain from causing any trouble.
Can't be helped.
Act befittingly, you hear me?
As you command.
There are exceptions to all matters.
This place too is acknowledged as
an exception within the police force.
That's strange...
there's no one to be seen.
I'll leave for a bit.
Meanwhile these three
will take care of you.
Do as you please.
Please take your time.
You can relax, but that's only for now.
Very soon you'll miss me to death.
But I'm afraid I won't
come back for you then.
Be prepared.
Well then...
Shall we start the interrogation?
Ah, I am very sorry
I fear I do not have sufficient time
on my hands for keeping you company.
Going through the trouble
to kill them on the sheet...
Do they plan to erase them
without leaving any sign of murder?
I have acted befittingly, my Lord.
Young master.
Rin! What are you doing here?!
I was instructed
not to leave the young master behind.
Again? You...
The moment I tread on
the sheet I'll be killed.
Young master!
Shinozaki!? But why?
Wasn't he behind all this?
I see now...
It had been my question from the start.
For the culprit to go out of their
way to leave the Devil's card behind,
making the case stand out...
If the development of the
drug was their only goal,
there would have been no need for this.
It was to gain attention from the world.
That time, the reason I was not killed
was because as the Watchdog,
they needed me to report Shinozaki
to be the culprit to the Queen.
Therefore they let me live.
Then, the culprit is likely to use
Necrosis to create great-scale terrorism.
His goal, a place to
gain worldwide attention.
"Today is the day all important figures
will gather for the mass exorcism ceremony."
With this timing,
there should be no better occasion
than using the exorcism ceremony
to propagate the Necrosis'
thread to the world.
If all people have disappeared from this building
and they can make it look like they have fled,
anyone would suspect
Shinozaki and his men.
All the more
because his company is rumored to have
made deals with terrorist syndicates.
People will think that Necrosis has fallen into the hands of terrorist,
and the world will be
subjected to a state of fear.
They sure make wonderful scapegoats.
Young master!
This way please.
Here with that gun!
I will distract them, please run.
I have been told since I was a child that
I should protect the Genpou family with my life.
My family has lived for that
purpose alone for generations.
please run,
my Lady Shiori.
You ...
That day I failed to
protect my Lord and Lady.
Even you were taken away.
I had thought about ending my life,
you returned.
In order to assume the
position as Watchdog,
you even disguised yourself as a boy.
My Lady, no matter how useless I have proved to
be at cooking or cleaning, you still kindly kept me by your side.
At last I am able to
show you my gratitude.
Rin ...
Thank you for everything.
Please hurry!
I have long ago prepared myself
for the consequences of
serving the evil noblemen.
Mr. Sebastian?
Why are you here?
Young master!
Please bring me to
the exorcism ceremony.
Exorcism ceremony?
Rescue our precious
servant without fail!
When you're done, head to
the ceremony immediately.
Act befittingly, you hear me?
I have been instructed to "rescue
our precious servant without fail'.
Those words are wasted on me.
Well then,
are you prepared for the consequences?
This is not the way.
No, this is the correct way.
A detonator?
Have you ever seen it up close before?
This is ...
Indeed. Necrosis.
Because you were muffled up last
time, you couldn't see it well right?
What are you doing?!
In just 30 minutes
all within the radius of one
kilometer will turn into mummies.
Surely this will become the terrorist
attack that will shake the entire world.
That is when I will publish this photo.
Because you made a mess of the scene,
the plan to frame Shinozaki
and his men failed.
So now I have no choice but
to push the blame on the Queen.
How dare you...!?
Which reminds me,
that eye of yours. At this moment,
in accordance with your order,
Sebastian is now
rescuing Rin and headed
for the exorcism ceremony.
Without your order he will not move,
is what you said, right?
Your demon, that is.
I knew.
You gave in to the curse
passed down the Genpou family
and sold your soul to the devil.
once I've killed you there'll
be nothing left to fear.
That day, father and
mother were murdered.
Everything was taken away from me.
That is why I sold my soul
to the devil
to take revenge!
I will... not die!
You're pathetic in the face of defeat!
I expected nothing more from someone
who'd sell their soul to the devil.
things cannot always go your way.
Is this what you are looking for?
I will... return this to you.
Why are you here?!
"Rescue our precious
servant without fail!
When you're done, head to
the ceremony immediately.
Act befittingly, you hear me?"
The real meaning behind
"befittingly' is...
If it is to protect my
master, I can act freely.
Which is why I did
not go to the ceremony,
instead I used personal contacts for access
to information regarding to this place.
Just like I thought.
I found you
extremely suspicious.
When I saw the documents in the
laboratory of Epsilon Pharmaceuticals...
Elixirs of the West
The Amrita of India
and the legend of Xu Fu searching for the
elixir of life by command of the Qin Emperor.
Myths of obtaining immortality
by consuming flesh of mermaids.
They are all related to
perpetual youth and longevity.
In short, Kujo had been
researching life prolongation.
The white pill I took in the laboratory
and the ones you take
are the exact same thing.
It is no life elixir,
but it can help preserve
youth and beauty;
meaning it also has effect
on life prolongation.
Then... what about the Necrosis?
It must be the byproduct of this drug.
Initially, Kujo was
commissioned by Ms. Hanae
and began his research
on life prolongation.
This was long before the young
master's parents were assassinated.
After thorough research, the key
ingredient to the drug appeared to be
enzymes and hormones only
extractable from living young women.
While searching for the best compound,
a way of enforcing rapid cell
regeneration was discovered.
That, is the truth behind
the "Devil's Curse".
Then, those girls in the store house...
were they all ingredients for the drug?
It's the fault of this
cursed family's tradition!
I used to be your father's wife,
Did you know?!
The head of the Genpou family who assumed
the office of Watchdog was instructed to choose
between my sister and me to become his wife.
The one he chose... was me.
I was very flattered.
But... they turned out to
be a family dyed red by blood.
One day, the Genpou estate was attacked.
Not only did I become victim,
but also my child inside me.
And I would never again
be able to have children.
Not being able to bear children,
I was disposed of like trash.
Instead, your mother became his wife.
You're lying.
Who would have thought that he'd
choose tradition over me, a person?
For that same tradition you even went out
of your way to take up the guise as man.
Father would never do that!
Every time I think about my
sister, I feel like I could explode.
That is why I thought,
even if I cannot bear children
it's fine as long as
I can attain immortality.
once that tradition addict is gone,
I will make everything mine!
Now you know at last
that everyone is a liar.
My goal is eternal life.
What's most interesting is that this
medicine also controls my seizures.
Ironic, don't you think?
Some trash like you
should never have been
born in the first place!
Humans have truly
never ceased to entertain me.
Were you the one who killed my parents?
Yes, because they were in my way.
Kill her!
As you command.
His physical potential has been maximized
through drugs, a true work of art.
Can a demon match up against a
miracle created by the hand of god?
I've heard that silver bolts
work a miracle against Dracula.
Well, how do you like
a sword made of silver?
Please do not lump me in
with those graceless creatures.
Are you sure?
If she's killed you won't be
able to get her soul, right?
I wonder if demons can die.
Foolish, the antidote is right...
I will...
return this to you.
Now the table is turned.
Is this what you are looking for?
Just like my master, light fingered.
If you want to defeat
me now is most opportune.
There's antidote in my safe!
I obtained these in the
pharmaceutical laboratory.
I don't need them. In the end,
you'll devour my soul anyway.
Save me!
I didn't kill your family.
With this gun
you killed my father and mother.
I've seen it all with my own eyes!
I was just taking orders!
Your father was the Watchdog.
You think I could do all that on my own?
This is Lady Hanae Wakatsuki.
In process of the Necrosis plan
I was made to cooperate in
assassinating the Watchdog.
They were the large syndicate controlling
everything behind the scenes in the East.
The leader of the syndicate
is the one responsible!
There was nothing I could do!
If I did not obey I'd...
Tell me, who's the leader!?
I really don't know!
I know of absolutely nothing!
What will you do?
In case there's a chance that
my goal cannot be fulfilled,
I'll let this woman live.
There are but two serves of antidote.
I know,
but there's no other way.
Take it.
Thank you!
I'll live, I'll live!
You really are an idiot.
Everything you said,
was that all a lie?
What I just said was no lie.
I'd like to tell you who's
behind your parents' murder,
but I really don't know.
I am so sorry.
You, what did you do?
I just performed a small experiment.
In case there are but two capsules,
what would humans,
greedy as they are, do?
I am afraid they did
not contain the antidote,
but necrosis dyed red with my blood.
If you had taken only one
the symptoms would not have
appeared so soon, after all.
I have acted befittingly,
my Lord.
Let us not dwell any longer
and be headed to Lady Hanae's manor.
What are you doing?
Your goal has yet to be fulfilled.
I know.
You could not possibly plan to
save everyone in your current state.
The security code that butler inserted.
Could it be Hanae's birthday?
Perhaps father's birthday?
You will not be able to
take you revenge like this.
Are you really fine with that?
Father... mother...
I'm sorry.
It seems like
I've ended up serving
a most boring master.
Seeing as you have
chosen death yourself,
I am under no obligation to protect you.
Father's death anniversary...
that's the day everything started.
It's game over...
For you to choose death
for someone else's sake...
However, it sure saved me some hassle.
Now I am able to take your soul.
Can't be helped.
This is the path I chose.
Lying to yourself and acting tough now?
Dying without having
fulfilled your goal,
what a pathetic master you are.
You too are lying to yourself, right?
You actually wanted to
see for yourself, no... ?
what a human looks like...
trying to save someone... by
throwing away their own life...
Still having expectations
of the human nature...
that is why
you stayed in this world.
Driven my personal greed,
if it be for money or life, even
murder would not be too far gone.
That is
the human nature I know.
I have heard that
once demons used to be angels.
Because they bore
unrealistically high expectations,
they were casted into hell
and became demons.
Ah, whatever.
What did you... ?
I gave you the antidote.
You were under no obligation to save me.
Even if I took your soul now
it would not be interesting.
If I immerse your soul in
darkness for a while longer
I might be able to enjoy
a soul darker than black.
This drug...
is the Devil's Curse's true identity.
The Guard dog of the Queen is alive
and well. Sincerely yours, -Nekoma
Young master,
can I ask you something?
What is it?
That time, if I had not
let you take the antidote,
what would you have done?
Somehow I had the feeling,
that even if I had only muttered
something like "aah... ',
you would come for me.
Compared to humans,
demons are many times
more straightforward.
cruel and unseemly.
We are way more
devilish than you demons.
I am no different.
I am rotten to the core.
This is the human race.
I am human, Sebastian!
That is why I order you,
Only you
Only you should never betray me.
As you command.
Stay here.
Until I fall asleep.
Without fail,
I will stay...
by your side.
Until the day...
your life ends.