Kushi (2010) Movie Script

So cute! It's a boy!
My Son!
God, help her!
Holy Mother, help her deliver
the baby.
Master, please come and see the baby.
It's a girl.
By The Mother's grace, baby and
mother, both are fine. Be happy.
God be always with you!
Sans the moustache,
she resembles you, Pandian.
Take a look at your daughter, lady.
She's so beautiful!
So what if it took six years,
you've got a gem.
Does my moustache
hurt you, darling?
The earth, life and its lifecycle...
what makes them unique...
is the feeling of love
that coexists.
Love exists between the mother
and the son, among siblings...
in romance and pretense.
No matter what...
but the love between a young boy
and a young girl...
is the most exciting
and passionate of all.
Born in the city of Calcutta
in East India...
is Siva.
In the South of India, near Kuttalam,
village Paimoli, was born...
You are christened Jennifer.
God has decided to unite them.
Nature will give in to them.
Siva! My baby-
Between them there may be differences
in language, religion and lifestyle...
but the two of them are going
to share a common feeling.
And that is "love".
Now babies,
they will be lovers tomorrow.
This love story is based
on these two babies.
How they unite,
is the story.
They will be united.
But how...?
When will these two hearts, distanced
by thousands of miles, unite?
When will these two lives
enjoy their first kiss?
Look there. Not only in Calcutta,
you'll find temples in Madras too.
Look how different Madras
is from our village!
And why not?
- You'll find everything here.
Show me stuff from Thirukonam.
That green one, please.
It'll suit your niece.
She's getting naughty.
- Yes?
Out of the ten scouts selected,
I came first.
Really? Smart girl. Told your daddy?
- Where's Daddy?
In the backyard.
- Come, my dear.
I came first out of
the ten scout candidates, Daddy.
Is it?
Smart girl!
- Pandian's daughter, after all.
Schools all over are going
on an excursion. To... Banglore.
What? To Banglore?
- Yes.
What rot!
- I'll go.
I'll break your legs!
You're my only daughter!
Who stopped you after me?
- You dare talk back? No Banglore!
Get lost!
Banglore, my foot!
Remember to have your Bournvita.
- Call as soon as you reach Banglore.
All right, Mummy. Sure Daddy.
- Don't mix up Tamil and Bengali.
You must come out as the best scout.
- Here'sthe torch, just in case.
How many schools are participating?
- 100 schools from all over India.
It's a big meet, you know.
- I got it, sir.
Oh yes, it's December. It'll be cold.
I've packed your woollens.
Make sure you wear them.
- Arvind! You've spoilt your wife.
Doesn't she know, Bangalore winters
need more than woollens?
I'm going to hit you!
Get him!
Cigarettes and whisky!
Let me give you some!
Where's Selvi?
- Asleep.
She had her dinner so early?
- She didn't eat, just went to bed.
Didn't eat? Why not?
Why not?
- Why ask me? She's angry.
You refused to send her to Banglore.
- Why didn't you force her?
Would she have given in?
- Nonsense! Get lost!
My child has gone hungry,
and you feed me?
My dear...
- What is it?
Come for dinner.
- I don't want any.
Have I ever eaten without you? When
I see you eat, it makes me happy.
Are you bothered about my happiness?
Why should I care for yours?
You want to go to Banglore, isn't it?
So, go on.
Now why do you cry? Haven't I agreed?
- You said it with a grudge.
You aren't happy.
Here, I'm saying it with a smile.
You can go.
Swear by me.
I swear by you.
Let's have dinner.
My darling!
My baby's eyes have
turned red crying.
Stubborn girl! Adamant enough
to make me agree.
Not here yet!
- Who? Susa?
I'm talking about my girl Selvi.
- She is with Susa.
Worried, are you? How childish!
- Mind your own business!
Where's Selvi?
- She hasn't arrived as yet.
Ass! She said she'd be arriving today
by train. Did you look properly?
I did. But she didn't come.
- Must've missed her in the crowd.
Crowd? You call that shed a railway
station? It's an ideal spot...
for trains to stop for water. I tried
my best, but I didn't find her.
No. She said she'd be coming today.
Hey! My daughter's here!
"The darkening clouds"
"The thundering lightning"
"And the blowing winds"
"Takes my heart away"
"The clouds, the lightning
and the blowing winds!"
"Every mole on my body
oozes out a stream of water"
"Let the rains fall as long as I wish"
"Let my soul take
the form of a rainbow"
"Oh Rain, pour on me"
"My heart is where you reside"
"Oh Moon, scatter your light on me"
"Bathe with me, it's fun"
"Come and purge my body"
"Oh Doves, come to me with flowers"
"Let me shield you from the cold
Let me hide you in my tresses"
"Like the winds, I have no wings"
"Like the winds,
no one can arrest me"
"I am young, and
my beauty enhances day by day"
"I'm all of twenty one,
and I have a whole life ahead"
"Oh Dream, fill up my eyes"
"Give me wings to fly.
And you will find shelter in me"
"Oh Mynah, get some kohl for me"
"Spread the light
of my beautiful eyes"
"Fly away with my beauty,
scatter it far and wide"
"The moonlight isn't enough
for the earth"
"So I stand,
my rays lighting it up"
"Dew drops I collect from the flowers
to bathe in the morning"
"And the morning rays of the sun
I dress up with"
"Let the rains fall
as long as I wish"
"Let my soul take
the form of a rainbow"
"Oh Rain, pour on me"
"My heart is where you reside"
"The darkening clouds"
"The thundering lightning"
"And the blowing winds"
"Takes my heart away"
Madam asked us to take care of the
social workers. We have done our best.
Where's Selvi donating blood?
- Over there.
Why did you take blood
from my daughter?
- Remove it!
- I said, get that off her!
Daddy, you've ruined it.
- Ask for money, I'll give you.
Not my daughter's blood.
You won't go back, mind you!
What's wrong in donating blood?
- Shut up!
Arvind here. Send Siva to the airport.
- I'll be there.
Siva's gone to college
for his examinations.
You look worried. Has your
boyfriend dumped you?
No, we're marrying next week.
He asked me out for a movie...
and I went with him. I'm worried,
I couldn't prepare for the exam.
I wish they hold the exam tomorrow!
- Do you want it postponed?
The bomb is here!
"Was that the moon that whistled?"
"You are young and raring to go"
"isn't that right, Macarena?"
"For those eyes, you have
the girls at your feet"
"Don't you steal our hearts away"
"Girls are flowers
meant to be enjoyed"
"Don't you deny us this desire"
"if I wish, I can turn
the nights into days"
"In a tape I can record
the bloom in flowers"
"if I wish, I can hide
group of clouds under my hair
"I shall present my boyfriend
the first drops of rain"
"No waves, no foam"
"if you can't guess what it means,
you haven't come of age"
"Someday, we will take the form
of birds and dwell in the skies"
"And enjoy the earth,
through the golden rays of the sun"
"And in case we lose our taste,
we shall catch fishes in the skies"
"When hunger strikes during nights,
we shall dine on them"
"Sometimes the skies,
and sometimes the earth..."
"we will look for shelter"
"We shall rise and fight
for a place in Mars"
"Wasn't that the moon that whistled?"
"You are young and raring to go"
"isn't that right, Macarena?"
"For those eyes, you have
the girls at your feet"
"Don't you steal our hearts away"
"Girls are flowers
meant to be enjoyed"
"Don't you deny us this desire"
Who's that?
- Friend.
It's my Dad.
Daddy, she asks how are you?
Say I'm fine
What's wrong, Dad? You've gone pale.
- No.
You are. Else, you would've been
excited seeing me speak in English.
For that matter, I've fooled you many
times in English to get my work done.
What is it? What's your worry?
- Whom do I worry for but you?
For me? Why? You've reared me with
great care, got me educated.
So what's worrying you?
- That's what is worrying me.
- That I got you highly educated.
Highly educated? I've just done
my Baccalaureate in Science.
I have to still get more education.
- What? More education?
- Shut up! You won't find...
too many educated boys in our caste.
Finding a boy for you is tough.
And if you learn more, where
am I going to find a man for you?
A man for me...? Why?
- To play with.
No marrying now.
Daddy, I want to do my Masters.
I've filled up my applications
for you to sign.
Sign it, Daddy.
I'll thrash you! Only four boys
are Baccalaureates in our village.
Out of them 2 are from other castes.
And one is going abroad.
And the last one is Selvapandi's son.
I begged of Selvapandi...
They are coming to see you tomorrow.
- To see me? You didn't even ask!
Why should I ask?
- I won't buy that! I want to study.
Hear me out. Six years we prayed
for you to be born.
You are my only daughter. Can I stay
in peace if I get you married off...
in some faraway place?
- Who said I'm going faraway?
It's foreseen, you're going for
higher studies. Which is why...
I've asked them to come and see you.
- Stop them! I'm studying. Sign it.
Acting stubborn!
Don't you understand what I say?
You tore my application form?!
He's coming to see me tomorrow, no?
Believe me, I'm going
to stone him out! Just watch!
Why are you pacing up and down?
Come and sleep inside.
Go on, I'm not feeling sleepy.
- It's two...
Didn't I tell you
to go and sleep?
Let us all close our eyes
and pray to God.
Lord, my daughter should agree
to get married.
Let us all make peace
with each other.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Daddy, ask the boy to come home
tomorrow. I agree to get married.
God, don't send my son away!
Mother, don't you pray for me.
- Why are you getting at her?
Dad, she always asks opposite
of what I ask for. Poor God!
How can He answer both the prayers?
God is good. He will answer mine.
Tell me, what have
the two of you prayed for?
I prayed to go to Canada.
Mother prayed not to.
It's a golden opportunity. It's not
easy to get admission in that college.
I've already applied for the passport
and visa. Any problem, Daddy?
The very thought of my son going
to study abroad makes me proud.
Makes me glad too. But you'll be gone
for 5 years. No, I can't stand it.
In no time 5 years will be gone.
You know something, Mother.
I was supposed to have been born
in the States. But by mistake...
I was born in India. But Thank God,
I'm happy to be born...
in a family which
can afford the expense.
Look, she's crying away.
Mother, if I can do without you
for five years, can't you?
Mother's sentiment.
- Bloody sentiment!
My daughter Jennifer. Lovingly,
I call her Selvi.
You can address her by the name
you like. It's your wish.
Do you approve of the boy?
I'm happy, you agreed to get married.
But I'll look for someone else if you
disapprove. Say, you like him?
"He's coming to see me tomorrow, no?
I'm going to stone him out! Watch!"
So you approve, hey!
Jennifer, granddaughter
of Rajendra Thevar...
daughter of Samanasu Pandian,
is engaged to wed David...
my son and grandson of Selvarair.
Passport and visa done!
I'm flying to Canada next week.
God! Look what has happened!
What's the noise upstairs?
- No idea.
Look, what he has done!
What happened?
- What's wrong, Mother?
The letter.
"Dear Jennifer, please forgive me.
This letter might shock you."
My forced me to approve you.
I'm in love with someone else.
She even contemplated suicide. I
write this before the day of wedding.
I apologise. I ditched you to save
a life. I believe, you'll understand.
Move. What's that?
Siva, be careful with the passport,
visa and tickets.
Look, she's always crying.
Look at Dad. He wished me luck,
and is happy to send me off.
And you're forever crying.
At least, take me to the airport.
- Poor thing! Take her along.
Mother... to the airport?
No chance. She'll weep there too.
Before I fly, I want to see
some good things, not a sad face.
Take care, son.
Take a nice look at the tensed,
bespectacled chap in the crowd.
Not connected to the story, but
he's the one who provides a twist.
Remember this bottle of blood?
It's the blood
that Jennifer donated.
Stop moping. I'll find you another
match. You're marrying next week.
Stop it, Daddy!
- Why?
Stop taking hasty decisions. Think.
One man writes a letter and vanishes.
And you want me
to marry the next man?
I wanted to study,
not this hassle!
You're right. You could've continued
your studies, but I ruined it.
Can I continue...?
Let me take my Masters, Daddy.
How? I tore up the application,
didn't I?
That was Annamalai University. I also
applied to Madras Christian College.
I've been called for an interview.
If it's okay with you, I'll take it.
In Madras? But I didn't endorse
that application?
Endorsement, big deal.
Don't I know how to
scroll your signature? I signed.
The wedding didn't take place.
I hope it didn't hurt you?
Not at all. Didn't I tell you, I'd
stone him till he runs away.
But he ran away on his own.
Why get mad at her?
She's crying because you are hurt.
That explains. She wept while I was
on my way and I had an accident.
I'm lucky not to reach the airport.
It might've lead to a plane crash.
Somehow send me to Canada, Dad. I'll
take treatment after I attend class.
What an idea!
- No!
Doctor says your leg needs plates.
You need 2 months complete bed rest.
What happens to my studies?
- In the foreign frenzy...
you overlooked the colleges here.
Yes, the principal of the
Madras Christian College is a friend.
Shall I ask him to hold up a slot?
- Do as you please.
Madras Christian College
Your names later. Are you new here?
- Yes. And you...?
I've been at it for 5 years. But if
you have doubts regarding studies...
don't ask me, ask him. You can
consult me regarding dance.
I teach dance here.
- Shall we begin?
Will you stop if we say no?
Time for a fag. Catch you later.
This might be your handkerchief.
If it isn't yours, just say no.
Why swear?
One Alvarpettai.
What is it?
- Look.
That guy is staring here.
- I know.
You know...?
Ignore him.
I feel, I've seen you somewhere.
Don't take me wrong. I know,
that's the line boys throw at girls.
But that's not what I meant. Honestly
I feel,I've seen you somewhere.
I feel the same.
- We just met...
but I feel like we've known
each other for twenty years.
Same here.
Where are you put up...?
- Jenny, shall we?
Are you in love?
- No, never got that feeling.
Hey, you are in love.
- Who's she?
She's in our college.
- Classmate?
No, she's from Maths.
- Name?
What's the hitch?
- Her father, Amrish, is a big shot.
He's the managing Director of
Shanti Finance and Shanti Chemicals.
The hitch is, I'm an orphan housed
in a humble place.
Semester holidays are on.
I can't stay without seeing her.
Phonecalls aren't allowed. She's not
even sent out. So I wrote a letter.
It must somehow reach her.
Damn! Babu's had it!
How are you, Jenny?
- I'm fine. How are you?
Fine, as usual.
What says Shanti?
Your daughter has taken after you.
I must leave. Bye.
So, where to?
- Where to?
What's in your hand?
Love letter?
- You guessed it right. How come?
It shows on your face.
No sense? No manners?
Don't you know...
how to behave in public?
What if someone notices?
You're decently dressed, own a car,
and how stupid you act!
Can't you think of something good
to be done?
What are you shooting your mouth for?
- My mouth, I'll shoot.
And my ears are taking it.
Your abuses might hurt my heart.
One who gives love-letters to a girl
he has met just a few days back...
must surely have a cheap heart!
Love-letter, it is. But I haven't
written it... and not for you either.
It's from my friend, for your friend.
Since it's the semester holidays...
and he can't call her up, and her
father is strict, he asked me...
to carry it. I was planning to tip
the watchman, or try something else.
Luckily, I saw you coming out.
I figured out you must be her friend.
I thought the task had become easier.
But you abused me like anything.
And what did you say? No sense,
no manners... and what else?
Same college, same locality... yet
we got to know each other so late.
That apart, we hardly know each other
yet we're here, chatting away. Why?
It's love.
- Love...?
Yes. The love between them.
And what did you think?
- No... nothing.
Have you been in love?
- No. You?
- Why not?
Can't say. Why haven't you?
I don't know.
- Don't know how to love?
So you know?
- Oh Siva, please change the topic.
Attend class tomorrow.
- Sure.
What for?
- To drop me.
You can say thanks to strangers. But
we know each other. So why be formal?
What's to be done now?
- What about?
About the "thanks" I said.
- Take it back.
Students, we must win the forthcoming
inter-college cultural competition.
Let's begin the
dance rehearsals today.
Letter... will you pass it on?
- Sure.
Oh God!
- What's wrong?
It's unsealed.
- Oh! You had me scared.
He must surely have immense trust
in you, to leave a personal letter...
unsealed, in your hands.
- No big deal. Read it if you want.
No, no. It's a love-letter. Your
friend gave it to you, out of trust.
You've given me. My friend trusts me.
And, trust is not to be broken.
What trust? Dear Shanti,
I am bunking college for two days.
Can't take you out for a movie
this Friday. Please don't mind.
I'm going to Salem. I don't how
I'm going to pass these two days.
I'll miss you, your eyes,
your kiss.
My heart will keep singing
"I love you".
D'you have the right to open up
anything? Is this just a letter?
It's a love-letter!
Filled with personal emotions!
You broke your friend's trust.
Isn't that wrong? You're a cheat!
You're insane! Cheapster!
Jerk! You are...
Babu cut his thumb, and it was
Could he have written? No, isn't it?
He dictated, and I wrote for him.
- Enough? Or, want more explanations?
How impatient of you!
You get mad for no reasons.
Do something. Record "I'm sorry"
a thousand times in a cassette.
Because, it comes of use to you
very often.
What went wrong?
- Clutch crisis.
Now what?
- Lock the car and walk.
No problem with you?
- No. I'll get it repaired tomorrow.
Say something, Jenny.
Say what?
- Anything.
I would rather answer you.
Who do you love the most.
- My Father.
Agreed. Me too. He has given me
a life, and brought me up this far.
But that's different. Next?
- Next... my Mother.
Of course. Like our fathers, mothers
too have a hand in our upbringing.
- Next is... Mani Rathnam.
Mani Rathnam?
- Yes, Mani Rathnam. Film Director.
Even I like him...!
- A.R Rahman.
Music Director?
- Yes.
I like him too!
They are public favourites, Jenny.
Personally and specially,
who do you like the most?
- What's wrong, Jenny?
You want to know who I like, right?
You name them, I'll say yes or no.
But don't you torture me like this.
Go on, ask me.
Have you seen Siva?
- Is it your birthday today?
- Any occasion?
- New dress, happy mood...
Where's Siva?
- He's in the corridor at the left.
I passed that way.
- But you missed the telephone booth.
The telephone booth?
- Yes.
True, I had two holidays last month.
But my friends held me back.
Geeta! I'll surely come over
next month. I have two holidays.
All right?
I love you, Geeta.
Shall I give you something
to keep you going for a month?
Are you waiting for me, Jenny?
You look so awkward today!
- Your perception has changed!
No, you're exquisite.
I said that for a change.
You like changes.
- I joked. And you took it seriously?
Jenny was looking for you.
Oh, you found him?
You were looking for me?
What for?
- I wanted to talk to you...
about something important.
But I forgot.
Who was that?
- Who?
On the phone?
- Geeta.
Yes, who is she?
- My Mother.
- Yes, Mother.
You called her by her name...?
- I address her by her name.
I talk to her everyday
through the conference facility.
- Yes, Mother.
In two hours the programme begins.
No one should be tensed, like I am.
Make your college famous.
I hope everyone's prepared?
Lice! Don't touch that girl!
I hope you remember all the steps?
Look, this is the main step.
Master, you're always at that step.
- That's the only step I know.
I've flushed it out, Uncle.
- What was that?
That's him, Daddy.
Friend? Meaning?
"I met a beauty,
and asked her to smile"
"She smiled,
and a hundred heads rolled"
"I came upon a boy,
asked him to open his eyes"
"The look he gave
set fire to ice"
"No longer do I think of my parents.
You're all I have in my heart"
"During examinations,
my heart turns poetic"
"When I bathe,
shyness overcomes me"
"And I come out undressed,
but wrapped in soap foam"
"Even a mosquito bite makes
me uneasy. That's how I am"
"I've gone numb all over.
Oh! What has come over me?"
"When I open my eyes,
and when I close my eyes...
"I only dream about you"
"Tell me honestly,
does it happen to you?"
"I know not why it happens.
I wonder if it's because of you"
"The pain is so sweet,
it makes me mute"
"In my village, the thirsty moon
comes by my window"
"When I ask the wind to help me,
it lifts off my veil"
"The rains in the month of November
dries up my tongue"
"When I try to quench my thirst,
it hurts my throat"
"Friends become a hassle,
and loneliness kills me"
"Friends become annoying,
and dawn becomes a burden on nights"
"Thunders go unheard,
and rising desires ruins my sleep"
"Tell me honestly, it happens
to you too, isn't it?
"I met a maiden,
and asked her to smile"
"She smiled,
and a hundred heads fell"
"The look he gave
set the ice on fire"
Scared you?
What's this?
- A small gift.
Easy. What's the hurry?
Oh! Ashtray!
This I need. Tell me,
where did you buy it from?
How much?
- 10,000.
It's made from China crystal. The
minute art work defines its cost.
It's beautiful. But you could've
given me something else.
Won't it hurt to dump ash
in such a beautiful tray?
It feels bad.
- That's it.
It serves the purpose. Every time you
smoke, it should remind you of me.
It should make you feel that you're
dumping ash on me. So, quit smoking.
Not fair. Smoking is my passion.
If you really...
respect me...
stop smoking
Last cigarette.
Last puff. Okay?
Hush. Preparing for exams.
This is bad!
What's bad?
- What you're up to.
Isn't reading good?
And I'm not reading bad books.
Not that.
I mean, your staring.
Why? I'm handling it right.
- Don't digress! You...
You were staring at my waist.
Don't act. You did stare!
- I didn't.
You did!
- I said, no!
You did! I say, you did.
And I saw you staring.
Maybe, I did.
But it was casual.
It wasn't meant otherwise.
- You haven't even read...
a single page but you
eyed at it ten times.
Jenny, you're angling wrong.
- Who, me? Or is it you?
You have always taken me wrong.
The other day when I told you...
what was written in Babu's
love-letter, you called me insane...
crook and a pervert.
Didn't you?
And when I told you the truth,
didn't you apologise to me?
And when I gave you his love-letter
that was meant for Shanti,
didn't you...
create a scene? The truth is, you
want attention and admiration.
You even expect someone to profess his
love to you. And if someone does...
you create a scene out of it.
That's women's psychology.
Talk about me. Don't you talk
about womankind! What do you know...
about women's psychology? Women don't
hide what we have in our hearts.
You men do.
Okay... you do.
Remember, in the restaurant, didn't
you intentionally drop the spoon?
Then didn't you eat
with the spoon I used?
Didn't you hide a feeling there?
Tell me, what was that?
Remember the car breakdown?
You had faked it, to walk with me.
Didn't you harass me? You kept on
asking me who do I like the most.
That apart, when you introduced all
your friends to your father...
at one go, couldn't you have
introduced me on the trot?
Why did you hesitate there?
What feelings did you hide there?
All the while you knew it, and you
acted ignorant. Can you explain?
You gave me an ashtray... fine, I'll
consider that a token of friendship.
But when I gave kisses and said
I love you to Geeta on the phone...
weren't you desperate
to know her identity?
You cooled down only when I said
that Geeta is my Mother, didn't you?
You hate to see me smoke. So the gift
can be taken a token of friendship.
But what'd you call the desperation
that you showed to know about Geeta?
Stop digressing!
Didn't you stare at my waist?
Do you love me or not?
- I don't!
Then I didn't stare at your waist!
One can't even talk to a girl
sitting on a terrace.
Such an egoistic character! I can't
be a friend to such a girl!
Even if we were friends, I wouldn't
be in love. Even if we were in love...
I wouldn't marry you!
Even if I'm forced into it...
I'd run the day before my wedding.
But I'd leave a note.
What a girl!
Never met one like this!
Look, you have no right
to discuss me and my character!
As for me,
I've never even met you!
From now on,
there's nothing between us!
Parcel from the skies?
- Airdrop. That airhostess is my...
girlfriend. How were the vacations?
- Read through it.
Film magazines?
- No, science fiction.
Stop it! Are you human? Bookworm!
You're an insult to the fraternity!
No good. What about you?
- What about you?
Went up in smoke.
My story is different.
Her name is Girija. All of eighteen.
And her eyes... like Aishwarya.
Nshw an] a Rah'?
- Right, moron.
Legs like Sen.
- Sushmita Sen?
Not the Suzuki Zen.
Uncrowned beauty!
For her, I designed a Formula One,
took it out to the track...
drove out of the pit, programme fixed!
- What programme?
Five in the morning, she enters
the bathroom. Latch turns, I enter.
I see something. It's her back.
I touch. She turns.
Not her. It's her grandmother.
- Guess
Trash that bell!
Siva, Babu isn't here?
- No idea.
Jenny, Shanti isn't here?
- No idea.
I'm going to kill!
- Do it!
Not you. I'll kill him.
- If you touch Babu you'll kill me!
Drop dead! As far as I'm concerned,
either way you're dead.
I'd rather you simply drop dead.
Aren't you my daughter? How come
you lost the love for money?
I suspect your mother.
- Shame on you!
Look, he's going to die
if you see him again.
Babu came here when you were out of
town. That worsened the matter.
Daddy's men took Babu away.
I know not what happened to him.
Nothing would happen to him. It's my
responsibility to unite you and Babu.
I haven't come for a compromise.
- Compromise is not a bad idea.
Look, I'm not here to argue
with you. It's important.
Many things have happened here when
we were away during the vacations.
Babu went to Shanti's house to
meet her. And her father caught him.
Shanti stays locked in her house.
Did Babu come to college?
The affair that we fostered
is now under danger.
I mean, the affair
between Babu and Shanti.
Did you meet Shanti?
I'm coming from her house.
She was in tears.
I promised to bring
her and Babu together.
I came to you to talk about it.
You too have promised your friend.
So, to keep our promises,
let's together...
Together, we must unite them.
Are you surprised to hear "together"?
Let me be explicit.
For this venture,
we got to define our association.
No love, no friendship,
nor any other relationship.
Just a blind association.
And that association ends
once they are united.
I hope you will abide...
I believe, you will.
You snatched my words.
Shall we go and see Babu?
Couldn't you wait for two months?
Fine, you went there, but...
you should've gone to Shanti's room,
why wake up her Dad?
Stop it!
- Never give any commitments.
And love is one of it. Take my case,
I'm so happy and contented... why?
Because I'm not in love and saved of
hassles, unlike you. That beard...!
That charade appears foolish.
I mean, aren't you
worried about Babu?
So? Does worrying and weeping over it
solve problems?
Look Babu, don't worry. Get on with
your studies. For Jenny and me...
academics makes no difference. But
you got to study. Forget about love.
That's our concern. To unite you
and Shanti is our responsibility.
Don't you trust us? Fine, if you
really love her, you will get her.
Say what?
- What...?
If the love between us is true,
we will be united, right?
Don't miss class tomorrow.
- All right.
And shave that beard.
No need to walk.
I shall drop you.
And that needs no relationships.
No love, no friendship.
Let's think we're strangers. And that
you asked for a lift and I offered.
If you still insist that
you want to walk... go ahead.
I don't stay in an apartment anymore.
I've shifted to the hostel...
to distance myself
from some affairs.
I see. Then let me drop you
at the hostel.
are you cross?
"Why did you desert the skies? Why?"
"is thy name silence?"
"Is it fair to deceive
your own heart?"
standing faraway, you'll try
to touch the sea shore
if you go near, it'll go far!!
Both of them are restless!!
Our feelings are wavering
like sea waves!!
Not my fault this time.
The car broke down on its own.
Let me check.
Snapped wire.
Two minutes.
God! I saw nothing!
It's my habit to say thanks
to a stranger who drops me.
Great habit!
I can understand if you fool a rustic.
But, didn't my moustache scare you?
I asked you to take me to the
college. And you took me for a ride?
No sir...
- Get lost! This is no theatre!
Come, let me drop you
at the Christian College.
What for? I've paid him.
Go away, let me deal with him.
Sir! Don't! No one moves without you.
Look at the traffic jam.
Come, I'm going there,
I shall drop you.
Come on, sir.
How do you survive in this city?
I can see nothing but deception.
But you are good at heart.
Am I right?
Always smiling.
I love that smile.
Do you know my daughter?
- Whom?
- Selvi...?
You won't know, for all the crowd.
Do you know the women's hostel?
Which one?
- Some Rani...
Rani Mayamma?
- Yes, Rani Mayamma.
I won't forget that hostel.
My friend stays there.
Not an ordinary girl she is.
She's very egoistic.
- Egoistic.
- It means...
What to say...?
Let me say she is mean.
She never apologise even if she knows
that she has committed a mistake.
I see.
- Yes.
She wouldn't give up.
She is as adamant... how to say?
A stubborn ass?
- Right.
If a girl has that attitude,
can't I? Say what?
Right, right.
- Yes.
That's the building sir.
- Than you very much.
Do drop by our house if you happen
to come to Kuttalam. Bye.
- How are you, Selvi?
I'm fine. Where's Mother?
- She wanted to come, I refused.
Why are you late?
- Don't ask me. Cabbie messed it up.
Then a boy... wait.
- Where to, Daddy...?
Gentleman! Yes, you.
Come over here.
Why are you standing there.
Come here.
Didn't I tell you someone dropped me,
after I had a fight with the cabbie?
He's the one.
This is my daughter. Selvi.
- Selvi?
That's my pet name.
- I see.
Come, let's have some coffee.
- No thanks...
It's our custom to give treats
to our guests. No coffee, not fair.
Invite him.
- Come for a cup of coffee.
Let me park my car, sir.
Go on, I'll be back.
Make it fast. Come on.
This is your last year. I'm here to
say that I'm considering your wedding
You're always at it, Daddy.
I'm not marrying now.
Why not? As you wished, I sent you
to study. Can't you fulfill my wish?
Please sit down.
- I won't.
Why not? Look, she doesn't obey me.
You must obey your father.
- Do you know what he says?
It's between me and my father.
- Behave yourself! He's our guest.
I ask her to get married,
and she refuses.
Doesn't that mean
she has someone else in her mind?
Well' I put no conditions. Just that
the guy should be decent like him.
Tell me if you love someone.
I love no one!
- Then listen to your father.
Find a bridegroom for me, Daddy.
Look at that. She wouldn't agree.
One word from you, and she agrees!
Our stars match. You solved the mess
on the road, solved my problem too.
My job is over.
Drop me on the way. Bye, dear.
Something very important. He knows
a girl here, who's cross with him.
Forget that, Let's go.
- Wait! For all your help...
would it be fair if I ignore you?
- Please, let's go.
Hold on. That girl is a stubborn ass.
A bit out of mind.
She is... you told me she has
a problem, "echo"... isn't it?
Let's go sir.
- Go ahead and say it. Come on.
- Yes, ego? She has a massive ego.
Like the stubborn asses
in our village.
For my sake, you talk to the girl
and tell her that he is a gentleman.
Tell her that I've said not to fight
with him. Play the mediator.
Enough, or should I stay back and...?
- That's enough, let's go.
Bye, dear.
Strange girl! She fights with
a gentleman! Blame her upbringing.
Every time you dump ash, it must make
you feel you're dumping ash it on me.
Are you dancing before me?
Here. Look here.
What are you looking at?
Tell me, what are you staring at?
Those beautiful pair of...!
What are you looking at with
those beautiful pair of eyes?
So what if I caught a glimpse
of that restricted area?
But wasn't that tantalising?
Fair body covered with a black dress!
Part of the lemony waist left open...
Sorry, not lemony...
combination of pink and yellow.
How could my eyes resist
such a romantic sight?
You should've covered it up.
Not only the waist,
I'll see your entire body.
What will you do?
You are no match for me!
You have no right to touch it.
I came to discuss something crucial.
But we aren't in the right frame.
I boozed because...
- Smoke, booze... do as you wish.
I don't care!
Who are you to me?
Why do I care for person
who doesn't matter to me?
And I don't want to know
why you boozed.
Damn it!
I will say it even you
don't want to hear.
I can't get over you, Jenny!
Not you...!
Damn you!
Remember your steps?
- Can't get one right, Master.
You could pick her up, and not
the step? Forget it, happens.
For this beat...
raise your right legs.
Next, for this beat...
lift both your legs.
Won't we fall, Master?
- That will reach you to new heights.
How are you?
- Fine.
How could you guess that was Mala?
- The stink. Never bathes, you know.
There! I smell something nice.
Hi! How are you?
- Fine.
Keep it up. But avoid the high heels.
Let me come to the point.
This year's cultural programmes are
nearing. Rehearsals begin tomorrow.
I've called everyone including Siva.
You join Siva. Okay?
No Master. I'm out of it.
- Why?
Just count me out.
- No way! I'm your dance master.
Don't turn me into a Kung Fu Master.
Last year you and Siva were a hit.
This year too, you must combine to...
What is it?
Forget it.
Raghu, let Anita pair up with Siva
this year.
Who's Anita?
You ask who is Anita?
She's the new babe in the block.
She has the whole college rocking.
Guys are going 'blind' for her.
What for?
- It's a tragedy of her life.
Her blind brother was hit by
a speeding truck. Since then...
she has been giving her hand to help
every blind man cross roads.
To get a feel of her touch, our guys
roam about putting on fake goggles.
Me too.
What a girl!
What a heart!
Madam, will you help me cross,
if you don't mind.
- I'm blind.
Poor thing!
You've crossed the road, sir!
- Damn the small stretch!
Anyway, thanks for the magnanimity!
What's this?
- Shanti's letter.
You may give it to Babu.
- Not for him.
For me?
- No.
For you?
- No.
Beats me. Whom is it for...?
- It's for us.
Tough bond.
I mean, the letter.
To Siva and Jenny. From Shanti.
My love for Babu is immeasurable.
Does it sound typical of lovers?
Never mind, Love is Love, after all.
And pain comes with it.
Please, I must see Babu. Shanti.
Now what?
I have an idea. Apart from you
doesn't she have friend, Fatima?
After 4 hours of taxing my brains,
I have the gun ready.
Take care, Babu.
- Careful. Don't fall into her Pop...
like you did last time.
Make sure it is Shanti.
Keep chatting.
I'm off to sleep.
Who's that, Shanti?
- She's... Fatima's friend. Farida.
Is it her first time here?
- Yes Father.
Fine, you chat with Fatima.
It's Farida's first time here.
I'll show her around.
- Father don't!
No Father!
Stop! Is that Matiz car yours?
- Are you Siva?
Yes, I am.
Who are you, man?
- I...
Who are you to her?
- I am her...
Whoever you are,
help me with the injection.
Not there, man.
On her hip.
Administer it in her hand, Doctor.
- No, this is meant for the hip.
You don't understand, man!
This shot is meant for the hip.
Help me.
- No thanks. You don't know.
The hip has put me in trouble.
Cock fights have led to feuds.
Crashing roofs have cracked nations.
But I never believed those tales.
But when the tiny hip created hassles
I began to believe those tales.
It'll take me hours to make it clear.
Please, let her hand take the shot.
Who's the doctor? You or me?
Nurse throw him out.
Thank you. I haven't seen anything.
I won't see anything, either.
Do as you wish.
Hip is a trouble spot.
It's a wee little spot,
but a well of agony. Spare me!
Damn the doctors! How can they choose
such a place for injections?
"Someone please tell me"
"Can someone tell me?"
"Flower buds refuse to bloom"
"The wind caresses them
till they bloom"
"Is it the defeat of the flower?
Or is it the victory of the wind?"
"Sculptures lie asleep insides rocks"
"Chisels caresses them awake"
"Is it the rocks' defeat?
Or is the triumph of the chisels?"
"Someone please tell me"
"Can someone tell me?"
"Clouds are knots of rains"
"The wind caresses them
till they open"
"Love ties two hearts together"
"When evil eye is cast,
the ties are undone"
"When two clouds clash,
it does not imply a conflict"
"When two bodies meet,
it does not mean a fight"
"Bodies lie, hearts never lie.
Don't you know this truth?"
"Don't seeds of love reap
in the silent soil?"
"Someone please tell me"
"Can someone tell me?"
"When dew drops fall slowly,
it springs up newborns"
"When silence breaks gradually,
love is born"
"A hidden heart shows no art,
no love"
"A daring heart has no fear,
no burden"
"Does the river drown
shameless quarrels?"
"Doesn't the sun open up
the tilting Lotus bud?"
"Someone answer me"
"Can someone tell me?"
I need to talk to you. Your staff
refused to give me an appointment.
I'm Siva. You sent men to kill me.
Surprised to see me alive?
Did you take the mission to be over?
It will take them some more days...
to give you the news of my well being.
I dispatched them to the hospital.
I need just two minutes
of your time.
But he has a bright future.
You may not foresee that, but I do.
I'm here to tell you about the Babu
I know. At my age, my Father...
was in a pathetic state than Babu.
Please don't mind, but you too.
You were a don. But mind you, at your
age, Babu will be far better off...
than me, my father and you.
Believe me, sir.
He's good at heart. Apart from money,
he has that quality that you don't.
It snatched Shanti away from the love
that you bestowed on her for 22 years
Being Babu's wife, she'd be happier
than being your daughter, sir.
Love that is earned without
any hassles makes one happy.
Unite them, sir.
Two minutes aren't over yet.
I have said what I wanted to.
You may say what you want to, sir.
Get the car!
He didn't say anything?
He said nothing?
- He said the two minutes are over...
and got going.
Could you figure out
what was in his heart?
- Could you guess his heart?
That's the hitch. if one could guess
hearts, he'd never have any problems.
- Each and every problem, I mean.
I must leave.
You called me?
- Yes.
We need to talk.
- I guess, we did just that.
No, we need to discuss
something else.
- My foot! Feigns ignorance! Conceit!
You guessed it right.
Beats me. You called me.
Say it.
You called me just to say that?
My friend's house is vacant. Coming?
- Would you mind my shoes?
I don't mind.
- You're incorrigible!
I need to talk to you.
Let me come to the point...
Guys have been chasing me.
But you've got me hooked.
Your eyes! Your nose...
lips, and...
I can go on and on.
You can fall in love with me.
You can dream of making you mine.
That's fine. As for me, the possibility
of falling in love with you...
You have a chance.
- Thanks.
I can decide only after
I get to know you for some days.
Would you mind the delay?
- No problem. Take your own time.
Can I touch you?
- With pleasure. All yours.
I feel, I like you. You never know
when you get to like a person.
Your forehead! Your eyes!
- Your nose!
Your lips!
Your neck!
Don't think that hugging, seducing
has provoked e to scream at you.
At 7:30 we got to see Shanti.
It's seven now. I hope you remember?
Who's this Siva? Friend?
- No chance.
- Shame! She doesn't fit the bill.
Then who is she?
- Her name is all I know. Jennifer.
Siva, it's 7:10.
Only 20 minutes left.
When do we meet next, Siva?
- Next... next...
- For lunch?
No, let's meet for dinner. Night...
dinner... night would be just fine.
So we meet on Sunday night at 10.
Today's Sunday!
So what?
It's about to strike ten.
So what? I don't care!
"Hold me in your arms, sweetheart
Touch me all over"
"I'm going to tax you
Pay the tax, take me to bed"
"The tax is kiss
Kiss me all over"
"Let me find the sensitive part
of your body"
"I shall touch you there"
"I'm the lamp, and you are my light
Fuel the fire"
"Let me touch you
Let the emotions flow"
"Hug me, touch me
Touch me, hold me"
"Touch me, hug me
Push me through"
"The greatest gift
is the lover's heart"
"Every vein in my body oozes
out a fountain of passion"
"You are an institution of love"
"Naughty boy"
"Like the rising sun, kiss me,
push me through"
"My heart is throbbing,
touch me, appease me"
"The hair on your body!
Let me lose myself in them"
"Honey, your ears,
let me bite them"
"Never scale the Himalayas
without Oxygen"
"Take to bed,
not without imaginations"
"The bed will have vanished
by daybreak. Watch"
"Hold me in your arms, honey
Touch me all over"
"I'm going to tax you
Pay the tax, take me to bed"
"The tax is kiss
Kiss me all over"
"Let me find the sensitive part
of your body"
"I shall touch you there"
No, Anita don't.
Anita, don't!
I asked you out for lunch,
but you said dinner.
Then why do you make me pine
for my dinner?
Siva, stop!
Stop biting!
Let me answer the phone, Anita!
You are mine, Siva!
Sorry for the delay.
- That's okay. What did Shanti say?
She asked to forget.
Forget what?
- The affair.
Whose affair?
Shanti and Babu's affair.
Shanti calls it off.
And what did you tell her?
- What have I to say if she refuses?
And why would you care? It's in you
to love someone and then dump him.
You don't care what it does him.
- You talk as if you are a gentleman!
Don't I know you?
Weren't you wheezing?
Weren't you wheezing and whining
away last night?
I wheezed the night before too. I do
it everyday. And I will, tomorrow.
I'll do it as hard as I can. Now
this is getting to be too much.
What's wrong in breathing? I agree,
staring at your waist was wrong.
How can you say breathing is wrong?
Not only me, everybody does it.
Your parents breathe, my parents too.
Can you and I live without it?
Even this dog breathes, hard
and deep. Say what, puppy?
There! Deep breathing is good for
health. How can you say it is wrong?
I'm talking about the other type.
- No classifications! if breathing...
is bad, everything you do is bad.
- If that's how you talk, I'm going.
For all the pain they've endured
in love, Shanti refuses? Is it fair?
It's time for all of us to part.
So let me see you off.
Come Mahalaxmi. That's not
how you do it. Bye sweetheart!
Come Nandu. How's your sister?
She was very close to me.
Goodness! Jackie Chan's sister?
See you later.
Shake hands!
Get lost!
Shake hands and vanish!
Come my princess, my darling! Bye.
Get lost!
Are you going away too, Anita?
- Yes.
Now there'd be no dearth of broken
hearts around. You always say...
you love kids, right?
- Yes. I just love kids!
Shall I help you out?
Shanti's wedding
has been fixed on Friday.
Now what?
Here. Over here.
Your daughter... take it easy...
she isn't here.
Don't disappoint the guests. Let them
offer blessings. It'll reach her.
Right now she's getting married
as per the day and time you fixed.
One more important thing. Killing
by mock accidents is your forte.
Dare not use it on me. Pray that
nothing happens to me.
In case anything happens to me, you
will be held. I've set everything up.
Looks like you're worked up,
are you? lntend to knock me down?
Look, let alone me, you
can't even touch my image.
Want to give it a shot?
Go ahead. Go on.
My car. Honeymoon a month in Ooty.
Then head straight to Calcutta.
My Dad has fixed a job for you.
Wish you a happy married life.
As a pal, you've been of much help.
I'm no friend if I don't help you.
You and Jenny aren't
getting along well, right?
Hidden and unspoken feelings are the
cause of miseries. When expressed...
problems are solved. That's the way
it is. You may like someone, yet...
you pretend not to, and vice versa.
But why? The heart is so tiny.
It's no use suppressing, twisting and
hurting the feelings in your heart.
If you like someone, say yes. if you
don't, say no. Isn't it fair?
God has given eyes to see, ears
to hear. Know why He gave a heart?
To love. Love each other.
Don't let your egos overcome you.
That's all I have to say. Bye.
- Bye Jenny.
You've helped me a lot in uniting
my friend with his love.
I must also thank you for
helping my friend win her love.
You've been of much help.
I must thank you.
Priya here, Jenny.
We're parting and you don't
sound sorry?
I'm already tensed.
Sir, the cab is here.
Shall I keep the luggage?
- Gone.
Gone? Where to?
- To the station.
Which train?
- The Howrah Mail at seven.
- She's gone.
- Egmore. By Nellai Express at seven.
Hang on.
Nobody here.
Someone called Jennifer...?
- No one.
Could he have gone
searching look for me?
Could she have gone
looking for me?
If not?
Has she?
If not?
What's in my heart...
I'll write it down.
Many a days, I wanted to tell you
something. Know what it is?
I love you, Siva.
I tried to say while you were around,
but wonder why it remained unsaid!
Today, when I feel like telling you,
I don't find you around.
If left unsaid today, I fear it will
never be said, Jenny. I'm afraid!
When life deserts you, only then
you realise the true value of life.
And that's how I feel at the time of
our parting. I'll miss you, Jenny.
Do you know when I felt the love
inside me rise for you?
When I drew my hands away from yours
after thanking you...
when I saw your picture
I had trashed.
It's not in me to
break someone's heart.
I love you. How could I ever
think of hurting you?
Every night lying in bed,
a thousand times I must've said...
"I'm sorry Jenny.
I love you".
But I never said it to you. Had I,
our problems would've been solved.
I kept fighting with you
throughout the year...
but I couldn't live without you
even for a minute, Siva.
After a long time,
I have faced a truth.
It wasn't a fight,
it was an expression of love.
Didn't you say that if the love
between us is true it will unite us?
My love for you is true, Siva.
I need you, Jenny.
To fight with me, to love me.
- Siva.
Excuse me. One Siva will be here.
Please give this to him.
What's the time?
What time is it?
Time, Madam?
Sorry. Bloody deaf!
Welcome, Madam Selvi. First let me
give you a good news. You're lucky...
to have got such a father.
Since the day you agreed to marry...
he has been up day and night
and has found a bridegroom for you.
He wished to marry you off on the day
of your arrival. And so it would be.
You've just got to get there
and marry. Come, be quick.
Hey, how are you? The arrangements...
- I have told her already, sir.
Wasn't that my job, you fool?
Go and dress up.
- Father...
I know. You want to know if
the bridegroom would run away?
No way. I've already asked him
beforehand. He has no girlfriends.
Nothing to worry. Go, ready yourself.
- Actually, Daddy...
Go and dress up, dear.